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and all of a sudden the city wakes Exclusive: Gensan’s Bustling Night Scene

Bombales: Gensan’s Other World Champ

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Kali, Mommy D, June Brides & More!

21 ● Gensan Gazer ● Apr-May 2010



Blugré Coffee JMP1 Bldg, South Osmeña General Santos (083) 552 1111 Robinsons Place Gensan (083) 554 2177 JMP Phoenix Gas Daproza St, General Santos (083) 302 0503 Forever Flawless KCC Mall of Gensan (083) 554 2422

Pacman H2O Aparente Street Cor. National Highway General Santos (083) 302 1055 Magsaysay Avenue General Santos (083) 554 2304

Jinkee’s Fashion World JMP2 Bldg, Aparente St General Santos (083) 552 2228 KCC Mall of Gensan (083) 554 2227 Team Pacquiao Robinsons Place Gensan (083) 554 2128

MP Princess Digital Printing Solutions JMP2 Bldg, Aparente St General Santos (083) 552 8880 JMP Printing Press JMP2 Bldg, Aparente St General Santos (083) 303 5052

JMIX Resto Bar JMP2 Bldg, Aparente St General Santos (083) 552 8880 (0928) 776 1240 Pacman Sports Bar JMP2 Bldg, Aparente St General Santos (083) 552 8880

21 ● Gensan Gazer ● Apr-May 2010

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note une may not bring in hordes of the newly married, at least not in Gensan, but it ushers in the rainy season, the new school year, and the new government under Sen. Benigno Aquino III, who has been proclaimed as the country’s 15th President this month. To Noynoy, we send our warmest congratulations, and sincerest good luck! In this issue, we’re happy to see the rise of another champion by the name of Silvano Baliguat Bombales, also a Noynoy, this time in the arena of Arnis or Kali, which we also feature here along with its more enigmatic Hollywood spokesperson, Matt Damon. Ian Finch of Finchley also cameos. The power situation has improved a wee bit, though we’re eager to see the full suspension of electrical outages more than ever. Gensan nights have never been more colorful and livelier, as our cover story reveals, and it’d be a shame if the blackouts continue to put a damper on the great vibe. This, Mommy D’s birthday outing, Sox Summer Safari, and a piece on June weddings augment our regular columns on high-tech gadgets, travel, health, music, books and what-not. As usual, do share your copy. Happy reading!


Armando Nicolas PJ

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Bombales: A World Champ, B A Fighter

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our cover



ight life in General Santos has never been this good. Where once the city would simply shut down as night time crept in, eventide now beckons a new awakening of the nocturnal kind. Select enclaves for night creatures have now dotted the city -offering affordable quality dining, wining, live entertainment, gaming, lounging, and partying options like we’ve never seen before. Despite the power outages (or perhaps because of it), more and more Generals are spending longer hours outdoors after the stores and offices close shop. It’s as if the city has woken up all of a sudden, and bedtime no longer rules.

A Dining Experience Unlike Any Other... Enjoy the breathtaking view of serene Sarangani Bay to the south, and majestic Mt Matutum and Mt Parker to the east as you soak in the classic countryside ambience... we are at banualan, upper tambler, general santos city (0923) 280 5966 magi (0923) 709 3964 arcelie

ISLA BETITA Catering services

NuĂąez Street, Barangafor all occasions... (083) 553 2763 | (0917 y San Isidro, General Santos ) 708 1693


of paradise... rte Your own piece an d, Davao del No

jan Kaputian, Samal Isl y | (0923) 596 5141 Jan (0923) 454 0026 Bongga



“Trabaho... Negosyo... Asenso.”










aman Gensan is a month-long business celebration institutionalized by the local government, and implemented by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SMED) Council of Gensan. The Council’s mission statement is to serve as the coordinating body for SME development; provide timely and relevant directions; optimize utilization of available resources and ensure that SME benefits will trickle down to the lower end of the population. The government and members of the private sector are represented in this council. This year the celebration revolves around the theme: “Trabaho... Negosyo... Asenso.” (Work... Enterprise... Progress.)

governments of TJapanheCanada, France and have revised the list

Trainings/Seminars Mindanao G-League GenSan LEG Swim Competition - June 19-20 Occupational Safety/Health Course for Site Safety Officers - June 21-25 Cornhusk Tulip Flower Making - June 23-25 Seminar on Sandal Making - June 24 Balloons & Flower Arrangement - June 24 Hands on Training on Marine Cage Farming of Bangus - June 23-25 2011 Design Trend Presentation Seminar Workshop on CRAFT - June 24 Scents & Fragrances Making - June 25 Advanced Beadwork Making - June 25 Training on Corn Husk Doll Making - June 28-30 Seminars on Massage Therapy - June 28-July 2 Seminar on Cake Decorating - June 25 Moringa Propagation & Utilization - June 29-30 Business Opportunity Seminar: Support to Mining Industry - June 30 New Perspective in Supervision for Effective/Changed Mgmt - July 1-2 Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights (Trademark/Patents) - July 1 How to Start a Business - July 2 Productivity Through Financial Wellness - July 2 Gum Paste Flower Making-Gerardo’s Culinary Arts - July 2 Pasta Making - July 3 Hair & Make-up Seminar Workshop & Competition - July 3 Bubble Display - July 3 Sandal & Slippers Making - July 4 Household Products Making - July 4 Seminar on Hair Dressing - July 5-9 Meat Processing - July 6

of areas their citizens need to avoid, finally lifting the travel alert on the cities of General Santos, Cagayan de Oro and Davao, Mindanao’s economic and tourism hubs. France urges its nationals to avoid the western half of Mindanao -- from Zamboanga to Sulu, and down to the provinces of Lanao, Misamis, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindano and Sarangani -- with the exception of General Santos City. The travel advisory singles out those areas where the terror group Abu Sayyaf is believed to have a presence or have activities. Following a similar thinking, the Foreign Affairs and

International Trade Canada advises against all travel in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (Basilan, Sulu, Tawi Tawi, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao and

ew Zealand-Philippine N joint venture Big Glory Bay Salmon and Seafood

Co., a collaboration between local tuna processor and canning firm Alliance Tuna International Inc. and New Zealand seafood firm Prime Foods, plans to expand operations in General Santos. Alliance operates two canneries in Gensan, sup-

Veggie Noodles Making - July 6 Vegetable & Fruit Processing - July 7 Advance Hand Made Paper Making - July 6-7 Grow-out Culture of Pangasius - July 6-7 Seminar on Production Management - July 9-10 Seminar on Simple Bookkeeping for SMEs - July 13 Seminar on Product Costing and Pricing - July 14 Lamination Technique for Natural Materials - July 15-16 Seminar on Product Packaging & Labeling - July 16 Seminar on Tourism Statistics - July 14-16 Eco Tour, Eco Talk - July 16-17 Business Permit & Licensing System (BPLS) Streamlining - July 20 Fora 7th FRAME Peoples’ Congress - July 7 Financing Forum - July 12 Entrepreneurs’ Forum - July 14 3rd Tuna Handliners Summit - July 19 Trade Fairs/Exhibits Deals On Wheels (DOW) - June 25-27 2010 YG Jobs Fair - July 1-2 YG Trade Fair - July 2-4 Pangasius Exhibit/Taste Testing - July 2-4 Franchise Expo 2010 - July 2-4 Halal Forum cum Exhibit - July 16 Young Entrepreneurs’ Fair - July 20-22 Continued on page 27 

Sharif Kabunsuan), as well as Zamboanga, Sarangani, Lanao del Norte, Davao del Sur (excluding Davao City), South Cotabato, North Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat. Foreign sovereignties have an obligation, first and foremost, to guarantee the safety and welfare their own citizens on alien soil, and

travel advisories are one way to keep visitors out of (perceived) harm’s way. International confidence in the peace-and-order standing of a city or province has a direct bearing on the volume of economic and cultural exchange between them. Perceived state is a fair, not exact, assessment.

plying pre-packaged tuna products to more than 50 countries worldwide, generating from US$52-million in 2008 to over US$70-million this year. This year Big Glory will build a new seafood smoke house facility close to Alliance’s present factory, thus allowing access to the latter’s existing management,

engineering and maintenance facilities, and the pooling of staff from existing resources. Both factories will expand their product lines to include other smoked fish and marinated salmon products, and ready-to-eat produce such as gravalax, soups, pate and sauces. Alliance is also considering to change its name to Alliance Select Foods International to reflect the variety of its expanded product line.


It’s about time you get envied.

L envy me salon and spa robinsons place gensan lagao, national highway general santos city (083) 5542134 | (0923) 9289056

ast year the newly refurbished Plaza Heneral Santos was unveiled to the public -- some eager, some enthusiastic, some even entranced -- to warm applause and a great sense of pride. Beyond the physical impact of the P34-million park rehabilitation and beautification project

-- which included lamp post-adorned concrete pathways that cut across amply manicured lawns; sturdy outdoor park benches, some strategically placed under the shade of young trees; an artificial fountain lake replete with footbridges; garden fixtures such as a white-washed wooden trellis; steel and wrought



Hair Manicure Cleanses and Shines!

Hairs & Nails Branches

GENSAN - Level 2 KCC Mall of Gensan (083) 3014822 | (0923) 2728114 iron sculptures; an ample parking area; and the monument to the Founding Father, Gen. Paulino Santos (his statue now painted in shimmering gold, unlike the bronze coat shown above, purposely for the 71st Founding Anniversary last February), among others -- is the new sense of home and solace at the heart of the city. Now it is not unusual to see joggers doing their regimen here in the morning, a random picking of office folk having their take-out lunch at a shaded park bench, a group of students strolling by happily, tourists taking snapshots, a couple walking handin-hand, a businessman making a few calls, and so on. At night the outdoor revellers here are illuminated by the magical lights.

Clockwise from top: Gen. Santos Shrine; white trellis on green lawn; promenade of palms leading to City Hall; footbridge over fountain lake

All of a sudden people are drawn to this plaza in a fashion not unlike the French’s fondness for Les Tuileries Gardens in Paris -- albeit a grander, more spectacular, more historic piece of greenery. (Gensan Gazer might be fixated with Plaza Heneral Santos’ most prominent resident, too; the photo of the beloved Gen. Santos sculpture has figured in most of the magazine’s issues, one even appearing on this page!) ormer Mayor Jun Acharon may have just left behind one of the most loved legacies of any city leader -- a green park local residents and visitors actually want to immerse in day in, day out. (ANPJ)


MARBEL - Level 3 KCC Mall of Marbel (083) 2289048 | (0923) 4603455 DAVAO - Tionko Building Duterte Street (082) 305 3401

traveltales&trivia • ajlakbaydiwa

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, USA One not-so-extraordinary January afternoon at the onset of the new millennium, a friend and I drove south from Waco to San Antonio, Texas. It was a fairly long drive, four hours perhaps, so at our stop the almost regulation tour of the Riverwalk and the attractions in the area -- from the famous Tower of Americas at the Hemisfair to the merry string of cafés, restaurants and shops along the riverside to the historic Alamo -- was a welcome relief. After that, however, we decided to take a detour to the bigger side of quiet. From an earlier trip to Austin I got hold of a promotional Texas tourist magazine, 300 pages or so of travel tips and

places of interest all over the state. That was the first time I heard of the San Antonio Missions. I arranged to see it for myself shortly thereafter. My road trip buddy made no fuss about the itinerary, and even set the date for the visit.


n no time did we reach the 820-acre San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (established in 1978), where four Spanish frontier missions, part of a colonization scheme that stretched across the Spanish Southwest from the 17th through 19th centuries, are diligently preserved. They include Missions San José, San Juan, Esapada and Concepcion. Without hesitation we focusrd on San José, the larg-


est of the missions. Established by the Catholic Church and the Spanish government in the 1700s, it became a cultural center of Texas during the early 1800s. Of the missions, San José enjoys the largest and most active congregation to this very day. What the tourist magazine did not say was something else. What it did not prepare us to see was more than lines and lines of text on a page could even begin to describe. What we saw was simply magic -- calm and peace so overpowering that it detaches you from the world, beauty so numbing that it leaves you breathless in complete awe and admiration. After what seemed like an

Coffee Worth Flying To Saigon For? HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM You don’t have to fly to Rome, for example, for real, honest-togoodness cappuccino. But authentic Vietnamese coffee? Good luck with that, especially when you’re in the Philippines. Sure, I didn’t have mine until my second time in Saigon, but the two cups I’ve had in barely four days in Ho Chi Minh City for two buddies’ May birthday bash this year are enough to make me want to go back just for another sip. Cà phê sữa đá (milk coffee with ice, literally) is a unique Vietnamese coffee recipe, made simply by mixing brewed black coffee

with condensed milk, and then pouring it over lots of ice. The coffee is traditionally coarsely ground, then individually brewed with a small metal drip filter into a cup containing the milk. Both coffee and milk are stirred thoroughly together, and then poured over ice. (Cà phê sữa nóng is made the same way but without ice; cà phê đen nong with neither milk nor ice.) The particular coffee concoction I had

was Trung Nguyen Coffee’s Tú Duy or Thoughts, brewed fine Culi Robusta coffee, with a deliciously light aroma and smooth, rich taste. The first sip is lethal: you’ll be back for more.

eternity I set out to perform the task at hand -- immortalize the vision of this wonder in pictures, albeit using a cheap automatic film camera. With equipment as unsophisticated as that, I was just happy and grateful to capture the view. In the end things turned out extraordinarily well at San José. Just before the evening sky dimmed over the west, my friend and I left as silently as we came, as if possessed by the pervading peace and profound beauty, not much different from that of an old tree somewhere near the convent, arms outstretched toward the sky -- gloriously basking in heaven’s light despite the winter mourning, and forever grateful, seemingly, for it.

Family Country Hotel & CONVENTION CENTRE We’re a -ready establishment! • • • • •

Mateo Rd, Lagao, General Santos | Tel (083) 552-8895 to 97 | Fax (083) 301-0774 E-mail:

1,000-person capacity convention centre Spacious, garnd lobby 25-meter swimming pool, children’s pool Floating-like restaurant and coffee shop Annex building with 5 air-conditioned function rooms

• Courtyard/open garden with landscaped grounds for outdoor functions • Spacious children’s playground • Fenced parking area of 4,450 sq.m. • Andrea Ticia Resto Bar by the pool • Executive board room for small functions

Deluxe Room

Matrimonial Room



Andrea Ticia Resto Bar

We serve Ihaw-Ihaw & Chinese Dishes

Bucket for P180.00 only 6 bottles, San Miguel Pale Pilsen & Red Horse Stallion also available.

Located at the pool side of Family Country Hotel & Convention Centre. Enjoy our live bands Room 304, Muzik Jah, Tri 17, After 6, and Fresh Stuff!

Fully airconditioned function rooms

In-house music & videoke Sundays-Tuesdays. Live band Wednesdays-Saturdays. Open 10am-2pm & 4pm-12mn all week, except Sunday til 10 pm only.


ack when I was just a struggling student on state scholarship in Mindanao State University in the late 80’s, there were no nocturnal al fresco diners to speak of (save for the makeshift street barbecue stands), and the all-night bars to hang out at were not the


type you’d want to be seen in at all. There were no midnight sale weekends either, no 24-hour restaurants and fastfood places with menus catering to every possible meal hour of the day (and night). Foam parties were unheard of, and no one arranged to meet with friends downtown later than six in the evening. There were no Internet cafés then, of course, and no mobile phones either, so online chat marathons and impromptu meet-ups, let alone the night-time kind, were not the order of the day (or night). More like decade. Back then things had a way of simply shutting down and folding up when the darkness crept in. Night creatures were mostly the kind of folk most people would not want to have anything to do with.

all f a sudden the city wakes Poolside drinks at Family Country Hotel’s Andrea Ticia

Back then night time was meant for sleep and sleep alone.


ut times have changed, and this once-sleepy town is bed-bound no longer. The night has become its own spectacle, and everyone seems to want to be a part of it. Now it’s not unusual for office folk to dine out and party after work. Even school kids meet out to pour over homework over coffee instead of study home. Insomniacs now have lots of options other than tossing and turning in bed, and night owls are no longer a persecuted breed. In spite of the seasonal blackouts (or perhaps because of it), more and more people are extending their waking hours, and spending them out on

gs of wanderin niac: an insom otos text & phando by arm nicolas p


the Even before were es ti foam par ia born, East As ’s Royale Hotelave main draws h been Cassado Billiard Bar and Babes Bar e. at Arcade On

the town, too. It’s as if the city has awakened all of a sudden. And bed time no longer rules. Whatever your nocturnal persuasions and nighttime passions are, you’ve surely tasted Gensan’s awakening, and probably want to see/hear/experience more. With a little prodding, you’re on your way there.

Live Bands -- There are countless destinations to head out to if you’re looking for live music most weekend nights: there’s one to suit every taste and budget. In fact, you can pick any spot at Tiongson Arcade for a couple of beers and some pork barbecue sticks for less than 100-pesos (that’s just a little over US$2), and you get an earful of the corner bar’s house band to match. I wonder if you’d stay long after your drink is gone though. The

best ones are definitely at old-timers Babes Bar at East Asia Royale Hotel (EARH) and poolside Andrea Ticia at Family Country Hotel, and newcomer Jmix Resto Bar at JMP2 Building -- with Babes and Jmix doubling as dance club in a way dance clubs can only be in General Santos, for now anyway. Gensan has yet to impose a smoking ban in enclosed public places like in Singapore and Davao City, so if you want your night life smoke-free, if not smoke-proof, the open air poolside option is your best bet. Probably somewhere in the hazy region between Tiongson and my top three are Cassado Billiard Bar at EARH Arcade One, Mismo Acoustic Bar at Quirino, Six’Blings Ostrich Bar and Restaurant at NCCC Compound, Crocodillo’s Resto Bar at Roxas East, and Tatay

Pepe’s Resto Bar at South Osmeña. I’d probably be asking too much if I dare you to hop around and check out all of them in one night, but sure, why not?

Sports Bars -- My top picks are Pacman Sports Bar at JMP2 Building, and Cassado Billiard Bar and Red Rocket Sports Bar at EARH Arcade One and Two, respectively. The closest thing to sports at Red Rocket is watching AXN or ESPN on cable, however, so you’re better off shooting pool and darts at Pacman and Cassado. Tip: if you’re a Manny Pacquiao fan head to Pacman between 10 pm and 3 am; the champ spends his evenings there with friends over pool when he’s in town, and goes up to Jmix for a drink between games. (Still I wonder if Manny can play

You don’t h to binge onave or alcohol food your nighton play billias out: Cassado, duc rds at at Tokyok’s kpins just watch , or TV at Red R sports ocket.

to ask you Get your friendsngs, save a onstage at 6’Bli fore the seat at Pacman be get mobbed champ arrives, or Pioneer and at Crocodillo’s. ues can get Roxas East Aven t, but inside deserted at nigh e the party the bars elsewherlife... oasis teems with

as much pool when he plays his role as Sarangani congressman soon.) Wild Boar Sports Bar at Santiago Boulevard features some great party venue as well, with breaks for coffee and fresh air just across the street at Dunkin’ Donuts. SanMig Sports Bar at NCCC Compound is interesting enough, too, but chances are you’d get stuck at 6’Blings on your way in. (You can always proceed to the sports bar if your ears can only take so much decibels.)

ourtyardStyle and Al Fresco Cafés and Bars


-- It’d be safe to say that majority of Gensan’s close to half a million residents welcomed the rise of the Robinsons Place structure from the sandy parcel of land off Lagao along the National Highway. Today, the fully completed mall

complex is home to one of the most frequented stretch of food-and-beverage space after all three malls -- Gaisano Mall, KCC Mall and Robinsons Place -- close shop for the day. Robinsons Place Al Fresco can be your weekend night’s one-stop party place. Start with dinner at Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant, perhaps their specialty dory fillet in onion sauce, Pescado Al Fresco, for a full meal minus the excess fat and cholesterol. Or if you fancy prime porterhouse at Big Ben’s Steak House, or Filipiniana favorites and exquisite combo meals at Piyesta! KTV and Resto Bar, why not? Whatever your craving -- dim sum and fastfood, grills and seafood, pasta and pizza, Oriental and Western cuisine -- Al Fresco has it. With dinner done and over with, pick your

choice dessert and coffee concoction at Blugré Coffee or Coffee Club 101, maybe share a necessary yet sinful blueberry cheesecake with friends so you whet your sweet tooth without punishing your body with too much sugar. Or, for guilt-free after-meal pleasure, how about a soothing herbal tea, to cleanse your mouth of the aftertaste of the night’s main dish as well. And all these, while you catch up on the latest news and gossip on your iPhone or your friend’s ultra-light netbook, at the same time waiting on friends who promised to join the gang for drinks after dinner home. And the drinks! Piyesta dazzles and fascinates in this department -- offering imaginative cocktail drinks such as rhumbased Gayuma served in test tubes and graduated cylinders, and the now

bestselling Jell-O Syringe Shots, rhum-and-strawberry gelatin taken via, surprise, a syringe! If you prefer your poison simple and straightforward, however, there’s the tower drinks dispenser to share with your party company -- beer, cocktails, punch, rhum iced tea and what-not. You don’t need alcoholic drinks to kickstart your night out either; the establishments at Al Fresco have a variety of refreshing beverages to tickle each fancy. Al Fresco features weekend night live music, too, but if you want your own private American Idol moment, there’s Piyesta’s KTV rooms for small groups at fixed hourly rates you can consume on food and drinks for. How’s that for a complete party experience?

The Clinic is a novelty bar in Singapore that serves house drinks in drips, even seats clients in modified wheelchairs. In Gensan, Piyesta’s Gayuma comes in test tubes and graduated cylinders; its Jell-O Syringe Shots in, well, syringes!


oam Party Weekends

-- Thanks to East Asia Royale Hotel and San Miguel Beer, Gensan may have just become the foam party capital of the Philippines. The foam parties are a big draw, attracting even partyphiles from Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao and Manila. And no, you don’t have to soak in foam to soak in the party fever; EARH Arcade Two’s balcony bars offer a view of the bubble mayhem and the foamy dance floor by the concert stage. For one, Where Else Bar offers fine party space, foam or no foam, and a micro casino, too!

You Know What Else Would Be Nice? Waterfront dining and entertainment within the city would really add a new twist to Gensan’s night life. Think Lions Beach boardwalk bars and bistros, Queen

Tuna Park beachfront cafés and restaurants. (Silway Promenade’s a bit of a stretch, but you get the picture.) And while we’re on the subject of city beach venues, why not all-night rave parties here instead of some farflung beach resort miles and miles beyond the boondocks? Midnight shows at the cinema would be great, too; 3-film movie marathons replete with dinner, supper and breakfast a real treat for movie diehards. Night bazaars and flea markets, city bar hopping bus tours, street party nights, the list goes on! Kalilangan and Tuna Festivals’ night-time vibe doesn’t really need to be just a twice-a-year affair. Gone are Gensan’s backwater days of yore; it is now a fullfledged urban zone, alive and awake even when it slumbers.




he Filipino martial art and national sport Arnis or Kali, particularly the Pekiti Tirsia style, was used extensively during the fight scenes in the hit film trilogy The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Lead actor Matt Damon had to train in the Filipino martial art for the physically demanding role, in order to portray with credibility a fighting technique that is simple, calm yet lethal -- characteristics that define Jason Bourne’s persona as a human weapon in Robert Ludlum’s series of espionage novels. First and foremost, as in most self-defense disciplines, the human body is the practitioner’s ultimate weapon. In Arnis, the weapon one uses is an extension of one’s body. Arnis incorporates the use of knives and swords, as well as sticks and, of course, the body itself. In Jason Bourne’s realistic fight scenes, he uses anything he can improvise on to use as weapon -- drapes, chair, even a ball-point pen. Everything in arnis is used for a fight -- in contrast to other martial arts where some exercises are used for relaxation, meditation or ceremonial function. It is also the only martial art that trains its students with a weapon first, gradually working their way to open hand -- in contrast to all other martial arts that begin open handed and work towards a weapon. Arnis follows this regimen because it posits that knowing how to improvise and fight with an open hand after one has learned to use a weapon is easier and more effective than fighting with a weapon for which one has not had any training. Familiarity with the opponent’s weapon is key. rnis or Kali was declared as the Philippines’ national martial art and sport by virtue of Republic Act 9850, enacted December 2009. Before arnis, the term eskrima was used to refer to the Filipino way of fighting with weapons; eskrima is derived from the Spanish escrima fencing, referring to the blade used as weapon in the discipline. Kali, though primarily used in Europe and the US, is seldom used in Visayas and in some cases, unknown to eskrima practitioners. The term is used mostly in Mindanao, but due to the popularity of the term outside the Philippines and the influence of foreign practitioners the term has now been accepted as a synonym for eskrima and arnis. (Also on page 14 read Bombales: A World Champion, A Fighter -- Gensan’s world arnis superstar on the rise.)



Bombales: A World Champion, A Fighter

Text by Ludwig T. Gamad Photos by Apple Greatson (

Silvano silently wore his kimono, checked and adjusted the tightness of his belt. He picked his Arnis sticks, moved his head in torque, trying to loosen up his neck muscles and the tightening veins. His heart beat fine yet inside his flesh the adrenalin rush started to build up. He jogged a little to maintain the regular blood flow all over his body. His fight today was all that mattered to him. No more holding back. He had fought too many fights so early in life.

Early bouts. At the tender age of 10,

Silvano Baliguat Bombales saw how his cousins and friends in San Jose, General Santos, succumb to the deadly deceits of narcotics. He saw them, one by one, fall victim to this menace that continues to haunt today’s youth. The picture of one dear cousin slowly losing his sanity due to addiction was warning enough. He saw how his cousin would run naked around their place, and how he severed his little finger and fed it to the ducks, only to slay the fowls later to retrieve it in vain. Not long after that the cousin died. This horrified Silvano as a child. The cousin’s death traumatized him no end, yet it taught him the dangers of drug abuse. He swore to stay away from drugs at all costs.

Instead he busied himself with worthwhile activities to parry his idle hours and the bait of surrender to vices. He was in the fifth grade when his Uncle Gonzalo, a black belter, along with his father Salvador, gave him basic lessons in Karate, Judo, Yawyan or Sayaw ng Kamatayan (Dance of Death), and Arnis. This was how he fought the evil lurking in the idleness of his young mind.

Daily struggles. Silvano went through

hardships not everyone could understand. His father, a DPWH foreman, was forced to resign from his job for not wanting to be reassigned in Marawi, then a critical area. He opted to leave his work, putting the family’s welfare and future under great uncertainty. Though his mother Amalia worked as midwife, she received no pay. There were days when the family had to get by on piniritong saging (fried banana). They had no money to buy rice. A locust swarm had hit their farm badly; no crops were harvested. There was practically nothing to guarantee a simple meal on the table. Her tough, ingenious mother would do blood pressure checkups in exchange for donations, hoping for money gifts; all they got were vegetables, sweet potatoes and more bananas to fill their stomachs with.

A fiery day.

Silvano saw that life presents irony. While he was working his way through high school, misfortune befell the family, turning his life upsidedown. In those days he would spray the flowering plants of the Cansan and Animas families for a fee. One day while the flowers blossomed, their house in San Jose blossomed, too, but with petals of fire. An enemy of his brother’s set fire to the house; the family’s only sanctuary went down in ashes.

The fights fought within.

His heart melted in fury, yet humility saved him from committing harm against those who brought his family pain. Not even when his oppressors confronted him physically did he lift his arms to protect himself. He could have defended himself surely, but the thought that using his martial arts skills would invite more brawls made him hold back. Discipline and the humility to accept the hostility of life, characteristics Silvano got from his mother, strengthened his spirit. He focused on athletics, enrolling in Karate and joining marathon events. In college he passed at scholarships in various schools in Davao, Cebu and North Cotabato; however, he decided to stay with his family in Gensan. With all the sad events that engulfed

15 him, Silvano got the bitter, but still the sour was yet to come. He was a successful ROTC Air Force Department officer in RMMC, but an unfortunate lover. The girl he loved left him for a rich man. That maimed his pride, but he remained composed through it all. All the more he immersed in Arnis training.

Sunshine after the rain. God surely had

seen his son’s struggles. His sacrifice paid off in 2000. He won in a national Arnis competition, which brought him to more rigorous trainings at the Philippine Air Force summer camps at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City. There he met his angel, Col. Rolando Jungco of the then Civil Service Group.

Three years of tutelage under the generous colonel catapulted his career in Arnis. Silvano founded the Philippine Air Force Arnis Defenders (PAFAD), now a member of National Sports Association (NSA) and Arnis Philippines (ARPHI), and his name is forever written in history. Humble as he is, he still continued his work at the Air Force mess hall frying tilapia and as caretaker of the colonel’s Labrador dogs.

Stormy surprises. Somehow the enmity

of life saved him one more stroke. In 2001 he suffered severe stomach pains followed by massive rectal bleeding after having a cookie. He was diagnosed with colon cancer. He saw his ambitions

flash, crack and shatter right before his eyes; his glowing life beginning to dim. He thought of his family. His chances of joining the Air Force were now bleak; good health and perfect physical condition are a primary requirement. In no time he became emaciated, a man so frail and weak, so vulnerable. But this man, whom God honed for better things to come, wanted to reaffirm his place in the sun. With will power, whetted by hardships and pains, he had the late Ernie Baron as herbalistphysician at his side. Together, and with God, they battled their foe. As if the physical pain was not enough, another trial came. His father died the same year, and Silvano had 

Silvano Baliguat Bombales won in the 2nd Doce Pares / 10th WEKAF (World Escrima Kali Arnis Federation) Knife Fighting/Sparring world championship in 2008. In July this year, the unassuming General defends his title and competes in 4 other Arnis events in Mexico.


Sweet Sixty-One

HE’S COME A long way from being known as Aling Dionisia the plain housewife to becoming Mommy D the celebrity, but to her family and closest friends, world boxing icon Manny Pacquiao’s most beloved mother remains a caring matriarch to the champ and his siblings, and a doting grandmother to her many grandchildren. To the world at large, she exudes the charm of an ordinary woman blessed with the fame and fortune of a famous, then wealthy, and now powerful son -- both of them the perfect embodiment of an

Mommy D at

accessible rags-to-riches story most Filipinos have a predilection for. She has become a superstar in her own right. ensan is especially fond of this endearing late bloomer, and unusually


fascinated by her unique celebrity. People from all walks of life are drawn to her, so much that when she turned 61 last month, all eyes were turned in her direction for a glimpse of inspiration and celebration.

Mommy D’s birthday bash at KCC Convention Center May 15 was nothing short of extravagant, the pomp only accentuated by at least 5 dress changes and probably just as many carats in the diamond jewelry set that she received as gift from the superstar boxer, now Sarangani’s congressmanelect. It may have doubled as Manny’s election victory party, but Dionisia prevailed victorious above all -- the love of family and friends, a budding career of her own, and an undeniable glow that can only be described as happy and beautiful. (ANPJ)

profilefocus  to go home for the burial. He returned to Manila to continue his medication, leaving his family no knowledge of his true condition. He didn’t want to add to the family’s already sad state.

Back to the local arena. The brilliant

weather man Baron proved the famous line: Tandaan, ang buhay ay weatherweather lang; kung walang knowledge, walang power! (Remember, life is like the weather; without knowledge, there is no power.) True. Though Ernie Baron eventually said ba-bye to life sooner, Silvano lives to tell his own story. He survived colon cancer and went home to Gensan in 2005. With a great belief in the future of Arnis as a sports event, he got permission to give free Arnis trainings Saturdays and Sundays at the Lions Beach. Thus, the Bombales Tribal Arnis Defenders (BTAD) was born. BTAD joined Arnis challenges in Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Tacurong, and as far as Lanao, Cebu and Manila, always returning with a bunch of medals.

Under the international limelight. In

July 2008, the Ayala Center Cebu was packed with martial arts enthusiasts. The place was swollen with people coming from different walks of life. In the crowd one could distinguish the accent made by visages of foreigners in the sea of local faces. Thirty-seven countries competed on that day for the title, Eskrima Kali Arnis World Champion. The presence of foreigners did not surprise Silvano, who at that very moment stretched his arms and legs, and bent his body for the final preparation.

Silvano would fight that day. He represented the Filipinos, his country more than his family or himself. The sight of the Philippine flag being waved, and the shout and cheer of his fellow Filipinos comforted him. When his turn to fight came, Silvano stood on his ground; the soil on which he stepped was his native land’s. He wouldn’t allow any

foreigner to trample the Filipino pride. It was not his time to surrender. And after a series of bouts, he bowed smiling. It was indeed his time. Silvano Baliguat Bombales, the first Filipino Kali Knife Fighting/Sparring World Champion, a true-blue RMMCian and a General, came home the ultimate winner.

Finchley, Finally


inchley is a Liverpoolbased acoustic/pop rock band fronted by Ian Finch on vocals and guitar, in collaboration with Greg Schofield, Ryan Forrest, Ste Hedley, James Dodd, Shane Beales, Chris Taylor, Vicky Edwards, and Lindsey Cleary. We talked to Ian one fine day this month to know a little more about the man and his band.

Armando: Where were you born and where do you live now? Have you heard of General Santos City before? Ian: I was born in Wales, part of the United Kingdom. My family then moved all around England as I was growing before I finally settled in Liverpool -- home of the Beatles! Despite traveling loads around the world I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard of General Santos City, only Manila. (Sorry, guys...) A: No worries, mate. Now you do. So, what made you want to become a singer-songwriter? I: I’ve always been into the arts graphic design, painting and particularly music. My first love in music was playing guitar but soon after getting the basics right I became most fascinated by using it to create my own music rather than playing other people’s. This naturally then led to song writing and lyrics and I realised it’s power to communicate with other people and i became hooked. A: What got you started? I:My dad was a musician and he let me learn on his guitar and soon I was accompanying him as he led the music at the church he led. Within a couple of years I was in bands playing pubs and clubs and then I went to University and met some

other guys and formed a band called Supervision, which was then my main thing for 10 years. I was the lead guitarist and co-writer. A: What is your first big break? I: While in Supervision we won a na-

17 tional Battle of the Bands, and the prize was playing to a festival that 10,000 people attended and free recording time to make a record. The combination of proving our ability to play to that size of audience and then doing a great record helped us get signed to the same company who gave us the recording time. A: What are your career highlights to date? I: Releasing the record following getting signed and it being really wellreceived -- 10/10 reviews everywhere. We played Germany, Poland, Ireland and the US over our time Continued on page 26 

um at mag-in an kasama a ng anta m agang kayang-kaya pami l , ku a n h i ly a n sa

a m Ku rkad a at


g bu a lsa ...




oam parties are here to stay, as the Sarap Mag-Babad Foam Party II at East Asia Royal Hotel on the May 21-22 weekend attested to. This time around the Manila-based band Silent Sanctuary played main act to Utopia and Playlist of Davao, and Tool Box and Ninety5Hundred of Gensan. This one-of-a-kind live concert and dance party event, deemed the main clincher of General Santos City’s reputation as SoCCSKSarGen’s premier party place, gave the city’s growing population of partyphiles another excuse to celebrate, and the students, another chance to party before school opens in June.



ormerly billed the Summer Bikini Crush 2010, Tierra Montana’s Sizzling Summer FashionFest 2010 Party warmed the rainy night May 28, as General Santos City’s up-and-coming models strutted on a beach-themed catwalk by the pool in various stages of undress, the public beach-sanctioned kind of undress, that is. Kalilangan Festival 2009’s Lakandula Ryan Reyes and Lakambini Shane Lara top-billed the night’s roster of clothes-shedders, halfheralding the last wisps of summer at the onset of the wet season. DJ Walthinho presided over the dance party that came after the fashion show. The event was co-presented by Dos Talentos Club.


ng Pinoy na m siyaha arar a k a ay a ! t K s T e V y m i & P Res nasan g a n s i t g g oB La lan a

o Dit

Al Fresco Robinsons Place Gensan Lagao, National Highway, Gen. Santos (083) 5542319 | (0923) 9289057


ild, White & Wet, Davak Ridge Resort’s summer-end rave beach party followed suit May 29, a seemingly last-ditch effort to enjoy the summer’s boon as part of Sarangani Province’s celebration of the 2010 Sarangani Bay Festival May 27 through 29. Organized by former high school friends, the allnight dance party took place in one of the inland coves of Davak Ridge Resort in Gumasa, Glan. A guest from DJ Brazil dished out music featuring trance, house, techno, breakbeat, as well as a sampling of current dance chart-busters, with bikiniclad Summer Ladies from Davao City heating up the beachfront dance floor and staging a sexy fashion show. Cybercrew Dancers of ABSCBN’s Showtime fame also performed. The event was plagued by gusts of the usual end-of-May monsoon rains, but continued and ended to great reviews.


he SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers hosted the First SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari, with blogger delegates from Davao and Cagayan De Oro attending May 29-30. Ice Castle Experience was the official hotel. On opening night, Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao provided aperitifs at Pacman Sports Bar, followed by poolside dinner at Le Jardin Arnevel, and welcome cocktails at Piyesta KTV & Resto Bar. Sunday kicked off with breakfast at Dolores Farm Resort before proceeding to Lake Sebu for the great zipline adventure at Seven Falls, lunch at Punta Isla Lake Resort, and high tea and more zipline rides at Merl Garden Spring Resort. Closing dinner was at Red Tent Steak House and farewell coffee and nightcap at Coffee Club 101. Transportation was provided courtesy of former Mayor Jun Acharon (now Congressman-elect), pastries by Rollee’s Bakeshop, bottled water by Pacman Water, and special gifts from Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki.

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Know What’s in Your Drink



Energy Carbohydrates Sugars Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Potassium Sodium

Dole Pineapple Orange Juice 100 kcal 24.0 g 18.0 g 0.0 IU 60.0 mg 20.0 mg 0.0 mg 270.0 mg 0.0 mg

Del Monte Tomato Juice 50 kcal 10.01 g 7.01 g 1750.0 IU 60.0 mg 40.0 mg 1.8 mg 0.0 mg 760.0 mg

Per serving (6 fl oz or 177 g) based on a 2000 calorie diet Source:

for Health and Physique So Why Not Go

owling is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, comparable to walking with free weights. When you bowl, your body burns calories and works muscle groups that are not usually used in day-to-day physical activities. Bowling involves a lot of flexing and stretching -- targetting tendons, joints, ligaments and muscle groups in the arms and legs. When paired with a healthy diet, bowling regularly promotes weight loss. Aside from its physiological advantages it also has psychosocial benefits, not in the least the strengthening of alliances and/or establishment of new friendships in congenial groups.

As with any other physical activity, performing warm-ups before bowling helps prevent injuries. Use talcum powder, where it is allowed, to make the lane skid-free, but not too much that it’s too slippery. Check the soles of shoes for sticky objects to avoid falls. As ten-pin bowling balls are heavy, pick the correct weight with both hands to avoid back and wrist injury. Warm up your fingers before inserting them into a bowling ball to make sure that they don’t get stuck. With duckpin balls, clean the ball surface with a cloth to be able to hold it firmly; a slightly damp hand also makes for a tighter hold.

HERCEDA-LAZARA Diagnostic & Medical Clinic

Door No. 3, A.V. Building (Beside Polyclinic), National Highway, General Santos City Telefax: (083) 301 6373 Mobile: (0917) 715 4308 Email:

Ultrasound Head & Neck | Chest | Breast | Abdominal (Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Spleen) | Appendix | Uterus & Ovaries | Inguinal | Scrotum & Testes | Transvaginal | Soft Tissue Masses

General X-Ray

Laboratory L abo ora ator Services H Hematology | Serology | Clinical Microscopy | C Clinical Chemistry | Drug Testing



The humble banana has benefits many other fruits do not have. It is easy to carry around and enjoy, and has a pleasant taste to savor again and again. It has two times more carbohydrates than an apple, five times more vitamin A and iron, and three times more phosphorus. It is also rich in potassium and natural sugars, making it a crucial component of any healthy diet. Because it is rich in vitamins and minerals, the banana is an excellent source of natural energy. Having only two bananas gives enough energy to work out for 1.5 hours. Also, instead of taking coffee or having sweets to shake off sluggishness between meals, having a banana gives energy that lasts longer without the high-andlow effect of caffeine. Because they are rich in potassium, bananas help the circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain, and help maintain regular heartbeat and proper balance of water in the body. Potassium also aids in reducing strokes and regulating blood pressure. Bananas also help prevent constipation; they have a type of fiber that helps regulate

bowel movement. Unlike laxatives that have chemicals, bananas naturally control constipation without causing diarrhea, for example. Bananas’ ability to replenish the body’s vitamins make them ideal for reducing a hangover’s effects. Mix two bananas in the blender with plain yogurt. The fruit calms the stomach. Bananas can likewise help smokers quit. It turns out that the fruit’s B vitamins and other minerals lessen the mental and bodily effects of nicotine withdrawal. Bananas help reduce the acidity that some foods cause. They leave a protective coat around the inner intestinal walls, promoting the health of the digestive system, too. And since they help neutralize acidity, they are also an effective means to alleviate heartburn, acting as a natural antacid to soothe the burn quickly. The iron-rich banana has other non-dietary benefits as well. Banana peels make for a good fertilizer, and can also be used to treat warts.

read & reviewed • danmeyer

 Kept me in its 

grip the whole time. Maugham has such a wise understanding of human nature. I’ve enjoyed every book of his that I’ve read!  


f Human Bondage, written by W. Somerset Maugham, is a semi-autibiographical novel generally accepted to be Maugham’s masterpiece. It talks about Philip Carey who, from an orphan with a clubfoot, grows into an impressionable young man with a voracious appetite for adventure and knowledge. Then he falls obsessively in love, embarking on a disastrous relationship

that will change his life forever. In the end, after his many attempts at art, work and love, Philip puts aside his lofty artistic and philosophical ideals, concluding that “the simplest pattern... in which a man was born, worked, married, had children, and died, was... the most perfect.”

Leopold’s life is a terrifying story of how unlimited greed and unlimited power can destroy millions of lives.e. But there is also the danger that we..

...can hide behind his story and ignore the fact that we are ruining millions of lives (those in foreign countries and those of future generations who have to deal with global warming) with our unlimited desire for guzzling cheap gas. Like Leopold, we can ignore our guilt due to the distance between us and our victims. Nevertheless, this book made me feel smug because at least I’m not as insanely wealthy as Leopold was, but does that make me any less guilty?” ing Leopold’s Ghost, written by Adam Hochschild, is a bestselling account of of the exploitation of the Congo Free State by Belgium’s King Leopold II between 1885 and 1908. Here Leo-


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ave Me, San Francisco is the 2009 release from the best-selling pop rock group, Train, their first album since For Me, It’s You (2006). Over the course of 15 years, Train has made its mark on music history with their Grammy Awardwinning song Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) in 2002, as well as other chart-topping singles. Since its birth in San Francisco in 1994, the multi-platinum selling band has traveled a long, successful and at times arduous journey. Consisting of Patrick Monahan (lead vocal), Jimmy Stafford (lead guitar) and Scott Underwood (drums), Train reunited in 2009 after a 3-year hiatus. Their fifth album, Save Me San Francisco, channels their early days, revisiting the kind of roots rock sound that has made the band easy on the popular and profound scale, and in turn, coalesces the band even stronger than in the past. The album’s first single, radiofriendly Hey, Soul Sister, forms part of an array of songs replete with wit and wisdom, at times convivial and at times cathartic (and at times both), allowing Monahan’s vocals soar a little bit higher than before. Other note-worthy tracks here include reassuring Parachute, reaffirming This Ain’t Goodbye, and redeeming Marry Me. Perhaps the more relaxed piece is title track Save Me, San Francisco, part country, part rock, part pop -- a sort of playful plea to home town Frisco. Old and new Train fans alike are definitely not going to be disappointed. 

classifieds Accounting Services | Bookkeeping Services Nenita L. Lozano Accounting Office - Call/text (083) 826 0692, (0926) 326 6903, (083) 552 1263.

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pold is described as a man of greed who, obsessed by the desire for a colony, conceals his real motives under philanthropic pretenses. Using political intrigue, propaganda and corruption, he wins the support of renowned explorer Henry Morton Stanley, and that of the public and the powerful states. Through several diplomatic efforts, he finally obtains international recognition for his colony. He then sets up a system of forced labour that keeps the people of the Congo basin under slavery.

Construction | Civil Engineering Works Jaya Construction Managers & Engineers - For expert advise on construction planning and management, contact (0939) 474 3834 | bbairoy@ Creative Services | Graphic Design | Media R2C2 Digital Instincts Specializes in plastic school ID cards, business cards, invitations, souvenir items, logo designs, poster/brochure design, multimedia presentation, computer graphics, other printing services, PC repair. Call/text (0926) 747 5484 (Sheng) or Ric at (0927) 322 0947

General Business Support and Services Nenita L. Lozano Accounting Office - Financial statement preparation, permit application, driver’s license processing, vehicle registration, transfer of title, correction of birth certificate, late registrartion of birth and marriage, PRC ID renewal. Call/text (083) 826 0692, (0926) 326 6903, (083) 552 1263.

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nly By The Night is the 2008 studio album by American rock band Kings Of Leon. Compared to earlier works verging on the cutting edge and indie primeval, this fourth album is deemed (worse, damned) by critics as overtly commercial, but true Leon followers know better. This fourth studio album may just be the closest thing to a flawless musical birthing to happen in recent years. True, this band of Followil brothers and a cousin from Nashville goes for the squeaky faultless and spotless finish this time around, but what the work missed out in the raw-rough-raunch department, it brandishes ten-fold in undeterred sincerity and sweeping aural and rhetorical beauty. The grit and grace of Use Somebody (52nd Grammy Awards Record of the Year, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance - Duo/Group with Vocal) fuse beautifully to create a striking statement that stands out and doesn’t get lost even in a dance remix appearing elsewhere. Between the searing intro of Closer and the pained verses of Cold Desert, the Kings deliver music that holds you and never lets go. As always, bassist Jared plays exquisitely, and vocalist Caleb plays emotions masterfully. With all 11 tracks coalescing into a multifaceted whole, the exceptional album called Only By The Night solidifies the band’s rock status and rock star appeal endearingly and rightfully so. Can hardly wait for the next magnificent album! 


orilla Manor, the 2010 debut album by LA-based indie band Local Natives, breathes music filled with AfroPop-themed guitars, dynamic drums, tribal beats, dreamy harmonies, and otherworldly melodies. A virtual Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on acid, Local Natives tread the more esoteric back roads of fusion Afro-beat and post-punk. Taylor Rice (guitar/vocals), Kelcey Ayer (keyboards/vocals), Ryan Hahn (guitar/vocals), Andy Hamm (bass) and Matt Frazier (drums) together create an appealingly unique and desirably mysterious sound -- using melodies that are complex and magnetic, and vocals that are colorful and fresh. Airplanes is no doubt one of the best tracks here; both uplifting and painstaking, the words “I want you back” never sounded so beautiful. Camera Talk merges hypnotic rhythm with mesmerizing harmonies, a lone violin serving as a reality cap. In Cards And Quarters, the percussions rein in a plain but powerful beat around which the song disentangles into more intricate pieces. Sun Hands goes overdrive on the passion bit, it’s almost like being towed in a harmless tsunami. Shape Shifter starts off so unceremoniously that when the chorus hits you it’s too late to hold back the floodgate of your emotions. Other tracks that complete the experience include Who Knows Who Cares, Wide Eyes and World News, no alliteration intended. 

train is back, kings of leon is in top form, and local natives simply blows you away.

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fter years of the extended hype and even longer wait, we now have both the much marvelled-at and the majorly maligned iPad. You’re ready to get your hands on one despite the mixed raves/rants, but exactly which one should you get? What you intend to use your iPad for determines exactly which type you should own.

You Want To Surf The Net. Surf, Surf, Surf. If you are buying the iPad

to browse the Internet, make sure to stick with the 3G model. You don’t want to be frustrated by constantly not being able to use the device that you spent your hard-earned savings on for what you intended it to serve in the first place. You know most airports do not have free wi-fi, so you need to have 3G access. Here, how much storage you have is probably not that much of an issue, as long as you can get your favorite songs in your new toy, get going, and get surfing. Remember, only buy an iPad purely for browsing purposes if you are determinedly serious about it. Upfront the device itself costs more, and you’d have to pay extra every month for 3G usage and data

charges. You know the drill: see how much you’d spend on the different 3G options with Globe, Smart and other providers, weigh this with how much convenience you’d gain, how much you can afford (lucky you if your parents pay the bills), and so on and so forth. You Just Love Your Music. You are a self-proclaimed music fanatic, an avid audiophile, and the wireless 64-gigabyte iPad should work for you just fine. But the again 64-GB won’t hold all your music files, let alone your music videos and movies, but it will hold enough favorite tunes to get you by. On the other hand, if you plan to regularly buy music from Amazon or iTunes, do consider buying a 3G iPad. Good news is you’ll gain the most storage you can get; bad news is if you select the 3G model you are

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bars 

GGPick Babes Bar - One of East Asia Royale Hotel’s watering holes, with discotheque, live music Thu-Fri (2nd Flr, Arcade 1, East Asia Royale Hotel, National Highway, Gen. Santos, +63-835534123 ext. 106) GGPick Cassado Billiard Bar - Pool tables, ice-cold beers (Grd Flr, Arcade 1, East Asia Royale Hotel, National Highway, Gen. Santos, +63-83-3028389) GGPick Pacman Sports Bar - Five pool tables/dart boards, The Pacman himself if you’re lucky, lots of lounge space (JMP Bldg 2, Aparente St, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5528880)

cafés 

GGPick BluGré Cafe - Next best thing to Starbucks, designer coffees, hot/cold mixes, filling meals (Robinsons Place, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5542177) [wi◦fi] GGPick BluGré Cafe - Bigger/more relaxing than the one at Robinsons, same great drinks/ eats (South Osmeña St, Gen. Santos, +63-5521111) [wi◦fi] GGPick Cafe Amoree - Local gem, great drinks/eats, far from city center but definite-ly worth a visit (Mabuhay Rd, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5542173) [wi◦fi]

really crowded at night (Petron Station, Lagao, Gen. Santos, +63-83-552749) [wi◦fi] GGPick Fagioli Coffee Shop - Private yet accessible, perfect chill after shopping (Grd Flr, KCC Mall, +63-83-5542384) [wi◦fi] Generals Brew - Fine gourmet coffees, sandwiches, combo meals (Pioneer Ave., Gen. Santos, +63-83-5526559) [wi◦fi] Red Ribbon Bakeshop Cakes, pastries, sumptuous Filipino/Western meal combos (Lower Grd Flr, KCC Mall, Gen. Santos, +63-83-3018388) Cafe Paulino - Unpretentious coffee place, central yet a quiet retreat from the crowd (Gaisano Mall, Gen. Santos) GGPick Coffee Club 101 - Coffee, pasta, desserts, free PC stations and mini-library for patrons (Laurel East Ave., Gen. Santos, +63-83-5535430) [wi◦fi] GGPick Coffee Club 101 Great place to people-watch and be seen in, perfect chill after shopping (Robinsons Place, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5534878) [wi◦fi] Coffee Dream - Coffee and sweets for after shopping or while waiting for company (2nd Flr/Basement 1, KCC Mall, Gen. Santos, +63-83-3018263) [wi◦fi] Fagioli Coffee Shop - Great after hours haunt, tends to get

hotels 

Dolores Farm Resort - Hotel, pool, Polomolok Zoo, the great countryside (Pagalungan, Polomolok, South Cotabato, +63-835009362, +63-83-5009260) [wi◦fi] Dolores Tropicana Resort Beach, restaurant, hotel with air-conditioned guest suites/ function rooms (Cabu, Tambler, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5539350) GGPick East Asia Royale Hotel - Stone’s throw away from the financial district, shopping malls, convention/exhibition centers, with function rooms/ restaurants/bars (Grand Royale Ballroom, Babes Bar), business center, 24-hour room service (National Highway, Gen. Santos,

+63-83-5534123) [wi◦fi] GGPick Family Country Hotel & Convention Centre - Guest rooms, meeting/banquet halls (up to 1,000 heads), Gensan’s only 25-meter pool, in-house Cafe Leticia amidst greenery (Mateo Rd, Lagao, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5528895-97) [wi◦fi] GGPick Ice Castle - Modern, centrally located, offers excellent accommodations, in-house bar and restaurant (Provido Village, City Heights, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5544423, +63-838269026) [wi◦fi] Phela Grande Hotel - Basic to luxury guest rooms, in-house Meilih Restaurant/Cafe Eduardo, offsite Phela Convention Center (Magsaysay Ave. cor. Atis St, Gen. Santos, +63-835524220/3017676) [wi◦fi] Sydney Hotel - Centrally located, offers comfortable accommodations and excellent restaurants, professional banquet/ conference facilities (Pendatun cor. Pioneer Ave., Gen. Santos, +63-83-5525479, Fax +63-835525478) [wi◦fi] Tierra Montana Hotel Air-conditioned guest suites/ function rooms, pool, restaurant (National Highway, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5538553, +63-835538433) [wi◦fi]

23 going to pay for the most expensive iPad there is. To date, anyway.

You Want To Make The Most Of Your iPad. (Read: You Want To Hack It.) This desire of yours puts you at opposite ends of the iPad spectrum: get either the least expensive or the costliest iPad. If you plan to break apart your iPad down to its firmwear, you could play safe, hedge your bet and spend the minimum. At the same time, what fun and challenge can you derive from modifying (read: tampering with) an inferior system? If you settle for the best iPad, chances are you’d end up having more fun at configuring

Get your iPad and other cool gadgets at

your hacks and cracks, and using them to your advantage, to your friends’ awe and admiration. (Note: Apple does not encourage such activities, but hey, it’s your device -- you decide what you do with it.) Besides, purchasing a costly gadget such as an iPad and voiding its warranty is a conscious decision you yourself will take, and live with afterward.

You Just Want To Have One: You Decide What To Do With It Later. And

why not? While you figure it out, you can go ahead and use your iPad tablet computer to surf the Internet, enjoy music/ movies/media, make phone calls, read eBooks, play games, even create online content. You can’t go wrong with this new class of half-smartphone half-laptop devices. Neither did 2 million buyers (in just a month since iPad’s launch)! (ANPJ)

resorts 

Davak Ridge Resort - Sun, sky, and all-year-round beach fun (Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani, +63-83-5524492) GGPick Gensan View Resort - Sun, sky, swimming pool and more (Nursery Rd, beside Susana Homes, Lagao, Gen. Santos, +63-915-6474354, +63-83-3028237) GGPick Merl Garden Spring Resort - Zip-line ride, pool, horse-backriding and more (Brgy Lahit, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, +63-9194577221, +63-922-5713078) GGPick Olaer Spring Resort - Natural springs, a city icon (Apopong, Gen. Santos, +63-83-3802345) GGPick Rosal Beach Resort - Sun, sky, and all-yearround white sand beach fun (Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani, +63-920-9212203)


Andrea Ticia Family Restaurant - Green, homey setting for a relaxing dining experience (Mateo Rd, Lagao, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5528896) GGPick Big Ben Steaks & Grills - Steaks you can always rely on in a homey, central setting,

you’d wanna hang out long after the plates are cleared. (Robinsons Place, Gen. Santos, +63-83-3030315) GGPick Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant - Great coffees and sumptuous food platters. Try Pescado Al Fresco -- dory in onion sauce! (Robinsons Place, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5520111) Cookie Factory - Homestyle cafe, restaurant (J. Catolico Sr Ave., Gen. Santos, +63-83-5522035) GGPick Gio’s Mongo Grill One of Tiongson Arcade’s main draw, Gio’s has great tasting barbecue (Tiongson Arcade, Lagao, Gen. Santos) GGPick Grab-A-Crab Exciting seafood, crab specialties (Laurel East Ave., Gen. Santos, +63-83-5535430) [wi◦fi] GGPick Grab-A-Crab Same Grab-A-Crab vibe, only smaller (Robinsons Place, Gen. Santos) [wi◦fi]

GGPick Little Dubai Kebab Grills - Our very own taste of exotic Middle East at a fraction of the price (Safi Arcade, Bula Road, Gen. Santos) GGPick Mandarin Tea Garden Restaurant - Simply amazing dimsum and Chinese /Filipino delicacies (South Osmeña St, Gen. Santos, +6383-3013333) [wi◦fi] GGPick Marasa Grill - Nofrills home-style food in unpretentious setting (Kadulasan St, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5524628) GGPick Pablo’s Steaks and Crabs - Paseo Del Sol’s Pablo’s has perfected the art of preparing steaks (certified US Angus) (National Highway, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5539298) GGPick Paseo Del Sol Hacienda-style haven, catering to theme/special events, serving Pablo’s/Ranchero fare, as well as exclusive dishes for private functions/catering service (National Highway, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5539298) GGPick Ranchero Grill - Paseo Del Sol’s old-timer Ranchero takes native/Filipino/ ranch-style food to the next level (National Highway, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5539298) GGPick Red Trellis Seafood Garden - Asian fusion-

inspired, gives Singapore-style chili crab/black pepper crab restaurants a run for their money (Across NDDU-IBED, Tiongson Ext., Lagao, Gen. Santos, +63-83-3022722) Rooftop Grill Ihaw-Ihaw - Seafood/grill, great views of Plaza Heneral Santos, City Hall (6th Flr, Sydney Hotel, Pioneer Ave., Gen. Santos, +63-835525479 Ext. 103) [wi◦fi] GGPick Royale Lounge Relaxing café with minimalist decór, acoustic music Wed-Sat (East Asia Royale Hotel, National Highway, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5534123 loc. 2) [wi◦fi] GGPick Sarangani Highlands Garden & Restaurant - Hillsidetop joint with views of Sarangani Bay, downtown Gensan, Mt Parker/Mt Matutum. Nature, fresh air, fine scenery, good food, great space for private parties or company events (Tambler, Gen. Santos, +63-83-3040752) Wanchin Dimsum Restaurant - Good food, pool table, piano, great views of Plaza Heneral Santos/City Hall (2nd Flr, Sydney Hotel, Pioneer Ave., Gen. Santos, +63-83-5525479 Ext. 115) [wi◦fi]


Crocodillo’s Resto Bar Occasional expat haunt, laidback and unpretentious crowd (very young, can be rowdy), cheap beers (Laurel East Ave., Gen. Santos) GGPick Grab-A-Crab Same Grab-A-Crab vibe, more intimate dining/wining, with probably the best bar counter in Gensan -- you’d wish it was all bar! (Robinsons Place, Gen. Santos) [wi◦fi] GGPick Jams Resto Bar House of premium steaks and fine cuisine, spacious, relaxed ambience (Nuñez St, Barangay San Isidro, Gen. Santos, +6383-5532763)

GGPick Jmix Resto Bar Great food, great music (JMP Bldg 2, Aparente St, Gen. Santos, +63-83-5542368)

GGPick Piyesta! KTV & Resto Bar - Value-for-money combo meals, inventive dishes, novelty cocktails, tower drinks, intimate KTV rooms, friendly staff (Robinsons Place, J. Catolico Sr Ave., Gen. Santos, +63-83-5542139).



’m no wedding specialist. I’ve no idea about planning one. I’m a 40-something male in a long-distance relationship with a girl I’ve known for nearly 30 years. (That does not make my case better or worse, does it?) And with work, business, travel, and personal finances to juggle, I’m the last person anyone would go to for wedding advice. But answer your questions about tying the knot without hoping to gain anything from your subsequent wedding by becoming your planner or photographer or pastor? That I can most definitely do!

why are most weddings held in june? My research says

June’s popularity has less to do with nice weather (when you live in moderate to continental climes) and more to do with the Roman goddess Juno (if you’re Roman and ancient). Many Romans (I guess Italians, too) chose to honor her by getting hitched in June. Everyone followed suit, I suppose. Still, another snippet I gathered says couples often marry in June (if you’re farmers) in order to time the conception of the first child, so the wife wouldn’t be too far along in the pregnancy to perform manual tasks at harvest time. Equal rights, eh? One other theory surfaces elsewhere: apparently in the 1400s-1500s people took their annual bath in May (those in cold climates, I gather), so the majority was smelling fresh in June, making it a good time to hold a wedding. It was even suggested that bouquets were used to mask the smell of the bride, that is, if her annual bath didn’t do her wonders. In the Philippines June doesn’t re-

24 ally look like a good wedding month. The school year opens (big hole in the wallet especially for big families, worse if the couple has to attend school!), and the rainy season starts after the hot summer. (In Pittsburgh, at least, August may have surpassed June as the wedding month.) So, no, you really don’t have to be a June bride. But do read my introduction again; you really don’t want my advise on such matters.

what’s with a white wedding?

Several cultures have adopted the traditional Western white wedding, where the bride wears a white dress and veil to match. This could have been popularized by the wedding of Queen Victoria, whose choice of a white gown might be out of extravagance, but might also be influenced by values she held on sexual purity.

and the wedding rings? The ring has long been

part of religious weddings in Europe and America, but the origin of the tradition is unclear. Historians say belief in the ancient quality of the practice is most likely a modern invention. Double ring ceremonies are also a modern practice, a groom’s wedding band not appearing in America until the early 1900s.

what do other cultures wear at weddings?

Traditional Chinese weddings would require the Cheongsam or Hanfu. For the Javanese (Indonesia) and Malay (Malaysia), the Batik and Kebaya would work, the way Barong Tagalog works for Filipino grooms. In Japan there’s the Kimono; in India, the Sari and Sherwani; in West Africa, Dashiki; in Vietnam, Áo Dài. Jewish weddings would require the Kittel, a white robe worn by the groom under the Chupah. Black tie (dinner jacket in the UK, tuxedo in the US) is traditionally appropriate only after 6 pm, but is also worn in daytime in the US, while white tie (evening dress in the UK) is used as a very formal evening attire. Non-traditional wear should also do. Why not? (ANPJ)



eat and run

blogger style From SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari - Day 1 & 2 by Brendel Balaga Reprinted from Blogging Frenzy ( Photos by Lyle Santos (

I never thought we’d do it in so short a preparation. In less than a month, we were able to gather bloggers from Cagayan de Oro, SoCCSKSarGen and Davao for the grandest meet-up yet – The Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour.


flurry of email exchanges ensued between the key persons of the Davao, SoCCSKSargen, and CDO bloggers and before we knew it, ChiQ and 7 other bloggers from Cagayan de Oro City were on their way to Davao City via the Davao-Bukidnon Highway on May 29. The Davao leg of the Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour was highlighted by a meet-up between Davao and CDO Bloggers at Ranchero Grill. What happened during the meet-up? We introduced ourselves and our blogs. We also enjoyed a hearty lunch consisting of the restaurant’s bestsellers such as Seafood Vegetables, Isda sa Miso (Tiyan ng Bangus), Karagatan, Pinapugon na Liempo, Ranchero Ribs, Garlic Chicken, Seafood Kare-Kare, Seafood Platter, and Pancit Canton. We would have wanted to stay at Ranchero Grill longer and enjoy the food a little bit more but we had a strict schedule so after thanking our hosts, our group proceeded to the bus terminal for our 3-hour trip to GenSan. In GenSan, special arrangements have been made for the SoCCSKSarGen leg of our food appreciation tour. Aptly called the SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari, our humble food appreciation tour evolved into something grander and adventurous, thanks to the marketing muscles of Avel Manansala and the persuasive charms of Orman Manansala and the strong support of the Sox Bloggers. We arrived in General Santos around 6pm and immediately proceeded to our hotel, thanks to the van provided by Mayor Jun Acharon. We had a few minutes to spare before

the start of a very busy night so we checked in at our official residence for the weekend, Ice Castle Experience, a themed hotel which will open its doors to the public next month. After depositing our things at the hotel, we proceeded to Pacman Sports Bar, the newest addition to GenSan’s bar scene. At Manny Pacquiao’s sports bar, we relaxed and enjoyed the welcome drinks and very generous servings of appetizers. The appetizers, by the way, are to die for. I really went crazy over the huge cheese sticks and tasty garlic chicken while my blogger friends swear by Pacman Sports Bar’s mean sizzling sisig.

Soon, it was time for us to have dinner at Le Jardin Arnevel, a sprawling garden resort which is home to GenSan’s biggest catering business. The owner,Tita Nitz, was waiting for us at the resort’s poolside and my eyes widened when I saw the huge feast she prepared for us. There were more or less 20 people in our group that time but the whole spread was big enough to feed 50! Seafood and other Filipino dishes were in abundance and oh, did I mention the lechon? After the awesome feast at Arnevel, we hurried to Donna Mae Congson’s Piyesta KTV and Resto Bar for the grand bloggers’ meet-up. In full force were the Sox Bloggers and I was so happy to see lots of familiar friendly faces. At Piyesta, my companions loved the bar’s signature drinks, the Jell-O Shots and Gayuma. They also immensely enjoyed the platefuls of kurasticks, sizzling ubol-ubol, and lechon (sent by Mayor Jun Acharon and yes,

our 2nd lechon for the night!) while I gave my undivided attention to the glorious Crispy Tuna Buntot.

We were up early for the 2nd day of the SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari. I’m not used to getting up at 6:00 am but since ours was a very tight schedule, I dragged myself out of bed. By 7:00 am, we left Ice Castle Experience and were on our way to our first stop for the day, to have breakfast at the magnificent Dolores Farm Resort in Polomolok, South Cotabato. I have been to the resort before so I knew that my companions will surely love the place. The very Filipino Breakfast at Dolores Farm Resort’s Chanee Restaurant was quick. I normally have no appetite for a full breakfast but I finished mine in no time. It must’ve been the breezy Sunday morning or the whole feel of the place.

After breakfast, my companions took off for a quick exploration of the mini-zoo, swimming pools, and durian orchard. Continued on page 27 



 Continued from page 17

together and met some very cool people in some amazing places -- castles, riverside log cabins, racecourses, ships, the works. Best gig of them all was our last though at the festival that started it all -- Greenbelt -- amazing crowd and an electric atmosphere...

Never stop learning, absorbing, changing, progressing.

And the next day I started my career as a solo artist at the same festival and got a great crowd at that, too. It was great to start with some momentum. I also seemed to have more TV appearances than live gigs in

The Love EP

Finchley’s began with a simple premise: from just £100, raise as much cash to help the earthquake victims in Haiti.

the first few months in my new life as a solo artist, which was pretty cool. A: What would you call the

Late one night, Ian Finch came up with four acoustic tracks on the L subject, with good friends Greg Schofield playing the guitar and Shane Beales, the piano. “It was a session that was all about capturing the moment while we performed some simple songs about love and relationships -- romantic, familial, spiritual or otherwise,” says Finch. The songs turned out to be heartfelt and honest, with an earthy sound full of sentiment, and of course, Finchley’s voice at its most vulnerable and most invincible at the same time. All in all a superb production, and for a profound purpose, too.

soundtrack of your life? I: One man’s attempt to do it all! A: The best advice you’ve received? I: Never stop learning, absorbing, changing, progressing. A: Favorite literature/music? I: Literature: The Bible. Music: Man, changes all the time -- currently it’s Beautiful Things by Michael Gungor, an all time classic though is Dare You To Move by Switchfoot. A: Favorite holiday destination? I: Ah, man, SO many!!! We went to the Maldives on honeymoon which was magical. The Rockies in Canada are incredible. Fiji and New Zealand were like heaven -- just so many places. A: And the Philippines? I: No, and THIS IS WRONG! I’ve made it to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, but never quite made it across to the Philipines... One day! A: What are your plans now? I: Right now I have a 5-month old boy so the current plan is simply to get used to being a parent and enjoy some family time. However, I have just launched an EP called The Love EP, which is currently raising money for the Disaster Appeal for Haiti, and I’ve started working on my next album due for a release next year when I’ll start gigging and touring again.

foodtrip  Continued from page 25

I chose to stay behind and helped myself to more native hot choco. After thanking our hosts for the wonderful breakfast, we proceeded to Koronadal City to meet Zion Travel’s Francis Sablon and Carlo Ebeo. Zion Travel facilitated the Lake Sebu leg of the SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari. On board the van provided by Mayor Jun Acharon, we traveled the 47 kms between Koronadal City and Lake Sebu, passing by the towns of Banga and Surallah. I’ve been to Surallah and Lake Sebu years ago but can’t remember much about my trip so I made sure that this time, I enjoyed both the journey and the destination. Yeah, even in the sweltering summer heat. Soon, we reached the steep dirt road that leads to the entrance to the majestic “Seven Falls” and the zipline. After paying the entrance fee, we immediately headed to where the zipline is. The mist from the spray of the falls was refreshing, as in Evian facial spray kind of refreshing. I was energized despite the 3-hour trip from General Santos and I was itching to try the Seven Falls Zipline. I have braved the ziplines in Davao City but I wanted to conquer my fear once more. But bummer of all bummers, lots of people got there before us. Locals and tourists from as far as Baguio City stood there, patiently waiting for their turn. Lake Sebu is not recognized as a premiere ecotourism destination in Mindanao for nothing.

We were advised that our group will be accommodated in the afternoon and since it was already time for lunch, we proceeded to Punta Isla Lake Resort. There, we enjoyed a splendid view of Lake Sebu, the lake that never dries up.

27 We were also lucky to have been entertained by T’boli dancers. The dreamweavers, in traditional T’boli garb, enthralled us with their captivating courtship dance. We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch of mostly of tilapia, cooked in every imaginable way possible. There were other Filipino dishes, of course, but in Lake Sebu, tilapia is the way to go! After lunch, some went back to Seven Falls (Dongon Falls) while I joined the group which headed to Merl Garden Spring Resort for some snacks. I was so tired and sleepy that once I got there and found a comfortable seat, I dozed off. I know I missed out on the fun but hey, I woke up in time to enjoy the snacks prepared by our hosts. At 4:00 pm, we headed back to Koronadal City for coffee at SaBalai Bistro, owned and managed by Carlo Ebeo. Must-tries at the place are the brewed coffee, mulberry tea, and pandan shake. And while you’re there, take time to check out the interiors– homey and artsy at the same time.

After having our pictures taken with our hosts, a bunch of us decided to meet for coffee while some of the SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari participants decided to rest in preparation for their trip back home. The SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari might have happened over a short weekened but those two days helped in forming stronger relationships between and among bloggers from all over Mindanao.


o Avel and Orman Manansala and the rest of the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers, CDO Bloggers, and the Davao Bloggers who participated in the Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour and SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari, thank you for the funnest weekend ever. Many thanks to the following event partners: Hon. Mayor Pedro “Jun” Acharon, Jr., Ice Castle Experience, Pacman Sports Bar, Le Jardin Arnevel, Piyesta KTV & Resto Bar, Dolores Farm Resort, Seven Falls Zipline, Zion Travel Punta Isla Lake Resort, Merl Garden Spring Resort, SaBalai Bistro, The Red Tent Steakhouse, Rolee’s Bakeshop, and Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki.

Do you have binge eating disorder?


After a while, we had to head back to General Santos City for our farewell dinner at The Red Tent Steakhouse. The owners, Dina and Dexter Dumaran– with the assistance of their uncle Gilbert Tan– prepared an elaborate dinner of crown ribs, steak, crabs, among others. We may have been very tired from our adventure in the highlands but that doesn’t mean we left our appetite there. We certainly ate dinner with gusto!

 Continued from page 5 Other Events Youth Forum: YAMAN GenSan - July 6 Skills Demo/Skills Competition - July 13 City Business Ceremonial Dedication/Prosperity Dance - July 18 Usaping Kabataan: YAMAN Gensan: Paano Nakakatulong sa Kabataang Generals - July 20 Mindanao Zonal Skills Olympic - July 22

Eating big amounts of food does not mean you have binge eating disorder, but those with serious binge eating problems frequently: • Eat food in abnormally big quantities. • Feel unable to control what or how much is eaten. • Eat more quickly than usual, eat until uncomfortably full, eat big amounts even when not hungry, or eat alone out of embarrassment at the size of his/her meal. • Feel disgust, depression or guilt after overeating.

Bulimics also binge eat, but they regularly purge, fast or exercise hard afterward: all 3 are dangerous ways to control one’s weight. Here it’s best to seek medical help.

Business Plan Preparation Competition - July 22 Pangasius Sinugbahan - July 22 Lechon Parade/Competition - June 29 Livestock Sector & Suppliers Night - June 29 Please contact the Secretariat to confirm schedules: GSC Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc. (GSC SMEDCI) R.A Building, South Osmeña St., General Santos City, Tel. Nos. (083) 554-1929 / 304-4054 | Look for MJ / Mark / Amor | E-mail address:


B Pop

videos made from toy pieces and tech gadget-shaped cakes do not make for serious discussion, but even serious bloggers do take breaks and indulge in short-lived novelties. Enter Boing Boing, A Directory of Wonderful Things, purveyor of


A green consumer blog, Treehugger seeks to make the sustainable lifestyle a way of life for the world. Its belief that a green lifestyle does not necessarily mean sacrifice, and its optimistic outlook helped attract close to 2-million unique users a month. Its 40 or so writers from different backgrounds in over

28 things grand and geeky. Launched in 2000, it has since largely influenced the trends and tenor of blogging. Behind the strangely cool and pointlessly interesting material, however, lies its manifesto: use the Web as a universal sounding board, free from corporate chains and state sanctions. It helped expose the threat posed to US civil liberties by post-9/11 Homeland Security laws. It exposed regimes that persecuted bloggers. It diverted 10 countries churn out up to 30 new posts a day -from personal grooming to fashion, nature and travel, to technology and the sciences. Treehugger started as an MBA class project 6 years ago; it now earns enough money from ads and sponsorship to pay its writers and staff. Treehugger has nurtured a very involved community, adding services like Hugg, a user blog, and Treehugger is said to have been bought by the Discovery Channel in 2007 for a rumored $10-million.

digitalart • marthinmillado&company


aiden Of The South is Marthin Millado’s study of a character for Alamat, a story idea he’s had for a while now. Inspired by historian Jong Ramirez’s Barangay Bula Mermaid from Who Is Who II, she is one of Bathala’s four daughters, each controlling the north, south, east and west. Ruling over the south -- abundant in the sea’s riches -- this charming, compassionate maiden, the story goes, shines as a beacon to her people. Lovelorn and grieving over Bathala’s passing, she rose with the help of her followers, in the end realizing she was meant to be broken to become a true leader. (Here she is shown hovering above the water, riding the waves in a skin-like suit, her skin with ornate patterns in gold.)

blogger disdain to Google and Yahoo when they bowed to China’s censors for investment favors. It mocks big studios for hounding petty music and movie file sharers instead of cleaning up their own web strategies. All these it does with mild-mannered, unforgiving charisma, aggravated only intermittently by some carnal sense of humor. Boing Boing unabashedly reigns over the often blurry region where technology meets politics; this is geek power at its sharpest.

Postscript pt GET YOUR OWN N S AD POSTCARDS Ad NOW! ArmaniAd maniPostCards, Armaning’s kolas Publishing’s sin ing ing line of micro advertisin advertising bsti products, are a nifty substitute to the lowly flyer. The ad postcards are just that -- advertising message on a postcard -- something that would most likely be kept or sent to friends by post, rather than crumpled and thrown in the trash. This is great news for small businesses needing to spread the word out fast and easily, with a little touch of class and novelty, too. Call (083) 826 9221 now for your own ad postcards, and see how far your idea flies! GENSAN GAZER. LABOR OF LOVE. PRACTICALLY. One friend subtly hinted -- and incorrectly, too -- that the magazine is going places and hence, earning big bucks. Sadly, my friend, I beg to differ. Though we profited from piggy-backing on the last Kalilangan Festival, our succeeding issues simply broke even after counting in taxes and printing cost. And no, contrary to what my friend insinuated, the online version of Gensan Gazer does not earn any income: the eZine is merely a digital copy of the printed magazine, an added bonus to our advertisers’ print advertising fees. And we don’t foresee to sell Gensan Gazer at the stands either. It turns out this is a labor of love, a sort of service for Gensan. Of course, your advertising fees are most welcome. Who knows? There’ll be more of you soon, too.

beauty & fashion back2back • donnacongson & romariecunanan


Donna’s Wedding

Romarie’s Summer

ctually, it’s my make-up tip for when I recently attended a friend’s wedding. Gotcha! Haha! (This tip also appears in my blog at, seeya there, too!) Recently a good friend of mine tied the knot. For a fashionista like me this meant a semi formal outfit -- a dress and a good, simple yet elegant makeup to match. I recently bought a dress from a friend’s garage sale -- a red knee-high dress. This is my favorite semi formal dress these days. On the appointed day I chose to do a no make-up look, better known as the natural look -- brown and natural color eyeshadow, and a very clean and smooth base foundation. The steps:

ummer! Summer love, summer job, summer downfalls, summer outings... Oh, I love summer! This is the most unforgettable summer of my life. There were a lot of happenings I may not remember vividly, but I know I had fun, learned a lot of lessons, and accepted to embrace the realities of life. Totally gaga over summer!



Well, one of the coolest things I had done was to try the exhilarating zip-line at Merl Masthead photo by Brian Congson Garden • First, I wash my face with my Pond’s Facial Wash. spring Resort in Lake Sebu. It • Then, I evenly put my make-up base, a BB cream with SPF I was creepy at first, my knees recently bought from Davao’s La Core Salon (Korean-based). were really trembling when • Next I put on my translucent foundation Skin 79 BB powthey snapped me into the der (also from La Core), which at first looked very pale but harness and let me wear the eventually blended with my skin tone. My advice to users helmet, but while I was in the of translucent powder is to do your make-up an hour or air I did enjoy it and I felt two prior to the event you’re going to. like I was Darna (a fictional • Using the L’Oréal matt dark brown shade and an eyebrow Filipino superhero)! Haha! I brush I draw a half moon semi-curve and traced my was captivated by the beauty already shaped eyebrows. I applied a light L’Oréal eyeof nature. Plus sissy Donna shadow to serve as eyeshadow base. Then a peach color was there to cheer me on. shadow all over my eyelid. Then I choose a medium brown Summer won’t be complete without visiting the beach, of course. I’m really fond of water activities, getting tanned and swimming. Beach allows me to experience relaxation and recreation. I went to the most coveted beach in Gumasa, enjoyed breathtaking water views and close proximity to the ocean breeze. A few tips on how to get the best swimsuit for yourself: a. For those with heavy hips, thighs or backsides, boy shorts are not just good for hiding your extra assets but also for looking oh-so-stylish in the sun. b. If you are petite, a high-cut leg on the swimsuit makes your legs look longer. Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we can have fun only during the summer; 365 days will always be fun if we find happiness in the small things we have in life. Smile, pray, be beautiful always, fall in love, and be happy! This is for you: I love you, TATAY ROMY. I love you forever.

• •

• •

shimmery shadow to the crease of my eyelid and blended it. This is also known as the half moon technique, giving an illusion of deep seated eyes. I used a Mac black eyeliner to make my eyes look small. Then my Mac Bronzer blush. I smiled to locate the apples of my cheeks then from the edge of my ears inward I lightly stroked my Body Shop Brush. For a smaller face illusion I put a light stroke of blush at the edge of my cheekbones. To match with my little red dress I put on a Maybelline Water Shine Pure Bloody Red shade lipstick. To finish my look for the wedding I curled my lashes then put on my Maybelline waterproof Black Mascara. And oh, before I forget, I sprayed on Etude House Makeup Fixer, which allows my make-up to last longer and gives my face a fresh feeling.

f course, with my make-up done, I also needed to fix my hair. I was running late so I sort of harassed my Envy Me Salon staff at Robinsons Place to do my hair quickly. Haha. In order for me to finish in time they did my hair straight. And here is the result!



Moonshine Seascape by Paul Fernandez Llanos Glan, Sarangani, Philippines

Gensan Gazer June 2010  
Gensan Gazer June 2010  

Gensan Gazer Magazine, June 2010 Issue