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+ Feel the benefits of water wellness + Enjoy your pool and hot tub all year round + Keeping your pool and spa water clean + Easy ownership products + Inspirational pool, spa and hot tub installations + Your complete guide to wet leisure products

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Dip into Luxury.

at beautiful moment, once you feel the water around you ain it is like being in a time machine traveling back to beautiful mories. Just close your eyes, the water, the people you are with, smell, the mood, all of that can take you back to a moment ime like nothing else can.



That beautiful you feel the water Compass Pools moment, are a teamonce of highly experienced andaround skilled you swimming pool builders again it is like being in aconstruction time machine back to beautiful specialising in the design, andtraveling installation of luxury swimming pools. memories. Just close your eyes, the water, the people you are Our pool building professionals have more than 30 years of expertisewith, in designing the smell, the mood, all of that can take you back to a moment and installing exceptional pools for homes across the UK. Utilising our patented in time like nothing else can. carbon-ceramic technology, we can customise our pools so that they are completely perfect for you. If you are interested in having a stunning pool constructed, please get in contact with us today – we would love to bring your project to life.

Why Compass? ∙ Swimming Pool Contractor of the Year 2019 ∙ Highest rated reviews on Google ∙ Largest One Piece Pool installer in the UK

That beautiful moment, once you feel the water around you For a brochure please visit www.compass-pools.co.uk again it is like being in a time machine traveling back to beautiful memories. Just close your eyes, the water, the people you are with, or call 0333 4567 111 the smell, the mood, all of that can take you back to a moment 3 in time like nothing else can.




What’s inside this issue... 05 EDITOR’S LETTER

first pool option for families. We look at what’s out there to buy for pools which are mostly made of wood, often DIY assembled, don’t need planning permission and can be great fun to own. Includes our ‘8 of the Best’ for this season

07 EMPORIUM Four pages of the latest products and innovations on the market this summer to complement swimming pools, hot tubs and other wet leisure products 33 12





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WATER WELLNESS Swimming is the best all round exercise there is and the hydrotherapy benefits of hot tub jets can bring relief to a whole range of injuries and illnesses. We take a closer look at the health and wellness benefits on offer for all ages THE COOLEST THINGS Inspiration starts here! We take a look at the style, design and sheer class of pools and hot tubs being installed around Britain. Many of them are award winning and all of them provide a glimpse into the luxury and glamour they bring to homes SO WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY? Our easy to follow guide looks at what options are on offer. It covers the types of pools available plus hot tubs, spas and swim spas. We highlight the differences between each and suggest things to consider when deciding what choice to make POOLS THAT ANYONE CAN AFFORD ‘Starter’ or above-ground pools are a great

ONE-PIECE POOLS CONVENIENCE There’s real choice when it comes to inground pools – but one type that is becoming increasingly popular is one-piece pools – and it’s easy to see why. Includes our ‘8 of the Best’ for the season ahead

38 LINER POOL CASE STUDY Compact pools are becoming increasingly popular and can include innovative technology plus beautiful features. This means they can have as much impact and functionality as a large pool, but with the added benefits of more flexibility on location, space and budget 41

COOL POOL PRODUCTS THAT MAKE OWNERSHIP A BREEZE Owning a swimming pool these days is made so much easier and fun with some sensational labour saving and energy efficient products which make the day-to-day running of the pool simple and hassle free

46 BUILDING YOUR DREAM SWIMMING POOL The pool industry’s trade body offers an experienced and helping hand in finding


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27 61

70 expert help, advice, pool services and reassurance with your pool, plus experts provide the answers to some of the day-to-day questions and concerns about swimming pool ownership and maintenance 49 SWIMMING POOL WATER THAT’S CLEAN, CLEAR AND SAFE Our easy to follow guide for consumers takes all the worry and myth out of maintaining clear, safe water as we look at products you should consider using. Also featured is our ‘5 of the Best’ pool cleaners and water testing products 55 SWIM EVERY DAY ALL YEAR ROUND An enclosure over a swimming pool brings an outdoor environment indoors. The great advantage of covering over a pool is that it gives a wonderful option of also being open-to-the-garden for summer days. It also provides a safe shelter to the pool which suddenly means you can use it all year round and not just as a summer treat. Includes our ‘8 of the Best’ enclosures 61

THE SWIM SPA SOLUTION Swim spas have become a sensation. A spa with enough room to swim against a current, they are proving a great option for people with limited space in their homes. We look at a flourishing market for the best of both worlds between a pool and a spa and have our own ‘10 of the Best’ buying guide

67 CHOOSING THE RIGHT HOT TUB The hot tub trade association BISHTA promotes high standards of safety, enjoyment and value of spas but can also help consumers find the right product at the right price

70 OUR EXCLUSIVE TOP 30 HOT TUBS Here’s our own personal selection of the best value for money hot tubs available on the UK market, split into three price ranges of less than £5,000; £5,000 to £8,999; and £9,000 and above. If you are about to make a decision to buy a hot tub, this is a must look guide for you with detailed specifications product by product 88 WHERE TO FIND A HOT TUB Our directory of key hot tub manufacturers and brand distributors from around the UK and beyond 90 GOING UNDERCOVER Buildings and gazebos that will provide protection against the elements, extending your spa, hot tub and swim spa enjoyment throughout the year


92 SAFELY AND EASILY MANAGING HOT TUB WATER QUALITY Routines and products to ensure your hot tub and its water are always at their best 94 WARMING UP WITH SAUNAS Saunas are one of the great luxuries of life and more people than ever before are opting to include one in their own homes as a health benefit. As well as our ‘5 of the Best’ we look at why owning a home sauna is appealing to more owners 96 SAFETY FOR ALL IN AND AROUND THE WATER Safety around a swimming pool is always important. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts of pool safety



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2019/20 • £4.95


n Pool Your Owhappy and fit

Keep your family your budget What pool suits best help Where to get the

SWIM SPAS Keep in shape with


of the best


better Making life feel


PLUS 00_WP&HT_2019

30HOT TUBS that your money

can buy

water clean your pool and spa round + Keeping and hot tub all year to wet leisure products + Enjoy your pool Your complete guide of water wellness tub installations + + Feel the benefits al pool, spa and hot 24/05/2019 products + Inspiration + Easy ownership


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What Pool & Hot Tub incorporating Pool & Spa Lifestyle is the official consumer magazine for the UK wet leisure markets and is the only consumer publication that invests in the industry it serves

■ www.whatpoolandhottubmag.co.uk What Pool & Hot Tub is published by

PUBLISHING ■ www.aqua-publishing.co.uk Editor & Co-Publisher Jon Wadeson T: 020 8306 8150 E: jon@aqua-publishing.co.uk Editorial Assistant Andrea Hartshorne E: thewordsmiths@hotmail.co.uk Sales Director & Co-Publisher Tony Weston T: 01474 813433 E: tony@aqua-publishing.co.uk Production: Cathy Varley T: 01823 432416 E: cathy@aqua-publishing.co.uk Accounts: Sam Bartholomew T: 01823 430639 E: accounts@aqua-publishing.co.uk Design: Colin Halliday What Pool & Hot Tub is printed in the UK by The Manson Group T: 01727 848440

If you thought that owning a swimming pool, swim spa, hot tub or other wet leisure product was beyond the reach of you and your family, then perhaps it’s time to think again. What Pool & Hot Tub magazine aims to show you how owning one of these products is more within your reach – and enjoyment – than you’ve ever imagined. So welcome to a celebration of swimming pools, swim spas and hot tubs – and to the pleasure and fun of being in and around the water this summer and throughout the rest of the year. Once available to only a few, a swimming pool is now a realistic option for us all and the choice of designs and materials when it comes to owning one is huge. They range from quality, stylish aboveground pools costing just a few thousand pounds, to sensational one-piece pools which arrive ready to fit and give you a pool within days, through to the more glamorous designed indoor and outdoor pools which add something unique to both your home and your lifestyle. And don’t worry, even maintenance is no longer demanding these days. So which will you opt for? If you don’t have the space for a swimming pool or if you are looking to relax and unwind rather than exercise, then a hot tub is a great option for people of all ages. Inside you’ll find everything you need to know, including our exclusive Top 30 Hot Tubs on the market – a guide to what you can expect to find when it comes to deciding what to buy. It covers three key price ranges and offers a great starting point for your journey into hot tub ownership. If it’s a combination of both which you are looking for, perhaps a swim spa is the ideal option and we also cover these increasingly popular products which offer the best of both worlds. To help you decide which product is right for you, we explore each product in closer detail. We’ve pages of sensible, practical advice; you’ll learn about maintenance; how to provide safety in and around these products; how to get the maximum enjoyment out of each and where to go for further help and advice. In short, we answer a lot of the questions you might have about swimming pool, swim spa or hot tub ownership and cover other products that will complement each. We also look at the health benefits that owning a pool or spa will bring – genuine water wellness provided by swimming through to the hydrotherapy benefits of hot tub massage jets. We show you that owning a pool or spa is now stress free too – thanks to high tech products which save energy costs, reduce carbon footprints and offer safe use. Plus if you need some inspiration, there’s a glimpse of the many creative and sensational swimming pool builds and hot tub installations that have recently taken place across the UK and further afield, bringing immense pleasure to new owners, their families and their friends. You’ll be surprised just how affordable this lifestyle choice is – ownership is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous – so is this the year you join in?

PS – To see who is providing products in your local area, don’t forget to visit our new website.

Aqua Publishing accepts no liability for any insert, display or classified advertisement included in What Pool & Hot Tub. While every reasonable care is taken to ensure that all advertisers are reliable and reputable, What Pool & Hot Tub can give no assurance they will fulfill their obligations under all circumstances. The views expressed in the articles in What Pool & Hot Tub are the contributors’ own. All rights reserved. Material contained in this publication is not to be reproduced in whole or part without the prior permission of Aqua Publishing Ltd. WWW.WHATPOOLANDHOTTUBMAG.CO.UK IS YOUR COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE FOR ESSENTIAL WET LEISURE INFORMATION

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Beautifully Inspired Garden And Swimming Pool Design An exquisitely designed swimming pool harmoniously nestled within the surrounding garden landscape is a dream for many. To be realised successfully, skill and careful consideration must be made in creating

cohesive, integrated design between pool and garden, optimising the space. With over 20 years’ experience and understanding of both the landscape and swimming pool design, Design By Katja delivers hassle-free, ‘endto-end’ garden and swimming pool design solutions – including build development and project management for complete peace of mind. Katja works with contractors, architects and lighting designers on the build, installation and finishing aspects to achieve the ‘dream’ outdoor living space. The result is stunning, inspired design, masterfully executed and harmoniously integrated within the surroundings, bringing the best out of pool and garden, day and night, whatever the season. • Tel: 07787 923434 • www.designbykatja.com

Emporium What’s hot in the world of water and garden leisure LED Cube Adds Colour, Light And Functionality Illuminate your garden with this stunning multicoloured outdoor LED cube light up table by German high-end designer Moree. The Cube table also doubles as a seat and makes a striking focal point for any living space. Available in five colours, the LED Cube is multifunctional – use as a seat, a table, a decorative object or garden lamp. The Cube outdoor table is equipped with a 5m black cable. You can also add a glass top to make a side table or a colourful cushion to transform into a stool. The LED version of the cube comes with a programmable remote control, preset colours and customisable brightness. • Tel: 0330 058 4158 • www.limelace.co.uk

Elegant And Unusual Outdoor Lighting As darkness descends the Monsieur Tricot range of garden lamps will cast beautiful shadows through their knitted covers giving a warm glow to the patio, terrace or garden. Designed for top quality garden furniture brand Tribu by Ilia Eckardt, each light has a removable cover made from knitted polyolefin rope which can be selected in five colours: white, linen, brick, moss or wenge. Powered by re-chargeable batteries, these lamps can be operated by a user friendly app which is available to download from Google Play or the App Store. The Monsieur Tricot range also includes hanging pendant lights. • Tel: 020 7731 9540 • www.gomodern.co.uk


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A Premium Portable Speaker For The Outdoors The VG7 is the latest release in the VGX Series of premium, powerful portable speakers from award-winning audio manufacturer Soundcast. The VG7 features 360 degree sound for an immersive sound profile and is equipped with the shock absorbing and weatherproof capabilities that come as standard with any Soundcast model. These features allow for clear playback in any listening environment. The VG7 features a proprietary longthrow, down-firing woofer to underscore booming low-end sound range and volume for large outdoor areas. Encompassing four omni directional 3” drivers, the portable Bluetooth speaker produces fully immersive sound, creating a listening environment reminiscent of home theatre installations. • Tel: 01242 511133 • www.gosoundcast.com

Add A Heritage Touch With Poolside Planters The Heritage garden planter range combines elegance with tradition, and is perfect for entranceways, gardens, terraces, patios and poolisde. This stylish design is available in three sizes and is manufactured in Haddonstone’s unique TecLite material to ensure stone thickness, and consequently weight, is kept to a minimum. All designs are available in Haddonstone’s standard colours at no extra cost. • Tel: 01604 770711 • www.haddonstone.com

Stay Cool And Enjoy Refreshments In Style Specifically designed to provide premium durability without compromising on style, this luxurious white set exclusively from Grosfillex is guaranteed to enhance the appearance of any outdoor area. Distinctly contemporary and modern in design, this bar set includes the 70cm Paris Square Bar Table alongside 4 Paris Bar Stools – making it the perfect setting for an outdoor drinks occasion with friends. The table’s innovative aluminium structure guarantees resistance to scratches and is incredibly easy to keep clean with minimal maintenance needed. Better still, the four bar stools are made out of resin which offers optimum comfort without the addition of bulky cushions. • Tel: 020 8712 4324 • www.bridgman.co.uk

Enjoy The Hottest UK Weather In Style Take summer in your stride this year with a fabulous hanging parasol that not only looks the part but performs brilliantly too. Unlike traditional-style garden umbrellas, this design doesn’t rely on a central post – allowing greater flexibility over where you can position it – and creating a more open and spacious feel. A smart choice for any garden, patio or poolside area, this stylish umbrella parasol features a sturdy powder coated steel frame and hardwearing polyester canopy that effortlessly combines style with functionality. Available in Tawny Orange, the parasol will provide welcome shade on sunny days – and create a contemporary boutique look in your garden. The easy-to-use crank winding mechanism means opening, securing and closing the umbrella is simple. • Tel: 0161 833 5443 • www.domu.co.uk 8 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB

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Summer BBQs Poolside The Primo range of ceramic grills have been designed to fit everyone’s outdoor cooking needs. If you’re new to ceramic grills, a Primo Ceramic Grill is one of the most versatile outdoor cookers in the world. You can use it as a grill, an oven, a roaster or a smoker with a simple adjustment to the air flow and cooking configuration. Every Primo grill is made to be a primary outdoor cooker, but any of them can be added to a built-in outdoor kitchen or to complement an existing grill or smoker. • Tel: 01787 238227 • www.primogrilluk.com

A Hot Feature For Any Garden Space The Solus Hemi 36” fire bowl is a stunning focal point to any outdoor space is both substantial and restrained in design. It stands as an architectural piece or sculpture which looks good off and on. The Solus thin elegant profile adds an artistic architectural element to any outdoor space. It creates an instant gathering place, providing warmth and atmosphere for relaxed conversation, al fresco dining or having outdoor time with the family. The standard Hemi 36” fire pit is available with a bio fuel burner. It has a simple lighting wand and fuel reservoir with bio fuel and is manually lit. It produces a significant amount of heat for a outdoor heater. Should it be a required, an additional glass protective shield can be ordered. • Tel: 020 8819 1495 • www.solusdecor.co.uk

A Dark And Sophisticated Dimension For Poolside Designs

The Ultimate Way To Socialise Poolside A simply stunning piece of outdoor furniture, the Fiji Sunseeker is available exclusively from The Garden Furniture Centre and comes complete with a free set of Olefin Outdoor Cushions. The contemporary design uses clean lines and generous dimensions to offer the ultimate in outdoor entertaining, socialising and relaxation. Manufactured to look and feel like natural rattan, the Fiji is a cinch to clean plus has a high resistance to water and extremes of temperature making it perfect for use outside all year round. UV and colour stabilised for non-fade quality, these high quality grades of synthetic rattan do not split or crack over time. • Tel: 01564 793652 • www.gardenfurniturecentre.co.uk

Inspired by the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, where timber’s surface is burned to create a striking and long-lasting finish, Millboard’s Carbonised collection combines practicality with raw beauty. From the burnt charred look to the more heavily burnt embered style, carbonised decking brings a new deep and dark, sophisticated dimension to poolside designs. The textured, resilient top surface of the finished Millboard is made from Lastane® providing a virtually maintenance free algae-repellent surface, which greatly enhances slip resistance in wet conditions. The tough Lastane® layer is hand coloured with UV stable pigments and its inherent anti-abrasive nature means it withstands demanding environments. • Tel: 02476 439943 • www.millboard.co.uk


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Create A Bespoke Area For Outdoor Relaxation The large Senja garden sofa offers the ultimate in outdoor seating. Part of a large modular collection, the Senja Sofa has multiple elements which can be combined to create an individual bespoke arrangement. As well as seating elements, also choose optional integrated tables, consoles or side tables in Teak or glazed Lavastone. Looking more like an indoor piece than a garden sofa, Senja has a strong powder-coated frame in linen or wenge with deep comfortable cushions. For the covers select from a huge variety of water and stain repellent fabrics, which now include garden suitable velvet. • Tel: 020 7731 9540 • www.gomodern.co.uk

Garden Games And Dining… All In One! Featuring an outdoor American pool table, table tennis table and dining table with bench seating, this superb multifunctional piece of furniture is perfect for any social event whether you’re wining and dining or competing and eating. All the component parts are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality specifications throughout. All the accessories for both the pool table and table tennis table are included along with a weatherproof cover as well. The dining table top is made from a high specification composite laminate which has been tested to withstand extremes of outdoor temperature unlike other makes that are often made from inferior plywood’s or MDF. The dining top comes in 2 pieces that can be stored under the table on a purpose built i-frame allowing floor space to be kept to a maximum. • Tel: 01564 793652 • www.gardenfurniturecentre.co.uk

Adding An Outdoor Artistic Feature Metal spheres from Made by Moore add interest wherever they are used. Place them on hard landscaping, lawns or by pools for an artistic feature. As a group they are stunning whether shrouded in early morning mist, or baked beneath a summer’s sun. Made by a Sussex blacksmith from solid stainless steel bar, they are durable and require no maintenance. They are available in 40, 60 and 80cm diameters. • Tel: 01273 510952 • www.madebymoore.com

The Cool Way To Keep Warm The elegant Helios patio heater creates the perfect combination of lifestyle and comfort, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The Helios creates a pleasant atmosphere with its sleek, attractive metallic housing which is weatherproof and durable. Through clever innovation, design and technology, Technoheater™ products operate with running costs reduced up to 85% and carbon emissions realistically cut by 50% when compared with gas patio heaters. The range of heaters use the latest breakthrough technology, with patented carbon fibre heating elements. The technology is based on Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), which heats you, not the air, by use of radio waves. • Tel: 0800 988 4252 • www.technoheater.co.uk


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call us on

01904 643212

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NASA engineered materials for portability and durability Market leader in energy efficiency Powerful Poseidon Jet system Stunning new colours and accessories for 2019

2c Harwood Road, Northminster Business Park, York YO26 6QU

t. 01904 643212 www.softubuk.com



Water Wellness Swimming is acknowledged as the best all round exercise there is and the hydrotherapy benefits from hot tub jets can bring relief to a whole range of aches, pains, injuries and illnesses. So whether it’s through using a swimming pool, swim spa or a hot tub, the benefits to a family’s health, mood and lifestyle can be huge


wimming is good exercise – that’s obvious – but swimming is great because it can be enjoyed by all, regardless of ability and continued for a lifetime. The health benefits swimming offers are unmatched too but pool and swim spa owners across the land will tell you that there’s more to enjoyment of ownership than just pure exercise. On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing like being able to take a dip in the water and whilst swimming is without doubt a healthy activity, a swimming pool or swim spa provides an opportunity for friends and family to get together too. It’s a lifestyle choice, one which allows people to enjoy and share their spare time, and it’s that complete package of health, exercise and social interaction which is putting a smile on the faces of families across the UK today.

When it comes to health and exercise, if you do a variety of strokes when swimming, it works practically all of the muscles in the body and regular swimming can develop a swimmer’s overall strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Water is nearly 800 times denser than air so each kick, push, and pull provides a mini resistance workout. Swimming with increasing effort to increase your heart rate and stimulate your muscle activity gradually is easily accomplished in the water. After running, swimming a few laps can help you cool-down, move blood through your muscles to help them recover and help you relax. Swimming burns calories at a rate of about three a mile per pound of bodyweight. In addition to burning calories as you swim, you build lean muscle, which increases your

“On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing like being able to take a dip in the water...”

10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SWIM 1 Help life longevity due to fitness / lowered blood pressure. 2 It’s a sport which is almost free of injuries mainly because water resistance acts as a cushion so there are very few pulled muscles. 3 It’s a great way to burn calories – an hour of swimming will burn up 500 calories. 4 Swimming has been shown to be hugely beneficial to asthma sufferers as it encourages lung function and breathing control. 5 Age isn’t a barrier to swimming, people of all ages can enjoy its benefits. 6 Swimming balances blood pressure levels and normalises your pulse. 7 Swimming builds strength, stamina and fitness. 8 It’s a sport you can enjoy by yourself. 9 In a residential setting, a pool is a great social environment for friends and family to enjoy. 10 Finally anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a great athlete to enjoy swimming.


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W AT E R W E L L N E S S metabolism so that you burn more calories once you’ve showered and dried off. However, many swimmers do not swim that quickly, and many cannot swim for that distance or duration, so swimming to lose weight is not always the best plan. Swimming exercises almost the entire body – heart, lungs, and muscles – with very little joint strain. It is great for general fitness, not just a great way to drop excess pounds. It does not help with bone density – you need weight bearing exercise for that – but that is about all that is missing from what swimming could do for your fitness. Swimming is also kinder to your body. Water effectively neutralises gravity, so you become virtually weightless when immersed, giving your joints a much-needed rest and you can swim almost every day without the risk of injury. You can’t say the same for running or strength training. Research in the US found that swimming can literally help you stay younger too. It found that regular swimmers were biologically up to 20 years younger than their actual age and revealed that a swimmer’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular performance, central nervous system and cognitive functioning are all comparable to someone far younger. There are psychological benefits to swimming too. You can relax and swim with a very low effort. Let your mind wander, focusing on nothing but the rhythm of your stroke. This form of meditation can help you gain a feeling of wellbeing, leaving your water session refreshed and ready to go on with the rest of your day. Many swimmers find an in-direct benefit from swimming. They develop life skills such as sportsmanship, time management, self-discipline, goal-setting, and an increased sense of self-worth through their participation in the sport. So why do you swim? For the health benefits to your heart and lungs? For the chance to be with some of your friends at the pool? Because you like the feeling of floating and sliding through the water? Whatever the reason, swimming and enjoying your own swimming pool or swim spa clearly has a lot to offer both from a physical and mental point of view. Aqua exercise in pools and swim spas The benefits of aquatic exercise for general fitness, rehabilitation or fun are all based on the resistance to activity in the water which encourage slow, controlled movements giving no muscle contraction, impact or pain. By definition, an orthopaedic problem impairs mobility in some parts of the body. This means many forms of exercise are difficult or painful. People with impairments move more easily in the water without pressure on joints, bones or nerves meaning body toning and strengthening can be more easily achieved. So another great way to get fit in the water – without even swimming a stroke – is by turning a pool or swim spa into a gym. Over recent years there’s been an explosion of products that assist with this form of aqua exercise. They range from personal weights, to trampolines, treadmills, exercise bikes and more, plus many swim spas also provide items such as rowing bars or resistant cords as enhanced exercise options. In short, when it comes to exercise, a pool or swim spa needn’t just be used for swimming in. There are a variety of land-based activities that can now easily be completed in either environment, with participants benefitting from the advantages which water provides. Hot tubs provide multiple health benefits too! It may be that you don’t have room, the budget or the need for a swimming pool or swim spa. If not, a hot tub may be a more practical option when it comes to seeking the health benefits from water.

A HOT TUB CAN BE A LIFE CHANGING PRODUCT The Starlight Children’s Foundation is a charity that supports seriously or terminally ill children and their families – they do this through an extensive wish granting programme. One wish that the children are able to choose is to have a hot tub installed in their home. A lot of the children that are supported are sometimes in pain, or just need time to relax with their family and friends. Hot tubs are a great way to do this, for not only soothing aches and pains, but also aiding with sleep and giving great hydrotherapy. UK manufacturer RotoSpa (www.rotospa.co.uk) are proud to support the charity and this particular customer. The family had built a fully equipped, wonderful sensory cabin for the young boy, full with beach-themed accessories, instruments and lights. The

customer’s feedback was amazing, stating that the hot tub really is her son’s “dream come true”. To see the family enjoying some down-time and relaxation, as well as greatly benefiting from the health benefits of a hot tub, is great to see.

Hydrotherapy is an age-old form of healing and stress relief based on three factors – heat, buoyancy and massage – and hydrotherapy hot tubs provide the perfect blend of all three. The heat generated in a hot tub dilates the blood vessels and increases circulation in the body. This enables enzymes and endorphins (the body’s natural pain relievers) to work more rapidly and efficiently on areas of the body, such as muscles and joints that have been stressed, strained or injured. The buoyancy that the water in a hot tub provides means that pressure on the spine, muscle groups, ligaments and joints is significantly reduced. In fact the body weighs 90% less when suspended in water. The jets in a hot tub provide a hydro-massage to various parts of the body. This stage is critical to the overall hydrotherapy process. All body systems benefit from hydro-massage. Stress, injury and poor posture can all cause muscle aches, spasms and pain and the water from the jets helps to stimulate and relax trigger points, which are highly sensitive areas in the affected muscle. Hydro-massage has also been shown to increase circulation, improve flexibility and provide restorative benefits. Hydrotherapy is a great way to relieve stress and stressrelated conditions, such as high blood pressure, headaches and chronic pain. It benefits every part of the body, including the skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, neuromuscular and digestive systems. Hydrotherapy has been proven to be especially effective in reducing the pain of arthritis, tendonitis and inflamed areas which are the result of sports injuries and overexertion. While many may think of hydrotherapy hot tubs as a luxury item, reserved only for those that have the financial means to enjoy the finer things in life, for others a hydrotherapy tub is an indispensable part of making it through their day-to-day. The scientifically proven benefits associated with regular use are beyond dispute and doctors even prescribe the use of hydrotherapy hot tubs for treatment of specific ailments. So as you can see, hot tub hydrotherapy isn’t a case of having a few relaxing minutes that are over as soon as you step out. You get an immediate experience plus benefits that will have farreaching effects on the quality of your, and your family’s life.


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“Hydrotherapy is an age-old form of healing and stress relief based on three factors – heat, buoyancy and massage…”


• Stress • Arthritic pain • Fibromyalgia • Restless sleep • Type 2 diabetes


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The world of swimming pools, hot tubs and water leisure is now one of high quality style and design. From glamorous to everyday settings, anything is possible if you want to add a pool or spa to your home



We just love this selection of quality which we hope will inspire you – a number of which are BISHTA and SPATA award winners from the recent British Pool & Hot Tub Awards, which were proudly sponsored by the following companies:

This spa was placed into the decking to give a beautiful finish. The colour combination of cedar cabinet and Tuscan sun shell, blends perfectly in the garden. The decking can be easily removed so that there is access to the maintenance panel for servicing and future work. • Tel: 0808 169 6555 • www.awardleisure.com

With a champagne shell and oak cabinet to complement a gazebo and barbeque hut, this undercover hot tub creates the perfect garden retreat. It’s somewhere to both relax and entertain friends or family. • Tel: 0116 251 3378 • www.hottubsuppliers.com WWW.WHATPOOLANDHOTTUBMAG.CO.UK IS YOUR COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE FOR ESSENTIAL WET LEISURE INFORMATION

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24/05/2019 18:41

THE COOLEST THINGS Tucked away in the shade, the elderly owner of this hot tub wanted a model with great hydrotherapy and a lounger. Also it had to be aesthetically pleasing and big enough to accommodate the family when they visited. This installation matched all their requirements. • Tel: 01248 723207 • www.conceptspa.co.uk

This image epitomises happiness – just look at the children’s faces. This image also shows another side to what a swim spa can be used for... an actual swimming pool for kids! • Tel: 01422 414 556 • www.hottubhouseyorkshire.co.uk

This pool is for an international athlete, providing an all year-round training pool with low cost heating and fast lane counter-current. You can read more about it on pages 38 and 39 of this edition. • Tel: 01392 413150 • www.experienceh2o.co.uk

This swimming pool features some of the best technologies available, including a self-cleaning system, counter-current swimjet, a pair of deckjets and cascade waterfall. Topping them all off is a stylish telescopic enclosure allowing year-round use. • Tel: 0333 456 7111 • www.waterstream.co.uk

This residential pool has created an amazing leisure area feature. The bifold doors mean that the pool hall totally opens up to the garden space creating a fluid indoor, outdoor space and the use of mirrored surrounding walls around the pool reflects lots of light into the room. • Tel: 01932 353040 • www.falconpools.co.uk 16 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB


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24/05/2019 18:41

THE COOLEST THINGS Location, location, location. This spa is situated on the rooftop of a luxury villa in Santorini, Greece. Seating eight people, it offers panoramic views and endless sunsets over the Aegean Sea. • Tel: 0808 169 6555 • www.awardleisure.com

Situated in North Wales, this spa features a bespoke design with a glass pane to allow a 360° view, as well as a decking surround enabling the spa to be family friendly plus adds extra seating space. The result is a unique outdoor spa experience for all the family. • Tel: 0151 336 3417 • www.cheshirewellness.co.uk

Two stepping-stones set within this luxury pool, lead from the surrounding terrace, giving easy entry to the spa. The large format white tiles continue throughout the pool, spa and terraced area with matching bespoke coping stones giving a real ‘vibe’ to the entire space. • Tel: 01883 622335 • www.tanbypools.co.uk

This pool project started as a property that the client bought to update and renovate for their retirement. The original pool was in a sorry state, but on a limited budget, it was brought up to date. The result is a beautifully executed pool which has clean lines, crisp finishes and great lighting. • Tel: 0191 551 2048 • www.whitewaters.co.uk

This is an example of a modern spa installed very sympathetically into the grounds of a beautiful and unique country home. A new patio was laid adjacent to the mature and formal gardens especially for the hot tub which is used by the owners to relax after work and entertain their family. • Tel: 0800 023 2215 • www.euphoria-lifestyle.co.uk


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24/05/2019 18:41


This hot tub is situated on the seventh floor above a Tube Station in Central London. The view from the spa over the London skyline is extraordinary and adds a touch of glamour to this high-class refurbishment project. • Tel: 01883 622335 • www.tanbypools.co.uk

This hot tub installation was for a high-end architect, so the finish had to be exceptional! It may not be sunk in a deck but it is a well thought out installation that is very practical for both day and night usage, thanks to the use of chromotherapy lighting. • Tel: 0845 034 3550 • www.hottubsnorthwales.biz The owners of this hot tub project, call it their ‘Hot Tub Haven’. Special landscaping was required to enable them to access the spa safely. It has been sunk into the decking and a glass balustrade was used to maintain a view of the owners’ beautiful green garden. • Tel: 0191 410 9988 • www.northspas.co.uk

The enclosure over this pool allows it to remain in use all year round, and the family who own it take full advantage. The enclosure can be fully opened, enabling swimmers to enjoy those hot summer days outdoors, whilst also being able to take shelter in a warm environment on those cold or rainy days. • Tel: 01233 840336 • www.xlpools.com


This rooftop pool with an automatic slatted cover is installed above a complex of luxury flats. The pool was designed to be structurally self-supporting using stainless steel beams fully insulated with an internal fibreglass and tiled finish to the client’s specification. • Tel: 01392 413150 • www.experienceh2o.co.uk


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24/05/2019 18:41

The design spec for this pool was to create an intimate, tranquil space for relaxing and leisure. The use of tiles in the pool and on the wall, work effortlessly, creating a mirrored effect. The addition of a swim jet has provided the added benefit of making the modest pool, a more than adequate exercise area. • Tel: 01233 840336 • www.xlpools.com

THE COOLEST THINGS The owner of this swimming pool wanted it to fit seamlessly into the formal garden he had created over a long time. The pool sits deep into the beautiful garden and was built with no disruption to the surrounding landscape, leaving the client very pleased with the whole stunning project. • Tel: 01959 572 367 • www.clarkpools.co.uk

This 25 metre lap pool is part of a prestigious cliff top development, in one of the most sort after locations in the UK. The pool benefits from the stunning location and views, is an integral part of this new home construction and creates an all year energy efficient venue for its owners. • Tel: 01392 413150 • www.experienceh2o.co.uk

The owner of this pool still pinches himself that he owns his own pool, in his own house! The main criteria was that the pool was to be eco-friendly to run with maximum efficiency to keep the carbon footprint to as near to zero as possible, but looks clearly played their part too in this stunning looking project. • Tel: 01367 253333 • www.newdawnpools.co.uk

The owner of this pool wanted it to fit in seamlessly in with the grounds of their stately home, so naturally the colours, shape, configuration and surround needed to show discerning taste. The client also wanted lighting they could have fun with but the ability to ‘tone it down’ and use neutral white light too. • Tel: 01580 753031 • www.mermaidpools.co.uk


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24/05/2019 18:41

THE COOLEST THINGS This stunning pool is located in a new barn building, which is attached to a Grade II listed barn. With quality modern finishes, the contemporary pool and barn project provided a juxtaposition between new and old, persuading the conservation officer to grant approval. • Tel: 01895 823366 • www.originpools.co.uk This is a super high-end installation with a top of the range swim spa with all the options. Set in luxury Millboard decking, the cover is an electric Covana model for ease and convenience. The end result – an exercise space with panache! • Tel: 01803 872666 • www.hydropooldevon.co.uk

The brief was to create a luxury pool, sauna and steam room in quite a narrow basement. Despite the space restriction, a deluxe pool with all the ‘mod cons’ was created, which includes an advanced counter-current unit for invigorating exercise and a super discrete pool cover. • Tel: 020 8605 1255 • www.londonswimmingpools.com

This stunning swimming pool maximises the space available perfectly. Benefiting from the use of mood lighting, this pool can be used for a multiple of uses from exercising to relaxing as well as making an amazing space to entertain. • Tel: 020 8605 1255 • www.londonswimmingpools.com

This stunning pool is installed on the rooftop of a Palladian style six storey property. The concept was both structurally and logistically challenging. The client’s vision was to swim out, overlooking the London horizon, so a vanishing edge on two sides was required. • Tel: 01883 622335 • www.tanbypools.co.uk



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A very affordable range of Spas, featuring a high level of specification with emphasis on comfort



WEEK END 330L For further information: Please contact Anna at anna.pumfrey@scppool.com or call 01293 546126 for details of your nearest Dealer

Where Outdoor Living Comes to Life

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Inflatable PVC pool

SO WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY? We take a closer look at a number of the most popular options... Inflatable PVC pools This is the starting point for all pools – easy to assemble but surprisingly tough and reliable, these pools are really just a step up from the paddling pools. They are made from heavy gauge PVC, so are relatively long lasting and can still provide a first class swimming pool ‘experience’. It is important to remember these pools are not large paddling pools and are not designed to be emptied and refilled when you feel like it. You’ll find that most are supplied with simple filters and electric pumps to clean and circulate the water.

Supported metal framed or ‘splasher’ pools The next step up is a metal frame pool which normally comprises a one-piece liner which hangs from a tubular frame and is easy to install. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and depths making them perfect for both older children and families, however the smaller models are really designed more for fun and splashing around – hence the name. These semi-rigid pools are very much for seasonal, warm weather use too therefore they should be taken down over the winter months. They are unlikely to last beyond ten years but at anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds up to several thousand pounds for the largest models, they still represent pretty good value for money over their useable lifetime and like the inflatable pools, can come with basic filtration equipment plus extras such as ladders, debris covers and surface skimmers.

Supported metal framed or ‘splasher’ pool

lower end of the market which are often essentially just splasher pools. All the models below 6 metres by 4 metres will be free standing and won’t need any ground supports which makes them quicker to install. Above-ground pools are less permanent than other styles and most can be drained and moved to another location. Overall the sizes range from around 2.5 metres right through to 10 metres or beyond and depths of up to 2.1 metres on some of the larger models are available. Raised decks that partially or completely surround the pool can be added for safety, convenience and aesthetic purposes.

In many instances, if you wanted to, you can clearly buy what would be an aboveground pool in terms of its design and structure and have it secured and put in the ground giving it a more permanent look. Add decking and lighting and you have a secure high quality pool. Above-ground/in-ground pools are the most budget-friendly but can still produce some spectacular results. There’s a number of manufacturers and a wide range of models on the market so expect to see some competitive pricing. Compare what you are actually getting for your money and shop around as this will still be a likely investment of several thousand pounds.

One-piece pools If you are looking for a pool that will rival the best for longevity, keep its good looks and requires the minimum of maintenance, a one-piece pool is an attractive option. If you add in the benefits of an easy pool installation and the fact that when the pool arrives it is pre-fitted with connecting pipe


23-25_WP&HT_2019_So_what_would.indd 23

Above-ground/wooden pool


24/05/2019 19:23


One-piece pool

Liner pool

work, fittings, valves and now in some cases, is even fitted with pool covers, then it’s even clearer why they are such a popular pool option. The choice of this type of pool has expanded greatly over recent years and they are now produced in a variety of durable materials and with a wide range of options. Shells are factory-built meaning that quality can be carefully controlled and these hard-wearing swimming pools are also manufactured to withstand temperature changes, chemicals and UV so the beauty of the original surface should remain over time. Weekly chemical and cleaning maintenance is needed to protect the finish but you will probably need to use fewer chemicals on the whole than with some other pool types. Installation time is quicker than some other styles and unlike concrete pools for example, they can be installed in colder weather conditions. The pool shell is delivered complete to your home so do bear in mind location and access. After the hole is dug, the shell is lifted into place by crane, levelled and water is added. One-piece pools will often come with comprehensive guarantees of at least ten years and often more. In reality, if well maintained, there’s no reason why a onepiece pool shouldn’t last well beyond that though and a lifespan of 30 years isn’t uncommon and even enjoying 50 years of use is a possibility. Concrete pool


23-25_WP&HT_2019_So_what_would.indd 24

Liner pools

Concrete pools

Traditional in-ground pools usually have reinforced walls with vinyl liners and these types of pools are the most common type of professionally installed pools in the UK. Rectangular pools are the norm, but a variety of L-shaped, free form and other shapes are also available. Once the hole has been dug, support walls are typically made from aluminium, steel, fibreglass or pressure treated wood. Most vinyl pool liners are either .20” or .30” gauge (5.0mm and 7.5mm) and although tough, don’t expect them to last a lifetime as they are prone to tears and rips. You might get seven to ten years’ of use before a replacement liner is needed. Replacement liners can be installed in one or two days and providing the basic pool shell has been constructed well, a pool may have several new liners over its expected life, which could be as much as 50 years in the case of a concrete construction. There are plenty of choices when it comes to patterns, textures, colours and tilebands, meaning owners can add a personal and often bespoke touch to these pools. Most liners are treated to prevent algae growth and some have UV protection – both prolong life and appearance. Excavation work will be necessary before installation, so these pools fall into a higher price range than above-ground pools.

Produced to bespoke designs and able to incorporate most wishes, however unique, concrete pools represent the top of the range in pool types. They will become a permanent fixture and will take several weeks or longer to complete. They therefore represent a serious investment so a professional contractor, budgets and designs are all necessary. These are reinforced pools with concrete, plaster and tiling instead of liners. There are various ways to construct this type of pool but normally a layer of concrete (gunite or shotcrete) is sprayed into a reinforced framework of steel or single concrete block or twin block construction. Concrete pools are the most elaborate of the pool categories and allow for design to be of a free-form nature – so the shapes and finishing possibilities are limitless and the results are normally spectacular. Excavation is necessary, and a variety of creative options are available to complement these top-end pools, including waterfalls, custom steps and beach entries. The high quality and bespoke nature of these pools usually puts them in the highest price range.

Natural pools A natural swimming pool, natural swimming pond or eco pool (the terms usually mean the same type of pool) is designed so you can swim in clear water with no traditional chemicals and they are often chosen for this reason. Their design can range from formal to entirely natural and this kind of option is a practical swimming facility, a landscape feature and a wildlife sanctuary all at the same time! Natural pools have passed the most stringent tests in terms of water quality and are based on the eco system of interaction of water, sunlight, gases, minerals, plants and creatures to ensure the water stays healthy. They are usually divided into two areas – the swimming zone and the regeneration zone and the larger the pond, the more likely it is to have a better balanced eco system.


24/05/2019 19:24


Swim spa

Hot tub

Hot tubs

Swim spas


In a domestic setting, the terms ‘hot tub’ and ‘spa’ mean the same thing. The choice of hot tubs in terms of makes, sizes, shapes and gadgets is huge and there’s something for every lifestyle, space and budget. In recent years hot tubs have become more technology driven with more and varied therapeutic jets, waterfalls, cascading water features and for peace of mind, complete water management systems. There are also many more options now available for adding both light and sound to create a complete outdoor experience too. At the top end, there’s visually stunning and mood setting lighting complemented by quality audio systems, which are often accompanied by smartphone docking systems. Apps are increasingly available to completely manage the running of some of the more premium hot tubs too! Setting aside inflatable options, when it comes to rigid models, there are two types – self-contained and non self-contained. With a self-contained or portable spa, the electrical, filtration and heating systems are contained in the spa’s exterior or cabinet. These typically are installed above-ground; however you can easily achieve a built-in look by installing your spa partially above a surrounding deck. These self-contained units can be moved and reinstalled elsewhere, if you choose. Non self-contained hot tubs are installed in-ground and are considered permanent. Often these spas are part of a spa-pool combination. Once you decide what you want and where it’s going, take some time to choose an experienced, reputable dealer and manufacturer. Look for a dealer who is a BISHTA member and you’ll get someone who is providing excellent service. The best way to make sure you get the right hot tub is to try it out. Many retailers encourage you to have a ‘wet test’ or ‘test soak’ before you buy. If you do, note the depth of the water, the seating capacity, location of seats and the variety and power of the jets. Look for a hot tub with seats deep enough to cover your shoulders whilst others should be placed high enough to let you cool down.

Whether it’s for competitive training or for family fun, swim spas are versatile products which take the best elements from both swimming pools and hot tubs and put them into a single package. Their flexibility and price have meant they have become an increasingly popular choice. Swim spas literally allow you to swim on the spot. You do not have to complete laps or turn around like in a normal pool, but just have to keep exercising within the space provided to ensure you get the swimming workout you need as you swim against a continuous stream of water or ‘counter-current’. Swim spas are a cheaper option than a full scale swimming pool. They take up less space, are easy to heat and provide an all year round swimming experience. In terms of their size, they are available from 12 to 24 feet in length and 8 to 10 feet in width. Since they are made of acrylic, they are very, light and can be easily installed – and in the event that you should move – in most cases uninstalled too. An entry-level swim spa will provide excellent quality jets and a basic, safe and secure swimming environment. Mid-range and advanced swim spas are aimed at those looking for a more strenuous workout and will often feature separate hot tub seating areas plus dual temperature water controls and can be free standing or designed partially or fully in-ground.

The popularity of home saunas is on the increase in the UK as the message about their benefits becomes more widely accepted. Saunas come in a range of sizes and styles and contrary to popular belief, they aren’t that difficult to find space for or construct. Depending upon where you’d like to do your relaxing, a sauna can go in a basement, garage, bathroom, attic, area under a staircase, pool house, or a spot in the garden. There are wet saunas, dry saunas, smoke saunas, steam saunas, and those that work with infrared waves. Infrared saunas offer most of the same benefits that traditional saunas do, but they do so at lower, more tolerable temperatures. No matter what type of sauna you opt for, it is now generally accepted that sauna use will provide a multitude of health benefits. Due to a user’s metabolism rising and their body sweating, saunas burn calories. In addition, the enveloping warmth improves a user’s complexion, drawing out impurities and boosting their circulation whilst the body releases endorphins, which help to create an all round positive lift to the spirit. So a sauna is an investment in greater wellbeing and a place that is just as good for spending time with family and friends as it is for taking a break from the stresses of everyday life.


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24/05/2019 19:24


YOUR GARDEN You could do your lengths, aqua aerobics and water therapy in the tranquillity of your own Premium Wooden pool. (That’s until the children arrive and all your envious family and friends jump in to chat and play!). NEW Exercise Pool Strap System

A cross section of the pool to show the location of the stainless steel strap system from the sides and across the base of the pool

See our full range of standard and exercise wooden pools and start your adventure now www.woodenpools.net


Towards the top end of the market is the Gardipool range from SCP. These are a wooden swimming pool concept based on a unique, patented system of dovetail joints reinforced by a stainless steel threaded bar


If you’re at the stage where an inflatable or splasher pool no longer fits the bill and are thinking about having a swimming pool as a more permanent feature, above-ground pools are a great option. Often DIY assembled, they don’t need planning permission to install, make the most of limited space and can provide great fun for friends and family the lifestyle and fun that they provide. Another reason these are increasingly popular is because of the affordable price tag for such quality. Add to this their flexibility, ease of use and a relatively straight forward and quick installation process and you can see why they appeal to so many. With warmer summers apparently expected for the future, the popularity of them is sure to grow even more. With limited stocks held, when hot weather has kicked in in recent years, numerous suppliers report that stocks of many aboveground and wooden pools often run out – so be warned! Above-ground swimming pools are often referred to as ‘starter’ pools, and come in a variety of sizes, with models generally ranging from the 10 ft to 30 ft mark. Increasingly the high quality pools are not exclusively above-ground now with more people opting to fit them fully or partially in a decking or putting the classic wooden frames in the ground, so in fact the term ‘above-ground’ is slightly

“Increasingly the high quality pools are not exclusively above-ground now with more people opting to fit them fully or partially in decking or putting the classic wooden frames in the ground...”




or many a UK garden, pool ownership starts and ends with an inflatable or splasher pool, but what if a more permanent and serious option was wanted for the family to enjoy? One in which the family could relax or truly swim in rather than just splash around in. What would the cost be? The good news is perhaps not as much as you may think. Above-ground and wooden pools are available in a wide range of options and therefore prices – from several hundred pounds for a basic model DIY kit, right up to and over £10,000 for the more luxurious options which have many extras included. In fact, for £3,000 – £5,000 you can now buy a high quality above-ground or wooden pool which is perfect for most families and is the ideal solution for the smaller garden and patio areas. An above-ground pool is an investment in your family’s outdoor space and thanks to increased media coverage including programmes such as the reality show ‘Big Brother’, there is much more awareness of these types of pools and

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24/05/2019 19:05

ABOVE-GROUND Doughboy pool walls are made from heavy copper bearing steel and can be installed either above-ground or in-ground as here

This Timberpool wooden pool installation by Doughboy UK illustrates how a pool can be landscaped into any type of garden setting

WHAT WILL AN ‘ABOVE-GROUND’ POOL COST? There’s a wide range of above-ground pools. You can buy them for as cheap as £700 but to get the right combination of quality and warranties you need to start budgeting around the £3,000 – £4,000 mark. • £3,000+ will buy you a good quality DIY pack pool, sturdy, functional and still good fun for the family • £5,000+ will be the starting point for a pool kit of wooden or galvanised steel panels – including installation • £10,000+ a step up in quality to a ten metre wooden above-ground pool which has been sunk into the ground and fully installed.

8 of the best…


For dealer locations around the UK, call or visit the individual company’s website. For more above-ground pool information including other manufacturers and distributors, pay a visit to the What Pool & Hot Tub website.



misleading. This flexibility means that this kind of pool can either be a real feature in the garden or can be neatly incorporated into the surrounding landscape and its feature – the choice is yours! One of the great things about above-ground pools is that they take less time to install and depending on the location you have chosen, you may not need a special foundation for your pool. Most of the above-ground pools can be constructed using pre-fabricated kits and all that is required is a flat and level surface, access to electricity and, of course, a water supply. Many can even be


Pop! from Laghetto: Available in a range of cheerful colours, the Italian designed Pop! and its soft rounded curves are bound to put a smile on your face. With a hot dip galvanised metal structure and durable PVC coated liner that’s anti-UV, anti-mold and anti-fungus treated, this above-ground pool is available in a range of sizes and comes with a five year warranty. Each Pop! is available as standard with a cleaner, ladder and foot support for uneven ground installations. A range of other accessories are also available – everything you need to enjoy a summer of fun.

Graphite Effect Pool from Aqua-World: Aqua-World have swimming pools to suit any garden and budget. Their range includes round and oval graphite effect steel pools which are a high quality construction of galvanised phosphatised prime and lacquered steel with vertical sectioning for added strength and a graphite effect finish. The pools are designed for self-assembly on a suitably prepared base to be free standing or landscaped into your garden. The standard kit includes a graphite effect steel outer, blue liner, top and bottom rails, ladder, skimmer box and pump and sand filter.

• Tel: 01329 514000 • www.piscinelaghetto.com

• Tel: 01926 498203 • www.aquaworldwoodpools.co.uk


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24/05/2019 19:05


Families all over the UK are choosing British-made Sunsoka pools to enhance their homes. This one features an Abrisud enclosure

installed by someone that possesses some fairly competant DIY skills. When it comes to buying an above-ground or wooden pool, the secret is to have a look for what you want using the internet. There are some great deals to be had through many online professional pool companies, but when it actually comes to making the purchase, ensure that the seller can advise you on safety in and around the pool and most importantly how to keep the water clean. If they are not able to give you this advice or supply you with the relevant water treatment products it is probably

HOW TO CREATE A YEAR-ROUND AND COMPLETE GARDEN SWIMMING EXPERIENCE You can turn an above-ground pool into a much more thrilling swimming experience by fitting a counter-current on one end of the pool (as seen above). This simple device produces a powerful jet, which can be varied in terms of your swimming ability so that you can literally swim on the spot, the same as with a swim spa. You can also add on extras to your pool such as lighting and cover rollers and for year round use, you can add an enclosure or pool ‘lodge’ over it.




• Tel: 01424 857802 • www.woodenpools.net

• Tel: 01993 778855 • www.certikin.co.uk

• Tel: 01273 495971 • www.doughboyuk.co.uk

Wooden Pools from Plastica: A range of British made premium wooden pools that can be located above, below or partially in-ground, these premium wooden pools are some of the most affordable above-ground pools on the market. Made of natural, high grade redwood with a ten year structural warranty, they come in kit form with everything required to get swimming and will give years of pleasure. With a range of shapes and sizes to choose from, there will be a pool that works for you – from 3.3m up to 10m! Fit the wooden pool yourself or choose a local expert.

Deluxe Wooden Pool from Certikin: Quality construction and a luxurious finish sum up the wooden pools from Certikin. Each is made of attractive Scandinavian redwood (walls) with the addition of a premium quality Iroko top rail. The pool comes in three standard sizes with bespoke sizes available too. All the models below 6m x 4m are totally free standing and require no ground supports which makes them much quicker to install. All have a steel support beam around the top of the pool underneath the Iroko top rail. The pool’s high specification includes the pool walls, steps, Certikin flow fittings, filtration, maintenance kit, cover and liner.

Above-ground pools from Doughboy: This range of pools can be installed either above-ground or in-ground, are adaptable and offers a large variety of styles, shapes, sizes and depths. Doughboy pool walls are made from heavy copper bearing steel for a stronger pool wall. The zinc clad hot-dipped galvanised steel wall receives numerous protective coatings, providing the best defence against corrosion and condensation. In addition Doughboy skimmers have a large skimming surface area that removes surface debris much faster, allowing for more pool water height fluctuation and reducing the need to add water frequently!


27-30_WP&HT_2019_ABOVE_GROUND POOLS.indd 29


24/05/2019 19:06

ABOVE-GROUND Plastica Pools offer a range of British made premium wooden pools that can be located above, below or partially in-ground

With the addition of a counter-current unit, even small above-ground or wooden pools can offer a thorough swimming workout

your best bet to bid them a cheerful goodbye and find someone who can. You may also want to check out your local pool store or retailer as many will have a working model or at least a built model availabe to view and seeing it ‘in the flesh’ will give you a much better idea about the product than any website images can. There are many above-ground pools to choose from and most are manufactured and distributed by well known and established names whose products can easily


Sunsoka Propa Pool from Arcus: These pools are manufactured in Cambridgeshire and each pool is made to order, meaning the exact shape and size to suit any need is available. These pools will create a first-class, fun and fitness facility that will last a lifetime, thanks to their polypropeylene lining that is virtually indestructible. Specific technical specifications can be chosen including multi nozzle, multi pump, swim jets, underwater lights and a heating system. A complimentary site survey to assess needs and these pools are suitable for in-ground or above-ground installs.

• Tel: 01945 450170 • www.arcusproducts.co.uk 30 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB

be found on sale through off and online retailers across the country. When buying a wooden pool, look out for kits where the structural wood is treated and the timber is impregnated with wood preservative. This will protect the wood and therefore the pool against fungal rot and insect attack and ensure longevity. Also pay attention to exactly what comes with each kit as adding extra components and options could dramatically change the overall cost of the pool.



• Tel: 01293 546126 • www.scpeurope.com

• Tel: 01329 514000 • www.piscinelaghetto.com

Gardipool from SCP: This exclusive wooden pool concept is based upon a unique, patented system of dovetail joints which are reinforced by a stainless steel threaded bar. The rectangular Quartoo model (also available with overflow) and the Rectoo, which features a rectangular shape at one end, are self-supporting structures with galvanised metal supports, which are fixed into a reinforced concrete floor. This allows the structure to be in-ground, semi in-ground or above-ground. The octagonal Octoo, completes this distinctive range. Each model comes as a complete package with further options such as covers and lighting also available.

Dolce Vita from Laghetto: The Dolce Vita pool is one product which meets the tastes and expectations of demanding customers that are looking for an easy to install, functional and aesthetically beautiful product. Looking good in any environment, including commercial settings, it can be built where a traditional in-ground swimming pool can’t be placed and is available with an optional soft ground installation kit. Advanced technology used in the Dolce Vita design allows it to be either an in-ground, partially in-ground, or above-ground pool, thus offering the possibility to suit the characteristics of the ground perfectly.


27-30_WP&HT_2019_ABOVE_GROUND POOLS.indd 30

24/05/2019 19:05

DOUGHBOY FP WPHT19.qxp_Layout 1 22/05/2019 11:40 Page 1

Project4_Layout 1 28/05/2019 15:05 Page 1

ONE-PIECE Many one-piece pools come with long warranties, including this LPW Pools model which gives peace of mind for 30 years




There’s real choice when it comes to in-ground pools – but one type that is becoming increasingly popular is one-piece pools and it’s easy to see why


hen it comes to in-ground swimming pools, no matter what type you decide upon or where they are located, they all have one thing in common – they all start life as a hole!

You can opt for a blockwork pool or prefabricated panel shell which is then made watertight with a tailor made PVC liner, or you can have a reinforced concrete shell, finished with tiles, marblite or special paint. Despite their name, you can even put many aboveground pools into the ground too! Finally you can opt for a one-piece pool which arrives, as the name suggests, as one complete piece with plumbing and other features such as steps, handrails and a pool cover fitted. Whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor installation, onepiece swimming pools are becoming more and more popular and are often a first choice for domestic swimming pools. They have been widely produced, accepted and installed around the world since the 1950s and it’s estimated that in Australia, around 60% of all pools are constructed in this way and it’s no real surprise – they are ideally suited to the domestic pools’ market thanks to their flexible design and ease of installation which provides instantly visible results once they are in the ground..

“They are ideally suited to the domestic pools market thanks to their flexible design and ease of installation which provides instantly visible results once they are in the ground”



BENEFITS OF ONE-PIECE POOLS • As the shell construction is done off site, you could have your finished pool within as little as three weeks from the start of construction • The strength and quality of a one-piece pool makes it a durable option, one which is resistant to deterioration and changes in temperature • Warranties are often very impressive, providing peace of mind to owners • Ongoing swimming pool maintenance is usually limited to cleaning and chemicals only • One-piece pools are smooth to touch and attractively finished. You can customise your pool with a range of colours and finishes to make it look unique.

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ONE-PIECE The Sunquest 36 is Sundance Pools’ largest model and features a deep and shallow end plus integrated entry steps

Create the perfect training pool with the addition of a counter-current unit as with this model from Sundance Pools

It’s this ease and therefore speed of installation that is their biggest selling point. Being fully warranted and ‘ready to swim’ further adds to their appeal too. One-piece pools come in a variety of materials but fibreglass and polymer are the two most common forms and the engineering strength of the construction and the impressive warranties offered has made these pools increasingly popular. The long warranties are possible as each pool is produced under strict factory conditions meaning quality products time after time and in some cases, a pool can last up to 50 years or even beyond!

8 of the best…


For dealer locations around the UK, call or visit the individual company’s website. For more one-piece pool information including other manufacturers and distributors, pay a visit to the What Pool & Hot Tub website.


Due to their flexible design capability, one-piece pools can be made into attractive customised shapes. They can feature uniform straight edges or contemporary curves, or with a deep and shallow end.. The pool shells are more resistant to damage than vinyl lined or tiled pools too, while also being easier to clean. There are even fully tiled one-piece pools which at first glance, you would think were concrete pools. One-piece pools are pre-plumbed with flexible pipe and often arrive on site with components already fitted. The pools can also come with everything complete



• Tel: 01296 715071 • www.sundancepools.co.uk

• Tel: 0333 456 7111 • www.compass-pools.co.uk

Exercise pools from Sundance Pools: Sundance Pools have a wide range of mainly flat-bottomed one-piece pools but their most compact models have all been designed as exercise pools – so they strongly recommend the inclusion of a counter-current jet system, which effectively allows swimming on the spot. These pools are ideal for small spaces and range between 4.5-6 meters in length,. With a counter-current installed, they still pack a punch and deliver a swimming experience usual only found in much larger pools. As they are smaller, heating costs are reduced too. Standard colours vary but custom choices are also available at an additional cost.

Compass Ceramic Pools: This quality range of pools features a ceramic composite material which adds significant strength to the pool structure, is impermeable to water osmosis and increases the pool’s heat insulation properties. Compass Pools have also developed Bi-Luminite®, a unique finishing option which revolutionises the look of pools by inserting tiny ‘reflectors’ into clear gelcoat and using a second colour layer. Compass Ceramic Pools are strong, durable, easy to clean and resistant to algae formation making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. They come with a whole host of features and plenty of optional extras.


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Niveko offer a state-of-the-art one-piece pool in polypropylene which is available in virtually any shape or size

such as steps, a gently sloping floor, seats, perimeter grip rails – all incorporated into the original mould and features such as steps and underwater ledges are produced for a fraction of the cost it would be for a concrete pool and incorporating them in this way saves money and time in the construction and installation process. The options are also fairly endless – customised colours, mosaic tiled borders, overflow systems, special depths, overflow pools, light weight installations for penthouse and roof top installations and counter-current options are all available. They can even come with a ‘self

cleaning’ facility. In fact when it comes to one-piece pools, there aren’t many drawbacks at all because with so many options and variations available, each pool can be highly customised and so each is bespoke within its own right. But, there are a few. Firstly, there are restrictions on the shape of the pool, so unlike a bespoke concrete pool which has essentially limitless possibilities in terms of designs and shapes, there will be a limit to what is available. Of course, all popular shapes are covered though so the majority of peoples’ pool wishes will be catered for.



Monoblock from Starline Pools: These Dutch-manufactured swimming pools are suitable for both outdoor and indoor projects. With six pool lines, Monoblock is a ready-to-use concept which consists of a one-piece pool plus steps. Each pool can incorporate Starline’s Roldeck pool cover system and built-in parts such as skimmers, lighting and jetstreams are all preassembled to each customer’s specification in the Starline factory and the pool is then delivered to site in one visit. With the wide choice of sizes, steps and colours, it’s easy to find a pool that meets the majority of family requirements.

LPW Pools from Fairlocks: Designed and constructed in Belgium, these goodlooking, quality pools feature six consecutive layers of vinyl ester resin reinforced with glass fibre incorporating a 15mm thick insulating honeycomb layer. The reinforced structure provides strength and insulation as well as ensuring the overall structural integrity of the pool itself. The unique structure and shape of the pools enables them to be fitted with the top of the range Covrex Automatic Slatted Cover system. There’s a range of 11 models to choose from and for peace of mind, each carries a lifetime warranty of 30 years.

• Tel: 01993 778855 • www.certikin.co.uk

• Tel: 01993 880667 • www.starlinepools.co.uk

• Tel: 01865 988346 • www.fairlocks.co.uk

Niveko Monopools from Certikin: Niveko specialises in producing custom-built pools. The Czech Republic based manufacturer offers a state-of-the-art onepiece pool in polypropylene which is available in virtually any shape or size. They have two pool ranges – the basic and exclusive, with the latter providing amazing design flexibility which allows architectural and design wishes to become realities. Both ranges maintain the high quality standards associated with all Niveko products and all their pools are designed, drawn and manufactured in an ultra-modern production facility.



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Most one-piece pools are delivered on a low loader but cranes, boats and even helicopters have been used too

The Leisure Pools range of onepiece pools is distinguished by sharp, formal lines

Secondly, there are the finishes. Again a concrete pool can offer an almost infinite amount of finishing options especially when it comes to tiles, but this will only appeal to a small proportion of owners. Although not infinite, one-piece pools come in a variety of colours and finishes, so there’s bound to be something available to ensure your pool to reflects your taste or personality. You can make your pool blend into its surroundings or perhaps become a striking statement in your back garden. Of course, it is worth pointing out at this point that whilst the options provided by a concrete pool are never ending,


Leisure Pools from Easy Pools: Each Leisure Pools manufactured composite fibreglass swimming pool benefits from Corrosive Resistant Vinyl Ester Resin for each layer of the pool construction (except the gelcoat colour layer). Leisure Pools is the only composite pool manufacturer using patented Composite Armour™ technology which is a combination of four of the most superior and strongest composite (fibreglass) materials used in one process to create not only one of the best looking pools, but also one of the strongest structures available for swimming pool designs.

• Tel: 01444 411411 • www.swimpools.co.uk 36 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB


they can come at a cost though, one which can often be a premium one, so, one-piece pools can in comparison offer fantastic value for money when compared to some high end concrete pool installations, even if there is slightly less choice on offer. Lastly, one-piece pools by definition, have to be transported in one piece and usually travel to their intended destination by road on lorries, so transport and access can occasionally place limitations on the size of pool possible. However cranes, boats and even helicopters have been used to provide owners with the one-piece pool of their dreams!


Luxe Pools from Paramount Pools: The Luxe Pools range offers a variety of styles and sizes, suitable for any home setting. They are an affordable GRP reinforced one-piece swimming pool that can simply be dropped into an excavated hole. Available exclusively through a network of national pool dealers, Luxe Pools are made to order and delivered directly from the factory within 6-8 weeks (although two popular models – the Wanaka 8.50m and 10m – are often held in stock). The pools are provided with a 20-year structural warranty and a 10-year colourosmosis guarantee. With over fifteen different models to choose from, Luxe are able to accommodate the pool requirements of most families.

Aspen from Bosta UK: This fibreglass pool is part of a range of pools that were introduced to the UK market in 2017. Their design has been developed for the Scandinavian market which is exposed to extreme weather conditions, making them ideally suited for the UK’s more moderate climate. TÜV approved gel coating offers long term resistance to chlorine, UV radiation and temperature while a nine layer manufacturing process is strengthened by steel inserts along the midsection and steps. Complete pool kits including heat pump, pool pump and filter with Hayward white goods can also be supplied.

• Tel: 01256 748380 • www.paramountpools.co.uk

• Tel: 01935 385933 • www.bosta.co.uk


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Fairlocks in partnership with LPW Pools is pleased to announce the launch of LPW One Piece Pools in the UK 4 Integrated Covrex® safety cover

4 A range of 11 models to choose from

4 Lifetime warranty on the shell

4 Honeycomb insulation for reduced heating cost

Contact us today to find out more See our full range of Vinyl Ester one piece pools at www.lpwpools.co.uk

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, QUALITY PRODUCTS 14 Hanborough Business Park, Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire, OX29 8LH, UK T: 01865 988346 | E: info@fairlocks.co.uk | W: www.fairlocks.co.uk


A Budget Liner Pool For All Seasons Compact swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular and can include innovative technology and beautiful features. With careful design, thoughtful equipment considerations and the know-how of an experienced pool installer, it is possible to create a small pool that has as much impact and functionality as a large one, with the added benefits of having more flexibility on location, space and budget


ast year, Cannings H2O was approached by a prospective customer wanting a training pool for their daughter who competes at an international sports level. The pool needed to provide a high-end look to complement their property, give endless resistance training swimming and run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year, with the maximum energy efficiency available. Oh, and they only had a £50,000 budget! The client had done their research and had received competitive quotes for the work. The various quotes they received included; the installation of above-ground pools with swim jets, one-piece swim spas and lots of other construction methods, but ultimately, none of these suggestions fitted the dream swimming pool that the clients had 38 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB

28-39_WP&HT_2019_Case_Study.indd 38

in mind for their home or delivered on the total brief of the traditional pool that they wanted! After contacting Cannings H2O, a site survey and trial dig were commissioned. Ground conditions were found to be favourable for the installation of an in-ground swimming pool. So, the decision was made that a traditional 6m long x 3m wide x 1.2m deep pool would be installed. The installation plan included a reinforced concrete raft with a power float finish and half bond dense concrete block walls as the construction method; simple easy and very cost effective, and once rendered, capable of being finished with a high-end architectural membrane finish. To ensure the pool was energy efficient and capable of running at the client’s desired temperature (25°C, 52 weeks of the year) the base and walls were insulated to Part L Standards and all


24/05/2019 18:43


pipework was run efficiently to the adjacent plant room. To complement the thermal tank, the plan incorporated a filtration system utilising an oversized media-based sand filter to give a larger contact area connected to a Zodiac E3 variable speed pump running on low speed 24/7. To achieve a cost-effective outdoor heating system running all-year-round, a Zodiac 20kW ZS500MD8 vertical heat pump was utilised, which Cannings rate as one of the most energy efficient models on the market. Its smart mode alternates the heater at three different speeds, dependant on demand, making sure it only ever runs at an optimal level; plus, its programmable features allow the quietest mode to be selected during night-time hours to prevent any issue with background noise. The client’s focus on the finish was very particular, and they were not keen on the traditional bag liners. Therefore, Cannings H2O introduced them to a site lined solution from Aquaflex using the 2mm Alkorplan Touch Liners in Vanity, which was complemented with underwater RGB LED lights. To finish the pool off and to give the client’s daughter the daily workout they had specified, a Fastlane counter-current system from Certikin was included. World renowned for many years, this system is unique in using a hydraulic variable speed motor connected to a propeller-driven propulsion system to swim against.

Finally, a polyweave heat retention cover was added to finish the thermal integrity of the pool surface; which the client has subsequently upgraded by installing a fully automatic foam filled Rolldeck cover from Certikin, located in a bench in the pool. The client also installed a durable, water resistant anti-slip synthetic deck to the edge of the swimming pool which finished the look and complemented the pool installation, creating a fantastic outdoor space for exercising and recreation. The final cost came to £46,400 and the client was so happy with the finished product that they have continued to use Cannings H2O for a monthly maintenance contract and 12-month chemical plan. Cannings H20 • T: 01392 413 150 • www.experienceh2o.co.uk

ABOUT CANNINGS H2O Members of SPATA (the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) and BISHTA (the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association), Cannings H2O received multiple awards at the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards 2019 and were crowned ‘Pool Contractor of the Year’ by SPATA. Established in 1968 Cannings H2O are under second-generation family ownership in Bradley Cannings, and the company continues to develop, innovate and provide a high level service within the pool and spa industry throughout the South West of the UK.


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“The pool needed to provide a high-end look to complement their property, give endless resistance training swimming and run twentyfour hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year”


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Along with many other innovations, pool covers, especially automatic ones such as this one from Covrex, are reducing the stress and cost of pool ownership

Cool Pool Products THAT MAKE OWNERSHIP A BREEZE Amazingly innovative products and advanced technology have combined to take a lot of the stress out of modern pool ownership – providing energy, labour and cost saving help to owners and leaving them just to enjoy their pools!


the velocity through the filter bed, not only is energy saved, but filtration is improved too. The energy saving Viron eVo Pump range from Certikin International is one example of many of these pumps. These fully variable speed energy efficient pumps are available to suit all pool sizes, filtration systems and budgets. With 8 star energy rating, the Viron Pump reduces CO2 emissions, promises a quiet operation and long equipment life. Advanced and green filter technology is also available. The MultiCyclone Plus from Waterco combines centrifugal and cartridge filtration into one streamlined housing and provides dual stage filtration with minimum maintenance. This combination not only makes huge water savings but is also more energy efficient and simple to install. Staying with the important subject of pool filtration, where sand has traditionally been used, there is now a debate over other methods. There is no doubt that sand is a very effective filter media but there are other media options available. Pool water quality can be enhanced through using ‘ecoglass’, an eco-friendly finely ground recycled glass media as an alternative to silica sand in the filter with exceptional debris-capture performance. Used in exactly the same way as sand, because of its density the quantity of eco-glass required in standard filtration systems is between 15% – 20% less than sand and again requires fewer back-washes, thereby saving both water and money. Another option for filter media is a relatively new product called OC-1 which harnesses the recent advances in pool pump technology and works on the principle of settlement as

“... maintenance is still a necessary factor in pool ownership and can be something that concerns prospective pool owners. But, fear not, there really is no need to worry these days...”



ot so long ago, owning a swimming pool was more likely to cause stress rather than relieve it, due to the maintenance required. For many, the thought of all the different components that needed looking after, the handling of chemicals and the balancing of the water was just too much to take in. Thankfully though, those days are long gone as new technologies, automated solutions and innovations have arrived to provide not only help and reassurance but more importantly labour, energy and therefore money saving solutions for today’s pool owners. These include everything from automatic pool covers to highly efficient heat pumps plus many more in between. Modern pools and products are now totally environmentally friendly and energy saving from top to bottom. Of course, pool maintenance is still a necessary factor in pool ownership and can be something that concerns prospective pool owners. But, fear not, there really is no need to worry these days as there are so many great new products around that the work needed to keep a pool in tip top running order is minimised, meaning owners can spend their leisure time doing what they should be doing – enjoying their swimming pools. Making energy and water savings Over recent years, there’s been a lot of new developments inside the pool’s plant room. Thanks to new cutting edge technologies and a real focus on saving energy and therefore costs, there have been many new products launched. One of the more recent innovations are pool pumps that feature variable speed and variable flow technology. These pumps provide vastly reduced energy consumption compared to a standard pool pump – in some cases saving as much as 90%! By reducing the speed of the motor and

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EASY OWNERSHIP opposed to the entrapment of debris. This blue plastic filter media is lightweight, reduces maintenance and saves both energy and water consumption. Automating water treatment Establishing and maintaining the right chemical balance for pool and spa water can be another source of hassle for owners. Fortunately, it’s a task that can be managed effectively and affordably by a number of automated systems that are on the market including Etatron chemical dosing systems, which manage water testing and dosing – even adjusting the doses when necessary. The innovative Etatron product range has everything you need to manage chlorine and pH levels, including dosing pumps, controllers, probes, accessories and complete kits. Ask your local pool dealer about what systems they recommend for automating the tasks of pool ownership as the the options on offer are increasingly wide ranging and now even include Apps for smart devices which allow remote access and monitoring. Reducing the chemicals in your pool Salt water chlorinators have been extremely popular in countries such as Australia for many years but were slow to gain popularity here in the UK. However, there has been a dramatic increase in sales of these products in recent years. This is thought to be partly due to the fact that they cut down on chemical usage and storage but also because they are extremely efficient and relatively inexpensive. Whatever the reason, they definitely provide the eco factor. Maintenance becomes hassle free with far fewer fluctuations in chlorine levels meaning more stable, balanced water. The water feels soft to the touch too. UV systems are products which have made a huge impact in the campaign to produce clear water to swim in whilst at the same time reducing the amount of chemicals

5 of the best…


For dealer locations around the UK, call or visit the individual company’s website. For more pool cover information including other manufacturers and distributors, pay a visit to the What Pool & Hot Tub website.



needed to keep the water in a pool in perfect condition. For many years UV or ultraviolet was the sole prerogative of larger commercial pools where size was an issue. But the purification system is now available for smaller family pools to offer re-assurance and confidence in the cleanliness of the water. UV systems are very effective against chloramine reduction – scoring as high as 99.9% success and offer long term reduction in water and energy costs. They are simple to install and swimmers often report better water quality when they use a UV pool. Heat pumps provide the perfect solutions Heat pumps provide one of greatest benefits for swimming pool owners. They work like a fridge freezer – only in reverse – taking the heat out of the air and utilising it to heat the pool water. They are extremely efficient and because of that, economical too. In fact, a typical heat pump will provide several times the energy it takes for them to run and with energy costs rising, they are now becoming a standard feature on many pools. The market has plenty of heat pumps to choose from and many of the leading companies in the UK pool industry have their own reliable and efficient brands. Do take advice and go for a reputable brand name and take care when looking on the web as there are a


Aquatrac produce 100% automatic safety covers which are available in a variety of bespoke models for both indoor and outdoor pools. British made, these covers will provide a completely sealed pool, offering real safety for children and pets because the cover is locked shut and encapsulated in the tracking. On outdoor pools, when closed, they eliminate rainwater entering the pool, considerably reducing chemical, heating and maintenance costs. Made using only the best available components, expect great looks, 100% safety, ease of operation and energy reductions.

Dripool are the UK’s only designers and manufacturers of fully automatic, swimming pool safety covers. With over 30 years’ experience, they offer a turnkey solution for any shape and type of pool up to 30 x 10m. All systems are manufactured in house, installed by fully qualified engineers and covered by a three year, manufacturer’s warranty. Whether you have an existing pool or are contemplating a new addition, Dripool offer a consultative, hand holding approach to ensure your pool is fitted with one of the best covers available.

• Tel: 01268 571515 • www.aquatrac.co.uk

• Tel: 023 8066 3131 • www.dripool.co.uk


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COMPLETE CONTROL To make ownership a simpler task, a number of control systems have been introduced over recent years including the Zodiac iAquaLink, a system which takes the expense and complexity out of automation and which delivers a user friendly, intuitive and highly affordable solution to owners of both new and existing pools. It integrates with a whole range of equipment including filtration pumps, booster pumps, pool lights, background lighting, heat pumps etc., as well as iAquaLink compatible water treatment systems. With its intelligent connections, the product can also be used to monitor and adjust pool water treatment from anywhere via an internet connection. This gives owners complete control and automation of the pool system. As well as the integrated user interface, iAquaLink can be controlled via the web or using both Android and iOS apps. Plus, for further peace of mind, owners can also allow a pool professional to have access to the system for remote monitoring too!

number of inferior products coming out of the Far East with specifications and performance claims that are not correct. SPATA, the UK’s swimming pool trade association, can help with advice as to reputable brand names or visit our website for a complete list. One such brand is Calorex. Their heat pump technology offers an extremely efficient method of pool water heating which fortunately does not rely upon the UK’s sunshine, or at times, lack of it! Every one unit of energy put into a Calorex heat pump will produce five units of energy at the right conditions, meaning that the cost of heating a pool with a heat pump is much lower than with other forms of heating. Quiet in operation, they are fully automatic and require minimal maintenance. Pool covers – heat efficient and safe Did you know that 85-90% of heat in a pool will waft away if it’s left uncovered? There’s a simple way to stop this happening – cover it up! Pool covers come in a variety of materials and colour


choices and are equally at home on an indoor or outdoor pool. The cover can be as simple as a standard bubble cover with a roller placed at one end to allow movement of the cover to and from the surface of the pool. Another option is the energy saving Sol+guard cover which is infused with weather and chemical resistant pigments to reduce algae growth, and chemical consumption. In addition to the energy savings, many pool covers provide high levels of safety for the pool. Safety around pools is always a concern, especially if children or pets have access to it, so when choosing a cover, bear this in mind. Automatic covers remove the hard work Fully automatic covers move up the price scale somewhat but are practical and ideal for pools of any shape and size and are perfect for increased pool safety, heat retention and cost savings. There are a number of excellent slatted covers available such as the Covrex fully insulated auto cover that will actively encourage heat gain, the Roldeck Proflex or solar


“Did you know that 85-90% of heat in a pool will waft away if it’s left uncovered? There’s a simple way to stop this happening – cover it up!”


PoolLock safety covers provide a solid barrier between the water and surrounding area, effectively preventing any access to the water and making them some of the safest covers on the market. In addition, PoolLock’s unique hydraulic-drive system means no electrical components are near the pool either. To cover the surface on this very particular design of pool, PoolLock supplied one automatic slatted cover and three automatic safety covers. Thanks to its many years of experience designing and producing automatic covers, PoolLock is able to work with customers and architects to create tailored solutions to cover almost any kind of pool.

The Starline Easy Roldeck has been introduced to sit alongside the company’s popular solar powered version and is available through Certikin. Ingeniously designed, it is highly versatile in application as it’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor installations. Indeed, it is ideal for small buildings, such as log cabins, as the end stands are slim and discreet. The Easy Cover is fully automatic – simply turn the key which is positioned on one of the end consoles to open and close the cover. For added safety, when the pool is not in use, the key can be removed from the side console.

Covrex slatted pool covers have been hailed as one of the best on the market. Covrex slats are fully insulated so there is far less heat loss than with outdated hollow slats. With in-built all year round weather resistance, they can withstand extremes of temperature and still maintain their flexibility. Covrex profiles also have flexible seams and no gaps, so preventing dirt and algae from taking hold. Covrex covers can be cut on site ensuring a perfect fit every time and a new, super efficient solar slat version is now available which avoids algae build up making it easier to maintain than other slatted covers.

• Tel: 01293 220081 • www.poollock.com

• Tel: 01993 778855 • www.certikin.co.uk

• Tel: 01865 988346 • www.fairlocks.co.uk


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24/05/2019 19:31


“... it is useful to know that there are now countless ways that your pool can be made ecologically friendly and cost effective...”

Before adding Heatsavr liquid pool cover

powered energy saving Easycover and the Oase automatic anti-algae cover to name just a few. These clever cover ups open and close at the touch of a button or flick of a switch. Single membrane, automatic safety covers are designed specifically to ensure the pool area is completely safe when not in use and these covers can even be walked on without any adverse effect. The covers can be fitted with the tracks above or below the pool surround and as with the slatted covers, can be opened and closed quickly and efficiently. Invisible Heatsavr pool cover saves on water and heating Heatsavr, the original liquid pool cover available from Brenntag, can be used on any size or shape of pool and can replace a traditional pool cover or be used in conjunction with it. It is a liquid that forms a transparent layer over the surface of a swimming pool whenever it is calm. In non-technical terms Heatsavr is a mixture of carefully chosen ingredients which are lighter than water and which automatically float to the surface. The particles of the liquid are attracted to each other so that they always try to form a perfect, very thin layer over the whole pool surface. Heatsavr breaks apart whenever the water is sufficiently disturbed but reforms whenever the water becomes calm again. Consequently the product adjusts perfectly to changing activity levels in the pool throughout the day. Heatsavr promotes water efficiency as it slows evaporation from the surface of a swimming pool, resulting in less water top-up on the pool and subsequently less water heating. Its green credentials are further added to as it’s biodegradable and decomposes a few days after dosing into carbon dioxide, oxygen and water. The product was officially recognised for its water saving benefits at the UK Water Efficiency Product Awards 2017, scooping the award in the category of ‘Industrial & Business Use’ for its water saving benefits in larger, commercial swimming pools.

15 minutes after adding Heatsavr

Solar power – a sensible option for pool owners For years, solar pool heating was all too often discounted as not suitable for use in the UK, thanks to our somewhat limited days of bright sunshine. However, other countries, whose climates are every bit as challenging as our own, grasped the fact that solar energy was a sensible option in a variety of pool situations and its use in the UK is on the rise. There are a number of solar heating options, such as panels that can be installed on the roof or south facing in an unobstructed garden area. Evacuated tube technologies can provide maintenance of the pool temperature throughout the season, once the pool has been conventionally warmed up in the spring. Another simple method is solar matting where the pool’s filtered water passes through and is warmed by the sun’s rays. Solar Pods harness the sun’s energy, transfer it to the pool water using ‘heat trap’ glass house effect technology. All of these solar products can be used in conjunction with conventional swimming pool equipment whilst offering pool owners ecologically sound alternatives. Get advice from a professional Whether you already have a swimming pool or are still making your mind up, it is useful to know that there are now countless ways that your pool can be made ecologically friendly and cost effective through the use of many hugely sustainable and modern pool products that are available in the UK today. All reputable manufacturers and retailers have websites that are full of product information so it may be beneficial to spend some time researching the available options, however our advice though is to leave the final say to products and specifications to a pool professional. For expert advice on buying, building and maintaining a swimming pool consult your local swimming pool dealer – a regional directory of them is available on the What Pool & Hot Tub website.

AUTOMATICALLY ADDING SAFETY TO POOLS AND SPAS Thanks to the hard work of Lifestyle Pools & Leisure (www.lifestylepools.co.uk), a bespoke Certikin tiled spa took centre stage in this beautiful garden in Creaton, Northamptonshire and adorning it is a Coverstar safety cover. Given the brief to install a spa to provide fun for all of the family, but to also enhance and do justice to the garden, the Northamptonshire-based pool and spa firm chose a bespoke 3m x 2m domestic tiled skimmer spa also from Certikin. With a family of children, safety was naturally an issue. The Certikin Coverstar was chosen for its outstanding safety qualities and for the aesthetic appearance of its flat/covered leading edge. The cover will also save on heat, water, electricity and chemicals too!



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PoolLock Safety Covers

PoolLock Slatted Covers


With over 30 years of experience, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic and manual safety covers, automatic slatted covers and heat pumps for swimming pools. Thousands of satisfied customers in Britain over the past 10 years bear testament to the quality, service and reliability of PoolLock products. In 2013, PoolLock opened its first UK production facility in Gatwick, London, with installation teams that are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The result: even better service and faster delivery times for our UK customers.

For more information on our complete range of products, please contact us at www.poollock.com


Building Your Dream Swimming Pool SPATA OFFERS 55+ YEARS OF EXPERT ADVICE


The pool industry trade association offers consumers an experienced and helping hand in finding expert help, advice and pool services

whenever swimming has stopped to reduce evaporation (and cooling). Try and keep splashing to a minimum as this will increase evaporation, and some water will naturally be forced out of the pool. Reduce backwashing from weekly to fortnightly. The condensate produced from heat pumps can amount to 100 litres per day. Consider collecting and putting this back into the pool (but it must be suitably treated). Consider rain water harvesting by installing collection tanks to collect winter rain which can be used for watering the garden, and if properly treated, for topping up the pool. Re-cycle the backwash water by pumping it into a settlement tank and then sucking it back into the system; this will save up to 90 – 95% of the backwash. Treat the water with chlorine before sucking it back to the pool. Lower water temperatures to reduce evaporation and minimise the effect of algae etc.


Our experts provide the answers to some of the day-to-day questions and concerns about swimming pool ownership and maintenance

Q. Can you give me some tips for opening up my pool in spring? A. You might want to re-commission early in the year which means that you do not miss the first of the warm weather to go swimming: Easter usually heralds the start of the season for many pool owners. Remember: as the weather gets warmer, everyone will want their pools opened, and it is useful to liaise with your pool maintenance company to book a time for them to come to open your pool. As a guide, the work comprises: • Remove winter cover from the pool, clean it off, fold it carefully and store it away. • Clean the coping stones to remove any mould or algae growth. • If necessary, re-assemble all the filtration and heating equipment in the plant room. • Start the equipment and thoroughly test it. Heaters need not be left running unless you

want to swim immediately. • Set all time clocks for summer running. • Check all valves for freedom of operation. • De-leaf pool and vacuum or set the pool cleaner to action. • Check and adjust the chemical levels. • Check your stores of pool chemicals, to ensure you have an adequate supply. Most chemicals have a good shelf life of over two years but always check the dates. At the beginning of the season, many SPATA members offer a discount for buying a season’s supply in one go.

Q. How can I save water when using my pool? A. There are a number of ways to conserve water when you have a swimming pool. Follow this easy checklist to ensure you are doing your bit for water conservation: • Keep floating covers on the water surface

Q. How can I keep my swimming pool warm throughout the season? A. Getting into any swimming pool will always initially feel cold. That is because the water temperature is below the blood or body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F). Heating an outdoor pool is quite expensive,



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GOVERNMENT RULES TO MAKE POOLS MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT If you are having a new pool built then the Government want it to be as energy efficient as possible. Guidance comes from Part L of the Building Regulations and stipulates a 25% reduction in carbon emissions from new buildings including pools. It also wants to see improved energy efficiency when carrying out the refurbishment of existing buildings. A new building must meet a ‘target emission rate’. Any SPATA member builder will be fully up to date with the practical implications of these regulations and will be able to advise you on thermal insulation advice in and around the pool which will reduce the energy requirements of the pool.

Visit www.spata.co.uk for FREE factsheets with helpful guidance and advice on pool ownership.

A structure such as an enclosure will help to keep an outdoor pool warm through the season

and the cost increases dramatically as the difference between the required water temperature and the ambient air temperature increases at the beginning and end of the season. However, by putting a structure over the pool, the air temperature within that structure will increase. Structures can be as simple as an air inflated polythene bubble, a market garden poly tunnel, or a conservatory style structure both rigid and telescopic. These structures cannot be internally heated by law, as the construction does not conform to Building Regulations (Part L) but they can efficiently increase the swimming season by up to two or three months. Q. Is there anything I can do to make my pool eco-friendly? A. For eco-heating, there are two primary methods available – heat pumps and solar panels.

using: SPATA Pools


hen it comes to making any decisions about owning or running a swimming pool SPATA, (the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) can stand side by side with you. It is an association which is over 55 years old and can offer a whole range of advice and services for both its members and the general public. SPATA represents 175 leading specialist companies in the pool industry, including consultants, engineers, builders, manufacturers, suppliers, architects and retailers. SPATA works for the industry and its customers and has been influential and responsible for raising standards in the pool industry to their current high level and is currently working with colleagues in Europe to set common standards across over 30 countries. SPATA CAN HELP IN A NUMBER OF WAYS: 1) It has an online record of members and can signpost you to pool contractors or suppliers in your area. 2) It provides customer information packs, which will help you find out more information and the questions you should ask any potential supplier. 3) It offers technical advice, for both members and customers. 4) It can help in dispute resolution, including a facility to safeguard contract money for both parties (Stakeholder account). SPATA has grown and developed alongside the pool industry in the UK since it evolved into its present format, when the original Association of Swimming Pool Contractors (ASPC) merged with other allied trades in 1971.

For more information visit the SPATA website at www.spata.co.uk or call 01264 356210.

A heat pump is simply a refrigerator which is trying to refrigerate the atmosphere and put the heat it collects into the pool water. Some heat pumps are designed to work in air temperatures below 0°C (32°F), and these versions should be selected when an indoor pool is heated throughout the year. Although water freezes at zero, there is still some heat available because the temperature at which there is no heat is minus 273°C. The heat gathering is achieved by a large cylindrical fan in the heat pump, which quietly moves the air through the heater. The air, which is relatively warm, passes over an evaporator containing a liquid, which boils at very low temperature. When it boils, like water turning to steam, it turns into a vapour. This vapour is pumped into a compressor, which increases its temperature by five to six times; that is to say for every unit of electricity you pay for to run the compressor, you get four to five free units to heat the pool water. This is known as the Coefficient of Performance (CoP) and the figure just quoted is for a UK made unit operating at 10°C. Be wary of cheap imports which try to boost their customer attraction by claiming better performance. These claims are usually based on higher ambient temperatures (not often reached in the UK) which naturally increase the CoP figure. By combining the two systems, your SPATA member will be able to supply a system which will maintain a steady

water temperature throughout the season using low energy input. Solar thermal systems have been available for swimming pools for over 40 years, typically as flat panels placed to collect heat energy from the sun. There are now several different types of panels and systems, which vary in cost and efficiency. Solar panels come in two main technology types, they both collect energy from the sun but do it in different ways. Thermal ones extract heat energy and transfer it either directly or indirectly into the water. Photovoltaic or PV units work differently in that they convert light energy into an electric current which can then be stored or used immediately to perform many tasks including heating.

For eco-heating your pool, heat pumps are a great option


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CLEAN, CLEAR AND SAFE A good routine together with quality products will give you confidence about keeping the water in your swimming pool clean, clear and safe


t’s known that one of the things which concerns, if not deters people from owning their own swimming pool, is how much work and worry it takes to keep the water clear and safe to swim in. The good news is that the task is neither complicated nor onerous. You certainly don’t need to know a lot about chemistry to keep a pool safe and clean for swimmers and by following a number of straightforward, routine steps, any pool owner can maintain their own swimming pool. There are regular checks you need to make on a daily and a weekly basis to highlight what condition the pool water is in and there’s some

great products on the market to ensure you do this properly. Alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness are all interlinked and affect each other so it’s a question of trial and error and understanding the state of the water on any given testing day. Regular chemical treatments keep the water clear by ridding it of body wastes, algae and other contaminates. And you’ll need to make sure that pool surfaces are kept clear and free from debris. A pool sweeper, vacuum or cleaner will take all the hard work out of cleaning pool floors and often walls too. They are safe and very effective. There’s a lot of help available if you

get confused or concerned about water maintenance. Your pool installer will offer advice and many now include a full maintenance service contract and will come round and do it all for you. SPATA (The Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association) recommend chlorine as its preferred system for cleansing pools. It is also likely to be recommended by most pool installers and retail pool outlets. All you are doing when you add chlorine to a pool is sterilising the water. If chlorine is used carefully and correctly then there won’t be a problem. Chlorine works because it kills bacteria and algae consistently and thoroughly. There are checks to make sure you are adding chlorine correctly: • Buy the chlorine product best-suited for your pool. There are many types of chlorine products. Liquid chlorine is used for large pools and is difficult to use for the average pool owner. There are tablets that contain chlorine and a chlorine stabiliser or conditioner. You can also purchase granular chlorine that dissolves quickly. It is best, however, to talk to a pool specialist about your pool, its size, and filter and pump system. • Use the correct amount. After you purchase your chlorine, you will need to put the chlorine in the correct location in the pool carefully, either in the floaters, skimmers or in-line erosion feeders. Follow the manufacturer’s


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FOLLOW A ROUTINE DAILY • Make sure you check the skimmer basket which must be cleared of any debris. If it isn’t then fresh, clear water can’t circulate around the pool. • Debris such as leaves, twigs and insects must be cleared from the surface using a leaf net.

WEEKLY • Check the pH level of the pool. This is important as you need to get the right balance of the water. • The pH level is the measure of acidity or alkalinity in the water. The pH level needs to be slightly on the alkaline side which is a reading of about 7.2 to 7.6. It is at this level that chlorine is most effective. Moreover this level is similar to the pH of our skin. The readings can be controlled by adding either an acid or an alkali.

directions and wear gloves and goggles as a precautionary measure. • You may need to add a chlorine stabiliser or conditioner to your pool. Discuss this with your pool specialist, but depending on the chlorine you use, you may only need to do this once per season or once every few weeks. • Test your chlorine levels a couple of hours after adding more chlorine. Also test your pH levels since they are often affected after adding chlorine. Do this before you let anyone

5 of the best…


A pool sweeper wil take all the hard work out of cleaning pool floors and are safe and very effective. All these products or similar will be available from your local retailer. For retailer locations around the UK, visit the What Pool & Hot Tub website.


swim. If necessary, add the correct chemicals to bring your levels back to normal. Follow all manufacturer directions and test again before allowing swimmers in the pool. No or low chlorine alternatives For pool owners who are worried about using chlorine there are a growing number of products available which are either chlorine-free or that help to reduce the amount of chlorine needed to sanitise the pool. Aquablanc from water treatment experts


CPC is a range of non-chlorine (non-halogen) products suitable for consumers with sensitivities to chlorine/bromine or those preferring a gentle, odour free bathing environment. There are systems available for both pool and hot tub users. CPC’s Aquablanc O2 Gentle is a new product based on the active oxygen system (MPS). O2 Gentle not only provides halogen free disinfection, which reduces smells and potential irritation created by halogen treatments, but also produces soft, gentle water that is kinder to the


Pool Baster Max From Golden Coast: For customers looking for lower cost alternatives, there is the award-winning Pool Blaster Max, the flagship product from Water Tech. Carefully considered to maximise efficiency and convenience, the model features a high-flow pump and industry-leading suction for deep cleaning. Offering up to ten hours of battery life, it pumps longer and stronger. Every detail of the Pool Blaster Max has been carefully thought out to maximise efficiency and convenience. It really is the perfect tool for residential pools, spas and hot tubs.

The ‘Big Yellow’ from Fairlocks: Often copied but never bettered the Fairlocks ‘Big Yellow’ Vac Head has consistently topped the manual cleaning charts for over 30 years. Ideal for use in domestic or commercial pools the cleverly designed vac head with its centrally mounted 19” brush facilitates collection of the most stubborn debris that lesser systems would surely miss. The streamlined shape provides super fast cleaning in all pool finishes and has the option of 1” or 2” hose fittings for ease of installation.

• Tel: 01271 378100 • www.goldenc.com

• Tel: 01865 988346 • www.fairlocks.co.uk


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• pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness are all interlinked and affect each other, so it will take trial and error to get all three in the proper range at once. Before you add any chemical – especially an acid – to the water, remember you first need to turn on the pool’s filter • Add chlorine three to four times a week for a pool in heavy use • Occasionally – no more than once a week – you may need to superchlorinate (also called shock) the pool • Keep the pool floor clean by regularly sweeping with a pool vac or cleaner • Clean your pool filter thoroughly at least monthly. Clean a sand filter by backwashing: Reverse the flow of water through the filter for at least • 2 to 3 minutes until the wastewater is clear • For a cartridge filter, remove and wash it with a hose with a high-pressure nozzle. Allow it to dry before replacing.

The comprehensive Blue Horizons range from Complete Pool Controls is a collection of high-quality water treatment products that uses the popular five-step ‘BOAST’ system to ensure swimming pool water care is made easy. From algaecides to test strips, the range includes everything needed to ensure crystal clear and algae-free swimming pool water and encompasses many convenient, innovative and easy to use speciality products. If you need to get a pool back to sparkling clean not green, a brand new addition to the Blue Horizons Aqua Sachet range are Ultimate Phos Granules which provide an easy-to-dose, highly concentrated phosphate remover in granular form. Suitable for use with all filters, the rapid dissolving granules can be applied directly to the swimming pool water and there’s no pre-dissolving required. • Tel: 01242 662700 • www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk

skin, eyes and hair. The O2 Gentle system is a simple twin sachet product comprising a 220g granular sachet ‘A’ for the disinfection process and a 50ml liquid sachet, ‘B’, which is an algaecide and bacteria controller. These sachets are complementary and are dosed at similar times to produce a soft, gentle chlorine free swimming environment. Working together, the two sachets create a reliable water treatment system that guarantees optimal water quality. In addition, the O2 Gentle system includes both substances to clarify water


Pentair WaterLink® Bluerebel Spinfrom fromSCP: LaMotte: This SuctionJust fill side onein-ground unique Spin poolreagent cleaner disk packs with amazing water performance and vital tests intoare a compact, done automatically. easy-to-use package. In just Its 60preprogrammed seconds all thesteering test results and are two-wheel transferred configuration into the DataMate allows the 10 software BlueRebeland to turn analysed on a dime to display and access results hard-to-reach and recommend sand and precise debris. Its high treatment performance instructions. turbine,This based ground-breaking on a technology with analysis self-regulating method isfins, so simple has a very anyone low flow. can do This it! makes Each sealed the BlueRebel reagentthe disk ideal contains cleanerthe when precise it is used amount at low of speed reagent with needed a variable to run speed a complete pump. Its series efficiency of tests. is formidable No measuring too – water, from 6no m3vials, /h. It no prep time! excels on all surfaces and performs on all angles, including 90° walls, right up to the water line. • Tel: Tel: 01293 • 01926546126 498203 • www.lamotte-europe.com www.scpeurope.com •

and to minimise scale formation, thus ensuring water remains crystal clear and scale free. By breaking down the biofilm, AquaFinesse Pool can lead to a reduction in chemical usage by up to 70%. Just one dose per week cleans and balances the water, eliminating greasy water lines, slimy surfaces, foaming, calcium and scale build up. It completely reconditions the water and equipment, massively reducing the threat of contamination. As a result, there’s less ‘killing’ to do, which means the need for


chemicals such as chlorine or bromine can be significantly reduced. PoolSan, is a chlorine-free additive that is hypo-allergenic and non-corrosive. It comes in liquid form and uses traditional chemistry in an innovative new way. It is an ionic aqueous solution containing copper, silver, zinc, aluminium, gold, manganese, nitrogen and iron, a combination which eliminates the need for chlorine, algaecides and flocculants. These ions bring about a change in the enzyme processes of algae and bacteria, breaking down


eXact Dolphin iDipE10 handheld from Certikin: photometer This light fromsmall ITS Europe: robot is The idealnew for all eXact® typesiDip™ of small is the pools first product including inabove-ground the recreational pools. waterIttesting gives crystalmarket to provide clear cleaning complete results, wireless withconnectivity an all surface between active the iPhone®, brushingiPad®, action. and Advanced iPod Touch® scanning and asoftware handheldand photometer. navigation system Data isensure seamlessly floors, transferred walls andbetween water the linetwo are devices fully covered whenusing pairedthe with most theefficient eXact® iDip™ using route.Bluetooth® The Dolphin Smart automatically wireless technology. navigates The around new obstacles eXact®and iDip™ quickly handheld returnsphotometer to its cleaning uses the patented pattern. ItiDIP4 has an Reagent effective Delivery easy-to-use Method, filtration a quick yet system, safe and witheasy efficient procedure dirt collection for analysis. plusSimply a topselect accessyour filtration test then system pushmeans a button. that it is easy to remove and clean.

PM Zodiac 600Tornax / PM 620 from from Lighthouse: Lovibond Based Tintometer: upon the successful The ergonomic, CyclonX range, portable, the waterproof Tornax comes design in two enables versions users – the to RT2100 select for just an 8m onex unit 4m pool for accurate floor only analysis and the of RT3200 up to 34 which parameters covers upanytime to a 10m and x 5m anyplace. pool floor Both units and walls. offer Equipped a large, back-lit with agraphic smart motion display to system, aid analysis the RT3200 by providing robot covers on screen the pool walls method and floorprompts, while owners information sit backregarding and relax.test It measurement guarantees optimum range and cleaning reagent thanks typeto and its brush automatic function, which countdown helps totimers quickly forremove accurate debris reaction from theperiods. surfaceThe before internal it is sucked memory up. is capable Both of models storingare upu-light to 1,000 forresults effortless withhandling date, time and and sample featureID. easy-to-clean filters.

• 778855 • 01993 Tel: 01926 498203 • Tel: Tel: 01722 717911 • • www.lamotte-europe.com • www.certikin.co.uk www.itseurope.co.uk

• Tel: Tel: 01752 253525 • Tel: 01993 778855 • 01980 664800 • www.lovibond.com www.lighthousepools.co.uk • www.certikin.co.uk •


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C L E A N E R W AT E R their DNA structure and cell walls. These charged particles then flock together so they can be trapped more effectively by the filter. The ions maintain a stable residual in the water until they are used up by this process, and the product has a lower toxicity than chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. UV systems use ‘light’ to destroy bacteria Many more swimming pools, both big and increasingly small, are now using an ultraviolet system to maintain clean water. The UV systems offer the most comprehensive cleaning available and they are often used in pools where the owners are concerned about using large amounts of chlorine to clean the water. It is a system which is simple to install and to maintain. The popularity of the UV disinfection technique is due to the ease and efficiency in which it treats pool water. A constant rate of water treatment gives a more stable water purity level that is simpler to manage, with reduced chemical input. A correctly sized UV system can reduce the need for chlorine by up to 60%. A small quantity of chlorine (or bromine) is still required to give an in-pool residual treatment and to maintain clean pool surfaces. UV works by having already filtered water pumped into a chamber. When it flows through the chamber microorganisms are exposed to and absorb powerful UV light. It is this light energy that destroys or inactivates these ‘bugs’ once the water leaves the UV chamber and is returned to the pool.


Salt chlorinators reduce irritations The days of swimming in a pool with that all

of the best…


From digital systems to test strips, ease of use and accuracy are essentials for testing pool and hot tub water. All these products or similar will be available from your local retailer. For retailer locations around the UK, visit the What Pool & Hot Tub website.


too familiar smell of chlorine could soon be a distant memory and salt chlorinators are one of the products that are helping realise this vision. Salt chlorinators are far from a new product but their use in the UK is not as widespread as in other countries. The science behind the products is simple. When water that contains sodium chloride (salt) has a small electric current applied to it, the salt converts into chloride ions and then into chlorine gas. Once the chlorine gas dissolves back into the water, a pure form of chlorine is created and distributed throughout the pool.

The result is sanitised water that lessens skin and eye irritation and which is odour free. End users will find that these systems are eco friendly thanks to the reduction of the chemical footprint of the swimming pool. They are also very easy to use too and relatively maintenance free. So with these benefits, it’s no wonder more and more pools are turning to salt chlorinators. A new refreshing and natural water treatment system Magnesium is one of the essential minerals



• Tel: 01926 498203 • www.lamotte-europe.com

• Tel: 01980 664800 • www.lovibond.com

Insta-TEST Test Strips from LaMotte: These simple to use test strips have a new 1-dip formula that allows the user just to dip the strip into the water and receive accurate, instant results. The new formula is designed for stable colour development to allow adequate time for the user to match very distinct colours along with preventing cross-contamination between pads. The patented test strip vial has a moulded desiccant liner, protecting the strips from moisture intrusion and eliminating loose desiccant bags. PopTop caps are secure yet easy to open and shut.

Scuba II from Lovibond: Domestic pool owners can now benefit from the entrusted Lovibond® technology used in public pools but at a fraction of the cost. The Scuba II is a small, compact, easy-to-use digital water tester for the five most important tests: free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, alkalinity and cyanuric acid. This buoyant, watertight instrument is ideal for quick home testing (results displayed in a large viewing area within one minute). Supplied with sufficient tablets for a normal season’s testing, it is the ideal solution for accurate, digital results.


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CONTROLLING PHOSPHATES Lo-Chlor Chemicals is recognised as a global leader in phosphate removal since the launch of Starver® in the mid 1990s. Advancements in this area have changed the way that algae is treated in both domestic and commercial swimming pools. Launched in the UK and EU in 2015, Starver® X efficiently reduces high levels of phosphates, with 1litre reducing them by up to 6ppm (6,000 ppb) in 50,000 litres of swimming pool water. Lo-Chlor recommend that once you get the phosphate level down to 1ppm (1,000ppb), both engineers and end users alike switch to using their original Starver®. Starver® X is a proprietary blend of rare earth compounds and will neutralise and remove dissolved phosphates within 24 hours. Lo-Chlor Chemicals is not just at the forefront of phosphate removal and prevention, they also supply a full range of speciality chemicals including algaecides, natural clarifiers, stain and scale treatments and spa products. Widely stocked, ask your local swimming pool or spa retailer about the Lo-Chlor range. • Tel: 01639 823233 • www.totalwaterproducts.co.uk

required for our bodies to function properly. It is found in seawater as well as the human body and all living tissues. In particular, we know that magnesium is beneficial for soothing pain, caring for the skin or easing muscular problems and the relaxing virtues of magnesium-enriched baths have been recognised for many years. MagnaPool™ is an exclusive magnesium-based water treatment system for swimming pools that combines the natural clarifying properties of MagnaPool’s own unique mineral blend with an exceptionally fine filtration system using

Crystal Clear glass media and an exclusive water treatment unit that purifies water automatically by hydroxination. The system combines these three unique components for a healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly mineral-enriched swimming pool. The self-contained system is easy to use and provides exceptionally clear water without adding any sanitising chemicals. No phosphate equals no algae Phosphates are organic building blocks that

form when phosphoric acid reacts with various elements found in nature. Phosphate comes from source water, leaves, fertilisers, and bather waste such as sweat and urine. Other phosphate sources are detergents, some insecticides, soft drinks, toothpaste and even some pool chemicals. By removing and/or controlling the phosphate levels in your pool the demand for your sanitiser and algaecide should reduce. This will save you money as you will end up using less of these products.



eXact Pooltest iDip3handheld from Palintest: photometer Compact from and ITS Europe: waterproof, The new the Pooltest eXact® iDip™ 3 is anis accurate the first product and easy-to-use in the recreational photometer water which testing allows market users to provide to measure complete the core wireless parameters connectivity required between to the iPhone®, protect, iPad®, manage andand iPodservice Touch®pool andwater. a handheld Supplied photometer. in hard or soft Data cases, is seamlessly key features transferred includebetween simple the tablet tworeagent devices methods when paired – based with the on the eXact® original iDip™ using Palintest Bluetooth® DPD system Smartfor wireless pool disinfection technology. control The new and eXact® language-free iDip™ handheld operation photometer using four uses simple the patented function iDIP4 keys and Reagent a large, Delivery back Method, lit LCD screen. a quick yet Each safe kitand contains easy procedure all components for analysis. required Simply to start select testing your immediately test then push and athe button. last ten results can be stored in the memory.

PM PoolLab 600 /from PM 620 Pool-i.d.: from Lovibond The new PoolLab® Tintometer: 1.0 is a triple The wavelength ergonomic, photometer portable,for waterproof professionaldesign water analysis enables of users pools to and select spas. An just in-built onebut unitchangeable for accurate cuvette analysis allows of upquick to water 34 sampling parameters by justanytime dippingand in this anyplace. waterproof Bothdevice. units The PoolLab® offer a large, features back-lit six buttons graphicdesigned display for to instant aid analysis access by to nine providing key pool on screen water parameters. method The device prompts, uses wireless information Bluetooth regarding 4.0 technology test measurement and can easily range be connected and reagent to free type software and and automatic app for testcountdown result management. timers for Once accurate test results reaction are synchronised, periods. The software internaland memory app allow is capable dosage of recommendations, storing up to 1,000 based results onwith individually date, time entered and sample water treatment ID. chemicals.

• Tel: Tel: 01926 01722 498203 717911 • • www.lamotte-europe.com www.itseurope.co.uk •

• Tel: Tel: 01722 01993 717911 778855 • • www.itseurope.co.uk www.certikin.co.uk •

• Tel: Tel: 01980 01722 664800 322566 • •www.pool-id.com • www.lovibond.com

WaterLink® eXact iDip handheld Spin from photometer LaMotte: from Just fill one ITS Europe: unique Spin The eXact® reagent iDip™ disk was withthe water and first vital product tests in are the done recreational automatically. water testing In just 60 market seconds to provide all thecomplete test results wireless are transferred connectivity into between the DataMate the iPhone®, 10iPad®, software and and iPod analysed Touch® to and display a handheld resultsphotometer. and recommend Data is precise seamlessly treatment transferred instructions. between the This two devices ground-breaking when paired analysis with themethod eXact® iDip™ is so simple using Bluetooth® anyone can Smart do it! Each wireless sealed technology. reagentThe diskeXact® contains iDip™ thehandheld precise amount photometer of reagent uses theneeded patented toiDIP4 run aReagent complete series Delivery of Method, tests. Noa measuring quick yet safe water, and easy no vials, no procedure prep time! for analysis. Simply select your test then push a button.



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Extend your swimming season by 5 months Protect your kids and pets from falling into the pool Keep your pool clean with less chemicals No more leaves, dirt and insects in your pool Up to 15 years warrantee We always find a solution for your pool with our bespoke enclosures - over 25 models Call us for a free site visit




Office: 0118 909 98 44 Mobile: 07955 522 502 E-mail: info@alukov.co.uk www.alukov.co.uk


Arch Enclosures provide a variety of high level and increasing popular low level enclosures in a wide range of styles and finishes

AN ALL YEAR ROUND SWIMMING EXPERIENCE An enclosure over a pool in the UK effectively brings an outdoor swimming environment indoors. This brings a number of benefits, often including the wonderful option of being able to be open-to-the garden on warmer days. They also provides a safe shelter to the pool, which means you can use it all year round and not just as a summer treat


“A swimming pool enclosure will help to minimise heat loss from the pool and maintain pleasant swimming temperatures”

or outdoor swimming pool owners located around the UK, for many, it’s often a case of the good news and the bad news. The good news is that on long, warm summer days they have a great, fun addition to their home bringing lots of excitement and pleasure for all the family. The bad news is that they are not really making the most of their investment because the not so reliable British weather will seriously limit how much they are able to swim outdoors. The solution is of course to cover the pool and an enclosure of some form – ideally a permanent one – does exactly that, and many owners around the UK are benefiting from their use. A swimming pool enclosure will help to minimise heat loss from the pool and maintain pleasant swimming temperatures. In addition to helping to keep the water at an ideal and comfortable temperature, the air temperature remains warmer and free from cold draughts. The addition of an enclosure also means that airborne debris is also reduced. The result is cutting down on maintenance and chemical consumption so therefore saving a pool owner time, energy and ultimately money. An enclosure will also reduce the risk of unauthorised entry to the swimming pool by either children, pets and pretty much anything else, so there’s peace of mind for all too.

There will be a pool enclosure to match your budget Today’s swimming pool enclosures come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and finishes to suit all budgets. Low level, standing height, telescopic or fixed, the choices are almost infinite. You can opt for something as simple as a DIY dome cover suitable for a garden pool but the most popular is a sectional telescopic canopy. With this type of structure several sections telescope out to cover the pool during cooler weather and retract to leave the area uncovered during warmer days. These canopies can be motorised or opened manually and slide on runners.

WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? • A simple dome or bubble cover which is weighted down and is ideal for a small garden pool • A retractable telescopic pool cover which will cover the pool during bad weather but can be folded back when the weather is fine • A permanent cover for the outdoor pool, often architect designed, turns the whole area into an indoor pool, usually with a glass roof.


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Sleek low profile models such as this Aquacomet Horizontal from Certikin are becoming increasingly popular


To take the manual strain out of opening and closing the structure, many enclosures can be fitted with a drive system such as this Endless Summer motor drive from Certikin

The materials used now are lightweight and strong – polycarbonates not acrylic or fibreglass; aluminium not galvanised iron. The height of the canopy can vary but the effect has often been likened to a greenhouse so that even though it’s winter outside, it could feel as if you are swimming in the summertime. Using natural sunlight to warm the pool is also environmentally friendly and anything which means you don’t have to rely on a British summer has to be a good idea. This type of canopy offers maximum versatility and

8 of the best…


For dealer locations around the UK, call or visit the individual company’s website. For more enclosures information including other manufacturers and distributors, pay a visit to the What Pool & Hot Tub website.


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it can even be positioned in a half open and half closed state and most models will have manually adjustable ventilation openings. The case for covering a pool is a strong one. The benefits to pool owners are clear – much greater use of the pool, significant maintenance savings and enhanced safety. A pool enclosure of whatever size, shape and price is a natural cost effective solution for pool owners and the choice on the UK market is wide and varied. Aesthetically pleasing and with the ability to blend


Aquacomet AQBox from Certikin: As its name suggests, the AQBox arrives in a wooden package with assembly manual and can be easily erected by any self-build enthusiast using basic tools. The attractive enclosure comes in a low and standard height offering three different lengths for each and two different glazes. Featuring a high specification, which includes a patented child safe locking system, the low level enclosure comes with removable front and back walls – both in one piece – with side mounted sliding doors while the standard enclosures feature a front wall, including a French door in the middle and a removable end wall.

Viva from Alukov: Having rails on an enclosure is a very important aspect – they ensure guidance and smooth operation. With their Viva model, Alukov has a unique enclosure which offers a special system featuring a single guide rail. Owners still get the advantage of an easy gliding enclosure but benefit from not having rails on both sides of the pool. This is ideal for customers who do not use one side of the pool much – perhaps if it is too close to a fence or hedge – and where users walk a lot, the area can be rail free! Despite the low height of the enclosure, pools users can still swim underneath and easy access is guaranteed via a side door.

• Tel: 01993 778855 • www.certikin.co.uk

• Tel: 0118 909 9844 • www.alukov.co.uk


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Some enclosures can also be attached to existing walls as with this Alukov model

into any surroundings, an enclosure is the perfect pool addition to thwart inclement weather and bring an outdoor pool indoors. It’s worth noting that more permanent enclosures are also available from a variety of sources but these structures may require planning permission and are usually referred to as ‘pool houses’. This type of structure has a considerably greater cost than its telescopic counterpart and it has the effect of converting an outdoor pool into an indoor one.

POOL ENCLOSURES SOLVE OUTDOOR POOL PROBLEMS If you own an outdoor swimming pool in the UK, the five keys to getting the most from your pool are all answered by installing some form of a swimming pool enclosure. 1. Making sure the pool can be used all year round – whatever the weather. 2. Keeping heating costs as low as possible. 3. Keeping the pool clean and free of debris. 4. Reducing chemical usage in the pool. 5. When closed and locked, providing the ultimate in safety.



Cassiopée from SCP UK: Sokool manufacture every type of enclosure to cater for all the needs of any pool owner. The Cassiopée high enclosure model is equipped with freestanding roller, not bottom tracks, which means the pool surround isn’t unsightly and easy retraction is ensured. The enclosure features a built in antilock self-guidance system making it very easy to move and which allows a flexible linear movement. There is the option of motorised removal too plus many other options and configurations. The Cassiopée comes in five standard colours but for a small additional charge any RAL colour can be reproduced for the enclosure.

Vision from Alukov: This is one of Alukov’s most popular contemporary styled high level telescopic enclosures which provides owners with the freedom to walk upright around the pool. Designed with large sized profiles and compact, clear, ‘glass effect’ Polycarbonate as standard, the spacious Vision offers a luxury ‘indoor pool’ feel and creates an extra room. If there’s enough space around the pool, owners can put furniture inside the enclosure to create a great leisure and relaxing area for the family. The Vision enclosure is available in six colours of aluminium profiles, has lockable handles, choice of doors, ventilation windows etc.

• Tel: 01264 850001 • www.summitleisure.co.uk

• Tel: 01293 546126 • www.scpeurope.com

• Tel: 0118 909 9844 • www.alukov.co.uk

Arcadia from Summit Leisure: This model is part of a range by Aqua Telescopic Pool Enclosures which feature an exclusive trackless design. This means installation without the need for any unsightly and potentially hazardous tracks or rails being fixed to the pool surround. The integral strength and unique patented guiding system allows the enclosure to run straight and true every time. The use of toughened safety glass is another significant feature which buyers of Summit Leisure’s enclosures find especially beneficial, along with the option of completely automatic motorised opening and closing of the enclosure via a wireless remote control.



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ENCLOSURES Spacious enough to walk around, Alukov’s unique Olympic telescopic model can feature a half dome either end of the enclosure

Alukov’s Orient model means even round aboveground pools can benefit from an enclosure

An open and shut case As you hopefully now appreciate, a swimming pool enclosure can be a godsend in a disappointing summer and many manufacturers have made the ownership of one even more attractive through the introduction of drive systems to open and close the enclosure. The Certikin Endless Summer motor drive system is one example of these and it can be retrofitted and easily modified to work on any manufacturer’s enclosure and will take the manual strain out of ownership. Quick and easy to install, the ingenious design

consists of two drive motors powered by 12V batteries that are trickle charged by solar panels on the roof of the enclosure. The system is operated by a hand-held remote which moves the building forward, backwards, left and right. The twist control is a PCB that allows the drive motors to be run individually or both together in opposite directions so that the building can be turned and steered into its lock down positions. Highly adaptable, it is suitable for low, intermediate and high standing enclosures and is compatible with every brand of telescopic pool enclosure on the market.




• Tel: 01993 778855 • www.certikin.co.uk

• Tel: 01832 275333 • www.swimex.co.uk

• Tel: 01444 411411 • www.archenclosures.co.uk

The Endless Summer from Certikin: The brand new Endless Summer range of high quality, custom-made enclosures includes fixed models (with opening side windows) and various telescopic options. Using its standard profile the Endless Summer Enclosure is available in widths up to 10 metres and is fixed along its length, which allows the windows and wall sections to slide up into the roof, leaving the sides open. The enclosures are suitable for many applications and not just swimming pools and spas – indeed they can offer an outside ‘living’ room for any use. Certikin offers a free site survey and installation is optional to give full peace of mind.


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Galaxy Fixed Arch Enclosure from Swimex: Swimex are one of the UK’s leading suppliers and their Galaxy swimming pool enclosures are designed to bear heavy loads from wind and snow whilst elegantly spanning from small to wide pools of any length. The fully lift up sides enable a wonderful open-air feel in summer and allow controlled aeration at all times. Superb manufacturing quality along with the attractive design and wide choice of colours means that the Galaxy enclosure blends in with the surrounding environment and is often chosen for schools and camping parks.

Aluminium Arch Domestic Enclosure from Arch Enclosures: This French manufactured large enclosure perfectly fits a sizeable outdoor pool area and provides great architectural finish. The roman arch design is made from structural aluminium beams, stainless steel fixtures and fittings and polycarbonate glazing. The ground tracks are rounded, with no sharp edges to damage feet. Multi wall polycarbonate insulates the roof area reducing heat loss on colder days and providing free heat through solar gain even on dull days. It also happens to be one of the safest enclosures available too.


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Swimmingly good spa therapy

Reaching new lengths

13 ft

16 ft

20 ft

29 ft

See our range at national retailers Instore retailers:


For more information on our products visit:




SOLUTION When it comes to swimming and relaxing, a swim spa offers the best of both worlds. It provides a strenuous swim workout against a powerful current and has jets to soothe away aches and pains. An increasingly popular option for many, they take up less space than many swimming pools, are easy to heat and give all year round swimming


10 of the best… SWIM SPAS

For dealer locations around the UK, call or visit the individual company’s website. For more swim spa information including other manufacturers and distributors, pay a visit to the What Pool & Hot Tub website.

on’t you wish there was something which had all the best features of a swimming pool and a spa combined, but at a really reasonable cost? Well, your wish has come true because although swim spas have been around for a number of years, their popularity is increasing with record numbers of sales being recorded. The good news if you’re looking to buy one is that thanks to the surge in demand, manufacturers have been quick to ensure more models, options and choices are available than ever before.

So what exactly is a swim spa? Well, as its name suggests, it’s a spa that also allows you to swim too, thanks to a continuous current of water being pumped in the spa. You never ‘hit the wall’ or have to turn around to continue to swim laps like in a regular or lap pool. Swim spas provide a full swimming exercise work out, using the least amount of space in your home or garden. They’re basically swimming treadmills. They can also provide a whole range of aqua aerobics activities, from swimming to weight resistance training, to water jogging, making



• Tel: +31 57 745 6040 • www.passionspas.com

• Tel: +31 57 745 6040 • www.passionspas.com

Activity from Passion Spas: This is a new, compact swim spa that combines 3 massage seats with the Adjustable River Swim System, allowing for a vigorous swim while keeping your head comfortably above the water level. The force and flow of the stream is completely adjustable and can be used in combination with the unique Current-Lift technology, enabling you to also remain prone in the water even while swimming at a slower pace. The three massage seats are designed for different body lengths and incorporate specially designed options including an exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™, one of Passion Spas’ most popular and effective massage features. At £14,900, it represents great value for money.

Dynamic from Passion Spas: This awardwinning £18,300 Dual Zone swim spa from Passion Spas is an excellent blending of two worlds. On one side you have all the comfort and therapy benefits of the hot tub, on the other side the swim function is equipped with the River Swim System™. This unique system consists of 5 large swim jets which create a steady flow of water over the entire width of the swim spa. The water stream is effectively positioned below the water surface, enabling users to swim with their head comfortably above the water. With the separate swim and spa sections, temperatures can be varied in the two units.


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24/05/2019 18:57


SWIM SPA V TRADITIONAL SWIMMING POOL • Swim spas are often cheaper and take up much less space than a traditional swimming pool which is why they have grown in popularity • The running costs and maintenance are cheaper and more straightforward • They are often called ‘exercise spas’ as they combine the physical exercise of swimming with the opportunity to relax in a hot tub environment • Some models provide attachments allowing users to walk, jog or run against the current for a cardiovascular workout • You can take a swim spa with you if you move home


Danube Turbine from Wellis: The Danube swim spa is a 4m long exercise pool with a W-Power Turbine counter-current, that is capable of moving up to 160m3 of water per hour (4 adjustable positions), with 75% lower power consumption and twice the water yield in comparison with standard swim spa pumps. Incredible performance is combined with energy efficiency – it can even be operated on singlephase electric power. The Danube is controlled via a smart touch controller and comes as standard with a 3kW heater, LED lighting and two UV-C water sanitisers. Available from £19,999, this model represents fantastic value for money.

• Tel: +362 956 4380 • www.wellis.com 62 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB

61-64_WP&HT_2019_SWIM_SPAS.indd 62

them the ideal therapeutic tool for tired bodies. The depth is adjustable and the flow of the water jets can also be fine tuned to deliver just the right amount of force and direction. To make exercise even easier, manufacturers are offering a vast selection of underwater exercise equipment, such as resistance bands, which make it possible to target muscle groups that standard swim strokes don’t. Some are even selling a new breed of swim spa – the exercise spa – that’s more compact and more affordable than the


St Lawrence from The Canadian Spa Co.: Priced at £24,995, the 16’ St Lawrence offers users the very best in aqua fitness. The unique jet system provides controllable resistance for swimming and aqua aerobics. The unique Swim Lane System is created using 3 resistance jets and 2 profile aligning jets to ensure that users receive the appropriate pressure and support and are kept centred in the swim lane. After exercising, users can also relax and enjoy one of five therapeutic areas including a stand-up massage. The St Lawrence features 4 hydromassage seats, 1 full length lounger and 72 massage jets. • Tel: 01293 824094 • www.canadianspacompany.com

standard model. They have also been found to be effective for those recuperating from any sports injuries. The potential health benefits of a swim spa are especially appealing, particularly to consumers who are generally unable to exercise, due either to age or injury. Swim spas also act as smaller swimming pools in the sense that you can play around in them, or with some of the split-models, you actually have a hot tub spa in one end of it and a swimming area in the other.


ATV™-17 Kona from Marquis®: The 135 cm deep Kona is a top performance Aquatic Training Vessel™ which features 2 two-speed 1,363 lpm swim end pumps. Six innovative Whitewater-4 jets create a wall of water to maximise swim and workout rigour. Kona’s exclusive system design uses Whitewater-4 jets to deliver water flow beyond the volumes created by the pumps: up to 39% more flow than comparably sized jets. A third 606 lpm pump powers 26 jets in the therapy seats and buoyancy jets. Mid-vessel buoyancy jets provide mid-to lower torso lift during swim exercises. The Kona also features twin end tethers, deep-water anchor points, optional fountains, LED lighting, audio and a rowing system. • Tel: +1 503 838 0888 • www.marquisspas.com


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REMEMBER TO BUDGET FOR INSTALLATION So while ‘swim’ is one feature of swim spas, ‘spa’ is clearly another and many models come with standard hot tub features, including optional accessories such as mood lighting, sound systems and aromatherapy inserts. Swim spas come in a few different categories and sizes. Almost any type of swim spa can facilitate an environment that will allow a person to exercise continuously, relax by just soaking in the warm water to soothe the mind and body, or spend time with family/ friends in the comfort of your home.

• When you come to do your budgeting on the cost of a swim spa don’t forget to allow for installation costs. Some companies will offer an all inclusive service which includes installing the spa so it is ready to use but the chances are the costs will be on top of the price of the swim spa itself. Installation isn’t complicated and it’s certainly not like installing a full scale swimming pool. • You need to think about the area around your swim spa but a site survey is normally included in the price.

WHAT WILL A SWIM SPA COST ME? The range of swim spas on the market has expanded considerably over the last few years, so it really depends on what you are choosing your swim spa for, the size of the unit itself and the specification. The simple answer is anything between £10,000 and £30,000 with the lower figure securing an entry-level swim or party spa which will provide powerful jets and a safe, secure swimming environment. After that it depends on how elaborate and



Relay 18 Dual Temperature from Catalina Spas: The Relay 18 Dual Temperature is one of the best selling swim spas in the UK. Priced at £28,995, it represents outstanding value for money compared to similar products on the market. Catalina Spas was the first manufacturer to produce a swim spa and the knowledge and experience is evident in every one they produce. The Relay 18 features two independent bodies of water and two running systems, allowing users to swim in the invigorating cool water of the swim lane, and relax afterwards in the warm healing waters of the built in 5 person hydrotherapy spa.

Rio Grande Turbine from Wellis: Costing from £29,999, Wellis’ top of the range Rio Grande swim spa provides a combined experience for its users. Thanks to the unique and powerful counter-current system, it serves as a swimming pool and after the exhausting swimming, users can relax in the massage section with three seats and one reclining place. Featuring the W-Power Turbine – instead of the three hydromassage pumps – it is capable to spin up to 160m3 water per hour. In contrast to standard swim spa pumps, it consumes 75% less power while delivering twice the amount of water.

• Tel: 01302 730295 • www.tidalfit.co.uk

• Tel: 01980 611555 • www.aquadesignandleisure.com

• Tel: +362 956 4380 • www.wellis.com

TidalFit Dual Temp L-Shape from Artesian Spas: A brand new concept, this swim spa combines a separate exercise pool with a choice of hydrotherapy spa, seamlessly integrated via a new patent pending system and there’s the option of a semi-in-ground version. Each side features separate premium quality temperature, jet and lighting controls. Priced from £28,720 (DTL with 35 jet model spa) the DTL-14 Exercise Pool features a powerful, fully adjustable and unique Quad Swim Jet System as standard. The DTL is also available with a variety of optional features including a new Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer and Aquatic Training System for the perfect exercise pool.



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Ensure you invest in a heavy, insulated cover to save energy and for the colder months

‘high tech’ you want your swim spa to be – and that depends on things like lighting, the number of swim jets, the seating area at the end of the pool and so on. By adding the extras the more sophisticated models could take the price up to the £20,000 mark. Beyond that, you are looking at the top end of the market with impressive specifications and numerous extras. Many will feature a separate or sectioned off hot tub area and dual temperature controls allowing the water temperature to be different between the swimming and non-

swimming areas. These top of the range models could cost you up to £30,000.

HOW YOU CAN ADD TO YOUR SWIM SPA EXPERIENCE Like any other luxury products, today’s swim spas come with lots of options to make them more exclusive and reflect the owners’ tastes. These range from the strengths of the jets to swim against through to music centres and popup DVD players. • When you choose a swim spa you will have

lots of options in terms of size, jets, the positioning of the jets and water current • A dedicated swimming against the current area with front and side option jets. The jets should be adjustable depending on how rigorous a session you want • Some swim spas come with a separate sectioned off area – others have removable barriers. The idea is you should be able to prepare water with two different temperatures – one 25 to 27°C to swim in – the other up to 35°C to relax in • Many now have dedicated hydro massage jets in the relaxing area and here it’s a question of what suits your tastes • An insulated heavy duty lid • An access stepped area to enter the swim spa • Extras include music centres, pop-up DVD players and so on.



Coast Spas 1700 VE from Award Leisure: Costing from £31,495, this 17ft swim spa model features the exclusive infinity edge design – perfect for those with a view – and benefits from a full-sized swim area offering the ability of unrestricted movement when swimming. The Infinity Edge design is truly spectacular, enhancing those breath-taking views, which can be enjoyed while swimming against a powerful current. This model also offers an area dedicated to hot tub massage, with a head to toe hydrotherapy lounger plus stand up zone. It also offers easy access with non-slip steps into the spa. The 1700 VE oozes luxury, quality and class and offers the ultimate in fitness and aquatic therapy. • Tel: 0808 169 6555 • www.awardleisure.com


61-64_WP&HT_2019_SWIM_SPAS.indd 64


Olympic 21 Dual Temperature from Catalina Spas: Costing £37,999, the Olympic 21 Dual Temperature provides users with the ultimate swim spa experience and is the flagship of the Catalina range, setting the standard for swim spa design and performance. The Olympic boasts an array of features to help your exercise regime, including 3 high flow river jets, 4 powerful swim pumps, exercise equipment and the perfect place to relax post workout in the built in 6 person hydrotherapy spa. Standard features include LED lighting, water fountains and a built in Bluetooth music system.

• Tel: 01980 611555 • www.aquadesignandleisure.com

No, the installation of a swim spa won’t need planning permission. Much the same as a hot tub, you can install a swim spa anywhere in your garden as long as it is flat, has a solid base and there is a supply of both power and of course, water.

WHERE CAN I BUY ONE? There’s a fantastic choice of swim spas on the market and the offering increases as each new season comes round. Why not visit the company websites of those included within this feature – many will list where their products are available across the UK. You can also take a look at the What Pool & Hot Tub website where there’s a section for both manufacturers and suppliers along with a regional listings section which displays retailers that sell swim spas. Another option is to contact BISHTA on 01264 356211 or visit www.bishta.co.uk


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1 PRICE: £ 16.999 NOW £ 13,900



NOW £ 18,300




DEEP PRICE: £ 34.999 NOW £ 27,900

Check for all swimspa models our website:

w w w. p a s s i o n s p a s . c o m Dealer Passion adv mei'19.indd 1

Ask for your local dealer PASSION SPAS UK info@passionspas.com

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Visit us at: www.bishta.co.uk Find us on:

using: BISHTA Hot Tubs


right hot tub


BISHTA is the hot tub trade association for companies in Britain and Ireland. It promotes high standards of safety and quality within the industry and can also help consumers find the right product at the right price Buying a hot tub is a major decision As hot tubs and swim spas have become more popular, this industry has attracted a very small number of unscrupulous suppliers. They have become a concern within the authentic hot tub market due to poor advice and training, substandard and potentially dangerous products, with no (or inadequate) after sales service or support. As a result of this, the major manufacturers, importing distributors and retailers formed a trade association called the British & Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) to set the minimum quality standards and formal after treatment training customers should expect to receive. BISHTA members are trained to provide information about the water treatment regime needed to maintain your hot tub safely and also abide by a Code of Ethics to give you peace of mind. How can BISHTA help? BISHTA was established to ensure that companies displaying and selling hot tubs are properly trained in water hygiene management. BISHTA is recognised by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and Health Protection Agencies including Public Health England. What are the benefits of dealing with a BISHTA member? • Clear warranties in case of any issues. • A thorough after sales service. • Purchasing quality products that conform to European Standards. • Public Liability Insurance cover. • Training for members in water treatment and the handling and transport of chemicals to comply with dangerous goods legislation and registration with their own Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.

• Knowledgeable staff who have access to an expert technical advice service, if needed. What advice can you give about buying a hot tub on the internet? If you’re looking to buy online, check that the company is genuine by asking for customer

references that you can follow up in your area. It is useful to see the quality of the hot tubs to ensure you are going to get a good piece of equipment for your home. Ask them if they are a BISHTA member otherwise, you may run a risk of buying a product that is not to a suitable standard.


01 from the hot tub or swim spa. This will determine which model and what fittings you need: is it for fun, fitness, medical reasons or relaxation? Where will you want to put your hot 02 tub? You would benefit from having a site survey to see if there is suitable access to the site and to determine the final location. Make sure you know what features 03 you will be getting in terms of the number of seats, number and style of jets, entertainment systems available and the manufacturer of the control box (powerpack). If you see a hot tub you like, ask to ‘wet test it’ and try it out for yourself. Some hot tubs can be plugged into a 04 socket with a 3 pin plug and may only require a 13 amp fuse, depending on the heater and pump size, so check this very carefully with the retailer/supplier, as others must be hard wired. Ask to see the warranty on offer before 05 you buy, as this may vary between products and in some instances it may not actually be offered by the same company, which may cause difficulties if there is a problem with the equipment.

Check what arrangements there are

06 for call outs and servicing if anything goes wrong with your purchase, including timescales and costs. Clarify in writing when the product is 07 to be delivered, as genuine companies will inform you if there is going to be a delay. Sometimes genuine companies will need to wait for a full container to be shipped to the UK, while other companies may try and mislead you, so get the details in writing from them. If you are unsure whether an internet 08 company is going to be reliable, find out where the company is based and if possible visit them. You will often be required to pay a 09 small deposit for a hot tub that is a general stock item, but unless it has to be custom made, be very careful about being asked to pay for the item in full when you buy it and use a payment method (such as a credit card), where you will have some protection, if there is a problem with the sale. Ask if the company that you are buying 10 from are BISHTA members and always check by visiting www.bishta.co.uk or call the BISHTA office on 01264 356211.


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Here’s our personal selection of the best value for money hot tubs on the market across three price ranges, £4,999 and below, £5,000 to £8,999, £9,000 and above. It’s a selection we hope means that there’s a tub to suit all tastes and pockets and is designed to illustrate what you can expect to find in the market. We have taken great care to check with the manufacturers and distributors that the prices quoted on these pages for hot tubs are as accurate as possible. It is important however that you check with the respective dealers as there may be some price differences in the market. What we quote here is the manufacturers’ recommended retail price. It is worth mentioning that when you buy a hot tub there will be a number of options or extras offered to you which will either affect the price or give you some room for negotiation.



f you are about to make a decision to buy a hot tub, then the choice that awaits you is quite daunting. The variety of hot tubs on the market in the UK is both wide and varied – and could be confusing. The prices quoted on the hot tubs have been checked with the manufacturers and are as accurate as possible. However, it is important that you check with your dealer as there will be some differences in the market. You will see that many of the hot tubs we have selected come with a variety of options. Some are standard and will be included in the price – others will involve added costs and so this will naturally affect the price you are finally quoted. So where do you start and what are the options? For a first-time buyer we believe it is about three things: price, value and reliability. Hot tubs now are produced almost bespoke to the

buyer, with therapeutic jets positioned to suit your specific needs. But it’s also about water cleansing, how environmentally friendly the tub is and whether you want television, DVD or music systems as part of the package. It is also about the warranty which will be given with the tub and the help and service you will be offered. We also recommend where possible that you ‘wet test’ a hot tub before buying it. In our selection we’ve included just some of the technical information you will need to know about the tub – including in every case what the manufacturer is offering as a warranty. It isn’t comprehensive and of course there are some great hot tubs which haven’t made it on to our list but it does, we hope, offer a starting point as you try to find the tub you are looking for.

1. The STARRY from MSpa £450 MSpa’s DELIGHT collection offers a basic air bubble massage by delivering thousands of cushioning bubbles that thoroughly massage the body for an invigorating experience. The STARRY model offers users the perfect hydro-massage experience, features the very stylish breathing LED effect plus an upgraded control unit. With a unique semitransparent fabric which features a subtle ‘M’ logo composed by stripes, it lights up the days and glows through the nights in a soothing way. 01 01 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 4 people Dimension: 1800 x 700mm Water Capacity: 700 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 118 (air jets) Heater: 1.5kW Lighting: LED Filters: N/A Warranty (Years): 1 Year Website: www.the-mspa.com

2. The MONO from MSpa £990 The new CONCEPT collection from MSpa combines revolutionary design and legendary performance. Featuring a super stiff DWF material, new external control box and with the metallic stripes on the charcoal wooden textured exterior wall, the MONO 6-person is a modernist of the inflatable hot tub. It is not only a hot tub that comforts users but a beautiful furniture that will please owners. No matter if placed indoor or outdoor, MONO 6-person version becomes part of the home with this revolutionary concept.

02 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 6 people Dimension: 1730 x 650mm Water Capacity: 930 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 138 (air jets) Heater: 1.5kW Lighting: N/A Filters: N/A Warranty (Years): 1 Year Website: www.the-mspa.com



70-84_WP&HT_2019_TOP_30_HOT_TUBS.indd 70

24/05/2019 19:50


30 HOT TUBS £4,999 & BELOW


3. Kelowna from Canadian Spa Co. £3,999 The Kelowna has a compact frame and is the perfect addition to back garden locations that have limited access. Multicolour LED mood lighting and a cascading waterfall create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. An aromatherapy canister is built into the spa shell to allow for scented beads to ease tension and stress. This Plug & Play hot tub can be located wherever there is access to a standard household socket.This tub incorporates a water filtration system, including ozone water purification and Microban filtration. Insulation includes high-density closed cell foam that surrounds the shell, and an infrared-lined insulated cabinet that traps the heat inside the spa. 03 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 4 people, with 2 loungers Dimension: 1530 x 2100 x 730mm Water Capacity: 700 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 21 Heater: 2kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 50 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2 Years Website: www.canadianspacompany.com 4. Countesa from Zen Spas £4,295 The Countesa is a versatile 13 or 32 amp hot tub that arrives complete with 4 seats and 1 lounger within its 2000mm x 2000mm x 1000mm frame. Under the multiple layered acrylic shell lies a high density insulated foam cradled by a strong stainless steel frame for extra protection and structure. The hydrotherapy is delivered 04 courtesy of 23 finely tuned jets fuelled by a 1 x 3hp massage pump. The hot tub is reliably and efficiently orchestrated by a spa system designed by the world renowned Balboa Water Group. Extra features of the Countesa consist of water diverters, a double filtration system plus multiple featured LED lights which provide a perfect ambiance which when merged with Balboa Bluetooth audio, create the perfect mood. 04 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2000 x 2000 x 1000mm Water Capacity: 1,300 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 23 Heater: 3kW Lighting: LED Filters: TBC Warranty (Years): 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.hottubsuppliers.com

5. Sun Family from Wellis £4,499 If limited space is an issue, but the advantages that a 5-person hot tub can offer are essential, the Sun Family model from Wellis could be a solution. This Plug & Play model is characterised by straight lines and offers a surprisingly intense massage 05 experience – yet still requires only a very small space. It easily fits through a standard doorway when turned on its side due to its special design, while this small size model provides the same hydrotherapeutic advantages as larger hot tubs. The Sun Family hot tub is one of the company’s best options in this category in terms of value for money. 05 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 2 loungers Dimension: 1900 x 1900 x 750mm Water Capacity: 700 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 36 Heater: 2kW Lighting: LED Filters: 32 sq ft Warranty (Years): 10 Shell, 2 Parts Website: www.wellis.com 6. The Rewind from Passion Spas £4,650 The Rewind is a new hot tub that has recently joined the Passion Spas collection. With its all-seater design, it is an optimal choice for spending time with family and friends. The Rewind is very spacious, with 900 mm height, yet retains all of the massage and therapy functions inherent in a Passion Spa! In addition to a nice variety of 56 high-performance massage jets, the Rewind includes Hybrid Heating™, 06 LED Lights, BioLok, Energy Efficient Filtration Pump, Ozone Generation, Aromatherapy, Soft Air Massage System, Walk-on Cover and soft head rests… The innovative feature Hybrid Heating™ technology is propriety to Passion Spas, and supplements heat produced by the electric heater, making the spa extra energy efficient. As a whole, the Rewind is costeffective, energy-effective, high-performance investment in healthful relaxation. 06 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 7 people Dimension: 2040 x 2040 x 900mm Water Capacity: 1,480 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 56 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 50 sq ft Warranty (Years): 10 Structure, 5 Shell, 2 Years Parts & Labour Website: www.passionspas.com


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7. Garden Spas Iris from Artesian Spas £4,995 After a long day, users can engulf their aching muscles in the fantastic hydrotherapy of the Iris hot tub. The strategically placed jets in this spa massage and loosen tense muscles, from the neck and back to the legs and feet. There is even the option to customise the massage with an in spa diverter. The built-in LED light offers ambience and visibility during night-time. For dependability, the Iris comes standard with a deluxe safety cover, resilient Grandwood cabinetry and double layered insulation. Garden Spas also come with a series of upgrade options, including the option to add full foam insulation, multicolour LED lighting and Ozone water treatment system. 07



07 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 4 people Dimension: 1980 x 1530 x 760mm Water Capacity: 871litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 27 Heater: 2kW Lighting: Single light Filters: 35 sq ft Warranty (Years): 1 Parts & Labour Website: www.gardenspas.co.uk 9. Urban Lite Uptown from Riptide £4,995 Riptide launched its new Urban Lite range in 2016, and the Uptown quickly became the top selling model. It offers the comfort and relaxation of a lounger coupled with the flexibility of 4 additional seats for friends and family together with a cooling down seat which doubles as a step. The range offers the same high-quality construction expected throughout the Riptide brand, but with the benefit of being Plug & Play. Hydrotherapy is delivered via 23 stainless steel jets in 4 varieties ensuring each seat gives an individual massage experience. Whether for relaxation, massage or socialising, this will tick all the boxes. 09

8. Award Suite 25 from Dream Maker Spas £4,995 Available through Award Leisure, the Award Suite25L hot tub is an amazing package that offers owners everything they need for an amazing hot tub experience. With an all-weather umbrella owners can use this hot tub all year round and reap the many benefits of hot tub ownership. With outstanding comfortable seating and soft headrests, this hot tub will ease muscles and relax the mind. Its built in entertainment table and cooler make this the perfect hot tub to relax with friends and family whilst enjoying a favourite drink and play games. LED lights create different moods depending on how users feel. The hot tub is made of Syncrylic which is as strong and impact resistant as polyethylene but with the beautiful shine and appearance of acrylic. 08 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 2 loungers Dimension: 4/5 people, with 1 lounger or all seater Water Capacity: 1,188 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 25 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 30 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2-5 Parts, 5 Labour (Optional) Website: www.awardleisure.com

THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN BUYING YOUR HOT TUB • Test the tub first – A showroom soak is the best way to ensure the spa fits your needs, and most retailers are happy to oblige. At the very least, you need to climb into an unfilled spa to ensure it’s roomy and comfortable. • Safety first – As with pools, a hot tub cover stops heat from escaping (thus reducing your energy bills), discourages impurities from entering the water and prevents children and small animals from falling in. Look for important cover features like highdensity foam for structural soundness, an R-value of 12 or higher and a longer apron (or side flaps) to ensure heat conservation.

09 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2120 x 2120 x 820 mm Water Capacity: 1,250 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 21 Heater: 2kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 32 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.hottubbarn.co.uk



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30 HOT TUBS £5,000 - £8,999


11 10. Weekend Spas 330/2L from SCP £4,999 This hot tub offers a unique massage experience combined with spacesaving solutions. The Weekend Spas 330/2L is the latest product from the brand and with its many exciting innovations, is now avilable to give owners endless pleasure. The two lounger seats featuring 24 massage jets of different design and functionality provide users with the ultimate spa experience. Get immersed in this carefully designed and crafted hot tub to relieve a multitude of daily aches and pains and let the underwater LED lighting system have a positive effect on the soul.

11. Cove by Nordic Encore SE Limited Edition from SCP £6,111 The limited edition Cove Encore SE-LE™ features the New Black Maintenance Free cabinet and Serenity Blue Shell. Settle into the Encore and let the cares of the day drift away as every user relaxes in swirling hot water. Let the Nordic Star™ Jets target the back, legs and feet. Owners and their guests emerge from the hot water relaxed and with renewed energy! Plus, Nordic’s exclusive DTS™ (Dual Therapy System) offers gentler, whole-body therapy to complement the traditional, more targeted jets. 11 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2130 x 2130 x 890mm Water Capacity: 1,246 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 25 Heater: 2kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 35 sq ft Warranty (Years): 10 Shell, 3-5 Parts Website: www.nordichottubs.com

10 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 3 people, with 2 loungers Dimension: 2000 x 1500 x 780mm Water Capacity: 498 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 30 Heater: 2kW Lighting: LED Filters: 35 sq ft Warranty (Years): 3-5 Shell, 1- 2 Parts Website: www.scpeurope.com


12. The Pleasure from Passion Spas £6,190 The Pleasure hot tub from Passion Spas has been one of the best selling hot tubs in Europe for the last 3 years! A very comfortable lounger is combined with a seating bench for freedom of movement. The seats offer a range of extensive massage therapies, including Passion Spas’ propriety Aqua Rolling Massage™. When on full power, it generates an intense massage stream that works its way up from the lower back all the way up to the base of the neck. The intensity of this massage feature is adjustable. As with all Passion Spas, the Pleasure has three layers of insulation, heat-lock design and award winning Hybrid Heating™, making each hot tub energy efficient for low-cost operation. A full LED package finishes off the visual appeal with internal, external and underwater mood lighting. 12 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2150 x 2000 x 910mm Water Capacity: 1,270 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 56 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 50 sq ft Warranty (Years): 10 Structure, 5 Shell, 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.passionspas.com


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30 HOT TUBS £5,000 - £8,999


14 13. Emperor Deluxe from Zen Spas £6,495 Emperor Deluxe is a calming and alluring hot tub that arrives with 5 seats and 2 loungers within its 250mcm x 2260mm x 1000mm frame. The contoured designed seats and loungers are both deep and relaxing for ultimate comfort whilst hydrotherapy is delivered courtesy of 83 finely tuned jets fuelled by 3 x 3hp massage pumps reliably orchestrated by a Balboa SPA TOUCH spa system with WiFi capability. This smart technology enables total control of the hot tub via any smart device. With additional triple filtration system, water diverters, enhanced insulation, LED fountains and waterfall, advanced drainage and the pure water ozone system, the Emperor Deluxe has a specification to match most in the market and this is enhanced by the fitting of the Balboa Bluetooth Audio for all 2019 models. 13 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 7 people, with 2 loungers Dimension: 2560 x 2260 x 1000mm Water Capacity: 1,750 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 83 Heater: 3kW Lighting: LED Filters: TBC Warranty (Years): 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.hottubsuppliers.com

14 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 6 people Dimension: 2000 x 800mm Water Capacity: 1,200 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 7 Heater: N/A –recycled motor heat Lighting: LED Filters: 50 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.softubuk.com



15. Marino (Vacanza Series) from Caldera Spas £7,411 Six adults fit comfortably in the Marino, a popular Vacanza series spa with 35 hydromassage jets and a surprising range of features that makes caring for and enjoying this hot tub a simple pleasure. All Caldera® Spas feature FiberCor® an innovation that revolutionises spa insulation. Applied at 2lb density, FiberCor® is 4-times denser than regular 1/2 lb Urethane foam. Outside, the exclusive EcoTech® cabinet, with its rich colour and ribbed panel design offers a contemporary look that is extremely durable. 76 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB

14. Resort 300 from Softub £6,990 Unrivalled energy efficiency, light, durable materials and simple installation make the Resort 300 from Softub an affordable and easy to look after hot tub model. Bespoke accessories and luxurious surrounds along with gazebos complete the stylish design and create the perfect oasis of relaxation for any home, garden or roof terrace. Any Softub is the quintessence of design, style and superior quality – and the Resort 300 is no exception and as a result, is one of the brand’s best sellers!

• Think long-term – like a car, a hot tub is a big investment. Consider financing your spa – paying a small bill each month, as opposed to a lump sum up front – to make the acquisition more affordable. • Think location – keep in mind the additional expenses of hot tub installation. Delivery can add to cost, especially if extra equipment is needed to move the hot tub into place. If you plan to put your spa on a deck, check building codes to ensure that your joists and posts are strong enough. A typical four-person hot tub weighs 4,000 lbs filled with water. If you don’t have a deck, you may need to pour concrete or purchase a spa pad – a prefabricated, modular and weatherproof product with a sturdy, flat surface to hold and support the tub. Upgrades to the existing electric power at your home may also be required. Have the site inspected by a spa sales representative to find out what home improvements are needed.

15 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 6 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2130 x 2130 x 910mm Water Capacity: 1,375 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 35 Heater: 2kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 65 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2-5 Shell, 2 Parts Website: www.calderaspas.co.uk


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30 HOT TUBS £5,000 - £8,999

16 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5/6 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2130 x 2130 x 820mm Water Capacity: 980 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 44 Heater: 3kW Lighting: LED Filters: 100 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2 Years Website: www.canadianspacompany.com 16. Toronto SE from Canadian Spa Co. £7,995 The Toronto provides an unbeatable combination of quality, design and features which are sure to satisfy any household. The Toronto comes fully loaded with all the premium tub features expected from a luxury spa but at a competitive price. This 6 person spa is perfect for family relaxation. Colourchanging LEDs enable the user to create different mood settings at the push of a button. Adjustable and interchangeable jets and a fully-incorporated aromatherapy system featuring a wide range of soothing scents. Enjoy a favourite soundtrack with a built-in digital audio system and LED popup speakers while a soft, cascading waterfall adds to the tranquillity. In the background, a Glacier filter system 16 includes Microban® antimicrobial protection and an Ozone generator assists with the water maintenance.

JET PROPULSION! A GUIDE TO HOW HOT TUB JETS DIFFER • Therapy Jets – Powerful directional streams that are easily controllable to provide the right amount of massage. • Swirl Jets – Nozzle design to swirl water in a circular pattern, giving a wide, overall massage. • Laser Jets – A pinpoint stream to soothe individual joints. These are the smallest jets, but extremely powerful. When clustered together and positioned properly, they provide an intense massage. • Whirlpool Jets – Large, round jets particularly good for those with special therapy needs. Each has the power of up to six Therapy Jets or 12 Laser Jets. • Pulsating Jets – Ideal for gently kneading tired muscles. They are the same size as the Laser Jet, but actually pulsate the water. • Shoulder Jets – Installed above the waterline, these jets are angled specifically to direct a powerful stream of water toward the neck and shoulders. • Pillow Jets – Combine an unbeatable neck massage with a pillow. They include a control valve to adjust the intensity.


17 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 6 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2180 x 2180 x 900mm Water Capacity: 1,150 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 40 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 50 sq ft Warranty (Years): 10 Shell, 2 Parts Website: www.wellis.com 17. Malaga from Wellis £8,499 A bottle of champagne, six glasses, fun company and let the party begin. The Malaga hot tub has all the essentials for an all-night party. This hot tub is part of Wellis’ CityLine range which was given a facelift in 2018. Enter the future with new jet designs and new lighting fountain jets which provide triple the fun within the spa and most noticeable of all, stylish new cabinet corners feature a brand new design. Thanks to its increased number of the jets and the unique neck and shoulder massage, each seat provides pleasant relaxation for guests.

18. The Excite from Passion Spas £8,950 The Excite is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best that hydrotherapy can offer. The various massages include Aqua Rolling Massage™, Therapy Wave Zone, Intense Therapy Zone and Waterfall Massage, all of which are designed and patented by Passion Spas and offer a massage experience which is unmatched. The Excite also comes with propriety features such as the Synergy Water Maintenance System for ease of maintenance and Hybrid Heating™ for added energy efficiency. Of course, the Excite hot tub incorporates all of the quality construction Passion Spas is known for, including moulded base, synthetic frame, and thick fibreglass laminate backing the acrylic surface; everything needed to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.


18 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 7 people Dimension: 2240 x 2240 x 910mm Water Capacity: 1,450 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 112 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 50 sq ft Warranty (Years): 10 Structure, 5 Shell, 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.passionspas.com


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£9,000 AND ABOVE

19. Cleo Microsilk from Zen Spas £8,995 The Cleo combines the mix of hydrotherapy, MicroSilk®, smart technology plus a great variation of seating options within its 2100mm x 2100mm design. MicroSilk® is the technology of millions of micro bubbles which penetrate the pores of the skin to deliver a soothing and healing spa experience. This feature is an addition to the hydrotherapy of the 53 carefully crafted jets which are powered by 2 x 3hp massage pump. The Cleo hot tub is organised by a spa touch system designed by the Balboa Water Group. The spa touch system has WiFi technology to enable remote control of the hot tub via any smart device for added efficiency. Add the double filtration, enhanced insulation, Balboa Bluetooth plus LED surround lights, Cleo is the complete hot tub. 19


20. Palatino (Vacanza Series) from Caldera Spas £9,004 The Palatino spa seats six adults, features the acquarella waterfall and has 45 powerful hydromassage jets. This value-priced hot tub is stylish and spacious and its Foot Ridge® support provides a convenient anchor point to help users remain stationary while powerful jets work their magic. Outside the tub, the exclusive EcoTech® cabinet, with its rich color and ribbed panel design offers a contemporary look that is extremely durable. 20 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 6 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2260 x 2260 x 980mm Water Capacity: 1,525 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 45 Heater: 2kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 65 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2-5 Shell, 2 Parts Website: www.calderaspas.co.uk

19 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 2 loungers Dimension: 2100 x 2100 x 1000mm Water Capacity: 1,350 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 53 Heater: 3kW Lighting: LED Filters: TBC Warranty (Years): 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.hottubsuppliers.com

21. The Nevis (Island Class) from Artesian Spas £9,695 Two words, Ultimate Hydrotherapy! The Nevis 45 is one of Artesian’s most popular models in the premium selection of spas which is the Island class. The luxurious Island class is spaciously designed with fantastic curves to give users maximum comfort. The DynapointTM multicolour lighting with relaxing tranquillity waterfall provides a magnificent ambience on an evening. However, the truly unique feature of this line is Artesian’s revolutionary HelixTM jet system. This system provides a unique massage from the ever twisting water path of each jet providing a powerful deep and pulsating massage. These jets are placed carefully to give full body coverage which coupled with the amazingly powerful neck blasters and foot blasters (available on most models), users get an incredible all over body experience.


21 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5/6 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2140 x 1980 x 870mm Water Capacity: 1,175 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 45 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 100 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.artesianspas.co.uk


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£9,000 AND ABOVE


23. Prestige President from Riptide £10,495 After launching its Prestige range in 2016 the 5-seater President soon became a favourite among families looking for design quality, seating flexibility and state-of-the-art features. Boasting hydrotherapy jets in four different varieties it gives the ultimate in massage. The President also provides a wealth of entertainment with its multi-colour 6 point lighting system with 7 colour options, bluetooth audio sound system and powerful Fontaine de Vie waterfall. When Coupled with its energy-saving insulation system, the President stands out from the crowd with its perfect balance of playful features, seating variety and innovative design. 23

22. Element B from Coast Spas £9,795 The Coast Spas Element B all seater hot tub has been best buy hot tub for 3 years running. This 7 foot square model has 6 impressive massage seats and a further higher, cool down seat which offers both relaxation and hydrotherapy. Made in Canada, it has an eye-catching, contemporary curvelinear design, both inside and outside the spa, making the Element B a genuinely stylish looking hot tub for any garden. This luxurious hydrotherapy spa has been designed and moulded with unique textured steps to help users get in and out plus the non-slip seating surface also offers amazing tactile therapy. With plush head rest pillows and body shaped hot tub seating, there is an amazing variation of massage experiences from gentle muscle stimulation to deep tissue, shiatsu massage. 22 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 6 people Dimension: 2110 x 2110 x 1015mm Water Capacity: 1,268 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 50 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 175 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2-10 Shell & Parts, 5 Labour (Optional) Website: www.awardleisure.com

24. Pristine Microsilk from Zen Spas £10,995 The Pristine combines the mix of hydrotherapy, MicroSilk®, smart technology plus a great variation of seating options within its 300cm x 226cm design. MicroSilk® is the technology of millions of micro bubbles which penetrate the pores of the skin to deliver a soothing and healing spa experience. This feature is an addition to the hydrotherapy of the 88 carefully crafted jets which are powered by 3 x 3hp massage pump. Comfort is key with the showpiece elevated lounger hosting 40 jets a headline addition to the 5 seats and second lounger. The Pristine hot tub is organised by a Spa Touch System with WiFi designed by the Balboa Water Group. Add the double filtration, enhanced insulation, Balboa Bluetooth plus LED surround lights, Pristine is the complete hot tub.

23 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2260 x 2140 x 920 mm Water Capacity: 1,400 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 46 Heater: 3kW Lighting: LED Filters: 2 x 35 sq ft Warranty (Years): 5 years Parts & Labour Website: www.hottubbarn.co.uk 24

24 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 7 people, with 2 loungers Dimension: 3000 x 2260 x 1000mm Water Capacity: 1,850 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 88 Heater: 3kW Lighting: LED surround, fountain and surface lights Filters: TBC Warranty (Years): 2 Parts & Labour Website: www.hottubsuppliers.com 80 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB


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BEACHCOMBER Ad MAY 19_Layout 1 07/05/2019 11:32 Page 1

All 2019 7 Series HYBRID Hot Tubs Feature the Signature Cabinet and Star Trailâ„¢ Lighting

Hand built by craftsmen...Quality, Comfort, Hydrotherapy

For further information: Please contact Anna at anna.pumfrey@scppool.com or call 01293 546126 for details of your nearest Dealer



£9,000 AND ABOVE


25. Discovery from Wellis £10,999 The PeakLine spa series contains premium hot tub products from Wellis and includes the Discovery model. The 4 seats and 1 recliner within the Discovery provide the perfect solution for relaxation with company. It has unique illumination of both the brand logo and the waterfall along the rim of the tub ensures an exceptional experience. A clever, revamped filter house design allows users to enjoy a favourite movies on their tablet whilst relaxing within this popular, high-end model. 25 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2180 x 2180 x 970mm Water Capacity: 931 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 51 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 2 x 32 sq ft Warranty (Years): 10 Years Shell, 2 Parts Website: www.wellis.com

WHY ‘WET TESTING’ A HOT TUB IS A MUST • You want a hot tub that’s just right and the only way to find it is to wet test it. Take a test soak to judge the space. Does the tub you’re considering have enough room for your family? Not too big, not too small? Also, think of your garden space. You’ll want a hot tub that fits your landscape. • Seating depth matters. Note the torso depth when you’re sitting up comfortably. On cold nights, you’ll want the water depth to be over your shoulders. • Don’t neglect your feet. Is there enough room in the foot well and are there jets to massage your tired feet? • Select the best seats in the house. Multi-level seating should accommodate both adults and children. Make sure there are seats that fit everyone in your family. It’s important to test the lounge seat. Some people love them; others don’t. Make sure any lounge seats fit you and other family members.

27 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 7 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2280 x 2280 x 990mm Water Capacity: 1,465 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 60 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 100 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2 Years Website: www.canadianspacompany.com

26 26. Seychelles (Paradise Series) from Caldera Spas £11,028 The Seychelles model from Caldera Spas offers generous seating for 5-6 people. As the most popular size and seating configuration in the industry, the Seychelles features a spacious interior, exceptional massage performance, versatile seating and an ample footwell featuring the unique Euphoria® Jet massage and Sole Soothers®. With 43 hydrotherapy jets, this dual pump spa offers a powerful hydrotherapy experience. A simple and intuitive salt system drastically reduces the amount of time spent on water care, so owners can spend more time enjoying the wellness benefits of daily hot tub use. Outside, the exclusive EcoTech® cabinet, with its rich colour and metallic accent offers a contemporary design that is extremely durable. 26 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 5/6 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2130 x 2130 x 910mm Water Capacity: 1,250 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 43 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 75 sq ft Warranty (Years): 7-10 Years Shell, 2-5 Years Parts Website: www.calderaspas.co.uk 27. Niagara from Canadian Spa Co. £11,995 The Niagara hot tub incorporates an upgraded energy-saving insulation system with an added heat retention blanket to maximise efficiency. This ultra-deep spa will accommodate the largest of families with its multilevel 7-seat configuration including a contoured no-float lounger for ultimate relaxation. An internal step provides easy entry and exit from the spa, while 60 hurricane jets provide an intense massage experience. All 60 jets can be easily adjusted to provide a more thorough treatment and 27 allow users to customise their specific seats. The Niagara is equipped with perimeter multicoloured LED lighting system, built-in aromatherapy canister, soft cascading waterfall and a new digital audio sound system with backlit popup speakers and built in Bluetooth support. The spa uses a water purification system that


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24/05/2019 19:51



28. Apex L 82 from Coast Spas £14,995 The Coast Spas Apex Lounger hot tub is the largest hot tub in the 8 ft square category, to have 7 seats and a lounger. Every massage station has been carefully designed to create body contoured shaped seating and therefore a unique hot tub hydrotherapy experience in every seat and with the maximum massage effect. The 4 main massage seats with huge, powerful hot tub jets, offer wrap around body massage hydrotherapy and soothing neck massage and plus tactile therapy. The luxurious portable Apex Lounger hot tub, offers some of the best hydrotherapy in the world. If the ultimate lounger hot tub, with absolutely no compromise is what is required – the Apex, should without doubt, be on any shortlist. 28 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 7 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2340 x 2340 x 1015mm Water Capacity: 1,552 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 82 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 175 sq ft Warranty (Years): 2-10 Shell & Parts, 5 Labour (Optional) Website: www.awardleisure.com

WHY ‘WET TESTING’ A HOT TUB IS A MUST (CONT) • It’s all about the jets. Pay attention to jet types and jet placement. Most hot tub users prefer to adjust jet pressure for the hydrotherapy they’re seeking. Most people prefer a variety of jets that hit their sore spots – like calf, wrist, shoulder and back jets. Check out the jet placement to see that they are focused on the spots where you need relief. • Listen for the silence. A truly quiet hot tub has no audible noise when the water is circulating, heating and filtering. You don’t want any noise when it’s running not only for your own peace of mind, but that of your neighbours. • Take a deep breath and smell the water! Crystal clean water without effort or hassle should be your number one concern. • Feel the water. Note how your skin feels after soaking as manufacturers use different systems for water treatment.


£9,000 AND ABOVE


29 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 6 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2240 x 2030 x 970mm Water Capacity: 1,268 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: Up to 161 Heater: 2kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 50 sq ft Warranty (Years): 5-Lifetime Shell, 2 Parts Website: www.beachcomberhottubs.com 29. Beachcomber 730 Hybrid from SCP £15,999 A Beachcomber hot tub beautifully blends into any environment perfectly with the principles of form, fit and function. A beautiful sculpture in any back garden with magical lighting and relaxing, ergonomic, deep comfort to relieve stress daily. Offering a powerful and precise massage, the Beachcomber 730 is built with the same structural integrity as all Beachcomber models. This model is a popular size, and incorporates a Form Fitting Lounger™ that can be used for stretching out or as a cooling off bench. At the touch of a button, economy mode is activated for worry-free energy cost savings while on extended holiday periods.

30. The Dove Canyon (Elite Class) from Artesian Spas £17,995 Escape the pressures of the daily routine with this top-of-the-line therapeutic getaway. Equipped with 7 powerful pumps and 6 sculpted seats, its spacious layout, elegant design and top-notch performance will whisk users away into a vacation-like state of mind. The Dove Canyon features a beautiful curved design with a raised back, which houses a sumptuous waterfall measuring an impressive 24 inches. The Artesian Elite class utilises patented DirectFlowTM technology with Variable Flow ControlTM . This fantastic invention maximises power with an individual pump per therapy seat to provide the spa user with their own direct water flow and control. This saves up to 50% of the energy used by the pump when set to low. With the remarkable HelixTM hydrotherapy jets, an opulent design and a new back-lit touchscreen control with wireless technology, the Artesian Elite class just keeps getting better.



30 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity & Style: 6 people, with 1 lounger Dimension: 2320 x 2320 x 1080mm Water Capacity: 1,533 litres Hydrotherapy Jets: 67 Heater: 3kW Lighting: Multicoloured LED Filters: 150 sq ft Warranty (Years): 3 Parts & Labour Website: www.artesianspas.co.uk 84 WHAT POOL & HOT TUB


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Hot Tub Brands The specialist companies listed here offer hot tubs – some made in the UK, others imported from the United States, Europe, the Far East and Australasia. Some sell direct, others sell through their own dealer networks across the UK. To find the nearest dealer to you, search the What Pool & Hot Tub website, contact the company direct or visit them online. ARTESIAN SPAS Artesian House, Quest Park, Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN2 4LT T: 01302 730295 W: www.artesianspas.co.uk Artesian Spas is the manufacturer of five unique lines of hot tubs and swim spas. Experience the ultimate in cutting edge, American built spas with the highest quality backed by great service for which Artesian is world-renowned. Why not visit your nearest Artesian Spas retailer and see for yourself?

The Canadian Spa Company is a global brand, they manufacture their hot tubs and other products in North America, Asia and Europe and distribute around the world.

Established in 1984, Award Leisure are the UK’s largest independent hot tub, swim spa and outdoor leisure products retailer and operate from 5 stores nationwide plus a 75,000 sq ft superstore.

BEACHCOMBER HOT TUBS SCP UK, Unit 1 Church Road, Lowfield Heath, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0PQ T: 01293 546126/01268 273040 W: www.beachcomberhottubs.com SCP are the UK distributor of Beachcomber Hot Tubs and offer a wide range of models and colours. Each tub has contoured, sculptured seating for unrivalled comfort, deep foot wells for total immersion, interchangeable WaterPorts for customised massage jetting, high quality Enviroskirt cabinetry and state-of-the-art user friendly controls. With the best industry guarantee and dealer support: Nobody does it better!

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Since 1976 Caldera Spas has been at the forefront of spa design. Caldera Spas are designed and carefully constructed to be a product with extraordinary benefits that can bring positive change and help transform your life.

CANADIAN SPA COMPANY Canada House, Salbrook Road, Salfords, Redhill, Surrey RH1 5GL T: 01293 824094 W: www.canadianspacompany.com

AWARD LEISURE Watling Street, Dordon, Warwickshire, CV92PZ T: 0808 169 5557 W: www.awardleisure.com


CALDERA SPAS Certikin International Ltd, Witan Park, Avenue 2, Station Lane Industrial Estate, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 4FJ T: 01993 777200 W: www.calderaspas.co.uk

CATALINA SPAS Aqua Design & Leisure, Downs Farm, Gomeldon, Sailsbury, Wiltshire SP4 6JZ T: 01980 611555 W: www.aquadesignandleisure.com Established in 1997 and now trading under the name Aqua Design & Leisure, Catalina Spas is a family business and one of the industry’s oldest established suppliers. They offer spas, hot tubs, commercial spas and the UK’s largest range of swim spas and exercise pools, all backed by industry leading warranties.

COAST SPAS 6315 202 Street, Langley, BC, Canada T: +1 604 514 8111 W: www.coastspas.com Hot tubs for every lifestyle and budget, including the world’s only infinity edge hot tubs and swim spas. Carefully handcrafted using premium quality components, Coast Spas are available with all the latest features and innovations.

COVE SPAS SCP UK, Unit 1 Church Road, Lowfield Heath, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0PQ T: 01293 546126/01268 273040 W: www.scpeurope.com Quality... at an affordable price! Each Cove Spa throughout the range of four models is manufactured with the same craftsmanship and quality. Handcrafted from the finest materials available often seen on more expensive spas, Cove Spas represent superb value offering simple, uncomplicated relaxation.

FANTASY SPAS Certikin International Ltd, Witan Park, Avenue 2, Station Lane Industrial Estate, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 4FJ T: 01993 777200 W: www.certikin.co.uk Fantasy Spas stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to good looks and value for money. From the same manufacturer as Caldera Spas, Fantasy Spas are a budget range for those looking to take the first step to spa ownership.

GARDEN LEISURE SCP UK, Unit 1 Church Road, Lowfield Heath, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0PQ T: 01293 546126/01268 273040 W: www.gardenleisurespas.com Built to last and designed for comfort, Garden Leisure spas offer everything discerning spa owners crave. With a wide range of tubs at every price point and acrylic and cabinet options so you can tailor the spa to your own requirements, the Garden Leisure Spa series is stocked in the UK and is available for quick delivery.

HOTSPRING SPAS Watkins Distribution UK Ltd, HotSpring House, Little Boyton Hall, Roxwell, Essex CM1 4LN T: 0800 849 8111 W: www.hotspring.co.uk HotSpring Spas is the world’s number one selling brand of hot tubs and has been an industry leader in state-ofthe-art design, spa technology and energy performance for over 40 years. HotSpring have made well over one million hot tubs and have worldwide customers in almost 100 countries.

HOT TUB BARN 41 Robjohns Road, Chelmsford Essex CM1 3AG T: 01245 265036 W: www.hottubbarn.co.uk Hot Tub Barn is a small, well-respected business, selling Riptide hot tubs and pools. They have 39 employees, many of whom have worked for the company for over 15 years, and are able to offer customers a wealth of knowledge and experience.


24/05/2019 19:35


HOT TUB SUPPLIERS 11 Midland Street, The Cultural Quarter, Leicester, Leicestershire LE1 1TG T: 0116 251 3378 W: www.hottubsuppliers.com Multiple award gold winning retailers of luxury hot tubs with additional service and support. Their commitment to design and performance culminates in a high specification range for domestic and commercial use.

JACUZZI SPA & BATH LTD Old Mill Lane, Low Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS10 1RB T: 0113 272 7430 W: www.jacuzzi.co.uk Jacuzzi® is probably the best known hot tub brand in the world and the brand roots can be traced back over 60 years. Jacuzzi Spa & Bath Ltd are one of the most prestigious spa and bathroom manufacturers in the UK today who pride themselves on producing quality and innovative products designed with their customers in mind.

PASSION SPAS Fonteyn, Meervelderweg 52, 3888 NK, Uddel, The Netherlands T: +31 57 745 6040 W: www.passionspas.com Passion Spas offers four exciting spa collections, a range of swim spas, as well as a full line up of traditional barrel saunas. The Signature series incorporates the innovative Aquarolling Massage, a unique massage system developed by the company. Passion Spas are designed to provide outstanding therapeutic therapy as well as the most comfortable underwater seating available.

ROTOSPA 35 Boldmere Road, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield B73 5UY T: 0121 354 3428 W: www.rotospa.co.uk RotoSpa is the only spa manufacturer in the UK. They have been manufacturing quality, durable hot tubs for over 20 years and say “why buy from distributors when you can buy direct from us?”.

SPA CREST EUROPE Unit 1 JGB Investment Park, Stephens Way, Goose Green, Wigan WN3 6PG T: 0844 871 8730 W: www.spacrest-europe.com

VIKING SPAS Suite A, Northfield Point, Cunliffe Drive, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN16 9QJ T: 01536 412599 W: www.vikingspas.com

Want the peace of mind of buying a genuine American designed and hand-built hot tub, giving you supreme build quality, wonderful hydrotherapy performance, enviable reliability and unbeatable value? Spa Crest Europe provides a range of hot tubs and swim spas to suit all budgets.

Viking Spas is a family owned company with over 25 years making spas for people everywhere. They are dedicated to providing safety with their exclusive SoftTouch™ slip resistance surface along with unparalleled quality using only the best components.

SUPERIOR SPAS Unit 6 Station Road, Brimington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S43 1JU T: 01246 559071 W: www.superiorspas.co.uk

VITA SPA Part of the Aqua Warehouse Group, Units 2 & 3 Rignals Lane, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 8RF T: 01245 477400 W: www.vitaspa.co.uk

Superior Spas pride themselves on their customer service, the reliability of their products and their warranties. They offer a wide range of hot tubs and swim spas at a variety of price levels. Contact them to find out how they have acquired the largest dealer network in the UK so quickly.

Vita Spa products are produced by one of the largest manufacturers of hot tubs in the USA and they have become famous for their recycled Blue Maax™ insulation and steel frame construction. Manufactured since 1974, they offer a wide range of spas and swim spas, and cover all price ranges and specifications.

MARQUIS SPAS Marquis Corp, 596 Hoffman Road, Independence, OR 97351, USA T: +1 503 838 0888 W: www.marquisspas.com

WEEK END SPAS SCP UK, Unit 1 Church Road, Lowfield Heath, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0PQ T: 01293 546126/01268 273040 W: www.scpeurope.com

Marquis® delivers ‘The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™’ Marquis® is employee owned with over 35 years of quality hot tub and swim spa manufacturing history. Ask a UK Marquis® Dealer about H.O.T. Zones™, MicroSilk® and their partnership with Make-A-Wish®!

MSPA 1699 Daye Road, Fengxian, Shanghai, China T: +86 21 57402084 W: www.the-mspa.com Established in 1991, MSpa is one of the industry leaders in the production of portable and inflatable spas. The brand offers more than 20 models – from hydrotherapy jet to air bubble – MSpa has models to suit a variety of requirements.

A new range of spas was launched onto the market last year, manufactured exclusively for SCP. The Week End Spa range offers everything discerning spa owners crave. Specific focus has been placed on the design, seating comfort and layout of the range coupled with a high level of specification at very good price points.

SOFTUB UK 2a Harwood Road, Northminster Business Park, York, North Yorkshire YO26 6QU T: 01904 643212 W: www.softubuk.com Coming up to almost four decades of innovation and excellence, Softub is proud to look after happy customers across the whole of the UK and Ireland. To find out more about their energy efficient and portable spas please contact their friendly team or visit their website to find a dealer near you.

URBAN CEDAR HOT TUBS Unit 1 Market Industrial Estate, Yatton, Bristol BS49 4RF T: 01934 833844 W: www.urbancedarhottubs.co.uk

WELLIS 0417 Mánteleki Road, H2371 Dabas, Hungary T: +36 29 564 380 W: www.wellis.com

Urban Cedar design and build an award winning range of cedar hybrid hot tubs. Based near Bristol, they offer a nationwide delivery and installation service.

Since their establishment in 2003, WELLIS products have found steadily increasing popularity throughout Europe and the company has a full range of hot tubs and swim spas. Automated manufacturing incorporating ABB Robots has increased the company’s efficiency and allows them to automate every detail of the production process. This guarantees absolute consistency and quality control of each finished spa as well as reducing production costs – a saving that is passed on to customers.


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A Lodge To Suit Hot Tubs, Spas And Much More! Made by Cedartree in the UK, and entirely from imported raw cedar from western Canada, the Cedarlodge range of pool, swim spa and hot tub buildings extends from 3 metres x 3 metres all the way up to 7 metres x 4 metres and provides owners with a quick on site installation. These buildings are great for home fun and fitness and are ideal for home aquatherapy and aqua aerobics. With different roof, door and window options, the extensive range suits a variety of uses. Planner-friendly, these buildings feature beautiful design and will enhance any garden space, plus insulation options offer amazing savings in heating and dehumidification costs making them a great choice for providing year round use. • Tel: 0845 601 1099 • www.cedartreeuk.com

GOING UNDERCOVER RAIN NEEDN’T STOP PLAY WITH A LAPA SPA GAZEBO The Lapa Company are the only company in the UK who offer the beauty and originality of the Lapa – a thatched structure with African origins and after which they are named. This thatched cover provides shelter from the elements and looks attractive in any garden. Optional extras include a canvas roof lining, canvas side panels, heaters, bar and stool kits. This Classic Spa Gazebo can be constructed over an existing hot tub and comes with a ten-year warranty on the timber parts as well as the steel roof frame. It is large enough to cover the biggest spas and hot tubs and can be installed or you can assemble it yourself. • Tel: 01732 884030 • www.thelapacompany.co.uk

FLEXIBLE DESIGN OPTIONS FOR PRIVACY AND VENTILATION The unique design of the Erin Gazebo allows it to stand out for all the right reasons. The Perspex dome allows for sunlight to stream through the roof during the day and gives the option of stargazing during the evening. It features substantial 70mm x 70mm timber posts, which are supported even further by galvanised steel fixing plates, ensuring it will stand strong for years to come. Erin models can be customised with a number of wall options and even a bar! This one features half height solid walls and half height louvre panels on three sides, providing both privacy and ventilation. • Tel: 01234 272445 • www.dunsterhouse.co.uk

Modern And Stylish Protection From All The Elements The Renson Camargue® is a stylish and innovative aluminium pergola/terrace covering equipped with an automatic watertight bladed roof system. It can be completely enclosed using automatic windproof sun protection side screens, glass sliding doors, wooden Loggia® sliding panels or a combination of each. The roof consists of extruded aluminium blades that can be tilted to adjust sun protection and ventilation as required.


90_WP&HT_2019_Going_Undercover.indd 90

During showers, concealed guide water channels drain the water towards the

columns. This water drainage also operates when the blades are open, meaning when the rain stops, items within the structure remain dry. The Camargue® can be either freestanding or fitted to existing walls. A wide range of sizes are available and each can be made to any RAL colour, ensuring they blend in with any environment. • Tel: 01903 774774 • www.gardenhousedesign.co.uk


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COVE A4 Ad MAY 19_Layout 1 07/05/2019 11:34 Page 1

Some things are built, some things are crafted.....there is a difference!

Cove Spa shells are made of a thermoformed, matte finish, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is the most indestructible shell material available in a portable spa. This durability, along with the beautiful matte finish in 10 colour options, makes it the product of choice for discerning buyers with value in mind. HDPE has a much greater tensile strength than acrylic, the plastic most other hot tub shells are made with. Cove Spa shells are so strong they do not have to be reinforced with resins and fiberglass like acrylic shells. Due to this strength, COVE Spa shells carry a 10 year Warranty! Other products using HDPE include truck bed liners, kayaks, chemical containers and high-end coolers. It is the easiest shell material in the industry to care for! Cove Spas can be effortlessly cleaned with a soft cloth and most non-bleach household cleaners, glass cleaner or vinegar and water. If needed, a soft bristle brush or a magic eraser can be gently used.

Full hydrotherapy at a cost effective price. DTSTM - Dual Therapy System combines high flow massage jets with a whirlpool which is available on All models. For further information:

Please contact Anna at anna.pumfrey@scppool.com or call 01293 546126 for details of your nearest Dealer



Water Quality The high water temperatures in a hot tub provide an ideal environment for bacteria to develop, so managing your water quality is essential. The good news is, making sure the water is always safe to use isn’t difficult


s with a swimming pool, it is important to ensure the water in your hot tub is clear, clean and hygienically safe, as potentially harmful micro-organisms could cause problems if left unchecked. Increasingly, many hot tubs now feature water treatment systems and technologies that are used by their larger swimming pool counterparts, but these will vary depending on the hot tub model and manufacturer. BISHTA (The British and Irish Hot Tub Association) also recommends the continuous use of a residual sanitiser. A residual sanitiser is a substance which kills potentially harmful micro-organisms rapidly and leaves a residual in the water which can be measured. This is irrespective of any other back-up equipment or substance (i.e. an ozone generator or mineral cartridge) which may be used. The good news is that keeping the water in your hot tub in tip top condition is neither expensive nor time consuming and there is a

5 of the best…


Including cleaners, chemicals and more, keeping your hot tub in top-top condition should be straightforward and easy task. All these products or similar will be available from your local retailer. For retailer locations around the UK, visit the What Pool & Hot Tub website.


wide choice of water treatment products on the market which are safe, reliable and easy to use. Add to these the correct advice from a reputable dealer plus a regular maintenance routine to help you keep your hot tub in good working order and once you get into the swing of it, you’ll minimise the amount of time and money you spend on it and maximise the time you spend enjoying it! Choose quality for your hot tub filter One of the key areas to keeping the water in a hot tub clean is the quality of the filtration system, the effectiveness of modern filter cartridges and the maintenance of the filter itself. The filter cartridge in a hot tub works tirelessly to keep crystal clear water free from contaminates such as body fats, debris and sediments. A dirty and clogged filter will result in an impaired performance, deteriorating water conditions and reduced flow-rate through the jets. So it is essential that quality filter cartridges are


Spa eXact® EZ Photometer Kit from ITS Europe: Included within a range of digital photometers from ITS, the Spa eXact® EZ has the ability to test seven important spa water parameters and provides accurate results in just seconds. All tests with the Spa eXact® EZ use patented eXact® Strips, a quick and easy reagent system for analysis. Simply dip an eXact® Strip Micro into the water sample for 20 seconds using a simple back and forth motion, discard the strip, and read the results instantaneously – spa water testing has never been easier! • Tel: 01722 717911 • www.itseurope.co.uk

used, in line with manufacturer recommendations, and that they are regularly cleaned too. One of the key components in any cartridge filter is the filtration media itself. The quality of the fabric is vitally important to the filtration process, so it’s an area where corners and costs shouldn’t be cut as cheaper cartridge filters that use inferior materials have been shown to remove less contaminates and can also have lower life expectancy. Reemay filtration media is one of the best in the world and a number of well-known filter cartridge manufacturers use the material in their cartridge filters. Pleatco is another well-known quality brand to look out for and in addition to their filters, they offer additional products such as their PureStart Pre-filter cartridge, which filters water when filling up the tub and their Spa FilterWash, a fast acting fizz cleaning tablet specially formulated to penetrate deeply into any reusable filter cartridge and remove dirt and other accumulated materials.


AquaFinesse Hot Tub: Spa owners can enjoy the luxury of bathing in pure, clean and crystal clear water without the need of time consuming, multiple daily measurements and high doses of harsh chemicals. The product completely reconditions the water and equipment, massively reducing the threat of contamination. In one simple weekly treatment AquaFinesse’s environmentally friendly formula gets to the root of the bacterial problem by gently removing slime, calcium and debris from the pipe work. • Tel: 01348 841116 • www.aquafinesse.co.uk


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EFFORTLESS ACTION AND MAXIMUM VERSATILITY FOR HOT TUB OWNERS Installing a cover to your hot tub will keep the warmth in and any debris out, therefore making ownership significantly easier and cheaper too. Keeping your hot tub or spa clean shouldn’t need to come at a cost of usability though and covers can sometimes be awkward to use and often a lifter is required. Introduced in 2017, the Ultralift range of hot tub cover lifters takes

the effort out of hot tub ownership. Suitable for use with all major brands, these lifters feature a unique pivot design for quick and easy opening, that saves owners time, while minimising heat loss, too. The innovative range features Visionlift, which offers spa users a full, unobstructed 360° view, thanks to its powerful hydraulics and clever design which allows the cover to fully drop alongside when open.

• Tel: 01271 378100 • www.goldenc.com

HOT TUB CARE – IN JUST A FEW MINUTES EVERY WEEK Looking after your hot tub shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes a week and there’s a simple regime to follow:

DAILY • When you use the tub, test the chlorine levels to see if they fall between 3-5mg/l (ppm) for organic chlorine or 2-4mg/l (ppm) for inorganic chlorine. • If using bromine, test for levels between 2 to 4mg/l (ppm). • Check the pH levels to see if they fall between 7.0 and 7.6. Do not check pH for at least 20 minutes after the hot tub was last used. If water is foaming use a hot tub anti foam product.

agent such as non-chlorine shock or calcium hypochlorite. • Clean the filter and swap with spare. You should always have a spare filter as filters have to be allowed to dry first so that the fibres can bind together after cleaning.

MONTHLY • Check total alkalinity level which should be at 80 to 160 (ppm). If required, add an increaser. • If you live in an area with hard water (high calcium) add a hot tub scale remover. • Add a clarifying agent according to manufacturer’s instructions.



• Shock your hot tub with a suitable oxidising

• Completely drain the hot tub down


Aqua SPArkle Complete Spa Starter Kit from CPC: This is a handy kit providing a comprehensive range of essential spa treatment chemicals with additional maintenance products. The kit comes in a handy plastic carrying case and contains all the chemicals you need to get started with your spa water care. It includes: 500g Chlorine Granules, 750g pH Minus, 500g pH Plus, 500g TA Plus, 2 x Spa Fusion, Spa Immerse, 3 Way Test Strips plus a handy guide. For those with a sensitivity to chlorine, a bromine version of the kit is also available.

• Tel: Tel: 01926 01242 498203 662700 • • www.lamotte-europe.com www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk •


eXact Fibalon iDipCompact handheldFilter photometer Mediafrom fromITS Europe: Fairlocks ThePool new Products: eXact® iDip™ This is the unusual first product filter media in theoffers recreational an optimised, water testing innovative market to provide and patented complete polymer wirelessfilter connectivity which consists between the iPhone®, of a combination iPad®, and of iPod different Touch® polymer and a handheld fibres photometer. with diverseData surface is seamlessly structures transferred and special between the cross two sections. devices when Fibalon paired Compact with the is suitable eXact® iDip™ using for a Bluetooth® range of hot Smart tubswireless and spas, technology. where the The new filtration eXact® requirement iDip™ handheld is less. photometer The user-friendly uses the patented product replaces iDIP4 Reagent a standard Deliveryfilter Method, cartridge, a quickis yet easy safe to and clean, easy is procedure reusable and for analysis. offers aSimply longer, select more your sustainable test thenlife push compared a button.to traditional cartridge filters.

• Tel: Tel: 01865 988346 • Tel: 01926 498203 • 01722 717911 • www.itseurope.co.uk www.fairlocks.co.uk • www.lamotte-europe.com •

and clean the inside of the shell with a specialist hot tub surface cleaning product. • Clean hot tub cover with a weak solution of chlorine.

STILL NOT SURE? GET SOME ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS BISHTA represents the hot tub industry within the UK and offers consumers advice and help on all aspects of hot tubs from finding a reputable dealer near you who is a BISHTA member, to essential home routines and safety measures. You can contact them on 01264 356211 or why not visit their useful website at www.bishta.co.uk where you can also download a number of helpful factsheets completely free of charge.


PM Life600 Spa/ PM & Hot 620Tub from Maintenance Lovibond Kit Tintometer: from SCP: Life TheSpa ergonomic, & Hot Tub portable, Essentials waterproof are a collection designofenables products users and to accessories select just thatone help unit you formaintain accurate and analysis enjoy of up your to hot 34 tub. parameters Included anytime in the range and anyplace. is the LifeBoth Spa & units Hot Tub offerMaintenance a large, back-lit Kit,graphic whichdisplay contains to sixaid essential analysistools by providing to keepon your screen spa or hot method tub in tip prompts, top condition. information Theregarding kit comprises test measurement a Supa-Vac underwater range and reagent vacuum,type debris and automatic spa scoop,countdown spa brush,timers cover for wipes, accurate scum reaction absorbing periods. disc and The internal cleaning memory mitt, plus is capable of comes storingwith up to detailed 1,000 results instructions with date, fortime all the and sample equipments’ ID. uses and how to use each item. • Tel: Tel: 01293 546126 • Tel: 01993 778855 • 01980 664800 • www.lovibond.com www.scpeurope.com • www.certikin.co.uk •


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Saunas are one of life’s great luxuries and provide some great health benefits, so it’s no surprise that more UK families than ever are opting to choose one


nce, a sauna was something most of us would only ever encounter when abroad in a country with a much colder climate than the UK or perhaps when visiting a high-end hotel, spa or leisure centre. Now though, the luxury, style and design of a new generation of saunas and steam rooms has seduced consumers and the demand for them as luxury items for private homes keeps on growing. The warmth provided by a sauna in your own home is one of the great luxuries of life and more Britons than ever before are finding out just how sensational the experience is. Enjoying a sauna is not just limited to family members either, as more and more people are opening their home saunas to friends. Space is rarely a problem, thanks to creative

5 of the best…


For dealer locations around the UK, call or visit the individual company’s website. For more sauna and wellness information including other manufacturers and distributors, pay a visit to the What Pool & Hot Tub website.


94-95_WP&HT_2019_Saunas.indd 94

new style designs and families that wanted to bring an additional touch of luxury and glamour to their homes are regularly enjoying saunas. In fact, what is available today is the complete at home spa experience – sauna, steam and shower – compact enough to fit into any standard bathroom. The message about the benefits of saunas is now much more accepted and as a result, there are a wide variety of sauna options now available. Heat sources include wood, electricity, gas and other more unconventional methods including solar power. There are two main types of stoves: continuous heating and the heat storage-type. Continuously heating stoves have a small heat capacity and can be heated up on a fast on-demand basis, whereas


a heat storage stove has a large heat (stone) capacity and can take much longer to heat. There are wet saunas, dry saunas, smoke saunas, steam saunas, and those that work with infrared waves. Sometimes called radiant heat saunas, soft heat saunas or heat therapy rooms, infrared saunas offer most of the same benefits that traditional Finnish saunas do, but they do so at lower, more tolerable temperatures.

GOOD NEWS FOR YOUR HEALTH No matter what type of sauna you opt for, it is now generally accepted that a sauna use will provide a multitude of health benefits. Sauna use burns calories – due to your metabolism rising and your body sweating, it’s easy to lose


Barrel Sauna from Award Leisure: The cedar barrel sauna is a beautiful addition to any garden and is an exciting investment that generations can enjoy. The unique barrel shape provides a smaller heating area than rectangular saunas, without compromising on space. Manufactured in Canada and made from Red Western Cedar, it is a quality building offering a 5-year warranty. The barrel sauna is available in a range of sizes, seating up to 8 people. Supplied in kit form and with comprehensive instructions, it will take 2 people around 5 hours to assemble.

Küng Omnia from Prestige Saunas: The Omnia can be positioned almost anywhere outdoors – on the veranda, beside the pool or under trees – and the modular garden sauna can be designed individually or as part of a modular system with a shower and/ or lounging area. Whatever the arrangement, a consistent feature throughout is the distinctive rounded design that provides the sauna with its futuristic look. A range of finishes is available, including fine natural stone, glass, modern chrome steel and other weatherproof and easycare materials. Küng displays its expertise in exclusive workmanship with the rounded contours being slate-clad inside and out.

• Tel: 0808 169 6555 • www.awardleisure.com

• Tel: 01622 616166 • www.prestigesaunas.co.uk


24/05/2019 18:53


OTHER THEMED HEALTH OPTIONS FOR YOUR HOME There’s a range of options which can now also be added to your home which offer a different experience to a sauna. • STEAM SHOWERS – the benefits of a steam shower are similar to a sauna. The steam produced helps to open the pores and alleviate the toxins which we accumulate through a combination of modern day lifestyles and poor diets. These are ideal as they can fit into a small, spare corner. • SALT ROOMS – the benefits of breathing in salt have been apparent for decades. Salt therapy works by clearing mucus from the airways and decreasing inflammation caused by dust, pollen or pollution allergies. • ICE ROOMS – a constant delivery of ice flakes is made to a central

about 300 calories, which is about 30 minutes of exercising. In addition, the enveloping warmth improves your complexion, drawing out impurities and boosting your circulation but the body releases endorphins which help to create an all round positive lift to the spirit. In addition, your immune system can also benefit from a daily embrace of heat. Colds and flu seemed to be prevalent over the winter months and the warmth provided opens pores and helps the body to adapt to changes in temperature. If you are plagued by cold or flu symptoms the atmosphere in a sauna can invariably bring welcome relief to the symptoms and the aches and pains. Breathing can become easier and the sinuses cleared.

point within the room and these are then rubbed over the body in handfuls after various heat experiences which stimulates both the body’s circulation and immune system. • HERBAL SAUNAS – the walls, constructed in rustic hand made bricks radiate heat back into the room providing an even temperature. At intervals water is sprayed in rotation into an aromatherapy system containing different herbs which then release their individual aroma. • HEAT AND ICE – rooms which combine both experiences. A combination of the two extremes of temperature help to boost circulation and removal of the body’s toxins.

A British Medical Association study found that people who take sauna baths two or three times a week reduce their incidence of colds and flu by more than 65%. Consider the impact that could have in your own life: fewer visits to the doctor and pharmacy, and fewer days away from work spent feeling unwell. It has been said that visits to the sauna not only helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the body through perspiration but rejuvenates you physically, relieves mental stress and leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed. Bathing in a sauna can be a very soothing experience. A relaxing time spent in a sauna can help with a restful night’s sleep too. The body’s

core temperature rises steadily and once you leave the warming influence of the sauna your body works to correct the rise in body temperature and this temperature change helps to bring on a peaceful slumber. Should you suffer from aching muscles from sport or even just the daily grind, the heat from a sauna penetrates those muscles and helps to provide relief. It may even help to alleviate the pain and joint immobility from arthritis and rheumatism. Most people can enjoy a sauna, however, if you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems or suffer with any other medical conditions it is always best to check with your doctor before using a sauna or steam room.



S1 Sauna from KLAFS: The designers at KLAFS have developed a whole new, radically different sauna design – the revolutionary S1 sauna. This space-saving and futuristic sauna is the world’s first to retract at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera. In its fully retracted position the S1 is a mere 60cm deep, yet the S1 is a really stylish, high-quality, beautifully designed sauna down to the last detail. With room for the whole family, it is available in three sizes (small, medium and large) and offers numerous trim and panel options.

Tylö Harmony from Golden Coast: The new Harmony range of saunas, from Swedish manufacturer Tylö, is a high-end sauna that meets both space and lifestyle requirements. A design tool means this modular sauna room offers numerous possibilities as you can mix and match from a variety of materials. These units also suit wallets too, thanks to Elite, Tylö’s state-of-the-art control panel which allows you to customise your sauna’s efficiency and performance to your needs. What’s more, it lets owners pre-programme schedules, set the perfect temperature and humidity, select lighting and even choose music.

• Tel: 01293 824094 • www.canadianspacompany.com

• Tel: +49 (0)791 501-0 • www.klafs.com

• Tel: 01271 378100 • www.tylolife.co.uk

Huron from The Canadian Spa Company: The two-person Huron FIR sauna is equipped with a simple yet advanced digital control system, Bluetooth Audio System, LED Chromotherapy Mood Lighting and an aromatherapy system. Eight Far Infrared Carbon Heaters work to ensure that heat is distributed quickly, evenly and efficiently to help achieve the maximum benefits of a full body sauna treatment while keeping energy costs low. A natural Canadian hemlock wood construction adds a calm, earthy feel that will complement any décor, while dual-wall construction ensures that the sauna is well insulated.



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Making sure your pool is safe will always be the most important priority for any pool owner. Whether it’s your own pool or taking the family to a public pool, safety in and around the water is the number one concern


lways supervise children in and around water, and when they are walking around the pool surround, instruct them to keep away from the pool edge and only to go into the water when they are told they can do so. It is tempting to allow your children to go in and out of the pool as they choose, however, where water is concerned, supervision is essential, and you need to be fully alert to check swimmers continually, even older ones when the pool is in use. There are a number of options to make sure your pool is safer, especially when it is not in use: 1) Choose a good quality pool cover Whatever type of pool you have, indoors or outdoors, you will save money with a good quality pool cover. An uncovered pool will lose at least 75% of its heat through evaporation. The success of pool covers has been such that pool owners everywhere consider the use of a high quality cover a vital part of owning a pool. Safety will be more of a concern if small children and family pets can access the pool area. Safety covers range from a simple safety net, which is tensioned over the pool when not in use, to a fully automated system, which will cover the pool in minutes, by simply pressing a remote control switch. So in summary, pool covers keep a pool safe, clean, warm and eco friendly. However, please read any manufacturer’s warnings about the risk of drowning.

‘conservatories’ and log cabins. Make sure you check if planning permission is required. Since changes in the planning rules for England in 2008, it has become easier to understand, and your local authority can confirm the relevant regulations.

2) Put an enclosure over your pool It makes sense to be able to use your pool whenever you want, day or night and whatever the weather. Covering your pool not only reduces the risks of unauthorised entry but has financial benefits too; reduced heating and chemical costs and substantial reductions in water lost through evaporation. Pool enclosures come in a variety of types, both fixed position, and telescopic versions (which can be opened up or rolled back in fine weather), air inflated domes, large

TEACH CHILDREN TO SWIM – THE YOUNGER THE BETTER To reduce the likelihood of any incidents further, all children should be encouraged to be able to meet the National Curriculum requirement to be able to swim 25 metres unaided, by the age of 11 years old. Where possible, use a swim school so that your child(ren) can learn to swim correctly and safely. A number of organisations can provide courses and these include the STA (www.sta. co.uk). The STA is a registered charity founded with the objective of preserving human life by the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques, and they have details of swimming classes, lifesaving courses and water first aid. The ASA (www.britishswimming.org) are the governing body of the sport in the UK, and they also have a large range of qualified teachers around the country. Water Babies (www.waterbabies.co.uk) is the world’s largest baby teaching organisation and has a list of classes near you.


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3) Fencing around the pool A safety fence is one of the best safety options designed to provide a barrier around residential swimming pools for toddlers and young children. In France, a pool safety fence separating a swimming pool from your home and all access doors is a legal requirement. Fences are installed in sections for easy removal and reinstallation. Pool fencing can be fitted in almost any type of deck with a variety of fence heights. Depending on where your pool is located, it is a sensible precaution to ensure your pool is not easily accessible to your neighbours, especially if they have children. Many gardens have adequate walls or wooden fence panels (at least 5 feet high) to deter unwanted guests from accessing the pool. 4) Pool alarms Pool alarms can be fitted to detect movement in the water, and an audible alarm will sound to warn of an issue. When the pool is in use, there are systems, such as wristwatches that can be purchased that monitors individuals in the water and can operate where there are swimmers of various standards and ability in the water. Some of the systems can also monitor an unattended pool for any unsupervised entry. STAY SAFE – POOL ACCIDENTS DON’T HAVE TO HAPPEN Awareness can help ensure that you take adequate precautions to enjoy the water safely. RoSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (www.rospa. com) offers lifesaving advice for everyone, everywhere! Visit their website for the latest water safety messages.


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Built with the utmost precision, care and quality, Artesian Spas are proud to reveal the newest line of luxurious, hydrotherapy spas...the Artesian ELITE. Featuring FIVE spacious and elegantly designed spas, our newest range is the perfect convergence of luxury, technology and power. Each equipped with our patented Direct Flow Personal ControlÂŽ technology, the most sophisticated system ever devised for controlling and moving the water flow within a spa. You cannot find a better performing luxury spa.

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