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Ten Reasons to Hire an Architect

1. An Architect can help you create and focus your dream house into a built reality. Architects see the big picture. A skilled architect can help you develop and integrate your list of requirements with the other complex factors to create a unique Arizona home just for you by prioritizing your needs.

2. An Architect is a licensed professional. Architects are educated, trained, and tested in a large range of areas, including aesthetic design, ergonomics, sociology, ecology, law, building codes, construction materials and technology. This breadth of knowledge allows foresight when evaluating competing requirements and restrictions.

3. An Architect will solve your problems with creative, elegant solutions. Architects are trained to make buildings both functional and beautiful. An architect will be able to show you alternatives that you might not have considered possible.

4. An Architect is trained in communication. An architect has experience effectively communicating through written word, drawing, and verbally with the key members of the project including clients, contractors, engineers, and authorities in the manner best suited to the situation.

5. An Architect has experience. Most architects consider architecture a passion more than a vocation. They draw on past experience. They are an integral part of the design/construction community with contacts in all the fields.

6. An Architect can make your life easier! Architects can bring pictorial suggestions to the table and assist in decisions for space planning, materials, and finishes transforming your abstract ideas into a form you can visualize.

7. An Architect is cost effective. A well-conceived, designed, and coordinated project is more economical. Changes made on paper in the design phase are much less expensive than those made during construction.

8. Architecture is a good investment. Great design sells from consumer products to cities. A well designed home has a higher resale value.

9. An Architect can make your building project environmentally friendly. Skilled architects work with the environment to create spaces that are sustainable and comply with ever demanding energy performance requirements.

10. An Architect can guide you through an entire project as your advocate. An architect will be able to assist with every aspect of a project from choosing a site, city permitting, design review board submittals to construction administration. Whether you choose to start a project from the ground up or remodel an existing space, an architect will be able to help the project run smoothly during each stage avoiding disruptive surprises.


Allegretti Architects

Elaine Keiser Architect, Inc

Brian Neeper Architecture




AZD Associates Architects

Lucid Architecture

Saroki Architecture




Alexander V. Bogaerts + Associates

Mathison Mathison Architects

Sears Architects




Sarah Bourgeois Architects

McIntosh Poris Associates

White and Liebler Architects



DesRosiers Architects

Joseph Mosey Architecture, Inc.



Features Ten Reasons to Hire an Architect

By Jessica Hutchison Rough AIA LEED AP


By Eddie Jones AIA

Publisher’s Note

By Nick Tsontakis AIA, NCARB, MRAIC

MIRA Inaugural Architect Reception

Photography by James Haefner

MIRA Industry Partners

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Young & Young Architects



By Eddie Jones AIA Why architects? Why architecture? Sometimes, I step back and remember, not everyone knows an architect. Most don't understand what the professional title fully implies. However, I’m pretty sure, in general, people think architects are smart and cool. I do. Apparently, so does my wife! But I’m not interested in individual architects. I am interested in their collective impact on individual communities and the world. Building is very powerful, for good or for bad. But architecture—in my mind—is typically good. However, there are too many bad buildings. How can you tell? The outside kills the street and the inside disrespects its occupants. The space within and in-between is oppressive and dull. The exterior imposes itself on the landscape, ignores environmental responsibility and, well, just takes up space. At best, a bad building is benign, nondescript and forgettable. At worst, a bad building can

Eddie Jones is principal at Jones Studio in Tempe, Arizona

inflict damage; physical and intellectual damage. Let me be clear, most buildings are not examples of architecture. There are few structures qualified to be called architecture and the ratio gets more and more unbalanced with each passing year. The bad has consistently outweighed the good and this isn’t a new trend. Despite this history of architecture being outpaced by bad buildings, the influence of great architecture is undeniable. There are moments when we know our life has been enriched by the experience of a great building. It is not uncommon to feel an emotional response to a historic cathedral, a thoughtfully designed home or a new public art museum. Most cities will showcase their most admired cultural buildings regardless of an architectural era. Frank Lloyd Wright said,“The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.” My favorite definition of architecture was made by the great 20th Century architect Louis Kahn, “Buildings shelter mankind. Architecture shelters the spirit of mankind.” I still believe most architects aspire to achieve architecture. At least they start out that way. A typical architect’s story begins before high school which, by definition, makes it a “calling” more than a profession. For me, I was six years old when I decided my life’s direction. Make it to college and we endure a five to six year education, broad ranging as it is exhausting. Additionally, each state requires those holding an architectural degree to apprentice in an actual practice for a predetermined number of years, usually two to three. Following internship, we take the state registration exams, equivalent to the bar exam for lawyers. Some years, only 1/3 of the students will pass the test. The test is grueling. A passing grade allows the once young aspirant to finally call themselves an architect. Their average age is 32. The educational gauntlet requires endurance, conviction, and commitment. Those who become architects do so because they are in love. They are inspired to make a better world. We remain forever youthful because each new day is an exercise in the complexity of engineering coupled with the self-fulfillment of creativity. Problem solving is our job. Most of the time—not all the time—but most of the time, solving those problems is a wonderful good time. I enjoy telling students I have not worked since I graduated from college. That said, the commitment to genuinely honor a lifetime of passion requires the highest level of perseverance. Another esteemed architect, Glenn Murcutt, warns young architects “you want to end your practice the same way you started it,” referring to initial high 2ethical standards and the relentless quest for design excellence. In my opinion, the manifestation of an architect’s measure can be discerned more obviously in2 residential design than in commercial/industrial design. The house is an architect’s playground and

Those who become architects do so because they are in love. They are inspired to make a better world.

design lab. Expertise is honed, theories articulated and the consequences of one’s imposed design decisions are quickly felt. Our clients’ limited budgets—they are ALWAYS limited—have to be taken seriously. It is this monetary respect and the highest of self-imposed standards which motivates us to pursue the most elusive and therefore, most valuable of all design skills… restraint. I have spent forty five

The house is an architect’s playground and design lab. Expertise is honed, theories articulated and the consequences of one’s imposed design decisions are quickly felt.

years learning restraint. What to leave; what to leave out; when to insist; when to let go. These lessons are the result of longevity, experience and maturity. You may find this surprising but I think being an old architect is a lot more fun than being a new architect. The accumulation of experience can, in itself, create opportunities to practice beyond one’s local community. Of course, any opportunity close to home allows the reexamination of familiar criteria and new interpretation. Home is the ultimate comfort zone, sufficient to inspire but also reason enough to leave. It's not easy. One only has to understand the climactic differences between, say, Arizona and Michigan. The range of knowledge necessary to excel in different climate zones is hard earned and requires patience. Factoring in local history, culture, density, demographics, ethnicity and topography further complicates the challenge of designing in a wide variety of environments. But these factors are essential to make elevated design decisions. Each community, each client, each site deserves a specific architectural response. Those responses are as varied as the weather. We should expect architects to invent an architecture appropriate for each situation, relying on an integrity of materials, structure and an inherent sensitivity to nature. Bad buildings often lead to intellectual and emotional silence. In contrast, architecture encourages discussion, imagination and wonder. Meeting the commonplace requirements is not enough. Architects do more. Design matters and desire is essential for a building team to be clearly aligned and soar beyond convention. I have heard many people, including friends, express a desire to have a home representative of their values and individualism. They are often quite passionate and have incredible ideas for bringing their vision to life. However, they assume they can't afford it. I will ask, what is the basis of this assumption? Frequently, the answer is an impression only rich people hire architects. Certainly, wealthy home buyers have the resources to hire us. However, many, if not most, will bypass a good architect and, taking the advice of a realtor, go directly to a builder… not unlike lower-income buyers. The results: an assemblage of mediocrity and conformity distinguished only by scale. Sound harsh? It is. I would like to believe it is not my nature to be negative especially when I’m writing about my favorite subject. But, do I have your attention? The longer I practice, and the more I teach, I realize good architects are a building project’s best investment. Why use an architect? Would you enjoy an inspired environment that changes with earth's orbit? In addition, houses are expensive. Considering the number of dollars, could your personal investment benefit from having an experienced advocate? Would you like to have an ally, committed to more than simple profit, independent of all the other required entities standing to profit? More than once, I have informed potential home buyers their most appropriate design (some say style) has not yet been built. It is the family’s originality of lifestyle combined with budget, and their site’s determinants of solar orientation, views, access, privacy, topography and size that creates the architectural idea. Could your home investment be based on a clear IDEA larger than you? What are your priorities? Architects are a community asset. We are in a unique position to influence public policy, shape history and promote health, safety, and magic. We want to make a better world through architecture. That makes us pretty cool.


Publisher’s Note By Nick Tsontakis AIA, NCARB, MRAIC Welcome to the inaugural issue of

sites and budgetary constraints

Michigan Residential Architects


(MIRA). The aim of this publication

dwellings dotting every region of


the state and across the nation.







Industry Partners in the Design and Construction industry with the general public and raise awareness of the importance of architecture




everyday life. MIRA





Architects are socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Great



volumes and we are proud to feature




residential firms presenting and talking about their projects in their






professionals. Our purpose is to support and inspire quality design work with the most influential and talented




Industry Partners in our state.

own words.

The MIRA network is dedicated to promoting collaboration among those who share in the passion of designing and creating an inspiring, well-crafted home. We have partnered with quality Industry Partners who support the

Fifteen (15) leading residential

architects by taking out full page

architectural firms in Michigan

ads. Without our Industry Partners’

came together to form Michigan

sponsorship, this publication and

Residential Architects in the Fall of

the further promotion of our

2019 to foster relationships within

profession to the general public


would not be possible.




promote exceptional work in the residential real estate market. The founding members invited valued colleagues in the Design and Construction Industry to join and network with the MIRA architects. These Industry Partners include

This high quality print magazine is sent to the top evaluated homes across the state of Michigan with additional copies distributed in the Metropolitan Chicago area on a bi-annual basis.

respected landscape architects,

The “Spring Issue” is published

interior designers, luxury home

and distributed on or around May

builders, real estate professionals,

30th of each year.











and such


as and

The “Fall Issue” is published and distributed


visual specialists.


The featured architectural firms

Network on…

craft and have created award winning and sustainable projects. Their commitment to their clients,



A digital version of each MIRA

door manufacturers and audio

have spent years honing their


November 30th of each year.





Michigan Residential Architects

Nick Tsontakis AIA, NCARB, MRAIC has been president of Architects Publishing Network since 2010. He has also been in private practice since 1981

Handmade custom rugs and carpets. 3232 KRAFT AVE SE | GRAND RAPIDS | MI | 49512 | 616.954.3200 | WWW.SCOTTGROUPSTUDIO.COM

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W hen t he scen ic r oute i nvolve s ste p pi ng out you r b a ck d o or.

ONE OF A KIND Fa lcon c r e ate s f ou nd at ion s on wh ich leg a c ie s a r e bu i lt . O u r C om m it ment to excel lence i s u npa r a l lele d . O u r d r ive to pr ov id e a u n iq u e ex p er ience i s u n r iva le d . O u r pa s sion i s u ne q u a le d .


MIRA1 | 10

gardens & landscapes of discernment ryoungblood.com | 248.650.1990

MIRA1| 11

A LLEGRE T TI A RCH ITEC TS Allegretti Architects is an architectural and planning firm founded on the principles of service, sustainability and excellence, love of the natural environment and people shepherd our firm. We see our mission as architects and planners as a social responsibility and strive to bring best environmental practices and client responsive solutions into harmony in each project. A passion for quality driven decisions are reflected in our architectural solutions. For over 30 years, John Allegretti has been principal architect for over five-hundred projects across the United States and John Allegretti

Internationally. Our practice promotes professional excellence of affordable and


sustainable residential designs. John's designs are regularly published and distributed world-wide by the home publications industry.

500 Main Street St. Joseph, MI 49085





Allegretti Architects

The sense of a Swiss Family Robinson nature setting shaped the small footprint three level approach with a two story attached screen porch restled amongst the trees. A park and walk site with a 24’x32’ main building and an attached 12’ x 20’ two level screen porch that sits tucked in a valley up the side of a hill, and angled to the side for views and ventilation establishes the home amongst the forest of beach, oak, and maple trees. Seasonal views of Lake Michigan to the west are enhanced by the ascending high dune to the east. Passive winter sun will filter through the forest’s bare branches, minimizing the warming needs for the home, and the rich canopy will shade the home the harsh summer light.

MIRA1 13

Allegretti Architects

MIRA1 15

MIRA1 | 16

Thomas Sebold & Associates 35990 Woodward Ave Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 248 -642 -7711 www.tsagc. com

Home Maintenance

Custom Homes



MIRA1 MIRA1|105 17

Rariden .Schumacher .Mio INTERIOR



MIRA1 | 18

OPEN THE WINDOW WITHOUT CLOSING THE BOOK Lift your window effortlessly. Feel the fresh breeze. Savor the sunlight that turns any spot into a relaxing retreat. At Marvin, our windows and doors are inspired by how you live, so you’re inspired to live well. Explore the possibilities. marvin.com/inspired

MIRA1| 19


735 Forest Ave., Suite 204 | Birmingham, MI 48009 | 248.642.5330

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MIRA1| 21

Kevin Akey 665 hulet, suite 100 bloomfield hills, mi 48302 1121 nw 51st ct ft lauderdale, fl 33309 kevin@azdarch.com 248.540.6009 www.azdarch.com

AZD Associates-Architects is a full-service architecture and design firm based out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan with an extensive portfolio of projects across the country, including Canada and the Caribbean. AZD stands at the forefront of architectural design. Striving for excellence, AZD has received over 120 design awards including the “governors award� for design excellence and have had their projects showcased in various national media outlets, including HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, MTV and Architectural Digest. For nearly 20 years, AZD Associates-Architects has utilized innovative thinking and a passion for design to forge a company that has nationwide recognition for design excellence. Established in 1990 by Keven Akey and Frank Zychowski, with no detail too small, AZD has produced both commercial and residential properties. Kevin heads up the residential department and Frank oversees the commercial side of the company. Together they shared a vision of creating a company that took architecture and design to the next level. Experience, creativity, and passion have separated AZD apart from other design firms. Working with clients through the planning, architectural, and interior design stages of a project, AZD remains client sensitive and forward-thinking. Masterfully crafting each project to fit their client’s needs, AZD established itself quickly and gained recognition through awards, publications, broadcast media, and home showcasing. Even with amazing honors and a nation-wide portfolio under their belt, the core values of AZD Associates-Architects remains the same. AZD Associates-Architects, comprised of a skilled and dedicated staff still brings to life the same artfully mastered architectural deigns for projects both big and small. Clients across Michigan and the United States have commissioned AZD and witnessed the difference that hard work, passion , and understanding can bring to any architectural design project.

AZD Associates-Archiects

MIRA1 23

AZD Architects-Associates Inc.

MIRA1 25

248.379.2001 www. j p c ra i g h o m e b u i l d e rs .co m

PA S S I O N MIRA1 | 26



2233 COLE STREET • BIRMINGHAM, MI 48009 • 248.593.8411 www.serbainteriors.com

MIRA1| 27


MIRA1 | 28



1401 Axtell Dr. Troy Michigan 48084

248-288-4100 perspectivescabinetry.com

MIRA1| 29

MIRA1 | 30



MIRA1| 31


Alexander V. Bogaerts

Anthony Marszalec

Xander Bogaerts

Mark Abanatha

Architect Principal

Architect, NCARB Vice President and Senior Associate

Architect, NCARB Vice President and Senior Associate

Architect Vice President and Senior Associate

2445 Franklin Road | Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302 | 248.334.5000 | www.bogaerts.us

Alexander V. Bogaerts & Associates architects has dedicated itself to design excellence since 1978. The firm has had the pleasure of providing architectural services in Michigan, and throughout the U.S. Additionally we have had the opportunity of designing several international projects. We initiate each new home project with enthusiasm and a commitment to providing our absolute best efforts in design. Our approach to each new project includes in depth client meetings to establish design criteria, thorough pre design research, proper time commitment to the home design itself, preparation of comprehensive construction documents, selections of all interior architectural finishes and fixtures, and our ongoing services during the construction phase. We are very proud to have each client enjoy our design efforts and call our design home. We are equally proud to call it our design forever.

Alexander V. Bogaerts + Associates, P.C.

MIRA1 33

Alexander V. Bogaerts + Associates, P.C.

MIRA1 35

discover an award-winning merger of architectural style and textural beauty with schaerer archinteriors.com 248.874.0605

MIRA1 | 36

western window systems Desai Chia Architecture Michigan Lake House


MIRA1| 37

Heather Duggan Interiors 248.912.4701

MIRA1 | 38

630 N. Old Woodward Suite 102 Birmingham, MI 48009





MIRA1| 39

MIRA1 | 40

Photography by Beth Singer

hughesbuilding.net 248-731-7779

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It MIRA1| 41

Sarah Bourgeois AIA 921 W. Eleventh Street Suite 2W Traverse City, MI 49684 www.sbourgeois.com sarah@sbourgeois.com


Sarah Bourgeois AIA loves to work with people and has mastered the art of listening to her clients. “It’s our duty as architects to listen and create spaces that make sense based on our clients program, in other words: design is a process that organizes the convergence of a lot of moving parts such as site and client’s vision.� Her office, Sarah Bourgeois Architects, is a full-service architectural design firm that provides a full range of architectural and planning services focusing on custom residential, remodeling and small commercial projects. Her work is found in and around Leelanau County, Traverse City, Charlevoix

and the Detroit area. Sarah

Bourgeois Architects has participated in the design and construction of a wide variety of building projects and her firm brings the skills needed to coordinate design documents and input from both owner and consultant along with (of course) a terrific personal design sense. Past experience includes all aspects of project development: schematic design, site





documents, job coordination and job site supervision.

Sarah Bourgeois AIA

MIRA1 43

Sarah Bourgeois AIA

MIRA1 45

Grand Rapids • Boyne City www.JenniferButler.Design

MIRA1 | 46




Our state of the art manufacturing facility combines old world craftsmanship to bring you the finest in luxury cabinetry.

Photo: James Haefner Kitchen Design : Chris Varady

We are proud to welcome Franco Nonahal – multi year DHDA Winner and Winner of Sub-Zero’s Design Competition eight years in a row to the Millennium team. 2 4 7 4 8 C r e s t v i e w Co u r t , Fa r m i n g t o n H i l l s, M I

Left to right : Franco Nonahal, Andy Sallan, Lesly Sallan and Chris Varady.

m i l l e n n i u m c a b i n e t r y. c o m


MIRA1| 47

Beth Singer Photography JONES-KEENA & Co.

MIRA1 | 48

Interior Design

248.644.7515 www.jones-keena.com

Inquire today at bccfamily.com • 231-439-1600 • Harbor Springs, MI

Building enhanced lifestyles.

MIRA1| 49


4850 FERNLEE AVE. | ROYAL OAK, MI | 48073 | 248.433.2400 | carrielonginteriors.com

MIRA1 | 50

MIRA1| 51

A passion for design built over generations.

iÃ, à iÀà ƂÀV ÌiVÌà à > >Ü>À` Ü } >ÀV ÌiVÌÕÀ> wÀ V>Ìi` wi ` Ã] V }> ] v Õ `i` LÞ Ì À` }i iÀ>Ì >ÀV ÌiVÌ > ` «À V «> Õ Ã iÃ, à iÀð À ÛiÀ {ä Þi>ÀÃ] Üi >Ûi ëiV > âi` VÕÃÌ Àià `i Ì > ] ÃÌ ÌÕÌ > > ` V iÀV > >ÀV ÌiVÌÕÀi° "ÕÀ i `ià } à V> Li Ãii LÀi>Ì Ì> } Ü>ÌiÀvÀ Ì Ã Ìià >VÀ ÃÃ Ì i Ài>Ì > ià > ` Ì À Õ} ÕÌ V }> >à Üi >à ÃVi V Ìë Ìà V Õ` } iÛiÀ Þ Ã] > v À >Æ Õ« ÌiÀ] À `>Æ > ` /i ÕÀ `i] À>` ° See what’s possible at desarch.com ÎÈÎÎä 7 `Ü>À` ƂÛi Õi] -Õ Ìi £ää N wi ` Ã] {nÎä{ N ­Ó{n® È{Ó ÇÇÇ£ N www.desarch.com

DesRosiers Architects

MIRA1 53

DesRosiers Architects 7i «>ÀÌ iÀ Ü Ì ÕÀ V i ÌÃ Ì `ià } iÃ Ì >Ì ÀiyiVÌ Ì i À viÃÌÞ i > ` «iÀà > >iÃÌ iÌ V vÀ Ì i ÌÀ> `Ì > Ì Ì i ÃÌ>Ìi v Ì i >ÀÌ° Ƃ ` Üi Li iÛi Ì i À i Ã Õ ` LÀ } Ì i V ÃiÀ Ì Ì i Li>ÕÌÞ Ì >Ì ÃÕÀÀ Õ `à ̰

MIRA1 55

Lamanen Construction Since 1995, our family has taken pride in building luxury homes aimed at surpassing every client’s expectations. We integrate exceptional craftmanship with the highest standard of integrity to deliver the perfect living experience for your family.

Clint@lamanenconstruction.com Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 lamanenconstruction.com 248-916-3776

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MIRA1| 57


Builders of Fine Homes & Cottages MIRA1 | 58




MIRA1| 59

LET BOLYARD DESIGN CENTER HELP WHAT YOU’VE IMAGINED COME TO LIFE. For four generations, Bolyard Lumber has been committed to providing top-quality products, exceptional customer service, and masterful craftsmanship. Our new Ann Arbor Design Center, the only Marvin design center in Ann Arbor, is an extension of that 81 year old commitment. Stop in today to preview custom-made Marvin® windows and doors and top-quality interior wood doors and trim.

Design Center Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00-5:00 Saturday: 9:00 - 1:00 (734) 441-0700

5851 Jackson Road Ann Arbor (734) 441-0700

3770 S Rochester Road Rochester Hills (248) 852-8004

777 S Eton Birmingham (248) 644-3636

©2020 Marvin Lumber and Cedar Co., LLC. All rights reserved. ®Registered trademark of Marvin Lumber and Cedar Co., LLC.

MIRA1 | 60

Creating Quality Custom Millwork since 2003

vanenkwoodcrafters.com 616-931-0090

MIRA1 MIRA1|105 61

Elaine Keiser, AIA, NCARB 2076 M-119 Petoskey, MI 49770 elaine@ekarchitect.com www.ekarchitect.com 231.439.0472

Your dream, our team Building a dream is so much more than four walls and a roof. It’s where you and your children and grandchildren will find comfort and share life; it’s where your business will make a name for itself serving clients. It’s where life happens, every day! Elaine Keiser Architect’s one-of-a-kind designs span all architectural references, from a sprawling Craftsman estate, a quaint Victorian, a long-coveted log cabin built off the beaten path, or a Contemporary two-story that’s picture-perfect for a growing family. With over twenty years of experience, Elaine designs custom homes that integrate into the landscape and showcase the natural features. Each design is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Elaine reviews the intimate details of how a family lives, plays, works, and entertains before starting to design their home. When completed and built, the home works much like the family does, with convenient routine, thoughtful care to daily activities and beauty that is revealed through the most simple, yet meaningful details. Elaine Keiser brings excellence in all phases of design, from conception to completion, while making the process fun and enjoyable. Building the home of your dreams has never been easier. Are you ready to get started on your dream? We’re ready, too!

Elaine Keiser Architect, Inc

MIRA1 63

Elaine Keiser Architect, Inc

MIRA1 65

(248) 212-7289

MIRA1 | 66


MIRA1| 67


Celebrating 40 Years in Business Specializing in custom glass, roofing, architectural metal, and waterproofing, Butcher & Butcher has established a reputation for providing the finest workmanship in the building envelope industry. With Michigan locations in Harbor Springs and Rochester Hills, we can complete any project across the state. From the shores of Little Traverse Bay, to downtown Detroit, we have an impressive portfolio of completed work and highly satisfied customers.

MIRA1 | 68

bbconstruction.com 248.852.2323

MIRA1| 69








David Webster Construction, Inc. | 231-941-7073 | www.davidwebsterconstruction.com

MIRA1 | 70

MIRA1 105

Craftsmen with a Passion for Detail KITCHEN AND BATH CABINETRY









MIRA1| 71

Eric De Witt, AIA Principal Lucid Architecture is a West Michigan based architecture practice focused on creating engaging and meaningful homes for discerning clients across the country. Our projects are inspired by a passion for modern design coupled with a deep understanding of site, context, craft, and detail. We create unique modern homes of all scales and sizes for equally unique clients. The homes we design are modern, purposeful, and user-driven. They welcome gatherings, encourage family, and enhance everyday life. In short, these homes become the backgrounds for your most unforgettable moments and experiences. It’s where the best things in life happen. We’ve honed our award-winning design process while working with dozens of clients on projects located both near and far. Building a new home is something that most people only do once or twice in a lifetime. There are many unknowns, questions, and gray areas. Our top priority is guiding our clients through the design, decision making, and building process, while making it not only a positive, but exciting experience.

www.lucidarc.com info@lucidarc.com 616.741.0044

Lucid Architecture

Long Beach Residence MIRA1 73

Lucid Architecture

Knob Creek Residence

Rosy Mound Retreat

MIRA1 75

Proudly partnering with Lucid Architecture on AIA award winning homes since 2008

Office: 616.738.9246 • www.zahnbuilders.com

MIRA1 | 76


MIRA1| 77

ARCHITECTURAL STONE FABRICATOR & BUILDING STONE SUPPLIER Southeast Michigan | Northwest Michigan | Central Michigan | Illinois 989-777-9132 | CapitalStoneworks.com

Four Showroom Locations To Serve You Central Michigan 6128 Dixie Highway Bridgeport, MI 48722 989.777.9132

MIRA1 | 78

Southeast Michigan 2038 Cass Lake Rd Ste 4 Keego Harbor, MI 48320 586.932.7158

Northwest Michigan 1408 SW Bayshore Dr Suttons Bay, MI 49682 231.715.6637

Illinois 180 Shepard Ave Wheeling, IL 60090 847.873.0298

Inspired Outdoor Environments

G R E ATOA K S L A N D S C A PE .COM | 2 4 8 -3 4 9 - 8 5 5 5

MIRA1| 79


Contact David Kellett | (248) 549-5400 keldev@aol.com | kellettbuilders.net

MIRA1 | 80

OUR STORY In 1972, out of a small warehouse in Woodbridge Ontario, our father, Alfredo Uberti opened Cercan Tile with two guiding principles. First, to source the most beautiful, innovative, and leading edge tile from around the world, and second, to provide clients with exceptional service. Today, our family-owned and operated company still lives by these same principles. By incorporating design consultation with complete customization, Cercan Tile has become an industry leader with an esteemed reputation in both Canada and the US. We strive to provide our clients with a superior experience while offering an extensive selection of quality tile that you won't find anywhere else. Because that’s exactly how our father would have wanted it. Michigan Design Center Suites 92, 94, 96 & 108

ph: 248.643.6520 www.cercantile.com

MIRA1| 81

BERKSHIRE HOUSE For more information and photos of this project visit: https://mathisonarchitects.com/work/berkshire-house/

Firm Profile MATHISON | MATHISON ARCHITECTS (MMA) is founded on the conviction that architecture, planning, and design elevate lives. We explore ways to expand the possible and discover new opportunities to improve function, comfort, and sustainability. We are committed to rigorously planning and executing ideas that enhance the dialogue between subject and place, connecting the aspirations and optimism of people with strong, evocative architectural form.

Thomas R. Mathison

Evan T. Mathison

Principal, Co-Founder

Principal, Co-Founder

Our process is grounded in iterative design thinking and the belief that each project draws uniqueness from its site and program. We are as focused on common-sense, practical solutions as we are on handsome detailing and the spatial interplay of light, material, and texture. We are interested in the detail and the follow-through of each solution, believing that our clients and their projects are served best by our attentive advocacy through the entire planning, design, and implementation process. Learn more at mathisonarchitects.com

560 Fifth Street NW, Suite 405 Grand Rapids, MI 49504 616.920.0545

MIRA1 | 82

RIVERGLASS RESIDENCE Riverglass is a four-level home for a young, active family, located at a wide bend in the river, with dramatic, broad westward views across the water. Inspired by the river’s reflective quality and conceived with a warm modern aesthetic, the home is organized around a three-story atrium, with horizontal roof lines, long narrow clerestory windows, and natural wood cladding to comfortably rest among its suburban neighbors. Designed for high energy performance, Riverglass includes a super-insulated building envelope, radiant floors throughout, passive heating and cooling with integrated shading controls, energy recovery ventilators, triple-glazed doors and windows, and is solar-ready for the future. See more at: https://mathisonarchitects.com/work/riverglass-house/

DEER HAVEN HOUSE Deer Haven takes its name from the well-travelled deer path that skirts this one-acre wooded property. It is organized as two narrow bars of living space, carefully positioned to frame a generous back yard for a growing family and oriented to gain maximum light and natural ventilation throughout each day. The use of natural materials as well as vast windows and sliding doors extending to exterior decks and roof planes, the house provides visual connection from the living spaces to the site while creating outside rooms for extended living. The design is deeply rooted in sustainability and high energy performance, constructed of structural insulated panels and wrapped with additional insulation. Half of the ground floor area is a structural concrete slab with radiant heat, supported by the closed-loop geothermal system and roof-mounted photovoltaic system. Roof overhangs and trellised areas maximize opportunities for views and light as they reduce heat gain and energy demand for interior spaces. See more at: https://mathisonarchitects.com/work/deer-haven-house/

MIRA1 84

Mathison | Mathison Architects

HUDSON VALLEY HOUSE The Hudson Valley home is multi-generational family retreat set on a steep hillside with dramatic views of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. It occupies the same footprint as a previous house owned by the same family, with a raised, cantilevered living area turned 45 degrees to maximize views. The simple building form has a single sloping shed roof with expressed wood ceilings and soffits throughout. The raised living space creates a protected, outdoor gathering space below. The main entry is on the uphill side of the house, leading through a balanced landscape and protected by extended roof forms. With natural light as an important feature of every space, the interior entry sequence begins with a modest, well-detailed foyer and progresses to expansive spaces that culminate with the broad mountain views beyond. See more at: https://mathisonarchitects.com/work/hudson-valley-house/

We are proud of our AIA award winning collaboration with Mathison and Mathison Architects “River Glass” completed in 2018

Office: 616.738.9246 • www.zahnbuilders.com

MIRA1 | 86

The frame came together perfectly. The timber frame added just the right amount of rustic flair to the contemporary design to make it just right for mountain living.” —MIKE OLSEN, MICHAEL J.K. OLSEN ARCHITECTS

timberframe1.com 800-227-4311

homesteadtimbers.com 616-677-5262

MIRA1| 87

Live Your Best Life

MIRA1 | 88

With Simple Technology from buday’s At Buday’s we help you live your best life with simple simp technology, integrated without disruption to your home’s design or your lifestyle. We work closely with your interior designer and architect to create spaces that maintain the design elements they’ve established while maximizing performance. Our award-winning intelligent home systems let you live more comfortably with smart climate and shade control. Feel safer with security and surveillance. Entertain with style including multi-room music. Engage with the content you love from your smartphone or the comfort of your media room. We’ve helped hundreds of clients attain the home of their dreams, and we’re ready to do that for you.

Love your home even more with Buday’s Home Electronics Simplified


269.492.1008 opt.2 ed@budays.net

MIRA1| 89

MIRA1 | 90

LUXURY HOMES CUSTOM BUILT FOR THE MODERN LIFESTYLE 248.240.3051 | prmcustombuilders.com

MIRA1| 91

McIntosh Poris Associates Oakland Township, MichiganAssociates McIntosh Poris Oakland Township, Michigan

Firm Profile

Since 1994, McIntosh Poris Associates has been delivering transformative architecture, and interior design services for residential clients across Michigan. As an urban-focused architecture firm, our intention is to remain rooted in engagement through meaningful dialogue with the communities and people we serve.

Michael Poris, AIA

John Skok

Founding Principal


36801 Woodward Ave, Ste 200 Birmingham, MI 48009 248.258.9346


At McIntosh Poris Associates, we are acutely aware that none of us exist or operate in silos; therefore, we engage our clients with an open approach based on collaboration. Our designs go through deliberate stages of adjustment and refinement, always tested against the needs and aspirations of the project stakeholders. Through this inclusive process, McIntosh Poris Associates reaches a heightened understanding of the role each project plays in the lives of its constituents. The design is better and more creative as a result of our collaborative and client-focused vision. Such a process challenges our team to creatively develop solutions that elevate spaces, buildings, context, and the communities and people who inhabit them. Mcintosh Poris Associates has won over 100 awards, and been published in over 100 publications worldwide including Dwell, Architectural Digest, Interior Design and Architectural Record.

McIntosh Poris Associates Oakland Township, Michigan

MIRA1 93

McIntosh Poris Associates Oakland Township, Michigan

McIntosh Poris Associates Oakland Township, Michigan

MIRA1 95

MIRA1 | 96

MIRA1| 97

Oliver Max is on a roll.We have been honored with many Detroit Home Design awards once again at the 2020 event. In 2019, Oliver Max had a BannerYear winning multiple 1st place DHDA Awards across all categories. From contemporary to traditional home styles as well as dramatic indoor and outdoor spaces. For 15 years, we have been dedicated to elegant yet approachable design. Knowing the importance of how people live, results in giving our clients tireless interiors that represent each family and and their individual lifestyles. Project locations include Michigan, Illinois,Virginia Florida,Washington State, and Ohio.

Oliver Max Inc. • 360 Hamilton Row Birmingham, MI 48009 • www.olivermaxinc.com • 248-310-3804

MIRA1 | 98

AriaCustomCabinetry.com | 248.299.0822

Custom Cabinetry and Furniture Built To Last A Lifetime! 1860 Star-Batt Drive Rochester Hills, MI 48309 AriaCustomCabinetry.com | 248.299.0822

MIRA1| 99

MIRA1 | 100

MIRA1| 101

Joseph Mosey, R.A. 108 Center St. Suite 205 Northville, MI


Elk Rapids, MI


www.josephmoseyarchitecture.com Joseph@jma-architecture.com

Our Philosophy At Joseph Mosey Architecture, Inc. we believe that all created Architecture deserves to be timeless and beautiful. A project is developed from the idea that all projects deserve our best efforts employing our experience, talent, passion and skill, and that the creation of beautiful architecture is our obligation to the client. We believe the creation of beauty in the built environment works best as a process and a partnership between the client, design team and construction team.


combined effort through which we strive to achieve a result as unique and personal as each individual client. If we achieve this, we feel we have succeeded. About us We are a small boutique style firm which is one of our greatest assets. The Firm Principal is the client design and construction contact through the entire process. Joseph Michael Mosey, Principal, learned the craft of Architecture over many years with both commercial and residential design firms. He holds current architectural licenses in four states (Michigan, Illinois, Georgia and Ohio) and a current Michigan Builder’s License. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1991 with a Professional Bachelor Degree in Architecture. The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning is well known for a curriculum that emphasizes creativity and design and is always ranked among the top five Architecture programs in the country. JMA employs the talents of architects, project managers and draftsman to complete the project team, each with unique skills and experience tailored to the needs of each client.

Joseph Mosey "When done beautifully, Architecture will have the same power over the mind as music or poetry or any works of Art, creating meaningful human experiences"

MIRA1 103

"The ultimate goal of the Architect is to create a paradise. Every house, every product of Architecture... should be a fruit of our endeavor to build an earthly paradise for people"

Good Architecture is our obligation to each and every client and if done properly to our standards will tell the story of its client, its owner, its family.

Joseph Mosey

MIRA1 105

Photography Credit - Justin Maconochie

108 N. Center St. Suite 205 Northville, MI 48167 248-515-4477 “Architecture is meant to create a meaningful experience for those who engage it, Windows are the Eyes to that experience. Old Mission Windows brings a level of professionalism and experience to every project that breaths life into our designs. Their products and capabilities open up endless opportunities for us to create new and exciting environments with every project” -Joseph Michael Mosey – Architect / Principal

Kolbe Windows & Doors leads the industry with innovative products that push the boundaries and defy the limits of function, performance and style. Contact Old Mission Windows, northern Michigan’s premier window and door supplier since 1985, to schedule a personal design consultation today.

MIRA1 | 106

info@omw.tc I 231-947-2120 oldmissionwindows.com





C: 586.899.8881 | Mark@WeAreDOBI.com

MIRA1| 107

MIRA1 | 108

SDGA Sean D Gardella & AssocIates, LLC


design is essential ~ execution is critical

MIRA1| 109

This is our neighborhood.

We take a neighborly approach to finding you a great home, parcel of land, business opportunity, or a discreet buyer for your property. We want to meet your real estate needs in a way that represents what you love about northern Michigan. We’ll provide you with the best, most thorough, low stress service around. Let us take care of it.


MIRA1 | 110

MIRA1| 111

BRIAN NEEPER ARCHITECTURE         

         

Brian Neeper Architecture

MIRA1 113

Brian Neeper Architecture

Karl Moses Photography

MIRA1 115

2005 Young Builder of the Year | 248.735.8730 O | www.superbcustomhomes.com | 2013 Builder of the Year

MIRA1 | 116


AD 100 INTERIOR DESIGNER Photo: James Haefner




www.stephenknollenberg.com 327 SOUTHFIELD RD. 1BN BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN 48009

222 EAST 17TH ST. 2F NEW YORK, NY 10003

PHONE: 248.203.1082 FACSIMILE: 248.203.7707

MIRA1| 117

The passion builds. West Michigan’s premier builder for design-focused custom homes and renovations

616.401.5669 | newurbanhomebuilders.com

MIRA1 | 118

C o l l e e n Fa r r e l l D e s i g n

C o l l e e n @ C o l l e e n Fa r r e l l D e s i g n . c o m


MIRA1 119 105 MIRA1|

MIRA1 | 120

ARA18121 105 MIRA1|

Victor Saroki, FAIA Alexander Saroki, AIA 430 N Old Woodward Ave Birmingham, Michigan 48009 info@SarokiArchitecture.com SarokiArchitecture.com 248.258.5707

Architectural Excellence Since 1983 Saroki Architecture believes that excellent architecture can be achieved at every level. From small interior details to urban spaces, the firm’s work has improved the quality of life in many communities, and that exposure has advanced the course of sustainable and durable architecture here in Michigan. The firm also sets high standards with its performance. The designs of the firm have been recognized with more than 80 awards and over 75 articles on design, including many in national publications. In 2007, AIA-Michigan conferred on Saroki Architecture the prestigious Firm of the Year award, an award that recognizes its commitment to the highest standards of architectural design and practice for 30 years. The firm has designed theaters, restaurants, retail spaces, galleries, country clubs, hotels, custom residences, townhomes, and mixed-use loft/condominiums. Its architecture has rejuvenated the social/cultural atmosphere of the communities the firm has worked in. Using the best principles of urban design and sustainable architecture, Saroki Architecture has created spaces with obvious synergy and resonance. Its buildings have created places and attractions that have evolved the social, cultural, and financial well-being of many communities.

Saroki ArchitectureI

MIRA1 123

Saroki Architecture

MIRA1 125

ONE MARVIN. MANY POSSIBILITIES. Marvin and Integrity products are now organized into three collections under one Marvin brand. Easier navigation makes selecting what you need for any project simple and efficient. More complementary colors and styles across lines help bring your vision to life. It’s the same beautiful, high-quality window and door portfolio, reorganized to help you create anything you can imagine. Discover the Marvin difference at marvin.com 1840 M-119, Unit 4 Petoskey, MI 49770 (231) 881-9318 www.tmmill.com ©2019 Marvin Lumber and Cedar Co., LLC All rights reserved. ®Registered trademark of Marvin Lumber and Cedar Co., LLC.

MIRA1 | 126




MIRA1| 127

MIRA1 | 128

MIRA1| 129

MIRA1 | 130

MIRA1| 131


16 Ionia Avenue SW, Suite One Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 rbsears@searsarchitects.com www.searsarchitects.com 616.336.8495 6HDUV $UFKLWHFWV LV D ERXWLTXH DUFKLWHFWXUH DQG SODQQLQJ ÀUP ORFDWHG LQ *UDQG 5DSLGV DQG Harbor Springs. Robert Sears, Principal, has a passion for working with clients to design their personal KRPH 2XU ZRUN LV KHDYLO\ LQà XHQFHG E\ VKLQJOH VW\OH DUFKLWHFWXUH DQG WKH (DVW &RDVW YHUQDFXODU DV D UHVXOW RI WLPH 6HDUV VSHQW SUDFWLFLQJ RQ 1DQWXFNHW DQG LQ &RQQHFWLFXW LQ KLV FDUHHU Sears Architects, launched in 1995, provides a suite of design and planning services to clients WKURXJKRXW WKH GHVLJQ SURFHVV 7KH ÀUP ZRUNV ZLWK SULYDWH LQGLYLGXDOV GHYHORSHUV DQG KLVWRULF residential associations throughout the Midwest, and as far as Seattle, New Jersey, and Florida. New construction homes and cottages, historical renovations, neighborhood design and neighborhood planning are highlighted in our online portfolio at SearsArchitects.com. Sears Architects KDV D IXOO WHDP RI SURIHVVLRQDOV ZLWK D QXPEHU RI WKHP KDYLQJ ZRUNHG DW WKH ÀUP IRU RYHU \HDUV

Sears Architecture

MIRA1 133

Sears Architecture

MIRA1 135

MIRA1 MIRA1 | 136


Zahn Builders is proud to have partnered with Sears Architects on many timeless homes since 2009

Office: 616.738.9246 • www.zahnbuilders.com

MIRA1| 137

248 618 9388



MIRA1 | 138

248-805-0100 | www.gethcorp.com

MIRA1| 139


MIRA1 | 140

Photography Credit - Justin Maconochie Photography

WHITE & LIEĈLER architects

architecture | planning | sustainable design 117 howard street. petoskey mi 49770 www.white-liebler.com 231-347-6870

We pride ourselves in creating architecturally significant features within each space of a home. Often times, it is the windows or doors that create and highlight our design intent. Old Mission Windows has become a valued partner by providing the products, experience, and flexibility to allow our designs to become a reality. It is comforting to know we can trust in Old Mission windows to help bring our design to life. -Nicholas White & Nicholas Liebler - Architects

info@omw.tc I 231-947-2120 oldmissionwindows.com

Kolbe Windows & Doors leads the industry with innovative products that push the boundaries and defy the limits of function, performance and style. Contact Old Mission Windows, northern Michigan’s premier window and door supplier since 1985, to schedule a personal design consultation today.

MIRA1| 141

White and Liebler Architects Nick White (left) AIA, LEED-AP Principal Architect

117 Howard Street Petoskey, MI 49770 231-347-6870 white-liebler.com

Nick Liebler (right) AIA, LEED-AP Principal Architect

White and Liebler Architects of Petoskey, Michigan was founded by Nick White in 1979 as N. J. White Associates. The firm currently consists of 7 professionals. Nick White and Nick Liebler became partners in 2018 after a long association both personal and professional. They take pride in providing excellent design with efficient use of space and cost-effective construction means. Meticulous research and a vision to see each project as unique creates designs which endure.

41 years of

residential and lakeshore experience help turn the client’s dreams into tangible reality. Their work has been featured in Traditional Home, Luxe Chicago, Midwest Living, HGTV and on the cover of Architectural Digest. Beautiful design only partly motivates their team.


responsibility to the community and world service is demonstrated not only by the giving of money but in the sharing of time and talents to organizations such as: Regional land and water conservancies Veterans assistance - disabled vet hunting guide; United Methodist Volunteers in Mission – Cuba (8 missions), Bahamas, Inner Cities; Emmanuel Episcopal Church board; Crooked Tree Arts Center - past director; Public






commissioner, zoning boards; Sault Ste Marie Bridge Administration - international bridge management board; School and youth programs – as coaches, referees, boosters, fund raisers; Rotary International - 38 years. The firm’s ability to help others is a product of their longevity and success. Nick and Nick emphasize that “our success is because our clients become our friends”.

White and Liebler Architects

MIRA1 143

White and Liebler Architects

Since 1979

MIRA1 145

JamesThomas founders: Tom Riker and James Dolenc

Design Your Own Welcome Home JamesThomas homes have long been recognized for their sophistication, warmth, and easy elegance. Designing a one-of-a-kind welcome home for every one of their clients with a carefully honed approach to layering color, pattern, and texture – the everyday experience becomes richly enhanced.


Chicago & Glenn, Michigan | 312.738.7300 | jamesthomasinteriors.com

MIRA1 | 146

­ ­

MIRA1| 147

MIRA1 | 148

John Cannarsa Designer www.cannarsadesign.com



MIRA1| 149

MIRA1 | 150

MIRA1 105

amy miller weinstein Interior Design

Furniture Design

Interior Architecture

New Build


Birmingham, Michigan | 248.321.0931 | www.AMWDesignStudio.com

MIRA1| 151

Young & Young Architects

MIRA1 153

Young & Young Architects

MIRA1 155

Young & Young Architects

MIRA1 157

MIRA1 | 158

MIRA1 105

Our mission has always been creating elegant, yet simple solutions that showcase our client’s unique lifestyle. With clear communication throughout the project, Ellwood Interiors will create a space that best reflects you and your family. Contact us for your next custom space. Ellwood Interiors | 360 Hamilton Row | Birmingham, MI 48009 | 248.703.7157 | Amanda@EllwoodInteriors.com

MIRA1| 159

MIRA - Inaugural Architect Reception The Townsend Hotel - Birmingham, MI November 11, 2019





MIRA1 | 162

Industry Partners

Premier Home Technology & Electric Systems

Luxury Home Builders

Interior Designers

49 Birchwood Construction 28 Custom Homes by Derocher 70 David Webster Construction 10 Falcon Custom Homes 147 Hawks Hollow Builders 41 Hughes Builders 26 JP Craig Homebuilders 80 Kellett Builders 56 Lamanen Construction 118 New Urban Home Builders 90-91 PRM Custom Builders 58 Render Construction Sean D. Gardella & Associates 109 116 Superb Custom Homes Templeton Building Company 20 17 Thomas Sebold Associates 51 Wentworth Builders 76,86,137 Zahn Builders

151 AMW Design Studio 140 Art-Harrison Interiors 149 Cannarsa Structure & Design 50 Carrie Long Interiors 119 Colleen Farrell Design 21 Davis & Davis Interior Design 159 Ellwood Interiors 38 Heather Duggan Interiors 146 James Thomas Interiors 46 Jennifer Butler Design 48 Jones-Keena Interiors 100-101 Meg Corley LLC 98 Oliver Max Interiors 18 Rariden Schumacher Mio 96 S/A/M/ Interiors 36 Schaerer Architectural Interiors 27 Serba Interiors 117 Stephen Knollenberg 67 Tutto Interiors

Buday’s Home Electronics ResCom Electric Sound Check Spire Integrated Systems

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120-121 Environmental Artists 139 Gethsemane Corporation 79 Great Oaks Landscape 66 Northern Impressions Landscape 11 Ryan Youngblood Landscape 39 Zaremba and Company

Infusion by Etna

Chad Van Horn Beacon Sotheby’s Mark Kattula - DOBI Realty Pat O’Brien & Associates

57 107 110

Magazine/Media Partners 162 150

Luxe Chicago Morton Media Graphic Designers Vivid Design Studio


Photographers James Haefner Photography


Swimming Pool Design & Installation Gillette Brothers Pool & Spa


Window and Door Manufacturers & Dealers B & B Glass 68 Bolyard Design Center 60 Fleetwood Windows & Doors 08-09 Marvin Design Gallery 16 Marvin Windows & Doors 19 Old Mission Windows 106, 141 Western Window Systems 37

88-89 127 148 108

Stone - Masonry Contractors & Suppliers 31

Albaugh Masonry, Stone, Tile

Stone, Tile, Granite & Marble Suppliers 78 81

Capital Stoneworks Cercan Tile Inc Handmade Custom Carpets & Rugs


Scott Group Studio Stair Design & Fabrication


Northern Staircase Company


Upscale Building Suppliers 87

Homestead Timbers Cabinetry Design & Fabrication Aria Custom Cabinets Dovetail Custom Cabinetry Maison Birmingham Millenium Cabinetry Perspectives Cabinetry Thomas & Milliken Millwork Van Enk Woodcrafters, LLC Vogue Furniture

99 71 59 47 29 126 61 111

Artisan Craftsmen Gallery Steel Paula Bowers Design John Yarema

138 97 128-131


Michigan Residential Architects

Credits Director and Publisher Nick Tsontakis AIA, NCARB, MRAIC 9430 E. Presidio Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 nickt@apnpub.com 480-874-2288


Spring 2020

Publication Design and Ad Graphics Nicholas Tsontakis AIA nicholas@apnpub.com 602-370-3502

MIRA Industry Partner Manager and Event Coordinator Ron McCollum MIRA Offices at PARTNR HAUS 2139 Cole St. Birmingham, MI 48009 thinksizzle@gmail.com 616-437-2780

Ten Reasons to Hire an Architect

Event Photography

Jessica Hutchison-Rough AIA, LEED-AP

James Haefner Photography




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