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REEMERGENCE The New Team of Al Shaqab and the Return of its Beloved Leader, Sheikh Hamad Words By Jeff Wallace - Photos by G.Grasso, L. Abraham,G. Jacobs, J. Müller, A. Azzali, A. Visel

“We must dare to be great; and we must realize that greatness is the fruit of toil and sacrifice and high courage.” | Teddy Roosevelt Fate has a way of somehow providing the greatest endings to the greatest stories. Yet, perhaps it’s more than that … perhaps it is destiny. Sheikh Hamad would most certainly credit those perfectly fallen pieces in the perfect places to a higher power, because every bone in his body believes that a hunger for the Arabian horse is something he was born with… something so intertwined in his very being from birth that the two are inextricably woven together for life… he and Arabian horses. His story is one for the ages. “My earliest thoughts in life were about horses,” he would tell you. He remembers his first experience riding was “about 7 years old” and it was “Bedouin style” (i.e.

Great win Darine Al Rayyan (Ashhal Al Rayyan X Aisha) bareback). Even as a young person in Doha where he grew up, he was passionately driven for the Arabian horse, demonstrating an uncharacteristic maturity for his age when most are only beginning stages of of their life’s work. But he knew. There was no question. It was with the Arabian horse.

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SHEIK HAMAD and Marwan Al Shaqab

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Like many of us who worked our way up the rank in horses, Sheikh Hamad did his share of hard work in the barn to earn the respect and permission of the stable owners, particularly if he wanted to ride one of the famous horses in the stable. In fact, he was such an astute rider that he says he developed his eye for conformation from the back of a horse… the curvature of the neck, correctness and balance from the movement he felt in his seat. He loved riding so much that he studied at the Federation to be a professional jockey, as was a common thing to do. In his brief time learning English while studying at Cambridge, he also purchased a handful of Arabian racehorses in England. But he quickly found that his choices were more beautiful than they were fast. This was a pivotal moment for the young Sheikh Hamad. He realized his eye was for beauty rather than speed… a functional beauty that could redefine the standards of the Arabian horse.

Sheik Hamad, Sultanat Al Shaqab and Micheal Byatt

Around that time in 1988, HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, was looking to expand his family-owned and operated Al Shaqab Stud into a higher-profile organization. In a profoundly demonstrative action in his own right, he recognized the zest, passion and giftedness of Sheikh Hamad and gave him the opportunity of a lifetime: Manage His Highness’ stud farm. Sheikh Hamad responded to the call. Soon, they were buying horses from Egypt and Europe, and racing them as was the common thing to do. But Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani soon found himself experiencing a similar key moment as his young protégé had… he found himself drawn to Arabian horses bred for beauty and type over speed.

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SHEIK HAMAD and Micheal Byatt in Al Rayyan

Perhaps this common ground was part of their destiny together. It prompted Sheikh Hamad’s first trip to the United States in 1991 at just 27 years old, where he saw the possibilities of his vision for beautiful, functional Arabian horses materialize. Within 10 years of Sheikh Hamad’s leadership aligned with HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani’s vision and support, Al Shaqab bred three world champion stallions– Gazal Al Shaqab, Al Adeed Al Shaqab and Marwan Al Shaqab. These three incomparable Sheik Hamad and Judi Forbis studs have single-handedly changed in Aachen 2016 the face of the modern Arabian horse. It stands as an unparalleled feat. However, all good stories have a villain. And in this story, the villain was Sheikh Hamad’s health. It seemed hardly possible that anything could impede on the resounding success Sheikh Hamad had brought to Al Shaqab… now a household name in the global Arabian horse industry. And yet, serious illness forced him to look death in the face and fight the battle of his life, forcing an absence from his community, his career, and the horses that gave him his daily breath of life. It was a dark chapter, one that no

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one dared whisper how it would end. Sheikh Hamad dug deep with all he had, relying greatly on his faith and unwavering belief that good would come. His infectious passion, optimism, vitality, and faith were put to the test. Many would say it was those character traits that ultimately saved his life. When the announcement was made this past summer that Sheikh Hamad was returning to his post at Al Shaqab while also managing Al Rayyan Stud, metaphorical applause could be felt in ripples around the world, as if cheering for their comrade who was returning to the one position he was designed for. It seems to be a glorious ending to an other-wordly story. And yet, the story is far from finished. He has been hard at work, putting together a legendary team of people to bring Al Shaqab into the limelight of its next glorious chapter.

Sheik Hamad in Milan

Want to know the best part? This story is a complete surprise for Sheikh Hamad. His devoted team is fiercely loyal to their infectious leader, and wanted to publicly articulate their feelings toward him, as well as the Emir Father Sheikh Hamad, and what it’s like to make your life’s work the work of Al Shaqab. Teddy Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States, once said, “We must dare to be great; and we must realize that greatness is the fruit of toil and sacrifice and high courage.” If the level of greatness parallels the amount of toil and sacrifice and courage demonstrated by an individual, this chapter of Al Shaqab under Sheikh Hamad’s leadership may reach heights of greatness we’ve never seen before. Sheikh Hamad, welcome back to your destined role. May the reign of Al Shaqab see its brightest days ahead, where greatness dares to be made.

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MESSAGES TO A LEADER: THE NEW TEAM OF AL SHAQAB LUCA OBERTI Working with Sheikh Hamad means a lot to me ... he is an extraordinary breeder, with a gifted eye for picking the right horses to show. He is building an incredible team of people representing a mix of old and new friends who, I’m certain, will be strong under his leadership! I’m so honored to be part of his return to Al Rayyan and Al Shaqab, and I promised him I would to put all my knowledge into helping him and our team reach new heights. I’m certain I will continue to learn much from him, not just about the Arabian horse, but also as an honest and generous person. PAOLO, SUSY E WOODY Looking back thirty years ago, Al Shaqab was special from the very beginning. Every year it becomes more and more clear how remarkable and far-reaching one single horse (Gazal Al Shaqab) and his potential genetic power, could be. I don’t’ know if it was just luck, or a gift from God, or the capacity of what one human being can do, but something did happen there to create something so strong that it will be deeply embedded in the history of the Arabian horse. Gazal and Marwan have become an incomparable line today that everyone would like to have in their breeding programs. With just one line, its potency has been able to improve the type and balance of Arabian horses today. And that has been hugely helpful in the world market. Susy, Paolo and I are excited to welcome Al Shaqab horses at our training center. Working together with Sheikh Hamad and the rest of the team will be a new and beautiful adventure. From the very first meeting, we felt like we were with old friends working toward the same objectives. Sheikh Hamad is a great man and a knowledgeable horseman who knows how they should be bred and managed. As a person, he has many qualities, but his unique ability to relate to people in a warm manner is one of his best attributes. It makes him one of us. Viva Sheikh Hamad.

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SANTIAGO FORNIELES As a breeder myself, working with Sheikh Hamad is like getting a PhD in breeding… and getting paid for it! It is a privilege. He has a different view in breeding than anyone elsle I know. He is bold, takes risks, and is not afraid to try new things. To me, that is a great quality, because our industry standard is one that follows trends. Sheikh Hamad is not afraid to use stallions that are not in the headlines, as he continuously thinks forward two generations, not just one. He looks at future foals, and is already planning who he is going to breed them to. This is what makes him a master at what he does, and it is something we all can learn from! There is also another side of Sheikh Hamad that not many people know about. He is a very religious man who truly believes that horses are a gift from God. He believes that if you are good to horses, they will give back to you, in the same way that if you treat people well, God gives back to you. And that’s why he is such a kind, respectful person to everyone… whether it is the cleaning guy or the manager. The vision of HH The Emir Father was to have the best Arabian horses in the world. The summary of this vision will be seen during the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Al Shaqab in February 2017. Imagine the parade of stallions: Al Adeed Al Shaqab, Gazal Al Shaqab, Marwan Al Shaqab, Kahil Al Shaqb, Hariry Al Shaqab, Fadi Al Shaqab, and Wadee Al Shaqab, plus the leased stallions WH Justice and SMA Magic One. If that is not the vision of perfection realized, I don’t know what is. It will be pricelss, the summing up of 30 years of global breeding in one arena. Being on the Al Shaqab team is a dream come true. I don’t mean that in a shallow, cliché way. It really is. I have the privilege of working with world-famous horses. It’s amazing. But I’m also excited about the new team being made. Al Rayyan and Al Shaqab are now a super power under the direction of Sheikh Hamad, so just being part of this mega team is amazing. Working with Rinaldo, Mitch, Alessio, Ziggy, Herón, Abdoulwoahed, Khaled, Matias and my wife Milagros on a daily basis is wonderful. We have a huge task and a big responsibility, but our team is ultra-talented and I believe we will breed many more champions. DR MILAGROS BADARACO In March of 2015, I arrived at Al Rayyan (along with my now husband Santiago Fornieles) from Argentina to fulfill the position of assistant vet for the farm. I came from Argentina with the position of assistant vet. One month later, the senior vet at Al Rayyan had to go back to his country. So that day, Sheikh Hamad called me to his office and said to me: I didn’t bring you here to put the entire farm on your shoulders. I don’t expect you to make miracles. I just want you do your best, and that will be fine with me. So until Dr. Matias Freije arrived to Al Rayyan, I was left with the responsibility of heading one of the most important, historical farms in the world. In just one month, fourteen mares became pregnant, and today – just 1 ½ years later – I am once again heading Al Rayyan because Dr. Matias will now work with Sheikh Hamad in Al Shaqab. Why do I tell this story? Because I feel my personal growth during this almost two years is a direct reflection of Sheikh Hamad’s generosity and trust in his team members. He gave me the opportunity to grow like nowhere else, and for that I will be eternally and sincerely grateful.

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ALESSIO SCARAMELLA Working for this KING of a person is really something that everyone dreams of during his lifetime. It is an honor to support a leader who knows so much in our breeding and showing world. He is honest and generous man who, at the same time, is always available when his team members need anything. I’ve worked for Al Rayyan as trainer for one year now, and I am so excited to assist him in his Al Shaqab adventure as well. We are building a new family, and I am dedicated to giving our leader all the support he needs. Thank you, Sheikh Hamad, for this great opportunity! MITCHELL TAFF Working with Sheikh Hamad is truly an honor. To work with someone with so much knowledge and respect in the Arabian Industry – not just in Middle East but all around the world – is an experience of a lifetime. I can honestly say that Sheikh Hamad has a special touch, a special connection with horses, from foals to senior horses. He gives every horse an opportunity to thrive in their own areas of ability. I’m grateful he has allowed me to continue training horses in Doha. Most afternoons, Sheikh Hamad comes to watch me school horses. It is always enjoyable to have him there watching, asking questions, or just talking about horses. There is one great story that I always enjoy telling. We were presenting some young horses to Sheikh Hamad one afternoon. We had one young filly that just came from the paddock to start training and conditioning, as we believed she had tremendous potential. We walked her outside to show Sheikh Hamad. She was a bit hot and fresh. Sheikh Hamad took the lead and instantly the filly relaxed, walking calmly. I was shocked at how instantly he connected with her… and with all horses. This is not an unusual occurrence. He has a special connection with Al Adeed. He can just speak with him like a horse whisperer, and his body language is incredible. Being the head trainer of Al Shaqab in Doha is a tremendous privilege. It’s an honor to be able to train all the horses for the shows, and then watch them successfully compete in Europe or America. For a long time, it was a goal of mine to train for Al Shaqab. Now that has happened, and being able to train some of the best horses in the world is a privilege. However, we continue to reach higher in our goals, and I think it is possible with Sheikh Hamad’s leadership. The vision of Al Shaqab by the Emir Father was to continue breeding the Arabians in Doha, as well as to breed the best Arabians in the world, which I think has been achieved. And with Sheikh Hamad back, I can see this vision becoming even stronger.

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JEFF WALLACE For me, Sheikh Hamad has always been the pinnacle of passion. The way he wears his passion and glides through the world of Arabian horses; the way he touches people; the way he creates from the ground up is just amazing. He is someone who is totally one with the horse. Sheikh Hamad motivates me, and is an inspiration to me. He is a mentor and a friend… and I consider him my friend for life.

GIACOMO CAPACCI I was very fortunate to meet Sheikh Hamad bin Ali Al Thani at a young age. He made me a part of his team more than fifteen years ago. Since then we have shared many emotional moments, difficult challenges, amazing victories and countless laughs. The world of Arabian horses is not just a lifestyle, but also, a way of life—in this life it has been a great honor to have the privilege to keep some of the breeds most precious Al Shaqab horses at Giacomo Capacci Arabians for more than 10 years. Sheikh Hamad has given me an opportunity that I will always cherish. I am so thankful that together with Al Shaqab we achieved such a number of great results that a trainer could wish for. Watching how the Emir Father HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has been creating and developing his country, I am now certain he had a similar vision for creating Al Shaqab. I truly believe that the results are beyond expectation, when considering the massive impact Al Shaqab has had – and continues to have – on the Arabian horse breed.

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RINALDO LONGUINI AL SHAQAB SENIOR TRAINER Sheikh Hamad is the kind of person that will always fight for you, be there by your side when you need him. I can say this out of personal experience. He stood right by me when I needed it, and he showed me the class act he is as a person and a human being. I am happy to work for people with his values.

ZIGGY WELLENS It is always truly enlightening to work with people in the Arabian horse world who have knowledge and experience from the past. Now I have the chance to work closely with Sheikh, the breeder of the legacy sires Gazal Al Shaqab, Marwan Al Shaqab and Al Adeed Al Shaqab during the foundation years of Al Shaqab here in Qatar. A globally recognized equine venue that was founded in 1992 by the Emir His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, it is a program dedicated to the preservation, promotion and perpetuation of the Arabian horse and its heritage. It truly is an honor to be a part of this journey under the new guidance of Sheikh Hamad, a gentle and knowledgeable horse person who has recently re-joined the helm of Al Shaqab. I look forward to working with him to execute his vision for the Al Shaqab stable and continue its and legacy on a global scale. MICHAEL BYATT Sheikh Hamad first and foremost is a man with enormous humility. And secondly, he is a man with integrity; he is who he is, flaws and all. The combination of humility and integrity make Sheikh Hamad bin Ali Al Thani a potent force. He is humble enough to seek answers and vision, and when he finds them, he is not one to take all the credit. He shares the gifts that are bestowed upon him. And in doing so, in being a selfless man, he gains so much more. And as we have all seen, we all gain so much more. I think the entire Al Thani family, all the brothers, cousins, all of them, have been a privilege to know and to be a part of. The Arabian horse world would not be the same beautiful place without each of them.

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DEAR LOVERS OF THE ARABIAN HORSE, As we approach the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, so it also comes the time to take stock of the whole situation, a time in which each of us will look back and think about what it has been done (or not). Three hundred and sixty days over which many events have taken place in that portion of our lives devoted to the Arabian Horse. To describe them is not an easy task, especially for ‘fear’ of forgetting this event or that equestrian manifestation that marked the three hundred and sixty days of those who love and work in the breeding industry. Moreover, a lot of things can happen in twelve months that not even a big book would be able to contain in such detail to make it ‘good news’. In any case, this time has come as a watershed for our magazine. This editorial is the final outcome of what the Arabian Horse has meant and continues to mean to all of us. It was born from an affirmation of absolute sharing mood that only the Arabian horse is able to create among people. As you all know, Arabian Horse Magazine has experienced a remarkable evolution in the past few years. It has celebrated the achievement of many goals and that is part of a process that we would like to bring forward, together with you, for many years to come. Advancing along our path has meant we had to test ourselves on a daily basis, overcoming our weaknesses and limits, as well as discovering new ones and learn both from victories and mistakes. We are sure we have treasured every compliment but also, and above all, every criticism as it made real and sincere the responsibility placed in us. Luckily, our greatest force is to be part of a team like no other in that passion it nourishes for such a spectacular creature; for that spirit of selfsacrifice, perseverance, preparation, and that sense of cooperation and friendship it puts in each project. We want to remind our readers that Arabian Horse Magazine was founded in 2009 by Gianluca Martino. After its first editions entirely published in Italian,

it has grown to the point that it has become one of the leading publications in the world industry of the Arabian horse, necessarily making use of the English language. Our Magazine is always full of captivating stories, journalistic essays and articles on the Arabian world community and it is addressed to everyone, breeders or simply enthusiasts. The magazine has four issues and a special edition dedicated to the Middle East and the United States of America because it intends to concentrate news in few press releases but proceeding with a widespread distribution throughout the globe. Innovative and elegant, our magazine offers a wide range of advertising opportunities to all, ensuring quality print and graphic work of the highest level. The energy of Gianluca Martino, Noemie Zeller and all the members of the team is based on the love for the Arabian Horse; a love that we hope will lead to a new era in the international industrial history of the Arabian horse. Therefore, a special thank you goes to our sponsors and to our clients - those of the past and those who are eager to support us in the future, making it possible to inform you about what’s happening in the dynamic breeding community; but, most of all, we want to thank every single reader. Thanks to those who read about us every day on their tablets. To those who follow us on the web and via social networks. To those who are proud of ‘caring’ for the Arabian horse. Of this pride Arabian Horse Magazine has made its own symbol and motto because wherever there is someone who expresses himself through the love for these magnificent and noble specimens, well, that little piece of world is definitely a good place to live in. Finally, and according to tradition, we extend our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all our readers (and you are so many!). We do thank you for your assiduous attention and constant participation. You have now a bumper issue that will certainly keep you company through the forthcoming Christmas season…

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Giacomo Capacci Arabians

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4 July 2017 th

Come to discover some of the most precious Gems hand picked from all over the world for your consideration...

25 lots available horse list and information to be revealed 5th of May

For info contact GIACOMO CAPACCI ARABIANS N° 4 - 2016 | 26

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Bred by: Marlene and George Rieder US / Owner: Dubai Arabian Horse Stud FA El World Champion 2014 and proud father of stunning offspring including D SERAJ who will be shown in Paris this November 2016 – stay tuned for future information by Capecci Arabian Training Center Italy Rasheem’s exotic beauty is jaw dropping to the novice eye, and equally so when weighed by experts against the perfect standard for the Arabian breed. The dished face, refined body and spirited movement conjure up visions of the Arabian sands. FA El Rasheem is not only a beautiful horse; he is an important one too. FA El Rasheem will leave his most indelible mark as a breeding stallion. His genetic line is extraordinary. Sired by FA El Shawan and out of the Versace daughter, Virtuosa MLR, he will be bred to select mares of only the highest caliber. After all, when an animal of this quality comes along, it is the breeder’s mandate to pass these extraordinary traits to the generations of horses to come, setting the course for the future of the breed. Show results: - Gold Champion Junior Colt, Int. B Citta Di Castello, Italy 2013 - Silver Champion Junior Colt, All Nations Cup, Aachen 2013 - Gold Champion Junior Colt, Abu Dhabi Int. Arabian Horse Show 2014 - Gold Champion Junior Colt, Dubai Int. Arabian Horse Show 2014 - Gold Champion Junior Colt, Int. A Show Menton, France 2014 - Silver Champion Junior Colt, World Championship, Paris 2014

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n the shadow of Montone, a beautiful Italian village in the Northern part of UMBRIA, a region referred to as “The Green Heart of Italy’’, we find the home given to a large number of Arabian horses from all around the globe. A Home, where relationships are founded on trust and professionalism A Home, where the Arabian horses get the love and care they deserve A Home, where memories are created A Home, we named Capecci Arabian training center .


ll’ombra di Montone, un bellissimo villaggio italiano nella parte settentrionale dell’Umbria, una regione denominata ‘Il Cuore Verde d’Italia’, troviamo la ‘casa’ data a un gran numero di cavalli arabi provenienti da tutto il mondo. Una casa, dove i rapporti sono fondati sulla fiducia e sulla professionalità. Una casa, dove i cavalli arabi ricevono l’amore e la cura che meritano. Una casa, dove si creano ricordi. Una casa che abbiamo chiamato Capecci Arabian Training Center.

D SERAJ - Fa El Rasheem x Ladi Veronika Gold Champion Yearling Colt All Nations Cup - 2016 Gold Champion Yearling Colt Menton Int. - 2016 Gold Champion Yearling Colt Dubai Int. - 2016 Gold Champion Yearling Colt UAE National - 2016 Winner Sheikh Zayed Award and highest score of the show Gold Champion Yearling Colt Ajman - 2016

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Royal Colours TRUE COLOURS X XTREME WONDER Bred by: Arabian of Distinction USA / Owned: Dubai Arabian Horse Stud A stallion that has made history throughout his competitive life; twice World Champion and going for Platinum in Paris 2016, Royal Colours also has an impressive portfolio of offspring. Royal Colours landed a short time ago once more in Europe and has returned to Capecci Arabian Training Center in Italy where his career once began. Do not miss what could be one of the last opportunities to breed one of the most outstanding straight Egyptian Stallions in the world. Royal Colours has a wonderful straight Egyptian pedigree, starting with his well-known father True Colours. A stallion that won all around the world even at a young age and with the great influence of Thee Desperado. His mother Xtreme Wonder by The Elixir is a very feminine dame with a great reputation. Royal Colours was, even at a young age, a modern Arabian Horse and he still is, with his extremely dished head, small ears and his masculine expression, not to forget his presence and attitude with a high set tail and moving always for 20. Twice World Champion in Paris and now owned by the well-known Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, he has bred some of the world’s most beautiful mares and given the same aesthetics to all of his prodigies. Show results: - All Nations Cup, Aachen 2006 – Reserve Champion Colt - World Championship, Paris 2006 – World Champion Colt - Dubai International Championship, 2009- Senior Gold Champion - World Championship, Paris 2009 - World Champion Stallion N° 4 - 2016 | 44

Capecci Arabian Training Center has grown with great success within the world of Arabian horses internationally. No surprise with one of the most respected, favorite couples leading the center. Susi & Paolo Capecci have followed their dreams standing side by side through all the moments and

Il Capecci Arabian Training Center si è sviluppato con notevole successo nell’ambito della comunità internazionale del cavallo arabo. Ciò non sorprende per nulla poiché il centro è diretto dalle una delle coppie più rispettate e amate, quella costituita da Susi & Paolo Capecci i quali, hanno inseguito i loro sogni fianco


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stages of their journey. Some of the world’s most memorable Arabians have competed and been presented by Paolo Capecci, a true horseman who has captured several titles over the years. Susi Gurschler Capecci has been around Arabian horses practically all her life. Walking in her father’s footsteps, she has been gifted with a special ‘ Eye’ for a horse. Her knowledge of and experience

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a fianco, affrontando insieme tutti i momenti e le fasi del loro ‘viaggio’. Alcuni dei cavalli arabi più importanti al mondo hanno gareggiato e sono stati presentati da Paolo Capecci, un vero cavaliere che si è aggiudicato tanti titoli nel corso degli anni. Susi Gurschler Capecci si occupa di cavalli arabi in pratica da una vita. Seguendo le orme del padre, Susy ha sviluppato un ‘occhio’ speciale per i cavalli.

Es Harir

AJ DINAR X TF MAGNUMS MAGIC Bred by: Sheikh Abdulla Bin Majid Al Qassemi U A E / Owner: Al Saqran Stud KUWAIT Show

The offspring of this supreme stallion will arrive in 2017 and we are excited to see if they will follow in their father’s winning footsteps. Show results: - 2015 World Bronze Champion Stallion - 2015 All Nations Cup Champion Stallion - 2015 World Cup Chantilly Champion Stallion - 2015 Strohen Champion Stallion - 2015 Menton Bronze Champion Stallion - 2014 Us National Res Champion Colt - 2014 Us National Champion 2 Year Old Colt - 2016 King Abdulaziz Show Bronze Champion Stallion N° 4 - 2016 | 47

Mountassar al Zobair KHIDAR X FALHA AL SHAQAB BY GAZAL AL SHAQAB Bred by: Al Zobair Stud / Owned: AL Naseem Stud, Khalil Ebrahim Ali Muktar Mountassar did not shine in the past but 2015 was his year – to see him in the show ring is very impressive. Tall with a perfect top-line, an arched long neck with big black eyes, combined with a great balanced movement. All of these qualities are combined with a gentle character, so much so that this elegant stallion impresses everyone who sees him. His father is the World champion Khidar who comes from the legendary Ansata Sinan and Elizja. His mother is bred by the Al Shaqab Foundation and owned by Al Zobair Stud. Her name is Falha Al Shaqab by Gazal Al Shaqab and PR Padrons Jewel by Padron. An excellent pedigree that is attractive to many who know this rare gene pool. He is staying at Capecci Arabian Training Center and we are waiting for his first offspring. This is a stallion which has it all! Show results: - 2nd in the class, All Nations Cup Aachen, Germany 2014 - Bronze Champion Stallion, AHO World Cup Chantilly, France 2015 - Unanimous Gold Champion Stallion, Int. B Citta di Castello, Italy 2015 - 1st in the class, All Nations Cup Aachen, Germany 2015 - 1st in the class, World Championship Paris, France 2015

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with the Arabian horse make her the right person for a professional environment such as Capecci Training Center. Giampaolo Gubbiotti, better known as Woody, was greatly involved in the growth of the Training Center. No less than any other does he share the love for these beautiful creatures. Over

La sua conoscenza ed esperienza di cavalli arabi fanno di lei la persona giusta per un ambiente professionale come il Capecci Training Center. Giampaolo Gubbiotti, meglio conosciuto come Woody, è stato da sempre molto coinvolto nello sviluppo del Training Center. Come gli altri, nutre un amore profondo per queste splendide creature. Negli ultimi anni Woody si è

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these last years Woody has focused on promotional activities and public relations. The management and team have turned effective cooperation and creative thinking. The organizational structure of Capecci facilities makes it possible to offer the

N° 4 - 2016 | 50

concentrato su attivitĂ promozionali e di pubbliche relazioni. La dirigenza e il team hanno ingenerato insieme una cooperazione efficace e pensiero creativo. La struttura organizzativa del Capecci Training Center permette di offrire i migliori programmi di formazione e anche servizi di prima qualitĂ  quando si tratta di

Falah Al Shaqab FADI AL SHAQAB X JOSEPH JUST EMOTION bred and owned by Al Shaqab Stud Another extraordinary dream horse from Al Shaqab Stud, Falah Al Shaqab is from the WH Justice’s daughter Joseph Just Emotion and out of Fadi Al Shaqab, one the most influential breeding stallions of recent history. Falah is chestnut and clearly exhibits the most desirable characteristics of his highly accomplished pedigree. When we look at Falah we see the best of Fadi, Marwan and Magnum Psyche! He is a stunning combination of these magnificent stallions and, just like his illustrious ancestors, Falah has already captured some of the world’s most significant show titles and he will certainly prove to be an important breeding stallion. He is now standing at the Capecci Arabian Training Center and is available for the 2017 breeding season! SHOW RESULTS: - 2016 Arabian World Breeders Cup GOLD Champion Junior Stallion - 2016 Region 1 UNANIMOUS Champion Stallion - 2016 Scottsdale UNANIMOUS Champion Three Year Old Stallion - 2015 Region 3 Unanimous Champion Two Year Old Colt - 2015 Scottsdale Reserve Grand Champion Junior Colt2015 Scottsdale Champion 2 Year Old Colt

N° 4 - 2016 | 51

Wadee Al Shaqab MARWAN AL SHAQAB X OFW MISHAAHL bred and owned by Al Shaqab Stud For 6 years by now, the array of stunning Stallions bred by Al Shaqab includes another extraordinary subject: the 2012 Gold Junior World Champion bay colt Wadee Al Shaqab. Born in 2010, this vibrant stallion is a son of Marwan Al Shaqab and out of the wonderful mare OFW Mishaal. Wadee Al Shaqab is an exceptionally accomplished stallion and boasts an unparalleled show records as he was: 2010 Qatar National Champion Junior Male; 2011 Qatar National Champion Gold Junior Colt; 2012 Al Khalediah International Arabian Horse Championship Gold Champion colt; 2012 Menton - Champion Junior Male, Highest scoring Male and best in Show male and, of course, 2012 Paris- World Champion Junior Male. Today, ‘King’ Wadee is standing in central Italy at ‘Capecci Arabian Training Center’ where Paolo, Susy and Woody and the entire staff of the breeding station are painstakingly looking after him given that the stallion will mostly operate at their Center as Breeding stallion for next year 2017.

N° 4 - 2016 | 52

best training programs and also the highest quality services when it comes to Arabian breeding due to their highly experienced staff. They say ‘Never change a winning team’ and so they stick together. When there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.

allevamento arabo, grazie ad un personale di grande esperienza. Come si suol dire ‘Mai cambiare una squadra vincente’ e, infatti, tutti rimangono uniti. Quando c’è lavoro di squadra e collaborazione possono essere raggiunte cose meravigliose! Il training center è una struttura capace di soddisfare tutte le esigenze equestri. Qui vengono creati programmi personalizzati di rilievo per ogni cavallo. Con un istinto e una

N° 4 - 2016 | 53

Sg Labib

WH JUSTICE X DF HALIFA Bred by: HE. Mr. Mohammad Al Gergawi / Owned: Mr. Abdelaziz Al Marzooqi Since the old history many books have been written about the most important breeding stallions and for sure, in the near future, there will be even more books talking about the Champion maker WH Justice, as a producer of breeding progenies and successful show horses. H.E. Mr. Mohammad AL Gergawi Minister of Cabinet Affairs of the Federal Government of the UAE is the illustrious owner of a wonderful mare DF Halifa. She has a very feminine type, very solid and strong conformation and big black eyes. Her father is the World Champion Al Lahab and from the mother side she is out of Messoud which is by Madkour and out of the wonderful and influence mare Maymoonah – she is Egyptian related because she has a tiny influence from the well known Marbach lines. Out of this cross between modern and old bloodlines came out the very elegant SG Labib, a stallion who is impressing through his great progenies which made his name so popular and common amongst the Arabian Horse breeders. He is owned by Mr. Abdelaziz Al Marzooqi, one of the manager of Dubai Stud. SG Labib is available for frozen semen and he will have his fist progenies in Europe in 2016! PROGENY: D Danat (* Angeliccah by Marwan Al Shaqab) - Bronze Champion Yearling Filly, Int. Show Sharjah, UAE 2014 - Bronze Champion Yearling Filly, Int. A Show Menton, France 2014 - Unanimous Gold Champion Filly, Int. C Show Bergamo, Italy 2014 D Heba (* D Hudha) - Silver Champion Yearling Filly, Int. B Show Wels, Austria 2015 - Unanimous Gold Champion Yearling Filly, Int. C Show Bergamo, Italy 2015 N° 4 - 2016 | 54

The Training Center is a facility completing all Equestrian needs. The training center creates personalized, relevant programs for each horse. With an instinct and sensitivity for Arabian horses and more than 20 years experience in breeding, Capecci Arabian Training Center is about to take the breeding station beyond expectations. With an additional complex still under

sensibilità unica per i cavalli arabi e, con più di venti anni di esperienza alle spalle nel settore dell’allevamento, il Capecci Arabian Training Center ha ora in programma di portare la stazione di allevamento oltre le aspettative previste. Con un complesso aggiuntivo ancora in costruzione, il centro di addestramento sarà in grado di offrire un totale di sessantacinque stalle destinate all’allevamento. La struttura fornisce


N° 4 - 2016 | 55

construction, the training center will be able to offer a total of 65 stables for breeding. The facility provides the broodmares with 18 hectares of pasture. The breeding facility is separate from the training facility to ensure the broodmares, stallions and young stock have a peaceful surrounding away from the daily training activities.

N° 4 - 2016 | 56

alle fattrici diciotto ettari di pascolo. L’impianto di allevamento è separato dalla struttura preposta alle attività di training al fine di garantire a fattrici, stalloni e puledri, un’area tranquilla lontano dalle attività di training quotidiane. I servizi di riproduzione offerti, in collaborazione, e, con profonda gratitudine nei riguardi di un veterinario di notevole esperienza come il Dr. Andrea Del Sero, sono i seguenti:

Bihnas Ezzain YASSOOB EZZAIN X NAYYERAH EZZAIN Bred by: EZZAIN ARABIANS – KUWAIT / Owner: AL KAZEMI ARABIAN - KUWAIT Bihnas [09-04-2012] is a son of Yaasoob out of Nayyerah, so he is closely related to the mares, Mnaar and Naqam, as Yaasoob is a Qaswarah son out of NK Nada. From his sire, Bihnas has been impacted with extra length in all of his lines. He is a delightfully stretchy colt. Bihnas has inherited much of the classic look that is characteristic of the Dahman strain. His dam has produced a colt with beautiful eyes, fully black with a wonderful shape, finely shaped nostrils and exquisite ears, small and tipped. He is an exciting colt to watch and will have a great impact on your future breeding program. Bihnas is now in Italy at Capecci Arabian Training Center for the 2016 Breeding season. SHOW RESULTS: 2016 Kuwait All Nation Cup Egyptian Event 3 Pls Stallions Kuwait Egyptian Event, Hec – Cat. S Show 2 Pls Stallions 4-6 Yrs Old

N° 4 - 2016 | 57

ZT Marwteyn MARWAN AL SHAQAB X ZT LUDJTEYNA bred by Michael Byatt owned by Marwteyn Partnership ZT Marwteyn is recognized worldwide as being one of the most leading sons of World and National Champion Marwan Al Shaqab. In addition, ZT Marwteyn has one of the most distinguished dam lines in the breed, combining the exotic beauty of the Ali Jamaal line with the show horse charisma of the Bey Shah lines. A quick look at the dam side of his pedigree and on can note his grand-dam, the immortal 1987 US National Champion Mare, Shahteyna certainly one of the breeds most electrifying show mares. In 2014 ZT Marwteyn was the leading sire of Sweepstakes winners in the United States. In 2015 the ZT Marwteyn’s daughter Del Adora was named Canadian National Champion Yearling filly. In Europe several of his progeny were winning top honors as well. ZT Marwteyn is now standing at Capecci Arabian Training Center and is available for the 2017 breeding season!

N° 4 - 2016 | 58

The breeding services offered in collaboration and with great gratitude to their highly experienced veterinarian Dr. Andrea Del Sero contain: artificial insemination, embryo-transfer, infertility investigation, detecting and managing equine infertility problems and, last but not least, to give an appropriate program for pregnant mares and foaling. Dedication and hard work has resulted into a high success rate in mare pregnancy. During the foaling period, mares are stabled in

inseminazione artificiale, trasferimento di embrioni, indagine di infertilità, rilevamento e gestione di problemi di infertilità equina e, infine, ma non meno importante, programmi adeguati per le cavalle gravide e per il parto. Dedizione e duro lavoro hanno consentito di raggiungere un alto livello di successo per ciò che concerne la gravidanza delle fattrici. Durante il periodo della gravidanza, le cavalle vengono convogliate in box muniti di telecamere di osservazione e ‘sistemi di allarme puledrini’ per tutte le cavalle vicino alla data del parto. In questo


N° 4 - 2016 | 59

boxes containing observation cameras and foal alert systems for all mares close to their foaling date. This way the staff are able to closely observe the mares and provide help when it is needed. The Training Center can simplify breeding for you with assistance from some of the best fertility experts in Italy. Stallions are provided with the best care, keeping them in top shape to make sure the quality of semen is at its highest. Capecci Arabian Training Center offers

N° 4 - 2016 | 60

modo il personale è in grado di osservare da vicino le fattrici e fornire aiuto quando è necessario. Il Training Center è in grado di rendere l’allevamento di cavalli arabi più semplice a tutti, fornendo l’assistenza di alcuni tra i migliori esperti di fertilità in Italia. Gli stalloni vengono trattati con la massima cura e mantenuti in perfetta forma in modo da garantire che la qualità del seme sia al massimo. Il Capecci Arabian Training Center offre diversi servizi di riproduzione per gli stalloni: gestione dello stallone, promozione, esame di potenziale



Bred by: Knock Arabians Mr & Mrs Paul and Ria Ghysens / Owned: Tehran Stud There are horses that can really leave behind themselves a lot of things to talk and to write about: we did not believe that such a young horse could have so much potential in breeding and shows - so young and already so famous. We here refer to Espressivo K.A. by QR Marc and Emocja bred by Knock Arabians Mr & Mrs. Paul and Ria Ghysens from Belgium. For sure he will be able to bring this genetic potential everywhere like his father, the famous QR Marc (Marwan Al Shaqab * Swete Dreams) and his wonderful mother Emocja (Monogramm * Emigracja). Tehran Stud now proudly owns him, a new and dynamic farm that was born short time ago in Iran. Espressvio K.A. is now living by Capecci Arabian Training Center., Italy, and available for the breeding season 2016. Show results: - Belgium National Championship 2010 - Gold Champion Colt - European Championships 2010 – Silver Champion Colt - Int. A Show Menton 2010 – Bronze Champion Colt - Al Khalediah Show 2011 – Bronze Champion Colt - West Coast Cup Int. B Show 2013 – Silver Champion Stallion - Wels Int. B Show 2015 – Gold Champion Stallion N° 4 - 2016 | 61

Qr Marc

MARWAN AL SHAQAB X SWETE DREAMS - 2005 Bred by: Lou & Vickie Doyle of Quail Ridge Arabians, US Owned by: Paul & Ria Gheysens of Knocke Arabians, Belgium Every few years, there is one special colt to be born somewhere around the globe. In 2005 QR Marc was born. At that time, Mr. Paul Greisens was just starting in the Arabian horse world and he was lucky enough to find this young super star at Quail Ridge Arabians USA. Winning many titles over the years and named World Champion Stallion in 2012 with Capecci Arabian Training Center Team in Paris. Today QR Marc is one of the world most influence stallion – he produced several champions all over the world and is still producing – a leaving legend in our days and still available for breeding in 2016 via . Show results: - Unanimous Region 14 Champion Yearling Colt, 2006 - Reserve Champion Yearling Colt, U.S. Nationals 2006 - Gold Champion Colt, Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival 2007 - Gold Champion Colt, Elran Cup, Belgium 2008 - Unanimous Gold Champion Stallion, Abu Dhabi Int. Horse Show, UAE 2012 - Gold Champion Stallion, Dubai Int. Horse Show, UAE 2012 - Unanimous Gold Champion Stallion, All Nations Cup Aachen, 2012 - Unanimous Gold Champion Stallion, World Championship Paris, France 2012

N° 4 - 2016 | 62

several breeding services for stallions: managing the stallion, promotion, breeding potential examination, phantom training, semen collection and evaluation, processing of cooled semen shipment and semen freezing, storage and distribution. The wide range of services offered by the center can meet most demands of Arabian horse owners both for Training & Breeding. On behalf of Capecci Training Center, we are delighted to extend to you a warm welcome!

allevatoriale, phantom training, raccolta e valutazione del seme, elaborazione di piani riguardo alla spedizione di seme congelato e inerenti al congelamento del seme, conservazione e distribuzione. L’ampia gamma di servizi offerti dal centro è in grado di soddisfare la maggior parte delle esigenze dei proprietari di cavalli arabi, sia per quanto riguarda il training sia per tutto ciò che concerne la fase più prettamente allevatoriale. A nome del Capecci Training Center, siamo lieti di estendere a tutti voi un caloroso benvenuto!


N° 4 - 2016 | 63

Gr Marvel MARWAN AL SHAQAB X LC FERRARITY Bred by: GOLDEN RIDGE ARABIANS - Owned by: JOARAH ARABIANS In 2011, Gianfranco Bloisi from Italy purchased a young stallion from the United States. His name is GR Marvel. GR Marvel was bred in 2006 by Golden Ridge farms in the USA. A chestnut colt with a beautiful face and impeccable movements! A result of his phenomenal sire Marwan al Shaqab and his powerhouse dam LC Ferrarity by Padrons Psyche. Marvel arrived in Europe in 2012. Immediately there was a huge interest in him. He was the answer to many. His long legs and perfect body with extra long neck given to him by Marwan al Shaqab. And the beautiful dished face and powerful movement given by his grandfather Padrons Psyche. But above all, Marvel also has a very sweet disposition and with his long mane and tail, he already captured the hearts of many horse lovers. Marvel is that kind of horse that catches the eye immediately and stays in mind forever. It is not only his extreme pretty face which makes him unique or his incredible movement. It is the total package he offers and together with his strong dam-line he makes a very interesting breeding stallion of which we will hear much more about in the nearest future. This awe-inspiring stallion is now stabled at the Capecci Arabian Training Center and is available for the 2017 breeding season! Show results: - 4th at città di castello 2016 - stallions championship (class 20) - 2nd at città di castello 2016 - stallions 10+ years old (class 12) - gold ch. at montefalco 2016 - senior stallion championship (class 25) - 1st at montefalco 2016 - stallions 10+ years old (class 12) - silver ch. at arezzo 2015 - senior stallions championship (class 20) - 1st at arezzo 2015 - stallion 7-9 years old (class 11) - 4th at bruges 2014 international - championship senior stallions (class 125) - 2nd at bruges 2014 international - stallions 7-8-9 years + (class 111) - silver ch. at bruges 2014 national - championship senior stallions (class 23) - 2nd at bruges 2014 national - stallions 7-8-9 years + (class 13) - 4th at tulip cup 2014 - champ: senior stallions (class 27) - 2nd at tulip cup 2014 - stallions 7-9 years (class 13) N° 4 - 2016 | 64

N° 4 - 2016 | 65













N° 4 - 2016 | 66











Paolo Capecci - mobile: +39 3356499739 Gianpaolo Gubbiotti - mobile: +39 3358301574 Susi Gurschler - mobile: +39 3939620285 -

SH. Hamad Bin Ali Al Thani Manager of Breeding & Show Department N° 4 - 2016 | 67

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uigi is fast becoming one of the most popular young colts on the European showing circuit. Owned by HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Thani of Al Shahania Stud, Qatar, Luigi was bred in Belgium by Danielle Saelens. Handler Tom Oben of Obi Training Center spotted the young colt while he was still a foal – and the rest is, already, a wonderful history. From the moment he was born, Luigi – a deep, rich bay – was special, and all around him were aware of his terrific charisma and incredible type. And looking at his pedigree, there is no wonder why. His sire is the multiple champion, Kanz Albidayer, himself no stranger to the winner’s circle. His dam, Lolita, comes from a proven line of champions, and both lines provide impeccable bloodlines. Looking to Luigi’s sire first, Kanz Albidayer, owned and bred by Albidayer Stud in Sharjah, has had an illustrious show career. His many titles include Arabian Futurity Europe Champion; a double Dubai International Arabian Horse Championships Gold Champion, as well as Silver; Abu Dhabi International and Sharjah International Gold Champion Colt; and Silver Champion Colt in Menton. Kanz Albidayer is becoming well-recognised as a sire, putting beautiful heads on to correct bodies, and Luigi is a classic example of this. Kanz Albidayer’s sire is the exotic Ajman Moniscione (ex Anthea Moniscione by Padrons Ghibli), a son in turn of the famed WH Justice (Magnum Psyche x Vona Sher-Renea by El Sher-Mann) line, that goes back to Padron (Patron x Odessa by Bright Wings). Kanz Albidayer’s dam was the gentle mare, DL Marielle, a full sister to the newly-crowned US National Champion Stallion, Marajj. DL Marielle was sired by the double World Champion Marwan Al Shaqab, a son in turn of Gazal Al Shaqab (Anaza El Farid x Kajora by Kaborr) and out of the Fame VF (Bey Shah x Raffoleta-Rose by Raffon) daughter, Little Liza Fame. DL Marielle’s dam is the beautiful RGA Kouress, a daughter of Kouvay Bey (Bey Shah x BA Preciousmemory by Aladdinn) and

N° 4 - 2016 | 120

N° 4 - 2016 | 121

out Angophora (Eukaliptus x Belbowrie Baskana by Bask). With this combination of Polish bloodlines, the Padron infusion in the sireline and the proven beauty of the WH Justice line, there is little wonder that both Luigi and his sire, Kanz Albidayer, ooze quality, type and charisma. Looking to Luigi’s damline, we have the exotic grey mare, Lolita, whose classical pedigree combines Egyptian, Spanish and Polish bloodlines. Her sire is Om El Bahreyn, bred in the United States by Om El Arab and later imported to the UK where he won several titles across Europe. A classical grey stallion, Om El Bahreyn is by the Ali Jamaal son (Ruminaja Ali x Heritage Memory by El Magato), CG Balih El Jamaal (ex Bet El Wali NA by El Shaklan out of Bint Dee Moniet-NA). His sire is the ethereal Om El Benedict (Sanadik El Shaklan x Om El Beneera by Sharem El Sheikh), thus infusing the established cross of Spanish/Egyptian lines into Luigi’s maternal sireline. Lolita’s dam is SA Donna Karen, a daughter of AS Natsir Apal (Ibn Estasha by Saskia RJ by Plakat), thus adding that extra influence of the

Spanish/Egyptian cross through Ibn Estasha (Malik x Estasha by Shaker El Masri). SA Donna Karen’s dam is ASS-Edouna (Edykt x Saskia RJ), thus reinforcing both the influence of the Polish breeding programme and Saskia RJ. The incredibly beautiful Saskia RJ is one of the most important mares of recent breeding programmes, and her appearing twice in Luigi’s pedigree certainly adds that little extra something. From the moment, he was born, Luigi had potential, something quickly spotted by both Tom and HH Sheikh Mohamed. Having been purchased by Al Shahania Stud, Luigi’s first show was the 2015 Tulip Cup, always an early season trendsetter, and here Luigi demonstrated the powerful way of showing that he has since become so well known for, unanimously being awarded the title of Gold Yearling Male Champion. At later shows, he

N° 4 - 2016 | 122

N° 4 - 2016 | 123

again took Gold in Vichy and then Bronze Yearling Male title at the All Nations’ Cup in Aachen among very strong competition. A Silver European Yearling Male Champion title followed, and Luigi ended his 2015 season as Bronze Yearling World Champion Colt at the Salon du Cheval, Paris. Luigi’s winning ways have continued into 2016. Now two years of age, he was named Silver Junior Male Champion at the Menton Arabian Horse Show this summer and he followed this up with the Gold Junior Male Championship at the Arabian Horse Organization World Cup. At his next two shows, the title shows of the All Nations’ Cup in Aachen and the European Championships in Lier, Luigi was named Silver Junior Male Champion at both. The World Championships in Paris beckon… The potential of Luigi comes not only as a vibrant show horse, firmly reinforcing Al Shahania’s name in Europe, but also as a future sire for their farm. With some of the world’s most beautiful mares available for him to cover, it is clear that Luigi’s future is bright.

N° 4 - 2016 | 124

N° 4 - 2016 | 125

N° 4 - 2016 | 126

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N° 4 - 2016 | 129

Words by Samantha Mattocks The beautiful Kuwaiti-bred Ghazalah Al Aalya has been turning heads this season at show-rings across Europe. Bred in the United States through The Primavere Partnership in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, this bay beauty if owned and bred by Sami bin Mohammed bin Saeed Saad of Al Aalya Stud in Saudi Arabia. Born in 2011, Ghazalah Al Aalya is sired by Monticeto LN and is just one of a handful of horses this nine-yearold chestnut sired before he was gelded. Monticeto LN is now one of the top purebred performance geldings in the US, and it is his versatility that he has passed on to Ghazalah Al Aalya. Monticeto LN is sired by no other than Justify, a vibrant son of Magnum Psyche (Padrons Psyche x A Fancy Miracle by Sasaki), a three-time US National Champion, a Canadian and Argentinean National Champion and a Scottsdale Champion Stallion. Justify is out of S Justadream, a mare with 10 National Championships to her name in the US and Canada. Her sire is the late, great Afire Bey V (Huckleberry Bey x Autumn Fire by Bask) son, Justafire DGL (ex MC Justa Kate by The Chief Justice out of Kaateera), with Afire Bey V being the leading sire for halter and performance in the US for many years. With his name in the pedigree, it is little wonder that Monticeto LN has gone on to be a Western Champion among others. S Justadream’s dam brings in the Polish grace and power, being Acquaintance, a daughter of Eukaliptus (Bandos x Eunice by Comet) and out of Acquanetta (Bask x Aethena by The Real McCoy). Looking to Monticeto LN’s damline, we have more Polish bloodlines, this time combined with Russian, Egyptian and even a little sprinkle of Crabbet. His

N° 4 - 2016 | 130

N° 4 - 2016 | 131

N° 4 - 2016 | 132

dam is JD Allove Story, who traces back to Aladdinn (Nureddin x Lalage by Gerwazy) in her sire line, being sired by Allionce (Alada Baskin x Equitie by Medalion). JD Allove Story’s maternal sireline is straight Egyptian being out of Sophira’s Astra, sired by Ansata Ibn Aziza

(Ansata Halima Son x Ansata Aziza by Ansata Ibn Halima). Her dam in turn is Falcons Aiglette (Heritage Aiglon x Lewisfield Poem by Touch Of Magic), whose maternal grandsire is Touch of Magic (ex Indian Diamond by Oran out of Indian Flower), sired by the

famed Crabbet stallion, Indian Magic (Raktha x Indian Crown by Raseem). Ghazalah Al Aalya’s damline is more familiar among show-ring aficionados, as she is out of the Gazal Al Shaqab (Anaza El Farid x Kajora by Kaborr) daughter,

N° 4 - 2016 | 133

JMF Jezell. Gazal Al Shaqab needs no introduction, being one of the greatest sires of the past 20 years. This World Champion Stallion combines Egyptian and Polish bloodlines, and his progeny have gone on to dominate the modern showing world. JMF Jezell is out

of Just Mystyle VF, a daughter of the great Fame VF (Bey Shah x Raffoleta-Rose by Raffon), who brings in those wonderful Gainey lines with the power of Bey Shah (Bay El Bay x Star of Ofir by Bask). Her dam is Pasha’s Anjelin (Halima Sahib x Pasha’s Joaya by Halin), thus

adding more Polish to Ghazalah Al Aalya’s pedigree. This season, Ghazalah Al Aalya has enjoyed much success in the show-ring, taking titles at three of the major shows in Europe to date. This includes Bronze Senior Female Champion at both the Menton

N° 4 - 2016 | 134

N° 4 - 2016 | 135

N° 4 - 2016 | 136

Mediterranean & Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship and the All Nations’ Cup in Aachen. At the Arabian Horse Organization World Cup in Chantilly, Ghazalah Al Aalya was awarded the Silver Senior Female Championship title in very good

company. Ghazalah Al Aalya has also foaled her first foals this year, three in total, two of which were colts and one a filly. Al Aalya Stud bred this showy bay mare to a variety of stallions who would cross well with her bloodlines. The cross with Emerald J (QR Marc x Emandoria by Gazal Al Shaqab) and Eden C (Enzo x Silken Sable by Genesis C) resulted in two colt foals, while the cross with Avalon LBA produced a filly. Avalon LBA is a son of the late DA Valentino (Versace x DA Love by Padrons Psyche) and out of Azalea LBA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Amelia B by Magnum Psyche). Ghazalah Al Aalya has now been leased to Dubai Stud and there, she will have the chance to make her mark at this world-famed stud. For now, all eyes will be upon her when she takes to the show-rings of Paris once more, and her name is set to become one that we all remember in the years to come - Ghazalah Al Aalya.

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N° 4 - 2016 | 147

Interview With Handlers FRANCESCO & PIERO LECCHI


ood morning Francesco, Good morning Piero. First of all, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by our Magazine. Since you are two – and also brothers among the other things - our questions will be addressed to both. Well, let’s start! To begin with, tell us of your first meeting with the Arabian horse and how this great ‘adventure’ got started! Our adventure began in the summer 2003, when we met Enrico and Franco Bontempi, owners of La Speranza Arabians, and our love for the Arabian horse has burst since that very day. Since the early days, we have spent all our spare time with the Purebred Arabian until it became our job. From that moment, each of us has got their own way working for training centers to gain experience.

N° 4 - 2016 | 148


uongiorno Francesco, buongiorno Piero. Prima di tutto, grazie per aver accettato di essere intervistati dalla nostra rivista. Essendo voi in due, ed essendo tra l’altro fratelli, le nostre domande saranno indirizzate a entrambi. A voi la libertà di scegliere a quale rispondere. Quindi, feel free! Per cominciare, diteci del vostro primo incontro con i cavalli di razza araba e come ha avuto inizio la vostra grande ‘avventura’ ! La nostra avventura ha avuto inizio nell’estate del 2003, quando abbiamo conosciuto Enrico e Franco Bontempi proprietari dell’allevamento La Speranza Arabians e, dal quel giorno, è scoppiato l’amore verso il cavallo arabo. Fin dai primi giorni abbiamo dedicato tutto il nostro tempo libero al purosangue arabo fino a farlo diventare

Towards the end of 2012 we then decided to create our own center…i.e. Arabian Show Style! Which school, training or skills are needed to become a good handler? Unfortunately, in Italy, we have no specific schools to become a ‘groom’ or a ‘handler’. However, we do have among the best training centers in the world, where you

il nostro lavoro.Da quel momento ognuno di noi ha preso la propria strada andando a lavorare presso centri di addestramento facendo esperienze. Poi verso la fine del 2012 abbiamo deciso di creare un nostro centro…. Arabian Show Style! Quale scuola, formazione o competenze sono necessarie per diventare un buon handler? In Italia, purtroppo, non abbiamo scuole di formazione per diventare groom o handler. Però abbiamo tra i migliori trainig centers al mondo, dove poter apprendere l’arte della gestione e della presentazione del purosanghe arabo. Che consiglio offrite a qualcuno che voglia intraprendere questa carriera? L’unico consiglio che possiamo offrire ai nuovi aspiranti (groom/ handler) è di metterci tanto cuore e soprattutto passione per questi splendidi esemplari. Che cosa vi gratifica di più?

can learn the ‘art of handling’ and how to show the Purebred Arabian. What kind of advice would you offer to someone who wants to pursue this career? The only advice we can offer to wannabe grooms or handlers is to put so much heart in it, and, above all, have much love for these spectacular creatures. What rewards you the most? Over all these years the driving force in our lives has been exactly the passion for the Arabian horse, along with that satisfaction we get by creating harmony and excellent results with horses entrusted to us by clients who, in their turn, trust us very much. What emotions do you get from breeding and training Arabian horses? The emotions we get are many and may vary every day.

In tutti questi anni ciò che ci spinge e ci gratifica di più è la passione e la soddisfazione nel creare sintonia e ottimi risultati con i cavalli a noi affidati da tutti in nostri clienti che ci danno fiducia.

N° 4 - 2016 | 149

Working so closely with these magnificent specimens has kept us growing up both on a professional and on a personal level. Is there any special symbiosis between a handler and his horse?

Surely, between a handler and his horse, there establishes a relationship of trust and complicity over the training period. This then becomes more apparent and it can be perceived during the show performance.

N° 4 - 2016 | 150

Quali emozioni ricevete dall’allevamento e dall’addestramento di cavalli arabi? Le emozioni che riceviamo sono varie e numerose tutti i giorni. Lavorare a così stretto contatto con questi magnifici esemplari, ci permette una continua crescita sia a livello lavorativo ma sopratutto a livello personale.

C’è una qualche particolare simbiosi tra un handler e il suo cavallo? Sicuramente tra l’handler e il cavallo si instaura un rapporto di fiducia e di complicità durante il training.

Questo poi risulta evidente e si percepisce durante le presentazioni negli show. Piero, Francesco…Vi ricordate il vostro primo show? Come poterselo dimenticare…Era l’ottobre del 2003 e si svolgeva lo show di Bienno. In quell’occasione lavoravamo presso La Speranza Arabians dei F.lli Bontempi i quali vinsero due madaglie d’oro. Vi mancano gli show di morfologia dei tempi passati o preferite l’atmosfera delle manifestazioni di oggi? Mancano anche solo per i ricordi a cui siamo legati. Sicuramente una volta c’era più movimento agli show,

Piero, Francesco ... Do you remember your first show? How could we forget! It was in October 2003 when the show in Bienno was taking place. On that occasion we worked for the Bontempi Brothers who won two Gold medals.

N° 4 - 2016 | 151

Do you miss past times morphology competitions or do you prefer the atmosphere of today’s events? We miss them… even if it is just for the memories we are bound to. Surely once there was greater movement on the shows, moreover, more people participated in and new ones were joining this world. That does not mean we do not value today’s shows as they certainly are less numerous than those of few years ago, but, on the other hand, have much better quality horses! Is there any victory to which, each of you, taken individually, feels particularly fond of? Francesco: Luckily enough for me, victories have been so many! Surely one belongs to Shakira DVA at the show of Tradate in 2013 where she was Gold and Best in Show, and the other one to Red Aamir who was Gold medal colt last year at his first show, and Gold medal colt this year at the show in Busto Arsizio Piero: Personally, among the many results I have achieved in the past few years, those which I am more attached to, date back to summer 2014, when with the stallion AG Shalom, I got Gold medal and Best in Show title at the show of Cavalgrigna and Gold Medal in Bergamo. What are your goals / dreams for the future? Among the goals we have set for the next future there is absolutely that of giving, as well as getting, greater satisfaction and better results both on a show and on a breeding level, so as to ensure ‘Arabian Style Show’ further growth.

N° 4 - 2016 | 152

più gente che partecipava e gente nuova che entrava in questo mondo. Cio’ senza nulla togliere agli show di oggi, sicuramente meno numerosi di quelli di qualche anno fa, ma con maggiore qualità dei soggetti. C’è una qualche vittoria a cui, ognuno di Voi, preso singolarmente, si sente particolarmente affezionato? Francesco: Fortunatamente le vittorie sono state tante! Sicuramente una appartiene a Shakira DVA allo show di Tradate nel 2013, dove fu Gold e best in show, e un’ altra a Red Aamir al suo primo show, poi Gold medal colt lo scorso anno allo show di Busto Arsizio Piero: Personalmente, tra i numerosi risultati ottenuti in questi anni, quelli a cui sono più legato risalgono all’estate 2014, dove con lo stallone AG Shalom, ottenni il titolo Gold medal e best in show allo show di Cavalgrigna e Gold Medal a Bergamo. Quali sono i vostri obiettivi / sogni per il futuro? Tra gli obiettivi che ci prefiggiamo di ottenere nel futuro c’è assolutamente quello di continuare a dare e ottenere grandi soddisfazioni, risultati sia negli show che nell’allevamento e, infine, di garantire all’Arabian Show Style un ulteriore crescita. Quale messaggio finale vi piacerebbe lasciare ai lettori della nostra rivista? Il messaggio che ci piacerebbe trasmettere ai lettori è di

What final message would you like to leave to our readers? One message that we would like to convey to readers is to continue investing time and passion into this world so attached to these beautiful specimens. On behalf of the entire team of Arabian Horse Magazine, I want to thank you very much Piero and Francesco for your valuable contribution, and wish you both lots of professional satisfaction for the year to come…!

continuare a investire tempo e passione in questo mondo così legato a questi splendidi esemplari. A nome di tutto lo staff di Arabian Horse Magazine, Vi ringrazio per averci dedicato tempo prezioso ed auguriamo ad entrambi tantissime soddisfazioni professionali per l’anno che verrà….

Francesco Lecchi +39 334 2049500 Pierluca Lecchi +39 331 4139242

N° 4 - 2016 | 153

N° 4 - 2016 | 154

by Emma Maxwell The acceleration of intercontinental travel for high end stallions has made it comparatively unusual today to find a top show horse whose sire and dam were also bred by the same breeder; and even more rare, a European breeder. Gallardo J (Emerald J – Gomera J by Ekstern) is a rare exception. Owned now by Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi’s Ajman stud, his wins are almost too numerous to list; having collected Gold Champion titles in Aachen,

of distinction and the dam of Gallardo J, is Gomera J, a medium sized Ekstern daughter, a neat dark chestnut with the familiar Ekstern features of a balanced, compact horse with a short head and a short back, topped off with great tail carriage and a unmistakably cheerful twinkle in the eye. Unshown herself, Gomera J makes the point that good breeding mares do not necessarily have to be famous show champions in their own right. Arabian

Gallardo J

Dubai, Menton and the European Championships, all before he turns four next year. The European stud which can take the credit for breeding him and both his parents is of course, Jadem Arabians from Balen, Belgium owned by Christine and Guy Jamar Demeersseman. Behind every superstar show colt is a broodmare

breeding history is full of these worthy mares who are regular, harmonious and attractive- and can get just as impressive results in breeding barn as more spectacular show names. Gomera J is also the third generation of Jadem breeding tracing back to a purchase made in 1987 at the Egholm Sale in Denmark, the yearling filly Gwana (Pasat – Gwanda N° 4 - 2016 | 155

N° 4 - 2016 | 156

by Diem). Egholm Arabians was a respected centre of Polish breeding in northern Europe run by the late, and much missed, Jorgen Frederiksen. Gwana’s breeder was another longstanding pillar of the Arabian horse community, the Ismer Stud of Germany. The story of this family neatly follows the evolution of the Jadem Arabians over thirty years and demonstrates some truths about being an Arabian breeder. It does require patience to succeed. You need a vision of what you want to breed, the ability to be critical enough to see when and how you have not quite arrived at your destination, and then the commitment of energy to go out and look for the solution. Gwana came to Belgium as one of Christine’s first Pure Polish mares, a bloodline she had wanting to acquire since visiting the Polish Nationals in 1982, four years after starting the farm with other more easily available bloodlines. But in 1982 it was easier to buy a small house than a good Polish mare - five mares in that years Janow Auction made over $ 100 000, prices that were simply beyond the reach of the average European breeder. However by 1987 the tax laws in the US allowing you to write off horse purchases against tax had been repealed and Arabian auction prices started to go into freefall, and this blood became easier to reach.

Gwana was bred to one of the best bred Polish stallions available at the time the powerful Gil (Probat – Gilza by El Paso) standing at de Vlassakker Arabians in Holland to produce her first foal, a grey filly Galia in 1992 who became in turn a broodmare for the stud. Galia produced eleven foals for the farm and indeed as a family they have been notable as easy, fertile broodmares who enjoy their foals. However, not completely satisfied with breeding to what was available locally Christine decided to follow her dream of using Eukaliptus (Bandos – Eunice by Comet) , the Polish stallion so famous for his production of the classic feminine, long necked Polish mare. In 1991 this required more effort than it does today – it did not mean taking delivery of a package and leading the mare into the stocks, it meant a two day journey to Poland with your mare ! Fortunately the foal from this mating was a filly: Georgia, who also remained at the stud for her whole life, and was put to rest earlier in 2016, having again produced twelve foals for the stud. As well as being beautiful mares in themselves, Eukaliptus daughters have made their name as outstanding broodmares, especially in combination with the all conquering Ekstern (Monogramm – Ernestyna by Piechur). Bandos, the sire of Eukaliptus was heavily represented in the mare band at Jadem Arabians and

N° 4 - 2016 | 157

she was very impressed by the youn Monogramm stallions that Jerzy Bialobok showed her, Ganges and Ekstern. Her mind was made up when Ursula Bialobok firmly took her by the arm, directed her to the office and without a word being exchanged, showed her a catalogue of pictures of the Estebna family – which led directly to Ekstern. Much negotiation was necessary for Poland was perfectly aware of the potential of this young stallion, but in 1999 and 2000 Ekstern, on lease to Jadem Arabians made history together.

Ekstern father of Gomera J

while he produced many positive qualities, Christine knew that there were things to be improved, the longer back and shorter legs in particular. In 1998 while visiting Poland with Jorgen Frederiksen

N° 4 - 2016 | 158

Ekstern was a totally captivating horse in the arena, with that special effortless cadence in motion that Monogramm was so good at breeding on. He drew 5 x 20 for movement on almost every occasion and added to that 5 x 20 for type ! His tail and neck were always in the perfect position and add to this his charming short head, and a square compact body that was in balance with his admittedly shorter neck, I think it is no surprise that he remained unbeaten as a show horse. He effortlessly took the European triple crown. He was also particularly noteworthy for being such a quiet, relaxed horse in the stable yard – until the signal was given for him to show off, an occasion he never failed to rise to. In these when


Galia with foal

days when show ring presence is perhaps valued too much, even when it comes with undesirable stable habits, a temperament of Ekstern’s caliber is definitely a major plus point. Gomera J shares this ability to be calm when it is appropriate and flamboyant on demand. Ekstern did the predicted improvement of leg and back length on the Eukaliptus and Bandos mares at Jadem Arabians and was also used heavily this way in Poland with Esparto, Palanga and auction topping Pepita, being three perfect examples. Christine Jamar credits Ekstern with not just moving her breeding program forward, but catapulting it forward by five steps and her affection and gratitude to this remarkable horse are still evident today. She still has a number of his daughters as broodmares as well as Gomera J and her full sister Gabriella J. As a broodmare sire Ekstern has few rivals, providing balanced, strong backed, short headed mares with straight legs, tail carriage and harmonious movement that create a background quality necessary for other stallions to make their name as sires. Christine’s continual search for new sires to keep the stud moving forward expanded from the purely Polish sphere when Poland used the outcross sire

Georgia mother of Gomera N° 4 - 2016 | 159

N° 4 - 2016 | 160

N° 4 - 2016 | 161

Gazal Al Shaqab in 2004. From his sire line she recommended a knock out young colt QR Marc (Marwan Al Shaqab – Swete Dreams by Magic Dream CAHR) as a future sire for fellow Belgian breeder Paul Gheysens of Knocke Arabians. QR Marc has been a consistent reproducer of his dramatic Arabian type, especially from Ekstern mares – whetehr for Poland, Knocke Arabians or Jadem Arabians. Christine also got the opportunity to breed an embryo by him from one of the icons of Michalow Stud; the dual World Champion Emandoria (Gazal Al Shaqab – Emanda by Ecaho). The resulting colt Emerald J has been a spectacular success as a stallion, N° 4 - 2016 | 162

now owned by Al Mu’awd Stud of Saudi Arabia. Gomera J’s first foal by Extreme was sold Saudi Arabia, followed by Golden Sunset J (by QR Marc ) who was sold to Israel, after competing successfully in Europe. A 2011 colt by Padron’s Pysche – the aptly named Globetrotter J was exported to China, while the 2012 filly Ghana J (by Enzo) travelled onto Kuwait. However Emerald J provided the most famous results with the 2013 colt Gallardo J, now owned by Ajman Stud. Full sister Grace J followed in 2014, who was second placed at Aachen this year for new owners Emaj Stud in Switzerland. A full brother to Gallardo J, another bay Gaudi J was born in 2015, so far retained by Jadem Arabians he was

Reserve Champion Junior Colt and Best Yearling at the Belgian Nationals this year. In 2016 Gomera J produced a third full brother, although a filly from this cross would now be welcome ! Gomera J has a bay full sister Gabriella J who also remains at the farm. She also has a beautiful yearling colt Gaspar J by Emerald J. The ‘G’ family looks set to remain one of the mainstays of Jadem Arabians, a female family that is part of the history and the future of the farm. The possibility of breeding to Gallardo J is also one of the future options, which will make Gomera J not just a centerpiece of importance for the Jadem Arabian pedigrees, but probably worldwide.

JADEM ARABIANS BVBA Guy & Christine Jamar-Demeersseman Berkensingel 24, 2490 Balen - Belgium Tel: 0032 (0) - Fax: 0032 (0) N° 4 - 2016 | 163

N° 4 - 2016 | 164

N° 4 - 2016 | 165


riska Stud, All because two people fell in love!

Myself Kelly Lowther and my future husband Michael Edge are the proud owners of Eriska Stud and

the beginning of Eriska Stud. During the early days of owning Trigger our herd had grown, we now had 5 lovey horses 2 riding horses and the others had somehow found their way to us when no one else wanted them. By now Michael and I lived in a charming 17th century Orangery, surrounded by over 100 acres of woodland, we shared our home with 4 dogs, a parrot and a ferret, we also had a baby on the way, a little boy! Life was idyllic but sadly we had outgrown The Orangery. We needed to find a new home with stables. A farm was required. One was found in a pretty village on

Terackie Amirah Moulawanah, Pintabian mare 99.8% Arabian blood

our fine collection of Arabian and Pintabian horses. Michael & I first met 19 years ago as we exchanged looks in a Spanish bar called The Last Drop, each went our own way with no idea we would one day share our love for each other and that of just about everything that crawls, flies or runs, Six years ago we met again, Soon after in Michaels rush to impress me he very sweetly bought for me what he judged to be a stunning chestnut Anglo Arab mare named ‘Trigger’. She was Stunning!, but it soon became clear that Trigger was destined for a life as a ‘companion’ horse. We were shocked and our eyes were opened, we were deeply saddened at the depth of this mares issues and vowed to take care of her for the rest of her life. It was not her fault she had been failed, All the signs were there but no one listened to this kind and gentle horse. No one, until she found us. Trigger is a much loved family pet and the matriarch at Eriska , she was the start of a giant learning curve for both of us and N° 4 - 2016 | 166

Exquisite Lady, our first pure bred Arabian mare

the outskirts of York, the farm was very run down but it had a lovely house and in Michaels words ‘great potential’. We had 25 acres, 2 derelict barns and little else than a total love of animals and the guidance and support of our dear friend David. Barns were pulled down and rebuilt, stables installed, new fencing, gates , water troughs, etc and of course horses.

Trigger, Anglo Arab, our first horse

Eriska Sunrise by Pintabian Stallion Terackie Ben Al Hazzar

N° 4 - 2016 | 167

Leonardo JJ (La Linda * GT Shardh)

Michael had been admiring a young Homozygous Pintabian stallion for quiet some time now, neither Michael or I knew anything about this breed but this stallion had sparked the beginning of Michaels love affair with the Pintabian horse. Michael did lots of research and discovered to our delight that this breed must carry a minimum of 99% pure Arabian blood and as my

Leonardo JJ (La Linda * GT Shardh)

Eriska Stud was born!

La Linda (Salieri K * Camelia K)

admiration of the Arabian horse was long founded, it seemed our choice of breeds blended as perfectly as we did.

N° 4 - 2016 | 168

‘Terackie Ben Al Hazzar’ our homozygous Pintabian stallion carrying 99.7% Arabian blood was purchased from Terackie Stud in Wales and arrived at our farm in 2013. Swiftly followed by another homozygous Pintabian Stallion carrying 99.4% Arabian blood ‘Dakota Ink Spots’. Next came the search for the mares, various studs were contacted and visited , our first was a Pintabian mare Terackie Amirah Moulawanah carrying 99.8% Arabian blood sired by Psynergy. Next came our lovely purebred mares, British National Champion Exquisite Lady (Psynergy x Satin Lady) and KFA Love Affair (Ruger

AMW x Pristeena) who has also held the title of British national champion, both of the mares were in foal, Exquisite Lady to Tuscany BP and KFA Love Affair to Master Design GA, then along came a Homozygous Pintabian filly Terackie Yasmeen (Dakota Ink Spots x GP Dandis Dream) carrying 99.5% Arabian blood. We were searching for one more mare to complete our herd, so far our quest for horses had been one of education and mixed emotions, we had met some very nice people and made some great friends but we also witnessed some very poor Lethyzia SA

treatment of these stunning Arabians, we were brought to tears at the conditions and ill treatment these horses had to endure both physically and mentally. We vowed to be different, the more ill treatment we saw the more it fueled our passion to do better, much better! We decided to search further afield, an agent pointed us in the direction of Darby Farm home of world class trainer and breeder Johanna Ullstrom, where we bought Lethyzia SA (Tyson HVP X Tahine SA) the final mare for Eriska Stud. (or so we thought). Darby Farm was refreshing ,we were warmly welcomed and made to feel at ease , Johanna and her team were friendly and helpful, there was happiness and laughter and a great sense of affection and pride around the farm. We were presented with a stunning collection of world class Arabian horses, It was a sight to behold! The horses at this farm were happy and friendly, they were playful, confident and proud. The relationship Johanna has with her horses is one to be greatly admired, watching Johanna train her horses is truly inspirational, her training is thoughtful, sensitive kind and effective. The horses at Darby farm are proof that horses can be trained without violence and achieve great success. This visit proved to be a turning point in the future of eriska Stud. We left Johanna’s farm with a much healthier frame

Pippa K ( OFW Magic Wan * Pennsylvania K) N° 4 - 2016 | 169

Psencio (RFI Farid * JB Psynderella)

of mind than we were in when we had arrived. Now I had seen what could be achieved with our wonderful horses with the invaluable help, guidance and support of Johanna I wanted to learn, I wanted to tell anyone that would listen “You can be kind”. Since the day we met, Johanna has helped us to learn, I am eternally grateful and honored that Johanna chose to to take us under her wing, and share her wealth of knowledge and experience with us, we have become firm

JL Azamah (Kanz Albidayer * JB Aurora)

friends over the last few years, (she makes a great cup of fruit tea). Eriska stud with the support and guidance of Johanna Ullstrom and one of her very dear friends have added a

N° 4 - 2016 | 170

further 9 Arabian horses to to our stunning collection. Johanna has a fabulous selection of our horses at her farm, she has enjoyed a successful showing season with several of our horses including Kenna EB (caravagio x Bluna EB) who took the title of Belgian n a t i o n a l champion Liberty and Silver champion senior mare, Int B show, Flyinge. Kenna is currently in foal to the fabulous Parys K, a gorgeous 2014 grey filly JL Azamah (Kanz Albidayer x JB Aurora) who Kenna EB (Caravaggio * Bluna EB) has won many many titles including national champion filly. We have a a promising young colt Psencio (RFI Farid x JB Psynderella) who is currently on lease to Arctic Arabians , Sweden and we also have the very special La Linda (Salieri k x Camelia k) currently in foal Parys K. We have a lovely filly Otilliah JJ (Emerald J – Olivia K/Borsalino k) who is unfolding beautifully and gaining great confidence, we also have Pippa K (OFW Magic Wan x Pennsylvania K) wisely chosen by Murilo Kammer as a future cornerstone for Eriska’s breeding program, we also have Leonardo JJ a 2016 another gorgeous Grey, a colt by GT Shardh out of La Linda, and there is one more diamond heading our way, we have another precious Arabian joining us in the near future from Brazil. We are safe in the knowledge that all of the horses we have in Johanna’s care are getting the best education we could provide for them, Johanna is raising fantastic horses with fantastic attitudes. Eriska stud with the continued guidance and support from Johanna Ullstrom aim to successfully produce and show Arabians and Pintabians of world class quality. Michael is looking forward to the day he wins national champion with one of his home bred Pintabians, I would love to do the same with a home bred Arabian. As 2017 draws closer we are looking forward to the coming year and the arrival of seven foals. Some Pintabian and some Arabian, the Purebred foals will begin their life at the beautiful Darby farm in the capable hands of Johanna and the others will be born at Eriska and also Twemlows stud in Shropshire as we chose to use embryo transfer with some of our mares in 2016, this is proving useful for the Pintabian as they are rare, and it provides us with the opportunity to produce more foals each year , we would really like to raise awareness of this beautiful breed, We aim to use only world class Arabians throughout the future of our

JL Azamah (Kanz Albidayer * JB Aurora)

breeding program, we also have frozen semen available world wide from our Homozygous Pintabian stallions Terackie Ben Al Hazzar and Dakota ink spots. We have a homozygous pintabian mare in foal to Kanz Albidayer for a 2017 foal and we can’t wait to see what she produces. We are also extremely excited about our future breeding program with our wonderful Purebred Arabians, again with the advice and guidance of Johanna. So that is us. Eriska Stud, we are proud to achieved so much in such a small amount of time and we are humbled at the amount of love and friendship and education we have gained through our forever giving horses.

Khidara Rlc - Khidar * Pretty Princess Tgs

N° 4 - 2016 | 171



he stallion Nazeer whose name means “the eye-catcher” was perhaps the best ambassador in the world of the legendary story of Mohammed Ali Pasha and Abbas Pasha Hilmi I, who respectively built their Dar El Beyda and Abassieh Stables; at the time, these were the most important stud farms in Egypt. Nazeer’s kingdom has been indeed an unforgettable one. At that time in El Zahraa, the harem of Nazeer was famous in the entire world for its beauty and quality and it looked after him until his last breath. As it happened for any sovereign (Nazeer), his grooms would provide for everything he needed, dealing with his grooming, monitoring his exercise and his diet, really anything to ensure his strength and health during his old



o stallone Nazeer, il cui nome significa “colui che attira lo sguardo”, è stato forse l’ambasciatore migliore nel mondo della leggendaria storia di Mohammed Ali Pasha e di Abbas Pasha Hilmi I, che costruirono rispettivamente gli allevamenti di Dar El Beyda e di Abassieh, considerati i più importanti nell’Egitto di quel tempo. Quello dello stallone Nazeer è stato un regno indimenticabile. A quel tempo a El Zahraa, l’harem di Nazeer era famoso nel mondo per la bellezza e le qualità e l’ha accudito attentamente fino all’ultimo istante. Come per ogni sovrano (Nazeer), i grooms erano pronti a soddisfare ogni sua esigenza, assistendo alla sua toeletta, sorvegliando il suo esercizio fisico e la sua dieta, per assicurargli forza e salute negli anni della sua vecchiaia.

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age. Nazeer was an authentic monarch. He was so accustomed to constant attention and admiration that you could not doubt that his regal carriage, lively intelligence, dignity and beauty came from royal lineage. Nazeer attracted even long distant visitors; he was worshipped in every corner of the earth and both the American and the European press paid due homage to him. We shall then ask ourselves.” What led Nazeer to reign over his little realm”? Why did history have so much interest in this handsome, white stallion despite his short reign? The answer to these questions is very simple: Nazeer’s ascending line was the most precious you could find at the time. This was confirmed by his offspring, which made him the cornerstone stallion of the Egyptian Arabian breed in modern era. Nazeer was born on August 9th, 1934 at the new stables built by the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) in Kafr Farouk, which after the Egyptian revolution will take the name of El Zahraa. We should be aware that the breeding farm in Kafr Farouk – before called Royal Khassa – belonged to King Ahmed Fuad I and it was located in Inshass about 23 miles north-east of Cairo (what today is known as Inshass Stud). This breeding facility operated independently of RAS until the end of the monarchy in 1952. Nazeer began his sire career very late in El Zahraa, in the late 40s, early 50s, under the supervision of the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS), which then was called Egyptian Agricultural Organization (EAO), until his death in 1960. His sireline came from Saklawi I, a Saklawi Jedran Ibn Soudan horse who was born in 1886 and bred by the Ruala Bedouins, and his sire was Khalil, also born by the Ruala tribe in 1880. The son of Saklawi I, Saklawi II, out of the famous mare El Dahma, was raised in 1900 by Khedive Abbas Pasha Hilmi II and went coupled with the dam Dalal, granddaughter of Saklawi I and that’s how Gamil Manial - Nazeer’s paternal grandfather - came along. It should be noted that, if we also consider the damline, Saklawi I appears five times in Nazeer’s pedigree. Gamil Manial was bred to Nafaa El Saghira in 1910 (Meanagi Sebeli x Nafaa El Kebira), and the product of this cross was the father of Nazeer, Mansour, a Koheilan Mimreh stallion born in 1921. Nafaa El Saghira, daughter of the mare Nafaa El Kebira (Rabdan x Donia), was raised by Prince Yusuf Kemal Pasha, while very little is known about her father Meanagi Sebeli: born in 1895, the Tahawwi Bedouins took him from Arabia to Egypt and sold him to Prince Ahmed Kemal Pasha. Nazeer’s mother was the beautiful Hadbah Enzahiya, Bint Samiha, 1925 (Kazmeen x Samiha) descending from Bint Hadba El Saghira, a chestnut mare born on February 22nd ,

Nazeer era un autentico monarca, oggetto di continua attenzione e ammirazione e nemmeno per un istante era possibile dubitare che il suo regale portamento, la viva intelligenza, dignità e bellezza fossero di stirpe reale. Nazeer attirava visitatori anche lontani, ammirato in ogni angolo della terra e la stampa americana ed europea gli tributava il dovuto omaggio. Dobbiamo chiederci, cosa ha portato Nazeer a regnare sul suo piccolo reame ? Perché la storia ha accordato tanto interesse a questo bellissimo, bianco stallone, nonostante il breve regno ? 2 La risposta a queste domande è molto semplice: gli ascendenti di Nazeer erano quanto di più pregevole si potessero trovare a quei tempi e la conferma fu la sua progenie, che ne fece la pietra miliare del Cavallo Arabo Egiziano dell’era moderna. Nazeer nacque il 9 Agosto 1934 alle nuove scuderie costruite dalla Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) a Kafr Farouk, che dopo la rivoluzione egiziana prenderanno il nome di El Zahraa. Per ulteriore informazione, l’allevamento di Kafr Farouk, prima chiamato Royal Khassa, era di Re Ahmed Fuad I e situato a Inshass, circa 23 miglia a nord-est del Cairo (quello che ai nostri giorni conosciamo come Inshass Stud), quest’allevamento operò indipendentemente dalla RAS fino alla fine della monarchia nel 1952. Nazeer iniziò la sua carriera produttiva molto tardi, a El Zahraa, verso la fine degli anni 40, inizio anni 50, sotto la supervisione della Royal Agricoltural Society (RAS), che poi fu chiamata Egyptian Agricoltural Organization (EAO), fino alla sua morte avvenuta nel 1960. La linea paterna viene da Saklawi I, un Saklawi Jedran Ibn Soudan nato nel 1886, allevato dalla tribù dei beduini Ruala e suo padre era Khalil, anche lui nato dai 3 Ruala nel 1880. Il figlio di Saklawi I, Saklawi II, nato dalla famosa fattrice El Dahma, fu allevato nel 1900 da Khedivè Abbas Pasha Hilmi II, fu accoppiato alla fattrice Dalal, nipote di Saklawi I e nacque Gamil Manial, nonno paterno di Nazeer. Dobbiamo notare che, se consideriamo anche la linea materna, Saklawi I è presente ben cinque volte nel pedigree di Nazeer. Gamil Manial fu accoppiato a Nafaa El Saghira 1910 (Meanagi Sebeli x Nafaa El Kebira), il prodotto di questo incrocio fu il padre di Nazeer, Mansour, un Koheilan Mimreh nato nel 1921. Nafaa El Saghira, figlia della fattrice Nafaa El Kebira (Rabdan x Donia), fu allevata dal Principe Yusuf Kemal Pasha, mentre di suo padre Meanagi Sebeli, si conosce poco: nato nel 1895, i beduini Tahawwi lo portarono dall’Arabia in Egitto e lo cedettero al Principe Ahmed Kemal Pasha. La madre di Nazeer era la bella Hadbah Enzahiya, Bint Samiha 1925(Kazmeen x Samiha) che discendeva da Bint Hadba El

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1912 at the Kubba Stables owned by Khedive Abbas Pasha Hilmi II, purchased by R.A.S. on February 6th, 1914, and died in 1931. The father of Bint Hadba El Saghira was El Halabi (Saklawi I x Halabia), and her mother was Hadba (Sklawi I x Venus). Speaking of the two grandmothers of Bint Hadba El Saghira, Venus was raised by the Shammar tribe around 1890 whereas Halabia was a Saklawiya Jedraniya mare born in 1880 and belonging to some Abu Amin Halabi who took her to Egypt (in Arabic ‘Halabi’ means ‘coming from Aleppo’ or ‘Haleb’). Halabia became property of Khedive Abbas Pasha Hilmi II, who covered her with the stallion Saklawi I and in 1895 he obtained what it would become the stallion El Halabi, the father of Bint Hadba El Saghira. The father of Bint Samiha, Kazmeen, brings twice into Nazeer’s pedigree Lady Blunt’s Saklawi Jedran Ibn Soudan stallion Mesaoud 1887 (Aziz x Yemameh ) and twice the Saklawiya Jedraniya mare Ghazala 1896 (Ibn Sherara x Bint Helwa) , all descending from the mare Ghazieh raised in the desert by the Ruala tribe. Ghazieh was one of the mares owned by Abbas Pasha 4 Hilmi I and this detail enhanced the Saklawi blood in the ascending line of Nazeer. As for Nazeer’s genetic pool, his ancestors came from the best horses of the desert; this is why he was such a great genes conveyor, but, in that respect, he was also helped by his harem since, among the mares he covered, there were daughters of great stallions such as Shahloul 1931 (Ibn Rabdan x Bin Radia), Sheikh El Arab 1933 (Mansour x Bint Sabah) and Sid Abouhom 1936 (El Deree x Layla). Among them, however, there were mostly great broodmares who have shaped the history of the Egyptian Arabian horse, like Bint Kateefa 1954 (Sid Abouhom x Kateefa), Bukra 1942 (Shahloul x Bin Sabah), Elwya 1950 (Sid Abouhom x Zareefa), Farasha 1951 (Sid Abouhom x Yosreia), Fathia 1950 (Sid Abouhom x Shams), Fayza II 1951 (Sid Abouhom x Nefisa), Fotna (Futna) 1943 (Shahloul x Farida), Halima 1944 (Sheikh El Arab x Ragia), Hemmat 1952 (Sid Abouhom x Maysouna), Kamla 1942 (Sheikh El Arab x Samha), Kateefa 1938 (Shahloul x Bint Rissala), Mabrouka 1951 (Sid Abouhom x Moniet El Nefous), Maisa 1948 (Shahloul x Zareefa), Moniet El Nefous 1946 (Shahloul x Wanisa ), Mouna 1954 (Sid Abouhom x Moniet El Nefous), Om El Saad 1945 (Shahloul x Yashmak ) and Yosreia 1943 (Sheikh El Arab x Hind). To the abovementioned we need to add up some others such as: Helwa 1940 (Hamran II x Bint Farida), Lateefa 1945 (Gamil III x Salwa), Malaka 1941 (Kheir x Bint Bint Riyala), Nefisa 1945 (Balance x Helwa), Ragia 1938 (Ibn Rabdan x Farida) and Zaafarana 1946 (Balance x Samira). After examining Nazeer’s genetic pool we shall ask ourselves N° 4 - 2016 | 174

Saghira, una saura, nata il 22 Febbraio 1912 a Kubba Stables di Khedivè Abbas Pasha Hilmi II, acquistata dalla R.A.S. il 6 Febbraio 1914, morì nel 1931. Il padre di Bint Hadba El Saghira era El Halabi(Saklawi I x Halabia) e la madre era Hadba(Sklawi I x Venus). Delle due nonne di Bint Hadba El Saghira, Venus fu allevata dalla tribù dei Shammar circa nel 1890 e Halabia era una Saklawiya Jedraniya nata nel 1880 appartenuta a un certo Abu Amin Halabi che la portò in Egitto (in arabo Halabi significa da Aleppo o Haleb). Halabia divenne proprietà di Khedivè Abbas Pasha Hilmi II che la coprì con lo stallone Saklawi I e nel 1895 ottenne quello che diventerà lo stallone El Halabi, padre di Bint Hadba El Saghira. Il padre di Bint Samiha, Kazmeen, porta nel pedigree di Nazeer due volte lo stallone Saklawi Jedran Ibn Soudan di Lady Blunt, Mesaoud 1887(Aziz x Yemameh) e altre due volte la fattrice Saklawiya Jedraniya, Ghazala 1896(Ibn Sherara x Bint Helwa), tutti discendenti della fattrice Ghazieh allevata nel deserto dalla tribù dei Ruala, che fu una delle fattrici di Abbas Pasha Hilmi I. Questo particolare accresce ancora di più il sangue Saklawi negli ascendenti di Nazeer. Nel potenziale genetico di Nazeer i suoi ascendenti derivano dai migliori cavalli che sono arrivati dal deserto, per questo è stato un grande trasmettitore, ma è stato aiutato anche dal suo harem, perché tra le sue fattrici c’erano figlie di grandi stalloni come Shahloul 1931(Ibn Rabdan x Bin Radia), Sheikh El Arab 1933(Mansour x Bint Sabah) e Sid Abouhom 1936(El Deree x Layla), ma soprattutto tra loro spiccavano grandi trasmettitrici che hanno fatto la storia del Cavallo Arabo Egiziano, come Bint Kateefa 1954(Sid Abouhom x Kateefa), Bukra 1942(Shahloul x Bin Sabah), Elwya 1950(Sid Abouhom x Zareefa), Farasha 1951(Sid Abouhom x Yosreia), Fathia 1950(Sid Abouhom x Shams), Fayza II 1951(Sid Abouhom x Nefisa), Fotna (Futna) 1943(Shahloul x Farida), Halima 1944(Sheikh El Arab x Ragia), Hemmat 1952(Sid Abouhom x Maysouna), Kamla 1942(Sheikh El Arab x Samha), Kateefa 1938(Shahloul x Bint Rissala), Mabrouka 1951(Sid Abouhom x Moniet El Nefous), Maisa 1948(Shahloul x Zareefa), Moniet El Nefous 1946(Shahloul x Wanisa), Mouna 1954(Sid Abouhom x Moniet El Nefous), Om El Saad 1945(Shahloul x Yashmak) e Yosreia 1943(Sheikh El Arab x Hind). A quelle già citate, si sommavano queste altre: Helwa 1940(Hamran II x Bint Farida), Lateefa 1945(Gamil III x Salwa), Malaka 1941 Kheir x Bint Bint Riyala), Nefisa 1945(Balance x Helwa), Ragia 1938(Ibn Rabdan x Farida) e Zaafarana 1946(Balance x Samira). Dopo avere esaminato le potenzialità genetiche di Nazeer, dobbiamo chiederci che tipo di cavallo fosse, quali sono stati i trascorsi della sua vita e perché la sua carriera riproduttiva iniziò abbastanza tardi.

what kind of horse he was, how he spent his life and why his breeding career started quite late. Since he was a foal Nazeer had been a subject you could not underestimate. One day, while he was playing in the sandy arenas of Kafr Farouk (El Zahraa), his conformation and lively behavior captured the expert eye of Sheikh Abdul Aziz El Sabek from the Dawasser tribes of Saudi Arabia who, among the other things, was one of the greatest trainers in Egypt. Sheikh immediately asked the Royal Agricultural Society whether he could take the colt on lease to make him run in flat races and, since he was the person with all requirements for the loan, the permission was granted to him. So Nazeer began his training for the racing season in 1937. Sheikh Abdul Aziz - a brilliant Bedouin old man who would lie about his age saying he was 85 whereas he was said to be centenary, would remember Nazeer with nostalgia. About the horse he would say: “He was almost perfect. It was very difficult to find any faults about him because he had a very big chest and a strong croup. He had good, strong hooves and legs with solid muscle conformation. He was always lively and watchful. A magnificent horse. “Nazeer’s workouts went on successfully and he made

Fin da quando era puledro, Nazeer era un soggetto da non sottovalutare, un giorno, mentre giocava nei recinti sabbiosi di Kafr Farouk (El Zahraa), la sua conformazione e la vivacità del comportamento, attirò l’occhio esperto dello Sceicco Abdul Aziz El Sabek, della tribù Dawasser dell’Arabia Saudita, che era uno dei maggiori allenatori d’Egitto. Questo Sceicco chiese subito alla Royal Agricoltural Society di affidargli quel puledro per farlo correre nelle corse in piano e dato che era persona con tutti i requisiti per il prestito, il permesso fu accordato. Così Nazeer iniziò gli allenamenti per la stagione di corse 1937. Lo Sceicco Abdul Aziz, un anziano brillante beduino che dichiarava 85 anni



his debut on December 4th, 1937, at the luxurious Heliopolis Racecourse, attended by the Egyptian Royal Family and the elite of society, where he got second place losing only for one head. Over his second race on December 18th, 1937 he was in top shape, winning four and a half furlongs in 59 seconds and 3/5. His racing career progressed steadily and between 1937 and 1939 he attended 20 races out of which he won four; he was second six times, third once and fourth four times. When Nazeer was withdrawn from competitions he was still in excellent physical conditions and got back to RAS to become a breeding stallion. Unfortunately, at that time, there already

di età, ma che si diceva fosse centenario, ricordava Nazeer con nostalgia. Diceva: “Era pressoché perfetto. Cercare di trovargli un difetto era molto difficile, perché aveva un torace molto profondo e una groppa robusta. Aveva buoni e robusti zoccoli ed arti, con i suoi muscoli ben disposti. Era sempre vivace e attento. Un cavallo magnifico.” Gli allenamenti di Nazeer procedettero con successo e al suo debutto del 4 Dicembre 1937, nel lussuoso ippodromo di Heliopolis, frequentato dalla famiglia reale egiziana e dall’élite della società, si piazzò secondo, perdendo solo per una testa. Nella sua seconda corsa del 18 Dicembre 1937 si presentò al massimo della forma, vincendo i 4 furlongs e mezzo in 59 secondi e 3/5. La sua carriera agonistica progredì costantemente e tra il 1937 e il 1939 fece 20 corse, dove ne vinse quattro, si è piazzato secondo sei volte, una volta terzo e quattro volte quarto. Quando Nazeer venne ritirato dalle competizioni, era in eccellenti condizioni fisiche e fu restituito alla RAS per farne uno stallone. A quel tempo, sfortuna volle, che ci fossero già altri eccellenti stalloni operanti, come per esempio Ibn Rabdan 1917(Rabdan x Bint Gamila), i cui figli erano molto richiesti nelle importazioni americane degli anni 30 fatte da Henry B. Babson, poi c’era

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existed other excellent operating stallions, such as: Ibn Rabdan 1917 (Rabdan x Bint Gamila), whose foals were in great demand in the American imports made by Henry B. Babson in the 30s. Thus there were: Balance 1928 (Ibn Samhan x Farida), Ibn Samhan 1919 (Samhan x Nafaa El Saghira), Shahloul 1931 (Ibn Rabdan x Bin Radia), Sheikh El Arab 1933 (Mansour x Bint Sabah) and, of course, the father of Nazeer, Mansour 1921 (Gamil El Manial x Nafaa Saghira); so the young and untrained stallion had to wait before having the whole harem only for himself. Nazeer was transferred to one of the farms that RAS owned along the Nile’s Valley, where he was to become the breeding stallion of the farm. Quite sadly, these farms were often poorly managed and horses in these “deposits” were often neglected. Nazeer’s fate changed in the late ‘40s, when HRH Prince Mohamed Taher Pasha became Head of the Royal Agricultural Society and asked General Tibor Pettko Von Szandtner, one of Europe’s most renowned horsemen of the time, to become the manager of Kafr Farouk Stud. General Tibor Von Pettko Szandtner was known throughout Europe as a great expert on four and five carriage competitions, as well as a crosscountry rider, a discipline on which he had also published a book. General Von Szandtner had dealt with breeding horses for 43 years until the spring of 1945, when Soviet troops invaded Hungary and along 8 with another 100,000 Hungarian refugees, he was forced to flee to the West. At that time, General Von Szandtner had served for ten years as Superintendent / Commander of the famous Royal Breeding Farm of the Hungarian State of Babolna, and from 1942 to 1945 in Budapest as Ministry of the Agriculture taking care of all the Hungarian state farms. For General Von Szandtner and his wife, the early years of the Second World War were terrible, but fate had decided that they dealt with Arabian horses again but this time in Egypt. The spouses began rebuilding their lives in that country where the sand of the desert had replaced the European lush green pastures. With an all-military precision, the General Von Szandtner introduced new breeding methods; he made build new buildings to allow mares and their foals to ride freely since before his arrival the animals used to be tied to stakes fixed in the ground as Bedouins would do. He made plant trees for shade where there would be only desert in past times except for a palm trees avenue. He ordered his staff to cleaning and precision, so the breeding farm put on a new face. When

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Balance 1928(Ibn Samhan x Farida), Ibn Samhan 1919(Samhan x Nafaa El Saghira), Shahloul 1931(Ibn Rabdan x Bin Radia), Sheikh El Arab 1933(Mansour x Bint Sabah) e lo stesso padre di Nazeer, Mansour 1921(Gamil Manial x Nafaa El Saghira); di conseguenza il giovane e non ancora collaudato stallone dovette attendere prima di avere il suo harem. Nazeer fu trasferito in una delle fattorie che la RAS aveva lungo la valle del Nilo, dove avrebbe dovuto fare lo stallone per la monta pubblica. Purtroppo queste fattorie spesso erano mal gestite e i cavalli in questi “depositi” erano trascurati. La sorte di Nazeer cambiò alla fine degli anni 40, quando HRH Prince Mohamed Taher Pasha andò alla guida della Royal Agricoltural Society e chiese 7 al Generale Tibor Pettko Von Szandtner, uno dei più rinomati cavallerizzi europei, di dirigere la fattoria Kafr Farouk. Il Generale Tibor Pettko Von Szandtner era noto in tutta Europa come un grande esperto di competizioni di tiro a quattro e a cinque, oltre che come fantino di cross-country, disciplina sulla quale aveva anche pubblicato un libro. Il Generale Von Szandtner si era occupato per ben 43 anni dell’allevamento dei cavalli, fino alla primavera del 1945, quando le truppe sovietiche invasero l’Ungheria e insieme ad altri 100.000 profughi ungheresi, lui fu costretto a fuggire in Occidente. In quel periodo, il Generale Von Szandtner aveva servito per dieci anni come Sovrintendente/ Comandante del famoso Allevamento Reale dello Stato Ungherese di Babolna e dal 1942 al 1945 al Ministero dell’Agricoltura in Budapest, si occupò di tutti gli allevamenti statali ungheresi. Per il Generale Von Szandtner e sua moglie, i primi anni del secondo dopoguerra furono terribili, ma il destino aveva deciso che si sarebbero di nuovo occupati di cavalli arabi e questa volta in Egitto. Fu così che i coniugi cominciarono a ricostruire la loro vita in quel paese, dove al posto dei verdi e grassi pascoli europei c’era la sabbia del deserto. Con una precisione tutta militare, il Generale Von Szandtner introdusse nuovi metodi di allevamento, fece costruire nuovi edifici per permettere alle fattrici e ai puledri di scorrazzare liberi, mentre prima del suo arrivo gli animali erano legati a paletti nel suolo, alla maniera dei beduini. Piantò alberi per l’ombra dove prima, tranne un viale di palme, vi era solo il deserto. Ordinò al personale pulizia e precisione, così l’allevamento ebbe un volto nuovo. Quando il Generale Von Szandtner assunse la direzione dell’allevamento, ridusse drasticamente il numero delle fattrici. Molti stalloni anziani erano già morti da qualche tempo e di

General Von Szandtner became the manager of the stud, he would drastically reduce the number of mares. Many older stallions were already dead for some time, and he only kept one for himself among those still alive. He began a thorough search for subjects to be kept on the farm and made a careful selection according to criteria of type, defects of phenotype and pedigree, so he was looking for a new great stallion. Very soon, the expert eye of General Von Szandtner noticed that Sheikh El Arab, a son of Mansour, had left his indelible mark on the herd of the past and he got just ravished by Mansour. When going to the RAS Stallions Deposits, he sought out Nazeer in Behtim and made him return to the new stables built in Kafr Farouk (El Zahraa). At this point the General Tibor Von Pettko Szandtner had the keystone for the genetic program prepared by his administration. A breeding program aimed at increasing the quality according to specific bloodline combinations, just like H.R.H. Prince Mohamed Ali Tewfik and the Scottish Dr. Veterinarian A. E. Branch had done in the past. Over his ten years administrative mandate, General Von Szandtner used Nazeer intensively for reproductive purposes and the results were obvious, because also this son of Mansour proved to be a great sire. Nazeer quickly improved legs in general, siring foals with good conformation and sturdy horses with appreciable size and stature, powerful shoulders and big chest. The heads of Nasser’ sons were highly distinctive features of the bred and they all carried his unique brand of nobility. Telling the sons of Nasser from other foals it was easy, because all conveyed that impression of superiority which is not easy to define and, above all, they all reflected their father’s phenotype. Nasser was an extraordinary handsome horse, with a well balanced figure so typical of the Hadban lineage and a deep gaze. His head was of medium length, fine and noble, his eyes were big, totally black and expressive, and he had a small well-shaped muzzle with wide nostrils capable of great expansion. Nazeer was so fine that his skin looked like

quelli restanti ne conservò uno solo. Iniziò un’accurata ricerca degli individui da tenere in allevamento e fece un’accurata cernita in base alla tipicità, ai difetti del fenotipo e ai pedigrees, così cercò anche un nuovo capo stallone. Subito l’occhio esperto del Generale Von Szandtner notò che Sheikh El Arab, figlio di Mansour, aveva lasciato il suo marchio indelebile nel passato dell’allevamento e rimase conquistato proprio 9 da Mansour, così andando a cercare nei Depositi Stalloni della RAS, egli scovò Nazeer a Behtim e lo fece riportare alle nuove scuderie costruite a Kafr Farouk (El Zahraa). A questo punto il Generale Tibor Pettko Von Szandtner aveva la “chiave di volta” per il programma genetico predisposto dalla sua amministrazione. Un programma di allevamento, rivolto all’incremento della qualità, basato su certe combinazioni di sangue, così come fece in passato H.R.H. Prince Mohamed Ali Tewfik e il veterinario scozzese Dr. A. E. 10 Branch. Nei suoi dieci anni di amministrazione, il Generale Von Szandtner utilizzò intensivamente Nazeer e i risultati furono evidenti, perché anche questo figlio di Mansour dimostrò di essere un grande stallone. Nazeer migliorò subito gli arti in generale, dando figli con una buona conformazione e cavalli robusti, taglia e statura apprezzabili, spalle potenti e profondità del ventre. Le teste dei figli di Nazeer erano molto tipiche, segno distintivo di razza e portavano il suo particolare 11 marchio di nobiltà. Distinguere i figli di Nazeer dagli altri era facile, perché tutti davano quell’impressione di superiorità non facile da definire e soprattutto, riflettevano il fenotipo del padre. Nazeer era un cavallo bellissimo, con un aspetto molto ben bilanciato e tipico della stirpe Hadban, con lo sguardo profondo, la sua testa era di media lunghezza, raffinata e nobile, gli occhi erano grandi, completamente neri ed espressivi, il muso piccolo ben conformato, con le narici larghe e capaci di grande dilatazione. Nazeer aveva talmente tanta finezza che la sua pelle era come carta velina con il reticolo dei capillari chiaramente visibile, aveva un bel garrese con le spalle ben impostate, il suo collo era lungo anche se leggermente

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tissue paper and the branches of his capillaries were clearly visible. He had nice withers with well-set shoulders, his neck was long although slightly straight. His fine legs along with a


strong hock and short pastern allowed him to ride nimbly and correctly, maybe his hindquarters were a bit large, which is a feature that can be found in many of his descendants. In 1955 the Studs located in El Zahraa used to have beautiful, noble and pure Arabian horses with no equals in the world. There lived 113 subjects, including 46 broodmares, 4 seniors stallions, 8 three years old stallions, 9 two years old stallions, 18 yearling fillies, 20 yearlings colts and 28 weanling foals. 1955 was the crucial year in which the sons of Nazeer first, and his grandsons later, began to be exported overseas to stamp his mark on the most important breeding farms of the time, such as the historical Marbach in Germany, the farms owned by the King of Yemen, by the King of Morocco, the most important farms in the US, the state farm Tersk in Russia, the breeding farm of Babolna in Hungary, Syria and Nigeria, up to the present days when the blood of Nazeer is present all over the world. In Egypt, at the time of these exports, Nazeer’s sons, his grandsons and great-grandsons used to distinguish themselves at the racetracks enough to get in high demand at auctions. Among the sons of Nazeer racing in Egypt, we shall remember: Alaa El Din 1956 (Nazeer x Kateefa), Ibn Bukra 1958 (Nazeer x Bukra), Korayem (Ibn Fakhri) 1952 (Nazeer x Helwa), the handsome Tilal (Talal) 1957 ( Nazeer x Zaafarana), who in 1967 was exported to the USA, where he won many shows, including the Scottsdale Reserve Champion Stallion and US National Top Ten Stallion Titles, in addition to being a great sire of champions exported in the midst of the world. Also in Egypt, Nazeer had many grandsons who became true champions at the racetracks and there would be many of them in North America where flat races had developed a lot; in this regard, we shall mention: Serenity Monzeer 1975 (Serenity Ibn Nazeer (Lateef) x Serenity Bint Montaha) and SF Ibn Lateef 1976 (Serenity Ibn Nazeer (Lateef) x Serenity Bint Sagda), bred by the famous Canadian stud farm Serenity Arabians owned by the spouses Hanna Louise and Bil Melnyk, who had just moved to Florida. At that time in North America, shows had become quite frequent and Nazeer’s progenies would be very successful in those events: exceptional performance horses which were

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dritto. Gli ottimi arti con garretto forte e pastorale corto, gli permettevano di muoversi in modo agile e pulito, forse un poco largo nel posteriore, carattere che si ritrova in molti discendenti. Nel 1955 l’allevamento di El Zahraa aveva cavalli arabi così belli, nobili e puri che non aveva uguali al mondo ed era composto di 113 soggetti, di cui 46 fattrici, 4 stalloni anziani, 8 di tre anni, 9 di due anni, 18 puledre di un anno, 20 puledri di un anno e 28 puledri appena svezzati. Il 1955 fu proprio l’anno in cui i figli di Nazeer prima e i suoi nipoti poi, iniziarono a essere esportati all’estero per portare la sua impronta nei più importanti allevamenti dell’epoca, come quello storico di Marbach in Germania, del Re dello Yemen, del Re del Marocco, i più importanti allevamenti degli U.S.A., l’allevamento statale di Tersk in Russia, l’allevamento di Babolna in Ungheria, in Siria e Nigeria, fino ad arrivare ai nostri giorni in cui il sangue di Nazeer è presente in tutto il mondo. Mentre si facevano tutte queste esportazioni, in Egitto i figli, nipoti e pronipoti di Nazeer si distinguevano negli ippodromi, tanto da essere molto richiesti alle aste. Tra i figli di Nazeer che correvano in Egitto, ricordiamo Alaa El Din 1956(Nazeer x Kateefa), Ibn Bukra 1958(Nazeer x Bukra), Korayem (Ibn Fakhri) 1952(Nazeer x Helwa), il bello Tilal (Talal) 1957(Nazeer x Zaafarana) che poi, nel 1967 fu esportato negli U.S.A., dove vinse in molti shows, compresi Scottsdale Reserve Champion Stallion e U.S. National Top Ten Stallion, oltre a risultare un grande trasmettitore di campioni esportati in mezzo mondo. In Egitto Nazeer ha avuto anche tanti nipoti che sono stati dei veri campioni negli ippodromi, come ve ne sono stati anche nell’America settentrionale dove si svilupparono molto le corse in piano, tra questi cito Serenity Monzeer 1975(Serenity Ibn Nazeer (Lateef) x Serenity Bint Montaha) e SF Ibn Lateef 1976(Serenity Ibn Nazeer (Lateef) x Serenity Bint Sagda), allevati dal famoso allevamento Canadese Serenity Arabian Farms dei coniugi Hanna Louise e Bil Melnyk, trasferitosi poi in Florida. A quei tempi nell’America settentrionale si svilupparono anche gli shows, dove la progenie di Nazeer ebbe grande successo, eccezionali cavalli da performance che essendo molto belli,


vincevano anche nei concorsi di morfologia. Si dimostrò che alla fine del 1989, di 21 fattrici Straight Egyptian che hanno prodotto quattro o più campioni negli U.S.A., 17 si ricollegavano a Nazeer e le restanti 4 erano sue figlie dirette, ma la cosa non dovrebbe rappresentare una sorpresa, se verifichiamo attentamente gli eccellenti risultati dei suoi discendenti. Dai registri dell’EAO risulta che durante la sua breve carriera di riproduttore, Nazeer ha prodotto più di cento figli, dimostrando di essere uno di quei rari stalloni che nascono raramente per rigenerare la razza.

so beautiful to the extent that they won even in morphology contests. It turned out that at the end of 1989, out of 21 Straight Egyptian mares who had produced four or more champions in the US, 17 were to be connected with Nazeer and the remaining 4 were his direct daughters; however, this should not come as a surprise after checking carefully the excellent results of his


descendants. EAO’s records show that during his short career as a breeding stallion, Nazeer had produced more than one hundred foals, proving to be one of those once in a while stallions who rarely come around to regenerate the breed. Among Nazeer’s descendants there were many winners of National Class A Championships, both in Egypt and in North America where the largest number of his sons had been exported; they might be about a thousand winners. Three Nazeer’s direct foals won USA national championships such as: Ansata Ibn Halima (Ibn Halima) 1958 (Nazeer x Halima) 1966, 1967, 1969 US Top Ten Stallion; Bint Maisa El Saghira 1958 (Nazeer x Maisa), 1964 US Top Ten Park, 1965 US Top Ten Mare and Top Ten English Pleasure and Talal (Tilal) 1957 (Nazeer x Zaafarana), 1969 US Top Ten Stallion. We may say that out of the 38 sons of Nazeer having American progeny, 21 have generated Canadian and US National Champions. With reference to his 8 foals imported into the US, i.e. Ansata Ibn Halima (Ibn Halima), Fakher El Din 1960 (Nazeer x Moniet El Nefous), Ghali 1957 (Nazeer x Galila), Morafic 1956 (Nazeer x Mabrouka), Ramses Fayek (Fayek) 1958 ( Nazeer x Fayza II), Rashad Ibn Nazeer (Rashad) 1955 (Nazeer x Yashmak), Serenity Ibn Nazeer (Lateef) 1953 (Nazeer x Lateefa), and Talal (Tilal), almost all of them have generated at least one national champion. As for the thirteen daughters of Nazeer imported to the US, at least five have produced national champions: Ansata Bint Mabrouka (Bint Mabrouka) 1958 (Nazeer x Mabrouka), Ansata Bint Zaafarana (Bint Zaafarana) 1958 (Nazeer x Zaafarana), Bint Maisa El Saghira, Bint Mona (Bint Mouna) 1958 (Nazeer x Mouna) and Bint El Moniet Nefous 1957 (Nazeer x Moniet El Nefous). Additional sons and daughters of Nazeer who remained in Egypt or got exported to other countries have generated national champions in the U.S.A. and Canada, such as: Alaa El Din, Aswan (Raafat) 1958 (Nazeer x Yosreia), Bint Om El Saad 1958 (Nazeer x Om El Saad), Galal 1959 (Nazeer x Farasha), Hadban Enzahi (Kamel) 1952 (Nazeer x Kamla), Hassan 1959 (Nazeer x Hemmat), Ibn Maisa 1957 (Nazeer x Maisa), Mamlouka 1953 (Nazeer x Malaka), Nazeera 1954 (Nazeer x Malaka), Rafica 1955 (Nazeer x Om El Saad) and Waseem 1958 (Nazeer x Malaka). If we account for the victories of his descendants on every continent, we can realize that Nazeer’s influence reached impressive proportions and even today’s winners can benefit from it.

Tra i discendenti di Nazeer troviamo molti vincitori di Campionati Nazionali di classe A, sia in Egitto, sia in America settentrionale, dove è stato esportato il maggior numero dei suoi figli, azzardando una cifra saranno circa un migliaio di vincitori. Tre figli diretti di Nazeer hanno vinto ai campionati nazionali U.S.A., tra cui: Ansata Ibn Halima (Ibn Halima) 1958(Nazeer x Halima), 1966, 1967, 1969 US Top Ten Stallion; Bint Maisa El Saghira 1958(Nazeer x Maisa), 1964 US Top Ten Park, 1965 US Top Ten Mare e Top Ten English Pleasure e Talal (Tilal) 1957(Nazeer x Zaafarana), 1969 US Top Ten Stallion. Approssimativamente, dei 38 figli di Nazeer con progenie americana, 21 hanno generato Campioni Nazionali canadesi e statunitensi. Gli 8 figli importati negli U.S.A., Ansata Ibn Halima (Ibn Halima), Fakher El Din 1960(Nazeer x Moniet El Nefous), Ghali 1957(Nazeer x Galila), Morafic 1956(Nazeer x Mabrouka), Ramses Fayek (Fayek) 1958(Nazeer x Fayza II), Rashad Ibn Nazeer (Rashad) 1955(Nazeer x Yashmak), Serenity Ibn Nazeer (Lateef) 1953(Nazeer x Lateefa), e Talal (Tilal), hanno quasi tutti generato almeno un campione nazionale. Delle tredici figlie di Nazeer importate negli Stati Uniti, almeno cinque hanno prodotto campioni nazionali: Ansata Bint Mabrouka (Bint Mabrouka) 1958(Nazeer x Mabrouka), Ansata Bint Zaafarana (Bint Zaafarana) 1958(Nazeer x Zaafarana), Bint Maisa El Saghira, Bint Mona (Bint Mouna) 1958(Nazeer x Mouna) e Bint Moniet El Nefous 1957(Nazeer x Moniet El Nefous). Altri figli e figlie di Nazeer rimasti in Egitto o esportati in altre nazioni hanno generato campioni nazionali in U.S.A. e Canada, come: Alaa El Din, Aswan (Raafat) 1958(Nazeer x Yosreia), Bint Om El Saad 1958(Nazeer x Om El Saad), Galal 1959(Nazeer x Farasha), Hadban Enzahi (Kamel) 1952(Nazeer x Kamla), Hassan 1959(Nazeer x Hemmat), Ibn Maisa 1957(Nazeer x Maisa), Mamlouka 1953(Nazeer x Malaka), Nazeera 1954(Nazeer x Malaka), Rafica 1955(Nazeer x Om El Saad) e Waseem 1958(Nazeer x Malaka). Se consideriamo le vittorie dei suoi discendenti in tutti i continenti, ci possiamo rendere conto che l’influenza di Nazeer, raggiunge proporzioni imponenti e anche i vincitori di oggi beneficiano della sua influenza.

CAPTIONS 1) Nazeer 1934(Mansour x Bint Samiha) - Painting by Mrs. Barbara Lewis. 2) Mansour 1921(Gamil Manial x Nafa El Saghira). 3) Bint Samiha 1925(Kazmeen x Samiha). 4) Nazeer 1934(Mansour x Bint Samiha). 5) Ghazal 1953(Nazeer x Bukra). 6) Ansata Bint Bukra (Husnia) 1959(Nazeer x Bukra). 7) Alaa El Din 1956(Nazeer x Kateefa). 8) Morafic 1956(Nazeer x Mabrouka). 9) Talal (Tilal) 1957(Nazeer x Zaafarana). 10) Ansata Bint Zaafarana (Bint Zaafarana) 1958(Nazeer x Zaafarana). 11) Ansata Ibn Halima (Ibn Halima) 1958(Nazeer x Halima). 12) Ramses Fayek (Fayek) 1958(Nazeer x Faysa II). 13) Bint Maisa El Saghira 1958(Nazeer x Maisa). 14) Nazeer 1934(Mansour x Bint Samiha).

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Words by Sonja Smaldone

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ll breeders, friends and lovers of the Straight Egyptian Horse were heartily welcomed to the 2016 Egyptian Event Europe - this year for the first time on the grounds of the ‘Castle Dyck’ in Juchen, near Dusseldorf in Germany. A very relaxed show with a family feel, the Egyptian Event Europe is the biggest pure Egyptian show outside of the United States. Run by a dedicated group of people, this show showcased the very best Egyptian horses from across Europe and the Middle East. To all show attendants who flocked there, the Dyck Castle gave the opportunity to experience one of the most important cultural monuments in the Rhineland. In 1094, Dyck was first mentioned as the Free Authority of the Dyck Gentlemen, the later Princes and Old Earls of SalmReifferscheidt-Dyck. A century-old history could be admired in the ensemble and in the rooms of the Castle. Its historical park was designed in the 19th century by Thomas Blaikie, one of the great garden architects of his time. It is renowned Europe-wide as an English Landscape Garden. Unique is the variety as well as the size of the partly exotic trees which are beautifully arranged among ponds and meadows, groves and wooded areas. An enchanted almost surreal location for a show thoroughly devoted to the Straight Egyptian Arabian horses whose excellence and beauty were

celebrated on two magic dates, from Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th August 2016. An extraordinary international judge panel was convened to score our champions: Mrs. Claudia Darius – Germany; Dr. Nasr Marei – Egypt; Mr. Talal Al Mehri – Kuwait; and Dr. Francesco Santoro – Italy. Excellent the job done by Mr. Sten Schroll in his quality of Ringmaster, and by Mrs. Line Brunsgaard and Mrs. Kestin Wisniowski, both as Disciplinary Commissioners. Great atmosphere, Great horses, and Great fun! The Venue followed its schedule perfectly. The Final Championships started with the Yearling Fillies, sponsored by Al Rayyan Farm, Gold medal winner the grey GHAZALAH AL WAAB (BARRAQ EL ALIYA × NABEELA SAQR) bred and owned by SHEIKH ABDULLA KHALID AL THANI. Silver medal winner the bay NADIRAH AL RASHEDIAH (ZT FAA’IQ × NK NAEEMA) bred and owned by AL RASHEDIAH STUD. Bronze medal winner the grey SH IBTIHAL (GAZAL AL RAYAH × ALIDAH MADHEEN) bred by AL SHAYA STUD and owned by MR. RASHED AHMED AL SHAYA. Next to go were the Yearling Colts. Gold medal winner the grey HILAL AL WAAB (SINAN AL RAYYAN × SHARUBY HP) bred and owned by SH. ABDULLA KHALID AL THANI. Silver medal winner the grey SHAHEEN AA (AL AYAL AA × SANIYYAH RCA) bred by ARIELA ARABIANS FARM and owned by AL BAYDAA STUD. Bronze medal winner the grey BK LAMINO (BK LATIF × AL AMAL AA) bred and owned by BK ARABIANS. On it went the Juniors Categories. As for the Juniors Fillies Category, sponsored by Al Waab Farm, GOLD medal winner, the splendid grey DALAL ZAMANI (LAHEEB × ZENA AL BURAR) bred by AL KASASSI and owned by ABHAA STUD. SILVER medal winner the grey (AL AYAL AA × JPJ TALSASHA)

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bred by ARIELA ARABIANS FARM and owned by AL BAYDAA STUD. BRONZE medal winner the grey NARDIN AH (AL AYAL AA × NIJMAT AL SACHRA) bred by AH ARABIANS and owned by MR. MUBARAQ HAMDAN AL KASHAB. As for the Colts of the same Category, sponsored by Bait Al Arab, Gold medal winner the grey NASEEM AL RASHEDIAH (AL ADEED AL SHAQAB × NABAWEYYAH EZZAIN) bred and owned by AL RASHEDIAH STUD. SILVER medal winner the grey D MONAF (ROYAL COLOURS × D A ANIQAH) bred by DUBAI ARABIAN HORSE STUD and owned by AL WAWAN ARABIANS. BRONZE medal winner the grey HANAYA LABID (LAHEEB AL NASSER × ZT ASSFASIKHA) bred and owned by HANAYA ARABIANS. At the close of this memorable equestrian event were the Seniors Categories. Undisputed queen of the Mares Category, sponsored by Bait Al Arab, the grey NABILA AL RAYYAN (SINAN AL RAYYAN × ANSATA NEFER ISIS) bred by AL RAYYAN FARM and owned by SH. SAOUD ABDULAZIZ AL THANI. SILVER medal winner the grey NASHWAH AA (AL AYAD × INSHA SHA LATIFA) bred and owned by ARIELA ARABIANS. BRONZE medal winner the grey MENOUAH AL RAYYAN (FARES AL RAYYAN × BINT MESOUDA M) bred and owned by AL RAYYAN FARM. The Senior Stallions Championships concluded the manifestation which, like every year on Sunday night, saw a clash among titans with international champions and other winners of the most successful

N° 4 - 2016 | 184

international competitions contending for the first place on the podium. A championship entirely sponsored by Al Baydaa Stud with a line-up of three stunning Straight Egyptian Arabian sires, divining the quality always present at this show! GOLD medal winner the grey PSE AL RAKHAN (ROYAL COLOURS × PSE MISTREZ) bred by PRESTIGE ARABIANS and owned by MR. KHALED ABDULAZIZ ALNUGHAIMISH. SILVER medal winner the grey SHAMEKH AL DANAT (AJMAL AL KOUT × AJMAL SHARIFA) bred by MR. MOHAMMED SULAIMAN AL OMAR and owned by AL DANAT) STUD. BRONZE medal winner the grey AL PASHA OONY (EZZ EZZAIN × MENAT ALLAH OONY) bred and owned by OONY STUD. There were also some other trophies to be presented. Best in Show Female the grey NABILA AL RAYYAN (SINAN AL RAYYAN × ANSATA NEFER ISIS) bred by AL RAYYAN FARM and owned by SH. SAOUD ABDULAZIZ AL THANI. Best in Show Male the grey NASEEM AL RASHEDIAH (AL ADEED AL SHAQAB × NABAWEYYAH EZZAIN) bred and owned by AL RASHEDIAH STUD. The very best Egyptian horses from across Europe and the Middle East were there, in Juchen, at the Castle Dick last August 2016. A visual delight for all show attendants! In truth, some of the most beautiful Straight Egyptians made their first debut in the arena, while some others had just to prove and confirm their already acclaimed qualities and virtues. With a wonderful Breeders’ Party on Saturday night, the Egyptian Event Europe in Dusseldorf is, therefore, a ‘must visit’ for anyone with an interest in the Arabian horse – and it is a can’t miss for those with a passion for Egyptian lines.

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rossed by the ‘Naviglio Grande’, the Commune of Vermezzo is located at 119 meters above the sea level and 20 kilometers away from Milan. The origin of the name is somewhat debated, but it is Latin anyway, so it is believed that the first settlement took place in Roman times. The name may, in fact, result from ‘viridis medium’ that means ‘in the middle of the green’, later changed into ‘Vermez’. This hypothesis is corroborated by the fact that in the district, where the ‘Cascina del Conte’ stands so beautifully, once there was a ‘verderium’ or ‘viridarium’ that is, a dooryard known for the variety of cultivated plants. Several noble families from Milan possessed land and property in the territory of Vermezzo such as: the House of Del Conte, the Panigarolas, the Viscontis, the Avogadros, but the most representative family was the House of Pozzobonelli which since the thirteenth century had acquired a respectable position among the local landowners. In this quiet and

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l Comune di Vermezzo, attraversato dal Naviglio Grande, si trova a 119 metri sul livello del mare e a 20 chilometri di distanza dalle porte di Milano. Il toponimo ha un’origine alquanto discussa, ma comunque latina, per cui si ritiene che il primo insediamento sia avvenuto in età romana. Il nome potrebbe infatti derivare da ‘viridis medium’ cioè ‘in mezzo al verde’, poi modificato in ‘Vermez’. Questa ipotesi sarebbe avvalorata dal fatto che nel circondario, là dove sorge la Cascina del Conte, pare esistesse un tempo un ‘verderium’ o ‘viridarium’ cioè un verziere noto per la varietà delle piante coltivate. Molti nobili milanesi possedettero terreni e proprietà nel territorio di Vermezzo: ricordiamo i Del Conte, i Panigarola, i Visconti, gli Avogadro, ma la casata più rappresentativa fu quella dei Pozzobonelli, che già dal XIII secolo aveva acquistato una posizione di tutto rispetto tra gli altri proprietari. In questo tranquillo e suggestivo comune dell’area metropolitana milanese, allevatori e membri della comunità internazionale del cavallo

picturesque commune in the metropolitan area of Milan, breeders and members of the Arabian horse international community came together during the weekend of 15th -16th last October 2016 at the new equestrian facility - the MVR Pala Show Jumpers Asd. owned by Mrs. Barbara Morali & Co. - to assist and participate in the Straight Egyptian World Championship. It was a world event exclusively reserved for horses of the Egyptian line, the rarest line of the purebred breed. Therefore, a major event, a real ‘treat’ we add, for the most enthusiasts. This fourth edition was attended by almost 80 horses from over 20 nations. They were presented by some of the best handlers of the international scene who had the task of showing the specimens, walking in step and in trotting, in front of the international jury for evaluation. The judges officiating at the show were: Mrs. CLAUDIA DARIUS (GER); Mr.CEDES BAKKER (NL); Mr. RAOUF ABBAS (EGY); Mr. CHRISTIAN MOSCHINI (ITA) and Ms. JUDITH PARKS (USA). As Ringmaster, Dr. ABDUL WAHAB AMIRA (UAE) assisted by Mr. JEAN MARC DUBOIS (FRA) in his role of Ring steward. As Disciplinary Commissioners: Dr. MOHAMED MABROUK MOHAMED HAMAD (EGY); Eng. MARCO FREZZA (ITA) and Dr. Fabrizio BIANCHI (ITA). Guest of honor Sheikh Adnan Al Thani, a diehard fan of Egyptian horses. The applicant Categories were, as always, really gripping! The Grand Final was compelling and kept everyone in suspense for much of it until the final champions for each category were announced. Starting with the Yearlings categories, the show featured in only the Females of the class. Gold medal winner the very pretty chestnut OR Marjuana (Frasera Mashar x

arabo, si sono dati appuntamento durante il week-end del 1516 lo scorso ottobre 2016 al nuovo impianto ippico - il MVR Pala Show Jumpers Asd. della sig.ra Barbara Morali & Co. - per assistere e partecipare al Campionato Mondiale del Cavallo Puro Egiziano. Si è trattato di un appuntamento mondiale riservato esclusivamente ai cavalli di linea egiziana, la linea più rara della razza purosangue. Dunque, un appuntamento immancabile, una vera ‘chicca’ aggiungiamo noi, per tutti gli appassionati. In questa quarta edizione hanno partecipato circa 100 cavalli provenienti da ben 20 nazioni. A presentarli, alcuni dei migliori handler del panorama internazionale i quali hanno avuto il compito di condurre gli esemplari al passo e al trotto davanti alla giuria internazionale per la valutazione. I giudici intervenuti ad ufficiare la gara sono stati: la Sig.ra CLAUDIA DARIUS (GER); il Sig. CEDES BAKKER (NL); il Sig. RAOUF ABBAS (EGY); il Sig. CHRISTIAN MOSCHINI (ITA) e la Sig.ra JUDITH PARKS (USA). In qualità di Ringmaster il Dr. ABDUL WAHAB AMIRA (UAE) assistito dal Sig. JEAN MARC DUBOIS (FRA) nel suo ruolo di Ring steward. Commissari Disciplinari: il Dr. MOHAMED MABROUK MOHAMED HAMAD (EGY); l’Ing. MARCO FREZZA (ITA) e il Dr. FABRIZIO BIANCHI (ITA). Tra gli ospiti d’onore lo Sceicco Adnan Al Thani, grandissimo appassionato di cavalli egiziani. Le Categorie partecipanti sono state tutte, come sempre, molto appassionanti! Il Gran Finale è stato avvincente e ha mantenuto tutti in suspense per gran parte di esso fino a quando sono stati proclamati i campioni definitivi di ogni categoria. Iniziando dalle Categorie Yearlings, presente solo la classe delle Femmine. Medaglia d’oro per la graziosissima saura OR Marjuana (Frasera Mashar x OR Magnolia) allevata e di proprietà dell’Allevamento

N° 4 - 2016 | 193

OR Magnolia) bred and owned by Allevamento Ol Ri and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. Silver medal winner the gray Nadirah Al Rashediah (ZT Faa IQ x NK Naeema) bred and owned by Al Rashediah Stud and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. Bronze medal winner the gray SH Ibtihal (Gazal Al Rayah x Alidah Madheen) bred and owned by Al Shaya Stud and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. As for the Juniors Categories, for the Females, Gold champion filly the beautiful gray Mashhoorah Al Shaqab (Ansata Nile Echo x Laian Al Shaqab) bred and owned by Al Shaqab Member of Q.F. and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. Silver champion filly, the highly decorated gray Dalal Zamani (Laheeb x Zena Al Burar) bred by Al Kasassi Muhamad, owned by Al Babtain Stud and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. Bronze champion filly, the bay Fotna Baidaa Al (Al

Sheikh Al Obaied Mogh x Suriah DHS) bred by Al Baidaa Stud, owned by Al Babtain Stud and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. As for the Junior Colts Category, Gold medal winner the gray Naseem Al Rashediah (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Nabaweyyah Ezzain) bred and owned by Al Rahediah Stud and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. Silver medal winner the gray Basim AA (Al Ayal AA x Basmah AA) bred by ARIELA Arabians, owned by Podere delle Bellezze srl and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. Bronze medal winner the bay Royal Alabina (Al Ayal AA x Princess Alabina) bred and owned by Hiflel AVL and Yehezkel Yaron and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. But let us turn now to the Seniors Categories. Gold champion mare, the beautiful gray EL Sayyeda (Imperial Baarez x Helala) bred by Nadia

Ol Ri, e presentata da handler Paolo Capecci. Medaglia d’argento per la grigia Nadirah Al Rashediah (ZT Faa IQ x NK Naeema) allevata e di proprietà di Al Rashediah Stud e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. Bronzo per la grigia SH Ibtihal (Gazal Al Rayah x Alidah Madheen) allevata e di proprietà di Al Shaya Stud e presentata da handler Paolo Capecci. Per quanto riguarda le Categorie Juniores, per le Femmine, Campionessa oro la splendida grigia Mashhoorah Al Shaqab (Ansata Nile Echo x Laian Al Shaqab) allevata e di proprietà di Al Shaqab Member of Q.F. e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. Campionessa argento la pluridecorata grigia Dalal Zamani (Laheeb x Zena Al Burar) allevata da Al Kasassi Muhamad, di proprietà di Al Babtain Stud e presentata da handler Paolo Capecci. Campionessa bronzo la baia Fotna Al Baidaa (Al Sheikh Obaied Al Mogh x DHS Suriah) allevata da Al Baidaa Stud, di proprietà

di Al Babtain Stud e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. Per i Maschi della medesima Categoria, Medaglia d’oro per il grigio Naseem Al Rashediah (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Nabaweyyah Ezzain) allevato e di proprietà di Al Rahediah Stud e presentato da handler Giacomo Capacci. Medaglia d’argento per il grigio Basim AA (Al Ayal AA x Basmah AA) allevato da ARIELA Arabians e di proprietà di Podere delle Bellezze S.r.l. e presentato da handler Paolo Capecci. Medaglia di bronzo il baio Royal Alabina (Al Ayal AA x Princess Alabina) allevato e di proprietà di Hiflel Avl and Yehezkel Yaron e presentato da handler Giacomo Capacci. Ma veniamo alle Categorie Seniores. Regina oro della Categoria Fattrici, la splendida grigia EL Sayyeda (Imperial Baarez x Helala) allevata da Nadia A. Amer, di proprietà di Athbah Stud e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. Argento per la grigia

N° 4 - 2016 | 194

A. Amer, owned by Athbah Stud and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. Silver champion mare, the gray Menouah AL Rayyan (Fares Al Rayyan x Bint Mesoudah M HP) bred and owned by Al Rayyan Farm and presented by handler Luca Oberti. Bronze champion mare, the gray Julnar Al Rayyan (Ashhal Al Rayyan x Jamila Al Rayyan) bred and owned by Al Rayyan Farm and presented by handler Luca Oberti. As for the Senior Stallions Category, Gold medal winner the magnificent gray PSE AL Rakhan (Royal Colours x Mistrez PSE) bred by Prestige BVBA, owned by Asayel Stud and presented by handler Miles Buchley. Silver medal winner the gray Bebars Al Farida (Imperial Baarez x Salma) bred and owned by El Farida Stud and presented by handler Luca Oberti. Bronze medal winner the gray AL Sa’eedi (Kyro

KA x True Sahara) bred and owned by Said Khair Stud and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. What a wonderful weekend at the Straight Egyptian World Championship in Milan! A fantastic parade which took place with the technical consultancy of Madame Christianne Chazel and Madame Dominique Briot and the contribution of Dott. Vet. Laura Mascagna as an executive secretary, and that, at its fourth edition – evidenced the perfect combination between the charm and elegance of exquisite Straight Egyptian specimens and the beautiful facilities of the new equestrian center managed by Mrs. Barbara Morali and her exceptional staff. For us of the Arabian Horse Magazine team it was an honor being able to be there to cover and support the show!

Menouah AL Rayyan (Fares Al Rayyan x Bint Mesoudah M HP) allevata e di proprietà di Al Rayyan Farm e presentata da handler Luca Oberti. Bronzo per la grigia Julnar Al Rayyan (Ashhal Al Rayyan x Jamila Al Rayyan) allevata e di proprietà di Al Rayyan Farm e presentata da Luca Oberti. Per la Categoria Stalloni, Medaglia d’oro, il magnifico grigio PSE AL Rakhan (Royal Colours x PSE Mistrez) allevato da Prestige BVBA, di proprietà di Asayel Stud e presentato da handler Miles Buchley. Campione argento il grigio Bebars Al Farida (Imperial Baarez x Salma) allevato e di proprietà di El Farida Stud e presentato da handler Luca Oberti. Campione bronzo il grigio AL Sa’eedi (Kyro KA x True Sahara) allevato e di proprietà di Said Khair Stud e presentato da handler Paolo Capecci. Un weekend meraviglioso quello trascorso al Campionato

Mondiale del Cavallo puro Egiziano, una bellissima kermesse che si è svolta alle porte di Milano con la consulenza tecnica delle signore Christianne Chazel e Dominique Briot, e il contributo della Dott. Vet. Laura Mascagna in qualità di segretaria executive e, che, in questa quarta edizione – ha sottolineato la perfetta unione tra il fascino e l’eleganza di questi splendidi esemplari arabi e le bellissime strutture del Centro sportivo di equitazione di Barbara Morali & Co. Per noi del team di Arabian Horse Magazine è stato un onore poter essere lì e supportare questa bellissimo appuntamento di morfologia dedicato esclusivamente ai cavalli puri egiziani di tutto il mondo.

N° 4 - 2016 | 195

YEARLING FILLIES Photo by Antonio Caracciolo


Points | 20.00



Points | 8.00



N° 4 - 2016 | 196

Points | 4.00



Points | 18.00



Points | 12.00



Points | 3.00


N° 4 - 2016 | 197



Points | 16.00



Points | 8.00



N° 4 - 2016 | 198

Points | 3.00



Points | 20.00



Points | 6.00



Points | 4.00


N° 4 - 2016 | 199



Points | 16.00



Points | 10.00



N° 4 - 2016 | 200

Points | 7.00

N° 4 - 2016 | 201

N° 4 - 2016 | 202

N° 4 - 2016 | 203

N° 4 - 2016 | 204

N° 4 - 2016 | 205

N° 4 - 2016 | 206

N° 4 - 2016 | 207

JORDAN will take you on a tour which will give you the experience of a lifetime… It has the most fascinating places which will take you through history. The Nabataean city of Petra, which is one of the most elegant remains of antiquity existing, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, The Citadel in Amman and so the list of eye catching places is endless.. Jordan is a moment to treasure, a lunarscape to explore, a twinkling night.. Jordan, and its laidback capital Amman, hide a treasure trove of gilded, authentic Arabian experiences. One of the most remarkable experiences it is a visit to Al Khair Arabians, situated in the heart of Amman, Jordan. The farm itself is a unique place to be, a palace which is named home to a number of 60 beautiful Arabian horses. Mr. Said Khair has created a breeding program of impeccable quality over the years. The Straight Egyptian Arabians have had a great impact onto where Al Khair Arabians stands today. One of the pearls that has taken a special place in the heart of Mr. Khair is the gorgeous, snow white, extremely typey Straight Egyptian Stallion Al Sa’eedi who was crowned Junior (2009) & Senior (2011) Middle East Champion Stallion! What is so unique about Al Sa’eedi is that not only has he got an outstanding pedigree, sired by Kyro KA and out of a True Colours’s daughter, True Sahara TDD. Al Sa’eedi has already proven himself as a champion producer. We are excited to announce that Al Sa’eedi contributed at the Egyptian World Cup 2016 with Paolo Capecci! Taking Bronze medal at the Championship! We thank Paolo and his great team for taking the best care of Al Sa’eedi and are very proud of the achievements we’ve made with this stallion who

N° 4 - 2016 | 208

N° 4 - 2016 | 209

Al Sa’eedi - Junior Gold Champion Middle East Championship 2009

2016 BRONZE CHAMPION STALLION STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN WORLD CUP MILAN 2014 GOLD CHAMPION STALLION SHARJAH STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN SHOW 2013 GOLD CHAMPION STALLION ISRAELI NATIONALS 2011 SENIOR GOLD CHAMPION AT THE MIDDLE EAST CHAMPIONSHIP 2009 JUNIOR GOLD CHAMPION AT THE MIDDLE EAST CHAMPIONSHIP has a special place in our heart! Mr. Said Khair shares his passion for Arabian horses together with his son Basheer Khair. Together they manage the breeding program, when possible they attend the shows. Most importantly to both is to enjoy watching the Arabian horses at home, seeing the young ones grow and to admire the beauty that is hidden in the stables of Al Khair Arabians. In 2014 Mr. Said Khair & Basheer Khair made their first debut in Europe with Dalal Al Khair, leaving great memories and taking Bronze Junior Champion at the Emerald Trophy - B International Show. Dalal Al Khair by the breath-taking stallion Al Sa’eedi has now returned back home to reunite with her mother Dalia. Al Khair Arabians has some very promising young stocks about which we will surely see a lot more very soon..

N° 4 - 2016 | 210

Dalal Al Khair (AL SA’EEDI X DALIA Junior Bronze Champions Emerald Trophy-B International Show 2014

Like father, like son.. Basheer Khair & Mr. Said Khair (2016) Bess Elf (ibn estasha x sharon el kendal) Dalal Al Khair (Al Sa’eedi x Dalia Al Khair) Dalia (Scudsly x Karma)

JADAYAL AL KHAIR (AL SA’EEDI X JAWAHER AL KHAIR) Middle East Gold Champion Junior Filly 2016

N° 4 - 2016 | 211

N° 4 - 2016 | 212


ittà di Castello is the ancient ‘Tiferno’, a small Umbrian center in the Upper Tiber Valley and that, after the Roman conquest at the end of the first century, became ‘Tifernum Tiberium’, a flourishing and wealthy commune, adorned with public buildings and temples by the powerful patron Pliny the Young. The Goths of Totila destroyed it but the bishop Florido rebuilt it and fortified it. During the Lombard rule the city took the name of ‘Castrum Felicitatis’, while in the period of the municipalities it became ‘Civitas Castelli’, hence the current name of Città di Castello (City of Castle). In the Renaissance, the city enjoyed its greatest splendor when painters, artists, architects of great fame flocked there to embellish it, first of all famous Italian painter Raphael. The three most important museums collect treasures of immeasurable artistic value so as to depict it as a ‘museum city’. The Municipal Art Gallery, located at the heart of Palazzo Vitelli; the Duomo housed in the renovated rooms of the cathedral, and the two Collections in Palazzo Albizzini and former ‘Seccatoi’ which mark the artistic career of Alberto Burri, the great master who left his hometown many of his works. Besides a great and priceless artistic heritage, ‘Città di Castello’ boasts ancient equestrian traditions. This is demonstrated by the fact that the beautiful Umbrian town has hosted for half a century now, one of the most prestigious equestrian festivals such as the ‘Mostra del Cavallo of Città di Castello’, that this year was at its 50th edition and that, since 9th September 2016 opened its doors to everybody at the historical site of the ‘Fattoria Autonoma Tabacchi’. As


ittà di Castello è l’antica ‘Tiferno’, centro umbro dell’Alta Valle del Tevere che dopo la conquista romana alla fine del I° secolo, divenne Tifernum Tiberium, un fiorente e ricco municipio, abbellito con edifici pubblici e templi dal potente patrono Plinio il Giovane. I Goti di Totila la distrussero ma il Vescovo Florido la ricostruì e la fortificò. Durante il dominio Longobardo la città assunse il nome di ‘Castrum Felicitatis’, mentre nel periodo dei comuni essa divenne ‘Civitas Castelli’, da cui deriva l’attuale Città di Castello. Nel Rinascimento la città conobbe il massimo splendore quando pittori, artisti, architetti di gran nome furono chiamati ad abbellirla, prima fra tutti Raffaello. I tre musei più importanti raccolgono tesori di incommensurabile valore artistico tanto da farne una città museo. La Pinacoteca Comunale, collocata nello scrigno di Palazzo Vitelli; il Duomo allestito nelle rinnovate sale della cattedrale, e le due Collezioni di Palazzo Albizzini e degli ex Seccatoi che segnano il percorso artistico di Alberto Burri, il grande maestro che ha lasciato alla città natale molte delle sue opere. Oltre ad un grandissimo e inestimabile patrimonio artistico, la Città di Castello vanta antichissime tradizioni equestri. Lo dimostra il fatto che il bellissimo borgo ospiti, ormai, da mezzo secolo a questa parte, una delle più attraenti rassegne equestri, la Mostra del Cavallo di Città di Castello, giunta quest’anno alla sua 50° edizione e, che, dal 9 ottobre 2016, ha aperto i battenti a tutti, nella storica sede della Fattoria Autonoma Tabacchi. Nell’ambito della Mostra, si è svolto anche l’Evento Egiziano - show B Internazionale Anica-Echao - riservato ai cavalli Arabi di razza pura

N° 4 - 2016 | 213

part of the exhibition, there was also the Egyptian Event B International show Anica-Echao - reserved for Straight Egyptian Arabian horses only. So, on two consecutive days, from 10th to 11th September, the ancient ‘Tiferno’ became the capital of reference for breeders and enthusiasts of this breed that old, that prodigious…A unique experience full of entertainment and excitement made possible by the ‘Associazione Mostra Nazionale del Cavallo della Città di Castello’, organizer of the event, at work for months to ensure continuity to the manifestation and to strengthen the strong bond existing between the horse, Città di Castello, Umbria and the whole nation. As for the technical organization, the show could rely on the capacities of Mr. Domenico Duranti and Mr. Filippi Coccetta Marzio. Among the judges officiating at the competition some of the most famous names on the international scene: Mrs. Sylvie Eberhardt, Mrs. Chen Kedar, Mrs. Irina Stigler, Mr. Marc Veray and Mr. Pierluigi Rota; as Ringmaster, Mr. Moschini Cristian. Members of the Disciplinary Commission: Mr. Teo Baldelli Gian Paolo, Mr. Frezza Marco and Mr. Manerba Alberto. The music was played by Mr. Gianluca Di Filippi Coccetta, while Mrs. Miriam Boscarini was appointed as official commentator. For all participants, powerful feelings but also lots of fun for the audience. The Yearlings Categories kicked off the Final Championship. As for the Yearling Fillies, gold medal for the gray ANUK DEL PALAZZOTTO (SHANGHAI EA x MAGNUMS) bred by AZ. AGR. IL PALAZZOTTO of Capecci Paolo and owned by Al Saqran Stud. Silver medal

N° 4 - 2016 | 214

egiziana. Così, per due giorni di seguito, dal 10 all’11 ottobre, la cittadina tifernate è diventata la capitale di riferimento di allevatori ed appassionati di questa razza tanto antica quanto prodigiosa. Un’esperienza unica di spettacolo e divertimento resa possibile grazie all’Associazione Mostra Nazionale del Cavallo, organizzatrice della kermesse, al lavoro da mesi per garantire continuità alla Mostra e per rinsaldare il forte legame che esiste tra il cavallo, Città di Castello, l’Umbria e tutto il territorio nazionale. Per l’organizzazione tecnica, lo spettacolo ha potuto contare sulle spiccate professionalità dei Sigg. Duranti Domenico e Filippi Coccetta Marzio. Tra i giudici intervenuti alla gara di morfologia alcuni dei nomi più altisonanti del panorama internazionale: Sig.ra Eberhardt Sylvie, Sig.ra Kedar Chen, Sig.ra Irina Stigler, Sig. Veray Marc e Sig. Rota Pierluigi. Con l’incarico di Ringmaster, il Sig. Moschini Cristian. Membri della Commissione Disciplinare: Sig. Teo Baldelli Gian Paolo, Sig. Frezza Marco e Sig. Manerba Alberto. Le musiche sono state curate da Di Filippi Coccetta Gianluca, mentre la Sig.ra Miriam Boscarini si è occupata delle attività di speakeraggio. Per tutti i partecipanti emozioni forti ma tanto divertimento anche per il pubblico. A dare il via al Campionato Finale sono state le Categorie Yearlings. Per quanto riguarda le Yearling Fillies, medaglia oro per la grigia ANUK DEL PALAZZOTTO (SHANGHAI EA x MAGNUMS) allevata da AZ. AGR. IL PALAZZOTTO DI CAPECCI PAOLO e di proprietà di Al Saqran Stud. Medaglia argento per la baia TF VENEZIA (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x LATIFFA) allevata e di proprietà di TRIPODI FRANCESCO. Medaglia bronzo per

for the bay TF VENEZIA (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x LATIFFA) bred and owned by TRIPODI FRANCESCO. Bronze medal for the gray MAGIC EL JADIDA (MAGIC FARAONE X MAGIC OHARA) bred and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. As for the Yearling Colts, gold medal for the gray ALEXANDER PC (SHANGHAI EA x FARIDA PC) bred and owned by CAPIZZI FRANCESCO PAOLO. Silver medal for the gray MAGIC CORASON (MAGIC MON AMI x CC MAGIC CONTESSA) bred and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Bronze medal for the bay EB RAFFAELLO (AG SHALOM x EB SURY) bred by AZ. AGR. LA SPERANZA and owned by GONZALEZ PARDO & JACQUELINNE MARLENE. Next to perform there were the Junior Categories. As for the Junior Fillies, gold champion the gray NIHAL (SHANGHAI EA x GS LIBERA) bred and owned by DI GIOVANNI GIANFRANCO. Silver champion the bay MAGIC SUBRETTE (MAGIC MON AMI x CC MAGIC CONTESSA) bred and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Bronze champion, the bay AS SOLEIKA (FS MICHELANGELO x SUOLI) bred and owned by SOC. AGR. LE QUERCETTE SRL. As for the Junior Colts, gold champion the bay BLA SALVADOR (MAGIC MAGNIFIQUE x GAZALS SERINA) bred by SWEDEN ARABIAN STUD and owned by FENECH ARNOLD FRANCIS. Silver champion the gray ENGULO EEA (SHANGHAI EA x ENJORA E) bred by ENZO LTD and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS. Bronze champion the chestnut MANDAR AJ (AJ MANDARA x AJ MARDAN) bred and owned by AJMAN STUD. The Senior Categories drew this very elegant parade to an end. As for the Mares, gold champion the gray REDWOOD LODGE SAFFIQUA (REDWOOD LODGE ARTIQUE x REDWOOD LODGE SAFFRON) bred by M. STEPHEN PATRICIS and owned by AT SAQRAN ARABIANS. Silver champion the chestnut ZARA BY MIAL (MIAL x FG

la grigia MAGIC EL JADIDA (MAGIC FARAONE x MAGIC OHARA) allevata e di proprietà di FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Per la Categoria Yearling Colts, medaglia oro per il grigio ALEXANDER PC (SHANGHAI EA x FARIDA PC) allevato e di proprietà di CAPIZZI FRANCESCO PAOLO. Medaglia argento per il grigio MAGIC CORASON (MAGIC MON AMI x CC MAGIC CONTESSA) allevato e di proprietà di FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Medaglia bronzo per il baio EB RAFFAELLO (AG SHALOM x EB SURY) allevato da AZIENDA AGR. LA SPERANZA e di proprietà di GONZALEZ PARDO & JACQUELINNE MARLENE. Al seguito le Categorie Juniores. Per le Junior Fillies, campionessa oro la grigia NIHAL (SHANGAI EA x GS LIBERA) allevata e di proprietà di DI GIOVANNI GIANFRANCO. Campionessa argento la baia MAGIC SUBRETTE (MAGIC MON AMI x CC MAGIC CONTESSA) allevata e di proprietà di FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Campionessa bronzo, la baia AS SOLEIKA (FS MICHELANGELO x SUOLI) allevata e di proprietà di SOC. AGR. LE QUERCETTE srl. Per la Categoria Junior Colts, campione oro il baio BLA SALVADOR (MAGIC MAGNIFIQUE x GAZALS SERINA) allevato da SWEDEN ARABIAN STUD e di proprietà di FENECH ARNOLD FRANCIS. Campione argento il grigio ENGULO EEA (SHANGHAI EA x ENJORA E) allevato da ENZO LTD e di proprietà di FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS. Campione bronzo il sauro AJ MANDAR (AJ MARDAN x AJ MANDARA) allevato e di proprietà di Ajman Stud. A concludere l’elegantissima sfilata, le Categorie Seniores. Per la Categoria Fattrici, campionessa oro, la grigia REDWOOD LODGE SAFFIQUA (REDWOOD LODGE ARTIQUE x REDWOOD LODGE SAFFRON) allevata da M. STEPHEN PATRICIS e di proprietà di AL SAQRAN ARABIANS. Campionessa argento, la saura ZARA BY MIAL

N° 4 - 2016 | 215

N° 4 - 2016 | 216

AISHA) bred by GIANNECCHINI FILIPPO and owned by NARDINI MARCO. Bronze champion the bay CS AMAY (ROYAL COLOURS x CS OPPORTUNITY) bred by SENSI MARCO and owned by Al Saqran Stud. As for the Stallions Category, gold champion the bay OCEAN OS (AJMAN MONISCIONE x NATALIA) bred by Gestüt Osterhof and owned by ANTONIO AMICUCCI. Silver medal the chestnut ROHARA BACARA (PADRONS PSYCHE x SIDIA) bred by Rohara Arabians and owned by Holmudden Sandra. Bronze champion, and higher in class, the bay AL ANEED LDA (ALIXIR x ILLA MAGIDA) bred by LD ARABIANS and owned by HANAYA ARABIANS & NAYLA HAYEK. Striking also the performance of the Futurity Categories. As for the Fillies Category, first place on the podium for the gray JOYA MAGIC (MAGIC MON AMI x IMHALIMA) bred by LADDEA FRANCESCO and owned by MUSTO GIUSEPPE. Second place for RK LADY BLACK (ARETUSA SHAMIR x ORTIGIA) bred by Arethusa Arabians and owned by SHAZIN SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA. Third place for the chestnut TRESOR DOMINGA (AYAL EL ASILL x DIVA PROGRESSIVA) bred and owned by DOMENICO D’ONZA. On it went the Colts of the same Category. First place on the podium for the bay MAGIC PORTOCERVO (MAGIC MON AMI x MAGIC LAGRANDAME) bred and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL, whilst the second place went to the handsome MAGIC BLACK DIVINO (MAGIC MON TRESOR x MAGIC SEXY DREAM) bred and owned by FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. The B-International Show ANICA-ECHAO 2016 focused a lot on the charm and elegance of the Straight Egyptians horses, but, also of the horsemen in the arena (handlers). They made those extraordinary specimens perform in front of a very enthusiastic audience, in a really exciting atmosphere where ‘beauty’ certainly was the red thread that for centuries has underlined the relationship between a man and his horse.

(MIAL x FG AISHA) allevata da GIANNECCHINI FILIPPO e di proprietà di NARDINI MARCO. Campionessa bronzo, la baia CS AMAY (ROYAL COLOURS x CS OPPORTUNITY) allevata da SENSI MARCO e di proprietà di Al Saqran Stud. Per la Categoria Stalloni, campione oro il baio OCEAN OS (AJMAN MONISCIONE x NATALIA) allevato da GESTUT OSTERHOF e di proprietà di ANTONIO AMICUCCI. Campione argento, il sauro ROHARA BACARA (PADRONS PSYCHE x SIDIA) allevato da Rohara Arabians e di proprietà di Holmudden Sandra. Campione bronzo, e il più alto in classe, il baio AL ANEED LDA (ALIXIR x ILLA MAGIDAA) allevato da LD ARABIANS e di proprietà di HANAYA ARABIANS & NAYLA HAYEK. Bellissima anche l’esibizione delle Categorie Futurity. Per la categoria puledre, primo posto sul podio per la grigia MAGICA JOYA (MAGIC MON AMI x IMHALIMA) allevata da LADDEA FRANCESCO e di proprietà di MUSTO GIUSEPPE. Secondo posto per la bella RK LADY BLACK (ARETUSA SHAMIR x ORTIGIA) allevata da Aretusa Arabians e di proprietà di SHAZIN SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA. Terzo posto per la saura TRESOR DOMINGA (AYAL EL ASILL x DIVA PROGRESSIVA) allevata e di proprietà di Domenico D’Onza. A seguire i Colts della medesima Categoria. Primo posto sul podio per il baio MAGIC PORTOCERVO (MAGIC MON AMI x MAGIC LAGRANDAME) allevato e di proprietà di FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Secondo posto per il nerissimo MAGIC BLACK DIVINO (MAGIC MON TRESOR x MAGIC SEXY DREAM) allevato e di proprietà di FONTANELLA MAGIC ARABIANS SRL. Lo show B Internazionale ANICA-EHAO di quest’anno 2016 ha giocato molto sul fascino e sull’eleganza dei cavalli di razza pura egiziana, ma anche dei cavalieri (handlers) che hanno presentato questi esemplari bellissimi ad un pubblico particolarmente caloroso, in un’atmosfera davvero emozionante dove la ‘bellezza’ è stata certamente il filo rosso che ha posto l’accento sulla relazione secolare tra uomo e cavallo.

N° 4 - 2016 | 217



Points | 20.00

SHANGHAI EA x MAGNUMS ALLURE Owner: Al Saqran Stud Silver


Points | 10.00




N° 4 - 2016 | 218

Points | 5.00



Points | 20.00



Points | 10.00




Points | 5.00


N° 4 - 2016 | 219



Points | 20.00



Points | 8.00




N° 4 - 2016 | 220

Points | 6.00



Points | 16.00



Points | 10.00




Points | 8.00

AJ MARDAN x AJ MANDARA Owner: Ajman Stud

N° 4 - 2016 | 221



Points | 16.00



Points | 9.00




N° 4 - 2016 | 222

Points | 7.00



Points | 14.00



Points | 10.00

PADRONS PSYCHE x SIDIA Owner: Holmudden Sandra



Points | 5.00


N° 4 - 2016 | 223


N° 4 - 2016 | 224

N° 4 - 2016 | 225

N° 4 - 2016 | 226

LUCA OBERTI & ROSANGELA BRUGALI GOOD MORNING LUCA, GOOD MORNING ROSANGELA! FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ACCEPTING OUR INTERVIEW FOR THE SECTION DEDICATED TO ‘RIDING COUPLES’. LET’S START FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. When and where did you first meet? (Rosangela) We first met in Travagliato, Horse Fair 1996 ... Obviously, it happened in the Purebred Arabians division. I came up to Luca and I asked him if I could take a picture of him together with a fantastic foal named AMIR ... Certainly, he was quite happy to say yes ... Weren’t you Luca Oberti? (Luca) Of course I was!!! Luca, how did you declare your love to Rosangela? No declaration from my side…It was her to entrap me… Rosangela, what was your first reaction? I invited Luca for dinner at my house ... He came over holding two bottles of wine in his hands, but he then soon realized it was just me and him .... I could actually see some terror in his eyes ... What’s the best trip the two of you have ever taken together? (Rosangela) We went to Elba Island. I booked everything by myself ... We had a great hotel, outrageously good food, divine SPA, crystal-clear sea ... In short, location apart, we were still

BUONGIORNO LUCA, BUONGIORNO ROSANGELA! PRIMA DI TUTTO GRAZIE INFINITE PER AVER ACCETTATO LA NOSTRA INTERVISTA PER LA SEZIONE DEDICATA ALLE ‘RIDING COUPLES’. PARTIAMO DAL PRINCIPIO. Quando e dove vi siete conosciuti? (Rosangela) Travagliato, Fiera Cavalli 1996… Ovviamente “reparto”PSA. Io mi avvicinai a Luca e gli chiesi se potevo fare una foto con lui ed un fantastico puledro di nome AMIR … Ovviamente lui fu ben contento di dirmi di sì… Vero Luca Oberti? (Luca) Ovvio che si! Luca, come hai dichiarato il tuo amore a Rosangela? Nessuna dichiarazione, è stata lei ad irretirmi… Rosangela, qual è stata la tua prima reazione? Lo invitai a cena, a casa mia… Arrivò con due bottiglie di vino, ma poi si rese conto che eravamo solo io e lui…. Vidi del terrore nei suoi occhi… Qual è stato il viaggio più bello che abbiate fatto insieme? (Rosangela) Isola d’Elba, ho prenotato tutto io…Hotel fantastico, cibo esageratamente buono, SPA divina, mare pulito… Insomma, luogo a parte, eravamo ancora fidanzati novelli, quindi… Quali sono secondo voi gli elementi più importanti per una relazione di successo oggi?

N° 4 - 2016 | 227

newly engaged, so ... What are in your opinion the most important elements for a successful relationship today? (Rosangela) First and number one, physical attraction ... Everything else is just compensatory. How important do you think is ‘communication’ within a couple? (Rosangela) Irrelevant as far as I am concerned…I do believe that REASON, THOUGHTS, WORDS, are the primary cause of failure in a relationship ... I wish I could just live a life of sensations… ‘Men are from Mars and women from Venus? Do you agree? Well, I would simply say that man is “basic”, in respect of the slightly more complicated woman, but slightly ... Luca, how does it feel to be one of the most respected and successful ‘handlers’ of Arabian horses in the world? It feels normal as before, I am satisfied as I have never worsened, but actually, I have improved the situation. I am eager to continue working, find new friends and new clients, and take more victories home ... Not only for me but also and above all for my clients’ satisfaction. Rosangela, how does it feel to be the companion of such a busy and brilliant man? From the top of my ego, I’ll give Luca the pleasure to answer this question! So Luca: “How does it feel to be with a woman like me?” ... .. Anyway, jokes apart, the fact that one partner or both partners are particularly committed with their work is the success for a lasting relationship. So, where does this passion you both share for Arabian horses come from and what role has it played in building your relationship? (Rosangela) As far as I am concerned, it comes from my 360 degree love for animals in general, and it has been after transposed to this breed. And since I love all that is aesthetically beautiful, the first time I saw them, I just felt a spark in my heart... But mostly, I go crazy for their acting as ‘superior beings’, almost snobbish, and so haughty ... Of course, I like them a lot more when they move freely in the paddock. (Rosangela) Al primo posto l’attrazione… Tutto il resto è compensativo. Quanto è importante secondo voi la ‘comunicazione’ all’interno di una coppia? (Rosangela) Irrilevante, secondo me; anzi, ritengo che RAGIONE, PENSIERI, PAROLE, siano la causa primaria del fallimento di una relazione…Io vivrei solo di sensazioni. ‘Gli uomini vengono da Marte e le donne da Venere? Siete d’accordo? Mah, direi semplicemente che l’uomo è “basico”, la donna leggermente più complicata, leggermente… Luca, come ci si sente ad essere uno degli’ handlers’ di cavalli arabi più stimati e di successo al mondo? Ci si sente normali come prima, soddisfatti per non avere mai peggiorato, ma al contrario migliorato la situazione. Desiderosi di continuare a lavorare, di trovare nuovi amici e nuovi clienti, e di portare a casa sempre più vittorie… PER LA MIA, MA ANCHE E SOPRATTUTTO PER LA SODDISFAZIONE DEI CLIENTI. Rosangela, come ci si sente a essere la compagna di un uomo così impegnato e brillante? Dall’alto del mio ego, ti giro la domanda LUCA:”Come ci si sente a stare con una donna come me?”….. Comunque, scherzi (ma anche no) a parte, il fatto che un partner o entrambi siano particolarmente impegnati è il successo di una relazione duratura. Quindi, da dove nasce questa passione che entrambi nutrite per i cavalli arabi e che ruolo ha giocato nella costruzione del vostro rapporto? (Rosangela) Per quanto riguarda me, è nata dall’amore che ho per gli animali a 360 gradi, si è poi evoluta nei confronti di questa razza, perché amando tutto ciò che è esteticamente bello, la prima volta che li vidi, ne rimasi folgorata…Ma soprattutto io impazzisco per il loro atteggiarsi a ‘esseri superiori’, quasi snob, così alteri … Ovviamente li ammiro molto di più quando sono liberi a paddock. Perché siete così affascinati dal mondo del cavallo arabo? (Rosangela). Io sono affascinata dal cavallo arabo, non dal mondo che ci gira intorno. (Luca) Perché è un mondo variegato, eclettico, stimolante, caratterizzato da molteplicità e varietà di aspetti, mai noioso, a tratti pericoloso, ma soprattutto adrenalinico. Qual è la vostra routine quotidiana in azienda? Avete compiti diversi e specifici? (Rosangela) Compiti diversissimi, a parte il fatto che io ho anche un altro lavoro…Notoria è la mia paura, nell’avvicinarmi agli stalloni,

N° 4 - 2016 | 228

N° 4 - 2016 | 229

Why are you so fascinated by the world of the Arabian horse? (Rosangela) I am fascinated by the Arabian horse, not from the world revolving around it. (Luca) Because it is a diverse, eclectic, challenging world characterized by a multiplicity and a variety of aspects, never boring, sometimes dangerous, but it gives you a lot of adrenaline. What is your daily routine on the farm? Do you have different, specific tasks? (Rosangela) Our tasks are very different, apart from the fact that I also have another job ... Everybody knows I am afraid of stallions, therefore, you will understand why I tend to avoid that sector…But I love taking care of those who are more in need as they are temporarily unable to ‘attack’ me. (Luca) I do all the rest! How has the Arabian horse enriched your lives? What is your relationship with horses? (Luca) ... My life ‘is’ the Arabian horse… (Rosangela) My relationship with horses is one of “subordination” and absolute respect. They made my mind more flexible and more open to listening ... Rosangela, do you have your ‘loving horse’? If yes, can you tell us something about this ‘experience’? Yes, I have more than one ... .. But I will speak of my last great passion. She is a white as snow straight Egyptian horse, she has a tremendous disposition but, every time she hears me going into the stable, she makes me realize how much I was immensely helpful to her by neighing.. In truth it’s her to help me; she makes me feel a much better person than I actually am. Luca, what are, in your opinion, the most important qualities to become a good handler? Empathy, respect, personality, admiration, humility, patience ... .. All that, of course, towards the horse. What are your future plans? Do you have a dream in life? (Rosangela) ‘Big plans’ and ‘big dreams’ are necessarily a secret.

N° 4 - 2016 | 230

quindi, capirai bene che, quel reparto, lo evito…Comunque io adoro prendermi cura dei soggetti con maggiore bisogno di cure, insomma soggetti momentaneamente “impossibilitati all’attacco” nei miei confronti. (Luca) Io tutto il resto. In che modo il cavallo arabo ha arricchito la vostra vita? Qual è il vostro rapporto con i cavalli? (Luca)…La mia vita ‘è’ il cavallo arabo…. (Rosangela) Il mio rapporto con i cavalli è di “sudditanza” e assoluto rispetto. E hanno reso la mia mente più duttile e più aperta all’ascolto… Rosangela, hai un tuo cavallo del cuore? Se si, ci racconti qualcosa di questa ‘esperienza’? Sì, ne ho più di uno….. ti parlerò però dell’ultima mia grande passione…. UNA PURA EGIZIANA, bianca come la neve, dal carattere tremendo che però, ogni qual volta mi sente entrare in scuderia, nitrisce facendomi capire quanto io le sia immensamente stata d’aiuto… Ovviamente è LEI ad aiutare me, riesce a farmi sentire migliore di quanto io lo sia realmente. Luca, quali sono, secondo te, le qualità più importanti per diventare un buon handler? Empatia, rispetto, polso, ammirazione, umiltà, pazienza….. ovviamente tutto ciò nei confronti del cavallo. Quali sono i vostri progetti futuri? E un sogno nel cassetto? (Rosangela) I ‘grandi progetti ‘e i ‘grandi sogni’ sono necessariamente un segreto. Luca, tu addestri cavalli per concorsi di morfologia. Da dove è

nata questa passione? E’nata da mio padre, GILBERTO quando ero ancora un ragazzino… Osservavo LUI, ma soprattutto osservavo e notavo la bellezza e l’eleganza dei PSA. Quindi mi sono follemente innamorato di loro e, dopo un periodo trascorso ad aiutare mio padre, ho deciso che questo sarebbe stato il MIO LAVORO, LA MIA VITA… Ed eccomi qua. Fino a che punto è importante il ‘marketing’ in questo settore? (Luca) Direi, fondamentale purtroppo o per fortuna, ‘dipende da che punto di vista le osservi le cose,’ direbbe Rosangela.

Luca, you do train horses for morphological competitions. Where does this passion spring for? It springs from my father Gilberto. When I was a kid I used to watch him, but mostly I watched and I was struck by the beauty and elegance of the Purebred Arabians. So I fell madly in love with them and, after a period spent helping out my father, I decided that this would be my job, my entire life... And here I am. To what extent is ‘marketing’ relevant in this sector? (Luca) I must admit it is vital, unfortunately or fortunately. ‘It depends on the way you look at things,’ as Rosangela would say. Who are your best friends in this field? Our best friends in this field are our people: DESIRE ‘, FREDDY, BOBO, LORY, SAMUEL and who, occasionally, helps us during the show: FEDERICA, MARCO ... In short, all those people who sincerely share with us the joy for our victory ... What are the goals you wish your training center reached? (Luca) Having the honor of dealing with increasingly beautiful horses, hence, more and more wins and much greater satisfaction for my clients. (Rosangela) My main goal would be, in accordance with clients, that of having ever more serene and happy horses in the barn, making use of holistic techniques, osteopathic massage and acupuncture. Luca and Rosangela ...Kindly leave one last message for our readers. (Luca) We hope you will come and visit us at our center on a beautiful sunny day!!! (Rosangela) The first rule for me is and it will always be ......... HORSES MUST BE RESPECTED .... Everything else is second! Thanks so much guys for your contribution. It was great to have you both with us today. On behalf of the entire Arabian Horse Magazine team, I would like to thank you for the precious time you have dedicated to us and we wish you all the best and good luck in your future endeavors!

Chi sono i vostri migliori amici in questo campo? I nostri migliori amici, in questo campo, sono i nostri collaboratori: DESIRE’, FREDDY, BOBO, LORY, SAMUELE e chi, sporadicamente, ci aiuta in show: FEDERICA, MARCO… Insomma, chi gioisce, in modo sincero, con noi delle nostre vittorie… Quali sono gli obiettivi che desiderate raggiunga il vostro training center ? (Luca) Gli obiettivi sono avere l’onore di poter avere a che fare con cavalli sempre più belli, quindi sempre più vittorie e, ovviamente di conseguenza, clienti soddisfatti. (Rosangela ) Il mio obiettivo sarebbe quello , in accordo con i clienti, di avere sempre più cavalli sereni e felici in scuderia, usufruendo di tecniche olistiche, massaggi osteopatici e agopuntura. Luca, Rosangela...Gentilmente, un ultimo messaggio per tutti i nostri lettori? (Luca) Vi aspettiamo al nostro centro in una bella giornata di sole !!! (Rosangela) La prima regola per me è e sarà sempre……… IL CAVALLO DEVE ESSERE RISPETTATO…. Tutto il resto viene di conseguenza!

Grazie mille per il vostro contributo ragazzi. E ‘stato molto bello avervi entrambi con noi oggi. A nome di tutto il Team di Arabian Horse Magazine, desidero ringraziarvi per il tempo prezioso che ci avete dedicato e vi auguro ogni bene e tanta fortuna per i vostri sforzi futuri!

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First in Class and Silver yearling filly, Yashim Oxin ( Vitorio To x Zigana ) owned by Zeinab Simsar and imported, trained and shown by IHP. First in Class and Gold yearling colt, Yani Ashiraf ( Amir Ashiraf x Doris Noir ) owned by Majnoon Stud. Both his parents were imported by IHP, trained and showed by IHP. Gold junior champion and first in Class, Vaveila Soheil ( Munir Al Zobair x Thamy), owned by Soheil Sanati, trained and showed by IHP. Second in Class of the two years old fillies, Leonia SL, ( Psytadel x Mata Hari ), owned by Hadi Nasseri and imported, trained and shown by IHP. First in Class and Bronze junior champion, Lyra EA ( Shanghai EA x Liberia) owned by Amir Seyf , and trained and shown by IHP. First in class A of the three years old fillies, Passiflora ( WH Kaneko x Pertyna ) owned by Golnaz Moradi , and trained and shown by IHP. Second in Class of the three years old, Elviva KA (Espressivo x Elerina), owned by Hadis Sarzaiem, and trained and showed by IHP. First in Class of the four years old mares, Magnums

N° 4 - 2016 | 240

Target (QR Marc x FS Magnums Madonna ) , owned by Nader Gerami Nejad and imported by IHP. First in Class and Silver junior champion Forelock s Veronique ( Psytadel x Vekaisa F) owned by Aram Azarmi and imported by IHP. Second in Class B of the three years old fillies Paradis KA (QR Marc x Proxima White), owned by Nader Gerami Nejad and imported by IHP. Third in the same Class, DS Dolce Justina, owned by Hassan Jannani and imported by IHP. Gold Senior champion mare, Class winner and highest score of the show, Bay Munah W (Massai Inn Marengo x AF fine Bayla ) , owned by Soheil Sanati, and imported, trained and shown by IHP. Second in Class of the 5-7 years old mares, Zitha KA ( QR Marc x Zafina Delzenwalle ) owned by Azarm Azarmi and imported by IHP. Second in Class of the 7-9 years old Batawja (Ekstern x Barka) , owned by Pour Mohammad family and shown by IHP. Many thanks to Mohammad Takht Ravan for training this beautiful mare. First in Class of the 10 years and older mares and Bronze champion Senior mare, Zigana ( Ghazal Al Shaqab x Zmowa ) , owned by Azarm Azarmi , imported and shown by IHP. Many thanks to Mohammad Takht Ravan for training this great mare. First in Class and Silver junior colt, Veis Pasha (Troubador PA x Prema ), owned by Negin Ehsani, trained and showed by IHP. Last but not least, as Futurity champion the most successful stallion of Iran , Kanz Al Nasser (WH Justice x Ftoon Al Shaqab ) owned by Nader Gerami Nejad and imported by IHP.

N° 4 - 2016 | 241



Enrico Baudissard, whom built first settlements on my farm to open the first professional training center in IRAN. Thanks a lot. Antonio Fusco, who did a great job on training the horses during his short stay with us. Anna Minkkinen - Ali Ghoorchian who did a great job with conditioning the horses on training. Special special thanks to Joris Van Sas who did a fantastic job only in three weeks of his stay with us. Joris all the team is missing you here! Special thanks to Luca Oberti and Pawel Kozikowski. Although very busy at that moment, they accepted my invitations. My office team which have done great in the past three months: Ali Reza Sharifi, Elaheh Bagheri, Zahra Hekmat, Mehdi Amiri. Our Vet team which did a great job in taking care

N° 4 - 2016 | 242

N° 4 - 2016 | 243

of many horses: Dr. Farhad Reissi, Dr. Jasser Nazem, Ali Hosseini and Hatef Sabzevari. Many thanks to Dr. Nutritionist Pooya Pourreza and special thanks to Parseh Company. Thanks to Saman Moradi, Public relations and Photographer. My dear friends, Paula BĂśhmer and Giampaolo Woody for their support. And many thanks to Christine Jamar for being so nice to me. My grooms at Iran Horse Promotion whom did a great: Azizollah, Golbodin, Bashir, Mohammad, Masoud. Special thanks to our Ferrier Mr. Seyd Ahmad Zarozahi who made lots of efforts. Thanks to Mr. Mostafa Salemi for his great work. And very special thanks to Mr. Mustafa Abasi. Without his support we could not be successful at all. And my beloved Wife who has been super nice to me since the beginning of my career. Many thanks to all of our clients for their trust in Iran Horse Promotion

N° 4 - 2016 | 244

N° 4 - 2016 | 245

My lovely wife Negar , congratulation for the second place at Endurance competition in Alborz Championships 2016

Thank you very much to Mr. Ali Ghourchani and Mr. Hossein Goodarzi for the great work and support

N° 4 - 2016 | 246

Congratulations to the horse back archery team with the Bronze world championship in South Korea. Head of the team Mr. Ali Ghourchani , Ex world champion in horse back archer

Horse back archery team of Iran by Iran horse promotion

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N° 4 - 2016 | 250

Owner: S.A.Gerami Nejad - NAN Arabians / Kordan - Iran For info please contact phone: 0098 9121148304 -

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N° 4 - 2016 | 253

ZT Marwteyn is recognized world wide as being one of the leading sons of World and National Champion Marwan Al Shaqab. In addition, ZT Marwteyn has one of the most distingueshed dam lines in the breed, combing the exotic beauty of the Ali Jamaal line with the show horse charisma of the Bey Shah lines. A quick look at the dam side of his pedigree and one notes his granddam, the immortal 1987 US National Champion Mare Shahteyna, certainly one of the breeds most electrifying show mares. Shahteyna, bred to Ludjin El Jamaal, considered by many to be one of the best sons of Ali Jamaal, produced ZT Ludjteyna, a Top Ten and Buckeye winning show horse.

N° 4 - 2016 | 254

AGENTS IN EUROPE: Farhang Fazeli 0098 912 2600061

CAPECCI ARABIAN TRAINING CENTER Paolo Capecci - mobile: +39 3356499739 Gianpaolo Gubbiotti - mobile: +39 3358301574 Susi Gurschler - mobile: +39 3939620285 -

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Please contact Farhang Fazeli for more information: IHP.FAZELI@GMAIL.COM - 0098 912 2600061

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Written by Sonja Smaldone Photos by Melanie Groger

achen is the most beautiful city in the world. International flair, winding alleys and beautiful squares belong to the reasons why guests are again and again enchanted. Approximately 250,000 people, among them more than 50,000 students from all over the world, are living in the most western metropolis of Germany in the border triangle Germany-BelgiumNetherlands. Aachen once got famous for its water, which is heated to 74°C by Eifel volcanoes and which is the hottest water onshore north of the Alps. Already the Celts and Romans used the mineral-thermal springs to cure their sufferings and settled in ‘AquaeGrani’, which was named after a Celtic god of healing. Eventually it was Charlemagne who made Aachen his residence because of its beneficial springs and who had his imperial palace built in the city. The heart of the Imperial Palace, Charlemagne’s St. Mary’s Church (today’s Cathedral) in our time belongs to the most important sights in Germany. In 1978 Aachen Cathedral was entered in the list of the UNESCO-World Heritage as the first German building. Besides the four Aachen sanctuaries, which during the Aachen Pilgrimage are shown to pilgrims from all over the world every seven years, the cathedral treasury accommodates the most precious treasure north

of the Alps. A further element of the Carolingian imperial palace was Kings’ Hall on the foundation of which today’s town hall has been built. On the occasion of the coronations of 30 Roman-German kings (936 – 1531) opulent banquets were held in this place. Until today significant events, like the award of the International Charlemagne Prize, give the coronation hall of the Aachen town hall European importance. Bubbling fountains and numerous monuments provide for a vivid image in the more than 2,000 years old city centre. The probably most famous building is the Elisa Fountain (Elisenbrunnen) from the 19th century with its drinking fountains, from which the sulphurous mineral-thermal water of the spring ‘Kaiserquelle’ is still flowing today. In front of the historic setting of the old town shopping is a special enjoyment. ‘Everything is in here’ is the motto of the new campaign. From small, individual shops around cathedral and town hall over branches of famous sales chains in the pedestrian zone to the gigantic shopping centre Aquis Plaza, which opened in October 2015, Aachen makes the hearts of all shopping fans beat faster. An absolute must for all guests of the imperial city is a visit in some of the many cafés and bakeries in the city. All over the year the Aachen N° 4 - 2016 | 259

specialty, the Printe (kind of spicy gingerbread), is offered in many variations – from the original herbs Printe to Printen covered with nuts or almonds or coated with chocolate or sugar icing. Also from the cultural point of view the imperial city has a lot to offer. In one of the oldest residential houses of Aachen, today’s International Newspaper Museum, the worldwide unique collection of historic first, anniversary and closedown editions of international press are accommodated. On the Katschhof the Centre Charlemagne, Aachen’s New City Museum, brings the history of Charlemagne and the development of the city to life. The Theatre of Aachen, the ‘Grenzlandtheater’ as well as several other small playhouses provide for an ambitious cultural life. For years now the imperial city welcomes the ‘All Nations Cup’ with admirable style. We could not imagine Aachen without the All Nations Cup as a regularly established event! Our wonderful Arabian horses, the luxurious structure of the AlbertVahle-Halle, the impeccable organization of Mr. Wolfgang Eberhardt make this exceptional venue possible year after year. As for every special event, the Team of Arabian Horse Magazine headed to this wonderful location to enjoy the best this show had to present. The judges officiating at the All Nations Cup included: Mrs. Cristina Valdes Y Colon de Carvajal from Spain; Mrs. Sylvia Garde-Ehlert from Germany; Mrs. Deidre Hyde from the United Arab Emirates, Mrs. Renata Shibler from Switzerland;

N° 4 - 2016 | 260

Mr. Fabio Amorosino from Brazil; Dr. Gianmarco Aragno from Italy, Mr. Doug Dahmen from the United States; Mr. Ali Shaarawi from Egypt and Mr. Tomasz Tarczynski from Poland. Excellent the job done by Mr. Mohammed Hamad in his quality of Ringmaster as well as by Dr. Vet. Mrs. Laura Mascagna (Italy), Mrs. Jackie Vandyke (Great Britain), Mrs. Line Brunsgaard (Denmark), Dr. Vet. Mr. Thomas Stohler (Swiss); Dr. Vet. Andreas Kersten (Germany) and Peter Hegemann (Germany) as Disciplinary Commissioners; whilst as official results Announcer, Mr. Michaël Steurs (Belgium). The Final Championships started with a thrilling performance of the Yearling Fillies Category entirely sponsored by Al Sayed Stud. It was indeed a preview of future stars! Gold medal winner the grey D AJAYEB (RFI FARID X LADI VERONICA) bred and owned by Arabian Horse Stud. Silver medal winner the bay HDM MARIA APAL (RFI FARID X WW IMANIA APAL) bred by Haras Del Mar and owned by Ajman Stud. Bronze medal winner the bay BELLADONNA AT (WADEE AL SHAQAB X OM EL BELLATRIX) bred and owned by Adel Ali Bin. As for the Yearling Colts Category, wholly sponsored by Hanaya Stud, Gold medal winner the grey D SERAJ (FA EL RASHEEM X LADI VERONICA) bred and owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud. Silver medal winner the bay PHARAOH (PSYCHE HBV x RFI SOPHIE ALMAKTUB) bred by Haras Boa Vista and owned by Al Baydaa Stud. Bronze medal winner

the bay IMHOTEP RACH (RHR MARCEDES x ISIS RACH) bred by Rach Stud Agropecuaria and owned by HRH Prince Saud Bin Sultan Bin Saud Bin Avbdulaziz Al Saud & HRH Prince Turki Bin. As for the Junior Fillies Category, sponsored by AL Thumana Stud, Gold medal winner the flamboyant chestnut ELLE FLAMENCA (AJMAN MONISCIONE x ALLAMARA MA) bred and owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud. Silver medal winner the grey MALIKAT AL MOLUK (MAMELUK x ASALAT AL HALA) bred by Halawa Khader and owned by Al Khashab Stud. Bronze medal winner the chestnut BINT SEDUCTION HBV (WH JUSTICE x SEDUCTION HBV) bred by Haras Boa Vista and owned by Alsayed Stud. As for the Junior Colts Category, sponsored by Athbah Stud, Gold medal winner the bay GALLARDO J (EMERALD J x GOMERA J) bred by Jadem Arabians and owned by Ajman Stud. Silver medal winner the bay LUIGI (KANZ ALBIDAYER x LOLITA) bred by D. Saelens and owned by Al Shahania Stud. Bronze medal winner the chestnut FALAH AL SHAQAB (FADI AL SHAQAB x JOSEPH JUST EMOTION) bred and owned by Al Shaqab Stud. Finally, the much awaited performance of the Senior Championships. As for the Mares Category,

sponsored by Ajman Stud, Gold medal winner the wonderful grey TEHAMA BALLALINA (TEHAMA NA SIDAQA x JJ SHAI MAJESTIC DREAM) bred by L. Ferguson and owned by Al Zobair Stud. Silver medal winner the bay DONNA MOLTA BELLA SRA (DA VALENTINO x RD FABREANNA) bred by Dan OR Maureen Gossman and owned by Al Saqran Arabians Horse Stud. As for the Stallions Category, sponsored by Al Shahania Stud, Gold medal winner the stunning bay EKS ALIHANDRO (MARWAN AL SHAQAB x OFW PSYLHOUETTE) bred by Elkasun Arabians and owned by Athbah Stud. Silver medal winner the grey SHANGAI EA (WH JUSTICE x SALYMAH) bred by Equus Arabians and owned by Ajman Stud. Bronze medal winner the grey AJA ANGELO (WH JUSTICE x AJA AAISHA) BRED BY AJA Arabians and owned by AL Baydaa Stud & AL Baydaa Stud & MAI Stud. We had a record number of participating horses, nations and spectators at the All Nations Cup 2016, a breathtaking general event by definition. Yet, whether at large sports events such as the All Nations Cup, open-air festivals such as the Kurpark Classix, the traditional Christmas Market or for no special reason, the most beautiful City in the World, Aachen, is always worth a visit!

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Yearling Fillies






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Yearling Colts








Junior Fillies








Junior Colts





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Senior Mares






N° 4 - 2016 | 266




Senior Stallions






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eauville is a commune in the Calvados ‘département’ in the Normandy region in northwestern France. With its race courses, harbor, international film festival, marinas, conference centre, villas, Grand Casino and sumptuous hotels, Deauville is regarded as the ‘Queen of the Norman beaches’ and one of the most prestigious seaside resorts in all of France. As the closest seaside resort to Paris, the city and its region of the Côte Fleurie (Flowery Coast) has long been home to French high society’s seaside houses and is often referred to as the Parisian Riviera. The countryside around Deauville is the main horse breeding region in France and home to numerous stud farms. As a result, the city is twinned with Lexington, Kentucky and County Kildare in Ireland, both of which are world leaders in breeding thoroughbred. Today Deauville hosts competitions other than simply racing. Among these, there is the much awaited appointment with the Deauville Arabian Cup which this year was at its third edition. From 8th to 9th

October 2016, the Pôle International du Cheval de Deauville welcomed the best male and female specimens of the

Purebred Arabian breed. More than hundred exceptional horses and owners worldwide, all with the expectation of taking home a trophy from this unique

event, had the privilege to participate in this great contest of beauty and elegance under the watchful gaze of the best expert international judges. On this occasion they were: Mr. Christian Bourassé – France; Mrs. Maria Annaratone Ferraroni – Italy; Mr. Tomasz Tarczynski – Poland; Mr. Koenraad Detailleur – Belgium. Excellent the job done by Mr. Jean Bernard Kupaj (France) in his role of Ringmaster and by Mr. Bertrand Valette (France) and Mrs. Christine Valette (France) in their quality of DCs. The organizers of this unique event Director Eric Gear and his family, assisted by an exceptional staff, did everything in their power to guarantee that the Venue could run smoothly and pleasantly for all attendants. The vast stands could accommodate over 1,000 persons seated. A bar and a restaurant serving quality food were open on site throughout the Show. The Final Championships saw a thrilling competition among some of the most beautiful Arabian horses. As for the Yearling Fillies Category, sponsored by Al Khashab Stud, Gold medal winner the

N° 4 - 2016 | 273

hypnotic black RASHA AL SHAHANIA (EKS ALIHANDRO x LOVE CHIMES LD) bred and owned by Al Shahania Stud and presented by Handler Tom Oben. Silver medal winner another wonderful daughter of EKS ALIHANDRO, the bay SULTANAT AL MAI. She is out of dam ABHA LA LUNA, bred and owned by Al Mai Stud and presented by Handler Giacomo Capacci. Bronze medal winner the bay ESMAELIA AL HEVAN (EMERALD J x EKISMA AL HEVAN) bred and owned by Marine Lamoureux and presented by Handler Bernat Tolra. As for the Yearling Colts Category, sponsored by Al Khashab Stud, GOLD medal winner the gorgeous grey STYX KALLISTE (SHANGHAI EA x L’A SAALMAH) bred and owned by Kalliste Arabians and presented by Handler Scott Allman). SILVER medal winner the bay SHAH PIROUZ (POGROM x SHAH MASHOUGHA) bred and owned by Amir Ali Sardar Afkhani and presented by Handler Gaetan Bidault. BRONZE medal winner the grey ANAAZ AL FAYYAD (FAYAD ALFAYYAD x KATIFA AL ZOBAIR) bred by MOSLEH HAMAD AL ENEZI, owned by Al Faayad Stud and presented by Handler Tom Oben. As for the Juniors Fillies Category, sponsored by Lutetia

N° 4 - 2016 | 274

Arabians, Gold medal winner the beautiful chestnut AL ARYAM SHAMMOGH (EDEN C x AL ARYAM SUHAYLA) bred and owned by Al Aryam Arabians and presented by Handler Rod Jones. Silver medal winner the bay SHAH AROUSA (FADI AL SHAQAB X SHAH MASSOUMA) bred and owned by AMIR ALI SARDAR AFKHAMI and presented by Handler Gaetan Bidault. Bronze medal winner the bay ANGELINA (SANTORINI x MC ANGELICA) bred and owned by Bohemia Farm, Heather Brown, and presented by Handler Rod Jones. As for the Juniors Colts Category, sponsored by Al Khalediah Stables, GOLD medal winner a magnificent son of QR Marc, the bay R’ADJAH DE CARTHEREY. He is out of dam BADI’AH DE CARTHEREY, bred and owned by De Cartherey Arabians - Antoine and Chantal Rigat – and presented by Handler Tom Oben. SILVER medal winner another son of QR Marc, the dazzling chestnut MAGNUMS VOLCAN K.A. He is out of dam FS MAGNUM’S MADONNA, bred and owned by Knocke Arabians, Mr. and Mrs. Gheysens, and presented by SCHOUKENS TRAINING CENTER. BRONZE medal winner the chestnut TSAR NERIO (LARGO DE SARJEVANE

x ODALYS DE LAFON) bred by CHRISTIE GARRIGOU, owned by SABRINA SCHWAB and presented by Handler Scott Allman. Last, but not the least, the SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS. As for the Mares Category, sponsored by Al Shahania Stud, GOLD medal winner the ethereal grey SA MINERVA (ROYAL COLOURS x CICILLA) bred by SCIPIONI ANGELO, owned by Al Khashab Arabians - Mubarak Al Khashab and presented by SCHOUKENS TRAINING CENTER. SILVER medal winner the stunning black AVA (VERVALDEE x AZIZA) bred by Pat D. Hannay, owned by Al Thumama Stud and presented by Handler Tom Oben. BRONZE medal winner a wonderful granddaughter of WH Justice, the grey ERMONIA (AJMAN MONISCIONE x ERIGONE) bred and owned by LUTETIA ARABIANS and presented by Handler Pawel Kozikowski. As for the Stallions Category, sponsored by Al Thumama Stud, GOLD medal winner the highly-decorated grey EKS MANSOUR (EKS ALIHANDRO x EKS PHATEENA) bred by Elkasun Arabians, owned by Al Shahania Stud and presented by Handler Giacomo Capacci. SILVER medal winner the grey SHAKAR PEGASUS

(SHAEZZ EL MADAN x JAMEEL PEGASUS) bred by Espolio Raul Luciano Folle, owned by Al Khashab Arabians, Mubarak Al Khashab, and presented by SCHOUKENS TRAINING CENTER. BRONZE medal winner the flamboyant chestnut FAHIM ISHANE OS (AJMAN MONISCIONE x PRAETORIA) bred by GESTUT OSTERHOF, owned by GILLES MORAND and presented by Handler Bernat Tolra. Not to forget the sumptuous Breeders Party on Saturday night where the guests were welcomed with refined hospitality and inspired luxury and were delighted with Champagne and all sorts of specialties. In conclusion, what else to say to our affectionate readers? Surely, this 3rd edition of the Deauville Arabian Cup has been of great importance to all breeders, as it will allow all the champions of the competition and their owners, to be qualified for the World Championships that will be held next November at the show horse in Paris-Villepinte. Meanwhile, the city of Deauville reminds you that the rendezvous with the Arabian Cup is for next year 2017 together with other superb champions!

N° 4 - 2016 | 275

Yearling Fil ies RASHA AL SHAHANIA

14.00 points



8.00 points


ESMAELIA AL HEVAN EMERALD J x EKISMA AL HEVAN Owner: Marine Lamoureux N° 4 - 2016 | 276

4.00 points

Yearling Colts STYX KALLISTE

16.00 points

SHANGHAI EA x L’A SAALMAH Owner: Kalliste Arabians


7.00 points

POGROM x SHAH MASHOUGHA Owner: Amir Ali Sardar Afkhani


4.00 points

N° 4 - 2016 | 277


12.00 points

EDEN C x AL ARYAM SUHAYLA Owner: Al Aryam Arabians


10.00 points

FADI AL SHAQAB x SHAH MASSOUMA Owner: Amir Ali Sardar Afkhami

HB ANGELINA SANTORINI x MC ANGELICA Owner: Bohemia Farm, Heather Brown

N° 4 - 2016 | 278

4.00 points


12.00 points

QR MARC x BADI’AH DE CARTHEREY Owner: De Cartherey Arabians, Antoine and Chantal Rigat


11.00 points

QR MARC x FS MAGNUM’S MADONNA Owner: Knocke Arabians, Mr. and Mrs. Gheysens


5.00 points

N° 4 - 2016 | 279

Senior Mares SA MINERVA

16.00 points

ROYAL COLOURS x CICILLA Owner: Al Khashab Arabians - Mubarak Al Khashab


7.00 points

VERVALDEE x AZIZA Owner: Al Thumama Stud


N° 4 - 2016 | 280

4.00 points

Senior Stal ions EKS MANSOUR

16.00 points



8.00 points

SHAEZZ EL MADAN x JAMEEL PEGASUS Owner: Al Khashab Arabians, Mubarak Al Khashab


4.00 points

N° 4 - 2016 | 281

N° 4 - 2016 | 282

by Arabian Horse Magazine

Hello Mrs. Barbara Pfistner! Thank you very much for accepting our interview. Let’s start from the very beginning.

friends of the Arabian Horse community and I organized as well shows. In 1990 I worked for the first time as a DC. At that time it was only sporadic, but from 1997 onwards I had regular assignments outside of Switzerland.

When did you start taking an interest in the Arabian horse breed? Since I was a child horses have meant all to me. It didn’t matter which breed it was. After “Benno”, a warm blood and our volting horse, then came “Elegante” an Andalusian. When I went to Spain for holidays I could ride this discarded Rejoneadores-horse and I was blown away. This is how I came to western riding and later endurance riding. I had the opportunity to ride an Arabian stallion for the first time at the age of 24. It was just amazing and since that moment I was totally enthralled by Arabian horses.

My work as a DC I understand as the first priority to protect the wellbeing of the horses and the correct and smooth procedure of the show. At the same time we should help the show organizers to improve for the next shows. To me that means to have a positive mindset, treat everyone in the same way and try to help out first of all.

We do know that you had been a breeder for many years in Switzerland. How did all start? And what’s your bests memories about? Our small stud was founded with the purchase of the straight Egyptian Stallion Abdallah (Ghalion * Hanan) in 1978. At the time, I had not been thinking about breeding, I just wanted to compete in Endurance and he was the perfect horse for it. With him, I got the interest in the Straight Egyptian bloodlines. Many years later in 1987 our first foal was born. We focused on breeding performance horses and we celebrated many successes in endurance, dressage and western riding. When you haven been still breeding; which lines have been your basics? The straight Egyptian breed has fascinated me from the beginning and it would still be my choice today. What has been your biggest success with your own horses? With Abdallah, I have many beautiful memories and we won some Endurance races. For example in 1981 the “Schnabelsberg–Cup” over 100 km, at that time the most difficult race in Europe. Significantly we were three couples who shared the victory, all horses being Arabians. None of us wanted to enforce the single victory on the last kilometers and so we crossed the finish line handin-hand. This was a wonderful experience - in our days probably not longer imaginable. Another great horse has been our mare Al Naizah Mimrah (Sherif Pascha * Azeerah El Hadbah). She won many dressage competitions with her rider Sandra Thut and she has been also successful with our at this time 15-year-old daughter Christine in gymkhana and small endurance competitions. At what time did you decided to be a DC and what does it mean for you? In 1985 I started to work as registrar for the Swiss Arabian Horse Society and took virtually my hobby into a profession. I had a lot of contacts with breeders and

What qualities and specific skills are needed to become a competent, mindful DC? In my opinion a DC should be independent, fair and neutral. A “thick skin” will help as well. Sometimes the colloquial from Handlers/Owners to the DC can be very unpleasant. Especially in such cases are resolution, reliability and a very good knowledge of the rules (Blue Book) indispensable. You need to earn the respect as a DC. So someone who wants to please everybody and/or does not have enough stamina is definitely wrong in that position. As a DC you protect the Arabian Horse, what is your feeling about the show scene today? Well, sometimes I do have a very ambivalent feeling about it. And not just since yesterday. There are some things I don’t like as a horse lover. It’s obvious that the shaving of the tactile hairs can impair the health of a horse. Especially the shavings of the hairs inside the ears, as these hairs are a very important protection against insects and weather influences. For that we have the excellent rule “eyelashes being left uncut, hair inside the ears left unshaved and tactile hair left intact around the nose, muzzle and the eyes”. But it looks good on paper, in practice this rule is often stretched to the limit. What good is it e.g. if the horse still has a single tactile hair above the eye, which is one millimeter long? As a DC, I am looking almost with the magnifying glass to see a part of a single hair to allow the horse to start. This is, in my opinion, nonsense. At one show, such a horse can start, at the next show the horse will be disqualified or vise versa. This is unfair and damages the entire show. One should find a good solution that makes sense and can be feasible for everyone. Another example is neck-sweating. This is banned from the show ground, but at the same time we know, that many of the horses have to wear sweat collars for hours in the home barn. Or the use of ginger. That’s another topic for many endless discussions. As I know Ginger is still not verifiable and everyone knows it. And still some people use it. What makes me really sad are some trainers, who treat N° 4 - 2016 | 283

their horses quite roughly. Of Course we intervene if we see it, but we can’t be everywhere and can’t see everything. But from time to time there are handlers with horses who get to the show as they are. Long hairs in the ears, all the tactile hairs still at their places. Gorgeous and beautiful. It should always be like this and to those handlers I congratulate them for the natural “status” of their horses. In 2016 you become on the National judge list in Switzerland, why did you decide to be a judge? For about 20 years I have been thinking about becoming a judge. Besides working as registrar and as DC it seemed obvious to start to work as a judge. As I don’t like to be in the focus the idea wasn’t at the top of my “like to do” list. In the last years there have been some people asking me for the reason why I was not going to be a judge, so I started again to think seriously about it. I began with my qualification and until now it’s been so much pleasure. I rediscover forgotten things but as well I learn a lot of new and exciting things. And of course it is also very interesting to see a show from the perspective of a judge. What are the most relevant things when judging a horse and which factors do affect your judgment in practice? The Arabian type, the presence, the charisma and of course also the femininity or masculinity are the characteristics we want to see in an Arabian horse. The positive aspects, as well as the weaker aspects should be evident in the grading of the judge. If you could change anything in the current system of judgment, what would it be? The current judging systems are so far all right. There are as well different options from which the show organizer can choose. Personally I would prefer to split the judging of head and neck, walk and trot from each other. Moreover, I think that it could be very helpful if there would be an additional N° 4 - 2016 | 284

mark for the overall impression. As a DC I think it is a pity that a judge can’t have any influence on how the horse has been presented; on whether they have been handled roughly or had too much make up on. It could help the DC if the judges could for example give minus points for such incidents. And of course this should be declared as such on the assessment form. To what extent do you think your specific knowledge and professional experience, in some ways, distinguish you from other judges who have different professional and breeding skills? I have been engaged with the Arabian horse for over 40 years, professionally as well as privately. Until 2006 I used to ride my horses every day. In the meantime I unfortunately don’t breed or own horses anymore but my background and experience as well as my engagement are good requirements for a fair and neutral judging. Away from home and your family…..How do you cope with that? When I am at a show I am far away from my family but I do have my “Arabian horse family”. It’s like coming into another world. With beautiful horses, in foreign countries, meeting friends, discussing, sharing my passion, enjoying the hospitality and having a good time with like-minded people. I am grateful for all these experiences and after I am returning back to my “real” life. What are the positive and negative aspects of being a DC? (Travel, time exposure, and so on) The positive aspects prevail. Of course I don’t travel as easily as I used to do 20, 30 years ago and I don’t like packing my bags that much anymore but what always fascinated me was how people get together on a show, work together for a few days and then split up again like gone with the wind. These are always busy and demanding days, but with many beautiful memories, which I take home with me.

over carefully – that has been the advice of a good friend of mine (also a long term judge) to me. So my advice is: think it over carefully. But probably you don’t need to think about it for 20 years, as I did.

What is your favorite Arabian horse destination to travel to? Actually, I am happy everywhere. Whether in Europe or in the Arabic-speaking world. The show organizers are making every effort to organize an unforgettable and beautiful horse festival and I do appreciate and enjoy it everywhere. The Arabian horse market has become increasingly difficult. What do you think it should be said with reference to this? In my opinion there are less and less “real” breeders and more and more people who just multiply Arabian horses. In the past you had to been thinking more about with whom to breed, which stallion really suits the mare, which distance is feasible and the pedigrees also played a more important role, and so on. There was also a natural limit of feasibility. Today of course it’s easier to order the semen anywhere in the world than to travel with the mare to a stallion. It seems also for some breeder more important that the stallion has a famous name and has won already some championships. Also the Pedigree is often secondary.

Can you tell us the funniest episode has ever happened to you over the last few years with the Arabian horse or in that scene? There are so many. But perhaps the most striking experience? The one I will never forget? It was several years ago in Saudi Arabia. We disqualified in the stabling area two horses, as they had not even one single hair left inside their ears. When a third horse from the same owner entered the collecting ring I controlled the ears very carefully and there was quite a lot of hair. Wonderful I thought, the man spared at least one of his horses. But I was still skeptical, so I looked again very closely and what I found made me speechless – he glued the hairs inside the ears! He knew, that this horse as well would be disqualified with the shaved ears… I was really shocked at that time but today I can laugh about it. Unfortunately it seems that others have copied this idea as well. From DC colleagues I heard that also some incidents happen where tactile hairs have been glued above the eyes of the horse! What are your plans for the future? Soon I will retire from my professional life. Then, together with my husband, I would like to travel more privately, enjoying and hopefully staying healthy. And of course working from time to time as a DC or Judge.

But good horses (for riding as well as for showing) still find their buyers. Unfortunately it gets more and more difficult to get a good price and to cover the costs.

We would be very pleased if you could leave a final message to us and to the entire Arabian Horse world community… The Arabian horse, this beautiful and gentle creature unites us in peace, regardless of our nationalities and religions. Our passion gives us friendships around the world. For me this is just wonderful!

What advice would you give to those who want to embark on this adventure of becoming a Judge? Judging horses is a nice but also a demanding duty. Whoever likes taking this challenge has a huge responsibility. Think it

Thanks a lot for your interview Barbara! We are looking forward to seeing you judge in the most important Arabian horse shows in the world and wish you all the best in your future endeavors… N° 4 - 2016 | 285

N° 4 - 2016 | 286

Written by Sonja Smaldone


ituated on a vast plain, Paestum is presented as one of the most fascinating sites of the artistic heritage of Cilento (South Italy) and its Temples are among the best preserved in the world. The city was founded by the Greeks around 600 a.C. and was called ‘Poseidonia’ as it was dedicated to Poseidon, God of the Sea. In 400 B.C., it was occupied by the Lucanians, an Italic population. Lucanians’ domination lasted until 273 B.C., when the city became a Roman colony under the Latin name of Paestum. The end of the Roman Empire coincided with the end of the city. In fact, around 500 A.D., due to silting at the mouths of the rivers flowing into the plain, the unsanitary conditions of the territory got increasingly worse, so the population gradually left the city. In addition to the Temple of Poseidon built around 450 B.C., we need to mention the Basilica. Built around 550 BC, it is the oldest of the temples of Paestum. In reality, it is an archaic temple dedicated to Hera (Juno), worshiped as the Goddess of fertility and motherhood. Small but precious it is also the Italic Temple built in Roman times around 200 b.C. It is believed that it was dedicated to the Capitoline Triad, i.e. Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Right in the picturesque setting of the Temples, in Villa Salami, it was held - at the beginning of the first week of October 2016 - the Arabian Horses National Championship which this year was at its fourth edition. A show organized by ANICA under the technical directorate of Background Media. A Show, we might add, that made itself heard extensively throughout Italy, raising numerous controversies, often unfounded, and arousing the interest of the press and local newspapers. As members of the Team Arabian Horse Magazine, we headed there to do our job as

Situata su di una vasta pianura, Paestum si presenta come uno fra i siti più affascinanti del patrimonio artistico Cilentano ed i suoi Templi sono fra quelli al mondo meglio conservati. La città fu fondata dai greci intorno al 600 a.C. e chiamata Poseidonia, perché dedicata a Poseidone, dio del mare. Nel 400 a.C. fu occupata dai Lucani, popolazione italica. La dominazione lucana durò fino al 273 a.C., anno in cui la città divenne una colonia romana col nome latino di Paestum. La fine dell’Impero Romano coincide con la fine della città; infatti intorno al 500 d.C., a causa dell’insabbiamento alle foci dei fiumi che scorrevano nella pianura, si aggravarono le condizioni di insalubrità del territorio e pertanto la popolazione gradualmente abbandonò la città. Oltre al Tempio di Poseidone edificato intorno al 450 a.C. merita di essere menzionata la Basilica. Costruita intorno al 550 a.C. è il più antico dei templi di Paestum. In realtà si tratta di un Tempio arcaico dedicato ad Hera (Giunone), venerata come dea della fecondità e della maternità. Piccolo ma prezioso è poi il Tempio Italico edificato in epoca romana intorno al 200 a.C. Si ritiene che fosse dedicato alla Triade Capitolina, cioè a Giove, Giunone e Minerva. Proprio nella suggestiva cornice dei Templi, precisamente nel Parco Villa Salati si è svolto all’inizio della prima settimana di ottobre 2016 - il Campionato Nazionale di Cavalli Arabi giunto quest’anno alla sua IV edizione. Uno show organizzato dall’Associazione A.n.ic.a. sotto la direzione tecnica dell’agenzia Background Media. Uno Show, aggiungiamo noi, che ha fatto parlare di sé a lungo in tutta Italia, sollevando numerose polemiche, spesso gratuite, e destando l’interesse della stampa e dei giornali locali. Anche noi del Team Arabian Horse Magazine eravamo lì presenti a svolgere il nostro lavoro come di consueto e siamo dunque N° 4 - 2016 | 287

N° 4 - 2016 | 288

usual. Therefore we are pleased to provide our readers with a concrete version of what happened. The show started on Saturday morning in the area equipped for the horse show in front of the Temple of Poseidon. An October sunny day, where the guests and the jury had been accommodated in the gazeboes built for the event. The judges convened to score our Purebred Arabians were: Mrs. SCHIBLER RENATE, Mr. REISEL GIDEON, Mrs. LOWE JOANNE MARY, Mrs. TENGSTEDT MARIANNE, Mr. OSSIDHOUM MOHAMMED, and Mr. JUNG NIKOLAUS. As Ringmasters Mr. Daniel Souppat and Mr. Ivo Ludi. In their role of DCs Mrs. Raso Barbaro, Mrs. Court Janet and Dr. Vet. Laura Mascagna. The first day of the Championship gave the following results. As for the YEARLING COLTS (CLASS 1A), sponsored by Arabian Horse Magazine, 1st place for the grey EMAGNUM MONISCIONE (MAGNUM PSYCHE x EMARRA MONISCIONE) bred and owned by AZ. AGR. BUZZI GIANCARLO and presented by handler ANDREA BOSCARINO. 2nd place for the grey ARIZONA STARS (HOLLYWOOD STAR x MAGIC SORAYA) bred and owned by ARABIAN STARS of MASSIMILIANO ROCCHINO and presented by handler Fusco Antonio. 3rd place for the bay MARLON J (EMERALD J x AP MARAYA) bred and owned by C. JAMAR-DEMEERSSEMAN and presented by handler CRISTIAN FRANCESCHINA. As for the YEARLING COLTS (CLASS 1B), sponsored by Arabian Horse Magazine, 1st place for the grey ALEXANDER PC (SHANGHAI EA x FARIDA PC) bred and owned by CAPIZZI FRANCESCO PAOLO and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. 2nd place for the grey MOHAI (EKS ALIHANDRO x AJMA DL) bred by FAUSTO GLADICH, owned by PRISCO ANTONIO and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 3rd place for the bay VIVALDI REGALIS (RFI FARID x NATISSE REGALIS) bred and owned by RE PIETRO and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. As for the COLTS 2 YEARS OLD (CLASS 2), sponsored by ALSAQRAN STUD, 1st place for the chestnut SS CORONADO AL JAMAL ( CAVALLI x SS TADMOR) bred by Stigler Stud of Irina Stigler, owned by KAHOK JAMAL ABDULLA, and presented by handler Luca Oberti. 2nd place for the bay NAVAR DI MAR (PSYRASIC x ISABEAU DI MAR OS) bred and owned by FRANCHINI MARCO and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 3rd place for the bay QS LEVANTE (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x NAWAL) bred and owned by QIRAT STUD of MORANDO GIOVANNI and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. As for the COLTS 3 YEARS OLD (CLASS 3), sponsored by Anica, 1st place for the bay AG NOBEL DAVIDE (AJMAN MONISCIONE x SAHHARA EXCELSJA) bred and owned by AG Nobel Arabians and presented by handler COMO FABIO. 2nd place for the chestnut TF ALEANDRO (MM FABRIZIO x BALEENA EB) bred and owned by TRIPODI FRANCESCO AZ. AGR. and presented by handler Luca Oberti. 3rd place for the bay RED AAMIR (GREA MORAFIC x RED SHARON) bred by AMAGLIO FULVIO, owned by GONZALEZ PARDO JACQUELINNE MARLENE and presented by ARABIAN SHOW STYLE. With reference to the MARES 4 TO 6 YEARS OLD (CLASS 4), sponsored by the Town Hall of Paestum, 1st place for the stunning grey MY WHOS THAT GIRL (SHANGAI EA x LADY PRUE) bred and owned by My Arabians of Cav. Manfredi Massimo and presented by handler Diego Zoppellaro. 2nd place for the gray SS LADY DIANA (AJMAN MONISCIONE x PSYCHIC LADY) bred by STIGLER STUD, owned by FIRAS MASHAAL and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 3rd place for the beautiful chestnut KARIMA BY GIADA (IM ICARE CATHARE x GIADA GI) bred and owned by IERVOLINO GIANLUCA and presented by handler Zaniboni Roberto. As regards the MARES 7 to 9 YEARS OLD (CLASS 5), sponsored by Al Shaqab Stud, 1st place for the grey SG WENUSIA (SDP TAYLOR x WENUS

contenti di poter fornire ai nostri lettori una reale versione dei fatti. Lo Show iniziò sabato mattina nella zona allestita per il concorso ippico di fronte al tempio di Poseidone. Una giornata ottobrina piena di sole, dove ospiti e giuria erano stati fatti accomodare all’interno delle tensostrutture appositamente montate per la manifestazione. I giudici convocati per valutare i nostri Purosangue Arabi erano: Sig.ra Lowe Joanne (UK); Sig.ra Tengstedt Marianne (DK); Sig. Ossidhoum Mohammed (MOR); Sig. Jung Nikolaus (DEU); Sig. Schibler Renate (CH); Sig. Reisel Gideon (NL). Ringmaster il Sig. Daniel Souppat e il Sig. Ivo Ludi e, nel ruolo di DCs la Sig.ra Barbaro Raso; la Dott. Vet. Laura Mascagna e il Sig. Court Janet. Questa prima effervescente giornata di Campionato aveva dato i seguenti seguenti. Per quanto riguarda la categoria YEARLING COLTS (CLASSE 1A), sponsorizzata da Arabian Horse Magazine, 1 °posto per il grigio EMAGNUM Moniscione (MAGNUM PSICHE x EMARRA MONISCIONE) allevato e di proprietà di AZ. AGR. BUZZI GIANCARLO e presentato da handler ANDREA BOSCARINO. 2 ° posto per il grigio ARIZONA STARS (STAR HOLLYWOOD x MAGIC SORAYA) allevato e di proprietà di ARABIAN STARS di MASSIMILIANO ROCCHINO e presentato da handler Fusco Antonio. 3 ° posto per la baia MARLON J (EMERALD J x AP MARAYA) allevato e di proprietà di C. JAMARDEMEERSSEMAN e presentato da handler CRISTIAN FRANCESCHINA. Per quanto riguarda la categoria YEARLING COLTS (CLASSE 1B), sponsorizzata da Arabian Horse Magazine, 1°posto per il grigio ALEXANDER PC (SHANGHAI EA x FARIDA PC) allevato e di proprietà di CAPIZZI FRANCESCO PAOLO e presentato da handler Paolo Capecci. 2 °posto per il grigio MOHAI (EKS ALIHANDRO x AJMA DL) allevato da FAUSTO GLADICH, di proprietà di PRISCO ANTONIO e presentato da handler Giacomo Capacci. 3° posto per il baio VIVALDI REGALIS (RFI FARID x NATISSE REGALIS) allevato e di proprietà di RE PIETRO e presentato da handler Paolo Capecci. Per quanto concerne la Categoria COLTS 2 ANNI (CLASSE 2), sponsorizzata da ALSAQRAN STUD, 1 ° posto per il sauro SS CORONADO Al JAMAL (CAVALLI x SS TADMOR) allevato da STIGLER STUD di IRINA STIGLER, di proprietà di KAHOK JAMAL ABDULLA, e presentato da handler Luca Oberti. 2 ° posto per il baio NAVAR DI MAR (PSYRASIC x ISABEAU DI MAR OS) allevato e di proprietà di FRANCHINI MARCO e presentato da handler Giacomo Capacci. 3 ° posto per il baio QS LEVANTE (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x NAWAL) allevato e di proprietà di QUIRAT STUD di MORANDO GIOVANNI e presentato da handler Giacomo Capacci. Per quanto riguarda i COLTS 3 ANNI (CLASSE 3), sponsorizzata da A.N.I.C.A., 1°posto per la baia AG NOBEL DAVIDE (AJMAN MONISCIONE x SAHHARA EXCELSJA) allevato e di proprietà di AG NOBEL ARABIANS e presentato dal handler COMO FABIO. 2°posto per il sauro TF ALEANDRO (MM FABRIZIO x BALEENA EB) allevato e di proprietà di TRIPODI FRANCESCO AZ. AGR. e presentato da handler Luca Oberti. 3°posto per il baio RED AAMIR (GREA MORAFIC X RED SHARON) allevato da AMAGLIO FULVIO, di proprietà di GONZALEZ PARDO JACQUELINNE MARLENE e presentato da ARABIAN SHOW STYLE. Con riferimento alla categoria FATTRICI DA 4 A 6 ANNI (CLASSE 4), promossa dal Comune di Paestum, 1 °posto per la splendida grigia MY WHOS THAT GIRL (SHANGAI EA x LADY PRUE) allevata e di proprietà di MY ARABIANS del Cav. Manfredi Massimo e presentata da handler Diego Zoppellaro. 2 °posto per la grigia SS LADY DIANA (AJMAN MONISCIONE x PSYCHIC LADY) allevata da STIGLER STUD, di proprietà di FIRAS MASHAL e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. 3 ° posto per la bella saura KARIMA DA GIADA (IM ICARE CATHARE x GIADA GI) allevata e di proprietà di IERVOLINO GIANLUCA e presentata da handler Zaniboni Roberto. Per quanto riguarda N° 4 - 2016 | 289

BY WERNERA) bred and owned by SCUDERIA GROANE and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 2nd place for the bay DIVINA BY SAJIDA (EL CANYON x SAJIDA) bred by BOSCARINO GIACOMO, owned by SCARAMELLA EMANUELA and presented by handler BOSCARINO GIACOMO. 3rd place for the bay FAVOLA LC (AJMAN MONISCIONE x FATIMA LC) bred by Allev. SOC. AGRICOLA LA CAMPAGNOLA, owned by GONDOLA VILMA and presented by handler Costa Davide. As for the MARES 10 YEARS OLD AND OVER (CLASS 6), sponsored by Tripodi Arabians, 1st place for the bay AD STELLA BGP (HADIDI x CARINA DEI MORI) bred and owned by Dionisi Antonio and presented by handler Maccabei Luca. 2nd place for the grey GRACJ GI (WH JUSTICE x GASMIRA EL ZAID) bred by IERVOLINO GIANLUCA, owned by D’ONZA DOMENICO and presented by handler Pawel Kozikowski. 3rd place for the grey FRASERA SHAHYRA (MAJD AL RAYYAN x FRASERA SHAHILLA) bred and owned by ALLEVAMENTO LA FRASERA and presented by handler Bulgherini Lorenzo. As for the YEARLING FILLIES (CLASS 7A) sponsored by Al Artal Arabians, 1st place for the bay PLATINIA J (EMERALD J x PSYCHES ANGEL) bred and owned by C. JAMAR-DEMEERSSEMAN and presented by handler CRISTIAN FRANCESCHINA. 2nd place for the grey TF DAUPHINE (EKS ALIHANDRO x HADISHIA) bred by GENOVESE MARCO, owned by TRIPODI ARABIANS and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 3rd place for the bay HAFFATI REGALIS (STORM LA RONCOLA x PRINCESA PIN) bred and owned by RE PIETRO and presented by handler Luca Oberti. As for the YEARLING FILLIES (CLASS 7B), sponsored by Anica, 1st place for the chestnut RK ANDRA (EKS ALIHANDRO x TF MISTIC ROYAL) bred and owned by SHAZIN SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA A R.L. and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 2nd place for the bay TF VENEZIA (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x LATIFFA) bred and owned by TRIPODI FRANCESCO AZ. AGR. and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 3rd place for the black G NOBEL ILIADE (WADEE AL SHAQAB x ALIAH IA) bred and owned by COMO FABIO and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. As for the FILLIES 2 YEARS OLD

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la categoria FATTRICI DA 7 a 9 ANNI (CLASSE 5), sponsorizzata da Al Shaqab Stud, 1 ° posto per la grigia SG WENUSIA (SDP TAYLOR x WENUS BY WERNERA) allevata e di proprietà dalla SCUDERIA GROANE e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. 2 °posto per la baia DIVINA BY SAJIDA (EL CANYON x SAJIDA) allevata da BOSCARINO GIACOMO, di proprietà di SCARAMELLA EMANUELA e presentata da handler BOSCARINO GIACOMO. 3 °posto per la baia FAVOLA LC (AJMAN MONISCIONE x FATIMA LC) allevata da Allev. SOC. AGRICOLA LA CAMPAGNOLA, di proprietà di GONDOLA VILMA e presentata da handler Costa Davide. Per quanto riguarda la categoria FATTRICI 10 ANNI E OLTRE (CLASSE 6), sponsorizzata da Tripodi Arabians, 1° posto per la baia AD STELLA BGP (HADIDI x CARINA DEI MORI) allevata e di proprietà di Dionisi Antonio e presentata da handler Maccabei Luca. 2 °posto per la scintillante grigia GRACJ GI (WH GIUSTIZIA x GASMIRA EL ZAID) allevata da IERVOLINO GIANLUCA, di proprietà di D’ONZA DOMENICO e presentata da handler Pawel Kozikowski. 3 °posto per la grigia FRASERA SHAHYRA (MAJD AL RAYYAN x FRASERA SHAHILLA) allevata e di proprietà di ALLEVAMENTO LA FRASERA e presentata da handler Bulgherini Lorenzo. Per la categoria YEARLING FILLIES (CLASSE 7A) sponsorizzata da Artal Arabians, 1°posto per la baia PLATINIA J (EMERALD J x PSYCHES ANGEL) allevata e di proprietà di C. JAMARDEMEERSSEMAN e presentata da handler CRISTIAN FRANCESCHINA. 2° posto per la grigia TF DAUPHINE (EKS ALIHANDRO x HADISHIA) allevata da GENOVESE MARCO, di proprietà di TRIPODI ARABIANS e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. 3°posto per la baia HAFFATI REGALIS (TEMPESTA LA RONCOLA x PRINCESA PIN) allevata e di proprietà di RE PIETRO e presentata da handler Luca Oberti. Per la categoria YEARLING FILLIES (CLASSE 7B), sponsorizzata da A.N.I.C.A., 1°posto per la saura RK ANDRA (EKS ALIHANDRO x TF MISTIC ROYAL) allevata e di proprietà di SHAZIN SOCIETA ‘AGRICOLA A.R.L. e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. 2°posto per la baia TF VENEZIA (KAHIL AL SHAQAB x LATIFFA) allevata e di proprietà di TRIPODI FRANCESCO AZ. AGR. e presentata da handler Giacomo Capacci. 3°posto per la nera G NOBEL

(CLASS 8), sponsored by Arabian Essence WebTV, 1st place for the bay MEGAN GALE (ARETUSA SHAMIR x ZT MAGBILT) bred and owned by Aretusa Arabians and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. 2nd place for the grey RADEGONDA BY TRESCA (SHANGHAI EA x DELMAR CRISPY) bred by AZ. AGR TRESCA of Filippini Giancarlo, owned by SPARAPAN AMADIO and presented by handler Zaniboni Roberto. 3rd place for the bay MARANFUSA CETTY (WADEE AL SHAQAB x GS SOAVE) bred and owned by SALVATORE GRAFFATO and presented by handler BOSCARINO GIACOMO. As for the FILLIES 3 YEARS OLD (CLASS 9), sponsored by Shazin Stud, 1st place for the grey NIHAL (SHANGAI EA x GS LIBERA) bred and owned by DI GIOVANNI GIANFRANCO and presented by handler Paolo Capecci. 2nd place for the chestnut ASYAH SCAH (HASMAN GYO x AMANTHEA MONISCIONE) bred and owned by Scah Arabians S.R.L. and presented by handler ANDREA BOSCARINO. 3rd place for the bay AS SOLEIKA (FS MICHELANGELO x SUOLI) bred and owned by SOC. AGR. LE QUERCETTE and presented by handler Giuseppe Vetrò. With regard to the STALLIONS 4 TO 6 YEARS OLD (CLASS 10), sponsored by SOMMA, 1st place for the bay DALI (LAZAAL x ELEKTRA BY HADIDI) bred and owned by VIRGA GIORGIO and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 2nd place for the chestnut MP RITZIUS (AJMAN MONISCIONE x BF ANUSKA) bred and owned by PITTALUGA MARCO and presented by handler Fusco Antonio. 3rd place for the grey FREE GANGES (MUNDHER AL SHAQAB x BASMA ‘PASB’) bred and owned by Ge.Mar. s.r..l and presented by handler BOSCARINO GIACOMO. As for the STALLIONS 7 TO 9 YEARS OLD (CLASS 11), sponsored by Eng. Marano Milena, 1st place for the grey AG SHALOM (WH JUSTICE x OH MY SHAY) bred by AG Nobel Arabians, owned by LECCHI PIERLUCA and presented by handler Giacomo Capacci. 2nd place for the grey ARDASHIR RG (TS APOLO x PSYCHES ANGEL) bred and owned by REINA GIUSEPPE and presented by handler CRISTIAN FRANCESCHINA. 3rd place for the grey TF STAR IBN PSEQUEL (PSEQUEL x TF LUNA) bred and owned by TRIPODI FRANCESCO AZ. AGR. and presented by handler Luca Oberti. On Sunday, October 2nd it was expected to be the second and final day of the Championship. That morning, the weather conditions were not the best, in fact, there had been rain showers although interspersed with sunshine. There was no wind and, all in all, the day was mild. There was nothing which would have shown that the situation might deteriorate pretty soon. Around Midday, it was raining, but not heavily. The 10 YEARS OLD AND OVER (CLASS 12), sponsored by Giacomo

ILIADE (WADEE AL SHAQAB x ALIAH IA) allevata e di proprietà di COMO FABIO e presentata da handler Paolo Capecci. Con riferimento alla categoria FILLIES 2 ANNI (CLASSE 8), sponsorizzata da Arabian Essence Web TV, 1°posto per la baia MEGAN GALE (ARETUSA SHAMIR x ZT MAGBILT) allevata e di proprietà di Aretusa Arabians e presentata da handler Paolo Capecci. 2° posto per la grigia RADEGONDA DI TRESCA (SHANGHAI EA x DELMAR CRISPY) allevata da AZ. AGR. TRESCA di Filippini Giancarlo, di proprietà di SPARAPAN AMADIO e presentata da handler Zaniboni Roberto. 3°posto per la baia MARANFUSA CETTY (WADEE AL SHAQAB x GS SOAVE) allevata e di proprietà di Salvatore Graffato e presentata da handler BOSCARINO GIACOMO. Per quanto concerne la categoria FILLIES 3 ANNI (CLASSE 9), sponsorizzata da Shazin Stud, 1°posto per la grigia NIHAL (SHANGAI EA x GS ) allevato e di proprietà di GIOVANNI GIANFRANCO e presentata da handler Paolo Capecci. 2°posto per la saura ASYAH SCAH (HASMAN GYO x AMANTHEA MONISCIONE) allevata e di proprietà di Scah Arabians S.R.L. e presentata da handler ANDREA BOSCARINO. 3°posto per la baia AS SOLEIKA (FS MICHELANGELO x SUOLI) allevata e di proprietà di SOC. AGR. LE QUERCETTE e presentata da Giuseppe Vetrò. Per la categoria STALLONI DA 4 a 6 ANNI (CLASSE 10), sponsorizzata da SOMMA, 1 ° posto per il magnifico baio DALI (LAZAAL x ELEKTRA BY HADIDI) allevato e di proprietà di VIRGA GIORGIO e presentato da handler Giacomo Capacci. 2°posto per il sauro MP RITZIUS (AJMAN MONISCIONE x BF ANUSKA) allevato e di proprietà di PITTALUGA MARCO e presentato da handler Fusco Antonio. 3 ° posto per il grigio FREE GANGES (MUNDHER AL SHAQAB x BASMA ‘PASB’) allevato e di proprietà di GE. MAR. s.r.l. e presentato da handler BOSCARINO GIACOMO. Per gli STALLONI DA 7 a 9 ANNI (CLASSE 11), sponsorizzata da Ing. Marano Milena, 1 ° posto per il grigio AG SHALOM (WH GIUSTIZIA x OH MY SHAY) allevato da AG NOBEL ARABIANS, di proprietà di LECCHI PIERLUCA e presentato da handler Giacomo Capacci. 2°posto per il grigio ARDASHIR RG (TS APOLO x PSYCHES ANGEL) allevato e di proprietà di REINA GIUSEPPE e presentato da handler CRISTIAN FRANCESCHINA. 3°posto per il grigio TF STAR IBN PSEQUEL (PSEQUEL x TF LUNA) allevato e di proprietà di TRIPODI FRANCESCO AZ. AGR. e presentato da handler Luca Oberti. Domenica 2 ottobre era prevista la seconda e conclusiva giornata di Campionato. Le condizioni meteo di quella mattina non erano certo tra le migliori, c’erano stati infatti scrosci di pioggia che però si erano alternati a momenti di sole. Non c’era vento e tutto sommato la giornata era mite. Niente lasciava dunque presagire quello che sarebbe accaduto

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Capacci Arabians, was being showed. Suddenly a whirlwind struck the tensioned-structure under which the owners of the various horses participating in the competition were standing along with many other guests arrived from various parts of Italy, the staff in charge of the coffee bar and us of the Arabian Horse Magazine team of course! It took no more than thirty seconds for the whirlwind to disrupt the event, creating panic, unleashing a stampede among spectators and competitors. With our own eyes, we could see the big tent floating in the air, falling down, and being airlifted in on one more time to eventually roll over backward. At first, someone had even made an attempt to hold the tents down, but the wind blew just too nastily. The tornado swept away everything it found on its way. Completely panicked, people headed towards the exits or there were those who, like us, had found shelter in the car. Many drove away. Some people had been slightly bruised, but fortunately there were no injured. The tornado had caused extensive damage to other activities in the area, sucking everything into the whirlpool: signs, coffee tables, chairs and outdoor installations. As many locals said, it had been long time since equestrian events first took place in the Park of Villa Salati. But never before then there had been a natural disaster of this kind. Therefore, we want to warmly thank all those who promptly intervened to provide assistance and first aid on that horrible day. In the end, a special thank goes to A.N.I.C.A. Association and the technical directorate who had put their heart in the preparation of this event. They stayed on site to assist people, friends, women and children until the end of the day – and even longer than that - making sure that everyone was really safe. To them goes, therefore, our entire moral support. di lì a poco. Intorno mezzogiorno, stava piovendo, ma non in maniera forte. In arena si stava esibendo la categoria STALLONI DA 10 ANNI e OLTRE (CLASSE 12), sponsorizzata da Giacomo Capacci Arabians. All’improvviso un vortice di aria fortissimo si è abbattuto sulla tensostruttura dove si trovavano i proprietari delle varie scuderie che partecipavano al concorso, ma anche tanti altri ospiti giunti da varie parti d’Italia, lo staff preposto al servizio bar caffetteria e anche noi del Team di Arabian Horse Magazine ovviamente! Non più di trenta secondi bastarono alla tromba d’aria per flagellare la manifestazione, seminando panico e un fuggi fuggi tra spettatori e concorrenti. Noi del Team abbiamo visto con i nostri stessi occhi la tensostruttura alzarsi, ricadere per poi rialzarsi e ribaltarsi all’indietro. In un primo momento qualcuno aveva anche fatto il tentativo di tenere giù i tendoni, ma il vento era troppo forte. Poi tutti in preda allo spavento si erano a mano a mano diretti verso le uscite o c’era chi, come noi, aveva trovato rifugio in macchina. In molti andarono via. Alcune persone erano rimaste lievemente contuse, ma fortunatamente non ci furono feriti. La tromba d’aria aveva causato danni ingenti anche ad altre attività della zona, trascinando tutto nel proprio vortice, tabelle, tavolini, sedie ed allestimenti esterni. Molte persone del posto dissero che era da tempo che nel Parco di Villa Salati, un’area privata che si trova all’interno della cinta muraria ma fuori dal parco archeologico, si erano svolti concorsi ippici e non si erano mai verificati incidenti. Noi del Team, ringraziamo tutti coloro che prontamente intervennero per offrire assistenza e primo soccorso in quella difficile circostanza. Un ringraziamento speciale va all’Associazione A.n.ic.a., all’ organizzazione tecnica di Background Media e a tutti coloro che avevano messo il cuore nella preparazione di questo evento, e che in quell’occasione si prodigarono per assistere le persone lì presenti, amici, donne e bambini, rimanendo sulla zona dell’accaduto fino al termine della giornata, e oltre, per accertarsi che tutti stessero bene veramente. Ad essi, dunque, va tutto il nostro supporto morale.

N° 4 - 2016 | 292

N° 4 - 2016 | 293

Yearling Colts - Class 1A 1st


Points 537.00









N° 4 - 2016 | 294



Yearling Colts - Class 1B 1st

Points 544.50












N° 4 - 2016 | 295



Points 545.00








N° 4 - 2016 | 296






Points 545.00











N° 4 - 2016 | 297

Mares - class 4 1st

Points 548.00


SHANGAI EA x LADY PRUE Owner: My Arabians del Cav. Manfredi Massimo








N° 4 - 2016 | 298



Mares - class 5 1st

Points 551.00












N° 4 - 2016 | 299

Mares - class 6 1st

Points 546.00









N° 4 - 2016 | 300



yearling fillies - class 7a 1st

Points 539.50













N° 4 - 2016 | 301

yearling fillies - class 7B 1st



Points 546.50








N° 4 - 2016 | 302



fillies - class 8 1st

Points 546.50











N° 4 - 2016 | 303

fillies - class 9 1st

Points 546.00






HASMAN GYO x AMANTHEA MONISCIONE Owner: Scah Arabians SRL Societa Agricola





N° 4 - 2016 | 304



stallion - class 0 1st

Points 543.50













N° 4 - 2016 | 305

stallion - class xi 1st

Points 542.50









N° 4 - 2016 | 306



stallion - class x11 1st






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Today people talk a lot about animal well-being. However, are we sure that we really know what it means? Well, it may sound obvious: wellbeing, feeling well, being well. We all know its meaning, and we are all certain, in absolute good faith, that we are doing all that needs to be done to offer our animals a good life. But what really is animal welfare? To best define it we first have to be aware that we are speaking of animals that we have to take care of, for our sustenance, sport or leisure. Animals in captivity, that is, not in a state of nature, which suffer the harshest of limitations, due to the lack of freedom. This is the reason why the general definition of welfare, (“a state of physical and psychological health in which the subject is in harmony with its environment”), inevitably becomes “the condition of an animal related to its attempts to adapt itself to the environment”. This implying that every change of the environment causes physiological and behavioral reactions directed to adapt to it. When the effort to compensate for the change fails, stress takes over. However, the concept of animal welfare, similarly to that of the human’s, experienced an evolving interpretation over the time. Today, in order to measure it, we tend to give determinant significance to the psychological condition of the subject, as well as to its moods and feelings. At present it is undisputed that welfare is a multidimensional concept, which certainly implies the physical health as well as mental health. Therefore, the welfare is a characteristic of the animal itself and not something coming from outside; it means that beyond the lack of physical pain, the animal must have the chance to express behaviors typical of the species and be able to live a life in keeping with its needs, both physiological and behavioral. In order to take care of the animal’s well-being, there are two unavoidable necessities: (1) to know the characteristics of that animal, both individual and species-specific, and (2) to have a standard protocol to measure the presence, or absence, of well-being. In 1965, in response to the book Animal Machines by Ruth Harrison, which raised great outrage both in the public opinion and the experts’, the British Government appointed a committee to control intensive farming. In 1979 this committee became the Farm Animal Welfare Council, which drew up a list of requirements in defense of animal health and welfare. Later the list was formalized into the so-called Five Freedoms, that today are the guidelines of several organizations for animal’s defense worldwide. They are: 1. Freedom from hunger or thirst; 2. Freedom from discomfort; 3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease; 4. Freedom from fear and distress; 5. Freedom to express normal behavior; The first four are well defined and self-explaining. However, the fifth requires some careful thought: accordingly to the first of the unavoidable necessities above mentioned, to offer an animal, whatever animal, the possibility (or freedom) to express their normal behavior, we have to know the specific animal’s characteristics and needs, both individual and of the species. Now, one could ask: why should we spend so much time, efforts and often even money to study, understand and change our behavioral habits towards the animals, so rooted that they are almost laws? Well, I think there are two reasons. The first logical one (and some may feel outraged by it) is that animals that feel well produce more, cost less, and all in all pay off more. This is

Oggi si parla tanto di benessere animale. Siamo sicuri però di sapere davvero cosa vuol dire? Certo, sembra banale: ben-essere, star bene. Tutti sappiamo cosa vuol dire. E tutti siamo convinti, in assoluta buona fede, di fare tutto quello che c’è da fare per dare ai nostri animali una buona vita. Ma cos’è davvero il benessere animale? Per definirlo con esattezza dobbiamo innanzitutto partire dalla consapevolezza che stiamo parlando degli animali affidati alle nostre cure, vuoi per il nostro sostentamento alimentare, vuoi per il lavoro, vuoi per lo sport o lo svago. Si tratta quindi di animali in cattività (nel senso ampio del termine, cioè non allo stato naturale), che si trovano sempre e comunque, a dispetto delle migliori intenzioni, a soffrire della limitazione più grande: la mancanza di libertà. Ecco perché la definizione generica di benessere, che lo qualifica come “uno stato di salute sia fisica che mentale in cui l’animale è in armonia con il suo ambiente”, diventa giocoforza “lo stato di un animale in relazione ai suoi tentativi di adattarsi all’ambiente”. Là dove si sottintende che ogni cambiamento ambientale significativo provoca una reazione fisiologica e comportamentale volta ad adattarsi a esso. Quando il tentativo di compensare il cambiamento fallisce, subentra lo stress. Tuttavia il concetto di benessere animale, non diversamente da quello di benessere umano, ha subito nel tempo un’evoluzione interpretativa. Oggi, ai fini della sua valutazione, si tende a dare un’importanza determinante allo stato mentale del soggetto, nonché ai suoi stati d’animo e alle sue emozioni. Si riconosce ormai come il benessere sia un concetto multidimensionale, che comprende senz’altro la salute fisica ma anche quella mentale. Il welfare è dunque una caratteristica dell’animale, e non una cosa che gli viene fornita dall’esterno; alla base di esso, oltre indubbiamente all’assenza di sofferenza fisica, sta la possibilità di esprimere i comportamenti peculiari della specie e poter perciò condurre una vita consona alle esigenze fisiologiche e comportamentali della stessa.

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Per poter provvedere al benessere di un animale, due sono i punti di partenza imprescindibili: conoscere le caratteristiche individuali e specie-specifiche di quell’animale, e avere un protocollo il più possibile standardizzato per misurare la presenza, o l’assenza, di benessere. Nel 1965, in risposta al libro di Ruth Harrison Animal Machines, che suscitò parecchia indignazione nel pubblico e tra gli addetti ai lavori, il governo inglese nominò una commissione di controllo degli allevamenti intensivi. Nel 1979 questa commissione divenne il Farm Animal Welfare Council, che redasse una lista di requisiti a tutela di tutti gli animali affidati alle cure dell’uomo. La lista fu formalizzata nelle cosiddette Cinque Libertà, che sono oggi le linee guida di svariate organizzazioni mondiali per la tutela della salute e del benessere animale. Esse sono: • La libertà dalla fame e dalla sete. • La libertà dal disagio nelle strutture di ricovero. • La libertà dal dolore, dalle ferite e dalle malattie. • La libertà dalla paura e dallo stress. • La libertà di esprimere un comportamento normale e caratteristico della specie. Se le prime quattro della lista sono ben definite e si spiegano da sé, la quinta è forse quella che più invita alla riflessione, riallacciandosi al primo dei due punti chiave per la valutazione del benessere: per poter offrire a un animale, qualunque esso sia, la possibilità (o libertà) di esprimere un comportamento normale bisogna conoscerne le caratteristiche e le esigenze, sia di specie che individuali.

true not only for productive livestock, but also household pets. If you, or someone you know, has lived with a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, you know how difficult it can be. A horse with crib-biting risks severe gastric and intestinal problems. An aggressive subject can be a serious risk for the human beings or other animals. Therefore, the first answer could be a mere economic calculation, or simply logic, anthropocentric but still logic. However, the second reason is the one which really forces to a quantum leap and leads to the real answer: we have to do it because it is fair. Because the moment we arrogate to ourselves the right to “use” the animals, in any ways, we have not only the duty to take care of them materially, but also to respect them as sentient beings and respect their characteristics and their needs. And to do so we need to know them more thoroughly than we believe we do. Therefore, we must be educated in order to understand. In the next issue of this column we will specifically examine the socalled indicators of wellness, in particular those of the horse. While it is easy to recognize extreme situations of suffering, maltreatments first and last, it is far more difficult to recognize the psychological distress caused. Any individual, human beings included, tries to compensate for negative situations with adaptive behaviors, some positive and useful, other unwelcome but simply reactions to negative stimuli or painful situations. To understand then, so that to do better and be able to give our animals the best environment and treatment possible. It is our moral duty to build a good life for them. It is their unquestionable right to have it.

Ora ci si potrebbe chiedere: ma perché bisogna spendere tanto tempo e impiegare tante energie e spesso denaro per capire, studiare e poi cambiare le nostre abitudini di comportamento verso gli animali, così radicate da essere quasi delle leggi? Ebbene, io credo che le risposte possibili siano due. La prima è quella che, d’acchito, potrebbe convincere di più (anche se forse farà indignare qualcuno): perché gli animali che stanno bene producono di più, costano meno, e in definitiva rendono di più. E mi riferisco non solo agli animali propriamente da reddito, ma anche a quelli d’affezione: la convivenza con un cane affetto da ansia da separazione è difficilissima, chi ha provato lo sa bene. Un cavallo con il ticchio d’appoggio rischia di incorrere in gravi problemi gastrici e intestinali. Un soggetto aggressivo può diventare un pericolo reale, per gli esseri umani che gli stanno vicino. Quindi potrebbe trattarsi di mero calcolo economico, o semplicemente di logica, antropocentrica ma comunque logica. È però la seconda risposta quella che obbliga davvero al salto di qualità: bisogna farlo perché è giusto così. Perché nel momento in cui noi esseri umani ci arroghiamo il diritto di “usare” gli animali, in qualsiasi modo, abbiamo non solo il dovere di provvedere a loro materialmente, ma anche di rispettarli in quanto esseri senzienti, e di rispettare le loro peculiarità e le loro esigenze. Per farlo, dobbiamo conoscerli, più di quanto già crediamo di fare. Conoscere per capire, quindi. Nel prossimo appuntamento di questa rubrica esamineremo più nel dettaglio i cosiddetti indicatori di benessere, riferendoci specificamente al cavallo. Perché se è lampante riconoscere le situazioni di malessere estreme, quelle definibili senz’altro come maltrattamenti, più difficile è invece valutare gli stati di disagio psicologico, che ogni individuo, essere umano compreso, cerca di compensare con comportamenti adattativi, alcuni fruttuosi e positivi, altri che risultano “indesiderati” ma sono sempre e solo reazioni a stimoli negativi o esperienze sgradevoli. Conoscere per fare di meglio, dunque. E soprattutto per poter offrire ai nostri animali il miglior ambiente e il miglior trattamento possibili, necessari per vivere una buona vita. Nostro dovere morale costruirla per loro, loro indiscutibile diritto averla.

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Once again the Nordic Open attracted breeders, owners and friends of the arabian horse and hosted an organized and well planned event. Words by Mia Hvid


s always, the Nordic Open Int. B show and riding event was a very well planned weekend. The weekend is a perfect illustration of the versatility of the arabian horse, as a spectacular show horse, a calm and sweet riding horse, as well as a perfect all round horse for young and adults and a perfect setting for 113 horses participated all together, divided with 60 horses in the show, 14 in the amateur show and 36 registered for the riding event. This year the Nordic Open show was also hosting the Nordic Futurity Foal Show with 9 foals. Even we could all have wished for more horses to enjoy, all classes was completed except for the senior stallion class. Summoned from around Europe was Mrs. Anna Stojanowska, Mr. Mrs. Joanne Lowe, Mr. Gianmarco Aragno and Mr. Konraad Detailleur to judge the horses coming from all over the world. The opening of the show was put in the hoofes of the yearling fillies, a very nice group of 9 young girls doing their best to start of the event. For many of them their first show, but they surely did a nice entry. The first win of the show was the very pretty and feminine Miami J (RFI Maktub x Mojita/QR Marc), bred by Mrs. Christine Jamar, with impressive 91 points. Second

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was the Danish bred Wandorah (Ajman Moniscione x Wakhida / Khidar) owned by Husted Arabians just an inch in front of another Danish bred horse, Bekanzha WZA (Kanz Albidayer x Berousha/Jawish Ibn Mashour) proudly bred and owned by Mette Levorsen. The two ladies in front of the class, was on Sunday awarded with gold and bronze titles. The 2 year old fillies had 5 entries of superb quality. As seen all over the world, WH Justice has made a deep impact on the showscene and still dominates without preference in bloodlines. Both the classwinner and the second was sired by Justice, out of very different damlines. Agmal Jahiddah out of the Polish dam Erabea / Piber was superior, with 91 points. She is bred and owned by Agmal Arabians in South Africa, managed and beautifully presented by Johanna UllstrĂśm who also lead her to a Silver Title later in the show. The very pretty WW Scarlett (Sasha Jullyen V / Jullyen El Jamaal) holds desite her young age her own group of fans here in Scandinavia cheering her all the way in the ring, and for sure she is a treasure to her owners at Lindegaardens Arabstuteri from Sweden. The 3 year old fillies posed 6 young ladies, of impressive quality putting the

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judges skills to a test. It was minor differences which determined the outcome, rewarding the winner with 89,50 points and number 5 with 89,17, so its fair to say a very close race. The classwinner was won by points from movements and was the very showy Shakara (Sharahm x Euskara / Ararat) with JB Precious (Al Fakhir x JB Prizcilla / El Amin) just in her hoofprints challenging her. As 3rd was the Danish bred Wantasia scoring 89,33 points. Wantasia is by Juwel OS who was leased by Husted Arabians into Denmark a few years back. Husted Arabians is also the proud breeder and owner of Wantasia, securing the damline by this beautiful daughter of Wanila/Ansata Nile Pasha who was put to sleep a few

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years ago. Then to the young boys, who started with a small group of yearlings. Just 4 youngsters, but the quality still in top. Psencio (RFI Farid x JB Psynderella / CE Magnum), a tall bay colt that is not tainted with the sometimes lanky look young horses may have won the class with 90,50 points. His beautiful appearance, was Sunday awarded with a Bronze title. Psencio is proudly owned by Eriska Arabians, UK. EKS Alihandro has sired many great offsprings all over the world, and the second in this class is for sure one of them. UL Alonso (Sid Lavanda / El Sid), is an extremely showy colt, with huge dark eyes and a “look at me” attitude. He still needs to mature as many of the young boys,

but this colt will for sure be worth watching out for in the future. Proudly bred by Ulrichsdal Arabians, DK, who had huge succes breeding with El Sid some years back holding a Silver Champion title from Paris. In the next class the audience was completely blown away by the extremely showy TA Karezini. This 2 year old colt absolutely had a feast in the showring, confidently trusting his breeder and owner by his side Mr. Andreas Nehm from Tärenäs Arabians. The chestnut colt, with his tale up his back, head high and an attitude to love, received 91 points from the judges. He was also awarded with a Silver champion title on Sunday, after the Al Jassimya bred Jeryan al Jassimya (out of

Psierra / Padron Psyche) who took the lead in the 3 year old class with very nice overall points. Jeryan was imported to Belgium last year by current owner Flaxman Arabians, who on Sunday could collect a Gold Champion Title with this beautiful young Chestnut Stallion. Last class of the day was the youngest of the mares, and was won by Dorsenia (Kabsztad x Dombra / Eldon) with 92,17, which was also highest point of the show, shared with an other mare of Polish heritage Manresa (Werbum x Martynika / Monogramm) who was showed on Sunday in mares 7-10 years. Manresa was named Gold Champion with Dorsenia as Silver Champion on Sunday, and Aria Delphine (El Nabila B x MC Bessona

/ Besson Carol) as the Bronze. Sadly the Senior Stallion classes had a lack of entries, with just 4 stallions in all. Class winner of 4-6 year old stallions, and later awarded with the Gold Champion title was the white showy stallion, currently on lease to Husted Arabians, DK, Sultan Al Shaqab (Amir Al Shaqab x Abha Al Shaqab / Abha Fadil). The Silver Championship went to Nader Zaman Al Shajer (Om El Bellissimo x Nimba / Ekstern) from Kuwait. As a Bronze Champion was named Jaipur El Perseus, (Perseus El Jamaal x Jullye El Ludjin) from the USA. A very international collection of Stallions. Another attraction of the Nordic Open Show was

the Futurity Cup which took place on Saturday. 9 foals had entered, either by buying a breeding via the auction held the year before, or by entering by payment. The Nordic Open Futurity Auction and Cup was only open to Nordic breeders and mare owners, and therefor exclusively for the Scandinavian breeders. 5 fillies and 4 colts was presented before the judges, sired by the Futurity Stallions; RP Burj Al Arab, Ajman Moniscione, Fadi Al Shaqab, EKS Alihandro, Equator, and Wadee Al Shaqab. For the Scandinavian breeders the auction created huge interest, and calls for a huge thank you to the kind sponsors of breedings. The total amount of money to be divided for the participants in the cup;

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DKK 180.407,17. The colt foals was superior! No question about that, and the judges also awarded 3 colt foals in the top 3! It was the very pretty Waliandro by EKS Alihandro out of Walena (El Sid) bred by Husted Arabians, who won the Nordic Open Futurity Cup, taking the biggest moneyprice at home. Second was a very young baby boy, by Fadi Al Shaqab out of Miss Dior NWA (Marajj) bred by North West Arabian Horse Stud. Being very young, he was handled tightly, but still showed his beautiful type of head. Number 3 was another Husted bred colt, a bay boy by Wadee Al Shaqab out of Wakhida (Khidar). The Nordic Open Show, host besides the show and

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2016 Futurity, also amateur classes and a riding show. 14 entries was present this year in the amateur show, and we hope for many more to come next year, both at Novice and amateur level. The Danish Arabhorse Riding Club, hosts alongside the show an international riding event with dressage and showjumping. Due to lack of space this is not part of the article, but being a horse owner with a riding horse in the dressage part, I can only encourage riders from all over Europe to come and join us next year. The riding event is very well planned and organized, and is a joy to be part of. Also the riding event works together with the show, to host an All Round Cup, where the rider

also presents the horse in a special showclass. Come join us next year. The Nordic Open Show is the broadest Scandinavian show, and calls for all arabian horse enthusiast to join. It is a very nice and well organized show, with a team behind very focused on giving all present, no matter if it was breeders, owners, trainers, riders or spectators the best experience possible. Personally I enjoyed the show, and I will most definitely be a part of this event in the future. My best recommendation for all horse breeders, trainers, riders and owners to go to Denmark next year to take part in a well organized show on the premises of the horses.

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