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JUNE 2021



MANUFACTURED IN THE UK Flying the flag for British-made pool products


Cost effective options to ensure garden fun


Products that are suitable for parks, lodges and more


The latest durable solutions that provide superb and bespoke finishes

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STA Pool Plant – Dispelling Myths | Company Profiles – Superior Wellness And Waterco | Opinion Events Roundup – What’s On And Where | Water Heating Options | 11 Pages Of Industry News

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The WT Range of Stainless Steel LED Lighting From

LED lighting is now acknowledged as the world’s number one choice for all lighting applications. Fairlocks are pleased to offer this latest technology using high powered LED’s, with low energy consumption, combined with the quality your customers require.







EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, QUALITY PRODUCTS 3 Landscape Close, Weston on the Green, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX25 3SX, UK T: 01869 934333 | E: info@fairlocks.co.uk | W: www.fairlocks.co.uk



JUNE 2021

SPN incorporating Pool & Spa Industry is the official trade magazine for the UK wet leisure markets and is the only trade publication that invests in the industry it serves.

market, a sector that’s come into its own over recent months. The lockdown combined with continuing holiday uncertainty has meant demand for these products remains high. We’ve also a feature on hot tubs being operated in a business setting, which for similar reasons as home pools and indeed spas, are enjoying another phenomenal season.


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MANU FACTU RED IN THE UK Flying the flag for British-made pool products

ABOV E-GROUND POOLS garden fun Cost effective options to ensure

ESS SETTING HOT TUBS IN A BUSIN parks, lodges and more Products that are suitable for


The latest durable solutions that provide



superb and bespoke finishes

Opinion Profiles – Superior Wellness And Waterco | STA Pool Plant – Dispelling Myths | Company Heating Options | 11 Pages Of Industry News Events Roundup – What’s On And Where | Water 27/06/2021 13:26

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Still busy. Still uncertain. Still no overseas holidays (well there are, but let’s be honest, the choices are seriously limited). Still watching the news. Still waiting. For weeks if not months now, it’s felt a little like Groundhog Day. Actually, a lot like Groundhog Day. Of course by that, I mean the film with Bill Murray, rather than the annual traditional of observing a large rodent, popular in the US and Canada. Yes, on the whole we seem to be moving in the right direction, but at times everything feels just so painfully slow. The lack of some sort of normality or at least some form of certainty is not only an odd feeling, but it’s starting to create some challenges too. For the trade side of the industry, demand for some products is beginning to outstrip supply. It’s an odd thing to say but wet leisure has almost faired too well and supplies of a widening variety of products are coming under increasing pressure. Lead times are rising and prices are creeping up in several sectors, leaping up in others. It’s truly a strange time to be alive and not knowing what’s round the corner is proving to be an increasingly frustrating experience for just about everyone I talk to. I have to say, looking ahead, it will be interesting to see if the pandemic has a lasting effect on peoples’ habits, particularly when it comes to travel and holidays. I wonder how the wider wet leisure industry in the UK will cope if demand stays so high. A nice, albeit hypothetical, challenge to have I guess! Coming back to the factual and concentrating on this issue, we’ve a number of features that are topical given the ongoing situation. We explore what’s new in the above-ground pools

Hardwearing yet stunning, tiling and mosaic solutions have the spotlight placed upon them again this issue as we look at the latest trends and materials for bespoke finishes, plus we also take a look at companies that are manufacturing some fantastic swimming pool products, right here in Blighty! We take an in depth look at the various options for heating swimming pool water, with a focus on solutions which aren’t heat pump or environmental systems based – solutions which will definitely take the chill out of the water in a variety of pools. With face-to-face trade events, both in the UK and around the world, now looking to resume towards the end of the year, we round up what’s on and where over the next 12 months or so. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve a number of shorter pieces this issue too. Golden Coast’s Jamie Adams takes a trip down memory lane as he looks back over summers that have been. Luke Griffiths at Safety Training Awards looks to dispel some of the myths surrounding skin irritations and water quality. Milestone anniversaries are being celebrated by both Waterco and Superior Wellness, so we’ve in-depth coverage for both companies, plus we take a look at the US polymer business behind London’s Sky Pool project. There’s also updates and further useful information from the BSPF, SPATA and BISHTA. Plus, we’ve also got our round up of all the latest industry, product, people and eco news from both here in the UK and abroad too. So, that’s this latest issue of SPN broken down. As always, I hope you enjoy reading it. Have a great of summer.

Jon Wadeson - Editor PS – If you are involved within the industry and have some relevant news that you would like to appear within SPN, please do get in touch.

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A closer look products that are suitable for parks, lodges and more












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Dispelling some of the myths surrounding skin irritations and water quality



What’s on in the UK and beyond in the months ahead

Cost effective solutions to ensure garden fun for families this summer

We look at companies who are flying the flag for British-made pool products



Products that provide superb and bespoke finishes for pools and spas

Non heat pump options that are warming up the water in swimming pools Golden Coast’s Jamie Adams looks back over summers that have been

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The latest industry news, info, projects and gossip










New appointments and updates on industry personnel Innovations and new products on the market

Dedicated news for this important sector All the latest news from around the world

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All the Latest News, Info, Products and Gossip From the UK Pool and Spa Industry and Beyond

Joint Venture Sees Ongoing Support For Struggling Facilities National children’s swimming provider Total Swimming Academies has launched a joint venture with leading venue lettings company Vivify to unlock the true potential of school swimming pools nationwide. Total Swimming Academies, the brainchild of Olympic medallist and BBC broadcaster Steve Parry, is part of the Sporting House group of businesses and is aimed at helping children reach their life potential through sport. Vivify provides a complete end-to-end hire solution, removing the hassle of community lettings. Its bespoke digital platform lists under-utilised school facilities for hire maximising activity levels and generating much-needed additional revenue for the school. It is also responsible for sales, marketing, all hirer payments and even staffing. By joining forces, the two businesses will provide schools with a fully managed venue solution for their pools as well as wider facilities, allowing schools to increase the opportunities available to their children and young people as well as generating essential additional income and playing a pivotal role in their local communities. Steve Parry said: “Figures suggest that as many as one in five pools will never fully reopen again as a result of the pandemic, due

to spiralling maintenance costs and we are delighted that our partnership with Vivify can provide a solution to this and ensure valuable facilities can be fully utilised.” Russell Teale, Managing Director of Vivify, said, “With feelings of loneliness and mental health problems at an all-time high, our partnership can have a hugely positive impact on the wellbeing of people in the community.

“More than a third of the UK’s sports facilities currently belong to schools, and we’re providing a vital service which will unlock even greater potential for these schools.” Total Swimming Academies 0161 764 2224 www.totalswimming.co.uk

Foxhills’ Pools Win The Generation Game With A Green Focus Foxhills Club & Resort’s new Pavilion has laid the foundations for a long-term sustainable future for families and generations to come. The new £7m facility at the Surrey club, designed by renowned architects Michaelis Boyd, opened in May and was built for families and the environment they will inherit. The Pavilion boasts numerous sport and leisure amenities and new swimming pools which are filtered by the pioneering DAISY system which reduces the water, energy and chlorine used, providing swimmers with a more natural and gentler environment. The 25m outdoor pool is covered each night to reduce evaporation and save energy. By including the toddlers’ pools within the envelope of the main pools, rather than separate, it improves water quality for

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children and uses less energy. Sensors on taps and showers mean less water is wasted. Five water fountains will be available to keep members and guests hydrated. The Pavilion’s roof has been fitted with solar panels, all the lights – inside and out – are LED, which are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, while lighting in the toilets and locker rooms are on motion sensors to save energy. Awnings and blinds are fixed to south-facing windows to reduce solar gain and the energy required to cool the building. Like the Yoga Cabin, which opened at the club in 2019, the Pavilion’s larch cladding is FSC approved, meeting the highest environmental and social standards. The Pavilion replaces the muchloved Youth Club, 90% of which was recycled following its demolition.

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A NEW GENERATION of an industry favourite

The popular Aquaspeed pump, which is available exclusively from Certikin AQUASPEED

As well as a modern look, the new model has an upgraded motor which is manufactured using the latest technology to provide an efficient and powerful pump. Despite this upgrade, there are no changes to the dimensions meaning it will still fit in perfectly to the original pump’s footprint and pipework connections.

Available in a range of sizes from 0.5hp to 3hp including variable speed models The variable speed versions of the Aquaspeed pump have 3 pump settings. Each setting can be programmed to ensure that the performance is at the most efficient and therefore cost effective.

 01993 777200  info@certikin.co.uk


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The natural beauty of wooden swimming pools fit perfectly into the garden and harmonise with the natural surroundings. Over twenty years of AGP manufacturing expertise goes into every pool. Our Rec pool can be installed on ground / inground / partial inground ( please refer to precise guide lines) and has a 5 Year wood warranty.





SEA BREEZE POOL Tel 01293 546 126 Tel 01268 273 040 email info.uk@scppool.com SUMMER OASIS POOL Head Office & Distribution Centre 1 Church Road Lowfield Heath Crawley West Sussex RH11 0PQ


Wooden Pools in stock !! with more arriving soon


IN BRIEF £2.2M REFURB MEANS HEALTHY FUTURE FOR MID SUFFOLK Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre opened its doors at the end of June following a £2.2m upgrade and extension, supporting residents’ health and wellbeing. On the wet leisure side, the work, which was funded by Mid Suffolk District Council, included the introduction of Poolview technology to support lifeguards, plus updated poolside railings and glass barriers, swimming pool shower and toilets. This £2.2m investment by the council is part of their plans to upgrade leisure provision in the district, and is key for their wider Vision for Stowmarket. The funds also included a £200k council investment to refresh facilities at Stradbroke Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre which were completed last year.

SURVEY SHOWS CRYPTO OOCYSTS IN 20% OF SAMPLES With the collaboration of pool operators, managers, treatment specialists, water testing labs and local authorities, Professor Rachel Chalmers, head of the Cryptosporidium Reference Unit in Swansea and a PWTAG council member, recently mounted a survey of six leisure pools. Their construction and management were assessed and their waters sampled for Crypto oocysts (the transmissive, chlorine-resistant phase). The results have been published in the journal ‘Water’. Oocysts were found in 20% of the pool water samples, with concentrations higher in the filter backwash water – confirming the importance of effective filtration. Crypto was mostly found in August, when pools were busiest. And mathematical modelling showed the risk to bathers was greatest when bather loads were highest. But there were no Crypto outbreaks associated with these pools, which all seemed to be well run. Traditional PWTAG standards, including bather hygiene and scrupulous management of faecal accidents, seem to be the key.

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Therme Group Partners With University In Breakthrough Wellbeing Project

Global wellbeing organisation, Therme Group, has partnered with COGITO, the epistemology research centre at the University of Glasgow, to develop a unified theory of wellbeing. The project will enhance the customer experience at Therme Group projects across the world. What’s more, with results set to be available in the public domain, findings will help inform the leisure and attractions industry, advancing wellbeing globally. Jointly financed by Therme Group and The University of Glasgow, the project is the first ever large-scale, interdisciplinary investigation into the nature of wellbeing. ‘Dimensions of Wellbeing’

will develop a novel, multidimensional theory of wellbeing, grounded in both philosophical and psychological research. It will also look into cuttingedge research in environmental psychology to investigate how wellbeing can be generated in the built environment. The ongoing project, which will take place over a five-year timeline, follows a successful pilot programme between COGITO and Therme Group. It begins officially with the appointment of Dr Christopher Willard-Kyle as Therme Research Fellow. Renowned in the field, Dr Willard-Kyle is a specialist in research at the intersection of epistemology, ethics and

cognitive psychology, and he will be conducting his work in the COGITO Epistemology Research Centre at Glasgow. Throughout the partnership, COGITO’s findings will be implemented in Therme Group facilities across the world. With each location welcoming in excess of one million visitors per year, the project will have a huge impact on the wellbeing industry. This direct implementation will provide invaluable data to understand the function of architecture and environment on human wellbeing. Therme Group 020 7769 6761 www.thermegroup.com

Polin Offers Innovative Solutions for Camping And Caravan Parks Like many other market segments – from theme parks to recreational facilities – the outdoor hospitality sector is eager to give guests thrilling waterpark experiences during their visits. The sector, which includes camping grounds, caravan parks and glamping sites has emerged from a low-cost niche to a mainstream, versatile recreation experience as the sector repositioned itself as an alternative choice for weekend breaks and holidays. The industry is large and dynamic and the number of people spending their vacations and holidays at caravan and camping parks has been steadily growing over the last few years. Even more importantly for the wet leisure and waterpark industries, the primary user group of these camps is families – with the adults aged 30-54 years. Families make up 50% of the caravan and camping market share. The Europe region is expected to retain its dominant position in the global camping and caravanning market, due to increase in frequency and length of holidays by young population in the caravan camping parks coupled with growing trend of mobile homes without relying on hotels or motels in the region. During the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, Polin has completed more than 30 camping projects including the company’s signature waterslides.

Polin’s additions help make the aquatic centres, camp sites and holiday parks more enticing to families and encourage guests to spend more relaxing time at each facility, taking advantage of other on site services. Polin provides attractions and features that will make any facility unique and offer many special products and designs for camp sites and holiday parks such as water play structures, spray parks and animations. Each of these products can be customised according to the individual facility’s need. Polin Waterparks +90 262 656 6467 www.polin.com.tr

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IN BRIEF COVID-19, PWTAG AND ICL PWTAG has also been involved in research led by the Department of Infectious Disease at Imperial College London. The team addressed one crucial issue head on: how well does chlorine kill SARS-CoV-2 in pool water? Water from a swimming pool provided the raw material. Its free chlorine and pH were adjusted to provide a range of samples, to which the virus was added (in high containment labs). A free chlorine of over 1.5mg/l and pH of 7.4 or less gave the target 3-log10 reduction (1,000-fold, 99.9%) of virus within 30 seconds. If the pH was even a little higher, at 7.6, significant amounts of virus escaped inactivation. These are preliminary results; further research would be needed to explore the effect of a wider range of free chlorine and pH. And it would be useful to know what parameters would produce a 4-log10 reduction (10,000-fold, 99.99%) of virus. But these results do give the assurance that if pool water is managed to PWTAG standards, no detectable virus infectivity remains.

COUNCIL DISCUSS PLANS FOR NEW SHROPSHIRE SWIMMING CENTRE A new swimming centre could be built in Whitchurch under plans going before Shropshire Council’s Cabinet. Councillors are recommended to select an option which would see a new centre built, with a six lane 25m pool with a movable floor plus fitness suite and other leisure facilities. The cabinet will also be told that the new build options will also provide a facility with a life expectancy of up to 50 years, as opposed to the maintenance of the current Whitchurch centre which will have only limited impact on extending the serviceable life of the existing facility.

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Natural Light Floods In To Recently Renovated Luxury Hotel Pool Jumeirah Group, the global luxury hospitality company is proud to announce that its European flagship hotel in the heart of London’s fashionable Knightsbridge, The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, has opened its doors and features a new health club and spa with London’s largest naturally lit swimming pool. Located overlooking the world-famous Sloane Street and key London landmarks, The Carlton Tower Jumeirah is a modern classic and sophisticated destination with a rich history. The hotel maintains its world-renowned reputation for first class service and meticulous attention to detail, and has been reinvented for a new generation of discerning guests. The five-star property originally opened in 1961 as London’s first tower hotel and was celebrated for being the tallest in London at the time. The Carlton Tower was the epitome of glamour: the place to see and be seen, where international stars came to stay and Chelsea socialites flocked to play. The hotel’s famous health club ‘The Peak Fitness

Club & Spa’ is set across three floors and has been completely redesigned. New treatment rooms have been created at the Talise Spa on the second floor and the swimming pool area revitalised. This pool is London’s largest in a hotel with natural daylight and its bright interior is complemented by views through its double height glass ceiling, lined with poolside cabanas for relaxation. With its new design and features as well as a strictly limited membership, The Peak looks set to retake its position at the forefront of London’s luxury wellness world.

Blue Abyss Brings World’s Biggest And Deepest Pool To Cornwall The world’s biggest and deepest pool for testing the latest underwater technology, helping advance subsea robotics and even training astronauts is being planned in Cornwall. Blue Abyss, a £150m facility which has the support of British astronaut Major Tim Peake, will be the world’s leading extreme environment research, test and training centre serving the offshore energy, marine, defence and space sectors. It is planned for the Aerohub Enterprise Zone at Cornwall Airport Newquay, and is expected to create 160 jobs, pump £50m of build costs into Cornwall during its 18-month construction and generate £8m annually for the local economy. Blue Abyss will appeal to a range of markets by simulating extreme environments in a safe and controlled setting and include the world’s first commercial astronaut training centre.

Other markets span offshore energy, maritime defence, ocean ecology, human life sciences and commercial diving, and will help in the further development of remotely operated subsea robots and mini submersibles. The centrepiece of Blue Abyss is an aquatic centre featuring a 50m by 40m stepped pool with a 50m deep shaft. The pool holds over 42,000 cubic metres of water – the equivalent of 17 Olympic size swimming pools or 168 million cups of tea – making it the largest and deepest indoor pool in the world. Blue Abyss has been designed by British architect Robin Partington, who led the design team for The Gherkin, one of London’s most striking buildings. Blue Abyss is in the process of applying for planning permission at the Aerohub Enterprise Zone. Construction would take approximately 18 months to complete with a view to being open in 2023.

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Progressive Celebrates Half A Century in Business

New Spa Provides A Boost For Welsh Wellness Sector North Wales has received a wellbeing boost with the arrival of the Wave Garden Spa, a new £1.25m 650m2 luxury destination spa. Located within the grounds of the Adventure Parc Snowdonia in the Conwy Valley – an award-winning adventure resort which is home to the world’s first inland surf lagoon – the Wave Garden Spa has been carefully designed to make the most of its natural resources and the magnificent landscapes of Snowdonia. The Wave Garden Spa is all about pure water, fresh air and freedom. Guests will be able to relax and unwind as they enjoy the sound of waves and views of the mountains and forests, bathe in pools fed with chemical free water and enjoy unique cleansing and purifying treatments, contemporary design and a stunning heated sensory spa garden. Inside the spa, a fragrant thermal journey welcomes visitors with its vitality waterfall pool, steam room and iconic

oversized Himalayan salt sauna, all of which have views out across the surf lagoon to the mountains and forests beyond. The Wave Garden Spa will also be the only one in North Wales where guests can have a complete immersion in the steam-based cleansing and purifying rituals of a traditional Hammam. Outside, there is a warm hydrotherapy pool, loungers, relaxation pods and fire pits to keep guests cosy. A traditional wooden barrel sauna, fragrant herb garden and yoga studio complete the outdoor experience. Announcing the opening of the Wave Garden Spa, Adventure Parc Snowdonia’s Managing Director, Andy Ainscough said: “The Wave Garden Spa is the exciting next step in our plans for Adventure Parc Snowdonia to be a destination for wellbeing, incorporating exhilarating activities and adventures with the finest facilities to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate.”

Swimming Pool Supplies Ltd – better known to many as ‘Progressive Pools’ Is celebrating 50 years in the pool industry. Established in 1971 by the previous owner John Taylor, ‘progressive’ were originally located in a garden centre in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. In 1984 they relocated to Rugby in Warwickshire, where they continued to thrive for 35 years. In 2019 they re-located again to Brandon, also in Warwickshire to a local landmark which is fondly remembered as the Old Ferrari garage – this new and current home perfectly suiting the needs of an everevolving business. Things have moved on quite a lot over the 50 years. John, the previous owner had many stories to tell, including one of him in the early days, accosting bin men to help dig out pools with shovels, then carrying the spoil through the house… all this after them doing a day on the bins! In 2011 John, at the age of 70, agreed that he was tired, and so was the business. So, after ten years, as a pool engineer, under the ‘progressive’ label Carl Enticott MISPE acquired the business with John finally relinquishing his role. John said following his retirement, he has never been so busy! Since 2011, Carl has made changes to the ethos of ‘progressive’, making it the thriving company it is today. His respect, motivation and high standards has created a great and enthusiastic team. In 2020, Carl elected Graham Westerby (also a former ‘progressive’ pool engineer) to assist with the directorship of the business, to further develop the company to the next stage and ensure that the business is in good stead for the next milestone. Progressive Pools 01788 577005 www.progressive-pools.com

Survey Reveals Pandemic’s Devastating Impact On Leisure Centres And Pools A recent survey has revealed that one in three district councils expect to be forced to close swimming pools and gyms due to the devastating financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, with 117 leisure centres in England estimated to be at risk of closure. The District Councils’ Network, which represents 180 district councils providing leisure services in England, found 36% of its members thought it likely they would need to close one or more leisure centres, while a quarter said it was ‘extremely likely’. Its survey also revealed: • Nearly a fifth of those councils expecting to have to cut services said they were considering shutting three or more leisure centres. Almost four in ten said at least two would close in their area. • 19% of councils say centres will go out of business within the next three months and over half (59%) within the year. • Of those able to remain open, 80% are

10 June 2021 SPN 9+10_SPN_June_21_News_General.indd 10

warning they will have no choice but to strip back many services. The findings come as the Government makes tackling obesity and improving people’s health and wellbeing a central pillar to its pandemic recovery strategy. The closure of leisure centres would also undermine Sport England’s Uniting the Movement strategy, a ten-year vision endorsed by ministers to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity. While government funding to support leisure centres during the pandemic has been helpful, the DCN warns it falls far short of plugging the £325m funding gap faced by district council-run leisure services. District Councils’ Network 020 7664 3048 www.districtcouncils.info

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 27/06/2021 12:21

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PEOPLE NEWS (LEFT TO RIGHT) Aquaflex’s new board members – Brad Armstrong, Himali Peiris and Jono Ings

Liner And Cover Specialist Welcomes New Directors Swimming pool liner and cover manufacturer Aquaflex Ltd has announced three new members to its board of directors. Chairman John Crossman and Joint Managing Directors Neil Dalziel and Terry Wickham are pleased to welcome Brad Armstrong (Sales Director), Himali Peiris (Company Secretary & Finance Director) and Jono Ings (Contracts Director) to the Aquaflex board. The three new members have been, and will continue to be, part of the company’s integral management team, alongside Senior Managers Dan Thatcher (Operations Manager) and Lee Hardwick (Factory Manager), who are all driving towards the company’s main goal – providing the highest possible level of service and quality to the UK swimming pool trade. Established in 1993 at their factory in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Aquaflex has proudly supplied the swimming pool trade with PVC pool liners and covers, and have a reputation for specialising in bespoke and complex designs. This has been forged with a vastly expanding division for their reinforced on site pool lining services. Newly appointed Sales Director Brad Armstrong said: “I speak on behalf of Himali and Jono when I say that we are very grateful for this opportunity and we are excited about what the future holds. We aim to continue to be the swimming pool trade’s supplier of choice.”

COVID Has Created Huge Teaching And Pool Hire Issues A recent survey carried out by the STA, has revealed that more than a quarter of swimming teachers in the UK have received little or no government funding during the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result, nearly a half of all the swim school owners STA surveyed said they have lost swimming teachers. While the survey shows that the lack of funding and uncertainty of furlough are the main reasons as to why many swimming teachers are not returning to the pool, the STA state that the other barrier for swim schools at the moment is hiring pools. Dave Candler, STA’s CEO, explained: “For many, when you think of swimming, you think of the large council-run leisure centres, but in the UK today, the private swim school market, who operate independently out of hotel, health club or school pools for example, represents a huge proportion of the learn to swim market.” “These swim schools wholly rely on hiring external pools, but many of these pools, understandably

because of COVID, are not yet allowing third-party companies back in to re-hire the pool. This means that many swim schools have not been able to open or fully open since March 2020, and thus they’ve not been able to always guarantee when swimming teachers can return to work. Plus, social distancing in the pool has naturally reduced class sizes, which has meant reduced income and reduced hours for some swimming teachers too – all adding to the reasons as to why swimming teachers who’ve been unable to access sufficient funding (mainly those who were self-employed) have needed to find employment elsewhere. “Looking ahead, the industry will have to pull together and go on a huge recruitment drive to fill the teaching gap caused by the pandemic,” advised Dave. STA 01922 645097 www.sta.co.uk

Aquaflex Ltd 01722 328873 www.aquaflex.co.uk

A New Face At Fairlocks Pool Products UK distributor Fairlocks Pool Products are pleased to announce that Jennifer van den Eshof (TnISPE) has joined the team based at Bicester in Oxfordshire. Jennifer is TnISPE certified and brings with her, many years of pool industry knowledge and experience. Jennifer has been recruited to support the promotion of Fairlock’s new automated CovLock safety cover range. Following her appointment, Jennifer said: “After a period of uncertainty that

12 June 2021 SPN 12_SPN_June_2021_People_News.indd 12

the pandemic has brought, I was thrilled to have been offered the opportunity to work with Fairlocks Pool Products. The pool industry has proved to be absolutely thriving and it is an exciting prospect to be involved in it. I look forward to working with everyone here at Fairlocks and to be part of their future success.” In addition to supplying the range of LPW onepiece pools, Fairlocks Pool Products are probably best known as the UK

distributor for the well-known Covrex range of automatic slatted pool covers, HIDE skimmer lid frames, the unique Nemo underwater drills, the Water-Tec range of underwater lights plus numerous other innovative swimming pool products. They are also pleased to have recently launched the new exclusive range of automated safety covers as mentioned above – CovLock and its sister product CovDeck – both of which are now available to the UK trade. Fairlocks Pool Products 01869 934333 www.fairlocks.co.uk

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AstralPool’s New Easy To Install Filtering Skimmer AstralPool has launched a new 2-in-1 cartridge skimmer that saves time and money in the installation of a pool. Manufactured in Europe to EU quality standards, being compact makes it quick and easy to install. Its finishes are customisable, it delivers optimum filtration and is very easy to maintain. The skimmer filters the water and retains any dirt found in it. It is then filtered by a built-in cartridge of 15 microns that delivers optimum filtration quality. Once the water is clean, it is returned to the circuit thanks to a pump that sucks it in and pours it back into the pool. Available for concrete, panel and prefabricated pools, the skimmer is made of white ABS with UV treatment. It includes a gate, a lid height regulator together with an upper connection 32mm in diameter for regulating excess water, a skimmer basket and two filter cartridges. The colour of the mouth and lid

can be customised in beige, grey or anthracite and is so straightforward that pool owners can give their pools a stylish makeover whenever they want. There are also various connections along the body: Ø 63 mm on the bottom and Ø 55 mm on the side. These side connections are for the suction nozzles, which must be fitted in accordance with standard EN-16713-2, Sect. 4.4.1. The purpose of this is to avoid blockages and ensure that the pump does not run out of water. The filter cartridge is available in two sizes (16m³ and 20m³), which will depend on the size of the pool (16 m³ for pools of up to 50m3 and 20m³ for pools of up to 80m3). Made of an extremely resistant, long-lasting material (PET), it is easy to clean and handle. AstralPool UK 01329 514000 www.astralpool.co.uk

Unique Wooden Diving Boards For High-end Projects

Some high-end products are hard to find – making them original and unique – and the wooden diving boards by Mikel Tube certainly fall into this category. Years of experience have provided the foundation for quality and innovation and what once started as a single project has now become a full time activity with customers all over the world. In 2020 the Derover 1 was launched and immediately got the attention of the industry. Some describe it as a piece of art. Indeed the new techniques used have allowed the creation of a stunning wooden diving board without losing the initial basic design that distinguishes the products of Mikel Tube. Each board is handcrafted and can be personalised to a customers wishes. The best wood for a diving board is a Brazilian hardwood called Tambuia, better known as IPE. It offers strength and flexibility while also being very sustainable. But this kind of wood also requires a particular approach. Unlike classic species, IPE has its own particular qualities and years of experience have ensured that special assembly techniques for using the wood have been mastered by Mikel. Starting with the exclusive ‘floating’ technique® at first and now releasing the innovative ‘tension’ technique®, makes the wooden diving boards of Mikel Tube unique. Is it the icing on the cake? Whether for a swimming pool or a motor yacht, one of these diving boards can certainly be thought of like a jewel that finalises the whole project. The owner has made a real effort to find the top location, a designer who perfectly embeds the project into this environment, a pool builder then carefully deploys what has been conceived. All this effort will stand out with a beautiful diving board. Wooden Diving Boards +32 23 35 08 19 www.woodendivingboards.com

The Perfect 2-in-1 Treatment For Pool And Spa Water A new two-in-one product for 2021, Certikin’s inSPAration Pool Refresh and Spa Refresh moisturisers are the ideal treatment to keep skin moisturised and feeling soft, whilst at the same time, providing any pool or spa with a fresh, clean fragrance (without affecting the pool water chemistry). Added weekly or after each water treatment, Refresh reduces skin irritation and masks chemical odours such as chlorine without creating clouding or foaming in the water. Pool Refresh comes in a 20oz (600ml) bottle and has a dosage rate of 5oz per 15,000 gallons (150ml per 56,000 litres), and Spa Refresh comes in an 8oz (240ml) bottle and has a dosage rate of 2oz per 500 gallons (60ml

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per 2,000 litres). For pool and spa retailers, a Refresh countertop display, which includes a USB diffuser, is also available to promote the products. inSPAration started in 1975 and were the very first aromatherapy products to the pool, spa and hydrotherapy market. Manufactured in California, the company prides itself in producing the highest quality water-soluble and alcohol-free products for spas, hot tubs, baths and pools. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

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Introducing The QUEST Ioniser And Oxidiser Pool System

NIVEKO’s Skimmer Invisible Combines Practicality, Good Looks And Design When it comes to the design of swimming pools, the philosophy that NIVEKO has chosen is clear – to offer high-quality, tried and tested options that have been proven over the years, combined with the ability to adapt and provide new innovations to meet the demands of a constantly evolving market. As tastes change, the company adjusts its offering to match what customers have in mind. Having this flexibility is the only way to completely live up to the expectations of each client and every NIVEKO pool is a reflection of its owner. In addition to five types of overflow pool, the NIVEKO portfolio also includes two skimmer types. The Skimmer Invisible is the company’s take on an original and popular concept, although it has been enhanced with a typical touch of precision craftsmanship and feel for innovative technical solutions. The skimmer itself is situated right in the wall of the pool, and the ultimate in minimalism is achieved through a

unique combination of elegance and practicality. The water surface is approximately 4cm from the edge of the pool, resulting in virtually zero water loss, making the Invisible an outstanding design for families with children that like to splash around in the water. This type of pool is also ideal for customers who want to stand out from the crowd and own an unconventional skimmer design. The Invisible also has plenty of other advantages, including the fact that it is quick and easy to install and simple to maintain. In summary, the Skimmer Invisible from NIVEKO offers a unique solution, which combines practicality with great design and stunning looks – a perfect mix which is sure to please a wide range of customers and provide them with many hours of water-based entertainment. NIVEKO s.r.o. +420 572 693 246 www.niveko-pools.com

Available from Certikin, the QUEST ioniser / oxidiser adds copper and silver ions to disinfect and produces hydroxide and oxygen ions via electrolysis to break down organic debris (sweat, sun cream, dust, leaves, etc). The final process is a descaler that prevents hard calcium build-up. This last process, as well as preserving the pool plumbing efficiency, also helps the sanitisation as calcium deposits become breeding sites for bacteria. The three processes in the system work together in a cooperative interaction to produce a system that overall is more effective than the sum of the constituent parts. With QUEST, there are no sanitising chemicals in the water meaning bathers swim in freshwater. Swimmers with respiratory problems or sensitive skin will appreciate the benign, non-chemical approach and this also means there is no lingering scent from the pool water making the system ideal for use in enclosed swimming pools. Other benefits include: • The ions put into the water have excellent latency and remain active for long periods after the sanitiser has been operated. This contrasts with the chemical systems that need longer operation, monitoring and top up with the active chemicals • No handling and storage of nasty chemicals • No bleaching of the pool surrounds, tiles and quicker erosion of swimwear. Made in the UK with all European biocidal certified components, the QUEST system is simple and quick to install and operate and it is one of most effective and cost-efficient systems on the market. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

Lower Noise And Operating Costs With Hayward’s K-FLO VSTD New for the 2021 season and available through SCP UK, the Hayward K-FLO VSTD is the latest model to join an already long list of pump solutions on offer from the distributor. Recommended for medium sized pools up to 80 m³, the K-FLO VSTD is part of the company’s Expert Line and is simple to install, even when being fitted as a replacement. Once running, the pumps user interface provides access to information and allows intuitive control of its three speeds on a day-to-day basis: • Low filtration speed: for normal 24-hour operation • High filtration speed: to clean up green water or to operate a suction cleaner • Fast speed: for maintenance operations (cleaning the sand filter, draining the pool, priming, etc.)

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With water circulating continuously at low speeds, electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 85% plus with pumps that rotate more slowly while filtering, there is greater acoustic comfort due to much quieter operation. In summer, on average, 45% of the electricity bill represents the cost of operating a

pool. Thanks to the electricity saved by using a variable-speed pump, the cost of the pump is recouped in three seasons! The K-FLO VSTD can be controlled remotely, even through a smartphone, by connecting it to Hayward’s AquaRite® + system and the pump features a 180° rotary box for easy access to the user interface in inconvenient locations such as in small plant rooms. For easy maintenance, a twistlock opening cover is included for rapid access, and union fittings are provided for installation. SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

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Master Spas Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary Master Spas is marking its 25th anniversary this year and the hot tub and swim spa manufacturer is looking back proudly at its contributions to the industry and local economy. The company was founded in 1996. CEO Bob Lauter, along with a group of investors, acquired Fort Wayne Pools’ spa division and its 90,000-square-foot facility. Fort Wayne Pools began making acrylic spas in 1978. “During my experience working in the spa industry, I had learned what I wanted to do and saw risks others weren’t willing to take,” said Lauter. “Three of our key executives, including president Terry Valmassoi, who was with me on Day 1, joined the company in 1996. We started with a small business, and we had the challenge – and opportunity – to convert it into a high-end hot tub manufacturer. And that’s what we did.” Master Spas started with less than a dozen employees in 1996. Now, nearly 1,000 employees clock in and out of the state-ofthe-art campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. About 400 positions and a second shift were added in the past year alone. The facility occupies 36 acres, and there’s 530,000-squarefeet of production, warehousing, and office space. Tens of thousands of hot tubs and swim spas are built annually and shipped to dealers around the world. The company has enjoyed strong growth throughout its 25-year history, becoming the largest manufacturer of hot tubs that are made in the USA, and the largest manufacturer of swim spas globally. Major capital investments have helped Master Spas to continue its growth and meet the demands of the market. US$15.3m was invested in 2019, building a new 166,000-square-foot swim spa factory and expanding the acrylic spa factory and the company is continuing capital improvements in 2021 with an expansion to its warehousing and production facility.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Master Spas executives Terry Valmassoi, Co-Founder and President; Mike Reese, VP of Manufacturing, Bob Lauter, CEO and Co-Founder; Nathan Coehlo, VP of Engineering; Kevin Richards, VP of Marketing & Sales; Sam Badiac, Executive VP

Harvia Acquisition Strengthens Its Position In The Sauna And Spa Market In late May, Harvia Plc signed an agreement to acquire Kirami Oy, a leading Finnish still water hot tub manufacturer and pioneer in woodheated hot tubs globally. The acquisition complements Harvia’s sauna and spa offering well and strengthens the company’s leading position as a global sauna and spa experience brand. Kirami also owns 50% of an Estonian production company Metagroupp OÜ and 51% of a sales company Kirami Sweden AB, the shares of which are included in the transaction as well. Kirami is a family business that was established in 2001 by its current owners and has grown to be one of the largest makers of woodheated still water hot tubs globally. Kirami’s offering also includes hot tub accessories, water sanitation products, and outdoor saunas, as well as other products for outdoor living. Kirami has grown rapidly in recent years, its revenue totalling €16m in fiscal year ended September 2020, with approximately 42% of the sales coming from exports to Central Europe and Scandinavia. “Harvia is very happy to announce the acquisition of Kirami. The company is an excellent strategic fit to Harvia’s ‘healing with heat’ philosophy, supporting our aim of increasing the value of average purchase, geographical expansion, and improving our productivity,” said Tapio Pajuharju, CEO of Harvia Plc. “With Harvia’s support, we can take the next step on our growth journey and continue our international expansion. Our cultural fit with Harvia is strong, as both companies build on the wellness trend, focusing on high quality and user-friendliness of products as well as continuous innovation,” said Mika Rantanen, CEO of Kirami, who added: “During the past few years, we have worked hard to develop our product offering and international distribution. Together with Harvia, we can expand these further to boost demand among new customer segments.” Harvia Plc +358 207 464 000 www.harviagroup.com

An Easy Add-on Sale – The InSpire (VX2) Classic Lifter

One of the most important additions to a hot tub sale is the cover lifter. It enables one person to remove the cover easily and store it behind (or to the side) of the spas, keeping it safe and therefore not damaging it. At least 80% of hot tubs sales require a cover lifter so it’s important to have a quality, strong, and reliable product at a reasonable price point. The InSpire Classic Lifter from Superior Wellness is their biggest selling cover lifter and is easy to install, offering a simple trouble-free performance with an ergonomic design. With the huge demand in hot tub sales, Superior Wellness have sold around 15,000 of the classic lifters during the last two years.

18 June 2021 SPN 18+19_SPN_June_2021_Wellness.indd 18

Made from powdered coated aluminium, the attractive black cover lifter is designed to fit the vast majority of hot tubs up to 234cm and is built for longevity with its very robust bracket and zero moving parts assembly. With its important strengthening bars on the inside of the brackets and the double tubular

frame on the pivot arm (where there is added stress from a heavy cover), the InSpire Classic Lifter has been produced to cope easily with heavy use. The InSpire Classic Lifter requires minimal clearance on the sides and only required 30cm of space to where the cover will sit when in its open position. With bulk buy orders from as little as £50 per lifter, and with same day despatch, maybe it’s time to check out the InSpire Classic Lifter. Superior Wellness 01246 559071 www.superiorwellness.co.uk

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Sunbeach Increases Range Options With The Addition Of Oasis Brand It’s been an interesting year for hot tubs sales so far – it seems the UK’s insatiable desire for one grows by the week, but with waiting lists drifting into months rather than weeks, disappointed customers are finding that the prospect of a hot tub for the summer is slipping away. So, with factories already running at maximum capacity, what is a company to do to keep up with demand? Fortunately, Sunbeach Spas had already seen which way the wind was blowing and following several months’ hard work, they signed a UK exclusivity contract with the world-renowned Oasis Spas for both their hot tub and swim spa ranges, significantly increasing their own offering and supply capability. So why Oasis Spas? Well, there’s a number of reasons. Firstly, product quality – they really do make spas which are built to last! With six laminated layers, their acrylic shells are 8-10mm thick and are said to be the thickest and toughest on the market. These in turn are supported by premium-quality, highly reinforced cabinets and fitted with easy to maintain components and Gecko electronics. Secondly, company reputation. With retailers in over 35 countries around the world, and with offices across Europe, Asia and Australia, Oasis Spas are already a well-established and respected brand. With the explosion of interest in the UK hot tub market, many brand new companies have appeared from nowhere. Sunbeach have been in the Midlands for over ten years, and wouldn’t risk their reputation with anyone who didn’t have that same level of experience. Oasis are also keen proponents of energy efficiency which gels perfectly with our Sunbeach’s ideology. Finally, product exclusivity. UK dealerships can be assured of no price undercutting – Oasis Spas are strictly only available to dealers with physical showrooms, so there’s no direct competition from low-cost internet sellers, and dealership sales areas are carefully curated to avoid clashes between nearby showrooms. Sunbeach Spas 01623 706185 www.sunbeachspas.co.uk

A Correction To Our Hot Tub Feature In The February Issue of SPN 20 June 2021 SPN 18+19_SPN_June_2021_Wellness.indd 20

Superior Wellness Expand With Multiple New Appointees Chesterfield-based Superior Wellness have further expanded their team following the appointment of several new members of staff. The company has welcomed Richard Doar as their new Financial Director. In his new role, Richard will be responsible for the company’s financial function and will also assume wider commercial responsibilities, working in areas such as strategic planning, forecasting and M&A. A Loughborough University graduate, Richard began his career with Deloitte, training as a chartered accountant before moving to the Corporate Finance practice. This was followed by senior financial leadership roles in businesses across a broad range of sectors, and has hands-on experience of both private equity and privately-owned companies. Richard said: “I am delighted to have joined a rapidly growing company with not only a fantastic culture and brilliant people, but also great opportunities for even more growth and success.” Tim Scott has also been appointed as After Sales Manager and is managing a team of technical support advisors, customer service advisors and technicians. The teams support with technical enquires, sending replacement parts to rectify customers’ issues and if required can provide engineer assistance with end users. Tim has over 20 years experience in the automotive retail network including Jaguar Land Rover where he was Head of After Sales. PHP Developer Tim Stringer has joined and will be working to improve Superior’s CRM and automation processes amongst other projects. Tim has a wealth of experience in Laravel based systems and API Integrations and has worked client and agency side. George Sghendo has joined as Customer Service Advisor. George speaks fluent French to help their international partners in After Sales (previously called the warranty department). Last but not least, Lauren Raybould has also joined us them a Customer Service Advisor as the After Sales team expands. Superior Wellness 01246 559071 www.superiorwellness.co.uk

In the February issue of SPN, we ran a feature entitled ‘2021 Hot Tubs – The New Season’ in which we stated that Award Leisure were celebrating an exclusive UK distributor partnership with Beachcomber Hot Tubs. It has been brought to our attention that this information was in fact incorrect and we would like to clarify that whilst the company are working with the brand, it is on the basis of being an approved, nonexclusive retailer. As long-term partners to Beachcomber, SCP UK continue to operate as the main distributor for the brand within the UK. We would like to take this opportunity apologise for any confusion that this incorrect content within our feature may have caused.

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IN BRIEF HAYWARD EXPANDS CAPACITY WITH NEW US DISTRIBUTION CENTRE Hayward recently announced the addition of a new US distribution centre in Mocksville, North Carolina. Once completed, the facility, combined with the company’s existing facility in Clemmons, also in North Carolina will bring Hayward’s Southeast-based footprint to approximately 1.3 million square feet of combined manufacturing and distribution operations. The Mocksville distribution centre will service the company’s expanding North American, European, Australian and Latin American markets. The facility will also include a customer and technical training centre designed to promote and support the growth of Hayward’s channel partners. The Mocksville project completes a distribution expansion programme that includes the 2020 launch of a world-class distribution facility located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ezarri Shines At Hungarian Waterpark Tile specialist Ezarri Mosaico has been involved in a gigantic project recently in Debrecen, the second most populous city in Hungary. Aquaticum Debrecen waterpark is a large aquatic complex featuring all kinds of pools and spas and is the new symbol of modernity in the city. Ezarri has played a leading role in the creation of the waterpark. Both the wall and the basin of the outdoor pool, the pool beaches and also the children’s pools have been tiled with Ezarri mosaics. For this large undertaking, architect Péter Bordás CEO, founder and chief designer of Bord Studio used a combination of Ezarri collection products and colours. For the wall a mosaic tile in misty colours was chosen from the Niebla collection. This choice is particularly suitable for the interior lining of swimming pools, spas, saunas and wellness spaces. For the basin of the outdoor pool, Bord Studio chose from the Mix collection which provided the most exquisite combinations. In the area of the children’s pools, which are shallow enough to walk in, Ezarri Safe Steps tiles have been installed and these were also used for the pool beaches, located in the outdoor areas. The advantages of using Ezarri is that the Safe

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Ezarri Mosaico +34 943 164 140 www.ezarri.com

Luxury Resort Replaces Filters Without Reconstruction Work Or Disruption

FLUIDRA PARTNERS WITH BARCELONA TECH CITY Fluidra has signed an agreement with Barcelona Tech City to become a corporate partner of the biggest digital and technology hub in southern Europe. The agreement will allow the company to become part of the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystems, and to take advantage of this direct contact to develop innovative solutions. The partnership will also help the company to have a closer relationship with its customers thanks to enhanced management and improved flexibility. In the words of David Tapias, Fluidra LAB and EMEA R&D Director: “The partnership with Barcelona Tech City reinforces our desire to continue to be a leader in innovation and technological change in the pool and wellness sector. This partnership should facilitate access to new talent, new ways of doing things and innovative solutions that will not only help Fluidra, but also the pool sector as a whole to adapt to the momentous changes that are taking and will take place.”

Steps system stands out over the previous anti-slip systems used. Firstly, because the surface is not rough but it is non-slip, it has a smooth feel. In addition to being much more pleasant to the touch, this makes it much easier to clean and maintain. Secondly, it is also available in a wide range of colours and a variety of formats meaning the Safe Steps collection achieves the perfect combination of the elegance of glass and the utmost non-slip safety.

When the 400m3 lagoon pool at the 5* Palm Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel began leaking precious water, Waterco was the equipment of choice to provide a reliable filtration system that could be installed without disrupting the daily operations of this luxury resort. The original plant room installed in 2011 consisted of 4 x 2,000mm horizontal filters installed in two plant rooms, all of which had started leaking within just a few years of fitting. Despite several attempts to repair these filters, engineering staff were unable to rectify the problem. “Replacing the faulty filters with the same sized units was not an option, as this would have required breaking up public areas of the hotel to access the plant room from above, install the filters, then rebuild after work,” explained Waterco Europe’s Sales Director Jo Ainsworth. “With restricted access to the plant rooms, they were looking for a solution that would not disturb the daily operations of the

hotel in any way.” Working in conjunction with Compass, the largest stockholder of Waterco equipment in the UAE, Waterco proposed a solution to supply 36 customised SMD900h deep bed filters, designed to fit within the location without any structural disruption to the hotel. “Crucially, these filters would match the required flow rate, velocity and bed depth of the existing filters,” explained Jo. “Being only 900mm in diameter, the SMD900h filters are easy to manoeuvre on to the site and install in the plantroom with minimal disruption to the hotel’s day-to-day operations.” “The lagoon water is now crystal clear and the leaking issues are Before resolved,” said Jo. “An added benefit is that maintenance has become significantly easier with multiple smaller filters. If in future one needs servicing, we simply isolate that particular After filter and keep the others running without affecting water quality or having to close the pool.” Waterco Europe 01795 521733 www.waterco.eu

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Splinterworks Adds Sculptural Intrigue To Elegant Pool In Utah This handsome and newly-renovated home features Splinterworks’ Vertex pool slide in its elegant landscaped garden. Located in Utah in the United States, the residence was fully restored to a very high specification by home builder and remodeller, Jackson & Leroy. The landscaped garden was designed by the highly-regarded Kaiser Trabue of Nashville, Tennessee. The contemporary curves of the Vertex slide lend a pleasing juxtaposition to the classical elegance of the traditional setting. The intriguing reflections in the mirror-polished stainless steel echo the surroundings, allowing it to change colour with the seasons. The UK-based Splinterworks team use a three-fold cooling design to ensure comfort and safety. Firstly, 15cm apart micro jets of water cool the entire sliding surface, ensuring it stays a constant temperature. The jets also spray the steps, which keeps them cool and the strong foot grip tape ensure they are not slippery.

Secondly, handrails are kept cool to the touch by circulating water through them internally. This runs through the small internal handles on the steps, and the outer integrated handrail that runs along the entire slide. This water is all recycled through the swimming pool’s filter system. Finally, the polished stainless steel does not oxidise and dull down over time so will remain highly reflective for decades and, unlike brushed or painted metal, reflects the majority of solar energy meaning that it stays cooler than you might expect. Splinterworks have been rewriting slide design for eight years and install slides in some of the hottest climates in the world, all designed to cool down to usable temperature in 15 seconds. Quick enough for even the most enthusiastic among us! Splinter Works Ltd 01225 464957 www.splinterworks.com

Fluidra To Build Pools At Madrid Sports Centre

Fluidra, one of the global leaders in pool and wellness equipment, will be tasked with developing the project to build swimming pools at the Cebada Municipal Sports Centre in Madrid, located at the iconic Plaza de la Cebada in the La Latina neighborhood. The turnkey project will see Fluidra in charge of supplying the products plus installing and supervising the works. The system chosen for the project is the Skypool renovation panel pool, a companypatented technological solution comprising prefabricated stainless steel panels fastened to a concrete block then covered with PVC-P coating. After developing the project, the centre will have two pools. The first will be semiOlympic in size (25×16.5m) with a depth ranging from 1.8 to 2.2 metres. There will also be a 12.5×6m teaching pool with a depth of between 0.7 and 1 metre.

24 June 2021 SPN 23+24_SPN_June_2021_World_News.indd 24

Fluidra will provide a range of competition products and accessories including a 16.5m platform for podiums, eight 0.4 metre high starting blocks, six retractable anchors for indicator posts, and 18 retractable anchors for lane ropes. The project is expected to last two months and a project management team from the company will provide technical support throughout the construction process.

Pentair Earns 2021 Sustained Excellence Award

Pentair is proud to announce it received the 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award for continued leadership and superior contributions to the environmental initiative. Pentair was the first pool equipment manufacturer to have an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump and has been recognised as a Partner of the Year every year since 2013. Since 2005, Pentair’s variable speed pool pumps have helped American consumers save US$3.0bn in operating costs, which translates into 27 billion kilowatt hours of energy saved. The kilowatt hour energy savings helped prevent the release of more than 19.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from 4.1 million passenger vehicles driven for one year. “We are proud to be recognised as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for eight consecutive years. Our highperforming variable speed pool pumps help conserve energy resources and reduce energy costs, so that pool owners can simply focus on enjoying their pool,” said De’Mon Wiggins, Vice President, Pentair Pool. “Pentair helped introduce variable speed technology to the pool industry more than 15 years ago and today, we remain equally dedicated to delivering smart, sustainable water solutions.” In addition to its ENERGY STARrated pool pumps, Pentair offers smart, sustainable solutions to help pool owners conserve energy and water resources including automated controls, heaters and lighting products, reflecting its commitment to design products that facilitate environmental sustainability. In July 2021, new Department of Energy (DOE) regulations come into effect that require minimum efficiency standards for pool pumps, along with upgraded ENERGY STAR standards. Recognising their commitment to reduce the environmental impact of their solutions, Pentair collaborated with DOE, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and industry peers to develop and implement these new standards.

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No Let Up For A Sector That’s Already Flat Out! With pandemic restrictions gradually easing, there’s even more to consider for an already busy wet leisure sector as Chris Hayes, Managing Director of the BSPF, provides his latest industry updates


s the summer months are now upon us, some notable achievements and occurrences are reflected upon. These include the research undertaken by Water Babies with Imperial College London on the Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 in chlorinated swimming pool water. As the research becomes more widely known and discussed, it is hoped to have further discussion about the implications for how swimming pool water can be managed, with the PWTAG Technical Notes and the Swim England guidance on safely returning to pools as they are put back into action. There is still plenty of debate about what further information may be required to keep staff, contractors, users and visitors safe from the threat of COVID-19. The Water Babies research was made possible by funding from Swim England, RLSS UK, The SPATEX Foundation and Water Babies. The industry continues to benefit from media attention, including a continued interest in the high demand for hot tubs and pools. Other recent topics have included potentially negative stories about inflatable spa thefts, but this has provided the opportunity for BISHTA to promote security tips and gain positive media coverage by providing a voice for the industry. With all of the hard work undertaken last year on the PIP national marketing campaign, congratulations are due to Speed Communications, as the #everydaycation

campaign has been shortlisted for the South West PRCA Dare Integrated Campaign of the Year award! This award recognises work that uses integrated communications, led by public relations, to achieve excellent results; the winners are due to be announced in July. As June focused on Drowning Prevention Week, we welcome contributions from our friends at RLSS UK and RoSPA, who have provided articles on the importance of water safety. The RLSS UK promotes the significance of Drowning Prevention Week, especially in a year where swimming pool use has dropped significantly (due to pools being closed), which has resulted in people opting for open water activity instead. The RoSPA article highlights the Water Incident Database (WAID) as six people have drowned in hot tubs since 2014. RoSPA urges people to follow the industry guidance and be especially vigilant where children may have access to a hot tub. Continuing the PR theme, it is nearly time for BISHTA and SPATA members to find out about any changes to the criteria for entering their respective industry awards as part of the British Pool and Hot Tub Awards 2022. SPATA members will be learning about several changes to the criteria being piloted next year to recognise and reward the great work that members are undertaking. It is also nearly time for the nominations to be confirmed for the UK and other countries that are part of EUSA and are therefore eligible to enter the European Pool and Spa Awards. The shortlisted members will be confirmed in time for the August issue. As lockdown restrictions ease and it becomes possible to hold more training sessions, industry courses have been run

As lockdown restrictions ease and it becomes possible to hold more training sessions, industry courses have been run for important topics”

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 27_SPN_June_2021_CH.indd 27

for important topics such as water hygiene management. An electrical course has been run by NICEIC, and candidates have been able to attend CHTT courses. Dates are expected imminently for Dangerous Goods training, and it is hoped that SPATA members will soon be able to access training courses on heat pumps, and environmental control & ductwork. Utilising online communication has been crucial, and this has continued in 2021 with a number of webinars that have been run. Both BISHTA and SPATA would like to thank their business partners who have provided invaluable expertise, including Hampshire County Council Trading Standards and the CE Marking Association. There was a joint presentation from the Construction Planthire Association and the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers on guidance for the safe lifting of hot tubs, exercise spas and one-piece pools (and there is an article on this subject on page 28). A webinar was run which involved members sharing experiences and offering support on topics relating to showroom security. Finally, my thanks to Phil Bristow at Nsure for their article on page 31 summarising some of the pandemic implications on insurance policies. Phil also gives an update on Professional Indemnity. I hope you have a good summer; you enjoy the sunshine and don’t forget to capture lots of great images of your projects for entry into the 2022 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards. It would be fantastic to see a record year for entries and celebrate the awards ceremony together at the Industry Gala Evening held during SPATEX.

DIARY DATES 2021 30 Jun 1 Jul 14 Sep

EUSA Meeting, Zoom BSPF Board, WebEx BISHTA Technical Committee, WebEx 17 - 19 Sep President’s Weekend, Windsor 16 Sep SPATA National Council, WebEx 2 Sep BISHTA Committee Meeting, WebEx

SPN June 2021 27 27/06/2021 13:22


Safety Guidance For Lifting Hot Tubs, Spas And Pools With a sharp rise in wet leisure projects taking place across the UK, guidance was needed to ensure safe practices regarding the lifting of pool, spa and hot tub products. The ALLMI and CPA along with BISHTA and SPATA drew up up the guidance and in this issue, a summary of the invaluable information is provided


ollowing an incident in South Wales, where a hot tub was dropped from height after a tag line became snared on the building, BISHTA contacted the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) for assistance to write some guidelines to minimise the chances of repeat incidents. The CPA involved the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers (ALLMI) to co-develop guidance for the safe lifting of hot tubs, exercise spas and one-piece pools. Due to the inclusion of one-piece pools, assistance was also provided by SPATA. Drawing on their collective experience of previous lifting incidents involving hot tubs (usually involving a dropped load or crane overturn), the four associations hosted an online seminar to launch the guidance. A recording of the presentation is available on YouTube – search or see: https://youtu.be/rstDKgdLbvQ A large percentage of hot tubs are delivered to domestic customers who will not have the knowledge to plan or control the lift. Therefore, the guidance makes clear that domestic customers should only be offered a contract lift and not a crane hire agreement. A summary is provided below; however, the whole document covers the guidance in detail. Industry personnel are encouraged to obtain a free copy from the CPA website and the document is also available in the BISHTA / SPATA online Members Hub.

COSTS OF A LIFTING OPERATION The execution of a lifting operation to place a hot tub, etc., from delivery to the final position, can add a considerable amount to the overall purchase price (ultimately borne by the hot tub purchaser). Costings should be made clear to them during the purchasing period to avoid disputes or cost-cutting measures which can severely affect safety.

PLANNING It is a requirement of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER 98) that: Every employer shall ensure that every lifting operation involving lifting equipment is: • properly planned by a competent person; • appropriately supervised; and • carried out in a safe manner. One person (the lift planner) should be appointed to have overall control of each lifting

28 June 2021 SPN 28_SPN_June_21_Lifting.indd 28

planners should consider an additional safety to compensate for increases over the declared weight of the unit.

SELECTION AND ATTACHMENT OF LIFTING ACCESSORIES The guidance gives recommendations that a lifting beam, spreader frame or lifting stillage is used to avoid placing compressive loads on the hot tub. It also mentions the use of lifting eyes and slings.

USE OF TAG LINES operation to ensure it is carried out safely. This lift planner is usually called the ‘appointed person’, and they should be competent to carry out the task planning. The guidance notes the importance of a site survey to identify site-specific hazards and constraints, for a risk assessment, as part of a safe system of work, forming the basis of a ‘Lift Plan’ to enable the completion of the operation safely.

TYPES OF HIRE CONTRACT • ‘Crane Hire’ – Hiring a crane from a crane owner and then managing the lifting operation themselves. The person hiring the crane is responsible for safety. • ‘Contract Lift’ – Employing a contractor, such as the crane owner, to carry out the planning, supervision and execution of the lifting operation(s).

SELECTING A CRANE HIRER Both the CPA and ALLMI provide resources to their respective members to assist their clients.

SLINGING AND HANDLING OF HOT TUBS Section 6 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 places duties on manufacturers and suppliers to provide information on the safe use of equipment within the installation instructions: • weight, dimensions and position of the centre of gravity of the hot tub and cover(s), including any protective packaging materials, timber frame or pallet; • how the lifting accessories (e.g., slings) should be attached to the hot tub. Swim spa and pool covers can be of significant weight, so it may be necessary for other lifts to be carried out for this equipment, etc. Lift

A tag line is described as a line (usually a dedicated rope) of sufficient length attached to the load with the other end controlled by a load handler. The guidance explains when tag lines should and should not be used and that the lift plan should identify the number of tag lines to be used and their load attachment method to avoid tag lines becoming fouled during use.

INSPECTION BEFORE LIFTING FROM THE DELIVERY VEHICLE Before unloading from the delivery vehicle, the hot tub should be inspected for damage and identify if any rainwater has entered the hot tub. Any accumulated water should be drained, and any loose or damaged packaging material should be removed. A check should be made that all devices used to secure the hot tub to the vehicle for transport have been removed.

SUPERVISION OF THE LIFT The lifting operation should be supervised by a crane supervisor, ensuring that it is carried out according to the lift plan. The crane supervisor should be competent and suitably trained and have sufficient experience to carry out all the relevant duties. The crane supervisor should have adequate authority to stop the lifting operation if it is dangerous to proceed.

ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE Further information is provided in the document relating to LOLER, HSE, CPA and ALLMI publications. CPA 020 7796 3366 www.cpa.uk.net ALLMI 0344 858 4334 www.allmi.com

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 27/06/2021 13:23


RLSS UK Calls On The Leisure Sector To Support Their #EnjoyWaterSafely Message With millions of youngsters missing out on swimming lessons due to the pandemic, and an unprecedented boom in open water swimming as a consequence of pools being shut, the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) believes that this year’s Drowning Prevention Week campaign, which took place 19 - 26 June, couldn’t have been better timed!


ith lockdown restrictions still expected to lift in time for the summer and record levels of UK holiday bookings, RLSS UK and its partners have raised grave concerns that the gap between swimming ability and water safety knowledge, coupled with a surge in outdoor activity, presents a very real risk to public safety. Annually, Drowning Prevention Week provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved in shining a light on water safety, but it is also imperative that the water safety messages continue to be shared throughout the summer months and beyond, when people are more likely to be in and around water with their families. Just as important is that people who own wet leisure products at home (like a hot tub or paddling pool) have an awareness of water safety to ensure that they can enjoy the summer, reconnecting with loved ones, making cherished memories and banishing the lockdown blues. RLSS UK exists to empower people with the skills, knowledge and decision-making tools to enjoy being in, on or around water safely, whatever the weather. Now in its eighth year, Drowning Prevention Week plays a crucial role in raising the awareness of and managing the risks associated with both indoor and outdoor bodies of water, so they are calling on the leisure sector, local authorities, private landowners and everyone involved in UK aquatics, to play their part in helping spread the campaign messages.

HOW CAN YOU PLAY YOUR PART THIS SUMMER? • Contact everyone you know and share their water safety advice and messages • Signpost to their online lessons and water safety resources in your venues • Share resources with your local schools and community groups

• Get vocal on social media, sharing their water safety messages and FREE resources • Deliver water safety sessions or use water safety skills as a theme in planned swimming lessons.

THE FACTS • 25% of primary school children leave school unable to swim – that’s pre-COVID! • 45% of swimmers increased how much they swam outside in 2020* • 90% rise on 2019 figures, for open water swimming-related Google searches • 1.5 – 3 times estimated increase in people open water swimming since 2019*

THE FEELING Losing someone to drowning devastates the family and friends left behind, as well as the wider community. All too often, the warmer weather sees a seasonal spike in drownings across the UK, with people who never intended to be in the water losing their life or a fun day out ending in tragedy. Anecdotal evidence tells us that the following issues can and do play a part in drowning incidents: • Lack of knowledge or under-estimating risk • Lacking ability to self-rescue or steps for self-preservation of life • Lack of competence, especially in outdoor environments

Now in its eighth year, Drowning Prevention Week plays a crucial role in raising the awareness of and managing the risks associated with both indoor and outdoor bodies of water” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 29_SPN_June_21_RLSS.indd 29

• Ill-informed thrill-seeking • Lack of supervision. RLSS UK’s training and advice is not positioned as a deterrent to people accessing the water; instead, they believe that through education and training, everyone can enjoy water safely: having fun with family and friends, walking, running or cycling near our beautiful waterways, as well as the innumerable water-based activities on offer, all contribute to boosting the nation’s physical and mental health, and after the year we’ve all faced, we deserve that boost. Swimming is a lifesaving skill and the first defence against drowning, but it also opens up a world of water-based fun and adventure; the more people equipped with the skills and knowledge to make the right decisions about water safety, will make for a happy and healthy summer for us all. This year, more than ever before, RLSS UK needs your help to swell the ranks of people dedicated to keeping our waterways fun, friendly and secure places to be for everyone. The RLSS UK’s Drowning Prevention Week website page has a wealth of resources targeted at a variety of age groups and levels, from lesson plans to posters, press releases to social media posts; these resources are accessible year-round from www.rlss.org.uk/dpw Please do what you can to ensure everyone can enjoy water safely. Follow and share: @RLSS UK and #EnjoyWaterSafely RLSS UK 0300 323 0096 www.rlss.org.uk *Source: Outdoor Swimmer magazine ‘Trends in Outdoor Swimming Report’. February 2021.

SPN June 2021 29 27/06/2021 13:23


Hot Tub Safety: How To Stay Out Of Hot Water When You Are In It With domestic hot tubs and spas seeing a surge in demand, Carlene McAvoy, Leisure Safety Manager at RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) provides some useful safety advice when in and around these products


espite our often unpredictable weather, hot tubs and home spas are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This was especially so during the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 when people were being told to stay at home and began to use garden space more for recreation. Many people purchased hot tubs or chose to staycation in the UK in properties that had hot tubs as a facility during this time. In addition to being great fun, hot tubs have many other benefits: relieving stress and providing relaxation. With their ability to be used all-year-round, in winter for warmth and in the summer for coolness, hot tubs can provide relief for aches and pains and help ease the tension built up in the body after a long day at work. Although the benefits of hot tubs are clear, it’s essential to follow the manufacturers’ instructions and keep safe in and around hot tubs. Correct installation by a fitting expert and regular maintenance, including sufficient cleaning, is key to ensuring an enjoyable and safe experience is had by all those who use them. Sadly, according to the Water Incident Database (WAID), six people have lost their lives in hot tubs since 2014 in the UK. RoSPA, along with other partner organisations such as the RNLI and RLSS UK, supports the National Water Safety Forum’s Drowning Prevention Strategy, which aims to reduce accidental drowning fatalities by a half by 2026. Part of this strategy is to increase awareness of everyday risk in, on and around water. RoSPA, therefore, wants to ensure that people have a good time in and around hot tubs but that they do so without harm or injury. Consequently, we suggest the following advice whilst using a hot tub: • Time should be limited: Current guidance suggests that hot tub sessions should not exceed 15 minutes at any one time. This is especially relevant for young children. Give yourself time to cool off before re-entering the hot tub. • Stay hydrated: Being in a hot tub dehydrates you, increasing your chances of heat exhaustion and fainting. Ensuring that you have plenty of water before, during and after your hot tub session can help reduce dizziness and feeling nauseous. • Be mindful of alcohol and medications: Alcohol and certain medications can

30 June 2021 SPN 30_SPN_June_21_ROSPA.indd 30

further dehydrate you, impair your balance. If you want to have a few alcoholic drinks – you can enjoy them responsibly after your hot tub session. • Health conditions: If you have a serious health condition, speak with a health professional for advice before using the hot tub. Increased temperatures can affect blood pressure and an increased heart rate which may lead to dizzy spells. Get out right away if you experience these symptoms. If you have been feeling unwell recently or have any open wounds or infections, then avoid using the hot tub for at least 24 hours. • Children over the age of five can go in the hot tub: Make sure under-5s are supervised at all times and that their time in the tub is limited to very short sessions. • Watch your step: slips, trips and falls are common on wet surfaces. Enter and exit slowly and put some rubber mats or other tread down to make it safe for you and your family to enter and leave the tub. You may also wish to install a handrail if appropriate. • Watch the temperature: temperatures higher than 40ºC can result in a scald injury. Reputable brands will be factory

configured in such a way as to make this impossible. For families with young children, hot tubs can pose a serious drowning risk. To help keep children safe: • Always ensure children are supervised when in and around a hot tub • Explain the reasons to your children as to why they should not attempt access when you are not around • Cover it – make sure your hot tub is covered when not in use • Lock it – lock the hot tub straps to ensure restricted access for young children • Store chemicals safely: Ensure that any water treatment and cleaning materials are stored out of reach of young children • Warn children not to jump into the hot tub as this could cause slips, trips, scalds and injury to the eyes. Further information can be found by visiting www.rospa.com/leisure-safety/water/advice/ hot-tub-safety RoSPA 0121 248 2063 www.rospa.com

Although the benefits of hot tubs are clear, it’s essential to follow the manufacturers’ instructions and keep safe in and around hot tubs”

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The Insurance Reaction To COVID-19 In this issue, Phil Bristow FCII, Director at Nsure Chartered Insurance Brokers, looks at the insurance reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing problems with Professional Indemnity


he insurance industry often comes in for criticism, sometimes rightly so, and was widely blamed for the lack of COVID business interruption cover during the pandemic. But was that fair? Many in the insurance industry will argue that a worldwide pandemic is simply too big a risk for mainstream insurance and should be borne by Government, as is generally the case with nuclear and war risks. It is an argument supported by numbers with the £55 billion annual claim pay-outs by UK insurers dwarfed by the cost of the Government’s bailout, currently estimated at £340 billion and rising. The Government understandably hoped that insurers would bear some of the cost, but had little understanding of insurance coverage and incorrectly thought that by making COVID a notifiable disease it would trigger widespread cover under Business Interruption policies. It did with some, but only after the recent Financial Conduct Authority test case against eight insurers found in favour of the small business policyholders. However, whilst certain sections of the media gave the impression that all policies would pay out, in reality, only a very small proportion of those with business interruption cover will receive pay-outs. The fact is that insurers affected by the ruling never intended to provide cover for national or even regional lockdowns but are now (rightly) paying the price of poorly drafted policy wordings. The infectious disease and non-damage extensions of cover that were the subject of the court case were intended to compensate a business following an event at or in the locality of their premises. They were for outbreaks of known diseases such as TB, which, although serious, could be treated, contained, and would only affect a small area. Insurers provided this cover for smaller businesses because their exposure to

losses was limited and could be quantified. Policies were not priced to cover risks with such widespread exposure as a new and potentially untreatable pandemic. Pandemic cover was available in the large corporate world where risks are individually assessed and underwritten; for example, Wimbledon reportedly received a large pay-out following cancellation of the 2020 tournament, but they were paying annual premiums of around £1m. It will come as no surprise that insurers have now reissued their business interruption wordings to completely exclude COVID, but of more concern is that many are running scared of most COVID risks. We are now seeing restrictions or exclusions with Public and Products Liability where insurers are concerned that businesses could be held liable for infections to members of the public and also restrictions on Directors and Officers policies due to the uncertainty in the economy and the risk of decisions made by directors during the pandemic coming under scrutiny in the event of a business failure. It is better news with Employers Liability where the compulsory nature of the cover (which compensates employees who are injured at work as a result of an employer’s negligence) prevents insurers from applying restrictions. Insurers are increasing Employers Liability rates because of COVID risk, although these should be modest for the wet leisure industry as opposed to higher risk sectors such as ‘care’ where an employee may be in a better position to prove they caught COVID at work, although would still need to establish that the employer was negligent.

Away from COVID, the Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance market remains difficult, especially in the construction sector, including wet leisure. A number of insurers withdrew from the market a few years ago following many years of losing money on PI, and those that remained took ‘corrective’ action by increasing premiums and restricting cover. We have now probably seen the worst of the increases, but there are still only a few insurers writing cover for wet leisure risks, and the market continues to be difficult, particularly for firms with previous claims. The cost of cover should now be a major consideration for any firm quoting for projects with long term PI commitments. That said, with over 20 years’ experience of arranging professional indemnity insurance for the wet leisure industry, Nsure has relationships with insurers who will still write wet leisure risks. However, due to some idiosyncrasies of the market, whether insurers offer terms may depend on their relationship with the broker and may not quote at all if the ‘wrong’ route to market is taken. In short, it is best to contact us early, not as a last resort. For further information on Professional Indemnity insurance, see our factsheet www. nsureinsurance.co.uk/factsheets/professionalindemnity Nsure 01903 608116 www.nsureinsurance.co.uk

Many in the insurance industry will argue that a worldwide pandemic is simply too big a risk for mainstream insurance and should be borne by Government, as is generally the case with nuclear and war risks” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 31_SPN_June_21_NSure.indd 31

SPN June 2021 31 27/06/2021 13:24


Skin Irritations And Water Quality

In this issue, Luke Griffiths, fromSafety Training Awards, looks to dispel some of the myths surrounding skin irritations and water quality


ith pools re-opening and swimming lessons being back there will inevitably be some swimming teachers and swimmers suffering skin irritations and suspecting the pool to be the cause of the problem. Many swimming teachers often have little to no knowledge in pool plant operations but have their own theories on what the causes are and how to treat them. Although well intended, the theories are not always accurate or the best advice. Here STA’s Qualification Development Manager for Pool Plant’ Luke Griffiths takes a closer look.

BASIC CAUSES OF SKIN IRRITATIONS IN POOL WATER Skin irritations can be linked to swimming pools. However, there can be a range of causes and it can be difficult to identify if a skin irritation is due to water quality, the individual’s health or external factors such as cosmetic products or an environment away from the pool. Skin conditions which can be initiated and irritated by chlorinated / brominated water can stem from poor pool and plant maintenance and insufficient cleaning regimes. They may be caused by: 1. Chemical Pollution • pH – Skin is somewhat less sensitive to pH than eyes, but bathers with particularly sensitive skin will be affected if pH levels are not maintained within recommended levels. High pH can break down lipids / fats on the skin leaving hair follicles open to infection. Low pH can be aggressive to the skin. pH also has a huge influence on the effects of free chlorine, and at high levels will reduce the free chlorine’s effectiveness, thus increasing the chances of infection. • Free Chlorine – Low free chlorine levels can allow infectious pathogens to thrive. High free chlorine levels (they need to be very high, however) may affect those with sensitive skin. • Combined Chlorine – High combined chlorine levels are often mistaken by bathers as there being too much chlorine in the pool, but it is actually the disinfection by-product of using chlorine. Combined chlorine can cause skin irritations, irritation of the respiratory tract, eye irritation etc. • Cosmetic products, creams and ointments – In reference to some of the advice about what solutions there are to ease skin irritations – please do not use any creams before getting in the water as these can contribute to chemical pollution. Creams can also feed microorganisms, and in most cases can build up scum as well as increase TDS levels. Pre and post swim hygiene and showering should not be underestimated.

32 June 2021 SPN 32_SPN_June_2021_STA_Rev.indd 32

• Other chemicals – aluminium (flocculants), sulphates (pH control and flocculent chemicals), and bromine-based chemicals can cause irritation. 2. Biological Pollution Common examples of infection resulting from biological pollution are Pseudomonas, conjunctivitis, foot infections and viral infections. However, all of these are NOT easily transmitted in clean, well maintained, disinfected and treated pools. They most often occur as a result of poorly maintained facilities. Below are some examples of infections and how to prevent them in the pool environment: • Athlete’s foot is a ring worm infection which causes itchy scale between the toes. It is spread by contact with floor surfaces. Floor cleaning regimes reduce the chances of infection spreading. • Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a bacterium that can cause folliculitis, ear (Otitis externa – ‘swimmers’ ear’), eye and urinary tract infections. It can survive in pools with inadequate disinfection levels and on surfaces in biofilms. Its presence in pool or spa water and on swim equipment is usually indicative of poor cleaning practices. Physically cleaning and disinfecting is the best action for the removal of biofilms that may contain Pseudomonas aeruginosa. • Verrucas are spread through contact with surfaces contaminated by the papilloma virus. Floor cleaning regimes reduce the chances of the virus spreading. Those most likely to experience problems are bathers who spend lengthy amounts of time soaking in a spa, staff members (potentially by default swimming teachers) who wear wet bathing suits throughout their work shift, or bathers who swim regularly for extended periods of time.

VISIBLE INDICATORS There are often clear visible indicators of contaminated sites due to inadequate cleaning procedures (pool and changing rooms), for

There are often clear visible indicators of contaminated sites due to inadequate cleaning procedures (pool and changing rooms)...’’

example the state of the balance tank, a poor filtration system, the condition of the pool plant room and an incorrect water overflow system. Poor pre and post swim hygiene by bathers can also be a contributing factor.

SOLUTIONS • Monitor and record chemical levels at the recommended frequencies, ensuring readings are within recommended parameters, taking action if they fall outside of these. • If you have a skin condition, seek medical advice but do not apply creams etc. before getting in the water. • Good cleaning and housekeeping across all areas of the pool and changing rooms. • Regular microbiological testing by a UKAS accredited laboratory. Microbiological analysis of pool water must be performed on a regular basis, if not, a pool operator will probably be unaware of the contamination problem until bathers start complaining of infections, rashes or dermatitis. • Promote pre and post swim hygiene to bathers and staff (subject to a facility’s COVID procedures this could include showering at home). • Ensure all swimming equipment is thoroughly cleaned using diluted chlorinated water and stored to dry. STA’s Level 2 Awards in Swimming Pool Water Testing and Swimming Pool Water Treatment are designed to enable learners to understand the basic principles of the treatment and testing of swimming pool water. They could provide just enough information to help a swimming teacher or someone supporting the pool plant operator to understand the basic principles of the treatment of swimming pool water. With this knowledge, we can also start to dispel some of the myths on skin irritations, water quality and treatments. Safety Training Awards 01922 645097 www.safetytrainingawards.co.uk

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 27/06/2021 12:40

SPN JUN 2021.qxp_Layout 1 28/06/2021 16:11 Page 33

SPN JUN 2021.qxp_Layout 1 28/06/2021 16:11 Page 34


Waterco Celebrates 40 Years In The Pool And Spa Industry From humble beginnings in Australia to becoming one of the market leaders with a worldwide presence, Waterco has come a long way since its founding and is now an established brand, with its products found in plant rooms of wet leisure facilities, both big and small


ater treatment manufacturer and distributor Waterco Limited is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The company’s founder and CEO, Soon Sinn Goh, said they are marking the milestone by reflecting on the tenacity that saw the company survive everything from shoestring budgets and factory fires, to the global economic crisis and the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Starting in 1981 selling PVC pipes in Sydney, Australia with three staff and one truck driver, Waterco now employs 715 people globally including 476 staff in its 211,125 square metre Malaysian manufacturing facility. It is also the founding franchisor of Swimart, one of Australasia’s biggest and oldest pool and spa networks. Mr Goh said that, despite facing a number of industrial, economic and environmental challenges, Waterco continues to innovate, expand and diversify. “We celebrate our 40 years in business in a position of strength, having survived recessions, economic downturns, two factory fires and one pandemic,” he said. He attributes Waterco’s position as a dominant player in the international swimming pool and water treatment sectors to the company’s innovative engineering and efficient manufacturing processes. “This enables us to deliver high quality, durable products to over 40 countries around the world,” he continued. “Thanks to our loyal staff, customers, investors and Swimart franchise partners, we are now able to proudly position ourselves as a successful Australian company competing effectively on a global scale.” Waterco has maintained a strong presence in Europe since the acquisition of Lacron,

the UK’s largest manufacturer of pressure sand filters, back in 2003. Since that time Waterco Europe has gone from strength to strength and continued its growth both within the UK and across Europe. Waterco’s water and energy saving innovations, including its proprietary injection moulding techniques, continue to set benchmarks in the industrial water treatment and aquaculture industries. The company’s Micron fibreglass commercial filters are the largest found in the market today while its Climate Care Certified range of products provide consumers with energy and water saving solutions. Key company milestones include: 1974 – Soon Sinn Goh graduates from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Commerce 1981 – Soon Sinn Goh migrates to Australia from Malaysia 1981 – Commences trading as Dronaco and distributing PVC pipes and fittings to the pool and spa industry 1983 – Opens first retail store called Swimart 1986 – Commences business as a franchisor of Swimart pool and spa franchise network

Waterco has maintained a strong presence in Europe since the acquisition of Lacron, the UK’s largest manufacturer of pressure sand filters, back in 2003”

Manufacturing filters at the company’s Malaysian facility

1986 – Acquires Zane Solar and enters the solar heating market 1987 – Changes Dronaco to Waterco Pty Ltd 1989 – Floats on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: WAT) 1990 – Commences manufacturing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia operating as Waterco Far East 2000 – Acquires Watercare Division of Asia Pacific Chemicals Limited 2003 – Acquires Lacron, Britain’s largest manufacturer of pressure sand filters and forms Waterco Europe 2005 – Acquires Focus Temp and increases Waterco’s market share in Canada and the United States 2006 – Opens manufacturing plants in China and East Asia to meet escalating demand from Europe 2007 – MultiCyclone awarded the Piscina Barcelona Sustainability Award 2012 – Acquires Pool and Spa Poppits Pty Ltd 2019 – Acquires SolarMate Sdn Bhd in Malaysia 2020 – Acquires Automated Pool Products Pty Ltd distributor of Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners 2021 – Celebrates 40 years in business Despite the many milestones to reflect upon, the company’s story is only getting started. “We will continue to invest heavily in research and development, machinery and technology to create products of the future, enabling Waterco to be more competitive and enter new markets in the essential water treatment sector,” advised Mr Goh. Waterco Europe 01795 521733 www.waterco.eu Waterco’s Head Office in Sydney, Australia

Waterco’s Swimart fleet back in the day

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Reynolds Polymer Role In Making The World’s First Floating Pool

The Sky Pool, located at Embassy Gardens in London, has received a wide range of media coverage over recent months and in this issue, we highlight the challenges that Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. had when supplying the main feature for the groundbreaking project


eynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. in partnership with international property developers Ecoworld Ballymore Group, recently unveiled the world’s first ‘floating’ swimming pool, which spans 82 feet across two buildings, 115 feet in the air. The pool consists of one, solid, 14-inch-thick piece of acrylic and is made from totally transparent polymer, which was engineered and manufactured in the small Colorado town of Grand Junction. The acrylic is the main feature of the Embassy Gardens’ Sky Pool in London, a stunning swimming pool project which has received wide media coverage over recent months due to its unique and groundbreaking design. “Manufacturing and engineering of the Sky Pool has pushed the envelope of what can be done in large acrylic structures,” said Paul O. Gardner, Vice President of Engineering, Quality, & Safety at Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. “The team in Grand Junction has overcome incredibly tight tolerances and requirements to arrive at a finished project that is unexplainable without seeing it. Words can’t adequately describe the finished product; it must be witnessed.” Shipping proved to be another major task of the project. Transporting such a large structure, which weighs 122,000 pounds (in excess of 55 tonnes), from Grand Junction to London required police escorts, road closures, removal of traffic lights and street signs, as well as a full day closure of Nine Elms Lane, which runs alongside the River Thames in London, as the acrylic pool structure arrived on a barge via the water. “The design and engineering that went into Sky Pool involved many people across multiple continents,” advised Declan McLaughlin, CEO of Reynolds Polymer. “Sometimes you are presented with challenges that seem insurmountable, and Sky Pool was one of those. However, it inspired our organisation to go above and beyond and execute an

36 June 2021 SPN 36_SPN_April_2021_Reynolds_Focus.indd 36

inspirational iconic idea of a floating pool. Incredibly proud to be part of this once in a lifetime legacy challenge.” Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. has over 35 years’ experience, and nearly 3,000 projects spanning 59 countries. Reynolds Polymer is constantly reinventing the definition of what can be done with acrylic. In addition to unique casting processes and an unsurpassed bonding technology, Reynolds Polymer’s highly trained design engineers work hard to make the impossible possible. Reynolds Polymer brings architectural and design dreams to life and has created some of the world’s most visited structures. The design of Sky Pool was built to appear simple to the public, however the concept is incredibly complex. In reality, it’s a three-

dimensional structure carrying the weight of the water, as well as sustaining its pressure, spanning across a considerable distance at height, subject to wind loads, temperature fluctuations and building movements. While the project took four years to complete, six months was spent just exploring the concept with plenty of discussion on design data and safety measures. The final result is truly an engineering marvel, a one-of-a-kind floating pool, an amazing architectural statement at a landmark development, and one of the best examples of highly engineered acrylic in the world. Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. + 1 970 241 4700 www.reynoldspolymer.com

The design of Sky Pool was built to appear simple to the public, however the concept is incredibly complex”

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COMPANY FOCUS Outside the new warehouse – Managing Director and founder Rob Carlin (left) with Sales Director Gareth Ward

Rob Carlin and Gareth Ward celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary

Superior Wellness Celebrates Ten Years

Hot tub and swim spa distributor Superior Wellness celebrated their 10-year anniversary at the end of April and in this issue, we take a look at the Chesterfieldbased company’s rise and future expectations


n 28 April 2021, Superior Wellness – Europe’s largest hot tub and swim spa distributor – celebrated their ten year anniversary. The milestone year also coincided with the move into a new 130,000 square foot warehouse, distribution centre and office.

HOW IT ALL STARTED It all began in 2011, when at the age of 23, Rob Carlin – Superior’s Managing Director and founder – decided that he wanted to import and sell hot tubs. Having zero knowledge of the hot tub industry he researched the products and saw a gap in the market for entry-level products to be retailed online. Fast forward ten years and Superior Wellness are now the leading distributor of hot tubs and swim spas in Europe.

THE JOURNEY TO SUCCESS After initially retailing models online, Rob took the decision to distribute Superior Spas branded models which which were manufactured by Wellis following a meeting at the annual SPATEX exhibition. This lasted

for almost four years until 2017. Rob then made the decision to move away from Wellis and instead to have new Superior Spas models manufactured in America – the spiritual home of hot tubs. A year prior to the changes taking place with the Superior models, the Platinum Spas brand had been created. This was followed by the addition of Be Well Spas in 2018 and California Spas in 2020 and the most recent announcement of a range of models from Thermals Spas being added to the portfolio. All the while, throughout this period of staggering growth, the Superior team have attended SPATEX to raise awareness of the brand and of course get new partners onboard which has enabled them to go from strength to strength.

IMPROVING WELLBEING FOR ALL Superior Wellness rebranded from Superior Spas in November 2020, this was in line with their mission to improve wellbeing for all. Wellness is hugely important to the company, not only for helping to change lives for customers with their hot tubs and

Superior Wellness rebranded from Superior Spas in November 2020, this was in line with their mission to improve wellbeing for all” 38 June 2021 SPN 38-39_SPN_June_2021_Superior_Focus.indd 38

swim spas in terms of relaxation, to manage stress and soothe aching muscles, but also to ensure good mental health too – all whilst reconnecting with family and friends. There is also a focus on wellness for the Superior team with a new onsite gym, subsidised healthy meals and a mental health champion within the team. The company also offers in-house training for the team as well as their partner network.

CULTURE IS THE KEY Working at Superior Wellness isn’t like any ordinary job. Their close-knit award-winning team has a family culture. Staff really do feel like part of the family when they join – they all support each other as one team and not only work together, but socialise together too. The team are friendly, passionate and fun – they even had a team holiday last year to Budapest just before the pandemic – great team building experience which in hindsight, was perfectly timed!

A NEW HOME FOR SUPERIOR WELLNESS The team recently moved into their new headquarters in Chesterfield which houses the warehouse, distribution centre and office, plus one of the UK’s largest hot tub showrooms for their Miami Spas retail division. The new location is almost the size

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Product innovation is important and includes developments such as the Platinum Premium Shield for the Platinum Spas range

of two football pitches and is the largest hot tub distribution centre in the UK stocking up to 3,000 hot tubs. Superior Wellness also opened a new distribution centre in the Netherlands to ensure quicker delivery from the port to Europe rather than from the UK, meaning customers across the European mainland receive their products quicker.

SALES IN 2020 AND 2021 The last 12 months have been a year that nobody will forget for many reasons. Due to COVID-19, more people have been spending time at home and investing money on transforming gardens and outside spaces. Sales for hot tubs and swim spas increased, at times at an astonishing rate, and the Superior team grew too – not only to keep up with the demand, but also to help strive towards the company’s overall vision. As with many in the wet leisure sector, Superior Wellness has seen phenomenal growth in 2020 in terms of sales, revenue and as mentioned, in team members too. This accelerated growth has continued into 2021, is one of the reasons for the move and will enable the company the space to achieve their vision. Reflecting on the last ten years and the move, Rob Carlin said: “I am incredibly proud of how far we have come. From the early days when I rented a small warehouse and worked from my bedroom to now moving into our new headquarters, illustrates the growth we have experienced.” Speaking at the time of the anniversary in April, Gareth Ward, Sales Director said: “Last year we received 25,000 spa orders and

The Superior team have regularly exhibited at shows including the UK’s annual SPATEX exhibition

currently four months into 2021 we are on a grand total of 22,000 spa orders received. “Year on year our network grows and we welcome more partners in to the Superior Wellness family. Our main focus is to help our partner network grow their business to achieve their goals. “We could not have achieved the growth without our culture; we work as a close-knit team and support each other. Our partner network work with us – as one team.”

INVESTMENT IN TECHNOLOGY Superior Wellness are also investing in technology with a new cutting-edge bespoke Warehouse Management System currently being rolled out across the business. This will ensure inventory is managed more effectively and arrives quicker to the customers. Partners will be able to access this as well as the CRM to place orders and to check stock – providing rapid access to all the essential needed information. Gareth Ward commented: “We are investing in marketing, research, IT, product innovation, the customer experience as well as technology. We aim to go beyond expectations in all that we do. “We also have a multi lingual sales team to ensure we can speak to you in your first language. This is a growing team so please contact me if you are interested in joining.”

the new energy efficient insulation Platinum Premium Shield designed by the Superior Heatlock Insulation Process (SHIP) which provides a considerable difference in the heat retained in the hot tub, as well as a reduction in energy costs. The insulation works in the same way as a house and will keep water warmer for longer and save energy. The new and improved Premium range from Platinum Spas is their most luxurious yet and has been built to the highest possibly quality. Models have a focus on innovation, the latest technology and an abundance of features. They include upgraded corner panels with a full LED lighting strip, upgraded jets and upgraded diverters.



Over the next ten years Superior Wellness will be working towards their vision of becoming the world’s market leader in hot tubs and swim spas, offering a global choice of high-quality products and commended for their focus on wellness and a best in class customer experience. It’s an exciting time to join the Superior Wellness family either as a partner or a team member. Their close-knit award-winning team are friendly, passionate and fun. The company has a growing number of partners in the UK and Europe and are now looking to expand into America. They pride themselves on the close relationships they have built with their partner network to date.

With innovation being a core brand value at Superior Wellness, they are continuously improving their products. For the Platinum Spas range they have recently introduced

Superior Wellness 01246 559071 www.superiorwellness.co.uk

The team are friendly, passionate and fun – they even had a team holiday last year to Budapest just before the pandemic

Superior Spas’ new 130,000 square foot warehouse is the largest hot tub distribution centre in the UK

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Hot Tub Solutions For Parks, Lodges And More Enjoying success in an ever-widening range of of environments, hot tubs in a business setting have become ‘must-have’ pieces of kit for many who choose to spend their leisure time in the UK and manufacturers have been quick to produce a number of sector specific solutions to make running them easier. With holiday parks, lodges and cottages seeing an increase in demand, we take a closer look at some the options By Jon Wadeson


he sight of a hot tub in a public setting has now become so common that the UK public is no longer surprised to find them in sports clubs or leisure facilities and of course many holiday destinations across the country have added them to provide a touch of the exotic to a UK-based holiday. Before the pandemic, they were increasingly popping up at cinema evenings, music festivals and a wide range of other events too! Lodges, cottages and holiday parks in particular have really embraced hot tubs over recent years and according to research, they are one of the most requested items from customers researching holidays of this type online. Research also suggests that with the introduction of a hot tub, impressive premiums can be added to the overall price of a holiday – up to a staggering 40%! And in addition to this premium, occupancy rates greatly improve too. So with statistics like these, it is no surprise that hot tubs have performed well in the sector. A number of considerations have to be taken into account when it comes to maintaining models in these settings though. Their operation should be in accordance with the latest Health & Safety Guidance – HSG282: The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems. Operating methods, costs and durability also have to be considered too but thankfully, manufacturers have been quick to acknowledge the sector’s needs and produce a number of models plus develop technologies specifically for it. With numerous solutions available, in this issue, we take a closer look at just some that are being offered.

HOT TUB SUPPLIERS’ 282 COLLECTIONS SET TO EXPAND IN 2021 Available from Hot Tub Suppliers, the 282 range of hot tubs is designed and equipped with all the features required for a safe and successful hot tub Available from Hot Tub Suppliers, the 282 range of hot tubs is designed with all the features required for a safe and successful hot tub experience

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experience for both guests and management. This year, Hot Tub Suppliers are launching a specially designed 282 range. The range will include both square or round models with the new standout Logic model. Logic is a 6 seater, 2m x 2m square design which is both attractive and practical for both owner and user. A commercial hot tub has to feature all the specification of a luxury hot tub with added features to ensure owners and operators remain totally in control of the hot tub and any HSG 282 requirements. Hot tubs in the 282 collections are reliably sanitised via an above-cabinet automatic chemical feeder which has been designed with a patented performance valve that operates on cue, responding accurately to each adjustment with its wide range of settings. Chemical dosing is vital to keep the hot tub sanitised and free of bacteria for safe use by the guests. The top control panel also has minimal functions to restrict the user to basic operations (jets and lights). A second, complete management control panel is hidden within the cabinet of the hot tub with a lockable cabinet to ensure safety. From experience and customer feedback, Hot Tub Suppliers know a restricted top panel will eliminate user errors and keep the hot tub in peak condition. The control panels are both designed by

Balboa along with the Wi-Fi receiver which enables remote control of the hot tub via the Balboa Water App and again enable complete management control.

SANISTREAM™ – SETTING THE STANDARD WITHIN HOLIDAY LET SECTORS Since prototypes of Darlly Europe’s SaniStream™ Direct Line Filtration system were first shown at SPATEX in 2018, the revolutionary and innovative solution to hot tub disinfection has gone on to become an ubiquitous industry standard. The SaniStream™ Direct Line Filtration system comprises an adjustable in-line bromine or chlorine feeder called the SpaPod™. This fits The team at Darlly Europe into a redesigned invented a competitive and effective solution for and exclusively compliance with adapted high quality HSG282 new SaniStream Direct Line Darlly filter to form a Filtration System complete integrated hot tub filtration and disinfectant dosing solution in one. The SaniStream™ Direct Line Filtration system gives consumers the benefits of a highly effective adjustable chlorine or bromine dosing feeder which, unlike a floating dispenser, does not need to be removed from the spa when bathers are using it. In fact, it is dosing disinfectant at precisely the time it’s needed most – when people are actually in the hot tub. Similarly, again unlike a floating dispenser, the owner doesn’t need to remember to put it back in the spa after all the bathers have left. However, the greatest impact made by the product has undoubtedly been in the holiday let sector. When the infamous HSG282 regulations were introduced in early 2017, thousands of spas already installed

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HOT TUBS IN A BUSINESS SETTING The AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod is a revolutionary prefilled adjustable bromine dosing product from Complete Pool Controls

and in use out in the field in holiday parks, lodges, caravans and cottages became noncompliant overnight. SaniStream™ Direct Line Filtration system solves this problem by combining an inline disinfectant feeder with the world’s best quality hot tub filters at a sensible cost and without having to modify the hot tub’s existing plumbing. Today a number of spa manufactures are using the innovative product as their preferred direct line filtration system.

AQUASPARKLE BROMINE POD – CONTINUOUS IN-LINE HOT TUB SANITATION Last year, chemical specialist Complete Pool Controls launched the AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod, and it has significantly grown throughout the UK market ever since. The AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod is a unique and easy to use pre-filled adjustable bromine dosing product for domestic hot tubs and spas in business settings to help owners get in line with the latest recommendations set out by the HSG282 guidelines. The product is designed to be used in conjunction with the HSG282 guidelines and the Darlly’s SaniStream™ filter range or in proprietary in-built dosing units by way of

By switching to a high-efficiency air source heat pump like this model from Golden Coast, owners and operators could cut their costs and improve their carbon footprint

the adaptor clip included with each pack of three Pods. Customers who have changed from their regular dosing routine to the Bromine Pods have found that it is easy to install, eliminates chemical handling and provides consistent sanitisation to their hot tub making it a very cost effective choice. In other words, Bromine Pods offer numerous key benefits over using a floating dispenser or hand dosing chemicals. They include: • Constant inline dosing – no possibility of handling dosing device/chemicals • Fully adjustable – available to use for all levels of hot tub use • Cost effective dosing – up to 6 weeks sanitation • Improved safety – no chemical handling. When it comes to a simple and effective chemical dosing product, look no further than the AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod in partnership with Darlly filters – simple, safe and costeffective sanitisation for your hot tub!


especially if there are several on site. But by switching to a high-efficiency air source heat pump, owners and operators could cut their costs, improve their carbon footprint, and keep guests happy all year round. The inverter-driven heat pump quickly warms the hot tub up to 40°C. Importantly, it was designed to operate on a lower current, using a nominal amount of power, enabling the pump to maintain the desired temperature. This also reduces any risk of overloading the power supply, which is a common issue faced by commercial facilities when running multiple light and heat sources. “Our heat pump uses less energy compared to electric heaters,” said Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast. “So not only is it an eco-friendlier product, it means owners spend far less on electricity bills. The heat pump has already been used in holiday parks around the UK, and in some cases owners have been able to save thousands.” The heat pump has been tried and tested, even in cold temperatures as low as -15°C. It reaches a high coefficient of performance regardless of temperature, so the hot tub can be used all year round. The pump is

CASE STUDY BOWMAN HEAT EXCHANGERS GET CUSTOMER APPROVAL Ashlin Farm Barns is a unique country holiday experience. Located five miles from the city of Lincoln, it comprises five architect designed, luxury barns set in extensive grounds. Each barn accommodates up to ten guests and is equipped and finished to the highest standards. A key feature of the south facing gardens is the huge private swim spa provided with each property, which creates a stunning focal point in the sun deck area. Supplied and installed by East Midlands based hot tub specialists, 1 Stop Spas and capable of

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accommodating up to ten guests, these luxurious spas have not surprisingly proved to be a major visitor attraction. Maintaining the water temperature and ensuring the spas are re-heated quickly at guest changeover periods is extremely important for such a high end resort, as upon arrival, the first thing guests invariably

want is to relax in their spa. To ensure the water is always deliciously warm, the spas are heated from a centralised Biomass heating system via individual Bowman heat exchangers installed to each swim spa. This solution provides extremely fast heat up times with energy efficient running costs and has proved to be a reliable heating solution. With a customer commenting that “the swim spa was incredible”, it would seem that guests approve too! 1 Stop Spas 01522 300737 www.1stopspas.com

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HOT TUBS IN A BUSINESS SETTING extremely durable, and is fitted with titanium heat exchangers which are highly resistant to corrosion by salt, chlorine and bromine. “Hot tubs should be enjoyed in every season, and they can be thanks to our heat pump,” said Adam. “You also don’t need to worry about noise, as the pump operates at just 40dB, so it’s very quiet. The touchscreen display is easy to use and allows you to control the temperature at the touch of a button. Whether you have one hot tub or dozens of them, you benefit from reliable heating that doesn’t cost the earth.”

SAVE ENERGY AND HEAT HOT TUBS FASTER WITH BOWMAN Bowman manufacture a range of heat exchangers designed for use in swim spas, hot tubs and spas where external heat sources are present. These will include gas, biomass or LPG boilers, ground and air source heat pumps, plus the latest hybrid heating systems. Bowman EC 80-5113-1T heat exchangers feature a shell and tube design. Hot water from the external boiler enters the heat exchanger and circulates inside the outer ‘shell’ of the unit and over the tube core, whilst spa water travels through the tubes collecting heat on the way. Though compact in size, when compared to the electric heaters often supplied with hot tubs, they heat the pool water much faster – often by around 10°C to 12°C per hour, reducing heat up times to around three hours using ambient temperature water – a significant benefit for holiday parks at guest change over periods. As electric heating is expensive, often double the price of gas or biomass heating, switching to a Bowman heat exchanger, with an external boiler can reduce energy costs significantly, and reduce the electricity loading for a holiday park. Bowman manufacture a range of heat exchangers designed for use in swim spas, hot tubs and spas where external heat sources are present

A Platinum Spas Holiday Let hot tub is the perfect addition to holiday cottages, holiday parks, leisure parks and glamping locations

Supplied as standard with composite end covers and solvent weld connectors, the EC80 can be easily installed. There’s also an integral 7mm thermostat pocket for easy temperature monitoring. Manufactured from titanium, one of the most durable materials available, these heat exchangers are perfect for spas and hot tubs and all titanium materials in contact with pool water come with a ten year guarantee. Stainless steel or cupro-nickel tubestacks are also available.

PLATINUM PROVIDE THE PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS A Platinum Spas Holiday Let hot tub is the perfect addition to holiday cottages, holiday parks, leisure parks and glamping locations. As the name would suggest, this hot tub has been designed purely for the holiday let market and offers a basic layout with no breakable or removable components. Produced with heavy usage in mind, the robust but minimalistic design perfectly complements any garden, decking or outdoor area.

The hot tub seats five people (with one lounger and four seats) and incorporates with 40 jets – perfect for families or a group of friends. Platinum Spas are also looking at introducing a holiday let hot tub for four people – perfect for a couple or small families. The hot tub meets the HSG282 regulations which are the guidelines for businesses to be able to offer a hot tub for financial gains. The hot tub’s lighting brings the experience alive with innovative use of LEDs. With a range of mood-lifting multicoloured LED lights, guests will love their evening spa time when the sun goes down. Underwater floodlighting, waterline lighting and corner panel lighting is also included. With the latest state-of-the-art Bluetooth transducer speaker system, users can immerse thmeselves deep in the music and simply relax. The speakers are invisible with zero maintenance. Other features include: • Superior filtration system • Tamper proof control panel with secondary hidden controls • Hidden in-line chemical feeder within the cabinet • Plug and Play and 32amp available • Weatherproof cabinet. With an option to add a Wi-Fi module, owners can monitor the status and access the settings of the hot tub from anywhere in the world. Connect it to any smartphone or tablet. The perfect app for owners who want to connect their hot tubs to the internet – saving time and money.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Complete Pool Controls 01242 662700 www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk Darlly Europe 01952 580500 www.darllyeurope.com E J Bowman 0121 359 5401 www.ej-bowman.com Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com Hot Tub Suppliers 0116 251 3378 www.hottubsuppliers.com Platinum Spas 01246 559071 www.platinum-spas.com

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Events Roundup With numerous exhibitions having been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic over the last year, and with some uncertainty still hanging over both the events industry and international travel, in this issue we take a closer look at what’s on and where over the coming months and hope that they indeed do take place as conditions improve around the globe By Jon Wadeson


he COVID-19 pandemic has badly affected a number of businesses around the world and none more so than those operating within the travel, hospitality, exhibitions and events sectors. Whilst some organisers tried their best with virtual offerings, many, in fact the vast majority, postponed or cancelled events, due to guidance and restrictions put in place by governments across the globe. Now, with some light finally appearing at the end of the pandemic tunnel, there are plans in place for many finally to go ahead. Of course, there is still some uncertainty surrounding what is a constantly evolving situation, and no doubt some events will likely be impacted in terms of their offerings and format, but many organisers and venues are now feeling much more positive and are looking forward to some long-awaited normality resuming to the events sector. So, with our fingers firmly crossed, in this issue, we round up some of the key events that have relevance for the wet leisure industry taking place both here in the UK and further afield over the coming months.

INTERBAD TO BE HELD IN 2021 AS INNOVATION DAYS THIS YEAR Following discussions with the supporting association and the trade fair advisory board, interbad have decided to postpone

44 June 2021 SPN 44-46_SPN_June_21_Events_Roundup.indd 44

their regular event until October 2022 following the rescheduling of the interbad 2020 to this year due to the pandemic. The decision was taken in view of the foreseeable continuation of travel restrictions and the condensed worldwide trade fair market situation for all participants, it was deemed impractical and unrealistic to stage a full-blown interbad in 2021 as over 40% of the exhibitors and more than 1 in 4 visitors come from abroad. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a hole in the events calendar and with the organisers wanting to bring the industry together in some capacity at a live event, for this year, a more compact alternative concept will run on 22 and 23 September under the name of interbad Innovation Days. The interbad Innovation Days – Congress/ Show/Networking, will therefore be the first national and Europe-wide live event for the swimming pool, sauna and wellness industry after the pandemic. The new format at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre will offer trade visitors and exhibitors two exciting days with a Congress, networking and an accompanying exhibition. “We are pleased to present an alternative concept in autumn 2021 that will enable us to bring the industry together in one place in this exceptional year,” said Andreas Wiesinger, a member of the Board of Management of Messe Stuttgart. “We developed the interbad Innovation Days 2021 as a live event which will again finally satisfy

the wish for personal communication between visitors and exhibitors, make it possible to experience the key topic of innovation and, above all, enable know-how to be transferred on a wide scale. The adapted setting with a qualified safety concept will offer planning security and therefore focus on important aspects after the long lockdown,” added Wiesinger.

AQUANALE 2021 – A SPOTLIGHT ON THE POOL AND WELLNESS INDUSTRY Live and in person – Koelnmesse is making what seemed unimaginable for a long time possible. aquanale, International Trade Fair for Sauna.Pool.Ambience, will be hosted in Cologne as an in-person event from 26 to 29 October. New products, trends and opportunities to exchange ideas face-to-face – all this will be available at aquanale, which is co-located with FSB, the International Trade Fair for Public Space, Sports and Leisure Facilities. The sector’s clear commitment to aquanale and to Cologne as a location underlines the importance of the trade fair as an indispensable hub for business, networking and communication. In Cologne, solutions and trends for a successful future will be presented, commercial relationships strengthened and ground prepared for the establishment of new business at an international level. What impact has the coronavirus pandemic had on the market for private pools and wellness facilities? Which developments are shaping the industry? And what do customers today want? For the sectors of the economy that revolve around water, many of these questions will be answered during the fourday event as aquanale will present an A to Z of the market for swimming, sweating, health, beauty and wellness in a showcase that covers both the private and the public segments. Alongside home swimming pools and wellness escapes, the trade fair also represents the approximately 6,000 public pool facilities and 2,000 sauna facilities in Germany, as well as the roughly 3,500 pools in hotels and more than 2,000 pools in communal living facilities. The industry gathering is accompanied by the International

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...many organisers and venues are now feeling much more positive and are looking forward to some long-awaited normality resuming to the events sector” Swimming Pool and Wellness Forum, a congress programme that addresses issues for private pools, hotel swimming pools and public facilities as well as presenting content for all market sectors.

HOLIDAY PARK & RESORT INNOVATION RETURNS WITH A FOCUS ON WET LEISURE Over 18,000 owners from across the holiday park and leisure industry will set up camp in Birmingham’s NEC on 10 and 11 November for Holiday Park & Resort Innovation 2021. As Europe’s largest event in the leisure and hospitality industry, the show is an unmissable opportunity for those within this sector, especially as last year’s was cancelled due to the pandemic. Visitors to the two-day event will be able to expand their knowledge on the industry, delivering first-hand expert advice on the latest trends and products. With a specific focus on the wet leisure sector this year, the event’s organisers have some incredible exhibitors heading to the Midlands’ venue, and with many weeks still

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to go before the event takes place, they are expecting even more to confirm their attendance. So far, companies to see from the sector over these two unmissable days include: Aachen Wellness Sauna & Steam, Aqua Fun Project Group, Blue Whale Spa, Complete Pool Controls, Golden Coast, Jacuzzi Spa & Bath, Key Environmental Services, Lovibond Water Testing, Mosaic Spa & Health Clubs, Palm Spas, Splash Pools, Sunbeach Spas, Suntrap Systems, Swiftclean, The Mosaic Spa Company, TWC (Services) Ltd, Van Egdom and Wibit Sports. Along with these world class exhibitors, there will be some unmissable seminars from the likes of BISHTA/SPATEX and 1 Stop Spa & SpaTech Training covering topics which are bringing the latest innovations and inspiration to the forefront of minds! November’s instalment is set to be the most exciting and comprehensive edition yet for the wet leisure sector! With world-class experts, enlightening seminars, sought-after suppliers, workshops, unrivalled networking, live features, panel debates all under one roof – these two November days are truly unmissable for anyone in the wet leisure side of the holiday park and resort sector.

Barcelona Building Construmat and Piscina & Wellness Barcelona will take place simultaneously from 29 November to 2 December 2021 at the Gran Via venue with the aim of contributing to the recovery of two fundamental sectors for the economy. Organised by Fira de Barcelona, these two trade shows have joined forces to provide greater added value to their offer on a platform providing a service to both the construction and swimming pool and wellness industries. Both events will be held in a hybrid format, with a face-to-face fair complemented by a virtual one, in an initiative that demonstrates Fira de Barcelona’s desire to help reactivate the economy. With this joint event, BBConstrumat and Piscina & Wellness Barcelona will be able to increase the number of business opportunities that can be established at the shows by reaching a wider potential professional audience, ranging from constructors and installers to managers of hotels, sports facilities, campsites and water parks, as well as architects, interior designers, landscapers and engineers. BBConstrumat is currently in talks with other event organisers regarding the possibility of also incorporating them into the event and therefore setting up an even larger multi-sector platform for 2021. As with previous editions, Piscina & Wellness Barcelona will showcase the best initiatives, experiences and solutions in its Wellness Experience spaces, the Innovation Zone and with the Piscina & Wellness Awards. Additionally, it will promote debate within the sector through its Professional Conferences, among other activities. New for 2021 is ‘The Outdoor Living Concept’, which will include a specific area for exhibitor companies who in turn will provide materials, products and services for the recreation of an outdoor living space, activity and demonstration areas and a seminar and conference room.

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SPATEX 2022 IS WELL ON THE WAY FOR A SELL-OUT! With over 80% of exhibition space sold, at the time of going to press, the UK industry has shown its overwhelming support for its annual SPATEX exhibition returning to a live event on Tuesday 1 to Thursday 3 February 2022, following the virtual edition held in February. SPATEX Organiser, Michele Bridle, is delighted with the response and the unprecedented demand for larger stands. She has used her long-standing experience of running the show to ingeniously restructure the floorplan to free up more space to accommodate a greater number of

larger stands for companies. Michele said: “With seven months still to go before the show opens, it’s set to be one of the best yet.” There is no shortage of new ideas to keep the show fresh and the campaign kicked off in June with a new website featuring a live Facebook feed and up-to-the-minute information on the latest show news and exhibitors. The Ricoh Arena, the show’s home for the past eight years, will brandish the new title of the Coventry Building Society Arena and boast a swanky £10m facelift. This includes a state-of-the-art sports bar, located at the north entrance of the complex, called Anecdote, serving ‘American-style food with a twist’ and craft ales and cocktails. The Arena’s 6,000m2 exhibition hall

will also undergo a major refurbishment including new flooring, a partition wall and a new entrance for gates 27 and 28. Plus, a Commonwealth Convention Centre, with world-class facilities, will be built on the south side of the venue. The major sponsorship agreement comes as Coventry is on the brink of becoming one of the most-happening cities in the UK. With Birmingham 2022 staging the Commonwealth Games from 28 July to 8 August, the Coventry Building Society Arena plays host to rugby sevens, judo and wrestling. Coventry has also fought off many contenders to win the much-coveted title of UK City of Culture from May 2021 to May 2022, making the city a major player on both the national and international stage.

WHAT’S ON AND WHERE 2021-22 – AT A GLANCE AUGUST 2021 25 – 26 August SPLASH! AUSTRALIA Gold Coast Convention Centre, Queensland, Australia Tel: + 61 (0)2 9660 2113 Email: info@splashexpo.com.au Web: www.splashexpo.com.au SEPTEMBER 2021 22 – 23 October INTERBAD INNOVATION DAYS Messe Stuttgart, Germany Tel: +44 (0)1732 525950 Email: info@messe-stuttgart.de Web: www.interbad.de OCTOBER 2021 12 – 13 October FORUM PISCINE Bologna Exhibition Centre, Bologna, Italy Tel: +39 051 272 523 Email: ufficiostampa@absolutgroup.it Web: www.forumpiscine.it 26 – 29 October AQUANALE Cologne, Germany Tel: +49 1806 603 500 Email: aquanale@visitor.koelnmesse.de Web: www.aquanale.com

46 June 2021 SPN 44-46_SPN_June_21_Events_Roundup.indd 46

NOVEMBER 2021 10 – 11 November HOLIDAY PARK & RESORT INNOVATION NEC, Birmingham, UK Tel: 0117 929 6087 Email: william.mansfield@prysmgroup.co.uk Web: www.holidayparkshow.co.uk

JANUARY 2022 25 – 27 January THE POOL & SPA SHOW Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA Tel: +1 609 689 9111 Email: pmccormick@nespapool.org Web: www.thepoolspashow.com

16 – 18 November INTERNATIONAL POOL, SPA, PATIO EXPO Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, USA Tel: +1 972 536 6350 Email: info@poolspapatio.com Web: www.poolspapatio.com

FEBRUARY 2022 1 – 3 February SPATEX 2022 Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, UK Tel: +44 (0)1264 358558 Email: info@spatex.co.uk Web: www.spatex.co.uk

29 November – 2 December PISCINA & WELLNESS BARCELONA Barcelona, Spain Tel: +34 93 233 2000 Email: info@firabarcelona.com Web: www.piscinawellness.com DECEMBER 2021 4 – 12 December SALON PISCINE & SPA Paris, France Tel: +33 (0)1 4756 6465 Email: piscine@reedexpo.fr Web: www.salonpiscineparis.com

7 – 10 February CANADIAN POOL & SPA EXPO Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls, Canada Tel: +1 877 743 1393 Email: mette@rogers.com Web: www.poolandspaexpo.ca MAY 2022 24– 26 May THE LEISURE SHOW Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai Tel: +971 4 445 3625 Email: info@dmgevents.com Web: www.theleisureshow.com

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SPATEX represents all sectors of the water leisure industry from pools, spas, saunas to hydrotherapy, steam rooms and play equipment, in both the domestic and commercial arena.

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Alternative Solutions For Raising Water Temperatures Heat pumps and environmental systems are popular choices for warming the waters within pools in the UK, but there are a number of other products available which can also help with the task of raising water temperatures. The effectiveness varies with each solution, but a range of water heating options mean there’s something for all sizes of installation and budgets too. In this issue, we take a look at just some of the products within the sector By Jon Wadeson


hen it comes to raising the temperatures of the water in swimming pools, there’s a wide choice of options available to suit an even wider range of pool types, environments and of course budgets. Whilst heat pumps and environmental systems provide some of the latest sophisticated technologies to meet the needs of many pool owners, boilers, electric options, heat exchangers and more, all play their part in the heating mix, and in doing so, offer flexibility for the many pool environments that exist. That’s particularly important for pools found at what would be classed as the lower end or entry-level area of the market, where super sophisticated and therefore high cost solutions often aren’t warranted or necessary. So whether it’s for a large, frequently used swimming pool or for a seasonally used garden installation which there are now a lot more of due to the pandemic, in this issue we take a closer look at some of the non heat pump options that are warming up the waters of pools across the country.

HEAT UP POOLS QUICKER WITH BOWMAN HEAT EXCHANGERS Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers offer outstanding heat transfer performance, heating pools significantly faster – often up to three times faster – reducing energy costs and saving money. At the heart of this superior performance is the design of the unit’s tube stacks, which not only includes more heat transfer tubes than most competitor products’, they also feature a novel internal baffle arrangement which forces the incoming hot water to travel through the unit in a configuration that achieves the most efficient heat transfer. Renowned for their quality and Bowman offer a comprehensive range covering virtually every pool size, from small domestic, to Olympic size swimming pools

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 49-51_SPN_June_21_Heat_Pumps.indd 49

long-life durability, all models are available with titanium, as well as stainless steel and cupro-nickel tube stacks to suit installation requirements and customer preferences. Titanium, being especially durable, is suitable for use with any type of pool water, including saline pools and salt water chlorinators, as it resists attack from most aggressive chemicals indefinitely. Bowman offer a comprehensive range covering virtually every pool size, from small domestic, to Olympic size swimming pools, in a range of ten different sized models, for pool sizes ranging from 40m³ to 1,689m³ and with heat transfer rates from 20 kW to 1,170 kW (based on 82°C boiler water). The popular EC and FC heat exchanger ranges feature composite end covers and solvent weld connectors, enabling them to be easily installed directly in to the pool’s pipework. Bowman also offer a range of swimming pool heat exchangers for use with renewable energy systems, for pool owners wishing to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. These units are specially designed to work with the lower temperature water from solar panels and ground source heat pumps and need less energy to heat pools to the required temperature.

Pentair’s MasterTemp heaters offer all the efficiency, convenience and reliability features owners want in a pool heater, plus a lot more

EFFICIENCY, CONVENIENCE AND RELIABILITY – PENTAIR’S MASTERTEMP When it comes to non heat pump water heating options, SCP UK has all bases covered with a wide range of options from Bowman, Elecro and Genie too. Pentair is another brand and their popular MasterTemp gas-fired heaters are an SCP exclusive. Available in LPG or natural gas options, MasterTemp heaters offer all the efficiency, convenience and reliability features owners want in a pool heater, plus a lot more. There’s no long waits before enjoying the pool with the MasterTemp as a fully premixed system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture lets the heater heat up fast. The product’s easy-to-read controls make system operation and monitoring simple too. Water temperatures can be pre-set and controlled with the push of a button. A digital display indicates the water temperature, and five LED lights provides owners and users with a system status, letting them know if the heater needs service. The easy-to-view, rotating digital display places controls front and centre, no matter how the MasterTemp heater is positioned. On the outside the unit’s tough, rustproof composite exterior handles the heat

SPN June 2021 49 27/06/2021 13:01

WATER HEATING OPTIONS Pahlén’s Compact and Thermoplastic Heaters are part of a range of heating products from the brand available from Golden Coast

and weathers the elements. The product’s compact design and super-quiet operation won’t intrude on poolside leisure time either. Inside, the heavy-duty (HD) unit with cupronickel exchanger stands up to the harshest of applications, like low pH, high flow or heavy use. All MasterTemp models offer 82% thermal efficiency – the highest in its class – making these heaters extremely economical to operate. If a pool heater is more than five years old, chances are a MasterTemp heater could quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings. Completing the product’s eco-friendly credentials, the MasterTemp heater is certified for low NOx emissions and outperforms industry standards.

EASY AND EFFECTIVE HEATING WITH PAHLÉN AND GOLDEN COAST Whether for an indoor or outdoor pool, get it swim-ready in no time with the Pahlén range of electric heaters from Golden Coast. The Pahlén Compact Heater has an AISI 316L acid-proof stainless steel body and

Incoloy 825 heating elements. If there is a high risk of corrosion (e.g., with saltwater pools) it is available with a titanium body and Nic-Tech treated elements. Golden Coast also provides the Pahlén Aqua Compact Heater fitted with either Incoloy 825 or titanium elements. Both heaters offer 3kW-18kW power ratings and are equipped with an integral thermostat (0°C - 45°C) and overheating cut out. For extra safety and peace of mind, Pahlén electric heaters are fitted with a flow or pressure switch to protect the element from damage. Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast said: “The Pahlén electric heaters are quick to install as they can be connected to existing power mains. Once up and running, the water flows through the heater and is warmed by the heating element, ensuring that the pool is ready to enjoy as soon as possible.” Also available are Pahlén swimming pool heat exchangers, which can be connected to sources such as boilers, heat pumps or solar panel systems. Cross flow operation enables high output and exceptional heat transfer. The Pahlén Maxi-Flo is a tube heat exchanger that offers capacities of 40-117kW, and is suitable for installations that operate under high pressure. It is made of acid-proof stainless steel and can be easily installed using adjustable stainless steel attachments. For extra durability, the Hi-Temp spiral heat exchanger is made of thermoplastic with a high glass content and a coil of acid-proof stainless steel.

HEATING LARGE OR SMALL – THE CHOICE IS YOURS WITH CERTIKIN As you would expect from the market leaders, Certikin have a range of heating options for

any size of pool, whether that be indoor or outdoor, commercial or domestic. Certikin are renowned for their oil and gas boilers, and with the latter, the Genie range of gas condensing pool heaters are one of the world’s only condensing pool heaters. An efficient water to water heat exchanger with cupro-nickel tubes ensures long lasting durability even on salt chlorinated pools and rapid transfer of heat into the pool water. A precise and clean burn is guaranteed every time due to the perfect air/fuel mixture managed by state-of-the-art controls. Condensing technology allows the Genie to perform at 94% efficiency ensuring that the heat goes into the pool water, not into the air. As a comparison, standard direct fired pool heaters typically operate at between 60 to 80%. Certikin oil fired heaters are the only dedicated oil fired swimming pool boilers on the market. They have been designed and manufactured to provide both ease of installation, and highly efficient, reliable performance. The heaters come complete, pre-plumbed and pressure tested resulting in ease of installation and peace of mind for the customer. Approved to the latest OFTEC and CE standards, the heaters come with a 2-year limited warranty and are suitable for use with salt chlorinated pools. If a smaller heating solution is required, Certikin offer Optima Compact from Elecro. Available in nine power options, the top of the range comes with touchscreen, and is ideal for pools and spas. The Optima Compact fully titanium heater ensures maximum safety, reliability and efficiency. Its design makes it highly robust and durable too. This easy to install option is fully equipped and pre-wired and can be floor or vertically wall mounted.

Available in nine power options, Elecro’s Optima Compact is available from Certikin

Genie range of gas condensing pool heaters are one of the world’s only condensing pool heaters

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The Zenith range of swimming pool and spa heaters from Thermalec® expands heating capacity from 8kW to 120kW and is ideal for larger projects.

THERMALEC’S IN-LINE HEATERS – PERFECT FOR SMALLER INSTALLATIONS Available in sizes from 3kW to 18kW and built in the UK with the exacting standards expected from Thermalec®, the company’s range of smaller in-line heaters brings a costeffective solution to heating requirements. All Thermalec in-line heaters use a proven coiled heating element technology that creates turbulent water flowrate through the heater, delivering the outstanding efficiency and extended life expectancy by preventing the build-up of mineral deposits on the heating element. A user-friendly analogue or digital thermostat controller allows the desired pool temperature to be set accurately to within 1°C accuracy. Safe, reliable and easy to install, other benefits include: • Titanium heating element • BS 316L stainless steel flow tube (EN 1.4432) • Flow switch operation • Floor or wall mountable • 2-year warranty.

range fulfils all the required electrical safety standards, with improved performance and greater stability. By utilising Zenith heaters, it allows design engineers to provide solutions with reduced pumps, piping, valves and control gear. It is this simple but effective design capability which can and will reduce the overall costs of any project. Featuring a robust cast iron water vessel housing a Titanium or Incoloy 825 8kW heating elements, ZENITH is designed with Thermalec’s unique spiral flow to allow the water to flow through the heater to reduce scale build up.

TLS HEAT EXCHANGERS INCLUDE ‘GREEN’ CREDENTIALS With the emphasis on sustainability these days, heat exchangers from Thermic Leisure Supplies (TLS) are manufactured from 95% recycled materials. Plate heat exchangers consist of thin, corrugated plates packed inside a frame, with the product in alternate channels, and

Promising 100% operational efficiency throughout the product’s life, a Wi-Fi version is also available allowing real time control of the heater from a mobile phone app. For larger projects, the Zenith Plate heat exchangers from TLS consist of thin, corrugated plates packed inside a frame, with the product in alternate channels, and service fluid in between product channels

service fluid in between product channels. The compactly designed TLS plate heat exchangers range consists of a number of herringbone patterned, pressed heat transfer plates. These are assembled in an inverse formation to create two sets of parallel channels, one for each liquid. Since the herringbone patterns point in opposite directions, a large number of points of support are achieved, creating a lattice in each channel. This provides a high level of turbulence, which in turn leads to an elevated rate of heat transfer. TLS are proud to announce four new plate geometries, which have been designed through the use of innovative tools and which provide dedicated solutions. Featuring high thermal efficiency and exceptional mechanical performance, these new, compact and efficient units retain all the features of the company’s existing models, which include: • Heat exchanger completely contained within the insulation: minimised thermal losses and condensation, high degree of safety and comfort for those who work around the heat exchanger • Low installation costs • Quick and easy access to the heat exchanger for inspection • Varying options of stainless steel, titanium plates with various thicknesses down to 0.4 mm with patented glue free plug in design of NBR and EPDM gaskets • Moplen, threaded or flanged connections. With stainless steel, frames avoid corrosion and long product life, with easier maintenance operations makes these heat exchangers suitable for both chlorine and salt water swimming pools.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Certikin International (H&V) 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk E J Bowman 0121 359 5401 www.ej-bowman.com Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

When it comes to raising the temperatures of the water in swimming pools, there’s a wide choice of options available to suit an even wider range of pool types, environments and of course budgets” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 49-51_SPN_June_21_Heat_Pumps.indd 51

Thermalec Pool & Spa Products 01752 313343 www.thermalec.co.uk Thermic Leisure Supplies 01772 422528 www.thermicleisure.co.uk

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Flexible And Affordable Above-ground Options Over recent years, the demand for above-ground pools of all types has been under pressure, but with the Coronavirus outbreak creating uncertainty, they’ve really come into their own. With relatively straightforward installation combined with some excellent designs, these value for money pool options are now perfectly placed to provide memories for families in search of some long overdue water-based fun By Jon Wadeson


ike many sectors within wet leisure, above-ground swimming pools have continued to be a popular choice during the pandemic, and that’s not just because of their affordable price tag. Size and flexibility combined with an ease of use and an often simple to install package also play their part. The beauty of these pools mean that they are often within reach of those families who dream of getting on the ‘pool owning ladder’ and this mix of cost and convenience has really come into its own over the lockdown resulting in many families investing in a variety of home and garden-based products. Whether it’s been for entertainment for when the kids were off or to provide a staycation setting because holiday plans have been scrapped, both manufacturers and retailers of above-ground pools of all shapes have seen demand reach unprecedented levels. For families with plans of longer term pool ownership, those who aren’t having a kneejerk reaction to the current situation, a little imagination and landscaping can mean that the options available for these versatile pools can transform a garden and provide fun and relaxation for much lower costs than those associated with full sized, in-ground pools.

Increasingly these above-ground options have been sought by families or owners who want to make the pool into a real feature in their garden and for some models, they are sometimes sunk into the ground with landscaping, decking and planting really finishing the project off. The ease of construction is a big advantage over other types of pools and with installs taking just a few days, above-ground pools are a great optional extra for any home or garden and as recent events have illustrated, can often be an impulse buy. With so much going for them, and with an uncertain future still surrounding holidays both at home and abroad, it’s no surprise that the British public has started to look at above-ground and wooden pools as a realistic and viable investment for both their families and gardens, and this will undoubtedly end up being another fantastic year for the aboveground pool sector plus of course, any extras that accompany them.

AFFORDABLE ABOVE-GROUND OR IN-GROUND SOLUTIONS FROM PLASTICA Above-ground wooden pools have always been one of Plastica’s top-sellers. But they don’t

have to stay above-ground! With the right drainage they can also be partially or fullysubmerged into the ground. If this product is being placed completely or partially below ground level, installers will need to provide adequate drainage around the pool. They also recommend installing a run-off to a soak away or similar, so that water cannot build up around the structure and rot the timbers. All the precision cut timbers are treated with ACQ which is child friendly and is warrantied against rot and insect attack. Plastica have a wide selection of pool sizes to suit all the budget and unique space needs of any customer. From the affordable 3m internal diameter octagonal Fun pool to the flagship of their premium range, the 5x10m Chelsea Wooden Pool. For pools like the Chelsea that require metal braces, these are included in the structure kit. On all Premium Pools, the braces are cleverly boxed in to keep the wonderful timber aesthetics. If a purpose-built exercise pool is needed, Plastica also produce Wooden Exercise Pools with a readymade cut out for a countercurrent system, which they also sell. The 4 metre Wooden Exercise Pools also come with their new strap system. The straps are stainless steel for long-lasting durability, ensuring anti-rust and anti-erosion. The new rectangular NAZCA Wooden Pools are a compact solution for the above- or in-ground market. They’ve been built to last and to make the most of available outdoor space. Because of the simple lines, these pools are designed to give a quick build time while also offering an affordable option to owning a pool. By adding a counter-current system, these multipurpose pools could easily convert into an exercise pool too.


Above-ground wooden pools have always been one of Plastica’s top-sellers. But they don’t have to stay above-ground!

52 June 2021 SPN 52-54_SPN_June_2021_Above_Ground_Pools.indd 52

To complement their extensive, popular and exclusive range of wooden and above-ground pools, SCP UK have further extended their range with brand new additional options from the Garden Leisure brand. Niagra meta-framed pools come in a range

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 27/06/2021 13:07


For 2021, SCP have introduced two new ranges of above-grounds pools from the Garden Leisure brand

of sizes and are quick to set up. Produced by an ISO 9001 Quality system certified manufacturing company, they feature a 60mm top frame and self supporting metal frame structure. Each Niagara’s high quality polyester fabric pool liner has been treated against algae and UV, and each pool has a skimmer placed in a pocket in the pool liner corner. These innovative pools feature 15 patents across the full range and come with a kit which includes 6m3/h sand filter, skimmer, security ladder, cleaning kit and connections. Four new models make up the new Garden Leisure wooden pools range, with the largest being the 6m x 4.19m rectangular Summer Oasis. Each of these kit pools can be installed above-, in- or partially in-ground and come with a five year wood warranty. Made from dense scandinavian 45mm high quality timber, each kit comes with all structure hardware fittings in stainless steel, detachable external wooden steps, stainless steel internal ladder, Anti-bacterial felt and 0.75 light blue liner. In addition to a Startup Water Treatment Kit, other equipment includes: • Sand filter c/w 6 way valve including all accessories (hoses, connectors, sand) • Pump 12m3/h • Wide angle skimmer and inlet (quantity dependent on pool size). These two new ranges join Garden Leisure’s popular range of AGP above-ground pools

which SCP have been selling for a number of years. Some models within the AGP range have also been enhanced for the 2021 season.

UK-MADE ABOVE-GROUND POOLS FROM THE TEAM BEHIND LIGHTHOUSE Available through Lighthouse and manufactured in Devon using insulation from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, HeatForm above-ground pools are entirely flexible, available in unlimited lengths and widths and come with three height options. These above-ground pools are quick and easy to install, allowing them to be put in a garden, basement or building where an in-ground pool would not always be possible. Their modular construction also allows easy access to tight spaces such as basement builds and awkward sloping gardens. Manufactured in fibreglass, the smooth clean-faced panels are easy to handle and connect together, allowing them to be fixed, aligned and secured quickly. A steel support system surrounds the panels creating a strong and sturdy structure, which is bolted to a concrete floor slab. Adjustable elements are

built into the design to remove alignment issues and ensure a perfect finish to the pool project. Each pool can be customised with a pool liner of choice and owners can select from a wide range of Zodiac pool products (pumps, robotic pool cleaners, heating and water treatment solutions) to complete the ultimate pool package. Bespoke extras include external cladding kits to ensure that the pool reflects each owners’ personal taste and fits with the surrounding environment. Counter-current exercise jets can also add an extra fitness element to the pool. The benefits of using recycled plastic insulation are twofold; as well as the ecological benefits of repurposing plastic bottles and removing them from the environment, the 80mm thick insulation

HeatForm above-ground pools from Lighthouse are entirely flexible, available in unlimited lengths and widths and come with three height options

CASE STUDY THE ONLY WAY FOR WOODEN POOLS IS ESSEX CERTIKIN! When it comes to the selection of an above-ground pool, the only way for Essex contractor, SPS Swimming Pools & Spas, is Certikin. Long time fans of its market-leading wooden pool, SPS found demand soared in lockdown with customers looking for a high-quality product that would have them swimming in their back gardens with minimal effort and the speediest installation. “The Certikin wooden pool ticks every box for us and our clients,” said Mel Spencer, the director of the family-run business based in Clacton-on-Sea. “I’m happy to say we were run off our feet with click and collect orders during lockdown, and construction and installation continued to keep us busy

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 52-54_SPN_June_2021_Above_Ground_Pools.indd 53

throughout. We were inundated with clients looking for a ‘quick fix’ to get them up and swimming in their back gardens. The wooden pool, of course, fits that bill beautifully, with the added bonus that it does not in any way compromise on quality.” Mel added: “We install a lot of wooden pools and we always get the sense we are

building for the future, it’s a quality product that will stand the test of time. The fact that it has no side buttresses or ugly concreted-in steel supports means that it looks good, but its benefits are not just cosmetic – it is so well braced and robust. You know that the wood won’t warp and will continue to look attractive well into the future. With its ability to be sunk into the ground, it is also super versatile. It’s not the cheapest wooden pool on the market but I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for.” SPS 01255 818381 www.spspoolandspa.com

SPN June 2021 53 27/06/2021 13:07

ABOVE-GROUND & WOODEN POOLS greatly increases the pool’s heat retention and therefore lowers the overall running costs. The average pool incorporates over 9,000 half litre plastic bottles.

SUPERIOR WOODEN POOLS – BRITISH BUILT TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY Certikin wooden pools are a superb addition to any garden with the attractive design blending perfectly with natural surroundings. Made of Scandinavian redwood and Iroko hardwood, they are built to the highest standard. The redwood walls are professionally notched in-house on the state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee ease of build and maximise the strength of the construction. They have no side buttresses which can be unattractive and take up valuable space, nor do they require any concreted-in steel supports, making installation far easier. The steel plates and shoes used in the construction of Certikin wooden pools have been designed to remove the need for extra external bracing found on other timber pools. All this adds up to give one of the strongest free-standing pools on the market. Available in three sizes; 4.2m x 4.2m, 6m x 4.2m and 4.7m x 2.9m, the pool packages come complete with steps, Certikin flow fittings, filtration, maintenance kit, solar bubble cover and a 30thou liner from Certikin’s in-house liner production facility. The 4.7m x 2.9m Dolphin Sport is ideal for the addition of a Fastlane swimming machine which will enhance the fun factor and boost exercise potential. Being supplied from one of the UK’s leading swimming pool equipment manufacturers means confidence in not just getting an excellent product quality, but also getting peace of mind in the unrivalled service care that is available before and after any purchase.

CONTEMPORARY STYLE FROM ASTRALPOOL – THE PISCINE LAGHETTO® DIVINA New for 2021, Piscine Laghetto® by AstralPool have officially launched their The new Divina has many attractive features that set a new benchmark for contemporary and stylish swimming pools

Made of Scandinavian redwood and Iroko hardwood, Certikin’s wooden pools are built to the highest standard

The beauty of these pools mean that they are often within reach of those families who dream of getting on the ‘pool owning ladder’ and this mix of cost and convenience has really come into its own over the lockdown” ultimate swimming pool to complete their range – the Divina. This above- or semiinground pool has many attractive features that set a new benchmark for contemporary and stylish swimming pools. Equipped with the exclusive filtration and water treatment system developed by Piscine Laghetto®, Divina includes a sunbathing area with cushions in Nautical Sky fabric for moments of absolute relaxation. The integrated equipment area is discreetly combined into the pool structure and is accessible under the sunbathing area. Divina is the epitomy of Italian design – the pool panels are made of synthetic rattan fibre hand-woven on an aluminum frame and available in two colours, Laghetto® White or Gray, while the pool liner is offered in White or Beige. The sunbed in nautical Sky fabric, the ladder and the silver-coloured LED spotlight complete this design, giving it an elegant and modern touch. In addition, it is possible to combine some lounge elements to create a lounge area with cushions and

transform this space into a real living area surrounded by water! It is possible to complete the pool equipment using accessories including LED projectors, counter-current swim system, water heating, and winter or summer covers. Divina is much easier to assemble than a traditional pool of similar size and installation is simple with no complex construction works being required. It is possible to choose between two solutions: installation on a concrete slab or assembling directly on the ground with a specific basement kit supplied. Available in four sizes, Divina is a versatile, durable and refined pool for moments of fun with family and friends or as a wellbeing area to relax in.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: AstralPool UK 01329 514000 www.astralpool.co.uk Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk Plastica 01424 857857 www.plasticapools.net SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

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THE MAIN Wooden Pool Kit



“We upgraded from an inflatable pool to a wooden pool and it’s a whole new world. We sit on the decking around the pool and it’s like we are in Spain on holiday. Our family has enormous fun and it looks great in our garden.” Mr Barker, Suffolk

For more information, please contact Plastica via the details below

The UK’s Leading Independent Swimming Pool Manufacturer and Distributor 01424 857802



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Proudly Flying The Flag For UK-made Pool Products While a lot of products used in the wet leisure sector are produced abroad, there are numerous quality solutions that are made in the UK too – and in addition to helping the wider economy and providing jobs, there are a number of additional benefits to buying British-made goods. In this issue, we take a closer look at those benefits and some of the products within the swimming pool sector that are flying the flag for UK manufacturing By Jon Wadeson


ith the pandemic combined with Brexit causing delays and supply issues for many sectors, it’s no surprise that the UK pool market hasn’t escaped untouched with both lead times and shipping costs increasing. But one way to minimise the challenges and manage client expectations is to buy British. So what exactly are the benefits of buying locally produced products? As already mentioned, there’s a reduction in lead times and reduced shipping costs for starters. That neatly leads on to eco-friendly reasons too. With local manufacturing there should be a much lower impact on the environment as products are supplied to the immediate market – and that’s something which is becoming increasingly important to many buyers. Keeping UK people employed is another and that provides the added benefit of wages then being spent within the UK economy too. Another reason is that British manufacturing genuinely is amongst the best in the world, resulting in quality products, time after time. Companies who manufacture in the UK can usually often accommodate special requests and be more flexible than companies who import products. Should something go wrong with a UK made product, it’s likely it can be repaired or replaced much more easily too. Finally, currency exchange rate fluctuations have a much lower impact on products manufactured in the UK. It’s not just a case of national pride or flag waving – there are genuine and persuasive arguments to source items manufactured in the UK and we take a look at just some of those products within the pool trade.

From its UK base, Heatstar has pioneered the innovation, design and manufacture of environmental control systems such as this Andromeda unit

swimming pools. During this time the brand has become a market leader in this field with an enviable reputation for quality. Heatstar units contain some of the very best specialist components from the USA and Europe but the complete product, its design and construction, is only produced in Heatstar’s own manufacturing facility on the Isle of Wight in the South of England. Following the UK’s exit from the EU,

Heatstar products now display new UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) the new UK product marking that is used for goods being placed in the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). Because ‘quality’ is at the heart of every Heatstar product the company’s philosophy is simple – the best place to build their products is in their own UK factory by the people who have the company’s values in their DNA and who can deliver the company’s exacting standards in build quality and reliability. The brand is proud of its heritage as a British manufacturer. It is one of the reasons why Heatstar, in addition to its UK success, exports to customers all around the world including Europe, Russia, China and a multitude of other prominent territories. Although Heatstar products are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK they are still very much specified worldwide and can be found in leading hotels and leisure facilities around the globe. With innovation, performance and energy efficiency at their heart, you know what you are getting and where it is originating from. If it’s Heatstar, then it’s British!

TILED ONE-PIECE POOLS MANUFACTURED IN YORKSHIRE The Mosaic Spa Company have developed a revolutionary range of UK factory built, onepiece tiled swimming pools. ‘The One Pool’ is available with various tile styles as standard and comes in a range of sizes from 5m x 3m up to an impressive 12m x 4.5m.

LEADING THE WAY WITH UKCA MARKING FOR BRITISH-MADE PRODUCTS Many UK manufacturers, particularly in the swimming pool industry, have opted to manufacture their products in other countries outside the UK. Heatstar, from its UK base has, for over 40 years, pioneered the innovation, design and manufacture of modern, highly energy efficient, environmental control systems for

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 57-60_SPN_June_21_Manufactured_In_The_UK.indd 57

The Mosaic Spa Company have developed a revolutionary range of UK factory built, one-piece tiled swimming pools

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MANUFACTURED IN THE UK All the pools come fitted with full filtration and heating systems discreetly located in an integrated storage unit at one end of the pool. A stainless steel finish on all the pool fittings perfectly complements the sophisticated design. An innovative Covrex PVC slatted pool cover can be added as an optional extra, which like the filtration systems, will be hidden away tastefully at the end of the pool. Work on the project site is kept to a minimum as the pools are built in their entirety in the company’s innovative factory in Pocklington, East Riding of Yorkshire. Mike Foggin, The Mosaic Spa Company’s Business Development Director said: “This product is something we are extremely excited about. All the pools will be pre-plumbed and wired, meaning all that is required on site is an excavated hole with 150mm concrete slab. Being able to get such a high-quality product essentially delivered and dropped in to place is an innovation unlike the industry has seen before. Once the pool arrives by lorry, it’s lowered into the hole with a crane, connected to the relevant water and electrical points and there you have it. We think consumers who do not want all the disruption and delay of a traditionally built pool, but still require the same level of refinement will instantly fall in love with this product.” With their exceptional range of mosaic tiled products, The Mosaic Spa Company are currently experiencing a meteoric rise within the UK and European pool industry and are in the process of establishing an appointed dealer network to sell the pools throughout the UK.

HOME ADVANTAGE A DECIDING FACTOR FOR CLIENTS CHOOSING DRIPOOL Dripool Ltd, along with the majority of their trade partners and colleagues, are experiencing the busiest period they have encountered in a very long time. As Certikin has been manufacturing liners and covers for over 15 years at its Leeds-based factory and is now established as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers for these products

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As one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of fully automatic swimming pool safety covers, Dripool have been producing, supplying and installing their own, in house systems for nearly 35 years

one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of fully automatic swimming pool safety covers, the Hampshire-based company have been producing, supplying and installing their own, in house systems for nearly 35 years. Located in Southampton, they have supplied well in excess of 1,000 systems throughout the UK and beyond. They have made a point of sourcing, where possible, a UK-based supply chain for all the equipment required to build their safety cover systems. Interestingly, the feedback from a large proportion of their customers is that one of the deciding factors in buying a Dripool cover system, is that they operate directly from the UK. Adopting a very hands on approach, clients are able to liaise with Dripool before, during and after the cover is installed. In fact, the company make a point of encouraging the end user to call directly once the new cover is

commissioned to answer any additional care questions and arrange annual servicing etc. Supplying covers for nearly all shapes and types of pool, Dripool are in a unique position of being able to visit each site to liaise with the customer, pool trade and architect, carry out pre manufacture surveys where required and to manufacture and install a bespoke cover for every individual project. These reasons and many more set Dripool apart as a genuine sector leading British manufacturer within the UK’s wet leisure industry.

A WIDE RANGE OF BRITISH-MADE FROM ONE OF THE MARKET LEADERS Certikin have a genuine and long-standing belief in the importance of supporting British industry. That is why they are proud that many of their leading products are manufactured right here in the UK. The range of UK products by Certikin is extensive meaning you can apply British quality throughout any pool project. Starting with the basics, Certikin’s range of white goods including skimmers, main drains, inlets, pipes and fittings can be installed alongside their PU9 and PU6 lights which are the most popular and reliable lights in the pool industry. For perfectly clean and clear water, Certikin’s range of British built ultraviolet units have been specifically designed to prevent green water in swimming pools and reduce chemical consumption. Certikin’s wooden pools offer the complete package, British built to the highest quality they are a superb addition to any garden. The pools are supplied complete with a 30 thou liner which is manufactured at Certikin’s own factory located in Leeds. The company has been manufacturing liners and covers for over 15 years and is now established as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers for these products. Also manufactured at the Leeds facility,

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With the Water-Tec LED lighting range being made in the UK, Fairlocks can provide the right lights and equipment for the job with the support from a UK manufacturer

are Certikin’s EPS easy build steps. Suitable for liner pools, they are made from a 25kg/m3 density EPS block which is covered in shaped non-corrosive Magnelis steel sheeting. Lightweight and easy to handle, the units require no concreting or rendering, and with adhesives included and no specialist tools required the build time is approximately one hour. One of their new products introduced to the market this year is the Plant Room Shield. Fully manufactured in the UK, the flood detection system is designed to isolate the circulation pump when there is a water leak in the pool plant room. It can limit potential damage to the plant room, connected buildings and the pool system, whilst also saving water.

on site installation times. In addition, a new WT5 − 2” push fit lamp was launched too. Martin Spindlow, Director of Water-Tec commented: “We are delighted to have such a close association with Fairlocks for over seven years, they are only 20 minutes away from our facilities so we can keep in regular contact regarding orders and production times.” The Fairlocks team can advise on the number of lights required to provide the best lighting display for the size of pool, and what type of atmosphere the lighting design can provide. These days the options are unlimited so it comes down to style, design and the ultimate look of the finished pool that will determine the light installation.


With so many aspects of a pool to oversee, from lighting and temperature to water treatment and filtration, management can be inefficient and costly. To combat these challenges, Golden Coast created the GC Hub Control Panel, an innovative solution that allows customers to operate equipment easily from one central place, helping them save time and money. Every GC Hub Control Panel is designed and built in-house at the Golden Coast premises in Devon – nothing is off the shelf. Over the years the Golden Coast team has worked continuously to innovate and develop GC Hub in line with

Having worked together since 2014, WaterTec Lighting and Fairlocks Pool Products are extremely proud to be able to offer a complete range of innovative LED pool lights exclusively to the pool trade, all manufactured in the Water-Tec factory in south Oxfordshire. The LED is now the go-to option for swimming pool lighting as it offers the safest, most cost-effective option. With the Water-Tec LED lighting range being made in the UK, Fairlocks can provide the right lights and equipment for the job with the support from a UK manufacturing company. With all the lighting range made of 316L stainless steel and using high powered energy efficient LED power with up to 50,000hrs life span, with either warm or cool white, or the RGB version offering the mood/ambience of the pool. All of the lighting range is compatible with DMX or DALI systems or controlled from basic remote to wall switches, or mobile phone app. Last year, new pre-wired driver boxes were introduced for added simplicity to reduce

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ever-changing technological developments and customer demands. “GC Hub is a scalable product,” said Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast. “It can be used for basic domestic pool management or for commercial products to operate multiple pools. “Our team starts by discussing the specifications with the customer to get a good understanding of the equipment that needs to be controlled. The engineers are then able to build something unique that is tailored to the customer’s precise requirements. We can even add the company’s branding to the front panel.” GC Hub is designed as a modular system to allow for different hardware configurations. This means the customer benefits from a future-proof control panel that can be upgraded when needed. “The idea behind the GC Hub Control Panel is to offer something that fits with the customer’s way of working,” said Adam. “There are options for how it’s operated, be that by buttons, a touchscreen or remote monitoring and control. Technical support is also provided to give the customer complete peace of mind over their operations.”

INTOPOOL TAKE PRIDE IN PRODUCING LOCALLY MADE SOLUTIONS Intopool are a small, independent manufacturer and proudly produce highquality swimming pool reels, solar covers, heat retention covers, pipe and pipe fittings and a lot more too. The Kent-based company are always innovating and improving their products to make them easier for pool engineers to install as well as more straightforward for the end user to operate. The company designed the SmartGear 3to1 reduction gearbox and were the first manufacturer to factory fit them to their reels. Intopool were also the first manufacturer to produce commercial telescopic reels to reduce carriage costs. When the company first designed

Designed and constructed on-site at the Golden Coast premises in Devon, GC Hub Control Panels manage multiple aspects of a pool from one single unit

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MANUFACTURED IN THE UK their Monaco range of reels for domestic and commercial pools, they were advised to have tools made in China and have some of the smaller items mass produced there too “because it’s much cheaper”. However, Intopool preferred to keep as much as possible made in the UK, and ideally, as locally as possible. For the last 20 years all of Intopool’s tooling has been made by a Kent-based toolmaker who has recently made three new items for the company. All component parts are sourced from UK companies, with just a couple coming from EU countries, with any subcontracted work being done by small, local companies. Intopool take pride in their high quality reel systems which are now in their 11th year of sales and which are fast becoming the reel of choice for both swimming pool engineers and end users alike. When talking about their products, the company take great pride in being able to say that they are “made in the UK”.

PLASTICA CONTINUES TO EXPAND IN-HOUSE MANUFACTURING Manufacturing during such unprecedented times has been a challenge over the last year, but Plastica has risen to the challenge and invested in a new unit to expand its growing Water Treatment department. Above-ground pools continue to be a popular choice with end-users. To keep up with demand, Plastica took the decision to move their Liners department to a unit close to the new Water Treatment building, allowing more space for storage for timber products. In addition, the company is installing a new Optimised Automatic Cross Cutting machine to increase productivity. Whilst these departments have seen a marked increase in demand, other areas of Plastica’s in-house manufacturing have been steadily ticking over. A top seller is the Stainless-Steel Anodised Aluminium Slidelock Telescopic Reel System, widely regarded as one of the best domestic reels on the market. With the export market in mind,

Manufacturing during such unprecedented times has been a challenge over the last year, but Plastica has risen to the challenge and expanded

With local manufacturing there should be a much lower impact on the environment as products are supplied to the immediate market – and that’s something which is becoming increasingly important to many buyers” the T-model version has been developed making it easier and more cost-effective to ship, due to its reduced pack size. Following on from the success of this product, Plastica have introduced the new Slidelock Max. A new Commercial Reduction Gearbox converter kit has also been manufactured to fit the Max and can also be retrofitted to all Plastica’s commercial tubes. The Argonaut Pump and smaller counterpart the AG have been a resounding success with all wet end components made in the UK and assembled in Plastica’s factory. The packaging has been greatly improved with all pumps encased in specially moulded foam to guarantee that every pump arrives in perfect condition. Plastica is proud to take control over the

quality and what they produce as they offer a bespoke service to suit their trade customers’ needs – anything from a uniquely shaped liner or designing a one-off handrail.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Dripool Ltd 02380 663131 www.dripool.co.uk Fairlocks Pool Products 01865 988346 www.fairlocks.co.uk Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com Heatstar 01983 521465 www.heatstar.com Intopool 020 8464 6757 www.intopool.co.uk Plastica 01424 857802 www.plasticapools.net

Intopool prefer to keep as much as possible of their products made in the UK, and ideally, as locally as possible too

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The Mosaic Spa Company 01759 321135 www.mosaicspa.co.uk

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Tiles With Style… And So Much More

This installation features two beautiful anti-slip glazed ceramic mosaic options from Waxman’s Ceramic Pool range

The options that exist today to complete stunning looking pools and other wet leisure facilities has never been greater. Thanks to the introduction of new textures, finishes and patterns to tiling and mosaic options, creating an exclusive bespoke look has never been easier. It seems there is no end to the creative possibilities that can now be achieved and we take a closer look at what’s on offer to add style and individuality to projects across the country By Jon Wadeson


or many, tiling is still seen as the superior finish for swimming pools, spas and other wet leisure options, however, good looks and opportunities for numerous inspired designs form just part of the picture. Conventionally the preferred choice in most commercial applications, tiled finishes are now also much sought after on the domestic front too. Available in a variety sizes, there are also a number of materials available too including glass, stone, ceramic and porcelain to name just a few. With so many options available, leisure environments can be easily customised to fit in with their surroundings whilst still retaining their own personal design if that’s what is desired. When correctly cared for, a tiled pool or spa will offer many years of use, and with so many effective water treatments available, keeping the tiles in tip-top shape has never been easier. So with products and trends constantly evolving, in this edition, we look at the latest

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in styles and materials that are available for pools, spas and more this year.

CREATE STATE-OF-THE-ART WITH WAXMAN CERAMICS There are a number of important factors to consider when adding the finishing touches to the pool. By choosing Waxman Ceramics as your project partner, you’ll benefit from a wealth of knowledge and guidance from their team to ensure only the very best tiles are selected for your project offering a stress-free experience. Part of the Waxman Group, Waxman Ceramics has been a leading supplier to the swimming pool industry since it began importing mosaics from Japan in the early eighties. Today, from their headquarters in Elland, West Yorkshire, they have grown to become one of the UK’s leading supplier of swimming pool tiles and mosaics. With so many tiling choices available,

Artico is one of 3 colour options from Waxman’s Litos range that exude the look of natural stone with a natural finish

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TILING & MOSAICS itself in nature, both taking inspiration from it and using 100% recycled glass. In this way, projects can be created that blend harmoniously into any environment and which are extraordinarily beautiful and environmentally friendly too. Another of the specific features of Ezarri’s new Gemma collection is its outstanding durability, due to the quality of the materials, the most advanced manufacturing technologies and Ezarri’s exclusive JointPoint® panelling system. Twelve style references are grouped into four tones in the collection, so there are three style references in Sand tones, three in Green tones, three in Blue and the same number in Grey.

CRANBOURNE STONE – BRINGING THE BEAUTY OF PORCELAIN TO PROJECTS Each Ezarri mosaic in the Gemma collection has unique veins and an infinite number of reflections

Waxman understands that choosing the right tiles for your pool can be a daunting task, which is why they developed the ‘Pool & Spa Collection’ brochure. Encompassing the very best of Waxman Ceramics, the brochure is an essential tile catalogue for the industry and caters to the demanding needs of pool and spa builders. By utilising digital print technology, the possibilities in colours and designs are endless and for the greener consumer, Waxman also stock ‘Aquastyle’, an oceaninspired glass mosaic made from 98% recycled glass. Featuring an array of designs, sizes, finishes and shades, alongside copings, edging, fixings and gratings – all-in-one place – with the brochure to hand, it’s never been easier to design the perfect pool or spa. For those larger projects, Waxman Ceramics can be relied upon to cater for even the most demanding specifications thanks to their large volume of in-house stock and their dependable UK delivery network. Combined with their extensive technical know-how and nationwide representatives, there’s access to the highest quality tiles ensuring even the largest projects can be started on time and within budget. Selected for both practicality and design flexibility in mind and adhering to the highest safety standards, Waxman’s Pool & Spa Collection brochure is available to order direct from their team or can be downloaded from the Waxman Ceramics website.

This amazing outdoor pool was finished using Designworks Aquila Fosfo Glow Mosaics to create a truly incredible effect’

And as you would expect, in this collection the Ezarri mosaic shines with its own light, exactly like the exploits of Gemma Mengual herself in swimming pools around the world. Gemma, a name of Latin origin, encompasses all the different types of precious stone, perfectly imperfect and ideal for incorporating into a new mosaic collection with which to cover swimming pools, spas and wellness areas. Inspired by these wonders of nature, the new Gemma collection shares many virtues with them including uniqueness, brilliance, durability, respect for the environment and extraordinary beauty. The result is that each Ezarri mosaic in the Gemma collection has unique veins and an infinite number of reflections. This makes it an ideal tile to achieve the highest possible expression of beauty. Always unique. With this collection, Ezarri immerses

Tiling can make or break a pool project. Not only is it important for the structure and formation of the pool, but it is also significant to the overall aesthetic and style. Whether it is a sleek modern design or a more traditional pool design, porcelain works perfectly with any desired look and feel. Key characteristics of porcelain are that it is both highly sustainable and has a slipresistant finish, making it ideal for pool lining. A versatile material, porcelain is also stunning when used for the pool surround too, to give a modern sleek and continuous finish. Porcelain not only creates a beautiful and superior finish to a project, but it is also stain resistant, highly durable, resistant to moss and mould, and is easy to keep clean. Porcelain tiles are made from a mix of natural clay and finely ground sand, which is then pressed and fired at a very high temperature. Each design is baked onto the body of the surface of the tile, to produce natural-looking tiles, along with the benefits of longevity and practicality. Porcelain is a very versatile material and This outdoor pool was finished using Cranborne Stone’s porcelain tiles creating a Mediterranean aura of crystal-clear turquoise water

PERFECTLY IMPERFECT – EZARRI’S NEW, UNIQUE GEMMA COLLECTION Ezarri started the 2021 season with the release of its new Gemma collection. Inspired by the outstanding Spanish swimmer Gemma Mengual, it is a mosaic collection which combines the sporting and artistic virtues of the discipline in which she has been champion so many times.

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TILING & MOSAICS can be used for both indoor and outdoor pools. To get a contemporary feel use the tile with a honed surface and combine with a matching grip finish, perfect for internal steps and surrounds. Porcelain can also transform a pool simply by the colour used within the design. With so many colours and shades, porcelain can alter the look of the pool through its reflection in the water. Whether it’s the appearance of the crystal-clear turquoise seas of the Mediterranean, a tranquil mid-blue colourisation, or the dark, novel and dramatic colours popular in contemporary designs, porcelain truly bring creations to life. Cranbourne Stone has a large portfolio of beautiful porcelain for pool lining and surrounds, with all materials designed, cut and hand-finished to order at their premises. By using specialist machinery, quality products, and exemplary customer service, Cranbourne Stone’s dedicated team work hard to ensure all projects are completed to the highest standard.

EMBRACE THE BEAUTY OF NATURE WITH LUXURY POOLS & MOSAICS Luxury Pools & Mosaics work with top quality manufacturers and materials from around the world for their glass and porcelain mosaics. From plain options to bespoke blends, and everything else in between, the company have solutions to suit a variety of tastes. In addition, they supply porcelain and marble tiles, grates and have bespoke pieces made to complete any dream project. The company’s mosaics and tiles are specially designed for use in pools, spas and other wet leisure areas. All the mosaics are available with a silicone link or dot backing. This ensures the mosaics are laid uniformly and with 90% of the mosaic adhered directly to the pool tank. Bespoke, hand cut mosaic designs are paper faced. Adding new mosaics and tiles to the company’s product range is an ongoing part of what they do, in order

From plain options to bespoke blends, and everything else in between, Luxury Pools & Mosaics have solutions to suit a variety of tastes

to bring the latest and best products to the market. Whether we are looking for a specific project or to appeal to a wider audience. The company are passionate about what they do and the products they supply. Their new natural mosaics range is available in 25 and 38mm and a glossy or matt/antislip finish in both sizes and eight elements. Unlike traditional anti-slip mosaics, the surface is smooth with a DIN 51130 of R10 and a PTV of 42. Along with their new ‘All In One’ pool surround tiles, the finish is smooth when dry (this makes for easier cleaning) and when wet, becomes anti-slip (R11C), allowing for the same tile to be used throughout an entire basement project and outdoors too. Working with both high profile and residential projects, when clients work with Luxury Pools & Mosaics, everyone receives the same professional service and a stunning project too!

ITALIAN TILES THAT ARE BANG ON TREND! A Green Council accredited member, TREND is an Italian manufacturer of full body coloured glass mosaics and tiles for the residential, interior design, architecture and retail markets. As one of the world’s leading producers of coloured glass mosaics, Venetian enamel, gold leaf tesserae and engineered stone surfaces, the TREND Group works with today’s most celebrated designers, architects and artists. The stunning results are seen in residential, commercial and public buildings around the globe and the UK has a network of franchisees with a commercial sales team to answer the demand for these stunning, bespoke surfaces. TREND mosaics have been used in hundreds of stunning swimming pools across the world. Whether machine moulded tiles which ensures each mosaic has been

CASE STUDY CRANBOURNE HELPS TO CREATE A STYLISH SAFETY-FIRST POOL When Cranbourne Stone teamed up with Carl Vernon Pools to renovate a new conservatory pool for the Four Season Hotel in Hampshire, they combined their knowledge and by using some of the most innovative products on the market, the result was the completion of a pool which did not sacrifice style for safety. The Carl Vernon team was appointed to overhaul the pool and use the team’s magic to design and renovate a superior pool which both exuded style and had safety features at its heart. “Cranbourne Stone understands the importance of design and therefore selected stylish, slip resistant porcelain solutions. Just because you’re considering safety, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style!” said Donna Wells of

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Carl Vernon Swimming Pools “From our comprehensive portfolio of products, Four Seasons chose a cream stone affect porcelain tiles and black porcelain double edged bespoke copings which works wonderfully to bring out

the splendour of the historic building. Importantly their choice also addressed the challenge of finding stone which not only looks good but includes nonslip properties,” said Jo Stanfield of Cranbourne Stone. Cranbourne Stone utilised its bespoke service and specialist machinery to get over a number of hurdles during the build including cutting coping stone to a specific radius to fit the curved pool edge perfectly. Carl Vernon used its considerable skill to ensure complete accuracy during the renovation which resulted in a seamless result. Carl Vernon Pools 01256 353495 www.carlvernonpools.co.uk

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TILING & MOSAICS bevelled or tiles from its stunning Karma range of hand cut mosaic tiles, TREND products have been used to produce some eye-catching results in swimming pools and other wet leisure areas. The Group, which was founded by Dr Pino Bisazza and Andrea Di Giuseppe, combines the nineteenth century alchemy of its Angelo Orsoni furnace in Venice with the twentyfirst century innovations of its engineered agglomerate manufacturing plant in Sebring, Florida. With production and assembly facilities on four continents and operations in more than 50 countries, TREND is currently distributing over 1.5 million square metres of glass mosaic tile and 800,000 square metres of agglomerate surfaces per year. The TREND Group is shaped by a deep commitment to environmental concerns and cultural vibrancy. Production is designed to consume fewer raw materials and energy resources, to recycle otherwise wasted materials, and to increase the natural durability of its applications. In the UK, the impressive TREND product and service offering is available via the head office in Tunbridge Wells along with a growing franchise network.

LAPITEC – PERFECT BOTH IN THE WATER OR POOLSIDE The versatility of sintered stone makes it perfect for a wide range of uses, including in swimming pools, where Lapitec’s performance qualities excel. Available in the UK through the Marble & Granite Centre, the Lapitec range of finishes available includes extra-coarse versions, with a high coefficient of friction, while the surface remains completely porefree and resistant to mould and bacteria:

As one of the world’s leading producers, TREND mosaics have been used in hundreds of stunning swimming pools across the world

two properties that make Lapitec an ideal material for swimming pools, where it can also be used under the waterline. Thanks to its composition and processing, sintered stone is completely non-absorbent, but its characteristics go much further and include resistance to UV rays – preventing any change in the shade of the slabs due to exposure to sunlight – as well as temperature differences and saline environments. When used for swimming pools, it is impervious to chlorine and other products used for the upkeep of the facilities. Lapitec’s ease of processing, similar to natural stone, means it is simple to cut grooves or designs for the inclusion of jets or underwater lighting, or for edges or steps, where it is possible to

Available in a variety sizes, there are also a number of materials available too including glass, stone, ceramic and porcelain to name just a few”

replicate the finishes of the adjoining flooring. Lapitec is also an excellent choice in pool design thanks to the availability of extra-large formats, leading to limited joint marks, plus a reduction in the maintenance required. The Essenza collection, with 11 shades inspired by earth tones (white, beige, brown, grey and black), and made with a mix of 100% natural minerals, is ideal for the design of pools in the Lithos, Dune, Vesuvio finishes and above all the Arena finish − which boasts a coefficient of friction of R13, in full compliance with DIN 51130. Gloss (Lux) and matte (Satin) smooth finishes are also available, which can be used on pool bottoms to interact with the light, creating stunning visual effects.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Cranbourne Stone 01264 810813 www.cranbournestone.co.uk

Image courtesy of Sky-Frame / Andrea Martiradonna

Ezarri Mosaico +34 943 164 140 www.ezarri.com Luxury Pools & Mosaics 0800 756 1445 www.luxurypoolsandmosaics.com The Marble & Granite Centre 01895 820883 www.themarbleandgranitecentre.co.uk Trend Tiles 0113 231 0218 www.trend-group.com The versatility of Lapitec’s sintered stone makes it perfect for a wide range of uses, including in swimming pools, where Lapitec’s performance qualities excel

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Waxman Ceramics 01422 311331 www.waxmanarchitectural.co.uk

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68 June 2021 SPN


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70 June 2021 SPN


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A Short History Of Summer This season is set to be a memorable one for our industry, which set Jamie Adams, Managing Director at Golden Coast, thinking back over summers that have been


his new summer of ours, this summer of 2021, feels full of echoes of summers gone by. It feels as if it harks back to times when a long-haul holiday meant driving down from the Midlands to the South West, when Super Soakers and inflatable paddling pools turned every garden into a water park and caravans and camping were the accommodation of choice. The travel companies and the airlines might be missing the delights of long haul flights and overseas hotels but I’m not sure that everyone is in accord with that. I rather think that a lot of people are enjoying our new, old-fashioned summer.

THE 60S AND THE BEACH BOYS My first real summer memories are from the late 60s, me and my brothers all packing into the back of Dad’s VW Transporter and heading off for long, hot lazy days at the beach, swimming, dune jumping and belly boarding. I can remember sand so hot it was painful to walk on, Hockings ice cream topped with a delicious crown of clotted cream and rock pooling for hours without a care in the world. The downside, of course, was being dunked in the bath at the end of the day and then being smothered in a good coating of Calamine Lotion that dried to a pink crusty finish.

SWAPPING 70S PACKAGE TOURS FOR OUR OWN POOL For us, summer holidays abroad were rather thin on the ground – we lived in Devon after all – but we eventually joined the jet set and duly packed our suitcases for visits to France and Spain but in the summer of ’78 we made a decision that looks like a foretaste of today. We left our passports in the drawer and started to build our own in-ground pool. I was only 16 but my first taste of swimming pool construction led me into the industry and that pool was the seed that my father grew into Golden Coast Swimming Pools. It was a staycation with a lasting impact.

REMEMBER THE 80S? Just into my twenties and I’m working at a seaside café and as a nightclub barman and every moment of spare time was spent on the

beach or in the sea. The sky always seemed to be blue and the sun shone down on days full of promise and excitement. As the decade rolled by I got some of the wanderlust out of my system travelling and working in the Middle East and by 1984, I had joined Peter Geekie – later to become Certikin – and fully immersed myself in the wet leisure industry, most noticeably by jumping off the roofs of the log cabins into the show pools during well-earned lunchtime breaks.

90S AND NAUGHTIES I enjoyed road trips through Europe and holidays in Greece – and this at the height of the long-haul boom when, for a lot of people Mauritius and the Maldives simply weren’t far enough away – but I think what was most memorable for me was getting back to my Devonshire roots. Spending long hot summer days at my parents’ house enjoying hours of fun with the kids in the pool, playing football in the garden or throwing boomerangs and Nerf balls in the fields, followed by great big barbecues.

HERE WE ARE THEN Whatever the summer that we remember, it seems as if it always had the best weather and the forecast for summer 2021 is a scorcher, hotter than normal and drier too.

The staycation has the benefits of home, health and wellness and people’s attitude to those qualities and how they value them has changed considerably” 72 June 2021 SPN 72_SPN_June_2021_Opinion.indd 72

We have gone back in time to summers before holidays were all taken abroad and the English beaches are our destination once again. ‘Bed and Breakfast’ has become AirBnB but the idea is broadly the same. Campsites are overflowing with tents and the lines of traffic heading south are full of motorhomes replacing the caravan processions of yore. English gardens are becoming water parks again with hot tubs and spas becoming ‘must have’ items and families spending the year’s overseas holiday budget on a new pool that will last a lifetime. Garden furniture and barbecues are sold out of the garden centres. Summer, like football, is coming home.

THIS TIME NEXT YEAR It’s an unfortunate truth that overseas holidays are the wet leisure industry’s biggest competitor, especially during the summer months. Holidays abroad will come back, whether they will ever be as popular remains to be seen. The staycation has the benefits of home, health and wellness and people’s attitude to those qualities and how they value them has changed considerably. At the moment, our industry is riding a wave and we should make the most of the opportunities we are given. This situation may last a year or two; I have heard some people talk about five years. Whatever happens, the country’s stock of pools and spas is increasing and simply in terms of maintenance and service that can do us nothing but good for years and years to come. Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

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The New Alpha iQ™️ Pro Pool Cleaner from Zodiac® PERSONALISED CLEANING With its “Sensor Nav SystemTM”, the ALPHA iQTM robot cleaner identifies the configuration of your pool to optimise its movements and cleaning time. Its pressure sensor provides better superior wall climbing and waterline cleaning according to the depth of the pool. EFFECTIVE SUCTION Its patented cyclone suction is extremely powerful and long-lasting. Thanks to its extra-large suction capacity and very fine filtration system, the ALPHA iQTM collects all types of debris. EASY-TO-USE Thanks to its patented Lift System, ALPHA iQTM is lighter when removing it from the water. Its simple access to its filter and the visibility offered by its transparent window make it easy-to-use in all circumstances. INTUITIVE CONTROLS Monitor cleaning progress at any time through the intuitive interface of the iAquaLinkTM application. ALPHA iQTM is upgradeable thanks to possible optimisations and automatic remote updates. Connect your robot to your WiFi network and control it from your smartphone through the iAquaLink™️ application. Now with a 4 year Warranty*


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