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Patter Hellstrom

Vedder Price June 18 - September 30, 2014

About the Artist

Patter Hellstrom

is a San Francisco based artist who has shown her work internationally and is part of many private and public collections including the Pfizer Art Collection, JP Morgan Chase Art Collection and the Natong Museum in China. Patter holds a degree from the University of Wisconsin/ Milwaukee. She has received grants and awards throughout her extensive career as an artist including a NEA Award, San Francisco Museum of Art SECA Award Nominee, National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation. Hellstrom’s abstract and prismatic works invoke the beauty of calligraphic brush painting. Through acrylic ink and a slick polypropylene surface, Hellstrom unlocks a current of color and emotion as she walks the tight rope between balance and chaos. The artist’s loose brushwork and lush color palette are offset by subtle centerlines or focal points that guide and anchor the flowing pigments. While much of Hellstrom’s process relies on media and chance, she searches for stability or a meditative moment within each piece. This is in relation to the stability one searches for while traversing through the twists and turns of daily life. Wells of color sprout, splash and explode across the structural lines and a lustrous surface as an emotional response is imparted onto the viewer. Encompassing themes of impermanence, compassion, stability, and interdependence, the centerlines hold despite disruptions of splashed color and textured brushwork, suggesting stability within chaos and a curious interdependence between two forces. Hellstrom’s loose and confident brushwork emphasizes the beauty of a simple stroke. Coupled with her liberal use of vibrant colors, Hellstrom’s works recall Asian calligraphic traditions that inspire the artist. She studied brush painting with a master painter in Nantong, China. India influenced her palette, as she traveled to remote villages in Bihar as a guest artist at the Mithila Art Institute, twenty miles from the Nepal border. Subsequently, both regions and cultures have made a lasting impression on Hellstrom’s art practice.

Twin Impulses acrylic ink on polypropylene 48” x 36” (diptych, 72” wide total) 2012 $8,000

Two Parts acrylic ink on polypropylene 33” x 12 1/2” (diptych, 25” wide total) 2013 $3,000

Breaking Through acrylic ink on polypropylene 30” x 60” 2013 $6,000

Swan Song acrylic ink on polypropylene 30” x 60” 2013 $6,000

Expansion acrylic ink on polypropylene 40” x 26” 2008 $4,200

Making Way acrylic ink on polypropylene 40” x 26” 2008 $4,200

Floating Sari acrylic ink on polypropylene 40” x 26” 2008 $4,200

Dance Two acrylic ink on polypropylene 40” x 26” 2008 $4,200

Restoration acrylic ink on polypropylene 40” x 26” 2011 $4,200

Circle Back acrylic ink on polypropylene 40” x 26” 2010 $4,200

Grace acrylic ink on polypropylene 30” x 60” 2013 $6,000

Holding acrylic ink on polypropylene 26” x 40” 2011 $4,200

Education 1982 University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing Grants and Awards L’Oreal Women of Worth award nomination for Mithila project with Ethnic Arts Foundation Finalist West coast - Bombay Sapphire / RUSH Art Foundation San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SECA Award nomination Monuments: Women in American History Project, funded by the Geraldine Dodge Foundation National Endowment for the Arts - 1991 Interarts panelist CAC New Orleans, NEA & Rockefeller Foundation Individual Artist Grant McDonald’s Fine Art Collection Competition, Purchase Prize Oak Brook IL Press “Inside Innovative Minds: An Interview with Entrepreneur Patter Hellstrom”, Entrepreneurs, MEETAdvisors “Interview with Artist Patter Hellstrom” by Michelle Champlin, Interdisciplinary Arts program at CIIS “Honoring Women’s Rights: Visual Voices Together National Steinbeck Center Museum”, Salinas CA - catalog and exhibition “Sublime Choreographies of the Centered Self ”, Jason Lahman essay on Patter Hellstrom “Navigating Expression: Introducing yupo paper paintings by Patter Hellstrom”, November 1 – 30, 2007 “Abundance - Patter Hellstrom”, Internet Review, Art, 09.07.06, Sandip Ray Feature Story, WhoWhatWhere: for People on the Move, Nov - Dec 2003 issue, NJ / CT / NY publication “Post 911 Artist dialogues since 9/11/200” images reproduced in Fotophile, Number 39, Long Island City, NY Selected Public Collections - private collections not listed Nuance CLIMB Real Estate Headquarters JPMorgan Chase Art Collection Nantong Museum, China Pershing Foundation Simon Corporation (Mall of America) McDonalds Corporation Pfizer Art Collection Westin Newport Jersey City Inland Empire Museum of Art

Selected Recent Exhibitions 2015 Honoring Women’s Rights: Visual Voices Together, traveling selections, Sarah Doyle Gallery, Brown University, Providence, RI 2014 Mix Masters, ArtHaus, San Francisco, CA Select Works, Arc Fines Arts curatorial project, Vedder Price, San Francisco, CA 2013 Patter Hellstrom, Square headquarters in San Francisco, CA (solo) Currents: Patter Hellstrom, LIM Gallery, San Francisco, CA (solo) Dynamic Color, LIM Gallery, San Francisco, CA Abstract Notions, ArtHaus, San Francisco, CA Meditative Flow, SF Zen Center /City Center, San Francisco, CA (solo) 2012 Grief Path, California Institute of Integral Studies Gallery, SF, CA (solo Installation and documentary short film) Best of Show, ArtHaus Gallery, San Francisco, CA Abstract Visions, Guichard Gallery, Chicago, IL Honoring Women’s Rights: Visual Voices Together, National Steinbeck Center Museum ( catalog) Salinas, CA 2013 2011 Expressive Flow, The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, CA (solo) GIRL GROUP, ArtHaus Gallery, San Francisco, CA CCAA Art Museum Rancho Cucumango, CA West Coast Bombay Sapphire / RUSH Art Foundation Awards, 5 Claude Lane Gallery, CA FLOW, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA ArtPad SF and SF Fine Art Fair 2011 Art at L’Ermitagel: Moses, Martin, Woodruff, Hellstrom, Montgomery and Crossen, Beverly Hills, CA 2010 Rosenblatt Gallery, Milwaukee, WI Flower Mandala, Unilever Campus, Turnbull, CT (installation) 2009 Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2008 Chance Wind, Linearis Gallery, San Francisco, CA (solo) Unframed, ACRIA event at Charles Cowles Gallery, Chelsea, NYC 2007 Navigating Expression, Masterworks Institute for Works on Paper, San Francisco, CA (solo) SCAN Group Exhibition, New Art Center, NYC Shared Motifs: Patter Hellstrom in an Art Historical Context, includes prints by Miro, Picasso and Matisse Masterworks Institute for Works on Paper, San Francisco, CA 2006 Abundance, Masterworks Institute for Works on Paper, San Francisco, CA (solo) Art Through the Ages, Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, Los Angles, CA Group Exhibition, New Art Center, NYC 2005 New Art Center, NYC River of Glass installation, Menlo Park, CA 2004 Spirit in Art, ISO Tower – Newport, Jersey City Waterfront 2003 Flower Mandala, JPMorgan Chase Project Space, Jersey City Waterfront (solo installation) Narrative Abstraction, New Art Center, NYC NEWPORT WINDOW, Jersey City Waterfront (solo) Pierogi 2000 Travelling Flatfiles, University of Maine


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Patter hellstrom catalog  

Patter hellstrom catalog