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Magazine Cultural Escola Secundรกria Infanta Dona Maria . nยบ12. Jan-Fev 2012


Carnaval Moda

7ยบB - nยบ23 Mariana Mariz

7ºC- nº12 Joana Dias

7ºC- nº17 Mariana ângelo

7ยบC- nยบ1 Adriano Vasconcelos

HAPPENINexEXGEXPOSIÇÃO Geometria - Módulos 7ºs anos

7ºB - nº1 Ana Beatriz

7ยบB - nยบ2 Ana Mafalda

7ºB – n4 Carolina Santos

7ยบB - nยบ6 Catarina Sรก

7ยบB - nยบ7 Daniela Almeida

7ยบB - nยบ8 David Abegoaria

7ยบB - nยบ10 Duarte

7ยบB - nยบ9 Diogo Ferrer

7ºB - nº12 Francisco Torres

7ºB - nº15 José Pires

7ยบB - nยบ13 Gonรงalo

7ยบB - nยบ14 Joรฃo Fernando

7ยบB - nยบ16 Margarida Pinho

7ยบB - nยบ17 Maria Joรฃo

7ºB - nº18 Maria Leonor

7ºB - nº19 Luísa Amado

7ยบB - nยบ20 Maria Pedro

7ยบB - nยบ26 Pedro Pratas

7ºB - nº21 M.ª Teresa Rosmaninho

Área – Projecto 7ºA

7ยบB - nยบ22 Mariana Saraiva

7ยบB - nยบ24 Marta Costa

7ยบB - nยบ27 Rita Machado

7ºC - nº1 aDRIANO

7ºC - nº2 Ana Beatriz

7ºC - nº4 Bárbara Vieira

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ost art.


Iluminação Dolce Vita Coimbra- Anegativo

7ºC- nº7 David João

7ºC- nº14 Luís Guilherme

7ºC- nº6 Francisco Vilar

7ºC- nº10 Inês Marcelo

7ºC- nº21 Raquel Marques

7ºC- nº5 Bernardo Barbosa

7ºC- nº16 Maria Luís

7ºC nº11 Isaac Correia

7ºC- nº17 Mariana ângelo

7ยบC- nยบ12 Joana Dias


7ºC- nº22 Sara Agostinho

7ºC- nº23 Tomás Freire

7ºC- nº19 Matilde Graciano

7ºC- nº18 Marta Lucas


They say that we're meant to get crazy, They say that we're meant to get wild, We're also meant to have pimples And to love, and to kiss, and to smile. They told us it was gonna be hard, And that everything we knew would change. We'd see things from another perspective And our life would never be the same. As we grew, we'd have to get mature We'd have to get responsible, we'd have to grow up. We'd have to stand there, still Even when we just wanna give up. We would stare at ourselves in the mirror, And we probably wouldn't like what we see. But they warned us that, as time went by, We'd learn to be who we really wanna be. And yes, these times might be hard, And we'll probably suffer and cry. But what about all the good things? Shouldn't we just give them a try? What about all the parties late at night? What about all the kisses in the rain? What about all the laughter with our friends? And those little crushes you had in vain? What about all the long phonecalls? What about all the shopping sprees? What about that amazing feeling Of being absolutely free? Yeah, well, they said it was gonna be hard But they mentioned it would be worthwhile. You're having the time of your life. Don't overthink it. Enjoy it and smile

Mariana Rajado nยบ22 10ยบC

Geometria e fotografia 9ºA – Módulos 3D

Duarte Castro e Bárbara Moura– 9ºA

Leonor e Sofia – 9ºA

alunos de Ed. Visual 9ºA

Inês e Francisco Amado – 9ºA

Joana Maia e Beatriz Fernandes – 9ºA

João Martins e Tomé – 9ºA

Sara Ramos e Beatriz Trindade – 9ºA

Duarte e Bárbara Moura – 9ºA

Joana Maia e Beatriz Fernandes – 9ºA

Educação Tecnológica Projecto Pilhão 7ºs anos


O estranho caso do roubo da coroa da rainha – 1º turno – 7ºB

Ficha Técnica e Artística: Encenação:alunos do 1º turno 7ºB Elenco: Rainha – Ana Baptista; Bailarina – Ana Mafalda; Cro Magnon - André Lopes; Fadista – Carolina Santos; Empregada da Rainha – Catarina Ferreira; Viúva Negra – Catarina Sá; Empregada da Rainha – Daniela Almeida; Xamã Mau – David Abegoaria; Dançarino – Diogo Ferrer; Pachá LocKs – Duarte Mendes; Judoca Nike – Filipa Abreu; Cro Magnon - Francisco Torres; Cro Magnon – Gonçalo Filipe; Detective – João Fernando


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Magazine Cultural

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