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“Luminous” National Juried Exhibition at Arc Gallery 1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA November 11—December 9, 2017 1

Catalog cover designed by Stephen C. Wagner Catalog interior designed by Karen Gutfreund Tamiko Sidore, Exhibition Administrator Copyright 2017 by Arc Gallery & Studios 2

About the Exhibition: Luminous The works selected by juror Danielle Fox capture the elusive magic of the word, “luminous.� They feature artwork that is shimmery, sparkling, glistening, lustrous, & incandescent. Be inspired by these pieces filled with radiant power that blaze against the encroaching darkness of winter.

About Arc Arc Studios & Gallery features ten artist studios, a 1,000 sq. ft. art gallery, two smaller galleries and an art education center, along with the Kearny Street Workshop office, the Studio Fine Artist Network office and VEGA Coffee kiosk. Arc is located at 1246 Folsom Street, between 8th and 9th streets in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood. Arc supports the making of quality art in all media, provides a nurturing environment for artists to create their work, builds a community of artists to encourage exploration of art, provides resources for the professional development of visual artists, and promotes appreciation of the visual arts in the city of San Francisco.


About the Juror: Danielle Fox, Slate Contemporary Gallery, Oakland, has over twenty years of experience as an art historian (PhD, Northwestern University), writer, editor, independent curator, Deputy Director of Business Development at Sothebys in London, and communications and project manager for Artakt Art consulting in London. Danielle founded SLATE contemporary gallery in Oakland in 2009, and SLATE Art Consulting with Shelley Barry in 2013. These positions have allowed her to develop relationships with artists all over the Bay Area, to curate over sixty-five temporary exhibitions in both gallery and office environments, to advise both commercial and private clients regarding permanent acquisitions, and sales at auction.

Juror’s Statement: When I think of luminosity, I think of something that is glowing from within. A luminous glow evokes a sense of awe and wonder, as it suggests that a hidden source of energy is at work. Luminosity is not a thing in the world, but rather a sensory experience and emotional response. To recreate this kind of metaphysical experience with an object (and at their most banal, all the artworks in this show are objects, whether a painting, photograph, or sculpture) is, I believe, a skill of the highest order when it comes to art. Now mind you, western artists have been transfixed by this goal at least since early Byzantine painting, and since then many approaches have become very clichÊ. Unfortunately, when we see a trope used too often in art, the wonder and awe tend to diminish. I hope that the group I have offered presents diverse approaches to luminosity, including a variety of styles and media, while still feeling very contemporary. - Danielle Fox, Slate Contemporary Gallery, Oakland


Peter Baczek The Turn Around, Lithograph, 16 x 12 inches, 2015. *Online Gallery 5

Peter Baczek Transit Twilight, Lithograph, 20 x 16 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 6

Brandin Barรณn And that distilled by magic sleights, Photograph on velvet paper with pastel and enamel, 15.5 x 15. 5 inches (framed), 2017. *Gallery 7

Robin Becker Paper Dresses, Photo imagery on cotton, silk organza, pigments, 24 x 30 inches, 2016. *Gallery 8

Deborah Boller Storm, Late Summer, Camera and metallic paper, 16 x 20 inches, 2015. *Online Gallery 9

Laurie Borggreve Beta, Clear vinyl, metal, LED light on clear vinyl and leather covered foam board, 20 x 20 x 3 inches, 2017. *Gallery 10

Pam Borrelli Tuscan Sunlight, Photograph, 20 x 24 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 11

Alys Briggs UNDER MUNCH'S INFLUENCE, Photomontage printed on aluminum, 16 x 20 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 12

Kristen Brown One Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy One Miles, Oil on panel, 24 x 18 inches, 2016. *Gallery 13

Kristen Brown Simultaneously Functioning II, Oil on panel, 8 x 8 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 14

Nancy D. Brown Domestic Mysteries #77, Sublimation print on aluminum, 12 x 12 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 15

Ron Colbroth The Dance, Epson archival photo paper, 20 x 24 inches (framed), 2013. *Gallery 16

Ron Colbroth Honolulu Sunset, Epson archival photo paper, 24 x 20 inches (framed), 2014. *Online Gallery 17

James E. Davis Illumined Seat, Archival photographic print, 10 x 15 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 18

Lea de Wit Glimmer, Hand-blown glass sculpture, 60 x 36 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 19

Judy Doherty Tree Fruit In Pedestal, Photo print, 24 x 30 inches, 2017. *Gallery 20

Jennifer Ewing Night of Ice, Acrylic and latex paint, chalk and gel medium on canvas, 40 x 30 inches, 2017. *Gallery 21

Nathalie Fabri Time to Come Home, Acrylic on canvas, LED lights, wire, watch battery and on/off switch, 16 x 20 x .5 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 22

Andrew Faulkner Cup, Archival print, 21 x 28 inches, 2017. *Gallery 23

Andrew Faulkner DeYoung Entry, Archival print, 24 x 15 inches, 2014. *Online Gallery 24

Michael Fischerkeller Glimmer of Hope (Criminal Justice Reform), Acrylic spray paint on canvas, 48 x 36 x 1.5 inches, 2016. *Gallery 25

Cathleen Francisco Thistle#03, Printed on aluminum, 18 x 12 inches, 2017. *Gallery 26

Edward Franco Circles of Your Mind, Found chicken wire with organic and E.L wire components, 13 x 14 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 27

Xia Gao Cycle.Moon, Buckram, silk organza, LED light, gel, incense burning, hand stitching, 20 x 20 inches (each layer, 3 layers total), 2011. *Gallery 28

Dilcia Giron Metamorphosis II, Acrylic on canvas, 46 x 38 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 29

Lisa Toby Goodman 10 May 2017 No. 7260, Dye-infused archival metal print, 45 x 30 x 1.5 inches, 2017. *Award Winner, Gallery 30

Amy Hagberg Release, Archival pigment print on cold press paper, 16 x 20 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 31

Jenny Hale Body of Water, Acrylic, printed cotton muslin, acetate, rice paper, wood frame, 74.5 x 26.5 inches, 2017. *Gallery 32

Gary Hauser Colorspace #1, Archival digital print, 21 x 21 inches, 2016. *Gallery 33

Ginny B. Heenan Dream of the Sunstone, Oil on canvas and solid wood frame in gold, 39.25 x 39.25 x 2 inches (framed), 2016. *Gallery 34

Josh M. Hust Citadel, Photo on aluminum, 11 x 14 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 35

Lynn Jaye Shakti, Fiberglass, LEDs, acrylic rhinestones, 72 x 19 x 6 inches, 2017. *Award Winner, Gallery 36

Blond Jenny Fairy, Lenticular light box , 16.5 x 11.2 x 3 inches, 2016. *Gallery 37

Blond Jenny Grey City, Lenticular, 18 x 24 x 2 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 38

Eric Kelly The Summoning of Faith, Mixed media on wooden panel, 11 x 14 inches, 2016. *Gallery 39

Eric Kelly Communion, Mixed media on wooden panel, 16 x 10 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 40

Arthur Koch Glowing Buddha, Digital photographic print, 16 x 17.5 inches, 2017. *Gallery 41

Eric Kunsman Self Portrait, Lucia Print on Edition Etching Rag, 24 x 30 inches, 2000. *Online Gallery 42

Andrew Leventis Watching Cartoons, Oil on linen canvas, 14 x 24 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 43

David Levy Sound of the Sun, Acrylics and modeling paste, 5 x 7 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 44

Stephen Mangum Lady Fillmore, Oil on linen, 72 x 48 inches, 2017. *Award Winner, Gallery 45

Michelle Mansour Finding Delight (Holding On to What is True), Acrylic, ink, and silicone on muslin on panel, 48 x 24 inches, 2014. *Gallery 46

Soni Martin Interior with Still Life, Acrylic and silver leaf on panel board, 16 x 20 inches, 2017. *Gallery 47

Soni Martin The Drive from Vander, Acrylic on panel board, 16 x 20 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 48

Jessica McCoy Room With Harris and Paintings, Transparent watercolor on paper, 17 x 13 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 49

Katherine McDowell Lake Monotype 89, Monotype print, 8 x 8 inches, 2012. *Gallery 50

Erika Morillo The Sun is Setting Over Us, Digital photography, 20 x 24 inches, 2016. *Gallery 51

Erika Morillo Inside the Dream, Digital photography, 19 x 27 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 52

Jary Niebur 174457, Composition gold leaf, clear gesso, PVA on hymo, 15 x 12 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 53

Karen Olsen-Dunn Nature's Altars 2, Photo Monotype Chine Colle on Surface Gampi Paper, 18 x 24 inches, 2017. *Gallery 54

Patrick Parnell Montreal Morning, Photo on wood cradle, 16 x 12 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 55

Robert Pendleton Colored Street Lights, Original photography, 23 x 42 inches, 2014. *Gallery 56

Jenny Phillips Alpenglow, Photograph printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper, 8 x 8 inches (framed), 2017. *Gallery 57

Pamela Pitt Sharon's Shadow, Print on photographic paper, 11 x 14 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 58

Juan Reyes Memento Mori, Plexiglass, 18 x 12 inches, 2017. *Gallery 59

Katie Richardson Summer Camp, Yarn, steel rod and plate, magnet, wire and LED strip, 60 x 4 x 4 inches (8 inch square base), 2015. *Gallery 60

Kathleen Rogers Planet Z, Digital mixed media, 8 x 11 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 61

aNna rybaT Blue Venue, Oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 30 x 40 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 62

Anita Sagastegui Assia, Photography, 16 x 24 inches, 2017. *Gallery 63

Ravi Sheth Curiosity, Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 26 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 64

Richard Small The Dream, Glass, 12 x 16 x 1 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 65

Mike Sonnichsen Straws l, Dye-sublimation print on aluminum (from original color photogram), 20 x 16 inches, 2014. *Gallery 66

Mike Sonnichsen Untitled (apple green) from the Dish Detergent Bottle series, Dye-sublimation print on aluminum (from original color photogram), 20 x 14 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 67

Mike Sonnichsen Untitled (purple) from the Dish Detergent Bottle series, Dye-sublimation print on aluminum (from original color photogram), 20 x 14 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 68

Diane Szczepaniak Light Reflecting Off The Plowed Field, Watercolor on paper, 31.25 x 24.75 inches, 2017. *Gallery 69

Diane Szczepaniak Water Reflecting Transparent Purple Beneath The Sky Watercolor on paper, 24 x 18 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 70

Pep Ventosa Bay Bridge Lights, Archival pigment print, 18 x 24 inches (framed), 2017. *Gallery 71

Carole Watanabe Blooming Luminous, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 72

Bret Woodard Glowing Interiors, Archival inkjet print, 16 x 20 inches, 2017. *Online Gallery 73

Sara Zaher The Lost Generation, LED light box on acrylic print, 40 x 40 x 1.2 inches, 2016. *Online Gallery 74

ARTIST DIRECTORY Jessica McCoy, Claremont, CA Katherine McDowell, Portland, OR Erika Morillo, NY, NY Jary Niebur, San Francisco, CA Karen Olsen-Dunn, San Francisco, CA Patrick Parnell, San Francisco, CA Robert Pendleton, Carlsbad, CA Jenny Phillips, San Francisco, CA Pamela Pitt, San Francisco, CA Juan Reyes, Salinas, CA Katie Richardson, Sonoma, CA Kathleen Rogers, Summit, NJ aNna rybaT, Santa Rosa, CA Anita Sagastegui, Walnut Creek, CA Ravi Sheth, Redwood City, CA Richard Small, Campbell, CA Mike Sonnichsen, Moscow, ID Diane Szczepaniak, Potomac, MD Pep Ventosa, Moss Beach, CA Carole Watanabe, Sebastopol, CA Bret Woodard, San Francisco, CA Sara Zaher, Brooklyn, NY

Peter Baczek, Oakland, CA Brandin Barรณn, San Francisco, CA Robin Becker, Topanga, CA Deborah Boller, Oakland, CA Laurie Borggreve, Minneapolis, MN Pam Borrelli, San Francisco, CA Alys Briggs, Oakland, CA Kristen Brown, San Francisco, CA Nancy D. Brown, San Leandro, CA Ron Colbroth, McLean, VI James E. Davis, Fairfield, IA Lea de Wit, Boulder Creek, CA Judy Doherty, Fremont, CA Jennifer Ewing, San Francisco, CA Nathalie Fabri, San Francisco, CA Andrew Faulkner, San Rafael, CA Michael Fischerkeller, Upper Marlboro, MD Cathleen Francisco, Sonoma, CA Edward Franco, El Cerrito, CA Xia Gao, Okemos, Michigan Dilcia Giron, San Francisco, CA Lisa Toby Goodman, Berkeley, CA Amy Hagberg, Limerick, ME Jenny Hale, Grass Valley, CA Gary Hauser, San Francisco, CA Ginny B. Heenan, Belmont, CA Josh M. Hust, Palouse, WA Lynn Jaye, Santa Cruz, CA Blond Jenny, Lyndhurst, NJ Eric Kelly, San Rafael, CA Arthur Koch, San Francisco, CA Eric Kunsman, Penfield, NY Andrew Leventis, Charlotte, NC David Levy, Jenkintown,PA Stephen Mangum, San Francisco, CA Michelle Mansour, Oakland, CA Soni Martin, Fayetteville, NC 75

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Exhibition catalog for "Luminous" at Arc Gallery & Studios, San Francisco, CA. The works, selected by juror Danielle Fox of Slate Art, captu...


Exhibition catalog for "Luminous" at Arc Gallery & Studios, San Francisco, CA. The works, selected by juror Danielle Fox of Slate Art, captu...