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Congratulations on being selected as your county’s 2012 Farm Family of the Year! For 65 years the Arkansas Farm Family of the Year Program has been honoring farm families all across the state. We know that you will take great pride in being recognized by other members of your community for your achievements in agriculture and your value to Arkansas. This report form is intended to allow you the opportunity to describe your farming operation in your own words. It will give the district judges an opportunity to learn a little about your operation before they visit to decide who will be selected as the district farm family of the year. This report form will not be viewed by anyone other than the judges and the state program coordinator. This report form is purely informational and does not affect the judges’ selection process. We do not require any financial information from participants in the program.* Here are some dates that will be important to you: May 11Deadline for report booklets to be sent to the State Coordinator June 11-14 Judges’ visits to county farm family selections July 9-12 Judges’ visits to district farm family selections July 31 Deadline for county photos to be returned to State Coordinator THURSDAY, December 6 Arkansas Farm Family Day at the Wyndham


If you should be selected as a district farm family, a new group of judges will visit each district farm family to select a state farm family of the year. Once again, congratulations and good luck!!

2012 ARKANSAS FARM FAMILY OF THE YEAR * Per agreement, the overall state winner will need to submit financial information to the Southeastern Farmer of the Year Program to be eligible to participate and accept awards from the Southeastern Farmer of the Year Awards Program.


Name: Address: Home Phone:

City, State, Zip: _ Business:



(Area Code & Number on All Phone Numbers)

Name of Spouse (if married): Children:

Age: Age: _Age: _Age:

Email Address: Local Newspaper:

Local TV Station: (Name of Paper Only)

(Call Letters Only)

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MAP TO GET TO YOUR PLACE Please paste or tape a portion of your county map here or sketch a map showing how to get to your farm.


DIRECTIONS TO YOUR HOME Please give complete directions for locating your home from the nearest town, and attach a portion of the county map or sketch a map on the next page showing the location of your family’s home. MILES







B. Independent Operator: C. Total acres first year of farming:



_ Acres rented:


Acres owned:


D. Total acres currently operated:

Acres rented:

E. Number of years farming or ranching:

Acres owned: _

II. FARMING PROGRAM A. List major crops*

No. of Acres

Yield per Acre

*Indicate if irrigated

III. LIST MAJOR LIVESTOCK / OTHER ENTERPRISES (Under production units indicate number of head, pounds, dozen, or other appropriate measure of volume.)

A. Enterprise

Production Units

B. Describe briefly how you market your crops and/or livestock enterprises.


C. List other farm or related business enterprises and describe size and relate importance to your total operation.

IV. FARM MANAGEMENT A. List your goals and degree of accomplishments in improving the quality of the farming program. GOALS


B. Indicate major problems connected with your operation which you have overcome or solved since you started farming.


C. Indicate plans of development for future expansion, for improvements or changes in your farming operation.

D. Write a short paragraph about special practices you have employed that contribute to protecting the environment, or the conservation of soil, water and energy.

E. Describe briefly how you started farming.


F. Write a brief statement about the activities and projects in which your children or other members of your family are involved.

V. LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE AND COMMUNITY SERVICE Note: This applies to you and your spouse, if married. A. List leadership roles and community service you and your spouse have fulfilled at the local, state and national levels (include participation in various organizations and activities - church, schools, youth groups, civic, fraternal, governmental, agricultural, etc.) Applicant County Level Activities



State Level Activities

National Level Activities



Spouse County Level Activities


_ State Level Activities

National Level Activities