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Kalilangan 2011 The Challenge of Change: Preserving Traditions


ith jubilation we celebrate Kalilangan 2011 to commemorate General Santos City’s 72nd foundation anniversary, as we recognize the historical contribution of the pioneers and the rich tapestry of the cultural heritage of the tri-people (the settlers and the native Maguindanaon and B’laan tribes). This year, the local government of General Santos City partners with

Samu’t Saring Kulay ng Aking Pinagmulan, Warholesque pop art collage in mixed media, work in progress by national artist Al-Nezzar B. Ali

Mindanao State University General Santos in spearheading the 72nd Foundation Anniversary and the 22nd Kalilangan celebrations. Kalilangan as the carrier event of the foundation anniversary of the city is, in essence, the celebration of the arrival of the pioneering settlers led by Gen. Paulino Santos, and the welcome accorded by the Maguindanaon and B’laan, from which a harmonious relationship was born. This was what became known as Salubungan, the iconic event that would herald the foundation of a place molded with sweat, tempered with dedication and determination to succeed, and sweetened by the good relationship among its tri-people. At the same time, Kalilangan 2011 extols the complementing among economic activity, tourism and entertainment, with clear emphasis on the showcase of the memory of Gensan’s glorious past and the age-old traditions, including the appreciation of the city’s current cultural beats that shape the image of the present city’s landscape, thus creating cultural connections and significant dialogues between the

Pop art interpretation of Paul Llamos’ photo in oil, work in progress by Al-Nezzar B. Ali

past and the present into blending traditions. Kalilangan 2011 also gives importance to the city’s Green Gensan program -- backyard gardens and the commitment to urban agriculture focus on the environment in a manner that encourages economic competitiveness in a sustainable urban environment. This year, the city’s agricultural produce and by-products from rural barangays will be highlighted through the Agri Fair.

Pop art interpretation of an old Maguindanao family picture from Buayan in oil, work in progress by Al-Nezzar B. Ali

Mayor’s Message

THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE: PRESERVING TRADITIONS Holding a grand event like Kalilangan 2011 is a challenge in itself, but keeping and preserving traditions in a rapidly advancing and diversifying global landscape is a far more greater challenge. Our traditions are not only our face value but also become the backbone of the ethnic group or the tribe or the society to which we belong. It has become an institution and inevitably irreplaceable. Today our traditions are now at a crossroads. Traditions face the very imposing threat that modernity and human advancement have on its relevance and significance.

In celebration of General Santos City’s 72nd Founding Anniversary, we are staging its carrier event the 22nd Kalilangan with much pride and veneration to our glorious history and colorful cultural heritage. Kalilangan 2011 is a festivity that transcends distinctions and divisions. It is a convergence, a confluence, a coming together of one people with one vision and one goal. After all, we, as Generals, are bound by a shared dream, that is bringing our beloved city to the realms of prosperity and prominence. As we continue to march towards that goal, let us also continue to give meaning and value to where we began as a people. This is essentially what this revelry is all about. Happy 72nd Foundation Anniversary and Kalilangan 2011!

DARLENE ANTONINO-CUSTODIO City Mayor | Festival Chairperson

How can we ensure the survival of these traditions, which are priceless in terms of its historical and cultural significance for future generations? It is with appreciation and understanding of these traditions that we believe, will ensure their place for posterity. Continuing to practice and celebrate them, while at the very same time, allowing, in proportionate amounts of connection with fragments of modern space and setting, will help allow these age-old beliefs and ideals stay and become relevant in today’s society. Embracing these traditions goes well in serving society, as, after all, it’s traditions that form the hallmarks of different ethnic groups and religions that exist together. In fact, it is the celebration of these traditions that make up the first step in allowing cultures or races to understand each other better; this ultimately opens up the avenue for cooperation and peaceful coexistence. Traditions transcend all barriers and mutual appreciation is critical in keeping the flame for such traditions burning bright and it is

now ours; the current generation’s responsibility of ensuring that these traditions are kept for future generations in which to play an active role. Traditions have defined societies over generations, and since it is able to guarantee that future generations are connected through their roots through its meaning and significance, we should keep them close and foster them into an impetus for ethnic cohesion amidst challenging times. More importantly, as a solace for inner searching and understanding. Kalilangan 2011’s soft opening is on February 14, formal opening on February 21, and the closing ceremony on February 27, Gensan’s 72nd foundation day. KALILANGAN HIGHLIGHTS February 21 (6 pm) sees Kalilangan 2011’s formal opening ceremony -- billed as Kasaysayan, Kultura, Kalilangan -- at the Oval Plaza Stage. The opening Obor-Obor: extravaganza is aptly concludprominent visual ed with a fireworks display. design using a traditional deco-

rative material February 22 (8 am) opens the used as a mark Farmers Day, with showcase and invitation in grand royal Caratela and Parade of Stars celebrations and Fiesta Bonanza at the Oval festivities. The Plaza Grounds, and other three tiers represent the activities for farmers, the agri tri-people, and business sector and consumers. the four colorful strips represent

the four corners February 22 (1-6 pm) sees of the city. Laro ng Lahi (Junior Category) at the Oval Plaza Grounds, where traditional Filipino games are to be played, among them Syatong (Batik Kobra)

brance and recognition of history, and celebration of cultural heritage. It also features Talus Kano sa Kamuna-munan (by invitation only). February 27 (6 am) sees the Parada ng Lahi / Kadena de Amor (Salubongan / Wreath Laying) at Plaza Heneral Santos, in front of Gen. Paulino Santos’ monument. This a historical re-enactment of the arrival of the pioneers led by Gen. Paulino Santos and the welcome given by the native Maguindanaoan and B’laan, in recognition of the great contributions of the pioneers.

with cash prizes at P5,000/ P3,000/P2,000 for 1st-3rd places, respectively; Patentero (Tubiganay) (P10,000/P7,000/P5,000); Palo Sebo (Katkat Kawayan) (P10,000/ P7,000/P5,000); Kadang-Kadang (P10,000/P7,000/P5,000); Tug-O-War (Birahanay) (P10,000/P7,000/P5,000); Boxing (different prizes for the various categories); and Basagan ng Palayok (P5,000/P3,000/P2,000). February 24 (6:30 pm) opens the Kamunamunan: Cultural Night of Remembrance at KCC Convention Center. This is a fellowship night showcasing traditional attire, dances and songs, and convergence of the tri-people, rememKadsagayan sa Kalilangan, photo by Paul Llanos

February 27 (1 pm) launches the Kadsagayan sa Kalilangan (Streetdancing Competition) from Pioneer Avenue towards the Oval Plaza Grounds. This year’s streetdancing competition depicts the relevant traditions, and the rich cultural and historical heritage of Gensan, following the Unity and Prosperity in Diversity and Peaceful Coexistence among Different Cultures mantra. February 27 (4 pm) hosts the Tagbuan sa Kalilangan closing program at the Oval Plaza Grounds, showcasing the sounds and movement of Gensan’s ethnic diversity, and topped with a fireworks display. (See the Calendar of Events on page 36 for the full list of activities.)

Co-Chairperson’s Message Assalamu alaikum! It is my great pleasure and privilege to co-chair, on behalf of MSU-GSC, this year’s celebration of the 72nd Foundation Anniversary of the city of my birth, General Santos, under the 22nd Kalilangan in partnership with the local government. At first, the idea of MSU taking the responsibility of the city’s major festivity seemed a challenge given the short time for preparation and logistics. However, the trust and confidence given by the city government to MSU in recognition of its time-honored credence as a premier academic institution in the region is something every MSUan can take pride in. Moreover, MSU as the only public higher educational institution in the city has the duty to give back to the community and make its presence relevant. Kalilangan 2011 embarks on an enriching journey that will bring the essence of Kalilangan that is true to its significance, starting with the inception of this year’s theme, The Challenge of Change: Preserving Traditions, where institutional and major events are anchored. In cooperation with the Sons and Daughters of the Pioneers, we give emphasis on the historical contribution of the founding fathers and their lofty legacy. We also highlight our rich tapestry of arts and cultural heritage articulated by the complement between past and contemporary spaces. We believe that the celebration of our age-old traditions transcends all boundaries, and forms the trademark of a diverse society co-existing well. Kalilangan bolsters the time-honored tradition of respect and tolerance, and instills mutual cooperation. This festivity plays a fundamental role in bringing together the Tri-people of Gensan to celebrate as one, signifying truly that Kalilangan is the festival of the people, and realize that their harmonious relationship over time has contributed significantly in shaping Gensan’s landscape and its rapid growth. It is our sublime duty at the present to ensure that future generations are connected through their roots. We must keep them anchored and attached that the importance of their traditions are also their own well-being and face value. With the Generals’ support, God willing, I’m most confident that Kalilangan 2011 will strengthen relations among the people, and realize our vision of putting our historical and cultural heritage to the forefront. I look forward to seeing the festival embark with fresh confidence and strong resolve to reach our goal. Talus Kanu, Agkalilang Tanu sa Magandang Gensan!

ATTY. ABDURRAHMAN TONDOG CANACAN MSU-GSC Chancellor | Festival Co-Chairperson

Kalilangan 2011’s Moves and Sounds Reverberate


alilangan 2011 holds a variety of musical and dance extravaganzas this year to engage the different academic institutions and communities in celebrating the festive spirit leading up to General Santos City’s 72nd founding anniversary. In tandem with the spectacle in movement and music, various competitions are also open to local singers, dancers, rappers, bands, and performers, with big cash prizes at stake. Here is a brief rundown of the great shows/showdowns to watch.

nder Kalilangan 2011 is the grand celebration and recognition of the best of the Tri-People of Gensan dubbed as Kamunamunan: Cultural Night of Remembrance, an affair dedicated to our main concepts of emphasizing the harmonious relationship of the three peoples and our resolve in preserving and promoting the rich tapestry of our historical and cultural treasures. These are not only our face value but the very backbone of our identities. Kamunamunan, a Maguindanaon word that means from the past or something that comes from the past, is used in this cultural affair to signify our dedication to appreciate and understand the significance of our age-old traditions and historical connection.

SAYAW PINOY -- Highland and lowland dance competition in Elementary School and High School/College categories, with screening held on February 14, 2:00 pm at Robinsons Mall Gensan. Final showdown is on February 25, 2:00 pm at Oval Centro, where contending teams compete for hefty cash prizes: 1st-P15,000/2nd-P10,000/3rdP5,000, and consolation prizes to participants.

AKO STIK Barangay Ko, Lab Ko (Acoustic Barangay Jingle Competition) -- Acoustic competition for bands composed of 3 to 8 members, ages 15 to 25 years old, to perform 1 cover song of their choice and a 1-minute musical jingle (original composition) with the theme, Aking Magandang Gensan. Cash of P15,000/ P10,000/P5,000 and consolation prizes await the winners and participants on The convergence of the three February 22, communities -- Christian (Set6:00 pm at Oval tlers), Moro (Maguindanao), and Centro. Lumad (B’laan) -- in one celebration is the hallmark of ethnic diFLIPRAP versity that exists harmoniously, FLIPTOP -- Held and the first step in allowing one simultaneously another to understand each other with AKO STIK, better and create a space for Fliprap Fliptop is mutual cooperation, respect and a competition for peaceful coexistence. youth rappers, matching wits amunamunan Cultural and sharp minds Night aims to ensure that in a musical future generations are rap exchange connected through their between conroots through its historical meantenders. Cash of ing and cultural significance, and P5,000/P3,000/P that we should keep them close P2,000 and conand foster them into an impesolation prizes tus for ethnic cohesion amidst await the winners challenging times; and more and participants importantly, as a solace for inner on February 22, searching and understanding. 6:00 pm at Oval Centro. Kamunamunan: Cultural Night of Remembrance transpires on FebBANDA ruary 24, 6:30 pm at KCC ConLAYAG (Battle vention Center, of the Bands KCC Mall of Competition) - Gensan. Open competition of the bands for both amateur and

professional artists/groups, with the theme, Aking Magandang Gensan. Hefty cash of P15,000/P10,000/P5,000 and consolation prizes await the winners and participants on February 23, 6:00 pm at the Oval Plaza Stage. abunDANCE Lyrical Dance HipHop Competition -A fusion of hiphop and krump with contemporary/lyrical style dance, staged with narrative in music and movement, and an understanding of the Tri-People of Gensan and their wealth of folk culture. Cash of P15,000/P10,000/

P5,000 and consolation prizes await the winners and participants on February 26, 7:00 pm at KCC Convention Center. HUMAN BEATBOX Showdown -- Back to back with abunDANCE, Human Beatbox is a competition in vocal percussion, which involves the art of producing drum beats, rhythm and musical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue and voice. Cash of P5,000/P3,000/P2,000 and P500 consolation prizes await the winners and participants on February 26, 7:00 pm at KCC Convention Center.

The Kalilangan 2011 Organizing Committee wishes to thank its Major Sponsors:


And extends its appreciation to our Minor Sponsors:



KALILANGAN 2011 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2:00 pm FlipRap (Fliptop/ Rap) SAT Screening, Robinsons Place Gensan

1:00 pm Hudyat: Recoreda sa Barangay MON Announcement and Invitation

2:00 pm AKOSTIKBarangay Ko, Lab Ko SUN Screening, Robinsons Place Gensan

6:00 pm, Agri Fair Opening, Oval Plaza Grounds

Feb 12

Feb 13

1:00 pm Feb 14 Plaza Bazaar and Food Galore MON Soft Opening, Oval Plaza Grounds 2:00 pm, Sayaw Pinoy Screening (High School and Elementary Category Highland and Lowland), Robinsons Place Gensan 2:00 pm Pangalay (Dayang Dayang) WED Screening, Robinsons Place Gensan

Feb 16

2:00 pm, Banda Layag: Battle of the Bands Screening, KCC Convention Center 5:00 pm, Kalilangan 2011 Youth Scholastic Chess Tournament, Robinsons Place Gensan

Feb 19 SAT Oval Centro

4:00 pm Kandadapada: Visual Arts Competition,

7:00 pm, RMN Go Mindanao for Peace live concert, Oval Plaza Stage 10:00 am A Photo Exhibit – GenSUN-SUN san Camera Club, KCC Mall of Gensan

Feb 20-27

4:00 pm GMA Kapuso Night, KCC SUN Convention Center, KCC Mall of Gensan

Feb 20

Feb 21

6:00 pm, Kasaysayan, Kultura, Kalilangan Formal Festival Opening, Oval Plaza Stage (with fireworks display) 9:00 pm, RPN DXDX Concert with Red Cross Dugong Generals 2, Oval Plaza Stage 8:00 am Feb 22 Farmers Day: Caratela, Parade TUE of Stars Fiesta Bonanza, Oval Plaza Grounds 1:00-6:00 pm, Laro ng Lahi (Junior Category), Oval Plaza Grounds 6:00 pm, AKO STIK-Barangay ko, Lab Ko (AcousticBarangay Jingle Competition), Oval Centro 6:00 pm, FlipRap Competition (simultaneous with AKOSTIK Competition), Oval Centro

Feb 23 WED

7:00 am IPM Amazing Race, Oval Plaza Grounds

1:00-6:00 pm, Laro ng Lahi (Senior Category), Oval Plaza

1:00 pm, Traditional Food Expo/Competition, Oval Centro 2:00 pm, Tadaman Cultural Showcase: Kulintangan sa Kalilangan, Pangalay Dayang Dayang Competition, Oval Centro 4:00 pm, Traditional Games Exhibition: Sipa sa Mangis, Damlo Anok (Audience Challenge), Padsaleda sa Manok (Chicken Chase), Oval Plaza Grounds 6:30 pm, Kamunamunan: Cultural Night of Remembrance, KCC Convention Center, KCC Mall of Gensan 7:00 pm, Bombo Radyo: Tambalan sa Kantahan sa Kalilangan, Oval Plaza Stage 8:00 am5:00 pm Dancesport Workshop, Parish Center, Roxas East Avenue

Feb 24-25 THU-FRI

8:00 am Agri Techno Forum, AVR MSU FRI Graduate School, MSU Gensan

Feb 25

8:00 am Kalilangan Badminton Open, Mr FRI-SAT Bigshot Badminton Court

Feb 25-26

6:00 pm, Banda Layag (Battle of the Bands) Competition), Oval Plaza Stage

2:00 pm Mga Sayaw Pinoy (Highland and FRI Lowland Dance Competition), Oval Centro

7:00 pm, Coke Cheerleading Competition, Lagao Gymnasium

4:00 pm, Kapuso Mall Show, KCC Convention Center, KCC Mall

Feb 24 THU MSU Gensan

8:00 am Agri Techno Forum, AVR MSU Graduate School,

Feb 25

7:00 pm, Tapuk Alingogngog Street Party, Laurel East Avenue 8:00 pm, Robinsons Street Party, Robinsons Mall

8:00 pm, Foam Party, East Asia Royale Hotel 9:00 pm, RGMA Singing for Peace, Oval Plaza Stage 9:00 amFeb 26-27 5:00 pm Airsoft SAT-SUN Kingdom of Generals, MSU HS Campus 6:00 am5:00 pm 1st Motorcycle SAT Grand Prix, Robinsons Place Gensan

Feb 26

8:00 am, Agri Techno Forum, AVR MSU Graduate School, MSU Gensan 10:00 am, Dancesport Competition, Robinsons Place Gensan 1:00 pm, Gymkhana Invitational Open (HONDA), Mabuhay I.T. Park

East Asia Royale Hotel 9:00 pm, Globe-TM Astig Fest Concert, Oval Plaza 6:00 am Parada ng Lahi/ SUN Kadena de Amor (Salubongan/Wreath Laying), Plaza Heneral Santos

Feb 27

10:00 am, RPN Dugong Generals 2, Robinsons Place Gensan 10:00 am, National Mountain Bike Downhill Challenge 2011, Leyson Ranch, Nopol Hills, Conel 1:00 pm, Kadsagayan sa Kalilangan Streetdancing Competition, Pioneer-Oval Plaza Grounds 4:00 pm, Tagbuan sa Kalilangan Closing Program, Oval Plaza Stage

2:00 pm, Boxing at the Park, Oval Covered Court

7:00 pm, KCC Celebrity Mall Tour, KCC Mall of Gensan

3:00-5:00 pm, Dog Show, MSU HS Covered Court

7:00 pm, Ezra Band Concert, Lagao Gym

5:00 pm, Robinsons Celebrity Mall Show, Robinsons Place Gensan

7:00 pm, Kasadya sa Kadalanan Street Party, Pendatun/Matalam/Roxas

6:00 pm, Triple Boxing Championship, Lagao Gym

CONTINUING EVENTS From Feb 7 -- Carnival, Oval Plaza Grounds From Feb 14 -- Food Galore sa Oval and Plaza Bazaar, Oval Plaza Grounds From Feb 21 -- Agri Fair 2011, Oval Plaza Grounds

7:00 pm, Hiphop Lyrical abunDance Contest/Human Beatbox Showdown, KCC Convention Center 8:00 pm, Foam Party,


Front, L-R: Al Nezzar Ali-Cultural Events Manager, Dr Mary Lynn S. AbieraFestival Director, Alma Celesthia Dumalag-Aguja-Asst Festival Director, Noralyn Bidad-Secretariat Office Manager, George Gunay-Multimedia/Promotions. Standing, L-R: Tomasa Almiñana-Cashier, Cheryl Dindang-Food Galore Committee, Toto Bisnar-Marketing, Karla Sechong-Torcelino-Media Affairs, Vasma Hassan-Agri Fair, Annie Aileen Otacan-Sports Committee, Samrod Kathiang-Internal Affairs, Oscar Pongasi-External Affairs

Kalilangan 2011  

Gensan Gazer feature of Kalilangan 2011 (Excerpted from the Gensan Gazer Jan-Feb 2011 issue)

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