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January 27, 2014

Individually addressed to each member of the House and Senate Dear XXX. The American Farm Bureau Federation commends the conferees for moving forward in a bipartisan fashion to complete work on H.R. 2642, the 2014 Farm Bill. Overall, Farm Bureau places a high priority on the decisions to: 

Provide considerable savings in the bill to reduce the federal government budget deficit;

Protect and strengthen the federal crop insurance program and not reduce its funding;

Develop a commodity title that provides producers safety net options that encourage them to follow market signals rather than basing planting decisions on anticipation of government payments; and

Refrain from basing any program on cost of production.

Farm Bureau urges you to vote to pass H.R. 2642. This will provide farmers and ranchers certainty for the coming year and allow USDA to plan for an orderly implementation of the bill’s provisions. Sincerely,

Bob Stallman

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