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Contextual Studies Steve Clarke

2018 Single and Combined Honours Students in Art & Design 13th - 15th June 2018 University of Chester Faculty of Arts and Humanities Kingsway Building, Chester CH2 2LB


The main focus of my design practice is digital design, including web design, branding, social media marketing and more. However the most intriguing part of design for me is that every project is different in many different ways. Although I like to focus on designing digitally, all of my digital projects offer a different feel and personality, I like to think my work shows that I am able to take on different challenges. I feel the piece shown sums this up, can you tell why?


Within my practice I am interested in the traditions of landscape painting and how they might have resonance in a contemporary framework. My work depicts non-representational landscapes that do not necessarily bear a resemblance to any geographical location. They range from soft, dream-like vistas to tumultuous scenes filled with a restless, nervous energy. In my paintings, I use various shades of blue, as I find it’s versatility is evocative of sky, sea and land. In some, I have introduced complimentary colours that, during my process, are stripped of their harmony, becoming frantic and agitated through the tempestuous nature of the contrasting textures and tones of these imagined landscapes. In essence, I paint as a reaction to society’s relationship with the natural world, which is often filled with juxtaposing feelings and actions. We want to enjoy the beauty and sublimity of these natural spaces, yet through our arrogance we frequently choose to ignore our ever-growing role in its destruction.

JILL ANDERSON FINE ART... Instagram : @jillandersonart

The idea behind my work is travel. Maps are something that has always caught my interest; a pristine map is the promise of an adventure already to come whilst a ragged map is the memory of adventures already taken. I travel for University; I am from Newcastle and currently live in Chester. and it was this that provided the initial inspiration for my work. My initial plan was to represent this journey, however, on reflection I decided to create an imaginary journey. The use of coloured tape, thread and pins show the many routes that could be taken in the imaginary journey with the sections of actual maps reflecting my personal context. Using the space was a key aspect of the work allowing the tape to move across the wall and from the wall onto the plinth in a way that created a delicate meandering line and articulated both positive and negative space.


‘Woods’ What is identity? What does it mean to be an individual and to construct your own way of “being” when so many voices tell you how it should be done? When it all gets too much and the world is just a void of lights and voices, we all need to escape to our special place to better understand what it is to be us. Inspired by the film A Ghost Story, Woods is a short film piece about the struggle of finding one’s own identity and the importance of doing so on your own terms. We follow the character of ‘Ghost’ as he takes his search for identity in to his own hands and learns to be himself in a place where the outside world disappears and the only things that can help him shed his cocoon are the tranquillity of the trees and himself.


Since childhood the idea of creating something new and bringing it into the world has always been my main goal, with many days being spent drawing comics or creating animations. This is something I have kept with me throughout my life, not just the desire to create but also my enjoyment for comics, animation and toys, which are all things that continue to inspire my work. These inspirations led to my final project, using the knowledge I have gained from my personal collection to create my own action figure and animation aimed at an older audience, the audiences that once grew up with He-Man and Transformers that are now searching for a more detailed, intricate option. The Glitch is the culmination of a project started 5 years ago at the beginning of college, allowing me to round off the project along with my time at university.


Colour Connections In my photographic work I have always had a strong connection with colour, and I wanted to develop my final project to celebrate the impact of colour. This work focuses around 90s fashion and has evolved from my development of colour theory connecting to emotion, mood and identity. I wanted the installation to be minimal, so I could do the bright vivid colours justice. I hope looking at my images will allow the viewer to feel a connection with colour associations in their past. The theme of connection is important to me and if you wanted to reach out through social media to respond to the images whether this be a memory, an emotion or even to just have you own say, please scan my QR code.

SOPHIE BARNARD PHOTOGRAPHY... Luna_photography_insta

My motivation for my final year project is my Grandma who had Dementia with Lewy Bodies. She was put into a home that specialised in Dementia care. Throughout my project I have taken photographs of my Grandma in the home and documented her everyday struggles with the illness. Sadly, my Grandma passed away during my project. I then adapted my work by taking photographs of the empty spaces in her home where my Grandad lives alone. The idea of family is very important to me as I have shared many happy memories with my Grandma as I’ve grown up. I am using objects to show her personality and the memories my family and I have shared with her. I want to emphasise the empty spaces where she once was and where all the memories that I shared with her can be found.

EMMA BARNES PHOTOGRAPHY... Instagram : emmabarnes_photography

I’m interested in the materiality of things, in their forms and how they are produced, and how we acknowledge or interact with them. I’ve been looking into a few social sciences in an attempt to understand how people, and even objects acquire identity, or how such perceptions are developed. My work incorporates Pepsi cans to act as stand-ins for the societal influences that we encounter in our commercialised environment. My Graphic Design studies, thus my understanding of techniques employed to generate interest for products, helped here. Using clay, I’m referencing the natural, I use this material as a reference to the human body, something that’s physically and biologically unchanged, but like clay, may be shaped and contorted to exhibit certain qualities. Smooth or rough, damaged or pristine. Today we are shaped by an environment that is constantly targeting us with products and luxuries, therefore our identity is shaped by them.

KURTIS BEECROFT FINE ART & GRAPHIC DESIGN... Facebook : Kurtis.Beecroft LinkedIn : Kurtis Beecroft

My work stems from a passion in trying to do something different and unexpected. My work stems from an interest in retro and analogue technology aesthetic. (cassette futurism) My work stems from an interest in perusing whatever path I feel presents itself naturally to me. This piece features heavy usage of found footage of a violent and saddening nature, showing the most upsetting but equally fascinating moments in recent documented history, paired with visual adornments in the form of colourful, psychedelic, analogue video synthesiser effects, projected over large patterned backgrounds ‘Something comes along and you have to jump on and do it. You can’t stop until it’s done.’ - Neil Young

ALEX BENNETT GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : @xela.ttenneb

Perfect Strangers This project started off being purely focused on diversity and a black and white presentation of that, I felt it to be a strong subject matter, and as time went on I still feel the same. But it also became more importantly, about the people of this country, seeing their differences and showing them to the world. Be it someone who is considered ordinary to someone completely confident with who they are regardless of colour, age or sexuality. People deserve a chance to be seen and recognised, I felt with the Brexit vote people were being seen for the wrong reasons, that came with a lot of racism and prejudice. This project was focused on not being bias and presenting people as I saw them, no heavy editing, no extreme close-up, no over the top detail, nothing that took your focus away from them, just being them, as they are, people, perfect strangers.


My project investigates Individual identity through fashion, clothing and advertising with specific focus on student life and the way that each of us dress. Portrait photography and fashion are areas that I’ve always had an interest in. The inspiration for this work originally came from the images we regularly see in fashion magazines or on the walls of shops posted larger than life. These images influence trends and those who pass them by on a daily basis. I have been influenced by the high street and fashion photography. As this work is also an investigation of individual identity I have also researched how society influences our fashion choices and therefore impacts our decisions which is often at a subconscious level and focusing on identity is significant as I believe it plays a major part for our generation in society.


I am an Interdisciplinary Designer and Multimedia Artist and I can operate within a variety of different formats, enabling me to produce work that might exist as either, 2D images and texts, or 3D objects. I enjoy experimenting and producing a large amount of work that I can use as a basis for further editing, until I can eventually tease out the most successful works. For the Fine Art aspect of my degree I have worked with one specific object and one specific material and explored them in a variety of ways to master and exploit their properties. Using a fishnet sock material alongside expanding polyurethane foam I have made works that propose connotations of constraint, pregnancy and fashion. For the Graphic Design element I have looked at the subconscious and how we should value and utilise the doodles and drawings that we produce.

ALANNAH BROWN FINE ART & GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : @alannah_may_artist Facebook : @alannahmaybrownartistdesigner

The basis of my artistic practice has been mark-making, materiality and visual spatial perception. To this end, I have focussed specifically on the way marks on a flat, two-dimensional surface, trick the eye by creating the visual illusion of threedimensional, perspectival depth. Drawing inspiration from the work of artists such as Fred Sandback, Laura Jane Scott and the Russian Suprematists, my work aims to play with, and draw the viewer’s attention to, the visual paradoxes that mark-making presents. Through a multifaceted technique, the zig-zigging lines traversing the surfaces of the MDF panels and the wall, create a sense of three-dimensional space, in which the lines appear to simultaneously travel toward and away from the viewer. The contrast between the varnished and painted sections of each panel, creates a shifting sense of foreground and background while the materiality of the MDF reminds us of the work’s physical dimensionality. In this way, our experience of the work enhances the paradoxical illusions inherent in our own visual spatial perception.

MICHAEL BURROWS FINE ART... michaelburrowsfineart.wordpress Instagram : @mb.fineart

‘Life Isn’t As Cosy Here’ is based on my experience of volunteering in the local townships of Knysna, South Africa. It was a life changing experience which I wanted to share. A roof over your head, food on the table and shoes on your feet are the basic necessities which we take for granted every day. Millions of people across the World cannot even afford this. I want to show that it is not ok to go through life living in our own little ‘bubble.’ Everyone is a part of this World and we could achieve so much if we just helped. ‘Yellow Army Nation’ is a campaign to make more people aware of mental health issues and to remove the associated negative stigma. It is a very personal project to me and I want to help people who may be struggling as I am with mental health by showing my support network (The Yellow Army); so that they recognise that they have one too. No one is alone. I want to show that it is ok to have mental health problems - my illness is a part of me, it doesn’t define who I am.



Design has the power to influence a person’s decisions and with that power I plan to make a change. While I do not find myself restricted by a certain discipline within design, I find that I strive to create my best work when I am designing for a purpose. While designers are often told to put their emotions aside when creating their work, I have found that when creating my work, I tend to let my emotions guide the creative process and by doing so I feel it gives my designs a raw and deeper meaning that people can relate to. This is a process that I have applied while creating my exhibition pieces, and a process that has helped me to create a strong and powerful outcome. artist or creator.


My practice is concerned with the repetition of line. My work takes interest in geometry, symmetry, pattern and using line to create various illusions and phenomenon. By repeating and overlaying lines, I create drawings that appear to shimmer and vibrate, ultimately transfixing the viewer, whilst causing a sense of unease and confusion. I am intrigued by a simple, repetitive process that gives rise to such visually exciting and seemingly energetic drawings. The entirely hand-drawn work emphasises the tedious nature of the process, but also allows for mistakes and entropy to become a part of the work. I implement a process that allows for me to know exactly what needs to be done next, yet the visual outcome is often unknown. This keeps the project exciting and refreshing and creates a juxtaposition between chaos and order, through the contrast of the consistent line drawing process and the varying optical effects that are a result of it.


In this years practice I have exploited my childhood emotions surrounding vulnerability and home. This project has been an opportunity to release negativity to create poignant, emotive work. Digital manipulation has been used to distort my documentary photographs. There is an instant sense of pandemonium due to the chaotic overlaying. It becomes confusing – much like my childhood. The location itself is unrecognisable, which exemplifies my lack of connection to any place, a lack of home. All the material used is significant to different locations that have impacted upon my life. My edits are designed to stimulate the perception of the audience. Each experience will be different. Ask – what can I see? What does this represent to me? There is the possibility of invoking different psychological questions for each and every voyeur. I want it to be an opportunity for perception dependant on the emotional release of the viewer. artist or creator.


Distortion is the act of altering or twisting something out of its natural or original state. I have been exploring this concept through the medium of photography; looking at the idea of photo manipulation as part of my practice. The project has been through many twists and turns and has helped me explore my identity as a photographer. The work uses different styles including studio and editorial portraits, which I have distorted on Photoshop to create something new. They represent my life for the past 3 years and what has made me the person I am today. The work uses layering and fragmentation to explore the idea of being lost in myself. I want audiences to experience this journey with me. A lot of struggle has come along with it but I want to represent a light at the end of the tunnel.


For me design is testing myself and always making my next project better than my last. Illustration has always been a passion within my work and applying my interests to create a piece of design that tests me and challenges me to create something new is what I love. I am a curious designer wanting to continuously challenge myself and develop new skills through different types of media. In the words of someone whose work I respect... “You have to find something that you love enough to jump over hurdles and break through the brick walls.� -George Lucas

NICOLE CROSS GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : @niccysdesign

My practice has emerged out of a process of collage and has extended into the disciplines of drawing, printmaking and photography. My current practice interrogates the relationship between a two-dimensional pictorial illusion of space and the physical material reality of three-dimensional spatial construction and the perceptual ambiguity that this gives rise to. The work takes the form of abstract images that draw vague references from built environments and instruction manuals, the surfaces of which are physically extended through the addition of paper constructed relief. These reliefs are subsequently photographed, developed through printmaking and the images are once again structurally enhanced by adding three dimensional elements that echo the image and further complicate the spatial complexity.

FINN DAHLHAUS FINE ART... Instagram : @finndahlhausfineart


I began this project taking a deep interest in photographs from varied backgrounds to see what gained my interest. I found myself focusing a lot on figurative, cinematic black and white images. These images mostly consisted of a sense of something happening, whether it has just happened or was just about to, a snapshot of the peak of the action. I focused on picking out images with these themes of action and movement within groups of people displaying grand positive emotions, seeing how different cultures in different scenarios effected how they expressed how they felt in that one particular moment. The whole process of transitioning all through these developments, through Being in the moment, videoing, picturing, drawing then finally, painting. I have grasped a better understanding of the raw emotions the figures produce and the environments they are influenced and surrounded by. So these paintings I have created are with a deep understanding of the emotions individually, wholly and atmospherically.

CURT DUNCAN FINE ART... Instagram : @curtduncanart 07591826374

I’m Chris Edwards and I’m from the Wirral, I realised how much I loved graphic design in 6th form where I first started to look at typefaces and different styles of design. I have always been a lover of art and being creative, I drew a lot as a kid so graphic design is a perfect fit for me as a career. Music has also been a huge influence on me growing up listening to my dad’s record collection and that is the area of design I’d like to move into once I graduate, I have already had the opportunity to work with bands around Liverpool on their covers/logo’s and I’d love that to continue.

CHRIS EDWARDS GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : @Cre_designs

My final project for the degree show is based on my younger sister. I wanted to do something important to me for my final project, as I found I design better when I am passionate about something. I wanted to reflect on something which plays a huge part in my day to day life. I initially wanted to do something relating to my family. My exhibition is based on the genetic condition Niemann-Pick, an extremely rare genetic condition which my younger sister suffers from. I wanted to inform people about the condition - as it is so rare that few people know about it, including medical professionals. I wanted the design for the information about the condition to be practical and informative without using confusing medical jargon. I wanted the information to be presented in a way which reflected positivity instead of focusing on the negatives. I wanted it to exude positivity because of what an inspiration my younger sister is despite all the issues she faces with the condition in her day to day life.

ABBY ELLIS GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : @abby_danielle_design

Hyper-Ordinary This project was born out of an interest in the Postmodern term ‘Hyperreality’, which can be defined as: “An inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality.” The photographs in the series are composed of real food photographed in such a way that it begins to look ‘too real’. I used bright coloured backgrounds in order to lend the images a more graphic aesthetic, in line with various styles of commercial still life photography. With many of the photographs, there is a pattern which extends throughout the image and beyond its boundaries. I have also experimented with tiling the photographs to create a wallpaper, which when viewed from a distance enhances the patterns by allowing them to continue over a much greater area. I drew inspiration from Andy Warhol’s series of wallpapers from the 1960’s.


Portraiture is an aspect of photography that I have always been interested in throughout my photography period. We all have some form of attachment or emotional connection to ‘things’. These can be items of jewellery, a keepsake or a favourite book. Possessions with connections are things that we cherish. Inmy practice, I have explored the things we cherish and why they hold so much importance in our lives. Based upon a continuation of a previous idea entitled ‘Keys To My Memory’ which aimed to reconnect the elderly with their memories using a trigger object, ‘Attachments’ is a series of nine images and a book showing people and their possessions. Each person is described through a set of three images: a portrait photograph, their chosen object(s) and a sample of their handwriting as a note. In the past, some objects have been perceived as linked to a specific age group or gender. Using a range of different ages and a mixture of male and female subjects, my aim was to explore these connections and challenge the viewer to question their own prejudices.


Environment issues have been a crucial element throughout my work which involves exploring he changes in ecosystems, these environments and the reasons behind them. By manipulating the surfaces of the sculpture through distortion I will attempting to show the decay and damage taking place over time. My sculptural work represents the ongoing contribution man has made to the damage imposed on the earth whilst at the same time reflecting the aesthetic values I have as an artist. I have also tried to capture the natural beauty and vibrant colours of the coral reef. Stitch is a major element in my work as it not only supports the structure by binding everything together, but it also acts as a crucial decorative tool. The labour endured, and the overall complexity are crucial factors in my work. Plastic is a suitable material to ironically represent organic structures due to its diverse properties and translucent appearance. artist or creator.


“Town’s change; they grow or diminish, but hometowns remain as we left them.” - Jayne Anne Phillips There is a secrecy to hometowns, they’re places which you know every detail of but to someone else they’re only a name. My hometown, Newton-le-Willows, is a town where everyone lives separate lives from various backgrounds, cultures and classes but who also come together. My photographs are focused on the people in this town themselves and the interactions they have with everything around them through documentary photography. The photographs I am presenting show the different characteristics of this historic town; quiet and independent and then together during events where the whole town is united. The image here is an example of that, taken on Remembrance Day 2017, it shows how the community is at the root of the town and its history and the respect for that history.


Instagram : stephevansphotography

“I applied for university three years ago and this is how I opened my UCAS personal statement; “I cannot possibly imagine seeing myself in a career other than that of art and illustration.” I’m now in my third and final year of university and although my opinions and thoughts have developed in that time, the spirit of that quote still rings true for me. My skills have come a long way since then and my knowledge of the industry has grown. Although, I greatly enjoy traditional graphic design, typography and branding design, my overwhelming enthusiasm lies in illustration, vexillology, and comic book design. With graduation coming ever closer, I hope this exhibition will give me a voice, even if it’s a small one, in the wide world and be a true showcase of my interests and methodology.


I think that the best aspects of life come from small details and actions that seem unimportant at first sight but can lead to change if used harmoniously. I believe in small businesses, local markets and sustainable tourism where people and their environment create harmonious identities. We now live in a globalised world of Neoliberalist lobbies, which crush these things. Easy money, mass production, the media and low cost tourism make it difficult for the population to see the reality of what is impacting upon their lives. These projects give voice to those who are not often heard nor seen. They try to explain the consequences of the new world economy, using photography and multimedia content. This work ultimately draws attention to the causal relationships that exist between insects, nature and the food we consume.


I’m a Graphic Designer that is confident in working in several different areas. Typography, Branding, Editorial and Advertising are my favourite areas of design, in which best reflect my skills. With the design knowledge that I possess, I feel this is the right time to be moving to the next chapter. The skills I came to University with have increased and developed, preparing me for the creative industry ahead. I seek to work within an area of industry that matches my interests and technical abilities, enabling me to express my creative passion. Opposite is a selfdirected project that re-branded the Ireland Olympic team with a focus on redesigning the team emblem. This project enabled me to increase my illustration and branding skills. My next steps are to secure a position in industry and complete a Master in Design.


My work often addresses the thing that is not being said or the thing that is not being paid attention to. My artistic practice has always dealt with recycling and/or collecting throw-away materials. Throughout my most recent practice, my main aim has been to address political issues that surround us in our everyday lives, focusing in particular on environmental pollution and consumerism and taking influence from the aggressive and powerful character of social movements such as Punk. However, as my work has developed, I have taken a more conceptual approach and steered away from allowing my work to become too direct. Instead, I have chosen to let the materials I use speak for themselves. My degree show piece has a powerful message in terms of highlighting the excessive influence of consumer culture. I have chosen to create a curtain-like installation consisting of a vast number of receipts I have collected from many different people and institutions.


The focus of my work has been the process of making the familiar appear unfamiliar. By selecting images with natural subject matter and collaging them to create abstract interpretations of landscape compositions, I present images from a fresh perspective, removing them from their original context. These unconventional configurations give the sense that something is abnormal or amiss, as if the landscape being depicted is alien, or a fantasy. By making painted versions of these collages, I take this imagery further away from its original context. Rather than paint onto canvas or board, I use fabric as the surface. This allows the work to maintain the qualities of a collage, using the same technique of layering together disparate elements, with the addition of textiles techniques, such as embroidery. The malleability of the fabric allows it to be presented simultaneously as twodimensional and three-dimensional, acting as both painting and sculpture.


I started this story not so much with Uuja and her journey through Turon, but many years ago with a completely different story. I’m still trying to write that one, but it doesn’t have a deadline.I write stories because they help. They have helped me understand the ways of the world and the hard times of life. I was inspired by visual development and concept art books of popular games and fiction. I wanted to see if I could employ a similar approach that these artists take to tell the visual story of film and games and combine it with literature. Mostly though, I just wanted to make a fantasy story. The typical type, with fate and adventure and magic in a world far away from here. It’s been done many times before but I’m a sucker for them. Studying Graphic Design opened my eyes to the fact that these stories do not have to be told in one specific way. They can be threaded together through hundreds of different elements, from shop signs to your favourite cup, from a specific logo or symbol to developed characters that reflect our own world in strange ways. I don’t know if I was successful, but just like Uuja, I’m moving forwards, and that is all that matters.


The United Kingdom is full of hidden beauty and adventure. Inspired by my family and friends I have created a project for people to be able to get a sense of what it feels and looks like to explore along the roads and up the hills across the country. From start to end you get to see the adventures I have been on and the different places I have explored: North wales, Cheshire, the Peak District and the Lake District. Over every horizon there’s something new and refreshing. Beauty is subjective; to one person a landscape can be beautiful but to another it could be considered derelict. This project explores the coastal, mountainous and forested landscapes. However, I believe all landscapes are alluring. There is no need to end the adventure when we can relive them through photographs.


“Ideas brought to life� is the perfect expression of my practice. Throughout the 8 years I have studied Graphic Design I have always set myself ambitious targets and challenges. From my first ever brief all to my final exhibition brief, I have approached every one in an innovative way. Each project has helped me find myself as a designer, but more importantly to discover my passion. I take great pride in my ethos of thinking outside the box and taking risks when it comes to design. With fierce competition within the industry, the importance of authenticity is crucial in order to stand out from the crowd. I believe the skills I have accumulated throughout my studies stand me in great stead to make a difference in the design world.

CAMERON HANNON GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : ch_media_

On 25th January 2019, sports clothing brand Nike will reach it’s 55th anniversary. I have decided to base my final project around this milestone and produce a ‘55th Anniversary Celebration Pack’. This will contain posters, clothing and accessories that focus on different eras of Nike and sports in general. The poster designs are aimed to replicate those produced by Nike in their respective decade. The idea is that these packs would be given out during Nike’s 55th anniversary when the customer spends over £55 at any Nike store. These packs may give the customers a deeper understanding and respect for the brand and promote older products. The focal point of the poster displayed is the shoe that featured in the renowned movie ‘Back to the Future’. This shoe has actually been developed by Nike and ties in with the ‘journey through time’ that this project attempts to convey.


Heathside Mews is a residential care home in Warrington, Cheshire, specialising in providing support for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In October 2017 I was commissioned to produce a series of photographs documenting life in the home, together with a series of portraits that celebrate the lives of the individual residents. The commission was called ‘One Big Family’. The project also aimed to highlight the reality of daily life for those who have fallen victim to the illness and the emotional impact on families and loved ones. Such intimate access to Heathside Mews brought with it a responsibility and throughout the project I endeavoured not only be honest in my depiction of the condition, but also compassionate in my portrayal of the individual. These photographs aim to be a true record of the lives of the residents, and by using light and colour illustrate that whilst there may be tragedy in the truth, there is also beauty.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Jemma Herbert was a Wirral student who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the greatest Graphic Jedis the galaxy has ever known. Jemma battled the evil empire that was InDesign, Illustrator and deadlines. During her training, a wise man once said, “fear is a disease, hope is it’s only cure” to defeat the dark deadlines once and for all. Follow Jemma on Instagram to see her greatest battles and victories against the dark side and remember, the force will be with you. Always.


Instagram : Almadesigns_

The work that I have developed over the course of this year is concerned with the tension between the binary oppositions of nature and culture which I reflect through the representation of industrial and natural materials. I want to celebrate the natural world but I also respect what people have built for themselves and recognise that in some cases there are good as well as bad reasons for destroying nature. What I propose within my work is an equilibrium between the two. While I do not represent my subject matter realistically, I do want my invented forms to look as if they are part of the natural environment. My aim is to pay tribute to nature, reminding us to slow down and reconnect our relationship with the natural world and inspire those who see my work to carefully look at the environment around them and discover the beauty that is still there.


My Graphic Design piece is about my Autism and ‘ Making the unseen seen ‘ - to see from an Autistic person’s perspective on society. This book is a Manga fantasy fable about myself going through seven challenges that life throws at you, to testify my ability to pick myself back up again and power through. This book is universal to Autistic adults and children of all ages. I was inspired by Hayao Miyazaki and Moebius in particular, because they made films that have similar qualities to each other. The book depicts how I picked my life choices because of moral and spontaneous feelings towards each decision I made. My Photography piece is a Virtual Reality experience depicted through the eyes of Autism. It shows Autism as having a voice, of not being a label or of being shut away from society. In the piece I break away from the restraints of society’s negativity by transforming from a chrysalis into a blue butterfly, freely flying away in the full bloom of forest colour. As a result of having a voice and with many people supporting this opinion, we can show politicians that think they can shut us away into the box. A taste of their own medicine.



Mersey Gateway: A Documentary Story’ is a project which follows the construction of the Mersey Gateway Bridge in the Borough of Halton. This project comprises photographic work from a two-and-ahalf-year period, which tracks this feat of civil engineering. As a photographer I naturally create archives and collections, my initial idea was to chronologically record the development of the Mersey Gateway Bridge. The photographs evidence changes to the landscape and small town life. As a photographer I felt the need to photograph this project in my local area to reflect the changes I see around me. Over the course of this journey, I have shifted attention to the social and environmental impact that derives from the construction of this bridge. Who is it affecting? Does it really benefit anyone? How will the landscape appear once they reach completion? These are questions I have been pondering and working towards while making images.

BILLY HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHY... Instagram : billyholland_

Over the course of the last 3 years at University of Chester, I have explored many aspects of design, from editorial design to branding. I have also had the opportunity to experimented with Illustration, and used a wide range of different mediums, such as coding, darkroom photography, and screen printing. My preferred way of working is highly stylized form of branding and illustration, which is apparent in my degree show project. Here, I have drawn everyday objects and items isolating them from their normal day to day environments, in order to make people think about the way in which they are used and to present them as if they are artefacts. Using the drawn objects, I have designed a card game, which can be used as an idea generation tool for any designer, artist or creator.

MARCUS HOOD GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : marcushoodartist Instagram : spontaneous_objects

I enjoy treading the line between juxtapositions, finding the balance between two extremes. The work for this show sits between bold geometric structure, and mystical ambiguous imagery. I have developed a conversation between the opposites by comparing the vague, ambiguous designs from the pictograms with the bold, geometric grid design. I have emphasised the differences by creating the grid from opposing warmer tones and the cooler, green and grey tones. The grid reflects a ridged structure which is formulaic in design. I chose to use this as the basis for my work as it opposes my pictograms most effectively. I have created the pictograms by creating my own developers which having been made naturally giving more texture to the images. The process of viewing my work from a distance shows one thing but moving closer to the work each time you notice more, detail creating an immersive atmosphere.


Submerge yourself. My love for sport has made me the person I am today. Through various sports I have learnt and found my desire to capture each special moment, which has lead me to progressing further into the field. It’s around me on a daily basis and has been the significant factor in appreciating how the camera seizes each motion. The sport that has driven me to pursue a career in photography is swimming. Swimming requires commitment and dedication, and this has taught me how to strive for success and develop personally. Being a competitive swimmer has given me the ability to see things behind the lens others may not, by capturing the precise moment for the best shot. Combined with my studio skills, lighting techniques, and Photoshop I have managed to create images that are unique in comparison to other sports photographers creating an unusual set of images.

MOLLY JAMES PHOTOGRAPHY... Instagram : @MollyJamesPhotography Facebook : MollyHJamesPhotography

Through the application of tinted plaster, I employ a playful and painterly technique that explores the relationship between materiality and form, creating a collection of sculptural objects that juxtapose a feeling of softness and comfort with a rigid solidity. Inhabiting a space between the somewhat recognisable and the vaguely peculiar, each individual sculpture makes no attempt to reference reality, yet their sickly-sweet appearance tricks both our visual and tactile senses. As a result, the meaning of these obdurate abstract forms shifts and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted The ‘thingly’ objects are not arranged in any specific or pre-set order, yet through the apparent chaos there appears an overall harmonious cohesion as the contrasting materials of plaster, thread and wire aesthetically play off each other. This ‘impromptu’ staging of the display is suggestive of a performance, enhancing the embodied nature of the work which resonates and engages the viewer.


I am fascinated by detail and pattern, however, as there are many artists who also work within this genre, I have had to adapt my skills to find ways to create art that distinguishes my work from others. This resulted in an epiphany which came to me last year, where I was able to find a niche for myself through experimenting with metal and wood. My goal is to intrigue the viewer with my work, as well as to provoke them into considering the length of time and effort each piece has taken. Through a repertoire of structured and chaotic art work, I have been able to expand my knowledge of these themes, which has enabled me to create various wooden and metal works that I can call my own. I appreciate the way the soft wood plays nicely against the smooth metal, creating a contrast that works extremely well.


Paper has always been an infinitely available material and I have become fascinated with its capabilities and potential. Therefore, this year both my Fine Art and Graphic Design work has been centred around the use of paper. Both projects are comprised of paper and wood yet the resulting bodies of work are visually different. Paper has become a throw-away material. Historically, paper has had great significance, yet with new and changing methods of communication it has been superseded and seems worthless as a result. We associate paper with the need to write, illustrate and document but within my Fine Art practice, paper as material regains its importance, by manipulating the paper in response to its material capabilities and its natural behaviour.

JASMINE JONES FINE ART & GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : @jasmine_ jones_art Facebook : Jasmine Jones Art

Tatt. I am creating a line of greeting cards and stationary using traditional tattoo designs. I want to break down the taboo that still surrounds this art form and using the medium of greeting cards to reach a massive demographic is the perfect way to showcase these designs. People of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds purchase cards for every occasion and celebration in life, cards are something that everyone can enjoy. I want to reach out to people with the bright colours and simple lines, I am also using puns and playing on words for the slogans of each card, something that will once again give them a positive message. The branding for the line will also come into play, the name for this line of greeting cards will be Tatt, I want to use a common insult for tattoos and a positive name for the brand. My degree show will consist of a range of greeting cards, the branding for advertising purposes and some stationary with the designs on.

ISABELLE JORDAN-MELLERSH GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : @Izii_makeup Facebook : @IsabelleGraphicDesign

Grandparent’s house I have always been obsessed with the family photos. It has only been recently that physical printed photographs have come back into fashion. This exhibition aims to recreate the emotional connection we have with our family photographs, with the use of my own personal family collection to remind us of the feeling we get when our grandparents or parents would share their stories with us. I have decided to give the photographs meaning again as I feel that we are too engaged with photo sharing over the internet and don’t appreciate our photos enough. Gerhard Richter and Joachim Schmidt have inspired my archival work for the past year. These artists reuse and give meaning again to the photos they find and that is what I have aimed to do with my family photographs.


Wonder by Yam Kovatch ‘What may I do?’ at length I cried Tired of this painful task The fairy quietly replied, and said ‘you must not ask’ from My Fairy by Lewis Carroll My project was inspired Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland and his poetry surrounding the story including My Fairy. The project contrasts the two sides of the tale: the beauty and purity against the madness and surrealism, then link it to different approaches to fashion photography. I collaborated with a fashion design student who has also drawn inspiration from the same story, and together we have created two different sets of images titled Wonderland Pt.2 and Wonderland Pt.3. The project seeks to take inspiration from both the beauty and the madness of the story and showcase two different aspects of fashion photography, one commercial based and one fine art based.

YAM KOVATCH PHOTOGRAPHY... Instagram : @YamKovatchPhotography

My work explores themes of personal and cultural identity and ‘belonging’ through the development of a cross-pollinated and hybridised aesthetic, specific to my personal experience. Drawing heavily on the influence of a multicultural identity and influenced by the cultures that have surrounded me in life, this body of work is infused with texture, hidden layers, and patterns, that speak of cultural dualism, and articulate the sense of cultural displacement and vulnerability that is inherent of a multicultural heritage. My work incorporates the motifs of tribal identities, fetishes, scarification, textiles and the landscapes of two continents, bringing them together to create paintings, prints, textiles and sculptures saturated in layers of texture, mark and pattern. The intent? To find and incorporate the places of parallel that exists between opposing cultural identities. French/South African b. 1972, South Africa, based Llandudno, Wales, UK.

AVELINE KYFFIN FINE ART... Instagram : @avelinekyffinart

In over thirty years of landscape photography I have sustained a belief in detail. My technical and scientific background demanded sharpness and fidelity. In pursuing this I bypassed the essence of the subject, in recording the detail I neglected the fundamentals, the transience of the moment and perception of space, and the passing of time. With age, time seems to accelerate, the months and years appearing to pass ever more quickly as we grow older. I have incorporated this into my new and more considered photographic work. This photographic expressionism transcends my previous literal recording of the landscape. I seek to encapsulate the ethereal mood of the landscape, Illustrating the movement of the earth and the passage of time. My images document the ephemeral atmospheric surroundings of the natural landscape, recording the continuum of time and space, reflecting upon those fleeting moments which are the embodiment of life.


My work draws its reference from images of women within fashion magazines and is informed by the wider context of the fashion industry and beauty within individuality, with a hint towards the complexity of feminist debates. The collages operate formally and have an obvious visual aesthetic and in being created through a similar process, look alike and share common characteristics. Yet within this sameness there is difference and a strong sense of personality. The process of abstract collage allows a sense of realism; I wanted to bring the women to life and did this by analysing what type of characteristics each woman would have. As the work developed, I realised that one singular woman didn’t vocalise my message as loud as a series of women. The groups represent various kinds of women and there is a subjectivity to each character that can be interrupted differently but they come together as a community.


I have always been influenced by the people and the landscape that surround me back at home in North Wales. Documenting rural communities is an important aspect of my work. I have documented five farms that work the valley of Cwm Nantcol, including ours, and my aim is to show the viewer a way of life that some may not be used to seeing. Throughout this project I have captured the farmers working on the land and with their animals, the different generations, and the strong characters within the landscape. My motivation to create this body of work is to show that farming isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle that carries on for many generations on each farm. I’m the fourth generation on our farm and unfortunately, I have no interest in farming therefore I feel my responsibility is to capture the life and the current situation of the valley.


Whilst I practice a wide range of graphic design disciplines, I consider my speciality to be editorial design. I see this as an underappreciated form of design that has lots more creative possibilities than most people realise and I really wanted to showcase this in my degree show project - a 72-page magazine designed and written by myself. The magazine, a sports magazine called Gameday, focuses on famous moments in sporting history and some of the most iconic figures from sport, many of whom were very important to me growing up as a sports fan, alongside discussion around sports-based entertainment, such as films and video games. The magazine is very much a mixture of my two biggest passions, design and sport.



The age of zombie movies is dwindling but not yet over so what better way to commemorate that than a zombie movie marathon. I am a huge fan of movies in general but the zombie genre is by far one of my favourites. I have done a lot of personal design work with movies such as recreating or designing my own posters or advertisements and even the occasional prop. I have found that a poster is the simplest way to explore design. I enjoy the challenge of taking an established theme or style from a movie and trying to make it work in a new way.


‘5-A-Day’ is a well-known healthy eating recommendation. Even though people are aware of this message, however, about 2/3 of people in the UK do not reach this target. My project aims to encourage children to get into this eating habit and increase the percentage of people meeting the recommendation in the long term. The project required me to create my own brand and packaging for a selected range of natural dried fruit combinations. The brand is named Parrot and is informed by their warm, lively and friendly character as well as research that showed parrots to have a healthy and colourful eating palette. I designed a range of colourful, fun, cute and simple character illustrations for the packaging design to attract children and their parents. This project has given me the opportunity to explore my favourite aspects of design, branding, packaging, illustration and developing my creative thinking skills.


This year I focused on the theme of identity. In Graphic Design, I investigated the culture of observing people. Society is constantly seeking approval through social media to change their appearance by watching other people like celebrities. In Photography, I was influenced by the changes of appearance, personality and emotion through the way I portrayed myself. I was inspired by Cindy Sherman and Lucas Samaras who use their bodies to portray various identities. This led the project to expand into a self-obsession of my appearances. I experimented with layers, consciously ripping parts to see what is underneath, trying to find out who is the real me.


GRAPHIC DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY... Instagram : fiomcgeochdesigns/ Facebook : fmcgeochphotos/

My experience at university has allowed me to explore my style of work, along with my personality as a designer. I have always been one for the strange and unusual, and so I took this exhibition as an opportunity to create exactly that. I enjoy working with research that is different, something that will intrigue an individual, not just because of the design, but also because of the idea, I wanted to finish my time at university by creating something that I enjoyed researching, and who isn’t intrigued by serial killers? My personal way of designing is to always start with drawing, either in my sketchbook or my iPad, I like to start off a simple drawing. From this, I can then visualise what I’d like to do with this image, both artistically and graphically. It took me three years at university to find my style and my passion within graphic design, and throughout my final project, I came to discover that I love typography. I find there is so much that can be contained within a typeface, and I wanted to explore this throughout my serial killer typography.


From an early age I have always been artistic. Starting from scribbling in a sketch book, to where I am today graduating from university. Throughout the years I have had many different outlooks and influences to make me who I am as a designer. Music and fashion has always been a big part of my life and has helped me through designing, as it gives me the opportunity to open my mind and explore new things. It also creates feeling and emotion which I can apply to my work and designs. I believe that designing should be meaningful, experimental and creative. Using my passion for fashion, I created my own brand called ‘Geo’ during work placement. This consisted of geometric designs (hence the name), and patterned designs relating to different topic areas such as animals, sport, grunge and motor.

ADAM MCKUNE GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : adammckunedesigns Instagram : geoclothingdirect

Melissa loves Dragons and other fantastical beasts. She’s able to create some absolutely fascinating creatures, both creepy and cute, and this love helped to inspire her final year project. In creating Evaron, Melissa had the chance to develop her love for creatures further, building a world focused around these mighty beasts, creating characters to interact with them. Her illustrations focus around the story of Nate, Ava and Savra as they gather pieces of a sacred stone, guarded by Evaron’s oldest dragons. They were created in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop, using a graphics tablet. However, she feels the full potential of Evaron is still untouched, hoping to develop the story in different directions in the future.


‘Two Northern Seaside Towns’ is a project based on Scarborough and Blackpool. It compares the two towns, highlighting the bright and colourful traditional tourist locations, as well as the dilapidated and run-down areas. Visiting the seaside has resurrected strong memories from my childhood. They were two towns I would visit and enjoy spending time with my family. Travelling to both seaside towns frequently has allowed me to see the similarities and differences between the two. Showing this uniqueness and individual personality is the goal of my work. I researched the history of each town to give me the background knowledge and information I needed, to know what made them tick. Walking around gave me a sense of how poor and run-down they had become since my childhood visits. This influenced my decision to show the run down and dilapidated areas, as opposed to concentrating on the traditional, bright and inviting tourist façade. I wanted to show the results of constant and deep neglect of some areas in these once vibrant and proud towns.


“That was all in the past – we’re in the future now.” - David Beckham In the 2006 World Cup final Zinedine Zidane shook up the world of football with his head-butt on Marco Materazzi. My work exhibits all of the drama from World Cups of years gone by in a concise A-Z zine that showcases all of the best goals, worst misses and most painful tackles from 1930-2014. My work is inspired by retro football posters and programmes, as well as vintage Panini sticker books and memories of trading stickers in the school playground to complete my collection. The zine highlights all of the biggest moments from World Cup history in one place in a format fans from all backgrounds and of all ages can enjoy.


As a designer, the pieces I create often draw inspiration from my hobbies outside of my design interests. My biggest inspiration comes from my love of horse riding, something that has been a part of my life for nearly 16 years, and so I wanted my final project to incorporate this passion in a way that people can both see and understand how interesting a sport it is. By combining both my hobbies of graphic design and horse riding I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to create a project that is personal and individual to me. My aim has been to create a project that means a lot to myself, and also displays the variety of techniques and processes that I have learnt and developed in my time studying at Chester University.


After 3 years at university I’m not leaving as one of those designers who can say ‘I’m this’ and ‘I’m that’. As I venture out into the ‘real world’ I’m still going to be learning and developing as a creative; and most likely will be for a long time to come. At present, my interests lay in typography, branding and illustration. But who knows what I might be doing in 12 months’ time and what my interests might be. But in all honesty, this is what excites me about my future. All I know for certain is that I’m having fun doing what I love, and embracing the glorious mess that I am.

FAITH MULLEN GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : faithevadesigns

My passion for photography has been a major part of my life for the last seven years, ever since I had conversations with a friend of mine from London when I was stuck in a dead-end Job. It has been inseparable from both my life and my way of thinking and I have never looked back, as it has allowed me to see the world in a different life. My project known as “Vacant Art” is linked to my state of differently looking to see the world and the people in it with an open heart as well as an open mind, it looks at people who have embraced their individuality and have revealed it proudly through fashion and beauty, relaying the message that it is ok to be an individual, that you should not hide away your true self and your true feelings. “You make brilliant pictures” – Patricia Murray 18th March 2018


PHOTOGRAPHY & GRAPHIC DESIGN... Facebook : Sean Chrome Murray

As part of my photography practice, I have been seeking out new and unique exterior/interior spaces, exploring the visual relationships within each singular location, and the layers of use visible within. I am inspired by well-known photographers Andreas Gursky and Candida Hรถfer, who make large-scale prints and acutely constructed compositions. Taking a conventional approach to the genre with an editorial and hyper-realistic finish, my interior compositions juxtapose the exterior forms through the multiple elements and make the formal repetitions visible. The project examines the contradictions between intention and actual use, as well as the layers of historical change developing around us. The images depict my experience of the urban environment and reflect on how we use the space and the objects within it. Each photograph is left open to interpretation, allowing a sense of contemplation as we may navigate through these spaces often, without appreciating their function or form. I aim to continue my development of this genre of photography through a more commercial approach, as I have a desire to pursue a career within this chosen field.


17/18 – A documentary which presents my life in most aspects. Growing up in Liverpool I found it would be interesting to show a place, people and areas through my own eyes. With the use of eight portraits showing those prominent in my life as well as two handmade books that use the following aspects in my life to convey a story. Characteristics such as People; this being people who I am surrounded by and particularly close with including family and friends. Lost; those who I have lost in the past, although they are no longer here in my life they were once a part of it once upon a time. Place; my own surroundings as these have been an important part of my life whilst growing up and lastly Detail; something which accesses the deep cuts of the City Centre and Liverpool 8 area, what reminds me of home specifically.

ALICE RICHARDSON PHOTOGRAPHY... Instagram : arichardsonphotography

My work is a portrayal of the wide scale social fear of the ‘Abuser’ through the use of material and paint I depict a visual representation of the fear that we have as a society, surrounding sexual harassment. When we fear something, we fear the unknown. This project has been an exploration of the human condition. The work is an amalgamation of concept, theory, and aesthetic portrayal. It is also an opportunity to unite a number of people in the visual representation of the fear in our society, created by taught social constructs. By depicting the ‘abuser’ it gives an opportunity for the public to experience a related notion to that of the ‘abused’, in an effort to gain knowledge on the subject. The more that is understood of a topic means the less fear and chance of misrepresentation in that area. This is my fight against abuse.


In my work I am influenced by the world around us and our interaction with it. From the day to day uses of materials and objects, but also the way in which we take, replace and manipulate it. As such, my fine art and graphics work are linked but are manifest in very different ways. For fine art I’ve been exploring the relationship between natural materials and man-made. Taking a very subtle but thoughtful approach to how they interact with each other, and as such off-set one another. Whereas fire and water are so different, so is wood and plastic. For my graphics work I’ve been looking at how we interact with our online selves. How we portray ourselves online and how this differs from who we really are in the ‘real’ world. From tailoring our image or putting out select parts of ourselves instead of the whole.


As a graphic designer I have a particular interest and passion for developing concepts, graphic elements and layouts for branding, web and app design. In my design projects I have tried to broaden and develop my skills within these areas. For my end of year exhibition, I chose to rebrand a local barbershop Mobay’s, who also required the development of an online presence. I was looking to give a glimpse of how creative I am as a graphic designer and make something that was not representative of the hipster movement commonly associated with barbershops. Reflecting on the requirements of the client led to the idea of a barber bar for which I developed a number of branding materials including a social media campaign and a design for their very own branded beers.


My name is Ben Robinson; I am a Graphic Design student at the University of Chester and a soon to be graduate who is proficient in areas of digital and illustrative design. For my final exhibition piece, I asked myself what problems, do people close to me have that could be solved through design. My project is “The Not So Scary Internet of Things”, it is a how-to guide in the form of a set of digital illustrative posters. This project aims to help people aged 30+, who aren’t a part of the millennial generation, and who may struggle with and even have fears about problems that occur on the internet. I aimed my work at this demographic so that I could help them to avoid issues and to come to understand the dos, don’ts and the downright unusual of the internet better.


What I like about graphic design and my choice to pursuing it, is the absolute freedom and ability to find creative solutions to briefs. Whether it be promoting and advertising an existing company, or creating the identity, brand essence and soul of a start-up company. Overall, I believe that design is one of the major pillars of modern society and without it the world would be vastly different and bleak place. To be a part of the community that defines this society is an achievement I take great pride in.


Wider than Sight My photographic practice revolves around the exploration of the detail within a landscape. This process makes an emotional connection with the personal experience of never being too far from a field, river or woodlands. For me, this had changed with moving to a rather large city that is surrounded by buildings, roads and people with little escape from the pettiness of daily distractions and social demands. Throughout my photographic practice I have experimented with a variety of photographic techniques including macro and panoramic photography aims to engage the viewers’ attention; therefore, this experimentation had become the centre of my growth as a photographer. Nature is the world’s truest form of beauty but it has been discarded by the people as an obsolete attraction. My exhibited photographs depict the details of nature that are often forgotten and ignored When someone experiences my photography, I want them viewer to slow down and appreciate these smaller details.


My name is Thomas Shakespeare, a 3rd year Graphic Design undergraduate at the University of Chester. It has taken me time to find the industry that is suitable for me. After working in Art for many years I have realised that Graphic Design is the area that I can showcase my strongest abilities. The areas of Graphic Design I specialise in are, branding, advertisement and editorial design. I find that in these fields of design I excel most, however I still consider myself to be strong in other areas. For my final exhibition I am experimenting with two areas of design that I have never considered to be strong with. Using the logo design for Bull Boxing for a unique boxing brand and incorporating typography with illustration for my final exhibition pieces proved a difficult task but one that I have enjoyed along the way.


Every child imagines its own world. Starting as a simple concept, this project has enabled me to create my own surreal and abstract worlds using boundless imagination. Everyone suffers accidents, and they can ruin your outlook on life, or they can be turned into something unique. As a painter I am often seen as clumsy, and my artwork is never ‘perfect’. My recent work is a celebration of this, utilising simple accidents and moments of clumsiness as a celebration instead of a flaw. I use traditional tools as well as my hands when painting, to extend the possibilities associated with happenstance. Within my paintings I show a world where common human mistakes are celebrated, and to show the truth about the quirks of people. Accepting them as a part of you can create something amazing.

BETHANY SHAW FINE ART... Instagram : bethy_moonbow

Since starting university I have found a love for Adobe Illustrator and printmaking, which has led my final year project to be illustration based. “Veganism is not a ‘sacrifice.’ It is a joy.” - Gary L. Francione. My focus for this project is a pro-veganism. Veganism is becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom. In my work, I display a peaceful message that will hopefully encourage more people to see the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. A plant-based diet cuts your carbon footprint in half; it also means that you can eat entirely guilt free. Many organisations such as PETA encourage veganism in an aggressive and violent way. My intentions are to show that this compassionate way of living is something to admire.

SUNNY-JANE SHEARD GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instragram: @sjsgraphics_97

I’m a graphic designer based in the NorthWest of England and I have a passion for brand identity and logo design. I want to create strong brand identities as I feel that each brief will be different and will keep me motivated to create new and exciting solutions. The Purete project illustrated was an exciting brief to work on, creating the branding for a new wine company that wanted to appeal to a younger wine market. This Branding proposal is unique; whilst still ensuring it is representative of high end, quality French wine. During my time at university I have learnt many skills within design that I feel will help me further my career, these skills range from presentation skills to design layout and theory of design. I have worked on many different projects over the past year that helped to refine these skills. These projects have also given me more of a professional attitude towards my work. I am excited about starting my career in the design industry and working alongside a motivated team of professional designers on a range of unique and fun projects.


Capture The Moment My photographic interests reside in sports photography; more specifically, football. In my photographic practice I investigate the media representation of football players, by using photographs of goal celebrations and emotional reactions. For the past year I have been carrying out work experience with Everton Football Club. I soon realised that when you attend a football game as a photographer, the goal celebration becomes almost as important as the goal itself. Most of my images were taken after a player had ran in the direction of the cameras, and then celebrated in front of them. Capturing that overwhelming feeling of pride, relief and joy that the players and supporters share in a moment, becomes a real accomplishment. My project is aimed at football fans, however I want my images to convey the atmosphere of a goal celebration for any viewer, whether they are a football fan or not.

EMMA SIMPSON PHOTOGRAPHY... Instagram : @emmasimpsonphotos

As a writer, continuity is key to any story you wish to tell. As an artist, continuity is key to any theme you wish to show. As a musician, continuity is key to any style you wish to have. As a person, love is key to reminding those around you that you wish for them to be here. As a person, caring about your own mental health is key to reminding yourself that you’re okay. With these projects, I hope you not only see continuity, but you can also see the bravery to speak up about mental health. ‘Seven’ & ‘I’m Proud of You’ are two projects that show the versatility in design, the artistic and aesthetic field, and the powerful messages that can be delivered.

JASON SMITH GRAPHIC DESIGN... Instagram : jason_skyroses

This work represents the simplicity, but also the complexity of nature. The idea for the work came from my discovery and subsequent love for biophilic design. As someone who has always been interested in how science and psychology can be applied to art and design, biophilic design attracted me. Research shows that being around and viewing nature can have a positive impact on our lives. Through this research I became interested in how I could use my skills as a designer to create work which was aesthetically pleasing but also had a positive effect on people’s mood. Throughout my time at university I mainly focused on digital design, so this project was something completely different for me. It made me realise how important it is to be constantly curious and always try new methods and techniques. This is how I intend to work as a designer, always striving to improve and learn.


My Photography practice addresses daily stresses, such as anxiety and depression. The work reveals the hidden struggles which many of us endure when dealing with issues which cannot be explained simply by talking, as they are often hidden from other. I have formed a deeper understanding of mental disorders, after watching close friends battle with illnesses such as depression and OCD. In Graphic Design an advertising campaign, for ‘Licor 43’ references different cultural and regional identities. Spanish culture has deep artistic roots from architecture to food. The project is a modern interpretation of a long established brand, which has been in circulation since the Roman empire. The campaign is aimed at new consumers ranging from 18-25 years old yet still retains its original audience and customers as a brand. Yet this is not just a campaign for an old drink – it is also an homage to the historical values which the drink represents.



Tabula Rasa is a collaborative portrait project between myself and young women of Wirral. All are participants in the G.I.R.L.S. project, an informal education programme, for girls aged 11-19, identified as being at risk, vulnerable, hard to reach and with multiple complex needs. These images celebrate their achievements on a range of projects using visual arts, dance, music and drama to build confidence, self -esteem and raise aspirations. The girls were involved in all aspects, from taking the photographs, choosing the colours and painting of the backdrops, organising the shoots to short listing the final images. The portraits are a product of the trust, confidence and self-esteem engendered through this process and celebrate their, strength, resilience, beauty and the possible future careers and lives beyond this moment. Tabula Rasa – clean slate



Mental health is a prevalent problem in modern society with one in four people experiencing a form of mental illness within their lifetime. I felt compelled to connote these issues within my artwork through the use of metaphorical devices. My choice of material held great significance in my compositional strategy; I endeavoured to portray the trials and tribulations of mental illness through the manipulation of my materials. The centres of my exhibited structures are composed of folded fabric that physically resembles a brain like organism; the fabric is pierced by a number of steel rods that extend so the structure may stand. One of the structures is composed of two rods and cannot exist as a piece without the support of the other structure. The subtle use of illumination is representational of an inner hope or alternatively, a ghostly other self. My work encourages contemplation of the subject matter.


Free Range The vast majority of society having little to no knowledge on the harm the products they have purchased have caused to animals, simply for the desires of vanity to be achieved. The background of my project is to translate this ongoing issue and promote the end of cosmetic testing on animals by combing image with text. There is no clear indication to suggest the product is tested on animals, leaving the public unaware of the harm the product they purchase inflicts on said animals. This is a form of the company concealing the truth as it is a possibility the public will boycott products which test on animals, should this information be clearly displayed on the products. There is research to suggest that synthetic testing of cosmetics is more successful than testing cosmetics on animals. However, it involves more expense to test synthetically than it does to test on defenceless animals.


If someone were to ask me before I started at University ‘What is Graphic Design?’ I don’t think I would have known how to answer it, and I certainly would not have answered illustration. The past three years of University have been a creative, exciting and a challenging experience. In the past year I have focused mainly on children’s book illustration. I find the use of bright colours and the child-like images to be intriguing and visually engaging. With that in mind I focused my degree show exhibition around my passion for illustration. This painted piece, called ‘Mr Crab’, is taken from that exhibition. Graphic Design has opened my eyes to a lot of new and exciting things and I look forward to what the future holds. “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”- Pablo Picasso


My work draws on aspects of the natural world, growing up in Anglesey and being immersed in such a rural environment makes it hard not to appreciate nature. Nature has always been an important sauce of inspiration in my work, such as mountains. I love that mountains look so calm and so awe inspiring, beautiful yet can be so dangerous. Anglesey has a strong Celtic history and it is this that has formed the inspiration of the geometric shapes within my work. Many of my works question what is real and what is not. Within my work I have neglected to connect some lines, this is to incorporate an element of discomfort to the viewer as taking away lines is just as important as adding lines within a piece of work. I am open for viewers to create their own opinions about the work and I find that many feel that the work is cultural. In many ways it is cultural to myself.


This year I have collaborated with the vintage clothes store Lily Vintage based in Chester. My work is routed in fashion photography, and how photography can hel encapsulate a brand’s themes. I have worked closely with Lily Vintage to come to the conclusion that their brand mindset is “trends are temporary” it comes and goes with the addition of the new trend, however style is timeless. That new isn’t always better, that old doesn’t mean worn out. And most of all that individuality is not lost in the sea of trends that cover most of todays fashion landscape. My work will eventually form the basis of a look-book which encapsulates their brand and mission statement. Rather than create a catalogue as is seen with many fashion brands, I intend to create a set of works that resonate with what it means to be a part of Lily Vintage.


My recent work focuses on the circle which is the prevailing narrative that connects all of my pieces. My main source of inspiration came from seeing a lone piece of standing driftwood with a white hoop attached to it, whilst cycling along the Liverpool waterfront. I was intrigued by the unusual events leading to its placement, along with its oppositional attributes of fragility and strength despite its harsh surroundings. My work also looks at the symbolism behind the circle and its identification with notions of infinity, timelessness and unity. In response to the driftwood, I have taken inspiration from the water and its surroundings. I have tried to capture the same fleeting sense of tranquillity I encountered at the waterfront, which often only exists as tiny moments amidst the chaos of life. My objective was to create pieces that evoked the healing powers of water and of nature.

HOLLY TYSON FINE ART... Instagram : @hollyt_art

My log paintings are all of places that mark a significant personal memory. I didn’t want to just paint in a conventional way on canvas. I felt that painting on logs brings something more, giving my work a sculptural quality. I have been inspired by the idea of the enchanted and the idealistic to encapsulate how beautiful nature is. The imagery on the logs are memories of the location that they have come from. It is important that the characteristics of the logs remain within my paintings which is why I keep the wood in its natural state without treating it, to create an interesting surface to paint onto, allowing for unique qualities to each of my log paintings.


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Profile for Art and Design at The University of Chester

University of Chester Art & Design Graduate Exhibition 2018  

A selection of each students work from this year's showcase exhibition

University of Chester Art & Design Graduate Exhibition 2018  

A selection of each students work from this year's showcase exhibition

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