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Bluegrass Jam Grows

We sponsored our second bluegrass jam on March 5 and were thrilled with the turn out. We had an increase in the number of players and spectators to the point that all of the seats were taken and class room 103 was over flowing! This is a great opportunity to show people the Arts Center and get our name out to more of the public. We are researching other music opportunities that can be held at ARRAC in the future. One thing you may not know is that many of the musicians are not only bluegrass players but participate in other forms of music. There are several jazz and classical players attending our jam.

Our Strategic Plan 1. Meet the needs of the Community. 2. Expand our high quality Arts programs. 3. Become financially independent. 4. Develop a building fund to support our mission.

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Alabama River RegT i oh n eA rA t sR R A C Center

As we grow our financial needs grow as well. If you know someone who would like to help, contact any of our Board Members or Officers …. Thank you for your help!

Volume 1, Issue 6 March 2011

Why Volunteer?

T h e A R R AC U p d at e

Have you got a story you would like to get printed in the news letter? Contact Frank Sullivan or Vickie Ham for more information.

Entry Handrail in

Volunteering offers many benefits... Here is one reason to volunteer: Learn or develop a new skill.

Volunteering is the perfect conduit to Fabrication develop a new skill or to discover a new talent. It is never too late to The Alabama Forge Council is in realize new skills or accumulate the process of fabricating our entry knowledge. Employers are often seeking handrail and will now install it for well-rounded individuals who have us! The final layout was confirmed good teamwork and goal setting early in March and installation will skills. Planning and implementing a be in April or May. This rail is so major fundraising event can develop much more than just a rail! goal setting, planning and budgeting skills. Serving on a volunteer Again, We thank the Alabama time and effort to complete our way to We will continue to make committee or board is a great Forge Council and President current tasks.dynamics and team learn group improvements as we goits forward Raymond Head for pace. all of the hard work. Serving as a committee chair but not at this blistering increases facilitation PaintingOnce a work. Frank needs a secondskills. person again we can not thank our could tomural assistorinmaking settingbanners the last two volunteers enough for all of the highlight your art talents. The hanger systems over the office hard work. possibilities are endless. pass through and over the jewelry case.

Gallery Opening set for March 24 March has arrived and there is excitement building for the Gallery opening on March 24. Our dedicated volunteers have been putting in some long hours and have made tremendous improvements to the Arts Center. We have 2/3rds of the main hall painted, 3 class rooms painted and ceilings fixed, the office is complete and We have office All of painted, our Volunteers thatanhave computer thanks Jim and Mary pitched in and put to in hours of hard Wolfe, one be art very studio will be rented work should proud. The Arts Center and the looks Gallery great wall and hanger is system developing the creative energy it is going up. needs to make the arts prosper inside doors. Thereofisits still a lot of work to be done

There is some general clean All of the Hard Work is wainscoting, Paying Off up of the Gallery base boards and floor.

and we call to our volunteers for their We have had several visitors over the last several weeks and they have been impressed with the work that has been done.

Got a Story ?


A group of Volunteers have stepped up and filled the gaps a we go along which has in some cases put their personal lives on hold. We know they are tired and need a break but the results can be seen in every room.

Those members that have not The remainder of the hall crossed that we can land stopped by and looked at the needs paint. several grants! progress needs to, you will be pleased and hopefully inspired to Wanted: Throwing Wheels And theuplayout of the art work sign and volunteer. We are looking for (4) pottery in the Gallery. Contact Vickie wheels for the clay studio. If you at to see were Grant Awards time is coming know of someone that would like to you can help. donate a wheel or sell one at a The grants that ARRAC submitted good price contact Frank Sullivan in January and February will be at coming up during April through June. We have covered several areas of need and hope to have some positive responses. We are applying for more grants in April for the fall. Keep your fingers

Board of Directors, Officers and Coordinators Below are the emails for the Founding Board and Officers. Drop them an email if you have any questions or suggestions! BOARD Carol Barksdale – Myra Johnson –

Frank Sullivan –

Dawn Sullivan – Secretary/Treasurer

OFFICERS Vickie Ham – President

Coordinators Shirley Esco – Volunteers

Carol Barksdale – Vice President

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The ARRAC Update Participate in Our Newsletter You can contribute to the information we send out in our newsletter. It can be information, an observation, an idea or just a story. Send your ideas to Vickie or Frank to get them included in the next issue. Who knows you may get published on the web site!

******* Help Wanted ******* The ARRAC is looking for persons interested in filling Committee positions including; Marketing, Fund Raising, Curriculum/Programs, Gallery design. Contact any Officers or Board Members for more information.

Important Dates

More Members, More You have done a great job of Opportunity spreading the news about the Arts Center but there are still people out there that do not know about us and our mission. Once someone hears about the Arts Center, many want to get involved. You can tell them how to do that. The more members the more the word gets out and the more opportunities we will have to spread the Arts around the River Region. There are many exciting things that are going to happen this year and next. Get involved!

Call to Artist for the Gallery: March 10 through March 24 Open the Gallery Doors: March 24, 23011 Community Open House: April 9, 2011

Our Web Site:

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Alabama River Region Arts Center

85 Canal Cove Wetumpka, Alabama 36092 Phone: (334) 578-9485 E-Mail:

NEWSLETTER TITLE About Us… The Founding members are composed of local Artist from varied disciplines that have a common goal to create a public non-profit organization based in Wetumpka, Alabama focusing on nurturing all categories of arts in the River Region. The Arts Center is a volunteer based, community supported organization that will derive it’s funding from public and private donations, contributions, grants benefactors and the proceeds from memberships, Artist Space, Rentals, Gallery Art Sales and special events.

Volunteer Memberships Gallery Inquiries

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News from the Arts Center duirng March

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