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YOU NEVER KNOW...where you’ll see Rivertown. This month our readers are all over the place from Athens to New Jersy.

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WEDDED BLISS - Bricktown Inn’s special wedding package will make all your dreams come true.

SUPER HAIR - The brand new Toria Hair Salon is already winning loyal customers.


NEW LOOK - Look younger and feel better with Sculpsure at Lazur LaVie in Nyack.


AL FRESCO DELIGHT - The Sonoma Grille has wonderful views of a beautiful golf course..


PEST PROTECTION - Dana Pest Control can get rid of all those pesky critters.


SUPER SEAFOOD - The new Reef Seafood Restaurant in Piermont is a real winner.

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STRONG TOGETHER - The team at Debany Financial Group has relationships that last decades.


SAY CHEESE - Lisa Dosch of West Gate Lounge keeps winning prizes for her awesome cheesecakes.


OUR COVER PHOTO - Take a look at the culinary excellence of chef Nicholas Lambos at AquaTerra Grille in Pearl River.


CARING DENTIST - Dr. Alan Rosenfeld and his team offer care that’s second to none.


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VINTAGE VEHICLES - Classic cars were on display at Letizia Brothers.

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OUR ARTS SECTIONS features a preview of the Velveteen Rabbit at Elmwood Playhouse.


HOME WITH MEMORIES Check out this fabulous home with lots of history.


TREE FELLER - Nu-Age Tree & Lawn Care will give you fast careful service.

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CONTEMPORARY COLONIAL - with fabulous river views.

WHAT’S NOBRO - It’s the new shopping area of Nyack with something for everyone.


HOME EXPERTS - The team at Rand Realty Better Homes & Gardens is hard to beat after 29 years.

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MEET FLO - TV’s wild and wacky TV commercial star returns home to Stony Point and the Penguin Rep.


CONSTRUCTION KING Frank Fuchs construction offers incredible skill.

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SENSITIVE CARE - Dr. Sally Nazari is a caring psycholo-

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The Horror Hotel: Last month Candice and I went to one of the most beautiful weddings we’d ever seen. The location was an elegant yacht club on Long beach Island in New Jersey, overlooking a bay, surrounded by water. The bride and groom, Erin and Tim, looked radiant, overwhelmingly happy. It ws one of the most beautiful weddings we’d ever been to - except for our own, of course. The party went on for nearly 12 hours. It was one we’ll never forget. Then the clock struck midnight and, like Cinderella, we went home. Or rather we went to our hotel. The Bates Motel, if you get my drift. It was actually called the Hot Sands Motel, but it was five blocks from the beach and overlooked a busy highway. This wasn’t the beachfront retreat we’d hoped for. Then we met the owner/manager. Think of Norman Bates from Psycho crossed with Dracula. A deaf Dracula I must add, because he had a severe hearing problem. I made conversation as he tracked down the keys. “Do you have much room here?’ He looked at me through his one eye – didn’t I mention that – and said: “We don’t serve mushrooms.” Anyway, we were exhausted after all the wedding frolicking. WE staggered to our room. More problems. The room was small and the two beds were big. To get to the bathroom we had to climb over one of the beds. But we were too tired to complain. We said goodnight to Deaf Dracula and fell almost immediately asleep. An hour later we were awakened by a voice screaming. “Alarm system – low battery. Alarm system – low battery.” Of course, there was no phone in our room and so I staggered in search of


Deaf Dracula, fearing he’d be hanging upside down in a closet somewhere. Actually he was watching a late night screening of the Addams Family. He loped down to our room, climbed on top of my bed and replaced the battery. The alarm stopped. Dracula – or Vlad or Lurch – stomped out of the room and we tried to get to sleep. Two hours later, you guessed it, the alarm went off again. Cursing, I staggered in search of Deaf Dracula. Back he came. This time a new battery didn’t work. The alarm still kept howling. So being an ingenious man, Deaf Dracula simply ripped the whole thing off the wall. ‘You should be fine now,” he said with a growl. And that was it. Of course, there was no breakfast the following morning. Not even a cup of coffee. I’m sure Deaf Dracula could have offered us a cup of steaming blood. But we just wanted to get out of there. So if you want to know a good place to stay on Long Beach Island, don’t ask us. But we can recommend a horror hotel for next Halloween! The Teacher says to the class: Who ever stands up is stupid *Nobody stands up* Teacher: I said who ever stands up is STUPID! *Little Johnny stands up* Teacher: Johnny, do you really think that you are stupid? Little Johnny: No Mrs, I just thought that maybe you are lonely being the only one standing.

Phil Bunton


Rivertown Magazine Vol. 17, Issue 11

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Hi-Tor bowling for pets Hi Tor Animal Care Center Presents Pins 4 Pets! Saturday, November 19,2016 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm New City Bowl, 90 N. Main Street,New City. $40 per person includes two games,shoes,and a small buffet (hero,salad and soda). Payable in advance by November 12th via Paypal at www. hitor.org or drop off payment at Hi Tor which is located at 65 Firemen’s Memorial Drive,Pomona. All proceeds from the Tricky Tray, the 50/50 Raffle and a portion of the admission fee will help to support Hi Tor’s General Fund. For additional information call (845)271-9584. In last month’s Rivertown, we incorrectly described the diet progrtm offered by Isadora Guggenhem in Piermont. It’s the HCG Diet for Weight Loss. We forgot to credit the awesome photo of the Bell Ans Art Center. It was taken by Richard Allen Fox.

By accident we used the wrong photo of the wonderful staff at Smile for Life Family Dentists in Pearl River. So here’s Dr. Richard Pyun with his team


Rockland Community Foundation honors local teachers Rockland Community Foundation presented three Innovative Teaching Grants for programs that will help bring learning to students in new and motivating ways. Grants were provided through the Foundation’s Innovative Teaching Fund, created to support the efforts of county educators to take curriculum-based programs to the next level and increase both student engagement and learning. Recipients were: • Phyllis Birnbaum, Eldorado Elementary School. Her “Literary Food Critics” program will help students develop their math, science, reading, writing and presentation skills in an engaging and enjoyable way by using food recipes as an educational tool. • Eileen Cording, Woodglen Elementary School. The “Stand, Balance, Bounce... Learn” program offers alternatives to the traditional chair and desk classroom set-up, helping to channel young bodies’ tendencies to keep moving while refocusing concentration. • Anna Sexton, Highview Elementary School. The “STEM Engineering with Electricity and Magnetism” program will enhance the school’s newly implemented STEM program by teaching basic engineering through the use of Little Bits. “It is inspiring to see teachers who are so committed to their students and their profession, and we are very pleased to be able to support their initiatives,” said Grants Committee Chair Neil Winter. “We are fortunate to have them helping to shape young minds in our community.” “Rockland Community Foundation received almost a dozen applications for teaching grant assistance,” added Board President Larry Codispoti. “ It is hoped that individuals and businesses in our community will recognize the importance of supporting these programs and help increase our ability to fund more of them through donations to the Innovative Teaching Fund. We are grateful for the contributions of this year’s supporters, including UNOODLES Snack Bar, the Haverstraw Neighborhood Fund and the Active Cares Fund.”nge of interests, that donors create and the Foundation stewards.




Year end tax planning tips Although tax day may seem like it’s a long time from now, the clock is ticking and now is the time to evaluate your 2016 tax situation and plan accordingly. Doing so can enable individuals and businesses to take steps that may save big when tax day arrives. However, now is also the best time to start to plan for the upcoming year’s taxes. Waiting until late in 2016 to plan will significantly reduce your tax planning options. Although it has been a relatively quiet year on the tax front, 2016 still allows us to make the traditional year-end planning moves that CPA’s have always recommended. Tax planning strategies for individuals this year, and in the foreseeable future, require careful consideration of taxable income in relation to threshold amounts that might bump a taxpayer into a higher or lower tax bracket, subject him to additional taxes such as the net investment income tax or the additional Medicare tax, and reduce tax deductions. Shifting Income into 2016 or 2017 Accelerating, or deferring, income into 2016 or 2017 respectively is an especially good idea for taxpayers who anticipate being in a higher tax bracket in one of those years or whose earnings will be close to threshold amounts ($200,000 for single filers and $250,000 for married filing jointly) that make them liable for additional 3.8% Medicare tax or .9% net investment income tax in one of those years. Here are two examples of what a taxpayer might do to accelerate income into 2016: • If you are expecting a bonus at year-end, try to get it before December 31. • If you’re self-employed, send invoices or bills to clients or customers now in order to be paid in full by the end of December. Deferring Income into 2017 and Accelerating Deductions into 2016 Traditionally CPA’s advise taxpayers to de-


fer income into a future year and/or accelerate deductions into the current year. For those of us who are not facing the above mentioned $200,000 & $250,000 income thresholds this traditional advice still applies. Here are some examples of what a taxpayer might do to defer income or accelerate deductions: • If you are expecting a bonus at year-end, try to delay it until after December 31. • If you’re self-employed, send invoices or bills to clients or customers in early January instead of December. • Increase your employer sponsored pension or self-employed pension contributions for 2016. (Review your retirement plan options) • Pay a state estimated tax installment in December instead of at the January due date. • Pay your entire property tax bill, including installments due in year 2017, by year-end 2016. (This does not apply to mortgage escrow accounts.) Other Tax Planning Strategies • Try to bunch “threshold” expenses, such as medical and dental expenses and miscellaneous itemized deductions. For example, you might pay all medical bills and/or business expenses in the tax year benefits you the most. (Threshold expenses are deductible only to the extent they exceed a certain percentage of income. By bunching these expenses into one year, rather than spreading them out over two years, you have a better chance of exceeding the thresholds, thereby maximizing your deductions.) • Consider using a credit card to pay deductible expenses before the end of the year. Doing so will increase your 2016 deductions even if you don’t pay your credit card bill until after the end of the year. • Estimate the effect of any year-end planning moves on the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) for 2016, keeping in mind that many tax breaks allowed for purposes of calculating regular taxes are disallowed for AMT purposes. These include the deduction for state property taxes on your residence, state income taxes, miscellaneous itemized deductions, and per-

sonal exemption deductions. Other deductions, such as for medical expenses of a taxpayer who is at least age 65 or whose spouse is at least 65 as of the close of the tax year, are calculated in a more restrictive way for AMT purposes than for regular tax purposes. If you are subject to the AMT for 2016, or suspect you might be, these types of deductions should not be accelerated. • In cases where tax benefits are phased out over a certain income level, a strategy of accelerating income and deductions might allow you to claim larger deductions, credits, and other tax breaks for 2017, depending on your situation. (Such tax benefits include Roth IRA contributions, conversions of regular IRAs to Roth IRAs, child credits, higher education tax credits and deductions for student loan interest.) • If you believe a Roth IRA is better than a traditional IRA, consider converting traditional-IRA money invested in beaten-down stocks (or mutual funds) into a Roth IRA if eligible to do so. Keep in mind, however, that such a conversion will increase your income 2016. • Try to avoid short-term capital gains, which are usually taxed at a much higher tax rate, up to 39.6% in 2016 for high income earners. Longterm gains are taxed 15-20%, or 0% for couples with taxable income below $75,300 for 2016. (This is a great tax break!) • A 3.8 percent tax is applies to investment income such as interest, dividends, capital gains, rental income for earners above certain threshold amounts as mentioned earlier in this column. These thresholds should be considered as you plan your long term investment and tax strategies. • If you received income this year that was not covered by withholding taxes, increasing your withholding at your job before year-end can avoid or reduce any estimated tax penalty that might otherwise be due. On the other hand, the penalty may be avoided, or reduced, by covering the extra tax in a four quarter estimated tax payment that is due on January 15, 2017. • So to take advantage of the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which offsets higher education expenses; it may be beneficial to pay 2017 tuition in 2016 to take full advantage of this tax credit, which is up to $2,500 per student. Joseph A. Lux, CPA has been providing tax and accounting services to individuals and small businesses in our community for over twenty years. Visit his website, www.joelux.com, to subscribe to his FREE monthly newsletter full of practical tax saving ideas. FREE initial consultations are available to new clients. Joe can be reached at 845-3581929 or by e-mail at joe@joelux.com. Let Luxe Solutions run your back office so you can run your business.

643 MAIN STREET • SPARKILL, NY 10976 TEL. (845) 359-4114 • FAX ( 845)359-4684 www.bauercrowley.com 25


Just a reminder to all of our readers, the fall is still a great time to list your house and sell it! It is all a good time not to neglect the outside the exterior of your house. Keep the outside of your house in good condition and remember to pick up those lovely “xxxx� leaves. It is also a good time to do any of the interior work ie painting, refinishing, updating, that you may have been putting off. Question: Is it legal for a landlord to just enter our apartment without any notice? Our landlord has done this on 2 occasions. It depends on the circumstances. One, remember to review your lease to see what the stipulations may be. In most cases, the landlord can go in without notice if there is an emergency such as a fire, burst pipe, etc.

2-3 family dwelling. You didn’t ask, but I am going to tell you; if you invest in a multifamily property, be careful of what upgrades you do to each apartment, as you can easily overinvest on an apartment without receiving the return you are look-

ing for. And remember, yes it should be clean and neat, but tenants do not always take care of something they do not own and just rent.

My wife and I are looking to purchase a multifamily home by the springtime. Is it better to purchase a smaller home with 2 or 3 units or something larger? My personal opinion is if you have never been a landlord before, and if you are not particularly handy and know little about maintenance, I would start out with a

Find out how YOU can get a story about your business in Rivertown Call 845-3532935 27

You never know where Athens

Louise Tompkins of Congers and Carol Maraia of Stony Point at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

New Jersey

Stenland Lodge of West Nyack Swedish/American, VASA Org.s attended ScanFest at Budd Lake N.J., which is the largest Scandinavian Cultural Festival on the the East Coast.


Taking a rest from the family reunion are Granddaughter Marion McGarvey-Schweikl (L) and her mother Christine Reisinger (R) at Bรถbrach-Langdorf, Bavaria Germany.

you’ll see Rivertown

Long Beach Island

Erin White and Tim Lane had a fairytale wedding at the beautiful Mallard Yacht Club on Long Beach Island

6rtowncuv_10rtowncuva 5/18/10 10:08 AM Page 1

Nyack • Piermont • New City • Haverstraw • Stony Point • Suffern • Pearl River • Tappan


June, 2010




Beautiful table settings

South Nyack’s bold plan for Thruway

Congers-Valley Cottage Rotary Club’s Italian festival raised funds for scholarship and community projects. L to R: Scott Millich, John Coyle, Barbara DiBella, Gerry Amalfitano, Rotary International past governor Carole Tjoa, Congers-Valley Cottage Rotary president Mike DiBella,

Old Tappan

Kassie Bajada was at the Shriner’s Rodeo in Old Tappan, and she took Rivertown with her!


Bricktown Inn’s Bridal Package will make your dreams come true Story: Tom Riley Brides throughout the Hudson Valley planning their weddings are taking advantage of The Bricktown Inn’s phenomenal Bridal Package. Innkeeper Michele Natale told us: “Our inn is known for its beauty, history and friendly service and delicious food. “For years we’ve been providing a fairy tale setting for weddings that has really caught on with brides. Our Bridal Package includes a two-night stay with behind-thescenes efficiency that all but guarantees a smooth and memorable wedding day. “The bride will stay the night before the wedding, get dressed and have photos taken at the inn, which will be specially decorated in a wedding theme. “Couples strive for originality and uniqueness and want to have their perfect escape. “On the day of the wedding, there will be a luncheon for the bride and her bridesmaids (up to 10) prior to dressing and photos. We will coordinate with your florist for delivery of flowers, your photographer for timing of photos, and your limousine service for scheduled arrival. “The bride and groom will stay the night of the wedding and enjoy breakfast the following morning. “The inn offers four enchanting rooms, each gracefully decorated with distinct charm and detail. The furnishings are authentic and the hospitality is genuine.” The charming Michelle and her husband, Joe, oversee every detail at the inn, and when the visitors happen to be a bride and groom, the inn’s romantic splendor shines even brighter. With so much to do in the Hudson


The Bricktown Inn is the perfect romantic spot for the bride and her wedding party. Photos: Dan Lungen.

Valley, the bride-to-be may choose to reserve a room for their bridal party attendants or out-of-town guests and enjoy their pre-wedding night in style: either at one of several wonderful restaurants in the area or sharing “single girl” memories by the piano or reminiscing over old photos. Your out-of-town guests will thank you

for booking their stay at the Bricktown Inn especially when they wake in the morning to Michelle’s fresh baked breads and muffins. Previous guests at the Inn boast of their Wedding Day experience, saying it “was outstanding from start to finish” and “unforgettable.”

The Bricktown Inn is the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos - just check out the romantic images on these pages. There are picturesque settings everywhere you look; from the storybook-like front steps and lovely porch to the stately piano and well maintained gardens that “pop” with color from the Spring through Fall. Many people visit the Hudson Valley in


Bricktown Inn bridal package the Fall to view the changing of the leaves, see West Point football games or just to hike the numerous trails that traverse the area. Couples speak with resounding gratitude about how Michelle coordinated every detail during their stay which made it easy for them to focus on having a wonderful day and not the “business� behind their celebration. This is where the Inn is at its finest, the extraordinary job Innkeepers Michelle and Joe do. They know when to be visible and when to be in the background. If you want elegance, warmth, hospitality and affordability on your Special Day call the Bricktown Inn at 112 Hudson Avenue in Haverstraw at 845-429-8447 or visit their web site at www.bricktowninnbnb. com. You can email Michelle at michelle@ bricktowninnbnb.com.





Beautiful Toria Hair Salon is a big winner after only a few weeks!

Story: Murray Phillips Women are pouring into the delightful newToria Hair Salon in Blauvelt where you get superb attention to all your needs. One delighted Nyack client told us: “Toria is a charming comfortable salon with the most talented hair stylists. “Alyssa, who is my stylist, tuned right into me offering gorgeous solutions for my thin hair. I love my new look and it is easy to take care of. Their prices are affordable. I have gotten many compliments. I highly recommend Alyssa and all the stylists at Toria.” Owner Tanya Farmer is delighted at the enthusiastic response her salon is getting. “We have four stylists and we have a makeiup artist too. We do everything with color – all the latest trends and techniques. How did the salon get its name?


Well, Tonya’s son had difficulty pronouncing his sister’s name, Victoria. So he just called her Toria. And Tanya thought that would be a great name for her salon. You really have to check out this excellent salon. They’re going to have a lot of special deals over the Holidays. So give them a call at 845 359 7535. They’re located at 580 Route 303 in Blauvelt. You can visit their website at toriashairsalon.com.

The talented team at Toria Hair Salon - from left Tanya Farmer, Amanda Aris, Katie Pietanza and Alyssa Rome.



Dear readers I cannot believe it is already November - the month when the Thanksgiving Holiday gives us time to reflect on what we are thankful for and our blessings. I want to take this time to thank my readers and clients for their continued support and business. I have enjoyed the opportunity to go into your homes and offices and to create a personalized style for your individualized needs. I recently looked at my client data spread sheets and was delighted that I have seen over one thousand clients in Rockland and the tri-state areas since I moved here 12 years ago. The time has flown by. Who would ever think that when I started to advertise in Rivertown Magazine not only would it bring me a fabulous clientele, but I would marry the editor. As they say: “It pays to advertise”. My delightful, clever husband, Phil Bunton, is the nicest person I have ever met and I am

Prominent interior designer Candice A. Boyle, Decorator for a Day, writes every month to help readers with their design and decorating problems. You can email her at rivertown2000@ gmail.com honored to be his wife. I wish all of you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.. May you all be surrounded with the best of health and joy. And please don’t forget to keep the de-

sign questions coming. Warmest regards,


Good luck.

TWO GENERATIONS OF SAILING: The schooner Pioneer sails past the Haverstraw ferry, during the recent RiverArts Festival in Haverstraw. Photo: Murray Phillips.


Look younger, feel better with Sculpsure at Lazur La Vie in Nyack Story/Photos: Tom Riley Cheryl Anne and Lazur La Vie are celebrating their 11th Anniversary of making Rocklanders even more beautiful. “I love being in the beauty business. When you look younger, you feel better,” Cheryl Anne told us. “To date we have done more than 50,000 laser procedures. We focus on laser treatments and we bring in the latest technology and won’t use it unless it is tried and true. “Our Sculpsure Laser treatment is getting rave reviews from our clients. In a comfortable 25 minute session you can lose a totally tolerable 25% of stubborn fat around the belly in one treatment. “It’s an amazing technology that allows you to go back to work or the gym with no down time. There is no scarring or bruising. You might feel like you did too many sit ups and the results are noticeable in 2 weeks. “We advise one to three sessions and the results will be obvious. It’s a healthy way to look 10 years younger. As we get older, the better we look, the better we feel and the happier we are.” Cheryl Anne is a beauty aficionado and a transformational artist behind many celebrities and socialites. She continued: “You will also love our Buff Body Treatment. In one session you’ll experience hair removal, exfoliation, a massage, cellulite body contouring and detoxification. “It relieves muscle aches and pains, reduces toxins and brings more oxygen and


Frank educates potential clients on Sculpsure and holds one to one consultations. you never need to shave. It will give you cellulite reduction and lots more energy. It’s all done with a machine in our Super Buff Studio. “And then there is Clear Lift. We go the extra mile to make you look younger and feel better. For those going through a divorce and want to focus on their appearance, we’ll do a full rejuvenation with Soprano Ice.” Cheryl Anne added: “We were excited to participate in the Sculpsure launch. The lazer zeroed in on my stubborn fat with the accuracy of a target missile. She treated my front and backside. After five weeks I

noticed my tummy was flat as a board. My flanks were definitely better; they would still need another treatment. My husband was so impressed with my flat tummy, he chose to get Sculpsured.” Cheryl Anne added: “Sculpsure is the latest generation of laser treatment that will make you look 10 years younger. There is no scarring or bruising and it works on both men and women.” Cheryl Anne invites couples to participate in The Couples Indulgence. The escape for two begins with two full body sea salt glows followed by full body 60 Minute Swedish Massages performed side by side

Owner Cheryl Anne and Judi sing the praises of Sculpsure. It reduces body fat 25% in one treatment.

in our specially appointed couples room with chocolate and champagne. You’ll create lasting memories with this shared experience of full body bliss. Also offered at the Laser Center and Day Spa are Facials, Face Lifts, Tattoo Removal, Vein Removal, Scar Removal, 360

Laser Eye Lift, Beverly Hills Laser Peel, 24 Skin Brightener, Aromatherapy Elevation and much more. The Spa also offers Wedding Belles, a Bridal Make-Up professionally applied and New Spa White Laser Teeth Whitening. Schedule a complementary consult to-

day. Call 845-623-6140. To learn more about Sculpsure access www.sculpsure. com. You can access Lazur La Vie at www. lazurlavie.com. Lazur La Vie is located at 267 Main Street in Nyack and it has ample parking.


Beautiful Sonoma Grille celebrates 16th birthday

Story/Photos: Tom Riley Lorraine Koutros, the owner of the Sonoma Grille invites you to dine overlooking the gorgeous Philip J. Rotella Golf Course. Located at 100 Theills Mt. Ivy Road in Thiells, the Sonoma Grille has a picturesque dining room with panoramic views of the golf course. Lorraine told us: “We are celebrating our 16th anniversary pleasing palates and holding memorable parties for your special occasion. “ Whether it’s a golf outing, fundraiser, wedding, Sweet Sixteen, anniversary, surprise birthday party or Communion our professional staff will make it an event to remember. “With dishes like Horseradish Crusted Sirloin Steak, Penne Moscarpone, Seafood Diablo and Eggplant Rollatini and a fabulous Wine List and Brunch Packages the


Above: Dining al fresco at the beautiful Sonoma Grille in Thiells. You’ll love the delicious food.

Sonoma Grille is a magnificent spot for fine dining,” said Lorraine. More and more organizations and corporations are holding their events at The Sonoma Grille because of the special packages they offer. Take the Golfer’s Package #1 for example. You get a choice of three entrees - Penne Vodka, Lemon Chicken or Marsala, Eggplant Rolatini, Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy and Baked Penne. And then you get a choice of Rice Pilaf, Roasted Potatoes or Chef’s Vegetables. For Salad, choose between a Tossed Salad, Macaroni or Potato Salad. For Dessert there is Apple Crisp, Coffee, Tea & a Soft Drink. All this for $19.99 plus tax and service charge for a minimum of 25 people. And that’s just Package # 1. Their Lunch Package starts at $9.50. Here’s what Donna McCullough said about her experience at the Sonoma Grille. “I had my sister’s baby shower here. The service was great! Ali, Shane and Walter were a pleasure and helped us with anything we needed! Thank you for making my sister’s day great!” People just love The Sonoma Salad Bar. On Monday through Thursday “Peel and Eat” Shrimp is a big hit and so are the their Daily Lunch and Dinner Specials. You’ll love their Zucchini Chips served with a Horseradish Cream Sauce. And then there is their Cajun New York Strip served with Fingerling Potatoes, Asparagus and a Sweet Demi Glace. The Sonoma Grille is a warm and friendly environment and Chef Robert Martinez has some amazing dishes just waiting for you to try. His Seafood Lobster and Crab Ravioli with Shrimp in White Butter Sauce and Miso Glazed Salmon grilled to perfection and topped with Miso Glaze is the talk of the town among seafood lovers. The Early Bird Specials and The Salad Bar are probably the finest in Rockland. Catering is available on and off premise and you can choose to dine on their covered outdoor deck. For your next special occasion callJeanne Davis, the manager, at 845-3548900 and she’ll take care of everything. Lorraine Koutros, the owner has been lauded many times over the last 16 years for her generosity to the community. She has donated many, many trays of food to People To People and other groups. You can access her web site at www.SonomaRockland.com.




Dana Pest Control and K9 Scent Detection provide protection one sniff at a time Story/Photos: Tom Riley For 45 years homeowners and commercial property managers have relied on R. Dana Pest Control and Dana Pest Management in Haverstraw for all their pest control needs. The Dana Protection Program covers the structure of your home and property for a 12 month period against many pests, such as: ants, bees, beetles, centipedes, fleas, mice, millipedes, moths, pantry pests, rats, roaches, flies, spiders, wasps and more. Owner Richard Effeldana told us of his special line of defense. “Our Canine Teams composed of Walter, Fred, Ethel, Lucy and Dana can sniff out live bed bugs and termites. “People have trusted dogs for centuries. Our certified bed bug dogs are 98% accurate in finding bed bugs and bed bug eggs. “Professional pest management I\inspectors are only 30% accurate. The K9


Just some of the pesky bugs and other critters that are waiting to invade your home. Call Dana for protection. Team picks up the pheromone of a termite under a slab and within wall voids. Having our termite team sniffing out these home wreckers is priceless. “Knowledge is our most powerful tool and we enjoy passing our knowledge to our customers, whether on the phone or in person.” Richard added: “College kids are attending college and some colleges have bed bugs. When they come home it is a good idea to isolate them, use a high heat source source like a dryer or a Pack Tite Closet. A Pack Tite Closet is a portable heater.

“We offer a Fall Preventive Inspection from the roof line to the foundation to prevent rats, mice and squirrels from invading your home. Homeowners should trim trees along the gutter line to prevent rodents from jumping on to the roof. “We also provide perimeter preventive spraying and foundation services for insects migrating toward the home. Schools, Parks and commercial business throughout Connecticut, Rockland, Orange, Bergen County used us a lot this summer for mosquito control.” Richard added: “We respect the privacy

Owner Richard Effeldana with the star pupil of his canine team, Dana. Right: A tube of live bed bugs used in training the dogs.

of our clients and, except for our web address, we do not advertise our presence on our vehicles. We have been family owned and operated for 45 years and our employees attend monthly training seminars and keep up-to-date on new solutions. “We also have an array of retail repellants you can purchase at our shop. If you don’t see the service you are looking for, just ask. “The cold weather will be here before you know it and mice are preparing by looking for a way inside your home. Call us today to schedule a preventive inspection from the soffits to the foundation, of your home.” Richard summed up: “Ask about our Dana Protection Program at info@danapestcontrol.com or call us at 1-877-9NOBUGS and we’ll Bee There. “Our Dana K9 Scent Detection Team will provide you with “Quality” one sniff at a time!. You can access our web site at www.danapestcontrol.com or get info on our K9 Scent Detection at www.danak9. com,” said Richard. “You can also call 877-9K9-NOSE.” Dana Pest Control is located at 2 Samsondale Avenue in West Haverstraw.


New Reef Seafood Restaurant in Piermont is the talk of the town Story/Photos: Tom Riley Seafood lovers in the Hudson Valley and New Jersey are making a beeline to The Reef located at 587 Piermont Avenue in Piermont. Maria from New City said: “I ordered the Seared Alaskan Wild Salmon with sautéed Kale over a light bed of Quinoa with Roasted Red Pepper Reduction and it was the freshest salmon I ever had. It was accompanied by the most delicious Portuguese bread. I love the ambiance and modern industrial look of The Reef and the attentive professional staff. “They have an amazing raw bar with market driven selection of East Coast Oysters, Sherry-Shallot Mignonette, House Cocktail Sauce and lemon.” The Reef is a collaboration of two friends with a vision to create a seafood restaurant in downtown Piermont that would not only be a dining haven for the seafood lover but also a warm comfortable and inviting bar where friends can gather and enjoy drinks and/or a quick dinner. Both owners, Dario Fonseca and Ricardo Cerdeira set out in the Spring of 2016 to bring this vision to reality. Beginning with a total renovation, the space was transformed to an open modern yet friendly environment. Replicating the feel of the sea, the lighting is all in a blue hue bouncing off the metal and natural wood surfaces. The bar is a full service bar offering all of the favorite cocktails, wines, and beers and includes


Ricardo Cerdeira and Dario Fonseca are the proud owners of the Reef. Below: Grilled Octopus over a medley of Fava Beans and vegetables.

Left: Delicious chocolate mousse. Above (from top): The Reef Mariscada, Portuguese Seafood Stew over rice and an array of succulent seafood & shellfish. Carne Alentejana, Portgueses Pork & Clam Stew. Seared Alaskan Wild Salmon.


The Reef

a “Raw Bar” featuring clams, oysters. crab and lobster. The Reef serves a wide variety of seafood appetizers and main courses many of which are signature dishes representative of both the owner’s Portuguese heritage and for those who would prefer something other than seafood they offer steak, chicken and vegetable plates. Desserts are made daily on the premise. The Reef staff is welcoming and attentive with a desire to make every effort to enhance your dining experience. The superstar bartender, Melina invites you to try The Reef Mule, a twist on the Moscow Mule. On Thursday night they have Shuck-ABuck when oysters are only a buck. Dario and Ricardo and Chef Victor Dempsey invite you to visit The Reef Seafood Restaurant for a pleasurable dining experience. There is ample parking in the back. Some of the appetizers in demand are Punheta de Bacalhau, which is Potato & Salt Cod Spread & Herbed Heavy Cream or Grilled Octopus over a medley of Fava Beans and Vegetables. Entrees include The Reef Mariscada, Portuguese Seafood Stew over Rice and an array of Succulent Seafood and Shellfish. Another favorite is Carne Alentejana, a Portuguese Pork & Clam Stew. There is a Happy Hour everyday from 5pm-7pm from Tuesday through Sunday. They are closed on Mondays. The Reef is open for Dinner from 5pm-10pm during the week and from 5pm-11pm on weekends. Call The Reef Seafood Restaurant at 845-359-7300 or Email them at thereefseafoodrestaurant@gmail.com. You can access their web site at www.thereefpiermont.com. • You can check out this delightful restaurant when Rivertown Exchange holds its monthly networking party on Wednesday, November 9, from 5.30 to 7.30. Come on down!


Above: The Reef’s friendly bar. Right: Mariscada, Portuguese Seafood Stew over rice and an array of succulent seafood & shellfish. Below: The team at the Reef From left (Back to Front) Chef Victor, Remberto, Ricardo, Miguel, Dario, Chris, Melina and Adriana


The team at Debany Financial Group has relationships that span generations Most Americans spend more time planning their vacation than planning for retirement. Barry P. Debany, a partner in Debany Financial Group, located at 303 South Broway, Suite 103, in Tarrytown told us:“For several decades now our teamwork approach has brought increased benefits to our clients by managing their money to help them achieve their goals. “We offer customized solutions, transparency and flexibility that enable us to retain relationships that span generations. We believe service is the key to success and our time-tested investment strategies continue to add value to our clients. “We can help you address: investing principles and strategies, retirement investing and distribution strategies, estate conservation issues and risk management analysis. “We can also answer your questions including: Can I retire early? Are my investments working hard enough? What’s a good approach for college savings? What are the elements of a sound estate strategy? Do I have enough life insurance for my family?” Barry added: “I’d like to introduce members of my team who are all New York State Registered Investment Advisors. These Investment Advisor Representatives work independently for our clients and nobody else. They are time-tested professionals in their field and they take the mystery out of preparing for retirement, college savings,and estate strategy. They will help you meet your financial goals and objectives.” Barry is a Regional Director and Invest-


ment Advisor Representative of Cetera Advisor Networks and one of four managing partners of Debany Financial Group, LLC. Arthur Hardy is an Independent Registered Representative offering securities through Cetera Advisors Networks LLC, member FINRA & SIPC. Hardy is one of four Founding Partners of Debany Financial Group, LLC and an Investment Advisor offering advisory services through DFG, LCC, Registered Investment Advisor. In 2014, Hardy Financial Strategies was formed to offer clients a larger independent

menu of non-securities and insurance products and services. “We can meet with you in our Tarrytown office conference room or connect electronically via Skype or FaceTime. Please inform us what works best for you. We have clients throughout Rockland, Westchester and the entire Tri State area,” said Arthur. You can call Arthur Hardy at 914-3664900, Ext. 102. You can email him at ahardy@ceteranetworks.com or visit his web site at HardyFinancialStrategies.com. Timothy J. Nervegna, AIF is an In-

The Dynamic Team at Debany Financial Group, from left, R. Arthur Hardy and Alan W. Waidelich. Seated, from left, Timothy J. Nervegna, Barry Debany and Francesco Sanseverino

visory services through Debany Financial Group, LLC. Alan is committed to a shared mission with his clients recommending the most appropriate and cost effective strategies and products that help his clients stay on track and in control as they work toward achieving life goals. Alan addresses his client’s specific requirements and concerns by developing individually tailored investment plans, periodic reviews make certain the plan is current with economic conditions and the client’s stage of life. You can call Alan at 914-366-4900, Ext. 103 or Email him at awaide@ceteranetworks.com.

vestment Advisor Representative with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, and one of four founding partners of Debany Financial Group, and he also is the founder and President of Hudson Valley 403B. He has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Tim specializes in working with people saving for retirement. His goal is to maximize the efficiency of their investments by helping to reduce the fees they are paying while taking advantage of any tax benefits available. Tim is also a Certified Agent in the New York State Partnership Program

for Long Term Care. When he isn’t coaching his three children’s soccer, basketball, and baseball teams, he enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing and mountain biking. You can call Tim at 914-366-4900, Ext. 104 or Email him at tim@hv403b.com. Alan W. Waidelich is an Independent Registered Representative offering securities through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA & SIPC. Alan is one of the four Founding Partners of Debany Financial Group, LLC and an Investment Advisory Representative offering ad-

Debany Financial Group, LLC is committed to helping individuals achieve their financial goals in the following areas: INVESTMENT SERVICES--offering Consolidated Investment Summaries-Asset Analysis-Cash Management and Estate Planning. MANAGED INVESTMENTS PORTFOLIOS--Mutual Funds--Exchanged Traded Funds--Stocks and Bonds. RETIREMENT PLANNING--403(B) Plans--Small Business Retirement Plans-IRA’s--Annuities. INSURANCE PLANNING--Life Insurance--Disability Income Insurance--Long Term Care. Barry summed up: “We are a company you keep because our relationships span generations. Our teamwork approach has brought increased benefits to our clients. Call me at 914-366-4900, Ext. 101 or Email me at barry@debanyfinancial. com. You can access our web site at www. debanyfinancial.com.”


The culinary artisty of Chef Nicholas Lambos of AquaTerra Grille in Pearl River

“We specialize in offering the freshest seafood in the area and only use ingredients of the highest quality. I truly believe that people appreciate the attention to detail in every dish that leaves my kitchen.” Those are the words of Chef Nicholas Lambos, the creative culinary genius at AquaTerra Grille in Pearl River. He told us: “I handpick the freshest seafood, the heartiest and most delectable meats and the finest produce. I grew up and attended school right here in Pearl River, so I take a lot of pride in creating a special dining experience for this community.” Nicholas received his training at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and has worked at some of the best seafood restaurants in Manhattan (Milos Estiatorio and Limani in Rockefeller Center). He also trained at restaurants in Miami, Atlanta and Greece. “November is going to be an exciting month at AquaTerra Grille! Hudson Valley Restaurant Week will be taking place and I’m looking forward to presenting a special seasonal menu for our guests. I paired each entrée with some of my favorite wines from our list. “One of the dishes that we plan to serve is a seared scallop appetizer with chickpea pureé, marinated red onions, capers, and lemon juice. “Later in the month, we’ll have our Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet, which was a huge hit with our guests last year. Forget about the aggravation of cooking and cleaning for your family this year – let AquaTerra do the work for you,” said Nicholas. Nicholas and his staff are looking forward to another wonderful Holiday Season! “Book your holiday party or special occasion with us. Our food, service, and


facilities are unparalleled in the area. “ We cater parties of 10-100 people. We have a variety of packages that can accommodate any budget. AquaTerra Grille is ideal for your holiday party, christening, rehearsal dinner, communion, confirmation, shower, birthday or anniversary. We also work with a number of local companies and assist them in hosting their corporate events throughout the year,” said Nicholas. “Our latest feature is the Wednesday Family Dinner Buffet, with 25+ choices for only $24.95pp, along with a 2 for 1 special on house wines by the glass. We will be offering it every Wednesday from 5-9pm. It’s casual and perfect for a family weeknight out. “Of course, we also have our award-winning brunch buffet every Sunday from 11am-3pm for $22.95pp and only $5.95 for unlimited mimosas,” said Nicholas. Call 845-920-1340 for a reservation or just walk in and bring the family. You can also make a reservation online at www. AquaTerraGrille.com.


Rockland Dentist offers comprehensive treatments, essential care and understanding

Story: Janie Rosman Any trepidation about making a dental appointment vanishes once you dial the office of Dr. Alan Rosenfeld. “Thank you for calling Rockland Dentist, where we make people smile. We can help you . . . “ is what new and established patients hear from staff whose standard of caring permeates the office each day. Appointment made, you arrive at 93 Rt. 303 in Tappan and open the office door. Inside are large windows facing a bird sanctuary with many feeders and bird houses adding to the relaxing office atmosphere. Squirrels, chipmunks, turkeys and an occasional fox are known to make appearances; the view is beautiful no matter the season. After completing requisite forms you’re ready for the dentist’s chair, maybe nervous from a previous experience. Rest assured since Dr. Rosenfeld, who owns the practice, has been more helping patients with their dental treatments for more than 30 years. “Experience is everything,” he said. “The latest instruments and techniques mean nothing without years of success and failure. Experience teaches you, and failure teaches you. It takes time to develop to learn what to do for the patient and what the patient needs.” All phases of dental treatment are performed in the office including Zoom Whitening and Invisalign Orthodontics. The of-


Office staff, top row left to right: Dr Leonard Mann, Dr Michael Pilar, Shira Reback, Denise Nueva, Dr. Alan Rosenfeld, Dr Larry White; lower row left to right: Michele Gabrielson, Jeannette Finley, Diane Tuske

Dr. Rosenfeld and his team take part in the Smiles for Myeloma fund-raiser - top row - Shira, Dr White, Diane, Jeannette, Dr Mann, Denise. Lower row Lydia and Dr Rosenfeld fice works with local specialists, including a Master Certified Dental Technician, to provide comprehensive treatment and the best care available. “There are times a referral is necessary,”

Rosenfeld explained. “Would you want your internist to perform cardiac surgery?” Working in the office are Lawrence J. White, D.D.S., Leonard Mann D.M.D. and Michael Pilar, D.D.S., a temporomandibu-

Dr. Alan Rosenfeld working on a patient lar disorder (teeth clenching and/or grinding) specialist. Together have more than 100 years of experience, skills and wisdom, and applications via the latest technology. These include a laser to treat soft tissue problems and fabrication of dental sleep apnea appliances. Patients are made to feel relaxed when discussing their dental needs. ‘We want to understand their expectations and explain what we can provide for them,” Rosenfeld said. Multiple treatment plans can be tailored for each patient, and choices are explained for informed decision-making. “We are not a drill ‘em and fill ‘em office,” he said. “I want to do things right the first time. It may be a more involved treat-

ment but if you do it right the first time it will stay fixed much longer without problems later on. I look at the whole mouth to provide definitive treatment that has a long term prognosis.” For example, he said, “I would choose implants instead of extensive treatment for failing teeth because they are so predictable and versatile. They can be used for single or multiple teeth replacements or to hold dentures or partials more comfortably.” Most of the office personnel has been with his practice for more than 20 years, a testament to how they work well together. The office recently added another hygienist to lessen patients’ waiting time for peri-

odontal maintenance appointments. “The staff is upbeat and makes every patient’s office visit as easy and complete as possible,” Rosenfeld said. “Office humor is contagious. We strive for 110% in every procedure we complete.” After attending from Bronx High School of Science ad The City College of New York he studied at The New York University College of Dentistry, where he graduated as a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Dental Society and received The NYU Founders Day Award for academic excellence. Rosenfeld is an avid exerciser and participated in the SMILES for Myeloma 5K on October 9 in Piermont, an event hosted by his practice. He and his wife Lydia have two children and five grandchildren who live close by and with whom he loves spending time. His voice quieted when he recalled volunteering as a forensic medical examiner following the September 11 tragedy “performing identification of the remains found at the World Trade Center. It was a sobering experience, and I’m glad I was able to help.” In addition to membership in the New York Society of Forensic Dentistry, Rosenfeld belongs to the American Dental Association, The NYS Dental Association, The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and The International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Families and children are welcome. Contact the office at 845-359-1770 or contact@rocklandentist.com or follow @rocklandentist on Instagram and Twitter.


Some of the winners.


Letizia Brothers Classic Car Show raises $$$ for local military heroes

Classic car lovers from all over New York and Above: Scotty, the overall winner with his car. Below: Neal with his New Jersey descended on Letizia Brothers For1940 Classic Car. eign & Domestic Repair Service at 150 Route 304 in Bardonia for a great car show featuring refreshments, raffles, prizes and wonderful camaraderie all for a good cause. They raised money for the Rockland County Military Order of the Purple Heart. Prizes and Trophies were given out by Tom Letizia, the owner of Letizia Brothers. “We have a passion for cars and a good organization we’d like to support. I like to thank everyone who came out today and displayed their Classic Cars,” said Tom. Why not have your classic worked on during the off-season? Contact Tom or Andrea to discuss what work your vehicle needs or any changes you would like performed on your vehicle. Then let Letizia Brothers schedule you in now in order for you to have your vehicle in top notch condition at the beginning of the cruising season! Schedule your appointment today at 845-6230019 or Email letiziabros@yahoo.com.


YMCA to honor community leaders The Rockland County YMCA’s Night of MAGIC will be held on Thursday, December 1st at the Nyack Seaport to benefit youth programs and honor outstanding community leaders. The honorees for 2016 include: Jim and Eleanor Kane, Service to Youth Award, Hon. Howard Phillips, Jr., Distinguished Service Award and Joe Rand, Community Service Award. Jim and his wife Eleanor Kane, lifetime residents of Nyack, will be recognized for their service to youth in Rockland County. Jim began officiating basketball at the YMCA in 1943 while in high school and was a referee and umpire for 70 consecutive years. Upon graduation in 1945 he served in the Navy for 3 years and was a banker for 44 years. Jim and Eleanor teamed up to assign Rockland officials for countless games in numerous sports since the 1950s. They raised their children in Nyack as well: Kevin Kane, James (Jimbo) Kane and Kathy Kane Alexander, who were all accomplished athletes at Nyack High School. Hon. Howard T. Phillips, Jr., Supervisor of the Town of Haverstraw, will be the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. During his public service career as Town Supervisor and a Rockland County Legislator, he has improved the park system at the Town’s Bowline Park and was a catalyst in creating the County of Rockland’s Haverstraw Bay Park. He served on the Boards of the United Way and American Heart Association, and YMCA Golf Committee. He resides in Garnerville with his wife Arlette and three children, Veronica, Thomas and William. Joe Rand, Chief Creative Officer of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate/Rand Realty, will be recognized for his long commitment to the Rockland Community. Joe is a graduate of Georgetown University and Stamford Law School. He serves as Vice chair of the SUNY Rockland Board of Trustees and United Hospice of Rockland and has been a strong supporter of the


Haverstraw Town Supervisor Howard Phillips Jr.

Realtor Joe Rand.

Jim and Eleanor Kane. YMCA’s Taste of Nyack. He lives in the Village of Nyack with his wife Linie and their children, Jake and Aurelia. Proceeds from the Night of MAGIC (Making a Genuine Impact on Children) will benefit YMCA Youth programs including the Y’s Beginnings Pre-School, YMCA After School Program, Dance School, Teen Mentoring Program and Youth & Government Club. Tickets may be purchased for $100 per

person (or $75 per person under 21) or $1000 for a table of 10. The event will be held on Thursday, December 1st at the Nyack Seaport. It will start at 6pm with a cocktail reception followed by dinner, awards ceremony and entertainment at 7pm. Please contact Eileen Carson at 845-358-0632 or ecarson@ rocklandymca.org for more information or to purchase tickets. www.rocklandymca. org.





• Nyack art gallery • Unique composer at Garner • Artistic double act

The Velveteen Rabbit hops into Elmwood Playhouse and the kids will love it!

Elmwood Playhouse, conveniently located in downtown Nyack, will be presenting an enchanting holiday play, The Velveteen Rabbit, adapted by James Still from the beloved story of Margery Williams about a toy rabbit who wants to become real. The play is perfect for young children— ages 4 and up—with enough humor and action to keep older children and adults entertained. The story involves a boy, Steve, who idolizes his much-older brother, but is largely disregarded by him. So the boy becomes great friends with his stuffed toy rabbit, the Velveteen Rabbit, and they go on many adventures together. The Velveteen Rabbit, who can’t hop because he’s a stuffed toy, is taunted by the more modern battery-driven toys as being “a sack of sawdust” and by real rabbits because he’s not real. He takes solace and advice from the older brother’s old and now-discarded toy rocking-horse. Adversity strikes—but to go into details would give away too much. The play involves both The Velveteen Rabbit’s efforts to become real and the budding relationship between Steve and his brother. In this production, which is set in modern times, the human being characters and the toys will be played by human actors, with the story assisted by shadow puppetry;

but the real rabbits and the magic fairy will be performed by puppets in the Japanese Bunraku style. Bunraku puppets are lifesized, or nearly life-sized, and are carried and controlled by puppeteers, usually wearing black, who control the puppets both by rods and direct manipulation. Unlike the traditional Japanese Bunraku puppets, only one puppeteer will direct the movements of each puppet. This is a style that was adapted for the puppetry in the Broadway musical, Avenue Q. In the photo above actors Emma Lawrence, Kimberly Hawkey, and Emily Barnes auditioned for roles using unfinished puppets, which will be developed further, including the application of fur, and will be used in the actual production. The play will be directed by Elmwood veteran, Derek Tarson, with the puppets

and production elements designed by Jennie Marino, also an Elmwood veteran, who has creatively designed and produced custom crafted properties and effects for theatre, film, broadcast, and industry for over twenty years, and who has worked on over 45 Broadway shows. A sample of her work can be seen on her website, www.jenniemarino.com. The play will run approximately 55 minutes, making it the perfect length for young children. There will only be ten performances, running between December 9, 2016 and December 18, 2016 on Friday evenings at 7:00, and two performances on each Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. For tickets, call Elmwood’s box office at (845) 353-1313 or visit www. elmwoodplayhouse.com.


Famed composer performer and sound artist performs at Garner Arts Center GARNER Arts Center announces an evening of site-specific performance with acclaimed composer, performer & sound artist, Bora Yoon*, on November 19, at 7:30pm. Described by the New York Times as “mesmerizing” and by KoreAm Journal as “totally unique”, Korean-American composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Bora Yoon is a passionately interdisciplinary artist who conjures audiovisual soundscapes using digital devices, voice and found objects and instruments from a variety of cultures and historical centuries – to formulate an audiovisual storytelling through music, movement and sound. Classically trained and steeped in a first love of choral music, Yoon is fascinated by the intersection of space and sound. Instruments commonly used in Bora Yoon’s performances include: voice, violin, Tibetan singing bowls, cellphones, radios, water, bike bells, synthesizers, walkie-talkies, wind tubes, metronomes, Bible pages, spoons, found objects, viola through an octave-dropping pedal to sound like a bass, piano, tin cans, field recordings, electronics, and particular acoustic and architectural features of the venue itself (stage as instrument). From site-specific works to music for dance, theater, multimedia happenings, and art galleries, Yoon’s work resonates with an astonishingly diverse range of genres, communities, and geographies. GARNER’s aim in presenting such work is to expose audiences to Yoon’s explora-


tion of GARNER’s 19th Century Pre-Civil War surroundings. GARNER is located within the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, aka “GARNER Historic District of New York”, which is comprised of twenty-eight 19th century buildings and a Creekside sculpture trail. Garnerville Arts & Industrial’s new Craft Brewery, Industrial Arts Brewing Company, is GARNER Arts Center’s 2016 – 2017 Beer Sponsor, and GARNER Arts Center

is pleased to serve their beers on draught at GARNER events. Tickets are $12 for Adults & $10 for Seniors/Students/Military and are available in advance at www.garnerartscenter.org, by phone (845-947-7108), or in person by visiting the GARNER Arts Center office at 55 W. Railroad Avenue, Garnerville NY 10923. Tickets will also be available for sale at the door.

Two artists team up for a very special show Lisa Levart (right) and Gloria Knowlton will be showcasing their unique art at the Pomona Cultural Center.

An artist Lisa Levart deeply admires, dancer Twyla Tharp, once said: “Reading, conversation, environment, culture, heroes, mentors, nature - all are lottery tickets for creativity. Scratch away at them and you’ll find out how big a prize you’ve won.” Levart and Knowlton are showcasing their prizes this fall at the Pomona Cultural Center in Pomona. In her new series, Mythica, Levart connects the past and present in subject matter, style and technique, while furthering the themes of her series, Goddess on Earth. With some subjects from Rockland County, she references vintage 19th Century photographic processes and utilizing the 2000 year-old encaustic medium with local (Nyack) beeswax so the finished pieces illuminate feminist spiritualty and link old pre-patriarchal religions with women’s search for empowerment. Her subjects collaborate with the photographer, choosing what myth to portray and how to actualize its visual representation. Their evocative photographs are both an invitation to witness and engage with what is timeless and archetypal. “Lisa’s portraits are fantastic - our show is a case of mutual admiration,” expressed Grace Knowlton Artist Grace Knowlton really can’t say what first compelled her to create sculptural balls in the early ’70s. But whatever it was that inspired her to manipulate clay and concrete into organic spheres, her passion has not faded. Knowlton will exhibit her closed

spherical forms of various materials – clay, concrete, steel and copper. Shown together, these artworks both complement and support each other, revealing a rich visually beautiful, mythological world. Lisa commented: “I have admired Grace’s work for many years, so it is indeed an honor to be exhibiting with her. Her spheres are exhibited in outdoor museums and to me, they always appear to inhabit the landscapes like magical relics from a prehistoric era. Although my work is figurative and Grace’s abstract - I think they both invoke a sense of earthly wonder - and together, bring us into an otherworld.” Artists Talk - November 6th, 4pm Lisa Levart is the author of Goddess on Earth: Portraits of the Divine Feminine, winner of the GOLD Nautilus Book Award. Goddess on Earth, an ongoing project for more than a decade, is also a community specific multi-media installation, which has exhibited in a variety of venues including art galleries, shopping malls, schools, theaters and community centers. The Goddess project has received support from the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation, The Puffin Foundation, the Arts Council of Rockland andthe West Orange Arts Council. Lisa is a finalist in the International Julia Margaret Cameron Awards For Women Photographers and was awarded The Rockland County Executive Award in the Visual Arts. Levart’s Goddess on Earth Facebook page reaches a growing audience of over 21,000.

Lisa lives and works in Nyack. Sculptor Grace Knowlton expands her collection at LongHouse with Spheres; orbs created, in her words, by “the laying on of hands.” These sculptures - Knowlton’s conception of “painting in the round”– offer a rich relationship between the space inside the shell and its external surface. Their graduated sizes and textural materials punctuate the gardens as we pause to admire. A graduate of Smith College, Knowlton received a Masters in Arts and Education from Columbia University and taught at the Art Students League. Internationally recognized, her work has been widely exhibited,, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. At the age of 84, she is still filling commissions for her sculptural “orbs” for private and public collections worldwide. The Pomona Cultural Center is located in the historic stone Pig Knoll Schoolhouse at 584 Route 306, Pomona, (Just North of Pomona Road). The Center highlights a diverse selection of fine artisits and performers at its events. All programs are sponsored and made possible by Mayor Brett Yagel, the Board of Trustees and the Village on Pomona. Gallery hours are Friday through Sunday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm and Mythica runs until November 13, 2016 Photo credit: Myles Aronowitz


My Own Little Gallery in Nyack opens

Some of the unique art you’ll see at My Own Little Gallery in Nyack

The recently opened My Own Little Gallery at 142 Main Street in Nyack presents its second exhibit— “Big and Small in Blazing Colors!” a vibrant collection of landscape and abstract paintings is on view through November 30. “The title of the exhibit springs from the fact that the works range from small to major pieces, allowing even casual visitors to take


home a beautiful, original piece of art at an affordable price,” says gallery owner, actress and artist Elaine Schloss. “And, of course it’s fall—the perfect season for brilliant colors!” Schloss has always been in love with the drama of color and line and uses these to masterfully create powerful semi-abstract nudes. She has included in this show several

of her newest paintings from her foray into landscape and still life as a result of her recent residency at the Art Students League in Sparkill, New York, to which she won a scholarship. “Big and Small in Blazing Colors!” October 7-November 30, 2016

Dance to the movies’ greatest hits - and dine on the best cheesecake too! On Friday, November 18th, Rivertown Film teams up with the West Gate Lounge –home of the County’s best dance concertsto present “Dance to the Movies”. This fourth installment of Rivertown’s wildly popular film-and-dance party begins at 8pm. Guests will be treated to beats spun by DJ Orlando, while clips from such classic dance films as “Saturday Night Fever”, “Grease” and “Dirty Dancing” surround them. Capping the evening will be a dance demonstration and lesson by the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Parched boogy-ers can quench their thirst with a cash bar, and enjoy complimentary desserts courtesy of the Blue Ribbon Cheesecakes by Lisa. West Gate Lounge is the Community Sponsor for the event. The party begins at 8pm, and tickets are $25/General Admission, $20/Rivertown Film Members, and $20/West Gate Lounge Patrons. All prices will rise by $5 for tickets sold at the door on the evening of the event. “Dance to the Movies” is part of Rivertown Film’s 15th anniversary celebration season. The Nyack-based non-profit organization has been bringing independent, documentary and foreign films to Rockland County since 2001, along with its renowned “Meet the Filmmaker” and cinema education series. Bi-monthly screenings take place on Wednesday evenings at the Nyack Center (Depew and Broadway), and its Creative Advisory Board includes Rockland residents Jonathan Demme and Bill Irwin. To commemorate their birthday, Rivertown has programmed a dynamic slate of film events this fall. On Friday, October 28th, they partnered with ArtsRock and Arts Angels to present a Halloween screening of the 1931 horror classic “Frankenstein” at the Nyack High School Auditorium. The film was accompanied by original music performed live by the Chappaqua Orchestra. Wednesday, November 9th was Rivertown’s first “Meet the Filmmaker” fall event with the documentary “Zero Days”. Director Alex Gibney presented a post-film discussion at the

Nyack Center. The “Meet the Filmmaker” series continues on Wednesday, November 30th with the screening of “Little Men”, followed by a talk-back (via Skype) with the director, Ira Sachs. On Saturday, December 17th, Rivertown unwraps their holiday gift to members and non-members alike with Ron Howard’s documentary, “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years” along with a bonus screening of the legendary 1965 30-minute short “Beatles Live at Shea Stadium” (unavailable on VOD, DVD or streaming). This is an incredible evening which will feature Rivertown’s annual toy drive and a bubbly birthday toast. Nyack’s new Kiam Record Shop is a partner for this event. The West Gate Lounge is the ideal venue for “Dance to the Movies”. For over 30 years, they’ve been New York’s finest Latin Music and Dance club. Every Saturday features top salsa sounds and bands from around the world. Seven time Grammy Award winner, Eddie Palmieri will be performing November 5. Visit their website for more band information at www.westgatelounge.com. Their “Special Event Fridays” bring back the

moves of the ‘70’s with their disco dance parties and the Dancin’ Machine Band. Dessert Sponsor is Blue Ribbon Cheesecakes by Lisa also available at the West Gate Restaurant. Lisa won best in New Jersey for the past 5 years. Dancing, dance films, a dynamic venue, delectable eats and cocktails - a winning combination that’s really hard to resist. So why not try “Dance to the Movies” at West Gate Lounge at the West Gate Inn Nyack, 26 Route 59, Nyack,NY on Friday November 18tth.. The Riverown Film website (www. rivertownfilm.org) shows past and currently scheduled films and events. Films are shown at Nyack Center in Nyack on Broadway and Depew generally on alternate Wednesdays. Other locations such as the Lafayette Theatre in Suffern are resources for special screenings. Tickets can be purchased over the website; membership and access for donations and to volunteer are also available. The telephone number to purchase tickets is (800) 838-3006. The office telephone for information Monday through Wednesday and messages on other days is 845-353-2568.


Realtors Debbie and Adam Blankfort.

House Call: Upper Nyack

Relive history as historic home comes up for sale Story: Tom Riley Debbie Blankfort, Broker/Owner of William Raveis Baer & McIntosh has a great new listing of a historic home in West Nyack. Her son, Adam Blankfort, is a New York State Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with unprecedented marketing and internet skills which he puts to use daily as Director of Technology for William Raveis Baer & McIntosh, especially for a unique home like this. Debbie described this unique home: “Once a flower farm, 145 Strawtown Road in West Nyack is a remarkable Gothic Re-


vival home on nearly one acre of mature trees and specimen plantings. “Built in 1854 and painstakingly restored over the years, this 2,600 square foot home offers privacy, attention to detail and soaring 12 foot ceilings. It has wide plank floors, period millwork, decorative moldings, brackets, balustrades, fixtures and patios. It is one of the prettiest historic homes with lots of original detail. “The property is historically known as ‘Pye’s Corner’ and it was the hub of the Clarkstown farming community in the late 1700’s and throughout the 19th century. A

welcoming foyer extends full length of the home with access to a tranquil backyard, a greenhouse and a gardener’s ‘fairy tale dream’ outbuilding. “The expansive living room boast elegant arches, accents and an ornamental fireplace. The second decorative fireplace graces the formal dining room with floor to ceiling bay windows. Pocket doors lead to an eat-in kitchen with fine stainless steel appliances and a distinct lattice work ceiling. “The second level has 3 bedrooms, all with at least one walk-In closet. The above

grade lower level includes several finished rooms, a greenhouse and a warm sun room lined with windows and doors that bring the outside in. The home is listed for $555,000.” Given the one-of-a-kind appeal of this home, finding a buyer should be easy. Adam hopes to not only capture the local buyer, but enthusiastically leverages the power of his company’s digital marketing arm to appeal to any buyer looking for a home with historic character, no matter what part of the world they may be from. Adam told us: “At William Raveis Baer & McIntosh we operate not one, but two, very sophisticated web sites; raveis. com (which gets 10+ million unique annual visits each year & 1+ billion hits a year, with searchers looking for real estate in the Northeast exclusively) and baerhomes.com (our local site which targets buyers around our office locations throughout Rockland, Orange and Bergen County).


“We get over 450 buyer leads registering every month on baerhomes.com and steady referrals from raveis.com and the other 120 William Raveis offices and 4,000 sales associates throughout the Northeast, thanks to Baer & McIntosh being a part of a real family-owned company, not a franchise. “We also created the most cutting edge mobile app, “The William Raveis App” (download for FREE by searching “Raveis” in the App Store!), where buyers can easily see every home that is for sale or rent around them and more importantly, sellers can see everything that has SOLD around them. “Our technology not only benefits our buyers and agents, but our sellers too… we have developed a “Best Fit Leads” algorithm as part of our back end, where I can sit down with a client who wants to sell their home and show them exactly who we have looking for a home just like theirs, with a “fit score ranking” out of 100. “I usually show the seller, in real time, at least 100-250 active leads that have a fit score of 90 or above, meaning they are searching for homes that have nearly identical criteria to theirs. It’s also nice to show the seller how any lead, from the app or site, can just click to call the Raveis Call Center and speak to a live real estate agent 7 days a week, 8:30am-7pm, or text chat with a live human on our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “They will take down any questions you may have and put you in contact with an agent who knows everything about your property. It’s pretty cool to use such sophisticated technology that is ahead of our time to market a historic home with property dating back to the 1700’s.” This home located at the heart of West Nyack’s storied crossroad has an impressive paver driveway that has two entrances, one gated. Blue stone and paver paths make the property quite enchanting. This is a wonderful opportunity to own a slice of history in the Clarkstown school district. For a tour of 145 Strawtown Road call Deborah Blankfort on her cell at 914.522.5426 or visit www.145StrawtownRoad.com. You can also call our Nyack office at 97 South Broadway at 845-358-9440. “Let our family show your family the way home!”



Victor Castillo, owner of Nu-Age Tree & Lawn Care: “We welcome any size job.”

Nu-Age Tree & Lawn Care will take on any size of job - and do it brilliantly

Story/Photos: Tom Riley Nu-Age Tree & Lawn Care has a superb reputation throughout our area. Owner Victor Castillo told us: “We welcome any size job. We are professionals in the care of individual trees and we are knowledgeable about the needs of trees. “We are trained and equipped to provide care to all types of trees. Poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability. Pruning and removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. “Tree work should be done only by professionals trained and equipped to work safely in trees. I can determine the type of pruning necessary to maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of trees. “We also specialize in tree removal when a tree is broken or looming, it can be dangerous. Trees should be removed when they are dead or dying especially if the tree is threat to your home. Nu-Age has been safely removing large and dangerous trees for over 25 years and has a professional crew on every job.” Satisfied client, Jeannine of New


City enthused: “Nu-Age ree & Lawn Care. “They arrived when they said they would, and they worked carefully and efficiently. Everyone who worked on removing the trees really knew what they were doing! “Watching the larger trees come down was fascinating-doing it correctly seemed both a science and an art, as the branches were carefully cut, swung around and down to the ground by ropes. “The team was careful of our lawn and nearby plantings, and cleaned up all the branches, twigs, etc. They did a good job grinding the tree trunks for us and even ground up our old Christmas tree. Everyone was very polite and friendly. We were very pleased, I give them 5 stars.” Victor continued: “We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lawn maintenance services, which includes cutting the lawn, trimming bushes, taking down trees, pruning trees and we offer prompt, reliable 24/7 emergency care services. We are fully licensed and fully insured for you protection and we offer free estimates. “We take care of just about everything

when it comes to your landscaping needs. We cover all seasons with tree removal, trimming, snow plowing, power washing, new design and plantings and many other services such as gutter cleaning, Spring and Fall cleanup, sod installation. We supply firewood all year round. We are often hired to set up Holiday decorations.” “We take pride in our ability in our ability to exceed your expectation with our quality of workmanship and care in our customer service. When trees fall and injure people or damage property, they are liabilities. “Taking care of tree hazards is our specialty which makes your property safer and extends the life of the trees. We are trained and qualified to take down large and dangerous trees. We also are a green company which recycles wood into mulch and firewood is available all year round.” To schedule a free estimate or consultation call 845-741-1418. Their website is nuagetreeandlawncare.com. They service residential, commercial, industrial and multi-family units.”




Realtor Gayle Renella.

House Call: Nyack

Contemporary colonial with fabulous river views for sale Story: Tom Riley Gayle Renella has been an Associate Broker at William Raveis Baer & McIntosh Real Estate for over 10 years. Her newest listing, a beautiful contemporary colonial with dramatic and expansive views of the Hudson River and TZ Bridge, is one of her favorites. The stucco exterior and beautiful natural limestone steps lead past the perennial garden with over 2,000 bulbs planted strategically to bloom throughout the season. The homeowners are avid gardeners and it


This contemporary colonial home has fabulous river views

The master bathroom features abeautiful claw foot tub.

shows! The gracious carved wooden double door entry leads to a cathedral entry with marble and porcelain floors, curved staircase, double closet and lovely powder room. An open floor plan and hardwood connect the rest of the first floor, from the huge dining room with pocket doors to the large gourmet kitchen, with center island and second sink, featuring amazing Mexican Onyx marble countertops, high end cabinetry with pull outs, some lighted for your favorite glassware, a convenient built in pull out pantry with a place for everything at your fingertips! Appliances are tuckedseamlessly out of sign. Viking range and oven for the serious chef. A large kitchen window over the sink looks out on the river. Kitchen fixtures have not been overlooked either. The adjoining family room is spacious, with a gas fireplace, beautiful light fixtures and sconces, which the homeowner calls “jewelry for the home�. A French glass door leading to a huge deck over looking the yard, with direct views of the TZ Bridge and sailboats going by. There is a spacious bedroom on this level also. The lower level has a beautiful bedroom with views, and a gorgeous full bath. An additional room on this level is set up as an office, spacious and also, views, views, views! The master bedroom on the second floor has a fireplace, walk in closets, vaulted beamed ceiling, enough room for all your furniture, including your king size bed


River views where you can see the moon and bridge over the river at night, and enjoy morning coffee watching the sunrise on the spacious private deck in your own private piece of paradise. The master bath features a beautiful white claw foot tub, large walk in shower, gorgeous vanity and a linen/storage closet too! This home has lots of large, tall, beautiful wood closets outfitted with amazing hardware, closets and plenty of other storage space on all 3 levels. Many updates and upgrades, including reverse osmosis water filtration, central air, and so much more! Don’t miss out on this magnificent home!


Merry Maids of Rockland offer generous help to breast cancer survivors Merry Maids of Rockland County has teamed up with Cleaning for a Reason, an international nonprofit serving women with cancer. Merry Maids offers customized cleaning packages based ont he indivudal needs of heir clients. Fully insured and bonded, this company keeps their rates highly competitive and provides all the cleaning spplies and equipement. “Merry Maids of Rockland County is very excited to partner with Cleaning for a Reasson, “ stated owner Ed Roth. “This parnership is an excellent way to give back to the communitty. Our

company wants to help women who are fighting this horrible disease by providing them with a clean and comfortable home. We hope to make theri lives a little better and esier so that they can focus on their health and treatment.” Merry Maids of Rockland County has is helping women battling cancer by cleaning two homes per month for four consecurive months at no charge. The only requirement is that the homes wbe within the company’s existing service area of Rockland County. For more information about this company go to www.merrymaids.com/locations/

ny/rockland-county. In partnership with maid services throughout the US and Canada, Cleaning for a Reaason is celebrating 10 years of dedicaed service to women battling cancer by Making a Differce One Home at a Time. Together these two forces offer ffree house cleaning to meet the needs of women. Since 2006 they have donated more than $6 million in free services, helping more than 22,600 women with cancer. To learn more about Cleaning for a Reason and to apply for free house cleaning, see www. cleaningforareason.org.

United Way of Rockland aspires to have every child in every school have a love and competency of reading. Statistics tell us that children who are not reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of school! Even more alarming, children in poverty who are not reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade are 13 times more likely to drop out! Sadly to say, the cycle of poverty continues. This is a real call to action, and we are asking for your help. On November 13, 2016, in partnership with the Palisades Center Mall, the United Way of Rockland will be hosting a “Laps for Literacy” family mall walk at 9am to raise awareness of this problem and to raise funds to provide

additional support to children who are falling behind. There will be giveaways and prizes for the walkers. Ways To Register:* Pre-registered participants qualify for an exclusive raffle! $5 per child ● $10 per adult ● $25 family of four ($5 each additional family member) 1. Online at www.uwrc.org 2. Palisades Center, Guest Services, 1st Floor near Cheesecake Factory and Texas de Brazil 3. The 1st floor of the Palisades Center on the day of the walk Please Make Checks Payable to United Way of Rockland *Registration on the day of the walk

begins at 8:15am About United Way of Rockland: The United Way of Rockland is a local, independent organization that envisions a community where individuals and families have the skills and opportunity to achieve a quality education, economic security and a healthy lifestyle. In support of this vision, the United Way brings together local nonprofit, corporate and government partners to identify and address the root causes of our community’s most pressing issues. United, we can bring positive change to Rockland County. For more information, visit the United Way of Rockland at www.uwrc.org.

Walk to help United Way of Rockland

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Top realtor Dona Cox.

House Call: Upper Nyack

Eco-friendly and energy efficient home in a gorgeous location Story: Tom Riley The home at 118 Lexow Avenue is an expansive home which offers the perfect combination of luxury amenities and inviting living spaces all while using eco-friendly, sustainable materials and focusing on an energy efficient and healthy environment. This four bedroom, four bathroom 4,126 square foot home is located on .78 of an acre on a peaceful property maintained without the use of pesticides and chemicals. It offers a safe place to run and play. Natural native trees create a privacy buffer around the property. The awesome backyard play area includes a treehouse, playset and zip line. Specimen plantings and rainfed pond are additional landscaping highlights. The home is located in the sought-after


Village of Upper Nyack and offers an abundance of recreational activities. An active family can hike Hook Mountain, sail or kayak in the beautiful Hudson River, bike

along the many trails or stroll through town and enjoy cool shops and fine dining. It’s an easy commute to Manhattan, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Donna Cox, Rockland’s Marketing Sepcialist commented: “The home is inherently livable and the living spaces were well thought out. There is a craft room with a tile floor, dishwasher, and sink that would make an artist’s Mecca or a staging area for a big dinner party. “There is a stunning eat-in kitchen featuring Plato Cherry Briarwood cabinets, a center island, Caesarstone quartz countertops, recycled glass back splash and top tier Energy Star appliances. “There is a separate Entertainment Center with wine and beverage refrigerators. The family room has a cozy wood burning fireplace and French doors to the deck and backyard. “The Master Bedroom is extraordinary with French Doors opening onto a romantic rooftop deck. There are spacious bedrooms and renovated baths using premium recycled materials. “The conveniently configured lower level features an au pair suite with full bath and sustainable bamboo flooring on one side and a separate family room and media


Eco-friendly home room/theater on the other.” Donna Cox is an Associate Broker for Better Homes & Garden’s Rand Realty located at 46 South Broadway in Nyack. Over the last 11 years Donna has been involved in over one hundred million dollars of real estate transactions. She told us: “118 Lexow has Geothermal heating and cooling, a new redundant high efficiency boiler and multiple temperature zones maximize energy efficiency. A multi-zone generator means you are never without power. “Breathe easier knowing the interior of the home is painted with low or no VOC paint ensuring healthy indoor air quality. This home, a perfect combination of luxury amenities and inviting living spaces is listed at $890,000.” Donna is very successful at her business. She said: “This has been a great year with over 24 transactions. “Over the years I’ve been a consistent performer and I believe it’s important to take the extra steps required to provide each client with an exceptional real estate experience. This has resulted in repeats and referrals from happy clients. \For a tour of 118 Lexow Avenue in Upper Nyack please call me on my Cell at 845-641-8613 or at the Office at 845-358-7171. You can email me at donna.cox@randrealty.com. You can visit my web site at DonnaCox.com.”


Rockland then and now By Daniel Spitzer The Riverfront villages were dominated by “The Hook” long before the appearance of “The Bridge”. Few remember that the shape of Hook Mountain was forever altered by the multitude of quarries which, a century and more ago, carved off large segments of the face of the mountain, shipping the rock and stone south to help build an emerging metropolis. Long before environmentalism had a name, local opposition burgeoned, leading directly to the preservation of Hook Mountain and the genesis of the Palisades Interstate Parks. The first view, in a photograph dated 1908 and clearly taken during winter (note the ice on the River) shows some of the buildings and docks along the waterfront and high up on the scarred face of the ridge north of Nyack. The second photo, taken in autumn 2013, shows the same area with the dock and buildings removed, and vibrant autumn colors now disguising much of the damage to the mountain. Gazing up toward the Hook, we are reminded of the beauty - and fragility - of our natural surroundings. 1908 Photo courtesy of the Nyack Library, archived at HRVH.org. 2013 photo courtesy of the author.

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Welcome to NoBro

A unique collection of shops, boutiques, services & eateries nestled along the Hudson River in downtown Nyack Most are familiar with the restaurants and shops along Main Street in downtown Nyack. It’s hard to miss the crowds of people that frequent the many different options to shop & eat. But one area that is not as visible but equally amazing, if not more, is the area north of Main Street on North Broadway which is called NoBRO. The street is filled with small shops, boutiques, galleries, eateries and many professional services, all locally owned and operated and unique to Nyack and the Hudson Valley. Downtown you can easily walk from store to store and even take a quick walk down to the Hudson River for a river side stroll along one of the most historic rivers in the North East. Start your day off with an energizing pilates class or one on one session at Havenview Pilates & Movement, a fully equipped Pilates studio

overlooking the beautiful Hudson River.. If you are looking for a colorful, fun stylish boutique, NoBro has it at Lorybird Boutique. Specializing in unique clothing and accessories from around the world. Comfortable, soft and fashionably fun items you definitely won’t find everywhere. With an award winning design, Genalisa Lingerie offers the most beautiful selection of lingerie and loungewear. Gena is known for her expert bra fittings that will really change your life! Between shopping stops, NoBRO has a plethora of places to grab a bite or quick coffee. Nyack Gourmet has been a staple in the Downtown community and offers fresh baked goods daily as well as handcrafted sandwiches, soups and the best salad you can get anywhere! When you plan your visit to Nyack, you are sure to find something unique and you are supporting small business.

Who’s who in NoBro Main to Lydecker Maureen’s Jazz Cellar Riverwaves on Broadway Hudson River Mercantile 8 North Broadway Village Market Velo

Lydecker to High Nyack Gourmet Gena Lisa Lingerie LoryBird Boutique Churoncalla Asian Treasures


Crankworks Cycles Lydecker REalter Knitting Nation Chase Bank Runcible Spoon Aimee Raupp Wellness High to 1st Ave. Havenview Pilates & Movement Carolyn Izzo Integrated Communications Karen Houghton Interior North Broadway Cleaners

Cheryl Adler MS.LCSW/Sober Univerity Catherine Parker Acupuncture Bruce Handelsman Chiropractor Catherin hall, Acupuncture Kenneth Svenson Family Practice Dwayne Bodie dentist Alianza Services LLC North of 1st JHopper House A&M Insurance

Nyack Gourmet

Ellis Realty Donald Levine, FACS Nyack Bicycle Outfitters Service at 70 North broadway: Holistic Skin Body Care Roy Capellaro, PT Healing Wisdom David Friedman, PsyD Lauren Saleton, LCsW Steven Glassman, Rolfer

Genalisa Lingerie

A full service caterer with over 30 years of event planning experience. We provide everything from designing a special menu, a professional wait staff and bartenders, arrange all your rental and tent needs, plan your floor design, assist in finding a venue, and arrange your whole day to make sure your event is everything you want it to be. We take our events very seriously and feel it is an honor to be part of your special day. It’s important to be there every step of the way, ensuring your event is everything it should be... perfect! Not every event is an extravagant one, but just as important. Some just require help with platters to be dellivered to the house or help with some sid e dishes for a dinner party or a holiday meal. But regardless of your needs, we do it all. And do it really well! 21 North Broadway. nyackgourmet.com

Genalisa has a romantic architecural style that serves as a backdrop for he fine lingerie and artful feminine heirlooms that adorn it. The collections offered are intimates from bras and panties to loungewear that can be worn well beyond the home. Happiness is a great fitting bra! The fine form that enhances your figure will ultimately improve your overall wellbeing. As you look better, you feel better. With every fitting, four key factors are considered: comfort, lifestyle, aesthetic and cost. Sizes range from 30 to 48 bands with cup capacity AA throughH. The integrity of any structure is based on its foundation. With regard for all women, it starts with a proper fitting bra andd panty. Fitting are complimentary...the end results are priceless • Genalisa, 17 North Broadway, Nyack. 845 358 4400. genalisa.com

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Lorybird Boutique Have you ever been far away, somewhere exotic and come across a special little boutique on a quaint cobblestone street with all kinds of wonderful finds? Incredible fabrics, unique and enticing designs. Some are made by local artisans, others brought from distant shores. But all are fun and enticing. At Lorbird we bring that boutique to you!

Comfortable, colorful and stylish are what we strive for, in a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Come find fabulous at Lorybird Boutique. Tuesday-Saturday, 11-6. December open 7 days. 23 North Broadeway. 845 480 5526. lorybird. com

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After 29 years, Better Home & Gardens Rand Realty continues to flourish in Nyack

Story/Photo: Tom Riley Since 1984, Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty has worked hard to serve the real estate needs of their clients in Rockland County, which is home to the company’s corporate office and five of their 23 sales offices. Out of all of the markets the firm covers in the county, one of the most prominent is Nyack, the beautiful and scenic village nestled on the magnificent Hudson River. Located at 46 S. Broadway, the agency’s Nyack office has been assisting residents of the area with buying and selling since November 1997. “When you think of Rockland, one thing that will most likely come to mind is the spirited personality of Nyack,” said Jamie Branigan, manager of the Nyack office of Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty. “With a variety of cuisine, treasured small businesses, a thriving night life, and a socially progressive atmosphere, you can’t compete with what this village has to offer, and all of those traits only amount to a handful of attributes that make Nyack a true hallmark of the Hudson Valley. We couldn’t be more grateful to have an office here.” Branigan has been the proud manager of


the Nyack office for two years and watches over 20 full-time agents, all of whom are more than eager to help their customers as they go through their real estate experiences. Between their knowledge of the goings-on of the village and abundance of professional skills, Branigan and her agents have all that they require to give their clients the help they need with buying and selling.

Other than a dedicated group of real estate experts, the Nyack office also has a commendable market share in southern Rockland. This includes a whopping third of buyer sales, nearly a third of listings sold, and an impressive quarter of taken listings. With these statistics, Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty has shown they have made an indelible mark on the local housing market. Aside from the enthusiasm and business

L to R Back to Front: Collen Mari, Mary Lukens, Susan Lovaglio, Jamie Branigan, Dylen Comito, Barbara carroll, Hillary Appel, Anthony DelRegno, John “JP” Shutz, Sande Lefowitz, Donna Cox, Heather Hunt and Rich Herska.

savvy of Branigan and the Nyack agents, the office also understands the value of giving back to the community and beyond. Over time, they have raised money for the Nyack Soup Angels and the installation of a new roof for the Nyack American Legion Post 310. They are currently working to raise money to preserve the village’s John Green House and have recently participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

walk at Woodbury Commons in Central Valley, New York. “The Rand family has always been charitable to the community, so we strive to emulate their selflessness and do what we can to better the lives of those who need it most,” said Branigan. “Giving back to the public has always been important to us, and we’re thankful whenever we have the opportunity to do so.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in a career in real estate or making a move, call Jamie Branigan at (845)358-7310 for a confidential interview. The office is also happy to provide a complimentary price evaluation of your home or buyer consultation. Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty can be found online at www.RandRealty. com and interacted with on Facebook and Twitter (@BHGRand).


TV ad star Flo is honored at the Penguin Theatre in her hometown of Stony Point

Artistic director Joe Brancato, singer Miche Braden, Stephanie Courtney and executive director Andrew Horn.

Rivertown’s Candice Boyle and editor Phil Bunton chat with Stony Point’s own Stephanie Courtney


Everyone knows the crazy, wacky Flo on those Progressive insurance TV ads. But how many knew she was a Stony Point native who went to North Rockland High School? Now she’s famous throughout America for her role as Flo - and is a regular with the legendary Los Angeles comedy group, The Groundlings. Last month Stephanie Courtney - her real name - was honored at th e Penguin Theatre in Stony Point. So, how did Courtney come up with her interpretation of Flo? In a 2013 interview with the Rockland County Times Courtney said, “They wanted her very quirky and kind and helpful in the audition. So I went overboard on all three!” She also credits her mom for some of Flo’s good-natured characteristics. Courtney’s dad was a longtime North Rockland High School social studies teacher and her mom served as a district trustee. Not surprisingly, Courtney was a standout stage performer at North Rockland High School according to her former drama instructor Michael Roth. She moved to L.A. 20+ years ago and worked her way through smaller productions for many years. She got her big break in 2007 when she was cast as Flo by Progressive Insurance. Photos: George Pejoves

Stephanie Courtney chats on stage with the multi-talented Joe Brancato. Right: Stephanie as the zany Flo on thoss Progressive ads. Below: Stephanie gets an award from Lucy Redzeposki, head of the Rockland County’s director of economic growth and tourism. .


Frank Fuchs Construction offers superb renovations & restorations

Story: Tom Riley Homeowners throughout Rockland County and New York City are familiar with the superb quality renovations, additions and historical restorations Frank has done over the last 26 years. Thousands of happy homeowners in the Hudson Valley have praised Frank for renovating their kitchen, bathroom or making an addition that suits their need. Frank told us: “You did it right the first time and within our budget” is a compliment he hears often. “I’m also asked to do renovation and restorations on historical homes and we stay within the context of the home and preserve the original character of the home we work on. “We replicate the wood and materials on Victorians and we do plaster repair. We use premium paints and stains to make your home look like new. I’ve often been called to Manhattan to bring brownstones back to their original period detail. If your home is suffering from water damage or a rotting foundation my team will come up with solutions. “We’ve restored homes from the 17th, 18th and 19th Century. Our attention to detail is the quality most favored by homeowners. Just bring your vision or old blueprints and I’ll restore your home within your budget and time constraints.” Frank added: “Your home is your most precious possession. When you are thinking of building a new deck, remodeling, renovating or building a new addition give a us a call and we’ll work within your budget and time constraint Do you need more


Some of the wonderful restorations and renovations done by Frank Fuchs - from kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms

space? Whether you need a new room or another level to your home, from start to finish we’ll be there. “Thinking of transforming your bathroom into the luxury one you’ve always wanted, give us a call. When it comes to your kitchen, we’ll take your ideas and turn them into your next kitchen. From simple to complex, lets us build you the outdoor space and deck you’ve always wanted When it comes to windows and doors, from installation to finishing touches, we do it all. Whether decorative, highly efficient or security minded, we have you covered.” In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Frank restored multiple homes in Southeast Queens and in Nyack. Frank continues to perform quality work throughout the TriState area. He takes pride in his work and is only finished with the job when you are happy. Frank has done work on the Piermont Library and historical homes all over. When you are thinking of building a new deck, remodeling, renovating or adding a new addition, call Frank Fuchs Construction, he has more than 26 years of satisfying customers. Visit Frank’s web site at www.frankfuchsconstruction.com and explore the Photo Gallery to view his work. You can call Frank for a Free Estimate at 845--8935448 or Email him at Frankfuchsconstruction@gmail.com. Let Frank Fuchs Construction turn your home dreams into reality.


Dr Sally Nazari launches new mental health offerings with Reiki, trauma help and animal assisted groups Story/Photo: Tom Riley Therapy and counseling have intensely transforming and life-altering powers. Dr. Sally Nazari, PsyD. a Licensed Clinical Psychologist is already at work transforming lives at Chrysalis Psychological Services, located at 99 Main Street, #220 in downtown Nyack. She uses a variety of methods that allow you to reach your true potential. “Psychotherapy and mental health counseling offer support, problem solving skills and coping strategies for people faced with depression, relationship hurdles, grief, stress, body image, or trauma histories,” she told us. “Individual, family and group therapy can offer new hope, perspectives, and directions to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. This can be achieved through professional methods such as cognitive behavior therapy or holistic healing alternatives and Reiki.” Dr. Nazari added: “I have a passion for helping people reach their full potential. I remember as a child in the 3rd Grade reading Freud. I’m especially effective in helping people who have experienced trauma in their lives. “ I have a lot of experience treating veterans who suffer from PTSD. Cognitive Processing Therapy is the Gold Standard for treating PTSD. It is the most effective approach for treating traumatized people. “ Trauma is anything that is overwhelm-


ing or disruptive of daily functioning. You don’t have to be a veteran to experience it. I practice CPT with individuals and groups and have seen real success. “Good sleep is necessary for proper health. There are a myriad of problems tied to insomnia including manic behavior, which can lead to more serious mental health issue. I can help you get a good night’s sleep without pills,” said Dr. Nazari.

“CPT is a holistic approach and I incorporate archetypes and themes from mythology to help people achieve emotional equilibrium. In post traumatic growth there are certain strengths that people have developed as part of working through their trauma that have become positive assets. “We build on them while taking principles from CPT to work on some of the negative perspectives about the world. In

Dialectical Behavior Therapy we work to build on the things that have gone well. We soothe the difficult emotions so work can be done.� Dr. Nazari is starting an animal assisted therapy group to help with social skills and interaction with other people. Animals are nonjudgmental. Dr. Nzari’s approach is both integrative and multi-disciplinary with the aim of

uncovering the client’s true potential and working together to understand and resolve their challenges. By using complementary therapies and revealing old behavior patterns, negative perceptions, and unmanageable feelings, this new set of therapeutic offerings will help clients achieve positivity and growth with prospects of a better life. Dr. Nazari is involved with the Open Path Collective for offering low cost thera-

py services amidst her offering for private paying clients. To arrange an appointment call 845236-5612 or Email Dr. Sally Nazari at drnazari@drsallynazari.com. You can access her web site at www.drsallynazari. com. Dr. Nazari is a Certified Reiki practitioner and has day and evening hours. She also works one Saturday a month.


Realtor Carol Buchanan

House Call: Warwick, NY

Beautiful home with incredible views for sale in Warwick Story: Tom Riley Carol M. Buchanan is a Real Estate Associate Broker at William Raveis Baer & McIntosh in Warwick and she has had quite a year. Before the year is over she’ll have 20 transactions. The home at 2 Deer Pond Court in Warwick is sure to be one of them. This beautiful property located on 2.2 acres has incredible views that is sure to attract someone from the city looking for a second home, an artist seeking inspiration from the call of nature, a small family or professional couple. This beautiful property features serenity found in a unique home with soaring ceilings, open floor plan and oversize windows to take in magnificent views. The wood burning fireplace in the living room will keep you toasty warm as you watch the changing seasons from your ideal vantage point. A generous size master bedroom has its own master bath with a sunken tub. A secluded gazebo sits at the edge of the property where you can enjoy your quiet time and watch an occasional deer stroll pass. The home also features central vacuum, and central air. The home contains a huge basement and a deck with awning. This home and property must be seen to be appreciated for all the amenities. The property is listed at $350,000. Warwick is the site of the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival, Applefest, and the Black Dirt Festival. It is also 15 minutes from great skiing and winter activities in Mount Creek in Vernon, New Jersey. The 1,703 square foot home contains a kitchen, dining room, living room,master bedroom, master bath, another bedroom and bathroom. There is one fireplace and an attached 2 car garage. The huge basement is unfinished. Ame-


nities include a large deck, wall to wall carpeting, dishwasher, dryer, microwave and washer. The large deck overlooks the valley. William Raveis Baer & McIntosh in Warwick is a local, boutique real estate firm with the global marketing power of the Northeast’s largest real estate company. In our changing world of technology where a global presence is paramount raveis.com receives a billion hits annually. They are affiliated with William Raveis Real Estate, the 8th largest real estate company in the U.S.-which happens to be family owned. For over 35 years it has been creating a legacy of happy families and friends, all over. Your property is featured on two award winning web sites; raveis.com and baerhomes.com which receives over ten million hits a year. For a tour of 2 Deer Pond Court in Warwick call Carol Buchanan on her Cell at 845-705-9162 or at her office at 845-987-2000. Her office is located at 12 Maple Avenue in Warwick. You can email Carol at carol@baerhomes.com.


Local singers help One to One Learning

The whole cast sang their hearts out to help One to One Learning. Sunday, September 18, marked the beginning of the 20th Anniversary year of One to One Learning with the Star-Fest VII Concert and Mini-Taste of Rockland. Because of the chance of rain, the concert took on a different look this year. Instead of the backdrop of Hook Mountain, the venue took the form of a cabaret held in the dining room building at Marydell. Some folks who attend remarked that they liked “the up close and personal” feel. The acoustics in the room lent to clarity and volume. John Patrick Schutz felt quite at home in this atmosphere since his specialty is cabaret singing. His songs, “Sit Down,You’re Rocking” and “Mr. Cellophane” brought hearty responses from the audience. Robert Mattern’s voice shook the building with “Be my Love”, reminiscent of Mario Lanza’s rendition. Mr. Mattern also charmed us with “So in Love” and “Ave Maria”. Everyone was thrilled to see Sue Matsuki back with us again, giving her jazz renditions of “Cry Me a River” and “Gypsy in my Soul”.


A favorite for all was “From a Distance”, sung by Patti Koontz who also brought back “Sister Amnesia” from Nunsense. Sisters in the audience laughed the hardest as they related to the experiences. Tommy Dunn and Jan Lynch added their 50’s and 60’s songs getting all to sing along. “You Raise Me Up” held everyone’s hearts and “When New York Was Irish” got a grand response. JP did what he always does. He brought in the theme of immigrants and their plight in coming to the United States with readings, especially, “Annie Moore” rendered by Patti Koontz. How was it leaving Ireland, how was it in steerage, what was the welcome? Our students can easily relate to the sadness, the hardship, and the joy. They have shared their experiences and feelings with their teachers as they have been welcomed into this community. “Anthem” rendered by Robert Mattern captured their feelings, hopes and dreams. The whole cast singing the “New Colossus”, quoting Emma Lazarus’ famous words, etched into the base of the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses

yearning to breathe free” brought the concert to a memorable closing. The audience was then treated to delicious dishes from local restaurants, Union, Nyack Seaport, Restaurant X, State Line, Gino’s Bagles. Del Arte, Mia Cucina, Turiello’s, Rocco’s. World of Food, La Fontanella, Munno’s, Valley Cottage Deli, Posa Posa, Bourbon Street, Avispa, Biddy O’Malley’s and the Pearl River Saloon. We are very grateful to John Patrick Schutz and the all these very talented stars who have given their time and talent each year to benefit One to One Learning for the past seven years. They have promised to return next year, Sunday of the third week in September. We also ask the readers of “Rivertown” to put May 5, 2017 on your calendars to join us at the Nyack Seaport to celebrate the 20th anniversary of One to One Learning. We celebrate our mission “Language empowers; language unites. Visit us at www. one2one-learning.org. - Sister Cecilia LaPietra.

Spring Valley High School Hall of Fame inducts 14 new members More than 250 people showed up at the Crowne Plaza in Suffern to honor the new inductees into the Spring Valley High School Hall of Fame. Jim Ashcroft, Chairman of the Spring Valley High School Hall of Fame, announced the following honorees to the class of 2016 as having met or exceeded the standards for admission in the Spring Valley High School Sports hall of fame: Marty Appel--Journalist Howard d’Olivier--Track & Field Dwight Berry--Wrestling John T. Boykin--Supporter Joseph Carbone--Football/Weightlifting Lisa Kane Contreni--Soccer/Basketball/ Softball Perry genovese..Gymnastic/Track & Field Robert Goff (posthumously)--Football/ Basketball/Track Kathleen Haubner--Softball/Soccer Jeff Levy--Football/Wrestling/Track Geoffrey Miller (posthumously)--Baseball/Football Russell Roefs--Football/Wrestling/Track Quana Phillips Torres--Track & Field Charlie White--Football/Track & Field

Soreida Ashcroft presents an Award to Jeff Levy

Jim Ashcroft presents an Award to Kathleen Haubner

Jim Ashcroft presents an Award to Charlie White, former NFL Jets player


Luxury home for sale in Mt. Olive, NJ

Story: Tom Riley Toll Brothers are known for their quality and customer service and for building luxury communities in the best locations across the country. This home, 3 Augie Place in Mt. Olive Township, New Jersey fits the billing to a T. This single family Everett Federal Colonial sits on a beautifully landscaped lot adjacent to preserve land in Morris Chase. Morris Chase is a sophisticated community surrounded by the rolling countryside of prestigious Morris County, with both estates and carriage homes by Toll Brothers. It has resort style amenities and is located within 10 miles of 4 challenging golf courses The premium half-acre located in a cul de sac offers a private and quiet backyard great for entertaining or outdoor dining. The Everett Federal features many upgrades including, a gourmet kitchen, granite countertops and a stainless steel double oven. There are hardwood floors throughout the house and a floor to ceiling stone fireplace. The Master Suite has


a whirlpool tub, shower and a large Walk-In closet. There is an ADT Security System and you are close to the Clubhouse and a large In-ground Pool and other amenities. The exterior of the home is brick and vinyl siding. There is a 2 Car Built-inGarage with a Garage Door Opener. The home is listed at $595,000. Level one contains a Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Den, Bathroom, Laundry Room and Entrance Vestibule. The kitchen has a center island and a separate Dining Area. Lev-

el two has 4 or more bedrooms, the Master Bedroom has a Dressing Room and Walk-in closet. Then you have the Main bath with Jetted Tub and another bath. There is an unfinished basement. Appliances include a CO Detector, Cooktop-Gas, Dishwasher, Dryer and Exhaust Fan. John Cifu, the Listing Agent is a Sales Associate with William Raveis Baer & McIntosh at the Northvale office located at 171 Paris Avenue in Northvale, New Jersey. John is a graduate of Manhattan

This home - set on a half-acre of property is a delight inside and outside.

College with a major in accounting. He and his wife, Liz have a passion for real estate and they team up to meet their client’s needs in Orange and Passaic County. They love finding that dream home, country retreat, lakefront cottage in the beautiful hills or lake towns of New York and New Jersey. Your dreams can be realized within one outstanding team. John would be happy to give you a tour of this exceptional property. For a fabulous experience in all aspects of your real estate dreams, this is one couple not to be missed. You can call John on his cell at 845-544-9060 or visit his web site at John.Cifu@Raveis.com. You can Email John at JohnCifu@ raveis.com. You can also call his office at 171 Paris Avenue in Northvale, New Jersey at 201-750-1100.


Nyack Farmers Market comes in from the cold Did you know that Nyack has a yearround Farmers’ Market? On December 1, the outdoor market that is located in the Municipal Parking Lot moves around the corner to the Nyack Center, at 59 Depew Avenue (corner of South Broadway) for our fifth indoor market season. Many of your favorite vendors including Orchards of Conklin, Pie Lady and Son, Taiim Shack Mobile and Kiernan Farms will be open for business every Thursday from 8a - until 2p every Thursday. Farm fresh produce will be available throughout the winter thanks to Bloomfield Farms, known for “our unaltered, eclectic and broad produce offerings and the Rockland Farm Alliance that promotes sustainable agriculture in Rockland County. Shoppers can also find gifts and crafts, organic health and beauty products and our resident knife sharpener. Come in from the cold to support local business and secure fresh food for your family. Free parking is available in the Main municipal parking lot from 8a - 2p. The Market continues March 30, 2017. The Nyack Farmer’s Market is presented by the Nyack Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Green Mountain Energy Company, Solar Maximum, Smooth Photo Scanning Service, Sprint, The Blue Rock School, Nyack News and Views, Rivertown Magazine and Natural Awakening. To learn more visit nyackchamber.org.



Rivertown Exchange celebrates at Vicolo Ristorante A good crowd flocked to the beautiful Vicolo Ristorante in Old Tappan for the latest Rivertown Exchange. There was lots of fabulous food and everyone had a great time. The next Rivertown Exchange will be held at The Reef Seafood Resturant, 587 Piermont Avenue, Piermont. (See story elsewhere in this magazine),, on Wednesday November 9, from 5.30-7.30 pm. Photos: Arnold Roufa MD

Rivertown’s Candice Boyle, Mona Cushnie Walkere, Eileen and Jose Cardozo and Monica Amy.


Maggie and Sonny Weiner

Carl and Peggy Opalek.

Ariana Bianco, Abbie Huff and Jeremy having fun..

Vicolo owner Benny with singer Dan Bankman who put on a great show.

From left: Carmen DiBiase, Yolanda Rihlman and Arlene Levine Roufa.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent food at Vicolo Ristorante.


Make it easy on yourself with this turkey feast

Have you noticed how people get into a panic when faced with roasting a turkey? Hands up those who bought a turkey that was too big for the oven, or left the giblets in, or forgot to take it out of the freezer to thaw? Roasting a turkey breast is a delicious hassle free alternative. I know there are some people who enjoy the legs and thighs but they’ll forget all about those when they taste how amazingly succulent a turkey breast can be. Carving is not an issue either, anyone can carve a turkey breast, and the clean up is quicker and easier. All in all I can’t think why I ever roasted a whole bird, turkey breasts are the way to go! The root vegetable and broccoli soup is a nourishing comfort soup you’ll turn to throughout the Fall and Winter season. Don’t feel constricted by only using the vegetables mentioned in the recipe, any root vegetable will do. You can make it vegan by using vegetable stock or if you prefer use chicken stock or bone broth. By roasting the veggies their flavors become sweeter and more intense. Pumpkin cupcakes are a lovely alternate to the traditional pumpkin pie. Their sponge is as light as air and the luscious vanilla cream cheese frosting is a delight. When I test ran these cupcakes they disappeared like lightening. Everyone is going to gobble them up. Pumpkin Cupcakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting. Ingredients: Makes 12 cupcakes 1/2 cup coconut flour 1/2 cup gluten free all purpose flour OR 1 cup regular all purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda


Above: Roasted Roast Vegetable and Broccoli Soup. Below: Pupkin Cupcakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting. Opposite: Roast Turkey.

Pinch of salt 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 cup canola oil 2 large eggs 1 cup pumpkin puree 1 cup coconut sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract For the frosting: 1 1/2 sticks of unsalted butter (room temperature!) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

8 oz cream cheese 1 1/2 cups confectioner’s sugar Heat the oven to 350 F. Line a 12 cup muffin tray with paper liners. Whisk together the eggs, pumpkin puree, coconut sugar, vanilla extract and canola oil until emulsified. Add the flour, baking powder, soda, salt and cinnamon, gently mix until combined. Don’t over mix. Spoon the batter into the paper lined muf-

fin tray, fill each liner to about 2/3 full. Place in the oven and bake for approximately 20 minutes or until the cupcakes have risen and spring back when gently pressed on the top. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes in the muffin tray, then remove the cupcakes and allow them to cool completely on a bakers rack before frosting. To make the frosting, place all the ingredients into the bowl of an electric mixer and beat until smooth. Frost the cupcakes, decorate with rose petals (please be sure the flowers have not been treated with any chemicals!) Enjoy. Roasted Root Vegetable and Broccoli Soup Ingredients: Makes 8 servings 3 large carrots, peeled and roughly chopped 2 medium onions, peeled and roughly chopped 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped 3 medium parsnips, peeled and roughly chopped 1 bulb of garlic, the top sliced off of bulb 1 small butternut squash, peeled, seeded and chopped Olive oil

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Pinch of cinnamon Pinch of cumin 1 small bunch of broccoli, cut into florets 32 oz of vegetable, chicken stock or bone broth Line one or two baking trays with parchment paper. Place the prepared vegetables on the baking trays. Don’t overcrowd them. Drizzle some olive oil over the veggies, sprinkle over the salt, pepper, cinnamon and cumin. Drizzle a little extra olive oil over the cut garlic bulb. Mix the veggies, oil and spices together with your hands making sure everything is lightly coated. Place in the oven and roast for approximately 40 minutes or until the veggies are cooked through. If they’re looking like they may burn, cover loosely with some aluminum foil. While the root vegetables are roasting, place the broccoli florets in a pan with a little water and steam until bright green and tender. Remove from the pan and set aside. When the root vegetables are cooked through, remove them from the oven. Place in a large saucepan, add the broccoli and the stock or broth. Heat to a low simmer then allow to cool a little. Using an immersion stick blender, blend the soup or remove in batches and puree in a regular blender until smooth.

Check the seasonings, serve immediately or keep refrigerated for up to 4 days. Perfect Roast Turkey Breast 3 - 7lb bone in turkey breast Olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 3 lemons Fresh sage 1 bulb of garlic Braggs Organic Sprinkle Herbs and Spices (optional) Preheat the oven to 425F. Bring the turkey breast out of the refrigerator at least 1 hour before you plan on cooking it. Trim any excess fat off the turkey breast. Pat it dry with a paper towel and place it in a roasting pan on a bed of fresh sage, surrounded with quartered lemons, onions and the garlic bulb. Drizzle over some olive oil then rub all over the turkey. Sprinkle over the salt, pepper, and dried spices. Place it in the oven and roast for 15 minutes, then turn down to 375 F. Baste every 20 minutes or so to achieve a beautiful golden skin. The turkey is cooked when the internal temperature reaches 165F. Remove from the oven, cover with aluminum foil and allow to rest for 20 minutes before carving. Remember to save some delectable turkey for sandwiches the next day!


To sign - or not to co-sign - that is the question

All right…perhaps I took a bit of license on Bill Shakespeare. But he has so many words allocated to him, and he uses them so well, I just thought he wouldn’t mind if I just borrowed a few, albeit loosely. At one time or another, most of us are asked to co-sign a loan: by a child or other family member, a friend, or a business partner. It’s quite a confliction of feelings: you don’t want to say no and deny the person the ability to complete their purchase or deal, but you know that you’re potentially on the hook for the payments if they don’t pay on time. Do I or don’t I? I recently spoke with a person whose child had student loans of over $100,000. The child got a job right out of school, but not for the salary they had hoped for. After a while, the dreaded phone call came: “I need you to pay my loan payments- I don’t have enough money to pay my rent and the loan payment, so you have to.” You have to. When I dug a little deeper into why the parent had to, the reply from the child was (and I warn you, you need to be sitting down) “you encouraged me to go to college so you should be responsible for the payments.” Now, I’ll give you a few minutes to stop laughing, as on the surface it is ridiculously nuts. But here’s the real crazy part: since the


parent co-signed for the student loans, if the kid stops paying, the parents are fully responsible for the $100,000 plus debt. Yep…just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, or in this case approach retirement, you find out you have another mortgage of sorts to pay. So much for retirement…so much for the dream of finally having your life to yourself. The fact is, when you co-sign for a loan, although you did it with the best of intentions, you MUST understand it makes you fully responsible to re-pay every single cent of the loan if the primary borrower walks away. They could be traveling the country in that new car having the time of their life, and you’re stuck making the payments. They could be living the life of Riley (I always wondered who Riley was, and what his life was like?) and you’ll be paying the mortgage. Yes, if you co-sign, you are responsible whether you got the education, drive the car, or live in the condo. It’s a sad state of affairs, but from my vast experience with conversations with co-signers, they didn’t

understand the ramifications and let their emotions get in the way of a sound business decision. However bad this sounds, it gets worse. The consequences and difficulties that arise from a business transaction like this can be deep and very serious. The worst case scenario, with many in between, is the splitting up of family members never to talk to each other again. When money is involved, a negative turn usually spells disaster for all involved. Guilt and blame get tossed around like paper in the wind, and the accusations fly. All this for someone to avoid keeping up with the responsibility they originally signed on for…but with an out: the co-signer. Co-signing on a loan can fault you in a number of ways. While you see yourself as just a safety net, all who view your credit history take for granted and count this as a primary loan in your name, which may exclude you from getting a loan for yourself, like a car, mortgage or other type of loan. Your lack of knowledge if the primary payer is paying on time may and will affect your credit rating, past the time for you to fix it. Now your own loan may be declined, or at least cost you more as you may have a default on your credit score. And just as you were trying to help with all good intentions, you now have a new monthly payment that may not fit into your budget, stretching your monthly expenses or causing you to dig into your savings, which took years and was so hard to build. And so, the saying goes…”no good deed goes unpunished.” Think long and hard before you decide to co-sign for anyone- it could be a life changer…and not in a good way. For more information on Neal’s take on Life, Love and Money, just call the office to get his book, “Tales From the Chestnut Tree” at a discounted rate for all our readers. Just call the below number and we’ll hook you up… happy reading! Neal A. Deutsch is a Certified Financial Planner TM & Registered Securities Principal, offering securities through First Allied Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Neal is President of Chestnut Investment Group in Suffern, NY, helping people with financial planning since 1984. Please feel free to call Neal at 845.369.0016 or email him with your questions at neald@chestnutinvestment.com. Visit his website at www. chestnutinvestment.com

Sometimes, timing is everything and on this trip we had perfect timing. We arrived in Brno, Czech Republic on a day celebrating the fall harvest. Typical of a street fair but add in all the wine booths. We were so happy as the wines we had tried in Poland at the beginning of this trip were reminiscent in some ways of LI wines of 25 years ago. The reds we tasted were very light without much character. The whites on the other hand were refreshing, aromatic with good fruit expression. Even though some of the vines have some age the wines need more time to develop their full potential. This area of Europe was impacted by Communist and Socialist rule and wine production suffered as a result. There was no economic incentive to develop quality wines. As is true of all wine producing countries Poland has laws and regulations regarding the production of wine. The National Wine laws of Poland were instituted in 2008. At that time there were fewer than a dozen widely acknowledged wineries. Today there are hundreds of wineries and the industry is growing at a much faster pace. Poland is getting ready for wine tourism. Wineries are adding tasting rooms to encourage visitors. Also overnight accommodations are being added. There is even an official wine route, the Visegrad Wine Route. It’s a comprehensive program that promotes a dozen wineries with a website, route map and advertising campaign. Some of the wineries could be considered micro-wineries as they encompass less than 1 hectare, while others are on a larger, more commercial scale. If you have ever visited any of our Hudson Valley wineries, some of the grapes used in Polish wines might sound familiar. The white Seyval Blanc and the red Marechal Foch are two of them. However, many of the grapes are indigenous to this region. Among them are Zweigeltebe, Cascade, Dornfelder and Leon Millot for reds. Some local white grapes are Bianca, Siber, Hibernel, Rondo and Johanniter. While the Frenchman Michel Rolland, known as the flying winemaker, is a major world wine consultant, the Poles have their “Bacchus from Jaslo”, Roman Myśliwiec. He is an extremely important part of the resurgence of Polish winemaking. What began as a private passion expanded into a lifelong commitment to establishing Polish wine as a viable commercial enterprise. Similar to the Cornell University work accomplished in the Finger Lakes, Roman has dedicated his life to finding the correct varietals that will thrive in the various soils and growing conditions of Poland. Much has already been accomplished and there is still more to be done. Not surprisingly, the efforts are concentrated in the more temperate southern areas of Poland. Even with the effects of global warming it will be quite a while before wine will be produced in the northern areas of Poland. Even the Bacchus of Jaslow cannot make that happen! In the meantime, you can add the south of Poland to your wine travels. • Nyack Wine Cellar, 43 S. Broadway, Nyack. 845 353 3146. Please visit our website at nyackwinecellar.com

Find out how YOU can get a story about your business in Rivertown Call 845 353 2935 109

“The Power Of The Clan: The Influence of Human Relationships on Heart Disease” tells us that close knit family ties have a profound effect on heart health. And because I found copies of my own family tree, let’s yak about the family’s influence on health. All cultures pass down traditions and ceremonies, which usually involve food and drink. Let’s start with food. Think fish. (pew!) Ya. My heritage is Norwegian, and they ate a lot of fish at the smorgasbord when my father was young, eating meat only once a week. Then they made more money, started eating meat and my relatives started to develop heart disease. Of course all that Aquavite had something to do with it. But the smorgasbord lives on. Now we eat fish or use fish oil in my healthy heart supplement (Dr. Jo’s O’s), because I don’t want to follow in their footsteps, nay. Here in the new world, which was only new to us. The Cherokees ate pine nuts. “Pinon (pine) nuts are found throughout the southwest. Pinon nuts can be eaten raw or roasted directly from the shell; boiled into gruel, or rolled into balls and eaten as a delicacy.” Pine nuts have antioxidants, mono-unsaturated oil, (like olive oil), protein, vitamins E, K, niacin, and fiber. We like them in pesto sauce. So the natives of North America found some great nutrition, and we have them to thank, and of course we didn’t, for the knowledge we gained from their cultivation of crops like corn and beans and the expression “sufferin’ succotash”. Some otherwise amazing cultures had strange customs at one time. So we won’t talk much about the little known fact reported in one publication that the Aztecs were a bit cannibalistic and according to one source actually had certain sauces go with…ok, never mind. For some of that tribe, tradition wasn’t fun, or even healthy, Mr. Donner. Ok, you can pick up that sandwich now. When it comes to good influences from drinks though, take green tea. Drink it, every day, and make sure it’s organic. It contains ECGC a multi-syllabic word, epi-gallo-catechin-3-gallocatechin-galumph-epigallo-tarianism, or it might as well be for all you care. ECGC has enormous healthy benefits, especially for you who like fecal fat, Fanny. Of two groups of mice fed a high fat diet, those given ECGC had a 45% slower weight gain AND “showed a nearly 30 percent increase in fecal lipids, suggesting that the EGCG was limiting fat absorption”, so they all went out to buy a dress 2 sizes smaller. I enjoy a type of green tea I wrote briefly about a few years ago, called Yerba Mate, (maatay). It’s been drunk since ancient times in S. America, and they passed the practice on, laden with ceremony, to an Argentine descendant I’ll call Nick, because that’s his name, who brought it back after a trip visiting his relatives there.


Family Ties

Lucky me, I got to taste it in person, the real McCoy, the genuine article, right from the bag, with Spanish writing and everything; a smoky green tea, and quite wonderful. According to Nick, it’s served by a “Cebador”. The custom dictates that if you say “thank you” to the Cebador after he serves you he will think you are done, for the moment, so don’t be so grateful if you want another. Yerba Mate (“Ilex paraguaniensis”, it is a holly, Holly) is drunk through a metal straw from a gourd or other material, like wood, or an empty cow hoof the cow wasn’t wearing that day. I really enjoyed it, not the hoof, but the look of the old wooden vessel, and the ceremony involved which evoked an appreciation for those who came before us who long ago sat around the campfire on a rock singin’ kumbaya-yerba-mate. These gatherings evoke feelings of belonging, inclusiveness, security and continuity, so it supports the health of the group. Or maybe it was the caffeine. Almost everyone has a heritage which involves traditions like this. The Cherokees used a relative of Yerba Mate, called “Ilex vomitoria”, (aka “Black Drink”).which they drank and puked to “cleanse”, hence the name. Puking wasn’t really necessary but dramatic nevertheless. Like its cousin from S. America, it was also loaded with caffeine, so it came in handy when they did their stomp dances and if they needed to pull an all nighter at the gym. Black Drink was not used to my knowledge by African Americans who were and are at a huge disadvantage as far as passing down traditions of food and drink are concerned, because of families sadly broken apart by slavery, yet they still maintained as much tradition through their churches, for instance, as they could and do still. Fascinating to me are the herbal remedies passed down through the generations. See “African American Slave Medicine”, by Herbert Covey. It’s worldwide; the gathering of friends and family. And, although we eventually dumped it overboard, our own love of tea likely started with the British. Their afternoon “Tea” is really a meal, begun by the very hungry Dutchess of Bedford to ward off hunger between lunch and dinner. Unhealthy as clotted cream might be, tea without milk or cream or sugar (I use

stevia, Steve) is great. It’s an excuse to gather and dish over a dish, and dish is good, as chattin’ with the gals can increase healthy oxytocin levels, especially in women. On this continent, before we yanked it out from under them, the first people also had tea parties. Ok, maybe not with their best china, and they gagged on the clotted cream, but here, “Many tribes preferred broth and herbed beverages to water. The Chippewa boiled water and added leaves or twigs before drinking it. Sassafras was a favorite ingredient in teas and medicinal drinks. Native Americans in California added lemonade berries to water to make a pleasantly sour drink.‘ Of course they did. It’s California. Egyptians like to slop their tea into their saucers; veddy un-British! And Nothin’ says Lovin’ for the Chinese like tea used to celebrate, show respect, apologize, and to say “thank you for being my parents”. In some parts of China, once tea is poured, saying thank you to the server is done by tapping a finger on the table. They should serve it to music. Chinese Tea Houses are fertile ground for scholarly ideas, and considered to be “a must for self cultivation. And cultivate they did, look at how well they do in school. As do many cultures, especially those, like China, who listen to their mothers and fathers. Take Turkey, the country that is, not the food. They revere their elder population, keeping both the older and younger generations safe in many ways by keeping an eye on them. And they keep their eyes wide open with their famous espresso; “Gahva” which, when pronounced, sounds like someone trying to say “coffee” after a few adult beverages. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, lowers blood sugar, lowers chances of getting Parkinsons, or dementia. Traditionally, Gahva, a strong “expresso times 10” molasses thick coffee, when drunk by a group of woman, (everyone I imagine talks very fast); then the Turkish ladies turn the cups upside down, and proceed to read the Rorschach images which tell the fortune of each participant, for the fun of it, again, the social gathering so important to health. Speaking of Turkey and coffee, you’ll need a cup after your Thanksgiving feast to get you home from Grandma’s. You are going to Grandma’s aren’t you? Family ties are proven to support your health, even in the face of a lousy diet, but add to that, healthy food, coffee or tea and you’ll keep the conversations going and going. Get going! Happy Thanksgiving! Reprinted from my article of 2011. Enjoy! www.GoDrJo.com.

Blauvelt Free Library

ADULT PROGRAMS A major renovation of Blauvelt Free Library has begun. Consequently, scheduling of adult programs will be limited until the effects of the construction procedures on meeting spaces, entrance, and egress can be evaluated. The changes are centered on installation of a passenger elevator to serve all three levels, along with necessary relocation of existing stairs. As of this writing, a 14 foot deep hole has been excavated in the corner where the two wings of the building meet in order to accommodate the elevator’s silo. The porch on the south face of the building has been removed, to be replaced by an enclosed quiet study room. Administrative offices and a storage area will be added to an extension of the second floor over the lobby, and a new “showcase” entrance will welcome patrons to Blauvelt Free Library. Classic Movie | Tuesday, November 15 at Noon | Paul Kaufman presents the classic movie,“Cabaret” (PG) 1972, 124 min., starring Liza Minelli, Michael York and Joel Grey. This story of1931 Berlin follows an English student who moves to the city to study, but is caught up in the decadence of the night life amidst the rise of the Nazi Party. Coffee provided by the library, with baked sweets by Linda Kaufman. Free, drop in! This movie may be rescheduled if work has begun in the Community Room by that date. Book Group | Wednesday, November 16 at 7 pm. Retired educator, Evelyn Murphy moderates the “Book Chat”, a lively monthly discussion on the third Wednesday. During this election month the selections are, Tommy: The Civil War Childhood of a President (about Thomas Woodrow Wilson) by Julia Faye Dockery Smith and The Making of the President, 1789, The Unauthorized Biography by Marvin Kitman. Books are available at our front desk to check out. Call Evelyn to register at 845 480-4165. SELECTED YOUTH PROGRAMS The course of Library renovation is still developing, and may affect the Children’s or Community Rooms. Call Marybeth at 845 359-2811 for updates. StoryCraft | Every Wednesday + Thursday, through November 20, 2 - 3 pm. Join Dolores and Fran for stories, puppets, songs, and a craft. Ages 2 ½ to 5, in the Children’s Room. “Checkmates” Chess Club | Thursday, November 10 at 4:30 pm. Bring your brainpower! We’ll provide the chessboard and pieces | Ages 7 and up | Meets in the Children’s Room. Drop-in Board Games | Friday, November 11, from 11 am to 3 pm. All ages. Have fun and enhance manual dexterity with non-electronic games like Uno, Battleship, Trouble and Candyland. Kid’s Moovie | Friday, November 11, 3 pm: “The BFG” (PG) 117 min. Ages 7 + up | An orphan girl

The Guide befriends the Big Friendly Giant, who takes her to Giant World to battle evil giants that are dining on humans. As for you, you, there’s popcorn, too! Paws for Reading with Buster + Paco | Monday, November 14, 4:15 – 5:15 pm | Therapy dogs love to hear kids read. Eight 15-minute time slots. Ages K– 5. Call to register at 845 359-2811. T.A.W.K.: Teens at Work Klub | Tuesday, November 15, 4 pm | Drop in and discuss programs and media with Marybeth. Grades 6–12. Snacks! Magic Tree House Book Club | Wednesday, November 16 at 4:30 pm. Ages 7 and 8. Chat and game about Book #53: Thanksgiving on Thursday. Art Class with Fran | Thursday, November 17, 4:30 pm. Experience a variety of media while doing fun art. Ages K–3/limit 15. Must register: 845-359-2811. Music Fun with Fran | Monday, November 21, 10:20 am. Ages 1 to 5. Interactive music class with puppets and instruments. Please register. Kid’s Moovie | Friday, November 25, 3 pm: Thomas and Friends: The Great Race (NR) 45 min. Ages 3 + up. Popcorn, too! Mommy + Me Yoga with Wendy | Tuesday, November 29, 11:30 am | Have fun while you learn to do yoga together. Ages 2 – 4/limit 10 teams. Please call to register at 845 359-2811.

Finkelstein Library

Knitting & Crocheting Circle - If you like to knit or crochet with others, then the Knitting & Crocheting Circle is for you. This month the group will meet on Tuesdays - November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 from 1:00PM-3:00PM. How SBA Programs and Services Can Help You Start, Grow and Succeed – free presentation at the Finkelstein Library on Wednesday, November 2, 6:30PM-8:30PM. Registration required. Presented by the County of Rockland in collaboration with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Learn about the SBA, Financing Programs, and Business Education. Learn about one-on-one counseling through our resource partners: SBDC, SCORE and WBC, Government Contracting Assistance to help you start and expand your business. Meditation on the Inner Light – free at the Finkelstein Library on Thursday, November 3, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM. Registration required. Come learn the steps to meditation and begin to experience the inner light and a deep source of spiritual nourishment. Facilitated by Dr. Frank Pawlowski, Ed.D, long-time meditator. Wednesday Movie Matinees – free admission at the Finkelstein Library. November 9 at 1:30pm – Serendipity (2001) You are what you eat! – free presentation at the Finkelstein Library on Thursday, November 10,

7:00 PM-8:00 PM. Registration required. Jaclyn Padovano, a Registered Dietitian at ShopRite® of West Nyack, NY will present a program on healthy nutrition, label reading, and snacking tips. Proper nutrition can help reduce your risk for various diseases – learn how to minimize your risk and live a more healthful life! Book Discussion led by Dr. Neal Kreitzer at the Finkelstein Library on Friday, November 11 - 10:00AM-12:00PM. Book to be discussed “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison. Job Search Help – free at the Finkelstein Library on Tuesday, November 15 - 6:30PM8:00PM. Registration required. Resume Workshop with Eileen Grimm – career counselor/ consultant. Travel to Cuba – free presentation at the Finkelstein Library on Thursday - November 17 7:00PM-8:30PM. Registration required. Rick Feingold, travel writer for the Boston Herald and The Christian Science Monitor, will talk about recent diplomatic changes between the United States and Cuba that make it possible to travel to Cuba. He will also talk about pre-revolutionary Cuban history, the Ernest Hemingway tourists sites, Cuban music, baseball, and world-renowned cigars. He will offer suggestions on how to arrange a visit to Cuba and find places to stay and eat. Music on a Sunday Afternoon – Blarney Stew Band - free admission at the Finkelstein Library on Sunday, November 27 from 2:00PM3:15PM. Their music features bawdy Irish pub songs, traditional Celtic instrumentals as well as some country and bluegrass-influenced tunes. The instrumentation is pure acoustic. A stout broth of jigs, reels and other traditional Celtic tunes spiced by modern hits of the Pogues and Waterboys along with some Classic Rock & Country Covers. Great vocals and electric energy make this band a must hear! Doors to the Fielding Room open at 1:45 pm Donna Ladson D’Artist - First Artist Reception at the Finkelstein Library on Sunday, November 27 at 3:15 PM-4:30PM. Free Diabetes Education Series at the Finkelstein Library on November 28th, 29th, 30th, 7:00 PM-8:30 PM. Registration required. ShopRite dietitians Jaclyn Padovano, RD, CDN and Sondra Tackett, MS, RD will be hosting the series during Diabetes Awareness Month. Classes will cover diabetes nutrition education, meal planning, culinary activities, samples, and more.


Haverstraw King’s Daughters Library

Play On!!! Tuesdays, 9:30 am – noon. Open canasta, mahjong, chess and adult coloring. Bring your games and join in. Lunch & A Movie - Tuesdays, November 1 & 15 1 pm. Watch a new release movie (or maybe one of your favorite movies from the past). Bring lunch- popcorn and beverage provided! Thanksgiving Sides: Make Ahead, Then Heat & Eat. Thursday, November 3, 6:30 pm. Holiday dinners are full of stress; so many things to prepare and timing is everything! Join Theresa Grimm, owner of A Cook In My Kitchen as she prepares some easy recipes that can be prepared a day ahead of time, ready to heat and eat so your entire meal is on the table at the same time. A non-refundable $3 materials fee due at time of registration. Friday Matinee: Giving Thanks. Fridays, November 4, 11, & 18 1pm. Get in the holiday mood by watching a Thanksgiving film on our big screen: November 4: What’s Cooking? November 11: A Family Thanksgiving. November 18: Home for the Holidays Mahjong for Beginners - November 7, 9, 14, 16, and 21 from 10am to 12pm. Jill Rosenfeld will be hosting a 5 session series for beginners. Players must attend the first two classes. Mahjong sets will be provided or you may bring your own. You will need to purchase a 2016 National Mahjong League card and bring it to class. Class size is limited. Registration required. Painting & Mixing Colors - Mondays, November 7, 14, 21, & 28 1pm. Artist Beth Tango will teach you how to mix acrylics and you will have a completed project at the end of the session. Class size is limited. A non-refundable $3 materials fee is due at time of registration. Memory Lane: Rock-a-Billy - Mondays, November 7, 14, 21, 7 pm. Jeff Sherer is back with his ever-popular Memory Lane. Experience Rockabilly through recordings and video performances that will have you dancing in your seat. Learn about the brash, lively, unselfconscious hybrid of blues and country that became rock and roll. Bow Making - Wednesday, November 9, 7 pm. Learn how to make customized bows for all your gift wrapping, crafting or decorating needs. (Learn basic skills that can be adapted to all sizes of bows, suggestions of when and how to use, plus some cost-saving suggestions for purchasing of supplies.) Class size is limited. A $5 non-refundable materials fee due at time of registration. Mitch Kahn Celebrates the Great American Songbook. Sunday, November 13, 2 pm. inger-pianist-arranger, bandleader and veteran entertainer Mitch Kahn explores the vast wealth of the 20th century’s Great American Popular Songbook. Come hear songs from the 1930’s


through the 1980’s, from the Cole Porter and the Gershwins to Barry Manilow and Billy Joel. Alexander Hamilton – Immigrants Get the Job Done! Tuesday, November 15, 7 pm. This program explores the Broadway production of “Hamilton”, featuring the mix-tape performance of the cast at the White House, an introduction to the characters of the musical, and music from the show. Floral Arrangement Class - Saturday, November 19, 1-3 pm. Cornell Cooperative Extension will be offering a class on Thanksgiving floral arrangements. Students will develop floral arranging skills and share and create a beautiful cornucopia filled with fresh flowers in fall colors. Each student will take their floral arrangement home with them. Students are encouraged to bring scissors and hand pruners. Registration is done through CCE and requires a fee of $20 to be submitted in advance of the class. For more information and to register, please call Jennifer Strianese at (845) 429-7085 x117. Musical Mysteries - Sunday, November 20, 2 pm. This live piano performance with audience participation tests your memory of Broadway musicals ‐ their songs, who sang them, who wrote them, and more. Performed by Rob Hoover, pianist, composer, and lyricist. Medicare Informational Session - Tuesday, November 22, 1pm. The Rockland County Office for the Aging will this program to inform Medicare recipients about the changes to Medicare in 2017, and foster an understanding of Medicare Part D and EPIC. The session will help Medicare recipients be informed and able to make the best choices. By The Book - Tuesday, November 22 & Monday, December 5, 7pm. Join Jackie Gomez as she teaches you how to “upcycle” old books and magazines. Turn trash into treasure and have fun doing it! November 22: Make a clutch purse out of recycled magazine pages. December 5: Make a rose wreath out of recycled book pages. Class size is limited. A $3 non-refundable registration fee is due at time of registration. Lincoln Center Local partners with your local library to bring free screenings of world-class performances to your neighborhood. Saturday, November 12, 3 pm. This is a screening of the New York Philharmonic Opening Night with Lang Lang which was performed at David Geffen Hall on September 24, 2015. Alan Gilbert, the New York Philharmonic, and piano virtuoso Lang Lang open the classical music season with two beloved works: Grieg’s Piano Concerto and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7. (1hr, 18 mins). Saturday, December 17, 3 pm - The New York Philharmonic’s opening gala concert features music director Alan Gilbert and special guest cello soloist Yo-Yo Ma. The concert features dance-inspired orchestral works, including Azul by Osvaldo Golijov, a cello concerto written for Ma; the world premiere of an arrangement of Astor Piazzolla’s La serie del Ángel by Octavio Brunetti, commissioned by the New York Philharmonic; and a classic by Maurice Ravel, Alborada del Gracioso. (56 mins).

Hopper House

SPECIAL SHOWCASE Renowned designer Ernest de la Torre and architect Walter Cain to reimagine Edward Hopper’s bedroom in his Nyack home. Through May 31, 2017. The Edward Hopper House is pleased to present the restaging of Edward Hopper’s bedroom. The bedroom in which Hopper spent the first 28 years of his life is transformed into a showcase designed in period style by Architectural Digest featured designer, Ernest de la Torre, and architect, Walter Cain. The staging of Hopper’s bedroom is a fitting acknowledgement of the profound impact the space had on his artistic development. Growing up with a view of the Hudson River from his bedroom window, young Edward Hopper was inevitably drawn to its banks. He would spend hours at the village docks and shipyards, sketching and watching the building and rigging of boats. The activity on the river is captured in many of Hopper’s early drawings and paintings, and boats and seascapes remained common subjects in his art throughout his life. Also central to his artistic development was the so-called “Hudson River light” of Nyack. The strong rays of morning sunlight streaming through the east facing windows of his bedroom would create shifting patterns of light and shadow on the floor and walls. Hopper incorporated these tangible blocks of sunlight into early paintings and many of his later masterpieces. Visitors to this showcase will be able to appreciate all the unique features of the bedroom that so inspired Edward Hopper and led him on his creative path. Due to the historic nature of the house and other limitations, the second floor room is only accessible by the stairs. EXHIBITIONS HOPPER’S HUDSON - Through November 13, 2016. The Edward Hopper House is pleased to present Hopper’s Hudson at the Edward Hopper House from September 16 through November 13, 2016. The Hudson River played an important role in Edward Hopper’s emotional and artistic development. Growing up in Nyack, NY, he had a view of the river from his bedroom window and he spent many hours at the village docks and ship yards, sketching and watching the building and rigging of boats. As a result of his love of the river, boats and waterscapes were common subjects in his art throughout his career. This exhibition documents the work of artists who likewise lived and worked along the river during Edward Hopper’s lifetime (1882-1967) and reveals the change in artistic sensibilities and the evolving river-scape during those years. The exhibition is curated by Mark Waller and includes work by Reynolds Beal (1866-1951), Joseph Biel, C.K. Chatterton. Julian O. Davidson, A.B. Davies, Dorothy Deyrup, William Fisher, George Grosz, Lena Gurr, Bertram Hartman, Robert Henri, John Henry Hill, Henry Charles Lee, Alzira Peirce, Ruth Reeves, Frank Knox Martin Rehn, Hal (Harry) Robinson, Fred Pansing, Jacob Getlar Smith, and Bayard Henry Tyler. SMALL MATTERS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE: PAPER + ART - November 19, 2016 – January 8, 2017. The Edward Hopper House presents our 23rd Annual

Juried Small Works Show, Small Matters of Great Importance: PAPER + ART. The exhibition celebrates small works that make big statements despite their size. The theme for this year’s show is paper, with all works using paper as a primary medium or support. The juror is Michelle Donnelly, Curatorial Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. EDWARD HOPPER: EARLY WORK AND MEMORABILIA - Ongoing in the Sanborn Gallery. Early drawings, paintings, and etchings, together with memorabilia, including model boats made by Hopper, paint boxes, a palette and easel, are presented on an ongoing basis. PROGRAMS & EVENTS FIRST FRIDAYS AT THE EDWARD HOPPER HOUSE • Friday November 4. 6 PM - Reception for Artist of the Month, Terrence Fine 7 PM - Art Talk - Laura Vookles, Chair of the Curatorial Department at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, shares her insights about the current Hopper’s Hudson exhibition and the collections she curates. • Friday December 2. 6 PM – Reception for Artist of the Month. 7 PM to 9 PM – Book launch and signing for In Sunlight or in Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper, a collection written by such noted authors as Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Lee Child, Gail Levin, Craig Ferguson, and others. Present at the book signing will be award-winning author and editor of In Sunlight or in Shadow, Lawrence Block. SECOND SUNDAYS FAMILY PROGRAMS Families are invited to drop in workshops between 1 and 3 PM on the second Sunday of each month. Materials fee $5 Members, $7 non-Members. November 13, Scribble Art Workshop – Families will use strips (both new and recycled from other people’s art) and transform flat pieces of paper into three dimensional sculptures. First, they will add color with oil pastels to make the surface interesting. Then, they will connect, entwine, fold, bend and shape the strips into one of a kind, small-scale, light-weight sculptures. • December 11, Benjamin Levy – Holiday origami and Christmas tree decorating.

New City Library

THE CONTROVERSIAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 1800 - Tuesday, Nov. 1, 7 PM. Writer and history buff Richard Burnon revisits a run for the presidency that ended in a tie where the winner had to be decided by the House of Representatives. SHARE, LISTEN, LEARN: CLARKSTOWN STORIES - Tuesday, Nov. 1, 7:30 PM. Location: Clarkstown Town Hall. As part of the town-sponsored local history series celebrating Clarkstown 225th anniversary, librarian Brian Jennings will present oral histories of Clarkstown residents as they share what it was like working, growing up and living here. MISCHLINGE EXPOSE - Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2 PM. Pianist Carolyn Enger brings to light the stories of Mischlinge (half Jews), interwoven with the music of prominent German Jewish converts. Registration is required. Call 634-4997, ext. 139. MILLENNIALS: NOT SCARY AFTER ALL Wednesday, Nov. 9, 7 PM. Author Michelle Petrazzuolo examines her generation in her book We’re All

Okay: A Millennials’s Treatise. HONORING OUR HERITAGE: CELEBRATING THE PEOPLE, SCIENCE & INNOVATION AT PEARL RIVER - Wednesday, Nov. 16, 7 PM Author and photographer George Potanovic, Jr. discusses his book about the history of Lederle Laboratories.

Nyack Library

Generations Lunchtime Game Break - Fridays, November 4, 11, 18 & 25, from 12:00 – 2:00 pm. Bring your lunch and find a card or gaming group to join or create your own group. Nyack Library provides tables for groups wishing to play Bridge, Canasta or Mah Jongg- you bring your own card decks and game pieces. The Library will also provide Chess and Checker boards and pieces. Register for a table. MAKING-Creating Dynamic Holiday Light Displays. Saturday, November 05, 2:00 pm. It will be the holidays soon and time to decorate the house and yard. Learn how to make spectacular light displays using an Arduino controller and holiday lights. Take home an Arduino clone and a simple demo kit. Presented by Duncan Bell JOY to the World - Pairing Down Your Holidays Saturday, November 06, 2:00 pm. The holidays are a time for expressing love and appreciation through giving. But that doesn’t have to mean frantic excursions to the mall and spending a lot of money. JOY to the World is a pre-holiday workshop that offers ideas and amterials to help start you off creating gifts that are thoughtful, affordable, and truly meaningful. Presented by Katherine Schwarz. What Can Fish Tell Us about the Health of the Hudson River? Wednesday, November 09, 7:00 pm. Concepts in ecology and evolution of fishes will be discussed, particularly species of the Hudson River. Scientific standards used to measure the “health” of the river will be explored in light of what we know about these fish and how they have been impacted. Local citizen science research education programs, focused on fish, will also be introduced. Presented by Peter J. Park, PhD, of Nyack College FFT Lecture Series “Reading and the Human Brain.” Thursday, November 10, 7:00 pm. Learning to read requires us to recruit and train different parts of the brain to become highly specialized and to synchronize their new functions perfectly. Discover the story of reading since its invention, how reading rewires the brain and how the study of dyslexia has shed important insights into how different brains learn to read. Duane Stilwell has taught high school science for 20 years, has a bilingual extension for science instruction and is an adjunct at SUNY New Paltz. Carnegie Concerts Series Presents: “Joe D’Urso-Stories Behind the Songs” Sunday, November 13, from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. “Stories Behind The Songs” originated out of two songwriter series that Joe D’Urso has been involved with over the years. The first was “Songwriters By The River” which started in Nyack and the other “Songwriters By The Sea” which came from a coffee house series in Asbury Park and now regularly performs in theaters throughout the metro area. Each series had song-

writers talking about a bit about what inspired their songs or what led to the writing of the song. Reservations may be made by going to www.nyacklibrary. org/calendar. A $10 Donation to The Friends of the Nyack Library is requested at the door. Six Hour Defensive Driving Course - Saturday, November 12, 10:30 am -4:30 pm. American Safety Institute offers this 6-hour Defensive Driving Course. All workbooks and course material included. Certificates will be mailed after course completion. $30 fee required at the door. REGISTER/SPACE is LIMITED Armchair Walking Tour: The King’s Highway - Thursday, November 17, 7:00 pm. Presented by the Historical Society of the Nyacks, with presenter Bob Goldberg. Journey through time on one of the county’s storied roads! Experience many of the people, places, and events that make King’s Highway so important to local history. Individual Career Counseling Sessions w/ Eileen Grimm, REGISTER w/ the REF. Desk ext. 214 Wednesday, November 16, 6:30 -8:30 pm. 1/2 hr. appointments will provide an opportunity for the client to explore pertinent career/job search issues, i.e. resume preparation, interviewing techniques, job search strategies, career exploration, etc. The focus will be on the issues/concerns presented by each individual client. MEET OUR CAREER COUNSELOR PROFESSIONAL: Ms. Eileen Grimm, a career counselor for almost 30 years, has helped many people rethink their current careers by providing them with individualized professional advice. She is an expert on writing well-executed resumes and cover letters. She has taught many people proper oral and written communication. Due to her experience with very diverse groups of people from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, Ms. Grimm is able to accommodate her counseling sessions to meet the needs of her clients. Armchair Walking Tour: The Historic King’s Highway Presented by the Historical Society of the Nyacks with presenter Bob Goldberg. Thursday, November 17, 7:00 pm Journey through time on one of the county’s storied roads! Experience many of the people, places, and events that make King’s Highway so important to local history. CCE Rockland Thanksgiving Centerpiece Class (Special Registration Requirements). Tuesday, November 22, 7:00 pm. Cost: $20.00* (includes materials and program fee) to be submitted in advance of the class. Please register with CCE and make checks payable to CCE Rockland.) During this course, students will learn how to create a lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece for their holiday table. Arrangement materials will include fruits, flowers in fall colors and a lovely glass vase for each student. This is a won-derful opportunity to develop floral arranging skills and share the beauty with family and friends. Students are encouraged to bring scissors and hand pruners, as a limited number will be available at the event for student use. To Register, Contact: Jennifer Strianese, Jas946@cornell.edu, 845-429-7085 x 117, RSVP by Friday November 11th Seats are limited for


this program & Pre-Registration is required Making Stocks & Soups with Chef Alex Delicious & Easy Winter is coming...be prepared with delicious soup bases you can make yourself. Monday, November 28, 7:00 pm. Join Chef Alex Moghab graduate of The International Culinary Center, as he shares his expertise and creativeness in making stocks and transforming them into delicious soups etc. Register/ Space limited. $5. materials fee payable at the door. Library Exhibits – November. Nyack Art Collective- Central Staircase & Blue Galleries Julia Colt- Klay Gallery Exhibit Case. Children’s Programs (Please Register for ALL Children’s Programs at ext. 228) The Babbling Orchestra Written by Elliott Forrest with Music by Michael Shapiro. Saturday, November 5 at 11:00 am. Calling all music lovers and visual artists! Join Elliott Forrest for a reading of his new short story set to music about a dysfunctional orchestra and the beautiful music that can be made when all the instruments work together. Draw as you listen, using the story and music as inspiration. Some of these may be used as part of the visual back drop being created for future performances! Crayons, colored pencils and paper provided. For children ages 4 - 9. Register Today! Building BIG - Tuesday, November 29 at 4:30 pm. Put on your engineering hat and build structures with very simple materials. How high can you go without them tumbling down? What kind of base do you need? What materials work best? Think, experiment, improve and create! For children in Grades 3 - 5. Register Today! Teen’s Programs (Please Register for ALL Teen’s Programs at ext. 236) Teen Iron Chef! Thanksgiving Competition Tuesday, November 15th @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Twelve Teen Iron Chefs (first to register) call on their culinary skills as they face off as pairs against each another to prepare a spectacular three-course meal consisting of an appetizer, entree and dessert. We also need audience taste testers as well! Paying for College - Thursday, November 3rd @ 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm For Parents and Students. The D.A. (Dennis’ Army) Teen Elite Advisory Council. Thursday, November 17 @ 5 pm – 6 pm. In the Children’s Story Hour Room (Room of Requirement) Let your voice and opinion be heard! Make suggestions for future Teen programs. Rumor has it, there may be snacks. Earn 1 hr. of community service for each date attended.

Orangeburg Library

Probiotic Power with Jenna Amos, RD, ShopRite of Northvale: Sample some gut health-boosting probiotic containing foods and learn about the health benefits of probiotics. November 3 — Thursday, 4:30 to 5:30 PM Fuel Up for Fall: Join Jenna Amos of ShopRite in Northvale and make some healthy and energizing snacks. Grade K to 5. November 15 —Tuesday, 4:30 to 5:30 PM Whatever Happens to Pumpkin Jack? This STEAM-oriented interactive program takes a look at


Red Wigglers and the life cycle of a pumpkin. November 7 — Monday, 4:30 to 5:30 PM Paying for College: Joshua Marber, MS.Ed, returns to Orangeburg Library to talk to parents about financial aid and scholarships. He will give advice on filling out FAFSA forms, getting the most financial aid, and how to apply for scholarships. November 7 — Monday, 7:00 to 8:45 PM

Palisades Free Library

Book Sale – Saturday, November 12, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. Adult, YA, and children’s books for sale. The library will be accepting book donations November 5 – November 10. Adult Programs Open Mah Jongg Play – Tuesdays at 11:00 am. The Mah Jongg group will meet every Tuesday. Advanced beginners and experienced players welcome for casual, non-competitive play. No instruction is provided and we recommend that you bring your own National Mah Jongg League card. The Artist’s Way Monthly Meetup – Wednesday, November 2, 7:00 pm. Whether you create art to live or simply wish to live more creatively, find your motivation while we explore The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. We’ll start each meeting with a check-in, where members will have the opportunity to share their experiences with morning pages, artist dates, etc. and continue the discussion with topics and tasks covered in The Artist’s Way. Bring your artwork, writing, music, etc. to share with the group (not required, but strongly encouraged). Newcomers welcome! RSVP on the Library’s Meetup page: meetup.com/palisadesfreelibrary/ Second Annual Bad Art Night – Wednesday, November 30, 7:00 pm. Leave your talent and good taste at home. Bad art and craft supplies will be provided. Create something awful and win a prize for the most dreadful creation, and have your artwork displayed in the Library during December (or create something not-so-awful in time for holiday gift giving). Children’s Programs Alpha Computer Science Club - Tuesday, November 8, 7:00 pm. Once a month, 4th-6th graders will meet and further develop their computer skills. Limited to South Orangetown students. Harvest Happening - Tuesday, November 15, 4:30 pm. Thanksgiving myths and truths about the Pilgrims and Native Americans. Harvest crafts and Autumn bingo. Ages 5 and up.

Pearl River Public Library

Adults Sunday, November 13 3:00pm Doctor Dubious and the Agnostics In their first appearance at PRPL, the Dr. and Company will play the traditional Jazz of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Wednesday, November 16 7pm Unbroken, A World War II Story of Survival and Forgiveness Rick Feinberg will lecture on the life of Louis Zamperini, from his childhood to his triumph in World War II. Sunday, November 20 3:00pm The Christopher

Dean Band. After a long hiatus, Christopher is back with a new group to play R&B music. Please call the Adult Reference Desk with questions or to register at 845-735-4084, x115. The Friday Classic Film Series Continues: November 4 Captain Blood (1935) Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland and Lionel Atwill. November 18 The Informer (1935) Victor McLaglen, Heather Angel and Preston Foster. November 25 The Hunt for Red October (1990) Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin and Scott Glenn. Popcorn will be served. Learning Lab Teens/Tweens–Grades 6-12 Something new for Teens starting in November: The PRPL YA ART CLUB where teens can let their creative ideas flow. Sculpting clay masks, making jewelry beads, and creating collages will be just a few of the artistic challenges. Register at the Reference Desk or online at the library’s website. Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm 11/3, 11/10, 12/1, 12/8, 1/5. Math Club for Teens and Tweens - Wednesdays 5-6PM 11/16, 11/30. At each session, STAC Math Professor Meghan DeWitt will introduce a cool new math concept, then teach teens how to put it to use with an equally cool take-home project. Register at the Reference Desk or online at the library website. Chess and Games Club for Teens and Tweens Wednesdays, 4:15-5:00pm, November 9. Come meet other chess and game enthusiasts to engage in some brain-building friendly competition and conversation. Register at the Reference Desk or online at the library website. YA Book Club – Grades 7-12. Thursday November 17, 6:30-7:30. If you love to read (and love talking about it!) join PRPL’s YA book club to have fun and talk about your favorite books and authors. Come summer, participate in Battle of the Books. Register at the Reference Desk or online at the library website. Teen Writing Workshop - Grades 8-12. Wednesday Nov. 16, 5:30-6:30pm, This workshop is a supportive place where you will meet other teen writers and, together, set your creative ideas in motion. Register at the Reference Desk or online at the library website. Teen Library Council – Grades 6-12. Thursday Nov. 17, 5-6PM. Here’s a chance for teens to meet over pizza and to brainstorm about the future of the library: What programs would you like to see? What clubs do you want at the library? Make your voice heard! Also: find out about volunteer opportunities! To make sure there’s a slice of pizza with your name on it, register at the Reference Desk or online at the library website. Children Thanksgiving Ages: Kindergarten-Grade 3 Thursday, November 17, 4:30-5:30pm Give thanks with the Peanuts gang. Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, color a character, enjoy a snack. Price of admission: a pair for mittens for our Holiday Mitten Tree! Register starting Monday, November 7at 9:30am In Our Gallery - November PRSD Art Teachers Pearl River School District Art Teachers will present a group show of their work. The professors’ art will include paintings, drawings, sculptures and multimixed media pieces.

On Display in November - A Group Photography Show by the members of the PRPL Photography Workshop. The collected works include portraits, landscapes, macro-photography and abstracts. Join the PRPL photography aficionados at a reception in the library’s Learning Lab on Sunday, November 6th 1:30-3, and find out more about the ongoing Photography Workshops at PRPL.

Rivertown Film

Wednesday, November 9 – 8:00 PM at Nyack Center. ZERO DAYS, Directed by Alex Gibney. 2016, USA, 116 minutes, documentary, PG-13. Meet the Filmmaker: Oscar winning director Alex Gibney. This sobering documentary focuses on the spread of computer malware – specifically Stuxnet, which the U.S. and Israel unleashed to destroy a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility. The nightmare of push-button nuclear annihilation has haunted humanity since the invention of the atomic bomb; It now has a modern day equivalent in cyberwarfare. Ultimately, the film asks this question: In a hypercompetitive world, when do we decide not to pursue innovation and hold back for the greater good? Has technology outrun our capacity to control it? “Clear, urgent and positively terrifying at times.” – Peter Debruge, Variety “There’s one NSA staffer in particular — seen in shadow, her voice altered — who’s the real star of Zero Days. Her reveal is at once solid journalism and dramatic tour de force. It’s a challenge Gibney meets with ease.” – Mark Feeney, Boston Globe “A critical political viewpoint that avoids hysteria and demagogy. Its strongest protest is against what Mr. Gibney sees as the dangers of excessive American secrecy.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times Friday, November 18 ­ – West Gate Lounge in Nyack. DANCE TO THE MOVIES A Rivertown Film Benefit Dance to some of the great film dance sequences of all time at Rivertown Film’s fourth Dance to the Movies extravaganza. Join us at Nyack’s famous West Gate Lounge and dance to a sensational DJ and great dance clips from films like Saturday Night Fever, Fame, Grease, and Dirty Dancing; learn a step or two from a dance demonstration and group lesson; and round out the evening with beverages from a cash bar in the Lounge and dessert from the award-winning West Gate Restaurant. Wednesday, November 30 – 8:00 PM at Nyack Center. LITTLE MEN Directed by Ira Sachs. With Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Ehle, Paulina Garcia Meet the Filmmaker, via Skype: director Ira Sachs \Jake and Tony are two middle school boys from very different backgrounds whose paths cross in Brooklyn: Jake, is from an upscale family, and Tony, a working class Latino who is being raised mostly by his mother, Leonor. Leonor runs a dress shop in a building owned by Jakes’s late grandfather. When Jake’s father Brian inherits the building, the pressure is on to raise the rent, threatening Leonor and Tony’s stability. Despite the acrimony between the

adults, the film is really the story of the burgeoning close friendship between Jake and Tony. “Sachs’ approach is so humane, and his characters so fully rendered, that an agenda never announces itself; instead, Sachs’ worldview seeps into you. He’s that skilled a film-maker.” – Nigel M. Smith, The Guardian “By the end, Sachs has raised urgent questions about immigration, classism, gentrification, loyalty, family and nascent sexuality – but he’s done so utterly organically, via 10 square feet of city. Lovely.” – Johanna Schneller, The Globe and Mail “Sachs, a clear-eyed humanist, honors all his characters’ pained perspectives.” – Alan Scherstuhl, The Village Voice

Valley Cottage Library

In Our Gallery November 2-28: Paintings by Frances Breer. Reception: Sunday, Nov. 6 from 1-3pm Sunday Concert - Young Masters Recital Series Nov.13 at 1:30pm Classical Pianist Jason Stoll performing Chopin, Gershwin, Mozart, Schumann and more. Wednesday Matinee Movies at 2pm Nov. 2 - The Producers; Nov. 16 - 45 Years; Nov. 30 - The Man Who Knew Infinity BOOKS! Daytime Book Discussion - Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 2pm Innocents and Others by Dana Spiotta. A documentarian and a commercial filmmaker have their lifelong friendship tested by their opposing views of film and a mysterious older woman. Get Graphic! - Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 7pm. Here by Richard McGuire. An experimental meditation on time and space. Join librarians Sean and Katie for a graphic novel book discussion. Scholar-led Book Discussion - Thursday, Nov. 3 at 7pm. The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen - 2016 Pulitzer winner. Discussion led by Dr. David Turk. Cookbook Club - Thursday, Nov. 10 at 7pm Home Cooking 101: How to Make Everything Taste Better by Sara Moulton Part Book Club - Part Community Potluck! Please register in person at the Information Desk to pick out a recipe to cook and bring. The Book and Pub Club - Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 7pm Meet Ashley and Katie at O’Donoghues – Dietland by Sarai Walker. Disguised as a light chick-lit, this powerful novel is about the images to which women have tied their value and worth. Discussion for 21 30-somethings. _____ Valley Cottage Writes - Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 7pm Join our librarian, Sean, for an informal monthly discussion about writing, featuring writing prompts and exercises to beat the block. RESUME WORKSHOP - Friday, Nov. 4 at 12pm Eileen Grimm, career counselor with 30 years experience and former director of Rockland County Guidance Center will take you through the steps needed to create a resume that fits your needs. Tips on in-

terviewing and searching for a job will be included. Please register. INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENTS Monday, Nov. 7 from 6-8pm AND Thursday, Nov. 17 from 6-8:30pm 1/2-hour one-on-one appointments will provide an opportunity for you to explore pertinent career/job search issues, such as, resume preparation, interviewing techniques, job search strategies, career exploration, etc. The focus will be on the issues/ concerns presented by each individual client. Please register. Keep Calm & Color On - Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 7pm Coloring for grown-ups! Join us for a fun activity that reduces stress, boosts creativity and improves brain function. Come with friends or come alone and meet new people! We’ll provide coloring pages and pencils but feel free to bring your own. Refreshments served. Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease: Healthy Habits for a Healthier You - Monday, Nov. 14 at 7pm This workshop covers four areas of lifestyle habits that are associated with healthy aging: cognitive activity, exercise, diet and nutrition and social engagement. Discussing what we can do now to improve or maintain our overall health. Presented by Jody Addeo, Community Engagement Manager for Westchester & Rockland Counties, Alzheimer’s Association Hudson Valley Chapter. Please register. Armchair Walking Tours: The Historic King’s Highway. Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 2pm A historical armchair journey along Rockland’s first highway running from Tappan to Congers.Journey through time on one of the county’s storied roads! Experience many of the people, places and events that make King’s Highway so important to local history. Presented by Bob Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg is a local historian who has produced 13 years of Armchair Walking Tours. Please register. Interested in Playing Chess? Tuesday, November 15 at 7pm. We’d like to start an open chess play session next year for all ability levels. Tonight will be an informational session and if we have enough interest, we will schedule open sessions starting in 2017. Mah Jongg Open Session - every Monday from 2-4:30pm. Mah-jongg lovers, come join your fellow mahjong enthusiasts for a fun afternoon of mahjongg play. Open to beginners and experts. Just bring your own game equipment. No instruction is provided. All are welcome! Technology Training - Want to learn how to use your computer or digital device? Our librarians can help Nyack School District residents learn a variety of technological skills including beginner computer orientation, e-readers and e-books, email, Facebook, Goodreads, digital magazines and more. Call us to set up a one-on-one appointment. Holiday Craft Fair - Saturday, Dec. 3 from 10am to 4pm. Valley Cottage Library is hosting another craft fair! We will offer shoppers an assortment of handcrafted festive holiday gifts including jewelry, seasonal decorations, crafts, ceramics, handmade soaps and gourmet foods. It will be the perfect place to purchase unique gifts for the holidays. Come shop


and visit with local artisans while enjoying tasty treats! TEEN PROGRAMS Teen Yoga with Valerie Vendrame - Mondays, Nov. 7, 21 & Dec. 5 @ 7pm. Yoga provides teens with healthy coping strategies to help deal with unique stressors: insecurity about changing bodies, pressure to fit in, and challenging emotions. All done in a supportive environment that will keep you smiling and having fun! Choosing the Right College - Wednesday, Nov. 2 @ 7pm. Joshua Marber, MS.Ed., will advise teens on the college admission process. He’ll provide helpful information to get you started and give you advice on how to navigate the process. *Both students and parents are welcome! CrafterEvenings for Teens:

Marble Magnets - Wednesday, Oct. 19 @ 7pm: Do you want to spruce up your magnetic bulletin board or locker? Need a gift? Glass marble magnets are super easy and fun to make! Fingerless Gloves - Wednesday, Nov. 16 @ 7pm: You do not have to be a sewing expert to create a unique pair of fingerless gloves from socks - the possibilities for this easy craft are endless. Create a pair for yourself, as a gift, or both! All supplies are provided. Ice Candles - Wednesday, Nov. 30 @ 7pm: Create your own “swiss cheese” candle using ice and a milk container. A perfect gift for a parent, a teacher, or yourself!

West Nyack Free Library

Eye-Catching Beaded Serving PieceWednesday, November 9 at 6:45PM. Marianne Olbermann teaches the technique of creating a beaded wire wrapped utensil handle. A materials fee of $10 is required. Homebrewing 101 - Wednesday, November 16 at 7PM. Find out the basic set up and science of beer brewing. Get Ready for the Golf Course- Saturday, November 19 at 11AM. Learn golf tips from PGA professional Mark Burrell. Children’s Programs for November: Double the Fun Day- Saturday, November 19 at 11AM. Ages 3 and up. Join Ms. Olga for fun and delicious Thanksgiving stories, songs and a yummy dessert. (There is a concurrent adult program) Teen Programs for November: STEAM it up- for teens - Monday, November 7 at 6:30PM. Unleash your inner inventor! Design and build your own inventions or build a mini hovercraft. Oreo Cookie Truffle and Dessert Swap for teens - Monday, November 21 at 7PM. Make and decorate a holiday treat. Bring in samples


and recipes of your favorite cookies or desserts to swap. Sign up online to register for programs: westnyacklib.libcal.com or call us at 845-358-6081. Registration begins 2 weeks before a program. .

Other Events HOLIDAY DOLLHOUSE SHOW Diminutive dwellings, mulled cider, exhibits and holiday cheer at the town’s historic house Four Sundays: November 27, December 4, 11 & 18, 1-4 pm Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives at the Historic Salyer House 213 Blue Hill Road, Pearl River, NY Further information: (845) 398-1302 Hi Tor Animal Care Center Presents Pins 4 Pets! Saturday, November 19,2016 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm New City Bowl, 90 N. Main Street,New City. $40 per person includes two games,shoes,and a small buffet (hero,salad and soda). Payable in advance by November 12th via Paypal at www. hitor.org or drop off payment at Hi Tor which is located at 65 Firemen’s Memorial Drive,Pomona.All proceeds from the Tricky Tray, the 50/50 Raffle and a portion of the admission fee will help to support Hi Tor’s General Fund. For additional information call (845)271-9584. ALL CLASSES NOW FREE - A new 2-hour class teaches how to buy the right computer or iPad/iPhone, and not fall for an expensive sales pitch. The Adult Learning Center of Rockland is an organization of retired Seniors who volunteer to teach others how to use computers and other 21st century devices. We are a program of Meals on Wheels. We teach Introduction to Computers, Word Processing, Excel – Spreadsheets & Databases, Power Point, Internet and E-Mail, Digital Imaging, Photo Editing using Picasa, Genealogy – Finding Your Ancestors, Using Windows 10. More advanced classes will be given if requested. We also teach one-time-only 2-hour classes on Computer Maintenance, How to use your iPad and iPhone, How to use Tablets and Smart Phones, Skype and Facebook. We will help you to download Windows 10 at our monthly Open House. Classes are small - only 8 students per class, with 1 instructor and 2 coaches. For more information, call Eileen Herkes, Director of Education, at 845-623-5467 or 845-3564198. Keep Rockland Beautiful’s Annual Awards

Gala – on Saturday, November 19th at HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center – will spotlight important contributions made by fellow Rockland citizens in making this county a greener, cleaner and healthier place for all. This year’s Honorees are: Valley Cottage Library (Beautification Award), TD Bank (Business Partner Award), Timothy Sanders (Cleanup Leader Award), Joseph Lloyd (Education Award) and Jo Anne Pedersen (Public Service Award). And a special Golden Grabber Award goes to…John LaPlaca of Suffern, who is currently working towards his goal of gathering 1,000 bags of litter during the course of one year (he’s over 850 at press time!). The Gala also features: Full Dinner; World fusion performance by pianist John McDowell with Michael Wimberly on the djembe; “Human/Nature” Upcycled Art, Body Painting & Photography Installation; and the KRB Wine Cellar (for an early start at 6:00 pm in a special VIP Tasting Room with Julie Belardinelli, Independent Wine Ambassador, Boisset Collection). For tickets, sponsorships, Journal ads or to make a donation in an Honoree’s name: www. keeprocklandbeautiful.org Or Email: info@keeprocklandbeautiful.org Or Call: 845-708-9164 The Rockland County YMCA cordially invites you to attend a Night of MAGIC (Making a Genuine Impact on Children) on Thursday, September 1st at 5pm at the Nyack Seaport. Please join us as we recognize: Hon. Howard T. Phillips, Jr with a Distinguished Service Award, Joseph Rand with a Community Service Award and Jim & Eleanor Kane with a Service to Youth Award. Tickets are $100 per person ($75 per person under 21) or $1000 for a table of 10. 6pm Cocktails and 7pm Dinner and Awards Ceremony. All proceeds benefit YMCA Youth and Teen Programs. Please call Eileen Carson at 845358-0632 or ecarson@rocklandymca.org for more information or to purchase tickets. www. rocklandymca.org.

Wining and Dining

8 North Broadway - 8 N. Broadway, Nyack. 845 353 1200. Alain’s Bistro - 9 Ingalls Street, Central Nyack. 845-5353315. www.alainsbistro.com. Agnello’s Coal Burning Brick Oven Pizzeria - 170 Main St., New City. 845 639 5373. Alfredo’s Restaurant - 189 S. Main Street, New City. 634-3300. AquaTerra Grille - 420 N. Middletown Road, Pearl River. 845-920-1340. Babe’s - 73 E. Railroad Avenue, West Haverstraw. 429-8647. Banchetto Feast - 75 W. Route 59, Nanuet. 845-624-3070. Big Red Tomato - 9 Main Street, Haverstraw. 845-269-3746. Bin 41 - 41 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. (845)735-4111. Bolzano Family Restaurant - 75 N. Route 9W, Congers. 845-268-9671. Bon Giovanni - 61 E. Main Street, Ramsey, NJ. 201-825-1111. Bourbon Street of Nyack – 132 Main Street, Nyack.. 727-4954. Broadway Bistro - 3 South Broadway, Nyack. 845-353-8361. Caesar’s Grill - 120 West Ramapo Road (Rte 202), Garnerville. 845-262-1022. Casa del Sol – 104 Main Street, Nyack. 353-9100. Clarksville Inn Restaurant & Pub - 1 Strawtown Road, West Nyack. (845) 3582801 Del’Arte Restaurant - 20 Mountainview Avenue, Orangeburg - 365-2727. Ella New York Pizza & Pasta - 137 South Main St., New City. 638-6184.. Freelance Cafe & Wine Bar - 506 Piermont Avenue, Piermont. 365-3250. Gilligan’s Clam Bar & Grill - 366 Route 202, Pomona. 845-354-2139. Grille Room at Patriot Hills - 19 Club House Lane, Stony Point. 429-6050. Hudson House - 134 Main Street, Nyack. 353-1355. American & Continental cuisine. Hudson Water Club, West Haverstraw

Marina, 606 Beach Road, West Haverstraw. 271 4046. Joe & Joe Restaurant - 65 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. (845) 620-1800. Jolie’s - 4 New Valley Road, New City. 845709-6733. Kennelly’s Family Restaurant - 926 S. Rte 9W, Congers. 845-268-2587. Kobe Sushi - 195 S. Main Street, New City. 845-638-2202 La Fontana Family Italian Restaurant – 93-95 S. Broadway, Nyack. 358-3770. La Terrazza Restaurant - 291 S. Main St., New City. 845-638-0757. Lynch’s Restaurant - 79A Route 9W, Stony Point. 845-553-9300. Marcello’s Ristorante - 21 Lafayette Ave., Suffern. 357-9108. Mariella’s Pizzeria - 41 New Main St., Haverstraw. 845 429 5220. Matsuhana Japanese Restaurant - 328 Route 59, Central Nyack. 845 727 3939. Mt. Ivy Cafe - 14 Thiells Mount ivy Road, Pomona. 845-354-4746. Olde Village Inn - 97 Main Street, Nyack. 358-1160. Ole Ole Restaurant Bar & Grille, 100 Orane Ave., Suffern. 368-3058. Pasta Cucina of Stony Point - Rte 9W at Patriot Square, Stony Point. 786-6060. Pasta Cucina - 8 Airmont Road, Suffern. 369-1313. Pomona Chophouse - 1581 Pacesetter Park, Pomona. 845-362-1670. Pour House Bar & Grill - 102 Main Street, Nyack. (845) 727-7687. Portuguese Churrasqueira Restaurant 230 W. Rt. 59, Spring Valley - 845-352-7808. Posa Posa - Route 59, Rockland Plaza, Nanuet. 623-7050. Quinta Steakhouse - 24 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. 735.5565. Steakhouse in the classic tradition. Restaurant X & Bully Boy Bar - 117 South Route 303, Congers. 268-6555.  Sheeran’s Restaurant & Pub - 337 North Liberty Drive, Tomkins Cove. 845 429 6190. Sonoma Grille - 100 Mt. Ivy Road, Thiells. 845-354-8900. Sparkill Steakhouse - 500 Route 340, Sparkill. 845-398-3300.

Sugi 303 Japanese Steakhouse - 97 S. Route 303, Congers. 845-267-2168. Tarantella – 128 Main Street, Nyack. 358-3583. Italian. The Whiskey Kitchen - 60 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 845 535 3666. Turiello’s Pizzeria – 76 Main Street., Nyack. 358-5440. Two Spear Street - 2 Spear Street, Nyack. 353-3200. Union Restaurant & Bar Latino - 24 New Main Street, Haverstraw. 429-4354. UNoodles Snack Bar - 14 Main Street, Haverstraw. 845-947-7625. Vicolo Ristorante - 2022A Bi-State Plaza, 16 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan, NJ. 201-497-8777. West Gate Restaurant - 26 Route 59, Nyack, 845-358-8100. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, award winning cheesecakes. Open daily 7am-11pm Xaviar’s Restaurant of Piermont - 506 Piermont Avenue, Piermont. 359-7007.


Del’Arte Restaurant - 20 Mountainview Avenue, Orangeburg - 365-2727. La Fontanella Ristorante Italiano & Catering - 845-398-3400. Regency Banquet and Conference Center - 425 E. Route 59, Nanuet. (845) 623-6000 Town & Country Caterers - 845-2689291.


DD Patisserie, 163 Main Street, Nyack. 353-2031.


West Gate Lounge at the West Gate Inn Nyack, 26 Route 59, Nyack. 845-3588100. Every Saturday is Salsa Night. DJ and Live Music. Cover Charge. www. westgatelounge.com


Shopping & Business Guide Appraisals

GHV Appraisals, Inc. Office: (845) 267 - 0834 / (646) 235 - 0600.

Assisted/Senior Living

The Clubhouse - 2000 Fountainview Drive, Monsey. 1-800-488-6500. Esplanade at Palisades - 640 Oak Tree Road, Palisades. 620-0606. 359-7870. Promenade at Chestnut Ridge - 168 Red Schoolhouse Road, Spring Valley. 845-6200606. FountainView - 2000 Fountainview Drive, Monsey. 845-253-1800, 1-800-488-6500. Promenade Senior Living at Blue Hill - 582 Veterans Memorial Dr., Pearl River. 735-6846.



122 Park Salon - 122 Park Av, New City. 4992080 Bella Tu Med Spa - 172 Main Street, Nyack. 727-7000. European Wax Center - 5105 Fashion Drive, Nanuet. 845-623-6000. Innovative Esthetics - 274 N. Middletown Rd, Pearl River. 845-735-2610. Lief Beauty Boutique - 85 S. Broadway, Suite 7, Nyack. 845-641-9540. Salon Allure - 368 New Hempstead Rd., New City. 845-708-5878.

Bed & Breakfast

Bricktown Inn - 112 Hudson Av., Haverstraw. 429-8447.


Valerie J. Crown - 151 N. Main Street, New City. vcrownlaw@aol.com. 845-708-5900. DeMoya & Associates - 163 South Main Street, New City.845-639-4600. wwwdemoyalaw.com. Gary Lipton, Esq - 55 Old Turnpike Road, Suite 304, Nanuet. 624-0100.


Automobiles & Motorbikes

Camps /Day Camps

202 Collision - 16 Wayne Avenue, Suffern, N.Y. 845-368-0040. Castrol Premium Lube - 31 Rte 59, Nyack. 845-348-7095. Clarkstown International Collision - 95 Route 304, Nanuet. 845 627 3100. FZ Perfection Auto Body & Collision - 191 N. Route 9W, Congers. 845-268-1790. Kevin’s Ace Repairs - 52 Main Street, Nyack. 358-4975. Luke’s Auto Body - 22 Maple Ave., Haverstraw. 845-429-2002.


Colin Holmes - Home, Garden & Gifts - 13 South Broadway, Nyack. 845-358-2565


Hudson Valley Bank - 254 S. Main Street, New City/ 4 Executive Blvd, Suffern. Palisades Federal Credit Union - 300 N. Middletown Rd., Pearl River. 845-602-4242.


A Personal Touch - 40 Franklin Avenue, Pearl River. 845.735.4200. Bridal Accents - 87 Maple Avenue, New City. 638-3956.

Piermont Bicycle Connection - 215 Ash St., Piermont. 845 365 0900.

Circus Arts Summer Camp - Grace Church, 130 First Av, Nyack. 845-348-8740. Camp Ramaquois - 845-352-1600. Rockland Summer Rock Band Camp - 3034 New Street, Nyack. 845-709-5930.

Cards & Gifts

Hallmark Gift & Card Gallery - 234 South Main Street, New City. 845-634-3447.


Carpets Plus Color Tile - 205 Rte. 9W, Congers. 845-267-0800.


Dr. Lynn C. Friedman - 6 Medical Drive, Pomona. 845-786-2022. Dr. Joanne Gjelsten - 150 S Broadway, Nyack. 358-2687. Gregory Chiropractic - 845-623-3939. Thruway Exit 14. Across Route 59 from the Hilton Garden and Hampton Inns. New City Chiropractic Center - 490 Route

304, New City, 634-8877


First Reformed Church - 18 South Broadway, Nyack. 358-5518. St. John the Baptist R.C. Church, 895 Piermont Ave., Piermont. 359-0078 www. stjohnspiermont.org stjohnspiermont@optonline.net Temple Beth Torah - 330 Highland Avenue, Upper Nyack. 358-2248. Temple Beth Sholom, 228 New Hempstead Rd., New City, NY 10956, 845-638-0770. www. tbsrockland.org Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockland County - 130 Concklin Road, Pomona. www.uurocklandny.com


Green Life Maids - 267-8960. Fire Water Mold - 914-365-0283. Merry Maids - 634-9000.


Dusty Rose - 170 South Main Street, Suite 2, New City. 845-638-1133. Maria Luisa - 77 South Broadway, Nyack. 3534122. Women’s clothing and accessories. ML Gifts Accessories - 75 S. Broadway, Nyack. 845-358-1293.

Commercial Janitorial Service

TCC Janitorial Service - 9 Blue Bird Rd, Monsey, NY 10952. Tel:(845) 363-8316. Tel:(845) 538-2731. info@tccjanitorialservice.com. http://tccjanitorialservice.com. 9


EagleTech - 62 S. Main Street, Pearl River. 845-735-1381. Geezer Geeks - 727-1176. New Vision Technologies - (845) 353-HELP. www.newVtech.com Nyack Computer - 348-9898.

Conference Centers

Crestview Conference Center - 440 West Nyack Road, West Nyack. 845-620-7207.

Consignment Stores

Designer Consigner - 302 Route 304, Nanuet. (845) 507-0245. www.designerconsignerny.com


Alternative Building Concepts - 845-3655242. Comito Construction - 845-268-0847. Empire State Builders & Contractors, New City - 845-425-0003. Frank Fuchs Construction - 845-893-5448. Hendo Contracting - 19 Third St, New City. 845-638-0555 Interior Concepts - Sean Relihan, 845-7352245. Cell - 845-629-9729. Johnny FixIt - www.johnnyfixit.com. 845-2441776. Plumb Level Square - 845 641 6031. Ravenwood Custom Carpentry - 845 371 8000. www.ravenwood.biz.


James DeMinno, CPA - 337 N. Main St., Suite 13, New City. 845-638-4527. Joseph A. Lux, CPA - 358-1929. www.joelux. com.


Rockland Teacher Center Institute - 845942-7600.

Dance Studio

Balbach School of Dance - 69 Bridge Street, Garnerville. 845-825-1276. Coupe Theatre Studio - 845-623-2808. www. coupedance.com. Powerhouse Dance Center - 71 South Route 9W, Haverstraw. 845-553-9533.


A Centre for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry - Alan I. Rosenfeld, DDS, 93 Rte 303, Tappan. 359-1770. Advanced Dentistry of Rockland - 5 N. William St., Pearl River. 845-735-7770. Dr. Todd W. Auerbach - 17 Squadron Blvd., Suite 100, New City. 845-512-3054. Ira M. Bernstein, DMD, LLC - 2 Executive Blvd, Suite 307, Suffern, NY 10901. 845-6525358. Web site : www.bernsteinsmiles.com.8 Nyack Pediatric Dentistry - 265 N. Highland Avenue, Rte. 9W, Suite 101, Nyack. 845-5128434. Rockland Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics - 238 North Main St., New City. 845 634 8900. Smile For Life Family & Cosmetic Dental 27 Townline Road, Pearl River. (845) 623-4848. Stony Point Dental, PC - 32 S. Liberty Dr., Stony Point. (845) 942-1600. www.stonypointdental.com TLC Dental of Rockland, 2 Crosfield Ave-

nue, Suite 418, West Nyack. 845-358-3305. TLCSmile.com.


Clarkstown Pediatrics - 35 Smith St., Nanuet. 845-623-1000. New City 845-352-5511. Stony Point 845-786-5776. Clarkstown Urology - 301 N. Main Street, Suite 2, New City. 638-0400. Crystal Run Healthcare - 275 N. Middletown Rd., Pearl River. 845-920-1757. West Nyack - 2 Centerock Road, West Nyack. P: 845-348-1100 Suffern - 200 Route 59, Suffern. 845.369.9300 Suffern - 156 Route 59, Suite B4, Suffern. 845.357.6464 Stony Point - 6 Liberty Square Mall, Stony Point.: 845.786.5544 Haverstraw - 48 New Main St., Haverstraw. Dr. Donald Edelschick - 6 Charles Street, New City. 845-354-0690. Dr. Barry Fitzgerald - 53 Burd Street, Nyack. 945-358-0559. Dr. Charles Glassman - 7C Medical Park Drive, Pomona. (845) 362-1110. Gramercy Pain Management - 350 Haverstraw Rd, Suffern - 845-368-0800. Dr. Richard Handelsman - MDVIP Personalized Healthcare - 1-866-696-3847. Hudson Valley Audiology Center - 11 Medical Park Drive, Suite 205, Pomona. Hudson Vein and Vascular Center, 124 Rte 59, Suffern. 357 8118. Dr. Michael Innerfield - 2 Executive Blvd., Suffern. 845-368-0048. Dr. William Johnson - 221 S. Middletown Road, Nanuet. 845-623-0026. Dr. Michael Kalvert - Cosmetic Surgery - 365 S. Main Street, New City. 845-6f38-2101. Dr. Scott Sanders, Dermatology, 301 N. Main St., Suite 3, new City - 845-499-2017. Nanuet Non Surgical Weight Loss Center - 221 S. Middletown Road, Nanuet. 845-6230026. Nyack Pediatric Assocs - 311 N. Midland Avenue, Nyack. 358-5437. Palisades Laser Eye Center, 3 Medical Park Drive, Pomona. 364 9767. Pediatric Physical Therapy - 217 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 268-6010. Dr. Mike Pilar, 93 Rte 303, Tappan. 359-1770. Cell: (914) 414-8355. Rockland Ear, Nose & Throat Assoc. - 2 Strawtown Road, West Nyack. (845) 727-1340. Rockland Pulmonary - 2 Crosfield Ave., Suite 318, West Nyack. 689-9141. Skin Center Dermatology Group - 200 East Eckerson Road, New City. (845) 352-0500. Dr. Howard Werfel - 1-855-KILLFAT - www.855killfat.com.

Electrical Contracting

De Leonardis Electrical - 947-1572. Hush Electrical Contracting - 845-9424874; cell: 845-721-3476. Romeo Electric - 78 Sickles Avenue, Nyack. 845-825-1053.


Total Focus Eyewear - 22 South Main Street, New City. 638-3806. Dr. Kimball P. Woodward - Orangetown Ophthalmology, 2 Crosfield Ave, Suite 315, West Nyack. 845 348 3400.


Yaboo Fence - Route 95 West Nyack Road, West Nyack, NY 10994. 358-0118. Your onestop shopping for all your fencing needs.

Financial Advice

Debany Financial Group - 303 South Broadway, Sutie 103, Tarrytown, NY. 914366-4900, Ext. 101 Chestnut Investment Group - 4 Executive Blvd., Suite 204, Suffern. 369-0016. IM Financial - Izak Smith and Marc Smith. 845-587-0449. O’Brien Capital Management - 48 Burd St., Suite 209, Nyack. 358-4930. Wells Fargo Advisors - Chris Haera, 490 Route 304, New City. 638-6400.

Fire Alarm Systems/Equipment

Bullet Security - 400 East Route 59, Nanuet. 627-0300. Inter County Alarm Systems - 200 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 268-8900. DTM Installations - 354-0301. Burglar and fire alarms.

Flowers and Plants

Schweizer/Dykstra Beautiful Flowers - 165 North Middletown Road, Pearl River. 845-735-4079. Tappan Zee Florist – 176 Main Street, Nyack. 358- 2544. Van Houten Farms - 60 Sickletown Road, Pearl River.

Funeral Homes

Asssumma-Shankey Funeral Home - 34 N. Summit Street, Pearl River. 845-7354849`A.E. Brown Funeral Directors - 201 N. Route 9W, Congers. 845-425-1911 or 845589-0997.


George M. Holt Funeral Home - 50 New Main Street, Haverstraw. (845) 429-2159. T.J. McGowan Sons Funeral Home - 71 N. Central Highway, Garnerville. 845-429-6665. Sorce Funeral Home - 782 West Nyack Road, West Nyack. 845-358-4433.

Graphic Design

Arlene Levine Design - 845-727-1175 www. arlenelevine.com.


Gary’s Gutter Service - 1-800-GARY-222 or (845) 268-3700.

Hair and Nails

122 Park Salon - 122 Park Avenue, New City. 845-499-2080 Christine Cordey Salon - 66 S. Broadway, Nyack. 845 675 7950. D. Anthony Hair Studio - 53 Hudson Avenue, Suite 102, Nyack. 845-535-3900. DSZ Barbers Inc - 140 Main St., Nyack. 845348-1500. Salon Allure - 368 New Hempstead Rd, New City. 845-708-5878. Smith Grieve Hair - 101 Main Street, Tappan. 680-6468. Shear Magique Hair Studio - 14 Thiells Mt. Ivy Road, Pomona. 845-429-1798.


Hearing Solutions - 219 S. Middletown Road, Nanuet. 623-5020. Hudson Valley Audiology Center - 500 New Hempstead Road, New City. (845) 406-9993. Pearl River Hearing - 17 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. 945-735-3277.

Health Care

A&T HEALTHCARE - 845-638-4342. Home Aides of Rockland - 845-634-2024 www.homeaides.org. Mobile Family Health - Nurse Practitioner Care. 845-608-7559. VNS Westchester - 1 914 682 1480, 1-888-FOR-VSNW.

Health and Fitness

Body Bank Fitness - 16 Squadron Blvd., New City. 845-499-2366. Craig Caliciotti - Hypnotherapist. 11 Medical Drive, Suite 106, Pomona. 845-323-2766, Cellulite & Body Sculpting Treatment Center - 3 Main Street, Nyack. 845-353-3088. Christey Curran, massage therapist, 1 South Broadway, Suite B, Nyack. 914-772-4176.


Diplomat Health & Swim Club - 1101 Overlook Circle, Piermont. 359-2401. European Wax Center - 186 N. Main St., Suite 0596, New City. 845-634-9299. Innovative Esthetics - 274 N. Middletown Road, Pearl River. 735-2610. JCC Rockland - 450 West Nyack Road, West Nyack. 845-362-4400. Laser Hair Associates of Rockland - 34-36 East Central Ave., Pearl River. 920-8490. Lazur LaVie - 267 Main Street, Nyack. 845623-6140. Massage Envy Spa - Rockland Plaza Shopping Center, Rte. 59, Middletown Road, Nanuet. (845) 623 3111. Nyack YMCA - 35 South Broadway. 3580245. Pilates Central - 120 Fifth Avenue, Nyack. 845-358-1166. www.pilatescentralnyack.com. Rockland Vein Center - 5 Medical Park Drive, Pomona. 845-362-5200. Sanctuary Yoga Studios - 132 Park Avenue, New City. 845-548-1090.. Skincerely Med Spa - 510 Route 304, New City. 845-639-7546. Stay Fit Seniors - 285 North Route 303, Congers. 1507 Route 202, Pomona. Congers - 845268-5122. Pomona - 845 354-7921. Sundala Center for Wellness - 1 Closter Road, Palisades. 845-359-4694.

Home Improvement

Architectural Metal & Glass Inc, 5 Bridge Street, Garnerville - 845 942 8848. Fireplaces by Design, 120 Rte 59, Hillburn - 357-6062. Minh’s Painting & Contracting - 845-4297384. JW Spaw Design Painting and Restoration - 845-535-9249.

Home and Furniture

Ceramic Harmony Design - 149A S. Middletown Road, Nanuet. 845-623-5557. Custom Shelving Solutions - 174 Quaspeck Blvd., Valley Cottage. 845-267-8961. Fireplaces By Design - 120 Route 59, Hillburn. 845-357-6062. Furniture Medic - 382 Route 59, Tall Pines Industrial Park, Airmont. 845-547-2324. JW Spaw Design Painting and Restoration - - 845-535-9249.

Home Inspections

Home Inspection Services - (845) 8214063. www.abetheinspector.com.


West Gate Inn Nyack - 26 Route 59, Nyack. 845-358-8100. Walking distance to Nyack’s arts, crafts, antique shops and restaurants. www.westgateinnnyack.com Candlewood Suites - 20 Overlook Blvd., Nanuet. (845)371-4445. Time Nyack Hotel - - 400 High Avenue, Nyack. 845-675-8700.


Allstate Don Dietrich Inc - 240 Main Street, Nyack. 845 353 2244. Allstate Insurance - Maureen Harrison - 164 Rte 304, Bardonia. 623-6560.. Bauer-Crowley - 643 Main Street, Sparkill. 359-4114. Franchino Agency - 383 South Main St., New City. 845 634 2499. Debbie McGuinness, State Farm, 75 Lake Road, Congers. 267-2900.

Interior Decorating

Decorator for a Day (or by the hour) - Recommended by WOR and WABC radio. Phone: (845) 358-6577, (800) 443-1499 or www.decoratorforadayny.com Interiors by M - 201 927 6344 or 201 575 5199.

Investment Broker

J. Christopher Haera - Wells Fargo, 17 Squadron Boulevard, New City. 639-7238. Joseph Daniel Sassano - 6 North Lawn Avenue, Elmsford. (914) 202 3317.

Jewelry & Accessories

Barry’s Estate Jewelry - 295 Rte304, Bardonia. 624-7100. Mary-Anne’s Jewelry - 68 South Broadway, Nyack. 845-634-1335. Original Designs - 187 S. Main Street, New City. 634-1335. Saundra Messinger - 38 High Avenue, Nyack. 845-512-8862. customerservice@saundramessinger.com. The Jewelry Gallery - 32 South Liberty Drive (Rte 9W), Stony Point. 429-2613.

Kitchen and Bath

EZ Kitchen & Bath - 301 W. Route 59, Nanuet. 845-501-7123. Grande Central Showroom - Fine Decorative Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware. 575 Chestnut Ridge Road, Spring Valley 845-573-0080 Designer Kitchens by Schneider - 34-F West Washington Ave., Pearl River. 845-735-4040. Rockland Kitchens

55 West Railroad Ave. Garnerville, NY 10923 845-429-6700 www.rocklandkitchens.com


Curti’s Landscaping - 845-627-2491. DeStaso Landscaping - 845-639-0301. Edge Landscaping - 845-398-3032. Majestic Lawn Care - 845-708-2988. d - 845-627-3880. Michael L. Naclerio Landscaping - 845627-3880. Nu Age Tree & Lawn Care - 845-741-1418.

Limousine Service

Marathon Limousine - 845-359-2800, 800949-9444

Liquor/Wine/Beer Stores

Hilltop Wines & Liquors - 368 New Hempstead Rd., New City. 845 638 2257. Nyack Wine Cellar – 43 South Broadway, Nyack.. 353-3146. Nyack’s wine-only store, specializing in affordable wines, all personally selected. Come taste some of our wines on Fridays and Saturdays. Discounts on six or more bottles.

Medical Services

Center for Diagnostic Imaging, MRI at Nyack Hospital - 845 348 3007. Hudson Valley Radiology Assoc. - 16 Squadron Blvd., New City. 845-634-9729. Nyack Integrated Medical Services - 42 Main Street, Nyack, Suite 203. 353-3267. Rockland Diagnostic Imaging - Route 303, West Nyack. 845-353-0400. Rockland Vein Center - 5A Medical Park Drive, Pomona. (845) 362-5200. 70 Hatfield Lane, Suite 202, Goshen. 845 291 3656.


Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - 490 Rt. 304, New City. 639-2731.

Moving Companies

Santi Express - 616 Corporate Way, Suite 7, Valley Cottage. 268-1600.

Music Lessons

Vocal Focus - Voice lessons. 845-548-9308. www.vocalfocus.com.


Rockland Business Women’s Network

(RBWN) www.rbwn.org

236-5612. www.drsallynazari.com

Pet Care

Real Estate

Camp BowWow - 101 Rte. 304, Nanuet. 845 507-0068. Canine Country Retreat - 221 Craigville Road, Goshen. 845 615 1093.

Pest Control

R. Dana Pest Control - 845-786-5224.


Koblin’s Pharmacy – 96 Main Street, Nyack. 358-0688.


A. Roufa MD Photography - 845 727 1175; cell: 845 729 4004. www.roufamd.com. Alexandra T. Wren Photography - www. atwrenphotogoraphy.com.

Physical Therapy

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness 200 E. Eckerson, Suite 290, New City. 845-5789898. Advanced Physical Therapy - 36 College Avenue, Nanuet. (845) 627-8220.

Picture Frame Shop

Corner Frame Shop - 40 S. Franklin Street, Nyack. 845 727 1240.

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael Kalvert - Plastic Surgery, 365 S. Main St., New City. 638-2101. Dr. Hakan Usal - Bella Tu Med Spa, 172 Main Street, Nyack. 727-7000. Plastic Surgery Center of New City - 125 South Main St., New City. 845-634-4554.

Plumbing & Heating

Ken Malone Plumbing & Heating - 845 353 17 Valley Road, Spring48.. CV Plumbing, Heating & Air - 845-942-4700, 845-553-9051. Sunshine Plumbing & Heating - 845-6423845. 845-548-3054. 201-575-1903.


Hudson Valley Psychotherapy - 99 Main Street, Nyack. 845 500 8675. Steven Lee, PhD / Licensed Psychologist/ Adults, Adolescents & Children/ Psychodynamic Mediation: Couples, Families /Nyack/ 914582-6725 Chrysalis Psychological Services, PLLC 99 Main Street, #220, Nyack, NY 10960. 845-

Caroline Blankfort - 917-405 1495. Debbie Blankfort, William Raveis Baer & McIntosh, 97 S. Broadway, S. Nyack, 914.522.5426 Margo Bohlin - Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty. (845) 304 4140. margo@margobohlin.com. Gail Bohlke - Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty. 770-1240. Peggy Connolly - Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty. 914 715 5675. Donna Cox - Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty,, 20 South Main Street, New City. 7701204. Mona Cushnie-Walker - Keller Williams Hudson Valley. 914 282 2664. Michel Henry - 845 381 2555. Ellis Sotheby International Realty Team 845-353-4250. Ewa Front - Cell 845 274 4474. Stephanie Ferrante Hirsch - Keller Williams, 845-639-4947. Lydecker Realty - 13 North Broadway, Nyack. 358-3700. Mary Lukens - William Raveis Baer McIntosh. 914 629 8581. Frank Mancione - Lydecker Realty, (914) 953-0494. Robin A. Miller - 845 596 0495. Lauren Muller - Better Homes & Gardens Realty - 845-216-3712. R2M Realty - 86 Main St., Nyack. 845.358.2000 and 845.358.2001 for commercial. Rand Commercial Services - 268 S. Main St., Suite B, New City. 845 770 1280. Better Homes & Gardens/ Rand Realty – 46 South Broadway, Nyack. 358-7171. Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty - 19 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. 735-3020. Karen Steffanato - Keller Williams. Cell: 914263-1258. Cody VanCampen - Lydecker Realty. Cell: 845 558 5864. Madeline Wiebicke - Cell: 641-4333. Wright Bros. Real Estate - 845 358 3050.

Roofing & Siding

Edward Corey Roofing - 845-358-5848. www.edcorey.com. Empire State Builders & Contractors, New City - 845-425-0003.

Schools, Camps & Day Care.

Campus Fun & Learn Center (RCC) - 145


College Road, RCC. 845-574-4561. LIU University - 70 Rte 340, Orangeburg. 845 450 5402. Rockland County YMCA Nursery School 35 South Broadway, Nyack, 358-0245. Stage Left Children’s Theater - 111 Route 303, Ste 113, Tappan, NY

Security Systems

Bob’s Security - 135 Rte 303, Bardonia. 845 623 0005. Bullet Security - 400 E. Rte 59, Nanuet. 6270300. Inter County Alarm Systems - 200 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 845-268-8900.

Shower Doors & Mirrors

Cooks Glass Work - 15 Van Wyck Road, Blauvelt. 845-359-9339. www.cooksglass.com.


Mount Peter Ski & Ride - 51 Old Mt. Peter Road, Warwick, NY. 845-986-4940.

Solar Energy

Infinity Solar Systems - 46 Walter St., Pearl River. 845 200 3706. ISI Solar - Solar system designers and installation. 845-708-0800.

Specialty Shops

Danu Gallery - 39 E. Central Avenue, Pearl River. 845-735-4477. Design Air - 120 Rte 59, Hillburn. 357-3580. Hallmark Gift & Card Gallery - 234 South Main Street, New City. 845-634-3447. Sanctuary, 60 South Broadway, Nyack. 3532126.

Special Services

A. & N. Rappaport Lock & Alarm Inc. - 31 New Main Street, Haverstraw. 429-8400. Crafts & Drafts - 373 S. Main St., New City. 845-270-8998. Double Take Promotions & Printing - 845 598 3175. www.doubletakepp.com Global Private Investigations - Rockland (845) 634-1683. Grandview Physicians Billing Service - 845358 1946. Home Aides of Rockland - 845-634-2024. info@homeaides.org. Jawonio Health Center - 260 North Little Tor Road, New City. (845) 639-7070. Eric David Laxman, Sculpture. 304-7615. Jo Machinist - Architect - 212-355-3046. MedWise Insurance Advocacy - 845-2382532 Mosquito Squad - 845 215 9248. Cell # 845 405 3344. New York Fire Water Mold - 914-365-0283. nyfirewatermold.com. Rockland Mediation Center - 15 N. Mill Street, Suite 217, Nyack. 512-8730. Practice Perfect - 845 547 0457. practicepefectprep.com. Rockland Band Camp - 845-709-5930. guitarhelper@guitarhelpernet.

Special Organizations

DR Environmental - 845-637-0254. (914) 4746118. Rockland Business Women’s Network (845) 729 9497. The Center for Sefety and Change (formerly Rockland Family Shelter - 9 Johnsons Lane, New City. 845-634-3344. Saint Dominic’s Home - 500 Western Highway,Blauvelt. 359-3400. VCS Inc. - 77 S. Main Street, New City. 6345729.

Tax & Accounting

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Joseph A. Lux, CPA - 358-1929. www.joelux. com.


Antrim Playhouse - 15 Spook Rock Road, Wesley Hills. 845-354-9503. Penguin Repertory - 7 Crickettown Road, Stony Point. 786-2873.

Thrift Shops

Grace’s Thrift Shop - 10 S. Broadway,Nyack. 358-7488. Nyack Hospital Thrift Shop - also known as New To You - 142 Main Street, Nyack. 358.7933 Tappan Zee Thrift Shop - 454 Piermont Avenue Piermont, 359-5753.

TMJ/TMD Doctor

Dr. Mike Pilar, 93 Rte 303, Tappan. 359-1770. Cell: (914) 414-8355.


Anywhere Travel - 151 South Main St., Suite 106, New City. 845-634-8770. Go Away Travel - 353-3447.


Palisades Mobile Vet, 183 Rte 303, Orangeburg. 845 398 PETS. Pearl River Animal Hospital - 19 Pearl Street, Pearl River. 845-735-3213. Valley Cottage Animal Hospital - 202 N. Route 303, Valley Cottage. 268-9263.

Water Systems

Abbey Ecowater Systems - 356-1700 or 800356-1770. Culligan Water - 634-5030.

Wedding Locations

Falkirk Estate and Country Club - 206 Smith Clove Road, Central Valley, NY. 845-928-8060 Paramount Country Club, New City. 845-6344626. Patriot Hills - 19 Clubhouse Lane, Stony Point. (8450 429-0555. Regency Banquet and Conference Center 425 E. Route 59, Nanuet. (845) 623-6000

Window Treatments

Westrock Windows - 30 Lake Road, Congers. 268-0463.