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June 2009

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How To… Create a Print Storage Area!

How To… • Print Storage Area

Private collectors and small institutions do not always have the option of adapting an entire area of their home or office for the proper storage of their prints. Many times individuals store their family photographs in a shoe box in

New Product • Flat Storage Box Tip of the Month • Framing Made Easy

the attic or basement. As you can imagine this is not the best place for them. The extreme conditions of temperature and humidity in these areas are hard to control and will only aid in the deterioration of the prints. The first step in print storage is to designate a site to house the collection.

Term of the Month • Archival Upcoming Events PHOTO PLUS EXPO Oct. 22-24, 2009 Javis Javits Center New York City

Whether you have a few valuable prints or generations of family photographs, you want to make sure the storage area is a space where problems of environmental control can be kept to a minimum. In addition, steer clear of possible hazards such as overhead pipes, sprinklers, and fireplaces/woodstoves. A room that is well insulated will be far more stable than attics or basements for the storage of your prints. The insulation will act as a barrier from exterior elements. If central air is not available in the room it is important to consider

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placing an independent unit in the room, especially in warm climates. It should be regularly monitored for not only temperature but humidity. Additional pointers for preparing a proper storage area are below.

• Family Photographs • Storage of Family

Do not place print boxes directly against the wall.

Air conditioners should be placed to create air flow to all parts of the room.


Materials such as fabric absorb moisture and should not be used in area.

Protect prints from light.


Store prints in print boxes.


Limit outside windows or use dark shades to minimize sunlight.


Use low-level incandescent or ultra-filtered fluorescent lights to view.

General maintenance of the storage area helps control the dust, insects, mold and environmental conditions – temperature, humidity, etc. Be sure to check the contents of the storage boxes periodically – at least every two years.

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Tip of the Month – Framing Made Easy! When it comes to framing, it can be overwhelming to some. A few questions that come to mind are; What kind of frame should I use? Should I use a window mat? If so, what size should the window mat be? Once, I have the aluminum frame, how do I put it together? We have put together FRAME KITS in popular sizes that will

provide you with all the materials you will need to frame your print. Our kits include the following components; •

Aluminum frame profile (111, 105 or 115) in silver or black finishes

Framer assembly hardware and picture hanging wire

UV filtering OP3 Acrylite glazing

Pre-Cut (centered) window mat in 4 ply Bright White with hinged backing

Photo corners for prints

Acid-Free Foam-board, 1/8'' thick

*Also, remember to hang your artwork at eye-level of the average person in the room. If you are hanging the art in a room such as a dining room where people will be seated most of the time, the artwork should be placed lower. > CLICK FOR FRAME ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS

Term of the Month – Archival! A non-technical term that suggests that a material or product is permanent, durable, or chemically stable, and that it can therefore safely be used for preservation purposes. The term has neither a recognized standard definition nor a quantifiable method for verification.

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How To… Create a Print Storage Area! Private collectors and small institutions do not always have the option of adapting an entire area of t...