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REALTOR® 2018 ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Margaret Garemore 2018 PRESIDENT Kelvin Chang PRESIDENT-ELECT Frank Spencer TREASURER Sylvia Ramos IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS Julie Bencosme Cecil Griffin James Maceo Joe Pacilio Yvonne Rosas-Petty May Rahmanian Mike Vachani

C.A.R. DIRECTORS Ryan Asao Andy Bencosme Julie Bencosme Roy Blume Kelvin Chang Margaret Garemore Joseph Pacilio Sylvia Ramos Matilde Gonzales Frank Spencer Kelvin Wong


Cooper’s Comments Let’s Do it Again! Summertime 2018 is a significant time of year for a variety of fun reasons: some are enjoying a summer vacation; the FIFA World Cup is going strong with a lot of upsets and the USA is celebrating its 242nd birthday. From a business standpoint, the summer month of July is significant because it represents the beginning of the second half of the year. That’s right – if we aren’t pleased with the first 6 months, July represents the ultimate doover opportunity. Now is the perfect time to make a behavioral or attitude change and to reassess our goals. One of the easiest ways of igniting a behavioral change is to expose ourselves to new ways of doing business. What better way than attending complimentary educational classes right here in the AAR Building? As a REALTOR® association, it’s our job to provide world-class events, education and career-development opportunities for our valued AAR REALTOR® and Affiliate members. As members of the AAR, it’s the responsibility you have to your business to attend these events and explore new ways of maximizing profit. Year-todate we’ve already offered over 40 classes and events to help you grow your business (that’s more than 5 a month!). How many have you attended?

Brenda Faltes Ext. 304 Director of Membership & Professional Standards

We promote these events with every conceivable communication tool available: standard emails & weekly “InTouch” eNewsletters to REALTORS® and Affiliates, Broker eBlasts, through our easy-to-use website, in our bi-monthly magazine, at the weekly MLS Marketing Meetings, flyers in our office and finally, on all the social media outlets.

Amy Larsen Ext. 307 Director of Finance / Office Manager

Remember, the year isn’t half over. Instead, the second half of the year is just starting! Let’s approach it from that angle and start anew.

Michael Beltran Ext. 302 IT Director / Webmaster

Stephanie Maertens Ext. 303 Director of Education & Commercial Real Estate Natasha Poon Ext. 301 Membership Services Manager Laura Thai Ext. 304 Director of Broker Compliance & Member Outreach Andrew Cooper Ext. 308 Chief Executive Officer

ARCADIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® 601 South First Avenue Arcadia, California 91006 626.446.2115 PHONE · 626.446.4072 FAX 2


On behalf of the AAR staff and 2018 Board of Directors, we all wish you a prosperous and successful second half of 2018. We look forward to seeing you at one of our many events very soon. To your success,

Andrew Cooper

Chief Executive Officer


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Market Matters


Attorney Comments



Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive Officer

Market Statistics for the San Gabriel Valley

Dave Freeman, AAR Legal Counsel

Through the Lens

A Look at What’s Happening Around the AAR

Affiliate Corner



On the Cover 16 AAR Members Visit the Capital Legislative Day is an opportunity for REALTORS® from across California to meet with their state legislators to discuss the issues that affect the real estate industry the most.

Additional Content 11 Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte Relay For Life 2018 A look at the recent American Cancer Society event to fundraise towards the fight against cancer. 12 How Older Homes Can Gain an Edge When dated properties are surrounded by new construction, the selling challenges can be daunting. 14 6 Tips for Keeping Your Marketing Legal Make sure you aren't inadvertently violating the Fair Housing Act or state and local fair housing laws with your Facebook ads. 15 President’s “Mid-Year Association Update” A look at all that has occured at the AAR in the past five months and what is to come!

“Help Your Clients Protect Their Assets” Dan Chapman, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage



Market Matters Market Statistics for the San Gabriel Valley - March 2018


Arcadia Arcadia Duarte El Monte El Monte Glendora Glendora Monrovia San Gabriel San Gabriel San Marino Sierra Madre Temple City

Zip Code

91006 91007 91010 91731 91732 91740 91741 91016 91775 91776 91108 91024 91780

Single Family Homes


Price % Sales of Price Chg from Single Family Median SFR March Homes ($1,000) 2017

Price Median Condo ($1,000)

26 9 8 1 9 12 19 31 15 8 9 12 18

$1,435 $1,510 $448 $405 $663 $523 $665 $720 $840 $616 $1,760 $1,008 $886

45.7% 10.4% -7.3% -15.3% 25.7% 5.7% 2.3% 1.8% 2.3% 16.4% -33.3% -11.2% 12.8%

Sales Count Condos

6 13 4 3 7 2 8 8 1 2 0 1 3

SFR Only

Price & Chg from Median March Home Price/ 2017 Sq. Ft.

$720 $678 $520 $492 $550 $367 $570 $475 $410 $438 n/a $683 $786

-7.1% 17.9% 3.0% 36.9% 9.7% -4.1% 22.3% -9.5% n/a -14.6% n/a n/a 28.9%

$554 $581 $367 $563 $442 $395 $446 $498 $497 $505 $951 $605 $516

Market Statistics for the San Gabriel Valley - April 2018 Single Family Homes


Arcadia Arcadia Duarte El Monte El Monte Glendora Glendora Monrovia San Gabriel San Gabriel San Marino Sierra Madre Temple City 4

Zip Code

91006 91007 91010 91731 91732 91740 91741 91016 91775 91776 91108 91024 91780


Price Median Price & Median Condo Chg from Home Price/ ($1,000) April 2017 Sq. Ft.

Sales of Price Price % Sales Single Family Median SFR Chg from Count Homes ($1,000) April 2017 Condos

32 9 15 3 13 10 25 14 13 9 9 13 11

$1,160 $1,580 $510 $436 $500 $580 $800 $624 $909 $665 $1,965 $963 $880


-5.6% 37.1% 4.1% -13.1% 20.5% 18.1% 1.1% -13.9% 14.9% 0.8% 17.0% -9.8% 31.4%

SFR Only

5 7 7 0 3 5 4 9 0 4 0 0 5

$590 $739 $475 n/a $565 $450 $542 $493 n/a $457 n/a n/a $630

-28.9% 35.6% 29.1% n/a 31.9% 8.2% -49.5% -1.2% n/a -23.4% n/a n/a -3.4%

$613 $618 $418 $451 $381 $421 $424 $517 $603 $600 $740 $627 $468


Attorney Comments

By Dave Freeman, Association Counsel

Adverse Possession I recently saw an article on television discussing this action. It is important for you to know of its existence and to warn your clients, who purchase homes, but do not occupy them. Adverse possession is an action, where a party trespasses/ breaks in to a vacant property, occupies same for a period of five years, and pays the property taxes regularly. At the end of the five years, the trespasser can become the owner of the property. Make your clients, who are investing in property, but not planning on occupying it, aware of this possibility. Even if your clients do not plan on leaving the property vacant for five years, a shorter period, during which a trespasser gets in and squats can lead to a very difficult and lengthy legal battle to evict them, followed by expected damage repair.

Disclosure Rules If the Seller or their agent is, or reasonably should be, aware of facts that might affect a Buyer’s decision to buy the property, or the price the Buyer might pay for the property, it must be disclosed. Do it in writing, and get the Buyer’s signature acknowledging the disclosure. Typical facts the Seller may feel will hurt the sale prospects, but should be disclosed include (but are not limited to): neighbor’s noise, dog barking, open nudity visible to the sale property, marijuana cultivation, the property or neighbor is a crime house or CAP property (police designated problem/crime property), or other relevant facts and disturbances the Buyer will be likely to sue over. Fixer-uppers/Flippers must be looked at carefully, and questions asked. Often Sellers of these properties performed some or most of the work themselves and did not get required permits or perform the work legally. For example, electrical work in certain areas requires designated types of wiring and protective enclosures. The Seller should be encouraged to disclose the work done to the prospective Buyers.

Co-Signing Co-signing for another person to purchase a home, car or other large item is fairly common. Having one’s credit destroyed by a person one co-signed for is also common. Many of your sales will require a parent or other person to co-sign to make the deal go through. Often, a young person doesn’t have the necessary credit, and a parent or other relative may be asked to help. Be very careful what you say. Remember, the borrower has not established him/her self as a reliable payer, or they wouldn’t need a co-signer. When the borrower defaults, there aren’t a lot of alternatives for the co-signer. They can pay the loan themselves to save their credit. Unless they are on title, they may not even be able to force a sale (Many escrows remove the co-signer from title shortly after close). Advise the potential co-signer to consult with and rely on the advice of a competent real estate attorney or other trusted adviser. You don’t want the co-signer to blame you and damage your reputation.




A Look at What’s Happening Around the AAR

e oftball Gam S l a u n n A YPN

AAR Members atten

d CAR Legislative D




WHAT IS A HOME EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT? A home equity line of credit is a loan that uses your home as collateral – this type of loan typically results in lower interest rates, since it’s based on the equity of your home.

The AAR Global Real Estate Committee presents:

Practical Feng Shui - Part 2 Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Arcadia Association of REALTORS® 601 South First Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006

Cost: AAR Members: Free*; Non-Members: $20

Food (FREE DIM SUM) & Refreshments will be Served! Join us to Learn:


One of the most common reasons people take out a home equity line of credit is to pay for home improvements.

• How to exercise the Feng Shui theory to help you sell the properties faster and increase wealth • The major concerns of most important three elements of Feng Shui: MAIN DOOR, MASTER BEDROOM & KITCHEN • Practical Zodiac Feng Shui applying to MAIN DOOR, MASTER BEDROOM & KITCHEN • The consequence of imbalance of the five elements • How to determine Water Side & Mountain Side of different buildings • Numerical Feng Shui & Cell Phone Feng Shui

Mixer conducted by Alex Yeung from Good Luck Universe

Event Sponsors: Yunita Wu, Home Warranty of America &


Homeowners can continue to deduct the interest on a home equity loan, line of credit or second mortgage when the proceeds are used to substantially improve their residence.


Local Governmental Relations Committee Presents:

Surrounding Cities Issues Friday, July 20, 2018

11:30am - 1:00pm Santa Anita Golf Course 405 S. Santa Anita, Arcadia, CA 91006 Cost: RCR Members: Free* & $20 for Non-RCR Members

Guest Speakers:


Flexibility in when and how much you can borrow

Could put your home at risk if debt can’t be paid back.

Lower interest rates

Subject to the loan being frozen if the value of your home declines

Tax Deductibility Potential for over spending Sources: -“What you should know about home equity lines of credit.” CFPD -“5 Good Reasones to Tap Your Home Equity.” Nerd Wallet -“Consider a Home Equity line of Credit.” Houselogic ~ 601 S. First Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006 ~ 626-446-2115 ~ Fx. 626-446-4072



Register online at by clicking the event name under “Upcoming Events”


When the amount you owe on your home is less than the value of your home. You can typically borrow up to a certain percentage of the value of your home minus the amount owed.

Lucia Robles, Clear Syncing Interiors & Home Staging

Jason Kruckeberg, Arcadia Asst. City Manager

Darrell George,

Duarte City Manager

Oliver Chi,

Monrovia City Manager

Gabriel Engeland, Sierra Madre City Manager

Register online at by clicking the event name under “Upcoming Events” ~ 601 S. First Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006 ~ 626-446-2115 ~ Fx. 626-446-4072



AFFILIATE Corner “Moving Factors”

By Dan Chapman, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage Almost everyone has to move from time to time. How you get all of your possessions from one place to another depends on 3 main factors: your physical ability, your financial ability and your availability. There are also 5 parts to a move: the packing, loading, transportation, unloading & unpacking. Some folks have the physical ability, and the time to move, but are short on finances. Their move is going to look a bit different than someone who doesn’t have the physical ability, or the time, but has the finances to have someone else take care of it for them. The industry has options for everyone on the moving spectrum. First, there is the Beer & Pizza move. You ask your friends to help you move. You get the food. You get refreshments. You gas up their trucks. You set up the perfect playlist to inspire movement. I suggest video game score music. It is specifically designed to help people focus and stay on task. This is a great option for young folks moving locally. A step above this is all of the above, but renting a truck. When considering renting a truck, be sure to get a reservation for the truck early. This is especially important for a move in the last couple of days of the month. Even if you are a homeowner, when renting a truck, you are in the pool with renters who generally move on the last day of the month. Again, call around for rates, and reserve early. Oh yeah, DON’T FORGET TO FUEL IT UP BEFORE YOU RETURN IT. If they have to fuel it, it costs a lot more. Next step, loading a box and having it delivered. Let’s say you want to handle the packing & labor, but don’t want to deal with the transportation. Companies like PODS and UPack do that. They set a big box in your driveway. You load it up. They take it to your new place. Set it in the driveway and wait for you to unload it before picking it up empty. Make sure you meet your loading & unloading deadlines. A late pickup will cost you more. Next, hiring movers. You’ll pack, but want the rest just done. A good local moving company will come out, load everything 8


up, take it to the new place, and unload it. Most offer packing services for additional costs. If cost is not an issue there is a full packing & unpacking exclusive use of truck, full coverage move. You hardly lift a finger and get your possessions moved directly to your new place. Also known as the Movie Star Move. The moving industry has a certain reputation. There are things you can do to reduce the chances of problems with a moving company. First, if at all possible, don’t move during the summer. The industry is saturated during this time and logistically some try to do too much. Or when a breakdown in the system does occur, there is no room to absorb the issue. If you are moving in the summer, book early. Believe it or not, in the first week of July, you might have a hard time finding a mover that still has availability on the last day of July. Move during the week if you can. Ask LOTS of questions. Ask what potential extra charges there might be. Ask if there is an extra charge for the following: Fuel, Driving time, packing, stairs, elevators… Make sure all of your non-furniture is packed in closed stackable boxes. Make sure larger pictures/art are boxed or at least bubble wrapped for a local move. If a mover shows up and has to do packing, there could be extra charges. Make sure that fragile flat screen TV is in a box too. If you’re the type that kept the original box, you just saved $25 to $35 dollars. Finally, regarding the packing, some folks moving locally will load the TVs, art, fragile stuff in the car and take it themselves. It saves on packing material cost/time and some worry. Most folks move with a level of service somewhere in the middle. Most people do their own packing. Some people rent a truck. Some use a version of PODS. Some hire movers. Whatever you choose, do your homework. Get multiple quotes. Ask lots of questions. Ask what differentiates the people you’re talking to. You’ll get their focus. Whether it’s cost, or service, or speed or something else. I’ll leave you with this hot tip. Start your move early. Start packing early. Book your reservations early. Get ahead of the game. AND if at all possible, move before or after the summer season.

The AAR is celebrating its members even more in 2018! We value and appreciate you and want you to know it!


appreciation DRAWINGS

Monthly Drawing: Gift Cards $50.00 each! - 2 cards per month! (Gift cards: Gas, Office Depot, Food, VISA, Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, “open house kit”; gift cards are subject to change)

Mid-Year Prize: Office Lunch in July (one winner wins lunch for their office, valued at $300!) Celebrations include monthly gift card drawings and random giveaways throughout each month (while supplies last), special bonus drawings every quarter, mid-year office lunch giveaway, and more!


1. Simply drop off your Business Card (required) at the AAR Building 2. Must be an “Active” AAR REALTOR® or Affiliate Member 3. Business Card accepted from the first day of each month to the last Tuesday of each month by 4:00pm (one entry per month) 4. Drawing will take place on the last Wednesday of the month at 2:00pm (winners revealed on Facebook fan page and Instagram)

Mega Giveaway! 9


Your business card will be kept for a second chance to win at our end of year drawing! ~ 601 S. First Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006 ~ 626-446-2115 ~ Fx. 626-446-4072

365 NEW DAYS, 365 NEW OPPORTUNITIES No matter what kind of home loan your clients are in the market for, PrimeLending is your go-to lender. With our wide variety of loan options, we can help your clients with the right mortgage that’s tailored to their needs. We also value our business partners, and that’s why we offer a streamlined home loan process, joint marketing support, a mobile app that provides you with real-time loan status updates, and more.

MAKE 2018 YOUR YEAR. Call us on how we can help you close more sales. Diane Balsamo Gonzales Sr. Loan Officer NMLS: 482962


Nikki Felix Sr. Loan Officer NMLS: 482963


420 S. Myrtle Avenue, Suite B Monrovia, CA 91016

Not intended for consumer distribution. All loans subject to credit approval. Rates and fees subject to change. Mortgage financing provided by PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company. Equal Housing Lender. © 2018 PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company. PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company (NMLS: 13649) is a wholly owned subsidiary of a state-chartered bank and is licensed by: Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act- lender lic no. 4130996.

LO_4421_Balsamo_AARMagazineAd.indd 1

12/12/17 8:32 PM


Lockbox Lease Program! AAR REALTORS® are now able to lease a Lockbox for only $9.95(plus tax) a month! CALL AAR FOR DETAILS! 626.446.2115 10


MARK WU 626-281-6854 CA Insurance Agent #: 0720074


RELAYFORLIFE J U N E 9 - 1 0 , 2 0 1 8 | S A N TA A N I TA PA R K | A R C A D I A , C A

At Relay For Life events, communities across the globe come together to honor cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that has already taken too much. The funds raised make a difference in the fight against cancer on a daily basis. Relay For Life teams camp out overnight and take turns walking or running for 24 hours because cancer never sleeps.



How Older Homes Can Gain an Edge By Graham Wood, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine The 4,200-square-foot lakefront property Mark Parrish listed last August seemed like any home buyer’s dream. Twenty minutes outside of Minneapolis, it was more spacious than most comparable homes in the neighborhood, with four bedrooms and four baths, and had unobstructed water views. Though the basement was unfinished and the kitchen needed some updates— the cherry wood cabinetry and flooring had fallen out of fashion—Parrish felt confident the home’s attributes would overshadow its weaknesses. Still, it took eight months and about 20 showings for his sellers to get their first offer in March—and it was $45,000 below the $629,900 asking price. In a market where homes in good condition generally sell quickly, the sellers, relieved to have found a buyer, accepted the offer. It would be easy to blame a seasonal slowdown in the market for the languishing sale. But Parrish, GRI, a sales associate at Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty in Edina, Minn., says the sale became more challenging because of a development of about 200 newly constructed homes a couple of blocks away. The properties in the brandnew community reflected the latest styles in flooring, lighting, and countertops, among other items. And that made the outdated look of his sellers’ home, built in 2004, even more noticeable to buyers, Parrish says. “People are blinded by the white plank floors, gold light fixtures, and quartz countertops you often see in new construction,” Parrish adds. “If buyers look online at your listing and see dated cherry cabinets and flooring, and they go to the next house and see white marble—if you’re not willing to make that change, it will be reflected in your price.” Though a home’s design and style is not always a makeor-break issue for the sale, most buyers likely will factor 12


it into their purchase decision, especially when choosing between resale and new construction. When you help sellers in areas with alluring, newer units nearby, you’ll be battling a common perception that existing homes aren’t as desirable as new ones—even if your listing is in pristine condition. So it’s wise to help sellers modernize their home’s look to make it more competitive. Small upgrades, such as adding a fresh coat of paint, switching out old kitchen and door hardware, or incorporating aesthetic details specific to your region, can give listings a newer feel, says Josh McNair, broker-owner of Geist Realty in Indianapolis. But big-ticket items, such as energy-efficient appliances, new countertops, and bathroom remodels, may be the most important upgrades sellers can make because most buyers can’t afford them on top of a home purchase, adds Terrylynn Fisher, CRS, GRI, a professional stager and associate broker with Dudum Real Estate Group in Walnut Creek, Calif. Sellers also can add smart-home features that enable owners to control thermostats, lighting, and door locks from their smartphone to draw buyers’ interest, since those amenities are becoming standard in new developments. Not all sellers, though, are willing or able to pay thousands of dollars for improvements. In that case, lowering the list price may be the best way to gain an edge over newer homes. “Everyone knows you pay a premium for new,” says Christine Rae, founder of the Certified Staging Professionals International Business Training Academy. “You pay not just for the property itself but also the developer’s costs and marketing investment. So new generally means more expensive.” And that could be the most important factor in a budget-

conscious buyer’s decision-making process. Still, don’t underestimate the impact aesthetics can have on the value of both resale homes and new construction. Here are some top considerations for marketing older homes in areas where sparkling newcomers are springing up around them. Advantages Investment in curb—and backyard—appeal. Many sellers have added amenities, such as pools, decks, and porches, and worked with professional landscapers, painters, and contractors to make the look of their home more upscale, Fisher says. This means buyers won’t have to spend extra money on these items. Developers of new homes, on the other hand, often make a barebones investment in curb appeal to control costs, she adds. “Buyers sometimes have to landscape the backyard and add window treatments, which can give them sticker shock.” These extra costs may include planting grass or laying sod as well as planting trees and other shrubbery. Better lifestyle options. Many resale homes are closer to schools, shopping, restaurants, and public transportation, which is a big plus, McNair says. “New construction usually takes place on the outskirts of town, where agricultural land is being developed into housing subdivisions,” he adds. Clients who strive to live in a neighborhood with a certain feel may find more options in existing communities with a developed sense of community. Individual charm. “Older properties usually have character that is lacking in new builds,” Rae says. Many resale homes have historical features and flourishes that add extra appeal, as well as more mature trees and larger lots that offer more privacy. New homes tend to be built closer together on smaller lots, where “your neighbors are

looking into your yard,” Rae adds. Construction shortcuts sometimes result in flaws that come to light after the owner moves in. Much of the time, adds Fisher, “You’re going to have a more substantial house in an older home because it’s had owners that have cared for it. Disadvantages No customization options. Buyers may have to compromise more on a resale home, McNair says, because major details such as floor plan, lot size, and interior finishes often can’t be changed. And if they can, it will require a sizable investment. With new homes, however, buyers can work with the builder to customize these options before and during construction. Customization may come with added costs, McNair points out, but it likely won’t be as expensive as doing a major remodel on an existing property. Difficulty retrofitting green features. Demand for ecofriendly homes is growing quickly, and features such as energy-efficient appliances, HVAC and electrical systems, and windows are becoming standard buyer expectations. While more developers are including these items in their builds, many resale homes may not be able to be outfitted with entirely new systems, Rae says. So buyers who are looking for ways to lower their utility bills may find better options in newer communities. Another benefit: New-home buyers won’t have to worry about wiping a previous owner’s data from a smart product. Stale design. Some sellers won’t keep the style of their home current. Despite the best advice from their real estate professional, these sellers won’t remove dated carpeting or add fresh details such as new ceiling fixtures, kitchen backsplash, countertops, hardware, and bathtub glazing, Rae says. While an incoming buyer can fix these issues, it’s a burden. New homes, by contrast, hew more closely to trends and won’t require cleaning up a previous owner’s design disaster, Rae adds. MAY/JUNE 2018 · ARCADIA REALTOR®


6 Tips for Keeping Your Marketing Legal By Erica Christoffer, Multimedia Journalist & Contributing Writer & Editor for REALTOR® Magazine

In light of allegations that Facebook enables housing discrimination by allowing real estate advertisers to exclude audiences protected under the Fair Housing Act, here are some tips for making sure your marketing on the social platform is legal and ethical.


Never use targeted marketing that excludes a specific protected class on a listing, says NAR’s Deputy General Counsel Lesley Walker. You also can’t depend on Facebook as your only advertising tool because its algorithm does not guarantee that a broad section of the population will see your ad, even if your targeting isn’t exclusive. She says to put your listing in the MLS, on major real estate platforms like®, and even in your local newspaper.


Know your state and local fair housing laws, because they may include more protected classes than the federal Fair Housing Act. Make sure your marketing is in compliance with all of these laws. For advertisers, Facebook has chosen not to protect advertisers from liability, says Rachel Goodman, staff attorney with the ACLU Racial Justice Program. “Although it will differ somewhat depending on facts and context, the general rule is that the user can always be liable and the platform will be liable in some, but not all, circumstances,” she says.


Considering working with a digital marketing firm or hire an individual who can do this exclusively for your company. Digital marketing expert Nathan Dadosky says the advantage is having an expert who’s working in the ad manager to build campaigns daily. Digital marketers are more up-to-date on the changes Facebook 14


makes, which are happening more frequently. It will also save you time. “Everyone has their zone of expertise and knows what they’re good at,” Dadosky says. “Leverage the expertise of someone else and focus on what you’re great at.”


Even if your listing is on the MLS, it might not be visible to a segment of the market. If part of your market isn’t reached by the MLS, use other methods to reach those people, says Fred Underwood, NAR’s director of diversity and community outreach programs. “That’s a really important piece,” he says.


If you see a post that could be a fair housing violation by someone else, don’t engage, comment, like it, or click on it. Get a screenshot and report it to your local association before it’s deleted, says Chicago-based managing broker and trainer Carrie Little.


Brokers must require consistency in how agents market. For example, if one agent requests an “Equal Housing Opportunity” logo on their business card, then everyone in the office should have it, says Helena Grossberg, broker-owner of ALM Realty & Services Inc. in Miami. As a certified real estate instructor and member of Miami REALTORS®’ professional standards and grievance committees, she says this consistency must extend to social media as well. For example, Facebook recently changed the algorithm of its news feed, lessening the organic visibility of business pages. As a result, if agents start posting listings from their personal page on a regular basis, then all the rules of a business page still apply, Grossberg says, and agents should include their brokerage information. “As a broker, I will be watching with greater scrutiny,” she says.


Mid-YEAR Update By Margaret Garemore, AAR 2018 President

Dearest members of the Arcadia Association of REALTORS®, It has been a great honor to serve as your Association President. I am pleased to deliver a promising report on the progress we’ve made in the first half of this year. Together with our inspiring and hard-working CEO, Board of Directors, committees, and staff, we have made great strides toward our 2018 goals and made our Association stronger. At the outset of the year, we set the following goals: Goal 1: Increase our public visibility, with a focus on the value of our Association and the REALTOR® profession as a whole: “know us, trust us and choose a local REALTOR®” Build community-based relationships through public outreach. Results: • Increased free member education and course offerings to allow more opportunity to improve REALTOR® skill-sets. • Held numerous public facing events to increase Association visibility, including participation and sponsorship of holiday and other community events, and held an AAR-hosted Shred event. Goal 2: Encourage a spirit of cooperation and fair play. Results: • Greatly strengthened ties with affiliates, thereby increasing participation and breadth of knowledge in our committees and events. • Encouraged and facilitated members getting to know each other through revamped caravan meetings, improved new member orientations, and numerous engaging events put on by the Young Professionals Network (YPN) and the Events for Charity Committee (E4C). • Built cross-committee collaboration and welcomed several new committee leaders. Goal 3: Build a cohesive and united front in the face of many industry obstacles coming our way. Results: • Created a 2018-2019 action plan to position the AAR to take on emergent challenges to the profession, including steps to leverage the technology boom in real estate while mitigating its risks, better understand and serve changing consumer demographics, and prepare ourselves for ongoing economic shifts. • Built relationships with neighboring associations, maintained an ongoing dialogue about industry challenges, and stood together in heated local city council meetings. • Supported pro-realty candidates for state and local government and prepared for upcoming mid-term elections. • Visited the state government in May to discuss the lack of housing inventory and affordability, and petitioned for state support of housing development and property tax reforms. • Held discussions with local government regarding real estate regulations, including addressing the growing rent control movement and easing unreasonable city occupancy requirements. While I am excited about the progress we’ve made so far this year, there is still more work to be done. For the latter half of this year, your Association leadership plans to: • Continue to fight for homeowner rights, and preserve the REALTOR® profession in the face of industry interrupters, lack of inventory, and a complex and difficult legislative environment. • Maintain and grow our ties with affiliates and neighboring associations. • Participate in more community events, both AAR-hosted and otherwise. • Continue to enrich you, the membership, with improved benefits and new opportunities. I welcome and encourage your thoughts, feedback and suggestions on our progress and upcoming goals. We value your membership, and I look forward to the continued development and growth of our Association in the months to come. All my best, Margaret Garemore, 2018 AAR President



AAR Members Visit the Capital

LEGISLATIVE DAY 2018 SACRAMENTO Each year the AAR sends our CAR Directors to Sacramento for CAR’s Legislative Day to lobby our legislators on behalf of the real estate community. The AAR is delighted to also have some REALTOR® members attend to represent the AAR. Their involvement is funded through a special CAR First Time Attendee Scholarship that the AAR receives each year from CAR. Below, please see the thoughts and comments from some of our first-time attendees who traveled in May. Are you interested in attending next year? Please send an email to AAR CEO, Andrew Cooper: "It was an eye opening experience to meet Assembly Member Ed Chau in person and hear his perspective on the different initiative that we support. I was also able to tour the Senate and House Floors and that was a special treat." Fleming Chu, REALTOR®, Coldwell Banker Dynasty T.C.

"Before I came to Sacramento, C.A.R. was only a name of where part of my REALTOR® dues went to year after year. In my first Leg. Day experience, I was overwhelmed in seeing how many REALTORS® cared, on both levels for Fair Housing for home buyers and a better environment for REALTORS® to practice. I am proud to say that I played a small part of serving this noble cause." Michael Kwok, REALTOR®, Long Dragon Realty Group, Inc.

"Legislative day was a great experience to really understand what we fight for in our industry. As a broker, to be able to discuss and fight for issues dealing with home ownership is very important. To be able to bring what I learned back to my office was very empowering for my team. Great experience and most importantly, good times with my fellow members of the Arcadia Association of REALTORS®." Robby Moon, Broker, Moon Realty

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"This year was my first year participating in Legislative Day in Sacramento. It was a great experience not only that I had the support of everyone in my group, but I witnessed first hand how REALTORS® have a voice to protect our industry and clients. One week later I was invited to a private meeting with Assemblyman Chris Holden, when I introduced myself as a REALTOR®, he started elaborating on how he met with REALTORS® on housing issues in Sacramento and he supports the initiatives that are important to them. i thought it was impressive that he acknowledged the role of the REALTORS® in the community." May Rahmanian, REALTOR®, Art Del Rey Realty, Inc.

"Legislative Day is an outstanding experience for any REALTOR®. Not only did I get to see the important work our associations do on behalf of us and our clients, but I got to spend that time with amazing professionals from our field who care about our industry and the people we serve." Andrew Ammon, REALTOR®, The Prevenio Group

"For the past 2 years the AAR has sent one staff member along with some of our hard-working and dedicated REALTOR® members to represent the Arcadia Association at the annual CAR Legislative Day in Sacramento. This year it was my honor to travel with a set of individuals that not only care about their industry and the regulations that affect it, but also act to protect those rights of REALTOR® members and homeowners. From walking the steps of the capital, to meetings concerning state and national policies, this experience is an eye opener for anyone that wishes to get involved in Local Government Relations. Being the techy individual that I am, I was able to capture hours of video footage of my experience there and will soon share with our members and the world on what we do to advocate leadership in our real estate community."

Michael Beltran, AAR Staff Member


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Arcadia REALTOR Magazine - May/June 2018  

The May/June 2018 publication of the Arcadia REALTOR.

Arcadia REALTOR Magazine - May/June 2018  

The May/June 2018 publication of the Arcadia REALTOR.