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Kalilangan 2012

Mosaic collage based on original photo by Ronald Velasquez, Second Runner-up, Kalilangan 2011 Photography Competition



Convergence in Divergence:

Enriching Heritage, Bridging Cultures K

ALILANGAN is an annual celebration of the General Santos City Foundation Anniversary, which gives recognition to its founding pioneers -- the early inhabitants (the B’laan and Maguindanaon peoples), together with the pioneering settlers from Luzon and Visayas -- their shared histories, cultural heritage,

tapestry of traditions, and most especially their decades-old harmonious co-existence as a common citizenry.

Fresh from being acclaimed by the prestigious Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) as the Best Tourism Event of the Philippines - Culture and Arts Category for the year 2011, the 23rd

Kalilangan and Gensan’s 73rd Foundation Anniversary are organized this year by the Local Government Unit of General Santos City again in partnership with the Mindanao State University - General Santos City (MSU-GSC). Kalilangan 2012 reflects the high regard accorded by the people of Gensan to the city’s rich cultural

heritage, emphasizing on the diverse traditions and historical backgrounds of its Tri-People constituency, and fostering mutual respect for the diverse beliefs and values representing all sectors regardless of level or persuasion. Kalilangan 2012 actively champions the development of vibrant cultural and heritage sectors. The festival makes heritage enriching, fun and accessible to all through exciting events that engage diverse audiences. It further promotes public awareness and appreciation of our heritage through educational and relevant activities and programs. Kalilangan 2012 also complements between economic activity, promotion of tourism, and responsible entertainment. The festival brings culture and agriculture together with activities that showcase and build a sustainable future for agriculture by fostering vital links between the people and the land. This year’s festival theme is “Convergence in Divergence: Enriching Heritage, Bridging Cultures,” where convergence in divergence is a normal, expected and inevitable undertaking especially within multicultural realms. It expresses unity and a feeling of shared identity that breaks the borders of separation and drawn-out boundaries. It seeks to feel, to breathe, to aspire, and to move Gensan’s inhabitants as one entity, thus keeping a crucial role in bonding the variety of colors in a spectrum, and ultimately molds a diverse society like General Santos. GG V3N1



hese thematic values are also evident in the festival colors: Yellow, representing cultural heritage and history; Red, entertainment and tourism; and Green, agriculture. Convergence in Divergence is also the process of expanding one’s mind. The creative synergy brought by convergence in divergence -- the collaborative enterprise between the Gensan LGU, MSU-GSC, together with all stakeholders and various sectors -- has earned for Kalilangan 2011 the Best Tourism Event of the Philippines, Culture and Arts Category, City Level (2011).

Shout For Joy by Noel Nacion, Champion, Kalilangan 2011 Photography Competition

To better understand our own rich cultural heritage, while enhancing respect for others, this year’s festival launches the initiative of Enriching Heritage and Bridging Cultures, exploring the ways in which cultures of the Tri-People and other subcultures, have influenced Gensan society. Our aim is to revitalize and invigorate our



experience of these vibrant cultures and traditions. Enriching our cultural heritage nurtures the basic document of our identity. It preserves our tangibles -- history, literature, visual arts, tools and objects related to the physical context of cultural production, which includes the intangibles -- oral traditions, performances, musical practices, cultural interactions -- and the interfaces between them. The cultural and social drive of heritage leads to a new understanding of its potential, that is not only directed toward preserving the past, but also inspiring cultural progress and creating social harmony. Bridging cultures recognizes the different pathways that bring people together and provides them with cultural information, actual experiences and personal interactions. In a multicultural city like Gensan, people generally have roots in one culture while living in another. Their

challenge is to build a bridge that allows them to move back and forth between the cultures of importance to them. Bridging cultures is dedicated to help individuals find ways to build these personal bridges. It also helps them explore the varied enriching opportunities occuring with cultural convergence. This year, the Kalilangan festivities are grouped into six main categories, namely: Cultural, Entertainment, Agricultural, Institutional Events, Bazaar/ Food Galore, and Forums/ Seminars. Grouped under the Cultural Category are the Cultural Night/Show, Laro ng Lahi (Kadangthon, Sack Race, Patintero, Palosebo, Tug-o’-War, Sungka, Skipping Rope, Kite Flying, Dama), Traditional Games (Damlo Anok, Sipa sa Mangis), Kulintangan/Pangalay Exhibition Showcase, Ethno Musikahan sa Kalilangan, Traditional Houses exhibit (Tri-People), Traditional Dances, Tanghal Mindanao (University Theater Festival), and Visual Arts Exhibit.

The Entertainment Category includes the Carnival, Akostik, Hiphop, Beatbox, Bandalayag, Pinoy Cosplay, Kalilangan sa Barangay, and the Kadsagayan Street-Dancing. The Agricultural Category includes the Agrifair, Zoo, Karitela/Kariton Rides, Dog Show, Snake Show, Birds Show, Farmers’ Day, and Techno Forum. The Institutional Events are the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Lambigitan Cultural Night, Salubungan, and Unveiling of Landmark in Buayan. The rest of the categories are Bazaar/Food Galore and Forums/Seminars, which includes the Seminar on the History of General Santos.


alilangan 2012 starts with a soft opening on February 10, and formally opens with a Grand Opening Ceremony on February 21, with the Closing Rites on February 27, on the 73rd Foundation Anniversary of Genseral Santos City itself.

It’s More Fun in


Kalilangan 2011 Photo Retrospective

Looking Back at the Best Tourism Event of the Philippines*

* ATOP (Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines) named Kalilangan 2011 as the Best Tourism Event of the Philippines, Culture and Arts Category, City Level (2011) 8



Kalilangan 2012  

Kalilangan 2012 -- A Gensan Gazer Supplement

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