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Table of Contents SUMMER 2017 8 What We Transmit to Our Horses Written by Jean Paul Guerlain Riding in the Classical Way on Your Beautiful Arabian Horse

12 Prince Alsharif RLB


Cover Feature - Summer 2017 Prince Alsharif RLB 2016 Black Yearling Colt Owned & bred by Lauran Arabians Northville, Michigan


Wood Carving Artisan

24 A PORTRAIT OF ANSATA IEMHOTEP Written & Photographed by Judith Wich-Wenning



34 The Luminous Fine Art of Hocine Ziani


visionpure The Hero’s Journey Chapter 1: Who am I, who are you? Written by Eva Reifler

56 How to Believe You Can Be an Olympic Equestrian Written by Nancy Dye


Truth is Beauty, Beauty Truth

Discoving the Straight Egyptian Horse Through Photography Written & Photographed by Diana Cantey


Equestrian Law Written by Julie I. Fershtman, Attorney at Law


Hotel Selman Marrakech Photographed by Ignacio Alvar-Thomas 7




ave you ever thought about what you unconciously transmit to your horse? We all know that when we are in a bad mood our horses are also often in a bad mood and we know that the very best riders are able to put aside their own issues and stay calmly focused on helping and understanding their horses. However, what we often forget is just how much our horses understand about how we feel towards them. I am not just talking about when actually in the saddle, but also how we feel about them on the ground. When we ride and get frustrated with our horse, we see immediately that the horse becomes tense and unwilling. As we relax, so too our horses relax and are more willing to help us get our message across in a subtle and gentle manner. Stil, if your horse knows that when you dismount you release all ties to him, he will become distant and the work unexpressive. I noticed this and the power of this concept recently with my two horses. One horse is my star and I talk about him constantly. My other horse is older and a little bit more of a worry-wart and sometimes I forget how special he is. So, one day I went into the stable after training and looked into his eyes. He was sad with me and not because I was unfair or frustrated with him in training as I work very hard to always keep the calm relaxed me on the go. He was sad because he knew that he was number two and that perhaps I did not love him like I love the other. I felt very bad, but he was right. The next day I went into his stable and told him that I was going to make an effort to show him that he was as special as the other horse. From that day forward, his work was more focused--he tried harder and I found that I enjoyed riding him so much more.



In the past, in addition to his role as master perfumer for the House of Guerlain, Jean Paul Guerlain also accumulated World Championships in Dressage and Carriage Driving. Guerlain is a French perfume house, amongst the oldest in the world. The House of Guerlain was founded in 1828, when PierreFrancois Pascal Guerlain opened his perfume store in Paris. Jean Paul Guerlain is fourth generation Geurlain and the last family master perfumer. Jean Paul continues to travel the globe to develop new fragrances.

Nuno Oliveira (one of the great dressage masters) used to say, “To be a good rider, you have to love your horse. Horses pick up on our state of mind and attitude. I now use my common sense; it seems obvious to me that if dogs can smell fear, then horses feel what you transmit to them, and if you will fail, your horse will become tense, then surely you will fail. Have you ever thought about approaching him before a training session and telling him what is expected? Or visiting him post bath to discuss what could have gone better? Of course, the non-horsey’s will think you are mad, but chances are they do not even notice when people discuss their lives with their canine or feline friends. If you do not believe me, then try it, but believe in it or of course you are fooling yourself and your horse. A horse with a rider that loves him will show it. A horse with a negative and unfriendly rider will produce the same emotion in the Dressage Test (or any other tests). The best judge to appreciate the quality of the rider’s aids is the horse. Look at his attitude, his ears and eyes. If the rider who just won a dressage test or other dismounts and his horse has a miserable appearnce, we can say that the rider is a savage; the work was some kind of sport and not equestrian art.” In my opinion, it is equestrian art, not science. So even if we cannot prove something works, it is simply magical when it does. Good luck and please me know about your experiences using the above technique. Questions or comments may be forwarded to:






2016 BLACK COLT Lauran Arabians


Cal Poly Tech Arabian Horse Breeding Center in

type athletic purebred Arabian horses. Only the finest purebred Arabian stallions are chosen

California. The second black full sister has been retained for the Lauran Arabians breeding program.

to sire the beautiful second and third generation

The third chestnut full sister was recently sold and

purebred Arabian mares at Lauran Arabians stables in Southeast Michigan; conveniently located 30

is currently in training for English Pleasure preparing for the AEPA English Pleasure Class held at the

minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Northville, Michigan USA.

US Arabian & Half-Arabian National Championship Show for which she will be eligible to show as a

auran Arabians focuses on breeding true to

four-year-old in 2017.

Lauran Arabians has been breeding purebred Arabian horses since 1995. The start of the breeding program began with one foundation mare; she was

Lauran Arabians’ second daughter of their foundation mare was born in 2008—sired by Multi-

the lone remaining mare of a dear friend who had

International Arabian Stallion, Magnum Psyche. This

bred purebred Arabian horses for 40 years prior to the formation of Lauran Arabians. The true credit for the success of Lauran Arabians lies in this now

mare is jet black! The foundation mare being dark bay and Magnum Psyche who is chestnut, it was a welcomed surprise to receive a beautiful black

retired 30-year-old purebred Arabian mare, with rich Polish and Crabbet bloodlines, that she so eloquently passed on to her sons and daughters.

filly. The mare, Sanibella LA, has produced two fillies and one colt. The first filly is a beautiful grey by *L A Karát—an absolutely lovely face and sculpted head, smooth bodied, great legs and feet, movement and wonderful tail carriage. The second filly is an elegant bay sired by the Pure Polish Champion and Triple Crown US National Champion Arabian Stallion, *Pogrom. Lovely like her sire and dam in the face and head, again possessing the same beautiful

This most important foundation mare produced only two fillies, her remaining foals were colts. Both fillies were retained for Lauran Arabians’ breeding program. These fillies, now second generation broodmares, are currently producing the supreme type and athleticism that is so highly treasured by purebred Arabian breeders and owners today.

Arabian type as the black Magnum daughter’s first filly. Both of these fillies have been retained by Lauran Arabians as third generation broodmares. In 2016, this black mare foaled a spectacular black colt sired by the black Champion Arabian Stallion ROL Intencyty, sire of World Champion Arabian mare RH Triana. The black colt is magnificent and was trained as a yearling at Arabian Expressions, Greg Knowles, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 2016 black colt’s name is Prince Alsharif RLB. Lauran Arabians holds this colt in high esteem as both a show colt and future

The first daughter is bay, sired by the imported Pure Polish Reserve US National English Pleasure Champion Stallion *El Ghazi. She has proven herself a truly invaluable broodmare of English performance purebred Arabians. To date, she has produced three fillies, all sired by US National Unanimous Arabian English Pleasure Stallion, Afires Heir. The first two fillies are black and the third a bright chestnut. The first black daughter, Afire Lily LA, is now a current producing broodmare at the historic facility of

breeding stallion.






ON THE COVER To backtrack to Lauran Arabians’ foundation mare, in

and daughters themselves proving themselves as

2006 this mare produced a beautiful dark bay colt

successful show, racing and endurance Arabians as

sired by the Champion and world-renowned Arabian Stallion, *Gazal Al Shaqab—he himself siring *Marwan

well. Lauran Arabians has a rich history of breeding

Al Shaqab and numerous Champion sons and

purebred Arabians in its 22-year history. The owners

daughters as well. The bay colt is named Ali Gazal

contribute their successes to careful selection of

LA. He was sent to the professional and successful Arabian horse trainer Andrew Sellman in Wisconsin

only the finest National and International Champion Arabian breeding stallions for their eloquent mares

where he then traveled with Andrew to the

to carry on the tradition of fine breeding that is the

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in 2008 as a two-

trademark of Lauran Arabians.

year-old colt. Subsequently, prior to even showing, this colt was sold to a private international buyer from Poland and exported in 2008. Ali Gazal LA

And God took a handful of South wind and from it

went on to become a successful Reserve Champion In-Hand Stallion at a prestigious Polish Show, a

formed a horse, saying: "I create thee, Oh Arabian. To thy forelock, I bind

successful Arabian race horse stallion garnering

Victory in battle.

two first place races and then on to Arabian horse

On thy back, I set a rich spoil And a Treasure in thy loins.

Endurance competitions where he again garnered several first place wins. In addition, Ali Gazal LA went on to become a proven Arabian horse breeding

I establish thee as one of the Glories of the Earth... I give thee flight without wings." -- Bedouin Legend

stallion for the Kielnarowa stud in Poland; his sons

LAURAN ARABIANS LLC Northville, Michigan USA Randall E. & Laura J. Brodzik + 248.866.8756






Northville, Michigan Photo left: 2014 Bay Filly

Piekna Arabella LA *Pogrom x Sanibella LA

Photo below: 2008 Black Mare

Sanibella LA Magnum Psyche x Yermeh Sangayla Dam of Prince Alsharif RLB & Piekna Arabella LA





vangelos Zisopoulos is a Wood Carving Artisan born and raised in a small mountainous picturesque, village in the Northern part of Greece. He was brought up surrounded by loving people and animals, of course some of them being beautiful horses. This is where the seed of love and respect for this animal was planted. His dream was to someday leave the village, explore new lands and to use his God given talent to capture the beauty around him in order to share it with the world. At the age of 13 he went to a four year Wood Carving boarding school where his talent was cultivated. Evangelos, during his journey of


discovery, at the age of 21, had a great opportunity to work as a personal assistant for a successful multibillionaire Greek Shipping Tycoon and Thoroughbred horse breeder and racer, Mr. Stavros Niarchos. Mr. Niarchos was one of the greatest inspirations to the creation of the replica of “American Pharoah”. Mr. Stavros Niarchos’ love for horses and horse racing inspired Evangelos to admire even more the many qualities that a horse possesses, especially when he wins a race; Power, Strength, Elegance, Pride, Intelligence, and Perseverance, like the Kentucky Derby and more so, goes on to become a Triple Crown Champion.




Secatibe runtum earum sincilla velenimus auta nobit raecus di omniet

Secatibe runtum earum sincilla velenimus auta nobit raecus di omniet

Once “American Pharoah” won the Kentucky Derby in 2015, Evangelos knew in his heart that he may be the one. When he achieved, after 37 years, the next Triple Crown Title, Evangelos decided that this was the path that he wanted to take, to create an amazing replica masterpiece of "American Pharoah” .

24 years with their two beautiful daughters Eleni, 18 and Ifiyenia, 16. Over the years Evangelos has worked hard and is the owner of Evangelos Designs, a place where he uses his talent to create unique and one of a kind pieces of Furniture for his eclectic clientele. Evangelos is such a grateful, humble, talented man that cherishes and appreciates the great opportunities that he has received in his life. Evangelos’ life story is "The American Dream"!

While working for Stavros Niarchos, Evangelos fell in love with Mr. Niarchos’ private nurse Athena. She was born and raised in the United States and this is the reason he has lived in Michigan for over

Photo right: Evangelos Zisopoulos-Wood Carving Artisan Contact:





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Ansata Iemhotep photographed at Ansata Arabian Stud in Mena, Arkansas (USA), Photo Judith Wich-Wenning ARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 2017



ANSATA IEMHOTEP Written & Photographed by Judith Wich-Wenning




n ancient times, at dusk, peace and silence spread over the endless deserts. The last

sun rays had immersed the sand into warm shades of golden light and created an atmosphere beyond space and time. When then a group of Bedouins assembled in one of the black woven tents to sip some shai - the Arabian tea - from small ornamented cups, tales of horses were narrated. Stories of exceptional Arabians went the round, horses who had gained unfading admiration through their achievements, pride and their very own aura. These Arabians where true aristocrats of the desert, treasured by their owners and desired by those who had met them or heard about their fame. Much may have changed in the past, but certain elementary things will ever be the same. There are horses that touch people’s souls, who move their hearts - horses like Ansata Iemhotep...

Bred by Judith and Don Forbis of Ansata Arabian Stud in Mena, Arkansas, USA Ansata Iemhotep was born on March 4, 1993. Thinking back to this memorable day, Judith Forbis remembers: “There was an immediate charisma about Ansata Iemhotep. He looked you straight in the eye with that ‘look at me look’ from the minute he stood up. For a newborn foal he was elegant, with big dark expressive eyes, alert well-shaped ears, a very long neck, long legged, and with excellent balance. He had an immediate attitude that was unique; in essence, he simply ‘had it’. There was never a question that this was going to be a special horse with his very own type. I named him Iemhotep after the great architect of ancient Egypt who built the Step Pyramid in Sakkara, and came to be worshipped as a god and a great healer. Like his namesake, Iemhotep has begun to found his own dynasty.”

Above: The immortal Ansata Iemhotep photo, Judith Wich-Wenning Right: A son of legandary Ansata Iemhotep: Ansata Riyadh (x Bint Faras Azali)



“Hotep”, as he was soon affectionately called, perfectly reflected his pedigree which was

of intense Nazeer breeding and all his get were

carefully planned by his well-experienced breeders. “His sire, Prince Fa Moniet (The

very best individuals in the Ansata program. The Sudarra/Delilah/Bukra family has continually

Egyptian Prince x Fa Moniet), was incorporated

produced superior individuals.”

into the Ansata program in the late 1990’s to give length of leg, overall scope, and longer

When Hotep grew up, he soon turned out

superb movers. Hotep’s pedigree reflects the

neck to the herd”, Judith Forbis explains. “A task which he accomplished very well.”

to be special and unique in many ways. He quickly developed a very personal and intense relationship with Judith Forbis who recalls: “It

But Ansata Iemhotep’s damline is spectacular as well. “Ansata Iemhotep’s mother was

was obvious from the beginning that Hotep had many traits of Ansata lbn Sudan, from whom

Ansata Nefara (Ansata Halim Shah x Ansata

he descends on his dam’s side. Sudan, who

Sudarra)”, Judith Forbis continues. “She was one of Ansata’s most beautiful, charismatic

became the 1971 U. S. National Champion, was ‘my horse’ from the day he was foaled, effecting

and elegant Halim Shah daughters with a very refined head and neck. Halim Shah needs no

that unspoken bond between certain horses and their owners. Sudan wanted my attention

explanation to the international world of Arabian

all the time. He would even play dead in his

horses - he was considered by many to be the most prepotent breeding stallion of the past century - even surpassing his sire (Ansata

stall to get me to come inside to see him. Hotep also wanted constant attention. When he came to the show barn he was assigned Sudan’s

lbn Halima) or his grandsire (Nazeer). Ansata Sudarra was by Ansata Abu Sudan and out of Ansata Delilah, a broodmare of superior merit and founder of a distinctive family. Like Delilah, Sudarra had a certain air about her that set her

stall after Sudan had passed away.” Then, with a smile, she adds: “Hotep was also very fond of Don, seeing him as an admiring friend and the great ‘bringer of carrots’. And he demolished carrots faster than any horse I know.”

apart, particularly her big dark soulful eyes. As to her sire, Abu Sudan, he was a classic beauty



Reflecting on Hotep’s extraordinary personality, Judith Forbis continues: “First of all, he was ‘a

each individual for their similarities as well as

character’- this was a thinking horse. He was not to be fooled or coerced into anything. He

the breeding program and the overall breed. Ansata Sinan was the first bom of the three;

loved people, and he loved to be admired.

from the outset he had a very beautiful head

Get him near a crowd or a show ring, and the tail went over his back, much like Ansata Ibn

with an impish look about him. As a foal, and at maturity, he was an elegant and charismatic

Sudan, and he was ready to show off. Hotep

individual of pleasing proportions and overall

was not an easy horse, however. He loved to please but he also liked his own way - but

harmony. Hotep came next and was totally different - he had a more powerful aristocratic

then, don’t most kings! He enjoyed being

presence and that ‘look of eagles’ combined

ridden and was magnificent under saddle. Hotep carried himself with pride, was very

with a very long neck and excellent balance, strong hindquarters, superb tail carriage, as

free-moving out of the shoulder and drove well

well as good movement and good legs. The

off his hocks. Besides his numerous wins in halter, he has won championships in several

two brothers are both outstanding individuals but as dissimilar in type as were the renowned

English disciplines. Ansata Iemhotep was also a

full siblings Ansata Omar Halim and Ansata

powerhouse of a horse. If he would have been free in the wild with a herd of mares, God help

Halim Shah, as well as Ansata Abbas Pasha and Ansata Ibn Sudan. Each was of inestimable

the stallion who would challenge him.”

value, and thank heaven for these differences. Ansata Nafisa, the one full sister to Hotep and Sinan, was structured somewhat like Hotep,

their differences and what each can add to

Ansata Iemhotep did not only derive from a dynasty of legends and has already established a legacy of himself, with Ansata Sinan and Ansata Nafisa, he has also two full siblings who are household names to Arabian horse

though more feminine in the head and refined overall. She was exported as a yearling to the Sakr Stud in Egypt where she became a Champion. Regrettably Ansata Nefara died young, but nevertheless these three individuals mark her as one of the great broodmares in Egyptian history.”

enthusiasts worldwide. When asked to compare the three individuals, Judith Forbis comments: “Of course one tends to compare sisters or brothers; however, I always try and appreciate



Left: Like father like son: Ansata Iemhotep and his son Ansata Sirius, photo: Judith Wich-Wenning Above: The Ansata Iemhotep daughters Ansata Jeylan and Ansata Azali, owned by Orienta Arabians, photo: Judith Wich-Wenning 29


Mohammed Al-Marzouk, owner of the outstanding Ajmal Stud in Kuwait, possesses

to gradually part with a majority of their horses.

Nejma A1 Rayyan (Ansata Iemhotep x Ansata Selket), one of Ansata Iemhotep’s ambassadors

Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah had therefore the chance to acquire this unique stallion for his

in the Middle East. “The first time I saw Ansata

stud farm. Sadly, in 2008 Don Forbis passed

Iemhotep was in 1998 during my visit to Ansata Arabian Stud”, Mohammed Al-Marzouk recalls.

away. In the same year, His Highness gifted Hotep to his friend, Jay Malkoun of Bashir

“What impressed me the most about him

Arabians in Melbourne, Australia. Then in April

and his progeny was that Ansata Iemhotep traced back to one of the most important and

2014 the sad news spread: Ansata Iemhotep had died at the age of 21 years. Legendary

successful Egyptian bloodlines, the same motherline which produced Ansata Hejazi and

already during his lifetime, Ansata Iemhotep’s

H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al

fame is immortal.

Ansata Sinan. The most important traits of the

For many people, including the author of

Ansata Iemhotep get I like best are the beautiful long necks and toplines.”

these lines, one moment in time will be forever unforgettable. In 2003, the year of Ansata’s 45th anniversary, Ansata Iemhotep went Supreme

Asked after Hotep’s contribution to the breed on a long term, Judith Forbis answers: “Without

Champion Stallion and the High Point Horse of

a doubt his ability to transmit his elegance, joie de vivre, good scope and balance, length and shape of neck, height, correctness of leg,

the Show at The Egyptian Event in Kentucky. Ansata Iemhotep’s enormous presence was overwhelming, he truly ruled the show. This win

natural high tail carriage, and good movement are among his most valued contributions. One of the consistent criticisms of Egyptian horses

was like the crowning of Ansata’s anniversary in that year. After the presentation of the trophy, Don Forbis led Hotep out of the ring.

in the past has been a rather short and/or somewhat plank neck. There has also been a recent trend in other lines towards poor tail

Charismatic Ansata Iemhotep pranced proudly through the arena next to Don – a special moment going into history. The enthusiastic

carriage, not to mention lack of movement resulting from tied-in elbows and front legs set too far back. Hotep appeared to correct many of these faults. While his get are much appreciated, his grandchildren are already proving to be invaluable as breeding and show stock, and that is the true test of a historically important sire.”

audience was clapping and cheering and many spectators had tears in their eyes. Another moving tale had come into existence, an intriguing story of a stallion with a rare endowment. From time immemorial, there are few special Arabians who are gifted with the ability to stir people’s imagination. Horses that enter your dreams and never leave them again, horses like Ansata Iemhotep...

In the year 2005, Don and Judi Forbis decided

Straight Egyptian Arabian Owner and Breeder, Judith Wich-Wenning, is a freelance photographer and journalist and works for numerous Arabian horse magazines around the world. Moreover, she is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Jewels of the Desert - The Magic of Egyptian Arabians”, published by Orienta Publications. Judith Wich-Wenning, Orienta Arabians, Germany;




The Shadow of the Hawk, by Ziani Oil painting on canvas, 114x146 cm, 2007/2008



Hocine Z iani


is family living in the countryside, Hocine Ziani spent his first years in great cultural isolation. He enrolled himself in school at the age of 11 and became a self-taught artist. He worked at an accounting college in Bordj-Menael in 1969 and then moved to Algiers in 1973 to pursue his studies and obtain an accounting post in a national company.

From November 1974 to February 1977, he completed his military service and then discovered books. Aware of his artistic abilities, he dropped in 1978 the trade of figures for that of the palette and the colors. In 1979, he organized his first solo exhibition in an Algerian gallery. He joined other artists to found the group of 35, including Issiakhem, Temam, Khadda, Denis Martinez, Samsom, Kerbouche, Mesli, Ali-Khodja, Louail, Silem, Zoubir, Bourdine and Ouamane.

In 1983, the Algerian government appealed to all the national artists for the foundation of a museum devoted to the history of the country. Ziani is contributing. His works, usually large format, will enrich the collections of governmental or presidential institutions. In 1992, a collaboration with the art dealer Daniel Lasnon was established. Since 1993, the latter will organize exhibitions, individual or collective, in Paris, Brussels and some major cities in France. Hocine Ziani moved to Strasbourg in September 1994. In 1997, he joined the OpĂŠra-Gallery, animated by Gilles Dyan, who will present his work in almost all the continents. For several years, Ziani has made shipments to the Salon. He is the recipient of several awards, including the Prix de l'AcadĂŠmie des Beaux-Arts, in Paris.



Hocine Z iani

Above: Mare and Filly, by Ziani Oil painting on canvas, 100x100 cm, 2008 Private collection, England

Opposite page: Histoire d’amour, by Ziani Oil on canvas, 92x73 cm, 1997 Private collection, France

In 2010, Ziani represented Algeria at the international painting exhibition gathering the 32 countries qualified at the Football World Cup, organized in South Africa by FIFA. He was in charge of forming the group of five artists representing his country. He appealed to his colleagues Ouamane, Djemai, Hamidouche and Zekara to mingle with the 160 participating artists. Hocine produced and was sent to Johannesburg to work--inspired by the world of football and the African continent that hosted the event.

The use of a rich and seductive vocabulary, in which dialogue between realism, hyperrealism, impressionism and semi-abstraction, allows a subtle contrast between the first and second planes to emerge from the peculiar light that characterizes his works. They enrich the collections of governmental and presidential institutions in France, Algeria, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, the royal family of Saudi Arabia and are also present in numerous private collections throughout the world. ARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 2017



captures the visitor's eye, leading him to wonder about the history of Algeria, the golden age of the civilizations of the Orient, or the simple poetry of objects of everyday life. A figurative painter, he creates from the real while drawing on the resources of the imaginary, succeeding in giving his paintings a dream dimension. From this multiple approach comes the masterful work of one of the greatest figurative painters of North Africa. "

In 2013, the city of Chaumont devoted a retrospective. On this occasion, Luc Chatel wrote: "The painting of Ziani is deployed in various styles and subjects: history of Algeria, Venice, still life, portraits or horses. However, this plurality cannot hide the constant quest that animates the work of the artist: the celebration of light. In him everything is about nuance and subtlety. Hocine explores all the play of shadows and reflections, contrasts and gradations. In this unremitting search for luminous variations, he immediately 37



The Five and the Wind Drinkers, by Ziani Oil painting on canvas, 120x160 cm, 2008 Private collection, France



Hocine Z iani




Above: The Five Faithful, by Ziani Oil painting on canvas, 120x150 cm, 2008 Collection of the National Museum, Algiers

Opposite top:: The Horses of the Palace, by Ziani Oil painting on canvas, 114x146 cm, 2008

Below: Temptation, Abstention and the Five, by Ziani Oil painting on canvas, 120x150 cm, 2008/2009


Opposite bottom left: Rush and the Five, by Ziani Oil painting on canvas, 120x160 cm, 2008/2009 Private collection, Boston, USA


Opposite bottom right: Escort, by Ziani Oil painting on canvas, 97x130 cm, 2007/2008 Collection of the National Museum, Algiers

Hocine Z iani



Hocine Z iani

The Great Cavalcade, by Ziani Oil on canvas, 200x400 cm, 2001 Collection of National Assembly, Algiers








The Hero’s Journey

Chapter 1: Who am I – who are you?


shh… I feel sharp horse teeth grazing my elbow and am instantly catapulted back

I almost get bitten and not “correct” my mare for her bad behavior; how can I even apologize

in my body, into the present moment. I barely manage to contain my surge of anger

for it, you may ask. The short answer is because I see my behavior and the horse’s behavior in a

destined to punish the disrespectful beast. I had been milling over a particularly unpleasant

different perspective. It has taken me years of awareness-training and personal development

and frustrating professional problem and was oblivious to my dozing mare’s subtle signs to stay

to reprogram my traditional reaction-pattern to a more understanding, cooperative, collaborative,

away with my raging energy. Until it was almost too late. I pause for a moment and breathe deeply, releasing my energy into the ground.

consensual, present and empowering attitude. And it has changed my life – in every aspect. Teaching others to do the same - with the help

Cheyenne has made her point; I apologize for having so heedlessly intruded her space. She looks at me now, interested, ears pricked and licks and chews. We both sigh. She promptly points me to a particularly itchy but inaccessible spot on her neck and we end up spending some quality grooming time. All of a sudden, the solution to my morning’s problem pops up in my mind. In horses’ terms, we have gone “back to grazing”, thus becoming available for each other and whatever activity I had in mind

of horses - has been my passion for the last 10 years. This I would like to share with you in the upcoming issues of Arab Horse Couture

Magazine. I invite you to a journey of discovery: Gain a new perspective of your horse and how you relate to her; understand who you are and how that extended access will help you to solve problems differently, thus gaining freedom and empowerment in any given situation. By looking at yourself honestly, you will discover who you truly are.

This may sound foreign or even silly – how can




Horses are experts at facilitating human development

I was nine when I was first heaved onto the big, dark

as they are all sensitive beings. In my experience,

brown, silky, soft body of a horse. I remember having

however, Arabian horses are exceedingly delicate and thus pre-destined for this work. There are few breeds

laughed spitefully at the other children who were bobbing up and down as they tried to post to the

which are so closely connected to humankind, few

trot - it looked so easy – well, I didn’t laugh for long.

or none that are so finely tuned to react to energetic

Once it was my turn, I realized quickly that finding

changes in their environment. Linda Kohanov writes in her book “The Tao of Equus” that horses can discern,

the right rhythm is harder than it first appears and I am ashamed of my spitefulness. I did finally figure

if a predator is on the hunt for prey or lazily strolling

out the rising trot and was even allowed to ride home

through the savanna from a distance of 60 feet or more. No wonder Cheyenne was unhappy about my

on Vermo, a mere 2-mile journey on a paved road – never, never ever did I want to get off – and once I

energy level pushing into her space this morning.

did, I knew why I hadn’t wanted to.. my sore, unused muscles screamed bloody murder and I thought I’ll

Frustrated and absentminded, I had been preoccupied

never be able to walk again.

by my business partner’s behavior, while walking through my dozing herd and got immediately called to attention. Rather than being disappointed or

Horses continued being important constant companions in my life and meeting Ara Markash and

further enraged by my mare’s disrespectful behavior I

his owners some fifteen years later was a blessing – it

paused and reconsidered my own. That is what turned the situation into a gentle grooming session and a wonderful collaboration when I lunged her later on.

felt like I was reborn into a new life, and I got a new start – one towards raised awareness and increased presence. One in which I wanted to understand the

What a beautiful experience, rather than staying with a sense of frustration I had tears of gratitude

connections, interdependencies and the consequences of an action or the lack thereof. Meeting the love of my life, a French man, made me move to France – with

Ask yourself honestly, are you presently fair with your horse? How can you tell when you’re fully present? What and how do you feel right now? How does it feel when you know that you are fair?

Markash in my baggage. He was still not content with my personal development and incessantly pulled invisible strings behind my back. A severe hoof injury, which made it impossible for me to ride him for the better part of a year, brought me to reconsider our relationship. During these long months of convalescence, I made an important discovery: Linda Kohanov’s book the “Tao of Equus”. This led me to get trained in equine facilitated learning (EFL) and I slowly veered off from my promising left-brain dominated career in IT.

On the other hand, how does your horse react if you are lacking presence? Does she try to get away from you? Or does she endure whatever comes along her way – like many of the schooling horses that have accepted that their riders don’t know how to pay attention and have given up trying to communicate with humans. If you listen to her closely, she will open up – so try just being there – doing “nothing” except being aware of your five senses; observe and stay in your body – what happens? How do you feel now? You may be angry or upset or sad – it doesn’t matter- as long as you are honest, you horse will turn towards you. She is always looking for congruency rather than conformity.


Markash’s hoof miraculously healed, more horses joined the herd. My work as a facilitator in equine assisted development grew, my partner joined the business and I simultaneously managed to hold on to my IT-Job. Life was good – busy but good.






As my work with horses and people increased, I

This is an example of how fast connection happens

constantly added knowledge and services to my

when we are truly present with ourselves.

practice. I really had everything to be happy about. Unfortunately routine set in and with it my old

Michelle is separating from her husband. She informs me that she wants to explore the relief she feels. But

behavior patterns. And thus I lost the connection to

Titala doesn’t want any of it. Whenever Michelle lifts

the horses, the love of my life and ultimately to myself.

her hand to stroke the gentle mare’s beautiful face,

I was devastated to discover that in spite of spending so much time doing what I loved, my underlying

Titala pins her ears, clearly signaling that she doesn’t want to be touched. When Michelle discovers and

beliefs and behaviors hadn’t actually changed very

accepts the tears of sadness behind the relief, Titala

much. I thus recreated a reality like the one I had had

sighs and puts her head into Michelle’s chest.

before: staying busy, with my mind all over the place and mostly dissociated.

Horses have proven over and over that emotional

It was ultimately the horses that reined me in and

of the authentic connection first to ourselves and then

sent me back to square one: Markash developed an abscess that wouldn’t heal, my broodmare died giving birth and the herd of homebred horses was suddenly

to others brings us into the present moment, where emotional healing and growth are possible.

congruency is where everything starts. The awareness

This may sound unusual to you, but I invite you to try

stubborn and uncollaborative.

for yourself. I am convinced you’ll make some amazing

This time I listened. I slowed down, lightened my schedule and started spending more time just hanging out with the herd, being present and feeling the

discoveries. Go to the barn and meet your horse on her terms. This is best done in a paddock or roundpen without

connections in my body. Gradually the horses started

grass, thus your horse can distance herself from you, if she so chooses, and won’t be too tempted to graze. Listen to what she shows you. Listen with your body, observe without interpretation. What does she do? Does she show interest in you? Or does she turn her back to you? How do you feel? Do you feel happy?

being more collaborative, interested and engaged. Here are some examples of my work that explain why and how these changes took place: My grey Arabian gelding Zaki Rej is on one side of the pen, my client Josie on the opposite side. She is exploring how to authentically connect with a horse. Whenever she tries to get close to Zaki, he respectfully

Sad? Frustrated? Angry? Disappointed? Fearful? What is crossing your mind? Become aware of your feet and how they are connected to the ground. Be very attentive, take your time and still your mind, concentrate on your breathing. Become entirely present in the moment and invite your horse to come to you, asking her with your heart. What happens?

keeps the same distance between them. Josie tries her habitual strategy of attempting to seduce the horse with gestures and clicks of her tongue. Zaki remains unfazed and I can feel the energy becoming more tense. What do you feel, I ask her – Helplessness is the answer. She is close to tears. It is a passive coping strategy when someone gets increasingly frustrated but doesn’t change their approach, I inform her. Josie’s body posture changes as the information sinks in. Zaki immediately turns his head to focus on her and stops trying to avoid her. Josie asks for help and I suggest that she invite him with her body and her heart rather than with her voice and her mind. The words are barely spoken, when Zaki starts walking towards Josie.

Then, journal or draw what you have discovered. In the next article I will take you one step further: you will be invited to connect more deeply with yourself and your life’s purpose and I will show you how horses can be great teachers on this path. Stay tuned…




hen Sam was about to leave for a weekend horse show, he discovered that his horse

trailer may sustain from a collision or other type of accident.

trailer had a broken tail light. Realizing that the problem could not be repaired in time, he asked

• Comprehensive Coverage. This covers damages to the vehicle, or possibly the trailer, from

his neighbor, Jo, to borrow her trailer. She agreed. Within minutes, Sam hitched his truck to Jo’s trailer,

something other than a collision, such as fire, windstorm, hail storm, vandalism, or theft.

unaware that her trailer’s tongue ball socket and his truck’s hitch ball were not compatible – Jo‘s trailer

Other auto-related coverages can include uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, and even coverage

required a hitch with a wider ball. Later, while Bill drove down the highway, the trailer broke away from his truck, injuring his horses, breaking a fence,

for roadside assistance for damaged trailers and towing to a service facility. Coverages exist to protect property owners from damage to or loss of personal property, such as horse equipment, in the trailer. Please keep in mind that all policies have requirements, exclusions, conditions, and limits, and coverages can differ from company to company. Professional haulers require additional coverage.

injuring motorists, and destroying Ann’s trailer.

Lending your trailer may seem to be a simple and friendly accommodation, but accidents can occur and the risk of liability is always present. Insurance issues add to the complexity. Never assume that everyone’s insurance policies protect them against worst case scenario.

Damage or Loss to the Borrowed Trailer Insurance for Trailering

Jo and Sam are probably covered by personal automobile policies and homeowner’s liability insurance policies. When they lend or borrow a horse trailer to someone else, however, these coverages may not be enough. Automobile insurance policies often have exclusions that prevent coverage for accidents related to someone else’s trailer. One auto policy's exclusion states: “This coverage does not apply

Insurance coverages for hauling can include: • Liability Coverage. This coverage is important because it protects the driver (subject to policy terms) against claims from injured people who seek payment for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. • Collision Coverage. This coverage is intended to offer protection against damages the truck or



WWW.EQUINELAWBLOG.COM to: . . . Damage to property owned or being

or unloading of motor vehicles or all other

transported by an insured person.” If an accident occurs, this exclusion could deny Sam coverage

motorized land conveyances, including trailers, owned or operated by or rented or loaned to an

for damage to Jo’s trailer and its contents. Sam’s policy might also contain an exclusion for


“damage to property rented to, or in the charge of, an insured person.” Policies might exclude losses


or damage to a “trailer” that is not specifically listed as a scheduled item of property on a policy.

Whether you are lending or borrowing a horse trailer, make no assumptions about your insurance, especially because trailering can generate very substantial losses and liabilities. Plan ahead and stay safe.

Damage to a Horse in the Trailer What if the floor boards in Jo’s trailer were rotting and broke while Sam was hauling, injuring his horses. If Sam wants Jo to pay for his horse’s injuries and veterinary bills, would Jo’s insurance cover his claim? Maybe not. Policy exclusions similar to those addressed above might prevent Jo’s insurer from covering claims involving property damage arising from a trailer that Jo loaned out to someone else.

This article does not constitute legal advice. When questions arise based on specific situations, direct them to a knowledgeable insurance agent or attorney.

About the Author Julie Fershtman is one of the nation’s most experienced Equine Law practitioners. A Shareholder with Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC, based in Michigan, she has successfully handled equine cases in 17 jurisdictions nationwide and tried equine cases in 4 states. She has drafted thousands of equine industry contracts and is a Fellow of the American College of Equine Attorneys. Her speaking engagements

Damages Caused by Towing a Borrowed Trailer If Jo’s trailer separated from Sam’s truck and collided with cars on the road, Sam might expect his own automobile insurance policy to protect him from claims of the other motorists. It might not. Some policies exclude certain benefits for

span 29 states. For more information, please visit and

bodily injury or property damage “arising out of the ownership, maintenance, use, loading





Written by Nancy Dye

How can you believe that you can be an Olympic equestrian?


ne of the first things I work on

that person to transition from a “newbie”

with a new client is their identity.

rider into an experienced rider? Then,

Where are they today in their

how do we transition that rider from

lives, and where do they want to be?

an experienced rider into a consistent

Because when a client asks me to coach

rider that wins some championships?

them, it is not because they want to

Followed by, how do we transition that

practice staying where they are, but rather,

amateur, “want to-be rider” into one of the

they wish to transition forward to a higher

best riders? And then, finally, how do we

level of performance. And where a client

transition a high-performing rider into an

lives (performance, social life, health, etc.)

elite, professional rider; an Olympic rider?

is usually tied to their identity and how

How do we navigate that bridle path,

they see themselves.

which in some cases is a wide gap, up to

Step One: The process for moving forward is the same for everyone that

the next new standard? Up to the New Rider?

wants to change. First, we must see and

What we need to explore is, who is that

understand where they are and why they

New Rider the client plans to become?

are there at that moment. (How did they

And we need to research that exactly,

arrive there and why are they still there?) I

down to every small detail. Once we

call this phase, “What Drives You?” What

have that “picture” in mind, we need to

are your patterns, both in your mind and

immerse ourselves into that person’s

with regards to your behavior? What are

world. What does an elite, professional

your thoughts, beliefs, values, and history?

rider’s world look like? What is their daily

The key to this step is that we do not stay there long! This is not therapy; we don’t talk endlessly about the past and the problem. Coaching is about discovering the “why”, shifting and finding the strategies for the solution. It is about taking the right action to move forward. Step Two: Next, we raise the standards. We need to decide upon and design the New Rider that you want to become. This is the fun part! So, for example, perhaps a rider is in the process of working their way to the Olympics. How do we get


schedule and rituals? How do they train and with what type of trainer? What is their winning routine? What do they eat? How do they get in shape? How do they dress and how to do they look? How do they connect with their horses? How do they connect with their family and friends? How do they deal with their emotions

and stress, and how do they prepare for a show? How do they memorize the course or their routine? What do they do with show nerves? What time do they go to bed? How often do they socialize or relax?


How do they deal with the other activities in life that they

rider’s thoughts, practice like they do and really mimic

don’t have time for, commonly called the “sacrifices?”

exactly their inner strength, their motivation, their mental

(Step one is to change THAT name!) And most importantly,

state and the rituals of their daily lives, etc., after a while

what are the thoughts that run through their minds? If

you will believe that you can become that elite, “rock star”

they are negative, how do they get rid of them? If they are

equestrian (or Olympian rider), and you will eventually

positive, how did they develop that mindset and exactly

make it there.

what are the thoughts in their head? What things do they say to themselves to feel confidence?

How do I know that? Because you’ve already proved that if you think, duplicate and act like an amateur “want to-be”

This is not an exhaustive list, but you get the point. To

rider and the “trying-to-be-as-good-as-the-other-riders-

transition into an Olympian or “rock star” equestrian,

with-all-the-money,” you stay that Old Rider as well. It’s

you have to think, live, eat, practice and breathe like an

hard to arrive at the show ring with that “disadvantage”

Olympian, and total immersion and extreme ownership is

and win, right? I mean, you’re setting yourself up with a

the key. Take on that role. Put on the costume. Fake it

disempowering mindset, and you will have to fight just that

until you make it. And keep practicing that over and over,

much harder to beat everyone!

until you become that New Rider!

But sometimes that’s the crazy leverage and strategy that

Now this is the point where a client will usually come

riders use to win; the “come from behind” fighter mindset.

back to me with, “But I don’t BELIEVE that I am an elite,

They insist that they can’t motivate themselves, or get into

professional rider! That’s not who I am! A ‘rock star’ (or

their warrior fighting mode, unless they are “coming from

Olympian) equestrian? Those names are just not a fit for

behind.” That of course is a limiting belief, and not true;

me! How can I pretend to be someone else that I don’t

however, it is the leverage-of-choice for procrastinators and

believe that I am?”

self-proclaimed “low energy/non-type A” personalities.

Step Three: And here’s my answer to that … wait for it

(Oh, is that why you are not fully ready to go into the show

… you don’t need to believe it. Yup, it’s that simple! No

ring with all the advantages of a well-prepared rider? Is

one said anything about needing to really believe it right

it because that Old Rider identity protected you from

away. Leave that aside for the moment. In fact, stuff it in

humiliation? Maybe if you don’t win, after all that work, you

the bottom of your tack trunk and forget about it for now.

can use the excuses of the “want to-be” riders, such as

Because the truth for riders is this; if you think an elite

“Oh, I didn’t have time to practice?”)



Because what would happen if you REALLY gave your

As long as your identity stays behind your goals, that

all and then didn’t succeed? What would happen if you

correlating, dis-empowering mindset and lack of success

didn’t have any backup excuses and admitted you failed?

rituals can easily entrap you and keep you stuck right

What is the bottom line fear? Why are you holding back

there. You will never move forward.

or sabotaging yourself? These are some of the various rocks (or issues) that we stumble upon and fix as you ride forward along the bridle path of “the gap” between your Old Rider and your New Rider identities. So, we interrupt that pattern of “half-ass” discipline, procrastination, and limiting beliefs and we replace it with the right mindset, rituals, and behaviors. What if you showed up to the show ring with the confidence and solid practice and preparedness that the Olympians show up with? What if you learned to use that “fight like hell” mindset leverage in combination with all the other

The answer is, let go of your old story (fears and excuses) and marry the truth. Reverse your thinking. Step Four: Listen, if your riding is not where you want it to be, you can blame it on your skills, your trainer, your wallet, your horse, your “better competition,” etc. But when you are ready to take complete, extreme ownership of reaching your goals and beating out your competition, then you need to choose your new identity and immerse yourself in that world and that thinking … along with all the resulting behavior that comes with it!

advantages? What would the odds of winning be then?

It doesn’t matter that you don’t REALLY believe that you’re

In fact, maybe it wouldn’t be “the odds” of winning.

the New Rider during the “gap time”; you just need to

Maybe winning would actually be more in your control. How would trying your best, but still not winning, look now? With the New Rider’s mindset, you can adopt extreme ownership and say with pride, “I did (or didn’t do) my best today. The other riders performed better, but tomorrow I will be even more amazing! I am going to go back through the video and see where I WILL improve.” Isn’t that how the elite, professional riders respond? How much more empowering does that response feel? No victim with a list of excuses in that statement!

want to be that elite, “rock star” equestrian or Olympic New Rider, decide that you are and then practice acting as if you do believe it. Fake it until you make it! Take losing weight. I help my clients to design a vision of who they want to be, and those clients will say to me, but I don’t believe I am a fitness model/ health-nut/gym rat. How can I? I am 100 pounds overweight and addicted to sugar and borderline diabetic. My reply is this: “Well, you know that thinking and acting like ‘an identity’ will create that person



and lifestyle reality, because you already proved it

story that you are holding on to and the automatic rituals

by thinking like an overweight person, eating like an

you are practicing with your thoughts and behavior. But

overweight person, and refusing to exercise like an

your identity was a choice. And it still is.

overweight person! You totally immersed yourself in that whole way of thinking and living!”

Step Five: For this New Rider transformation to be complete, there’s another hurdle you need to jump over

So, overweight people spent most of their lives proving

while on this journey down the bridle path of the “gap.”

my point; that you CAN create whatever identity and

(And for some, this is a sticking point.) I’m sorry to inform

corresponding reality that you want! You weren’t born

you that you need to leave the “old you” behind. Yup,

100 lbs. overweight and no, it’s not because you are “big

no hitchhikers on this road trip! The old you, with your

boned!” It’s because that’s who you practiced to be. And

old story and your old, limiting beliefs, your old failures,

now you’ve bought that story hook, line and sinker. It has

your negative self-talk, your sabotaging behavior, THAT

now become your identity.

hitchhiker has to stay behind. And it is in this step of the

And we will ALWAYS stay consistent with who we really believe ourselves to be.

process where riders will become crystal clear about all those things that were habits or a part of their old identity that was keeping them from reaching their goals. And

So, if your identity is that of an overweight person who is

then I teach them the tools and strategies to tackle and

always trying to lose weight and never succeeds, that’s the

change every issue, one at a time.



Yup, a big part of my job is helping clients to loosen up

while, I have them look at the secondary gains they may

the reins and then to let go. I help my clients with their

be getting from staying the old rider. Safer there? Easier

closure on that chapter in their book. Actually, it is similar

there? Less work? You don’t need to face your fear of

to saying good-bye to an old friend. And that’s not always

failing? Afraid your friends and family might be jealous or

easy, is it? After all, there is a lot of comfort and certainty

won’t like the New (Empowered) Rider? Repeat after me:

there. I mean, we know ourselves and our patterns, and

“And this is not an exhaustive list.”

we relate to ourselves and others from that space and history between us and wow, sometimes people really have a hard time letting go of their old selves. Especially if their old self used to blame other people, places and things for the reasons why they were not successful. But blame is a totally powerless mindset. That’s the identity of a victim. And victim mindsets don’t make it to the Olympics. Step Six: When my clients have trouble letting go, or when they let go and then decide to take a moonlit night ride back to the barn to revisit their old selves and stay a

If we give up that old self, then what? Then we create a vacuum and life will make sure that it is filled in, so we need to proactively choose what we will pour into that vacuum. We make a decision to select all the success principles, including extreme ownership. Then we take control of our destiny. So, let go, we must if we want to move forward. Adios, au revoir, arrivederci, sayonara! In fact, I suggest that you refuse to acknowledge that old rider even existed. “Who? Nope, I have no idea who you are talking about. Never met that person.” That old rider was yesterday’s news.





Reruns are boring. Today is today and tomorrow is the

replaced with brand new gloves more fit for an elite rider.


Keep that metaphor in mind.

So, no more showing up to the show ring as the Old Rider;

Choose a new identity, act “as if”, add the process of total

the amateur rider that trains “half-ass” and keeps doing the

immersion and extreme ownership and slowly you will start

easy and fun equestrian activities rather than practicing the

believing that the New Rider is who you really are. The glove

tougher (or possibly more boring) routines that will really

will finally fit.

make them grow. No more staying out late to party when there is an early class the next morning. No more overeating and finding excuses for not working out. No more “wishing

And welcome to your new destiny! ABOUT THE AUTHOR:

for luck” and then hoping to make it around the course, or through your routine, on the whim and negative prayers that

Nancy Dye is a breakthrough mindset coach and resilience trainer

your competitor won’t do as well that day.

helping people to transform the quality of their lifestyles. Nancy was trained in strategic intervention with Robbins-Madanes Training

Is it harder to win a class when we show up as the “out-

(Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes) and has over 30 years as a

of-shape physically and mentally/thinking small Old Rider”

weight loss, peak performance, and sober coach. She specializes

or when we confidently arrive with the mindset and identity

in working with equestrians for “jumping over” adversity, addictions,

of a “rock star” equestrian or Olympic rider? What would

injuries, emotional strength and fitness, and transitioning through

happen if we showed up as an elite, professional rider; totally

life stages.

prepared from our practice and confident in knowing that we have a mindset that could literally walk on fire? What if we

With a career in sales and marketing, and having been coached by

showed up as a serious equestrian athlete that is physically

the top sales trainers in the corporate world, as well as by some of

and mentally fit and “is in it to win it”?

the most elite equestrian trainers, Nancy redesigns the inside lives of executives, entrepreneurs, veterans, and athletes.

Fast forward to the New Rider winning the classes, and as the champion award is handed over to you, do you really

Nancy is married to Jack Miles, a former Olympian gymnast who is

care that you didn’t believe you were an elite equestrian

inducted into four athletic Hall of Fames. For one-on-one coaching

professional way back then? Do you even need to dig out

or information on her emotional strength/peak performance clinics

that “belief issue” buried at the bottom of the trunk like the

and workshops, Nancy can be reached at

old, mismatched, sweaty glove that is now stiff, crinkled up and no longer a fit? No, because it has long since been



Nikki with Shyna Al Atiq a 2010 Straight Egyptian Mare by Simeon Shavvot x Imperial Safillla Owned and Bred by Al Atiq Arabians, Germantown, Maryland ARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 2017




ince embarking on a journey almost 20

be true. Each found the horses to be smart, gentle,

years ago to own and breed Straight Egyptian Arabian horses, our love and

engaging, curious and affectionate. During their shoots, I explained how these horses lived in tents

appreciation of this very special breed has become

with the Bedouin families, in palaces with Royalty,

a passion we enjoy sharing with others. It has

with the great Pharaohs, graced the stables of

also been our goal to promote the breed through membership in the Pyramid Society, through travel,

Kings, and they were in awe of the history. The girls understood that the Egyptian Arabian is a living

mentorships, sponsorships and also more recently

legacy and through their soulful eyes and sculpted

through photography.

faces with desert dry skin that told the tale of their

Amongst the many responsibilities that come with

heritage. From the time of the Pharaohs until today, these horses have captivated mankind with their

having a breeding business, mastering photography

beauty, intelligence and stamina and are revered as

and videography was essential for marketing and

the most influential breed in the world.

promotion of our own horses, as well as for those belonging to clients, in order to reach prospective

Today, breeders hope to preserve rare and treasured bloodlines and the unique qualities

buyers globally. We hosted a few of the industry’s best photographers to shoot at our farm over the years, and learned as much as we could in order

of the Straight Egyptian. One of those traits is their loving disposition. “The Bedouins believed their horses were rational beings with great

to become knowledgeable. Capturing the essence of the Arabian horse is quite challenging and takes a thorough knowledge and understanding of the

intelligence, sensitivity and loyalty.

Time spent

with the Egyptian Arabian will serve to illustrate the truth of their sentiments.“ (From Pyramid Society promotional handout). The young ladies

breed. As one photographer commented, “Being able to predict through their body language, and anticipate their next move helps in getting a more

commented about their experiences with the horses and confirmed what owners and breeders

impactful shot or video footage.” Having an artistic eye has also helped a lot to capture the traits that

have said for years.

exude what makes it an Arabian compared to other breeds. A dynamic picture makes all the difference.

The first session I booked was with a lovely young lady named Mallory. At the time she was a junior in high school and she was the perfect model to

Perusing through Arabian horse magazines and breed journals to study composition and design helped immensely, and the images that impressed me the most were shot in casual portrait style. Some images captured the interaction between the subject and the horse; the “chemistry” between the subjects drew me in and inspired me.

be paired with our younger mare to launch the first portrait shoot. It could not have gone any better, as

This sparked an idea that later resulted in a unique way to expose young people to our breed and allow them to have a “photographic interaction” as part of their Senior High portrait portfolio. During their photo shoot, they would be able to interact with a horse of historical importance and be photographed with one of the most beautiful of all breeds. The beauty of both subjects together would make for a lovely photo and accomplish these goals.

“The experience I had meeting and being photographed with a Straight Egyptian Arabian was one I won’t soon forget. Baariyah seemed immediately drawn to me, and her affectionate personality filled me with joy. I have never been around such people-loving horses before. The first thing I noticed about her was her big, black eyes. She was so sweet. I would love to spend more time with these Straight Egyptian horses. Knowing about their history and how rare and special they are made the shoot even more special. I’m sure, like Baariyah, they are all spirited, and their intelligence shows, as they are quick to learn anything, even modeling with a complete stranger."

the two of them had such great chemistry together. This was the first time Mallory had interacted with a horse, and not only was she absolutely radiant, but you might have thought this horse was hers!

I grew up around many breeds of horses and I can say from experience that the Straight Egyptian is a horse like no other. After their sessions, I knew the young ladies would confirm what I already knew to



AHCM STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Photo right: Hannah with Ali Razeel Gale a 2009 Straight Egyptian Stallion by Alixir x Haleys Star by Thee Desperado Owned and Bred by Zajaddi Egyptian Arabians, Arkansas

He was the perfect gentleman during the shoot and is a great representative of his breed.”

Another model we were excited to work with was Hannah, a college student and Art Major at Arkansas State University. She was a little nervous when I revealed to her that the special horse chosen for her

This summer we had the pleasure to work with a lovely high school senior, Alissa, who has been a caretaker

session was a Straight Egyptian stallion owned by a

for our horses on several occasions. She owns several horses and competes in barrel racing like many other

friend and fellow breeder. When we arrived at the farm, the horse was being groomed and saddled for our “casual equestrian” shoot. I told her the horse’s

youth in our area. She does not see many Arabians amongst the rodeo horses but she always looks

name and took her over to get acquainted. At that

forward to spending time with our mares.

point I could see she was a little uncomfortable based on a preconceived idea that a stallion might be a bit spirited. However, upon their introduction, I could see

“My experience with Straight Egyptian horses is far from anything I am used to, being Quarter Horses.

that Hannah became less nervous, and was quite

I love the personalities of the Arabians; they love

impressed by how his disposition was calm and sweet.

to show off yet they are so sweet. They have such expressive eyes and you can see their spirit in them. I

“I had a hard time looking away from him as he was

loved my photo shoot with Shyna. She is one of the

just amazing, big and powerful yet smart, sweet and

sweetest horses I have ever been with and it was really magical being photographed with her.”

gentle. Razeel is really special and I gained a lot of admiration and respect for Straight Egyptian Arabians.

Mallory with Baariyah, a 2003 Straight Egyptian Mare by Imperial Baarez x Azaamah. Owned and bred by Zajaddi Egyptian Arabians, Arkansas. ARAB HORSE COUTURE - SUMMER 2017




This summer we had the pleasure to work with a lovely high school senior, Alissa, who has been a caretaker for our horses on several occasions. She owns several horses and competes in barrel racing like many other youth in our area. She does not see many Arabians

sweetest horses I have ever been with and it was really magical being photographed with her.� Our cover model, Nikki, also a high school senior joined Alissa and posed with Shyna as well as our senior mare Azaamah. This was her first encounter with Straight Egyptians and I invited her to tag along

amongst the rodeo horses but she always looks forward to spending time with our mares.

with Alissa for a fun morning session. I invited the ladies to wear anything they wanted, even their prom

“My experience with Straight Egyptian horses is far from anything I am used to, being Quarter Horses.

dresses, if they wanted to pose in something a little more formal. I promised them that the mares would

I love the personalities of the Arabians; they love to show off yet they are so sweet. They have such expressive eyes and you can see their spirit in them. I loved my photo shoot with Shyna. She is one of the

enjoy it also. I adorned their halters with coordinating jewelry, and we used our imaginations to capture some dramatic images.

Alissa with Shyna Al Atiq






Our cover model, Nikki, also a high school senior

brilliant and the late morning sun backlit them.

joined Alissa and posed with Shyna as well as our

“It's not every day that you get to have your pictures

senior mare Azaamah. This was her first encounter with Straight Egyptians and I invited her to tag along

taken with a Straight Egyptian Arabian horse and I'm so very blessed that Diana allowed me to take pictures

with Alissa for a fun morning session. I invited the

with one of hers! Being photographed with Azaamah made me feel so beautiful! These horses are such

ladies to wear anything they wanted, even their prom dresses, if they wanted to pose in something a little more formal. I promised them that the mares would

beautiful and unique creatures and it makes you feel like royalty being photographed with one!”

enjoy it also. I adorned their halters with coordinating jewelry, and we used our imaginations to capture some

This session was a bit emotional for me as I watched them from behind the lens as they bonded. They were

dramatic images.

truthfully as beautiful as it gets, truth is beauty, beauty

Nikki also found the horses to be kind and gentle, and


it helped her confidence during the shoot.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live with

“I have modeled in the past but never with horses so I did not know what to expect from them. The

Straight Egyptian Arabian horses are able to renew our love and appreciation of these special creatures

mares were just beautiful, very gentle and have sweet

every time we introduce someone new to the

personalities. I really enjoyed getting to know them. They made the shoot fun.”

breed. Our photo sessions have produced some beautiful pictures and memories, but have also

Katy was another high school senior who happily

created a lasting impression on many people who were previously unfamiliar with this special horse.

agreed to pose with our horses during her high school photo shoot. We paired her up with our senior mare

For me, photography has grown from a necessary business skill into a personally rewarding form of ambassadorship of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.

Azaamah. The two of them were comfortable with each other almost immediately. They looked gorgeous together in our west pasture as the field colors were

About the author: Diana Cantey owns and manages Zajaddi Egyptian Arabians, a Straight Egyptian Arabian breeding farm located in scenic central Mount Vernon, Arkansas. She is also a freelance photojournalist, whose photos have been published in many Arabian breed journals covering shows and events, in the US and internationally. Diana Cantey Zajaddi Egyptian Arabians 129 Brooklan Lane Mount Vernon, AR 72111 501-472-0026

Photo right: Nikki with Azaamah, 1995 Straight Egyptian mare by Tammen x Aleeyah Owned by Zajaddi Egyptian Arabians, Mount Vernon, Arkansas





Katy with Azaamah



Mallory with Baariyah

Mallory with Baariyah





Photography by Ignacio Alvar-Thomas IGNACIO@ALVAR-THOMAS.COM












©Ignacio Alvar-Thomas II





















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