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The latest ultraviolet options


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UK successes amongst Europe’s best


Powerful plant room products that are keeping water on the move

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STA Pool Plant – Summer Bather Safety | Company Focus | Project Showcase SPATEX Virtual Review | Pool Cleaners | Opinion | 12 Pages Of Industry News 02/03/2021 20:05

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New for 2021 – CovLock and CovDeck Options from Fairlocks A FEW PRACTICAL BENEFITS:

The CovLock Automatic Pool Cover – 100% Comfort, 100% Design With CovLock, the cover can be opened and closed at the turn of a key. One or two minutes are enough to roll up or unroll the cover thanks to a hydraulic motor without a limit switch or power supply near the pool. CovLock is completely waterproof around the whole perimeter, so the pool will stay clean in both summer and winter. It also prevents heat loss and stops evaporation. CovLock is completely automatic, made in France and offers four models, suitable for all pool types. The CovLock automatic cover complies with standard NF P 90-308 and is designed to ensure maximum safety for children and pets.

The CovDeck Mobile Safety Deck – A Clever Design For Pools And Spas CovDeck is a timber deck and safety cover all in one. This 100% safe rolling deck slides over the spa or pool, combining both design and practicality. Watch as the pool is transformed into a real treat in under two minutes! This innovation wins over more customers every year by building up a reputation as a must have for pool and spa covers! You will love the resolutely elegant and clever design of this decking, as it will make your life easier and give you more space. Both a shelter and safety cover to be used all year round, CovDeck combines the best of protection while optimising space, as the pool becomes a playground, a place of relaxation or an open-air dining area.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, QUALITY PRODUCTS 3 Landscape Close, Weston on the Green, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX25 3SX, UK T: 01869 934333 | E: info@fairlocks.co.uk | W: www.fairlocks.co.uk




SPN incorporating Pool & Spa Industry is the official trade magazine for the UK wet leisure markets and is the only trade publication that invests in the industry it serves.

despite it being a completely unfamiliar format, I thought it worked quite well and definitely provided a platform and focal point for the UK’s wet leisure industry. Inside, there’s some thoughts on the event and throughout this issue, there’s a number of products that were launched during the digital showcase.


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The latest ultraviolet options


What’s new for the season ahead


For a clean and safe environment

EUSA AWARD WINNERS best UK successes amongst Europe’s

POOL & SPA PUMPS Powerful plant room products that are keeping



water on the move

Company Focus | Project Showcase STA Pool Plant – Summer Bather Safety | | 12 Pages Of Industry News SPATEX Virtual Review | Pool Cleaners | Opinion 02/03/2021 20:05

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For the majority of companies on the supply side of the industry, last year will go down as probably the best on record, particularly for those operating within the domestic sector. It was, after all, what can only be described as the perfect storm – a pandemic, great weather, travel bans and bored kids and families meant the British public had to make alternative arrangements to their usual plans, especially during the warmer months. Clearly for those operating pools and spas, and for the commercial sector as a whole, sadly, it’s been a very different story. So will this year be anything like the last? Well in terms of being busy currently – again, especially on the domestic supply side – it would seem very much so. The good news now though is that for operators of wet leisure facilities, with the government’s roadmap having now been announced, it looks like children should hopefully be able to return in April, followed by adults in May, meaning finally there is some light at the end of what has surely been a long and dark tunnel. Looking back some 13 months or so ago, who would have guessed that Brexit challenges would be the least of our troubles. I certainly recall being at SPATEX in Coventry in 2020 and the challenges of trade were being discussed much more often than the evolving situation in China. Although Brexit has indeed caused some issues for an industry that is fairly reliant on exports, and perhaps more importantly imports, for its smooth running, the pandemic has clearly eclipsed any and every other matter. Touching on last year’s Coventry show, SPATEX Virtual took place at the start of February and

Also in this issue, we take a closer look at various key products and sectors that span the industry. For example, after enjoying what has surely been a record breaking year, we take a closer look at what’s new in the hot tub sector, plus we examine options for water sanitisation using various technologies and systems. As one of the more popular options, UV systems get their very own dedicated feature which shines a light on a number of ultraviolet options. We have also included some of the powerful plant room products that are keeping the water moving in our pools and spas pumps feature, plus we highlight ten products that are taking the effort out of cleaning pools and spas in 2021. Golden Coast’s Jamie Adams gives some thoughts on what we now value more having lived through a full year of COVID-19 and its many restrictions, plus we’ve a great project showcase which focuses on a stunning barn conversion that was some three years in the making – with the results being well worth the wait! Equally as stunning, we have all the winners from around Europe in our EUSA Awards feature where two British companies enjoyed success. Five great tips for summer bather safety are also given by the STA’s Luke Griffiths, plus there’s also useful updates from the BSPF, SPATA, BISHTA and PIP including a piece on working with main contractors and a Q&A from Trading Standards. Finally, we’ve also got our round up of all the latest industry, people, product and eco news from both here in the UK and from around the world too. So with this issue of SPN covered, all that leaves me to say is I hope you enjoy reading it, here’s to a successful year, and I hope that the roadmap to some sort of normality goes to plan!

Jon Wadeson - Editor PS – If you are involved within the industry and have some relevant news that you would like to appear within SPN, please do get in touch.

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SPN February 2021 1 02/03/2021 20:06


Inside This 49












UK successes as EUSA recognises the best projects across Europe After a hectic year for the sector, we look at what’s new for the season ahead Keeping pool and spa water on the move, we look at the current pump options










The industry’s associations dedicated pages

Luke Griffiths shares 5 top tips to ensure summer bather safety A barnstorming transformation at a residential project in Leicestershire

Ultra effective sanitisation sees UV go from strength-to-strength

10 labour saving cleaners that are keeping pools and spas clean in 2021





Jamie Adams looks at what society has Creating clean and safe water in swimming valued more during the pandemic pools and spas

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The latest industry news, info, projects and gossip









New appointments, personnel updates and training Innovations and new products on the market

Dedicated news for this important sector All the latest news from around the world

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• SPATA & BISHTA Award winners • Swim spas – mid and high-end models • Automatic pool covers (domestic sector) • One-piece and fibreglass pools • Pool liners and systems Plus much, much more! SPN February 2021 3 02/03/2021 20:09



All the Latest News, Info, Products and Gossip From the UK Pool and Spa Industry and Beyond

Investing In The Future Of Manchester Aquatics Centre A £31m fund has been agreed by councillors to save Manchester Aquatic Centre from closure. The Aquatics Centre was built in 1999 and opened in 2000, playing a key role in the 2002 Commonwealth Games. It has since gone on to welcome more than ten million users, making it one of the busiest swimming centres in the country and it meets the equivalent demand of six community swimming pools. Prior to the pandemic, the centre had run at a profit, generating revenue which has been reinvested in supporting leisure facilities for Manchester people and having an overall economic impact for the city of more than £4m a year. After two decades of intensive use though, a number of mechanical and electrical failures started to occur as parts of the building’s fabric began reaching the end of their natural lifespans. Without significant investment, an increasing number of unplanned closures were likely and would have made permanent closure of the flagship facility a serious threat. Detailed survey and investigation works over the past year established that almost £31m was needed to address these issues, refurbish the building and incorporate green technologies. The pool treatment plant and pool lighting both need replacing, as do

the moveable floors. Heating and electrical systems must be upgraded, lifts require refurbishing and the spa facility also needs to be replaced. Under the plans, carbon reduction technologies will be used wherever possible

to replace worn-out elements of the building. These include ground source and air source heat pumps, LED lights and the use of solar PVs on the roof and will together deliver an estimated carbon saving of at least 750,000kg a year.

Devin Consulting Ensures Water Quality At England Rugby Favourite Pennyhill Park, the luxury 5-star hotel and spa located at Bagshot in Surrey, has been a favourite training camp for England’s Rugby Union squad for a number of years. While guests may not be so interested in the 100m x 70m pitch or the fact that it is an exact replica of the pitch at Twickenham Stadium, they will be in the spa and its extensive facilities. With its six pools and ten heat experience cabins, it is a huge attraction for leisure travellers interested in health and wellness, and it has recently had a major upgrade. North Shields-based specialists Devin Consulting were appointed to audit the spa and to benchmark the condition of the heat experience cabins

4 February 2021 SPN 4+7+9+10_SPN_February_21_News_General_Alt.indd 4

so that the right level of upgrade could be carried out. In addition, Devin engineers completed an audit of the water treatment systems and developed a tailored design and tender specification for the upgrade – this included major equipment renewal and installation of ultraviolet treatment to provide enhanced bather water quality. Outstanding water quality is a key element of every Devin designed system – guests may be blown away by the stunning surroundings and the exquisite design of the hotel and spa, but it is the specialist engineering that completes the bathers’ wellness experience. Devin Consulting 0191 258 1653 www.devin-consulting.com

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 02/03/2021 20:11

Are you asked for an alternative to chlorine? If you are, the answer to this frequently asked question is YES. Before choosing a product, it is always worth a quick reality check to become aware of any enthusiastic marketing claims that can “over-power” product efficiency. Factors, such as: • One dose product • Monthly sanitisation in a single shot • Remove the need for other products Unfortunately, there is no “magic” product or single product that can sanitise and balance all types of water. If you are looking for a chlorine/bromine free solution for a gentler water experience, to help avoid unpleasant odours or sensitivity to chlorine or bromine products, then check out AquaSPArkle 02 Gentle. Benefits of AquaSPArkle O2 Gentle Include:

Gentle active oxygen treatment that can offer a chlorine and bromine free solution P Safe and clear water quality with minimal chemical odours P Gentler on skin and hair P Fast dissolving formula P Simple two-step application P Works in combination with most shock products P Complete spa care system to keep your water in tip-top condition P

Thinking of converting your spa customers to AquaSPArkle O2 Gentle? Why not check out our simple and cost effective AquaSPArkle O2 Gentle starter kit to get you started.

Use for soft and gentle, chlorine-free spa water For more information about our AquaSPArkle O 2 Gentle range or to place and order contact us on: Tel: 01242 662700 sales@cpc-chemicals.co.uk www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk AquaSPArkle O2 Gentle - SPN Advert.indd 1

17/02/2021 16:13

PROFLEX AD 2021_Project4 17/02/2021 15:50 Page 1

Proflex On-Site Pool Lining

Rapidly becoming the No 1 choice for high quality, durable, 100% watertight reinforced vinyl swimming pool liner that delivers long term performance, with professional installation and excellent aesthetic properties.


2021 NEW










installation service available


Tel 01293 546 126 / 01268 273 040 email info.uk@scppool.com / Head Office & Distribution Centre / 1 Church Road Lowfield Heath / Crawley / West Sussex /RH11 0PQ



Work Starts On Exciting Welsh Seafront Splash Pad

BATH-BASED POOL TRUST RECEIVES AWARD FUNDS Cleveland Pools Trust has received a Capital Kickstart Fund award of £290,000 from the Government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund for their restoration project that has been delayed as a result of the pandemic. This is one of the latest grants, awarded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, on behalf of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and builds on over £1bn awarded to a huge range of cultural and heritage organisations from the Culture Recovery Fund last year. Ambitious projects at 22 heritage organisations, including Cleveland Pools will benefit from £13.5m in targeted grants allocated by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to restart planned work that now face delays or increased costs. The funding will be used to support the additional costs the Cleveland Pools restoration project has faced due to the impact of COVID-19.

COUNCIL UNVEILS PLANS FOR NEW £2M WEST DENTON POOL Plans to build a new swimming pool on the outskirts of Newcastle have been unveiled by city council chiefs. Under consideration is a new £2.3m facility at the West Denton Leisure Centre, next to an existing facility which was closed by operator GLL at the start of the first pandemic lockdown. At the time of its closing, Newcastle City Council rejected calls to take the existing pool back under local authority control, a move which sparked widespread complaints from families in the area. The council claimed it would be too expensive to do so but it has now emerged that the cash-strapped council wants to build the new facility instead and it is also believed that GLL would be asked to run the new pool too.

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Work has started on a new Splash Pad attraction for children and families to replace the popular former Aquasplash facility at the Aberavon Seafront in South Wales. The new attraction will include a range of more than 30 exciting water features including fountains, jets and ‘waterfalls’. Aquasplash proved to be a massively successful attraction to both local residents and visitors alike for many years. Unfortunately, the repair and maintenance necessary to keep it open for another season made it financially unviable. The time had therefore come for a replacement. The new Splash Pad will no longer have at its centre a standing pool of water, as this produces numerous difficulties and challenges in order to maintain and test water quality before use by the public, which can often be time consuming and expensive. 

Instead, the new water fountains, jets and waterfalls will be spread over a central play area. The works, which began on 1 February, will also include new seating and facilities surrounding the Splash Pad site. The work is being carried out by Ustigate Ltd. Cllr Annette Wingrave, Neath Port Talbot Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Sustainable Development said: “This key project, in Neath Port Talbot Council’s ongoing regeneration of the popular Aberavon Seafront, will have major benefits for local businesses as the scheme will increase visitor numbers to the area. “Also, people from the local and wider community will benefit as the scheme will contribute to the creation of an attractive public realm area at a key location overlooking Aberavon Beach.”

FT Leisure Carry Out Moveable Floor Refurbishment In Beckenham Before the lockdown, The Spa at Beckenham offered a great way for local residents to keep fit and stay active. As well as an eight-lane, 25-metre regional competition sized pool, the facility has a 20m x 10m teaching pool, but the condition of the moveable floor surface panels had deteriorated over the course of their life and after contacting pool engineers FT Leisure, it was decided they needed to be replaced. With operation in a warm chlorinated atmosphere and exposure to UV, composite materials become brittle and deteriorate. Fixings can become loose, presenting risk to bathers. The panels also become discoloured; a fresh set of surface panels will revive the pool tank, offer an improved experience for the bather both in terms of comfort and safety and give the facility a new lease of life. A survey of the moveable floor took place and a design for the new panels produced. These now incorporate a permanent embossed non-slip surface finish to comply with current regulations. To carry out the refurbishment works, the pool must be drained. A temporary works design was developed and FT Leisure’s in-house HSE compliant dive team propped the moveable floor to allow this to take place.

During the works a full inspection of the steelwork, buoyancy and cables/pulley operating equipment was carried out. The moveable floor steelwork was found to be less than optimal so works were carried out the level the frame and add extra support. The old surface panels were removed and disposed of and the replacements installed. During these works, the hydraulic operating equipment was removed from site, refurbished and reinstalled. On completion the pool was refilled, the props removed and the system recommissioned. FT Leisure 0161 494 5785 www.ftleisure.co.uk

SPN February 2021 7 02/03/2021 20:11

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Extend your swimming season by 5 months Protect your kids and pets from falling into the pool Keep your pool clean with less chemicals No more leaves, dirt and insects in your pool Up to 15 years warrantee We always find a solution for your pool with our bespoke enclosures - over 25 models Call us for a free site visit




Office: 0118 909 98 44 Mobile: 07955 522 502 E-mail: info@alukov.co.uk www.alukov.co.uk


IN BRIEF NEW POOL FOR NOTTINGHAM LEISURE CENTRE Plans are in place to bring huge improvements to Hucknall Leisure Centre in Nottingham as a brand-new swimming pool added to the facility as well as a revamped fitness suite and other improvements. The second pool will deliver a different offer to the existing lane pool, providing something for everyone. Following Everyone Active’s successful tender to remain the Council’s leisure provider, Ashfield District Council is set to transform its existing leisure offer and the new pool is just one of many future enhancements to facilities.

POPULAR DEVON SWIMMING POOL SET TO REOPEN The swimming pool at Exeter’s Riverside Leisure Centre is set to reopen this summer more than four years after a fire broke out which tore through large parts of the building. Although other facilities at the leisure centre were able to reopen shortly after the fire, the normally busy pool has remained closed since the tragic fire in February 2017. The delay has been due to serious structural weaknesses being uncovered while fire damage was being repaired. The weaknesses were nothing to do with the fire but meant that the building was unsafe. The council had originally promised that the pool and other wet leisure facilities would be back up and running in early 2019, but after the structural weaknesses were found, they were later forced to admit it would not happen until much later. Further delays were then caused by the pandemic and lockdowns. Project managers working on site say excellent progress has been made and a new steam room, sauna and spa pool are being fitted in the coming weeks.

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 4+7+9+10_SPN_February_21_News_General_Alt.indd 9

Wickwoods Reach For The Spas Displaying the brilliant craftmanship of West Sussexbased Fowler Swimming Pools, the multi-million-pound Spa Garden at Wickwoods Country Club, Hotel & Spa near Brighton was one of last summer’s success stories, with the finished project exceeding all expectations. Given the brief to create a year-round facility including a sheltered sun deck with a swimming pool, hydro pool, bio sauna and heated loggia, inspiration was taken from a Nordic Spa. The eye-catching, new outdoor facilities mean that members of the popular country club can now enjoy the mature woodland setting. Winning the contract to build Wickwoods’ indoor pool, it was natural that the task of constructing the outdoor spa should fall to Fowlers. Work commenced in early March but quickly came to a halt due to the COVID-19 lockdown. As restrictions were gradually lifted, and to obviate any further delay, Fowlers turned to Certikin to supply one of the market leading NIVEKO bespoke monopools. A 9m x 3.6m x 1.4m insulated deck level overflow pool in white, featuring corner steps and a small beach area topped off with an automatic, remote controlled slatted solar cover was duly selected. Proudly lying alongside the pool is a bespoke deck level spa. The enticing fully tiled mosaic spa (5m x 3.5m x 0.9m) features stainless steel fittings, a combination of 70 various sized water jets including air to give its users a therapeutic, all over body

massage. To add atmosphere, the spa is fitted with mini colour changing LED lights. Fowlers used Certikin for much of the pool and spa’s associated equipment and Managing Director, Tom Holman said: “We have a longstanding relationship with Certikin. The product range is second to none and when considering the Wickwoods project it was a no brainer. From the NIVEKO pool and the bespoke deck level spa to the filtration and heating equipment the Certikin service was exemplary.” Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Fowler Swimming Pools 01403 864373 www.fowlerswimmingpools.co.uk

Dripool Look For Engineers After Busiest Year To Date Whilst 2020 was an incredibly difficult time for many, the general feedback I receive from Dripool’s trade colleagues in the pool industry is that it was probably the busiest year they had ever experienced. For Dripool, this was certainly the case with nearly a thousand customers all vying for their services to ensure their covers were in perfect working order so as to maximise the time spent in their pools. Many customers commented on how, now more than ever, the pool was an absolute lifesaver with children and adults alike being told to stay home for such a long period of time. The extent of enquiries was not limited to existing customers however and Dripool were pleased to collaborate on many new build projects with some fantastic designs and beautiful new pools.

The new build pictured was one of many collaborations carried out with Aqua King Pools, a swimming pool specialist company based in Dorset with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. The pool was constructed by Shane King and his team and completed with a Driglide automatic safety cover, manufactured and installed by Dripool Ltd at the property in Bourton, Dorset. With the amount of enquiries increasing week on week and the inevitable flood of service requests already starting, Dripool have taken the unusual step of interviewing for additional engineers, much earlier than expected, as it seems that this year might even surpass 2020 as the company’s busiest year to date! Dripool Ltd 023 8066 3131 www.dripool.co.uk

SPN February 2021 9 02/03/2021 20:11


Certikin’s New Website Is A Hit!

Certikin reports that its dynamic, newly-launched website, featuring improved navigation for easier access to its market leading portfolio, has received a very favourable response from the industry. Marketing Manager, Chris Green, said: “Super user-friendly, our website is designed to be both informative and time saving, so customers can manage their account as easily on site from their smartphone as they can in the office. “Certikin covers the broadest spectrum of products and is the home of all the leading wet leisure brands such as Maytronics, Calorex, Endless Pools, Roldeck, Coverstar and Malvern Boilers, many of which are exclusive, so you can rest assured you will find plenty of choice and just what you are looking for.” The site is open to everyone to view the company’s vast range but a Certikin web account is necessary to be able to order from over 6,000 listed products and spares and review past orders and invoices. There’s also a useful range of resources to download, including product brochures and technical installation manuals. The site is constantly updated to keep visitors updated of all company happenings and the launch of new products throughout the year. For inspiration, the site is linked to the company’s ‘Cool Pool’ blog, which highlights several spectacular projects showcasing the versatility of Certikin’s equipment. Certikin customers are invited to send in details of their latest projects to feature in future blogs and in the Cool Pool magazine. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

Additional Engineer Boosts Heatstar’s Scotland Coverage With the recent appointment of an additional service engineer based in Scotland, Heatstar have extended their UK coverage to offer an even more comprehensive level of breakdown and maintenance support. This new appointment will mean Heatstar can offer a speedier response time for callouts in the north of the UK keeping breakdown times to a minimum. Heatstar’s nationwide fleet of service engineers are directly employed by them, with extensive experience, and are completely knowledgeable about the entire Heatstar product range. Each engineer works from an optimally equipped and GPS tracked vehicle carrying an array of specialist tools and a wide range of spare parts to cover most eventualities. In fact, the company are able to boast an excellent first time fix rate of 96.7% of mechanical breakdowns being repaired on the first engineer visit. It is also worth noting that when a Heatstar engineer visits an end-user

site, they are always aware that they are representing the trade installer. Even top quality, reliable products like Heatstar benefit from planned, regular maintenance, and to that effect, the company offer planned maintenance agreements on all of their products to ensure that the Heatstar system continues to operate to its optimum performance. By providing maintenance contracts Heatstar can ensure that the equipment is properly maintained and serviced by fully qualified engineers with an in-depth knowledge and experience of the products. This in turn offers complete peace of mind to the end user and demonstrates the after sales service and support offered by the installer in conjunction with Heatstar. The company also offer a technical helpline service which can often resolve issues over the telephone. Heatstar 01983 521465 www.heatstar.com

Kier £15.5m Leisure Centre Project Starts On Site Kier has started construction works at the £15.5m leisure centre and community hub project on the Festival Hall site in Kirkby-in-Ashfield in Nottinghamshire. Kier is delivering the project for client, Ashfield District Council. The new centre in Kirkby-in-Ashfield will be built alongside the existing Festival Hall leisure centre. It will bring brand new facilities including a 25m community pool with moveable floor, sauna and steam rooms, fitness suite, clip and climb and adventure play. The new centre will open in the spring of 2022 with demolition of Festival Hall to be completed by autumn 2022. Kier will be working in collaboration with Ashfield District Council and Festival Hall to keep the existing leisure facilities open throughout the construction period. Martin Williamson, Operations

10 February 2021 SPN 4+7+9+10_SPN_February_21_News_General_Alt.indd 10

Manager at Kier Regional Building North & Scotland, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Ashfield District Council on this stateof-the-art new leisure facility, which will provide much-needed modernised facilities for local people. The project draws on both our technical excellence and experience of delivering multi-use leisure facilities.” Councillor Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council said: “It’s an incredible feeling to be on site and start to see where the different parts of the leisure centre will be built. “This project is something that the people of Ashfield have been long-promised and I am confident that in partnership with Kier, we will deliver a vibrant communitybased facility that will rival any other in the country.”

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 02/03/2021 20:12

SPN FEB 2021.qxp_Layout 1 02/03/2021 20:04 Page 11


Golden Coast Rises To Meet Surging Demand

A Fitting Accolade For A Light Bulb Moment

It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest of things can have such a transformative effect on life. Take for instance, the Micallef Gland which, 40 years after it was conceived and designed by the founding father of Charles Micallef Swimming Pools, is still one of the standout features that makes Certikin International’s range of underwater swimming pool lights so world renowned. The brains behind the ingenious product – the Maltese distributor and leading pool dealer, Charles Micallef – was recently recognised when Certikin presented him with the ‘Golden Gland’ for Outstanding Innovative Product and certificate. Since Charles devised the solution to overcome the design issue on the Certikin PU9 light in the late 1970s, over half a million units have been sold around the globe and it is still a crucial feature of this best-selling underwater light. Certikin enjoys a long-standing relationship with the Maltese family-run business. Established in 1969 by Charles and his wife Mary, Charles Micallef Swimming Pools is one of the oldest pool companies in Europe and is the name behind several prestigious developments, such as the Malta Hilton, The Golden Sands Resort and Spa, and the Corinthia San Gorg and Marina. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Charles Micallef Swimming Pools +356 2141 5115 www.micallefpools.com

Acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading distributors of some of the world’s biggest pool and spa brands, Golden Coast is meeting the recent rise in consumer demand by expanding its technical support team ahead of a string of new product launches. Already making a splash in the hot tub accessories team is Mikala Underdown, who joined the company in November. “It has been really busy since I arrived,” she explained. “Everyone is really friendly, and it’s been great getting to know the customers and building those relationships. I can’t wait to get on the road and see the customers’ showrooms first-hand, how they work, what they sell, and, most of all, help them grow their businesses.” Mikala is not the only new arrival at Golden Coast. In December the company welcomed Shona Hobbs to its team of pool cover and heat pump specialists. “There have been lots of enquiries coming in, so I’ve been supporting the team wherever I can,” said Shona. “It’s been a steep learning curve, but I’ve been researching the products and working with the technical team to make sure I’m up Mikala Underdown to speed. I’ve been able to observe many of the products up and running here on site, so I’ve gained practical insights, and that’s been really helpful.” Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast added: “We’re committed to making sure that the trade always receives the exceptional levels of service they have come to expect from Golden Coast. We are pleased to be in a position where we can continue to grow Team GC. Mikala and Shona are doing a fantastic job.” Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

Shona Hobbs

All Change At The Top Of Pollet Pool Group Staff and customers at Pollet Pool Group were united in wishing Peter Turnbull the very best in retirement as he stepped down from his role as head of the UK and Ireland division. “I want to pay tribute to the staff team at PPG who have made my time at the helm so very rewarding. Their hard work and dedication is undeniably, second to none. I must also say a sincere thank you to the customers who have helped build PPG to unprecedented

12 February 2021 SPN 12_SPN_February_2021_People_News.indd 12

heights during my time with the company,” said Peter. Peter has worked tirelessly to hand over the reins to incoming General Manager, David Sargentson, who is keen to build his own relationship with the UK trade. David joins PPG with over 25 years experience of manufacturing and distribution within the construction products and water industry sectors, more Incoming PPG General Manager, David Sargentson

latterly as a Regional Director with the UK’s largest building materials supplier, Travis Perkins. “I’m excited to be joining Pollet Pool Group UK and Ireland at a time of group investment and growth in the region, and look forward to meeting and getting to know our customers as the restrictions hopefully relax over the coming months,” commented Peter following his appointment. PPG UK / Ireland 01635 227999 www.polletpoolgroup.com

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PRODUCT / ECO NEWS Pahlén Expand Their Family Of Counter-current Units

Laticrete Introduces SuperiorPerformance Lightweight Adhesive Mortar Laticrete, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has launched Glass Tile Adhesive Lite, a premium adhesive mortar for glass tile and mosaic tile including submerged applications. With its superior lightweight formula, higher bond strength, long open time and nonsag performance, Glass Tile Adhesive Lite is easier to transport and easier to handle on the job site. In addition, the formula contains no respirable crystalline silica levels that exceed the OSHA action level. “Equally important to its enhanced lightweight and performance features, Glass Tile Adhesive Lite was designed to make any glass tile project successful,” said Jonathan Scott, Laticrete Senior Product Manager. “Glass Tile Adhesive Lite provides a bright white colour that doesn’t affect the design of clear/translucent tiles, giving artists and installers a clean canvas to work with. It has a longer

open time to improve productivity and is easier to handle on the job site thanks to its lightweight and smooth, non-sanded, easy-trowel formula.” Enhanced with superior adhesion for all types of glass tile applications indoor and outdoor, including pools, spas, showers and more, Glass Tile Adhesive Lite meets ANSI A118.15 requirements, the highest standard for polymer-modified adhesives. Offering mosaic artists, architects and glass tile designers freedom to tailor the product to their vision, Glass Tile Adhesive Lite is tintable and can be mixed with PERMACOLOR® Select colour packs for a completely customisable design solution. Glass Tile Adhesive Lite comes in a 5.7 kg plastic bag and offers the same coverage while half the weight of a traditional adhesive mortar.

Jet Swim Athlete is the newest member of Pahlén’s Jet Swim family of counter-current swimming units and is available through Golden Coast. The principle of this stainless steel unit is based on the conventional type of unit where the pump is preferably placed behind the wall unit. Similar to the company’s Jet Swim Motion, the Athlete model houses two oval jets placed above each other with the lower one pointed 5° downward in order to lift the body of the swimmer towards the surface of the pool which results in a much more natural swimming experience. The 4 kW 3-phase bronze pump equipped with an IE3motor has a continuous performance/capacity of 68 m³/h. The wider angle of the two oval jets allows for a wider, and as such, more comfortable swimming area and the fact that air is not injected in the (return) water while in operation keeps the swimming surface more flat than other conventional units. Jet Swim Athlete activates from the water by means of a pneumatic switch, the water return can also be controlled while being in the pool. Where Jet Swim Motion is a guarantee for pure family fun, the Jet Swim Athlete focuses on those who want to improve their swimming technique and those who want to exercise on a regular basis. All components in the unit are designed with focus on durability and sustainability. Jet Swim Athlete is mainly made of acid-proof stainless steel EN 1.4404 and fulfills European Pool standards EN16582 and EN16713. Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

Laticrete UK 0151 486 6101 www.laticrete.co.uk

Pentair Launch InverTemp® LT Heat Pump Range When it comes to heating solutions, SCP UK have a wide range of options available from various well-known brands. Adding to the company’s line up for the 2021 season, Pentair have introduced the new InverTemp® LT heat pumps – a range of products that will automatically heat or cool a swimming pool according to an owner’s desired temperature. With a complete range of six heat pumps to cover all sizes of residential pools, each adapts to external conditions to ensure the best bathing comfort while optimising its consumption. Equipped with full inverter technology, the new Pentair InverTemp® LT heat pump offers a high and silent performance, thanks to the combination of an inverter compressor and a variable


speed fan. A LCD control panel allows the user to select any operating mode, which will automatically adjust the speed of the heat pump. Choose from three modes: Boost for quick heating, Eco-silence for the best sound and economical comfort and Smart optimum performance in a variety of conditions. For maximum flexibility, the InverTemp®

LT is also available with the following nonstandard accessories: • TFT display • Wi-Fi module available • Wall mounting bracket. The InverTemp® LT heat pump uses R32 refrigerant which is recyclable without any impact on ozone layer and for peace of mind (and in addition to the 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 3-year parts warranty), a specific hotline ensures any spare parts to be delivered within 48 hours. SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

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Centurio Pool Has It All Under Control

2021 marks ten years of CertiDos and to mark the anniversary, Centurio Pool – an innovative and allencompassing multiparameter pool and spa controller – has been released. Certikin has worked closely with the manufacturer, EMEC, and they have listened to feedback from trade customers and end users. The product is very much the culmination of these conversations. Every time a customer told Certikin they would like a touch screen or remote connectivity option, or more input channels, or that it would be good if their controllers could control back-washing or pool lights and covers, they were taking note, and the result is the Centurio Pool. Equipped with a Linux operating system, a highperformance ARM A5 microprocessor and a large 4” LCD colour touchscreen, Centurio Pool offers everything you need to manage the most complex water leisure system. The ingenious controller can simultaneously manage up to ten channels to read the following parameters: pH, free chlorine, combined chlorine, active free chlorine, total chlorine, conductivity, ORP, NTU, tank levels and pool water level. For each channel, it has two digital setpoints (on/off), two proportional setpoints (IS), 1 mA output setpoint and one temperature setpoint; you can also set six timers with a maximum of ten daily schedules each. It can also be set to work with pH priorities and can control flocculant output, shock chlorination and backwashing, pool covers, heating and lights. It is possible to save and restore different configurations of set up. In short, there is little that cannot be achieved with this controller. Centurio Pool can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, GSM or ethernet and remotely controlled via Ermes, the online control system designed by EMEC. It is also equipped with the MODBUS serial communication protocol (optional) which allows connection with other devices within RS485 networks too. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

AstralPool Introduce New Stainless Steel LumiPlus Option AstralPool LumiPlus, one of the most comprehensive ranges of underwater LEDs for public, commercial and residential pools in the market, has launched its latest new feature: a stainless steel finish for the LumiPlus FlexiNiche product. Available in AISI 316-L stainless steel, this new model makes it possible to choose between fitting the whole of the projector’s body in stainless steel, for greater resistance and durability, or if preferred, to opt for the ABS alternative with a stainless steel faceplate. Comprising an LED, electronic components of the highest quality and manufactured entirely in the EU to European quality standards, the whole range of LumiPlus Flexi projectors is characterised by its great adaptability to any type of pool – both new-build and existing liner or concrete pools – and may be fitted in a niche with a diameter of 180 to 230 mm, on the surface or to a nozzle. With greater energy efficiency, the LumiPlus range delivers:

• High performance spotlights with built-in top quality lighting (TQL) technology. • Enhanced energy efficiency for pools thanks to the use of LumiPlus DC lamps and spotlights run from a direct current power source (24 V DC). • Unbeatable control of all products in the range following the addition of the Internet of pools (IoT) concept called Fluidra Connect. • IP68 protection rating. • Stainless steel solutions for greater resistance and durability of the underwater lighting system and a premium quality finish for pools. Only for the FlexiNiche model. Ideal for public, hotel and residential pools in the V2 and V1 versions, respectively, the new LumiPlus Flexi system is an easy way to illuminate or renew a pool’s lighting. All projectors come with a 2.5m power cable. AstralPool UK 01329 514000 www.astralpool.co.uk

Safe Space Appointed Official SUITMATE® Distributor For Great Britain Safe Space, suppliers of lockers and changing room solutions to the fitness and leisure industry, has been named official distributor for SUITMATE®, the swimsuit water extractor. Since its launch nearly 40 years ago, SUITMATE® has revolutionised the commercial aquatic industry. Designed with high-quality materials and to global safety specifications, SUITMATE® units extract 95% of water from swimwear in just eight seconds. The wall-mounted units are compact and user-friendly, and help to reduce facility maintenance costs and damage to lockers, fixtures and flooring, which can be caused by wet swimwear. Safe Space will lead distribution across Great Britain, supplying SUITMATE® units

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to aquatic facilities including health clubs, leisure centres, spas and hotels. SUITMATE® joins an extensive range of products and services provided by Safe Space, as part of the company’s dedication to providing a market-leading one-stop solution for changing room and washroom refurbishments and new build concepts. With products including lockers, bench seating, vanity units, cubicles, and integrated panel systems, Safe Space offers expert consultancy to deliver bespoke solutions to meet facilities’ requirements in-line with

agreed budget and timescales. Commenting on the new partnership with Extractor Corporation, Dominic Hyett, Managing Director of Safe Space, said: “We always aim to present our customers with a comprehensive solution and SUITMATE® is a fantastic addition to our offering, and one that solves a common issue for facilities concerning damage and maintenance. It is the leader in its field and we’re proud to partner with a brand that is committed to quality, safety and exceeding customer demands.” Safe Space Lockers 020 3651 1500 www.safespacelockers.co.uk

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Image courtesy of Rio Pool Construction and Calcot & Spa

Evoqua’s Neptune Benson Makes Waves With Advanced RMF

Cranbourne Stone Release New Brochure For 2021 Cranbourne Stone, specialists in providing bespoke and high-quality natural stone and porcelain products for swimming pools and landscape designs, is pleased to announce the release of its new 2021 product brochure, entitled ‘The Collection.21’. The latest edition includes their bestselling natural stone and porcelain as well as new additions which are tipped to be popular design choices this year. New for 2021 is the stunning Trevose Black Granite. Its dramatic dark colour and flamed finish make it the ideal stone for modern swimming pool surrounds and terraces, and is already garnering attention from those looking for a contemporary finish. A Porcelain Mosaic range has also been introduced for the first time in Cranbourne Stone’s 17-year history. Available in nine stunning colours and two sizes, it is the perfect tile choice for swimming pools. The latest range can be paired with Cranbourne Stone’s large format tiles to create sumptuous

style for any pool. “We are thrilled to present The Collection.21 product catalogue to our customers,” said Jo Standfield, Cranbourne Stone’s Sales Director. “It brings together our whole range of products, including the favourites that continue to be popular year on year. We have also replaced some natural stone with brand new updates like Trevose Black Granite. This beautiful richcoloured stone replaces Chattis Black Basalt granite and is a perfect choice for contemporary designs. “What I am really excited to introduce is the new Porcelain Mosaic range. They match our Elegance range of large format porcelain tiles and are the ideal choice for those looking for chic styling. By using the mosaic tiles as a pool lining and the large tiles for the swimming pool surround it creates a beautiful seamless finish. Cranbourne Stone 01264 810813 www.cranbournestone.co.uk

Evoqua Water Technologies have announced the introduction of the Defender FP-Series regenerative media filtration (RMF) system which has been designed to deliver maximum performance for swim schools, health clubs and other small to medium size commercial aquatics venues. The next generation Defender® FP series targets smaller pools than the original Defender® line, bringing the same superior performance, quality and product support to a new segment of pool owners who are committed to providing their guests with exceptional water quality with the lowest operational costs. Owners of these smaller facilities can achieve significant operational savings as compared to conventional sand filtration, including up to 90% less water wasted in backwashing, 50% less energy consumption, and 30% less chemical usage – while achieving unparalleled water quality and clarity. In addition, the amount of space required for the Defender FP-Series filtration systems is approximately 75% less than the space required for conventional filtration systems. Designed with advanced modelling tools and validated through extensive laboratory and field testing, the FP-Series filter is suitable for applications requiring flow rates between 107-300 gallons per minute (24-68 m3/hr) of filtration. The FP-Series also incorporates our latest cleaning technology called the PowerBump™ system which greatly reduces maintenance and increases reliability. The Defender FP-Series Filter was developed by Evoqua’s Neptune Benson, a leading provider of RMF technology. With over 60 years of experience serving the commercial aquatics market and thousands of systems installed worldwide, Neptune Benson continues to develop innovative products that make pools cleaner, safer and healthier for bathers. Evoqua Water Technologies 0300 124 0500 www.evoqua.com

Watertight Protection From Certikin’s Plant Room Shield Removing all fear of the damage that a flood can cause, the Certikin Plant Room Shield flood detection system is designed to isolate the circulation pump when there is a water leak in the pool plant room. Suitable for both commercial and domestic installation, it can limit potential damage to the plant room, connected buildings and the pool system, whilst also saving water. When water from a leaking filter, pump or pipework comes into contact with the unique water detection probe, the control box isolates the power to the circulation pump to minimise the potential

18 February 2021 SPN 17+18_SPN_February_2021_Prod+Eco_News.indd 18

damage. At the same time, the control box alarms both visually and audibly. It also sends an SMS (text) message or phone message to a nominated number to advise that the power to the pump has been isolated.

For plant rooms that are damp or already have some water present there is control for sensitivity and when the plant room needs to be cleaned the system can be temporarily over-ridden. The Plant Room Shield flood detection system can potentially save thousands of pounds worth of repair costs, minimise downtime and reduce insurance claims as the result of an undetected leak or system failure. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

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Lower A Spa’s Operating Costs By 75% With EcoSpa According to its manufacturer, the EcoSpa Heat Pump is the world’s quietest, energy efficient pool and spa inverter heating system. The unique patent design removes every possible noise to ensure a silent performance. The rear air outlet eliminates noise and cold air is directed away for comfort. Available from Rotospa, the full inverter heat pumps incorporates the industry’s leading full DC inverter control system. With smart conversion compressor, fan motor and pressure system. It provides amazing energy saving performance with improved control. Featuring a classic, simple touch controller with boost and silent mode features, the EcoSpa offers the optimum userfriendly experience and is available with a Wi-Fi option, so owners can control it remotely using a smartphone. The EcoSpa efficient performance claims to generate less pollution and CO2 than any other existing model on the market. The product’s eco-friendly credentials are also boosted thanks to the use R32 gas – the next generation refrigerant with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 675. The R32 refrigerant has three times lower GWP than R410A (2088). R32 is also more energy efficient – when compared to R410A it has 25% CO2 carbon consumption, 25% gas quota cost. Electronic expansion valves provide ten times the flexibility to adjust the gas flow and increase the COP by up to 20% and the EcoSpa’s twisted titanium heat exchanger provides 40% higher efficiency than normal. With Reverse cycle defrosting with 4-way valve for quick and efficient defrosting, the EcoSpa Heat has been designed to operate in air conditions as low as -10°C. Rotospa Ltd 0121 354 3428 www.rotospa.co.uk

Plastica Launch New Relax Filter Cartridges Adding to their successful water treatment products range, Plastica have developed their own range of filter cartridges to rival the quality and value expected from the leading brands. The Pod System is compatible with 20g tablets and is available to be used with the most popular cartridges that feature either a removable lid or built-in shelf to hold the dosing pod. The lid is part of a compatible cartridge and the Dosing Pod is sold separately. The new inline Dosing Pod system is compliant with Section 76 of HSG282 regulations regarding inline dosing. HSG282 is a regulation put in place to control infectious agents, including Legionella, potentially in spa and pool systems. Hot tubs and pool systems can be a recognised source of diseases caused by infectious agents including the organism that causes legionnaires’ disease. In the past there have been a number of outbreaks linked to spa pools in leisure centres, hotels and holiday lets. This is why the HSG282 regulation was put in place in 2017 to keep customers safe from potentially harmful diseases. The Relax Filter Cartridges are easy to install, maintain and don’t need to be removed while the pool or hot tub is in use. The Pod System helps keep the pool or hot tub regularly dosed and chemicals away from pool or spa users. Plastica also have their own Relax manufactured filter cartridges. Suitable for inflatable hot tubs and above-ground cartridge filter pump units, they are compatible with products from many leading manufacturers. Plastica Pools 01424 857743 www.plasticapools.net

New Home Purchased For Superior Wellness Superior Wellness have recently purchased a new 130,000ft2 facility which will help them to spearhead plans and reach their vision of being the world’s market leader within the sector. Located just a few miles away from their current base in Chesterfield, the Superior team will move into their new home in the spring. The size is phenomenal and will house a warehouse, distribution centre and offices, along with one of the UK’s largest hot tub showrooms for their Miami Spas retail division. The new location is almost the size of two football pitches and will be the largest hot tub distribution centre in the UK, stocking up to 3,000 hot tubs. The new facility’s central location will allow them to deliver products to partners and customers quicker,

20 February 2021 SPN 20+23_SPN_February_2021_Wellness.indd 20

and will enable the team to be together in one location rather than across two sites – meaning greater efficiency and improved communications as well as it being great for team culture. Training facilities will also be present, meaning ongoing education for both the Superior team and partners, and an in-house photographic studio will assist the marketing

team’s effort. There will also be a focus on team wellness with on site keep fit facilities plus team breakout areas. Rob Carlin, Managing Director at Superior Wellness said: “I am very excited to move the whole team into our new home soon. As well as providing much needed space to store hot tubs and a larger office, I am pleased that we have been able to provide areas for the team to focus on their wellness with an on site gym and breakout areas which will be used during lunch breaks or to collaborate with other teams. The team culture is one of the key reasons of our success and this environment will only improve it.” Superior Wellness 01246 559071 www.superiorwellness.co.uk

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New Superior Wellness Website Goes Live Following the rebrand from Superior Spas last year to Superior Wellness, the Chesterfield-based hot tub distributor are delighted to announce the launch of a completely new website for the brand. The new online offering showcases who the company are, goes into detail about how the company began and outlines their vision for the future. Visitors can learn more about the various hot tub, spa and swim spa brands which the company distributes – each of which has its own dedicated website for product and model information. With a new Superior Wellness blog, the latest news from the rapidly growing company and a careers hub, the website provides guests with much more information than before. Over the coming months the newly-named brand will be continuing to add more content including videos, imagery plus a lot more on wellness. Finally, an awards section is also included too and with success and expansion comes accolades, so this section is sure to expand in the future too! Superior Wellness saw phenomenal growth in 2020 in terms of sales, revenue and team members too. As they expand, they are investing all areas of the business which includes marketing, technology, research, IT, product innovation and arguably most importantly, the customer experience. The launch of the new website also coincides with the ten year anniversary of the company which they will be celebrating in April. Superior Wellness 01246 559071 www.superiorwellness.co.uk

AraSpa Consulting And Dröm UK Collaborate On New Concept When Sara Jones, Founder of AraSpa Consulting and Barry Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Dröm UK met for lunch before the Global Wellness Summit in Singapore back in late 2019, an idea was born. “I love using vibrational frequency during meditation, while working, and combining them with spa experiences as I’ve done in my consulting projects in Mexico,” said Jones. “I knew incorporating this additional dimension within a hydrothermal facility would create an exceptional experience, especially when coupled with light and aroma, and who better to partner with than Dröm UK, an innovator in the hydrothermal industry known for service and quality.” The SoundSauna and SoundSteam will incorporate vibrational frequency sound healing; combined with the hydrothermal elements of sauna and steam, in addition to chromotherapy and aromatherapy this creates an elevated wellness experience bringing

together heat, humidity, sound, light and aroma like never before. “At Dröm UK, we strive to craft uniquely tailored, high-quality equipment allowing our spa and wellness industry partners to offer the very best cuttingedge experiences to their guests,” said Smith. “I enjoy collaborating with industry leaders and bringing new ideas to life, I’m excited to work alongside Sara Jones, who I find to be incredibly creative and one of the most passionate spa professionals I have ever met.” The new, innovative multisensory hydrothermal experience, powered by Aromatherapy Associates’ blends is fully customisable and can be adapted for private hydrothermal experiences, boutique spas and large-scale spa and wellness facilities, it can also be retrofitted to existing installations. Dröm UK 01932 355 655 www.dromuk.com

Park Leisure Solution Announce Sustainable, Low Carbon Collaboration National water leisure supplier, Park Leisure Solutions Ltd, announce the formation of an environmentally friendly, integrated working partnership with leading Eco park developer Green Arc Leisure. Green Arc Leisure’s unique Eco business model allows delivery of near complete off grid developments, allowing owners to harness natural energy, which can then be utilised to power and sustain their parks.  The partnership will provide Green Arc Leisure access to Park Leisure Solutions industry leading, energy efficient Holiday Home heating and hot water technology, as well as their revolutionary range of

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Climacubes and Spas, designed to operate using 80% less energy than conventional systems. Managing Director, Stuart Mulcahy said: “In the coming years all businesses will need to be aware of their carbon use and the consequences for the environment.  “Partnering with Green Arc Leisure will allow more businesses to benefit from our leading, energy efficient products and help them save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and subsequently have less of an impact on the environment.” With a dedicated team of architectural planners Green Arc Leisure can advise

and design unique and captivating layouts that not only fully comply with planning regulations but also help to maximise their customer’s budget. Transforming an open space into a sales or rental ready development and by adopting a green friendly ethos, Green Arc Leisure can design to retain natural trees and plants, as well as use recycled and sustainable products and materials to reduce the carbon footprint in the future. Park Leisure Solutions 01202 691166 www.parkleisuresolutions.co.uk

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NIVEKO Pool Was The Right Choice For Czech Family When it comes to investing in a swimming pool, rarely is it a snap decision. “I had been thinking about buying a family pool for some time. The thing that really helped me to come to a decision was the fact that it was starting to get difficult to travel to our favourite destinations in the sun,” commented one of NIVEKO’s latest customers who wished to remain anonymous. “As we are an active family and enjoy sports, I wanted something to entertain the children in the summer and a place for my wife and I to relax and get some exercise, which is important and comes natural to us,” they said, adding: “Our small children are proof that we bought our pool at exactly the right time.”

The family had a very clear idea about the design and quality of the pool and had spent around two years looking at the options available on the market and after discussions with the NIVEKO team, chose a Skimmer Invisible. “After carefully weighing up what was on offer, I decided to opt for NIVEKO. Now I’m very glad that I visited NIVEKO in person, even though the firm is based more than 300 km from where I live,” said the customer. “The NIVEKO head office has several pool types and designs on display, which were demonstrated to me in a highly professional manner. I knew I was in the right place. My ideas and wishes were always assessed with a valid argument and this is perhaps another reason why we came to an agreed result without any compromises. The pool was delivered and installed at the pre-arranged time, which was very important to me given my workload. The expertise shown by everyone involved was inspiring.” NIVEKO s.r.o. +420 572 693 246 www.niveko-pools.com

UK-based Unipools Comes To The Rescue Of Spanish Pool! Situated in the remote village of Horta de Sant Joan in the Terra Alta mountain range, the manager of the 25m public swimming pool recently discovered a huge loss of water that threatened to force the early closure of the facility which had only recently been re-opened due to Spain’s robust COVID-19 measures. Unipools – the UK’s specialist of 20 years and agents of the full range of LeakMaster products – were duly contacted, however with the Unipools team unable to fly to Spain due to the current lockdown conditions, it was decided to try and detect the leaks remotely and a LeakMaster Pre-Filled Dye Tester kit was immediately couriered over. These convenient syringe style testers are charged with a special concentrated dye that holds together underwater. Incorporating a 6” plastic ‘needle’ allows

24 February 2021 SPN 24+27_SPN_February_2021_World_News.indd 24

for precise dye placement without creating unwanted currents and will allow the user to: • Identify the precise location of structural pool leaks • Identify water movement into or out of pipes. Using the kit, the mayor and lifeguard quickly identified not just one leak but in fact four different leaks in two of the skimmers and two light fittings. Via WhatsApp, a video was sent to Unipools who, in a goodwill gesture, quickly dispatched LeakMaster Pool Glue, LeakMaster Quick Set Putty and LeakMaster Butyl Tape to plug the leaks. Unipools 020 8959 8686 www.unipools.com

Water-i.d. Collects €36,811 For ‘Steps for Children’

Good news has become a rare commodity these days, but it does still exist! Water-i.d. GmbH’s ‘€1 per PoolLab 1.0 photometer sold for Steps for Children’ campaign has been a complete success, according to Managing Director Andreas Hock. In January 2020 the manufacturer of water analysis devices and reagents decided to support the ‘Steps for Children’ project in Namibia after Andreas’ brother Stephan had moved there some 15 years ago. Stephan has been working with the charity whose aim is to feed local children, however it broke his heart to see that kids who came to the ‘soup kitchen’ had to be turned away because the money collected and the food financed with it was still not enough for all who stood in line every day. This experience of having to send children home hungry again and again motivated Stephan to look for ways to collect more donations in order to eventually feed every child. For Water-i.d. it was therefore an easy and heartfelt decision to support this project and to ensure that no child had to be turned away. This has presented a real challenge, as the number of children asking for food rose sharply last year after the consequences of the pandemic, which were also felt in Namibia. “Perhaps it was a hint from above,” said Andreas Hock, knowing that PoolLab had such a great success this past year and that a total of €36,811 could be collected for the same number of PoolLab photometers sold and transferred to the charity. Water-i.d. will continue to support Stephan’s soup kitchen and ‘Steps for Children’ this year, with even more targeted measures. You can support directly too at www.stepsforchildren.de or www.poollab.org

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IN EXTREME SILENCE It’s an inverter age



4 Season Function

LEADERS in Heat Pump Technology & Innovation

Our family has expanded !!

Tel 01293 546 126 / 01268 273 040 Fax 01293 528 442 / 01268 273 041 email info.uk@scppool.com / Head Office & Distribution Centre / 1 Church Road / Lowfield Heath / Crawley / West Sussex /RH11 0PQ

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IN BRIEF EGERIA INVESTMENT COMPANY ACQUIRES KLAFS Egeria, an independent panEuropean investment company, has announced that it will acquire a majority interest in Klafs. Headquartered in Germany, Klafs is the world’s largest manufacturer and integrator of high-quality sauna systems, steam baths and complementary products and services for both private and commercial customers. The sellers as well as the management team have retained minority stakes in the company and management will continue to lead the business. The acquisition is still subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to be finalised in the first quarter of 2021. Founded in 1952, Klafs has achieved significant organic growth over the years. The company has 733 employees and is the clear market leader in the DACH region with 25 showrooms as well as four production sites in Europe. The investment by Egeria provides the company with the financial backing and operational support to accelerate growth through further international expansion and acquisitions.

PISCINA & WELLNESS BARCELONA LOOK TO BUILD A UNIQUE EVENT With an event taking place from 29 November to 2 December this year, organisers for Piscina & Wellness Barcelona feel confident that their show will go ahead and already have more than 150 companies taking part. Naturally, this latest edition will have a number of changes though, but the event team’s commitment to innovation and sustainability remains. In addition to providing a multi-format hybrid edition, the biggest change of all to the format will be the co-location of Piscina & Wellness with BBConstrumat – an established building show. This change is expected to see a doubling of the number of companies attending: more visitors, more contacts, more networking and more business.

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Hawaiian Residence Receives Splinterworks’ First Concrete Slide Installed at this beautiful splitlevel pool in Hawaii, Cadence – first concrete slide from Splinterworks – is a creative blend of industrial materials with organic design which allows Cadence to sit very comfortably within the island’s lush, green vegetation. With stunning views, it was paramount not to obscure the landscape. So the company designed Cadence with just three integrated steps to keep it below eye-level and to allow for wonderful, uninterrupted views

from the house, and utilised the drop between the two pools to create sufficient velocity. The hewn steps make the treads non-slip. A narrow slit at the top of the slide provides a weir of water that cools and keeps the slide thoroughly slippery. The viscous form of the polished concrete slide flows through the steep hillside views, culminating in a generous splash! The concrete material visually references the island’s pāhoehoe lava, a Hawaiian term meaning

smooth, unbroken lava. In order to achieve the exhilarating ride requested, the slide swings out over the rocks and foliage, curving back around and tapering out to launch the rider into the lower pool. Splinterworks positioned the exit carefully to allow for thrillsseekers to still have room to leap from one pool to the other. Splinter Works Ltd 01225 464957 www.splinterworks.co.uk

Ezarri Clads Sulphur Thermal Baths On The Silk Road Specialist tile company Ezarri has recently supplied tile mosaics for sulphur thermal baths found on the Silk Road. Lisi Bath is located in the capital of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, between the Black and Caspian seas. Silk and sulphur combine with Ezarri mosaics to turn Lisi Bath into a star attraction in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. The healing sulphur baths are located at Lake Lisi on the outskirts of the Georgian capital. The region is cherished for its natural surroundings, and Ezarri has played a direct role in the area. As well as silk and sulphur, the place is steeped in myths and legends. One story tells of the origins of the capital of Georgia and that the ancient King Vakhtang was so impressed with the thermal springs that he decided to fell the forest to build a city. With that story in mind, the Lisi Baths now have the final part of the equation: Ezarri, silk, sulphur and a great legend. All that was left was to install the selected mosaics: Daikiri, Caipirinha, Sky, Diamond. Daikiri and Caipirinha, from Ezarri’s Cocktail collection, are a blend of mosaics with a shine effect and are especially suited for this type of wellness space.

Sky, from the company’s Iris collection, is a mix of white and two blue tones with an iridescent finish. Diamond, from the same collection, is a mixture of white mosaics with and without iridescent effects. The choice of mosaics has enabled the use of one colour for each space, lending each of the baths its own unique style and atmosphere and the technical characteristics of Ezarri’s mosaic solutions are stringent enough for use in sulphur baths. Ezarri Mosaico +34 943 164 140 www.ezarri.com

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Virtual Environments Become ‘The Norm’ During A Busy Start To The Calendar Year With a turbulent year behind us and with an uncertain season ahead, BSPF Managing Director Chris Hayes rounds up a busy start to 2021 following the UK wet leisure industry’s first-ever virtual event


hope that your start to 2021 is going well so far? For myself, it was very exciting to be part of the first-ever virtual SPATEX show, and Michele Bridle, Helen Mulingani, Thay Castro and Penny Farmer (with support from the Directors) pulled out all of the stops to ensure there was a strong exhibitor presence at the industry’s annual event which took place at the beginning of February. A massive thank you to all of the people that visited the threeday online event and to anyone that accessed the virtual website during the following month. An even bigger thank you to those companies that were able to take a virtual stand. With the help of ISPE and contributions from PWTAG, the STA and several exhibitors, a vibrant education programme was put in place. BISHTA and SPATA also contributed to the programme with two sessions, one outlining how the trade associations add value to the industry, and one on our links with colleagues in Europe and the rest of the world (which will continue to be vital now that the BREXIT transition is over). Continuing with the online offerings at SPATEX, the winners of the 2021 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards and the 2020 ISPE Awards’ re-presentation were shown online on Tuesday 2 February. The evening recognised the achievements of the BISHTA and SPATA winners (and a number of these winners will become eligible to be entered into the 2021

European Pool and Spa Awards, organised by EUSA) so congratulations to everyone. A huge thank you to all of the award sponsors this year for their support, and their logos are included on this page. Talking of the EUSA Awards, congratulations to Rigo Spa and Tanby Pools for their Bronze awards in the European Pool and Spa Awards for 2020. The winners were announced recently, but it is hoped that they will be able to visit Cologne’s aquanale exhibition later this year to receive their respective trophy in person. For more information on the winners, please see page 42 of this issue. During SPATEX, there was also the fourth meeting of the World Alliance of Pool and Spa Associations (WAPSA). This meeting has been offered to National Associations in an online format to share ideas and good practice to improve the services on offer to members in the respective countries. Twentyeight participants from 14 countries were engaged in finding ways of working together and sharing good practice. With so much uncertainty created by the various lockdowns in each of the Home Nations and restrictions in the Republic of Ireland, many more business meetings and training courses are now routinely undertaken online. In terms of courses, BISHTA has been working with colleagues at the NICEIC to provide a blended course (a mixture of online

and face-to-face learning). Discussions are also underway regarding offering the water hygiene management course’s theoretical elements to ensure vital knowledge is passed on. It is also an aim to have the Dangerous Goods training online this year. Companies have a legal duty to receive training if they are transporting or storing items deemed ‘Dangerous Goods’ (anything with a UN number). The industry benefits from a range of partnerships and highly respected legal firm Wright Hassall LLP have again provided a very useful article, thanks to Paul Slinger who has outlined some key tips about working with main contractors. This article (on page 32) provides some of the background messages given to members at the Annual Information Day last year. I am also delighted that our friends at Hampshire County Council Trading Standards have been are able to provide some beneficial information on the Consumer Rights Act and Distance Selling Regulations. A huge thank you to Adam Chambers for providing this article on page 31. Finally, there is an article immediately following this page where Sallie LeslieGolding gives an update on the PIP Strategy for the industry in 2021. A huge thank you to Dyfed Thompson-Smith as Chairman and the rest of the Committee for their invaluable assistance to Sallie (and also to myself).


With so much uncertainty created by the various lockdowns in each of the Home Nations and restrictions in the Republic of Ireland, many more business meetings and training courses are now routinely undertaken online”

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 29_SPN_February_2021_CH.indd 29

9 Mar 18 Mar 14 May 20 May 25 May

SPATA Technical Committee, WebEx EUSA Meeting, WebEx BISHTA Technical Committee, WebEx BISHTA Committee, WebEx SPATA National Council, WebEx

SPN February 2021 29 02/03/2021 20:28


A Strategy To Build Trust And Awareness With Consumers Working on your behalf, the Pool Industry Promotions (PIP) committee aims to give the industry greater visibility as Sallie Leslie-Golding, PIP’s PR & Marketing Manager explained


he PIP committee was established in the mid-1990s with an emphasis on PR and Marketing on behalf of the industry. Today’s committee has representatives from both the pool and hot tub sectors, providing a combination of experience in all parts of the industry. Knowledge and opinions are freely shared with a common interest in driving the industry forward. Chaired by Dyfed Thompson-Smith (AstralPool UK) and supported by the current committee members: Mark Ramsden (CPC), Jeremy Chalke (Spruce Pools), Neil Dalziel (Aquaflex), Alex Kemsley (Waterstream), Phil Gordon (Jim Gordon Associates LLP), Jon Herbert (Rockingham Swimming Pools) and Arun Sarna (Hot Tub Suppliers), the work is coordinated by Sallie Leslie-Golding, with assistance from Chris Hayes (BSPF’s Managing Director). While promoting the industry (as a whole) is the ultimate goal, there is great value in encouraging businesses to join BISHTA and SPATA. By encouraging companies to join the trade associations, this helps raise the industry’s profile, so that consumers can shop with confidence, in the knowledge that trade association members are working to nationally recognised standards and a Code of Ethics. This, in turn, builds a stronger industry with a more effective voice, filtering out those companies who may be unethically trading and selling sub-standard products. The trade associations aim to raise the profile of member companies to the forefront of consumers’ minds to provide trust and peace of mind. Typically, the committee meets quarterly and once a year, the PIP strategy is reviewed to set plans in place for the coming year. The work programme incorporates items such as traditional and digital PR (Trade and Consumer), media monitoring, contact with press and media, case studies, factsheets, the PIP marketing toolkit, exhibitions and events, website development and performance, e-newsletters, social media, market research, advertising, partnerships and campaigns. With funding coming from SPATEX the UK’s only dedicated pool, spa and wellness show, and contribution from BISHTA and SPATA members.

30 February 2021 SPN 30_SPN_February_21_PIP.indd 30

WHAT OBJECTIVES DOES PIP WANT TO ACHIEVE? • To ensure every relevant household has an awareness of the benefits of wet leisure products. • To ensure everyone likely to choose to buy a pool, hot tub, etc. is aware of the benefits of working with BISHTA and SPATA members. There is a range of long and short-term goals that PIP has set to achieve the above objectives, and they include: • To gain consumer press/media coverage through the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards (and the EUSA awards) through the winners and case studies as well as trade press coverage that can be used to build trade profiles. To embrace messages that demonstrate the relevant purchasing decisions made by end-users • Building specific consumer media relationships • Building on our press/media contact list and refining them to have more one-to-one press/media relationships, with those that influence end-users • Achieving increased and broad digital media coverage • To harness digital opportunities to widen our PR reach – Developing our press/media contacts and press communication. • Online Presence Management = Growing our online profiles • Raising BISHTA and SPATA profiles through continued development of our websites, SEO, digital and social marketing with end-users. Growing our social media channels and increasing our website’s performance, including the ‘everydaycation’ campaign website • Amplifying our Trade profile through

participation at national events • Where possible, participate at national events or shows that fit with our target audiences. This could be via industry shows and events that attract our target audiences, e.g. home and garden design, landscaping, holiday park, health and wellbeing. • Promoting the Wider Water Leisure Industry • Ensure that the PIP committee always has on its agenda to discuss ways to promote the water leisure industry (as a whole). Summing up PIP’s and the wider industry’s essential role in marketing, Sallie said: “The PIP committee provide a valuable resource to help me in my task to meet the strategy set out above. The committee offers a wealth of experience, making the perfect sounding board to check my ideas and plans’ legitimacy. However, there are also times throughout the year that I turn to the wider membership of BISHTA and SPATA to source further ground-level knowledge and expertise. We have a great group of people out there who are as passionate as I am about promoting our industry and it makes me very proud to be part of it!” As a committee, PIP works to give the industry greater visibility. If you would like to share your feedback, suggestions and ideas to help PIP achieve its strategic goals, or if you would like to know how you can put actions into place to support the goals of PIP and drive consumer awareness, please email sallie@pool-industry-promotions.co.uk, call her direct on 07708 288311 or contact the BSPF’s office. PIP (BSPF) 01264 356210 www.bspf.org.uk

The committee offers a wealth of experience, making the perfect sounding board to check my ideas and plans’ legitimacy. However, there are also times throughout the year that I turn to the wider membership of BISHTA and SPATA...” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 02/03/2021 20:28


Trading Standards Q&A BISHTA and SPATA members benefit from a Primary Authority Partnership with Hampshire County Council (HCC) Trading Standards, and in this issue, Adam Chambers provides the answers to six questions raised by members from the two associations


ISHTA and SPATA are very grateful to HCC’s Adam Chambers for his contributions over a number of years and for providing the answers in this piece to questions that have been asked by BISHTA and/or SPATA (on behalf of its members). Please note these are generic answers based on the information supplied and in no way should they be specifically applied to any current situations that may seem similar, as there may be essential details missing that could change the reply from Adam/HCC. The questions have been collated under two headings, the first relating to The Distance Selling rules (DSr), the abbreviated name for the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. The second set of questions refer to The Consumer Rights Act.

DISTANCE SELLING RULES Q: When a customer returns a hot tub that they have purchased online, what costs are reasonable to charge them? A: If the customer has correctly informed you that they are returning the product to you in accordance with DSr (within 14 days of purchase), you cannot levy any charge for processing this request. You must refund the total amount paid for the product and the cost of delivery. You may require the customer to pay for the costs of returning the product, though, and this could include using a preferred method of collection to avoid damaging the hot tub. Q: Do the DS regulations apply to me if I make the occasional distance contract or sell bespoke goods? A: The regulations only apply to businesses who operate an organised scheme for distance selling, not the unique one-off supply due to specific circumstances. If, however, this becomes a regular event, you would need to apply the requirements. Goods made to a customer’s specification as opposed to made up from a tick list of options may be exempt from the regulations in terms of cancellation rights. Be careful here as they must be bespoke in every sense, not just because it’s a one-off order. You must make this very clear to the customer before they enter the contract.

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 31_SPN_February_2021_BSPF_Trading_Standards.indd 31

Q: Can I be exempt from giving these cancellation rights and still complete the contract by distance means? A: Yes. The regulations only apply where the customer and retailer have not had ANY face to face dialogue up to concluding the contract. If a customer visits a showroom, yet orders online/by phone etc. later, this is not a distance contract.  

CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT Q: What are the critical milestones for customer’s returning faulty products? A: If the customer reports a fault within 30 days of purchase, the burden of proof lies with the customer to demonstrate this if the retailer does not automatically agree. Faults can include anything that breaches the customer statutory rights, so a false description of some kind, poor performance or quality issues, or the product does not meet a specific requirement that the customer made you aware of. This can include minor defects caused during handling and installation. The customer is entitled to reject the product for a full refund. You cannot refuse this if valid, but you can suggest alternatives such as repair, replacement or a price reduction. The customer can choose. If the fault is reported after 30 days and up to 6 months from purchase, the burden of proof now flips, and it’s for the retailer to show the product was not sold with the fault. Pre supply inspections do help counter any such claims but must be documented. If the retailer can show the goods were not faulty when sold, it is back to the customer to prove the fault. After six months and until six years has passed, the burden goes back to the customer to prove. Retailers are quite entitled to ask for factors such as servicing, third party interference, misuse etc. to be considered if they are the possible cause. Expert reports here are common as fault may be complex to diagnose. Please note that you are quite entitled to offer customers a range of options to address the fault, but the choice is ultimately theirs as long as what they ask for is not impossible or disproportionate compared to other options. This can include a price reduction or a partial refund. Accepting one of the alternatives does not prevent the customer from returning later if this option also fails. Remember you

get ONE chance to affect a repair now. You may also have the ability to speak to the manufacturer about a warranty claim. Q: A customer has complained they are too tall to use an exercise spa, what would be reasonable to expect a retailer to provide the customer? A: If DSr applies because it was an online sale, the customer does not need to explain the reason for returning a product. If the product was bought from a showroom, they can fall back on their statutory rights for this type of situation. Assuming the customer had an opportunity to see the spa’s specification and therefore made an informed purchase, they would have little grounds to return the spa in these circumstances. Any help the retailer provides here is purely goodwill. However, if the goods were alleged to have been mis-sold, this may be a different situation. Whether a salesperson is required to proactively check the spa is suitable for the end-users’ needs is debatable but is clearly good practice. The customer is largely responsible for making any specific and important information known to the retailer and not leave it for them to guess. It’s also important any information provided online or in-store, which impacts on a customer’s decision making is factually correct if the customer relies upon it. In this situation, getting to the cause of the problem may involve further enquiry as clearly something in the sales process has not picked this up. Q: I am an installer and have had a problem with a piece of equipment supplied to me, am I covered under the consumer rights act, or is this only applicable for my end-user client? A: B2B supply is still covered by the old Sale of Goods Act and the Supply of Goods and Services Act which the Consumer Rights Act replaced. If the terms of the supply do not specifically restrict your rights, you can expect goods to be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described and seek redress if they do not. This can, of course, include costs of fitting, removal etc.

SPN February 2021 31 02/03/2021 20:29


Working With Main Contractors On Pool & Spa Projects In this issue, Paul Slinger, a Partner within the Construction & Engineering Team at Wright Hassall, looks at a number of differences companies can expect when working with main contractors on pool and spa projects


any experienced (and some not so experienced) companies will get the opportunity to work as a sub-contractor rather than working directly for the end customer. Indeed most main contractors will need the expertise of specialist swimming pool contractors where they tender for and deliver high-end home conversions/new-builds or commercial leisure facilities. Such work can be highly rewarding and can lead to repeat business and strong relationships, but it is certainly not without risk, and there are some key differences to direct contracting that should be borne in mind before ‘taking the plunge’.  First and foremost, you will almost inevitably be contracting on the main contractor’s terms and conditions, not your own. These will be unfamiliar and can contain traps for the unwary. Pay particular attention to either bespoke forms of contract or standard form contracts that have been heavily amended. These are unlikely to be drafted in your favour. The key thing to remember is that whilst a contract describes what must be done; it also allocates risk. If the contract is placing a new kind of risk onto you, then you may need to increase your tender prices accordingly, or negotiate the risk away. Many sub-contracts will state that you are deemed to be aware of all of the main contract conditions and that you will not do anything that will put the main contractor in breach of the main contract. Yet very few sub-contractors actually ever ask to see the main contract, let alone before signing the sub-contract.

In some cases, you might be asked to commence work whilst the contract is being drawn up, under what is known as a ‘letter of intent’. These can be highly unpredictable and risky arrangements, which depending on their wording and the circumstances could have no contractual consequences whatsoever at one extreme, to creating a full binding relationship by reference to a full suite of contractual documentation at the other. Letters of intent also typically include money and/or time caps and you should never work beyond those caps without insisting on a formal contract being put in place or negotiating appropriate extensions to any such caps. As well as the legal aspects of the contract, make sure that you understand any technical specification that applies to the contract. Also make sure that you are clear about what, if any design obligations that you are taking on. Look out for ‘fitness for purpose’ type obligations, because these can be very onerous. If you have professional indemnity insurance, it is unlikely to cover breaches of fitness for purpose obligations. Sub-contracting means you will lose a large amount of control over how the works progress and your flexibility as to approach and timing is likely to disappear. In many cases, you might even have to pay a fixed amount of damages for each day/week that your works are late. Notification is key. If you do not send the correct notices in the correct timeframe, then you might lose the right to claim more time and/or money under the sub-contract, and a profitable contract can quickly turn

First and foremost, you will almost inevitably be contracting on the main contractor’s terms and conditions, not your own. These will be unfamiliar and can contain traps for the unwary” 32 February 2021 SPN 32_SPN_February_2021_BSPF_Wright_Hassall.indd 32

into a loss-making one. You will also need to check when and how to make applications for payment. Beware of schedules of dates for payment which are not open-ended because it is likely that after the last listed date, even if your works are delayed or increased, you will not then be able to make any further applications for payment until the works are complete. You should also check whether or not retention is going to be applied to your payments and if so how much and in what circumstances it will be released to you. This will have an impact on cashflow. Also, the consequences of trying to walk away from a problem contract can be much more serious than indirect contracting because of the impact the delays will have on the rest of the contract work scope, including any other sub-contractors whose work follows yours. So as a checklist, make sure: • You understand the terms and conditions that will apply • You understand the risks and have priced them correctly • You keep good daily site records • You have briefed the site team on the importance of proper and timely notification of events that will lead to more time and/or money • You work at the relationship with the main contractor, including getting them to understand why you are the expert in your field and the value that you therefore bring. Wright Hassall 01926 880739 www.wrighthassall.co.uk

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Top 5 Tips For Summer Safety With a long winter behind us and summer approaching, Luke Griffiths, Qualification Development Manager for Pool Plant at Safety Training Awards, shares his top five tips for ensuring bather safety over the coming months


ith summer just around the corner and swimming pool operators across the UK poised to re-open following the latest lockdown restrictions, the demand for swimming pools and swimming lessons could exceed the availability. This increase in demand with potentially less availability due to social distancing and increased housekeeping routines creates a whole new set of challenges for swimming pool operators, large and small. These include:

areas. Pollution from bathers can never be stopped completely − however, prevention is better than cure. By following simple design recommendations and implementing reasonable pre-swim hygiene procedures, the quality of the water and air can be significantly improved. This policy should be understood by all tiers of staff and actively promoted to all users. COVID-19 could be a real opportunity to re-enforce pre-swim hygiene information at a time where personal hygiene messages have been so prevalent.




As well as planning for a Covid secure environment, programming the summer swim timetable should ensure that the bather loads are not exceeded and pools can cope with the increased demand. When setting timetables, operators can consider putting on different sessions to encourage sessions with lower bather loads or factoring in rest periods, where the pool can be emptied of bathers, allowing time for the pool to recover before the next session and changing areas to be cleaned.



With increased bather numbers it can be a constant battle during the summer months to maintain the cleanliness of changing rooms, pools and pool surrounds. This year’s added pressure of further reduced bathing loads and increased cleaning demands will put further strain on this but is essential nonetheless. Ensuring an appropriate cleaning regime is in place that works with the pool programme is essential. Contamination can be picked up on bathers’ feet in the changing rooms and transferred to the pools. As for the pool tank itself, it is likely there will be an increase in physical pollution such as hair, dirt etc, so ensuring that the pool is swept and vacuumed, at least daily, is essential to improve the appearance but mostly reduce the chances of biological growth on the tank.



Swimming should be a healthy, enjoyable experience but in addition to poor design, a lack of hygiene practices can result in dangerous pollution in the pools and changing

34 February 2021 SPN 34_SPN_February_2021_STA.indd 34


The main focus on pre-opening will be on providing a COVID secure environment, and rightfully so. According to the scientific literature, there is no increased risk of contracting COVID-19 from swimming in chlorinated pools, and pool operators adhering to previously set guidelines will control risk from waterborne COVID-19. However, the threat of organisms which are resistant to chlorine levels maintained in swimming pools such as Cryptosporidium is prevalent all year round, and with more bathers especially young children over the summer seasonal peak it’s a critical point to note. Operators need to reinforce key messages to educate bathers of when not to swim, particularly: • not to swim if suffered diarrhoea in the past 48 hours or • if diagnosed with cryptosporidiosis must not swim for at least 14 days after symptoms have passed and this has been confirmed medically. Operators should always be appropriately prepared and have procedures in place for how to deal with hazardous contaminants, particularly runny or broken up faeces. If operators can keep Cryptosporidium out of the pool in the first place, outbreaks can be prevented, which makes education and hygiene vital. However, operators can’t rely on this alone so need to ensure appropriate plant and procedures are in place to protect bathers in the event of a faecal incident.


DILUTION AND BACKWASHING More bathers requires more dilution.

Dilution is most important in relation to control of unwanted chlorine and other chemical by-products. The increase in the number of bathers creates a whole new set of challenges for pool operators. Regular dilution via backwashing (and dumping if necessary) are essential in the maintenance of good water quality. It is recommended to replace 30 litres of water per bather, so 100 bathers equal 3,000 litres. Backwashing can be carried out according to pressure differential or fixed time, but it should be done at least weekly. Backwashing should not be carried out when the pool is in use. Time should be allowed for the filter bed to re-compact following backwashing before the pool opens for use, this is normally one third of the turnover period (usually 30 to 120 minutes). Hence, why recommendations are to backwash at the end of the day. This assists in the overnight removal of any particulate breakthrough resulting from backwashing that might include Cryptosporidium oocysts. Backwashing is not recommended during the bathing period for the following reasons: • Filtering ability will be reduced until the filter media re-compacts • Pool water depths may drop and if jumping or diving takes place at reduced depths this could be dangerous • During backwashing, disinfection will cease and may reduce to zero in busy pools • It is likely that the temperature will be lowered by incoming ‘make up’ water. It should be pointed out that this list is by no means definitive, but what does underpin all of this is the importance of professional pool plant training. STA’s Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations qualification, which is CIMSPA professionally endorsed, covers all that operators need to ensure safe, clear and hygienic water practices in pools, spas and interactive water features. As well as qualifications STA have published their own COVID-19 Best Practice Guidance for Members in Preparation for UK Swim Schools Re-Opening, which is free to download from www.sta.co.uk Safety Training Awards 01922 645097 www.safetytrainingawards.co.uk

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 02/03/2021 21:42

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FAIRLOCKS FP FEB21 Dehum.qxp_Layout 1 02/03/2021 19:18 Page 1

A FEW PRACTICAL BENEFITS: Professional quality “made in Germany” – originally produced by Trotec Dehumidifiers specifically developed for use in wet rooms

Introducing Trotec’s DS Series Dehumidifiers Ideal for swimming pools, spas, whirlpools and more!

High dehumidification performance with optimum heat recovery Low specific energy consumption – extremely high economic efficiency Corrosion-protected design with maintenance-friendly housing Powerful air circulating radial fan Heat exchanger with corrosion-resistant CDC coating Infinitely adjustable hygrostat Fully automatic operation High and low pressure switch Prepared for wall mounting Available with optional external condensate pump

DS 30 The dehumidifiers of the DS series are also ideally suited for use in fitness areas. DS 60

Our reliable Trotec solutions provide fully automatic dehumidification, leaving spas, whirlpools and indoor swimming pools free of condensation

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, QUALITY PRODUCTS 3 Landscape Close, Weston on the Green, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX25 3SX, UK T: 01865 934333 | E: info@fairlocks.co.uk | W: www.fairlocks.co.uk


Onwards And Upwards For Fairlocks Pool Products In 2021

With a number of exciting new products added to an already successful range, Fairlocks Pool Products have made a move into new, larger premises and are now well placed for yet another busy year supplying the UK trade


Fairlock’s new, larger he last year has been an incredibly premises at Weston-onbusy period for many companies the-Green near Bicester within the wet leisure sector and following an extremely successful 2020 for Oxfordshire-based distributor Fairlocks Pool Products, new, larger premises were now needed for the business to continue growing, especially if new products were to be added to the company’s offering. Having been based in Long Hanborough since the business started back in 2006, remaining local was a priority. So, after extensive searching, new premises were identified in Weston-on-the-Green near Bicester, a mere ten miles away. With great access to both the A34 and M40, the new location ticked all the required boxes and on 4 January this year, the company relocated to Unit 3 Landscape Close. The new unit is spread over two spa environments. floors, with an ideally sized ground floor Developed in warehouse and workshop area, along conjunction with the with a large open plan office on the first highly regarded Richard floor. Carrington who is This represents a massive step well-known within forward for the business as it means the industry, these much more stock can be held ready units are suitable for for quick shipment to the pool trade Trotec dehumidifiers are ideal for all indoor both new and retrofit throughout the UK, which is perfect pools and spas installation. timing as this year Fairlocks Pool Products has gone from strength to strength, and has added some exciting THE COVLOCK AUTOMATIC POOL and attractive new products to their ever COVER expanding range. CovLock is the cover that combines comfort Following the purchase of Walter Pool and safety. As it is automated, handling it Products in 2020 by the TSPH Group of is child’s play. It allows quick opening and Aarschot in Belgium (TSPH are the owners closing at the turn of a key, so the pool can of Covrex covers and LPW pools, both of be easily used and enjoyed. which Fairlocks supply), CovLock automatic This cover is completely waterproof around safety cover and CovDeck cover ranges are the whole cover perimeter, so any pool will now on offer to the UK trade. Based in stay clean in summer and winter alike and it Brumath in France, Walter is an established also prevents heat loss and stops evaporation. manufacturer of an extensive range of Made in France, each CovLock is completely swimming pool covers and related products. automatic and is fully compliant with the NF And if that wasn’t enough, the brand new P 90-308 Standard (tested by LNE). It offers Trotec range of wall mounted dehumidifiers four types of rails suitable for all pool types is also being introduced by Fairlocks too. with four track options, automatic hydraulic Manufactured in Germany, the DS series motors, and a choice of seven colours, it could offers highly efficient moisture control and well be set to become the cover of choice for heat recovery in indoor swimming pool or the 2021 season.

This represents a massive step forward for the business as it means much more stock can be held ready for quick shipment to the pool trade throughout the UK” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 37_SPN_February_2021_Fairlocks_Focus.indd 37

THIS: The WaluLock automatic cover and below, the WaluDeck

THE COVDECK ROLLING DECK POOL COVER The cleverly designed CovDeck totally revolutionises the approach to pool and spa covers. This 100% safe rolling decking slides over the spa or pool, combining both design and practicality. Watch as the pool space is transformed into a real treat in under two minutes! This innovative product wins over more customers every year by building a reputation as a must have option. Owners will love the elegant and clever design of this decking cover, as it makes their life easier and provides a more useable and versatile garden space.

TROTEC DEHUMIDIFIERS Now available from Fairlocks’ UK held stock, Trotec dehumidifiers are ideal for all indoor pools and spas. Manufactured using highquality German engineering, these units are an exciting addition to the company’s range. The two models – DS 30 and DS 60 – are specifically developed for swimming pool hall dehumidification and include quiet running and powerful radial fans, insulated compressors, and polyester-coated heat exchanger surfaces to protect against corrosion. Both wall-mounted units are easy to install, work fully automatically and can extract large amounts of moisture from the room air, even in air temperatures as low as 5°C. Fairlocks Pool Products 01869 934333 www.fairlocks.co.uk

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SPATEX Virtual – A One-Off Online Event The water leisure industry from around the UK and further afield logged in to their computer and smart devices at the start of February for SPATEX Virtual, the online version of the industry’s annual trade show. The organising team had put in a great effort to launch it in a very short space of time and whilst clearly no substitute for the real thing, I firmly believe it will be viewed as a success By Jon Wadeson


ith the industry’s annual show unable to return to Coventry due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, a unique online event was needed. SPATEX Virtual took place between 2 and 4 February (but was available to access for a full month thereafter), and the digital offering attempted to provide all of the elements of the physical annual show but in an online, and therefore safe, environment. With approximately half of amount of stands that Coventry attracts, and with a somewhat pared back educational offering, clearly it was a much smaller event but size, was the only real comparison you could make versus a show held in any normal year. In my opinion, it would be wrong to compare SPATEX Virtual to any real, face-to-face event. You honestly may as well be comparing apples to oranges, they are two very different kind of events, but the virtual offering did as promised, deliver a networking opportunity for the pool and spa trade plus it provided a platform where launching products, providing educational opportunities and announcing the winners of the industry’s annual awards was all possible. And for that, I applaud the organising team in creating a centralised space for the wet leisure industry to utilise and indeed get behind. In fact, at the time of writing this piece towards the end of February, in excess of 1,000 people had logged in as visitors, keen to experience the virtual format and see what was on offer. That’s a seriously impressive figure when you consider that a live show at Coventry would normally attract circa 1,500 unique visitors to the Ricoh Arena. It seems many who logged in also appreciated the efforts of the SPATEX team too, with positive feedback being easy to find. As one of the many visitors, Jon Herbert, Managing Director of Rockingham Swimming Pools Ltd said: “Congratulations on SPATEX

Virtual. I must say, I really enjoyed it. In the face-to-face SPATEX I usually miss a couple of seminars or don’t pick up all the information/leaflets because my bag gets too full and heavy. With the virtual event I could catch up on the recorded seminars and download the Show Bag of leaflets to read at a later date. Congratulations again on what was a brilliant SPATEX Virtual.” Susan Hampstead of Forever Swim by Susan was another who enjoyed the virtual experience and commented: “Congratulations on the organisation of the online exhibition, it was highly accessible and easy to navigate. In particular, I always like to look for the latest in pool water treatment/hygiene, plus I plan an improvement project each year. My next projects are an upgraded pool pump and autodosing system − your exhibition has helped me to find and contact suppliers of these.” Martin Jackson, Managing Director at SSL Pools Ltd said: “I really enjoyed participating

Well over a thousand visitors made the virtual show worth staging. The large amount of content that visitors downloaded, and the huge amount of interest shown in the seminar programme, are testimony to the value of the show” 38 February 2021 SPN 38_SPN_February_2021_SPATEX_Review.indd 38

in SPATEX Virtual and I hope it was a complete success for yourselves. I would like to take this opportunity to say a ‘big thankyou’ for all the teams and suppliers’ hard work in creating the virtual show.” Summing up the unique event, SPATEX Organiser, Michele Bridle, said: “We would like to thank everyone who helped keep the SPATEX flag flying, particularly our exhibitors who, like us, believed the show must go on. It was no easy feat to assimilate a totally new concept in such a short time frame and we thank them for their support and hard work. Well over a thousand visitors made the virtual show worth staging. The large amount of content that visitors downloaded, and the huge amount of interest shown in the seminar programme, are testimony to the value of the show. “Virtual show development is still in its infancy but we are proud of the high-quality platform that the leading provider, vFairs, helped us create. A virtual exhibition does, of course, offer its own unique set of benefits, but there is no substitute for face-to-face business. We very much look forward to the return of a very special live event at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena from Tuesday 1 to Thursday 3 February in 2022.” SPATEX 01264 358558 www.spatex.co.uk

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A big thank you to everybody who participated at SPATEX Virtual and for making the unique event such an industry-wide success!




Residential Project In Leicestershire Receives

A Barnstorming Transformation! R

eceiving the brief to convert this old, dilapidated barn in Lutterworth into a state-of-the-art swimming pool hall could have been regarded as a daunting task but not for Northampton pool builder, Mosaic Pools. For them, it was all in a day’s work or, rather… three years’ work! With four decades of working in the wet leisure industry under his belt, Mosaic Pools’ Managing Director Stephen French was more than up to the task of taking on this challenging barn conversion. He knew exactly where to start… a loyal customer for 30 years, he turned to Certikin International to supply the pool’s main ingredients. “I choose Certikin as my supplier because I know my customers will be getting the best, highest quality goods in the marketplace,” said Stephen. “It’s my belief that if you buy cheap, you buy twice but, in any case, Certikin goods are not overpriced. Based in Milton Keynes, I am only 45 minutes away from Certikin in Witney so it’s handy for dropping by to pick up some last-minute pieces of equipment or chat over a technical problem. The technical back-up is second to none and gives great peace of mind and I have always found the company and its personnel to be very fair.” Providing some background to the project, Stephen said: “The

With four decades of working in the wet leisure industry under his belt, Mosaic Pools’ Managing Director Stephen French was more than up to the task of taking on this challenging barn conversion” 40 Februray 2021 SPN 40-41_SPN_February_2021_Project_Showcase_Rev.indd 40

family behind this pool were looking for a ‘sanctuary’ to relax in after a hard day’s work. At times, I thought we were never going to finish it but I am delighted to say that it surpassed their expectations, and on completion, they described the pool as ‘perfection’. It’s great to know that it’s much loved and in daily use.” The project stands as a fine example of how Certikin supplied equipment can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The 13m x 6m concrete and tile pool with a 1.5m depth features a PSS block system with 75ml insulation. From its Delta 4, Pool Pilot and Blue Lagoon salt UV System, Top Mount filter, 2 hp Aquaspeed pumps, stainless steel skimmers, sand filter to its Roldeck automatic cover – it is Certikin from top to bottom. An added note of luxury is the Certikin Harvia 3m x 2m steam room. With more than half a century of experience in developing the best Finnish sauna and steam products, Harvia knows the key to wellness. The Harvia range, exclusive to Certikin, expertly combines the relaxing elements of nature – wood, stone and water – and eight different standard steam rooms are offered as ‘off-the-shelf’ products. Each is suitable for domestic or commercial applications and comes flat packed, ready for assembly on site. In addition, Certikin offers a whole variety of bespoke solutions for steam rooms from supplying the room only to all the equipment. Complete rooms with all the equipment include: ceilings, walls, seats, steam generator, LED down lights and transformer, vents and steam cover. Domestic and commercial rooms are available which come flat packed in sections ready for assembly on site for tiling in the customer’s choice of tiles. Choose from a wide range of steam generators from 4.5kW up to 30kW. When it came to heating of the pool and ventilation of the hall, a Calorex Delta featuring touch screen technology in a unique

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PROJECT COMPANIES DESIGN & BUILD Mosaic Swimming Pools & Spas 01280 843101 www.mosaicswimmingpools.co.uk HEATING & VENTILATION Calorex 01621 856611 www.danthermgroup.co.uk POOL COVER Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

PUMPS & FILTRATION Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk STEAM ROOM Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk WATER TREATMENT Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

multi-functional single unit was chosen. Providing the ultimate environmental control system, the Delta is designed to take full control of the whole indoor environment and pool water heating and with a comprehensive range, there’s a Delta to suit pools of every size. The systems are specifically designed to economically provide the environmental comfort and moisture related structural protection necessary for the pool environment. The Delta is an excellent system for use with distribution ductwork, automatically controlling humidity level, air and water temperature and ventilation. The Calorex 14 and 16 benefit from ECA Scheme Approval meaning they are recognised as being able to provide low carbon and energy efficient environmental control. They are also the only swimming pool heat pump heat recovery machines to be included in the Government Cash Back Scheme.

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Europe Celebrates The Most Beautiful Pool And Spa Projects Of 2020 With two British companies receiving recognition, we highlight all the winning entries from the 2020 EUSA Awards, which were delayed following the cancellation of Piscine Global Europe in Lyon last year


osted by EUSA (the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations – www.eusaswim.eu), the annual European Pool and Spa Awards celebrate the most outstanding domestic pools, spas and hot tubs in the water leisure industry, with award winners from across Europe competing for the highest accolades. Each year, EUSA holds an awards event to celebrate the tremendous work of their Association members. The European Pool and Spa Awards are held annually at a different pool and spa exhibition across Europe, and the 2020 event was the eighth time the event has been held. With Piscine Global in

Lyon initially being the venue for the Awards presentation, cancellation of that event has meant that Germany’s aquanale in Cologne will now provide the venue in October 2021 for the formal presentation of the Awards. In the 2020 event, 181 projects from 11 countries participated: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK. The EUSA Awards are a competition in which “the best of the best in Europe” are chosen because the associations send the winners of their national swimming pool and hot tub awards, where applicable, to represent their country. The calibre of award winners is exceptionally high, with top industry

professionals across Europe judging the awards. EUSA represents companies from all supply chain areas; artisans, wholesalers and manufacturers from swimming pool and spa businesses across Europe. The water leisure trade associations from the United Kingdom, BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association – www.bishta.co.uk ) and SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association – www.spata.co.uk ) shortlisted entries for the European Pool & Spa Awards from winners of the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards which were held during SPATEX, the annual trade exhibition which took place in a virtual environment this year.

2020 EUROPEAN POOL & SPA AWARD WINNERS DOMESTIC SPAS Gold: Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik GmbH (Switzerland) www.woodtli.com Silver: Diffazur Piscines (France) www.diffazur.fr Bronze: Nicollier Group S.A. (Switzerland) www.nicollier.ch DOMESTIC HOT TUBS Gold: Vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik (Switzerland) www.vivell.ch Silver: Whirlcare Industries (Germany) www.whirlcare.de Silver: Whirlpools World One (Germany) www.whirlpools-world.de Bronze: SORG Schwimmbäder (Germany) www.sorg-schwimmbaeder.de DOMESTIC INDOOR POOLS Gold: Agretec Piscines Carré Bleu (France) www.agretec.fr Silver: Piscine et Jardin – EuroPiscine (France). www.piscineetjardin.com Bronze: Rigo Spa Ltd (UK) www.rigospa.com DOMESTIC OUTDOOR POOLS, Gold: PS-Pool Equipment, S.L. (Spain) www.ps-pool.com

42 February 2021 SPN 42-44_SPN_February_2021_EUSA_Awards.indd 42

Silver: PS-Pool Equipment, S.L. (Spain) www.ps-pool.com Bronze: Nicollier Group S.A. (Switzerland) www.nicollier.ch DOMESTIC POOLS WITH AN ENCLOSURE Gold: SSF Schwimmbad (Germany) www.ssf-pools.de Silver: Abrideal (France) www.abrideal.com Bronze: Concept Alu (France) www.conceptalu.com

DOMESTIC SPAS Gold Award Winner Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik GmbH (Switzerland) www.woodtli.com

DOMESTIC POOLS WITH AN AUTOMATIC COVER Gold: grando GmbH (Germany) www.grando.de Silver: Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik GmbH (Switzerland) www.woodtli.com Bronze: grando GmbH (Germany) www.grando.de DOMESTIC POOLS BY NIGHT Gold: Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine (France) www.esprit-piscine.fr Silver: Nicollier Group SA (Switzerland) www.nicollier.ch Bronze: Tanby Pools Ltd (UK) www.tanbypools.co.uk

DOMESTIC SPAS Silver Award Winner Diffazur Piscines (France) www.diffazur.fr

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 02/03/2021 21:03

EUROPEAN INDUSTRY AWARDS DOMESTIC SPAS Bronze Award Winner Nicollier Group S.A. (Switzerland) www.nicollier.ch

DOMESTIC HOT TUBS Gold Award Winner Vivell AG Schwimmbadtechnik (Switzerland) www.vivell.ch

DOMESTIC INDOOR POOLS Bronze Award Winner Rigo Spa Ltd (UK) www.rigospa.com DOMESTIC POOLS BY NIGHT Bronze Award Winner Tanby Pools Ltd (UK) www.tanbypools.co.uk

DOMESTIC HOT TUBS Silver Award Winners Whirlcare Industries (Germany) www.whirlcare.de and Whirlpools World One (Germany) www.whirlpools-world.de

DOMESTIC HOT TUBS Bronze Award Winner SORG Schwimmbäder (Germany) www.sorg-schwimmbaeder.de

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 42-44_SPN_February_2021_EUSA_Awards.indd 43

DOMESTIC INDOOR POOLS Gold Award Winner Agretec Piscines Carré Bleu (France) www.agretec.fr

DOMESTIC INDOOR POOLS Silver Award Winner Piscine et Jardin – EuroPiscine (France) www.piscineetjardin.com

SPN February 2021 43 02/03/2021 21:03

EUROPEAN INDUSTRY AWARDS DOMESTIC OUTDOOR POOLS Silver Award Winner PS-Pool Equipment, S.L. (Spain) www.ps-pool.com

DOMESTIC OUTDOOR POOLS Bronze Award Winner Nicollier Group S.A. (Switzerland) www.nicollier.ch

DOMESTIC OUTDOOR POOLS Gold Award Winner PS-Pool Equipment, S.L. (Spain) www.ps-pool.com DOMESTIC POOLS WITH AN ENCLOSURE Silver Award Winner Abrideal (France) www.abrideal.com

DOMESTIC POOLS WITH AN ENCLOSURE Gold Award Winner SSF Schwimmbad (Germany) www.ssf-pools.de

DOMESTIC POOLS WITH AN AUTOMATIC COVER Silver Award Winner Woodtli Schwimmbadtechnik GmbH (Switzerland) www.woodtli.com

DOMESTIC POOLS WITH AN ENCLOSURE Bronze Award Winner Concept Alu (France) www.conceptalu.com

DOMESTIC POOLS WITH AN AUTOMATIC COVER Gold Award Winner grando GmbH (Germany) www.grando.de

DOMESTIC POOLS WITH AN AUTOMATIC COVER Bronze Award Winner grando GmbH (Germany) www.grando.de

DOMESTIC POOLS BY NIGHT Gold Award Winner Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine (France) www.esprit-piscine.fr

44 February 2021 SPN 42-44_SPN_February_2021_EUSA_Awards.indd 44

DOMESTIC POOLS BY NIGHT Silver Award Winner Nicollier Group SA (Switzerland) www.nicollier.ch

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Keeping It Clean In 2021 Innovative manual and in particular robotic pool cleaners have ensured that the monotonous but essential task of cleaning the surfaces within a wide variety of swimming pools is thankfully no longer the chore it once was. And as each year passes, the introduction of new and updated models ensure it’s a job that is becoming even easier to perform. With a new year ahead, we look at 10 models to keep pools clean in 2021 By Jon Wadeson THE ‘BIG YELLOW ONE’ FROM FAIRLOCKS The ‘big yellow one’ from Fairlocks has been a top seller in Europe for over 30 years and is ideal for both

domestic and commercial pools. The streamlined shape enables faster sweeping and the centrally mounted 19” brush even enables solid debris to enter the suction stream. Due to its rigid tough polycarbonate construction, it is ideal for pools with 1/2 hp pumps or more and is available with both 1.5 inch and 2 inch hose fittings. A new multi-fit handle enables a rapid change from one implement to another and a metal yoke is available that mounts two Fairlocks side by side. The Double Fairlocks is over 3 feet wide and on a flow rate of over 40 gallons per minute can clean one square yard per second. Fairlocks Pool Products 01869 934333 www.fairlocks.co.uk

WATER TECH POOL BLASTER MAX POOL CLEANER FROM GOLDEN COAST The Pool Blaster Max provides the power for deep cleaning in any sized pool thanks to its highcapacity filter capable of holding large amounts of dirt and debris. The battery-operated pump can run for up to an hour on a single charge, and can be ready to go after just 4 hours recharge time. The 27cm vacuum head is ideal for cleaning large areas, or this can be removed for easy spot-cleaning. The Pool Blaster Max has a unique wall mounting feature for grab-and-go convenience, and can be attached to most standard pool poles for extended reach. Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

46 February 2021 SPN 46-47_SPN_February_2021_Pool_Cleaners.indd 46

AQUAJACK® 301 FROM AQUA DESIGN & LEISURE The AquaJack® range of electric pool and spa vacuums are designed to make cleaning a pool, swim spa or hot tub quick and easy. Either hand held or attached to a telescopic pole, they can clean to depths of 3m and offer run times of up to 90 minutes. The top of the range 301 is a rechargeable model and features a built in battery pack and comes with charger. Being battery powered and very portable, there is no need to waste time setting up vacuum hoses and backwashing. Fitted with an easy to clean removable filter, it’s ideal for domestic pool

owners, service techs and holiday parks. Aqua Design & Leisure 01980 611555 www.aquadesignandleisure.com

KOKIDO VEKTRO AUTO POOL CLEANER FROM SCP UK Unrestricted by a power cable, the cordless Vektro utilises Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and benefits from memory effect immunity, consistent performance and extended life. Featuring a patented ‘Stop & Go’ system which allows for efficient cleaning, it’s suitable for all types of above-ground and flat bottomed in-ground pools of various sizes up to 45m2. For increased efficiency, a powerful motor, rake and brush combine to gather in-pool debris, whilst angled fins help to maintain surface contact. The Vektro is built with an extra-large debris capacity and an integrated handle facilitates convenient removal from the pool. Once out, an easy-to-clean stainless steel filter helps to make maintenance a breeze. SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

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The Dolphin W20 is a commercial robotic floor cleaner which works in pools down to just 20cm / 8ins water depth making it ideal for toddler paddling pools up to 15m in length, of any shape and surface with standard or beach entry. It features an advanced active brushing system and a scanning system which ensures coverage of the entire pool floor. Ultrafine filtration captures everything and a large capacity enables uninterrupted operation. A dynamic propulsion system provides maximum manoeuvrability, and the ability to identify walls and overcome obstacles. It has a 1 to 3 hour cycle and 24 month warranty.

New for 2021 and exclusive to Lighthouse, the Zodiac Voyager™ is designed with innovative capabilities and sits at the mid range price-point in the company’s pool cleaner line up. With its embedded smart sensors and unique design, the Voyager™ offers excellent pool coverage with limitless agility. A 15m cable makes the cleaner ideally suited for all pool shapes and sizes. The Voyager™ takes advantage of Zodiac’s patented cyclonic suction technology. With innovative helix-shaped brushes the cleaner is suitable for all surfaces – including tiled, one-piece and liner pools – plus the 4 litre dual-stage progressive filtration, allows the cleaner to collect even the smallest particles. Offered with a 2-year warranty, the Voyager™ will ensure a pool will be perfectly clean all year round and for years to come.

Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk

NORSUP CYCLONE X4 FROM BOSTA UK The Cyclone X4 is a perfect example of how pool cleaning can be a carefree process and it will cover all areas of a pool, collecting unwanted dirt that can be easily discarded. With an extra long 24 metre cable, it suits all pool sizes and picks up debris down to just 20 microns – as good as a pool’s sand filter. The beauty of the X4 model is it can also controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth – ideal if there are detailed shapes in a pool as the X4 can be directed into difficult spots to concentrate the cleaning. The Norsup brand signifies reliability and longevity and an unrivalled 4-year parts and labour warranty is included on their pool cleaners. Bosta UK 01284 716580 www.bosta.co.uk

THE DOLPHIN SUPREME M400 FROM CERTIKIN INTERNATIONAL Suitable for domestic pools up to 15m, the Dolphin Supreme M400 robotic cleaner delivers top of the line performance with minimum effort. A unique triple-active brushing system and exclusive, dual-level filtration system eliminates algae and bacteria, reducing the need for chemicals. Advanced technology delivers precise scanning and cleaning efficiency all the way to the water line, in minimal time. A patented top-opening filtration compartment makes maintenance easy. It features the Dolphin app and comes with an 18m cable, swivel, caddy and combination bushes. Wonder brushes for tiled pools can be purchased separately. It has a 2.5 hour cycle and carries a 36-month warranty. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

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HAYWARD AQUAVAC® 6 SERIES FROM SCP UK The AquaVac® 6 Series pool cleaners from Hayward are reinventing the robotic cleaner market with first-of-their-kind capabilities. While other cleaners can lose suction, AquaVac 6 Series cleaners feature patented SpinTech™ filterless technology with 18 hydrocyclones, maintaining the maximum constant and powerful suction power. In addition, the six variable-speed-driven rollers with HexaDrive™ adaptive traction expertly navigates, climbs and scrubs all pool surfaces, offering wall-to-wall cleaning on any pool surface. After cleaning, with the press of a simple quick release

button, the unique TouchFree™ debris canister – designed for effortless clean up – empties and rinses itself. AquaVac 6 Series cleaners are the perfect solution for pool owners who want the latest in innovation and smart technology. SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

ZODIAC ALPHA IQ™ PRO FROM LIGHTHOUSE Connected, intuitive and effortless, the Alpha iQ™ series provide efficiency combined with intelligence and they are the best cleaners Zodiac brand has to offer. An Alpha iQ™ connects effortlessly to company’s iAqualink app, unlocking it’s full-potential and complementing Zodiac’s connected-pool range of products. Using the Sensor Nav System™, the Alpha iQ™ robot cleaner understands the dimensions of a pool. It optimises its movements for ultra-efficient wall and water-line cleaning. Once it’s all done, the Alpha iQ™ automatically rises above the water-line for effortless removal, thanks to its patented Lift System. With a 3-year warranty (4-years if the robot is paired with the iAqualink™ app), the Alpha iQ™ series offers peace of mind and thorough cleaning. Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk

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2021 Hot Tubs – The New Season

Since the pandemic, hot tubs have been a real success story in the UK and for many involved in the sector, 2020 was an amazing year. With demand across both domestic and commercial markets showing no signs of slowing down, manufacturers and distributors are always looking to stay one step ahead rival brands and a new season brings new opportunities. In this edition, we look at what’s new in this busy and competitive sector By Jon Wadeson


hether used as a replacement for the family holiday due to the pandemic or for their hydrotherapy benefits after what’s been a very stressful year for many, hot tubs in their various guises became one of the mainstream must-have leisure products last year and the early signs for 2021 are that they’re going to be a runaway success again this year. With sales from domestic customers in particular going through the roof, it would be easy to think that keeping up with demand had overtaken the need for development and innovation, but despite the hectic times for the sector, there’s plenty of changes still taking place. Whether it’s the introduction of new ranges, enhancing existing models or incorporating new technologies or the fact that new distributors are supplying certain brands in the UK, there’s plenty going on as the spa and hot tub trade readies itself for what is looking like another busy year. So what’s new for the season ahead? Well we round up just some of what’s on offer in this constantly evolving sector.

CERTIKIN’S FANTASY SPAS RANGE JUST GOT EVEN BETTER! Great for unwinding and enjoying quality time with the family, the very popular Fantasy Spas range from Certikin has recently expanded with the addition of the deep, spacious Enamor Premier hot tub. Produced by Watkins Wellness, the 6’9” by 5’3” by 33” Enamor Premier has comfortable bench seating for four adults, and with 1.5 BHP 2 speed pump, it is cleverly designed to incorporate ample space in the footwell and has perfectly positioned foot jets. The unibody, lightweight shell makes installation super easy. The wow factor is provided with the inclusion of 19 hydrotherapy jets, comfortable pillows, a serene adjustable waterfall, a built-in ice bucket, a multi-

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 49+51+52_SPN_February_2021_Hot_Tubs.indd 49

The Fantasy Spas Enamor Premier has comfortable bench seating for four adults

coloured LED underwater light and exterior lights. With Plug-n-Play technology, requiring only a 13-amp supply, customers can simply plug it in, fill it up, then lie back and relax. With a durable RokSolid™ shell, Fantasy spas are built to withstand the elements and are constructed of technologically advanced polymers. It’s available in sand and taupe with the option of a grey or espresso insulated, locking cover. The unicast shell is not only beautiful but will provide enjoyment to its owners for years to come.

BEACHCOMBER HOT TUBS – NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH AWARD Award Leisure are celebrating their all-new UK distributor partnership with Beachcomber Hot Tubs which was unveiled during SPATEX Virtual in February. Currently the brand are offering select companies in the UK the opportunity to become part of an exclusive dealer network. In addition to offering Beachcomber’s wide range of standard models, Beachcomber’s 2021 Special

Edition hot tubs will also be available from spring. This collection includes the brand’s 730, 550, and 350 model hot tubs designed specifically to create a perfect home spa experience through combining style and function, and maximising comfort with generous seating and foot wells. These Special Edition tubs also offer a wide range of hydrotherapy options, with up to 150 jetting configurations thanks to Beachcomber’s patented FlexJet™ technology. The exclusive 2021 Special Edition Series feature Opal Acuralux™ Acrylic, Ebony Enviroskirt™, Steel Heatshield™ hot tub Beachcomber’s 2021 Special Edition hot tubs will also be available from spring

SPN February 2021 49 02/03/2021 21:10

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The six-person Tonga is one of two IQUE hot tub models that Plastica are now offering in their 2021 Price List

Platinum Premium Shield – a new innovative energy efficient insulation – will be available Platinum Spas’ Premium range

cover, and more, including: • Reflex Foot Massage™ • New Voice Command (Alexa or Google) • Air Connect™ wireless sound for the perfect soundtrack • A cascading waterfall for a natural oasis • Signature lighting to set the perfect mood.

• The shell has several layers of ultraefficient spray foam • The hot tub has an additional 360-degree wall of reflective foil wrapped around the steel structure locking in heat • The base has a reflective foil wrap • And the hot tub has a well-insulated cover.

Beachcomber’s integrity is proven in their hot tub and spa products. They don’t cut corners. For them, it’s all about delivering a quality product that they take pride in and that customers will be proud to own.

The Platinum Premium Shield works by reflecting the wasted heat created by the pumps and other components’ heat inwards, so it can be recycled. The heat is then used to help maintain the temperature through heat transfer via the vast amounts of plumbing; this assists in reducing overall running costs. The use of the new foil-coated cabinet panels also reflects the cold air out of the hot tub, whilst bouncing the heat back inwards, giving a double advantage.

NEW ENERGY EFFICIENT INSULATION FOR PREMIUM PLATINUM SPAS RANGE Superior Wellness is proud to introduce the Platinum Premium Shield, their new innovative energy efficient insulation on their flagship brand Platinum Spas. With running costs and energy efficiency at the forefront of a customer’s mind when buying a hot tub, it is vital to know that a luxury purchase is not going to cost the earth to run. With innovation as one of the brand values at Superior Wellness, they are always striving to innovate and improve products based on customer feedback and insight. Superior Wellness is committed to improving the energy efficiency of their products and for inspiration have looked at how modern homes are insulated. A hot tub should not be built any differently. The new Platinum Premium Shield features on the luxurious Premium range and combines five different types of insulation to retain the heat within the cabinet by the Superior Heatlock Insulation Process (SHIP), which includes: • The cabinet has thick foil coated insulation panels fitting into it

IQUE OFFER SWEDISH INSPIRED, CONTEMPORARY AND ERGONOMIC DESIGNS After some extensive market research, Plastica are now offering their two bestselling ranges of IQUE hot tubs in their 2021 Price List. The six-person Tonga features one lounger whilst the five-person Milan features two – both models measure in at 200cm x 200cm x 89cm and have a high quality specification, along with superior comfort as standard. The two models incorporate hot tub technology from globally recognised market leaders and are available with a Balboa® TP600 electronic control system and come with a Sterling Silver Aristech® acrylic shell. Both models also come with LED colour-changing

With sales from domestic customers in particular going through the roof, it would be easy to think that keeping up with demand had overtaken the need for development and innovation” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 49+51+52_SPN_February_2021_Hot_Tubs.indd 51

lighting to create the perfect ambience and each is fitted with contemporary stainless steel jets as standard – owners won’t need to upgrade from any plastic options here! Each jet is in a carefully positioned spot to provide the best massage – just adjust the direction, intensity and jet action to suit. When it comes to those increasinglyimportant green credentials, the IQUE’s energy efficient Triple Thermal Shield Insulation system between the acrylic and outer body of the hot tub, saves owners money on electricity bills. In addition, a rigid ABS floor pan ensures minimal heat loss and protects the equipment from ground-moisture too.

THERE’S NO NEED TO WAIT FOR SUMMER WITH THE SOLSTICE LEISURE COLLECTION Launched at the end of last year, the Solstice Leisure Collection is a range of four all new hot tubs from Aqua Design & Leisure. The Sarsen is the largest model in the Solstice Leisure range and named after the largest stones of Stonehenge. The Sarson’s comfortable ergonomic design is complemented by 40 pinpoint

The Solstice Leisure Collection is a range of four all new hot tubs from Aqua Design & Leisure

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HOT TUBS hydrotherapy jets, which target the body’s pressure points and offer an unbeatable massage experience. Featuring seating for six with a lounger, the Sarson has a host of exciting features, including Bluetooth music, LED lighting and water features – all of which are sure to impress. The smaller Tropic model also has seating for six with a lounger, but 35 pinpoint hydrotherapy jets. The Equinox features seating for five people and as with the other models mentioned, also sports a host of entertainment features. With a comfortable moulded design which is enhanced with 30 hydrotherapy jets, the allseater Equinox offers an incredible hot tub massage experience. Lastly, there’s the Eclipse, a six-seater model that is due to arrive in March. Inside the contemporary LED cabinet of each of these models, owners will find a corrosion resistant aluminium frame, shell, base and cabinet insulation plus Balboa control system. With an impressive list of specifications, this competitively priced range of hot tubs have proven to be extremely popular since their launch with orders flooding in. For peace of mind, all models come with a warranty of five years on the shell and structure plus two years on the equipment and plumbing too.

A new Durabuilt™ Base has been added to all round models in the Cove Spas line up



With the current climate as it is, forecasting for 2021 has become increasingly important, not just for manufacturers and distributors, but also for dealerships. As most across the sector are aware, the demands for hot tubs worldwide has seen a squeeze on the supply chain and lead times have continued to extend outwards. With this in mind, forward thinking team at Superior Wellness have signed an exclusive agreement to supply a new range of spas to the UK market in 2021 and beyond. Thermals by Superior Wellness sees a well-balanced range offering stylish moulds and a mixture of single and dual pump spas covering an array of sizes with the

top of the range Emerald, which accommodates seven, retailing for well under £10,000. Built using a corrosion free steel frame, Aristech acrylic and Gecko equipment, the Thermals by Superior Wellness range delivers fantastic hydrotherapy and represents great value for money. Due to their unique buying power, Superior have forward ordered over 4,000 units for delivery throughout 2021. Adapting the usual business model they have yet again brought you a range of high quality spas designed for a partner to make a good return on their investment. If you are looking at alternatives to fulfil your supply during 2021, look no further than Superior Wellness and their ever growing portfolio of products.

Supplied by SCP UK, Cove Spas have a reputation for durability and have been a popular choice for both value-conscious customers or for environments where heavy use is expected. Cove Spa shells are made of a thermoformed, matte finish, high Density Polyethylene (hDPe) which is the most indestructible shell material available in a portable spa. This durability, along with the beautiful matte finish in ten colour options, makes it the product of choice for discerning buyers with value in mind. hDPe has a much greater tensile strength than acrylic, the plastic most other hot tub shells are made

with. Cove Spa shells are so strong they do not have to be reinforced with resins and fibreglass like acrylic shells. Due to this strength, Cove Spa shells carry a ten-year warranty and the good news for the season ahead is that a new Durabuilt™ Base has been added to all round models in the line up meaning owners can now expect maximum strength and durability from the top to the bottom of each spa. The enhancement sees a new integrated equipment base and seat support system along with integrated hand holds for ease of lifting during delivery. Made out of ABS material for long life and exceptional strength. The new design also allows for 360 degree servicing as all panels can be removed – so no more lifting the shell out!

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Aqua Design & Leisure 01980 611555 www.aquadesignandleisure.com Award Leisure 0808 169 6555 www.awardleisure.com Certikin International 01993 777200 www.calderaspas.co.uk Plastica Pools 01424 857857 www.plasticapools.net Platinum Spas 01246 559071 www.platinumspas.co.uk SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

At the top of the new Thermals range, the Emerald accommodates seven people

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Superior Wellness 01246 932448 www.superiorwellness.co.uk

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Pumping Plant Room Products Providing powerful circulation for pools and spas both great and small, pumps are essential components found at the centre of every effective plant room. With the introduction of variable speed technology and many new models, the pump sector is one that has witnessed a lot of change in recent years. With plenty of choice out there, thankfully, choosing the right solution just became easier as we highlight some of the best models that are available this year By Jon Wadeson


roviding powerful water circulation for pools and spas of various sizes, pumps are extremely important pieces of equipment that work away in the background of every domestic or commercial installation. Technological advances continue to be made with these rather unassuming (but vital) products to improve, amongst other things, energy-efficiency, running costs and construction materials. With a number of choices available from both established and new brands, this issue we take a look at some of the models that will be keeping water on the move this year.

ASTRALPOOL STRENGTHENS ITS REPUTATION AS PUMP PARTNER AstralPool has enhanced its line of pumps for residential swimming pools with its latest launches: Victoria Plus Silent (2017), Victoria Plus Silent VS (2020) and Verdon ES (coming soon in 2021). With these latest additions, the company offers pool and spa owners an increasingly wide range of hydraulic equipment that adapts to the needs of every user. Extensive knowledge of the category combined with end-to-end control of the product guarantees the delivery of reliable, rugged pumps, and makes AstralPool a trusted brand for professionals and who want The single speed Victoria Plus Silent from AstralPool excels with its outstanding performance and high level of industry recognition

the best for the heart of their pool. The company currently has three categories of pool pumps. The Victoria Plus Silent VS, the most comprehensive pump on the market, is a leader in the Variable Speed category. Combined with the filter, this extra-silent pump provides high-end filtration for crystalclear water. It can also be connected to other equipment, can be integrated into a pool automation system and even features remote control. It is a pump designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. In the Single Speed Comfort category, the Victoria Plus Silent excels with its outstanding performance and high level of industry recognition. This category includes pumps that require little maintenance and are easy to use. All pumps in this line are efficient and have a wide range of flow rates that make them perfect for any size of pool, large or small. Finally, in the Single Speed Compact category, the Sena model is particularly outstanding. The pumps in this category are suitable for small- and medium-sized pools, take up little space and offer excellent intermediate hydraulic power. All AstralPool pumps are manufactured in compliance with the industry’s quality standards, and the company invests the maximum effort in continuous improvement to guarantee the highest quality.

THE NORSUP EVO+ VSTD – A VARIABLE SPEED EXCLUSIVE FROM BOSTA Variable speed pumps have been available for many years but significant improvements have been made to the efficiency, controls and noise levels of these pumps. The Norsup Evo+ VSTD pump from Bosta UK is at the forefront of these variable speed pumps. First and foremost Bosta are proud of the efficiency and noise levels of this pump. The electro-magnetic motor is extremely efficient as the suspended magnet prevents

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Bosta are proud of the efficiency and noise levels of their Norsup Evo+ VSTD pump

wasted energy through friction. This is also the reason the pump is one of the quietest running pumps in its class. Having a fully variable, controllable speed drive, it is also capable of drastically reducing power consumption through the pool season. So much so that these pumps can pay for themselves within 1-2 seasons depending on running time. The control of the pump also sets the Norsup pump apart from the rest as it is proven to be intuitive and very easy to control. With up to 5 speed changes available per 24 hours, a skimmer function to improve daily pool filtration and the capability to connect to control devices, the Evo+ VSTD is ideal for installers and end users. Bosta’s Norsup brand stands for reliability and longevity, therefore every Norsup pump has an unrivalled warranty and plus the company provide outstanding levels of backup service to give purchasers of Norsup products total peace of mind.

SAVE TIME AND HASSLE WITH PUMPS SOLUTIONS FROM GOLDEN COAST If a swimming pool pump breaks, installers typically end up buying the same pump again for efficiency, or buying a different pump leading to expensive replumbing work. The alternative solution? The Speck BADU EasyFit pump. Available exclusively from

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Pumps can easily impact the use, functionality and costeffectiveness of a swimming pool or spa. Therefore, selecting the right pump is essential for the smooth running of any size facility”

Available exclusively from Golden Coast, the Speck BADU EasyFit pump is compatible with nine different pump types

Golden Coast, the EasyFit pump is compatible with nine different pump types, and is an ideal replacement for Sta-Rite and Pentair® SuperFlo pumps. Seven connection sets are available to ensure complete flexibility when connecting to existing pipework. “EasyFit is aptly named because assembly is fast and straightforward,” explained Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast. “The various connection sets can be used to alter the height and position of the pump’s suction and discharge ports, which means you can place the new pump in the same place as the old one.” The versatile EasyFit pump offers a range of models with flow rates from 9m3/hr to 45m3/hr and is suitable for a wide variety of domestic and commercial pools. “The EasyFit pump is made from high quality plastics and has powder-coated motors meaning it is extremely resistant to corrosion,” added Adam. “It is the ideal cost and time-efficient solution for adding a new pump to an existing filter.” Golden Coast also offers the highperformance GC SuperPro swimming pool


pump, which can be used as a drop-in replacement for the Hayward Super Pump®. Manufactured by Speck, GC SuperPro offers a range of single or three-phase models. It is designed with an easily serviceable 4-bolt pump assembly, and includes an integrated handle for simple transport and installation. The pump model casing has either 1.5 or 2 inch suction and discharge connections, as well as a transparent lid for quick and easy inspection.

DAVEY’S SILENSORPRO MODELS OFFER SUPER QUIET OPERATION SCP UK offer a wide range of pumps from a variety of leading brands so whether it’s for a commercial of domestic setting, they have a pump to suit any need. One of the more recent manufacturers to be offered by the company is Davey and their new SilensorPro models – the VSD200 and VSD400 Premium – offer high efficiency and super quiet operation. The VSD400 Premium is Davey’s top of the range model. With an 8 star energy rating, and iOS and Android app control via Bluetooth® control, the robust and super quiet SilensorPro Premium has fully variable speed control and is suited to a wide range of pumping applications such as filtration, water features and pool and spa heating systems. The SilensorPro is efficient, with an ability to cap peak flow, priming and backwash speeds. It is ideal for retrofit installations with sand filters and it uses backwash speed cycling technology for effective media

Aquagem +86 20 37814527 www.aquagem.com.cn

cleaning and reducing waste water while backwashing. Other features shared by both models include: • Fully variable frequency drive with user friendly selectable speed dial • Large leaf basket with easy to remove, clear lid • Loss of prime protection to protect the pump when there is no water inside • Quality ABS quick coupling barrel unions for simple installation • Drain plug enables quick draining of the casing for easy removal and maintenance. SilensorPro models incorporate a high performance water cooled motor for ultraquiet, efficient use all year round and for peace of mind, come complete with a three year warranty.

A NEW GENERATION OF AN INDUSTRY FAVOURITE As well as a modern look, the new Aquaspeed model which is exclusive to Certikin has an upgraded motor which is manufactured using the latest technology to provide an efficient and powerful pump. Despite this upgrade, there are no changes to the dimensions meaning it will still fit in perfectly to the original pump’s footprint and pipework connections. This makes the pumps ideal for retro fit as well as new installations. Suitable for salt chlorinated pools, the pump has a solid clear lid for simple inspection of the basket and comes complete with quick connect unions for ease of installation and a 316 high grade mechanical seal. The single piece fibreglass filled pump body ensures maximum strength and durability. It is available in a range of sizes from 0.5hp to 3hp and features a

AstralPool UK 01329 514000 www.astralpool.co.uk Bosta UK 01284 716587 www.bosta.co.uk Certikin International 01993 778855 www.certikin.co.uk Fairlocks Pool Products 01865 988346 www.fairlocks.co.uk

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The Davey SilensorPro VSD400 Premium offers high efficiency and super quiet operation

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New for 2021, is the Certikin iSAVER Inverter is a low-cost solution designed to greatly reduce pump running costs

Zodiac FloPro™ pool pumps are quiet, easily maintained, robust and reliable

hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser for maximum hydraulic output whilst minimising turbulence. The range also includes the Aquaspeed variable speed pumps. With all the features and benefits of the renowned Aquaspeed, these models bring variable speed economy to an industry favourite. Equipped with a state-of-the-art variable speed, permanent magnet brushless motor that results in the ability to vary the motor speed depending on the installation. This in turn varies the water flow resulting in a reduction of energy consumption. Ideal for new installations or retro fit as the connections are exactly the same as the single speed Aquaspeed. New for 2021, is the Certikin iSAVER Inverter which is a low-cost solution designed to greatly reduce the running costs of pool circulation pumps and improve the efficiency of swimming pool filtration. Pumps in swimming pools invariably run at higher flow rates than necessary, and the iSAVER Inverter enables you to control both pump flow rates, and pump run times. Running costs can be reduced as much as 60% simply by linking your existing pool circulation pump to an inverter.

spa. Therefore, selecting the right pump is essential for the smooth running of any size facility and reduces the number of engineer call outs required. At Fairlocks the Krispsol self-priming centrifugal pumps are some of the highest quality pumps, and are engineered with German design and feature a reinforced casing to withstand all elements. The thermoplastic injection moulded casing is reinforced with glass fibre. The hinged lid closing screws with stainless steel studs and O ring ensure the pump fixings are durable and all pumps are suitable for all types of water, including saltwater. The pumps come in various motor sizes to suit a wide range of settings required to enhance a pool’s efficiency and effectiveness. To improve the energy saving properties of the pool pump, Fairlocks also stock and support the Mega Pool Saver to complement your swimming pool pump. The Mega Pool Saver is one of the most advanced efficient variable speed controllers that can be used with your current single speed pool pump. Some features include: Savings of up to 80% on pool pump energy consumption, unrivalled compatibility with 95% single speed pumps (1.1kW or 1.5hp), four programmable time settings, over 30 programmable speeds and easy DIY installation. Working in unison with an efficient pool pump, the Mega Pool Savers makes the pool run smoother, provides excellent efficiency and offers flexibility to customers.

EFFICIENT PUMP SOLUTIONS FOR ANY SIZE OF POOL FROM FAIRLOCKS Fairlocks are renowned for the supply of high-quality pool products. Pumps can easily impact the use, functionality and cost-effectiveness of a swimming pool or

Zodiac’s FloPro™ pumps are designed with corrosion-resistant materials. The body of the pump is made of very thick glass-reinforced polypropylene, which makes it longlasting and silent – and the quality is backed by a three-year warranty. With power ranging from 0.5hp up to 2hp, FloPro™ pumps are easy to install, even as a replacement. Thanks to the ‘Easy Retrofit’ system, all FloPro™ pumps can be installed without adjustment to the pipework using the included riser plates. So, they are compatible with most existing installations from all UK popular brands. Thanks to its variable speed, the FloPro™ e3 pump can operate longer at a lower speed, reducing electricity consumption by up to 80% whilst up to 10 dB(A) quieter than many standard filtration pumps. The FloPro™ e3 accessible in a simplified version with three programmable speeds and offers the key advantages of variable speed technology. The FloPro™ e3 can be set from 1,000 to 2,850 rpm for even greater savings. Engineered for the connected world of the 21st century, the 1.65hp FloPro™ VS is a variable speed pump that can be controlled remotely using the iAqualink app through Zodiac’s eXO and Hydroxinator Salt Water Chlorinators. A connected pool offers customers unparalleled access to their pools 24/7, 365 days a year. Thanks to its variable speed, the FloPro™ VS pump has two significant advantages: reduced electricity consumption by up to 90% and an ultra-silent operating mode reducing noise up to 24 dB(A). With automatic priming at start-up and programmable speed in +/- 10 RPM increments, the FloPro™ VS Series offers unrivalled customisation and performance and its reliability is backed up with the same three-year warranty.

PLASTICA’S ARGONAUT® PUMPS ARE A RESOUNDING SUCCESS! The Argonaut® and smaller counterpart the AG Pump have been a resounding success for Plastica. All wet end components are made

Engineered with German design, Krispsol self-priming centrifugal pumps are some of the highest quality pumps around

With all wet end components made in the UK, the Argonaut® has been a resounding success for Plastica

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SPN February 2021 57 02/03/2021 21:30

POOL & SPA PUMPS in the UK, with all assembly work undertaken in their purpose-built pump workshop in their St. Leonards factory. The packaging has been greatly improved with all pumps encased in specially moulded foam to guarantee that every pump arrives at its final destination in perfect condition, no more broken fan casings! Both pumps are versatile in their application for either small to medium sized pools and also work well with a hot tub. The Argonaut® pump comes with a heavy-duty long life IP55 rated motor that is quiet running with a 60 dB rating and the pump self-primes up to 3 metres. The mechanical seal made with AISI 316 stainless steel is suitable for a wide range of applications including chlorine, bromine and salt chlorinated pools, the glass filled polypropylene tank has an unparalleled high chemical resistance. All motors include a high grade stainless steel shaft, input power ranging from 0.25 (hp) 0.19 kW – 2 (hp) 1.5 kW available in single phase and three phase. Their pump incorporates a large 1.75 litre strainer basket and clear lid for easy inspection, as a last effort to avoid leaf or hair contamination reaching the closetolerance impeller section of the pump. For ease of installation, the Argonaut comes with adjustable unions for both metric (63 mm) and imperial (2”) with inserts taking it down to metric 50ml and imperial 1.5 inch. Backed by a three-year warranty, they are the perfect choice for exceptional performance and unrivalled value. Will Dando, Plastica’s Technical Manager, commented: “We believe this British made swimming pool pump is the best choice for small and medium sized pools. It has superior build quality, performance, durability and reliability.”

WATERCO’S OPTIONS OFFER A PUMP FOR EVERY INSTALLATION The range of Waterco pumps now available for the pool and spa market spans everything from smaller 0.33 hp domestic pool pumps right up to larger 15hp commercial options. With models like the Aquamite,


The Aquagem PFlow features InverSilence Technology for optimal, silent performance

Supastream, Hydrotuf and Hydrostorm offering solutions for smaller pools and systems, and the Hydrostar and Hydrostar Plus available in various sizes for commercial installations, there really is a pump available for every installation. Designed for reliability and maximum performance, Waterco pumps incorporate the latest technology in design and construction to produce energy saving, durable, high performance pumps ideal for any pool or spa installation. On standard models the impellor and diffuser design maximise the hydraulic output of the pump while minimising turbulence. The efficient hydraulic performance shortens run time and reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs. In addition to these, Waterco also offer a number of variable speed Eco pumps capable of moderating their motor speed, reducing water flow when required, and reducing energy consumption by up to 67% compared to a standard motor pump. Waterco is committed to the continuous improvement and re-development of all their products to provide the very best quality and value to their customers and also offers a number of Eco and variable speed pumps to ensure that the most cost efficient and ecologically sound solutions can be provided for any installation. The Lacronite Eco VS and Hydrostorm Eco ranges both offer significant energy savings compared to fixed speed pumps by reducing water flow when needed to lower energy consumption. Waterco’s Hydrostar Plus pump is available in various sizes for commercial installations

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With a goal of bringing innovation to the sector, pump manufacturer Aquagem has put a lot of care and devotion into inverter pool pump technology with an aim of creating even higher standards in quality. As the pool pump manufacturer who launched the first inverter pool pump, it has become a benchmark company for inverter technology within the pool and spa industry. With the goal of creating the perfect possible pool pump, Aquagem developed InverSilence technology in 2020, which has led pool pumps to a higher level of quiet operation and energy-efficiency. Powered by InverSilence technology, Aquagem pool pumps are able to operate at a running capacity ranging from 40% to 100%, being able to fulfil various tasks from basic water recirculation to heavy duty backwashing. The company’s PFlow model, the first inverter pool pump in the world, has truly created an edge in terms of quietness and energy-efficiency. Unlike any pool pump previously built, it is an inverter pool pump that enables concise control of the motor and impeller. Aquagem’s InverSilence Technology generates 16,000 calculations per second, precisely controlling each core component and the motor for optimal silent performance. The technology results in a pump which can be up to 20 times quieter than other pumps in the market. Aquagem’s strong attention to detail also takes its industrial design nearer to perfection than many other pool pumps and its fulltouch screen control is dedicated to bringing a much better experience for its users.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk Plastica Pools 01424 857857 www.plasticapools.net SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com Waterco Europe 01795 521733 www.waterco.eu

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A NEW GENERATION of an industry favourite

The popular Aquaspeed pump, which is available exclusively from Certikin AQUASPEED

As well as a modern look, the new model has an upgraded motor which is manufactured using the latest technology to provide an efficient and powerful pump. Despite this upgrade, there are no changes to the dimensions meaning it will still fit in perfectly to the original pump’s footprint and pipework connections.

Available in a range of sizes from 0.5hp to 3hp including variable speed models The variable speed versions of the Aquaspeed pump have 3 pump settings. Each setting can be programmed to ensure that the performance is at the most efficient and therefore cost effective.

 01993 777200  info@certikin.co.uk


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Shining A Light On Ultraviolet Options For many commercial and increasingly domestic settings, when it comes to the effective treatment of water in pools and other wet leisure environments, ultraviolet systems are now an established choice. Their success is no real surprise when you consider UV’s many benefits, but their big selling point is a large reduction in chlorine use. As more pools make the switch to UV, more products have come to market and we take a look at the current options By Jon Wadeson


t is a well-known fact that ultraviolet light, when used correctly, is an extremely successful disinfectant. So much so that it is now playing an important role in the fight against COVID-19 and is sterilising surfaces in a variety of settings. UV’s power lay in its ability to inactivate viruses, bacteria and pathogens and in the wet leisure setting, that includes the nasty Cryptosporidium and Giardia variants which are able to survive in water despite the presence of various sanitisers, including chlorine. In addition to its biocide action, UV has a powerful oxidising effect which successfully removes organic pollution from pool and spa water, so when UV is used in conjunction with chlorine, the chloramines that cause eye and skin irritation are turned into easily removed by-products. Although hugely effective, UV is still a secondary disinfection process that is used alongside, primarily chlorine as the principal disinfectant in swimming pool and spa water. The reason for this is that UV only treats water as it passes through the lamp, therefore a sanitiser such as chlorine is needed to provide a constant defence throughout the rest of the water system. Through the use of UV, it is possible to drastically reduce the sanitiser level by as much as 80% and down to as little as 0.5ppm. In addition to requiring less chemicals, water treated with UV will also require less backwashing and heating costs will be improved too. So in summary, the water in a UV treated pool or spa uses less chemicals, requires less backwashing and both water and heating costs are reduced, however chlorine use, whilst minimised, still plays an essential role in providing the safest possible water. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that UV has become a popular choice for many and there are plenty of options available to choose from for both residential and commercial sectors. In this latest issue, we shine a light on just some of the ultra effective options that are making water safer through the power of UV.

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HARNESS THE POWER OF LIGHT WITH BIO-UV FROM GOLDEN COAST Whether you have a domestic or commercial set up, Golden Coast offers a range of UV water treatment systems for more natural disinfection. Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast explained: “When chlorine is used in water treatment, chlorinated by-products linger in the air and water causing skin and eye irritation. With UV systems, you can reduce your reliance on chemical disinfectants and create a cleaner, safer, and much more comfortable environment for bathers. “UV systems work by circulating water through a treatment chamber during filtration. Here, the high intensity, state-

Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations, the BIO-UV Delta UV system is available from Golden Coast

of-the-art UV-C lamps emit a specific wavelength of light capable of eradicating micro-organisms such as viruses, algae and bacteria by breaking down the cell DNA.” One such system available from Golden Coast is the BIO-UV, made of mirror-polished 316L stainless steel. The range includes five models to suit different pool sizes, each designed for long service with lamps lasting up to 13,000 hours. Golden Coast also provides the BIO-UV Delta UV system. Made from E series-special 8” PVC plastic material, the Delta UV can be installed indoors or outdoors, and includes a high output, low pressure UV lamp. For commercial pools, get the BIO-UV MP (medium pressure). Capable of destroying monochloramine, dichloramine and trichloramine, the BIO-UV MP can reduce combined chlorine levels by up to 80% for an average level of 0.1 to 0.3 ppm. The system is available with either a digital screen or touch screen for displaying different parameters of the UV reactor, enabling efficient management and maintenance.

PURIQ – FAIRLOCKS’ 100% ECOFRIENDLY UV WATER PURIFIER PURIQ UV-C water purification is the only purification pump your customer needs. The PURIQ Bright Series UV-C water purifier offers optimal technology for crystalclear water without the need for multiple chemicals and is kinder for the user also. Using the latest technology, the lamp placed in the pool water emits a very powerful UV-C light with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 nm that kills practically all bacteria, viruses, algae and moulds. Using a UV light provides non-chemical disinfection, enabling effective primary control over waterborne bacteria, which can benefit both public and private pools. This results in optimal purification, reducing the need by 80% of chlorine and other chemical usage. The PURIQ UV-C system, with its 100% eco-friendly operation, provides more natural, healthier water. The extra wide SAE 316 stainless

SPN February 2021 61 02/03/2021 21:34


The PURIQ-UV-C water purifier from Fairlocks offers optimum technology and crystal clear water

steel housing extends the time the water is exposed to the strong UV-C radiation while also minimising the pressure drop as the water passes through. Not only is the system better for the pool and pool user, but the environment benefits too. There is a significantly reduced number of toxic by-products produced by the UV purifier ensuring that the end response is a cleaner, safer environment for all. Thanks to the polished interior, there is virtually no adhesion of contaminants to the walls, which boosts the effectiveness of the UV-C radiation by a further 35%. The PURIQ UV-C water purifier contains intelligent electronics that signals an alert when it is time to replace the lamp, which ensures that the unit is always operating at peak efficiency and the water is clear. This way, the customer always has a perfectly working device they can rely on.

VGE PRO LOW PRESSURE UV LAMP SYSTEM FROM BOSTA UK Bosta UK are now servicing the commercial pool market where product quality and reliability is the driving force. Hotels and leisure centres have a duty to provide excellent water quality to their guests which means that chlorine dosing alone is not sufficient. That is why Bosta are now working hand-in-hand with the experienced UV and

filtration specialists, Netherlandsbased VGE, to offer their customers quality and reliable options. As a manufacturer of a wide range of UV-C purifiers, VGE gives high priority to swimmers’ wellbeing and environment. Their mission is to supply components for safe, healthy and clear pool water so that people can enjoy their pool without having to worry. The company’s new VGE Pro UV systems are manufactured using fully stainless steel 316L material which offers unparalleled corrosion resistance and the glass pearl treated exterior gives it a premium look and feel. Perfect disinfection is provided by its high powered and advanced treatment around the UV lamp, ensuring maximum possible destruction of harmful bacteria. The units also come with a variety of controllers that can include UV sensors, timers and temperature sensors. They are also ready for flow switches to be fitted to control the UV operation and according to Bosta, the VGE Pro UV systems are some of the most competitive options available for commercial UV disinfection.

According to Bosta, the VGE Pro UV systems are some of the most competitive options available for commercial UV disinfection

safety quick release Twistlok™ UV lamps can be changed without removing the wiper motor, so maintenance requirements are significantly reduced by comparison with other systems. The SPECTRA control system includes features such as data stream monitoring, process interlocks and programmable set points, and it interfaces with most BMS protocols. A key feature is variable power stepping from 100% down to 30%, allowing operators to optimise the operational power of their system to match bather loads and pool opening times. The Wafer generator is 3rd party validated, NSF-50 certified and Model Aquatic Health Code Model (MAHC) compliant and designed to provide a minimum 3-log reduction of Cryptosporidium. UV improves water quality by breaking down chloramines giving bright sparkling water, fresh clean air and residual chlorine levels as low as 0.5ppm. Evoqua ATG is the UV pool water treatment of choice worldwide: Transforming Water. Enriching Life®.



From the smallest hydrotherapy pools to leisure centres, spas and water parks, Evoqua ATG has a UV system to meet the needs of the aquatics industry with flow capability from 5 up to 5,000m3/h. The latest addition to Evoqua ATG’s product range is the compact Wafer® UV generator. It’s about one third of the size of comparative units making it easy to install and retrofit in the most restricted of plant rooms. The eight models in the range use the latest in medium pressure UV lamp technology, in single and twin lamp configurations to handle flows from 5 to 600m3/hr. As with Evoqua ATG’s WF range includes UV intensity monitoring, overtemperature control and automatic cleaning. Lamp life is 9,000hrs, and the enhanced

Exclusive to Certikin, the VGE Pro UV Medium Pressure Unit, designed to keep water free of algae, bacteria and fungi in a commercial environment, has met with great acclaim since its launch last year. The medium pressure UV unit guarantees superb quality for a fair price – its features include a 1 Phase unit 230V 50Hz, a 316 stainless steel chamber, a staggering 9,000 hour lamp life and easy bulb replacement system. There are three units in the range – 400W, 600W and 1200W lamps, each featuring a 10 bar maximum working pressure. The range is ideally suited to the smaller commercial pools that require a medium pressure system over a low-pressure system. An exclusive to Certikin, the VGE Pro UV Medium Pressure Unit

The ATG Evoqua WF range is the next generation of medium pressure UV systems and is the most compact on the market

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UV SYSTEMS pollutants in their path. Once the Hydroxyl Radical has reacted with the pollutant it converts back into water.

There’s the option of two control panels: The Comfort control panel accommodates an optional UV intensity sensor and/or Pt100 chamber temperature sensor allowing the UV intensity and temperature levels to be monitored. Alternatively, everything can be controlled and monitored via a ModBus connection. The Compact control panel offers basic safety functionality and a lamp life indicator and gives single LED life information and lamp hot-start protection.


ELECRO SYSTEM PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE INTERNAL REFLECTION Available from Plastica, H.R.UV-C is one of newest members to the Elecro family of sanitisers. Designed using the latest knowledge of highly reflective reactor casing materials, the H.R.UV-C produces up to 95% reflectivity (if you compare this to stainless steel reactors only 20 to 28% reflection is typically achieved). The H.R.UV-C is 100% sea and saltwater compatible, unlike stainless steel units that suffer corrosion issues. The super reflective properties of the Elecro H.R.UV-C optimises the UV-C radiation and dramatically increases the performance. The inside surface casing is extremely repellent and therefore self-cleaning. Intelligent electronics indicate when the lamps are not producing sufficient UV-C and need to be changed, ensuring the unit is always performing optimally. The H.R.UV-C is compatible with and complements all traditional treatment methods including; chlorine, bromine, active oxygen / hydrogen peroxide and salt electrolysis. A narrow and extended chamber ensures maximum exposure to the powerful UV-C. It is easy to use and install, can be retro fitted to any existing pool system – a self-cleaning system, reducing the need for maintenance. The intelligent lamp life indicator signals when the lamps are no longer producing sufficient UV-C and need to be changed. Ensuring your unit is always performing optimally and has a long lamp life, up to 9,000 hours, ensuring that the unit is

Available from Plastica, H.R.UV-C is one of the newest members to the Elecro family of sanitisers

performing optimally. Also available is Elecro’s Spectrum Hybrid which provides the next generation of UV water treatment. The Spectrum Hybrid unit creates Hydroxyl Radicals, which are essentially a water molecule with a hydrogen atom removed, causing the molecule to be highly volatile and reactive. The exceptional mobility of the molecules that fill the reaction chamber leads to the destruction of

The Filtreau UV-C system from Lighthouse helps to ensure crystal-clear water in a swimming pool or spa. The sophisticated design and high quality materials produce high UV-C radiation with a wavelength of precisely 253.7nm. This high level of radiation kills almost all bacteria, viruses and even fungi, providing clear and clean water. As a result, the level of added chemicals (e.g. chlorine) can be reduced, ensuring more natural feeling and healthier water. The system is easily installed into domestic pool pipework whether it is a retrospective installation or as part of a new build. The units are also covered by a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects. Due to the extra-wide DUPLEX housing on the Filtreau range, the water stays in contact with the UV-C radiation for a longer time. This broad housing also ensures that there is minimal pressure loss during the water treatment. The housing is polished on the inside to minimise the chances of dirt sticking to the walls. Overall, this increases the effectiveness of the UV-C radiation by up to 35%. The intelligent electronics indicate when the lamp is not producing enough radiation and needs to be changed (approximately 12,000hrs), ensuring users know that the device is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: ATG Evoqua 01942 216161 www.atguv.com Bosta UK 01284 716580 www.bosta.co.uk Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Fairlocks Pool Products 01865 988346 www.fairlocks.co.uk

The Filtreau UV-C system from Lighthouse helps to ensure crystal-clear water

...in summary, the water in a UV treated pool or spa uses less chemicals, requires less backwashing and both water and heating costs are reduced, however chlorine use, whilst minimised, still plays an essential role” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 65-67_SPN_Feb_20_UV_Systems.indd 63

Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk Plastica Pools 01424 857857 www.plasticapools.net

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Creating A Clean And Safe Water Environment Whether in a domestic or commercial setting, providing a clean and safe environment is a must for any pool or spa owner. When it comes to water treatment, there’s no denying that traditional methods are still popular, effective and proven, but with an ever-increasing range of alternative products and systems on offer, is there such a thing as the best solution? With numerous options available for a variety of settings, this issue we examine what’s on offer By Jon Wadeson


hen it comes owning and operating pools and spas, enjoyment and relaxation should be top of the list in both commercial and domestic environments and when time is tight, ensuring the water is good quality can be guaranteed by implementing the right products and water treatment options that are proven to work, time after time. Until relatively recently, that meant relying on just a handful of options, however there are now a number of methods available for the treatment of water. So whilst tried and tested solutions still have their place and are indeed still popular, owners of pools and spas are becoming much more open to the use of less well-known water treatment options. UV is of course, one such system, but with that having been covered separately already in this issue, in this feature we take a closer look at a variety of water treatments and systems which are providing a clean and safe environment for bathers in both domestic and commercial settings.

A HEALTHY DOSE FROM GOLDEN COAST When it comes to pool maintenance, little and often is key and Swimmer pool chemicals from Golden Coast enable pool owners to get clean, clear and healthy water easily and effectively. “Golden Coast offers a wide range of Swimmer products, each designed for different aspects of water treatment, so you can tailor what you need to your pool’s requirements,” said Mitchel Percy, a member of the Technical Sales team at Golden Coast. In order to establish and maintain the right water balance, there are a number of products available, including Swimmer pH

Increaser and Reducer, Alkalinity Increaser and Calcium Hardness Increaser. When preparing to balance pool water, it might be necessary to add a chlorine stabiliser – such as Swimmer Chlorine Stabiliser Granules – to reduce the amount of chlorine lost to sunlight, making it easier to maintain the correct levels. To prevent and kill bacteria, the Swimmer Chlorine Sanitiser Selection offers an extensive choice of products to suit any pool, preferred dosing method and budget. Pool water can become contaminated by waste compounds that react with the chlorine to create chloramines, which irritate skin. Using oxidising products such as the Swimmer Pool Refresh destroys the chloramines, for clearer, more comfortable water. The Swimmer Pool Refresh is the easiest oxidiser to apply, as the contents of the pre-measured sachet can simply be added straight to the water. Rapid Shock Granules and Calcium Hypochlorite Granules are also available for larger quantity dosing. In the event that a pool suffers from algae, recovering it can be expensive and time consuming. “Golden Coast provides a range of Swimmer algicides that have been specially formulated to prevent and cure algae,” said Mitchel. “There are longlife or regular dosing products, but using both is the most effective way to avert the problem.”

NO IRRITATION WITH PLASTICA’S RESILIENCE E NATURAL SALT CHLORINATOR Traditional chlorine, when combined with swimmer waste and bacteria in the water, creates chloramines. Chloramines

The Resilience E features advanced digital electronics and simple installation in an ‘all-in-one’ compact unit

cause common undesirable side effects associated with chlorine. Salt chlorinators convert salt in the water into an endless supply of ‘free chlorine’ that continuously oxidises or eliminates chloramines. With salt chlorination, pool users will not suffer irritation to eyes and skin, bleaching of hair and bathing suits, and there’s no sharp chlorine odours either. Swimmers will enjoy silky soft water and unmatched water quality that can actually be felt. The Resilience E features advanced digital electronics and simple installation in an ‘allin-one’ compact unit. It was designed to ease and optimise the pool owner and operator’s job. From the simple and quick installation (averages 15 minutes without wiring requirements) and easy maintenance. Resilience E is equipped with a straightforward display that indicates the The Swimmer pool chemicals from Golden Coast enable pool owners to get clean, clear and healthy water easily and effectively

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WATER TREATMENTS & SYSTEMS • The ions put into the water have excellent latency and remain active for long periods after the sanitiser has been operated. This contrasts with the chemical systems that need longer operation, monitoring and top up with the active chemicals • No handling and storage of nasty chemicals • No bleaching of the pool surrounds, tiles and quicker erosion of swimwear.

t The QUEST ioniser / oxidiser adds copper and silver ions to disinfect and produces hydroxide and oxygen ions via electrolysis

various chlorine output levels. Maintenance and service alerts notify if salt levels in the pool are too low. Most importantly this unique device alerts when the cartridge requires cleaning or nears the end of its life span. The pull out cartridge method makes servicing or replacement an easy task to perform. Ideal for private pools and available in three sizes to fit pools up to 150m3, the Resilience E has been designed to work with variable speed pumps benefits from: • Bi-directional flow sensor • Double ‘low flow’ protection • Full range input voltage automatically accepts 110 or 220V • Built in salinity and water temperature sensors • Replaceable electrolysis cartridge. Manufactured using IP-66 rated materials that contribute to its weather proof nature, the Resilience E is a durable and reliable salt chlorinator that can be installed both outdoors as well as inside. It is designed with reverse polarity that allows self-cleaning and plugs into a standard outlet.

INTRODUCING THE QUEST IONISER & OXIDISER POOL SYSTEM Available from Certikin, the QUEST ioniser / oxidiser adds copper and silver ions to disinfect and produces hydroxide and oxygen ions via electrolysis to break down organic debris (sweat, sun cream, dust, leaves, etc). The final process is a descaler that prevents hard calcium build-up. This last process, as well as preserving the pool plumbing efficiency, also helps the sanitisation as calcium deposits become breeding sites for bacteria. The three processes in the system work together in a cooperative interaction to produce a system that overall is more effective than the sum of the constituent parts. With QUEST, there are no sanitising chemicals in the water meaning bathers swim in freshwater. Swimmers with respiratory problems or sensitive skin will appreciate the benign, non-chemical approach and this also means there is no lingering scent from the pool water making the system ideal for use in enclosed swimming pools. Other benefits include:

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Made in the UK with all European biocidal certified components, the QUEST system is simple and quick to install and operate and it is one of most effective and cost-efficient systems on the market.

GAFFEY’S HYPROLYSER® COMBINES WATER, SALT AND ENERGY Manufactured in the UK by Gaffey, the popularity of Hyprolyser® on site hypochlorite generators for disinfection in commercial pools has increased significantly over the past decade, mainly due to the inherent health, safety and economical benefits on offer. Using only salt, water and energy, the Hyprolyser® produces a low strength sodium hypochlorite solution containing less than 1% chlorine, below the threshold for hazardous classification. The Hyprolyser® generates hypochlorite on demand, producing a stock of fresh chemical each day and eliminating the need for operators to handle frequent chemical deliveries and store hazardous chlorine chemicals on site. Due to the generated solution being much lower in caustic content than commercial hypochlorite products, chemical injection points do not scale-up, removing the need for injector cleaning by the operator. This benefit alone significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents and chemical contact and affords a big improvement in the reliability of disinfection and dosing system. British salt mines produce abundant supplies of some of the best quality salt in the world. Using salt as the raw ingredient for generating disinfectant offers some surprising environmental benefits too; for example, for operators using traditional packaged calcium hypochlorite products in drums, switching to bagged salt results in a 92% reduction in

The ProMatic Lifeguard from Australian manufacturer Davey is a complete pool chlorination and chemistry control system

Gaffey’s Hyprolyser® produces a low strength sodium hypochlorite solution containing less than 1% chlorine for safe, healthy and economical disinfection

the use of plastic for the same quantity of chlorine produced, not to mention a similar reduction in energy and water involved in recycling it. The introduction of Hyprolyser® models for smaller commercial pools, such as the iSEC® and Compact models, has been a key driver in the growth of Gaffey. Prominent UK operators such as Thorpe Park Resort, Center Parcs, Royal Commonwealth Pool and Wiltshire Council were early adopters of the Hyprolyser® and, witnessing the benefits to their operations, have since installed multiple units in their facilities.

TAKE CONTROL WITH DAVEY’S PROMATIC LIFEGUARD FROM SCP Available through SCP UK and new for the 2021 season, the ProMatic Lifeguard from Australian manufacturer Davey is a complete pool chlorination and chemistry control system. Wi-Fi enabled with a fully integrated and intuitive app that can be used on either a smartphone or tablet, the ProMatic Lifeguard allows for state-of-the-art remote monitoring and control of the pool system right at the owner’s fingertips and offers the flexibility of salt or mineral chlorination. The ProMatic Lifeguard utilises; pH sensor and acid dosing, ORP control, temperature and salt measurements, for effortless pool balancing. It includes low salt cut-out to protect the cell and boost mode for additional chlorination during heavy bather load periods. With a range of models available, the ProMatic Lifeguard is ideal for residential swimming pools up to 175m3. Key features include: • ORP control to prevent over chlorination when pool cover is used • Next generation high performance reverse polarity in-line cell with integrated safety flow switch • Operating salt level of 3,000 – 6,000ppm. With a comprehensive multilingual userfriendly LCD interface, the ProMatic

SPN February 2021 65 02/03/2021 21:36

WATER TREATMENTS & SYSTEMS Lifeguard comes with a 3-year warranty. It joins an established range of salt chlorinators available from SCP whose other solutions include popular options from leading brands Hayward and Pentair.

WATERCO’S HYDROCHLOR MINERAL CHLORINATOR ENHANCES CHLORINE PRODUCTION Waterco’s energy efficient Hydrochlor chlorinates the pool making it healthy, crystal clear, and ready to swim in year-round. A saltwater chlorinated pool in fact requires considerably less attention than a standard chlorinated pool. The main function of the Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator is to produce chlorine to sanitise the pool water. Pool water, which contains dissolved pool salt passes over the product’s chlorinator cell. This in turn splits the salt into its basic components, one being chlorine. The Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator includes an energy saving, intelligent power pack that makes it easy to keep a pool sanitised and healthy to swim in. Hydrochlor uses the latest Switch Mode Power Technology to increase energy efficiency by over 50%, significantly reducing power consumption. It draws less current and this translates to high power conversion and less energy wastage, without compromising chlorine output. Hydrochlor’s Power Pack intelligently recognises the size of the connected chlorinator cell and automatically adjusts its power output to suit. An alarm indicates when salt levels in the pool water too high or too low. If the pool is running beyond the maximum recommended salt level, the chlorinator will limit its output to protect the chlorinator cell. Hydrochlor includes an in-built, easy to use timer equipped with battery back up, which will maintain settings for up to 150 hours. The product’s new self-cleaning chlorinator cell features a serial parallel design that

Whilst tried and tested solutions still have their place and are indeed still popular, owners of pools and spas are becoming much more open to the use of less well-known water treatment options”

THERE’S A LOT TO LIKE ABOUT ZODIAC’S MAGNAPOOL® SYSTEM From the very first time a bather jumps into a swimming pool that uses Zodiac’s MagnaPool® system, they can feel the difference. The water has a gentle, silky feeling against the skin, there is little or no irritation to eyes and hair won’t need washing to get rid of that chlorine smell or sticky salt feeling which is often associated with chlorine and saltwater pools. The pool will always have crystal clear water and will be easy to maintain. The magnesium chloride found in MagnaPool® minerals is derived from the ocean. This form of magnesium has been found to have significant beneficial properties for internal health, as well as helping to relax your mind and body. It can help in detoxifying the body, reducing aches and pains, relieving stress and anxiety and providing the muscles with energy. Studies have proven that absorbing magnesium chloride through the skin (transdermal) is one of the most effective ways for the body to maintain healthy levels of this important mineral. Magnesium is responsible for many important cellular processes in the body. It can support detoxification, reduce stress and alleviate aches. It promotes energy and wellbeing and can restore soft and healthy skin.

Waterco’s Hydrochlor is self cleaning and includes a built in timer equipped with battery back up

66 February 2021 SPN 64-66_SPN_February_2021_Water_Treatment.indd 66

MagnaPool™ is a magnesium-based water treatment system from Zodiac® which utilises minerals derived from the ocean

enhances chlorine production, whilst requiring less energy. The self-cleaning chlorinator cell has the added ability to reverse its polarity and automatically clean calcium build-up from its electrodes. If no water flow is detected in the chlorinator cell, Hydrochlor automatically switches off the chlorine production to protect the chlorinator cell, and activates the No Flow LED indicator.

The MagnaPool® system helps keep chloramine levels to a minimum, so the water is gentler on sensitive skin. Due to the strong flocculent effect of magnesium, it works like a magnet helping to rid the pool water of impurities and removing organic debris and combined chlorine. SPN

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Gaffey Technical Services Ltd 01254 350180 www.gaffey.co.uk Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk Plastica Pools 01424 857857 www.plasticapools.net SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com Waterco Europe 01795 521733 www.waterco.eu

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What Do Meditation Apps, Online Fitness And Wet Leisure All Have In Common? The Wet Leisure Industry Survey Report came out last month and it shows the massive affect that COVID has had on our industry. It made 2020 a year like no other. In fact, for some wet leisure businesses, it made it the best year they have ever had, as Jamie Adams discovered when analysing the results


he pandemic has had such awful consequences that it’s difficult to throw any sort of positive light on it whatsoever and yet, as the old saw goes, ‘It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good’. COVID has changed how we work and live in countless ways. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that some of those changes have had a positive effect and yet it feels slightly uncomfortable to look at business growth that is the direct result of that nasty little virus. The fact of the matter is that some industries and businesses were offering something that the pandemic made more valuable and if there was ever a year that showed the real value of just what our industry offers its customers, it was 2020.


meditation apps, the wet leisure industry was already offering what people needed.

A few years ago, if you had told people that you had an app on your phone that was designed to help you sleep, to help you relax and feel calm, you might have received a few funny looks. Today, you might be the odd one out if you haven’t. Founded in 2012 in San Francisco, Calm.com was originally marketed as a tool for hyperactive Silicon Valley developers; about as far from being a mainstream product as you can imagine. Seven years later, when people went looking for something to help with the stress and anxiety caused by COVID, they found the app offering exactly what they were looking for. All of a sudden, this niche product had an appeal for an awful lot of people. Forty million downloads worldwide and one new user joining every second. The boom in spas and hot tubs in 2020 didn’t have quite those numbers behind it but soaking in a hot tub is a great way of getting rid of stress and spa bathing prepares you for a good night’s sleep. Like the

‘How many of the following products did you install?’ is one of the questions the Wet Leisure Survey asks. The numbers only refer to the businesses that responded to the survey but they do give an idea of what is going on in the market. Over the ten years of the survey, aboveground pools had bumped along but 2020 was different. The survey recorded a huge jump in sales, which concurred with a BSPF member’s report suggesting there had been a 400-500% increase during the year. Great weather, furloughed workers and the family stuck at home made the above-ground pool a perfect and popular choice. As one respondent said, “With more people at home the pool became very important – mostly to keep the kids out of the house”. By the same token, 2020 saw online fitness move from niche to normal. Whether it was a Joe Wicks PE class or a Peloton bike and its live-streamed motivational support, if


... our industry is already seeing signs that above-ground pool sales have given people the ‘pool bug’ and will lead them to upgrade their installation” 72 February 2021 SPN 72_SPN_February_2021_Opinion.indd 72

you were denied the gym, this was the next best thing. Peloton in the UK grew by almost 250% over the year and one of Joe’s classes had over 950,000 viewers. The online fitness business is expecting its popularity to outlast the pandemic and our industry is already seeing signs that above-ground pool sales have given people the ‘pool bug’ and will lead them to upgrade their installation, which was how the sales pipeline to in-ground pool ownership used to work.

TALKING OF THE OLD DAYS This is now our third lockdown and it’s beginning to remind me of something I have strong, but not necessarily good, childhood memories of. It’s beginning to feel like one of those seemingly endless car journeys I used to be taken on as a child. I’m sure you know the kind I mean. Well, lockdown is starting to remind me of those. This has been a long journey and I don’t think anyone can honestly say the end is in sight. We’ve stopped playing I-spy and run out of travel sweets. Let’s just hope none of us get carsick. And I ask the same question every day. Are we nearly there yet? Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

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WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO... Artesian Spas provide exciting, cutting edge, American built spas with the highest quality backed by great service and support, for which ourcompany is world-renowned. With FIVE unique spa lines, designed with a variety of features, in a range of sizes, the needs and desires of every p  otential hot tub customer are met.

Award winning spas and swim spas Large and extensive stock of spas and parts Continuous product innovation Service, sales and technical support Prices retailing from £3,795 to £20,000+

...IT HAS TO BE ARTESIAN For more information about becoming an Artesian Spas dealer, contact us today:

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Profile for Aqua Publishing Ltd

SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2021  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2021  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...