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Re-appropriated Grid:

Re-appropriating the grid to reflect formal planning studies that reflect developed civil infrastructures, multiple access points and navigation conducive for inhabitants and camp administrators was essential. By soliciting the informal camp layout that has sustained over two decades to apprise the design approach of the proposed layout, a familiar organisational pattern was captured allowing for an unobstructed transition for camp inhabitants.

Informal Grid:

The Dadaab refugee camp was originally designed to support 90,000 displaced people. The original camp foot print which only consisted of Dadaab has grown to include 3 additional camp sites (Dagaheley , Ifo, Hagadera, and one additional being planned Ifo 2. Intensive influx of refugees and lack of shelter consistent with the original design load allowed the camp to occupy more real estate to provide the necessary accommodations. Sophisticated networks of commerce, aid organization administration, and informal infrastructures inextricably provide a linkage for all camp areas.

Grid Re-appropriation

Dadaab: Mobile City  

Initial investigation into transforming the worlds largest refugee camp in the world into an urban metropolis.

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