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With amazing new stock arriving daily, and all of our clothing priced so you can afford to look fab in all that you do - pop into see us for a chat and a coffe @ Brewery Square Dorchester today, you won't want to leave! Hello! We are people with a passion for colour! Lots of it... mixing it with patterns, clashing it, embracing it and smothering ourselves in it! We have been known to turn even the hardest of neutral pallets... into colour obsessed fiends. And for this reason, Belle Modelle was born. In Brewery Square, Dorchester a place has been created where you can come and get wonderful inspiration for fashion and your home X

Belle - Modelle Ltd, 6 Brewery Square - Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1HX OPENING TIMES - Studio/Showroom - Tues - Sat 10 - 5 - Sun 11 - 4 - Closed Monday

@BelleModelleLtd 07866 801 447 arkadia magazine

arkadia magazine

Arkadia Contact

sales@arkadiamags.co.uk - info@arkadiamags.co.uk Call - 01305 77 77 44 - Mobile - 07881 748 251 FB -Arkadia Mags @arkadiasouth @arkadiaparty www.arkadiamags.co.uk

Incredulously you have now picked up the fifth year's Arkadia magazine, and what a great five years it has been... As I sit in the 30-degree sunshine, having just watched a young and energetic England team destroy Panama, the town is alive with the sound of the 'chuckling' seagulls, joining in with the wailing pitch of the merry young men staggering from the Marina Inn's to hollas of 'God Save The Queen'... what a beautiful time to be alive... and for us to be celebrating we’ve made it to the fifth year of production, a real salute and a testament to the skillsets of feature artists and stunning independent retailers we have in our incredible county. Over the years it’s been so much fun together, I’ve revelled in making new friends, helping shape new companies, give a hand in new journeys and even had the odd party in a field along the way, all in the name of doing things differently, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me, picking up this eccentric magazine and taking us into your hearts and your homes... Again we offer you many a beautiful image of this summer season, amazing local events, inspiring talented artists and some weird and wonderful messed up behaviour, visiting places that we are truly grateful for, a few very secretive and some just mind-blowing, I've lived in Lords pockets, eaten squirrel and even tried to learn silvermaking, of which I failed miserably! I have the pleasure of giving you the Arkadia, I hope you keep relishing the ride!

Editor’s Letter

Big thanks go to - SteamShip Circus – Lee Saunders – Fobo Bright - Amy Hooper (Vines Farm Shop) Lottie Lucid and Jon – Costellos – Peak Scaffolding – Camelot Marquees – Sloth Bear Slim – Lorna Luna & Paul – Darren Carpenter – Luke Parker (Gate Massive) and everybody else who came, partied in peace, the staff, the cider fetchers, the gang as a whole, what a community, what a beautiful field, and big thanks to the 8 Arch Bridge and the river Stour, the moon the stars and the lightning storms. We love you one and all…

Danny Nash arkadia magazine

Private ‘One-To-One’ Tuition A different approach can provide that magical moment, when it all starts to make sense. Tutoring can build confidence and give children a real boost. For pupils who are already doing well, tutoring can offer scope for fine-tuning exam and revision technique. My goal is to supplement the education that children are receiving in the traditional school system, to enhance children’s academic skills at all levels. I help students maximise their academic potential and become highly successful in school. This is achieved by receiving individualised or group tutoring to fill in the “gaps” in your child's education and motivate them to succeed in school. As a parent myself I feel that private tutoring can be one of the best decisions parents can make to help their children succeed in school…and ultimately in life! It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you into my world of inspiring children.

Julie Foxall, BA(Hons) Childhood Studies, PGCE Current DBS certificate Feel free to call for an informal chat on 07432253368

When I was a kid eggy bread was a proper school holiday treat. Soft white bread soaked in an eggy dip, fried in the pan and served with every kid’s favourite tomato sauce (we’d never heard of ‘ketchup’!). When I had to create a dish for the National Breakfast Awards based around hollandaise sauce, I wanted something that brought this normally upmarket breakfast ingredient back down to earth and what better way to do that than to combine it with a humble childhood favourite. It also meant that it could be used in two different ways, adding richness to the eggy dip and with the addition of some chilli, a spicy sauce to finish. Throw in some delicious chorizo and some vibrant, irony kale and it seemed a winning combination. Anyway, the judges seemed to agree and this grownup re-working of my childhood favourite won me this year’s National Breakfast Chef of the Year Award.

Eggy Bread with Chorizo, Crispy Kale Spicy Hollandaise...


To make the dip, simply combine the ingredients and whisk thoroughly together in a bowl that is big enough to accommodate the dip and all four slices of bread. Place the bread slices in the dip, thoroughly immerse and leave to soak for 3-5 minutes To make the dressing, again simply combine the ingredients and whisk together In a non-stick pan on a medium heat add a tablespoon of olive oil. Once it is hot carefully add all four slices of dipped bread and fry until golden brown on the underside. Be careful not to move them before the egg on the base is cooked otherwise it will slide off and you won’t get a lovely golden crust. Turn the bread and fry on the other side until golden. By now the egg mixture will have cooked all the way through.

Ingredients (serves 2) Eggy Bread Dip 3 Free Range Eggs 150ml Hollandaise Sauce 100ml Milk 1/4 Teaspoon of Dried Chilly Flakes I/2 Teaspoon Salt 1/2 Teaspoon Black Pepper Spicy Hollandaise Dressing 100ml Hollandaise Sauce Juice of 1 lime 1 teaspoon of Tabasco (or more if you like things spicy Plus 2 thick slices of good white bread of choice (sourdough or ciabatta are great) 3 raw chorizo sausages, skinned and broken into rough thumbnail size pieces. 2 handfuls of chopped kale (any kale is fine) A lemon

30a Salisbury St, Blandford Forum DT11 7AR Remove from the pan and put to one side. Turn up the heat under the pan and throw in the chorizo pieces. Cook for a couple of minutes, turning so they brown evenly. Now throw in the kale, salt, and pepper. Fry, tossing regularly like a stirfry until the kale starts to turn crispy. Squeeze over the juice of half a lemon and cook for another minute. Move to the edge of the pan and return the bread. Cook for 30 seconds on each side to warm back through. Place two slices (one half on top of the other) per person on a plate and spoon the chorizo/kale mixture over the top.


Finally add the hollandaise dressing to the pan to heat through (the pan is hot, so this will take only a few seconds)


Stir and drizzle over the bread, chorizo, and kale.

Olive oil





Arkadia, how it all began.

I was always looking for a way to showcase some of the creative and amazing people I was meeting at parties, events, and festivals and so on, having been in a role where I was sales manager for a council led magazine, I knew I could talk (shutting me up is the issue…) I wanted to produce something originally that gave me room to talk about my own thoughts on Dorset, my little Eden I’d fallen in love with, 16 years ago I moved here and I’ve never to this day ceased to be amazed by the views and still what is still an unspoiled part of the world.

Seems nowadays five years on, I get asked the same question, what does 'Arkadia' actually mean, well here goes, derived from the basis of ‘Arcadia’, I felt this was the perfect fit for my new magazine title, little did I know then that 'Arcadia' the amazing and mahoosive festival loonies were also partly based in this town, especially launching Arkadia events (Big confusion for the first year...) and yes I did ride the wave of this a little for my first large event 'Harmony at the Larmer Tree’!...

But this sums up perfectly how I feel about where I have laid my hat, and the number of creative craftsmen and women I have found in this green unspoilt landscape, hence the 'Ark', wood turners, artisans, I have a real passion for promoting real people, local beautiful sights, amazing creative businesses and asking involving the right advertisers, honest trades that are as beautiful as they are inventive...

We’ve seen flying cars, mechanical robot spider cars, beautifully designed hand built roadsters and even one man in a barn building supercars.

I’ve been in the lap of the Lords, the back of beyond and took a wrong turning here and there just to discover where that unusual wall leads, or what that colourful scrap yard of Volkswagens is all about, I have had the pleasure of hearing so many wonderful tales, and tried my best to get these stories out there, from Chewton Glens magical gardens and spa, to Summer Lodge’s manicured lawns, coffee houses, salons, mechanics and top end car dealerships, all graciously accepting Arkadia into their worlds there foyers and their rooms, it’s been one heck of a journey so far. arkadia magazine

A arkadia magazine

I didn't set out to last five years, I had an itch that needed scratching, and I certainly didn't think I would be sat here five years later writing about these experiences if I didn’t receive the amount of amazing support I do from my repeat advertisers, forwardthinking business owners and managers, from Why Jewellers to Harwood’s Bentley, the wonderful and inventive Belle Modelle, these guys see there is something unique about Arkadia and carry on with the support and service we need to keep this magazine going out regularly to Dorset’s finest places. I’ve learnt new skills, keeping my mouth closed a little more and letting others talk, moreover listening to what people are saying, taking it in and trying to reproduce just a little of the magic with images from some of Dorset’s finest photographers, with my two key players over the years being Kris Dutson and Jodie House, Lee S we’ve bought my thoughts to life, my vision to completion and half a decade of happiness to my shores, I thank you once again Dorset for giving me a heart full of bursting pride and a head full of enchanting memories. I hope we can continue to create and inspire and delve and dig into this crazy place for another five years, with new photographers lining up to come out and play with us and new creative business empires being launched daily, I suspect we’ll be coming back to you in Winter for a stocking grabbing snow (hopefully) bound edition of my magazine, this is Arkadia…

Arcadia (Greek) refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. The term is derived from the Greek province of the same name which dates to antiquity; the province's mountainous topography and sparse population of pastoralists later caused the word Arcadia to develop into a poetic byword for an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness. Arcadia is a poetic shaped space associated with bountiful natural splendor and harmony.[1] The 'Garden' is often inhabited by shepherds. The concept also figures in Renaissance mythology. Although commonly thought of as being in line with Utopian ideals, Arcadia differs from that tradition in that it is more often specifically regarded as unattainable. Furthermore, it is seen as a lost, Edenic form of life, contrasting to the progressive nature of Utopian desires. The inhabitants were often regarded as having continued to live after the manner of the Golden Age, without the pride and avarice that corrupted other regions.[2] It is also sometimes referred to in English poetry as Arcady. The inhabitants of this region bear an obvious connection to the figure of the noble savage, both being regarded as living close to nature, uncorrupted by civilization, and virtuous. arkadia magazine

I was lucky enough to have competed at the Miss England SemiFinals at Kelham Hall on Tuesday Third of July. I came away with the title Miss England Semi-Final winner Publicity Queen, which I am so proud of, as a result of attending over five hundred events since being crowned 'Miss Dorset 2017' last March. I am now an ambassador for many charities and businesses locally. Miss England is all about being that role model people can look up to. It’s not just about looking beautiful, it’s about the inner beauty and how we can help others. Our titles are a platform for purpose and we use it for good in our communities and around England. I am so excited to be competing for the Miss England crown for part One and Two of Miss England. Part One is held at Resorts World Birmingham on 26th & 27th July and part Two is being held at Kelham Hall on Third and Fourth of September. My aspiration is to become 'Miss England 2018' and I am working hard to achieve my goal.


I would love to win the title to show that you don’t need to be tall or stunningly beautiful, the main element to being a Miss England is about having a kind heart, being approachable and being passionate.

Miss Dorset 2017 - on the journey to become Miss England 2018 We hear from Samanatha Louise Emma, the reigning Miss Dorset 2017, Miss England Social Media 2017 & Miss England Semi Final Publicity Queen 2018 on her ambitions .

arkadia magazine

Dorset cancer charity seeks ‘ambassadors’ A charity which helps local people through the financial pressures of cancer is inviting people to become its ‘ambassadors’.

“The money raised by DCCF and its supporters goes directly as grants to those who need it most, often within days of them applying for help.

Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF) celebrates its fifth anniversary this month (June) and plans to recruit a network of voluntary ambassadors so it can help even more people in the county.

“Our plan is to grow the charity in the next five years and for that, we need to raise awareness as well as funds and this is what our ambassadors will do.”

Co-Founder Eve Went, explained: “DCCF set out with the aim of helping Dorset people with cancer cope with the financial pressures caused by the disease. “Having cancer can leave people unable to work, with mounting bills and also facing extra costs, such as transport to and from the hospital.

DCCF is looking for people of any age or background who would be willing to become an ambassador for their own tiny patch of the county. Eve continued: “An ambassador might distribute some collecting tins in local shops and empty them regularly for us. They might also spread the word about what we do, encourage people they know to fundraise for us and maybe even fundraise for us themselves, in any capacity they can.” An ambassadors information meeting in Poole earlier this month (May) attracted around 10 volunteers. Amongst them was Ali Campbell from Shillingstone. Ali said: “I want to help spread the word about DCCF because the charity was there for me when I needed it, during my own cancer treatment. “Other potential ambassadors I have met have lost ones to cancer. Or just want to do something worthwhile for people who live here in Dorset.

Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF) celebrates its fifth anniversary this month (June) and plans to recruit a network of voluntary ambassadors so it can help even more people in the county. Around 10 potential ambassadors attended a meeting in Poole.

“DCCF isn’t looking for us to commit huge amounts of time, it just wants us to help in any way we can and I’m looking forward to organising some coffee mornings and other events in the village where I live.” For more information on DCCF and to find out more about becoming an ambassador or fundraising for the charity, please visit www.dccf.co.uk or telephone Nikki on 07593890879. DCCF was set up in Poole in 2012 to help cancer patients living in the county. The charity and its supporters hold events to fund grants to help families meet the cost of everything from transport to and from the hospital, to household bills and much needed short breaks. The charity prides itself on being easily accessed when people need it - Often within days of applying for help.

Caterpillar – DCCF is also looking for local companies to add their support - like Caterpillar of Ferndown which has raised over £5000 for the charity

Single parent Sharon Phillips from Bournemouth has a non-operable brain tumor and was helped to buy shopping and pay for heating costs arkadia magazine by DCCF while her benefit application was pending.

Dorset residents facing financial hardship because of cancer to ask their GP surgery to refer them to DCCF and fill on the online form at www.dccf.co.uk

time. I’m growing increasingly frustrated with the number of people I see suffering unnecessarily with unresolved pain, who are stressed out and been let down with their current options that I’ve written a free report that details 6 ways to beat back pain… and I want to send you this report at no charge. It’s time to request your free report… By calling 07718125737, or if you want the report right now, start here https://offers.lifebalancechiropractic.co.uk/freebackpainreport and you can download it instantly.


DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC This first report is for the person who is suffering from daily, annoying chronic back pain. It’s what I have learned about helping people find lasting relief from persistent unresolved pain over the past 5 years. Whether It’s a “throb”, “ache” or “sharp pain” where you feel your only option is to stop what you’re doing completely, reach for the painkillers and wonder how long you’ll be told to rest up for this

To celebrate the opening of Life Balance Chiropractic on Parkstone Road, Poole. We are giving the first 30 Arkadia readers the opportunity to find lasting relief from persistent unresolved pain and put a spring back in your step with an introductory welcome voucher of 50% off until 15/09. Call our Poole Centre NOW to secure your voucher and mention Arkadia to redeem this offer. This could be the answer you’ve been looking for.


To determine the cause of the problem, your initial consultation will include: + An extensive case and health history discussion + detailed chiropractic examination + Spinal analysis + Digital posture body screen. + Report of findings *motion x-rays not included. Set of x-rays are: £65 if required.

26 Parkstone Road, BH15 2PG 07718125737 www.lifebalancechiropractic.co.uk

Free parking at the rear of the building opposite the Poole lighthouse carpark For Sat Nav use BH15 1UA magazine Offer valid forarkadia the First 30 Arkadia readers only introductory welcome voucher of 50% off until 15/09

The all-new Bentley Continental GT The definition of luxury grand touring.

Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Britain, the new third-generation Bentley Continental GT combines spirited, focused performance with handcrafted luxury and cutting-edge technology, to create the finest Grand Tourer ever produced. For more information visit Bentley Hampshire. www.harwoods.uk.com/bentley or call 02380 813206. Bentley Hampshire. Bramshaw, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7JF The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2018 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Continental GT.


The Goddess

of Creation


Emma Wild is a true home-grown talent based in Dorset. With a degree in Fashion Design and with years of visual merchandising and display work under her creative belt, she’s now turning her attention to her illustration work, which focuses mainly on beautifully decorated illustrations of women. We ask Emma in her own words what it all means… After a period of big upheavals, loss and change in my personal and work life then reaching my “What am I doing? I can’t do this anymore!” moment, I gave in. I surrendered to my situation. I decided to use it as a chance to take some time out, to focus on what’s significant to me and change direction. So this is where I am, in the space between old and new, building foundations and doing what I love, creating artwork. My previous illustrations have been experimental as I developed my technique. All pictures start with a pencil drawing, which I digitally embellish with a variety of other drawings, paintings, prints, and patterns. It’s then all gathered in Photoshop, where I piece together and build up the layers to create a final piece. I like the blend of real and digital work. It’s authentic in its origins and the computer gives me the freedom to arrange and play with it, a bit like my display work. Over the last few months, I’ve been working on a Goddess Archetype series. The idea was sparked by an audiobook ‘Awakening the Goddesses Within’ by Agapi Stassinopoulos and the book ‘Goddesses in Everywoman’ by Jean Shinoda Bolen M.D. They both explore not just the mythology, but also the powerful archetypes of the seven Greek Goddesses, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hera, Hestia and Persephone that live in women’s psyches. This opened up the fascinating and rich inner lives of women that hopefully, we can all identify with. Visually, the imagery of the 1920’s has a big influence on my work, I have a romantic, free-spirited and bohemian idea about that time. It almost certainly wasn’t quite like that but it is in my imaginings! I draw inspiration from books, exhibitions, prints, patterns, vintage textiles, and embroidery. I’m excited by colour, beautiful colour combinations will be the first thing that attracts my eye. I’m inspired by the work of Mucha, Celia Birtwell, Stina Persson, Tina Berning and artist Rosie Emerson, who also grew up in Dorset. Alongside the creative work, I’ve been attending workshops run by ‘The Arts Development Company’. As part of their Culture+ program, they run free workshops and offer 1:1 mentoring sessions for artists and makers in Dorset. I‘m so grateful that I discovered them when I did, it’s been great timing for me and I have come away with information and tools to get me started. They’re all passionate about their specific area of expertise and I’ve met some lovely artists and makers too. So if you’re living in Dorset and want help and support with your creative venture, definitely check them out. Their workshops begin again in September. I don’t know where all this will take me. It’s both terrifying and exciting, but it feels right. I’m enjoying the process and I’m also feeding my soul! My Goddess Archetype illustrations are almost finished and a website will be up and running soon.


- Work in progress.

'Athena' - Work in progress. You can find me on Instagram @emmawild_creativejournal Limited edition prints are available at Gallery 65 in Westbourne.


For more information about The Arts Development Company visit www.theartsdevelopmentcompany.org.uk arkadia magazine




arkadia magazine


tcommerciallawp thecommerciallawpractice WWW.THECOMMERCIALLAWPRACTICE.COM arkadia magazine

Here, at the Commercial Law Practice, we value our clients. Our business minded lawyers provide clients with practical and sound legal advice. Lisa is a solicitor with over 25 years’ experience in employment law gained as a result of advising Dorset’s largest employers during periods of significant challenge. Whatever changes take place within a business they naturally affect the workforce which is often the largest and most valuable resource that a business possesses. Lisa very readily builds strong, personal relationships with her clients and does all that she can to help them to grow and develop their businesses. The Commercial Law practice can provide legal advice to employers upon a wide range of issues such as: • The obligations of both parties to an employment relationship • Contracts of employment • Differences between workers, employees and the self-employed • Changing employment contracts • Absence from work, long term sickness and handling resignations and redundancies. • Legal tests which have to be applied to workplace scenarios. • The resolution of workplace disputes • Unfair dismissal • Managing grievances and conducting disciplinaries • Drafting of and content of settlement agreements • The content of policies and procedures ensuring that they are legally compliant • Duties and obligations of employing young workers • The making of reasonable adjustments to building, equipment and processes so that disabled workers are not disadvantaged in the workplace. • TUPE and its effects

Where things go wrong We regularly advise employers when their policies, procedures or decisions are the subject of challenge by employees exhausting their own internal procedures or as a result of the employee bringing a claim in the employment tribunal. We can help you to understand the Employment tribunal procedure and what needs to happen when you receive a claim form.

We can: • Value a claim so that you can make a decision about whether it is worth continuing to fight a claim. • Assist with the preparation of your case, including the search and gathering of documentation to support your case. • Explain the importance of the content of witness statements and of selecting the correct witness so that you can be sure that the best evidence is considered by an employment tribunal. • Conduct negotiations with ACAS as required • Provide forthright and robust advice upon the strength of your case and its likelihood of success • Advise on time limits, the completions of forms, how to respond to a claim, deadlines, procedures, orders made by the employment judges as you prepare your case for hearing before the employment tribunal. • Advise you on what happens at the hearing, last minute settlements and the outcome. Advice on the issues above (which are not exhaustive), the rights of the parties within the employment relationship, on the content of business’ policies and procedures can be obtained from the Commercial Law Practice.

At the Commercial Law Practice we understand the law and its effects on businesses. With the help of our team, you can be reassured that your business is protected. We will simplify any issues and handle all legal matters, allowing you to focus on making your business a success. Law but differently

Pullman Court, Copper Street, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1GA, 01305 544 015, lp@thecommerciallawpractice.com arkadia magazine


ENGAGING PERFECTION It begins with a Yes, then an I Do - Celebrate forever in a brilliant cascade of light Engagement rings, bridal and dress jewellery set with the most fabulous diamonds From out latest stock collections and designed to order

W W W.W H Y J E W E L L E R S .C O M

DCS: 01929 761333 Jamie Perry: 07515 255 828 Jules Hinsley: 07514 545 309 info@dorsetcateringservices.co.uk

ABOUT US We are professional caterers working in Dorset, Hampshire and surrounding counties in the South of England. We specialise in outside wedding catering, fine dining and hog roasts. If it is to do with catering then we can get it, cook it and serve it. With thousands of successful events in our portfolio ranging from luxury Private Dinners to Feeding thousands of festival goers, and the opportunity to have worked on 5 Star Cruise Ships catering all around the world. We have a wealth of experiences in Providing First Class Catering for all and any event we undertake. So make your first and last call today to myself or one of our events team and let us help you organise your perfect occasion whatever it may be ? There is truly no event too big or too small that we wouldnt cater for, nor any demand too strange or demanding for us to achieve. We Specialise in many types of Catering so no request is too strange and because we own all our equipment we are ready to be able to set up mobile kitchens in a matter of hours in the confinements of any venue or location, not to mention the ability to use one of our purpose built catering trailers from our sister company Eat St. Take a look here www.eatst.co.uk All Types of Marquee, Wedding, Corporate and Event Catering, Private Home Dining and Canapes Parties or Holiday Cottage Catering. Lamb, Hog Roasts and BBQs with influences from all over the world. As a company our ethics are to work and use local suppliers and seasonal produce whenever possible. Ensuring that the client gets exactly what they have requested within all budgets. For more information visit our Contact page or email us on :


arkadia magazine

v 6


Jammy cow... 35ml Black Cow Vodka infused with Butterfly Pea Flower 15ml Homemade Ginger Syrup 15ml Lemon Juice Bar spoon of Black Cherry Jam Egg White Three Drops of Angostura Bitters Garnish: Edible Borage Flower Besides the puzzled, confused and uninterested faces of people when mentioning about egg whites in cocktails, they actually give your cocktail a rich, creamy texture and a beautiful foamy head. Egg whites are basically odourless and tasteless, so their contribution is almost entirely textural. To sample Zach’s eclectic cocktail collection or to grab an amazing night of food and frolics, then head on down to Vinny@6. 6 North Square - Dorchester - DT1 1HF - Call 01305 267679 -info@vinnyatsix.com arkadia magazine

HOME FARM SHOP Situated in the picturesque Dorset village of Tarrant Gunville lies the golden gem of Home Farm Shop. A traditional farm shop and award-winning tea room housed in a restored barn on the Belbin family farm. Fifteen years ago, working the weekly farmers' markets with home cooked meals freshly prepared in her very own farmhouse kitchen and selling their own farm-reared meat to provide additional income owner Marlene put it to her late husband Rodney to fully restore one of the barns to enable her to open an authentic farm shop and tea room. After much persuasion Rodney, your traditional, reluctant Dorset farmer eventually agreed to allow an enthusiastic Marlene to fully indulge her passion for hospitality. And what a good job he did. After some shaky starts (think pop up gazebos blowing around the farm, a disused animal feed shelter with no flooring serving as the initial “tearoom� and an abundance of escapee livestock) all these years later the tea room is thriving. Proud winners of Best Farm Shop in the 2014 Taste of Dorset awards they continue to attract old and new visitors alike. Particularly at weekends when they welcome a variety of ramblers, cyclists, horse riders etc.

TRADITIONAL AND THE NOT SO TRADITIONAL! From their local villagers to group bookings for special events. It really is a little jewel tucked away in the Dorset countryside. Not only do they serve the most amazing cooked farmhouse breakfasts, but even before a “high tea” and the love of all things vintage and rustic became the crowd-pleasing popular go to that it continues to be today, Marlene was ahead of the game already offering a vintage afternoon tea experience that is quite simply beyond comparable. Home Farm has always been a fully-fledged family business. Daughter Abi and husband Paul took the plunge five years ago using one of the farm fields to launch Home Farm Camping, an unspoiled rural glamping and camping venue that continues to go from strength to strength. After the sad passing of Rodney two years ago, Marlene and Abi have continued to maintain the farm in his absence (with tears and hilarity along the way) as well as run the shop and campsite in between delivering the odd calf or two from the resident cows. Abi’s passion for creating a unique environment to escape, a lover of the outdoors and a keen head for keeping things interesting has seen the new addition of a bar and outdoor woodfired pizza oven. With Friday nights being their goal and a place not just for locals to come and relax they are now also open every Friday evening to come and enjoy a drink, grab a pizza and chill on a farm in beautiful Dorset. If you’ve never visited then we urge you to put it on your 'to-do' list. Trust us, you won’t forget it.

www.homefarmshop.co.uk 01258 830083 info@homefarmshop.co.uk

Weymouth, a beautiful town on the cusp of our county, a place that I sense most Dorseteers’ look upon as the poor man’s Swanage, or ‘Weybiza’ the ‘Stag & Hen Do’ party town, having lived here for a few months now, I feel this is a misconceived notion, the sense of community and warmth is clear to see.


I get a smile and a nod from the locals on my street, my local barber has so much inside knowledge on the Town it’s untrue… and the vibe and feel of the place are great for a ‘proper northern’ boy, you have the lovely picturesque harbour full of delightful folk, then you get the back streets with the younger crowd all looking for a punch up, boy it takes me home… The place is beautiful too, just incredibly artistic, and there is always something happening here, from military parades to supercars lining the promenade, which from out at sea is just beautiful, you’re cast back to the 1800’s with the trams and the horse-drawn carriages, the smell of coal in the air as the steam paddle ships draw out of the harbourside, it’s a stunning Georgian town, which has been a port for many Centuries, and has so much history it’s difficult to know where to start! • The Port of Weymouth supplied 15 ships and 263 mariners in 1347 for the siege of Calais which had begun in 1346. With evidence showing Roman Galleys sailed up the River Wey as far as Radipole where they would beach and unload cargo to transport to the Roman Town of Durnovaria (Dorchester). • Another, rather more infamous claim to fame that Weymouth doesn’t shout about too much nowadays is the Black Death or Bubonic Plague. It entered the British Isles through the ports of Melcombe Regis in 1348. It was most likely brought ashore by the fleas off the rats infesting the ships that had sailed around the continent. When the people of Dorset realised there was this terrible disease on their doorstep, they fled the local towns and moved inland, and in doing so by definition, they spread the plague across the country. • A significant change to Weymouth came about in 1789 when King George III made his first visit to the town, to enjoy the waters of the English Channel by taking a dip in the sea on Weymouth’s glorious beach. King George III became so attracted to Weymouth that he came down on holiday every year. He soon purchased Gloucester Lodge from his brother. It still exists and has been renovated into luxury apartments. In 1794 a package steamer service started to operate between the Channel Islands and Weymouth. This not only allowed for the importation of products but also the emigration of many Dorset families wishing to start a new life. In 1808 the chalk figure was carved into the hillside above Osmington. It is supposed to portray King George III who last visited Weymouth in 1805. It has been rumoured that King George was irritated as it showed him riding away from Weymouth as opposed to riding towards the town he’d grown so fond of. To mark the influence King George III had on Weymouth as a holiday resort, an unusual statue, known as “The Painted Statue”, was erected in 1810. arkadia magazine

Words & Images - Danny Nash

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The Orientation Point at Black Down near Dorchester. DORSET has a new stone-built ‘circle’ aligned with the winter and summer solstices. Artist-architect Amanda Moore created the orientation point at Black Down car park near Hardy’s Monument. ‘I wanted to make a modern interpretation of the ancient monuments on the South Dorset Ridgeway,’ Amanda explained. The sculpture consists of five ‘totems’ built from local Forest Marble stone. One is aligned with true north and the other four with the midwinter and midsummer solstice sunrises and sunsets. In clear conditions at each of these times, the Sun’s full disc shines through an opening in one of the totems, lighting up a central rock of Portland stone. The midsummer alignment was tested successfully on 21 June when people gathered to watch a perfect dawn sunrise. ‘It’s a really amazing site for a piece of art,’ added Amanda.

The project was a collaboration between The South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership and The Arts Development Company, funded by Arts Council England. It’s one of many public art collaborations being managed by the Arts Development Company across Dorset. Others include work by international artist Michael Pinsky at West Bay, a new children’s playground at Norden in Purbeck, a redesign for Shore Road in Poole, (which also involves Amanda Moore), and plans to commission artists to install boundary stones or gates on rights of way at parish boundaries. One of the most exciting future projects involves restoration of the historic ford on the River Lim between Lyme Regis and Uplyme, the longest ford in England. The idea is to repair the original ford, making a fantastic space to relax and watch wildlife as well as showing how farmers once used the ford to drive cattle to market. Over the summer, master stonemason Tom Trouton will be investigating whether the original cobbles are still there under the concrete.

‘There are 360-degree views from up there and you can see all the way down to Golden Cap and Devon beyond. Before we made the piece, the site was underused and overgrown with knotweed.’ The circle is part of a larger project that finds creative ways to navigate and explore the South Dorset Ridgeway. A second artist, Amanda Wallwork from West Bay, has designed a Field Guide and set of six walking maps for the area. These reveal hidden aspects of the landscape and geology. She said: ‘I used the familiar format of a map as a way of drawing attention to the underlying geology which is the basis of the landscape. It’s all about navigating that landscape and seeing more by looking at what’s below and how that affects what’s above in terms of what lives there and how we have used the land. ‘This was a fascinating project for me because it covered lots of my long-term interests such as archaeology, the presence of the past, geology and deep time and how we read that.’ arkadia magazine

Artist Amanda Wallwork at Bronkham Hill on the South Dorset Ridgeway, one of the locations included in her six walking maps. (Photo by Matt Austin Images).

The maps are free and can be picked up from libraries and community points across the Ridgeway. You can also request copies from Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, telephone 01305 228246.

Designs on West Borough A warm welcome awaits you at our Gallery and Gift shop, located in Wimborne and featuring paintings and cards from a host of beautiful and talented local artists, beautifully chosen artisan gifts from around the world.

With a unique and quirky feel and cool ideas for all ages, birthday treats or just a little surprise gift for your loved one (You don't need to have a reason!) We hope to bring a warmth and our passion for good service with a helpful hand in finding the right gift for your tastes, we have learnt that discovering new things is one of the finest treats you can have. So, If you're looking for something a little different, you just might find it here!

22A West Borough, Wimborne BH21 1NF 01202 719610

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would say that my love of metalwork began in early 1996. I’d just quit the industrial design course I was doing having realised I’d made a terrible mistake as it would not allow me the artistic freedom that I needed.

I applied to Plymouth College of Art and Design to join the HND (Higher National Diploma) in Design Metals, I’d seen the metalwork department which was in the basement of the old boy’s school, which was now the art department when I’d toured the college a year earlier. It was murky, loud, smelt funny and was full of sparks, so I knew I had to join! arkadia magazine

TOTALLY HAMMERED After the HND, I completed a BA Hons in Applied Arts specialising in metalwork and after a year of working for a local tool supplier I spotted an advert in the local free newspaper ‘Blacksmith looking for apprentice’. I went for an interview and got the job thanks to my portfolio and experience I’d gained at the college. I remained in this job for 8 years before setting up my own forge deep in the East Devon countryside. I’ve had my own business now for 10 years, and over this time I have hopefully developed a reputation for good quality, bespoke and artistic metalwork. Over the years I have developed a strong and recognisable style based upon fluid and free-moving

lines. My work is mainly influenced by the Art Deco style and Gaudi, I believe this shows through in my gallery work, and also in the gates and railings I design and make for my customers. I follow the unconventional rules, why design in a straight line when you can create a beautiful curve? When working on a commission, I always start by going to visit the environment that the metalwork will exist in. I like to design my work so that it fits into its surroundings, becoming part of the lines and contours of the landscape, whether that is hedgerows and fields, an arch or gap in the wall next to a house.

I think that it’s the mixture of my experiences, the love of my craft and my training in art at college, plus the blacksmithing techniques that I was taught whilst working for another smith that have joined to give my work its distinctive style and aesthetics. If you’d like to see more of my work you’ll find a selection of my mid-scale pieces at ‘Ad Lucem’ in Lyme Regis and more examples on my website

www.simonconnett.com I’m always happy to discuss a commission, so if you have a project in mind please do get in touch as I’m always open to trying new things!

JUBILEE CAMPING. Unspoilt, edge of the New Forest calm, a site for locals to unwind in Damerham,a place that holds a strange mystique.

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Well, what a fabulous weekend I have just experienced, quality hosts, cold beers, warm showers, roaring fires and most of all a beautifully enchanting night in a part of Dorset that blows away every cobweb, especially when you are staying in the next field from the wonderfully eclectic village of Damerham. Welcome to Jubilee Camping - what a beautiful quiet and idyllic rural getaway situated in the village of Damerham, just on the Hampshire/Dorset border and 5 miles from the New Forest National Park. Perfect for country pursuits (Fly and Carp fishing both within a couple of miles), cycling, horse riding, and fine dining, and within easy reach of Salisbury, Southampton, and Bournemouth. The campsite offers 60 generously sized 10 metre-squared camping pitches - ample space for one car and a good sized family tent, however additional car parking is available if required. We provide beautifully crafted amenities, Belfast stone washing sinks, thatched roofed porcelain flushed toilets and very hot showers, you may wish to hire one of our cosy fire-pits with a good supply of drywood, either to cook on or simply as a warming focal point to sit around and toast marshmallows. By prior arrangement, there may also be locally sourced produce available (bacon, sausages, eggs, bread, milk etc.), or the nearest shop is just 3 miles away. Our Glamping area has 6 individually situated bell tents, every 5 metres in diameter to comfortably accommodate a 'real' double bed with mattress and bedding, with the option of up to 4 inflatable single mattresses, also with bedding provided. Each bell tent is carefully furnished with carpets for ultimate 'home-from-home' comfort, a small table/chair, solar or battery-powered fairy lights, and a fire-pit outside your door for the perfect romantic getaway. There's also a camping kettle for your fire-pit, and tea/coffee provided. But don't forget a torch! The only other light is from the stars and moon. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind, and escape to the countryside where any traffic jams are down to the local Farmer in his tractor, and the only tweeting done is by the birds in the trees. Dogs and their well-behaved owners are very welcome, but we do ask for them to be kept on a lead at all times (the dogs!) and for all mess to be cleared up (both dogs and owners!). Please be respectful of fellow campers and our livestock. A short drive into the New Forest and you'll be spoilt for choice for stunning dog walks - your pooch will be in heaven! To ensure we have happy campers we respectfully ask for any noise to be kept to a minimum between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. We are not able to accept bookings for stag and hen do's or other party bookings. Damerham is an active farming village and offers beautiful local walks; along the stream and up to the little church, and is also home to The Compasses Inn - a popular country pub serving superb lunches and evening meals. www.jubileecamping.co.uk hello@jubileecamping.co.uk www.compassesinndamerham.co.uk 01725 518231. arkadia magazine

Take a leisurely look around Lake Yard - with its waterfront location and uninterrupted views across Poole Harbour towards Arne and the Purbeck Hills and you’ll soon realise this is that special place you’ve been waiting to discover.


Our forty-berth marina has deep water access at all tides and its secluded location is the perfect place to keep your boat.


We have 100 swinging, ‘trot’-style moorings, all with deepwater access in all tidal conditions, complimentary water taxi, dinghy racks and lockers, with parking and shower facilities onsite.


With a long history of boat building and powerboat racing, Lake Yard is a busy working boatyard with a fifty tonne boatlift, full maintenance services and boatyard facilities. For full details about our services please call Jenny on 01202 674531.

The Home of Boston Whaler UK arkadia magazine

As the sole distributor for ‘The Unsinkable Legend’ for over 35 years, our knowledge of the Boston Whaler is unrivalled and it is the perfect craft for the shallow waters of Poole Harbour.


Relax and unwind with drinks or savour a full course meal in Lake Yard’s Bar & Restaurant open to both members and non-members. Our team of international chefs serve up freshly cooked food and use Dorsetsuppliers; even our ice cream is made just a few miles away. Our bar serves draught beers and cider and we have a pleasingly affordable wine list. General Manager Seonagh Guthrie and her team of friendly staff will ensure you fully enjoy all that Lake Yard has to offer.

Join the club

Marina & mooring customers receive discounted Lake Yard Club Membership which gives you great benefits such as up to 20% discount on food and drinks and entry to exclusive events.

Lake Yard Club Lake Drive, Poole, Dorset BH15 4DT arkadia magazine t 01202 676953 | e food@lakeyard.com | www.lakeyard.com

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I am truly honoured and exceptionally delighted to finally grab a few moments with the very enigmatic, and incredibly busy Lord Shaftesbury, a wonderful guy, and a super interview for this the fifth year anniversary of Arkadia Magazine. The House has seen such a dramatic transformation, now with the beautiful Home Farm, the new and very beautiful Riding House and the club, please tell us more about the outcome and the exciting things we can now expect to see at the site? The focus has been on trying to build the perfect venue. We were lucky that the raw materials that we got to work with were so amazing, but they were also in very bad condition so it’s taken us a long time to make them useable. We had to start from scratch building car parks, kitchens, loos, nightclubs etc. We now do events most weekends so it’s been exciting to see all our hard work pay off. Our philosophy has been about putting our own stamp on the house and allowing the magic of the history to come alive. The Riding House, which has recently been converted into an 8-bedroom accommodation, was the final missing jig-saw piece. With it finished we can now curate a “St.Giles experience” from start to finish. You have yet to hit the big 40, and already you’ve achieved so much in your life, so much has already been thrown upon your shoulders, has the house been the greatest challenge so far? The house has definitely been the greatest challenge so far, and it will remain a challenge for many more years to come. Now we are living here, there are so many more things we want to do. I doubt it will ever feel like we have finished, but for us, it’s more about enjoying our time and ensuring that our children grow up to enjoy it too. The only way these places can keep going is with love and a lot of energy so if the kids can feel that and want to keep it going, there’s hope for the future! You must be so proud of the work you’ve achieved with the help of your family, Historic Houses Association and Sotheby Restoration Awards are just a few accolades bestowed on you for the amazing work done at St Giles House – Wimborne St Giles, a major feat in the face of adversary, what has been your ‘moment’ looking back? The moment we moved into the house for the first time stands out as one of the most memorable. We moved back in March 2012, 50 years after my greatgrandfather died. It felt like we were reclaiming the house for the family. It was a surreal moment that I never thought would happen to me. My wife and I had a mattress on the floor and we woke up early listening to the birds on the lake!


How would you prefer to be addressed when at an event or charity night, does it differ to when you are meeting people who don’t know you personally as Lord Shaftesbury? I normally just introduce myself as Nick, but sometimes it’s appropriate to use my title if it’s a formal occasion. I feel it’s a great responsibility to have the title and I am very proud of the history it represents. That said, I try and just be myself and I never thought that having a title makes me more important than someone else.magazine arkadia

DANCE LIKE A So… DJ superstardom, playing in the finest resorts on the planet, you were very well received on the worldwide stage as a ‘name’ in the industry, do you still get to rock the gatherings doing one of the things you love? Initially, I had to turn my back on my life as a DJ in order to focus on my family and role on the estate. It was a hard decision, but I knew I needed to give everything here 100%. However, one thing that never stopped was my love for music and I continued to keep up to date listening and buying music whenever I could. I still have lots of friends who are still very active in the scene keeping me in touch with things. Recently, I started to have more opportunities to play out and I realised how much I had been missing it. I now get to play a handful of times a year and feel lucky to have that opportunity. More recently we have managed to convert the basement beer cellar at St. Giles House into a nightclub, with our friends from Audio Feed and Wolf Lighting. We use it for our weddings and private events. In April we won the best installation at the Mondo.dr Awards in Frankfurt, Germany. My background in DJing and nightclubs helped a lot in its creation! You’re a chap who takes care of his fitness and enjoys some yoga I hear? Are you now back to fitness stomping tarmac and doing the ‘Cat Pose’? I love my yoga and Pilates and do both regularly. Since my spinal injury, I do less of the really long runs due to the impact on my body, but I enjoy to go out to the mountains and climb. arkadia magazine


I hear a lot on the grapevine about your involvement with ‘Wings For Life’ – can you tell us a little more about this incredible charity? In 2009 I broke my back and was blessed not to get paralysed from the waist down, but I did suffer some nerve damage. It totally changed my life and opened my eyes to the challenges of spinal cord injury. At the time ‘Wings for Life’ were setting up in the UK. The charity’s sole mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injury which really resonated with me. I initially raised money for them through a race I did in the Atacama Desert. From there I agreed to become an Ambassador for the charity and have supported them ever since. Many thanks for allowing us into your household, can I finish by asking you, now Dorset is your home and a massive part of you, and your home a major part of Dorset, is there a preferred place you go too for peace and solace, are you sea seeking or is the forest the favourite? I am Dorset chap through and through and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I like the rural unspoilt parts, whether that’s coastline or the open countryside. The magic of Dorset is that there are so many of these places left in the county to explore.


Interviewer - Danny Nash

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Cranborne Garden Centre is an independent ‘boutique garden centre, set in the walled, former kitchen garden of Cranborne Manor in the quintessentially English village of Cranborne. Surrounded by mature trees, with roses rambling over the ancient walls and beautifully planted lawns and borders, it provides a tranquil and beautiful place to wander and enjoy the horticultural delights and to find inspiration for your own garden. The Garden Centre specialises in old-fashioned and modern roses, with several hundred varieties stocked each year. They also offer a wide selection of trees, shrubs, herbaceous and bedding plants, including unusual varieties difficult to find elsewhere. The Garden Team are all horticulturally trained and are pleased to provide guidance and advice. Cranborne Garden Centre is the only stockist of Haddonstone stoneware in Dorset along with interesting pots, plant supports, and gardenalia. The Gift Shop offers an interesting range of homewares, gifts and garden sundries along with local foodie treats and artisan products. The Vintage Barn is a treasure trove of eclectic goodies. The Café is open daily for breakfast, morning coffee, lunch and tea. Everything is freshly made in their own kitchen – with a tempting selection of homemade cakes and cream teas. Cranborne Manor Garden is open every Wednesday 9am-5pm (beginning of March until mid-October) with tickets available in The Gift Shop. The Manor Garden will also be open on Friday 27th July and Bank Holiday Monday on 27th August. Cranborne Garden Centre runs a programme of events throughout the year including the popular bi-annual Vintage Fair – this summer on Sunday 19th August 10am – 5pm. See their website for a full programme of events. Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm Sundays and Bank Holidays Cranborne Garden Centre Cranborne - Dorset BH21 5PR 01725 517248 www.cranbornegardencentre.co.uk

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Nicky Massey “Making beautiful things isn’t just my business, it’s my passion”

Welcome to the world of Margo and Mya LTD

Modern interiors can be a whole range of different styles, which for some can be quite a mine-field! At Margo and Mya we can work with any idea you have from very modern and simple through to country kitsch or tweed. Margo and Mya offers a totally unique experience from the normal interior design business, we can guide you through the design process through to installation, stress-free and at a pace that suits you. Once fabrics and styles have been decided, Margo and Mya will make your curtains, blinds and soft furnishes “IN STORE”. We are a handmade not factory made business and can create a look especially for you! So you stand out and make your home all about you! ‘Home should tell a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” Nate Berkus

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We stock a diverse range of fabrics from Harlequin, Romo, Colefax and Fowler, William Morris and Designers Guild. We can help you find the fabric that you want to make your dream room come true! At Margo and Mya we can go that little extra and make cushions and lampshades to bring a final touch to your room. Our in-house Interior Designer can advise on room design and if you need help with selling your home, we offer home staging, so you get your sale. We are so excited to launch our Sewing and Creating School called “Sew What?” which will be starting in September of this year. We’ll be offering a so many making classes from: lampshade and cushion making, patchwork, chalk paint processes plus so much more! So pop in to see us for details at 4 Pope Street in Brewery Square in Dorchester or give us a call 01305235503 Margo and Mya, bringing luxury to your home!

Nicky Massey x

LT D .

shop now open 4 Pope Street, - Brewery Square, - Dorchester, - Dorset, DT1 1GW Phone: - 07898 872240 margoandmya.co.uk arkadia magazine

07799 392737 sales@deluxeholidayhomes.co.uk


w w w.delu xeholi d ayhomes.co.uk w w w.deluxeli mostolet.co.uk w w w.delu xeholi d ayhomesms.co.uk



07545 598997 • sales@deluxeholidayhomesms.co.uk




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Professional Services At Competitive Prices ByProfessional Experienced Goldsmiths Services

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www.goldmanjewellers.com Where Unique Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive www.goldmanjewellers.com

WELCOME TO CONYERS GUNSHOP, ANGLING SUPPLIES, HOME & COUNTRY We have expanded into the old car showroom, re-opening the adjoining door after more than 40 years. Our beautiful Home & Country range where all our products follow an animal and country theme including bespoke cushions, curtains, blinds and loose covers all made locally. An extensive selection of gifts for any occasion and some lovely unique items handmade here in Dorset. Conyers is the oldest shop in town with modern stock and old-fashioned customer service. A stunning selection of sporting goods, home wares, clothing and more, all in the beautiful Town of Blandford Forum, all under one roof, and all selected to suit your lifestyle choices. Pop in today to see what goodies they have in store to make your life more complete, hand picked treasures, top end brands and knowledge abound from years of shooting and fishing experience!



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CANFORD CLASSICS When I got invited over to see the guys at Canford Classics, I was pretty chuffed to say the least, I started Arkadia 5 years ago, 2013 saw the Fifty-year anniversary of Porsche 911... so I knew this would be a fitting tribute to the magazine... what i didn't expect was such a creative and down to earth bunch of lads working on the finest motors on the planet... A young Alan Drayson started his love affair with Porsches from his Mum's garage aged 17. It was 1967 912 and needed much love. The restoration took him 2 years as he was studying for his A-levels and he financed the restoration by working part-time as a bartender. But as he recalls, it was worth all the hard work: "I remember the first time I took that car for a drive - the sheer pleasure of driving a Porsche was like nothing I had ever experienced before". It was from then Alan was hooked. He restored Porsches as a hobby alongside his academic studies all the way through university until the end of his PhD in 2001. He finally made the move to make his first love for Porsches his full-time career in 2007 and is now well-known in the industry for his painstaking attention to detail and quality work.

THE OLD HAY BARN Nestled in the lush, rolling hills of Dorset, near the small village of Bere Regis, Canford Classics can be found on a working farm. Enter the office and you'll meet Dominique (Alan's wife) and Scott, who looks after Operations and helps the team and customers source the parts they need. Across the courtyard, past the showroom, you'll find the prestige workshop with Porsches in various states of transformation. The vibe is relaxed and friendly, whilst at the same time focussed and professional.

arkadia magazine

arkadia magazine

THE TEAM Over the years Canford Classics has gained an international reputation for the most exact restorations, with an attention to detail that has become the benchmark within the Classic Porsche fraternity. Alan has surrounded himself with a unique and talented team of craftspeople to deliver his vision of quality and Porsche standards. Chris and John bring an unsurpassed level of knowledge and expertise to restoration and works through the proven methodology of Canford Classics. The team happily welcome anyone to come and visit. Just contact Dominique.

EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF Unlike many restoration workshops, Canford Classics undertake every part of your Porsche restoration, including bodywork, paint-work, mechanical components and trim; even manufacturing rare parts when needed (parts can also be purchased in our little parts shop). To see how we work, have a look at our proven methodology. OUR VISION Through a deep passion and love for classic Porsches, we strive every day, in every detail, to keep these iconic vehicles alive for Porsche lovers' enjoyment and investment. OUR MISSION Every we touch will be transformed to its former arkadiacar magazine glory, irrespective of the original condition.


FOR A FREE ESTIMATE Call 07790 654729 Email info@rpmservices.biz Visit rpmservices.biz

Quality Automotive Valeting & Detailing Covering Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas Providing your vehicle with the highest quality service to ensure it looks it’s best! Using premium products to guarantee a quality finish, whether it’s a maintenance wash, or being treated to full protection and restoration works, our range of services can cover your requirements. See our website or contact us for more details. FOLLOW US @RPMSERVICESDORSET

RISE AND SHINE EVENTS LTD #RAS #DrivingBusinessTogether #ShowcaseAndShine

A Drive of Respect Main Event - 26th August 2018 at The East Close Hotel Christchurch

Sundowners Networking Social Showcase And Shine - 19th July 2018 at The East Close Hotel Christchurch

To keep up with our events please follow our social media channels

Rise and Shine Events Ltd



Sponsorship opportunities are now available arkadia magazine

Meet the Bentley Bentayga V8

The newest addition to the range, Bentayga V8, is everything Bentayga was designed to be, balancing exquisite refinement with astonishing performance. Bold, contemporary styling cues and unparalleled levels of craftsmanship provide a sleek, sporting look, while the new cutting-edge V8 engine delivers immense power and instant acceleration. This agile SUV is a pleasure to drive both in the city and on the open road, accompanied by an immensely satisfying Bentley V8 sound. To explore the Bentayga range visit Bentley Hampshire. www.harwoods.uk.com/bentley or call 02380 813206. Bentley Hampshire. Bramshaw, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7JF The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2018 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Bentayga.

BENTLEY HAMPSHIRE arkadia magazine

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Can you see the a'tract'ion? Words Danny Nash Images Kris Dutson With a background in farming, and having once owed and ran a very successful fencing company, Colin Foot stood every chance of keeping his toe in the agricultural scene, it was in 1997 Colin, now fully retired, as much as retired one man and his wealth of village and charity activities can be (Colin and Jan run a yearly event in the little village they live in atracting over 2,000 folk and raising over 13,000 pounds for Fortunewell cancer Trust!) purchased two old tractors and set about making them good... he now has a collection somewhere in the region of 25 plus tractors, and when we say making them good.. this boy don't do it 'by arf'... Having the pleasure of lookin around a serious 'hobbyist's' pride and joy is a day to behold, when you get told of the 'David Brown' he has sitting in the barn, and the whole 'Brown-Ferguson' story, and also some facts I didn't know, that David Brown, In 1947, saw a classified advertisement in The Times, offering for sale a High Class Motor Business. Brown acquired Aston Martin for ÂŁ20,500 and, in the following year, Lagonda for ÂŁ52,500, The David Brown years led to the legendary DB series of Aston Martins, these flittle nuggets make the day even more fascinating. He has tractors bought by jan for his 70th, he has pulled them upside down from entrances to fields, and driven them straight home (or on the back of a trailer- of course...) and has made each and every engine in his stable one of pure beauty. His motto, 'find em, get em home' restore em' keeps him going, although they are getting rarer to find, so the ones he uses to pull his grandsons round in the snow on there sledges, and the Massey Ferguson he is rebuilding now keep him living life to the max, the chap makes everything from scratch if the parts are hard to find, with a canny smile and a suck of his well chewed pipe, Colin gives a little laugh and say's it wouldn't be so much fun if it were easy, amazing really what you can find in folks back gardens, this is what makes Dorset and the folk who live in it just so dang special! arkadia magazine

arkadia magazine

Get In Touch Van Haven

Unit 5 Barnhaven Rivers Corner Sturminster Newton Dorset DT10 2AD 01258 577016

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QUALITY VAN RETAILER OF STURMINSTER NEWTON Here at Van Haven we are passionate about all things VW, especially Transporters. We are not about giving people the hard sell into buying a van that is not right for you. We specialise in VW T5 Transporter and Caddy sales. Our experience in the VW commercial sector gives us the knowledge to source the best quality vans at the lowest possible prices. Our wide range of new and used vehicles combined with our unbeatable customer service makes us the top independent VW commercial van dealership in Dorset, Somerset and right across the south west of England. If its finance you need then you have come to the right place. Our team has the experience and tools to provide you with the very best finance quotation. So if it's a new or used van you are looking to purchase, a conversion to your existing van, or a rigorous service and diagnostics check then you have come to the right place.

arkadia magazine




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In association with

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Arch Revival‌ A coming of Age‌

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I loved our gatherings at ‘Badbury Rings’, a stunning site holding so many mystical and magical thoughts of campfires and livestock roaming the hills, from the Britons to the Romans to the millennials… we have all been lucky enough to have had our fun on this incredible spot! I’ve always cherished this part of the world, having made it home for the past ten years, there was always a magical spot for me, every time I trooped over the Stour on my way through Sturminster Marshall out and about distributing Arkadia. I’d look with curiosity at this amazing piece of Dorset just outside of the village a medieval, eight-arched, bridge crosses the River Stour at White Mill. The bridge is believed to be the oldest in Dorset, dating from 1170. With a beautifully curved river and wildlife in abundance… I always had an hunch that one day I would devise a way in my world to use this lush green savannah, and this year it happened, Arch Revival 2018, three days and two nights with over forty musicians, twenty five DJ’s, fifteen poets, plus twenty beautiful local traders. Selling everything from farm pressed award-winning strawberry cider to fresh stone baked pizza, a wonderful collection of people spent three days partying in perfect peace, with incredible electrical lightning storms to keep us all feeling close to Mother Nature.


When I put on my family led boutique festivals I always try to find sites in Dorset with character and then fill full of characters, places that nobody’s really aware of, I started with Larmer Tree some five years ago, and since then we’ve had some amazing exciting and incredible times, with new friends and memories along the way…

I have been fortunate to enjoy very cool and very relaxed people at my events, whether this is produced from the family vibe we target or through amazing stalls like JK Crafts, Masquerade, Roots and Wings and the incredibly talented brigade at Steamship Circus, letting the adults go off and river swim in thirty degrees heat whilst the little ones were kept busy and slept soundly after a day of learning new skills, stomping bouncy villages, and creating hay bale dens! We were treated to some of the premium bands in Dorset, the melodious to the transcendent, the funk to the reggae, an artistic mix of poetry and music, soul, drum and bass, all with a framework of Hoola Crew (Hula Hoop dance squad) and fierce Poi and super energetic fire dancing. To give you an idea of the kind of event and the kind of crowd, we had no trouble here at all, no unpleasant moment’s, no fighting and certainly no issues, the rubbish from 500 people plus kids all went into a four-metre skip as we fashioned a vibe of respect and happy times! So - we’re now putting together our plan for Arch Revival 2019, it would be great to see you there for a dance and a few cheeky ciders! Arch Revival Early Bird Tickets are now on sale –

visit www.arkadiaevents.co.uk to grab yours now! arkadia magazine

arkadia magazine

CAMP BESTIVAL SETS SAIL! Lulworth Castle 26-29 July 2018


Keep checking www.campbestival.net and our Facebook and Twitter for all the latest info. Camp Bestival Ticket Info: Camp Bestival 2018 will take place on July 26th - 29th. Early Bird tickets and Weekly Payment Plan are on sale now. Book Tickets here / 0844 888 4410 WEEKLY PAYMENT PLAN The Camping Bestival 2018 Weekly Payment Plan is on sale now. Book online via Ticketline only. *All weekend tickets include camping from Thursday arkadia magazine *Please refer to the Camp Bestival Ticket Terms & Conditions Camping Plus, Boutique, Backstage and Hospitality tickets are available.

Festi-holiday frolics ahoy! The Camp Bestival crew are heading for the high seas of the summer holiday at Lulworth Castle, brimming with incredible acts and entertainers for four days of ‘…sets sail’ themed good times with joyous music, amazing food, luxury camping and tons of fun for all the family from the 26th to the 29th July 2018. Captain da Bank says: “Ahoy there shipmates and anchors aweigh! HMS Camp Bestival is ready to set sail. Expect the unexpected from rock giants Simple Minds and Shed Seven to dance gurus Orbital and Basement Jaxx and a cheeky bit of Rick Astley too… and that’s just the music. From River Cottage feasts and animatronic dinosaurs, to Insect Circuses, pantomimes and a gin festival, it’s full steam ahead for 2018. All aboard!” Mainstage headline sets come from Simple Minds, Rick Astley and Clean Bandit, with Orbital and Basement Jaxx topping the Big Top bill. We’ll have more music from Sara Cox presents Just Can’t Get Enough 80s, Shed Seven, Tokio Myers, Declan McKenna, dodie, The Skatalites, Jaguar Skills, The Cuban Brothers will present La Familia, Fearne Cotton (DJ set), Huey Morgan’s NYC Block Party,Stereo MCs, The Undertones, Pop Will Eat Itself, Jane Weaver, Jesus Jones, Billy Daniel Bunter & Raindance, Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana, Chris Wood, and Big Fish Little Fish. There are family shows and entertainment from Mr Tumble, Dick and Dom, Mister Maker & the Shapes, Dinosaur World Live, and Ballet with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, plus, Peter Rabbit™, Peppa Pig and Paddington™, will all be making personal appearances at intervals throughout Camp Bestival. Don’t miss Pirates of Penzance The Musical, Royal Albert Hall’s Seafaring Symphony & Workshops, the return of ‘Come Dancing’ In Spiegeltent with Karen Hardy Studios, Underwater Carnival Night Parade, Sailing Talks with High Seas Adventurers, Pirate Bedtime Stories, The World of Supersaurs and Now That’s What I Call Sea Shanties. Comedy comes from Sean Lock, Dave Johns, and Andrew Maxwell, with teen talks and opinions from Gemma Cairney and Katie Thistleton. Don’t miss fun for all the family including HMS Camp Bestival hosted by the Blue Coats, Pirate Sandpit, the Dingly Dell featuring Den Building & Tree Climbing, Crafty Cabin with Katie Jones’ Knit & Lizzie King’s Tie-Dye, the Insect Circus & Museum, The Greatest Tent on Earth!, a bigger and better Art Town, Bigtopmania Kids Theatre & Circus, Spinney Hollow Woodland Crafts, Sports Park & Skate Ramps, Nautical Gorilla Circus Show & Flying Trapeze School, ZSL London Zoo: Gruesome Nature Live! (UK Festival Exclusive), Andy Day & The Odd Socks and The Whale - The Pirates Misadventure. There will be lots of delicious food and drink on offer too including The Feast Collective hosted by DJ BBQ, River Cottage presents Family Feasting & Culinary Workshop, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen’s Kente Kala-Bash Supper Club, and Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival, with lots more to be announced. Don’t forget there are a host of premium camping experiences including Camping Plus, Backstage Camping and Hospitality Camping on sale now.

arkadia magazine

arkadia magazine

arkadia magazine

MARQUEES TO SUIT "We had a large L shaped marquee incorporating a 'chill-out' area along with a hard wood floor . . . the interiors and lights looked amazing. Beautifully and professionally set up." Weddings are all about the personal touches. We can help you make a Camelot marquee look exactly how you want it to, from the elegant or the understated, to the down right outrageous!

arkadia magazine

ALL YOU WANT FOR YOUR WEDDING UNDER ONE ROOF Based in the beautiful county of Dorset, Camelot Marquees can provide everything you need. From initial planning and a choice of amazing marquees, to consultancy, friendly advice and a host of complementary event products, such as tables, chairs, lighting and even a fully licensed mobile bar. Contact one of our team today and discover why at Camelot Marquees, we won’t just meet your expectations, we’ll exceed them.

A SPECIAL PLACE FOR A SPECIAL DAY "Thanks to Camelot for the amazing marquee. Both the marquee and location were perfect. Everything inside was just how we imagined it and more!" Our seamless one-stop hire service guarantees to make your day stress-free and just that little bit more special! Now all you need are your guests!

"Great customer service, totally stress free and the Bell Tents looked great!"

arkadia magazine If you would like to contact us to discuss your requirements, arrange a site visit or ask for a quote, simply visit our website at camelotmarquees.com, email the team at info@camelotmarquees.com or call us on 01929 439177.


XXX DIAMONDS. THE PERFECT CUT & THE PERFECT FIRE. XXX certification by the gemmological institute of America signifies the ultimate quality of cut. Such diamonds exhibit miraculous brilliance, fire and sparkle, coupled with a natural Pink Diamond from Chalys. The ultimate rarity. Call in to be dazzled. W W W.W H Y J E W E L L E R S . C O M

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Arkadia Fifth year Collection 2018  

Incredulously you have now picked up the fifth year's Arkadia magazine, and what a great five years it has been... As I sit in the 30-degree...

Arkadia Fifth year Collection 2018  

Incredulously you have now picked up the fifth year's Arkadia magazine, and what a great five years it has been... As I sit in the 30-degree...