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REALTOR® 2017 ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Sylvia Ramos 2017 PRESIDENT Margaret Garemore PRESIDENT-ELECT Kelvin Chang TREASURER Roy Blume IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ryan Asao Julie Bencosme Cecil Griffin James Maceo Joe Pacilio Yvonne Rosas-Petty Frank Spencer

C.A.R. DIRECTORS Ryan Asao Andy Bencosme Julie Bencosme Roy Blume Kelvin Chang Margaret Garemore Joseph Pacilio Sylvia Ramos Mike Vachani Kelvin Wong


Robin Allen Ext. 307 Director of Finance / Office Manager Michael Beltran Ext. 302 IT Director / Webmaster Brenda Faltes Ext. 304 Director of Membership & Professional Standards Stephanie Maertens Ext. 303 Director of Education & Commercial Real Estate Natasha Poon Ext. 301 Membership Services Manager Laura Thai Ext. 304 Director of Broker Compliance & Member Outreach Andrew Cooper Ext. 308 Chief Executive Officer

ARCADIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® 601 South First Avenue Arcadia, California 91006 626.446.2115 PHONE · 626.446.4072 FAX

Cooper’s Comments Culture, Civility and the Golden Rule There are so many unique aspects of the Arcadia Association of REALTORS® that make me proud every single day and I hope you, as members, feel the same way. I would suspect most of you do considering that we have so many people whom have been loyal members for 15, 20, 30 and even 40 years! Chief among our many unique aspects are the people and culture of the AAR. At the center of this culture is a basic rule that has served as a guiding principal for us for many, many years; That would be the Golden Rule. It’s so simple, and yet so profound: “treat others the way you wish to be treated”. It’s really quite remarkable what happens when that mindset is emphasized and applied in any culture and especially in a membership organization like the AAR. The beauty of it lies in the diversity of our people, which includes our thousands of REALTOR® and Affiliate Business Partner members, our cadre of outstanding volunteers, our Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs, our Board of Directors and, of course, our staff. We really seem to celebrate our differences in a way that brings us closer together, much like a family. It’s not easy all the time and oftentimes we must work at it. The beautiful payoff is that the rewards are incredibly fulfilling and they yield amazing results for all our members. The AAR is truly recognized on a state and national level and we are often admired for the uniqueness of our people-centric culture. I’m a firm believer that it all starts and ends with how we treat each other. Lately, I’ve noticed there is a growing concern that as a larger society we are becoming more divisive and less civil towards each other. We can see it in politics and the media and unfortunately it’s very pervasive in social forums. There are many smart people who could debate why this has become so prevalent. Whatever the reason, it seems logical to me that a little civility can go a long way. And an abundance of civility could bring us all closer together, help us understand each other, make us stronger and enable us to fulfill the dream of “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” that our founding fathers so long ago imagined. In my life’s experience, I have found that interpersonal conflicts often result from a lack of understanding and perhaps a lack of empathy too. The more we listen to each other, the more likely we are to engage in civil discourse and achieve that all-important understanding. In those meaningful interactions, we find the good in one another. Granted, it’s not always easy - or even pleasant - to try to understand another perspective. It challenges us and, perhaps, makes us question our own strongly held beliefs. But it also serves to open our minds and our hearts to our fellow neighbor. It has to start with a desire to listen, to understand, and to be tolerant of different points of view and a desire to be reasonable, patient and respectful. I would argue the exercise is well-worth it and I’m confident the result would be a better life for us all. To me, that is a dream worth pursuing! To your own pursuit of happiness,



Andrew Cooper Chief Executive Officer


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Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive Officer

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Market Statistics for the San Gabriel Valley


Attorney Comments


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Affiliate Corner

Dave Freeman, AAR Legal Counsel

A Look at What’s Happening Around the AAR

“What Is A Home Warranty And How Does It Work?” Sandi Franco, First American Home Warranty



On the Cover 16 President’s “Mid-Year Association Update” A look at all that has occured at the AAR in the past five months and what is to come!

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4 Tips to Specialize Your Work With Seniors Census data shows that seniors, or adults age 65 and older, amount to a whopping 46.2 million U.S. citizens-and that was back in 2014.

11 Committee Highlight Our primary purpose is to serve the community through social and charitable activities & support programs to assure equal housing opportunities exist in our area. 13 A Mindset for Your Online Marketing Plan Many real estate pros look at building a marketing plan as a simple task to be checked off a list each year. 14 AAR Members Visit the Captial Legislative Day is an opportunity for REALTORS® from across California to meet with their state legislators to discuss the issues that affect the real estate industry the most.



Market Matters Market Statistics for the San Gabriel Valley - March 2017


Arcadia Arcadia Duarte El Monte El Monte Glendora Glendora Monrovia San Gabriel San Gabriel San Marino Sierra Madre Temple City

Zip Code

91006 91007 91010 91731 91732 91740 91741 91016 91775 91776 91108 91024 91780

Single Family Homes


Price % Sales of Price Chg from Single Family Median SFR March Homes ($1,000) 2016

Price Median Condo ($1,000)

26 15 14 8 10 16 24 17 15 16 11 9 22

$1,010 $1,368 $443 $470 $528 $495 $643 $707 $821 $540 $2,640 $1,145 $786

9.8% 10.7% 0.1% 8.0% 40.7% 4.7% -0.8% 14.5% -13.4% -17.6% 35.5% 29.4% 21.3%

Sales Count Condos

12 16 5 1 4 4 3 9 0 6 0 0 3

SFR Only

Price & Chg from Median March Home Price/ 2016 Sq. Ft.

$772 $575 $413 $359 $502 $382 $403 $525 n/a $513 n/a n/a $610

6.8% -3.4% 30.6% -32.9% -16.1% 2.1% -15.3% 23.6% n/a 6.3% n/a n/a 1.8%

$569 $647 $392 $390 $396 $395 $391 $510 $471 $421 $820 $481 $536

Market Statistics for the San Gabriel Valley - April 2017 Single Family Homes


Arcadia Arcadia Duarte El Monte El Monte Glendora Glendora Monrovia San Gabriel San Gabriel San Marino Sierra Madre Temple City 4

Zip Code

91006 91007 91010 91731 91732 91740 91741 91016 91775 91776 91108 91024 91780


Sales of Price Price % Sales Single Family Median SFR Chg from Count Homes ($1,000) April 2016 Condos

18 20 8 4 11 9 22 15 14 12 5 8 12

$1,229 $1,153 $490 $502 $420 $450 $791 $725 $791 $660 $1,680 $1,068 $670


8.8% -3.8% -10.9% 15.7% -2.9% -10% 18.6% -0.7% 20.8% 11.1% -47.5% 18.5% -10.7%

3 13 9 3 8 2 2 6 0 3 0 3 4

SFR Only

Price Median Price & Median Condo Chg from Home Price/ ($1,000) April 2016 Sq. Ft.

$830 $545 $368 $440 $429 $416 $1,073 $499 n/a $596 n/a $676 $652

9.2% -2.5% 9.9% 5% -15.6% 9.1% 148.8% 15.4% n/a -3.4% n/a -13.2% -2.5%

$612 $632 $371 $375 $359 $406 $368 $533 $485 $541 $842 $589 $526


Attorney Comments

By Dave Freeman, Association Counsel



Facebook Listings

This is a fancy, legal word for giving something back. If a person does construction-type work for you, and is not a licensed contractor, he cannot charge you/collect more than $500. In a recent case, the homeowner had paid the “contractor” over $70,000, and the “contractor” demanded and sued for another $20,000 (not necessarily the actual amounts). The homeowner’s (bright) attorney argued that no additional money was owed, but also cross-complained against the “contractor” for the return (disgorgement) of the $70,000 already paid. Since the “contractor” was not licensed, the Court ruled in favor of the homeowner.

If you represent the buyer, you will want them to be aware of the necessary permits, and regarding the actual permits that have been secured from the city or county involved, for the property they are buying. But if you go get the permits and present them to the buyer, and some are missing, the buyer may claim they relied on your expertise and you failed to properly protect and advise them. A better method would be to take the client to the Building Department and have the client request the proper documents.

It seems to be more and more common to see agents showing their listings in Facebook. But, stay aware of the requirement to show the proper Agent and Broker disclosures on all solicitation materials (2018):

Also, be aware that a person without a license may not be aware of the local rules and laws (proper building and permits required).

a. Agent’s name b. Agent’s license number c. Responsible Broker’s name d. (Broker’s license number will be optional)

Recently an agent was fined $8,000 for failing to comply with the current version of this rule.

If there is any indication of complications or unusual building requirements or lack of proper permits on the property, strongly encourage the buyer to consult with a qualified architect, engineer or real estate attorney.



THROUGH THE LENS A Look at What’s Happening Around the AAR

RPA & Addendums with Joel Carlson


R s Valley and PFA ru it C , V G S W , rcadia oman Judy Chu Members of A w ss re g n o C h it ng w attend a meeti

RCR County Issues an County Matters

Sierra Madre Mt Wilson Trail Race

GBA International Open House

YPN Party for a Purpose Charaoke Kar aoke Night



MAD Relay for Life

4 Tips to Specialize Your Work With Seniors By Brandon Doyle, NAR Blog Contributor

Census data shows that seniors, or adults age 65 and older, amount to a whopping 46.2 million U.S. citizens - and that was back in 2014. In the next two decades, research predicts that number will more than double. In other words, if you aren’t expanding your real estate expertise to include specialized work with seniors, you’re missing out on a massive market. Here are a few specific tips to keep in mind as you guide members of an aging population toward the goal of homeownership.

1. There are a new set of factors to keep in mind Seniors have a different set of circumstances to consider when it comes to buying or selling a home than first-time homebuyers or a growing family might. As a senior shops or sells, he or she might be weighing matters such as a fixed retirement income, accessibility issues within a new home, or buying a home within a retirement community. Assessing a senior client’s short- and long-term goals as you spearhead a purchase or sale will not only endear you to your client, but can also help you tailor your time and efforts with efficiency.

2. Remember: location, location, location Everyone knows this real estate mantra, but seniors prioritize location more than any other group, and for a host of reasons. Some seniors want to move closer to growing grandchildren; others are retired and want to take advantage of recreational opportunities; some no longer drive, so proximity to basic services is essential. No matter the reason, discuss location goals with senior clients interested in

buying a new or second home. Likely, location will be at the top of their must-have list.

3. Don’t make assumptions Buying or selling a home later in life comes with its own unique set of factors and considerations, but it’s important not to paint your older clients with a broad brush. For instance, it’s a common misconception that elderly homebuyers are solely interested in downsizing. In fact, baby boomers frequently seek homes of a similar or larger size than the one they’re selling, oftentimes to accommodate children, grandchildren, or make room for luxuries to enjoy in retirement. The quickest way to offend your senior client is to make assumptions about their goals.

4. Adjust your communication methods It’s common to conduct business via e-mail and text message these days, and while plenty of seniors have become tech savvy later in life, you may have to adjust your means of communication as you pair with elderly clientele. Many prefer face-to-face meetings or phone calls, and documents that you might’ve scanned and sent via e-mail may be better presented in person. Likewise, touring a home may extend beyond a web-surfing session. While you may have to adjust your methods, seniors who rely on in-person and by-phone communication are generally quick to respond, rather than having to play e-mail tag. A big part of growing your business and innovating is learning to cater to new markets and clientele. With that in mind, keep these simple, big-picture tips at the forefront as you build your specialty in serving seniors in their real estate endeavors. MAY/JUNE 2017 · ARCADIA REALTOR®


AFFILIATE Corner “What Is A Home Warranty And How Does It Work?” By Sandi Franco, First American Home Warranty

Why a home warranty is a vital part of your residential real estate transaction. · A home warranty is a residential service contract. It is generally provided by the seller to the buyer during a real estate transaction. · A home warranty covers the homes major systems and appliances from failures caused by normal wear and tear. · This protects the seller (and listing agent) from potential lawsuits brought by buyers when things go wrong soon after escrow closes.

Imagine the following scenario... escrow closes on Friday... New buyer is moving in over the weekend. All is great until, the water heater breaks. No hot water and 50 gallons of water rushing out of the garage! Without a warranty this is a potential lawsuit. With a warranty, this is a minor inconvenience. As you can see, a home warranty benefits not only the home owner, but the listing agent and the seller as well. The home buyer is benefited with piece of mind knowing that should a covered item fail, their out of pockets costs are controlled. The benefit to the REALTOR® is piece of mind knowing that the parties in the transaction are being taken care of and that if the home owner has a good experience with their home warranty company, it makes them look good for referring them, which leads to more referrals for the agents. The seller’s benefit is also piece of mind, knowing that, should an item fail right after the close of escrow, the home buyer won’t come after them for the costs of the system replacement. The home warranty is there to protect all parties. Home warranties are not just available during a real estate transaction, they can be purchased at any time and there are different plans to suit different home owners. Home warranties are available for almost all residential home types. Single family homes up to 10,000 sqft, multiple units, townhomes, condos and even new construction. For more information and questions regarding Home Warranties, please contact Sandi at 8





community outreach & housing opportunity committee presents:


housing f ir Tuesday, June 27 | 10am - 2pm

Monrovia Community Center 119 W Palm Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016

lunch - Registration provided by: - Welcome - Mayor, Tom Adams - AAR 2017 President, Sylvia Ramos - Who is a Realtor? Why Use a Realtor? What is SRES? - Chris Shevlin: “Senior Transfers of Properties to Children & Grandchildren” - Tony Taranto: LA County Title Operations Manager 11:00 am - Georgina Lepe: “Living Trust - Why I Need a Living Trust?” 10:30 am - AARP: Reverse Mortgage - LUNCH - Police & Firefighters Q&A 12:45 pm - Lorine Stoikowitz: “Moving Forward” 1:15 pm - Carol Quan: “Important Assessment Information for Property Owners” - RAFFLE 9:30 am 10:00 am 10:15 am 10:30 am

5 ($50 grocery card) Raffles will be available, winners must be present!

Must register to get a lunch & raffle ticket

register at (626) 256-8246 or

10 601 S. First Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006 ARCADIA REALTOR® ·~ JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015

~ 626-446-2115 ~ Fx. 626-446-4072

COMMITTEEhighlight Community Outreach Housing Opportunity Committee By Yvonne Rosas-Petty, Chairperson Joining a committee is one of the best opportunities as a member of the Arcadia Association of REALTORS® you will ever have. Why? You get to actively be a part of the many events, education and decisions the Association makes. You meet other REALTORS® and form lifelong relationships and, isn’t relationships what real estate is all about? The COHO (Community Outreach Housing Opportunity) Committee allows you to not only form amazing relationships with REALTORS®, Affiliates and Staff but the communities we serve. Our committee has participated in so many events and our members are recognized REALTORS ®in our communities. Our committee has two Co-Chairs and here is what they have to say about COHO and what it has meant to them: “As a brand-new member to the Arcadia Association of Realtors®, I sought to get involved in a committee that gave me hands on experience with the communities we serve. This committee has provided me with the experience of talking to different community members and promoting the goals of REALTOR® involvement in a multi-faceted way. I have participated in the Monrovia Easter Egg-Hunt in which we hold a booth with information about how the AAR tries to best serve the surrounding community. I have also participated in the Mt. Wilson Trail Race in Sierra Madre. Each event is geared toward letting the communities know that we are here every step of the way. When they succeed, we succeed!” -Matilde Restrepo-Palacio, Co-Chairperson

Julie Bencosme, Andy Bencosme, Matilde Restrepo-Palacio and Cheryl Johnson

Vanessa James, Laura Thai, Matilde Restrepo-Palacio, Sylvia Ramos, Yvonne Rosas-Petty, Cheryl Johnson & Daniel Petty

Daniel Petty aka Easter Bunny

“When looking to join a committee, I was drawn to COHO as it worked directly with the community and gave me an opportunity to meet with the various citizens we service. Not only allowing me to be identified as a REALTOR® but as an active REALTOR® in the community being able to provide useful information, resources and fun! I enjoy volunteering, and what better way than to provide valuable housing information? We have done First Time Home Buyer Fair, are currently planning a Senior Housing Fair, and we participate in community events like the 626 Golden Streets event back in March. I was able to be an Easter Bunny and Batman for the day - how fun it that? We are not a big committee but every member is driven and cares deeply about what we do. It has been a lot of fun and time well spent. I hope to see our committee continue to grow and do more things for our local communities.” -Daniel T. Petty, Co-Chairperson

So as you can see, this is a very active committee - out in our communities, providing information, service and whole lot of fun! For more information on how you can be a part of this AMAZING committee please contact myself ,either co-chair, or the AAR office. See you at our next meeting... we meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:30am at the Arcadia Association of REALTORS® Building. MAY/JUNE 2017 · ARCADIA REALTOR®


Events 4 Charity Auxiliary By Laura Thai, Committee Staff Liaison

Events 4 Charity is one of the Arcadia Association of REALTORS® passionate Committees. All money that is raised throughout the year is given back to our community at our Annual Holiday Breakfast Ceremony during our December Caravan. “It is my favorite time of year! Handing out checks to deserving groups such as Methodist Hospital of Southern California, Pasadena Ronald McDonald House, Foothill Unity Center, Monrovia Reads, Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team, and Rebuilding Together makes all of our efforts worthwhile,” says Kal Antoun, Events 4 Charity Vice-Chairperson.

(Top: Laura Thai, Sylvia Ramos, Joe Pacilio, Diane Johnson, Kal Antoun, Maureen McCune and Bobbi Martinez) (Bottom: Terri Fabbri, Diane Balsamo, Nikki Felix and Alma Smith)

“We hold four events throughout the year that are attended and supported by our AAR family! The generosity of our association is unparalleled” stated Joe Pacilio, Events 4 Charity Chairman. “We kicked this year off with a Bingo Party that raised over $6,000. Our next event is a wine and beer fest in the Association parking lot on June 14th. Golf is our biggest event which will be held this year at Glendora Country Club on September 11th. We close our year out with our annual Smokin’ Jack & Whiskey Tasting Event on November 9th. We are a small, passionate, and mighty group at the Association and invite anyone and everyone to be a part of this outstanding committee. And in the words of Henry Ford, “To do more for the world than the world does for you-that is success!”

Stop in to see us at the new PrimeLending Monrovia branch! Whether you’re looking to buy a new house, renovate or refinance, we offer an array of home loan products. We customize loans to fit your credit score, financial situation and even different down payment options.


420 South Myrtle, #B, Monrovia, CA 91016

At PrimeLending we provide step-by-step guidance from application to closing. With our convenient technology you’ll enjoy a transparent, simple loan experience from start to finish.

For a better home financing experience, contact us today. Larry Davis

Diane Balsamo Gonzales

Branch Manager NMLS: 168532 626-486-9968 (Direct) 626-664-3106 (Mobile) 124 N. Glendora Ave., #101 Glendora, CA 91741

Senior Loan Originator NMLS: 482962 626-755-5764 (Direct) 420 South Myrtle, #B Monrovia, CA 91016

All loans subject to credit approval. Rates and fees subject to change. Mortgage financing provided by PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company. Equal Housing Lender. © 2017 PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company. PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company (NMLS: 13649) is a wholly owned subsidiary of a state-chartered bank and is licensed by: the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act - lender lic no. 4130996.



A Mindset for Your Online Marketing Plan By Meg White, Managing Editor for REALTOR® Magazine Many real estate pros look at building a marketing plan as a simple task to be checked off a list each year. But what if reaching customers were more about attitude and philosophy than goals, metrics, and budgeting?

Ensure you’re serving them.

If you, like me, suspect that the latter is true, I humbly suggest turning to professional communicators for guidance. Indeed, the struggles of today’s authors-many of whom are independent contractors just like you-may hold the key to getting potential clients to notice you online. After all, one of the most enduring lessons that all professional writers learn is how to attract and retain the attention of their audience.

Whether it’s a newsletter, blog entry, or social media post, you should always consider how what you’re putting out there can help potential clients. Burke tells writers to ask themselves questions, such as: “What value are you providing? What problem are you solving? What is my audience telling me?” She adds that analyzing which of your posts and emails get the most engagement can help you better understand how to serve potential clients. “When the content you create solves a problem your audience has, that’s when you authentically build lasting relationships.”

Fauzia Burke, author of Online Marketing for Busy Authors: A Step-by-Step Guide (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2016), helps authors think deeply about how to establish a long-term marketing plan to boost their web presence. Here are three of her tips for writers that work just as well for real estate professionals.

Know your audience. The great differentiator of online advertising is the ability to target specific groups and segment your communications accordingly. But if you haven’t taken the time to consider who your audience is, you’re not using these powerful tools to their full potential. “Online marketing is customized and personalized. It is essential for you to know your audience so you can find them and serve them best,” Burke says. She suggests mapping out the age range and interests of the prospects you want to reach. Learn “which social media outlets they use, and where they hang out online. The more you know your audience, the better your marketing will be.”

Don’t attempt to build your online presence on search and social media alone. Every time Google or Facebook changes their algorithm, publishers learn this lesson all over again: If you base your online marketing on external platforms, you’ll always be at the mercy of companies that don’t have your best interests at heart. “Your website is the only place online where you are in total control. No one else can change the rules like they can on other social media sites,” says Burke. “Your website is where you call the shots.”



AAR Members Visit the Capital

LEGISLATIVE DAY 2017 SACRAMENTO Each year the AAR sends our CAR Directors to Sacramento for CAR’s Legislative Day to lobby our legislators on behalf of the real estate community. The AAR is delighted to also have some REALTOR® members attend to represent the AAR. Their involvement is funded through a special CAR First Time Attendee Scholarship that the AAR receives each year from CAR. Below, please see the thoughts and comments from some of our first-time attendees who traveled in May. Are you interested in attending next year? Please send an email to AAR CEO, Andrew Cooper:

Carmen Martinez, REALTOR®, Keller Williams Realty This is the first time I have gone to Legislative Day at our State Capitol in Sacramento and I found it an amazing experience! Taking this trip taught me that we are a bigger part of a whole and that our voice makes a huge difference. CAR is extremely well organized on delivering our Hot Topics and our own Arcadia AOR was amazing at organizing us and showing us the where, when and why of this trip! I look forward to being more involved and continue to represent our fellow REALTORS® and Homeowners with our Legislators! It was also a great experience to bond and network with other REALTORS®.

Yen Huynh, REALTOR®, Coldwell Banker San Marino My experience with REALTOR® Legislative Day was wonderful. I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend the meetings and meet such awesome people. I’ve made some good friends through this and will always be thankful for it.

David Chen, REALTOR®, Sperry Commercial Legislative Day was an eye-opening experience that exposed me to the inner workings of policy and how it affects residential and commercial real estate on a micro and macro level. Not only was I able to meet state legislators and policy makers, but also I was able to meet some tremendous leaders from our real estate community. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to represent the Arcadia Association of REALTORS® and I look forward to going again in the future.

Ellen Burry, REALTOR®, HomeSmart Realty The intricate coordination and orientation training afforded us by CAR and our local AAR greatly assisted us when presentating the 8 Bills we asked for support on and the 5 bills we asked our 2 Assembly men and 1 Senator to oppose. 2,300 REALTOR® attendees from throughout CA have power and sustainability to influence good laws for our state and our clients. The opportunity we had to meet new REALTORS® from our AAR (and other areas) and to work together with them was a memorable and incredibly rewarding. 14


Jessica Soo, REALTOR®, John Aaroe Group “This experience inspired me and ignited me to be an active REALTOR®, one who is politically engaged for the betterment of our industry and for homeowners everywhere. Getting to know the AAR members who went to Leg Day was just the cherry on top.”

James Wong, REALTOR®, Highland Real Estate As a new guy in the real estate business, everyone was helpful and friendly. The selfless coaching from our AAR executives was very crucial to a newbie like me. Sylvia Ramos was awesome; she made sure that our first timers were not left out. Kelvin Wong was patiently sharing his expert advice at the dining table. Irene Truong and Roy Blume shared the skills of how to get started. These are just a few examples of our AAR leadership. I am very grateful to every one of you.

Renee Bannoura, REALTOR®, Dilbeck Real Estate It was such an honor to be a part of Leg Day. I am so grateful for being chosen. “Walking on the steps of Capitol Hill united with 2,000 fellow REALTORS® who came together for one purpose was inspiring.”

Kevin Wheeler, REALTOR®, Century 21 Village Realty AAR made sure we didn’t have to worry about a thing; transportation, hotel, meals, and events were all organized. The best part was getting to know my fellow association members.

Laura De Jesus, REALTOR®, CIBA Real Estate I loved the Leg experience. I learned how our Association helps us stay in business and benefits property owners. I was glad to participate in some of the committee sessions and saw how our committees take into account the best interest of the groups by requesting input on their recommendations for action.

Hang Wong, REALTOR®, Long Dragon Realty Group, Inc. This trip to Leg Day has really brought me an unforgettable and remarkable experience! First, I would like to thank Brenda Faltes who always takes care of us with her great effort and commitment and smoothes out every detail without delay. Also, thanks for Jessica Soo’s coordination and assistance with humor and having a laughing voice throughout the journey and bringing a joyful atmosphere with happiness. I also thank the other REALTORS® and Directors for sharing their precious personal advice and their contributions throughout the seminars we attended. Also, a big hug to the group for appreciating and expressing kindness and patience to this new guy wholeheartedly! I do cherish these wonderful experiences with great gratitude. I am grateful to the AAR!



Mid-Year I

t has been my humble virtue to serve as your 2017 President thus far! Our strong Leadership team this year has maintained the AAR standard of constantly having your best interest in mind on both the local and national levels. The journey this year began on a high... allow me to navigate to you what this means. There is a track, as President, that is followed for the 12 months of volunteer service in the position. Even before the beginning of my Presidency, I set 5 goals that I have shared along the way. 1. Transparency - in everything that we do as human beings, and as REALTORS®. As your president, I have a button that is a symbol of my approach to you personally. “TOC”: Thoughts, Opinions and Comments. It was personalized by branding my favorite colors. There is more to this message than just the surface-level appearance of a button. It signifies that I am here for you, because you are an important voice to our Association. You are a stakeholder here at the AAR. Be genuine about everything that you do in life and you will be successful. 2. Membership Development - we owe it to ourselves and the future of our Association to set in place a succession plan and fully execute it with talent and qualities that are necessary for the greater cause. It has been a passion of mine to set in place a succession plan for our next level of leadership which consists of a governing body of Board of Directors, Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons. We must always be on the lookout for talent. I believe that we all have something to offer, even the most quiet person in the room. A great leader is always forward thinking, plant your seed. One of the ways we are finding and refining future leadership is with the AAR Leadership Academy. This is a brand new program this year that spans the course of 7 months of leadership training. We hope and goal is to guide and mentor these future leaders for Leadership roles in the coming years. 3. More Awareness for Local Government - we are in a huge battle to protect our industry and our homeownership property rights. We must be more effective and pro-active in the issues and concerns that lay before us in our local, state and national level. There are “Red Alerts” that are sent to us individually from C.A.R. on our electronic devices - please pay attention to them. We have been effective as a uniformed body of REALTORS® representing at state level. Our voice counts. There is a program called the “REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF)”. This program raises money to promote the values, attitudes, and beliefs of organized real estate! Every dollar is used to protect and advance REALTORS® interests in government. We value Homeownership, Private Property Rights, Free Enterprise, and a Responsible Government. We have launched a group called the “REALTORS® Champion Roundtable” (previously “Pepsters”). Our slogan is: REALTORS® Making a Difference. A voluntary amount of $50 to the RAF will provide you with an exclusive invitation to luncheons and receptions with political and informational guest speakers, elite networking opportunities, exclusive updates and, most importantly, you will be in the front line of the political arena of major influencers. So far, we have preserved dual agency, point of sale retrofits, and mortgage interest deductibility. We have a very capable Government Affairs Director (GAD), Laura Olhasso, whom is very well versed in our industry. Additionally, our Bylaws Committee has successfully launched an organizational chart that will help you, as a member, identify the flow of operations at the AAR. It will be available soon on the AAR website. 4. Membership Growth - our value proposition to our members must always be nourished by education and conviction, while treating each other with integrity. We have standing committees and committees that are by invitation only. Be active and be involved so we can make decisions together. The committees are vital to each specific purpose - from Charity to Commercial Investments. Join a Committee and “TOC” - share your thoughts, opinions, and comments with us. We will lend and ear if you share a voice.



Association Update

By Sylvia Ramos, AAR 2017 President

5. Building Broker Office Relationships - engaging with our Brokers and building stronger relationships. As part of our strategic plan, it is critical for our CEO, Andrew Cooper, and myself to make personal visits with our Brokers and/or Managers within our membership. We have successfully been on track and on point with the specific needs and culture of each office. We have been well received by many offices and we thank our Brokers and Managers for the nice welcome. For those of you whom do not know me personally, I ask you to please get to know me. Ask me anything. I am here for you because you matter. No one is above or below anyone. We are all equal. I, along with other members of the AAR Leadership team have just returned from Washington D.C., representing our REALTOR® members at the Legislative Meetings for N.A.R. This trip has been an affirmation of everything we have been battling in our industry. Our Association is fortunate to have a high level of representation at the N.A.R. level. We have Regional Representatives and President’s Liaisons that have been appointed by the N.A.R. Executive Nominating Committee. We have Chairpersons that represent Strategic Planning, Commercial and Investments, MLS and more. The rest of the AAR Leadership team are members of various Committees. The message at these meetings that was conveyed to local REALTOR® Association Presidents was extremely compelling: We must work together and rise above all obstacles that come our way. Be a creative leader and a forward-thinker. Be the change - do not be on autopilot. Be great!! I am a REALTOR® just like you. The experience that I bring to you is an accumulation of years of experience involving many complex transactions and situations that mature us and make us blossom and rise above. Being involved in structured and organized business operations of real estate has enhanced my skills as a forward-thinking leader. This year marks 31 years of marriage for myself and my husband, Mark. I believe the mentality and endurance needed to reach this milestone can be applied to the Association. A successful marriage and/or relationship is about each putting forward your 100%. Not agreeing with everything is definitely okay, but succeeding together for the greater cause is the key. Mark and I have 2 sons and a daughter. Parenting them has made me realize that tough love take more energy when you truly care. We, as your governing leadership, care about the vitality of our industry, out Association, and you, the member. Together we can do this. Tough love is okay, as long as we stay composed and are fair to the entire membership and the best interest of the membership. Most AAR Leadership members are full-time REALTORS®, working independently, or are part-timers who have other jobs as well. Treat this career seriously, with integrity and character. We owe it to ourselves and our client’s best interest. Also, always keep in mind: Disclose, disclose, disclose. I am so proud of our Association as a whole. Thank you so much to our Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs. Thank you for mentoring each other in all that you do. To our Board of Directors, Officers, Committee members, you do not go unnoticed. Affiliates, thank you for your support, involvement, and sponsorships. To our CEO and Staff, thank you for continuing to support us - you are a gem to us all. I would like to especially recognize my many mentors who I highly value and respect. Keep paying the good deeds forward. I will also and hope to leave a trail of inspiration. I remain steadfast in my commitment to you all and my commitment to our industry in “Building Relationships and Nourishing our Relationships”. Please always remember, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams MAY/JUNE 2017 · ARCADIA REALTOR®






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Arcadia REALTOR Magazine - May/June 2017  

The May/June 2017 publication of the Arcadia REALTOR.

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