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Directors’ Welcome

Welcome to the 25th Annual Orchestra Benefit Dinner and Concert! There have been many wonderful experiences in the past twenty-some years of this event, and every year has been special in a unique way. There have been so many memorable performances by our student ensembles and combined orchestra finales. We have enjoyed classical music, clapped with a variety of hoedowns and been moved listening to “When You Wish upon a Star.” Tonight, we celebrate the silver anniversary of this amazing event!

In this program are the names of the parents who work so hard and give of their personal time and effort for the students of our orchestra program. A special word of thanks to our Chairpersons Frances Cheng, Sharleen Nakamoto, and Grace You and the crew of parent volunteers whose hard work and dedication to the orchestra students become obvious as all their planning becomes reality tonight. Thank you also to our Music Club President, Mery Montgomery, our VPs of Orchestra, Frances Cheng and Judy Mar, and the members of the Arcadia Music Club for their endless support and efforts to bring instrumental music to more than 800 students at Arcadia High School. Thank you also to our team of music directors at Arcadia High School and the middle schools: Kevin Sherrill, Seth Murphy, Stephen Pu, Mike Danielson, Jeff Grable, and Karl Morton for their never-ending encouragement and support. Finally, thanks to our Board of Education of the Arcadia Unified School District and High School Administration and Staff for their continuing commitment to arts and music education, which, at Arcadia, is unique and cherished by the teachers and students. Parents, grandparents, friends, alumni, neighbors, and all other supporters of the AHS Orchestra Program—you are the greatest. Thank You!!! And of course, tonight could not be possible without our fantastic students. Orchestra students: THANK YOU for your patience, understanding, determination and hard work to be your very best. You have all worked extremely hard in preparation for tonight’s performance, and we all look forward to hearing your beautiful music. And now the reason why we are all here: Sit back and enjoy the student ensembles, guest artists Isaiah Gage and Grace Rodgers, and our own 283-member Arcadia High School Orchestra as we present the “Silver 25th Anniversary.” Tom Forbes and Pin Chen Orchestra Directors



2018 - 2019 Orchestra One 2018 - 2019

Orchestra One

Aguilar, Hannah Batra, Tanvi Bertolini, Angelina Biswas, Rishi Castro, Jasmine Aguilar, Hannah Chan, Daniel Batra,Chang, Tanvi Juliana Bertolini, Angelina Chen, Isaac Chen, Biswas, RishiYulu Cheung, Chrissel Castro, Jasmine Grace Chu, Harrison Chan,Dang, DanielKrystal Diep, Jacqueline Chang, Juliana Dino, Jaden Chen,Du, Isaac William Chen,Fang, Yulu Alexander Feng, Luke Cheung, Chrissel Figueroa, Jeshua Chu, Harrison Guo, Serena Dang,Guo, Krystal Shiyi Hernandez, Diep, Jacqueline Victoria Hsieh, Charles Dino, Huang, Jaden Allison

Du, William Fang, Alexander

Hui, Briana Inoue, Yoko Jampana, Shreya Jin, Yueyang Kasubuchi, Hui, Briana Kyle Khaw, Joshua Inoue, Yoko Klatt, Nicole Jampana, Shreya Koh, Stella La, David Jin, Yueyang La, Lainey Kasubuchi, Kyle Lam, Brian Khaw, Joshua Le, Matthew Lee, Jessilin Klatt, Nicole Li, Shutong Koh, Stella Liang, Andrew La,Liang, DavidHaoting Lim, Iris La, Lainey Lin, Ashley Lam, Brian Liu, Yanjun Le,Lo, Matthew Airlia Long, Natan Lee, Jessilin Luong, Allison Li,Maung, Shutong May

Liang, Andrew Liang, Haoting

McMahon, Joshua Naziri, Cameron Pang, Jolene Pang, Joyce Price, Elisha Joshua McMahon, Quach, Rachel Naziri, Cameron Seo, Austin Pang, Jolene Shay, Thomas Shin, Dongho Pang, Joyce Shin, Hyebin Price, Elisha Sioeng, Audrey Quach,Matthew Rachel Sobero, Somasundaram, Seo, Austin Swetha Stephenson, Audrey Shay, Thomas Tien, Marcus Shin,Ashley Dongho Tran, Tsui, Faith Shin, Hyebin Tsun, Kelly Sioeng, Audrey Velloze, Geoffrey Sobero, Matthew Wang, Abby Wang, Janice Somasundaram, Swetha Wei, Ashley Stephenson, Audrey Weisinger, Brendan


Tien, Marcus Tran, Ashley

Wong, Bryce Wong, Fiona Wu, Kristi Wu, Yirui Xiao, Wong, Yao Bryce Xie, Yijie Wong, Fiona Yang, Lauren Wu, Kristi Yin, Jennifer Young, Kelman Wu, Yirui Yu, Amy Xiao, Yao Yu, Connor Xie, Yu, Jia HuiYijie Zhang, AndyLauren Yang, Zhang, Lucy Yin, Jennifer Zhang, Sophie Young, Kelman Zhang, Xiaoxue Zhang, Yanan Yu, Amy Zheng, Stephanie Yu, Connor Zhong, Bobby Yu, Jia Hui Zhu, Xin Zhu, Yuxiang Zhang, Andy

Zhang, Lucy Zhang, Sophie Zhang, Xiaoxue

We applaud the incredible talent and dedication of our

Arcadia High School Orchestra Sending our wishes for a wonderful evening and event,


Orchestra Two

2018 - 2019 Orchestra Two

Ahn, Roy Alla, Srivalli Broqueza, Ariadne Ahn,Carter, Roy Trevor Alla, Srivalli Cha, Jiwon Broqueza, Ariadne Madeleine Chang, Doris Carter, Trevor Cha, Chen, Jiwon Jean Chen, Chang, DorisJeffrey Chen, Chen, Jean Lawrence Chen,Chen, JeffreyLiopold Chen,Chen, Lawrence Maxgan Chen,Chen, Liopold Phillip Chen,Cheng, Max Kyle Chen, Phillip Cheung, Kaylee Cheng, Kyle Chin, Ethan Cheung, Kaylee Chin,Choi, EthanCeline Choi, Choi, CelineChunfung Abby Choi,Choy, Chunfung Choy,Chu, AbbyHeather Chu, Chuang, Heather Janelle Chuang, Janelle Diaz, Manon Diaz,Empainado, Manon Julia Empainado, Julia Victoria Eng, Ashley Eng, Ashley Gunawan, Michelle Gunawan, Michelle Haq, Zoya Hatchett, Naleya

Haq, Zoya Li, Ruoping Ngo, Genevieve Truong, Sara Hatchett, Naleya Li, Sean Nguyen, Jullian Tse, Kyle Huang, Rui Liao, Emma Nguyen, Quan Tzo, Jesse Iwamoto, Aileen Lu, Leah Tang, Dominic Huang, Shihui Limmen, Eliana Nguyen, Rose Wang, Nathan Jayasekera Pathirana, Vinuja Lu, Oliver Tang, Michelle Hwang, Chenkai Lin, Hugo Nim, Angeline White, Me Jia, Kelly Lu, Ryan Theung, Brian Iizuka, Takuto Lin, Jerry Nunez, Leila Wong, Andrew Jia, Stephanie Mak, Ryan Ting, Rosemary Iwamoto, Aileen Lin, Kenneth Park, Sean Wong, Sydni Kai, Lauren Mar, Joshua Torrez, Elysa Jayasekera Pathirana, Vinuja Lin, WarrenMcClenney, Kiana Phu, Katelynn Wu, Allen Kim, Diane Trang, Justin Jia, Kim, KellySeonwoo Ping Liu, Shengyu Pun, Rachel McMahon, Andrew Truong, Wu, Sara Andrew Jia, Ko, Stephanie Llacuna, Andre Anthony Miyatake, Brian Qi, Zhenhan Tse, KyleWu, Rui Montgomery, JuliaQiu, Patricia Tzo, Jesse Kai, Kunzel, LaurenNicole Lotfy, Renee Linda Xu, Christina Kuo, Nathan Mui, Richard Wang, Nathan Kim, Diane Lu, Alex Reale, Matthew Yang, Sean Jace Kim,Kwan, Seonwoo Lu, Leah Neo, Bryce Rivera, Samantha White, Megan Yee, Elysse Lam, Lawrence Ng, Brandon Wong, Andrew Ko, Anthony Lu, Oliver Saw, Stella Young, Jessica Lam, Lena Ngo, Genevieve Wong, Sydni Kunzel, Nicole Lu, Ryan Shum Zhou, Edwin Yu, Cheuk Wing Lau, Kaitlyn Nguyen, Jullian Wu, Allen Kuo,Le, Nathan Mak, Ryan Nguyen, Quan Sun, David Yu, Cheuk Yan Peter Wu, Andrew Kwan, Jace Mar, Joshua Tan, Kevin Lemus, Leilani Isabella Nguyen, Rose Wu, Rui Zeng, Henry Lam,Li,Lawrence McClenney,Nim, Kiana Tang, Brandon Zhao, Michelle Kaitlyn Angeline Xu, Christina Lam,Li,Lena McMahon,Nunez, Andrew Tang, Dominic Zhou, Jacky Male Leila Yang, Sean Ruoping Park, Sean Yee, Elysse Lau,Li, Kaitlyn Miyatake, Brian Tang, Michelle Zhou, Zhiting Li, Sean Phu,Julia Katelynn Young, Jessica Le, Peter Montgomery, Theung, Brian Zhu, Qing Song Liao, Emma Pun, Rachel Yu, Cheuk Wing Liuren Lemus, Leilani Mui, Richard Ting, Rosemary Zhuang, Limmen, Eliana Qi, Zhenhan Yu, Cheuk Yan Li, Kaitlyn Neo, Bryce Torrez, Elysa Lin, Hugo Qiu, Linda Zeng, Henry Li, Male Ng, Brandon Trang, Justin Lin, Jerry Reale, Matthew Zhao, Michelle Lin, Kenneth Rivera, Samantha Abigail Zhou, Jacky 5 Lin, Warren Saw, Stella Zhou, Zhiting

Dear Orchestra families, friends and supporters:

Welcome to the Silver 25th Anniversary Orchestra Benefit Dinner and Concert! The success of tonight’s Orchestra Benefit Dinner (OBD) would not have been possible without the contributions made by our phenomenal parents, dedicated volunteers and many supporters inside and outside of our Orchestra community. You all have our deepest gratitude for the time and effort you have contributed towards helping OBD reach its fundraising goal. We would also like to give special thanks to our greater Arcadia family, including the Arcadia City Council, Arcadia Unified School District School Board, Arcadia Education Foundation, Arcadia Performing Arts Center Foundation, AHS PTSA and AHS Chinese Parents Booster Club. Their continual support has buoyed OBD across the years to reach this important milestone of its 25th anniversary. We also want to thank our caring alumni parents, many of whom have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to carry on the legacy of OBD. We are extremely grateful for your willingness to come back to support this important event. Your steadfast dedication is an inspiration to us all! Thank all of you for joining us to celebrate OBD’s 25th anniversary. We hope you have enjoyed the night and look forward to seeing you again next year! Sincerely, Frances Cheng & Judy Mar 2019 Orchestra Vice Presidents


2018 - 2019 2018 - 2019 Orchestra Three Orchestra Three

Adisoetjahya, Jennifer Chan, Audrie Chang, Sydnee Chen, Carroll Adisoetjahya, Jennifer Chen, Jill Chan, Audrie Chen, Martina Chang,Cheng, SydneeChrista Chin, Chen, CarrollJocelyn Cho, Ella Chen, Jill Chou, Jessica Chen, Martina Gloria Cheng,Chu, Christa Chu, Sean Chin, Jocelyn Chun, Hosanna Cho, Ella Cui, Esther Chou, Jessica Durongdej, Padachalyn Chu, Gloria Esguerra, Catherine Chu, Sean Fan, Nicolas Gao, Catherine Chun, Hosanna Gao, Matthew Cui, Esther

Durongdej, Padachalyn Esguerra, Catherine Grace

Guan, Kevin Han, Charlotte Hu, Tiffany Hua, Dongming Gao, Matthew Huang, Michael Guan, Kevin Huey, Jolene Jiang, Karl Han, Charlotte Jong, Sunny Hu, Tiffany Lau, Megan Hua, Dongming Lee, Ashley Huang, Michael Lee, Christina Huey, Jolene Lee, Marjorie-Grace Jiang, Karl Li, Kevin Jong, Sunny Liang, Claire Lau,Liang, Megan Grace Lee,Lin, Ashley Margaret Lee,Liu, Christina Alex Charisse Lee,Liu, Marjorie-Grace Lu, Amber Li, Kevin

Liang, Claire Liang, Grace

Lu, Josephine Luc, Brandon Maung, Kelvin Miki, Yoshifumi Liu, Charisse Edwin Miyatake, Lu,Nguyen, Amber Joceline Brandelyn Lu,Nie, Josephine Ong, Daniel Luc, Brandon Ong, Kaelyn Maung, Kelvin Peng, Oscar Miki, Yoshifumi Sam, Allen Miyatake, Edwin Shen, Gabrielle Nguyen, Joceline Sun, Tangia Nie, Brandelyn Tarsala, Rosalie Ong, Daniel Tjandradjaja, Allison Ong, Kaelyn Tom, Elisha Peng, OscarMiguel Velarde, Wang, Eric Sam, Allen Wang-Tomic, Shen, Gabrielle Lea


Sun, Tangia Tarsala, Rosalie

Wen, Ruey-Ren Williams, Justine Wong, Brandon Wong, Cameron Velarde, Miguel Eduardo Wong, Claudia Wang, Eric Yao, Francesca Yeung, AlbertLea Wang-Tomic, Yeung, Ann Wen, Ruey-Ren Yin, Rachel Williams, Justine Yoo, Taebin Wong, Brandon You, Millie Wong, Cameron Zhang, Wanjing Wong, Claudia Zhou, Angela Yao, Zhu,Francesca Daphne Yeung, Albert Zhu, David

Yeung, Ann Yin, Rachel Yoo, Taebin You, Millie Zhang, Wanjing Zhou, Angela


Arcadia Unified School District Board of Education

Cung Nguyen, President Lori Phillipi, Vice President Kay Kinsler, Clerk

Leigh Chavez, Member Fenton Eng, Member Sarah Wang, Student Representative


David Vannasdall, Ed.D. Superintendent Kevin Hryciw, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent Jeff Wilson, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent

Arcadia High School Administration Brent Forsee, Ed. D. Principal Bhavini Bhakta, Assistant Principal Angela Dillman, Assistant Principal John Finn, Assistant Principal

John Tung, Ed. D. Assistant Principal Keith Kerney, Dean of Students Justina Spencer, Activities Director Ryan Press, Athletic Director

District Music Staff Thomas J. Forbes, Arcadia High School Orchestra Director Pin Chen, Arcadia High School Orchestra Director Kevin Sherrill, Arcadia High School Band Director Seth Murphy, Arcadia High School Band Director Stephen Pu, Arcadia High School Choral Director Mike Danielson, First Avenue Middle School Music Director Karl Morton, Foothills Middle School Music Director Jeff Grable, Dana Middle School Music Director Paul Kearns, Elementary Music Supervisor Christine Cameron, Elementary Music Teacher Conrad Henning, Elementary Music Teacher Emily Faris, Elementary Music Teacher Cindy Liu, Elementary Music Teacher Janet Smith, Elementary Music Teacher Noah Smith, Elementary Music Teacher 9

Four years ago, I never would have imagined myself being at the place I am today without orchestra. It has acted as a constant in my life, something I can always go back to—whether it’s the peace of the Cordano room during 6th period, or the amazing friendships that I will always value. Thank you Ms. Chen and Mr. Forbes for helping shape the person I am today. To have such supportive people heading the program that has had such an impact on my life only makes my experience in orchestra—and in high school—so much more meaningful.. Although I’m excited to head off to college, no distance will take away the fact that orchestra is a place I can call home. - Francesca Yao

Thank you. Those are the two most fitting words that I could find to describe how grateful I am for these last few years in orchestra! Ms. Chen and Mr. Forbes, thank you for all of the laughs, the fist bumps, the mentorship, and most importantly, the music. This has been the most incredible experience and you guys will always have a special place in my heart. - Charlotte Han Thank you orchestra for being a forte throughout my high school career, and for the memories that I will forever cherish. Thank you especially to Mr. Forbes and Ms. Chen for fostering my experience in orchestra—it is one that is irreplaceable and has truly helped prepare me for the years to come. Orchestra is something I can always go back to; orchestra will always be family. - Amber Lu I would like to thank you for these wonderful, musicfilled four years. Whether my "outside" studies fell sharp or flat, I was always buoyed by my amazingly supportive orch family ("orch-love"?). Thank you so much for not only providing a space for playing repertoire, but also instilling in us a lifelong love for music. - Gloria Chu

It has been a privilege to have you guys as my teachers for the past four years. Thank you for the memories that have shaped me throughout the years- almost all of my favorite recollections about high school tie back to orchestra, and I’m so grateful to have found something that has given me the opportunity to expand on my passion for music while surrounding myself with some of the best people I’ve met in my entire life. I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever experience something remotely comparable to what I’ve had through orchestra, and I can’t even explain how excited I am to end off my high school experience with something I love, surrounded by people I love—thank you! - Daphne Zhu

High school is a dynamic place, but orchestra has always secured a constant spot in my heart, whether it’s from working together to create a symphonies or creating everlasting memories with all my fellow musicians. The directors have created an environment where everyone is able to enjoy the wonders of music, and for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you Mr. Forbes and Ms. Chen for your passion and determination that have created an unforgettable experience for all the seniors these past four years. - Kelvin Maung

High school passed me by like a train on the road to adulthood. Each of the cars held an important piece of the experience. Friends, family, AP tests, etc., but the one that holds my most cherished memory is orchestra. Ms. Chen: thank you for always choosing challenging repertoire, teaching us (even when you lose your voice), and always being patient with us. Mr. Forbes: thank you for managing all the funds, giving us the usual fist bumps of encouragement, and raising the bar of our musical excellence. It’s such an honor to be a part of a close-knit community — I won’t be able to reach my destination without the guidance of the directors. Thank you for this amazing musical experience. - Ann Yeung

These past four years in orchestra has taught me so much. Not only have I learned and grew as an individual in society, student and violinist but I have gained something so much more valuable. The friends and family I have made in orchestra are for life. Thank you for teaching me to work hard, make deadlines, planning ahead of time, building a card board giraffe, how to play pterodactyl and for being a guide in all of my years in high school. Thank you so much for everything!! - Pinki Durongdej

THANK YOU MR. FORBES AND MS. CHEN! Whether we’ve been in Orchestra for the entirety of our high school years or just joined this year, the memories and friendships made will last for many years to come. As we prepare for the next step in our lives, there is no doubt that our time as part of the Orchestra family has shaped the way we communicate with, connect, and support others. May future Apaches be fortunate enough to receive the same opportunities we have through Orchestra.

- Orchestra Seniors, Class of 2019


President Vice President  Secretary  Concertmaster  Treasurer  Treasurer  Directors’ Assistant Historian O3 Historian O2 Historian O1 Librarian  Librarian 

Orchestra Council

Public Relations  Lea Wang Tomic Sophomore Rep  Phillip Chen Orch 2 Representative Jace Kwan Orch 1 Representative Thomas Shay Gig Coordinator  Gloria Chu Gig Coordinator  Daphne Zhu Logistics Coordinator Pinki Durongdej Logistics Coordinator Kelvin Maung Social Chair O3  Charisse Liu Social Chair O2  Genevieve Ngo Social Chair O1  Nicole Klatt

Francesca Yao Amber Lu Esther Cui Charlotte Han Ann Yeung Brandon Luc Rose Nguyen Tiffany Hu Hannah Kim Iris Lim Jocelyn Nguyen Brandon Wong

Adisoetjahya, Jennifer Ahn, Roy Chan, Audrie Chen, Carroll Chen, Jill Chen, Lawrence Cho, Ella Choi, Chunfung Chou, Jessica Chu, Gloria Chu, Sean Durongdej, Padachalyn Esguerra, Catherine Gao, Matthew Han, Charlotte Haq, Zoya Huang, Michael Iwamoto, Aileen Jayasekera Pathirana, Vinuja Jiang, Karl

2019 Seniors Jong, Sunny Lam, Lawrence Lau, Megan Lee, Ashley Lee, Christina Li, Kevin Li, Male Liang, Grace Lin, Jerry Llacuna, Andre Lu, Amber Lu, Josephine Lu, Oliver Maung, Kelvin Miyatake, Edwin Montgomery, Julia Mui, Richard Ong, Daniel Ong, Kaelyn Sam, Allen 11

Saw, Stella Sun, Tangia Tan, Kevin Tang, Michelle Tarsala, Rosalie Theung, Brian Torrez, Elysa Wang, Eric Wong, Andrew Wong, Sydni Wu, Allen Wu, Rui Yao, Francesca Yeung, Albert Yeung, Ann Yin, Rachel Zhou, Zhiting Zhu, Daphne Zhu, Qing Song

2019 Benefactors Diamond Level

Lily Liu/Grand Funding Group Inc, Amy Pan

Emerald Level

Christine Lee/T.J. Financial, Roshan Bhakta/Angela Hui c/o Courtyard by Marriott - Monrovia

Ruby Level

Angel & Tania Lemus, Jeff Bertrand/Bertrand’s Music

Guest Artist Level

Robert Wang & Kukui Chen, Gregory & Kathryn Klatt

Alumni Family Level

Rick McGregor/McGregor Creative, LLC, Shirby Wen, Hamid & Wendy Naziri, Uncle Chuang’s Bakery c/o Letty Chen and Issac & Esther Chuang

Sapphire Level

Robert Powers/College Torch College Counseling, Jason L. Kruckeberg, Nan Lin Peng, Moon Seo, Cathy Tan

Jade Level

Chikuo Yao, Mike Chu

Pearl Level

Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church, Vincent Long, Jee Won Kim, Shi Xiong Xiao, Jin Yong Wu, Chi-On Tsun, Haining Liu, Shirley Diep, Tiffany Hsiao, Zhaoping Liu, Aixian Zhou, Jue Hann Shen, Sangshan Shih, Kelly Young, Masashi Inoue, Seshu Alla, Yong Sung Yoo, Wilson Castro, Johnny Pang, Liang Zhang, Takashi Iizuka, Hang T Nguyen, Amy Bertolini, Win O Maung, Jimmy Tan, Mi Lam, Toan S Phu, Toshio Miki, Gregg Kasubuchi, Tai T La, Stephen Reale, Chia Chi Hu, Lake Yin, Huisi Luo

Thank You

Donations made after February 18, 2019 are not listed but very much appreciated! 12

Orchestra Benefit Dinner Committee



2019 Orchestra BeneďŹ t Concert Committee

Orchestra Directors Tom Forbes & Pin Chen Music Club President Mery Montgomery Orchestra Vice Presidents Frances Cheng & Judy Mar Benefit Dinner Event Chairs Frances Position NamesCheng, Sharleen Nakamoto, Grace You Treasurer Orchestra DirectorsJudy TomMar Forbes & Pin Chen Music Data Club President Mery Montgomery Entry Lily Fung Orchestra Vice President Frances Cheng & Judy Mar Benefactor Benefit Dinner Event ChairAngela FrancesHui Cheng, Sharleen Nakamoto (AOP), Grace You

Event AdvisorFrances Angela Cheng, Hui (AP) Josie Sun, Henry Huey, Angela Hui, Kathy Klatt, Julie Lim, Advertisements Benefactor Angela Hui (AP) Rachelle Tse Advertisements Frances Cheng, Josie Sun, Angela Hui (AP), Kathy Klatt, Julie Lim, Henry Huey, Silent Auction Kathy Klatt, Rachelle Tse Julie Lim, Alan Diaz, Angela Hui, Angel Lemus, Sharleen Nakamoto Stephenson, Sonia Velarde, Grace YouCheng, Letty Chen (AP), Alan Diaz, Silent AuctionKaty Kathy Klatt, Julie Lim, Angela Hui (AP), Frances SylviaYou, Lee, Angel Lemus,Ying Sharleen Nakamoto Katy Stephenson, Grace Ticket Sales Grace Alan Diaz, Huang, Maria(AOP), Lau, Angel Lemus, Lily Liu You Ticketing Grace You, Alan Diaz, Ying Huang, Maria Lau, Angel Lemus, Lily Liu Food Angela Hui, Angela Lim, Monika Batra, Frances Cheng, Naro Chun, Esther Reception Grace You, Carol Chen, Li Chen, Joy Cheng, Gabby Hernandez, Angel Lemus, (Ying) Huang, GreataShen*, Kwan, Cathy Regina Shay, Jeannie Angela SuTan, Jennifer Wei, Paulette Yao, Yilong Program Editor(John) Tom White, ZhangTim Bogle*, Kristy Chen, Melissa Jones*, Grace You Food Angela HuiNakamoto, (AP), AngelaNancy Lim (AP), Monika Batra, Frances Cheng, Joy Cheng, Naro Greata Decoration Sharleeen Cho, Alan Diaz, Lily Fung, Jessica Handoko, Chun, Ying Huang, Greata Kwan, Cathy Tan, Jennifer Wei, Paulette Yao, Yilong Kwan, Celeste Lee, Angel Lemus, Bernadette Manalo-Lew, Vivian Nguyen, Zhang Angela Su,Nakamoto Pauline Sun, Sonia Velarde, Paulette You Decoration Sharleen (AOP), Nancy Cho, Alan Diaz, LilyYao, FungGrace (AOP), Jessica Handoko, Greata Angel Lemus,Jones, Bernadette Manalo-Lew*, Vivian Program Editors Tom White, Tim Kwan, Bogle,Celeste KristyLee, Chen, Melissa Grace You Nguyen, Angela Su, Josie Sun, Pauline Sun, Sonia Velarde, Paulette Yao, Grace You Reception Grace You, Carol Chen, Li Chen, Joy Cheng, Gabby Hernandez, Angel Lemus, Publicity Sharleen Nakamoto (AOP) Shay, Jeannie Shen, Angela Su Data EntryRegina Lily Fung (AOP) SecretarySamuel Judy Mar Photography &Financial Videography Liu, Carl Miyatake, Melody Song Phone Tree Angel Lemus, Alan Diaz, Joy Cheng, Paulette Yao Stage/Props/Instruments Xiaojiang Cui Cui, Angel Lemus, Carl Miyatake, LinHua Yan Stage/Props/Instruments Xiaojiang Cui, Alan Diaz, Angel Lemus, Carl Miyatake, Tom White, Bert Wong, Publicity Sharleen Nakamoto LinHua Yan PhotographyPhone & Videography Winston Lim (AP), Samuel Miyatake, Melody Song Tree Angel Lemus, Alan Diaz,Liu*, Joy Carl Cheng, Paulette Yao Chaperone/Security Jim Larsh (AP), Maria Sansui*, Rick Hernandez, Ying Huang, Akiko Inoue, Chaperone, Security & Clean-up Jim Larsh, Maria Moon Hyang Seo Sansui, Alan Dian, Rick Hernandez, Ying Huang, Akiko Inoue, Lemus, CarlLemus, Miyatake, Mon Hyang Seo, Tom White, LinHua Yan, All OBD Tear Down/Clean-upAngel Alan Diaz , Angel Carl Miyatake, Katy Stephenson, Tom White, Bert Wong, LinHua Yan, Members All OBD Committee Members Committee Names in bold print denote Committee Chairperson; (AP) denotes ParentsChairperson of graduated AHS students, (AOP) Names in bold print denoteAlumni Committee denotes Alumni Orchestra Parents with current AHS students that do not participate in Orchestra; * denotes AHS parent who have had no children in Orchestra

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this event a great success! Special thanks to Angela Hui for her tireless efforts in support of the Arcadia High School Orchestra

13 Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this event a great success!

2019 Masters of Ceremonies 2019 Masters of Ceremonie

2019Richard Masters of Ceremonies2019 M Meyer

is a highly sought after music educator and maintains an activeRichard schedule as ais guest and clinician. Forand 35maintains years hean activ Meyer a highlyconductor sought after music educator taught string students at theconductor elementary, schoolstring R schedule as a guest and middle clinician.school, For 35 and yearshigh he taught Richard Meyer is a highly sought after music educator and maintains an active levels in the public He wasmiddle the music the Pasadena students at schools. the elementary, school,director and highofschool levels in the pubs schedule as a guest conductor and clinician. For 35 years he taught string s Youthstudents Symphony Orchestra for 16 years, conducting them inpublic performances schools. He was the music director ofschool the Pasadena Symphony Orchess at the elementary, middle school, and high levels in the Youth in New York, Washington D.C., Vienna, and in Canada. In addition schools. was the music director ofthem the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra for He 16 years, conducting inAustralia, performances New York, Washington D.Cf to hisforteaching and conducting assignments, Mr. Meyer is a nationally16Vienna, years, conducting them in performances in New York, Washington D.C., Australia, and Canada. In addition to his teaching and conducting V Vienna, Australia, and Canada. In addition towith his teaching conducting recognized, best-selling composer overand 190 compositions and assignments, Mr. Meyer is a nationally-recognized, best-selling composer wia assignments, Mr. Meyer is a nationally-recognized, best-selling composer with o arrangements in print. over 190 compositions and arrangements in print. over 190 compositions and arrangements in print.

Jack Taylor has been a music teacher for over 25 years and currently

Ja serves as the orchestra director at Oak Avenue Intermediate school in Jack Taylor has been a music teacher for over 25 years and currently serves as the o Temple City. Currently, he serves as Orchestra Director at Oak Avenue Jackdirector Taylorathas a Intermediate music teacher for years and currently serves as orchestra Oakbeen Avenue school in over Temple25 City. Currently, h Intermediate School and Bellis Music Camp. Jackathas also been an School and Bellis he serves as Orchestra Director OakAvenue Avenue Intermediate M orchestra director at Oak Intermediate school in Temple City. Curren Instructor and Acting DirectorMusic for the Pasadena Tournament Camp. Jack has alsoCity beenCollege an Instructor and Acting Director for the P serves as Orchestra Director at Oak Avenue Intermediate School and Bellis of Roses Honor Band. He is now inhehis 16th year as Conductor ofHonor Pasadena Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Band. He is now in his 16th ye Music Jack hasconcerts alsoSymphony beeninanAustria, Instructor Acting Director for the as Conductor of Pasadena Youth Orchestra andand has conducted Youth Symphony Orchestrayear and hasCamp. conducted co in Austria, Germany, theTournament Czech Republic and Costa Rica. Pasadena City College of Roses Honor Band. He is now in his 16t Germany, the Czech Republicconcerts and Costa Rica. year as Conductor of Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra and has conducted R concerts in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Costa Rica. Ryan Turner is well-known across the country in the world of the competitive Ryan Turner is well-known across the country in the world of the m marching arts, where over the last 35 years, he has been a show designer, m competitive marching arts, where over the last 35 years, he has been a show marching instructor, adjudicator at marching band competitions, and leadership co designer, marching instructor, adjudicator at marching band competitions, consultant. As well, he is known as the “Voice of Southern California” having Ryan Turner is well-known acrossisthe country in the worldofofSouthern the competitivean andannounced leadership consultant. as and the “Voice for major marching As arts well, relatedhe eventsknown in stadiums arenas all over C marching where over the major last 35 events years, he has been a showevents designer, th California” having announced marching arts related California. He hasarts, served as an MC for for many special across California for marching instructor, marching band competitions, the United Way, American Redat Cross, Orange County Sheriff, in stadiums andSalvation arenasArmy, all adjudicator over California. He has served as an MCand forleadersh O Orange County Emergency Management, Riverside County Emergency many special events California the“Voice UnitedofWay, Salvation Army,havingM consultant. Asacross well, he is knownfor as the Southern California” Management, and the Orange County Fire Authority. American Red Cross, Countyarts Sheriff, Orange Emergency announced for Orange major marching related eventsCounty in stadiums and arenas all Management, Riverside County Emergency Management, and the Orange California. He has served as an MC for many special events across California f County the FireUnited Authority. Way, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Orange County Sheriff, Orange County Emergency Management, Riverside County Emergency Es Esther Minwary is a dynamic music teacher who inspires musicians Management, and the Orange County Fire Authority. Esther Minwary is a dynamic music teacher who inspires musicians of all ages, fr of all ages, from Middle School to professionals. Her innovative approach from Middle School to professionals. Her innovative approach with students re with students reflects elements of her ofexperience withDesign-Based Design-Based reflects elements her experience with Learning, Suzuki Pe Pedagogy, and enjoyment as a professionalviolist. violist. As As Music Coordinator for the Learning, Suzuki Pedagogy, and enjoyment as a professional Music Sa San Gabriel Unified School District, sheshe has played an integral th Coordinator for the San Gabriel Unified School District, has played anpart in launching the Music Immersion Experience Program, which provides daily music classes for el integral part in launching the Music Immersion Experience Program, which elementary students in low-income areas. She is a sought-after professional de provides daily music classes development for elementary students inaslow-income areas. at Jefferson consultant and Music Department M Esther Minwary is aserves dynamic music teacherChair who inspires musicians of all ages, She is a sought-after professional development consultant and orchestra serves students as Middle School, where she teaches over 300 string from Middle School to professionals. Her innovative approach with students Music Department Chair at Jefferson Middle School, where she teaches reflects elements of her experience with Design-Based Learning, Suzuki over 300 string orchestra students. Pedagogy, and enjoyment as a professional violist. As Music Coordinator for t San Gabriel Unified School District, she has played an integral part in launchin 14 the Music Immersion Experience Program, which provides daily music classes

2019 Guest Artists: 2019 Guest Gage and Grace Rodgers IsaiahArtists: Gage Isaiah and Grace Rodgers Cellist/String Arranger/Composer IsaiahGage Gage has spent hislife entire Cellist/String Arranger/Composer Isaiah has spent his entire life exploring cosmos ofCello the and Cello and it’s multitude of exploringthe the infinite infinite cosmos of the it’s multitude of creativecreative possibilities. Isaiah is isa ahighly indemand, demand, Session musician possibilities. Isaiah highly in Session musician and arranger/performer residing LosAngeles, Angeles, is frequently and arranger/performer residing in in Los who who is frequently featured on scores forfor TVTVand Film.HeHe soloist on hit featured on scores and Film. has has beenbeen a soloista on hit including “The Good (CBS), (CBS), “The Good Place”Good (NBC) , Place” shows shows including “The GoodFight” Fight” “The (Freeform) and “The creating unique (NBC) ,“Siren” “Siren” (Freeform) andGifted” “The (FOX), Gifted” (FOX), creating unique tapestries utilizing cello,both both acoustically acoustically and electronically. As As tapestries utilizing the the cello, and electronically. a sideman and band member,Gage Gage has withwith artists such such a sideman and band member, hasperformed performed artists as Pharrell Williams, Kesha, LeaMichele, Michele, Gloria NiallNiall Horan, as Pharrell Williams, Kesha, Lea GloriaEstefan, Estefan, Horan, Chris Potter and Rita Ora. Chris Potter and Ritav Ora. Rodgers, originally from is a Los violinist Grace Grace Rodgers, originally fromDetroit, Detroit, is aAngeles Los based Angeles based who has enjoyed a varied musical career spanning from classical to violinist who has enjoyed a varied musical career spanning from works with current has been a partand manyhas classicalpop. to Grace pop.often Grace often works artists, with and current artists, studio recordings and live productions (Kesha, Lea Michele, Josh Groban, been aRita part many studio recordings and live productions (Kesha, Ora, BØRNS, Megadeth, Gallant, Sabrina Carpenter, and others.) Lea Michele, Josh Groban, Rita Ora, BØRNS, Megadeth, Gallant, SabrinaMs. Carpenter, others.)in orchestral and chamber music festivals Rodgers hasand participated working with other musicians and renowned faculty from around the globe. These Zephyr International Music Festival in Italy, music Ms. Rodgers hasinclude participated in orchestral and chamber International Music Festival in Maine, and Nationalfaculty Music from festivalsBowdoin working with other musicians and renowned Festival in Maryland.

around the globe. These include Zephyr International Music Festival in Italy, Bowdoin International Music Festival in Maine, and National Music Festival in Maryland.

Distinguished GuestArtists Artistsfrom from Past Past Years Distinguished Guest Years

1995 John Cello Cello 2008 Tom Sauber, 1995 Krovoza, John Krovoza, 2008 TomFiddle Sauber, Fiddle 1996 Todd Miller, French Horn/Percussion Patrick Sauber, 1996 Todd Miller, French Horn/Percussion PatrickGuitar/Banjo Sauber, Guitar/Banjo 1997 Alex Iles, Trombone Mark Graham, Harmonica 1997Curtis, AlexTrumpet Iles, Trombone MarkViolin Graham, Harmonica 1998 Kurt 2009 Drew Tertick, 1998 KurtWoodwinds Curtis, Trumpet 2009 Drew Tertick, Violin 1999 Sal Lazano, 2010 Hutchins Consort, String Ensemble 2000 John Voice/Piano 2011 The Backbeats, A Cappella GroupEnsemble 1999 Stothers, Sal Lazano, Woodwinds 2010 Hutchins Consort, String 2001 Armen Ksajikian, Cello 2012 Oak and Gorski, Cello Rock Duo Group 2000 John Stothers, Voice/Piano 2011 The Backbeats, A Cappella 2002 Billy Hill & The Hillbillies 2013 High Fidelity Brass 2001Mitchell, ArmenPiano Ksajikian, Cello 2012Electric Oak and Gorski, Cello Rock Duo 2003 Billy 2014 Bella Strings 2002 & Billy & The Hillbillies 2013 Arimoto, High Fidelity Brass 2004 Craig MaryHill Durst – 2AZZ1 2015 Jason Ukuleleist 2005 Gregory Maldonado Percussionist 2003 Billy Mitchell,Baroque Piano Quartet 2016 James 2014 Yoshizawa, Bella Electric Strings 2006 Alan Mautner and Vio-Fonik 2017 Bill Cantos, Vocal/piano 2004 Craig & Mary Durst – 2AZZ1 2015 Jason Arimoto, Ukuleleist 2007 Felix Bullock, Guitar 2018 Vadim Brunell, Guitar

2005 Gregory Maldonado Baroque Quartet 15 2006 Alan Mautner and Vio-Fonik

2016 James Yoshizawa, Percussionist 2017 Bill Cantos, Vocal/piano

Huntington Dr.

Valley Blvd. 10 Fwy


Santa Anita

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MU SIC AND MU SIC A L INS T R U M E N T S Sheet music, music books Brass, woodwind, strings, percussion supplies Used music from $1 – $3

Ot her Neig h bo r h o o d Cl a s s e s A va ilab le Chinese Mandarin Classes Barnabas Robotics

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Patrick L.P. Chow, D.D.S. U.S.C. Graduate



Member of Delta Dental Plan of California Most Insurance Accepted

Mon. -Sat. 9AM-6PM

626-445-8510 921 S. Baldwin Ave., #C Arcadia (Just N. of Fairview-westside of street) 17

CalStateLA Symphony Orchestra

Olympia Youth Orchestra Fung Ho, Music Director & Conductor http://www.olympiaphil.org/wp/

Year Round Auditions Four or more perfomances each season General Information: Fung Ho (626) 447-5839; (626) 242-3579 Dates of Audition: by appointment, phone or email Audition Venue: To Be Announced

. Please send $20.00 non-refundable application fee payable to: Olympia Philharmonic Society 465 W. Le Roy Ave. Arcadia, CA 91007-7306 Submit on line on website under youth orchestra section Application fee will be credited towards tuition if student is selected Eligibility: Students learning any orchestral instrument, age 12 and up Annual Tuition Fee: $650 Scholarships Available Pending Audition Results Transferable University Credits available

. Rehearsals: Sunday Afternoons at 4:30PM-7PM on the campus of Cal State Los Angeles


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Arcadia High School Orchestra Benefit Dinner Menu February 23, 2019

Silver 25th Anniversary Menu Catered by Danielson Creations Catering


Seafood-filled Cucumber Cups Bruschetta Vegetable and Dip Cups


California Broccoli Salad – Tender crisp broccoli, bacon, red onions, and raisins in a sweet, creamy dressing Spring Salad with Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette – Mixed spring greens with candied pecans, crumbled goat cheese, dried cranberries and red onions with a sweet maple vinaigrette. Chicken Piccata – Chicken in a light butter, olive oil, white wine, garlic, lemon, and caper sauce Beef Bourguignon ­– Slow-braised beef in a traditional French red wine sauce, mushrooms, carrots, onions, celery, and garlic Baked Ziti – Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta cheese baked with ziti Mediterranean Vegetables – Zucchini, eggplant, yellow squash and onions sautéed in garlic butter

DESSERT PLATTER Brownies Mini cheesecakes Cookies Cream puffs Tiramisu


”Silver 25th Anniversary” S T UDE N T E N S E M B L E S Steyerische Tanze – Joseph Lanner

Diane Kim, Eliana Limmen, Christina Xu – Violin Sara Truong - Bass

12 Duets K487 Duets 1 and 4 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lucy Zhang – Viola, Lauren Yang – Violin

Concerto No. 24 in gm, Movement 1 – Antonio Vivaldi Trevor Carter, Elysse Yee – Cello

Serenade for String Trio, mvt 1 – Ernst von Doynanyi Nicole Klatt – Cello Sala Yu – Viola Jessie Zhu - Violin

Shoo Fly –arr. Joanne Martin

Victoria Hernandez – Bass Lainey La, Ashley Wei – Cello Isaac Chen, Allison Huang, Hyebin Shin, Elisha Price - Violin

5 Pieces for 2 Violins and Piano, mvt.3 Elegy Dimitri Shostakovich, arr. Levon Atovmyan Ella Cho, Ashley Lee – Viola Albert Yeung - Piano

Absolute Zero Rag – Geoffrey Walker, arr. R.A. Cohen

Tiffany Hu, Brandon Luc, Kaelyn Ong, Lea Wang-Tomic – Viola

Primavera Portena – Astor Piazolla

Phillip Chen – Cello Genevieve Ngo – Piano Henry Zeng – Violin

Alexander Ragtime Band – Irving Berlin Margaret Lin, Daniel Ong, Miguel Velarde, Brandon Wong, Claudia Wong - Bass

Suite for 2 Violins and Piano, mvt 1 – Moritz Moszkowski Yoshifumi Miki, Oscar Peng – Violin David Zhu - Piano


”Silver 25th Anniversary” G U E S T A RT IS T S

Isaiah Gage and Grace Rodgers Tonight’s program will be announced from the stage.

F IN A L E Symphony No. 25 in C Major, III. Finale By Franz Joseph Haydn, arr. Sandra Dackow

Jewel Dances from Sleeping Beauty 2. Silver, 3. Sapphires, 4. Diamonds By Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky

Bluegrass Country By Carold Nunez

Performed by the 283 Musicians of the Arcadia High School Orchestras The Arcadia High School Orchestras would like to thank the Arcadia Music Club, Arcadia High School, Arcadia Unified School, and the City of Arcadia for their many years of support and encouragement.

Your efforts are truly appreciated!





Conservatory of Music












Disclaimer: Arcadia Unified School District has not reviewed the educational quality of ths program and does not endorse or promote this program. Participation is voluntary and at the discretion of the parent(s).

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• • • • •

Bal dw i n A v e.

Morgan Huang, M.D.

Hunt ingt on Dr .

Duar t e Rd. Val l ey Bl v d. 10 Fw y




Orchestra is really fun. I love orchestra and will treasure the memories that I've had in it. I give my regards to everyone who has helped and supported me throughout my year in there. Thank you and Best Wishes! Isaac Chen




Congratulations  to the Students of the Arcadia High School Orchestra on Your 25th Annual Benefit Dinner and Concert !



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Violin Center

Music Academy

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Leis and Bouquets

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Proud to Support Arcadia High School Orchestra Keeping The Arts In School Alive Contributes to our Children’s Success!

33 E. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91006 (626) 445-2411 | April@AAVLaw.com

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Profile for Arcadia Music Club

Orchestra Benefit Dinner 2019 Program  

This special Silver 25th anniversary fundraising event benefits over 280 students in the Orchestra Program of Arcadia High School Music Club...

Orchestra Benefit Dinner 2019 Program  

This special Silver 25th anniversary fundraising event benefits over 280 students in the Orchestra Program of Arcadia High School Music Club...