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Trabaho.. Negosyo.. Asenso.

In this Issue -- 8th Yaman Gensan: A Powerhouse of Livelihood SeminarWorkshops | Entrepreneurs Forum 2010: Usapang Negosyo, Usapang Asenso | More!





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Message from the City Mayor Hon. Darlene Magnolia Antonino-Custodio


Message from the South Cotabato Congressional Representative Hon. Pedro B. Acharon Jr.


Message from the GSC SMEDCI President Engr. Maria S. Theresa Pacheco


Yaman Gensan 2010 Opens


Young Entrepreneurs’ Fair


Business Plan Competition


8th Yaman Gensan: A Powerhouse of Livelihood Seminar-Workshops


Entrepreneurs’ Forum


Pangasius: A Taste That Lasts...


Yaman Gensan Trade Fair and Exhibit


Financing Forum


Job Fair Registers 1,304 Job Seekers


About General Santos City SMED Council, Inc.


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Republic of the Philippines General Santos City OFFICE OF THE CITY MAYOR

  Magandang Gensan! It has been eight years since my predecessor, the former city mayor Jun Acharon, now congressman, started the observance of this yearly Business Month dubbed as Yabong Maliliit na Negosyo sa Gensan or Yaman Gensan. Then, in my capacity as congresswoman, I was supportive of the activities lined up because I saw the merits of the month-long event. I acknowledged that by creating more entrepreneurs, we have minimized the strain on the social services budget of the local government paving the way for more development projects to be implemented. I recognized that by giv-

ing incentives to businesses, the people behind are encouraged to be more skillful, creative and ingenious with their products and services. I saw that the contributions of the small- and medium-sized enterprises to the local economy have kept Gensan afloat despite the global financial crises. These are the facts that propelled my conviction and drove me to dream of Gensan becoming a global city. Yes, we are ready for the next higher step. Fueled by the enthusiasm and dedication of the Generals for progress, the city is ripe and overflowing with possibilities. If I was merely supportive of YAMAN Gensan before as congress-

woman; then as city mayor now, I will be your active partner. I believe that what has caused me to dream would also be the vehicle that will carry Gensan to its global destination. I offer my congratulations to the men and women of the SMED Council, DTI Gensan Office, and CEMCDO for the excellent teamwork and leadership that made the observance of YAMAN Gensan in the last seven years a success!


First District of South Cotabato Province House of Representatives, Republic of the Philippines

We wish the General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council our earnest congratulations for the launch of the fourth issue of the Yaman Gensan Magazine. The contributions of small and medium business enterprise remain a priority in terms of implementing development programs of the government. Its ability to involve a great number of constituents to undertake or grab business opportunities makes it very productive for a growing city like us. This on the other hand translates to an

increase of job opportunity which apparently is an effective tool in fighting poverty and rising number of population. Further, it also highlights local products readily available in the city to compete in the market as an alternative choice of the consumers. In a larger perspective, we thus empower people as a catalyst in strengthening our overall financial foundation. Our goal is clear and straightforward. It is fortunate that we already took the right step in choosing the appropriate approach in responding to the challenge for a progressive local entity. Rest assured

that this representation shares the same vision and endeavors to support as well as advocate measures introduced in the House of Representatives which intensifies the potential of small and medium enterprises. May the GSC SMED continue to grow and nurture its relevance in the well being of our city.

PEDRO B. ACHARON, JR. Representative


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Yaman Gensan 2010 Opens


he 8th YAMAN Gensan celebration kicked off on June 23, 2010 at the activity center of Robinsons Place Gensan with the ceremony theme: PREMYO, SAYA, SALVO. Atty. Paulo Acharon, on behalf of the then Hon. City Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr., delivered the opening remarks and the formal declaration of the opening of the month-long 8th Yaman Gensan celebration.

A rundown of the celebration overview and highlights was delivered by Ms. Maria Theresa Pacheco, GSC SMEDCI President. Guest speaker Rommel T. Juan, President & CEO of Binalot Fiesta Food Corp. and a very successful food chain entrepreneur in Manila, who promotes worldclass fastfood-style Filipino cuisine called Binalot, revealed some of his business secrets. The program was interspersed with Papremyo Games, talent show, and other surprises, making the event an enjoyable one.

General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc.

Magandang Gensan! Once again YAMAN Gensan lives up to its name as one of the most anticipated events in General Santos and the SoCCSKSarGen region. Since its inception in 2003, YAMAN Gensan has inspired MSMEs to break stereotypes, explore new possibilities, and live the realities of their aspirations. YAMAN Gensan once again emerged fruitful, building ties and opening doors to our entrepreneurs and the Generals in the pursuit of varied business endeavors. YG envisions to create businesses and generate jobs that would translate into growth and development. Our theme -- Trabaho... Negosyo… Asenso. -- is an age-old dictum that celebrates the MSME community’s competitiveness and can-do

spirit. The month-long celebration featured trade fairs, exhibits and seminars, skills and technology transfer training workshops, competitions, and other events envisioned to create jobs and promote entrepreneurship, spread information and incite innovation, and facilitate access to technology and approaches that are aligned with the needs, opportunities and strengths of Gensan’s economy. On behalf of GSC SMEDCI, I thank the City Government of General Santos under the leadership of Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio and former Mayor Pedro Acharon Jr (now Representative of South Cotabato’s First District), the Department of Trade and IndustryGensan, Office of the City Economic Management and Cooperative Development, our partners and

sponsors in the government and private sectors, and all participants for making this year’s YAMAN Gensan truly memorable and successful. No doubt the city lauds the joint effort of this assembly in breathing life into projects that benefit the MSMEs and business community. Similarly, we thank our peers and colleagues for working hand in hand with us to put out the Yaman Gensan Magazine through the years. These pages represent our time, hard work, and drive to promote the MSMEs and Gensan’s economy as a whole. Mabuhay! MARIA THERESA S. PACHECO President


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Young Entrepreneurs’ Fair a big hit for Gensan’s schools and universities


mall and medium enterprises (SMEs) have long been considered as the engine of growth of our economy. Since they account for 90% of the establishments throughout the country, the national government has declared the last week of June to the third week of July as the SME month. Taking off from the initiative of the national government, the City Government of General Santos responded with its own YAMAN Gensan celebration primarily to promote the development of micro and small enterprises in the city. Since then, entrepreneurship seminars, techno-training workshops, and investment fora, among others, were being conducted during this period to cater to the development of entrepreneurs in the city. Recognizing the role of the academic institutions in the development of the entrepreneurs, the GSC SMED Council contemplated on the major involvement of the student group in the celebration of YAMAN Gensan. Thus, the Young Entrepreneurs’ Fair (YEF) was born. The event aims to motivate the students in developing ideas for business rather than merely thinking of employment after graduation. It also aimed to provide opportunities for students to apply the knowledge they have learned in school.

Held at Gaisano Mall Atrium in General Santos City beginning July 3, YEF 2010 was organized by the Department of Trade and Industry-Gensan, GSC SMEDCI, and the City Government of General Santos through CEMCDO, with Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College (RMMC) as lead school, and 200 participants from the academe and business sectors. Mr Andrestine Tan, President of San Andres Fishing Industry, Inc. and an RMMC alumnus, spoke as resource speaker. YEF, now on its fourth year as one of the major components of the Yaman Gensan celebration, is a three-day activity intended for showcasing product exhibits, product competitions, and business plan preparation among the city’s studentry. YEF 2010 featured the display of unique food and non-food products made by students from the five participating tertiary schools in General Santos, to wit: Holy Trinity College (HTC), Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU), RMMC, Stratford International School, and AMA Computer Learning Center/ACLC College. A total of 25 booths were dressed up within the atrium area of Gaisano Mall; 16 were allocated for food products and 7 for non-food exhibitors.

The three-day exhibit was formally opened on July 20, 2010 at 2 in the afternoon. The opening ceremony was hosted by RMMC. The program was highlighted by

the parade of schools banners and graced by the presence of the presidents and representatives of the participating schools, ...Continued on page 15.

NDDU tops YG biz plan contest


he Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU) team won the championship title in the 4th Yaman Gensan Business Plan Competition held at the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges (RMMC) last July. NDDU emerged as winner from among students and young entrepreneurs in the city, who were invited to the competition that not only honed technical skills but also sparked creativity in order to create the best-documented, best thought-out and well-presented business plans.

NDDU’s official entry was a business plan outlining the SarGen Liner and Cruise Services, which garnered 84.07%, to reach first place. Coming in close at second place was H.I.T.O. Negosyo from Holy Trinity College (HTC), which scored a very close 83.00%. Other finalists include Bay Cruises (RMMC) at 3rd

Place, Sky Adventure Hotel Resto-Bar (HTC) at 4th Place, and Goat Milk Products Manufacturing (NDDU) at 5th Place. The business areas to focus on include Agriculture/Fishery/Forestry, Manufacturing Industry and Tourism Development, including hotels and restaurants, health and wellness businesses. NDDU brought home a cash prize of P15,000, including certificates for each individual member, and a certificate for the winning school. The two non-winning teams each received a consolation prize of P2,000 in cash, certificates for each member, and a certificate for the participating school. The 4th Business Plan Competition is a project of the City Economic Management and Cooperative Development Office (CEMCDO) Economic Policy, Research and Investment Division.

8th Yaman Gensan: A Powerhouse of Livelihood Seminar-Workshops


and off-loom weaving, to stringing and bead embroidery, to bead crochet and bead knitting.

ver twenty seminar-workshops were held at the 2010 Yaman Gensan during General Santos City’s Business Month from June 23 through July 22, 2010. Among the featured livelihood seminar-workshops are as follows:

Marine Cage Farming of Bangus -- Held on June 23 through 25, 2010 in Asinan, Buayan, this BFAR-assisted seminar-workshop focused on the viability, economics, logistics and mechanics of operating marine cages for bangus culture. Cornhusk Tulip Flower Making -- Held on June 23 through 25, 2010 at Red Trellis Seafood Garden, the DTI-assisted seminar-workshop focused on the recycling of cornhusk (outer covering of corn, often discarded post-harvest) into beautiful pieces of handicrafts and home dĂŠcor. Sandal Making -- Held on June 24, 2010 at GSC TEMPC Dadiangas South, this CEMCDO-assisted seminar-workshop focused on creating sandals by hand -- from creating the template, to cutting out and finishing up the sandal.

Balloons and Flower Arrangement -Held on June 24, 2010 at Casa Luisa, this DTI-assisted seminar-workshop focused on the technical and creative aspects of designing and setting up balloon arrangements, and floral compositiond such as wreaths, bouquets and corsages for different occasions.

Scents and Fragrances Making -- Held on June 25, 2010 at Casa Luisa, this DTIassisted seminar-workshop focused on the fundamentals of handling essential oils, dilutants and fixatives in creating scents and fragrances.

Advanced Beadwork Making -- Held on June 25, 2010 at Casa Luisa, this DTIassisted seminar-workshop focused on the fundamentals of beadwork -- from loom

Corn Husk Doll Making -- Held on June 28 through 30, 2010 at Red Trellis Seafood Garden, this DTI-assisted seminar-workshop focused on the techniques of handling, preparing, designing and assembling corn husk into decorative dolls.

Massage Therapy -- Held on June 28 through July 2, 2010 at Stratford conference room, this CEMCDO-assisted seminarworkshop focused on training participants in the techniques involved in massage as therapeutic medical application.

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Cake Decorating -- Held on June 25, 2010 at GSC TEMPC Dadiangas South, this CEMCDO-assisted seminar-workshop focused on discussing and demonstrating the many types of icing and the different cake designs for cake decorating.

Meat Processing -- Held on July 6, 2010 at Casa Luisa, this DTI-assisted seminarworkshop focused on the techniques and tools for processing meat.

Dyeing Technique -- Held on July 10 through 11, 2010 at Red Trellis Seafood Garden, this DTI-assisted seminar-workshop focused on dyeing tools and methods.

Moringa Propagation and Utilization -- Held on June 29 through 30, 2010 at CSWD, this DTI-assisted seminar-workshop focused on the culture and uses of horse-radish (Moringa pterygosperma) or the common malunggay.

Veggie Noodles Making -- Held on July 6, 2010 at Casa Luisa, this seminar-workshop focused on the techniques for making noodles from vegetable sources. Mr. Edgar A. Soguilon presided.

Gum Paste Flower Making -- Conducted by Gerardo’s Culinary Arts and held on July 2, 2010 at Gaisano Mall, this DTI-assisted seminar-workshop focused on creating floral décor from gum paste.

Grow-Out Culture of Pangasius -- Held on July 15, 2010 at BFAR 12 conference room, this BFAR-assisted seminar-workshop focused on the cultivation and culture of cream dory (Pangasius catfish).

Pasta Making -- Held on July 3, 2010 at Gaisano Mall, this DTI-assisted semiinarworkshop focused on the making of pasta noodles. Sandals / Slippers Making -- Held on July 4, 2010 at Gaisano Mall, this RCR Foundation-assisted seminar-workshop focused on the techniques of sandal/slipper making.

Vegetable and Fruit Processing -- Held on July 7, 2010 at Casa Luisa, this DTIassisted seminar-workshop focused on the techniques and tools for processing vegetables and fruits. Mr. Edgar A. Soguilon presided.

Household Products Making -- Held on July 4, 2010 at Gaisano Mall, this DTI-assisted seminar-workshop focused on creating such household products as fabric conditioner, detergent, dishwashing powder, dishwashing liquid, toilet bowl cleaner, and perfume. Lamination Technique for Natural Materials - Held on July 12 through 13, 2010 at GSC Garden Center, this DTI-assisted seminar-workshop focused on creating glass coasters and paperweight, among others, by laminating dried petals and leaves, and other natural materials. Advanced Hand-Made Paper Making -Held on July 6 through 7, 2010 at Seedworld in Lagao, this DTI-assisted seminar workshop focused on the advanced techniques and tools in making and designing paper from natural fibers by hand.

Pulp Casting and Papier-Mâché Making -- Held on July 14 through 15, 2010 at GSC Garden Center, this DTI-assisted seminarworkshop focused on the techniques in pulp casting and papier-mâché making.



Forum 2010:

Usapang Negosyo, Usapang Asenso T

he Generals are entrepreneurs by heart, first and foremost, and where the world seeks to land employment in exchange for stable income, the challenge for everyone in General Santos in particular, and the country in general, is not just to look for jobs, but also to help create them for the greater good of the economy and the society. The Generals are born entrepreneurs for they have the wisdom and will to create new ventures that prosper together with the communities they serve. This is the gist of Hon. Mayor Darlene AntoninoCustodio’s message of challenge and inspiration at the opening of Yaman Gensan’s Entrepreneurs Forum 2010, a gathering of business minds dubbed as Usapang Negosyo, Usapang Asenso (Business Talk, Progress Talk) on July 14, 2010 at Phela

Grande Hotel in General Santos City. This signaled the promising start of the forum, which had an attendance of over 100 participants from the business sector, government, the academe, and other groups in the community. The youthful and optimistic mayor added that part of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that you can be your own boss, with the power and privilege to manage your own time, which she considers a big plus. In the same message, the former Congressional Representative of South Cotabato (First District) also shared how, in her inauguration as mayor, she ventured to highlight one component of her threeyear plan in office -- to harmonize businesses in the city towards the global market. And this, because she firmly believes that the growth of entrepreneurship in Gensan is limitless, and

that the Pinoy, in general, is a highly creative human being. She even mused, who knows? -- that maybe one of the richest people in the world might one day come from the city of General Santos? The mayor fervently hopes that the Yaman Gensan celebrations would encourage and inspire existing and would-be entrepreneurs to unleash their power and reach, and conquer a wider and bigger markets here and in the global arena, most especially.

She also encouraged the participants at the forum to harness the Internet and other technologies to maximize business growth and global reach. In closing, Mayor Custodio said that venturing into business helps personal growth as well as that of the community, which ultimately leads to the city’s progress and the greater good. BUSINESS SITUATIONER CARMELO ENRIQUEZ, from the Notre Dame Business Resource Center Foundation, Inc. (NDBRCFI), set out to present the current business situation affecting local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) straight from the NDBRCFI findings. He also showed the results of the survey on the Generals’ reasons on entering the market, and discussed the current economic state of the SoCCSKSarGen region as well as the economy’s response to loss of income in terms of the downturn in agriculture, fishing, manufacturing and service industries.

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“Why will I buy from you, and why will I buy now?” He asked the assembly at the end of his presentation. The answer to those questions constitutes the essence of good business.


INSPIRATIONAL STORIES FROM LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS The forum next segued into first-hand accounts of personal achievements by local entrepreneurs who succeeded in their own fields of business endeavor. ELENA JANDIC PILAPIL (Yaman Awards finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year and Emerging Enterprise of the Year 2008, JIGZPI Original Apparel: Pang Sports Na, Pang Negosyo Pa) -A housewife, she started a business out of the need to provide her family with apparel to use for sports. (She couldn’t find a perfect fit in any department store.) Who would’ve thought that catering to her family led to catering to a bigger market? After seeing the results of her work, she decided to turn it into a home-based business, so she could still take care of her family. She first entered the local market, beginning at her children’s school where she provided P.E. uniforms and other activity shirts. Then her market widened from Gensan to Glan, Marbel, and other SoCCSKSarGen areas. As with other businesses, hers also went through rough times, but she never gave up. Once, she sought help from NDBRCFI to enhance her products and offer new ones as she continued to serve her market. Now JIGZPI offers a wide array of original apparel, establishing itself as a prime player in the local market. One day, the world, who knows? REY BILLENA (Yaman Awards winner for Emerging Enterprise of the Year and finalist

for Employer of the Year 2007) -- Marketing Lessons for Micro and Small Businesses A shoe-shine boy who took life positively and worked hard in fulfilling his dreams, he was one of the most promising accountants of his generation, becoming a valuable asset to the Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines especially in marketing. He now runs his own business (Ice Crops, Ice Castle Experience, and Generals Logimark Exponent) just as he always wanted. Mr Billena tackled the 7Ps of Marketing: price, product, promotion, physical environment, process, packaging, placement, and people. He also shared the 12 small acts of heroism to begin in oneself to succeed. He added the equation: WORK + FAITH = SUCCESS. ATTY. REY CARTOJANO (Yaman Awards Entrepreneur of the Year-Juridical and finalist for Employer of the Year 2008, and finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year and Emerging Enterprise of the Year 2007, ACLC-Skep-tron Ventures, Inc.) -- Growing Micro and Small Businesses through the Web At the forum Atty Cartojano shared his venture experience on the web, beginning with how to start a business on-line. He said that doing business on the

Web is relatively cheaper, allows the target market to rise fast and easily, and provides a facility for direct real-time payment. He also shared his knowledge on the different ways of selling and the techniques to a successful online marketing: act, convert, transform. These constitue the basics of on-line returns. Edgino S. Bogayong (Yaman Awards Entrepreneur of the Year-Individual 2007/2008 and Product Innovator of the Year 2008, and Entrepreneur of the Year-Single Proprietor 2009, Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki) Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki is one of the most successful franchise businesses ever to come out of General Santos City, having over a hundred franchises nationwide. Mr Bogayong spoke words of challenge and inspiration to both wannabe and new entrepreneurs, building up to the retelling of the remarkable feat of turning his small business into the biggest franchise business in the city. The highly enriching and successful Entrepreneurs Forum was formally closed by Maria Theresa S. Pacheco, President of the Gensan SMED Council, Inc.

REY CALOOY (RNC Marketing) -- With patience, confidence, hard work and strong determination, our esteemed Guest Speaker form Cebu, Mr Calooy, is truly one of the most promising entrepreneurs of his generation. But with so many failures he had gone through before he reached his standing now, many will agree that he’s gone far beyond being just a promising entrepreneur. His is a ragsto-riches story personified. Mr Calooy is one of many micro entrepreneurs who had made it big in business. In his inspirational speech at the forum, he shared the ups and downs, and the many trials and errors he had done and gone through in creating and finally succeeding in his own business venture. Mr Rey Calooy was named Most Inspiring Cebuano Entrepreneur (Go Negosyo) and Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year (15th Grand Chambers Award).



t was an event prepared for people from all walks of life who, in the advent of their preparation for the event, bumped into each other without acknowldgement, some forgot to pause and say Hi!, and still some were confused and simply didn’t know what to do. But despite those frantic faces, one thing is sure – all were headed for the same direction – the very first Pangasius Sinugbahan.

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A Taste that Lasts... cause, perhaps these people were excited to eat pangasius at home with their loved ones. This I truly believed so. The Sinugbahan 2010 did not remain a castle in the sky. I could see the painted smile on people’s faces. If I were to guess what’s in their mind, I would like to believe that they were hoping for another sinugbahan next year. (RAO)

My thoughts are clear. That day was filled with enthusiasm as excited voices of participants filled the area. Asa na among isda? (Where’s our fish?) Hulat lang! (Just wait!) A big man in red polo shirt replied. Palihog paglinya mo. (Please fall in line.) Matagaan ra lagi mo. (Rest assured you will receive your share.)

2010 Pangasius Industry Updates The Pangasius fish is slowly being accepted in local markets as consumers enjoy its neutral flavor, fine texture and low price. It can be processed into varied menus and value-added products. Pangasius are available in public markets, supermarkets, restaurants and food outlets. As of year-end 2010, domestic sales generated from DTI-initiated events like trade fairs and market matching has totaled PHP 23.78-million, monitored a total of PHP 51,355 in investments and created 277 jobs.

Then, an enormous smoke coming from 26 booths came out as a signal of the start of the event. In a little while, the aroma of grilled luscious meat filled the air. I could hear my stomach churning and craving to taste the fish. “But this isn’t just the right time,” I thought. 3, 2, 1! Bang! This was when I returned to my senses, as Hon. Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio hit the gong and formally opened the Pangasius Sinugbahan 2010 last July 22 at the Oval Plaza, General Santos City. Attended by 21 barangays with more or less 1,000 individuals, this event was a part of the month-long celebration of the business month tagged as YAMAN Gensan. As a partner, Pangasius Philippines Incorporated (PPI), an organization of Pangasius growers, through their concerted effort, donated one ton of fresh whole pangasius for the sugba-sugba (grill). A technology transfer seminar on how to culture pangasius, including the techniques and methods of feeding and proper pond management, which was conducted by BMeg and Tateh feeds, was showcased in the event. Pangasius Sinugbahan, also dubbed as Pangasius Market Caravan, is a regionwide effort implemented by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) XII, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)

XII, and Pangasius Philippines, Inc. (PPI) as part of its market promotion of pangasius industry in the region. Sinugbahan is an avenue where people are enjoined for a public taste-testing of sinugbang pangasius (grilled pangasius) and value-added pangasius products for free. Specifically, it is geared at creating local demand for pangasius fish in the market, and to introduce pangasius as a potential means of livelihood. This activity was also implemented in the key cities of Region XII, such as Tacurong (August 3) and Koronadal (August 31). “I am thankful for the success of this event because I know that it left a remarkable impact in the people who attended. Households will now include pangasius in their daily marketing and consumption relative to that of bangus and tilapia. Thus, addressing the market of pangasius,” enthused ARD Dorecita T. Delima, National Pangasius point person, at the fellowship dinner. On the other corner, I heard a throng of people rushing to go home. This then moved me into astonishment, the program was not yet over, I thought to myself, but I couldn’t possibly force them to stay on be-

Locally-cultured Pangasius are produced at an average cost of PHP 45-48.00/Kg, and sold fresh/whole at farm gate price at PHP 65.00/ kg. Fresh/whole/gutted Pangasius are available in public markets at PHP 75-100/Kg, while these are sold at higher prices in supermarkets, ranging from PHP 90.00 to PHP 110.00/ Kg. Locally-processed fillets are currently supplied to restaurants and food stores at a price range of PHP 160.00-240.00/Kg, depending on size. The 2:1 pack (2 fillets in at 1 Kg) commands a higher price than packs with more pieces per kilogram.

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CARGILL OIL MILLS PHILIPPINES, INC. BO. TAMBLER, GENERAL SANTOS CITY An international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services.

RD Group of Companies nourishing ideas nourishing people™

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GKI MULTI PURPOSE COOPERATIVE 052 GOLD ST, TOLEDO SUBDIVISION, GENERAL SANTOS CITY TEL. NO. (+6383) 301 1321 LUCIANO M. VELASCO, JR. Cooperative Manager 8 L&R Bldg, fronting Almendra Gym, Quimpo Blvd, Davao City Tel. No. (+6382) 224 4076


Gensan Best B-LY Fish Frozen Hauz


Affordably Delicious!

Producer, manufacturer and retailer of tuna value-added products. Exclusive distributor of Sarangani Prime Bangus. Fernandez St, Lagao, General Santos, Tel. No. (083) 554 7002 | (0999) 768 5278


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Yaman Gensan Trade Fair & Exhibit


he Yaman Gensan Trade Fair and Exhibit opened to much fan fare at the Gaisano Mall Atrium in General Santos City on July 2, 2010. Organized by the Department of Trade and Industry-General Santos City, in partnership with the General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc., and with the support of the City Government of General Santos, the trade fair was participated in by 38 exhibitors, and was held until July 4, 2010. The objective of the YG Trade Fair and Exhibit is mainly to showcase and promote the products made in and services provided by General Santos, and in tandem, to generate sales for the participating businesses. There were 38 entrepreneurs who participated in the threeday trade fair and exhibit, 35 of which are from General Santos City, with 4 guest exhibitors (1 from Manila and 3 from South Cotabato). The YG Trade Fair and Exhibit was generally a success, with the traffic of people attending or visiting the fair categorized as enormous. This was in part due to the short training workshops conducted side-by-side within the same venue. More people meant more sales for the exhibitors, which made for a more than satisfactory return on their investment. The 38 mostly locally based exhibitors showcased during the trade fair are as follows: 1. NDD Wedding Ideals 2. GenSan Handmade Crafts 3. Kaanyag 4. Rajeni Bags Atbp. 5. Kimkyts Tuna Products 6. Talk Town Siomai & Eatables 7. H abitat Tuna Products 8. J ojo Dried Fish

9. J oefrans Tuna Products 10. Kablon Farm 11. Maves EZ Capture 12. KM Food Products 13. JITCHRIST Beads & Clinic 14. Cornhusk Association of the Philippines (CHAP) 15. GKI-Multipurpose Cooperative 16. Bethel Trading Cooperative (BETRASCO) 17. Easy Phamax Wheat Grass 18. Niños Food Products 19. Unified Producers Processors of South Cotabato (UPPSCO) 20. Brigada Healthline/News 21. Hero Sausages 22. SACC Foods 23. RML Food Products 24. Rose Chie Food 25. Ellyne’s Tuna Chicharon 26. Green Tropics Coffee Enterprise

27. Mix & Magic 28. MR Microbiz Enterprise 29. Max Health & Living International, Inc. 30. Cargill Philippines 31. ACLC College 32. RD Group of Companies 33. Gandang Mais

34. GMA Network 35. RDEx Food International 36. RLG Fresh Water Fish Farm 37. Daniel’s Diner 1 & 2 38. LGU-GSC LIVELIHOOD ASSISTED PROJECTS “Umuusbong-LumalagoYumayabong”


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Financing Forum


Continued from page 3... government and non-government personnel, and other honored guests. Another highlight of the program was the announcement of top five finalists in the Business Plan Competition, and the presentation of food and non-food entries. The fair opened with the unveiling and formal opening of the product exhibits. The extravaganza show followed on July 21, 2010 at Gaisano Mall Atrium. The students’ presentation and showcasing of talents was held on the second day of the fair, with the different schools taking turns at the spotlight throughout the day. RMMC started the drum roll 9:30-10:30 am, with Stratford following suit 11 am - 12 pm, ACLC 1-2 pm, NDDU 2:30-3:30 pm, HTC 4-5 pm, and again RMMC 5:30-6:30 pm. At YEF 2010’s closing program on July 22, Hon. Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio, praised and challenged the young entrepreneurs of the city. The turnover ceremony followed with a small gong given to Mindanao Polytechnic College, symbolizing their

privilege to be the lead school in the next YEF. GMA7, one of the sponsors of YG 2010, invited Ms Rox Montealegre, one of its female celebrities and an entrepreneur, who gave a short message to the amusement of the audience. The awarding of winners was then attended by SMED Council officials, and government and non-government personnel, as follows: BEST PRODUCT (FOOD CATEGORY): First Place - Piolo’s Kitchen • (NDDU) • Second Place - Fry Upz (NDDU) Third Place - Indigenous • Kitchen: Badak Butter (RMMC) BEST PRODUCT (NON-FOOD CATEGORY): • First Place - Mugna Arts (HTC) Second Place - La Accesoria • (HTC) Third Place - Keja (ACLC • College) BEST DRESSED BOOTH: First Place - Mugna Arts (HTC) • Second Place - Kasilah Bagon • (Stratford International School) Third Place - La Assesoria • (HTC)

he Financing Forum was held at Phela Grande Hotel, General Santos City on July 12, 2010, with over 60 participants -- mainly businessmen, aspiring and wouldbe entrepreneurs, and students from General Santos. Arnel V. Sayco, head of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) General Santos City, formally opened the forum. Julian Omandam, Financial Assistant Officer of Notre Dame Business Resource Centre Foundation, Inc. (NDBRCFI), talked about the credit assistance options offered by their

agency to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Alona Quesada, officer in charge of Small Business Corporation-Gensan Desk Office, discussed the loan facilities available from their office. Maria Theresa S. Pacheco, branch manager of Planters Development Bank and at the same time President of SMEDCI General Santos City, talked about the loan packages for SMEs offered by their bank. Ms Pacheco also encouraged the participants to put up their own business.

YG job fair registers 1,304 job seekers


ob seekers numbering at one-thousand threehundred four trooped to the Yaman Gensan Job Fair last July 1 and 2 at Robinsons Place Gensan. The Public Employment Service Office (PESO), under the local government of General Santos City, conducted the 2-day job fair as part of the month-long GenSan Business Month or YAMAN Gensan. According to Ms Elisheba A. Valdez, PESO Division Chief and coordinator of the job fair, about twenty five overseas placement agencies participated the job fair including more than a dozen local companies, who were on hand to receive applications, interview applicants, and hire promising job-seekers on the spot. The activity was supported by the Department of Labor and Employment, 1st District Office of Rep. Pedron Acharon Jr, and the General Santos City SMED Council. Job orders for overseas were mainly for waiters, domestic helps, care givers, nurses, fac-

tory workers, welders, and others that require special skills. For local employment, vacancies included jobs in fishing firms, canning factories, construction, celrical jobs and others Some of the companies that were on the lookout for applicants for overseas assignments include D.A. Rodrigo, CarePlus, GBMLT, J-MAC, Merbin, 5-Star, Sunflower, N Queen, Global, Non-Stop, Green Gate, Online Hiring, MMML, and Zontar. Local companies, on the other hand, were represented by GenSan Shipyard, Robinsons Place Gensan, Alliance Tuna, Gen Tuna, Tempco, MSS Cycle Trading, Dadiangas Glass, AsiaPro, ANR Unlimited, RD Fishing, RD Corporation, Comglasco AG, Vicente T. Lao, BayanTel, Toyota, Sta. Cruz Seafoods, Philbest, Six Eleven, Chiu Kim, P.G. Ang & Sons, Inc., FEM Trading, and MUTI, among others. Over 300 job opportunities were up for grabs at the duration of this annual Yaman GenSan Jobs Fair.

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About GSC SMED Council, Inc. The General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc. (GSC SMEDCI) came into being as a result of the magnitude of the projects undertaken by the Council and its limitations being a policy making body. The GSC SMED Council then realized the need to empower the private sector partners as implementers of projects for SME Development. Responding to this challenge, the private sector members of the Council organized themselves into an association registered with SEC as General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc. The GSC SMEDCI has been recognized by the City Government of General Santos as private sector partner for the implementation of its projects for small and medium enterprises such as YAMAN Gensan (YG), Intellectual Property Initiatives and One Town, One Product (OTOP). GSC SMED Council, Inc. • A non-stock, non-profit private organization • Created in 2005 by virtue of SEC Registration No. CN200530165 • Recognized by the City Government as private sector partner in mSME development (SP Resolution No.152 series of 2006)

Vision 2010 OFFICERS

To be the center of excellence in the promotion, growth and sustainable development of micro, small and medium enterprises in General Santos

PRESIDENT - Engr. Maria Theresa S. Pacheco Trustee and Past President City Bankers Association of GSC (CBAGS)

Objectives • To promote, coordinate and facilitate the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (mSME) in General Santos City • To provide timely and relevant information to mSMEs • To create a business climate that will promote the culture of entrepreneurship.

SECRETARIAT CONTACT INFO Mezzanine Flr, RA Bldg., South Osmeña St General Santos City, Tel. No. (083) 5541929 Email: Website:

SECRETARY - Dr. Dominador Dizon President, General Santos Foundation, Inc. (GFI) TREASURER - Mr. Jan Ced President, GSC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (GSCCCII) AUDITOR - Ms. Fely Into President, Region 12 Producers Association

Programs • Policy advocacy • mSME Trainings / Seminars • Business Consultancy / Advisory Services

VICE PRESIDENT - Engr. Tita B. Suib Chairman-Muslim Business Forum (MBF)


Mr. Ismael Salih Jr. President, PhilExport SOCSKSARGEN Chapter Mr. Marfenio Y. Tan President, SOCSKSARGEN Federation of Fishing and Allied Industries Inc. (SFFAII) Bro. Robert McGovern, FMS President,Notre Dame Business Resource Center Foundation, Inc. (NDBRCFI)

Yaman Gensan 2010  

Yaman Gensan, 2010 Edition, Magazine of the General Santos City SMED Council, Inc.

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