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KOIRA The introduction.

For thousands of years, black was paramount: Considered as the main catalyst for the formation of all colors.

You might have a love-hate relationship with black. It is the ultimate code-switcher. Asserting abject humility or the pretentions of power-sometimes concurrently black, freighted with messages, is a brilliant communicator of values. It has always been this way. Whether it signals transgression or devotion, penury or luxury, intro spection or extroversion, black is at the center of both personal and social expe rience. It also takes pride of place, with some fascinating twists, in theories about color. Like its metaphorical messaging, black’s place in color theory stands

conventions orbit around black’s star status. Of course, the built environment is part of a larger context for human behaviors and tastes. consider black’s incompara ble place in our day-to-day world and equally in the inner world of thought, emotion, and even spirit. With concepts like “black holes” and “dark matter,” astronomy is only one of many multiple universes of black.

considered as the main catalyst for the formation of all colors. The Greek philosopher Aristotle proposed a theory of color in which all hues came from ratios of black to white. Colors align along a linear scale with black at one end Newton, in 1666, conducted experiments passing a beam of seemingly colorless white light through a prism, which separated light’s component rays into individual colors. He then reconstituted those vivid colors back into pure white lost its place of primacy; it was not even part of the scheme.

to diminish black. Artists, too, debated whether black lay outside an agreed system of color. Irrespec tive, black’s formal and narrative powers in art have unremitting allure. Source: Black: Architecture in Monochrome , Phaidon Publications


KOIRA The Creator.







A.D BLACK: Architecture in Monochrome

A stunning exploration

A visually rich book, Black: Architecture in Monochrome casts a new eye on the beauty - and the drama - of black in the built world. Spotlighting more than 150 structures from the last 1,000 years, Black pairs engaging text with fascinating photographs of houses, churches, libraries, skyscrapers, and other buildings from some of the world’s leading architects, including Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson, and Eero Saarinen, David Adjaye, Jean Nouvel, Peter Marino, and Steven Holl.

About the book

of the beauty and drama of 150 black structures built by the world’s leading architects over

1,000 years.

A.D BLACK: Architecture in Monochrome

Church of Ruská-Bystrá Anonymous Sobrance, Slovakia 1730 Built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the wooden churches of the Slovak region located in the Carpathians are unique examples of architecture blending Latin and Byzantine cultures. The rural church of Ruská Bystrá in Sobrance, Slovakia, was built with ron dins from local conifers, cut by hand and coated with a bituminous mixture to protect them from insects and the elements. Its roof and exterior walls, covered with out, made up of three cubes: the sanctuary, the presbytery and the nave. Built in 1730 during the reign of Emperor Charles IV, its altar probably

as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, eight wooden structures still stand in the Carpathians, including two Roman Catholic churches, three Protestant churches and three Greek-Catholic churches

A.D BLACK: Architecture in Monochrome

Loosdrecht Lake House 2by4 Architects Breukelen, The Netherla nds - 2011 Squeezed onto an island not much wider than the house itself, Loosdrecht Lake House is located in the midst of a Dutch nature reserve. A challenge of both design and location, the small 226-square foot (21-square meter) vacation cottage is constructed on a 328 by 16-foot (100 by 5-meter) legakker, a uniquely Dutch man-made topographical feature in which lake islands are formed by drying and storing peat during harvest. Preservation regulations require that, if a structure is demolished, any new construction cannot exceed the dimensions of the razed build ing. Loosdrecht Lake House is clad in black-stained timber clapboard in refer ence to both the previous structure it replaced and the traditional black barns that once were a common feature on the Dutch landscape. Additionally, the som ber exterior palette aids in keeping the cabin from overpowering its protected natural environment. The one-story dwell ing is dikitchen and storage areas, while the sleeping and living area looks out through a wall of glass over the lake and the forest beyond.

Ring House TNA/Makoto Takei & Chie Nabeshima Nagano, Japan- 2006 Positioned at the highest point of a dra matically inclined slope in Karuizawa, Japan, Ring House is a towering assem blage of alternating translucent and opaque black bands. Together, these bands create a seemingly ephemeral structure that appears to emerge from the landscape as if part of the forest itself. Built on a challenging site, its en closed, forested locale inspired the chitects to create a holiday home that would express an extreme verticality in deference to the surrounding trees. The facade is constructed of alternating sec tions of glazing and wood, the latter made of dark stained cedar panels. From a distance the home appears to be part to be part of the forest, its alternating black-and white scheme an echo of the bark and branches surrounding it. When night f falls, and the forest recedes into darkness, Ring House glows from within; its form. erly transitory form illuminates the land scape in stacked ribbons of white light. Constructed on a concrete plinth in the hillside, the home through the entirety of the home and onto the roof where an ob servation deck rests among the treetops.





HEIKE: Fashion Brand Concept Store

Interior Design A surprise awaits the patrons of a furniture store in Hangzhou, China, once they walk up the conHEIKE which was designed and realized by Shanwei Weng and Jiadie Yuan of AN Interior Design for the fashion designer, Laohei. Entirely appointed in shades of black and dark gray and constructed out of a variety of industrial materials such as concrete, steel and aluminum, the concept store bends the idea of what a fashion boutique can actually be and appeals to customers who want to experience the designer’s intentions behind the designs of their clothing. As such, project manager, Junjie He, created the Black Cant, a sculptural system that appears to have been assembled by painstakingly balancing a series of large scale, geometrically shaped sculptures in the middle of the room. The result is engaging and encourages interactions between the Black Cant and the concept store’s customers, as well as

A poetic conceptual and spatial experiment to create an innovative example of interior design for an independent

fashion brand, ference of the space seem to have been placed there in order to enhance the importance of the Black Cant and not the other way around. Fittingly, AN Design describes HEIKE as “a poetic conceptual and spatial experiment to create an innovative example of interior design for an independent fashion brand,” and they seem to have succeeded in creating the perfect black, blank canvas through which to convey the aesthetic simplicity and constructive complexity hidden within the garments themselves. Source: Yaetzer.com


Berlin Based, Conceptual design, clean aesthetics and functional form.

NEW TENDENCY is a Berlin-based design studio that applies Modernist design principles onto contemporary objects of the everyday. In Bauhaus tradition, NEW TENDENCY creates products characterized by conceptual The collection of furniture and accessories develops under the creative direction of Manuel Goller and consists of original products as well as collaborations with selected designers and architects.

Source: Newtendency.com


Usability & Aesthetics

Usability and aesthetics. We as makers, value the balance between these two elements. Products with an ease of use is comforting to all the senses and lead to a growing fondness over time. A tableware with elegant presence blends naturally with the living space and adds color to daily life. We aspire to create products that stand by you in your everyday life. This is why we continue to seek inspiration from moments and stories held precious by the users.


Source: Kinto.com



S .T





2. Maintain good communication with your peers and the adult organizations tha t you partner with

3. Take good care of yourself and others

1. Don’t start from scratch, there are hundreds of existing initiatives that you can join

8. Meet people where they’re at —> not everyone knows the climate crisis back and forth. Explain it and present solutions

7. Always convey that individual and structural change are both indisputably necessary

9. Use accessible language. Not everyone knows about PPM (parts per million), or the IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change)

Climate Justice Activist, Xiye Bastida talks Sustainability. Here are ten things you can do to be a climate justice advocate. Remember, the world doesn’t change when 1,000 people do climate-justice advocacy perfectly; it changes when billions of people do it the best they can.

4. Make your activism intersectional, include all stakeholders in your decision making, and don’t tokenize

6. At events that you hold, invite indigenous peoples to do land acknowledgements, and remember that indigenous knowledge is the foundation for addressing the climate crisis

do things the patriarchal way, the racist way, the exhausting way, or any way that excludes marginalized voices

10. Talk about greenwashing, environ-

what an equitable transition means


TALKING TRAS A Conversation about Climate Change

Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and marine biologist & climate expert, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson tune in to discuss how to think globally and act locally by deciding what to care about and how to channel their energy.

“You don’t have to be called an activist to talk about what’s right.”

TALKING TRAS A Conversation about Climate Change Billie Eilish Knowing that every action Billie using her platform homeonand on tour to raise for awareness Knowing that every action counts, Billiecounts, is using her isplatform at home andatwhile tourwhile to raise awareness what wefor canwhat do towe can do to with local plant-based food,nonosingle-use plastic, nocups, single-use cups, and ensurespossible everything possibleand is recycled and composted. On catered withcatered local plant-based food, no plastic, and ensures everything is recycled composted. On asksshe all venues she in toplastic not allow plastic bins are for recyclables. alsoanhas made an asks all venues performs in performs to not allow straws, andstraws, ensuresand binsensures are available foravailable recyclables. She also hasShe made In Ayana, the casenotofonly Ayana, only does she have careerand in science andispolicy, she is also of co-founder of Urban more. In themore. case of doesnotshe have a long careera long in science policy, she also co-founder Urban Ocean Lab, Ocean Lab, think futurecities, of coastal cities, of co-founder The Save All WeProject, Can Save Project,women to support women leading and on climate, and a think tankafor the tank futureforofthe coastal co-founder The All WeofCan to support leading on climate, of How to Save a Planet,ona climate podcastsolutions. on climate solutions. co-creator ofco-creator How to Save a Planet, a podcast “Climate justice sure is making sure thathas everyone hasopportunity an equal opportunity forand a healthy and safe life.” “Climate justice is making that everyone an equal for a healthy safe life.” Dr. AyanaJohnson Elizabeth” Johnson ” “ Dr. Ayana“ Elizabeth The two chatted about speaking up and staying optimistic. Ultimately, they both agreed that every action counts, and the most important thing is to keep trying.

What We All Can Do To Save The Planet By Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

When I sat down with Billie Eilish, we discussed our shared commitment to being part of climate solutions. From renewable energy

What Can You Do?

our magic. And then I added, “It’s not about what you can do, it’s about what we can do.” Find your crew, your climate squad. You can’t do this alone. Join a group, volunteer with an organization, team up.

Source: Nike.com

And now, after many conversations with students who were really grappling with how they can be most useful, this is my current answer,




Find the overlap of:





S.F Nike iSPA

Road Warrior Clear Jade

Back-to-basics barefoot stance.

outdoor apparel. The goal was to build a piece of footwear that can thrive in urban environments. All of these performance innovations live in harmony, providing comfort, protection and durability.

The Road Warrior references the pioneering design of the 2-hour-marathon-breaking Nike Air Zoom Al-

re-imagines a traditional Japanese split-toe cage (commonly used in construction and road work boots) for a back-to-basics barefoot stance. Source: Nike.com

S.F Nike Space Hippie 04

Trash Reinvented Space Hippie is a story of trash transformed. Combining its airy Space Waste Yarn istic look that feels as light as mountain air. The sleek, track-inspired silhouette also features an embroidered Swoosh design and unique lacing system that minimize the salvage your world and live your dreams. Source: Nike.com



Sea (weed) on your feet The one-piece construction is built with a mix of EVA and an algae-based foam compound. A progressive slip-on, the Yeezy Foam Runner ‘Mineral Blue’ emerges with a monochromatic look. The one-piece construction is built with a mix of EVA and an algae-based foam combreathability. A raised heel promotes a more natural stride, while underfoot, the outsole sports a wavy pattern for traction, also revealing the only branding via an adidas logo. Source: Flight.club.com


S.F YEEZY X GAP Round Jacket ‘Black’

The latest sleek tonal black take If fans have been patient for the arrival of Yeezy x Gap, Kanye has waited nearly a lifetime to get to this moment.

If fans have been patient for the arrival of Yeezy x Gap, Kanye has waited nearly a lifetime to get to this moment. He’s been rapping about the Gap since 2004, when he said, “Let’s go back, back to the Gap” on “Spaceship.” Initially dropping in Japan, United Kingdom and Europe, the latest sleek tonal black take on

a unique connected collar-lapel design. It is interesting to note that the billowy front-cropped shape does not feature a closure and comes simply marked with a YEEZY Gap logo tag on the interior. Source: Hypebeast.com


S.F CO AT [Wearable Oxygen]

A living, breathing piece of clothing that produces by making a sustainable garment that produces Oxygen. It was produced with their most recent motto in mind — “Future Before Fashion”, which focuses on the development of products and solutions with low impact on the environment. It was developed with the London-based, award-winning transdisciplinary design research studio Post Carbon Lab and then sent to key people at all the major fashion retailers, simulating a piece from their Fall / Winter 2043 Collections. The aim was to show big fashion brands that a future with truly green solutions such as this is possible now. Treated with microbial pigmentation, the hoodie behaves like a plant. It takes in carbon dioxide and turns it into glucose and oxygen, using photosynthetic microorganisms. During its life cycle, the poncho neutralizes the impact of its production, improves the immediate environment of the wearer and produces approximately the same amount of O2 as an oak tree.

Azgard9 is a leading Pakistani denim producer which has put in place this highly innovative and challenging fashion project, aspiring to materialize what the future of fashion might look like.



S.F CO AT [Wearable Oxygen]

“While brands are thinking about their next collection, we have been thinking about collections of and for the part of every brand’s collection in 2043, if we all work towards the same goal. We were tired of thinking about how we could change the “Future of Fashion” for the better and decided to actually do something about it.”

Although it didn’t need to be, this C.O2.A.T is more than an O2 producing piece of clothing, it is also imbued with characteristics which give us a glimpse of how truly great the future of fashion might look like:




Water - Resistant


Source: https://co2at.life/




F. A




Kanye West





F.A Kanye West

DONDA 08.05.2021


F.A Kanye West

Kanye West Presents: The Donda Album Release”, the second listening event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Donda.

Stadium, titled “Kanye West Presents: The Donda Album Release”, was set to took place on August 5. An Apple Music livestream commenced from West’s room inside the stadium on the morning of August 5, 2021, showing him under-

being accompanied by dozens of dancers that were dressed in black clothing too, who either encircled him or threw silhouetted shapes onto the stage. They were succeeded by barefoot dancers that wore mud-coloured nylon tracksuits West paced around, danced, and prayed during the event, as well as performing push-ups at points. The event ended with West being elevated to the ceiling of Mercedes-Benz Stadium by harness, in a manner reminiscent of ascending

Source: Wikipedia.com

Kanye West’s New Post-Apocalyptic Album Breaking down the rapper’s shift from YEEZY-beige to Balenciaga-black.

into a worldwide phenomenon), to single-handedly turbo-charging the sales of Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy during Watch the Throne, each release has seen ‘Ye change not only his aesthetic, but the visual cues of a generation of fans. Divisive the style of his YEEZY brand). Desaturated camel, khaki, and gray hues combined with combat boot-like YEEZY 950s on foot, which soon pivoted towards more retro-tech sneakers such as the 500 and 700 matched with workwear-inspired pieces in a wider range of tones. But as he enters a new era (backed by the delayed release of DONDA), everything ‘Ye

Source: Hypebeast.com





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M.M Anime Yasuke

A Samurai (of color) Fighting Giant Mechas” “Yasuke”, notably portrays the Black character being front and center of the narrative.

Description: sliced up. Then come in the big mechas, and they have huge guns and swords for arms that contribute to the bloodshed. And then there are the sorcerers summoning beams of arrows that would cut their opponents down if not

In an interview, he talked about honoring Yasuke’s story while pushing new ideas, new sounds, and “a lot of things we just haven’t seen before, unfortunately.” “Yasuke”, notably portrays the Black character being front and center of the narrative. The dearth of Black characters in anime and the rest of Japanese pop culture is changing, says Yoshiko Okuyama (professor of Japanese studies, University of Hawaii). there has been recent interest in portrayinterest in multiculturalism.” Source: npr.com

M.M - Anime Afro Samurai

He who challenged “God”

Afro moves forward in his hunt for revenge on the man who murdered his father. There is just one thing that stands in his way—everyone else in the world! Description: Background: The Afro Samurai anime was a creative collaboration between Samuel L. Jackson, Takashi Okazaki, and Gonzo,

Justice cast aside his Number Two headband and took the Number One to claim its godly powers as his own. Years later, having obtained the Number Two headband which grants him the right to challenge the Number One, Afro moves forward in his hunt for revenge on the man who murdered his father. There is just one thing that stands Number Two can be challenged by anyone. As his enemies gather to try and take the title of Number Two, Afro and for all. Source: Myanimelist.com

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