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Modular Strategies

Introducing housing that can accommodate the shifting requirements and interest of the

refugee camp is an essential component in allowing mobile strategies to permeate the re-appropriated layout of the camps. Container cities have become the modern standard for adaptable, low cost housing. The flexibility of shipping containers allows camp administrators to pull pertinent information from the grid and dense urban locations to predict growth and/or attrition patterns. Markets, international agencies, civic/educational entities have an opportunity to create sustaining planning strategies that promotes growth and evolution of citizens by configuring the reusable, adaptable spaces. Predicting out migration due to stabilizing conditions of home countries is also important in establishing baselines for adaptive communities. Population reduction due to out-migration can leave communities barren and resources sprawled, modular space affords the opportunity to reallocate shelter possibilities.

Dadaab: Mobile City  
Dadaab: Mobile City  

Initial investigation into transforming the worlds largest refugee camp in the world into an urban metropolis.