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University of Chester Art and Design Degree Show

Catalogue designed by: Michael Paul Holden (Team Leader) Lisa Algawi Laurie Edmondson Julia Harper Paige Tayla Slade Laura Taylor

Collective University of Chester 17th - 22nd June 2016 University of Chester Faculty of Arts and Media Department of Art and Design Kingsway Building Chester CH2 2LB First published June 2016 Š University of Chester, Department of Art and Design All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without, the prior permission of the publisher.


Professor Neil Grant Head of Art and Design Welcome to the 2016 University of Chester Art and Design Graduation Show. This is

Professor Neil Grant

Head of Department Art and Design

Tim Daly

Deputy Head of Department

Bernadine Murray

Deputy Head and Programme Leader BA Graphic Design

the annual career launch event for new artists designers and photographers. The work represented here and presented in the exhibition celebrates the achievement of the students

Fine Art

after three years of study in their chosen disciplines. A particular feature of the experience

Dr. Jeremy Turner

Programme Leader BA Fine Art

Maxine Bristow

Programme Leader MA Fine Art

at Chester is the facility for students to combine courses providing unique interdisciplinary outcomes across fine art, photography, graphic design and in some cases journalism and education. The graduation exhibition is regarded as a key event in presenting the

Steve Carrick Alexe Dilworth Lesley Halliwell

enthusiasm, drive and talent being nurtured in the art and design department and a fantastic

Maggie Jackson

opportunity for the public see the potential available. The students and staff are keen to

Dr. Tom McGuirk

contribute to cultural development locally, nationally and internationally therefore, the exhibition is an opportunity to experience the product of three years of imaginative work and speculate on the contribution these graduates can make to enriching our lives. The University of Chester has a growing reputation for the employability of its graduates

Graphic Design Dr. Alan Summers

Programme leader MA Design

Kevin Furlong Andrew Hooper Elizabeth Kealy-Morris

and the impact they can make to the cultural and economic development of the region. The

Michael Moore

ethos of the department is that the study of art and design is a culturally and economically

David Nicholls

significant pursuit, that is intellectually challenging and emotionally rewarding. The disciplines studied within the department foster freedom of expression and the development


of innovative ideas into objects and experiences. We particularly encourage experiment and

Dr. Cian Quayle

generating creative surprise. We aspire to be creative, unconventional and professional. I am confident that these aspirations are evident in the work and attitude of the students

Steve Clarke Dr. Tracey Piper-Wright Tom Wood

represented in the exhibition and this catalogue. It shows the great potential and creativity

Technical Support

of the students that I’m sure will be recognized and appreciated.

Chris Bebbington Greg Fuller Tom Hignett Tabitha Jussa Chris Millward Administration Sarah Buckle Clare Dickens

Programme Leader BA Photography

Art and Design courses EL FA

BA (Hons) English Literature and/with Fine Art


BA (Hons) Graphic Design


BA (Hons) Fine Art


BA (Hons) Graphic Design and/with Fine Art


BA (Hons) Fine Art with Education Studies


BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography


BA (Hons) Fine Art and French


BA (Hons) Photography with Fine Art


BA (Hons) Fine Art and/with Graphic Design


BA (Hons) Photography and/with Graphic Design


BA (Hons) Fine Art and/with Photography

Ph Jo

BA (Hons) Photography with Journalism


Jason Adjapong BA (Hons) Graphic Design

The aim of this entire project is to reach

For this degree show, I am exhibiting a

out to all football lovers in the UK who

3D promotional billboard, which will

feel that football as a whole, is simply not

communicate through fan chants in

interesting enough. Along with the issue

type manipulation all in the style of

of there not being an uplifting, tremendous

the artist Edward Fella and also through

atmosphere when going to various stadiums

the inspiration of Bauhaus. The billboard

to rally behind their respective teams,

will again communicate through chants

this has lead too many supporters to watch

of what it is like to be at a stadium and

games at pubs or even in the comfort

experience the euphoria that grips football

of their respective homes. My project

fans. I also decided that the specific team

focuses on key things such as the passion,

this work will focus on is Chester FC as I

love, religion & unity that exist with the

am currently based here.

fans while getting behind their teams.


Lisa Algawi BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography I love the creative world I’m in and

any designs/artwork will always be

I dream big! I believe that if you work

unique and original!

hard for the things you want in life then you will live the life you dream of and

I also like to include my photography

you will succeed.

in my design work when I can. I feel it makes a project interesting by combining

I take photographs wherever I go and

two disciplines and this was the focus of

I would say my style is predominantly

my recent graphic design project. For this

landscape photography. Most weeks

project I worked with Augmented Reality

I take myself off and usually travel

software and used my own photographs.

to Wales. I have noticed that the focus

The hidden message behind this particular

of my recent photography work is based

project, is that the history of towns and

on the Welsh countryside, even though

villages is slowly being forgotten and lost.

it had been unintentional at the time.

I wanted to bring back history in a more

I therefore thought it would be a good

contemporary, yet fun manner. My love

idea to create a photo-book documenting

of photography is based on being able

my travels through Wales.

to capture moments that then become memories… that then become a part

I would describe myself as quite a

of one’s own history.

hands-on designer. I much prefer to draw or paint designs on paper first and then

After seventeen years of being in education,

develop them on the computer. I feel that

I am more than ready to enter the world

by working this way, it helps to achieve

of professionalism, and I can say with such

the best possible creative outcome, and

enthusiasm, that I am really excited to see

most of all it’s a great way of ensuring

what my future holds!


Cybil Blyth BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography Facebook: Cybil Blyth Photography It all began with social media.

Rather, I like the unpredictability of

I was drawn in, and I was inspired

the outcome of layered pieces and the inventiveness which is necessary to make

The inspiration of my images stems from

the piece look as realistic as possible.

the long-standing curiosity and interest

My current body of work includes a series

in the effect of people’s appearance

of distorted subjects faces, with the theme

within the social media spectrum.

of emotions pushing through. My choice

When surrounded by opinions of every

of theme has been an ongoing idea in my

day people, this can effect people in a

mind for many years as I personally have

drastic way.

been effected by people’s opinion on my own appearance, but the reality is that we

I do believe that the creative use of layering

are all the same, no matter how we look.

a series of images on top of one another

Change and transformation, is the crux

has the potential to promote new ways of

of my practice, which continues to develop

looking at the world without expressing

week by week. The theme will never

hurtful opinions upon the subject.

become stagnant. There is always going to be another area to explore to consider.


Benjamin Bradbury BA (Hons) Fine Art and Graphic Design The ability to create design enables us to

worked towards achieving conceptual

generate inspiration for others – this ability

garments that give integrity to the viewer.

is a privileged empowering skill, which allows our work to speak out differently

The acknowledgement of classicism

to each individual. I chose to base my

and historical recognition within any

final project as a fashion orientated focus

form of work is important to enable

because of the impact of what fashion

us to understand and appreciate the

creates. Fashion has similar qualities as to

development, and roots of the area

what art achieves; which was the basis of

of focus. Both sculptural art form and

my work – conceptual fashion garments

figurative art are equally vital aspects of

with depth to the meaning. The area of

historical significance in the history of

interest is centred around the theme of

the art world; this has been the primary

well being and equality, which is conveyed

focus of my project this year working

in varied abstract patterns and type

with both elements to create obvious

forms. This was an important decision

depictions but with a distorted visual

I made because I wanted the emphasis of

representation. Working in an abstract

just how personal this project is to myself.

medium exploiting the human form,

In the hope of conveying my passion for

as a catalyst to convey the notion of

both the practice and subject matter, I

emotion has been the focused direction

have based my designs in black and white

of my work, achieving a dominating

to emphasise the theme of “darkness” to

presence that forces recognition. This

the aura of my work in correlation to the

specific quality to the work of sculpture

subject matter to support the importance

is a significant component I identified

of the focus. Fashion design is a powerful

very early on in the project, which is

platform, which has a significant impact

what I hoped to achieve through my work.

on each and every individual and with the technique of multi-mediums such as screen-printing and embroidery – I have


Joseph Brassington BA (Hons) Fine Art with Education Studies

Broadly, my practice investigates the

Formed by chance, these imperfections

variety of marks that can be achieved

evoke more curiosity than the original

when using thread. Drawing with thread

intentional drawing. Guided by research

has a delicacy and intimacy that I have

this repetitive process and the uncontrived

not found with more traditional drawing.

marks that it generates have developed

When drawing with thread, secondary

symbolic significance for me. Each drawing

marks occur unintentionally on the reverse

investigates the value of imperfection.

of the canvas. Beyond representation,

Displaying the reverse thread drawing

these marks exhibit the process of

reflects an honesty with, and acceptance

making. The knotted threads and loose

of, these imperfections that can occur

ends reflect the reality of work with thread.

when making art.


Jess Brown BA (Hons) Fine Art and Graphic Design

The Villagers project started out with early

greys and reds. Using this limited colour

experimentation with acrylic paints.

pallet gives the world a unique alien feel to

I was doing a series of paintings using

it, and prompts the viewer to look further.

a whole range of different colours. I painted a portrait in green and blue and

All the illustrations I created for this project

it was from that one piece that this entire

are like snapshots from a movie, I focused

project developed. Although the project

quite a lot on ways of creating work which

may have started out purely with acrylic

has a narrative and a deeper meaning.

painting I soon saw the potential in using

Within the world, there is a corporation

a graphics tablet. Using a graphics tablet

called Villager Corp, similar to that of Big

allowed me to produce much cleaner,

Brother from George Orwell’s 1984 which

effective portraits compared to that of their

controls everything. Their logo is subtly

painted counterpart.

on everything, which the viewer wouldn’t realise without finding out what the logo is

I then went about creating the world,

and the back story.

from the people and buildings, to the quirky colour pallet; I wanted the

All the work is Vector based and

illustrations that I was producing to be

created on Adobe Illustrator CS6

eye catching and to stand out. All the

using a graphics tablet.

illustrations share the same limited colour pallet consisting of greens, blues, yellows,


Victoria Bryan BA (Hons) English Literature and Fine Art

The focus of my recent practice has been

Through my drawings, I attempt to

on the exploration of the visual connections

communicate the notion of immortal-

that can be found between human, animal

isation, and demonstrate the ways in which

and plant anatomy through the process of

images can be made to give the illusion of

drawing, and how each living structure is

eternal life, despite the fact that they are

subject to decay and death.

dying, whilst simultaneously conveying their sense of fragility through the incorporation

Although the relationship between

of anatomy. By suspending my organic

nature and anatomy is at the heart of

imagery on a white background, isolated

my artwork, there are other binary

from its original context, I am presenting it

oppositions I am embracing as a result,

in a timeless state, stabilising the decaying

including the real and surreal, life and

process and creating the illusion that it has

death, the familiar and the unfamiliar

been frozen in a stage of its life-cycle.

and the natural and unnatural. In mostly drawing from my own I am interested in still life artworks,

imagination, I aim to not only retain the

specifically vanitas, and how flora

investigative and instinctive properties

and fauna can be used to demonstrate

associated with drawing, but also inject a

mortality and the passing of time.

fictitious aspect into my art, exposing the

However, through my work I aim to

viewer to a realm of nature that is both

subvert this notion as, although I have

beautiful and engaging yet, as the familiar

primarily experimented with traditional

is rendered uncanny, is subsequently

forms of still life, I have also reconstructed

disconcerting. The disjointed narratives

its distinctive subject matters in order

I produce are initially intended to appear

to modernise and challenge the

ambiguous; it is not until you look closely

connotations surrounding them.

that the anatomical associations begin to emerge.


Rob Burgess BA (Hons) Graphic Design I’m a graphic designer by practice but my passion is illustration. I’ve spent four years trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and I have less of an idea now than I did when I started. Until I figure out what I want to be when I grow up I’ll stick with, my name’s Rob and I draw stuff. “I’m totally confused with what I’m going to do with my life” - Bill Hicks

Gareth Chadwick


BA (Hons) Graphic Design As a creative, I love design that is quite

with a zombie fun run that would take part

simple and contemporary with branding and

in a range of locations in different cities

advertisement being the things that I love

nationwide that would get the public and

the most.

potential consumers involved in the action.

For my final project I wanted to make

I have truly enjoyed the past 3 years

something quite fun and different to what

constantly learning and improving as a

you might see usually. For this reason, I

designer which makes me look forward

have created a new brand of beer based

to being a part of the industry. I am very

around zombies. A different type of zombie

excited to see what the future holds.

represents a different strength of beer, and I have also created a range of different point of sale materials to promote this. As part of the promotion in line with the launch of the new ‘Z’ beer brand, I have come up

“Design is thinking made visual” - Saul Bass

James Chapman


BA (Hons) Graphic Design This brief was to create a series of stamps

based upon cities around the world, with

based upon being British and what makes

New York being one of the main cities I

us special as a nation. I chose to look into

was going to do. During the experimental

events and clothing that is specific to these

stage of the project I started using a

events that only we have in Britain. These

machine called the risograph printer; I

included the Henley Regatta after party

was attracted to the different textures and

were teams dress up in matching clothing to

detail that couldn’t be produced through a

represent the universities they come from;

computer or standard printer.

Royal Ascot with morning dress attire; fox hunting and general hunting clothing that

After two years doing a foundation degree

must be worn during hunts; Polo clothing

at Mid Cheshire College under the

that must be worn while playing on the polo

university and topping up to do my final

field and the black tie suit that was invented

year it has been refreshing to come and

in the U.K. Creating a stamp collection

experiment in my final year working on

that is different to most stamps that are

work and using materials that I thought

currently used by using high quality images

I never would. It has enabled me to develop

with bold colour backgrounds made the

a solid base in graphic design which will

collection stand out.

support my work in the future.

Originally my final major project was


Rachel Cornish BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography I have taken a very personal approach

Photographing my home life and

towards my projects this year. My artwork

student lifestyle has been the subject

has consisted of locations that inspire me

of my photography practice. I work as

along with places I have visited, particularly

an outsider looking in on my subjects,

New York and local places such as Chester!

trying to capture features of everyday life.

My photography looks at the daily routine

These photographs could not be any

of others around me, whether this is whilst

more natural, revealing the personalities

I am at home, or when I am studying

of my subjects, whether it is their facial

at university.

expressions and body posture, or the objects and locations that surround them.

Colour is an important element of my

Seeing the contrasts between my family

work, as well as the juxtaposition of images

home against my university home, helps

which I love experimenting with. I have

portray the idea of university students

a desire to manipulate images, filling

as having a lot of freedom as well as

them with collaged elements including

being messy. This subject matter is

photographs, tissue paper, scrap metal and

rather humorous.

textured paper. New York has been a huge influence upon my studio practice and I have enjoyed combining different cultures/cities in my work.


Georgina Cuthbert BA (Hons) Photography with Fine Art In my photography work I have captured

In my fine art work I have been looking at

the strength of dancers. I photographed

fingerprints and the patterns of the lines.

each dancer whilst they moved to the

I have taken two different fingerprints

flow of the music. I was intrigued by

from two people and merged them together.

the concentration that went into each

The fingerprints that I have chosen and

movement, each dancer was able to be at

put together are from people that some

one with her own body, creating different

way are connected: that may include

movements and pushing the body to its

being siblings, parents or partners, you

limits by placing it in positions that to

cannot tell just by looking at them.

others would seem impossible. I have

The colours that I have chosen to print

chosen to show my work in black and

the fingerprints in are colours that I feel

white because it enables the viewer to focus

work well together after working with the

on the form and shape of the body.

colours in experiments that I have done to get to this point in my work.


Genevra Louise Dean BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography

(Over 18, Please drink reasonably.

‘Do you, don’t you?’ is a daily conscious


and subconscious question, where the wrong decision may effect any one of us.

Hesitation, Life and Journeys reflect on past

With the consumption of alcohol, our

times or moments, places and objects that

views and standards may become clouded

have influenced my life, as well as my

and compromised or indeed, change

connection with the present.

completely. Do you act in the moment and live with the results or make a more

Taking into consideration the different

informed decision, acting responsibly

challenges that we have to overcome on

and potentially missing out? Do you take

a daily basis - responsibility, choice,

different substances, like alcohol or drugs

morality, consequences and future

or dismiss them and put them aside?

aspirations are often referred to as the

Each decision we make creates a moment

‘human condition’. As well as issues that

that happened, recording a silhouette of

may lie beneath the surface, my work

the event to refer back to at a point later

challenges the audience to make decisions.

in life, a point where we may need to

We make decisions on a daily basis, some

make a similar decision.

that seem quite insignificant, such as what to watch on TV or what brand of shampoo to buy, whilst others are more significant such as our careers.

Ph EL Zee Dempsey BA (Hons) Photography and Graphic Design Shooting in black and white completely changes the images look and feel, becoming less about a straightforward nude and more about the shapes, textures, light and shadows.


Connor Dickson


BA (Hons) Graphic Design My name is Connor Dickson; I am a

information and by communicating with

graphic designer based in Cheshire.

clarity; ‘form follows function’ allows me to achieve this role because I strive to look

My approach to each piece of work I

for the essence of the problem and from

produce is to aim for high standards of

the solution the aesthetic can be achieved.

design, driven by bold creative thinking to meet a clients needs. My work is

I try to question my work and myself at

modern, exciting and extends to a range

every stage of the creative process. I ask

of disciplines which includes branding,

myself, can I make it ‘visually powerful,

web design and creative advertising.

intellectually elegant, and above all,

I am passionate about design and draw

timeless?’ These principles are the words

my inspiration from classical design and

of an idol of mine, Massimo Vignelli,

by staying informed with contemporary

and I agree with him that great design

design and trends.

lasts forever and is timeless. When one looks at the breadth of work of the

However, this does not condemn me to

individual designers that I admire, such

the slavery of following trends. Instead,

as Vignelli, Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and

I choose to follow the philosophy, ‘form

Alan Fletcher, you can see that their work

follows function’. I believe that the role

is good design and is timeless. This is one

of a designer is to solve visual problems

of my underlying goals in life, to create

by adding value and meaning to

great design, which lasts forever.

Geanina Beatrice Dragoi BA (Hons) Graphic Design “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” - Rob Siltanen



Christopher Drury BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography Within my design work I try to tackle issues

Within my photography I try to understand

and show pieces that subconsciously work

interactions and the space between other

on the mind. My work directs information

people through photographing them.

that is linked to topics that are impacting

This enables me to progress towards

the earth, the environmental and their

a better understanding of people, the

processes. I want the audience to figure

environment and of my own self as a

out what it is they are looking at so that

human being. The presence of space

their own thoughts can slowly piece the

through the un-seeable can be sampled

parts together for their own interpretation

through our own human connection,

and clarity. My method is to not shove

our emotions and our environment.

information down people’s throats in an

Concentrating on those aspects whilst

aggressive manner, as I feel this is not

photographing my subjects brings me

producible. The information is there to

closer towards a meditative state in which

inform people and not to force my ideas

the meaning of life can be made clearer.

or views. It is all about the person’s ability

My recent work displays two books of

to problem solve and to be informed on

which one is of 35mm black and white

processes that they may not have already

film and the other as black and white

thought about.

digital formats. Both of these books show the differences between the speeds in which I capture my work, whilst also achieving similar results of interaction. Personally, film slows everything down and allows me to achieve a greater understanding of this presence.


Laurie Edmondson BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography Having grown up in a family of artists and

In Graphic Design I have been exploring

designers I was certainly predestined to

the use of light combined with negative

become a creative. I have had a passion

space within typographic artworks. The

for art, and related practices, since a

focus of these artworks is the relationship

very young age and have always known

between written text and human persona.

that I would pursue a career within it.

I have produced three pieces based on

I have been fortunate enough to study a

three individuals’ favourite Bible verses and

wide variety of creative subjects in order

presented them in such a way as to portray

to discover that Graphic Design and

the specific person’s personality through

Photography are my forte.

unique patterns and letterform layouts.

As a creative I always seek to try out new

Within Photography I have been studying

methods, techniques and styles that I’ve

the interesting formations of shadows

never experimented with before. Therefore,

caused by natural light. I have created

within my final year I have researched and

a series of abstract compositions after

developed new practices in more detail to

studying the arrangements of shapes and

aid both of my projects in Graphic Design

patterns caused by natural light within

and Photography. I have been particularly

unaltered scenes, rather than being

interested in exploring typography, pattern

artificially composed. This study has

creation, and abstract compositions.

caused me to pay closer attention to the

During this year, the focus of my work in

world around me and the way in which

both disciplines has been light and shadow.

artistic inspiration can be drawn from naturally occurring details.


Kayleigh Edwards BA (Hons) Graphic Design “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways

An idea isn’t a failure if the client doesn’t

that won’t work. Our greatest weakness lies in

like it everybody has their own opinions

giving up. The most certain to succeed is always

you can’t take it to heart when that

to try just one more time. Genius is 1% inspiration

happens, as it will happen to every

and 99% perspiration.”

designer at one stage or another and it - Thomas A. Edison

won’t be the only time it happens either you’ll experience it many times in your

This quote by Thomas Edison has become

career. It’s how you deal with it and take

very relevant to me throughout university it

criticism on board is the most important

sums up how I like to think about designing

part this is something I have come to learn

and how I approach a project or problem.

and appreciate throughout the years of studying graphic design here at Chester.

There is no right or wrong answers in

The key is to not give up and just keep

design, there are just ideas. Some work

trying. You may come up with multiple

better than others and some you find out

ideas that don’t work but all you need is

work great for a completely different project

that one and you’re set.

than what they were originally designed for. It’s OK if you don’t get the perfect solution straight away; it’s not a bad thing some of the best work takes time to get right.


Chelsea Elsdon BA (Hons) Fine Art and Graphic Design

I am a combined Fine Art and Graphic

My Fine Art is based around unwanted

Design student. My Graphic Design project

objects by taking them and reforming

is related around daydreams. Research

them into something desirable.

from my own particular daydreams and

My project started from throwing out

research taken from others have been

old books, which I felt were no longer

gathered together in order to create

needed. This then brainstormed into

a motion piece. This motion piece is

the idea of taking unwanted objects

designed to reflect around the aspects of

and developing from them, which finished

daydreaming. Not only has it been created

with this final outcome. This process has

to describe daydreams but is designed to

led me to experiment with many different

enhance them. I wanted to demonstrate

mediums and materials, which slowly led

the positivity these have upon us, how

to this transformation of rubbish in order

they can bring out our creative side and

to create a piece of art. My work has taken

my aim was to take away this negative

something we may see as trash and used

approach people have towards them.

its form and structure to create these three dimensional sculptures.

FA EL Sophie English


BA (Hons) Fine Art and French

The focus of my project is the architecture

experimental way that allows the

and its contrasting elements I perceived

development of personal style.

whilst living in France and Venice.

My images are designed and constructed

I am interested in the old, rustic and

with precision, detail and measurements

historic buildings as well as the abstract

when using pencil, almost as if I am

shapes, colours and lines found in the

constructing the building itself on a 2D

more modern structures and street art.

surface. The colour and shape can relate

My work intertwines these two ideas

to a more modern society layering over

to create new surreal and playful 2D

such historic buildings with vibrant letters

structures that become increasingly

and shapes (street art and graffiti) in an

abstract whilst also maintaining the

unintentionally exciting way.

beauty and detail of the original architectural aspects.

My work plays with the idea that anything can be ‘constructed’, whether

I am interested in the use of paint and

it is completely from the imagination or

pencil and how both can be used to

taking real life structures, deconstructing

create such intricate images but at the

them to find exciting elements, and then

same time can be used in a more

creating something new with them.

Frazer Evans


BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Futsal a 5 a side version of football

so small), but the beauty of the game

is something that is close to me in

comes through the explosive pace and

my personal life, I have been playing

high intensity when playing the game.

football my whole life, but when I was

This will be demonstrated through the

introduced to futsal, it has helped me

pattern you will see continuously through

develop as a player and become more

my work while you begin your path to

passionate for football as a whole. Why

learning about this exciting sport.

didn’t I learn this sport years ago? Because futsal is not a common sport in England! The idea behind my design is to influence people from a younger age to get involved in futsal, and possibly begin to go through the same progress as great players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Futsal involves quick thinking and more risk taking with the ball (as the pitch is


Katie Evans BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography

If you were ever invited to a room and

If your doppelgänger were to appear right

opened the door to a strange, secretive

in front of your eyes, what would be your

club, what would you do? My film “Flower

first feeling? Fear, confusion? Or just plain

Arranging for Beginners” is set in 1950s

curiosity? This feature length commercial

England. A dishevelled, young man down

advertises a spray that can help you

on his luck called Sam Carrington stumbles

get rid of your doppelgänger, for good!

upon such a club. From this club, he is

In this 1950s style commercial, along

transported into a world of murder and

with our host Jeanie, you too can learn

mystery. Other main characters include

how to get rid of your annoying double.

Miss Robin James, receptionist at a hotel;

The commercial that I created deals with

Sam Carrington, a desperate, down

them in a completely different way to how

on his luck wastrel; Violet Wilkinson,

doppelgängers are perceived in urban

a charismatic flower arranging club

legends and movies, making them seem like

owner, and Hector Spector, an out of

an unwanted house guest in your home.

town detective, whose suspicions are

A doppelgänger who wants to be just like

running high. Filmed in a hotel that

you, yet eventually wanting to overpower

gives off a 1950s vibe and atmosphere,

you and replace you. Through my 1950s

Flower Arranging for Beginners explores

commercial ‘Seeing Double’, you shall be

the themes of a classic 1950s film that

able to learn how to get rid of your double

spends the entirety of the film figuring out

with a spray, that had been produced so

who has committed a murder. So, sit back,

you can easily buy it off the shelf in front

relax...or not. You may be on the edge of

of you - shown off in a supermarket-like

your seat for this 1950s flick.

setting. I’ve included a picture of twins from the 1950s that represent the look I’m going for in my commercial.

Ph EL Jessica Ferrara-Richardson


BA (Hons) Photography and Graphic Design

As a combined student, the areas of my

I’ve built up a portfolio of family ‘snaps’,

work are entirely different. My Photography

which have transformed into a substantial

work is concentrated on my close-knit

and meaningful body of work. I’ve always

Italian family, while my Graphics portrays

been interested and attracted to paper cut

fairy tales in an Arthur Rackham/

artwork and the simplistic beauty of it.

Helen Musselwhite inspired dome

I like to create work that is more hands on.

universe. I chose each of my ventures

A physical piece has an edge which can’t

purely on enjoyment and satisfaction,

be achieved on a computer, hand crafted

who better to focus on than my family

works give a personal feel, impossible to

and loved ones? Over a number of years

gain by any other means.


Jaydine Foley BA (Hons) Photography with Journalism

Mental health, specifically depression

the intangibility of these feelings, I used

and anxiety, affects a significant amount

long exposures and focused on the idea

of people each year but it is rarely talked

of movement creating almost ethereal

about. I used this project as a way to

and dream-like images.

explore anxiety in a visual medium and help start the conversation.

To juxtapose this, I created some sharper images to represent loss of balance and

With anxiety, life can feel fleeting and

feeling on the edge. I feel like mixing

many people feel out of control or like

these two styles of photography represents

they are spiralling downwards. To express

some of the different sides to anxiety.

Mark Folksman BA (Hons) Graphic Design

If Harley-Davidson made cars‌ In this project I have explored the idea of the renowned motorcycle manufacturer for the company Harley-Davidson making cars car for motorbike enthusiasts.



Chloe Gallacher BA (Hons) Graphic Design Throughout my degree I have developed

a series of fanzines to help women start

a personal style to reflect my interests.

on their journey by changing their health

I appreciate both design and writing.

and fitness. Using my design skills, I have

From seeing how these two work hand in

been able to create and present them in

hand, I have created a project that shows

a unique way. It is written in the first person

how these two work together. Health

to help the reader relate easier to myself.

and fitness is a huge passion of mine and

It is an honest account telling others both

I wanted to explore how I could encourage

my flaws and positives. Alongside the

women like myself to get fit for the right

fanzines is a blog where I have posted

reasons. In today’s society it has become an

updates about training for a run and

uprising issue with many different images

how sometimes I don’t always stick to my

and perceptions of what the ideal woman

regime just like others can. I believe my

should be.

project showcases my skills and who I am as a creative.

There have been recent advertising campaigns to encourage women to get active but they mainly focus on body image. Through my writing I have created


Hollie Geary-Jones BA (Hons) English Literature with Fine Art

The focus of my work has been on the

the classifying of art as either figurative

relationship between figurative and

or abstract, as I wanted my work to blur

abstract art. I have been exploring

the lines between the two. Predominantly,

this concept through the juxtaposition of

I have been exploring abstract art by

the human form against coarsely formed

continually painting disorganized abstract

abstract shapes. I have been completing

shapes over my figurative work, in a bid

the majority of my work employing the

to disrupt the focal point of the work,

processes of drawing and painting. I have

so that the piece becomes increasingly

been extremely interested in revealing

difficult to view. Additionally, I have also

raw human emotion, which I have aimed

explored themes of repetition in both my

to depict through portraits. I have then

figurative work, portraits, and my abstract

layered my portraits with abstract shapes,

work, shapes. My overall aim for my work

in order to slightly obscure the figurative

is that it will cause the viewer to question

art from the viewer, so that the work as

whether work can simultaneously be

a whole maintains a visually confusing

classified as two types of art.

air. My aim in doing so was to question

Rebecca Gibney BA (Hons) Graphic Design “If a black cat crosses your path it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.� I am not always sarcastic... Sometimes I am sleeping.


Shannon Gibson BA (Hons) Graphic Design “Sadly, the only equality in the world is six feet of soil.”



Laura Grant BA (Hons) Graphic Design This past year I have been studying mental

with the condition have to over come every

health, in particular obsessive compulsive

day. I have created four zones of different

disorder (OCD). A lot of people jump to

levels of OCD, ranging from one being

conclusions about OCD, thinking it’s all

the lowest case and four being one of the

about odd or even numbers, and objects

more serious cases. By interacting with my

being in a certain place or order, but that’s

exhibition in each zone of OCD participants

only just a fraction of what it is about. I aim

will experience the frustration that someone

to show different levels of OCD through

with this illness feels.

using different methods and taking people on a journey to show them the real side of

I believe that interactive experience

OCD mental health, but visually only. My

is the new learning method. I have

aim is for people to experience, interact

experimented and combined fine art

but most importantly learn. Instead of

installations with graphic design screen-

just picking up a leaflet and reading the

printing and animation in order to

information it contains,

create this experience.

I want them to feel what it’s like to live with the illness and the struggle that people


Jasmine Green BA (Hons) Fine Art with Photography

Natures Floor is a series of textile pieces

Intimacy is a black and white photographic

featuring mixed media collages. The

series showing the forms of the human

inspiration for this series of work is the

body and the beauty of a person’s skin.

undergrowth of different woodland and

I wanted to display the feeling of being

marsh areas. The idea derived from a

in a close relationship with someone within

walk through abandoned marshlands

my photographs. I’ve always been intrigued

where rabbits die naturally and their

by the marks that make each persons skin

skeletons begin to entwine with the moss

unique. Being close enough to know a

and over time become part of the floor

person’s skin is something I find beautiful

again. I wanted to replicate the tones and

and captivating. When we see people in

textures of the floors I see when walking.

our day-to-day lives we often don’t notice

The pieces are built up using different

that tiny freckle just below their bottom

mediums, such as mud, paint, coffee,

rib or that mole just behind their ear.

materials and paper. I want the work

Unless we study a person’s skin, we wont

to give an organic feel, allowing people

know the small details that differentiate

to get lost within nature through my work.

theirs from our own. These photographs reveal the intimacy of knowing a person’s body and skin.


Emma Louise Griffiths BA (Hons) Graphic Design with Fine Art My recent Graphic Design work explores

Secondly we move onto my Fine Art

the idea of branding and packaging.

practice. I have focused on looking at

Cacoa is a cosmetic brand that combines

fine lines and detail to create various

cocoa beans, chocolate and natural

illustrative patterns during the last year.

materials together to create a unique idea for one of the worlds largest and

Overall, although the work maintains an

growing industries.

illusionary air, it is important that the viewer aims not to judge the work by

I was inspired by the idea of organic

its most basic function in exhibiting the

products with their clean, environmentally

animal form, as my main intention is

friendly and reusable packaging designs.

that the audience instead, focuses on the majestic style and mesmerising patterns.

The hand crafted wooden packaging and artisan style gives the brand its unique edge. This comes across creative and appealing to its chosen audience, as well as being a reliable product to use and can be recycled. “Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.� - Paul Rand

Julia Harper BA (Hons) Graphic Design Having started university thinking ‘we’re gonna need a bigger boat’, I have learnt through the past few years that design is subjective and rather ‘like a box of chocolates’. Some briefs are hard, some soft and many completely nutty. University has taught me that ‘no matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world’. Put your heart and soul into what you do and you will always be proud. Remember, ‘just keep swimming’.



Hannah Heathcote BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography

As adults we seem to lose focus on the

Science and Art: The combination of

enjoyment of having our photograph taken.

these two subject wouldn’t genuinely

The finer details like hair and make-up

cross people’s minds. Nevertheless, they

become more important, unlike when you

have a link which brings them together.

are a child. Children are unaware of their

Throughout my work I’ve explored the

image and what is going on around them, it

on-going relationship between these two

doesn’t seem important that their hair could

subjects. This is what I have captured

be a mess, or what kind of facial expression

within my work, combining the realistic

they should be pulling. This is what I have

with the not so realistic, combining Science

captured in my work. I found it intriguing,

and Art.

that every time I pulled out the camera and took a photograph of my six-year-old sister, she would turn around and pull a ridiculous facial expression (depending on her mood). I wouldn’t dream of pulling that in front of any camera.

Benjamin Spencer Heywood BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Ayrton Senna was a Formula One driver whose unfortunate death has been the subject of conspiracy theories over the years. This piece looks into the idea of whether it was an accident caused by the car or whether the conspiracy is true and in actual fact Ayrton Senna was murdered.


Rebecca Lea Higginbottom


BA (Hons) Fine Art For this project I have been interested in

The presentation for my work has revolved

creating abstract textures within art and

around the notion of auras in art in relation

to ensure the surface of the work is

to display and how displaying art in a

the focus of the piece rather than its

formal style creates feelings of importance

representation. This eventually developed

or transcendence. As well as the idea of art

into the creation of textural monochrome

being nothing more than an object and a

paintings created out of furniture

piece’s value being decided by an audience,

upholstery. My final piece consists of an

I wanted to create a conversation with the

assemblage of monochromatic works of

viewer about the traditional conventions

varying shapes and sizes. By creating all

of display and in choosing to display this

of the work in the same colour and similar

work as an informal assemblage on shelves.

format, you can carefully examine the

It was my aim to create an ambiguity in the

pieces and see evidence of their creation,

mind of the viewer, forcing them to judge

such as the visible stitches and staples,

whether or not the work is even completed.

that would ordinarily be concealed in ‘finished’ works.


Michael Paul Holden BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography Behance/Flickr username: MPH94 During my final year at the University

offer a raw, unvarnished alternative.

of Chester, I have had the wonderful

In order to achieve this, I printed all

opportunity to combine my passion of

these spreads on a risograph printer,

motorsport along with my graphic design

as I felt the textures were able to

and photography projects. Although these

replicate the ‘feel’ of club motorsport.

ventures are done on various platforms (and in most cases cross paths), they all

Moving onto my photography, this is a

share similar intentions – to highlight

visual narrative of what occurs ‘behind-

club motorsport!

the-scenes’ of a typical club motorsport event. When watching this on the

Both of my conceptions were inspired by

television, viewers are unable to witness the

the lack of reportage club motorsport gets

commitment these individuals put in to get

in the media (unless sadly there has been

these bikes/cars out for the next race. My

a serious injury or death). From previous

series of prints shows that it does not matter

experience, I have found these grass root

what style of motorsport one watches, the

events more enjoyable to watch live and

passion, adrenaline and determination

are better to interact with the teams. There

these families and friends share is universal

are fewer boundaries and politics involved.

across all disciplines, and is a true testament to grass roots motorsport.

Within my graphic design work, I devised a range of fanzines that focus primarily on promoting club motorsport. My aim with the designs of these publications was to strip away the glossy features one normally sees in magazines and instead


Stephi Holgate BA (Hons) Photography and Graphic Design BeaUVty Is In The Eye Of The Beheld is a

What Colour Is Your Sound? is a multi-sensory

series of images combining the relationship

experience to gain perspective on what

between beauty and ourselves and how

it’s like to be Synaesthetic; a person who

our perception of beauty is in the eye of

can combine two or more senses. Linking

the person in the mirror. The subjects

the relationship of colour and sound as

have all portrayed their interpretation and

a combined medium was an important

characteristics about them, that make them

factor from the beginning, on discovery

a unique beauty, through a digital medium

of my Dads personal Synaesthesia and

using UV paint as a form of expression of

how he utilized his abilities to mix audio

their inner thoughts to be shown on their

recordings to produce colourful displays

exterior. This project explores the range

in his mind. I was fascinated by my

of beauty, and how our personal interests,

inabilities to understand how he sees.

personality, spiritual and conceptual views of the world inform our own views, and of

By interacting with the self contained

what we see as ‘beautiful’ within ourselves.

surrounding colours, shapes, words and sounds, each experience is a unique

This series sets out to establish a first person

depiction to each user. This project sets

perspective of self love. Taking influences

out to communicate a visual display of

from how a black light can show our skin

the condition, whilst being informative

in a different light from experiences, whilst

through its online presence, where users can

connoting positive reinforcement towards

compare their experiences at

the beauty industry, as all the subjects, and

have niche looks that differ them from

absorb acknowledgement of the condition

mainstream modelling.

as a secondary perspective of what it is like to see sounds, and hear colours.


Jodie Howard BA (Hons) Graphic Design Hello! What excites me about design is the

consider what we subconsciously take

way it can influence people’s thoughts and

in from design every day.

mood while also communicating a message. I have used colours encased by an invisible

My project in the show is based on

outline in my work. In this book, it intrigues

introducing the discussion of mental

me when using block colours to create

health at a young age. During my

shapes and objects that our brains can still

psychology A-level in 2012 my teacher

understand what is being portrayed without

discussed the campaign to make mental

much detail. This may have stemmed from

health more talked about and less of a

my love of cartoons and animations which

taboo subject, I think it’s important that

themselves quite often restrict their colours

we introduce this thinking sooner to

with a black outline.

children since it well help them understand what some people may be going through

Going further into my particular studies,

in their life, like family or teachers, and

I have a great love of illustration and

it will also potentially help them if they

animation whilst discovering a lot more

experience mental health problems in the

about Graphic Design as a craft. I’m sure

future. To do this I have made an animation

anyone who is/or knows someone who is

of characters to illustrate some mental

involved in Graphic Design has had the

illnesses and character models. Alongside

discussion about how wide the subject is

these are a kit which comes with a simple

(“It’s not just Adobe Photoshop and fancy

guide of a lesson plan, some clay, a step

handwriting”). I’m also intrigued about

to step guide on making the characters

how design integrates itself into society

with the clay, and a disc with the animation

and popular culture. We have a Starbucks

on it. The service would be available for

on campus and the university itself has its

schools and children centres.

own wine and water bottles, it’s so common

Thank you for reading!

to see design it’s thought-provoking to


Gill Hughes BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography What started as a journey of self-

which adds to the atmosphere and the

expression soon became personal narrative

light leaks and flare implies to me hope

of childhood hopes and dreams. My

of regaining those innocent childhood

daughters who feature, have become a

aspirations. The slow shutter speeds which

representation of my younger self. Being

allows for the blurring of moving figures,

a parent is a stark reminder of the passage

producing surreal ghostlike apparitions

of time, with the realisation that life is

which creating an ethereal mood.

short and giving thought to lost dreams and forgotten pleasures. My photographs

I initially intended to keep my Fine Art

have mostly been taken around the coast

and Photography as two independent

where I live, the beaches offers a feeling

bodies of work, however the fine art

of infinite space and sense of freedom

has naturally evolved to compliment

which I yearn for. They remind me of

the sentiments of my photography.

idyllic childhood memories of carefree

In Fine Art I explored alternative

days at the beach, when the summer

ways of treating my photographs until

holidays always seemed long and hot.

I found a process which I was happy with that emulated the ambiance of

The use of the lens-less cameras is important to me, as it creates images which are reminiscent of a nostalgic past. The soft focus gives a dreamlike quality

my photography.

Kate Jane Hughes


BA (Hons) Graphic Design The theme of my work has been orientated

interior design I recreated a living room

around a direct focus on seasonal affective

setting with my designs as the pattern

disorder forming a variety of contrasting

for each piece. The practice of patchwork

designs for each component of furniture

making and screen-printing have been the

pieces. The important influence of my

main techniques applied in my project

work has been based on my life long

in creating the contrasting vibrant and

interest in effortless illustrative work;

homely fabric pieces. I wanted to stress

simple doodles as such have built up

the value of homeliness in correlation

the majority of my work portfolio. I am

with the illustrative work to convey a

extremely passionate about this subject

sense of my personality, in the hope

matter and wanted to express this in

of translating a sense of myself in the

the designs of my work. I exploited this

visual presentation of my work. One of

area of interest, channelling the visual

my biggest inspirations is Cath Kidston

appeal of illustrations with a handcrafted

because of the visual appeal and the values

value. In my final project working with

that are put in place to support the brand.

Olivia Hughes


BA (Hons) Fine Art

With an abstract and decorative

away the parts I don’t consider essential

approach to art, this body of work

to just focus on abstraction of the shape,

explores abstraction of natural forms

line, and colour. Each piece begins with

and architecture combined, focusing

carefully planned structural elements,

on the formal elements; colour, line

and gradually the work continues to

and composition. I am questioning how

develop into something individual over

human interaction is continually having

time creating its own identity. Beginning

a negative effect on natural environments

the painting I do not know what the

disrupting nature and natural landscapes.

finished outcome will be. Like a tree, each

These paintings are combining these

begins with a structure and then over

delicate elements from nature, with

time becomes unique. I am interested in

the bold architectural structure and

finding something interesting in what would

pattern. I am taking something which is

be considered ordinary or overlooked.

fragile, temporary and unappreciated,

The idea is to not go out and look for

for example the rugged edges of a broken

something out of the ordinary or unusual,

leaf, or the surface pattern and rich colours

but transforming something ordinary or

in a decaying tree. I explore the formal

overlooked into something more significant.

properties of these objects, emphasising the primary forms of nature, stripping


Adam Jones BA (Hons) Fine Art As an Artist, I am reacting to my direct

All the trees used in this series of work

environment with the use of found

come from the Kingsway campus site.

objects and materials that lay within this

Judging both the age of the trees and my

environment to inspire my series of works.

family members’ dates of attendance, both would have been living and breathing in the

The environment itself is part of my

same location at the same point in history.

family history as both parents and

I have also found interest in the building’s

extended family members have been

development and extension; this has also

educated or worked within the Kingsway

had a strong influence on my work and the

Campus where I am now completing my

man made materials from which they are

degree. This history of my family tree is


poignant and linked to the use of materials found in my work.

The inclusion of these materials and the colour coordination these materials possess while interrupting the natural aesthetic of the trees, is what, I feel brings all of my work’s inspirations together.

Alex Jones BA (Hons) Fine Art

My interests come from the mundane and unnoticed areas that we pass from day to day. I draw semi-abstracted landscapes based on random photographs I have taken of such areas from walking around Chester. It is not important what area is being referenced specifically in my work as the end result is what matters and how it is interpreted by the viewer. The original area I choose is only a means of helping me loosely construct a composition to work with in my mark-making style. The areas or buildings I choose to work from always have an element of straight edges or geometric shape that become a focal point in the pieces.


Craig Lee Jones BA (Hons) Graphic Design “There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and wow. Wow is the one to aim for.” - Milton Glaser I certainly did my best to aim for ‘wow’ throughout my three years here at the University of Chester. It’s been stressful at times, but then again nobody said it was going to be easy. I also couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance of the lecturers and technicians, without them being there for just a ‘quick chat’ (usually lasting about an hour) I would be a complete mess so thank you! A quote that I came up with myself was: “There is more creativity using the lead in your pencil than using your fingers to push a mouse on screen.” - Craig Lee Jones So that is it, my time in university is done, I am excited for the future and looking forward to begin a new adventure.



Nia Jones BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography

In Fine Art, I have been exploring how

and the journey from past to present.

lines and shapes can disjoint a painting,

The images have a theme of isolation

as building up layers of paint can create

due to the decline in tourism which has

depth and dimension. Parts of my paintings

unfortunately destroyed businesses and

have been collaged to create another

the economy. I have taken images around

aspect of layering. The lines and collaging

Rhyl which have been accompanied by

are placed in a consistent manner giving

hand written memories from my parents

the painting form and structure. This

who have grown up around the area.

is indicated by the repetitive geometric

I also have a collection of postcards

shapes that are repeated throughout the

which I have sent to various members

painting. As an artist I am also interested

of my family who have also shared their

in colour and experimenting with different

memories of Rhyl. I have always been

textures, in order to engage the viewer.

interested in how the decline of the town has affected the local community - my

In Photography I have explored the

images are a way of documenting the

relationship between my family and

deterioration of a once popular town.

North Wales, as I have lived in the area all my life. The work focuses on memories


Katya Kirby BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography

My practice explores the realms of

rusted and weathered texture from raw,

abstraction. My photography draws

industrial materials that show traces

attention to unusual spaces; closing in

of their use and highlight that aesthetic

on the subject to capture detail that

qualities exist in mundane places. With

concentrates on colour and texture.

my artwork, I take inspiration from my

I challenge the viewer’s perception by

Photography. I manipulate my photographs

restricting their focus. The isolated nature

through hand printed means to exaggerate

of these images obscures the context and

colour and texture with the aim to create

allows the viewer to concentrate on colour

a visually aesthetic and stimulating

and texture before understanding the

experience through the presence of vivid,

unidentified spaces. Inspired by Abstract

loud colours and interesting textures.

Expressionism, I capture energetic marks from the natural decay of machinery that reflects painterly qualities. I draw attention to detail that is overlooked, capturing


Holly Langtree BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography

As a combined student my work reflects

My photography work is a complete

both of my practices by using my

contrast. I photograph collections and

photography practice to show I am

how people collect the unknown without

an Interdisciplinary practitioner. My

knowing it. Showing this in a completely

typographic project for Graphic Design

different way, it almost takes the approach

focuses on how typography can portray

of abstract art and paper origami by using

the five senses, to see, to taste, to touch, to

leaflet and paper ephemera to capture

smell and to hear. My work communicates

a picture that has more depth to it than

this through chosen typefaces and data I

just a simple flat image.

collected from my questionnaire research, using the signifiers to find an appropriate

Together, both projects are very different

way to show this.

from one another and show how passionate I am as a creative individual, using both practices in both assignments and showing what I can do best in a professional manner.


Kerri Mackay BA (Hons) Fine Art and Graphic Design Colour and pattern is a central focus of

and how the reverse of the material can

both my practices. My Fine Art project

differ, as well as physically changing

involves the exploration of pattern and

the aesthetics of a material and the

decoration through the use of collage

composition with the play of layering.

techniques. I started off my project using only paper, creating different paper

My Graphic Design work consists of

formations and exploring paper as if

exploring people’s perceptions of a city.

it were a three-dimensional material,

My piece is based around audience

finding ways in which I could transform

interaction and how people feel towards

the material to make sculptural forms.

a city via the use of colours. I began my

As I progressed further along with the

project by researching into colour and

project I incorporated a variety of

light, particularly light projection artists

materials into my work, such as different

and exhibitions. From then on I wanted

types of paper - tissue paper, tracing paper,

to create something, which involved the

as well as exploring three-dimensional

audience, something that was physical

materials such as MDF, pipe cleaners and

and playful. I wanted to keep colour as

PolyFilla. The formation of my work has

a significant element to my work, as I

been heavily based around layers and cut

think it is individual to everyone as colours

out elements, the addition and subtraction

mean and reflect differently from one

of materials, in order to transform the

person to another. My final exhibition

image from its original composition.

involves a light projection, containing

I found that adding layers to a composition

images of cities, which are in the formation

not only distorted the image but also the

of a shape. The audience can use the

piece became more abstract, which has

acrylic squares to place over the projection

been a key feature to my work. My final

creating any pattern/image they desire,

outcome has reflected my experimentation

which they find personally representative

throughout the project, such as the

to them.

investigation of the surface of materials


Lee Markall BA (Hons) Graphic Design Over the past five years in higher education

“If you’re doing what everyone else is doing,

for creative design I have developed many

your doing it wrong� - Casey Neistat

skills ranging from illustration, photography and many more sectors. I am happy to have followed this path I have taken,

I believe that these words embody what

and with confidence, say that graphic

it is to be a designer; you cannot simply

design is what I want to do in my future

follow the crowd in the creative design

career. This experience with colleagues

sector. The way to stand out is to try

that I have gained through this time has

something new and to make your work

helped me develop as a designer and I

unique, push the boundaries to what is

cannot thank more for this experience,

possible with design, experiment to places

and with this I have not only been moulded

that others may have been frightened to go.

as a designer by the past few years but have

This what I look for in my work as I start

also developed as a person.

my design career.

Chloe Mayo BA (Hons) Graphic Design The best way to predict my future is to create it.


Victoria McFaul


BA (Hons) Fine Art

The focus of my recent work is all about

follow them around and travel with them

truth to materials and the idea of luxury.

as they evolve or devolve. I’ve really been

I’ve made a limited collection of pieces all

influenced by artists such as Pip and Pop

made out of clay and other cheap materials

who create fabulous flowing floor pieces

revolving around the idea that if I take

that travel around their gallery spaces.

the clay, a relatively cheap material that

As I have been experimenting with clay

wouldn’t be considered luxury or valuable

and pushing it to its limits and breaking

and I spray paint them colours people see

points, I have also been influenced by

as luxurious and relate to valuable objects

textile artist Anne Kyyro Quinn by the

and items such as gold, silver and bronze,

way she makes her fabric folds and I have

then can I trick people into believing these

tried to implement and imitate fluid fabric

pieces are worth more than their original

folds like these in my work. The pieces are

value? The other focus is the fluidity of

travelling around the studio and gallery so

the pieces and how they travel around

keep an eye out for the 10inch silver, gold,

the gallery, allowing you as the viewer to

bronze and black pieces at your feet.


Laura Jane McHale BA (Hons) Fine Art

My work represents the process of creating

was only highlighting sections of his face

realist paintings and stripping them down

but leaving other parts in shades of oranges

to an abstract form. I began this project

and reds that gradually blended to a dark

with the aim to paint detailed portraits that

shadow, leaving the background completely

expressed various emotions. I have always

black. These highlighted sections of the

had an interest in studying the human face;

face, with the enhanced contours and

every face is different and tells a different

vibrantly contrasting shades, stood out to

story. However, when I began to paint

me as something that can be linked to our

I became aware of the fact there was a

own identity in the way that we do not

theme in the colours, media and methods

always present ourselves fully; we often only

I was using to create my work. The fact

give sections of our true identities to others

I was studying from original photographs

and keep the rest in the shadows. This is

made me think about the lighting that

the why I have chosen to pull my full scale

was cast across my model’s face and how

paintings apart and have stripped them

this exaggerated the contours in his face,

down into sectional studies, representing

therefore enhancing his facial expression

the raw qualities that make us who we are.

and then the emotion that was being

I have finalised this project by stripping

portrayed through all of this.

those sections into various focus points such as; the contours that make a face,

The emotion that came across in one of

the colours that are so vibrant in the bold

my photographs was fairly intense and

lighting and finally the experimentation of

this was achieved not only from the obvious

using certain paints and techniques when

qualities, such as the facial expression of

creating portraiture.

my model but also because of the dramatic and almost theatrical lighting. This lighting


Rick Meads BA (Hons) Graphic Design (In collaboration with Jordan Walker)

between Birmingham and Manchester, our label composition and typography

We are Northwest 72. A new gin

inspired by the modern day train ticket and

motivated by the urban connection

our bottle designed using a tactile element

between Manchester and Birmingham.

to represent the texture of the streets.

Our brand aims to capture a new demographic by promoting elements

Our product boasts a unique blend of 12

of night-life through the use of a

botanical elements, with a focus on Apple

vibrant colour palette integrated

and Grapefruit as dominant notes. With a

with a contemporary graphic style.

concrete attitude and desire to differentiate from our competitors, we have crafted

We have built a brand narrative that reflects

our brand to break down the stigmas

our vision to connect people through urban

surrounding gin as a drink for an older

environments. We have achieved this with

audience. The city, the sound, the people.

our name referencing the compass bearing

Northwest 72.

Jordan Mercer BA (Hons) Graphic Design

I have always been an avid pub-goer, preferring the simplicity and friendly atmosphere of the local than a bar or club. Unfortunately for many years, traditional pubs have been on the decline due to people favouring the purchase cheaper alcohol at the supermarket and drinking at home. For a while now I have been a follower of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), mostly for their work in trying to save pubs. Through this project, I hope to help people to fall in love with pubs again, creating something that can be used to great effect both at home or in the pub.


Sarah Morgan BA (Hons) Fine Art I find traditional portraiture completely uninspiring and uneventful. Yet in this strong distaste I have found my niche. The fundamental concepts to my work are a subtle hint of tradition that is confronted by a mocking and more contemporary element.


Peter Murzsa BA (Hons) Graphic Design San Franco is a product that focuses on handmade quality bow ties. Each bow tie is made with recycled material and has a unique design which is fun but also has an elegant feel.


Kiera O’Brien BA (Hons) Graphic Design The difference between an artist and a graphic designer: One says ‘it’s finished when I feel it’s finished’, the other says ‘I will have this done by the 30th.’ Through illustrated prompts and motivational guidance this book encourages creativity and experimentation. Whether you are a designer or not, look for inspiration all around you and notice design in unexpected places. Take this book everywhere with you and have fun creating. A passionate creative making the world a more interesting place, one brief at a time. I’m excited for what the next adventure will bring.



Matt Oxley BA (Hons) Fine Art and Graphic Design By using the two disciplines of Fine Art

degree of abstraction. The subject matter in

and Graphic Design, I have had the chance

the artwork is often surrounding molecular

to work on many different briefs and areas

structures and indulging in their conceptual

of concern. My work often mirrors my

forms and further distorting their qualities.

interests in technology and craftsmanship and by using equal measures of these,

On the other hand, my work in Graphic

I have continued to keep my ideas open.

Design is directed towards a more definite

Whilst reflecting upon the work carried

response to creating a range of products

out over the past year, I think I have

which could fit into our homes more

reached a level of control within the

purposefully. By understanding various

process of making a variety of different

scenarios around the home, I have

styles of work.

hopefully struck a balance in creating objects that possess beautiful forms and

I am eager to continue developing new

innovative functionality that fit into certain

skills and taking my practice further but

places. The range is focused on the use of

right now the exhibited work is a picture

new technologies with materials that were

window into my thinking. On the one side

more commonly used in Hi-Fi Systems of

I have looked to create visual artworks and

the past. Sensory technology is something

sculptures which fall under the Fine Art

which particularly inspired me to establish

module. The theme of these artworks is to

new ways of developing common objects

question the comparisons and differences

placed around our homes to become more

between technology and real-life and how

useful, with higher levels of interaction

common materials can be used to show a

between person and object.


Terri Pethick BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography

24 Hour Party People This project follows and captures the

Within my Graphic Design, I undertook

spirit of the new Brit pop/indie Chester

a project that incorporated photography

based event ‘Fools Gold’. It tells the story

and design with textiles and print making.

of the journey from when it first started

The idea was to create a collection of hand

right up until now whilst documenting the

printed fabric that would promote positive

characters it pulls in every single month.

thinking (through the colours and designs)

With every image being taken from an

when used in the interior design of a home,

insider’s view each photograph shows the

i.e. as curtains, cushions, lampshades, etc.

party goer in their true, relaxed form with

Displayed are examples of these fabrics

expressions and hand gestures becoming

along with some handmade products

a very interesting factor in the project.

created out of these fabrics to show how

A lot of the music played on this night

they could be used in the home.

is from the time of The Hacienda Club in Manchester, which this series of black and white images look like they could even be from the time of. An instalment I hope music lovers will enjoy.


Isaacs Jefferson Phiri BA (Hons) Graphic Design

An exploration into African prints and

fauna that people from around the world

mainly focusing on Zimbabwe as the

come to see, and a landscape that offers

starting point to make a fashion brand

nature’s own design style and patterns.

that has style and is worthy to be a high street brand. It takes the essence of what

The prints vary from hand painted, screen

the print is, tribal, cultural and a colourful

print, lino cut, paper transfers and tie-

expression of one’s self, to make into

dye. Some are a mix of printing methods

a globally appealing fashion style/

to test out the quality and style as the

trendy brand.

different methods used yield different results on the final product. The end

From Burberry with Scottish tartan,

result showcases a brand of t-shirts,

Versace with Roman and Greek style

jeans, snapbacks and shoes that are able

inspired by their mythology and Louis

to show a point of origin/inspiration,

Vuitton’s graphic symbols of quatrefoils and

unique styling and a strong brand

flower inspired by Japanese and Oriental

identity across the whole range.

design from the late Victorian era, these major brands will serve as a guide on how

I am an illustrator who finds joy in the

to achieve popularity and make the brand

creation of pieces of artwork from scratch,

into a must have for consumers around the

and for the love of all things beautiful and

world. Zimbabwe has a rich architectural


history with multiple design styles, flora and


Conner Preston BA (Hons) Graphic Design I am a Graphic Designer with a big

Graphic Design making vinyl graphics for

passion for logo & branding identity. I take

Motocross bikes and knew design was the

inspiration from my surroundings, if I see

path I wanted to go down. Alongside that,

a logo on the side of a container I will take

Motocross has taught me the effort and

a picture of it. With my passion for logo’s

sacrifice it takes to be good at your desired

I have researched some of the logo greats

profession and I have used the highs and

such as Aaron Draplin, Steve Wolf, Paul

lows from my one and a half decades of

Rand and many more. My main focus for

racing to continually improve and learn in

an idea is the story behind it. Any Graphic

Graphic Design. If I could get to the point

Designer can make good design, but to

in my career where I’m mostly designing

explain the reasoning behind it and why

logo’s and brand identity for companies

you have gone down that path is what I

would be a nice accomplishment, but I love

have discovered over the years is key for

design no matter if it’s a logo, advertising

clients. I wouldn’t be where I was today if it

or editorial. As long as I’m doing what I

wasn’t for my love for Motocross. I started

love to do,

riding at the age of six and have done it for fifteen years to where I am now at the age of twenty-one. I got my first taste of

I’ll be happy.

Rach Rizzotti


BA (Hons) Graphic Design

My passion for makeup has been around

exactly what product is without having to

since an early age; it’s all about presentation

look at the contents inside, alongside that

and first impressions. I wanted to make

introducing the colour coding around the

sure that this was present in my final

outside linking to the category of each

piece, reflecting both my interests and

makeup product i.e. eye shadow, lipstick.

style of work. I wanted to create brand recognition For my final piece, my aim was to rebrand

without promoting a model or anyone in

the makeup company SEVENTEEN by

particular; therefore, I illustrated this face,

modernising the logo and recreating

which has become the focal point for my

a more vibrant look for the brand. This

final piece. The face shows versatility as

involved changing the logo of the brand

it is displayed on all the packaging and

as well as the whole colour theme and style

shows the customer what the product is

of the packaging. I decided to completely

by having a section of the face highlighted.

change the way customers look at packaging

The section will differ in colour depending

when buying makeup. Each box shows you

on the colour of the product is inside.

Ph EL Alex Robinson BA (Hons) Photography and Graphic Design I have focused on ways in which materials can be manipulated into creating individual identities. I find it interesting how textures and the composition of fabrics can determine what you see underneath, creating a unique identity.



Emily Grace Robinson BA (Hons) Fine Art

I love the feeling of experiencing new

created from using the more restraining and

things and places for the first time. It’s a

controlling methods and materials used in

feeling that’s short lived and can never be

the 19th century in mental asylums to give

felt again for the exact same thing. To me,

the piece a tense and restricted sense with

it’s a feeling of curiosity and perplexity.

the realisation of the amount of control it’s

This is why I wanted to create something


unseen, by combining unusual compositions and playing with the aesthetic qualities

Eva Hesse has been an influence in

and properties.

my work, encouraging me to exploit body references as she did in her work.

When I started using expanding foam I was

Although, I have encouraged other

exploring ways to be able to manipulate

interpretations in these balloon forms to

and control the formation which developed

provoke more ideas generated from the

the bizarre idea of containing it within

combination of the viewer’s memory and

balloons. The resulting objects reminded

my work in front of them.

me of shrivelled brains (prompting me to think of mental illnesses such as dementia). This current piece hanging has been


Hannah Ruth Rossetti BA (Hons) Fine Art

A series of interconnected

abundance of materials with which to

movements, moments, memories

initiate projects, excited by every new find,

and thoughts in life.

be it mass produced, the opportunist skip dive, charity shop gem, or second hand

My recent work stems from an ongoing

find; the possibilities are infinite.

interest in memory; how we classify, organize and memorialise events in

I have been greatly inspired by the work of

our lives.

Duchamp, Louise Bourgeois and Chiharu Shiota and many more.

The modification of objects and their transformation is key. Throughout my

My work describes stories or memories,

practice my approach to making has

the details of which are imparted bit by

been almost instinctive. Underpinned

bit in layers, creating a puzzle, assembling

by the impact of my father’s trade as

the pieces so they flow together with a

a carpenter and my own position as a

sense of belonging in an uncanny way.

mother has played an integral part in my

I view this work as a metaphor for

work, guiding my use of materials and

these ideas. I have enjoyed working

their transformation creating new identities

and discovering within this complexity

with a personal yet ambiguous narrative.

of revelation.

I am playing with the ideas of the Abject,

“It is in playing and only in playing that the

Abstraction and femininity. I create through

individual child or adult is able to be creative and

questioning, re-phrasing, construction,

to use the whole personality, and it is only in being

de-construction and re-working a range

creative that the individual discovers the self.�

of sculptural matter. I am an artist and collector and have accumulated an

- D.W. Winnicott. (Playing and Reality)


Yasmin Rowlands BA (Hons) Photography with Fine Art My photography represents my

My Photography and Fine Art work have

relationships with individuals. I have

some similarities, mainly being that they

captured women and the beauty within

are both ‘raw’. Within my art pieces, they

them. My vision is to create something

are expressive and don’t represent anything,

that is pleasing to the viewer’s eye, whilst

whilst my photography is raw in the sense

my motivation to create my work came

that the whole shoot is styled by myself.

from my love of fashion and portraiture.

There’s almost stillness and a peaceful

My aim is to have a soft and feminine

feel when you look at my photography

feel to my images. Having a love for fashion

work, which is a sense you get from my

I wanted incorporate that into my artwork.

artwork too.

I have created expressive pieces using a variety of materials and paint. I have incorporate dashes of colour with a mixture of neutral tones using paint, whilst having the element of fabric to bring in texture.

Aaron Dennis Russell


BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Hi I’m Aaron Dennis Russell, a Graphic

I think that the human race hasn’t reached

Design student based at Chester this past

their full potential, by expanding our mind

year. This is Ground Level - a brand that

to conform to technology are we not just

I have produced to bring people back

putting our self out of action?

down to earth from a height. My aim is to leave messages about modern culture and

Does buying a named brand make you

wakening people from their sleeping state

any more of a person than that of someone

of mind.

who is homeless? Is class, religion, and belief just a mechanism to separate us

One of my favourite quotes comes from

from one another so that we don’t march

a film called Hugo. Hugo Cabret says,

forward and bring the real terrorists to

“Everything has a purpose, clocks tell you the time,

justice? (If justice even does exist at all).

trains takes you to places. I’d imagine the whole

I welcome you to my final show there you

world was one big machine. Machines never come

will be given your stomping ground.

with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured if the entire world was one big machine... I couldn’t be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.”


Taiwo Adesina Sangster BA (Hons) Fine Art

The focus for my works has been the

work to be flat - I wanted it to have depth

reinterpretation of the Adire (Tie-Dye

and texture. I like the rich smooth texture

Batik) textile patterns of the Yoruba

of colours that resulted from the painting.

people of western Nigeria in West Africa.

I also use found materials to further

Traditional Adire textile patterns originated

enhance the textual nature of my painting.

from history, legends, myths, proverbs and

The ideas are to create schematic colour

the observation of the environment. I have

drawings where you have a three-

always been excited seeing the patterns

dimensional effect.

and colours of those textiles fabrics and often wondered how they were done.

I am using my works to define and expand

As a University of Chester undergraduate,

on the ideas of freedom which you see

a great opportunity was given to me to

in the movement of the colours drawing

experiment more with the textile patterns

in my paintings and I enjoy the process of

in a painterly way.

making the paintings. In order to get the free movement in the painting I use acrylic

I am interested in the relationship between

paint with PVA glue as this create flexibility

patterns and colours by using painted and

in the paint which allows for free flow of

drawn surfaces, but then I do not want my

the colour and drawing.

Alice Sharpe


BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graphic Design fuels how I view the world.

show project. Looking particularly into the

It allows me to be curious and to explore.

emotions behind letterforms, I also adore

I have a love for solving creative problems

combining colours and hope that my work

and pushing ideas as far as they can go.

is as fun and enjoyable for the viewer, as it

I have learnt that you can take inspiration

is for me when I’m creating it. I aspire to

from anywhere and transform it into much

make my way into a career that involves

more. With an infatuation with beautiful

typography. I have thoroughly enjoyed the

things, designing allows me to leave my

beginning of my journey as a designer at

mark, even though I always struggle to

university. There are so many things I am

deem a design finally complete.

looking forward to learning as I enter the

Typography is everywhere and I have

diverse world of the design industry.

developed a keen interest in the subject during my time at university. The choice

“Thinking about design is hard, but not

of typeface and arrangement of lettering

thinking about it can be disastrous.”

can convey so much in a design and is a main focus of my practice and final degree

- Ralph Caplan

Emma Jade Shuttleworth BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Emma Jade Well what can I say, A creative blonde bursting with fun and laughter, keen to see where her Degree will take her. Let the next chapter begin.....



Paige Tayla Slade BA (Hons) Photography with Journalism This project explores how dreams and

The work reveals fantasies of a world

the subconscious affect our imagination.

within our own that we are oblivious to.

I have a keen interest in the ‘fantastic’

For me this is a release, to show the world

and I often pass the time caught up in a

my secret passion for the otherworldly,

fantasy novel. I found that these novels

something that I carry deep within my

have often influenced my own daydreams.

soul. Turning to multiple exposure and

I have always enjoyed things that take me

manipulation techniques, which merge

out of this world and into another; it’s

human portraits with nature and its

an escape from reality. The process of

elemental energies connecting my work

imagination and daydreaming is combined

with my inner subconscious.

with my love/transformation through post-production techniques could lead

The work crosses over with advertising

to an interesting result.

and commercial culture. Editorial practice has had an impact on the outcomes for

I looked at Freudian theories on the

this project, leading to large-scale work.

interpretation of dreams and how dreams

Visual culture and theory assist with

affect art. I found that Freud believed that

negotiating the relationship between

dreams represent deep-seated secret desires

fantasy and reality, examining the ways

that are kept in the subconscious mind away

in which the imagination and utopia are

from societal judgment and are released

signified and connoted, can be different

while we sleep. So by looking into my own

per individual. Using clouds as a metaphor

subconscious imagination and daydreams

throughout my work as a symbol of the

I could access a part of me that many

imagination and dream world, as they are

people are unaware of, and I might be

often associated together; as the saying

slightly ashamed of.

goes “head in the clouds”.


Madeline Smart BA (Hons) English Literature and Fine Art

The focus of my third year project has

explores the contrast between the animate

been on the relationship between the

and inanimate, flesh and metal and the

internal and external features of the

modes of different machines.

human body and mechanical objects, focusing specifically on clocks.

Typically, images of organs are depicted in a formal, diagrammatic arrangement.

Our bodies play a vital role in everyday

However, by using vibrant colours and

life, as they carry out functions that

extravagant patterns, I have tried to

allow us to live, of all which are taken

present the subject in a playful and

for granted. Organs are typically

appealing manner. By doing so, I aim

perceived as unpleasant and repulsive.

to decrease this stereotypical ‘gruesome’

The external features of the body are

perception and ignorant attitude towards

the main concentration of one’s attention,

the organs.

whilst the intricate internal structures and complex systems are ignored and

I experimented on a large scale so that my

unacknowledged. Likewise, to the structure

work would have a demanding presence in

of a clock, the face is what makes the object

the gallery space. I hoped that the impact

visually striking and is primarily focused

would compel the onlooker to observe and

on. Arguably, the internal components are

appreciate the subject and the variety of

equally attractive, delicate and interesting.

internal shapes. The collision of the diverse forms constructs a complex, compact and

Through my body of work, I have selected

abstract composition, much like the inner

and attempted to illustrate multiple sections

structure of the organ systems and clocks.

of the organs and clockwork, to emphasise

The shapes may not be recognisable at

the importance of the overlooked

initial sighting, yet I hope that this will

interior and the fascinating shapes that

encourage the observer to look deeper

create the body and mechanical objects.

into my work and recognise the aesthetics

The combination of both subjects also

in the forgotten internal features.

Bethan Smith


BA (Hons) Fine Art

With an air of enticing openness, this piece

Schultz, and Roger Hiorns, the piece aims

engulfs and encrusts around its environment

to ‘blur the distinctions between interior

using deep, glistening blues and greens

and exterior, surface and structure’, with

to create a mysterious, magical and

both an ‘attraction and an aggression’ to

ethereal landscape, while still exploring the

it, where its aesthetic is to be ‘beautiful

properties of reflectivity and translucency

but not nice’. This piece aims to tempt

using clusters of pale, shimmering spikes.

people into interacting with it, with

A little fantastical, mystical world built

its enticing, shimmering and reflective

from clusters of glue, glass, foam and

qualities creating a juxtaposition to the

sugar sprinkles; structured on top of a

sharp, delicate and potential danger of

Perspex layered table to lure people into a

the glass. The piece transforms mundane

more diverse and interactive environment.

and everyday materials into otherworldly,

A portrayal of an undisturbed dystopia,

ethereal elements; engulfing and absorbing

where the elements are both fragile and

audiences into an aesthetically pleasing,

sharp, using an aquatic, crystal-like blue to

mystical, yet disturbing environment.

entice people into an almost frosty crystal cave. With connotations to Disney’s Frozen and influences from David Altmejd, Tanya

Nikita May Smith


BA (Hons) Fine Art

Bright, vibrant and colourful things have

and sculpture/installation based and I have

always been a recurring theme throughout

continued to step out of my comfort zone

my work, and a strength I have played

and push my abilities to the maximum. I

to yet again. My work for this exhibition

enjoy creating a chaotic and contrasting

revolves around an exploration of wrapping

scene for people to be mesmerised by and

techniques and contrasts of hard and soft

get lost in, to then be broken up by blocks

against different patterns and shapes.

of powerful colour and objects. The work

I have turned everyday objects into

is very kitsch and playful in an attempt to

something unrecognisable and enhanced

encourage the viewer to be positive and

their aesthetics. I have taken the norm

happy which a lot of people associate

and turned it into abstract. Since coming

being in memories of their childhood.

to university as a painter my work has

My work with wool associates the old

changed completely and each year has

with the young therefore everyone

increased in size and style. My work for

should be able to relate to my piece.

this project is more three-dimensional


Andrew Spencer BA (Hons) Graphic Design Malaysia Airlines suffered two of the most

My findings allowed me to set a plan to

devastating disasters in aviation history

rebuild the airlines battered image and

in the short space of four months in 2014,

reinstate their customer’s confidence in

namely flights MH370 and MH17. In the

the airline.

days, months and now years following these tragic accidents, there have been

The main problem the airline has faced

very few definitive answers as to why

with its current branding is its association

either of the disasters took place and

with the two disasters of 2014. This

this has resulted in a barrage of

problem could be fixed by eradicating

speculation and scaremongering

the old brand and starting afresh. However,

from many within the media that has

in doing so, this approach could alienate

severely damaged the airlines image.

the airline’s loyal customers that have a connection with the brand. This posed

On 9th June 2015, Malaysia Airlines

a problem that needed a well thought

announced that they had begun a re-

through solution.

branding process that could take up to two years to complete. As a designer with

In my approach to the re-branding of

a keen interest in branding I took this as

Malaysia Airlines, I have found a perfect

an opportunity to really test myself with

medium in bringing together several key

a large brief in an unfamiliar industry

areas; culture, modern design and the

that crossed cultural boundaries.

airlines current/historical branding. I have incorporated elements from each

In order to tackle this brief, I conducted

of these areas to form a modern and

extensive research into many areas.

culturally rich airline that has kept its

These included; the airline, its customers,

substantial heritage at the forefront of

the airline industry and Malayan culture.

its branding.


Alex Stenner BA (Hons) Graphic Design My design is heavily influenced by my own

The art style is melancholic and the

ethics. When necessary, I often apply the

colours are purposely washed out to

theme of equality to my personal work

express how the grieving process can be

because I take a lot of interest in tackling

such a colourless experience. However,

social issues through my creative ability.

as the book gradually progresses, the colour is restored.

My final project is a design solution for children suffering with bereavement. I have

I have enjoyed my time studying at the

created an interactive children’s book that

University of Chester and will continue

serves the purpose of provoking relevant

as a postgraduate to study for a PGCE.

conversation with children for when they

I will also take my design skills further

are placed back into school following the

by working on personal projects.

death of a family member. I am aware that the lack of support for children in schools who have lost family members is a massive issue and not enough support is available.

GD EL Laura Taylor


BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography

I have been passionate about graphic

only my family, but by the majority

design and photography for as long as

of people from a place where I grew

I can remember, and I have always dreamt

up, Tipton, in the West Midlands.

of turning these hobbies into a living, and

My photography exhibition piece on

studying at University of Chester has made

the other hand is based on a long

me realise that I can turn these dreams into

exposure project, which is a technique

a reality.

that I have always been interested in, and my intentions with this project

Both of my projects that I am exhibiting

were to allow the audience to see

are based around subjects that are very

things beyond their senses.

close to me. My graphic design exhibition piece is based on a project that revolves around funny slang words used by not


Lorna Thomas BA (Hons) Fine Art with Education Studies I focus on making people start to see

from the previous. Thus creating a form

scrap and disregarded materials in a

of involvement for the viewer, as they

different light, and to see the potential

have to physically move with the piece’s

in everyday mundane objects. I use objects

different heights and scales to appreciate

that have been created for a particular

all elements. While focusing on geometric

purpose, yet give them the potential to

and angular shapes that create a sense of

be manipulated in to other roles. Through

movement and fluidity, the structure defies

the use of varying materials, yet mainly

gravity as it preciously balances, yet looking

metal I focus on how nature collides

menacing and trap like with its sinister,

with the modern world. The industrial

sharp and jagged edges contrasted in layers.

being eroded and manipulated by nature, looking at the overgrown decay and rust.

I have discovered how sculpture has many practical issues that can prevent

The collision of juxtaposed textures is

progression, however I have recognised

what embodies my practice as I embrace

how the practical challenges actually

the playfulness and undercut the

start to define the work itself, creating

monumentalism of traditional sculpture.

questions about the reasoning behind it as

I purposely weld on show as It’s used as a

the structural frame work starts to provide

vessel to organically integrate characterised

more than just support. Sometimes blurring

and burnt colourings. Thus showing it can

the lines between the accidental and the

be used as a practical purpose, but an

intentional mark making process. Having

aesthetically pleasing one too.

embraced a new-found skill of welding, I have massively enjoyed working within

The small clusters of intricate detail

a medium that I have never touched on

combined with the stark, clean spacing

before, truly pushing myself out of my

is vital as I aim for the viewer to be

comfort zone, yet ironically it seems,

enchanted with the numerous sides of

finding my niche.

the piece, every side being unrecognisable


Eve Chanamon Tochuen BA (Hons) Graphic Design This is one of a poster series I designed for

and the future of their child’s. I used a

the YCN ‘Save the Children’ brief. The aim

child-like and care-free theme in an attempt

of this project is to come up with ways to

to get the idea across. I created a series of

encourage dads to read to their children,

simple drawings and hand written quotes

building a strong start in education and

related to the project as I feel like they will

literature for their kids from a young age.

represent the rewarding feeling to the dads

My approach in this was to tackle it in a

from when their kids come home from

personal, heart warming way, reminding

school and give them drawings that they

all the dads the importance of a family

did inspired by the stories they have read together.


Thayf Ullah BA (Hons) Fine Art with Graphic Design As an artist and designer, I’m the sort of

express my ideas and translate them into

person who likes a challenge. By having

physical forms. The works I have chosen

this principal, I am able to push myself

to exhibit reflect my abilities as an artist.

further and take my projects to other

Both projects took months to complete,

heights. As a result, this has enabled all

and involved many investigations and

my projects to be unique and eye catching.

experiments, to achieve these two

Personally, I would not say I have a

final results.

particular niche style when it comes to art, as I like to explore many aspects within

But what do I want to do in the future?

the art world which allows me to create

I want to be a unique artist with a visionary

many different styles of work.

mind. I want to be fun and creative, and create works that show off my skills and

My three years at the University of Chester has allowed me to recognise and develop my practice, but also has allowed me to

talents, as well as represent me as an artist.


Jennifer Vane-Stobbs BA (Hons) Fine Art As an artist, I have always been fascinated

textures and ambiguous forms, their

by with organic formations within nature,

original shapes worn away almost

scientific process and man’s inventiveness

to abstraction.

with materials. Part of my process is scientific and data driven, through the

Throughout this project, I have attempted

collection of commonplace discarded

to change the meaning and way in which

objects and the location data. Much of

we observe debris, which is often pushed

my inspiration for this body of work has

out of view. Bringing the plastic debris

come from walking in coastal locations in

into view once more, elevating its worth

Wales, observing the eroding actions of

in a sculptural form transforms it to

wind and waves upon rocks, breakwaters

become a monument of our throwaway

and the washed up beach debris. This

modern society.

provides a rich source of subtle colours,


Angela Walker BA (Hons) Fine Art I have always been enthusiastic about art,

to incorporate water. I feel very comfortable

from sculpture, moving art to paintings.

when I paint this subject as it has been

I can look at a piece and find something

an interest of mine for many years. Being

that will interest me in one way or another.

able to capture moving water with paint

My passion means throwing myself into

is the best way to express my love of art.

that relationship, goal, dream, or activity.

Having attended many galleries and in

It means casting aside my worries or

awe of portrait paintings, trying it myself

distractions and embracing instead the

has always been my Achilles heel. I was

delights of the moment or the hope of

never satisfied with my attempts to recreate

a successful piece. My passion for art

a portrait. Not just portraits, the human

makes me feel fully alive. It is one of

form is in itself an amazing structure to

the roots of my joy. I have created two

recreate with whatever media. I wanted

figurative painting with some element

to explore my fear of this and combine

of water incorporated into them.

both water and the human form into the paintings. My enthusiasm is echoed

Although I love trying new and old

in the hope and energy we stir around

techniques when creating a piece of

us and my ambition and aim was to

artwork, I always find that I am drawn

hopefully express that to the viewer.


Jordan Walker BA (Hons) Graphic Design (In collaboration with Rick Meads)

between Birmingham and Manchester, our label composition and typography

We are Northwest 72. A new gin

inspired by the modern day train ticket and

motivated by the urban connection

our bottle designed using a tactile element

between Manchester and Birmingham.

to represent the texture of the streets.

Our brand aims to capture a new demographic by promoting elements

Our product boasts a unique blend of 12

of night-life through the use of a

botanical elements, with a focus on Apple

vibrant colour palette integrated

and Grapefruit as dominant notes. With a

with a contemporary graphic style.

concrete attitude and desire to differentiate from our competitors, we have crafted

We have built a brand narrative that reflects

our brand to break down the stigmas

our vision to connect people through urban

surrounding gin as a drink for an older

environments. We have achieved this with

audience. The city, the sound, the people.

our name referencing the compass bearing

Northwest 72.


Rebecca Weetman

BA (Hons) Photography and Graphic Design Being a combined student, my Photography

had an infertile experience so that was

and Graphic Design work are completely

my inspiration to find out more about

different. They are both on different

it. I figured that the best way to use this

subjects - one on Disney because I have

information was in a magazine because

always loved Disney since a young age

it is more personal. Even though my

and it shows different identities within

subjects are completely different I had

the different characters. My intention

to think about the messages behind the

was to show the various story lines in

photography in both areas. The message

the films and I also wanted to show how

in the photography for the Disney is that

the Disney characters influence your life

there are hidden notes behind the films of

and make you want to be like them.

Disney, whilst the message communicated in the infertile project is that you shouldn’t

My other work is on Infertility because

give up and that there’s always a light at

I found it an interesting subject and

the end of the tunnel.

wanted to learn more about it. My mum


Jessica Whitley-Baylee BA (Hons) Photography with Graphic Design Photography has been a practice that

a flat bed scanner to create my images.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about

I used the scanner because it created

and experimenting with during university.

flattened space and created unusual focus within the images.

The inspiration for my photography project came from an unusual discovery. When

My Graphic Design project revealed itself

we moved house, I found a rusty old

through my love of animals and how

box under the floorboards in the living

I feel connected to them. I have explored

room. When it was opened I saw a

other people’s relationships with animals

key and a handwritten note that read,

and their personal connections with pets.

“This is the key to untold wealth”.

I wanted to bring different skills into this

This triggered my interest in working

project like my photographic skills and

with old antique objects. I have become

also how I like to physically make

fascinated by the history of these objects

something with my hands.

and how they seem to maintain a link

Three - dimensional models have

to people of the past. I decided to use

been used within the project to create

a different technique to take an image

a different view of the animal and to

other than using a camera. I have used

show a connection to a particular person.

Charlotte Whysall BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Most of my work contains some level of illustration, whether it is by hand or digitally. I mainly work by combining my passion for illustration with other techniques such as animation and interactive things. I am constantly exploring and expanding my practice by keeping up to date with new technologies and incorporating them into my work. I love learning new things and using them in interesting and unique ways, creating something completely new. Which is why combining several techniques and creating new things is what my work mainly consists of, as this is how the job of a creative practitioner has developed in modern times.


Demi Louise Williams


BA (Hons) Fine Art

This year has given me the confidence

men. For my project I chose to develop

to develop work on gender roles and

casts of weapons to represent the war,

differences. As a female artist I became

I chose to change the materials they

dedicated to represent the roles women

were made from in order to challenge the

had to fulfil in the ammunition factories.

concept of gender. For example, weapons

My motivation for this project came

are generally made from hard materials

from background research which truly

and associated with men. In order to

highlighted the burden placed upon

challenge the perception of gender

women when men went to war. Women’s

I created weapons from soft materials

roles changed dramatically as they were

to represent the concept of femininity.

left to take control of the ammunition factories, a role historically undertaken by


Paige Woods BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography Architecture, form, and a strong sense

prints. My exploration of printmaking

of design are evident within my work.

techniques has helped me to realise, that it

My Fine Art practice combines multiple

is one of my favourite forms of art making.

printmaking processes including screenprinting, intaglio, and emulsion transfer.

My Fine Art practice has been

I appreciate the direct creativity and

heavily influenced and inspired by my

methodology of printmaking, and have

Architectural images from my photographic

thoroughly enjoyed juxtaposing colour

work. Throughout my Photography

with Architectural forms and shapes.

practice, I have aimed to capture the

I have found that my prints continued to

subjective beauty of Architectural

develop throughout, thus creating potential

structures that dominate our surroundings.

possibilities for future projects. Printing

I explored the urban environment within

onto material using the emulsion transfer

the city of Liverpool, photographing

technique has created a degraded and

Architectural structures that intrigued

textured surface, which as a result has

me. I approached the structures as if they

enhanced the materiality of my prints.

were humans having their portraits taken.

I have incorporated textiles into my

I wanted my Architectural photographs to

practice, because I have an affinity for

challenge the notion of constructed beauty,

sewing. The incorporation of textiles led

and question whether anything made by

me inevitably into the three dimensional

man can truly be beautiful. My approach

realm. I enhanced the presence of circular

was a methodical and meticulous one;

forms within my prints, and created 3D

I employed the clean and modular style

objects by sewing prints together.

often associated with Architectural

Repeated pattern, motion and a pseudo-

Photography to capture my images.

scientific reference are present within my


Calvin Woodworth BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Fine Art Twitter/Instagram: @demedicia Prior to enrolling at the University of

an eclectic mix of art and design, that

Chester, I had preconceptions of my

has slowly formed into a unique style of

practice and my intended career. Coming

work. I hope to continue my studies at

to the end of my final year, I have found

the University of Chester to develop my

my direction has completely changed.

practice even further. University hasn’t

Being a combined student, I have had

been easy, I found myself questioning

the opportunity to progress in multiple

my work and struggling to justify myself

disciplines. In doing so, I have discovered

as an artist, but I have been given the

new attributes about myself and my art.

confidence and space to develop and

I have worked on developing languages,

understand my art.

alphabets, and communication, as well as abstract drawing, animal anatomy, and painting. Over time I have accumulated

“Not all those who wander are lost� - J. R. R. Tolkien


Jocelyn Woolgar-Jones BA (Hons) Fine Art The focus of my sculptural work over the

I wanted to create a visually interesting

duration of my course has been the use

and somewhat confusing dialogue.

of found objects and reinventing them as

To achieve this, I have used objects that

new entities. For this composition I initially

are recognisable and then warped them.

focused on provoking an emotive response.

This intervention confronts what the

I wanted to intimidate the viewer and

viewer knows and expects and challenges

I decided the best way to achieve this was

them to define what my sculptures are.

through scale. I also decided that black

Balance has always been a key feature

would be the best colour to represent

of my work and this composition is no

intimidation. I have also utilised black

different. For every choice I have made

as a way of uniting the different aspects

in one section there is a counter choice

of my composition.

made to keep the composition balanced. Creating balance is an aesthetic principle

The more I worked the more I realised

that humans have always practiced in art,

I had fallen in love with the aesthetic of the

also on an emotive level the act of creating

sculptures and therefore decided to balance

harmony demonstrates a need for control.

the emotive response I initially wanted with the aesthetic I’d developed. The sleek black

In summary I have aimed to make the

lines and shiny surface brought a luxury

viewer feel intimidated, confused and

element to the work. I decided to enhance

conflicted. However, because art is

this aspect whilst bringing something more

subjective depending on the person,

to the composition through the addition

I am intrigued to see how the audience

of faux fur. Fur, fake or otherwise, has

reacts. I have also aimed to challenge

represented luxury and seductiveness

preconceived ideas of what an object

since its conception. This led me to use

can or should be. Finally, I have aimed

a mixture of materials not only metal

to create balance and harmony within

and fur but also wood, plastic and rope.

the composition.


Maria Worrall BA (Hons) Photography with Fine Art

My work aims to represent the relationships

on a Saturday afternoon. These moments

within families that are hidden from the

may appear and re-appear at any time,

outside world - the tension, arguments,

creating more moments to be added to

emotional outbursts and issues that arise

the collection of hidden memories, this

from a group of people living so closely

time in the cereal box, the biscuit tin,

whilst trying to meet the conceived

with the crisp white fluffy towels in the

expectations of a ‘family’.

airing cupboard and with the wires behind the 50” Ultra HD TV. As one escapes more

These moments are not photographed to be

begin to seep into the room. Before you

remembered, hung on the living room wall

know it they are all out, flying around the

or stuck to the fridge, however locked away,

room as if you had just hit a wasp nest.

forgotten as soon as the front door is closed on the way out to drop the children off at

Strongly influenced by my own family life,

school. These moments are shut away, only

and my parents divorce, my work explores

to eventually escape through the cracks

the idea that there is a hidden aspect to

behind the perfectly wallpapered dining

family life that can only be seen by those

room walls, or with the steam of the kitchen

on the inside.

kettle as a father makes only himself a cup of tea. They may escape with the turn of the bathroom tap, or be hiding under the bedroom rug to be found when hovering

Profile for Art and Design at The University of Chester

University of Chester Art and Design Degree Show 2016  

2016 Collective

University of Chester Art and Design Degree Show 2016  

2016 Collective

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