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Spring 2018

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BELLE-MODELLE NEW PREMISES NOW OPEN! Come and see our new stock and our scrummy new site @ Brewery Square Dorchester now!

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Editor’s Letter From the twinkling of your inception to the end of your journey, the World and it's seasoned corridors always lead you to places of discovery, whether it be through visiting well-trodden clifftops or just an amiable mooch on your beloved part of the beach, the scent and the sound and the atmosphere changes, bringing with it new indecipherable learning and wonder to your spirit and your soul.

We are in the phase of our year to look back over the last few months of 2018, to see the changes, the measure of the planet and the warmth that on occasion lets us know that longer days and chock-full nights are coming, this is a time for me personally that I always reawaken, I live in the light, drawn to the warmth of the coastline, seeking out new adventures, this life in Dorset is handed to us on a platter, whether we have the chance to draw from our artistic leanings, or to have those special moments with our loved ones in a place that is truly unique to any other. I always admire and take great strength from the vision of others, when asked for images of spring, the response was grand, an outpouring of images that I would have loved to have used across all of my pages, the signs of life, the visions of sunsets, the incredible scenery of our wholesome and spiritual land, the place we call home, the county we cherish, the blossoms are forming, the daffs are shaking off the chill of the night, the land is again firmly grasping the lushness of light and heat and encouraging us to do the same, take that moment, grab that memory and make this a wonderful part of the year to imbibe from mother nature the dreams and the hopes you desire for a beautiful year in our wondrous part of the world! Welcome to Arkadia, enjoy your time out!

Danny Nash




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Hi, I’m Hannah, a clothing designer from Bournemouth. I operate two complimenting but very different clothing brands. My first born is 'Loved Garms', catering for women and pre-schoolers including, but not limited to, breastfeeding, cloth bum and baby-wearing friendly garments. Then along came 'My Festival Family', my alter-ego business. This brand is best described as encompassing festival opulence, tactile textiles, outrageous prints, a cornucopia of colour and festival happiness. Just saying those words makes me feel good! I started out making clothes as a hobby and discovered I had a creative flair for design. I couldn’t find clothes I really loved in the shops, nothing 'wowed' me. So, I set about making clothes to suit my family needs - easy-care clothing with bright bold colours and funky patterns. What I enjoy the most is creating feel-good vibes with my designs that also fulfil a purpose or are practical. I totally love playing with different textures and colours and making unique 'one-off' items. My passion is to try and make the world more like a festival every day. What do I mean by that? Unity and community spirit, where everyone is the same, there’s no hierarchy, just peace, love and happy faces. It’s so important to me that I nurture my family with a relaxed attitude and, as a family, we really enjoy festivals. They’re a great place to make memories and, on some levels, are like a spiritual holiday. You can be yourself and, if you want to dress up in crazy clothing, then you can … you’ll fit right in. Apart from GCSE textiles, many moons ago, I’m completely self-taught. There has, of course, been some great community support from Facebook sewing groups, but I largely picked up my knowledge from books, YouTube tutorial videos and practice! It helps that I love what I do. What I’m up to for 2018? Well, I’ll be working on my businesses and trying to spread love and unity. It’s also time to put my big girl pants on and do the business stuff, otherwise, it’d just be a hobby. Thing’s I’ll be focusing on are increasing brand awareness and visibility, streamlining my Etsy shops, prettying up my website, and managing my time like a proper business. Mostly though, I’ll be getting creative with my new range of practical, opulent, festival attire. I’d just like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the tremendous support my festival friends and family have given me. I’m excited about the changes that are happening in my businesses at the moment and looking forward to a great festival season! You’ll find me on Facebook and Instagram, on Etsy at Lovedgarms.etsy.com and at myfestivalfamily.co.uk

One love. Hannah Merrie

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Michael Sole Since graduating from a BA in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art in 2008, has gone on to exhibit in group and solo shows across England, France and America. In 2009 and 2010 he was awarded “Young Artist of the Year” by the Royal Society of Marine Artists for his work exhibited in a group show in the Mall Galleries, London. In 2012 he was in the running for the ‘Threadneedle Prize’ and was a runner up in ‘Evolver Prize’. In 2013 he won The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award at the RSMA annual exhibition in the Mall Galleries, and in 2014, two large paintings were excepted into this same exhibition. In 2016 one of his paintings was chosen for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Award again at the Mall Galleries which was chosen as the cover for that years catalogue. This year he has become a finalist for the Dorset Landscape Painter of the Year, a finalist for the Global Art Award and a finalist for the National Open Art Competition too. Also this year he was invited to exhibit 24 paintings in a solo show at The Mall Galleries, London which was received very well. This was his biggest, most prestigious show to date. Including London galleries, Sole shows his work in Miami, France, Greece and other parts of the UK winning the trust of some international collectors. Interested in nature and the re-evaluation of its painterly tradition, Sole’s work explores painting as a process using the great outdoors as a subject matter. To gain inspiration he places himself into the environment he paints for weeks at a time with fishing rod and tent he walks for miles and miles, enabling him to bring thoughts, ideas, and the physical presence of the landscape back into the studio and onto his canvases. Often he spends months at a time observing his choice of subject matter, completely immersing himself in the task.

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“Nature is fascinating to me, especially in extreme circumstances, storms etc. In painting I feel very strongly that energy must be met with energy. By this I mean big seas and powerful subject matter benefits from energetic, physical and confident painting which usually includes allowing the paint to have its own way, without using a brush. Dripping, pouring, throwing, lifting, shaking etc all add to these involuntary effects. Through these processes and techniques I hope to capture the power and atmosphere of the environment that I have placed myself into”. Sole says he is striving to achieve a state of ‘Involuntaryism’ a concept of the built up knowledge in the artists hand is permitted to come through in an instinctive approach to the application of the materials in this case they include oils, bitumen, PVA and emulsion. ‘Involuntarylism is the act of allowing the characteristics of the paint and gravity to create the painting itself. Involuntarylism is subject to the artist ‘puppeteering’ the paint, using built up knowledge and past experience, to create the final painting. The artist’s involvement is purely to manipulate the paint and canvas so as to exaggerate as strongly as possible the resulting organic textures and marks. The whole idea of involuntarylism is allowing the paints characteristics to produce the marks, creating organic patterns, atmosphere and substantiation, allowing the painting to have a life of its own. However, this is not enough. Through the study of impressionism and the art of Van Gogh “the man – the artist” has recently become as important to me as the paint itself. To show the presence of the artist and to merge one with the other created the inspiration for this body of work.’ “Dans le tableau (l’oeuvre d’art, je cherche, j’aime l’homme, l’artiste” Zola – The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh (In the picture (the work of art), I look for, I love the man – the artist) The studio is in Lansdowne, Bournemouth and I accept studio visits regularly. Michaelsole@hotmail.co.uk 07581438866 www.michaelsole.co.uk www.instagram.com/michaelsoleart

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Our hand blended drinks are produced and bottled in the beautiful rural location of Lytchett Matravers in Dorset using secret recipes handed down through the generations using only the finest ingredients. All products are gently pasteurised in the bottle eliminating the need for adding any sulphates. The range of Ginger drinks can be enjoyed on their own or used as mixers. Our products are available across the country in hundreds of locations or from our factory shop.

The Dorset Ginger Company Ltd

www.dorsetginger.ltd info@dorsetginger.ltd 01202 620203

RECLAIM YOUR CONSERVATORY THIS WINTER Since the summer weather has warmed up, the conservatory temperature has most of the time only been 2-3 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Brian Lovell, Bournemouth




I can honestly say that the Green Space roof has totally transformed a pretty useless conservatory into a useful additional room....come cold winter or hot summers day. Well done. Wendy Thomas, Wareham

Quieter in bad weather. Usable all year. Transform your conservatory in less than a day.




For more information call:

01202 355 780

www.greenspaceconservatories.co.uk As seen on

*Orders placed by end of Nov 17. Applies to orders over 8 panels. Smaller orders receive calculated discount. Not valid for use with any other offer.

Johanna Kennedy Wall is a respected equine portrait painter and mural artist living on the edge of the New Forest. Numerous commissions include the Duke of Devonshire’s 1997 July Cup winner, Compton Place. She also creates stunning murals ranging in scope from children's bedrooms and promotional murals for local businesses to large-scale works for wedding venues and even a stint at Disneyland Paris working on the sets of some of the theme park's most iconic rides. Joh's two biggest influences are the natural world, especially the New Forest and horses. She can often be seen around the local area driving a carriage pulled by her beautiful grey mare Bluebell, with Tarka her shaggy black dog trailing on behind.

Art from the heart of the Forest Words - Sarah Humby

Her most recent project is a departure from her more formal work, a series of beautiful sculptures of horses, stags and birds of prey created from wood collected in the forest. She has just completed a large scale stallion's head called Stormheart, made from pieces of heart oak. I joined Joh on a cold, bright autumn morning for a tramp through the forest with our dogs while she told me more about the materials she is using for this series of sculptures. “When a dead oak falls or is hit by lightning, the outer wood rots away leaving the inner, heartwood a dense and heavy material, and that's what I’m looking for”. “My inspiration comes from the forest”, she says, "I might wait months for the right piece to fit a particular part of the work. The exact curve that describes the soft fleshy part of the horse's chin or a piece that has a hole in the exact right place for the eye or nostril. Sometimes it takes a long time to find what you are looking for - you have to be patient and wait for the ‘right bit’ to appear. When all the elements have come together and the sculpture is finished it takes on an almost living quality of its own". Having lived and worked with horses for so much of her life, her knowledge of their anatomy gives her the ability to spot the pieces of wood that make up a sculpture. Joh welcomes commissions for her equine portraits and mural work, but her sculptures only appear for sale as and when they are created and, so far, have sold within days of being shown to the public at Fisherton Mill in Salisbury, the latest sculpture is going to be Exhibited in the estate at 10 Castle Street Cranborne - and will be for sale.

To see more of Joh’s work visit www.muralplus.co.uk For information regarding portrait or mural commissions call 01425 489883 Or email johkennedywall@btinternet.com Stormheart is currently available toview at 10 Castle St, Cranborne, Wimborne BH21 5PZ

“I love the way the sculptures come together in such an organic and creative way. It feels like a spiritual connection between me and the Forest, and I hope that comes across with each piece I make. I think there is a little bit of forest magic in each one".

People seem draw to the magical beauty of fungi. Like many people, I’m inspired by the natural world in general but I feel an extra special connection to the fungi world and the humble wild flowers of hedgerows and meadows.

when dry becomes super hard and transparent and can be used for miniature intricate sculptures. Having sculpted with cold porcelain for about 12 years I feel that it’s definitely the ideal medium for me to use to be able to re-create nature’s offerings as imperfectly as I can.

I studied Natural History Illustration at Bournemouth and Poole Art college but my never ending urge to replicate the ‘real’ thing led me towards working with clay. It wasn’t until I started to design and make cakes that I was introduced to Cold Porcelain, an air drying clay which

I have mostly sculpted fungi and meadow flowers and placed them on wood to make the most natural display possible. My favourite sculpture to date is the piece I’ve called ‘Fly Agaric and Friends On Wood.’ The red and white colours of the Fly Agaric make it instantly

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Ferae Naturae – Christina Smith recognisable and is most peoples’ favourite fungi. It fast became very popular and is my signature sculpture. My fungi sculptures took on a magic of their own when I discovered I could insert tiny LEDs into the fungi sculptures so that they turn into magical night lights in the evening. These replicate the bioluminescent fungus species which glow in the dark. To see the fungi night lights please visit feraenaturae.wixsite.com/christina

During the Last year my work has changed in an exciting way, thanks to my partner, Andy Knowles, who is a local Photographer. We have combined our skills and created 3D art we have called ‘Photoskulpts’. These are where I add realistic Cold Porcelain fungi sculptures to Andy’s photos which creates a 3D image. The results are a realistic, unique, one of a kind piece of 3D art which enhances the natural beauty of the fungi and flowers. This year we are planning to focus on the wild orchids and flowers of Durlston Country Park and hopefully show case the Photoskulpts in the Autumn. For more information on Photoskulpts please see our website www.photoskulpts.co.uk I think the Shrooms are beginning to work in strange ways on me as I have a yearning to paint moonscapes. I thought this was being inspired by my love of the moon, but then I learned that the moon is supposed to play a very large role in mushroom ‘flushes’, which is when large number of mushrooms appear all at once. Apparently, you will find more mushrooms during the full moon than at any other time! Maybe I spend too much time with fungi?

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tcommerciallawp thecommerciallawpractice WWW.THECOMMERCIALLAWPRACTICE.COM arkadia magazine

PROTECTING THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF WORKERS A short summary of employers’ obligations under the WTR 1998 : Are you compliant? Twenty years on and employers are still having difficulty getting to grips with their obligations under the Working Time Regulations 1998. Employers often fall foul of the rules and put the health and safety of their workers at risk. There are implications too for the public such as where drivers are working without taking requisite breaks resulting in tiredness and lapses in concentration or worse. It is important that policies and procedures are in place and those that are are checked to ensure that the following rules have been incorporated. Employers must ensure that: •

the average working time (including any overtime) of every worker does not exceed 48 hours per week.

they allow workers the following rest periods unless they are exempt, in which case compensatory rest will usually have to be given: •

11 hours’ uninterrupted rest per day;

24 hours’ uninterrupted rest per week (or 48 hours’ uninterrupted rest per fortnight); and

a rest break of 20 minutes when working more than six hours per day.


Special cases The regulations differ depending on the type of work which is being carried out. Special case workers are exempt, young workers (under 18 but over compulsory school age) and night workers are given additional protection. Special rules are given to certain groups of worker such as the police, armed services and those engaged in civil protection.

workers have 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday each year (equivalent to 28 days for a full-time worker)

Don’t get it wrong!

workers are given ”adequate” rest breaks. This is particularly important where their work is monotonous.

Depending upon the type of breach which has occurred there are a wide range of sanctions available against an employer such as :

night workers’ normal hours of work do not exceed eight hours per day on average

no night worker doing work that involves special hazards or heavy physical or mental strain works for more than eight hours in any day

all night workers have the opportunity of a free health assessment when starting night work and at regular intervals thereafter

where a doctor advises that the night work is causing health problems that night workers are transferred to day work where possible

for each worker records are kept and maintained. These should show whether the limits on average working time, night work and provision of health and safety assessments are being complied with

Opting out There is some flexibility provided by the regulations in that many of the rights granted by the WTR 1998 to individual workers can be waived or varied by an individual, workforce, or by a collective agreement. Individuals do have the right to “opt out” of the 48-hour limit on average working time but they must sign a relevant agreement with their employer to allow them to do this.

A potentially unlimited criminal fine

“Improvement” or “prohibition” notices issued by the HSE or local authority inspectors. This may result in potentially unlimited fines and up to three years’ imprisonment for directors on conviction on indictment

Compensation for workers in the employment tribunals

Agreements being rendered unenforceable

This is only a very basic summary of the Working Times Regulations 1998 and as would be expected since its coming into force its provisions have been rigorously tested in the courts. Here, at the Commercial Law Practice, we provide a personal, all encompassing view to provide you, and your business, with practical and professional advice. Advice on the rights of employers or employees within the employment relationship, on the content of business’ policies and procedures, opt outs and other agreements can be obtained from The Commercial Law Practice. Law But Differently

Pullman Court, Copper Street, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1GA, 01305magazine 544 015, arkadia lp@thecommerciallawpractice.com

As I sit and write this little introduction to the Arkadia ‘Spring Art feature 2018’, I’m usually found lounging around in a pair of comfy jeans and flip-flops and looking back… more than likely wearing a t-shirt too! True I am no fashionista, but today I find myself yet again layered in thick warm clothing, looking out once more over my courtyard at maybe an inch or so of dusty white snow settling happily on the ground... (It is spring right?) I suppose this is weird weather for anyone across the UK in March, especially so for locals in Dorset. I've now lived here for over 16 years and have only seen a snowy beach once before, the White Horse of Osmington was officially white, the snowcapped hills of Hod were a blast on skis and snowboards, and nowhere have I seen the kerfuffle on this scale, that a drop of the white stuff has created in people, happy posts on Facebook abound, time off of school and for the beloved ‘Snow day’, and obviously confusion, mass panic and mini-hysteria! The long-time locals tell me it was 40 years since these kind of snowbound beach scenes were last known, so for me a smashing this is a real experience, a rare scene of oddly placed beauty, what really surprised me is the beaches were empty, I literally had it Weymouth beach all to myself. I had thought this would be a phenomena that lots of locals would love to experience... I guess the snowstorm conditions will keep only the most fool hardy outdoors, the sensible folk snug in the warmth. It’s a joy to see blue skies, days of sunshine and a feel of balminess too, all captured beautifully and with amazing patience and grit, with an incredible eye for detail and all filled with the hope that only spring brings. Hopefully unbelievable memories for one and all, as when the thaw is here and the snow is but a forgotten landscape in the back of our minds, we have some treasured images of a startled coastline, a white diamond world of reflected, crystal sunlit paradise. A massive thank you to everyone that got involved, as always my readers who blow me away with their talent, this is what we're great at and what we do well. So let's get ready for our season of the year, summers just around the corner and hopefully we’re going to be chilled and happier in our hearts, enjoy the pictures of our stunning county and I wish you all an incredibly warm time ahead with you and your loved ones.

Vivify Danny Nash

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Penny Wade Matt Pinner

Wayne Ferguson arkadia magazine

Lisa Litchfield

Matt Pinner

Sally Davies

Penny Wade

Kim Pragnell

Fo Bugler Donna Challinor arkadia magazine


Size 850mm x 850mm x 65mm Medium Wood, Metal, Leaf. Mixed Media, Red LEDs. Zac's career started in 1993 after returning from Seattle where he’d been working for Greenpeace. He began by using art as a form of therapy after his father died and quickly realised that his métier was to be an artist. With no formal training, Zac spent two years building a portfolio of artworks which subsequently led to his first commission – designing and manufacturing window displays for one of Britain's leading clothes retailer, Jigsaw. Similar commissions rapidly followed from other industry leaders, such as Monsoon, Viyella and Topshop to name but a few. He then worked with some of London's leading advertising agencies, exploring how brands such as BMW, Jaguar, Sony and Speedo could use art installations and sculpture to develop and enhance their brands. One notable commission came from Good Energy, where Zac innovatively illuminated Britain's first wind farm – winning the 2006 Green Award for 'Best Outdoor Advertisement'. Next, Zac set his sights on the Fine Art world where he has been ever since, widely exhibiting his highly coveted works in galleries in London and the USA. His work recently won first prize in the T4C award in Los Angeles, and more locally was 'Highly Commended' in The Bath Prize. His work features in both private and corporate collections at home and abroad; he is regularly commissioned by well-known art consultants, architects and interior designers to create site-specific works often to a brief, or to fulfil a particular need for a client. He also undertakes many private assignments and was recently commissioned by the Saudi Royal Family. arkadia magazine

ABOUT THE WORK Zac’s inspiration comes principally from nature – 'the ultimate sculptress'. He finds the sculptural forms created by the sun, moon, waves and trees particularly inspiring as symbols of sustainability. He works in a wide range of media from discarded plastic bottles to organic matter. Often these materials are fused together to reinforce the aesthetic or narrative that he’s looking to express. A narrative is created that highlights the relationship between man and the natural environment. Common themes found in his work often abstractly express or make a comment on issues such as sustainability, environmental degradation, or consumption. Alternatively they may simply be an expression of the marvel and awe he sees in a sunset or the kinetic and meditative experience found in the rolling of sea waves. He communicates and reminds the viewer of mankind’s inextricable socio-economic and spiritual link with the natural world. To view Zac Greening work visit hwww.zacgreening.com https://youtu.be/cy3sgdK_v9Q www.youtube.com/channel/UCkDrHtKOo-vwH2V21qvAMw You have to watch this guy in action, just incredible (Danny - Editor!)


Size 250mm x 250mm x 250mm Medium Re-used Plastic bottles, LED, Lasers


Size 250mm x 35mm x 35mm Medium Re-used Plastic bottles


ENGAGING PERFECTION It begins with a Yes, then an I Do - Celebrate forever in a brilliant cascade of light Engagement rings, bridal and dress jewellery set with the most fabulous diamonds From out latest stock collections and designed to order

W W W.W H Y J E W E L L E R S .C O M

Wareham Road Sandford Dorset BH20 7AE

01929 550 800

contact@thesandfordpub.co.uk At Dorset Catering Services, our focus is on making your special day one to remember, your wishes put on a plate, amazing quality ingredients, passion and great food. The meats used in any of our dishes are sourced directly from local producers. You don't get any fresher than that! Apart from our wide variety of freshly prepared meats and side dishes, we also offer a selection of desserts that includes delicious, locally sourced Purbeck Ice Cream amongst other key favourites Feel free to browse through our gallery, take a look at our mouth-wateringly delicious menu, and book your local caterers for an unforgettable meal served by our friendly staff. Jamie, Zanda, and the Team at the Sandford Pub

Mondays to Saturdays 11:30 - 23:00 Sundays 11:30 - 22:00 Our Partners:

The Sly Fox Osmington

Dorset Catering Services Eat Street facebook.com/DorsetCaterers


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w w w. l a r m e r t r e e . c o . u k

To l l a r d R o ya l , S a l i s b u r y, W i l t s h i r e , S P 5 5 P Y

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Bournemouth’s largest independent arts festival set to transform the streets 28 April – 7 May Bournemouth’s largest independent arts festival, Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe (BEAF), is set to fill the streets with creativity from 28th April – 7th May 2018, immersing visitors and residents in Bournemouth’s emerging arts scene. From exhibitions, theatre productions, concerts, comedy, cabaret and film screenings, a vibrant and colourful street festival, plus the launch of the first-ever art gallery in the police box, this will be one of the liveliest and most imaginative festivals to hit the town! Spread over 10 days, it will see unique and inspiring events transform venues across the town, from our regular cafes and bars, galleries and theatres, to the more original spaces, the cliff lifts, a series of transformed shipping containers, and of course the famous police box in Boscombe! With an ambition to ‘challenge your views of creativity and culture,’ the festival features the best of Bournemouth’s homegrown artistic talent. Showcasing the work of our artists, musicians, poets, street performers, comedians, sculptors, the festival will bring something different to the town and highlight the amazing work being produced by our creative community. With a wide selection of events, highlights include a new theatre production ‘The Vodka Hunters’ by the award winning author and director Nell Leyshon; the sublime and ridiculous comedy/chaos/cabaret act, Slightly Fat Features; a beautiful sensory installation of plants and spices within two shipping containers on Boscombe beach from artists Garbacheva/Bonomo; magic and performance from the grand-daughter of Lionel Jeffries, Amy Mason; new paintings from last festival’s winner of the BEAF Best in Show Award, Steve Moberly; a performance in the cliff lifts at Southbourne from Language Timothy!; an enchanting miniature 3-D cardboard sculpture of the streets of Boscombe; and Murnau’s Nosferatu, accompanied by live music from The Cabinet of Living Cinema. are just a sample of what to expect in the festival. On bank holiday Monday, 7th May, the festival will be transforming Boscombe high street into a hub of creative activity, featuring live street art created on pavements and shipping containers, street performances, art workshops for all ages, pop-up temporary exhibitions, the ‘Facebooth’ creating instant hand-drawn portraits, a parade of art cars, plus a feast of artisan traders, and lots more wonders to delight and inspire. This year, BEAF has secured funding from Arts Council England, Bournemouth Coastal BID and the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership to expand the programme for the festival. Festival Director, Carol Maund said, “The festival goes to show what great talent we have here in Bournemouth, and how important it is to nurture and support it, which is exactly what BEAF set out to do. BEAF has offered a platform to showcase Bournemouth’s artistic talent, and this year we are so pleased to be able to offer commissions to give our creatives the opportunity to present work specially made for the festival!” BEAF runs from 28th April – 7th May 2018. For a full range of activity go to www.b-e-a-f.co.uk or find on facebook htps://www.facebook.com/bournemouthfringe/

BEAF has offered new commissions to our home grown talented creative, including a number of commissions to new graduates, offering them early support to develop new work. This includes: T.A.R.D.I.S Boscombe Centre for Contemporary Art Stuart Semple The Dorset native know for his large-scale canvases, Stuart Semple’s work incorporates thought provoking text and found imagery within a contemporary pop art aesthetic. His world is one of low-culture internet trash, 90s nickelodeon colour palettes, indie music, obscure music videos and cultural theory straight out of the 60s Frankfurt school. Since 2000 Stuart has had a successful international career, recognised not only for his paintings, but also for designing his own art materials, creating work for the internet and commissions for large public art projects, particularly in USA. Stuart is also an ambassador for MIND, the mental health charity where he initiated a creative therapies fund. Stuart launches the BCAC, the Boscombe Centre for Contemporary Art, in the famous police tardis with a new work designed for the police box. Steve Moberley was the winner of the Best Visual Arts Event at the BEAF 2015 Fringe. Moberly’s subject matter is deeply rooted within the realm of relationships and interaction. His new commissioned work for BEAF 2018, Ever closer to comfort develops from his 2015 exhibition, What he thinks that she thinks that they think..... “A splaying out of digital age naivety with an inappropriate white, male, middle aged attempt at innocence, bleating out over it’s own overly represented history’. Steve is an alumni from Arts University Bournemouth Fine Art course and has been developing his practice in Bournemouth since graduating in 2014. The Shipping Containers The theme running through the 2018 BEAF Festival is the temporary arts space, whether in the back of a mobile caravan, a horsebox, or an intervention in an empty building, the beach or the cliff lifts, many unexpected spaces are being taken over for the period of the festival. Arriving on the beach and in Boscombe High Street will be a series of shipping containers, which will become experimental sites for exhibitions, workshops and performances. These will offer emerging artists the space to develop new works both on the exterior, through our programme of live public artworks and internally using them as sites for inventive programming. At Boscombe Beach, two recent graduates from the MA fine art course at Arts University Bournemouth, Monica Bonomo and Mariya Garbacheva transform the interiors to create an immersive site-specific installation. “Soon after container ship ties up at the dock, a team of cranes start offloading the ship of its hundreds of containers, like a flock of vultures removing the flesh from a dead animal. Concerning ideas around the nature of ports and world trade, the shipping container is a metaphor of globalisation.” On Boscombe High Street, AUB alumni Fay Turner, Chloe Roberts and collaborative Multiplicity, Jess Thomas and Clive Kudakwarshe create an experimental ‘cinema’ for screening of artists’ films in one container, while interior designer Emily Manns uses cardboard to make a miniature streetscape of Christchurch Road and the tunnels below. Peering through windows and doorways, spectators will catch glimpses of Boscombe’s history and inhabitants, capturing the magic of its character and people. arkadia magazine

Externally Bournemouth creative public artworks designers will take over the surfaces to turn them into canvases for their inventive designs. Led by two of the most active and vibrant street artists, Miroslav Lucan and Krishna Malik, theirs and a team of street designers will transform the containers to create a lively street vibe. Expanding the theme for performances and artworks in quirky spaces, Language Timothy! (Neil and Trac Pawley) are creating a new site-specific immersive theatre performance for an intimate audience in the passenger cars of Fisherman’s Walk cliff lift. “what if the separate journeys of two strangers with interconnecting stories, travelling on opposite cars of the cliff lift, were to cross for just one second?” A performance created for the shortest funicular railway in the world by two of Bournemouth’s most inventive artists. Language Timothy! started creating experimental music together in 2004. Since then their work has progressed to incorporate sound design, performance art and visual art. BEAF’s commissioning programme expands the work or our Bournemouth based writers, performers and directors. Including the powerful new performance, The Vodka Hunters is an intense and ground-breaking work directed by award winning author Nell Leyshon, about motherhood and fatherhood. A site-specific performance, Vodka Hunters is created through collaboration between Nell and four ‘outsider’ artists. The artists have been working with Nell for more than 10 years, developing their creative writing and performance skills. Two of artists have gone on to develop acclaimed careers in the theatre and the music industry. Nell Leyshon’s novel, The Colour of Milk has been published worldwide, and her play, Bedlam was the first play to be written by a woman to be performed at Shakespeare’s Globe. (could do more of a feature here of the 4 outsider artists?) Scott Lavene presents his first one-man performance ‘Narcissism The Musical’ Raised in Romford, Essex, Scott performed music around Europe and became the front man of many bands. After coming close to a major label record deal he malfunctioned and disappeared for six years. His work now includes his music under his own name, including the song My Breadth Killed the Roses, which was single of the week on Absolute Radio. Narcissism is a tale of redemption and hope. Scott plays Carlos, a cockney narcissist, in a tale of youth and vanity, cross-dressing and solitude. It contains bad dancing, sad piano ballads and rousing anthems. The show follow Carlos’s life from a small and terrified trainee narcissist to drug and booze addled narcissist and finally to the graceful and beautiful narcissist of the present day. Boscombe Street Art Festival Monday 7 May 11am – 6pm On bank holiday Monday, 7th May, the festival will be transforming Boscombe high street into a hub of creative activity, featuring live street art created on pavements and shipping containers, street performances, art workshops for all ages, pop-up temporary exhibitions, the ‘Facebooth’ creating instant hand-drawn portraits, a parade of art cars, plus a feast of artisan traders, and lots more wonders to delight and inspire. This year, BEAF has secured funding from Arts Council England, Bournemouth Coastal BID and the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership to expand the programme for the festival. Venues and Dates for Selected Events For full programme of all events go to www.b-e-a-f.co.uk

Stuart Semple T.A.R.D.I.S & BCCA Boscombe High Street Sat 28, Sun 29 Sat 5 Sun 6 & Mon 7 May 12pm – 6pm

Steve Moberly BUMF Gallery Arts University Bournemouth Wallisdown The Shipping Containers Monica Bonomo & Mariya Garbacheva West Beach, Boscombe Pier Sat 28 April – Mon 7 May 12pm – 6pm

Boscombe High Street Containers Sat 28 April – 7 May 12pm – 6pm

Language Timothy! Southbourne Cliff Lifts Sunday 6 May 10am – 6pm The Vodka Hunters Wickham Road Boscombe Fri 27, Sat 28, Sun 29 April 3pm & 7pm Tickets www.b-e-a-f.co.uk

Scott Lavene Narcissism, The Musical Shelley Theatre Thurs 3 May 7.30pm Tickets shelleytheatre.co.uk

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Having relocated from Poole to Weymouth, I have been out and about (snow willing) to enjoy the sites and the local food, soaking up the atmosphere of this once very well-heeled fishing port town, the place I haven't visited since my arrival is Dorchester, so when kindly asked if I wanted to have a night out courtesy of Roland Harries and wife Helen, how could I refuse... I've had the pleasure to meet this entrepreneurial couple several times at one of the finest 'pubs' this side of Dorset ‘The Blue Vinny'. Their latest venture opened just six months ago with another incredible site, a new independent Lounge bar 'Vinny @ 6'. A restaurant for Dorchester’s 'discerning grownups' offering something different – a very intimate experience with a laid-back welcoming feel. With new talent Jon Rabbetts in place, and without any 'formal' training this young whizz-kid has won my heart, Jon was the 'sous-chef' at the Blue Vinny Puddletown. Having gone pescatarian I decided to have the seafood linguini, all ingredients are sourced locally, the mussels were just incredible, everything cooked to perfection, my partner had the cod and again such a clean light dish, I am sure when you read all these flamboyant reviews from other magazines, it goes in one ear and out the other, but let me assure you, this IS fine dining in Dorchester. The nicest part of the meal wasn't just the incredible food, the attention that was lavished on us by the manager Zachary, this guy was brought in by the owners, having learnt his trade in the fabulous 'The Pig' hotel, and boy does he have some tales to tell, and happily enough all over some of the finest gin and tequila mini tasting session. Zach knows his stuff, from the history of the 'tequila worm' to the blowing of the ethanol from out of the glass before gently swilling the gin in the front of the teeth, not sure the fact this was also being washed down with lashings of my new fave 'Buddha beer' helped my state of mind! After an incredible 3 courses and enough sour whiskey to down a giraffe, I head over the road to the Corn Exchange, a Grade II* Listed Building in the centre of Dorchester, erected in 1847, a magnificent construction, the clock turret added to the building in 1864 known as ‘Galpin’s Folly’, after Mayor Galpin, there was public concern that the tower would fall off. It hasn’t yet! We're here to have a big old boogie, Dub Pistols are in town, and boy do they know how to throw a party, alongside our genial host, DR Bods (www.facebook.com/ DrBods) music management team, we get to rock out with a full house of funky groupies, then a little worse for wear we head up to Cafe Jagos for the after-party! I have to be honest I can't remember a lot of what happened after that, all I do know is I am revisiting very soon and I am so glad I have moved to a place where people are friendly, the vibe is happy and the feel of community is so alive, feels like home... arkadia magazine


& &

Dubbing Dining Dancing!

v 6

vinny@six Vinny At Six - 6 North Square Dorchester - Dorset - DT1 1HF 01305 267679 - info@vinnyatsix.com

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Aimed squarely at family camping fun, we bring you incredible times at the most exquisite spots in Dorset, two nights of camping and three days of live music and fun activities. We have circusskills, tutu-making, star gazing, creative stations, fire dancing, hula-hooping, bouncy castles, ice-creams, foraging and much much more to keep your little ones amused. For the big uns', we have local cider tents, gin palaces, wine and ale vintage vans, the best highend food producers and an array of dazzlingly talented folk to help you party into the evening, an amazing lineup of top end musicians, from country rock to beatbox funk, an eclectic cultural mix of clothing, poetry and back to basics 70’s funk dj’s, all coming together to create a mystical magical wholesome weekend of fun. Just 500 invites to this special party in the exclusive pasture that is Savannah (Eight-Arch Bridge), just outside Sturminster Marshall and Shapwick - on the edge of the beautiful Stour River (paddling, swimming, and kayaking). The Saturday night is all about relaxing with friends and family, with a few tunes and a little forage into the unknown, Sun/Mon is live music from 20 bands, silent discos, silent yoga, gong baths - drum circles, 20 DJ’s in a live battle Saturday night (old school funk and happy house) stunning scenery. Join us for a weekend to remember, make this the start of a summer of amazing memories! ​Adults - £25.00 Sat Camping - Sunday £25.00 Camping (single night tickets) Tickets £45.00 adults (Sat/Sun with Camping) £15.00 - 10 - until Midnight. - Non-camping Kids under 14 go free (Parental control required) Be aware there are no washing facilities. It’s back to basics in the pastures... Arkadia Events presents - Arch Revival 2018 Sat 26th May to Monday 28th May 2018 Visit www.arkadiaevents.co.uk for your tickets to this incredibly chilled micro-festival of camping and local delights. #ARCHREVIVAL2018 BOOK TODAY TO AVOID MISSING OUT!!!

www.arkadiaevents.co.uk - 01305 777744




PHIL HALLETT, CEO OF CODA MUSIC TRUST Having advertised many events at Coda through our magazine, and seeing just how wonderful the site is and how hard they work, I was more than curious... • How long have you been at Coda and where did it all start? I swapped the bright lights of London for the starry constellations of the Dorset sky in 2009. I had been working at The Southbank Centre, producing elements of the music programme there and working with local people and the resident artists at the Centre, people like Shlomo the beatboxer and Bellowhead the big folk band.  •  How has Coda has developed in your time here? I really enjoy building relationships and engagement with the arts and straight away we began to grow the work we do away from the Music Centre. We’ve won an award for our work with older people in care homes and every week we reach hundreds of adults with learning disabilities, children and young people in schools, special schools and towns and villages across Dorset and the New Forest. We have also introduced lots of new ensembles and groups at Coda and have tried to make the Centre a real focal point for all local people that love music. •  Could you let us know a short history of Coda? Twenty years ago a few local people with a background in music and the arts met and began to devise and deliver projects. They had a specific interest in music education and in how music can be used as therapy. Coda Music Trust emerged from their work and has developed largely in response to the needs and demands of local people, always with a focus on music, learning and wellbeing. The Trust purchased the old farm site in 2005 with the ambition to create a dedicated music centre here but the grand scheme (and lottery money!) didn’t quite materialise as planned. Instead, it has been a gradual process of growing and turning the old barns into new spaces for music one-by-one as more people have joined in, and together we have all built a lovely place to be. •  What drove you to keep going and to create such a beautiful place for such a diverse clientele? 

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We (myself and my wife Sam, who is a BSO Associate Musician) left London with two young children hoping to put down roots here and to shape our lives around the people and environment in which we live. Coda is a big part of our community and it is (nearly!) always a pleasure to work with everyone who comes here to play, the


Learn music at Coda High quality tuition in a friendly environment. Piano, guitar, woodwind, drums, strings and vocal.

Passionate about music

01425 276 161 contact@coda.org.uk www.coda.org.uk

people who volunteer, the professional musicians and the tiny team that manage everything. I love music and the magic that it can spark in people, no matter who they are and I never get tired of being part of that magic. • What have been the highs and lows? The annual cycle of financial woes and cashflow concerns are probably the biggest low and, in the first year or two of my tenure, these were pretty desperate at times. We live pretty much hand to mouth as a small not-for-profit charity but, somehow, always seem to turn the corner!  There have had been lots of highs working with Coda and some of the moments in care homes and special schools when I have witnessed what seem like miracles will stay with me always. Playing ukulele for 24 hours non-stop as a fundraiser was one to remember too! I’ve also loved the building projects we have completed on site, turning a stable into studios for music therapy clients and an old piggery into teaching spaces, but the biggest project on site is still to come, so watch this space!

www.coda.org.uk Please get in touch to book or for more information on a group to suit your child. Coda Music Centre is based at Chewton Farm Road, Walkford, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 5QL Tel 01425 276 161 or email contact@coda.org.uk www.coda.org.uk arkadia magazine

Abi Fantastic Collaboration Station Where are you from originally, and what brought you to Barcelona? Ok so I am originally from Bournemouth and I actually came to Barcelona to help with an Art Project for the Spanish Burning Man event called ‘Nowhere’. I came with a one-way ticket, knowing I wanted to stay for a bit to discover the Art world here- and the last 4 years have flown by! What is your earliest memory of an impactful encounter with art and did this influence your personal and professional life in any way? Ever since I was a very little girl- I have always been interested in Art and craft making- being a bit obsessed with the children’s Art show called ‘Art Attack’ – and then discovering more Art I liked along the way I ended up painting in the style of Abstract Expressionism- so have been very influenced by Artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Fiona Rae , Kandinsky to name a few.... so based a lot of my studies at University around this, resulting in my own particular style from this which my tutor at uni actually described as ‘Art Attack on Acid!’ ha! Full circle! Do you plan your paintings before making the first mark on canvas or do they emerge spontaneously? I have always been and think I always will be a very unconscious painter! I tend to go into a very nice head spacewhich some people have referred to as my ‘Abi meditation’ which is kind of like my happy place! I have had many commissions which I love but do sometimes find it hard as then I'm distracted by what the result will be and if the customer will like instead of going with my usual flow! Which other cities inspire you especially and how does their art scene differ to Barcelona? I have always followed the Art scene in America- especially New York as this is where Abstract Expressionism started in the 1940’s and 50’s and still has a strong scene to this day. I was there very recently for a commission and had a great time visiting the MOMA where it all began!! Also, San Francisco has that great urban street Art vibe which is fairly similar to Barcelona. But I do love the Art scene here and it was back on a college trip here that first made me interested to come back! Of course, there are still many other cities and countries I'm yet to explore! Is there anything you’ve seen in San Francisco that you’d like to experiment with to Barcelona, and do you think it would work here?! I actually would like to get into more street art myself as I haven’t really done much in the past and I think that's something that works well both here and in SF and what people find very urban and attractive here! Have you noticed any particular synchronistic synergy between the artists who participate, and how would you describe this? All Artists that exhibit at Collaboration Station all have something in common in the way that they are supporting each other by being part of such a diverse and upcoming event! As far as content goes I do try and keep it all very different to have a nice wide variation in work for people to enjoy! arkadia magazine

There have been some great results in different Artists finding someone from the event that they can then collaborate with outside of the shows which is great and I love seeing these types of connections as this is what it's all about! A platform for Artists to discover and grow! What kind of performances are lined up for the upcoming edition of Collaboration Station? For the last event, I had a lovely guy called Joshuo Sailo performing a contemporary Indian choreography which was really beautiful and then after this, we had a Shibari performance by Glü Wür which was also was extremely beautiful. This is a form of Japanese rope tying and can be highly sexy as well as a bit shocking which is great! In the past, I have also had many different dance performances, marionettes, as well as aerial acts such as silks and aerial hoop. But always looking for more original acts to perform! What are the criteria for getting involved with the Collaboration Station artist’s platform? I am always in search of new and exciting Artists in all genres of the term, which I tend to find just going about my daily crazy life! But its great how many Artists are getting interested and contacting me lately to get involvedI love this. So anyone who has any interest to get involved in any way please feel free to message on either the Collaboration Station FB page or Abi Fantastic Art page or contacting my email abifantastica@gmail.com What plans and dreams have you got on the horizon for 2018, and what do you most need to make them happen? I am very excited and full of ideas for this next year ahead! 2017 has been an amazing year for the growth of the event and for my personal work so its full steam ahead into this next year! I have many ideas to help expand and grow CS but you will have to keep following and keep your eyes and ears open over the next few months to see how things go. Also looking for new, bigger spaces to host the event and also plans of taking some ideas to Berlin- so all very exciting! – To make these things happen, I just need to keep my ideas in sight, stay positive and start to create a good team behind me to make it all come together! ‘Watch this space’ as they say! If you could choose between a lifetime supply of glitter, flashing coloured lights, or another accessory, which would you go for and why? Well- luckily I don’t have to choose as it might be glitter every time- I wear it every day- every damn day! But I want ALL of the things, please!! But if I had to choose between glitter and paint then paint would win hands down every time!

arkadia magazine

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love of vintage and all things held dear directed long-time street and social documentary photographerJodie Whyte to collage making. A decade of 2d image making and indulgence in online exhibitions, Jodie House felt something was missing. “I have always love the organic process of traditional photography, touchy-feelie creativity. I love shooting and developing photographic film. There’s something magic about the unknown of that process and the physical element of that relationship. Collage-making mixes all these loves together”. In 2017 Jodie was forced to take a break from street shooting and travelling and began on a long commitment to dust off 30 years of film work and rescued junk shop slides to make collages.  “Ask any street photographer to deviate from the genre it’s a tough decision, even momentarily, as street work isn’t just about the image, it is about the community and travel. It is in its nature incredibly addictive to the restless mind. I decided to spend my ‘grounded’ time constructively and dusted off albums and boxes of slides. Once I had started to research collage art I was excited to see the creative freedom”.  There are some big artists in collage work, and amongst Jodies favourites are Brighton-based collage artist Bonnie and Clyde and, more recently, the post man Garrett Halliway who was college artwork was spotted and used for singer/song writer Noel Gallagher’s new album cover. 

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“There’s no real process to follow, there’s something serendipity about collage work. You can have a rough idea of an image - mine are usually about places I dream of visiting or have been, a sense of escape and play. I have yet another reason to rummage through jumble sales and charity shops! People underestimate the joy of the local tip!” Re-loving is a huge community in Dorset. We have some fantastic emporiums and vintage markets across our county and there is growing popularity to breathe life back into discarded possessions. “We are becoming more aware of the stuff we collect and put in attics and photographs are usually amongst those belongings. So breathing new life into old images, films and slides is a great feeling. I hope to put on a small exhibition later in the year experimenting with more cutting and layering”.

For print enquires please contact jodie_house@hotmail.com - 07733054997 FaceBook - Cut The Rut Instagram - @cuttherut & @jodiehousepictures arkadia magazine

SMALL ENOUGH TO CARE, BIG ENOUGH TO DELIVER Call us on 01258 455501 costellolettings.com - info@costellolettings.com 17 West Street - Blandford - DT11 7AW arkadia magazine


Give your child the gift of confidence this year! Sign them up for Dance or Performing Arts classes for the 2018! Learning dance or exploring the performing arts can have huge benefits for young people. As well as being one of the best forms of exercise to develop fitness and health, dance reduces stress and anxiety and provides an outlet for imagination and emotion. The performing arts are also a fantastic channel for building creativity, self-expression, and confidence. Centre Stage School of Dance and Performing Arts is known for inspiring students to reach their full potential and for helping them to become confident, creative and talented performers. The school offers a broad spectrum of classes with a focus on developing confidence and enjoyment. No experience is required, just a desire to meet new people and have fun! Welcoming children from as young as 2 ½, Centre Stage is a centre of excellence across all genres, providing an inclusive, nurturing, rewarding environment for students of all backgrounds. The school is Ofsted Registered (which means it can accept childcare vouchers), CDET recognised and offers an inspiring range of classes from Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Classical Ballet, ISTD Tap, ISTD Modern Theatre, Acrobatic Arts and Pure Voice/LCM one-to-one vocal tuition through to Performing Arts (singing, dancing, acting and musical theatre). The school was a finalist in Dance School of The Year in both 2016 and 2017 and students are offered exciting performance opportunities (including the large-scale bi-annual show, which features all students) and workshops, as well as the opportunity to audition for ‘Satellites,’ the Centre Stage performance troupe which represents the school at competitions and events. The school is based at several venues across Lower Parkstone and offers free trial lessons for all classes. All children have the ability to shine, but what is the best way to build their confidence and fulfill their potential?

Find out more about the school by visiting their website www.centrestagedance.org or contact the school on 01202 733231 or enquiries@centrestagedance.org

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Debbie Court: Glued to her art!

We last caught up with papier mache sculptor Debbie Court in our Spring 2016 issue when she was still fairly new to the art scene. Here is the latest... So, what’s been happening since we last talked? Well, thanks to that article in Arkadia, I received some great comments and a commission so I was delighted... and grateful to you! I’ve been doing quite a lot of commissions since then... all sorts of interesting ones - from retired military men to musicians and map makers. Each one has been enjoyable to do and has developed new skills. That’s the great thing about commissions... you have to push yourself to achieve what your client wants and along the way, your technique improves. So is your style changing do you think? I think it is... I’ve recently gone a little bit larger in my work... they now tend to be about 20cm high... so still small, but a bit larger than before... and I’m working on a series called ‘Portraits’ which are small head and shoulder figures depicting interesting faces and expressions. They are in the natural colour of the papier mache and I think they are more expressive because of that... the viewer can project their own ideas onto each one and it’s amazing how many different interpretations people find in one expression. These pieces are freestanding and, unlike some of my other work, they’re robust enough to handle and are wonderfully tactile. I’m about to start a series of pieces depicting contemporary people in everyday life. I’m quite excited about this! I was spending a lot of time thinking about sculpting classical style poses, but why not sculpt what’s all around me? I love sculpting people more than anything else and the most amazing material is walking past me every day! Are you getting more recognition for your work these days? I am! My website showcases my work (www. debbiecourt.com) but I’m also with the website Artfinder (www.artfinder.com/debbie-court) where I’m starting to

sell more pieces and gathering followers. I’m fortunate that I still take on regular commissions and these come to me via social media and by word of mouth. What’s next for you? I’m just riding the papier mache wave at the moment and seeing where it takes me. I have a piece called ‘When Coal was King’ which is currently in Italy ready to be included in an ongoing exhibition with Luciano Benetton’s Imago Mundi project, and I’d like to get together enough work to stage a solo exhibition in the near future. I’ll have to increase my output of non-commission work so that I get to hold on to my work long enough to display it, but I’m still driven by an obsession for papier mache and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon!

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Hello, I am a local, full time Dorset Artist specialising in Graphite, Ink and Charcoal Drawings and Sketches. If you have ever considered having a Pet, Home or a Loved one Sketched or Drawn then I would be most interested in creating an artwork for you. I generally work from a good quality photograph to produce the finished article, if you don’t have a photo I am more than happy to come out and take one for you. Please contact me for any further information, Thank you.

MARK PAGE ARTWORKS T: 07977 555109

E: crossfire911c2@gmail.com


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My Time in Lyme Unbelievable – that thing has no banister, I thought when I first saw the Cobb. Truly, thinking this is rather Germanic, was my second thought. Yes, as you might have already guessed, I am German. And, I am also a kind of adventurer and globetrotter. I came to England in summer 2012, after living for seven years in the Swedish forests. That was my base for the summers, and in the winters I was prospecting for minerals in West Africa – mainly in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Mali. Now, the political situation in those countries had become a little bit odd and tricky, so I decided it’s time for a move. I sold nearly everything I owned, dry-stored the remaining stuff and began my next journey, which led me to Lyme. Amazing, what a view! I was overwhelmed driving down the coastal road when the scenery suddenly opened into that stunning view overlooking Lyme Regis, the bay and the Golden Cap. And immediately I knew I have to live here for a while. Seeing this lovely little artist village, there was truly no doubt, this is the most inspiring spot for me to finish my book about that time in Africa. Meeting new friends was not difficult at all. The British people are so warm-hearted, friendly and always for a chat. arkadia ready magazine

I soon met Christine and Harry May. Christine is the most talented artist of birds of prey that I have ever seen, creating contemporary oil paintings and charcoal drawings. She lives by the sea with her husband Harry, whose name is synonymous with Lyme Regis, mackerel fishing and deep sea fishing trips. We soon became close and deep friends and together we spent countless evenings eating the mackerel Harry and I fished in the afternoon, after my writing sessions in the morning. Besides prospecting for minerals, photographing is my other great passion and Lyme, of course, offers you a huge range of stunning photo opportunities. Every day shows you new details to catch, and no sunrise taken at the Cobb is equal to the ones before. Unfortunately, after spending nearly two years in this beautiful location, in April the time came to say goodbye. But one thing is sure; I will never forget it and will always come back for a visit. The only thing that still makes me wonder? How do you manage to get all the taste out of your fish and chips?

CONYERS GUNSHOP 3 West street Blandford Forum Dorset DT117AW Telephone 07973642278

A stunning selection of sporting goods, home wares, clothing and more, all in the beautiful Town of Blandford Forum, all under one roof, and all selected to suit your lifestyle choices, pop in today to see what goodies they have in store to make your life more complete, hand picked treasures, top end brands and knowledge abound from years of shooting and fishing experience! arkadia magazine


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Get In Touch Van Haven

Unit 5 Barnhaven Rivers Corner Sturminster Newton Dorset DT10 2AD 01258 577016

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QUALITY VAN RETAILER OF STURMINSTER NEWTON Here at Van Haven we are passionate about all things VW, especially Transporters. We are not about giving people the hard sell into buying a van that is not right for you. We specialise in VW T5 Transporter and Caddy sales. Our experience in the VW commercial sector gives us the knowledge to source the best quality vans at the lowest possible prices. Our wide range of new and used vehicles combined with our unbeatable customer service makes us the top independent VW commercial van dealership in Dorset, Somerset and right across the south west of England. If its finance you need then you have come to the right place. Our team has the experience and tools to provide you with the very best finance quotation. So if it's a new or used van you are looking to purchase, a conversion to your existing van, or a rigorous service and diagnostics check then you have come to the right place.

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Bentley Motors is today announcing an exciting new partnership with world-renowned cellist, Tina Guo. Guo recently composed, performed and produced the launch music for the first luxury hybrid vehicle in the world – the Bentayga Hybrid – and will work closely with Bentley throughout 2018 with a schedule of live performances and guest appearances. Christophe Georges, Director of Marketing for Bentley, comments: “Tina is an extraordinary talent. Through her compositions and performances on her electric cello, Tina has taken the sound of an acoustic cello – a beautiful luxury instrument hand-crafted from the finest materials – and made it contemporary and modern with the addition of electricity. We have achieved the same feat with the new Bentayga Hybrid, and we are excited to be working with her.” Speaking about the partnership, Guo said: “I’ve always had a passion for cars and Bentley in particular, so to be composing and performing for such an amazing brand is a huge honour for me. “Last week I was able to take time during a tour of Switzerland to visit the Geneva Motor Show and see the unveil of the Bentayga Hybrid set to my music. It was such a special moment and I’m very excited for the year ahead with Bentley.” The piece of music composed and performed by Guo reflects the tranquil and refined interior space offered by the Bentayga Hybrid. In pure EV mode, the car makes effortless progress for up to 31 miles (50 km) in silence thanks to the electric drivetrain and provides an oasis of calm in the city and beyond. The Bentayga Hybrid will go on sale later this year as the first step towards a sustainable, electrified future for Bentley.

Tina Guo Guo’s internationally acclaimed and Grammy-nominated career as a virtuoso acoustic/electric cellist, recording artist, and composer is truly in the ascendency. Her unique style encompasses a wide range of genres and she has worked with some of the biggest names in music. Tina Guo has performed as the featured soloist in scores for major film productions (including Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, Sherlock Holmes and Inception), TV shows and video games. She recently travelled the world with Hans Zimmer for two tours of live shows, and she was a soloist in Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson "The Immortal" World Tour, performing around the globe to over 3.7 million people. In October 2016, Guo signed an exclusive recording contract with Sony Music and her debut Sony album "GAME ON!" was released February 10, 2017. Guo performs on a Gand & Bernadel cello made in Paris, France in 1878, a customized Yamaha SVC-210 electric cello, and an erhu made in Shanghai, China. arkadia magazine

QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE VALETING & DETAILING Covering Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas.

Providing your vehicle with the highest quality service to ensure it looks it’s best! Using premium products to guarantee a quality finish, whether it’s a maintenance wash, being treated to full protection detail or beyond, our range of services can cover your requirements.

Visit our website or contact us for for a free estimate.

Call 07790 654729 Email info@rpmservices.biz Visit rpmservices.biz arkadiaUS magazine FOLLOW @RPMSERVICESDORSET

RPM Services is operated by Ryan David. With over ten years’ experience, Ryan can advise and provide the right services for your vehicle care. We only use premium car care products, including Autobrite Direct and are fully insured to work on your motor vehicle.

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HMP The Verne, Portland, Dorset The Verne Citadel is an incredible piece of architecture. Built in to the hillside atop the highest point of Portland and surrounded by an enormous moat, its Victorian grandeur in every sense. Built in the mid-late 18th century it became HMP The Verne – a category C prison in 1949. Growing up on the island, The Verne had always been a place of mystery. Gazing down in to the moat and seeing arches leading in to darkness, walking around the perimeter and visitors car park looking through the old battlements & tunnels. There had always been a couple of abandoned buildings in the grounds too – extremely unsafe and weather-beaten, but interesting nonetheless. In 2013 the prison was closed and plans put in place to turn it in to an immigration centre which would work as a kind of “holding pen” for around 600 illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. Some parts of the citadel were never converted from its military beginnings, and these antiquated, original parts are really interesting. Walking across the bridge, easily 100ft over the moat there’s a distinct feeling of, “you ain’t getting out of here, son!” but over the prison’s 64 year period, there were in fact several escapees! HMP The Verne actually holds the record for the world’s most successful prison fugitive, notching up 60 years after escaping using knotted bedsheets! Passing over the bridge you walk through a winding entrance tunnel, the kink in the tunnel presumably there to make would-be invaders life difficult if they ever managed to traverse the moat. Once inside, there’s a lower level to your left, accessed via a set of stairs at the far end. It’s on this level where the old mortuary exists. Next to the mortuary is a room with a spiral staircase, it’s here where you descend in to the depths of the citadel towards the moat. The next levels down are dark, stone passageways branching out to large rooms where infantry would defend the citadel through the slits in the thick stonework. Back to the spiral staircase you head down again and a large double-door exits in to the impressive ditch. And there’s really no easy way out of here! The moat walls surrounding you are dizzying and the thought of being a prisoner, seeing daylight thinking you’ve escaped to be confronted with this would be demoralising to say the least! The moat has two doors around the base, the second door leads to a much more dormant, abandoned section of the citadel with passageways to the interior all blocked off. Graffiti on the walls suggest that this has been a local hang-out for kids over the decades. In fact, ask any Portlander who grew up in Fortuneswell and the surrounding areas and they’ll tell you that they often played in the prison grounds & tunnels.

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GETTING 'RIGHT HOOKED' ON MUAY THAI!!! After seeing Lindsey Carr destroy her opponent at a local boxing night, I wanted to know what drove this mother, partner and businesswoman to want to get into the ring and destroy another female.. here is her story... I fight White Collar boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing while being a mum of two lovely daughters and running my own Graphic Design company. Sometimes I get burnt out and feel like I take on too much but I love a challenge. I have never fitted into the stereotypical female role since being a child. I was bought up with two brothers watching martial art films and always enjoyed competing in various sports that women are not ‘supposed to do’ such as playing rugby for Bournemouth ladies. Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing gives me a sense of achievement and I finally got my figure back after becoming a mum. I won my latest VCBC3 White Collar Boxing match in December at the 02 Academy, Bournemouth. During the training - Coach Johnny Whittam - English Kickboxing Champion sadly lost his life to mental health so the next VCBC4 is dedicated to him. I found it was the toughest challenge I had set myself to date and the training was hard. I felt guilty as a mum that I would rush home to put the girls to bed after a day at work then go straight out again to train. I am lucky to have a very supportive boyfriend and parents who step in to help with childcare. When I stepped into the ring - the atmosphere and adrenaline rush was amazing. Seeing myself on the big screen and to hear my name called out was the most exhilarating feeling I have ever experienced. My family and friends were watching and all a bit nervous but I felt ready and I didn’t want to lose in front of everyone. Round one I felt strong and technically superior then rounds two and three my opponent was very strong and fit so kept coming and wasn’t going to give up. I gritted my teeth and kept trying to get in the hard punches when I saw the opportunity, using my height and reach to my advantage. My nose got hit hard and sprayed blood over the crowd.

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My Fit2box trainers were all watching and I didn’t want to let them down so, despite a possible broken nose, I fought harder and managed to knock my opponent to the ground. When the referee called my name as the winner I jumped up and down in delight. All that hard training – five days per week sometimes twice a day paid off and I had never felt so good! It all started five years ago when I took my daughters to a park in Surrey where I met Sheree Halliday. After many coffees and chats, she became one of my best friends and I watched her become World Champion ladies Muay Thai fighter. I admired her determination and commitment to the sport. I attended Sheree’s Muay Thai classes to initially lose baby weight and loved them so much I got instantly hooked. I utilise any free time I have to Box and I am lucky enough to have had expert training in Thailand at K.Y.N Muay Thai Gym, Koh Yao Noi. I felt in great shape after doing two sessions per day for the week and took my laptop so I could design and send magazines to print in between sessions. Juggling childcare, work and training are hard. I travel with work so I find the best trainers around the country to fit in sessions when I can. I am in the best shape of my life, with a fantastic boyfriend and family and a great career. Despite other people’s opinions about my fighting I know it has given me a new lease on life and working hard for something you love is a good role model for my girls. They are happy to come to watch me train so that ‘I don’t lose’ and are proud of me. I live by simple rules - you only have one life so make sure you live it and push yourself as you are the only one stopping yourself from reaching your full potential.

‘Lindsey pictured with Mirna Yatim personal trainer from Fit2box'

Training 4 hours per day in Thailand was an unforgettable experience

My nose got hit hard and sprayed blood over the crowd.

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Unparalleled performance, for all of life’s roads. Bentayga.

Introducing the extraordinary SUV. Visit Harwoods. www.harwoods.uk.com/bentley or call 02380 813206. Bentayga fuel consumption – EU Drive Cycle in mpg (l/100 km)*: Urban 14.7 (19.2); Extra Urban 31.0 (9.1); Combined 22.1 (12.8). CO2 Emissions 292 g/km.

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Bentley Hampshire. Bramshaw, Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 7JF


*Fuel consumption figures subject to Type Approval. The name ‘Bentley’ and the ‘B’ in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2015 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Bentayga.


XXX DIAMONDS. THE PERFECT CUT & THE PERFECT FIRE. XXX certification by the gemmological institute of America signifies the ultimate quality of cut. Such diamonds exhibit miraculous brilliance, fire and sparkle, coupled with a natural Pink Diamond from Chalys. The ultimate rarity. Call in to be dazzled. W W W.W H Y J E W E L L E R S . C O M

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Poole of light

The town centre shines in festival of light art More than 20,000 visitors were amused, amazed and de-light-ed by last weekend’s Light Up Poole festival of digital light art that illuminated the town centre after dark. The three-night event showed Poole in a new light with a series of installations and events set up from Lighthouse, through Falkland Square and Kingland Crescent, down the High Street to the Quay. Artists and designers were invited to respond to Poole on a theme of ‘Identity’ and delivered a stunning collection of work that included Submergence, the immersive walk-through experience created by Squidsoup, an international group of artists, researchers, technologists and designers; and The Squirrel, a digital art installation by Tim Boin and Dave Lynch to highlight the extinction plight of Brownsea Island’s red squirrels. Sounds of Poole, a soundscape album created by local school students working with artist Jon Adams and the SoundStorm music education hub played in the Fish Shambles; and Arbour, artist Mark Perry’s illumination of the trees in Orchard Plaza, created a magical walk of light. “This was accessible, interactive, immersive art for everyone and the people of Poole embraced it with real enthusiasm,” says Libby Battaglia of festival directors Audacious. “There are amazing things to see every day but sometimes we need to put them in the spotlight so people can see the place where they live in a different light. It was really heart warming to see so many families out and about, coming together on the streets of Poole after dark in the middle of February to play and have fun with art.” Visitors to Light Up Poole also helped launch a new app from Bournemouth-based Rogue Games and became the first in the world to try their hand at the game. The premiere of FLO was beamed onto the wall of Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts, and the game has since gone on to top the Racing category of the App Store in 20 countries including the USA, Japan, Argentina, South Korea, France and Spain. Sponsored by Poole BID and funded by Arts Council England, Light Up Poole also enjoyed widespread support from the town’s business community. “It was fantastic to see the town centre lit up by the brilliant event, which attracted many residents and visitors to Poole. The BID was delighted to sponsor this great event and thanks all organisers and other supporters involved,’ says Jonathan Sibbert, chair of Poole BID. “It is clear that Light Up Poole attracted significant footfall in the town centre, which is something that is desperately needed,” says Adam Keen, general manger of Morebus. “We look forward to seeing further events of this nature that appeal to a broad spectrum of people and bring Poole to life in the evenings.” Jeanette Walsh from Truly Scrumptious sweet shop on the High Street adds: “What a success Light Up Poole was – it encouraged families to visit the free interactive events whilst enjoying the town and the Quay. I hope this is made into an annual event.” Organisers say plans are already being hatched for next year’s Light Up Poole and are in contact with a number of artists interested in submitting work. “From the start Light Up Poole has been a collaborative effort between the artists and agencies such as SoundStorm and Artfulscribe, as well as Lighthouse and the Arts University Bournemouth, not to mention the wonderful volunteers and the people and businesses of Poole,” says Libby Battaglia. “We’ve had fantastic feedback, including some constructive criticism, and there’s clearly an appetite for Light Up Poole. I heard from one group of 18 pensioners who were having their tea together in Poole on Thursday night, saw the report on BBC South Today and came out to see what was going on!”

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The Camp Bestival crew are very pleased indeed to announce that the good ship HMS Camp Bestival will set sail Around the World In 18 Raves with our ace seafaring mates Big Fish Little Fish early next year. Hoisting sail for a host of fantastic family rave regattas, we’ll be cruising Lundy, Portland, Wight &Thames, and all across the shores of the south coast and beyond, starting in Vauxhall on 27th January and then taking in Reading, Brighton, Farnham, Bristol, Hackney, Exeter, Southend-On-Sea, Chippenham, Grays, Southampton, Margate, Bath, High Wycombe, Tunbridge Wells, Plymouth, Bournemouth and Kingston with more dates to be announced. Long-term Camp Bestival consorts, Big Fish Little Fish are finest purveyors of quality raves for all the family. Enlisting big name DJs that mums and dads love from days of yore and mixing them up with fabulous fun and games for all the family, they’re our kind of party people and the perfect hands of decks for our ‘…sets sail’ theme. So, we’re teaming up once again to get you jigging in the rigging with amazing DJs including 2 Bad Mice, Chad Jackson Aphrodite, Slipmatt, Alex Paterson (The Orb) and many big names, with Big Fish Little Fish residents and classic Camp Bestival family entertainment galore for kids of all ages. With ticket prices ranging from free for babes in arms to £12 for adults, navigate our tour dates and details listed below, and don’t miss out on the combined magic of Big Fish Little Fish and Camp Bestival and our life on the ocean rave. Tickets and more information via www.bigfishlittlefishevents.co.uk @BFLFEvents www.facebook.com/bigfishlittlefishevents Camp Bestival with BFLF Tour Dates:

Vauxhall                     Fire & Light Box                                  27 January Reading                      Hexagon                                             04 February Brighton                      Proud Stanmer House                        18 February Farnham                     The Maltings                                       24 February Bristol                          Lakota                                                 25 February Hackney                      The Mangle                                         25 February Exeter                          Phoenix                                               04 March Southend-on-Sea       Cliffs Pavilion                                      04 March Chippenham               Neeld Community & Arts                    10 March Grays                          Civic Hall                                             25 March Southampton              Engine Rooms                                    25 March Margate                       Dreamland                                          31 March Bath                             Komedia                                              15 April High Wycombe           Old Town Hall/Wycombe Swan          28 April Tunbridge Wells          Groombridge Place                             12 May Plymouth                     Venue & Date TBC Bournemouth              Venue & Date TBC Kingston                      Venue & Date TBC arkadia magazine

Partnership ahoy!

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Maintenance & Support


I.T is at the core of every modern business, let us take care of it for you Cloud


Installation and other technical services

Tel: 01202 805 125 Email: info@reward-it-support.co.uk www.reward-it-support.co.uk

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10 Bedrooms - 7 Bathrooms - 7 Living Rooms - Rural Privacy - The Spinney is a stunning and secluded property with additional self contained accommodation and games room set in five acres of beautiful and well manicured grounds at the end of a private driveway that services three properties alone in what is highly regarded as one of the premier postcodes within Dorset with the added benefit of being offered with vacant possession. The main residence was initially the woodman's dwelling on the historic 'Lord Wimborne Estate'. Arrowsmith Road backs on to Canford Heath nature reserve SSSI Site.



MARQUEES TO SUIT "We had a large L shaped marquee incorporating a 'chill-out' area along with a hard wood floor . . . the interiors and lights looked amazing. Beautifully and professionally set up." Weddings are all about the personal touches. We can help you make a Camelot marquee look exactly how you want it to, from the elegant or the understated, to the down right outrageous!

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ALL YOU WANT FOR YOUR WEDDING UNDER ONE ROOF Based in the beautiful county of Dorset, Camelot Marquees can provide everything you need. From initial planning and a choice of amazing marquees, to consultancy, friendly advice and a host of complementary event products, such as tables, chairs, lighting and even a fully licensed mobile bar. Contact one of our team today and discover why at Camelot Marquees, we won’t just meet your expectations, we’ll exceed them.

A SPECIAL PLACE FOR A SPECIAL DAY "Thanks to Camelot for the amazing marquee. Both the marquee and location were perfect. Everything inside was just how we imagined it and more!" Our seamless one-stop hire service guarantees to make your day stress-free and just that little bit more special! Now all you need are your guests!

"Great customer service, totally stress free and the Bell Tents looked great!"

arkadia magazine If you would like to contact us to discuss your requirements, arrange a site visit or ask for a quote, simply visit our website at camelotmarquees.com, email the team at info@camelotmarquees.com or call us on 01929 439177.

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From the twinkling of your inception to the end of your journey, the World and it's seasoned corridors always lead you to places of discover...

Arkadia spring collection 2018  

From the twinkling of your inception to the end of your journey, the World and it's seasoned corridors always lead you to places of discover...