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Planning your ideal Arts & Cultural journey....


There's no better way to create memories and adventure than the perfect road trip. Here's our tips for planning!


Choose one of the regions you want to explore on your adventure to discover the best of BC!


Using this guide and our online guide at Art-BC.com, choose some of our regional recommended arts and cultural destinations.


Plot your destinations, and plan a scenic route through the region.



Check our calendar at Art-BC.com for local events, workshops, festivals and more that are happening at the time of your travel.



Search our recommended list of unique places to stay on page 124 or find more online at Art-BC.com.

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Van Dop + Associates, our partners and affiliates are grateful to live, work, and discover arts and culture on the traditional unceded lands and territories of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples across the province of British Columbia.

Inmy career I have seen the sustaining power of Culture to provide meaning, joy, inspiration and unity. It has been a lifelong passion for me to bring to the forefront of tourism the hardworking people, businesses and communities that are responsible for preserving and creating the unmatched cultural greatness of British Columbia. Over 20 years ago that passion lead to the producing of a curated guide to a spectrum of cultural experiences in the province. Not only the monumental galleries and heritage sites, but also the off-the-beatenpath experiences that are the bread and butter of the artistry of BC’s Creative Communities.

Each year, my husband Chester and I create an itinerary for a memorable road trip to explore the coasts and regions of BC. We were inspired by our own adventures to add a new dimension to the guide for the 18th Edition – Road Trip itineraries! Imparted in each of the routes are the Art-BC.com Recommended destinations we have vetted as must-see or must-do experiences. We are certain that within the borders of this province there are adventures to be had, unique destinations to visit, and innumerable breathtaking views along the way. We hope that you will keep this guide in your travel bag, or glove box and use it to make memories and have unforgettable cultural experiences. Here’s to the excitement and inspiration of the roads less traveled!

Warmest regards,

2 BC’S VISUAL COMMUNICATORS 1 888.528.9882 mitchellpress.com @mitchellprinters + Print & Production + Creative Services + Data Driven Web Services BC’s Guide to Arts & Culture is the definitive guide for the cultural traveller to local, authentic experiences in the province and is brought to you by an experienced team of individuals. We invited the best to participate in this comprehensive resource guide, so enjoy and immerse yourself in BC’s local culture! PUBLISHER Trudy Van Dop CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kahla Yzerman CONTRIBUTORS Varya Molchanova Katrina Hilliard GRAPHIC DESIGN Electra Design Group Van Dop & Associates T: 604.521.7887 Toll-free: 1.888.981.9886 Art-BC.com publisher@Art-BC.com Publishing BC’s Guide to Arts & Culture since 1999
3 Regions 04 96 80 102 54 98 Vancouver Coast & Mountains Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Thompson Okanagan Northern BC Vancouver Island Kootenay Rockies Features Publishers Welcome .......................................... 1 Granville Island Art Walk .............................. 8 24 Hours on Granville Island ....................... 10 North Shore Spirit Trail .................................. 16 Sea to Sky Corridor .......................................... 20 Whistler Cultural Connector ........................ 25 Featured Artists .................................................. 28 Sunshine Coast Purple Banner Tour ......... 33 Sechelt Public Art Walk .................................. 34 Downtown Langley Mural Walk ................. 50 Victoria Gallery Walk ...................................... 56 Indigenous Arts & Culture ............... 58-59, 79 Chemainus Festival of Murals .................... 65 Vancouver Island North Art Tour ............. 78 Princeton Bronze Sculpture Walk .............. 82 Gold Rush Trail .................................................... 95 Smithers Art Mural & History Walk ........ 112 Festivals & Events .............................................. 117 Arts Education ..................................................... 122 Art of the Getaway ........................................... 124 BC Map ................................................................... 126 Creative Community Index ........................... 128
Cultural Ambassador in Regalia at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre. Photo: Blake Jorgensen

From Aboriginal artisans to Asian architecture, funky galleries to artist studios, trendy neighbourhoods to rural communities, and unique historical sites to magical museums.

Discover Vancouver
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A cultural journey awaits every visitor whether it's exploring the Sea to Sky Country, the Sunshine Coast, Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley. There is so much to see and do!

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Photo: Chris

Manyhead to the city of Vancouver to experience the peninsula’s dramatic natural beauty and discover that Vancouver’s arts and cultural scene holds up to the caliber of its organic awe. From uniquely Pacific Northwest Indigenous galleries, neighborhood studios, an ever growing public art oeuvre, and monumental museum and gallery spaces – Vancouver piques the cultural curiosity with creative adornment on every corner. At the apex of Vancouver’s art world are Canada’s only public galleries dedicated to contemporary indigenous Northwest Coast art, the Bill Reid Gallery, and the centrally located Vancouver Art Gallery, housing the largest collection of works by BC’s Emily Carr and featuring internationally traveling exhibitions annually.

6 Vancouver
Johnston St. Public Market Osgemeos “Giants” Kids’ Market Net Loft DuranleauSt. Anderson St. Old Bridge Rd. BoatliftLane MastTowerRd. MaritimeMews lane way False Creek Ferry Aquabus Ferry P P Karen Cooper Gallery Ukama Gallery Zadel Jewellery Studio Charlene Long Studio Sita Fine Jewelry Dundarave Print Shop & Gallery Niche Art Gallery Silk Weaving Studio Granville Island Hotel & Dockside Restaurant Opus Art Supplies 3 3 1 1 4 4 2 2 5 5 6 7 7 8 8 A B 8 Granville Island  6


Aday trip to Granville Island is a must.

This once industrial site has become its own miniature urban centre – the best of every art, craft, and fine trade can be found in the vendors, studios, galleries, buskers, storefronts, and market places that call Granville Island home. The Granville Island Art Walk is the place to begin your discovery of this wharf-side artisanal borough.

Arts Umbrella

Railspur Alley

Granville Island Hotel


Water Park

Ron Basford Park P Granville

Island 9


Open 7 days a week and year round, Granville Island’s Public Market is a favourite of tourists and locals alike. Across from the market is the Net Loft with one-of-akind shops, visit the Dundarave Print Shop & Gallery.

Tucked away in a small building by the wharf, the Silk Weaving Studio showcases their colourful and luxurious textiles in an inviting space. Visit the eclectic Niche Art Gallery next door, a collective of local artists handcrafting a fascinatng range of unique artworks.

On Duranleau Street is Ukama Gallery exhibiting and selling original sculpted stoneworks from Zimbabwean artists. Sculptures are housed alongside a collection of works by local and international artists. Nearby the Karen Cooper Gallery features the artist’s own captivating photographic works of breathtaking natural scenes.

Stop by the studio at Zadel Jewellery where artists create beautiful classic pieces for above and beyond quality.

Don’t miss the Charlene Long and Sita Fine Jewelry studios. Best to call ahead to ensure the artists are in. Enjoy dinner at the Dockside Restaurant & Brewery on the waterfront patio or dining room and spend the night at the Granville Island Boutique Hotel

Justoutside of the city centre, surrounded by the seawall and nestled under the Granville Street Bridge is Vancouver’s epicenter of artisanal craft and artistry. A veritable mecca of high-end, artist-run studios. Astounding craftsmanship defines every artisan working on the island. You’ll discover everything from hand-crafted heirloom functional art - from brooms and umbrellas that you’ll want to display between use, to extravagant hand-woven silk designs, one of a kind jewelry, textiles, iron sculpture, pottery, woodwork, leathercraft, handmade instruments, live glassblowing, artisanal sake, and fine craftsmanship of all varieties.

Granville Island 11
KOME CLOTHING Local Unique All sizes enjoy what you wear silk , linen , vintage cotton komeclothing.ca find us both on
lysa bromaroff zak sarwari
CONTEMPORARY ART & SCULPTURE 1802 Maritime Mews Granville Island, Vancouver, BC 778 379 0666 | gallery@ukama.ca www.ukama.ca

Accompanying the vibrant art offerings are several performance venues and theatres - plan to visit one of Granville Island’s many stages and experience unique theatre and musical events and performance experiences year round. Special events like the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and a year-round children’s market add to the fun for families visiting the island. The well-known Granville Island Market is home to a rotating cast of vendors, including artisans in all media from wearable art, to functional pottery, artisanal jewelery, and other craft creators. The market also houses a popular and unique food court featuring international fare.

Granville Island 13 1640 Johnston St Granville Island Vancouver BC 604.689.1650 Print Workshop +Gallery
www.dundaraveprintworkshop.com GRANVILLE ISLAND

art and nature collide on vancouver’s

north shore

When it comes to rugged beauty and outdoor adventure, Vancouver’s North Shore will take your breath away every time. When it comes to art and culture, however, there may be no better time to explore this region’s diverse array of inspiring offerings than right now. Come for a visit, or stay for an unforgettable getaway to take in all this defining region has to offer.

Explore reimagined art and historical exhibits at the newly-unveiled MONOVA in The Shipyards District. Tour the rich, indigenous art scene through the paintings, sculpture and exquisite jewelry of the Inuit Gallery, and experience the work of world-renowned and emerging talents at The Polygon Gallery.

14 North Vancouver
Explore more at vancouversnorthshore.com

There is truly “nowhere better-natured” than Vancouver’s North Shore. Dive into the vibrant cultural gifts it has to offer, and you’ll discover a world that far exceeds its own reputation, and never fails to disappoint.

Did you know?

The North Shore Culture Compass is an ongoing project to highlight and preserve the distinct cultural assets of the North Shore region through cultural mapping. With the Compass as your guide, you can experience the events, art, and historical spaces representing all of the North Shore’s vibrant communities.

North Vancouver 15 #explorenorthshore
16 Location  Discover more at vancouversnorthshore.com
Location 17 #explorenorthshore
18 North Vancouver Free Admission www.seymourartgallery.com info@seymourartgallery.com 4360 Gallant Ave Deep Cove North Vancouver, BC BRINGING STORIES TO LIFE monova.ca VISIT NOW! 115 WEST ESPLANADE NORTH VANCOUVER 120 Carrie Cates Ct. Shipyards District North Vancouver 604.688.7323 Inuit.com
Bowen Island 19 Catching Stars Gallery catchingstarsgallery.com info@catchingstarsgallery.com


nown as the Sea-to-Sky Highway or BC 99 Highway, the iconic route is a veritable fount of natural beauty overlooking the Strait of Georgia on the ascending mountain passes of West Vancouver, through the soaring cliff faces through Squamish, cascading roadside waterfalls, and finally the alpine majesty of the Fitzsimmons Range surrounding the renowned Whistler Blackcomb Village. All along the Sea-to-Sky exists a staggering selection of scenic pit stops. To help you plan your trip we suggest a few key stops along the way. In addition to the spots on our list, be sure to download the Cultural Journey Route presented by the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations – a series of kiosks along the drive provide an in depth look at the cultural significance of each site.

KKnown as the Sea to Sky Highway or BC 99 Highway, the iconic route is a veritable fount of natural beauty overlooking the Strait of Georgia on the ascending mountain passes of West Vancouver, through the soaring cliff faces through Squamish, cascading roadside waterfalls, and finally the alpine majesty of the Fitzsimmons Range surrounding the renowned Whistler Blackcomb Village. All along the Sea-to-Sky exists a staggering selection of scenic pit stops. To help you plan your trip we suggest a few key stops along the way. In addition to the spots on our list, be sure to download the Cultural Journey Route presented by the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations - a series of kiosks along the drive provide an in depth look at the cultural significance of each site.

01After heading out of Vancouver to the North Shore, spend some time exploring the public art along the Spirit Trail. Visit Museum of North Vancouver, Inuit Gallery, and stop for a dose of contemporary art at the neighboring Polygon Gallery.

After heading out of Vancouver to the North Shore, spend some time exploring the public art along the Spirit Trail. Visit Museum of North Vancouver, Inuit Gallery, and stop for a dose of contemporary art at the neighboring Polygon Gallery


99 Highway, the iconic route overlooking the Strait of Georgia West Vancouver, through the cascading roadside waterfalls, and Fitzsimmons Range surrounding the along the Sea-to-Sky exists a help you plan your trip we addition to the spots on our Journey Route presented by the series of kiosks along the drive significance of each site.

Arriving back at the mainland, continue along the highway through West Vancouver and on to Britannia. A tour at the Britannia Mine Museum takes you back to the days of industry in this now tourist region.

heading out of Vancouver to the spend some time exploring along the Spirit Trail. Visit North Vancouver, Inuit Gallery, dose of contemporary art neighboring Polygon Gallery.

02 03

On your way out of North Vancouver, hop aboard a ferry to Bowen Island. Home to a host of artisans and creatives, this quaint island village is an idyllic place for a quiet lunch and gentle afternoon stroll through local shops and galleries. Spend the night in a local B&B and wake up in serenity.

On Vancouver, Bowen artisans island a quiet stroll galleries. B&B

Arriving back at the mainland, continue along the highway through West Vancouver and on to Britannia. A tour at the Britannia Mine Museum takes you back to the days of industry in this now tourist region. 04 the Stawamus greet outdoor local sculptor enjoy

Heading up to Squamish, the towering peaks of the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park greet you in a city known for outdoor adventure, and a unique local art scene. Visit the studio of sculptor Michael Binkley and enjoy the Squamish Mural Walk.

Squamish 23


Pristine natural beauty meets urban luxury in the internationally known destination of Whistler. More than just a plethora of outdoor activities, Whistler boasts an exciting opportunity for cultural exploration. Home to renowned galleries like the Audain Art Museum, which also showcases 24 permanent installations of works by BC’s most acclaimed artist Emily Carr throughout the village, and the Adele Campbell fine art gallery exhibiting contemporary artists from around the country. See the next page to read about the unique Cultural Connector self-guided tour.

24 Whistler
Visit us at The Westin, Whistler 604-938-0887 art@adelecampbell.com Proudly serving Collectors and Visitors for over 25 years adelecampbell.com PAINTINGS SCULPTURE JEWELLERY

Cultural Connector Whistler WALKING ROUTE

Cultural Connector Whistler WALKING ROUTE

Heading into Whistler, visit the Squamish Lil’wat cultural centre to learn from and about the culture and history of the Squamish and Lil'wat Nations.

Heading into Whistler, visit the Squamish Lil’wat cultural centre to learn from and about the culture and history of the Squamish and Lil'wat Nations.

At Lost Lake visit the PassivHaus for a coffee with a view. Home of the Austrian team during the 2010 Olympics, enjoy memorabilia and sustainable Austrian architectural design.

At Lost Lake visit the PassivHaus for a coffee with a view. Home of the Austrian team during the 2010 Olympics, enjoy memorabilia and sustainable Austrian architectural design.

The Audain Museum is one of the finest galleries representing BC's most internationally recognized artists in addition to changing temporary exhibitions.

The Audain Museum is one of the finest galleries representing BC's most internationally recognized artists in addition to changing temporary exhibitions.

Home of Arts Whistler, the Maury Young Arts Centre, located in the main village, is the epicentre of events, classes, exhibitions and all things Art.

Home of Arts Whistler, the Maury Young Arts Centre, located in the main village, is the epicentre of events, classes, exhibitions and all things Art.

01 03 05 04

01 02 03 05 04

The Whistler Library is affectionately deemed "Whistler's Livingroom" because of it's cozy, woodland architecture, and central location.

At Whistler museum, discover the history of Whistler village and the surrounding area from pioneer days to the 2010 Olympics.

The Whistler Library is affectionately deemed "Whistler's Livingroom" because of its cozy, woodland architecture, and central location.

At Whistler Museum, discover the history of Whistler village and the surrounding area from pioneer days to the 2010 Olympics.



Whistler 25


As varied as the landscapes of various regions in BC are its resident artists and creators. From the pristine beaches and rugged coastline of Vancouver Island to the arid landscape and rolling hills of the Nicola Valley. The clandestine shores of a glacier lake tucked between the mountains, to panoramic views of the sprawling Pacific from atop a nearby peak – the verdant, captivating beauty of British Columbia has long served as a muse for the artists who call this province home. (continued on page 30)

28 Featured Artists
Featured Artists 29


Wherever your travels take you, you don’t have to go far to find work by BC’s finest artists adorning the walls of galleries, reception areas, restaurants, coffee shops, and homes all over the province. In this year’s guide we’re showcasing some exceptional talent found in BC’s Creative Communities. Be sure to dog-ear these pages as your go to guide for artists to meet, collect and support. Whether you decide to visit them in person, or peruse the artists’ online portfolios, you’ll be inspired to add to your collection.

30 Featured Artists
Featured Artists 31
34 Sechelt  Tems Swiya Museum 5555 Sunshine Coast Highway (604) 885 6012 Open Monday to Saturday www.shishalh.com We are uniquely situated of the shishalh land. means “our world”. Mother (below) is 3000 our most precious collection. We do cultural tours in and totem pole tours Artworks Gallery & Picture Framing Custom Framing, Conservation Matting, Glass Cutting, Local Art & Reproductions, with 40 Years Experience! 5697 Cowrie Street, Sechelt | 604.740.2660 Mon–Fri 10am–4pm, Sat until 3 pm
Halfmoon Bay 35 Located just past Sechelt on the beautiful Sunshine Coast offering stunning coastlines and gifted artists. Viewing by appointment only CHRIS AINSLIE Mink Farm Gallery 9222 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Halfmoon Bay BC www.minkfarmgallery.com | www.chrisainslie.com 8289 Redrooffs Rd, Halfmoon Bay, BC atangledweb.ca | sandykayart.com 604.328.7655 HALFMOON BAY

Thecommunities of Garden Bay, Madeira Park and Irvine’s Landing are collectively known by the umbrella name of Pender Harbour. True Sunshine Coast chill and charm imbue all aspects of life in these waterfront communities. Authentic travel experiences abound throughout the Sunshine Coast with unique places to stay alongside quaint, picturesque harbour front views. Tucked away in hills of Halfmoon Bay, Rockwater Resort provides an unforgettable experience of secluded restoration.

36 Halfmoon Bay | Madeira Park

It’s no surprise that the scenic landscape and laid back atmosphere draws many artists who live and work in the Sunshine Coast. Discover off the beaten path studios like the Fibreworks Studio & Gallery housed in a series of Yurts arranged like a small village. Artist Motoko’s studio and gallery is a zen filled experience showcasing the prolific artist’s own works. Known for his public art displays and vibrant, popping works on canvas, Sokazo Phillipe calls Garden Bay home, set up a visit in his studio!

Garden Bay 37


Aunique community in the Lower Mainland, Delta is situated along the banks of the Fraser River and Pacific Ocean, creating a unique hybrid environment and a natural estuary for birdwatching enthusiasts. Discover visual art, performance, local markets, artisans and gallery spaces from Delta, through Tsawwassen. Bordering Delta is the city of Richmond. Known for iconic historical sites, unique cultural and dining experiences, and a staggering 150 Public Art monuments. Richmond is the first or final stop for many travellers to BC going through the art-filled gates of Vancouver International Airport.

Gallery 171

A 5 Minute drive from the Tsawwassen Ferry the home of South Delta Artists Guild features monthly themed shows with a wide variety of art for sale, in all mediums. The SDAG offers a workspace for members and a program of workshops open to non members. Enjoy our spacious and Welcoming Gallery.

Gallery is located at 1710 - 56th Street Tsawwassen 171

Open Friday – Sunday 12-4 pm

Open Thursday - Sunday 11 - 4 info@southdeltaartistsguild.com



Delta Cultural Services

Douglas J. Husband Discovery Centre

This interactive space hosts exhibitions and programs, as well as community and city archives.

North Delta Centre for the Arts

This new performance facility features a theatre, green room, soundproof music room, and meeting space.

Tsaw wassen Arts Centre

This multi-purpose facility is suited for performing, visual, and literary arts.

38 Delta
South Delta Artists
delta.ca | 604-946-3293
Douglas J. Husband Discovery Centre North Delta Centre for the Arts Tsawwassen Arts Centre


Fun annual events, historic sites, museums, an acclaimed contemporary art gallery and professional theatrical productions.


More than 150 locations� richmond.ca/publicart

BRITANNIA SHIPYARDS NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE 5180 Westwater Dr� richmond.ca/britannia

LONDON HERITAGE FARM 6511 Dyke Rd� londonheritagefarm.ca

GULF OF GEORGIA CANNERY NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE 12138 Fourth Ave� gulfofgeorgiacannery.org

STEVESTON MUSEUM AND VISITOR CENTRE 3811 Moncton St� richmond.ca/ stevestonmuseum

RICHMOND ART GALLERY 7700 Minoru Gate richmondartgallery.org

RICHMOND MUSEUM 7700 Minoru Gate richmondmuseum.ca


GATEWAY THEATRE 6500 Gilbert Rd� gatewaytheatre.com

BRANSCOMBE HOUSE 4900 Steveston Hwy� richmond.ca/ branscomberesidency

ANNUAL EVENTS richmond.ca/events

Children’s Arts Festival ��������������Feb Cherry Blossom Festival ������������Apr Regional Heritage Fair �������������May

Indigenous Peoples Day ������������Jun Doors Open Richmond ��������������Jun

STEVESTON INTERURBAN TRAM BUILDING 4011 Moncton St� richmond.ca/stevestontram richmond.ca

Steveston Salmon Festival ����������Jul Richmond Maritime Festival �������Jul Culture Days ���������������������������Sept Gateway’s Artistic Offerings���Jul–Aug

Location 39

History, arts and culture abound in the iconic waterfront city of New Westminster. Dating back to the beginnings of Western Canadian history, structures as old as 1895 continue to stand the test of time.

A central hub for all things arts and culture is the Anvil Centre where year round events and exhibitions take place.

40 New Westminster  NEW WESTMINSTER



Th e Cit y of N ew Westminster is a communit y with a unique, rich heritage that honours its pas t and finds inspiration in the f uture. Anvil Centre is a f usion of ideas , energie s and cultures.

Th e Cit y of N ew Westminster is a communit y with a unique, rich heritage that honours its pas t and finds inspiration in the f uture. Anvil Centre is a f usion of ideas , energie s and cultures.

Com e and explore culture at Anvil Centre! Anvil Centre Theatre, New Westminster M useum & Archives , N ew M edia G aller y

Exhibitions + Programs , Anvil Studio Ar t Programs , Comm unity Ar t

Com e and explore culture at Anvil Centre! Anvil Centre Theatre, New Westminster M useum & Archives , N ew M edia G aller y

Exhibitions + Programs , Anvil Studio Ar t Programs , Comm unity Ar t

Galler y and C anadian L acrosse H all of Fame

Galler y and C anadian L acrosse H all of Fame

“Reconciling” Exhibition; New Westminster Museum

“Reconciling” Exhibition; New Westminster Museum

New Media Exhibitions + Programs

New Media Exhibitions + Programs

Anvil Theatre Annual Winter Celebration

Anvil Theatre Annual Winter Celebration

Installation design: Omanie Elias

Installation design: Omanie Elias

Studio Art Program at Anvil

Studio Art Program at Anvil

777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC T 604 515 3830

New Westminster 41
777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC T 604 515 3830

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for public art installations and murals throughout the city. Galleries, local shops, markets, arts events and festivals throughout the year attract visitors from all over Metro Vancouver and abroad. Check out Pottery Works for workshops and classes. Check the Arts Council of New West website for up to date events and happenings in the city.

New Westminster 43 VAN DOP GALLER Y HOME | OFFICE | CONSULTING www.vandopgallery.com 604.521.7887

Surrey is home to a thriving artistic community.

Engage with contemporary art through changing exhibitions and permanent artworks, along with talks, tours, and courses at the Surrey Art Gallery

If you’re looking to witness artistic creativity … check in with the Arts Council of Surrey. Fifty Five Years of Celebrating the Visual, Performing and Literary Arts in the City of Surrey, BC

44 Surrey  SURREY

Takein a show at the Inlet Theatre or enjoy great food and entertainment at a local festival. Get to know our heritage and culture by visiting the Port Moody Station Museum and Port Moody Arts Centre (PoMoArts). Hike or bike one of our trails, relax with a picnic in Rocky Point Park, or explore Burrard Inlet by kayak. And don't forget the local shops and great dinning. There’s so much to discover in the City of the Arts!

Port Moody 45 PORT MOODY
Photo Courtesy of City of Port Moody

Fun is in Our Nature Inspiring Cultural Experiences

Here in Coquitlam, fun is in our nature. It’s in the wilderness that surrounds us and in our spirit of adventure. Its wildlife and city life.

Hop off SkyTrain for shopping or lunch on a patio, or listen to live music, lake side, in Town Centre Park. Hike on trails less travelled or simply take in the mountain views with a locally made treat. Sample craft beers or visit one of our foodie enclaves. We’re a diverse city with an array of eateries made possible by our multicultural makeup. Follow the music to our festivals and events, from Kaleidoscope Arts Festival to the Summer Concert Series. Or be wowed by Lights at Lafarge each winter, when hundreds of thousands of lights illuminate the lake during the festive season.

Steep ed in a rich cultural heritage, Coquitlam is home to a burgeoning theatre and arts community. Locals flock to galleries, theatres and museums that offer regular performances and a variety of exhibitions in intimate settings.

Coquitlam’s central location offers multiple shopping, sports and entertainment possibilities with a fascinating historical environment to explore. What are you waiting for? Visit Coquitlam and let your adventure begin. VisitCoquitlam.ca

46 Coquitlam  1120 Brunette Ave. Coquitlam, BC 604.664.1636 | placedesarts.ca Place des Arts is a not-for-profit arts education centre offering classes in We also showcase local artists through our exhibition spaces, Artisan Shop and events and performances. music • dance • theatre visual arts • creative writing @pdacoquitlam
visitcoquitlam.ca #explorecoquitlam

The Tri-Cities venue for live arts experiences, events, and exhibitions. Located just steps away from Lafarge-Lake Douglas SkyTrain Station, we offer a full season of live performing arts events, curated exhibitions at the Art Gallery at Evergreen, seasonal arts camps + classes, and free public programming that the whole family can enjoy.

1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam BC

www.evergreenculturalcentre.ca @evergreenarts
Office: 604.927.6555

The historic village of Fort Langley is the epicentre of arts and culture in the Lower Mainland. With its architecture, restaurants, coffee shops, unique storefronts and galleries throughout the walkable village center, and museums and heritage sites surrounding the community, Fort Langley is a delightful place to spend the day. Discover the art of Richard Cole and Wendy Mould, and explore the unique history of farming in the Fraser Valley at the BC Farm Museum. Just a short drive up Glover Road discover Downtown Langley and take a self-guided mural walk. Visit the intimate performance venue at Langley’s Bez Art Hub for an up close and personal experience.

48 Fort Langley
Langley 49
50 Langley


Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains are the rolling fields of the Fraser Valley. From Abbotsford to Hope, this bountiful region is fast growing and quickly becoming the hub of young entrepreneurial enterprise. Chic neighbourhoods with breweries, trendy coffee shops, and boutique fare are creating a new economy in the valley centered on slow goods, artisan's product and a return to the agricultural roots of the region. A place where farm to table is the norm, where nature and entertainment are synonymous and escape is just around the corner.

Abbotsford is the epitome of urban convenience meets rural charm with a downtown neighborhood that has found its character and charm in the young business owners that have taken up residence there drawing the Luddite and Influencer alike. A thriving arts community, a plethora of agri-tourism destinations and the surrounding natural beauty put Abbotsford on the map as a place to visit all year round.

Experience the true revitalizing qualities of natural hot springs at the Harrison Hot Springs resort. Well rested you can tour the surrounding community of Harrison, which is home to unique, local arts and cultural experiences as well as the annually occurring Harrison Festival of the Arts.

52 Harrison Hot Springs  find art & culture...just up the road Art an� Cultural a�rac�ons inclu�e� -�anger Sta�on �ublic Art �allery -Canwest Art
�orch �o�ery Stu�io
Harrison Museum
Historic Site
B -BC’s only Sasquatch Museum
ofthe early July

Vancouver Island


Pacific Northwest experience is not complete without a visit to Vancouver Island. Lush forests, rugged shorelines, secret coves and beaches create the perfect environment for laid back island life. Separated from the mainland by the Georgia Straight, Vancouver Island has many unique experiences to discover in addition to its astounding natural beauty. Since you can drive from tip to tip of the island in just 7 hours, a road trip over a few days can include all of the incredible, recommended destinations on our list. A gallery tour is a must on the island, beginning with Victoria’s Gallery Walk itinerary and following Highway 19 North, there are incredible community galleries and artists of all disciplines all along the beautiful drive from Victoria to Port Hardy. Experience Indigenous culture throughout the island’s communities in museums, heritage sites and art galleries.

Ferry Route

If you are in Duncan head West through the beautiful and serene Cowichan Valley to tour wineries, organic farms and local artisans. Through the Cowichan continue West to the Southern Island coastal community of Sooke. Make sure to catch the renowned Sooke Fine Arts Show, South Shore Gallery and visit the Free Spirit Gallery on Gabriola Island.

54 Discover
Brentwood Bay
Gabriola Island | Sooke 55 South Shore Gallery Original Fine Art by West Coast Artists located at 2046 Otter Point Road in the heart of Sooke 250-642-2058 www.southshoregallery.ca Parksville Beach Festival Doug Wortley/Arrowsmith Aerial Photography

Gallery Hours: Tuesday To Friday, Noon - 5pm

1524 Pandora Ave, Victoria 250.381.4428


Exhibitions • Workshops • Screenings • Rentals • Artist Support HISTORIC AND CONTEMPORARY CANADIAN ART 606 VIEW STREET, VICTORIA B.C. V8W 1J4 - 250 380 4660 WWW.MADRONAGALLERY.COM E.J. Hughes Above Ganges Harbour24 x 36Oil on Canvas1974

The Bateman Gallery 300 – 470 Belleville St, Victoria, BC V8V 1W9

The Bateman Foundation 300 – 470 Belleville St, Victoria, BC V8V 1W9

(250) 940-3630

(250) 940-3630





Victoria  57
Madrona Gallery Photo courtesy of Tourism Victoria


Welcome to lək̓ʷəŋən traditional territory. We invite you to join us to experience our culture and the tradition of hospitality shared here since time immemorial.


Although the city Victoria is now all around us, you can still find footprints and signs of our traditional land use here. We look forward to sharing our stories and significant sights on a cultural canoe or walking tour in the heart of lək̓ʷəŋən (Lekwungen) traditional territory!

əné iɫən sxʷ al kʷəntal əƛ̓ ɫniŋəɫ Salmon, bannock and more — join us at our Food Truck or Cart where we have traditionally-inspired foods by Songhees Events and Catering waiting to be savoured!


Look for our kiosk and find weekly tours, artists and traditional foods at xws ɛ yq’əm (Ship Point) on the Victoria Inner Harbour causeway from May to October. See our events calendar for a list of cultural activities and special events taking place year-round.


Indigenous Arts & Culture

The majesty and natural beauty of British Columbia have been the backdrop for cultural vibrancy for millennia. The Culture, stories and artistry of BC’s First Nations have roots that run deep and provide the underpinning the diverse tapestry of contemporary arts and culture in the province.

With 203 distinct Indigenous Communities in BC, First People’s history runs through the veins of all 6 regions. From major city centres to small communities, indigenous knowledge keepers share traditions with new generations through Indigenous owned businesses, cultural centres, travel experiences, artistry and immersive cultural learning.

Experience intimately the beating drum of a thriving Aboriginal Culture by visiting Cultural Centres, art galleries and preserved heritage sites across the province. Discover the many authentic Aboriginal bodies focused on the preservation, education and continued development of BC’s Indigenous culture.

There are so many ways to explore Indigenous culture in British Columbia! In addition to many groundbreaking galleries, museums, and heritage sites, indigenous artists from across the province continue to produce and collaborate on an incredible array of works in multiple contexts.

See Page 79 for a list of Indigenous experiences.

Carving shed of Calvin McNeil Sr. in the village of Laxgalts’ap, Nisga’a Nation
Photo: Grant Harder

Salt Spring, Pender, Mayne, Saturna & Galiano Island

62 Salt Spring Island ArtSpring BCAC Magazine ad FINAL PRINT.indd 1 2022-03-18 2:05 PM
the Gulf Islands
Galiano Island Photo: Ben Giesbrecht

Spring and summer are great times to visit the Southern Gulf Islands for outdoor adventure, farm-fresh food and drink, arts and culture entertainment and wellness retreats. Romantic walks in the woods and along beaches makes for memorable family time or for romantic couple’s escapes. Salt Spring Island and Galiano Island are home to many artists, writers, unique galleries, artisanal farms and artists’ studios. At the end of the day, tuck into one of our many places to stay in front of a fire and a warm embrace! Spend some time on neighbouring islands, have some island hopping fun and find out what all of the fuss is about!

Galiano Island 63 Salt Spring Island
64 Duncan | Nanaimo LEARN MORE AT tourismcowichan.com/arts waNDeR anD AdmiRE LEArN anD CoNnEcT SaVOUr ANd aPPreCiAte ExpeRIEnCe CoWIcHaN
Owl Spirit, Carver: Tom LaFortune

Itis no surprise that the eclectic charm and splendor of the Cowichan has attracted a diverse population of local cultural producers from artists, fine craftspeople, to organic farmers, viticulturists and epicureans and be certain to include a visit to Cowichan Bay. In Duncan, visit the gallery of prolific painter E.J. Hughes who lived and painted the surrounding landscapes of the Eastern side of the island. Heading into Chemainus , see the history of the town painted in murals throughout the community. Look for the footprints on the sidewalk to guide you.

Cowichan Bay | Duncan | Chemainus 65 COWICHAN
www.muraltown.com Chemainus Festival of Murals Society Art THIS WON’T STAY BOLD INDOORS!

Performing arts, ceramics studios, galleries, festivals, and museums make up the cultural tapestry of the urban island coastal city of Nanaimo. In addition to stunning oceanfront beaches, secluded spots and a plethora of parks and trails make Nanaimo a major destination on Vancouver Island. Heading North, discover the calm and stillness that comes with the ebb and flow of the tide in the quaint area of Parksville and Qualicum Beach.




www. msfnanaimo .org


www. francophone nanaimo .org

BebanParkSocialCentre February FUNFORTHEWHOLEFAMILY! EntenteCanada-Colombie-Britanniquerelativeauxservicesenfrançais2018-2019à2022-2023 66 Nanaimo  JAZZ SERIES SPRING 2023 FESTIVAL FALL 2023 nanaimojazzfest.ca SAVE THE DATE NANAIMO

Patricia Banks Fine Art

3640 Glen Oaks Drive Nanaimo BC 250.751.4249

Landscape & Wildlife Painter

Gallery Open

Tues-Sat | 11am-5pm

140 Wallace St. Nanaimo


Nanaimo  67
parksvillebeachfest.ca Annual Festival Celebrating Arts & Music MID JULY to 3 rd WEEK in AUGUST 68 Parksville  Eat, Play, Stay, Shop Get Exclusive Discounts Parksville Qualicum Beach Savings Pass myPQB.ca/pass Get Exclusive Discounts with Parksville Qualicum Beach Savings Pass myPQB.ca/pass MCMILLAN ARTS CENTRE (the MAC) Exhibitions • Music & Performances • School for Creative Arts 133 McMillan St. Parksville 250.248.8185 mcmillanartscentre.com
Parksville | Bowser 69 myPQB.ca/pass Step 1 - Get Your Pass Step 2 - Receive Text Step 3 - Redeem Eat, Play, Stay, Shop Get Exclusive Discounts with the Parksville Qualicum Beach Savings Pass No app to downloadShow your phone to redeem discounts Discounts with Beach myPQB.ca/pass artful distinctive memorable Handmade is Heartmade Ourcuratedcollectionfrom 195SalishSeaArtists KastawayzArt www.artbymonk.com
Parksville | Qualicum Beach

plan your comox valley arts and culture visit

From the main urban hub of Courtenay, to the seaside community of Comox and the mountain biking mecca Cumberland there’s an art or culture offering for every taste!

The Comox Valley offers four seasons of fantastic experiences for visitors to enjoy! Many of the artists, artisans, writers and musicians who live in the area derive their inspiration from the beautiful landscapes and people that surround them. From painters and potters, to theatre and dance troupes, to some of the best live entertainment and cultural festivals around, the Comox Valley is a thriving arts and culture community.

Comox Valley is more than just one community, so while you are visiting our beautiful valley make sure to add some of our well known art and culture hubs such as the I-Hos Gallery, Comox Valley Art Gallery, The Waverly Hotel, Sid Williams Theatre, Cumberland Museum, the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park or the Comox Air Force Museum to your list. Take an extra day to visit some of the lesser known gems in the region such as the Beyond the Sea Studio, Potter’s Place, Coal Creek Historical Park or the Pearl Ellis Gallery.

The Valley is also known for its incredibly diverse culinary scene. So whether you are looking for local fresh seafood, farm to table restaurants, artisan donuts, local brews or award winning wines, there is something for everyone's taste buds. Some of the local favourites include Bigfoot Donuts, Altas Cafe, Il Falcone Restaurant, Church Street Taphouse, Toscano’s Mediterranean Grill, OMG Maracrons, Biblio Taco, Riders Pizza, 40 Knots Winery, Beaufort Vineyards, Gladstone Brewing Co or Cumberland Brewing.

For more information for your Comox Valley experience, visit ExperienceComoxValley.ca

Comox  Comox Valley is home to world class artists and performers, and is packed with high-calibre museums, galleries, music, dance, festivals and more. Courtenay & Distr. Museum and Paleontology Centre 207 Fourth St | 250.334.0686 | courtenaymuseum.ca Comox Valley Arts 202-580 Duncan Ave | 250.334.2983 | comoxvalleyarts.com Comox Valley Art Gallery 580 Duncan Ave | 250.338.6211 | comoxvalleyartgallery.com Sid Williams Theatre 442 Cliffe Ave | 250.338.2430 | sidwilliamstheatre.com Learn more at ciag.ca
Comox 73 Wrx ArtStudio Gallery anoukhartwell.com Wrx ArtStudio Gallery

BetweenCourtenay and Campbell River is a short scenic drive. Home to stunning waterfalls, shaded rainforest hikes, rivers, lakes and general serenity, this central island passageway is also the epicenter of culture in the Comox Valley. Museums, galleries, artists, festivals and performing arts are year round experiences. Discover the Indigenous culture thriving in the Comox Valley where the K'ómoks people live, work and create in a variety of cultural and geographical locales throughout the area.


74 Courtenay | Campbell River Museum at Campbell River Preserving our past to inform the future. crmuseum.ca . 250 287 3103 470 Island Hwy. at 5th Ave, Campbell River COURTENAY | CAMPBELL RIVER
526C Cumberland Rd, Courtenay, BC

Mussels & More Pottery

We are a family owned and operated pottery studio based out of Campbell River, BC. We specialize in handmade nautical themed pottery that is Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher safe! As well as we have an attached Artisan Gift Boutique where we feature a large variety of local makers and handcrafted gifts!

Campbell River 75
Follow us to see how it all happens! 1761 Island Highway Campbell River, BC www.nauticaldinnerware.com @musselsandmorepottery 250-286-9924

Telegraph Cove is tucked away on the eastern coast of Northern Vancouver Island. This tiny and picturesque village is a major destination during the summer months when the snug little bay bustles with whale watchers, fishermen, boaters, campers and kayakers. Telegraph Cove Resort has a rich and colourful past and is one of the last boardwalk settlements left on Vancouver Island.

Located next door to the resort is Telegraph Cove Gallery, showcasing West Coast artwork with a marine flair.

76 Telegraph Cove TELEGRAPH
Experience 15+ unique art studios and galleries on this self-guided tour vancouverislandnorth.ca/art-tour 78 Alert Bay  U’mista tells an epic story of resilience; a “must-see” world-famous collection of repatriated ceremonial masks & regalia; galleries and a gift shop featuring jewelry and carvings by Kwakwaka’wakw artists. Learn about U’mista and the potlatch: www.umistapotlatch.ca www.umista.ca 250.974.5403 Open daily July-Aug
79 Indigenous Experiences & Destinations Bill Reid Gallery ............................ p. 6 Squamish Lilwat Cultural Centre ........................... p. 27 Tems Swiya Museum ................... p. 34 Muskwa Gallery ............................. p. 51 Heaven n' Earth ............................ p. 51 Mark Loria Gallery ...................... p. 57 Explore Songhees ......................... p. 59 Spirits of the Westcoast Art Gallery .................................... p. 74 Wei Wai Kum House of Treasures ..................................... p. 75 U'Mista Cultural Centre ............... p. 78 Culture Shock ..................................... p. 78 Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre ............................... p. 94 Haida Heritage Centre ................. p. 103 Kitimat Museum ............................... p. 105 Museum of Northern BC ............. p. 107 Nisga'a Museum .............................. p. 109 House of Sim'oi'ghets .................... p. 110 Ksan Historical Village ................. p. 111 Haida Heritage Centre, in Skidegate
Grant Harder Indigenous


There is nothing like waking up to a warm Okanagan sunrise. The scent of the orchard and the vine infuse the air and inspire the senses. The bountiful beauty of the Thompson Okanagan is home to many artists and cultural creatives in each unique community.

80 Discover
West Kelowna Oyama Sun Peaks Lake Country Cawston West Kelowna

Picturesque landscapes, sprawling vineyards and cascading valley views marry with inspired creativity and artistry, promising authentic, enriching experiences. From outdoor adventure, biking, skiing, or hiking, to lazy days spent touring the vineyards of Canada’s famous wine country.

Communities throughout the region showcase rich performance culture, established multicultural heritage, self-guided art tours, galleries, artisanal boutiques and eateries and plenty of artist studios off the beaten path. Take advantage of long, warm evenings and experience the regions many festivals, events, markets and varied outdoor performances.

Lake Country 81
Photo: Brendin Kelly Indigenous World Winery
82 Princeton



The Greater Vernon area has a heritage that is steeped in arts and culture. It is woven into the very fabric of our people and city. Take a few hours or spend the entire day discovering the rich culture and diversity of Vernon. You’ll find art galleries, live music, live theatre, outdoor murals, and outdoor adventures to excite your imagination. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much is here.



The first weekend in June! Three full buildings at the Vernon Recreation Complex. Over 200 artists, crafters, specialty foods, performing arts & food faire. creativecrafts.com


creativechaosvernon 3400 39 Ave, Vernon BC


Explore the historical elegance of this 1910 country mansion. Offering tours, teas, events and more. Tours Tues at 11am

Teas Thurs at 10am or 2pm

7804 Kidston Road Coldstream, BC 250.545.1019



The Vernon Public Art Gallery is a center for education and cultural activities in the Okanagan. Feature exhibitions from established artists as well as up-and-coming talents working in a variety of media. The largest public gallery in the North Okanagan, VPAG offers up to 20 exhibitions per year for public viewing, as well as a Gallery Shop. The VPAG delivers various programming and events for the community, including artist talks, workshops and signature events. 3228 31 Avenue, Vernon, BC 250.545.3173 | vernonpublicartgallery.com

tourismvernon.com | #ExploreVernon


Explore exhibits, experience events, and connect with the past in our vast archival collection!

3009 32 Avenue

Vernon, BC




From April to October every Monday & Thursday 8am - 1pm at KAL TIRE PLACE PARKING LOT

3445-43rd Avenue

Vernon, BC 250.351.5188



Tours, Artist & Writer Residencies, Festivals and more!

Explore the secrets and rumours of this 125-year-old heritage house with a fascinating and disturbing history. A distinguished aristocrat and scholar from an ancient, royal Italian family…a beautiful young mother…and their creative young daughter held prisoner in her own home for over 25 years.

3401 Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon, BC 250.275.1525 | caetani.org


The Vernon Community Arts Centre offers art classes for people of all ages and abilities, including pottery, painting, glass arts, fibre arts, printmaking, music, and more. Specialist studios are available for member use and the public is welcome to drop by any time to see and shop for local art and art supplies. VCAC also delivers special programming and community events throughout the year.

2704A Highway 6, Vernon, BC 250.542.6243 | vernonarts.ca

Carousel Studios
Carousel Studios


You’ll love travelling back in time with us! Over 150 years ago, O’Keefe Ranch was its own small community with a post office, blacksmith shop, general store, and church. Today, visitors can meet our friendly farm animals, view our annual museum exhibitions, take a tour of the O’Keefe Mansion, and buy candy in the General Store. Come visit this historical site and its buildings—most of which are still original.

9380 Highway 97N, Vernon, BC

250.542.7868 | www.okeeferanch.ca


The Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre is a premier entertainment venue in the North Okanagan run by a non-profit Society on behalf of the RDNO. The Society is dedicated to fostering artists and the enjoyment of performing arts in the Greater Vernon Area by presenting high quality touring acts from around the world under the SPOTLIGHT Presentation Series. The Centre is also a rental venue for local and other touring artists. 3800 33rd Street, Vernon, BC

250.542.9355 | vdpac.ca



3101 31 Avenue

Vernon, BC

250.542.8544 | 250.308.0758



102–3105 28 Avenue

Vernon, BC




6700 Old Kamloops Road

Vernon, BC

250.307.5595 | 250.542.8987



215 Odin Road

Silver Star Mountain, BC

250.503.0822 | 250.503.7318


87 87
Peter Solymosi
| #ExploreVernon

Kamloops is located in BC’s beautiful and wild ThompsonNicola region at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers. Named Tk’emlups in Salish, the area has a strong cultural heritage beginning with the Secwepemc people. Discover the history of the region at the Kamloops Museum and Archives and keep up with local arts and cultural events through the Kamloops Arts Council Surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes, and home to an eccentric mix of artists and performers, Kamloops is attractive to adventurers and culture seekers alike.

Live music performances from September to May

kamloopssymphony.com | 250.372.5000 music. tuned
88 Kamloops  KAMLOOPS
Old Courthouse Cultural Centre
Kamloops 89
Come visit the Kamloops Arts Council! We always have something to see in our galleries, exhibitions to look forward to and more! For more information, visit kamloopsarts.ca!
07 Seymour Street, Kamloops BC

Inthe Southeastern bay of the popular Shuswap Lake is the city of Salmon Arm. Each year people are drawn to the Shuswap region for the bountiful outdoor recreational experiences, summer activities, festivals and events. Salmon Arm began as a railway town developing alongside the cross Canada railroad. Visit local heritage sites and the RJ Haney Museum to learn about the history of this abundant valley. The Caravan Farm Theatre is a unique outdoor theatre providing professional performances. The Roots and Blues festival is a major music and arts festival in the Thompson Okanagan billing international performers, prominent Canadian artists, local artisans, food vendors and more!

Armstrong Photo: Bob Boxall
Salmon Arm | Armstrong 91

Surrounded by vineyards and beaches, Penticton is a coveted vacation destination for travelers throughout the summer. In the winter, Penticton is near to local ski mountains and other outdoor recreational adventures. Penticton comes from the Salish word snpintktn translated as “the place where people live year-round”. True to the name, the authentic atmosphere of this artisanal town promotes a vibrant arts and cultural scene. Experience art in a historic setting at the Leir House Cultural Centre, home of the Penticton Arts Council with active programming year round. Discover the heritage of Penticton Museum and Archives, and experience the call of the wild at the Meadowlark Nature Festival.

Contemporary Gallery Artists Studios Makers Shop

374 Main Street Penticton, BC 250-462-0379



92 Penticton  PENTICTON
Penticton 93
penticton museum & archives

Boundary Country owns a history littered with a diverse group of different peoples, from the original caretakers of the land, the Sinixt People, and those who followed in the form of the Doukhobors, cattle ranchers, and artists.

One of the fun ways to learn about our history and culture is at the Christina Lake Welcome Centre, where you’ll find the Story Pole that chronicles Christina Lake’s story from ancient beginnings to the present.

The spectacular Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre (pronounced in-ka-meep) in Osoyoos is a state-of-the-art interpretive centre, an architectural marvel built into a hillside.

christinalakearts.com British Columbia, Canada | boundarybc.com BoundaryCountryBC @boundarycountry
444 1887 94 Boundary Country | Osoyoos EXPERIENCE NK'MIP
HIGHWAY 3 Christina Lake Welcome Centre
Beaverdell, Bridesville, Christina
Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway,
Rock Creek, Westbridge, Big White BOUNDARY COUNTRY
Gold Country 95 explore gold country.com | gold trail.com #goldcountryBC #GoldCountryGeoTour #GContheTrail Gold Country™BC ExploreGoldCountry GoldCountryBC GOLDRUSHTRAIL.CA rich in culture Discover the authentic BC frontier. The Gold Rush Trail calls to those with an adventurous heart seeking to reconnect with nature, culture and heritage.
96 Quesnel  Discover Cariboo Chilcotin Coast
lands & rich heritage waiting to be explored

Wonder, wilderness and wild frontier span BC’s Cariboo region. Strike cultural Gold in BC’s original frontier country. Travel back in time in the historic town of Barkerville – a uniquely preserved ghost town from the earliest days of the Gold Rush. Spend an unforgettable day being incorporated into the professional reenactments and staged events throughout the village. Heading just North, stop in at the quintessential cultural hub of Island Mountain Arts. Westward in Quesnel be sure to look out for the Quesnel Art Gallery operated by the Quesnel & District Community Arts Council

Barkerville  97 -160
-New live theatre show-Dozens of exhibits-over half a million artifacts-120 campsites-on-site accommodations-457 hectares of park land-Family activities & restaurantswww.barkerville.ca or 1-888-994-3332
heritage buildings-
108 Mile Heritage Site

Discover Kootenay Rockies

TheKootenay Rockies is a vast wilderness of rivers, lakes, water-falls, beaches, mineral hot springs, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains. Wildlife flourishes here from eagles, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, coyotes, moose, cougars to black and grizzly bears.

The region is one of Canada‘s pre-eminent destinations for golfing and mountain biking, while the many natural, year round hot springs are an international draw.

Here you’ll get your chance to visit wonderfully restored heritage towns, thriving arts communities and gold rush boom-towns. Along the shores of the pristine waters of Kootenay Lake and nestled on the mountain sides of the Selkirk Mountains lies the culturally rich communities of Nelson, Kaslo and Balfour.

Kootenay Rockies | Nelson  99 Aug 15, Explore artists’ studios, museums, art galleries and heritage sites through this free, self-guided tour within the Columbia Basin. Meet the artists, shop for fine art and craft, view demonstrations, special exhibitions, interpretive displays or chat with local historians during this two day cultural celebration! For further information visit our website or call 250-505-5505. www.cbculturetour.com Lainey Benson Fine Art - Grohman Awakens A project of Funded by Columbia Basin Culture Tour FEATURING OVER 250 LOCAL AND CANADIAN ARTISTS & DESIGNERS OPEN MON-SAT( all year) and SUNDAYS (July & August)- 378 BAKER ST, 250-352-3006 - WWW.CRAFTCONNECTION.ORG FEATURING OVER 250 LOCAL AND CANADIAN ARTISTS & DESIGNERS 378 BAKER ST, NELSON B.C 250-352-3006 WWW.CRAFTCONNECTION.ORG
Photo: Mitch Winton
the capitol theatre the capitol theatre 421 Victoria st, Nelson, bc 421 Victoria st, Nelson, bc box office: 11-3 pm tues-fri call 250.352.6363 theatre - music - dance - screenings FESTIVAL nelson international nelson & district arts council WWW.NDAC.CA

Northern British Columbia


and experience the call of pristine, untamed wilderness like nowhere else on Earth. Northern BC exists as a uniquely Canadian landscape with a landmass larger than the entire state of California. Stretching as far North as the Yukon and Alaska, the Northern region is a vast and largely unexplored land that serves as a rare inspiration for arts and culture. Rich and immersive Indigenous cultural experiences can be found in abundance throughout the region.

Discover the heritage of the region in museums, cultural centres and heritage sites filled with the artifacts, stories and heritage of the people and lands. The following pages showcase the active work of preservation in the North and the abundance of culture that has existed in this region for thousands of years.

102 Discover
DAWSON CREEK, POUCE COUPE Entrance to Ksan Museum

Travel to the North must include a visit to the unique Haida Gwaii islands, (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands). Travelers come from all over the world to experience the culture of the Haida people in this remote island archipelago comprised of 150 islands on the rugged Northern Pacific coast. A visit to the Haida Gwaii is a spiritual experience, before you travel, ensure you visit Haida Heritage Centre to learn about the history of the Haida people, and how to respectfully explore the Haida lands and heritage sites like the internationally renowned UNESCO world heritage site of the Nan Sdins village on SG̱ang Gwaay. Remnants of an ancient village remain protected and available to visit on the Southern tip of the island.

Open year round

Haida Gwaii 103 THE HAIDA HERITAGE CENTRE & Timeless Voices . Living Culture Second Beach Rd. Skidegate, Haida Gwaii 250.559.7885 | 250.559.4643 haidaheritagecentre.com | haidagwaiimuseum.ca HAIDA GWAII MUSEUM AT KAY LLNAGAAY
Prince Rupert

The Northwest of British Columbia reaches as far as the boundaries of the Yukon/Alaska border, featuring crystal clear mountain ranges, glacier valleys, volcanic rock formations, and lush, forested landscapes as far as the eye can see.

Scenic drives are plentiful throughout the North Western highways of BC. Experience the sense of pure escape as you travel through vast expanses of 360° views of uninhabited wilderness. The communities along Highway 16, and 37 showcase the inspired work of centuries from past to present. At Terrace take a trip south along the 37 to Kitimat within the Haisla Nation territory. Visit the Kitimat Museum and Archives to experience heritage, arts and culture all under one roof.

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Kitimat 105


you to the North West Coast and the gatekeeper to the Misty Isles is Prince Rupert. A thriving arts and cultural community with its renowned Museum of Northern BC which holds international acclaim for the breadth of its exhibits, artifacts, and works of featured local artists.

Visit the North Pacific Cannery to experience a preserved piece of Canadian industrial history. “Exhibits, guided tours, original architecture, historically-inspired cuisine and the pristine wilderness surroundings tell

106 Prince Rupert  INFORMATION RATES adult: $12 student (5 - 18): $6 senior (65 and over): $10 children (under 5): free tour groups: $10 per person family rates available SEASON OF OPERATION May 1 to September 30 City of Vancouver Archives – CVA783-175 An up-to-date schedule of hours for the current season is available on the North Pacific website. The website also provides information about departure times for NORTH PACIFIC CANNERY OLD SKEENA RIVER ROAD PORT EDWARD N orth Pacific is unique among the few surviving cannery sites. It was established in 1889 and is the oldest remaining salmon cannery on the West Coast of North America and ran continuously for almost 100 years. Owned by the Anglo Brit ish Columbia Packers Company, North Pacific would employ hundreds of men and women of Chinese, First Nations, Japanese and European backgrounds as fishers, cannery workers and support sta during the months of the salmon run up the Skeena River. Because of its unique history and the fact it is one of the very few remote www.10fourdesign.com INFORMATION RATES adult: $12 student (5 - 18): $6 senior (65 and over): $10 children (under 5): free tour groups: $10 per person family rates available SEASON OF OPERATION May 1 to September 30 CONTACT US PHONE Summer 250.628.3538 Winter 250.628.3667 WEBSITE www.northpacificcannery.ca EMAIL manager@northpacificcannery.ca TOURS Large tours or o season tours can be arranged in advance by contacting either the summer or winter telephone numbers. City of Vancouver An up-to-date schedule of hours for the current season is available on the North Pacific website. The website also provides information about departure times for
will be in awe of its remarkable river setting on Inverness Passage and be transported back to the days of cannery life. May 1 to September 30
in BC’s economic, cultural and
over the last century.”
story of an industry that played
integral role
natural development
Photo: Shayd Johnson Prince Rupert
Location 107
108 Nass Valley
Kitimat 109


Browse our stunning collection of masks, prints, hand carved silver jewelry, jewelry, wood carvings, Manitobah Mukluks & more!

Proudly First Nations owned | Authentic Arts & Craft Gift Store Products by talented local First Nation Artists

Located 3 miles west of Terrace, BC on Highway 16 West P: (250)-638-1629 F: (250)-635-6110

110 Terrace

FromTerrace to Hazelton experience the high country as you enter the cool alpine radiance of the Hazelton Mountains. Terrace is home to the Kitsumkalum Galts’ap peoples. Visit the cherished House of Sim-Oi-Ghets – an indigenous owned gift shop selling handcrafted straw hats, hand carved silver jewelry, artisanal prints and photographs of the region, handmade garments, and more.

From Terrace heading North you’ll be enveloped in the powerful presence of numerous mountain peaks known as the Hazeltons. Experience immersive Indigenous history and culture at the Ksan Historical Village and Museum. Home of the Gitxsan peoples for over 8000 years, 'Ksan is a place to honour generations past and present in a unique historical site located near the ancient village of Gitanmaax. Visit Longhouses, totems and other structures as well as live carvers at work as you learn about Gitxsan history and way of life.

Further along Highway 16, in the Bulkley Valley is Smithers on the traditional territory of the Gidimt'en Clan and the Witsuwit’en people. Rich history and a strong local community have made the Bulkley Valley region an attractive arts and cultural tourism centre. In Smithers, Indigenous experiences, historic sites, museums and artisans create a tapestry of present day art meets historic roots.

Hazelton 111 Hazelton, BC ph: 250.842.5544 fx: 250.842.6533 ksan@gitanmaax.com www.ksan.org TERRACE


➊ Free Artisan Studio Tour (end of July)

➋ Self-Guided Art Mural & History Walks

➌ 3 Local Museums: Smithers, Telkwa & Witset

➍ Midsummer Music Festival

➎ BV Fall Fair, Rodeo & Parade

❻ Smithers Art Gallery, Art & Soul, Nielsen Gallery

❼ Saturday Farmers & Artisan Markets

➑ LIVE music @ Craft Breweries

➒ Art Workshops @ the Creation Station

➓ Summer Guitar Camps for Adults & Youth

for more arts & culture info & events:


112 Location  Get good natured.

Theheart of the Northeast is the Peace Country. In the impressive landscape of the region you will find museums and small towns where the region’s heritage and culture is experienced. Tour the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum to step into the region's rich history. The museum is housed in 9 buildings displaying countless artifacts, and showcases a collection of vehicles and equipment used to build the Alaska Highway in 1942.

The cultural hub of the region is found in Fort St John, the region's largest city, with heritage sites and galleries. Its North Peace Cultural Society hosts a Theatre, Café, and Art Gallery being the epicentre. Relax in the smaller towns such as Hudson Hope and Chetwynd. Time your visit to experience the Chetwynd Chainsaw Carving Festival

The wood carving championship runs from June 9 to 12th


Fort St. John 113 NORTHEAST BC
Photo: Montana Christianson Fort St. John
Q,Guru "' w !'i "' 0 Q,Guru Nanak Sikh Temple !!} gochetwynd.com Chetwynd Visitor Centre 250.788.1943 tourist@gochetwynd.com Learn about the history of the chainsaw artwork, view the amazing collection of carvings, and get a personalized viewpoint of Chetwynd. explore chetwynd Walking Tour Outdoor Gallery

North of Prince George on Highway 97 is the town of Chetwynd, the chainsaw carving capital of the world. Set amongst the Rocky Mountain foothills, the city of Chetwynd was once known as “Little Prairie” for its rolling grasslands. Internationally renowned for the illustrious Chainsaw Carving Championship, the city of Chetwynd welcomes travelers from all over the world to compete and spectate.

North of Chetwynd, take highway 29 or highway 97 to Fort Nelson, the gateway to the Northern Rockies. Begin your journey along the famous Alaska Highway with experiencing the Fort Nelson Visitor’s information centre –not only your mile 300 pit stop, it also showcases the work of local artisans. Visit the indoor and outdoor exhibits at the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum. The presence of the Fort Nelson First Nations can be felt throughout the community, “for as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the rivers flow” their people have lived in these lands.

Fort Nelson 115 SLOW DOWN & ENJOY THE RIDE ADVENTURE. HISTORY. CULTURE. Join us in the NORTHERN ROCKIES of British Columbia, Canada www.tourismnorthernrockies.ca
Photo: Jason Hamborg Chetwynd Chainsaw Carving Competition

Festivals Events& Performing Arts

BC hosts renowned and dynamic arts and cultural festivals and events throughout the year. Unique venues across the province showcase compelling and diverse performance art experiences ranging from Shakespeare festivals, to traditional Aboriginal celebrations. More than mere entertainment, performance is a powerful and captivating form of artistic expression.

Performances & events Studios for rent thedancecentre.ca



Across the province, throughout the year, there are incredible festivals and events to add to your itinerary! Check out these pages, and more on Art-BC.com!

artsumbrella.com/splash VANCOUVER COAST AND MOUNTAINS Sechelt Arts Festival ......................................... p. 33 Sunshine Coast Art Crawl ............................. p. 33 Richmond Festivals ........................................... p. 39 New West Craft .................................................. p.42 New West Cultural Crawl .............................. p. 42 VANCOUVER ISLAND Sooke Fine Arts Show ...................................... p. 55 Nanaimo Jazz Festival .................................... p. 66 Maple Sugar Festival ...................................... p. 66 Parksville Beach Festival ............................... p. 68 THOMPSON OKANAGAN Lake Country Art Walk .................................. p. 81 Creative Chaos ................................................... p. 85 Kamloop Buskers Festival ............................. p. 89 Salmon Arm Roots & Blues .......................... p. 91 Caravan Farm Theatre ................................... p. 91 Meadowlark Nature Festival ...................... p. 93 KOOTENAY ROCKIES Columbia Basin Culture Tour ...................... p. 99 Nelson Mural Festival ..................................... p. 101 Nelson Art Walk ................................................. p. 101 NORTHERN BC Smithers Festivals .............................................. p. 112 Chetwynd Chainsaw Carving Festival .... p. 114
119 A celebration of audacious international performing arts in music, theatre, dance, comedy, and multimedia
chutzpahfestival.com ART | MUSIC | NATURE Hosted by: Presented by: www.ArtistsForConservation.org September 2022 / 2023 | See website for dates VanDusen Botanical Garden | Vancouver, BC
credit: Edward
Ophira Eisenberg / 2021 Chutzpah!
A free festival of READING & WRITING WORD Held annually the last Sunday of September WORDVANCOUVER.CA ALL-DAY EVENT SFU HARBOUR CENTRE 120
Nominations Open June 1st
122 Two weeks of workshops in a variety of artistic mediums: painting, ceramics, printmaking, weaving, sculpture and more! Your Creative Destination Awaits Early registration for Friends of MISSA. Visit missa.ca New location atLakeShawnigan School ANNUAL More than 40 creative workshops over two weeks in July/August SUMMER PROGRAM VANCOUVER ISLAND Workshops
123 Opus Ar t Supplies By All Means Create Opus Art Supplies opusartsupplies.com
Getaway Unwind, unplug, and experience the Art of the Getaway in these unique places to stay in communities across BC.... Plan your itinerary and find more incredible places to stay on Art-BC.com Granville Island Hotel p. 9Rockwater Resort p. 36 Nass Valley B+B p. 108 Echo Valley Ranch p. 123 Galliano Inn + Spa p. 63 Harbour House Hotel p. 60 Kasiks Wilderness Resort p. 110 Telegraph Cove Resort p. 96 Harbour House Hotel p. 62 Galiano Inn & Spa p. 63 Ocean Front Suites p. 65 Kasiks Wilderness Resort p. 110 Granville Island Hotel p. 9 124 Plan your itinerary and find more incredible places to stay on Art-BC.com Getaway experience the Art unique places to across BC.... more Art-BC.com Rockwater Resort p. 36 Valley B+B p. 108 Galliano Inn + Spa p. 63 Kasiks Wilderness Resort
125 helijet.com | helijet | 1.800.665.4354 Victoria - Vancouver - Nanaimo EXPERIENCE THE FINE ART OF FLYING! 35 MINUTES VANCOUVER - VICTORIA 18 MINUTES VANCOUVER - NANAIMO Awakening Wonder ™

Map of British Columbia

Seeinsetmap ferry route major highway US highway provincial or international border LEGEND
Vancouver Coast & Mountains .... p. 4 Vancouver Island ................................. p. 54 Thompson Okanagan ....................... p. 80 Cariboo Chilcotin Coast .................. p. 96 Kootenay Rockies ................................ p. 98 Northern BC .......................................... p. 102 is published by
128 Creative Communities Abbotsford ................. 53 Alert Bay .................... 78 Armstrong .................. 91 Barkerville ................. 97 Boundary Country ...... 94 Bowen Island ............. 19 Bowser ....................... 69 Britannia Beach ......... 20 Campbell River .......74-75 Chemainus 65 Chetwynd ................... 114 Christina Lake ........... 94 Comox Valley ........... 70-74 Coquitlam ...............46-47 Courtenay ............... 72-74 Cowichan ................64-65 Delta .......................... 38 Duncan ...................... 65 Fort Langley ............... 48 Fort Nelson ................. 115 Fort St. John ............... 113 Gabriola Island .......... 55 Galiano Island ........... 63 Gold CountryGold Rush Trail ........ 95 Garden Bay ................ 37 Gulf Islands ............ 60-63 Haida Gwaii................ 103 Halfmoon Bay ........ 35-36 Harrison Hot Springs.. 52 Hazelton .................... 111 Hope .......................... 51 Kamloops ............... 88-89 Kitimat ...................... 105 Lake Country .................. 81 Langley ...................... 48-50 Madeira Park ................. 36 Nanaimo .................... 66-67 Nass Valley ............. 108-109 Nelson/ Kootenay Lake ........ 99-101 New Westminster .......40-43 North Vancouver ........ 14-18 Osoyoos .......................... 94 Parksville .................. 68-69 Penticton ................... 92-93 Princeton ................... 82-83 Port Moody ..................... 45 Prince Rupert .........106-107 Quesnel .......................... 96 Richmond ....................... 39 Salmon Arm ............... 90-91 Salt Spring Island .......... 62 Sechelt ........................... 34 Smithers........................112 Sooke ............................. 55 Squamish .................. 21-23 Sunshine Coast ......... 32-37 Surrey ............................. 44 Telegraph Cove .......... 76-77 Terrace ........................... 110 Vancouver ...................... 6-7 VancouverGranville Island .........8-13 Vernon ........................ 84-87 Victoria .......................56-59 Whistler ..................... 24-27


As you use this guide to plan authentic and memorable arts and cultural road trips and adventures, don’t forget to scan the QR codes and discover more on Art-BC.com – the comprehensive online companion featuring maps, events calendars, and more.

Go Anywhere Guide to Arts and Culture in BC’s Creative Communities.
FIND MORE AT ART-BC.COM Alert Bay Harrison Salmon Arm Chemainus NASS VALLEY BOUNDARY COUNTRY Madeira Park Kamloops Osoyoos Abbotsford PORT MOODY Sunshine Coast RICHMOND NELSON Fort Langley Barkerville DELTA Salt Spring Coquitlam Vernon Parksville Smithers DUNCAN Telegraph Cove HOPE Armstrong Cowichan Halfmoon Bay Quesnel Garden Bay Terrace FORT NELSON HAZELTON Bowser Hazelton Princeton Gulf Islands Chetwynd Comox Valley Kitimat GOLD COUNTRY Bowen Island Britannia Beach Christina Lake Fort St. John Your Guide to BC’s Creative Communities
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