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University of Chester 2015

Professor Neil Grant Head of Art and Design Welcome to the 2015 University of Chester Art and Design Graduation Show, the career launch of 95 artists designers and photographers. The work represented here and presented in the exhibition celebrates the achievement of the students’ after three years of study in their chosen disciplines. A particular feature of the experience at Chester is the facility for students to combine courses providing unique interdisciplinary outcomes across fine art, photography, graphic design and in some cases journalism and education. The graduation exhibition is regarded as a key event in presenting the enthusiasm; drive and talent being nurtured in the art and design department and a fantastic opportunity for the public see the potential available. The students and staff are keen to contribute to the cultural development of the city therefore, the exhibition and this publication is an opportunity to speculate on what might be achieved with collaboration in the future. The University of Chester has a growing reputation for the employability of its graduates and the impact they can make to the cultural and economic development of the region. This essential aspect of contemporary visual arts education is confirmed by external examiner comment and visiting professionals are impressed with the students’ eagerness to be part of this developing story against the background of the improving economic climate.

95° University of Chester 19th - 25th June 2015 University of Chester Faculty of Arts and Media Department of Art and Design Kingsway Building Chester CH2 2LB First published June 2015 © University of Chester, Department of Art and Design All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without, the prior permission of the publisher.

The ethos of the department is that the study of art and design is a culturally and economically significant endeavour that is intellectually challenging and emotionally rewarding. The disciplines studied within the department foster freedom of expression and the development of abstract concepts to material expressive form. We place importance on experiment and generating creative surprise. We have a playful yet serious approach to media, materials and processes. We have mutual respect for each other’s disciplines and foster a creative community within the department, faculty, university and city. We aspire to be creative, unconventional and professional. I am confident that these aspirations are evident in the work and attitude of the students represented in the exhibition and this catalogue. It shows the great potential and creativity of the students that I’m sure will be recognized and appreciated.

Acknowledgements The graduating students would like to take this opportunity to thank: Professor Neil Grant

Head of Department of Art and Design

Tim Daly

Deputy Head of Department

Dr. Jeremy Turner Maxine Bristow Maggie Jackson Dr. Tom McGuirk Alexe Dilworth Steve Carrick Lesley Halliwell

Programme Leader BA Fine Art Programme Leader MA Fine Art

Bernadine Murray Elizabeth Kealy-Morris Kevin Furlong Michael Moore Dr. Alan Summers Andrew Hooper David Nicholls

Programme Leader BA Graphic Design

Dr. Cian Quayle Tom Wood Dr. Tracey Piper-Wright Steve Clarke

Programme Leader BA Photography

Technical Support Chris Bebbington Chris Millward Tom Hignett Tabitha Jussa Greg Fuller Administration Sarah Buckle Clare Dickens

Catalogue design Tom Robinson Ryan Stockall

Programme Leader MS Design

BA (Hons) Graphic Design BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Photography BA (Hons) Fine Art BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography BA (Hons) Fine Art and Graphic Design BA (Hons) Fine Art and Education BA (Hons) Photography BA (Hons) Photography & Graphic Design BA (Hons) Photography & Fine Art BA (Hons) Photography & Journalism

01 Elise Weir BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography As an artist, I am constantly reacting to my environment and the world we live in. In photography I have explored the environment of the road, and through my images reflected on concepts of journey, time, memory and space. In fine art I am marrying social concerns with my interest in form and materials. From daily newspapers, I have created ambiguous and enigmatic sculptural works in order to engage the viewer.

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02 Tom Robinson BA (Hons) Graphic Design “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Thomas Jefferson

03 Jack Banting BA (Hons) Fine Art I have spent the past year developing an on-going practice. For me, the process of application and the execution of the painting outweigh any historical or social context of the subject. Ultimately, I paint very basic triangles in a very sophisticated way.

04 Bethany Travis BA (Hons) Photography & Graphic Design Growing up on the varied coast of North Wales it was almost inevitable that I would become obsessed with exploring and photographing it. The area was once a thriving hub of local industry, ranging from cotton mills to collieries. Practically all of these industries have ceased to exist today and have been replaced or re-purposed as a nature reserve. This series of images represents the area as it is today, along with traces of its past still visible, no matter how small or minute.

05 Katrina Ravn BA (Hons) Graphic Design Curiously minded and eternally optimistic graphic designer and vegetarian from Bristol. Passionate about underground culture, minimalism and ethical practises. Primarily focused and highly motivated in achieving work within areas of editorial, typography and branding design. Often found showing a slightly unusual obsession for sloths.

06 Catherine Ashbrooke BA (Hons) Fine Art The focus of my recent work has been exploring the right balance between control and freedom through the use of watercolours and fabrics. I am interested in the marks made by allowing watercolours to have freedom of the surface I have been working on. To contrast with this concept, it is important to have the power to control the marks made. Fluidity and movement is also significant within my work. I feel I have been able to portray the sense of movement through a painting and the essence of the paint itself.

07 Alexander Smith BA (Hons) Fine Art & Photography I set out to find, and capture the mythical and historical places that lie within the Roaches and Matlock in the Peak District. This was not only a photography project but a learning experience and for this reason I have chosen to accompany each image with text in order for you to learn and interact with the image too. I have only scratched the surface with this project and will be continuing indefinitely.

08 Stefan Hamand BA (Hons) Graphic Design I think the perfect thing is to be a creator; to have the ability to forge new entities and make it engage with the world. Always having an affinity for creativity, I have endeavoured these last few years to hone my skills as a designer in branding, editorial, web and digital applications. I am a creative that fights the infamous Creator’s Curse with every stride, and though Salvador Dali once said “have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it”, to that I say “Well, I’ll get as damn close as I can”.

09 Lucy Gidney BA (Hons) Graphic Design I’m a graphic designer, hen keeper, and collector of prints, patterns and design! Good design is about so much more than just making things look nice; I believe it’s a very thoughtful and challenging profession. I mainly work on the Mac to produce my designs but I still love to put pen to paper and use my illustrative skills. Being able to work in many different formats allows me to be a creative problem solver. Having now finished my degree, I very much look forward to starting my design career!

10 Jacelyn Emery BA (Hons) Photography & Graphic Design The purpose of this project is to explore the potential of creating new images around the topic of abandonment and dereliction. I have focused on the idea of plants and nature reclaiming their environment and have explored different sites until I found one that fitted this initial idea. Having researched the site and seen photographs of how the buildings looked in their prime, it makes it more striking just how quickly nature has taken control again once humans have stepped away.

11 Joshua Beeson BA (Hons) Graphic Design “Like the Bee, we should make our Industry our Amusement.� Oliver Goldsmith. Bees are very inspirational; they work in teams to achieve miracles whilst enjoying every minute of life, just like I hope to do in the Design world.

12 Zoe Robinson BA (Hons) Graphic Design Good design is an opinion. If you think I have what it takes, contact me. If you don’t, you have 12 seconds to rip this page out.

13 Bethany Roscoe BA (Hons) Fine Art Our perception of beauty is subjective and constantly changing as we grow older and trends change, so through my work I’d like to change the negative connotations people associate with weeds and accentuate their beautiful qualities. I’ve been drawing weeds, and in this act of drawing making them precious, making people pay attention to these plants that are ignored and widely considered as “ugly”. I’ve been influenced by the work of Michael Landy and Immanuel Kant’s theories on beauty and aesthetics.

14 Hayley Taylor BA (Hons) Graphic Design Creative, enjoyable, challenging. My final year at university. Now onto the next chapter‌

“My dog ate it...”

15 Richard Readey BA (Hons) Graphic Design I don’t have a dog.

16 Gary Sundve BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Photography Photography has allowed me to study the environment as a representation of human movement. I think you can understand a location without directly having people within a photograph; this is something I have explored in my practice. By combining this with an almost graphic approach to composition, and adding smaller visual subtleties, I think this a recipe for visually interesting photographs. Patterns of human nature interest me, and this is reflected in both my photographic and design work.

17 Matthew Hawker BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography Throughout my practice in both Fine Art and Photography, I aim to challenge the viewer’s preconceived perceptions of both object and art. I achieve this through the appropriation and reinterpretation of found objects, utilising the history and connotations attached to them. I do this by either exploiting the materiality of an object or de-materialising it, forcing the viewer to reconsider their initial thought process.

18 Leigh Elliott BA (Hons) Photography & Graphic Design I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good.

19 Benazir Uddin BA (Hons) Graphic Design Teaching would mean getting the power to guide adolescents into ingenuity. Opening the imminent generation’s mind to greater possibilities of what they can become.

20 Amy Rhian Jones BA (Hons) Graphic Design “Life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving” - Albert Eintstein Amy. Smiley. Chatty. Medium height, Scratch that - small height. Full of questions. Loves happy goats. Blonde, Brunette, Blonde, Brunette, Blonde – I just can’t make up my mind. Fab at what I do. Makes a good cup of tea. Excited for the next step. Let the adventure begin...

21 Izzy Hall BA (Hons) Photography and Fine Art Within my practice in both Photography and Fine Art, I am exploring elements of life and death. I am interested in discovering the balance between the hope and despair that exists in nature, life and death. My interest in the manipulation of the vulnerability of nature has shed light on the darker side of the subject.

22 Roma Burdett BA (Hons) Fine art & Photography The desire to gain a reaction from a viewer has driven me through my years of practice. Challenging my ideas and questioning the boundaries reflects my creative style. We are visual thinkers, passionate about how we communicate and enthusiastic to inspire. Be brave. Be bold. Our opportunities are endless. “Creativity takes courage� Henri Matisse

23 Katie Glover BA (Hons) Fine art and Photography For the degree show my work comes from two different disciplines, Fine art and Photography. My Fine art includes found objects in a form of deconstruction, in particular I chose the object; toothbrushes, Where the bristles have been removed from the handle. Whereas, photography is about the identity we choose to share and the one we don’t. My work is based around fashion; through the clothes my model wears. However, the environment the model is in isn’t considered fashionable.

24 Steph Best BA (Hons) Graphic Design These past three years have been different... yeah let’s go with different but fun, definitely that. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m looking forward to it.

25 Shelley Robinson BA (Hons) Fine Art My work consists of portraits taken from personal photographs. With each image, the background has been completely taken out. Even the faces have been obscured. I want my paintings to be questioned. Where are they supposed to be? What are they doing? What are they feeling? I didn’t want to share all of the image. The real story behind each painting is still kept private and only I really know what is actually happening in the image.

26 Matthew Mealing BA (Hons) Photography & Graphic Design Samuel Beckett said “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.� If you want to make art you have to fail, and so the job of the artist is to fail better.

27 Helen Culleton BA (Hons) Fine Art My work has essentially focused on the tension between abstraction and figuration, concentrating on the theme of landscapes. My intention has been to evolve this somewhat dated and aesthetically decorative subject to become more abstract and contemporary by altering and manipulating common and recognisable aspects. I have experimented with a multitude of mediums and surfaces, and been inspired by various artists such as David Hockley, Claude Monet, Max Cole, Fiona Curran and Callum Innes.

28 Jordan Lea Bradbury BA (Hons) Graphic Design Possessing creative flare is an ability to cherish and nurture. To be a designer implies a way of life not just a corporate title, for there is no ‘off switch’ in the artistic mind. Everywhere we look there is design. We’re the globe’s problem solvers and for that we designers hold a responsibility for those of whom our work affects, as there is an unspoken prescribed relationship between the public and us. To create is the power to shock, please and inspire. “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” Albert Einstein

Sometimes I’m too honest.

I’m not quite sure why I only have a few friends.

29 Ryan Stockall BA (Hons) Graphic Design I’m terrible at this stuff, so here’s a riddle. I travel all over the world, but always stay in my corner. What am I?

30 Jasmine O’Connell BA (Hons) Fine Art and Photography As a person who infuses joy into almost every entity life throws at her, and so is distracted a lot more than necessary, I’ve always found it difficult to follow one project or theme until the close. A recurring matter throughout my life and university, I tell you now that distraction by no means equals lack of perseverance. Rather, I will persevere until I find that perfect distraction that holds me captivated. “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton

31 Emma Griffin BA (Hons) Fine Art First impressions aren’t always what they seem. When ‘people watching’ so many questions go unanswered; what is their day job? How are they feeling? What is their relationship with the person/people they are with? How did they become homeless? There is so much about the people around us that we don’t know, and this is what I find so interesting. Therefore this led me to base my work around people.

32 Cora Batley-Moss BA (Hons) Fine Art My work has a lot of different social and political connotations that ultimately centres on mortality, whether that be of our own or other animals. This leads us to consider the way we see meat - from its material quality to its symbology in history. I enjoy establishing the senses in my work by picking at the conscience of the viewer; this combined with my research into the uncanny has influenced me to create an unfamiliar and uneasy disposition that is both aberrant and consistent.

33 Jemma Millward BA (Hons) Graphic Design Throughout my degree I have developed a personal style to reflect my interests. I appreciate simplicity, which often manifests in the form of iconic imagery. I enjoy working with bright, contrasting colours that create definitive boundaries between the elements of a composition. Typography has also become a keen interest of mine. I am particularly intrigued by the relationship between legibility, shape and message. This is something I am keen to explore further through designs of my own.

34 Sophie Rowlands BA (Hons) Fine Art Foraging bits of paper and found materials, I create collages and mixed media in my drawings, sometimes manipulated in a sculptural way. I focus on surfaces and patterns within natural forms, curiously combining textures. I study the relationships between forms that are both close up and far away, playing with the notions of macro and micro. Living in the beautiful landscape of North Wales has influenced my rooted fascination with natural forms, specifically in landscape.

35 Gemma Rogers BA (Hons) Photography & Fine Art I am interested in what others consider ordinary and rush past in everyday life, I like to pick out these ordinary objects or experiences and make my audience aware of them. “We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” Bill Watterson

36 Paige Ganley BA (Hons) Fine Art Throughout my work I have been expressing beauty using textiles and botanical imagery; looking at the feminine, the decorative and drapery. I have felt very inspired by the use of plants within medicine and have enjoyed expressing the clinical illustrations within an artistic environment. Continuing the clinical element I have worked with an all-white concept; adding a personal quality by using botanical motifs relating to medical issues I have. Vivienne Westwood’s work has inspired me along with Louise O’Riley.

37 Hannah Bowers BA (Hons) Fine Art & Photography Being a combined student, my areas of work are completely different. Through the use of video and photographic prints, my Photography work investigates the media’s idea of the “ideal”; portraying the extremities girls go to from a young age to be what society deems as “acceptable”. Exploring the use of processes as an end in themselves, my Fine Art exhibition work takes the form of a giant Rubik’s cube. Varying in materials, puzzles and processes, each face is different; making the Rubik’s cube unsolvable.

38 Eilish McFadden BA (Hons) Graphic Design “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” Dr Seuss

39 Lydia Welsh BA (Hons) Graphic Design

40 Shane Goode BA (Hons) Graphic Design I’m an enthusiastic and self-motivated team player, a creative thinker and a problem solver, who continually enjoys learning about the design industry. My strengths are illustration, packaging and marketing campaigns. I thoroughly enjoy working with branding and advertising projects and would like to pursue a career in these areas. I love making ideas happen that make people think differently. My aim is to bring exciting possibilities to everything I create, grow as a designer, learn from professionals and gain experience in the creative industry.

41 Holly Warren BA (Hons) Photography and Fine Art Woods, empty fields, old graveyards, and ivy filled gardens are perfect locations to photograph my subjects in. They are often associated with freedom and peace; places, where our minds are not distracted. I’ve deliberately depicted the subject as lost in a mind that can’t be understood by an outsider. Therefore, we’re left to ponder over the photographs, as the meaning is not instantly apparent. Hazy colour images and contrasting black and whites have become more frequent in my work.

42 Jake Haldane BA (Hons) Graphic Design I was always told: ‘aspire to be yourself ’, which relates to the whole concept of being a designer. We are all unique at designing, with a never-ending imagination of creative ideas. I am a huge lover of Swiss design, branding and editorial design. Tackling design problems and figuring out a solution is what I was born to do, and now that we are officially graduates, let the games begin!

43 Hayley Evans BA (Hons) Photography With beautiful architecture, and escapism to a new world, the grand picture palaces of Liverpool fundamentally hold many personal memories for a generation of people in Liverpool. Once, there were over 100 independent cinemas. However the rise of television and the modern multi-plex meant that one by one they were abandoned, demolished, and transformed. Inspired to preserve Liverpool’s cinematic history I have documented those cinemas left standing before their uncertain fate is also determined.

44 Jennifer Philomena Dyke BA (Hons) Photography and Graphic Design I never thought of myself studying at the University of Chester let alone studying a subject that I love. Photography for me was something that just started out as a hobby, but this degree course has taught me that this can also be my profession. From starting out using a small camera phone, now it is just me and my trusty Nikon. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” - Marc Anthony I have learned during these three amazing, but ever so hectic years, that every cloud has a silver lining and a cup of tea solves everything.

45 Billy Leung BA (Hons) Photography & Graphic Design Horror films have always been a huge passion of mine and a majority of my photographic work stems from this very interest. For this project I decided to study the way that sound and imagery can work together to create a certain atmosphere, suspense in particular. I have studied many films and images which inspired me to create my own horror narrative. My work has been heavily influenced by American horror cinema and culture from existing films such as Saw and The Blair Witch Project.

46 Chloe Johnson BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Photography Although I love Graphic Design, I have always been more naturally drawn to Photography. Growing up in the Isle of Man I was constantly surrounded by beautiful scenery so I would always choose to be out taking photographs instead of sitting inside designing on my laptop. My project Traces of Life, stems from my love of the outdoors and exploring. I wanted to capture the human traces which are left behind once a place has been long forgotten and nature starts to creep back in.

47 Victoria Evans BA (Hons) Photography & Journalism Past, Present and Future: – A record of decay and regeneration

48 Joseph Rowland BA (Hons) Graphic Design During my time studying at the University of Chester I have had the opportunity to explore and refine my skills as a Graphic Designer. I am a perfectionist at heart and want my work to reflect this. I particularly enjoy working in print, editorial design and print production and I am interested in gaining further experience in sustainable practices. I love what I do and I am excited to take the next step forward and hopefully gain a job working within the creative industry.

49 Vicky Parker BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Photography So I must’ve managed to stick out 3 years at university if you’re reading this... What motivates me to do graphics? Trainers apparently... Oniomania: The technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, or Compulsive Buying Disorder. Trainers used to be associated only for sport. Now they are a necessity. I just keep buying more for no apparent reason, even if it is just the same style but a different colour. Why could I possibly need 30 pairs? P.S. I do photography as well; I think abandoned buildings are pretty cool too.

50 Mel Kalkan BA (Hons) Fine Art & Photography The portrait to me should be something infinite; moving, multi-layered and ever changing, just as people are. These works are concerned with the encapsulation of the individual and the resultant quirks and abstractions that arise through such in-depth explorations. My wider practice is inspired by my ongoing interest in autobiography, anecdote and memory and the ways in which such vague notions can be brought together and explored in visual art.

51 Ceri Toleman BA (Hons) Graphic Design I’m an Illustrator currently based in North Wales. Along with the pencil and paper my other passions include, product photography and beauty blogging. I’d describe my illustrative style as organic, in that it is just the medium, the paper and the free flow of creativity that comes from my mind. Currently my work is in private collections however I plan on expanding my dreams to have my work in galleries all over Britain, and possibly some day The World.

52 Sarah Spencer BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Photography I have always been inspired by the little details in the world around me, from the stickers on a lamppost to the hidden flowers in a forest. Each has unique beauty but it sometimes goes unseen. I feel it is important to show this beauty in the images I take and the designs I make. For the past 3 years I have studied Graphic Design and Photography as a combined honours.

53 Jake Roycroft BA (Hons) Graphic Design I am a creative young designer, and I have had a passion for graphic design since studying it at high school. The areas that interest me the most with design is branding, typography, illustration, packaging, and photography. I love to show off my work, and the thing that motivates me the most is seeing work that I have designed in the real world and thinking “I designed that, I’ve left my mark on the world.”

54 Ronan Watts BA (Hons) Fine Art & Graphic Design I believe the different way in which we view and acknowledge the world around us, and our ability to appreciate these differences is integral to the notion of creativity. The things that go amiss or the things we choose to avoid, to another might be something of importance or beauty. I like to explore the overlooked and celebrate their rich textures in my fine art practice. This could be as seemingly mundane as the peeling paint on a windowsill, or the patterned texture of the pavement.

55 Alex Thomson BA (Hons) Graphic Design To be a great designer, you have to challenge yourself to achieve great things. With great achievements often come great risk, I believe my creativity didn’t come from following the crowd. I’ve taken risks, I’ve tried new things and I have pushed outside my comfort zone. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn in the world of design however I’m already so far away from where I used to be.

56 Catrin Mai BA (Hons) Photography and Graphic Design Photography is the art of observation, it has little to do with what you see and everything to do with the way you see. And this is why we say Photography is the only language that can be understood around the world, “Nid aur yw popeth Melyn� Cymraes.

57 Rebecca Lowe BA (Hons) Fine Art and Graphic Design Online name - RSL Creations I am also a freelance artist focusing mainly on portraits. To complete my artwork I enjoy exploring and using a variety of different approaches such as painting, sketching, digital art etc. My artwork consists of photography, digital media, metal work and any other forms of craft-work.

58 Rob Burgess BA (Hons) Graphic Design I’m going to be honest; I didn’t expect to be apart of this degree show at all, and to be even more honest I don’t really know what to say. So I’ll start by saying that I once had a dream that I had been captured by terrorists and then Bonnie Tyler entered the room giving them all a total eclipse of the heart. Killing them all instantly. Also, I have it on good authority that I have excellent cheekbones. But more importantly, thank you, for the best time of my life. I may be sticking around for one more year but I won’t forget any of you that I’ve shared the past three years with and I wouldn’t change a second of it. Some people call me a visionary, they would be wrong to do so. Lots of love, from your number one guy. Rob. “Genius.” Rob’s Mum. “Visionary.” Rob’s Mum. “Stop taking me out of context.” Rob’s Mum.

59 Jessie Dutton BA (Hons) Graphic Design I can say the past three years have been an experience. I have made some amazing friends and a career hopefully for life. People are always asking me what kind of designer do I want to be and truthfully I don’t really know. But what I do know is that I am excited and I have a huge love for typography. So I guess the answer for me, lies somewhere in the future. Let’s wait and see!

60 Hannah Aymes BA (Hons) Photography & Fine Art Dream like states: My work is a reflection of surrealism, creating dream like states with reference to other artists. My perception of the world has now become much bigger and photography has given me the right tools to interpret my ideas. “With reference to Julia Fullerton Batten, the model floats in limbo, between reality and a dream. The scene is of Roma’s bedroom. She is asleep contemplating her own life worries. With fashion magazines spread across her bed, it’s a constant worry of which trend she tries next.”

61 Eri Leung BA (Hons) Graphic Design Beef burger without cheese is dull. Rainbow without colour is boring. Life without design is tedious. My passion for design is like hot chocolate. Have it everyday and share it with the others to enjoy.

62 Sophie Hurst BA (Hons) Fine Art Initially on looking through old engineering books it came apparent that many of the drawings inside these books are hand drawn, these books had been produced before the use of CAD computer software. There is an apparent skill here, the people who drew these where artists in their own right. The concept of mapping a blueprint drawing of an object initially fascinated me. The machines in the old engineering drawings contained structures that visually similar qualities to sections of the human body. Phrases such as valves and pumps suggest structures similar to that of the human circulatory system. The machines and the human body both need an input of some kind and produce an output. My work is about the relationship between science and art. How both disciplines which appear to be very different from each other, actually have more in common than you would think. I have explored this relationship within my own work and on the way I have developed and redefined my printing techniques.

63 Chloe Howarth BA (Hons) Fine Art I have explored; space, presence and solidity to create a body of work. Making sculptural pieces of work based on architecture. One focus on my work was to use lighter materials on a heavy purpose built structure to create and illusion of solidity as well as coming across aesthetically pleasing. An important factor throughout my work is that the object used had a history of use shown by marks in the wood. I wanted to use something that held residue of memories not just to myself but others too.

64 Jack Jesse BA (Hons) Graphic Design & University has been an exciting and sometimes a challenging experience. I have completed many tasks throughout my time at uni, although the favourite thing I have completed was how to create an animation. This was a challenging yet extremely rewarding module as it features both my own design and photography. The future for me hopefully involves illustration within the advertising or packaging industry, putting my skills to the test in the future.

65 Alex McEvoy BA (Hons) Fine Art & Graphic Design When starting university I was unsure which career path I wanted to follow and whom I would become but, this fulfilling experience has led me to discover my identity as an animator, illustrator and artist in the fields of Fine Art and Graphic Design. From an artistic stance, I have always been motivated by colour and modern design and have explored how it is portrayed daily and in city life. In graphic design, I have experimented both with illustration and animation, whilst working with comic book media; wishing to pursue this passion further as I enter the world of advertising and promotion.

66 Katie Hulse BA (Hons) Photography & Journalism My passion is landscape photography, in particular I have looked at the Manufactured Landscape. I have photographed both the forest and motocross tracks. Having looked into the landscape this closely I have realised how much it has been influenced by man’s reshaping of it.

67 Jack Hopkins BA (Hons) Graphic Design ‘Passion4Graphics’ I am a Graphic Designer enjoying life and expressing creativity through what I do. I studied at Mid-Cheshire College doing the BTEC ND in Graphics and continued to study the Foundation Degree progressing onto the BA (Hons) degree at the University of Chester. Interests and events inspire my work. Nostalgia/ Retrospectivity are a keen interest of mine, the most appealing tasks for me are contemporary design that features traditional elements, this becomes prominent in branding and corporate identity. I am passionate about old cars and restoring them, developing problem solving and practical skills that are transferable in the design industry. I plan to find a career in design.

68 Yasmin Smedley BA (Hons) Fine Art I am curious about objects, their connections to people and to the world. My practice is very much a process of experimentation and alteration, using assortments of found objects as the catalyst for creation. I layer, position and construct these objects in such a manner that transforms the familiar into the unacquainted, the ordinary into the absurd; giving life to the forgotten detritus that exists in a world hungry for new shiny things.

69 Luke James Crockett BA (Hons) Graphic Design I can be pretty handy.

70 Megan Hunter BA (Hons) Graphic Design I’ve always said that I study, babble and create and that won’t end. Every experience is a learning curve, this project has taught me how much I can achieve when I truly enjoy the task. My passions are design and travel. I wish to travel around the world, exploring new things and meeting new people. Gaining different cultural perspectives will help me to advance my design outlook. Finally, I’d like to thank my family, their constant support and sarcastic humour has made me who I am today.

71 Laura Kate Gledhill Cortes BA (Hons) Fine Art My practice this year has been an exploration of abstract drawing, focusing on the idea of drawing being the form rather than a method of capturing it. The relationship between the artist and the materials has played a key role in the development and creation of the work. I originally intended to show how the materials merged together naturally but found it more interesting to impose processes and structure to see how the drawings materialised and progressed.

72 Sarah Doyle BA (Hons) Graphic Design “Make it happen. Shock everyone.” I have a great ability to surprise those around me with what I can achieve. I’m always pushing myself and stepping outside my comfort zone. Over the last three years I have grown not only as a person but as a designer. I have discovered many new skills including digital illustration and Typography, I plan to continue learning new skills and styles within a professional studio environment.

73 Stefania Benites BA (Hons) Graphic Design “And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our soul. There walks a lady we all know Who shines white light and wants to show How everything still turns to gold. And if you listen very hard The tune will come to you at last. When all are one and one is all To be a rock and not to roll.� Led Zeppelin There is a bit of insanity in art and creativity that does everyone a bit of good, an intense connection with the surrounding space...

74 Rebecca Amy Santo BA (Hons) Photography with Graphic Design “I hate cameras. They interfere, they’re always in the way. I wish: if I could just work with my eyes alone. To get a satisfactory print, one that contains all that you intended, is very often more difficult and dangerous than the sitting itself. When I’m photographing, I immediately know when I’ve got the image I really want. But to get the image out of the camera and into the open, is another matter.” Richard Avedon

75 Danielle Lee BA (Hons) Fine Art & Graphic Design My artwork is very personal to myself. The link between my art and nature is significant in a huge way as the protection of the environment means a lot to me. My work can be seen as ironic in a way as a lot of it will eventually rot and decay due to the natural properties of it­—this mirrors the destruction of nature that happens all around us. I am also interested in the relationship between different materials, and how the rough wood and smooth glass interact with each other.

76 Alex Quirk BA (Hons) Graphic Design I’m not a philosopher nor a great poet, but I have just herded cats through treacle to get this degree, and instead of babbling on about the future lets enjoy this moment. I leave you then with my current thought whilst writing this: “I would prefer it if I did not enjoy oranges. Consuming them is a most incommodious business.” - Miss Deborah Jenkyns

77 Rebecca Gibney BA (Hons) Graphic Design Creativity is what makes me who I am; a Designer, Dancer, Explorer. I have often been described using this quote “It is always the quiet ones.� Which I can agree with. All of my life I have been a visual learner and that is what creates my passion for Graphic Design. For the past 3 years I can honestly say it has been a rollercoaster of a journey; exploring Editorial, Illustration and Branding design. These methods have created a spark as to who I am as a designer. I love what I do and look forward to what the future holds; growing as a designer and taking it day by day. Whatever will be will be.

78 Stephanie Gilbertson BA (Hons) Photography & Graphic Design My practice of Photography is as an art form. I enjoy being creative by making abstract and surreal images through digital manipulation. I especially like experimenting with layering of images, creating works which ask a question and looking at the alternative.

Design is about

79 Matthew Davis BA (Hons) Graphic Design 0753 172 4 810 I see design as a science, but who’s to say that is boring. “Creativity is intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein.

80 Bethany Davies BA (Hons) Fine Art & Education Studies My recent work has developed through ideas I had established in previous works, surrounding the female body and female stereotypes. In my previous works I had been particularly concerned with the way in which the media portray a stereotypical view of a women being “an object of beauty.” I wanted to delve deeper into the idea of beauty, and explore what beauty means to each individual. When looking further into this notion, and exploring a range of different routes, I was particularly taken by the idea of “beauty being skin deep.” How beauty is not something that is measured by the aesthetic, but by other means. I have portrayed these ideas in a literal way through an exploration of the human body, looking at the actual makeup of the human body, exploring the different textures and colours through my mixed media approach. I am attempting to create a sensual experience for the audience by engaging them with colours, textures and materials. I want the audience to decide, is it beauty, or am I bordering on repulsion? I have tried to portray how one person may consider a thing of beauty, however that is not necessarily universal for all.

81 Joshua Marler BA (Hons) Graphic Design “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.� Philippians 4:13

82 Jodie Lane BA (Hons) Fine Art The focus of my recent work has been around fluidity, movement & paradoxical time shifts.....The significance in our silent connective language reaching the edges of a scale, which can only be understood as “feeling�. An enormous range of untouchable, undefinable, unreasonable, and unpredictable terms. The work exploring objects as simplified drawing and the research underpinning it has explored (instinctual language) things that do not fit or do not belong, and the odd things around us.

Profile for Art and Design at The University of Chester


University of Chester graduation show 2015


University of Chester graduation show 2015

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