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We’re talking about rags-to-riches stories such as 8-division world boxing champ Manny Pacquiao’s saga, which, despite being rehashed innumerable times, still evokes sparks of inspiration in countless hearts and minds. Or Miss Universe 2011 third runnerup Shamcey Supsup’s journey from being a smalltown girl to topping her class, topping the board, and making the top five. Along the likes of fellow coverboy Julius Lagare, whose phenomenal rise from street hip hop crew to Atlanta Festival Ballet Company’s principal dancer, and world arnis

champion Silvano Bombales, this issue we pay tribute to Jean Pierre Sabido, world taekwondo champion, and take an intimate look at what Gensan’s winners -athletes, beauty queens, boxers, dancers, and martial artists alike -- all have to go through to master their craft and prevail in their endeavors. Was it not E.E. Cummings who said, “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward”? People who dream big are not fearless; they simply know how to trust their heart and to face their fear.

Francisco Direction: Apple Greatson Champion do Photography & Artistic Sabido, World Taekwon Model: Jean Pierre Anthony Millado Producer: Marthin

Making it big is no small matter, and we hold those who take chances in high esteem.

Gensan Gazer

eatson Francisco

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Armando Nicolas P J EDITOR

V2N6 also brings to you Egai’s affair with the night, Bing’s account of kitchen community in Old Gensan, Donna and Romarie’s Tuna Festival and Mr. & Miss Gensan 2011 experience, and Van’s take on fashion and photography. Elsewhere we welcome back GGList, round up two must-read books, two not-to-be-missed albums, an advice on love and career, a couple of shorts on themes of healthy living and green lifestyles, and Part 2 of FutureScape: Gensan University Belt with Marthin. Big cheers to making it big, and really making it count! Armando Nicolas P J

Thanks to Orman! If it were not for his birthday

luau on September 28, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet Miss Gensan 2010 Ghen Mutia (left) and Miss Gensan 2011 Caroline Lim up-close and in person. I’ve written pieces on both ladies for the magazine these last two years, and this is the only time we’ve actually met, and both of them at the same time, too. Here’s our 2-yearold erratum: we first introduced Ghen in Gensan Gazer as a 21-year-old looker, but she’s only 19! Apologies, your sweetness. Our sincerest congratulations to you both!

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(Conversation with a World Taekwondo Champion) No Pain, No Gain: Confessions of a Champ Text by Armando Nicolas PJ and Photography by Apple Greatson Francisco


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The Acute Eye by Apple Greatson Francisco


Conversation with a World Taekwondo Champion

No Pain, No Gain: Confessions of a Champ

Intro and Interview by Armando Nicolas P J


ean Pierre Sabido, JP to friends and family, has come a long way from being an impressionable kid just a year shy of his teens to being the national athlete and accomplished professional martial artist that he is today. Between then and now, from 2005 to 2011, the laid-back Gensan-born looker has won

Photography by Apple Greatson Francisco

medals in team and individual bouts in world taekwondo championships from Seoul to Ankara to Laos to Uzbekistan. I ran into him recently and had the chance to know more of the man behind the laurels. Here is the conversation with a world taekwondo champion (with world-class photographs no less from Apple Greatson Francisco).

How did you get into taekwondo? I started in 1997. I was 12 at that time. There was a group of missionaries that went to Gensan, and they had a taekwondo demonstration. When I saw it I was amazed by the spectacular kicking, stunts and breakings, then I said to myself, “I wanna be like that!” So I told my mom to enroll me in Taekwondo right away. What hurdles, if any, did you encounter getting into and staying in the discipline? Early in the stage, it wasn’t so hard. I wasn’t so serious. It was just for fun and play at that time. It started getting serious when I got into college. As a varsity player, you have a contract; you have an obligation to the school. The challenge was a matter of balancing school and Taekwondo. The real challenge came when I became a professional athlete because there were a lot of things I had to give up. One of the biggest challenges was letting go of my supposedly “normal life” because I’d train 8-10 hours a day. That’s practically the whole day! The one thing that I had to give up, or had to set aside was my career path, the course I studied for 5 years, 8 years actually. Today, all my colleagues are now professionals in their fields. Some are taking their Master’s degree; some are already certified this and that. I had to leave all that behind because I chose to be a national athlete. Secondly, you become distant to your friends, to society, because,


The greatest challenge, the greatest hurdle I went through was really a mental struggle -- the will to fight and never quit. This, I believe, is actually the greatest challenge for all professional athletes.

Why am I doing this? Why do I have to go through all this pain? Why can’t I just have a normal life and do the usual things that everyone does? obviously, most of the time you just train. It’s like I’m a complete stranger. I actually end up losing track of time and dates. I really didn’t have time to go out and have fun either because most of the time I’d already be dead tired. Sleep was a luxury to me. The greatest challenge, the greatest hurdle I went through was really a mental struggle -- the will to fight and never quit. This, I believe, is actually the greatest challenge for all professional athletes. There really are ups and downs in competition. It took me a long time to garner that gold medal last 2010 World Championships. There were so many times that I just wanted to quit. I wanted to stop. I told myself, “Why am I doing this? Why do I have to go through all this pain? Why can’t I just have a normal life and do the usual things that everyone does?” But good thing I didn’t give up, because if I did early in my athletic career, I wouldn’t be a world champion now. 6

When did you start doing taekwondo professionally?

training to be the best at what they do. How do you deal with this?

My first international competition was in 2005. Then, in 2007, I became team captain and part of the National Taekwondo Poomsae team and competed for the World Championships. I devoted my time to be a full-time athlete after I graduated college in 2008, up to the present.

It’s easy to say DISCIPLINE. Anyone can say discipline. But I think it lies more in the heart. It’s more of, “you know what you want.” To be a professional athlete is a decision I made. More or less I know what’s in store for me. I made a commitment. It’s no joke. You literally give up everything! But I chose this -- I know the outcome, I know what’s gonna happen. I know that I have to be at my top condition, in my best form. I know that I will undergo really, really hard training. I know what I have to do to stay fit and healthy. It’s a responsibility I choose; it’s part of the package. I don’t know how to say this… I don’t know if it’s my secret ingredient, but the only key factor that keeps me going is PURPOSE. I have purpose in why I’m doing this. The pressure is so intense that when you’re in it, there’s a constant battle in your mind that’s saying, “just stop!” I mean, to describe our

Describe your usual training day. Off season, we train 3-4 hours a day, 5 times a week. Pre-season, we start doing 6-7 hours, twice a day, with conditioning training 5 times a week. Then come in-season, roughly a month or two before the tournament, we train 8-10 hours, thrice a day, 6 days a week. We rarely have off-season. We are always in-season. Can you imagine that? Professional athletes are continually under pressure to stay fit and healthy, and take on rigid physical

...Good thing I didn’t give up, because if I did early in my athletic career, I wouldn’t be a world champion now. training is like alluding to “hell on earth.” There were several times that I just wanted to stop and walk out. But I didn’t because I look back and realize why am I doing this? This is not for me. This is for honor of my country. And as a national athlete, I feel like a soldier and I’m sent to the front lines of battle. You only realize this if you’ve actually “died” in training. When I say die, I mean reaching your limit everyday to the point of exhaustion. I mean it’s crazy but I think of it as an investment for the future. I want to learn all that I can. I want to exhaust all the knowledge from my Korean master and one day raise tough and quality Filipinos through taekwondo. Tell us about the major international competitions you have won. In 2005 and 2007, I was part of the team that won bronze in the World Hanmadang Championships in Korea. In 2008, we (men’s team) won the first ever medal, a bronze, for the

Philippines in the 3rd World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships held in Ankara, Turkey. Then in 2009, the same team won bronze in the Southeast Asian Games in Laos. I (with my partner) also won 3rd place for the pair event of the same tournament. The Hanmadang team won the first Gold for the Philippines in the World Hanmadang Championships also this year. I believe 2010 was the height of my athletic career. I won 3 gold medals in the individual male category, the pair event and the men’s team event in the 6th Korea International Open. (This is like a pre-world championships high level competition.) Then later that year, the men’s team won the Gold medal in the 5th world poomsae championships in Uzbekistan. In 2011, our team was recognized by the Philippine Sports Writers’ Association and received a major award for the achievements we have gained for the country.

What are your long-term goals moving forward? I plan to stay in Korea to learn the Korean way of martial arts. I want to experience the methods and the principles they carry with them when they train. I want to know their “secret” training methods and techniques, what makes them so good. I want to exhaust all that I can from my Korean master and bring it back home. Then one day put up a Poomsae Academy in General Santos City. I’m talking about world class, the first in the Philippines. This will open opportunities to many potential athletes in Mindanao. I will create not just one but many world-class athletes. If you weren’t into martial arts, what do you think you would be doing? Maybe I would be taking my Masters in Exercise Science because originally, that’s want I wanted to be. I would be an Exercise Consultant. 7

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Do you BlackBerry?



tarting this issue we welcome back GGList, thanks in no small part to Vivacious Vamp D.O., whose fondness for the page (bordering on feverish fascination, we’d like to think) delights and inspires us no end. Seriously, we’re thinking of calling this column Vavavoom List. Why not?

Up for Affogato!

Yes, we just used BlackBerry as a verb, so get over it. What we don’t know is how we get over the BlackBerry bandwagon. iPhone users beware! (See Danny Kennedy’s piece on BlackBerry Bold 9780 on page 25.)

An affogato (meaning “drowned” in Italian) is a coffee-based beverage or dessert, usually a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato topped with a shot or two of hot espresso. (A variant would include a shot of Amaretto or other liqueur.) We rediscovered this marvel twice during a recent trip to Puerto Princesa in Palawan, doing doubles each time. Do try and grab one now at Blugré, Fagioli, and most other coffee shops!

The author of Bad Dirt, Open Range, and The Shipping News is back with her own memoir.

Isn’t that a treat? The Pulitzer Prize-winning master worsdmith, who also penned Brokeback Mountain, talks about her life, and what marvelous personal stories they are! But wait, memoirs are not your cup of tea? Not for us either, but for Proulx we’d love to drown in her pages again and again, fiction or otherwise. (See our review of Bird Cloud on page 14.)

GGList is a mish-mash of stuff heard, tasted, seen, worn, posted, drunk, touched...




limate change is the challenge of our time. It’s not our only global problem: terrorism, water shortages, fishery depletion, pervasive hunger and poverty all persist on the planet. Yet climate affects everything, and how we deal with this issue will make matters better or worse for all the rest.

Solving Climate Change: Follow the Money by Peter Meisen

Over the past century, our energy investments have created a wealthy, dynamic global economy. We now understand that continuing this path is unsustainable as fossil fuel resources decline and environmentally destructive carbon dioxide emissions accumulate -- threatening our economy and way of life. The only way to shift the direction of climate change is to shift our energy investments. The International Energy Agency projects that US$9-15 trillion will be invested in the next few decades to meet the world’s growing energy demand. To tackle climate change, it is essential that renewables, clean technologies and energy efficiency receive the lion’s share of this investment. Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, pension funds and individual investors will drive this transition and benefit handsomely. Formerly known as alternative energy, this new sector has become mainstream, creating thousands of new jobs in research and manufacturing. The opportunities are global, as India and China strive to raise living standards of 2 billion people. So far, these two nations have followed the same energy path as the west. Solving climate change will require both the west and east to cooperate and invest in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Growth rates for renewables are impressive, with wind and solar industries increasing 20-40% each year 12

while improving both efficiency and performance. The first warnings about carbon dioxide emissions came 50 years ago. Like cigarettes, the consequences seemed so far in the future that doing nothing was easier than making any real change. Now, the leading scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have projected a warmer world, rising sea levels, stronger storms, species extinction and spreading topical diseases. Minimizing these effects would clearly benefit all humanity. Most everyone has now seen the Earth at Night visual from NASA -- a beautiful nighttime mosaic of our planet from space. Presently, two-thirds of all those lights come from fossil fuel power generation. Coal and natural gas remain the fuels of choice for generating electricity, while petroleum is used predominately for cars, trucks, trains and planes. We are truly addicted to fossil fuels to run our modern society.

... A warmer world, rising sea levels, stronger storms, species extinction and spreading topical diseases. since 2000. The commercialization of these renewables has attracted Shell, General Electric, British Petroleum and other energy multinationals to initiate significant financial commitments. Yet solar, wind and geothermal remain less than 2% of the global energy mix, even though some experts suggest that these renewables could supply 50% of our energy requirements in 2050. That would be a 2,500% increase

from today’s level, offering investors strong return potential. Efficiencies are coming from government policy and technical breakthroughs. Several countries and states are banishing the incandescent bulb for the more efficient compact florescent (CFL). Looking forward, the light-emitting diode (LED) is the next generation of energy efficient lighting, using just a fraction of today’s wattage-wasting bulbs. Gaselectric hybrid cars get 2-3 times the mileage of our current Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard fleets, with the promise of plug-in hybrids getting over 100 miles per gallon. Breakthroughs will double solar cell efficiency and windmills have grown to megawatt-size turbines. Each of these new technologies is a huge business opportunity, creating new jobs

If we continue building and funding the world’s energy needs as we did in the last century, we deserve the consequences. If we embrace the energy revolution (then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, 24 Sep 2007), investments in clean energy solutions will flourish and dominate the 21st Century. Climate change will be solved by shifting investments from fossil fuels to renewables, clean tech and energy efficiency. To track our progress, follow the money. Peter Meisen ( is President of the Global Energy Network Institute. GENI (www.geni. org) focuses on the interconnection of electric grids between nations, with an emphasis on tapping abundant local and remote renewable energy resources. GENI partnered with KLD Research and Analytics ( to launch the KLD Global Climate 100 Index - an index of 100 global companies that demonstrate leadership in providing solutions to climate change through the themes of renewable energy, clean technology, efficiency and future fuels.


ongratulations on the success of BMT 2011! The euhopia may have died down, but the fond memories linger on and on... For the MSU GSC PAVILLION PROJECT please send pledges/ donations to Mercy GaldonezAquino/Sheila Marie AlonsabeDumaguing (SA# 0093430257-07, BPI Santiago Blvd, General Santos City)

321 Cities in 45 Countries/Territories Now Read Gensan Gazer eZines


hree-hundred 21 cities across 45 nations now read the Gensan Gazer eZine, according to Google Analytics (5 Oct 2011). The GROUP OF 45 GG READER NATIONS consists of the Philippines, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Holland, Australia, UAE, Japan, South Africa, Guam, Denmark, Italy, Brunei, Morocco, Malaysia, Israel, Russia, Colombia, India, South Korea, Qatar, New Zealand, Croatia, Micronesia, Greece, Sweden, Vietnam, Bahrain, Brazil, Kuwait, Serbia, France, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Chile, Portugal, Indonesia, and Switzerland. Of the Top 20 Reader Cities, Davao stays in the first spot, besting 9 other cities in the Philippines. Gensan moves down from

4th to 9th spot, an indication that more local readers resort to the printed magazines. Outside the Philippines, Singapore (6th spot) remains the top reader city, with New York (8th), Brooklyn (10th), Jeddah (11th), Los Angeles (15th), Houston (16th), London (17th), Dubai (18th), Liverpool (19th) and Moscow (20th) in tow. Here’s the Top 20: 11. Jeddah 1. Davao City 12. Cagayan de Oro 2. Manila 13. Tacloban 3. Quezon City 14. Cotabato 4. Cebu 15. Los Angeles 5. Mandaluyong 16. Houston 6. Singapore 17. London 7. Makati 18. Dubai 8. New York 9. General Santos 19. Liverpool 20. Moscow 10. Brooklyn


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Circus, cloud, conflict

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstein

No announcements. The circus arrives with no warning. Inside the canvas tents is magical Le Cirque des Rêves, open only at night. Behind the scenes is a duel between two young magicians, Marco and Celia, trained since childhood solely for this purpose. Unbeknownst to them, this is a game where only one remains standing: the circus is but the stage for the battle of imagination and will. Despite all, Marco and Celia fall in love. Still the game must play out, and the fates of everyone hang in the balance. This a daring debut alongside the likes of the Harry Potter series -- a definite must-read!

musicREVIEWS Gimme Some (2011), by Peter Bjorn and John | êêêêê -- Our favorite Swedes continue to deliver infectious indie pop, but Gimme Some dishes out their own brand of rock. The 11-track album tentatively kicks off with Tomorrow Has To Wait, with possible radio single hits Dig A Little Deeper and Second Chance following suit. Breaker Breaker is a quick rockand-roll romp, while May Seem Macabre takes its easy before taking off, fantastic drums and all. Other tracks contribute to the wholeness of this work, but the only slow song here, Down Like Me, seems out of place. It finally culminates into I Know You Don’t Love Me, a long but irresistible song that brings it all back home. We’re 14

Bird Cloud by Annie Proulx

Annie Proulx is one of just a few American writers that we never tire of. No one knows place better; her previous works Bad Dirt, Open Range, and The Shipping News all evoke settings to vivid perfection. In Bird Cloud Proulx shares her memoir of her years in Montana. It is a fascinating projection of her literary prowess and prodigy on her own life, which is a virtual private matter compared to those of other contemporary novelists’. We can’t say memoirs are our thing actually, but we will have to sit down for hours on end with this one if only for Proulx’s prose.

Gimme some, or nothin’ not giving this album two thumbs up just to spite the three in the sparsely designed album cover. Three stars out of five would do just about right. Nothing Is Wrong (2011), by Dawes | êêêêê -- This LA-based band’s second album succeeds in sounding both jaded and cheerful,

thanks perhaps to beautiful harmonies and masterfully written lyrics. North Hills is a classic and Nothing Is Wrong stands solidly at its side, as does Fire Away. Time Spent In Los Angeles plays like a tired comeon, and the rest just seems to play along. This melodious but at times moribund set could use a little of daring and spontaneity.

I love the great outdoors, the sun and sky and sea, the shallows, the swells, the seemingly full and hollow endlessness... i love substance, the sound of a perfect sentence, the flow of honesty and wisdom, the magic of a vision, the remembrance, the experience, the life.

that’s why i read gensan gazer . t

n ’? o Dyou

Pinoy Says C


A typical career over love (or vice versa) dilemma, the stuff most romance novels and movies are made of. (In fact, didn’t I just see this recently in a gore-thriller flick somewhere?) Fiction aside, and for good measure, I will let you in on this scenario: boy stays with girl, boy and girl happy together, boy wonders about Paris, boy longs for Paris, boy unhappy, boy and girl unhappy together. Catch the drift? It’s a rather simplistic dissection of human relationships, but true enough, when a person forsakes his or her dreams for someone, even with the sincerest of intentions, regret and resentment will creep in eventually. (Sinister drum roll.)

My advice? Follow your heart. Whether you go for the girl or your dream is not something you decide on heads or tails, but something you have to consider with the future in mind. But, if you both are meant to be together, wherever you may be now, love always finds a way. (Snicker.)


Tisay Says K in d a al re y m a d e up m y m in d ona dth is on e, but ju st out of cu sh ou ld I go he rio sity, a d a nd ta ke m y longa-a nticipat ed inte rn ship in Pa ris a nd a futu re ca ba nkin g, orrestera yin global nila whe re m y gi in M awa nt s to ha a rlf rie nd life wit m e? A u re vove ir! -- Y o B.Sh



This is easy: go to Paris and take that internship, make the most of the opportunity given to you, work hard, learn harder, meet as many good contacts as you can to further your opportunities toward a full career, and enjoy your new environment -- for yourself. Your girlfriend should be happy for you and support you in your pursuits, but if she gives you an ultimatum (i.e., “If you go, it’s over between us.”) then it might as well be so. You don’t need someone to control how you live your life this early in your adulthood, or ever. If I were your girlfriend, I’d help you prep for the transfer, suggest places to stay in the city and destinations not to miss when you have time to travel around, maybe even get you started on your French (I do speak the language!), all that stuff. Of course, I’d arrange for my visit, too. (And you better not say no on that one!)

If I Had A

Camella Home Series Romarie Ivy Cunanan, beauty queen, businesswoman, banker: If I had a Camella Home, it had to be the Elaisa (Camella Home Series). Although I’m now all set for the grown-up stuff -- career, investment, the future -- I also need to keep up with a very social and active lifestyle. Elaisa offers me the space and comfort I need to go home to after a long day at work, to relax in, maybe 18

entertain friends and family when I feel like it. Camella Homes’ pool and sports facilities also help me stay fit and focused.

Emmanuel Sarifa & Donna Mae Congson, business couple, restaurateurs, amateur athletes, travel partners: If we had a Camella Home, it had to be the Emerald (Crown Jewel Series). We love manicured gardens*, the combination of comfort and function, ample space for home entertaining, breakfasts by the balcony, safe and green environment -- everything that the Emerald

Camella General Santos is a development of Camella, a subsidiary of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., the country’s largest homebuilder. It has 36 years of experience, built more than 250,000 homes through 87 projects, and maintains a strong presence in Mega Manila and 122 other key provincial destinations and 44 cities and municipalities, while expanding to other regions. For more information, call (083) 5533377 | (0917) 5134764 or log on to

offers. Camella’s exquisitely landscaped grounds, quaint courtyards, modern facilities and sports amenities also complement our need of and preference for healthy living, active lifestyle, natural environment, and some sense of exclusivity and privacy despite the urban setting. As with all other house models, we can plan the interiors however we want based on our own tastes.

Crown Jewel Series

Camella Home Series

The Camella Home Series features elegant house models ideal for start-up families and young professionals with business or work assignments in Gensan. Available at a price range of PHP 1.3-M to 3-M, it offers floor area options from 40 to 96 square meters, with two to five bedrooms.

Crown Jewel Series

The Crown Jewel Series is best suited for established individuals who have worked hard for their accomplishments whether abroad or within the country. These premium homes, ranging from PHP 3.2-M to 4-M, combine maximum comfort and superlative elegance into one offering you don’t want to miss.

Luxuria Series

The Luxuria Series, a testament to ultimate personal accomplishment and high success, a badge of achievement declaring, “I made it” – without compromise – combines luster, luxury and lifestyle in one irresistible package. The Luxuria Series comes in the PHP 4.5-M and 5-M price range, for the select few who has made it far and big.

Luxuria Series Orman Ortega Manansala, banker, multi-awarded blogger, events guru: If I had a Camella Home, it had to be the Murano (Luxuria Series). I am very particular with the littlest details and I want all the space I need, so the Murano perfectly fits the bill. Details like the princess window accent to the master bedroom, the pocket garden* for the ground floor toilet and bath, manicured lawns*,

arches, balconies, and lights all add to a sense of drama and beauty to suit my every whim and mood. I love to entertain friends at home, too, and the Murana gives me the option to do it indoors or out, depending on the time of day or the weather. I love Camella’s stately treelined boulevards and parks leading to my own private abode, something to look forward to at the end of a long, busy day.

* Lawns and gardens are not part of house purchase package.


Travel Tales & Trivia

Autumn in Central Park

F Bethesda Fountain


all foliage in New York is rife typically from the end of September through early November. This is the perfect time to wander on your own or with a friend or partner to observe the beautiful colors of the changing autumn leaves, and soak in the sights of this most beloved of seasons.

Elms, maples and oaks are only a few of the trees in Central Park that create the beautiful autumn colors throughout this part of Manhattan.

Through fall and the other seasons, Central Park serves an important purpose in the day-to-day lives of Manhattan folk by offering over 340 hectares of

Belvedere Castle

Bow Bridge over the lake

walkways, gardens, lakes, courtyards, fountains, terraces, bridges and open spaces for escaping, even for a short while, the chaos and contraptions of the city surrounding it.

Sunset over Reservoir

Reservoir afternoon

When I first visited New York one fine autumn I didn’t go to Central Park right away, and this was because I waited for a clear day -- sun and blue sky and all. As it turned out, my patience was rewarded with several such days. On that first visit, taking a paid walking tour was never my intention. Some may find exploring Central Park on their own a bit overwhelming, but for me it is the ultimate communion with a new place -- private, spontaneous, and unhurried.

Reservoir evening

tain, The Lake, Essex House, Grand Army Plaza, Heckscher Playground, Sheep Meadow and Great Lawn, Tavern on the Green, and the Victorian Gardens -- the colors of autumn resplendent in the golden sunrays. Northward I visited Gapstow Bridge, Loeb Boathouse, Belvedere Castle, Conservatory Garden, Delacorte Music Clock and Delacorte Theater, Greyshot Arch, Shakespeare Garden, Swedish Cottage, Heckscher Ballfields, and The Reservoir. At this last stop I lingered the longest, with only the setting sun for company. Central Park is indeed a wonderful place for aimless wandering, where you can get lost happily and willingly.


n my second visit, things seemed more familiar, the sun brighter, the sky clearer, Central Park so much smaller than it really was. There were still many little discoveries to be had, but that should be the case every day. It was perfect. I was walking in the park with the girl of my dreams. (ANPJ)

I entered the park from Columbus Circle off Broadway and 59th Street that first afternoon, and from there literally wandered in, not knowing what I’d find or where I’d end up. On the way to nowhere I made stops at the Carousel, Cherry Hill, the Wollman Rink, The Mall, Bandshell, Bethesda Terrace and Bethesda Foun-

Central Park day 2

Silent film on shoot

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all. (Stanley Horowitz)

Row boats on the lake


5 Ways to Burn More Fat & Tone Muscle with Weight Training



any people have the impression that the only benefit of weight training is to build muscle mass and get big. The truth, however, is that weight training in its various forms is also great for burning fat and toning muscle. Even if you’ve never been to a gym or are opposed to the idea of lifting heavy weights amongst a crowd of sweaty guys please shelve your skepticism and read on. Let’s take a look at five ways weight training can help you get to where you want to go when it comes to fitness:


Cardio and Resistance Training. Most people try to burn fat by cardiovascular workout alone. They may do aerobics, power-walk, play a sport or hit the treadmill. Cardio is an indispensible part of any fat burning regimen, though better results will be achieved when some kind of resistance training is included. Consider arm and ankle weights for example. Any power walking session will increase in intensity and in turn burn more calories with the addition of strap on weights at your extremities.


Burn fat while you sleep. Weight training burns fat by stressing out your muscles. This minor “damage” results in the ache you feel post workout. While your body is repairing the damage it’s consuming calories and as such burning fat. Hence, your workout continues even while you sleep!

Ž 22

Light weights and high

by Andrew Edwards

reps. This is a great way to tone the muscle you already have. When you use lighter dumbbells for example to perform curls and a host of other exercises, you help stop the natural atrophy of your muscles that occurs as you get older. Not only will you experience the benefit of burning fat by consuming more energy, you will also start to look more toned and defined.


Heavy weights and low reps. Lifting heavy weights less often is the key to muscle growth. Body builders want to stress their muscles to the point of failure, so they achieve the greatest increase in size during the recovery period. They are in a constant cycle of tear and repair as their bodies respond to the increased demands put on them. Heavy weight training can help those wanting to burn fat also, when used as part of a complete training regimen. By stressing your muscles out in this way even once a week, you’re aiding in the growth, toning and fat loss processes.


Keep your muscles confused. The human body is extremely good at adapting itself to new conditions and physical demands. If you jog every day, your body rebuilds itself to perform that task. So too if you swim or do weight training. It’s common knowledge though that a good swimmer is not necessarily a good runner. We have to train for the specific task we want to perform. When you lift weights, your body will be stressed out initially, though grow accustomed to the practice over time. This adaptation leads to great efficiency and less energy consumption during the exercise.

By mixing up your weight training routine with different exercises, you can trick your body into thinking you’re starting something new each time you train. This keeps energy consumption at a maximum and burns more fat.


o conclude, there are many ways to achieve your fitness goals. By in-

corporating resistance training and weights into your regimen, you can get where you’re going faster and look a little more toned in the process. The author invites you to visit to find more helpful information on how to build muscle. The Muscle Building Newsletter gives you all the latest information. Best of all, it’s free!

New in town and already lost and confused?

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osting a grand celebration for an important personal milestone nowadays only requires a date, an estimated number of guests, the kind of party you have in mind, and a thick wallet. The rest, as an emerging service industry often says, “leave the rest to the professionals …and all you have to do is attend your own party.” Gone are the stressful days of hosting an event. From planning to groundwork to implementation to post-party cleanup, you can leave all these to professionals: you now have the luxury of attending your own parties. But how was it then in old Dustdiangas? The settlement came to being with the landing of the settlers onboard MV Basilan on a strip of sandy coast in present-day Silway. The pioneers met the pre-NSLA (National Land Settlement Administration) inhabitants residing in the area predated by the Glan municipality, which was established a few years earlier. They could have dined together as customary, but there was no inaugural bash. Commemoration of this milestone then was celebrated with a simple gathering in a pioneer’s home. The custom of getting together to party is never a strange cultural activity as the settlers (first batch) and NLSA (second) hailed from partying folk accustomed to fiestas and celebrations. There were gettogethers and potluck parties at appointed venues conceptualized by Gen. Paulino Santos to foster a sense of community, as food is a uniting factor in Filipino culture. Soon the partying became a cultural staple of the settlement. Birthday parties are mostly the social activities of the children of the settlers. There were political inaugural balls marked by a grand banquet and a Rigodon de Honor; and there were weddings. As a Filipino social institution, weddings were the biggest event in Old Gensan. In the years when banquet halls were yet to be built, catering yet to be professionalized and party supplies yet to be included in the inventory of local stores, weddings were major productions. As everything during those days were done in the spirit of community, everyone pitched in to help. Weddings were scheduled in the morning, wedding receptions were always breakfasts, with closest friends staying until lunch and out-of-town guests until dinner. One could not pre-cook days before since freezers and refrigerators were yet nonexistent. The wives pooled together as kitchen hands to settlers who were more gifted in the kitchen: Gareth Santos (in the first years) then later, Sonny Boy Santos 24

Bayanihan in the Kitchen *

by Bing Cariño

(before the family established Roland Steak House), Ms Laling Naval and Mrs Obed churning morcon, embutido, arroz valenciana and many old-world cuisine. My grand aunt Sinforiana Salazar was famous for her dinuguan and suman. Mrs Florence Santos, grandmother of city councilor Margareth Santos, always made the wedding cakes. Everything was made out of the technology available during those times: mayonnaise prepared from scratch and homebaked breads; ovens (with the exception of Florence Santos’, which was American made) were crude tin cans similar to the pugon used in baking bibingka. The refrigerators (a few families had one) were kerosenefueled. In the years where fine things were only available in Cotabato City (a day’s travel by jeepney), plates and cutlery were loaned from households or borrowed from stores (La Nueva lent their inventory upon request)! Stressful as this might seem, the women would be dressed to the nines come wedding ceremony at church in the morning. The parties brought together the Salazars, Santoses, Aquinos, Llidos, Catolicos, Velazquezes, Casquejos, Larrabasters, Denogas, Natividads, Arriolas, Ramirezes, Velayos, Santiagos, Royecas, Purisimas. As old Filipinos, the party guest list was never complete without the attendance of the religious. American priests building the parish as part of the archdiocese of Cotabato were always present in these gatherings: the oblates, Fr McSurley,

Bishop Mongeau, Fr Harrington and later the Passionists. Allegiances and business dealings, and most political and governance programs had been borne at the banquet tables in these gatherings. Perhaps more than NLSA’s economic and infrastructure programming, one element not factored in the community development of early General Santos was the effect of parties held one after another in the twilight years of the city. Fetes and parties built a community of settlers homesick and yearning for their previous lives of family and friends removed from them when they took part in the settlement efforts in the Cotabato basin many moons ago.


he culture of bayanihan in the kitchen died when hotels were eventually built. It later became fashionable (and less stressful) to have parties at Bayview Hotel and Matutum Hotel, and as a rule of fashion, events moved to hipper, newer venues, and the rest is history. (Based on conversations with Ms Paz Salazar and Mrs Sufragia Lasmarias Vda de Salazar.) _____________________________________ *Bayanihan refers to the spirit of communal effort to achieve a common purpose. The term traces back to a tradition in rural Philippines, where community members help a family move to a different place by volunteering to transport the house, literally carrying the house on their backs to the new location.



f you are heavily involved with social networking sites, then you will like the BlackBerry Bold 9780 because it includes a Social Feeds app for that purpose. Convenient storage of all your online social media/networking information so you do not have to look all over the place for it when you need it. So if you like roaming around and talking to your friends online, you can post info to them by simply logging in quickly from your phone. You can also easily view messages and updates from your contacts on these networks. With the help of apps that work with the different social sites, your BlackBerry 9780 can make it simple to stay in touch with everybody. Anyone that uses the BlackBerry Bold 9780 will notice how

The BlackBerry Bold 9780: The Famous Line Continues by Danny Kennedy

long the battery life is even if they are surfing on the Internet and uploading a great deal of information. The battery compares favorably with just about all other smartphones, and you get up to 6 hours of talk time, and 36 hours of music playback. Always be careful when you read reviews about battery life. No matter what review you read about a smartphone, battery life is always the number one complaint. Many of these reviews must be taken with a grain of salt because sometimes they are emotionally motivated and not representative of the battery. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 actually does have a very good battery, which is something that many smartphones cannot boast.

The BlackBerry 9780 is a very well-designed smartphone, which may only pose some usability issues for those that are new to this product. Smartphone users will testify that their initial experience with their phone was probably not an easy one. All of these phones come with very comprehensive instructions to help you learn how to use any product by Research In Motion (RIM). There are complete tutorials on how to get the most out of the BlackBerry and the 6.1 operating system that this model uses. There is a small learning curve that you will have to experience, yet once you have done the tutorials, you will be good to go. People who watch the training videos

and read the manual typically are able to use their phones in no time at all. Is the BlackBerry Bold 9780 the right smart phone for you? The BlackBerry Bold is beloved my many people but is it really the right choice for you? Only you can decide.


eople who need to stay in touch with many contacts, whether for business or social reasons, often find BlackBerries to be the most convenient devices to use. Your next step should be to locate a BlackBerry distributor and take the BlackBerry Bold for a test drive. (Preferably from local shops. -- Editor)


Fashion Meets Photography


by Van Almeria


ashion is panoramic. It asserts human independence from what is given to it by the influences of external technological innovations. It is an intricate representation of history -- old and new, pragmatic and rebellious, eternal or ephemeral. It has a distinctive ability to imitate, to present truth, and to communicate beauty.

One of the favorite genres of photography that I adore is fashion, where the vast audience and a roster of photographers are mesmerized by the sophisticated interplay of elegance, subtlety or repugnance. On the other hand, it is highly regarded that every image has to be framed and assigned definite boundaries by the photographer. More often than not, these sorts of images are not randomly composed but drawn out harmonies and balance, which could embody an inherent nature. However, upon peeping through the lens and gazing before the swift panning images of commercial photography, I have learned that fashion has already accelerated into some challenging terrain. It is known that early fashion pictures were essentially society photographs of aristocrats, actresses and society models wearing their own clothes in studios or indoor 26

high society venues. Readings about the history of fashion photography mention that the new approach to photography in the editorial content of magazines was matched by an increasingly sophisticated use of photography in advertisements. Fashion photographers and magazines hired models and chose previously unconventional settings such as the streets or the countryside. Richard Avedon, one of the most esteemed fashion photographers in the 21st century, was one of the first few to infuse movement into his fashion photographs, as well as choose unconventional settings. In 1955 he photographed aristocratic-looking Dovima wearing a Dior evening gown with elephants in

their feeding barns at Cirque d’hiver in Paris. The resulting photograph became one of the most iconic images in fashion photography and one of the most imitated. It showed the deep contrasts between the fine alabaster skin and elegant dress worn by the model with that of the coarse skins of the elephants. In the photograph, the elephants appear restless while chained to the ground while Dovima appears composed, even resting a hand on an elephant’s trunk. There are intellectual battles for and against photography as to how art is expressed, sometimes they are even more finely nuanced and subtle, other times outright spirited. A theorist once remarked that any form of communication, as a distinctive gesture

entails configurations of material and movement through which thoughts move from the inside out, from internal consciousness to perceptibility to others. Such professional composition leads to aesthetically pleasing and stimulating images. Photographers have formulated a vocabulary of fashionable predatory creations within and through the hyper-real environments.


aolo, Von and Nino (above, from left to right) share a collective subliminal feeling toward photography. According to them, photography renders imagination in an easily perceptible form, and fashion, as an art and self-expression, communicates and even transcends.


Gensan Gazer


Gensan Gensan Gazer Gazer

Photography by Apple Greatson Francisco Model: Andrea Simonsson (Sweden) Producer: Marthin Millado

Gensan Gazer


Photography by Apple Greatson Francisco Model: Julius Lagare (Atlanta Festival Ballet Company) Production: Marthin Millado, Bing Cariño



SkyCable Gensan Channel 21 SkyCable Davao Channel 19

Flair for the language. Eye for adventure. Sense of humor. Impeccable taste for the arts. Versatility. Passion for life. These are the things that turn me on.

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GENSAN GAZER We’re not just about Gensan, and we’re read not only in Gensan. This town is our home. The world is our playground.

Gensan Ground. Global Groove.® We were a bit late getting on board Facebook but it’s not too late for you to like us. Find us at soon! :)

That’s why I read


Do youn’ t ? 27

futureSCAPE gensanSERIES

by Armando Nicolas PJ

GEnsan’s very own university belt in the process of being redrawn LAST OF TWO-PART SERIES DRAWINGS & ADDITIONAL TEXT BY MARTHIN ANTHONY MILLADO

e’re far from seeing urban decay in Gensan in this lifetime (or ever, we hope), but surely we feel a bit queasy when businesses steer away from once prominent city districts and set up shop elsewhere, mostly new enclaves sprouting up in areas where only decades ago swamps were commonplace. Especially when, where development was concentrated aggressively before, now only old, dilapidated buildings stand.


Take Pioneer Avenue, once the center of life in the city, which, though still intact in part due to its proximity to the City Hall and the successfully revamped Plaza Heneral Santos, has lost some of its luster of yore. Several buildings here are at different stages of disrepair, aggravated by the closure of at least one mediumsized mall and a general 28

merchandise shop after they burned down years ago, and at night the groups of people frequenting the area are not quite the same bunch as during the daytime’s, seemingly. Urban decay is when a once prosperous city or area falls into a state of decline -- due to an industry’s demise, inhabitants’ departure, economic slowdown, mass abandonments, and massive local job losses, to name a few. One result is blight -- the physical and psychological impact of living among empty lots and condemned buildings -- a danger to the community as they tend to attract undesirable elements and add to the prevalence of crime. ere we recreate Gensan’s University Belt (UB), spanning the breadth of Pioneer Avenue (above) toward the plaza and City Hall (opposite page), all the way to the Oval Plaza grounds and


the campuses of Mindanao State University (MSU) and Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU) further north. The vision is to reimagine this stretch as a district that’s conducive to learning -- already a prominent factor here with the prominence of educational institutions in the area -- and as a cohesive estate that’s fully integrated, environment-friendly, untuitively navigable, and wifi-enabled. ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY. Gensan’s reimagined UB zone may well become the

city’s first green district, with the strict adoption of measures that protect the environment, save energy, and promote the health of the population. This can be done by zoning the area as an absolutely smoking-free district, and opening the UB zone only to bio-fuel or electric-powered vehicles. Regular public utility jeepneys and tricycles would have to be rerouted to access only parts of Acharon Boulevard in the south, and Pentadun and Roxas East Avenues off the National Highway at the north end, in which case terminals should be strategically put up around there to feed passengers from regular vehicles to ecocars (such as the electric bus shown below) when entering the University Belt green zone.

FULLY INTEGRATED, INTUITIVELY NAVIGABLE, WALKING-FRIENDLY. With City Hall bounded by Plaza Heneral Santos and the Oval Plaza grounds at UB zone’s center, it would help to re-equip the district with pedestrian overhead bridges (ideally two along Pioneer Avenue and four around Plaza Heneral Santos) and covered walks (at the perimeter of the Oval Plaza). This makes the area one cohesive whole, allowing access to its many parts with ease, comfort and safety in check. It also encourages a predilection for walking, a complete form of aerobic exercise often taken for granted, if not neglected and deemed unfashionable. Truth be told, UB’s south end and its north point can be easily traversed on foot within 20 minutes or less given the right conditions for walking. With the additions in place, come rain or shine, people would find walking from City Hall to NDDU as normal as windowshopping or walking in the park (in itself a pastime yet to be taken seriously in Gensan). WIFI-ENABLED. This FutureScape zone is not called University Belt for nothing. The name carries with it a distinction in the pursuit of the higher ideals of education. Enabling connectivity within the entire district puts it at the forefront of technology, and wirelessly connecting this patch of Gensan to the Internet is just one step in the process of modernizing the zone. It would then make sense to strategically set up roofed nooks within the open spaces of Plaza Heneral Santos and the Oval Plaza grounds to allow visi-

tors to find a quiet corner, sit down, open a laptop, and get surfing.

... a cohesive estate that’s fully integrated, environmentfriendly, untuitively navigable, and wifi-enabled.


ccessory to realizing this vision is revving up businesses here -24-hour diners, cafés, clinics and convenience stores, bookshops, gyms and health stores, boutiques and gadget stores,

hotels and dormitories, salons and laundromats, and small printing shops, among others. The goal is to make the UB zone as relevant, as engaging and as self-sustaining as possible. This will not only dispel urban decay in the area, but also make Gensan’s University Belt fashionably in for many years to come.

The goal is to make the UB zone as relevant, as engaging and as self-sustaining as possible. 29



ith apologies to the author of A Thousand and One Nights, this is not a commentary on the classic Arabian tale. While the book is about the thousand stories (which the storyteller told her husband-king every night, thus sparing her life after a thousand and one nights), my piece is about the not-so-fairytale musings about the thousand nights (and counting) that I lay awake at night. It’s 3:12 ante meridiem and my eye bags have sagged down the floor, yet I can’t get myself to the rapid eye movement (REM) phase. Don’t mind the foreign terms, I’m simply saying I cannot sleep. Since Godknows-when my nights have always been like this -- literally sleepless. I can’t exactly remember how or when I got afflicted with this nocturnal disorder. What I am certain is that I am past the displeasure stage now. I mean, all this time, I’ve kind of, lived with it. Being insomniac, that is. Insomnia, Meriam Webster says, is a prolonged and usually abnormal inability to obtain sleep. One Internet source wrote, it is a state of inadequate or poorquality sleep because of one or more of the following: difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, and unrefreshing sleep. Unrefreshingly, I experience all of the above. I’m no physician but I opine one becomes an authority to write something one experiences chronically, so bear with this prosaic attempt into the subject of

A Thousand SleeplessNights

by Egai Cadiente

sleeplessness. Perhaps being an incorrigible insomniac has made me become a nocturnal being (except the wings). Ergo, the evening has become my lover and I have become a lover of the night. Move over Dracula! Modern medicine offers some reprieve. You go to a sleep clinic where they enclose you in a room, attach tubes to your pulse points, induce you to sleep, observe your sleeping behavior on camera, and voila, you wake up with a medical diagnosis. You get prescribed with a therapeutic regimen, and you hope to doze off as soon as you get in bed. I don’t know if this really works. I haven’t tried it or heard from someone who has. I might one day, but in the meantime I’ve simply learned to relish the evenings. Lest I miserably fail, I dare not probe into the region of its history and causes. Some maintain that tension, stress, and anxiety are often the culprits. So be it. I won’t argue. For now, I found respite in this sleepless state. As I said, evenings have become a love sanctuary. Earlier, before I got intimate with the night, I really struggled to fight sleeplessness. I remember battling my wits employing known techniques: from the logical (taking a warm bath before going to sleep, listening to music, drinking warm milk, and so on), to the absurd (sleeping with the head facing north, visualizing something peaceful or boring, etc.), but the techniques drowned in the sea of sleep elusiveness. I’ve even

tried folk remedies like counting sheep and concentrating on the flickering candle flame, to no avail. Most often, the flock of sheep would have long scattered on the pasture, and the candle in my mind would have long burnt, still sleep would be wandering somewhere else. So I’d just lay still and listen to the roosters’ crows becoming hoarse. I don’t plan to take sleeping pills. Instead I’d seek refuge in the company of books or the ever-dependable pen and journal. I could read a book or two in one night. My eyes would get strained but thank God, not my senses. And then there is television. Twenty-four hour cable channels are a reliable buddy. How I envy people who sleep effortlessly. My friends are like that. They can sleep as soon as they lay down or even sit. These people are just so blessed with the gift of antok. They are asleep in no time and sail off to dreamland, however uncomfortable their bodies arch. Obviously, I did not win my early battles with insomnia. As the cliché goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Since I couldn’t beat sleeplessness, I joined in its solace. Over time I learned to admire the night. I’ve written quite a deal of prose and poetry about its mystique. I discovered how romantic I could become when evenings come. Here’s one such entry to my journal: In the silence of nightfall, as though someone has turned off the world’s main switch of human activity, and you only hear crickets gliding in quietude, that not even the whisper of the gentlest breeze is felt, a magical repose creeps. You look up and gaze upon the evening skies, and in the backdrop of infinite darkness, you see an exquisite painting of stars resting on velvet clouds. In this mystical calmness, you wonder if someone, somewhere, share with you the same idyllic respite. There could be, there has to be. Everybody is alone.


’m not trying to be cute, but while I’m not sure if someone shares the same musings on sundown, I’m certain I’m not the only one with sleep problems. For sure, countless pairs of eye bags are now puffing and sagging this late. My neighbor’s roosters begin to crow now, signaling the sun to swathe the world with daylight. Late or early, whichever side of time you want to see it, I’m already looking forward to another dusk so I can romance with my lover again, the evening sky. 30

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Photo by Brian Dan Congson


inning a beauty pageant is a feat some people would dismiss as flimsy or passé, even empty and shallow. But in Gensan, where champions and winners are respected in all their forms and manifestations, the same city that has spawned the likes of 8-division world boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and Miss Universe third runner-up Shamcey Supsup, the Mr. & Miss Gensan pageant carries a sense of promise and prestige reserved for the cream of society. 32

Gensan Mr.and Miss

Cream of the crop may be a more apt phrase to describe this year’s contenders to the much-coveted crown and trophy of the Mr. & Miss Gensan search, with no less than former and current beauty pageant titleholders joining the fray. As it turned out, after a well-trimmed, seamless program and more than

satisfactory productions spanning a couple of hours, from among 20 contenders cut down to six finalists Marc Jerick Chan emerged as Mr. Gensan 2011 and Caroline Lim shone brightest as Miss Gensan 2011. Completing the court are Ayana Grico (Miss Gensan first runner-up, Jeffthie Cardino (Mr. Gensan first runner-up), Windy Pontino (Miss Gensan second

runner-up) and Serafin Lim (Mr. Gensan second runnerup). The night’s minor awards went to Frances Gonzalez and Gevic Romero (best in festival costume), Ayana Grico and Gian Cortes (best in swimwear), Noegih Casenas and Marc Jerick Chan (best in evening formals), Ayana Grico and Romeo Guevarra (best in talent), and Ayana Grico and Gevic Romero (most congenial). We first set eyes on Caroline during the 2010 Lakan at Lakambini ng Kalilangan (now called Lakan at Lakambini ng Gensan) pageant, where Caroline Lim breezed through as the fairest Lakambini.

Photo by Brian Dan Congson

Remarking on our comment on how fluidly she tackled her tricky gown and killer heels on coronation night, she replied, “That’s so true. That little slipping episode was crazy. Good thing I didn’t fall. Haha!”


f the show, she only has praises and a little self-deprecation to share. “It was a great show. The crowd was overwhelming. The huge number of people turning up to see the pageant was dizzy-

ing. I didn’t expect that many to show up... The production numbers were difficult. I really don’t know how to dance. I have two left feet! And yes, the celebrity emcees were great. They did an amazing job. Everything, in fact, was superb.” We share the same sentiment. The collaborative chemistry of Dino Veloso’s production design and Mark dela Cruz’s choreography, together with Project O! Consultants head honcho Orman Ortega Manansala’s

Photo by Jeremy David Reyes Photo by Brian Dan Congson

Photo by Omar Gallinero

Photo by Omar Gallinero

Clockwise from top: Caroline in festival costume, Genevieve and Jenel’s ceremonial farewell walk, Ayana in swimwear, Windy in evening gown, and all three in the final question-and-answer segment, where the finalists typed their answers on an iPad before reading them out loud -- a first in pageants worldwide. Opposite page, from left: Windy Pontino (Ms Gensan 2nd runner-up), Serafin Lim (Mr Gensan 2nd runner-up), Caroline Lim (Ms Gensan 2011), Marc Jerick Chan (Mr Gensan 2011), Ayana Grico (Ms Gensan 1st runner-up), and Jeffthie Cardino (Mr Gensan 1st runner-up) 33

creative vision, has resulted in a tightly paced, elegantly outfitted and well-directed pageant replete with a sleek set design, superb production numbers, and couture creations by Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines president Johnny Abad. “Through the years this partnership has given us the best shows in Gensan, and they only have one driving force behind them, the ever-gracious Dr Rose Acharon. Now that inspiration has rubbed off on Gensan’s number one beauty, Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio,” Manansala confides. It was a handover of sorts as last year’s winners, Genevieve Mutia and Jenel Labiana, both from Mindanao State University, ended up passing their title on to Caroline Lim and Marc Jerick Chan, both from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University.

Photo by Brian Dan Congson

TunaFest Triumphs


very year the prestigious Mr. & Miss Gensan pageant keeps leveling up, outdoing its previous year’s achievements. This year is no exception. I’m honored to take a small part in this glamorous event as member of the jury, with no less than Claudine Baretto and other friends from Davao and Manila. Like any other year the pageant was hassle-free and each segment was very creative, well-prepared and really thorough. As in Miss Universe, all pageants’ highlight is the question-andanswer portion of the top 5 finalists. In this pageant it was the top 3 ladies and gentlemen, but unlike Miss Universe, here the iPad was used. Each candidate was given iPad and two minutes to type in their answer to one common question. Talk about creativity! As far as I know this is first and only time in the world of beauty pageants that means had been used. So, let’s talk about fashion. This year, unlike any other year, where I wore a dress or gown to such functions, I decided to play a little with my outfit 8 34

Photo by Brian Dan Congson

The star-studded grand coronation night was tightly held with finesse and sophistication by two celebrity emcees, Binibining Pilipinas World 2006 Anna Maris Igpit and model-actor Victor Aliwalas. (GMA Kapuso

with the help and suggestion of my fabulous friend, Cherry Dimples Odi. I decided to dress preppy, animé-like (Japanese school girl) and fun but nottoo-formal outfit. I wore a sheer white top with bow tie (Forever 21), a mini black tutu skirt, white knee-high stockings, and completed the look a chunky but very comfortable heels. I was really comfortable with my outfit and was glad to hear compliments from friends and fellow jury members. That’s one thing I realized, that you can be comfortable and at the same time fashionable with what you wear formal and prestigious events such as this. A tip: Be yourself. Dress who you are, express yourself with the outfit you wear. (For my makeup, it was just simple natural tones and red lipstick.) It was also my second year in organizing the Tuna Sashimi Nights. This year was more exciting because we ran it over 3 nights, each night with a different entertainment program to cater to different music genres. Let me take this opportunity to thank all the people and establishments that helped make the event very successful. First my co-organizer, the very calm and equally fabulous Cathy Bolodo, Tuna Festival directors Ronald

Velasquez and Bebot Haw, General Santos City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio, SMB, Robinsons Place Gensan, Gensan CARES (Caterers’ and Restaurant Entrepreneurs Society), Minola, Macline Advertising, RMMC, STI, Coke, Gensan Aqua Traders (Roger Lim), Rangie Regidor, South Sea Shores (John Heitz), Rene Campaner (Gensan Fish Port CFO), Carlos Hagosojos (GFP manager), and Paris Ayon (GFP food safety manager). Thanks also to our participating booths: Piyesta KTV & Restobar, Little Dubai, Red Trellis, Little Kitchen, Arnevel, JA Kitchen Nauti.Chic, and Big Glory Bay Salmon and Seafood Company.


t was a very successful Tuna Festival 2011 indeed! Here’s looking forward to next year’s festivities and events.

Back2Back by Donna Mae Congson and Romarie Ivy Cunanan

Network earlier announced to deploy their talents here in support of Tuna Festival 2011.) Rounding up the night’s celebrity guests was actress Claudine Barreto, who served as head of the panel of judges. Orman Manansala had nothing but praise for the actress: “She was gracious. She was all-smiles. She was amazing.”

Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio congratulates Serafin Lim as Claudine Barreto looks on.


he Mr. & Miss Gensan 2011 search, official color bearer of General Santos City’s 43rd charter anniversary celebrations, easily one of the SoCSKSarGen region’s most prestigious beauty-and-brains competitions, has highlighted the beauty of the Generals in many ways. Past Miss Gensan winners who rose to prominence include the likes of Romarie Ivy Cunanan, Miss Gensan 2008, who later became Reyna ng Aliwan 2009 first runner-up, and Astrid Hernandez, Miss Gensan 2009, who became second runner-up in the Mr. and Miss Ecotourism Philippines Central Visayas. Project O! Consultants produced both Mr. Gensan and Miss Gensan competitions in one grand gala night this year. (ANPJ)

4 Stops Before Showtime


was invited to the mustwatch Mr. & Miss Gensan 2011 pageant by beauty queen maker Orman Ortega Manansala. As Miss Gensan 2008, I was requested to present the awards to the candidates. I savor this privilege. In preparation, I had four stops before going to the event. 1/ HORIZON SPA & FITNESS STUDIO -- Women’s beauty is a glorious reflection of being comfortable in their own skin. It’s important to have healthylooking, radiant skin, so it’s good to exfoliate every two weeks to remove dead cells and dirt. I headed straight to Horizon Spa & Fitness Studio (Tan Photo by Apple Greatson Francisco | Hair by Envy Me Salon | Makeup by Donna Mae Congson

Photo by Brian Dan Congson

Bldg, Aparente St, Pk Malakas) owned by the ever-charming Eunice Tan to get my cuccio body scrub. Cuccio ultra-fine sea salts exfoliate then polish. Add the hydrating benefits of milk and honey lotion that makes skin very soft. After 20 minutes my arms and legs looked glowing, very smooth, all ready for the big night and the spotlight. 2/ KREATIV BOUTIQUE -- Thanks to Tammy Nacario and Rose Nacario-Lim for letting me wear their fabulous collection of gowns. Kreativ Boutique (Level 2, Gaisano Mall of Gensan) has classy and elegant gowns that every woman wishes to have. I personally recommend to this shop to everyone. Aside from gowns, they have signature dresses, tee, shorts, and jeans. Best stop for shopping. The red carpet awaits me! 3/ ROMARIE CUNANAN ONLINE SHOP -- Yes, I scan and check out stocks on my online shop. Search Romarie Cunanan Online Shop on Facebook and please like my page. I looked for drop earrings and simple cuff so I won’t look overaccessorized. Perfect! I got a classy and nice set to match my elegant gown. The items in my online shop are person-

ally picked so rest assured that you’ll glam up the night or any event you attend because of the catchy pieces. Happy shopping! 4/ HAIRS & NAILS SALON -- Perfect skin, gown and accessories, what’s next? Perfect hair and makeup = Hairs & Nails Salon (Level 2, KCC Mall of Gensan). Though my skin is very sensitive I’m worry-free because H&N uses hypoallergenic makeup and high-end products that won’t irritate my skin. Their staff are well-trained and very friendly, just like sissie Donna Mae Congson, who manages H&N. They set and perm my hair to achieve big bouncy curls, and applied natural makeup that I really love. When I arrived at KCC Convention Center for the pageant, there I found actress Claudine Barreto, Bb. Pilipinas World 2006 Anna Maris Igpit, Dr Joel Mendez of Mendez Medical Group, and other distinguished guests. I assisted in welcoming the Congressional housewives to the prestigious event, and presented the awards to the candidates. Congratulations to the Project O! Consultants for the great show! Mr. & Miss Gensan highlighted the events of Tuna Festival 2011!


nd to the winners, remember: If we see ourselves beautiful, then we can see beauty in others, and others can see the beauty in us!

With (from top) beauty queen Anna Maris Igpit, actress Claudine Barreto, Dr Joel Mendez, bloggerwriter Ria Abella Jose, and my sissie Donna Mae Congson 9 35


by Armando

Nicolas PJ

Success// Happiness


postscript is something most people write as an afterthought -- often a line or paragraph added after closing a letter, hence its place just below the signature. This column was originally meant to do just that: to write a short commentary after all the main stories in any given issue. The closest we’ve come to that is placing the page at the back, though it hasn’t stopped us from veering off into unrelated

terrain time and again. Today we want to remember the man behind the iconic iPod, iPhone and iPad, Steve Jobs, who finally succumbed after years of battle with pancreatic cancer. His was a happy and successful life, albeit cut short at its height. Widely described as a visionary, pioneer, and genius, he was one of the foremost leaders in the field of business, innovation, and product design. He had profoundly changed the face of the modern world, revolu-

tionizing many different industries. As postscript and farewell we leave a few quotes on what people, you and I, strive for in life.

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

(Dale Carnegie, 1888-1955, American self-improvement guru, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, 1936, and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, 1948)

What is success? I think it is a mixture of having

a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose. (Margaret Thatcher,

former Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. (Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, German-born American physicist, 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics)

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rarely shoot landscapes, much less exhibit them, but this one really caught my attention. This is the first powergenerating windmill farm in Southeast Asia, located in the municipality of Bangui, Ilocos Norte.


by Apple Greatson Francisco

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