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The latest ultra violet water treatment options


Keeping pool and spa water on the move

WATER TREATMENTS & SYSTEMS For a clean, clear and safe environment


We Preview This Year’s SPATEX Exhibition Taking Place 28-30 January

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STA Pool Plant – PPO Qualifications | Darlly Europe Anniversary | Pool Cleaners 2020 Hot Tubs – The New Season | Opinion | 14 Pages Of The Best Industry News 17/01/2020 17:46

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At Fairlocks Pool Products, our mission is simple; to offer the best service possible and to back this up, we have selected some top quality products to distribute exclusively to the UK pool trade.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, QUALITY PRODUCTS 14 Hanborough Business Park, Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire, OX29 8LH, UK T: 01865 988346 | E: info@fairlocks.co.uk | W: www.fairlocks.co.uk

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SPN incorporating Pool & Spa Industry is the official trade magazine for the UK wet leisure markets and is the only trade publication that invests in the industry it serves.

of the annual trade show and take a closer look at what visitors can expect to find when they arrive at this year’s event. With a ‘Green’ theme featuring throughout the show, numerous leading brands exhibiting plus a number of new companies making their Ricoh Arena debuts, it’s looking like it could be a show to remember.


Editor and Co Publisher: Jon Wadeson Features: Karen Witney Features & Subeditor: Andrea Hartshorne Co Publisher and Sales Director: Tony Weston Production: Cathy Varley


The latest ultra violet water treatment options


Keeping pool and spa water on the move

WATER TREATMENTS & SYSTEMS For a clean, clear and safe environment

Accounts: Sam Bartholomew


For editorial enquiries contact Jon on: T: +44 (0)20 8306 8150 E: jon@aqua-publishing.co.uk


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To subscribe or amend / cancel an existing subscription, please visit our website. Annual subscription rates (6 issues): UK £30, Europe £50 and ROW £60 SPN is published by W: www.aqua-publishing.co.uk Printed in the UK by The Manson Group Ltd Aqua Publishing Ltd accepts no liability for any insert, display or classified advertisement included in Swimming Pool News. While every reasonable care is taken to ensure that all advertisers are reliable and reputable, Swimming PoolPNews can UBL I Sgive H I no NG assurance they will fulfil their obligations under all circumstances. The views expressed in the articles in Swimming Pool News are the contributors’ own. All rights reserved. Copyright for all materials published in SPN remains with the publishers. Material contained in this publication is not to be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior permission of Aqua Publishing Ltd.


n We Preview This Year’s SPATEX Exhibitio Taking Place 28-30 January

Europe Anniversary | Pool Cleaners STA Pool Plant – PPO Qualifications | Darlly | 14 Pages Of The Best Industry News 2020 Hot Tubs – The New Season | Opinion 17/01/2020 17:46

SPN_Feb_20_Cover.indd 3

For the majority of companies across the industry, last year was another busy and rewarding year. With a summer that was actually the hottest on record, if you had periods of thumb-twiddling, chances are you were doing something wrong. In saying goodbye to 2019, we also said goodbye to what was actually a pretty good decade for the wet leisure industry. But what does the next ten years have in store and, in particular, I wonder how the next 12 months will play out? We are supposedly ‘leaving’ the EU shortly after this magazine comes out but that’s something we’ve all heard before! I guess like anything, all will be revealed in the fullness of time! For the UK wet leisure industry, the first major event of any year is the SPATEX exhibition, which is returning to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Now into its 24th year, for anyone who has a need for new products, services, some inspiration or who is perhaps looking to improve their industry knowledge and understanding, SPATEX is the place to be. Taking place 28-30 January, and featuring around 100 high quality exhibitors, the three day event helps to keep the trade up to speed with the latest trends and technologies. More than just an exhibition, SPATEX also offers a unique opportunity to catch up with old friends and network with a wide range of colleagues from across the wet leisure industry. With somewhat uncertain times ahead, attending may just provide visitors with a competitive edge that they didn’t even realise they needed. In this latest issue, we feature a full preview

Also in this issue, we take a closer look at various key products and sectors that span the industry. For example, after enjoying another great year, we take a closer look at a number of new models and brands in the hot tub sector, plus we examine various options for water sanitisation which use various technologies other than UV. Why not include the popular UV systems I hear you ask? Well because that sector has its own dedicated feature which covers a number of the ultraviolet systems that are available this year. We also take a closer look at some of the products that are keeping the water moving in pools and spas with our pumps feature and highlight ten products that will take the effort out of cleaning pools and spas in 2020. In his regular piece, Jamie Adams takes a look at the subject of renewable energy, plus we’ve a piece on filter specialists Darlly Europe who are celebrating ten years in business. Pool Plant Operations Qualifications are also looked at as the STA launch an allnew, learner-friendly, multiple-choice (MCQ) assessment, plus there’s also useful updates from the BSPF, SPATA, BISHTA including a look at the many benefits membership offers to businesses. Finally, we’ve also got our round up of all the latest industry, people, product and eco news from both here in the UK and further afield. So with this issue of SPN covered, all that leaves me to say is I hope you enjoy reading it, here’s to a successful year, and I hope to see you at SPATEX!

Jon Wadeson - Editor PS – If you are involved within the industry and have some relevant news that you would like to appear within SPN, please do get in touch.

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Aqua Publishing also publishes: What Pool & Hot Tub magazine – our sister publication – is the only consumer magazine in the UK that provides the complete and crucial information that potential buyers are looking for! For more information visit the What Pool & Hot Tub website at www.whatpoolandhottubmag.co.uk

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SPN February 2020 3 17/01/2020 17:50


Inside This 65










We preview this year’s SPATEX exhibition taking place 28-30 January After another successful year, we look at the latest brands and models for 2020

Ultra effective sanitisation sees UV go from strength-to-strength
















The industry’s associations dedicated pages Luke Griffiths highlights aspects of the new STA Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations

A look at filter specialists Darlly Europe who are celebrating ten years in business

Creating clean and safe water in swimming Ten labour saving cleaners that are keeping pools and spas clean in 2020 pools and spas Keeping pool and spa water on the move, we look at current pump options

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The latest industry news, info, projects and gossip







Innovations and new products on the market

Dedicated news for this important sector All the latest news from around the world

Golden Coast’s Jamie Adams takes a look at the subject of renewable energy

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 17/01/2020 17:53


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• SPATA and BISHTA Award winners

• Swim spas – mid and high-end models • Automatic pool covers • One-piece and fibreglass pools • Pool liners and systems Plus much, much more! SPN February 2020 5 17/01/2020 17:53



All the Latest News, Info, Products and Gossip From the UK Pool and Spa Industry and Beyond

The Walu – Not Just A Safe Option! “A family hub for summer entertainment” − that’s how the Simpson family of St Ives describe their beautiful pool, designed and installed by Cambridgeshire pool dealer, Aqualeaf. However, with two young children they naturally didn’t want to compromise on safety so they chose Certikin’s highly versatile Walu safety cover. “In the summer, the kids are never out of it. It gets almost daily use throughout March to October,” said Dan Simpson. Taking just six weeks to complete, the beautiful 8m x 4m x 1.4m deep pool features a host of Certikin equipment and topping the pool off is Certikin’s Walu manual safety cover in light grey which is as smart as it is hard working. Aqualeaf Director, Paul Carman said: “The Simpsons chose the Walu Starlight manual safety cover because there’s two young children in the family coupled with the fact that it has a contemporary sleek appearance. It comes with the added bonus of requiring no roller on the pool deck. The Walu sits snugly on the poolside rather than floating like a solar blanket, so large debris is kept out of the pool. From a cost point of view, it is considerably cheaper than other automatic safety covers on the market, while also getting rid of the need for both a winter debris and solar/heat retention blanket because the Walu does both jobs!”

Walu cover are replaceable. The cover’s panels and anodised aluminium tubes can easily be exchanged on site for new pieces, restoring the cover to its original standard. Aqualeaf Ltd 01223 930291 www.aqualeaf.co.uk The most unique feature of the Walu is its modular design. Unlike other safety covers, where the whole system needs to be replaced if it is damaged, all individual parts on the

Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

Sliding Through The Seasons With Splinter Works’ Vertex Splinter Works’ latest commission for an indoor pool strikes a dramatic pose in this English country home, providing a setting where contemporary meets traditional.   Offering a pleasing repetition of form between the arched windows of the pool pavilion, and the arching slide, Vertex makes full use of the space, filling it from floor to ceiling with intriguing form.  The sculptural slide makes a visual statement, but with the reflections of the mirror-polished stainless steel echoing only the surrounding colours, it has an alluring subtlety.     Standing at over 12ft high, the designers positioned it on the corner of the indoor pool to keep as much deck space free as possible, and to capitalise on the best vantage point of the poetic windows. For added thrills, a jet

6 February 2020 SPN 6+12_SPN_Feb_20_News_General.indd 6

stream has been positioned below the point of entry into the pool, which projects the rider into the pool with added gusto.   Splinter Works’ collection of bespoke luxury indoor and outdoor water slides are available to commission.  Each pool slide design is inspired by the individual setting and to resonate with the client’s style, in a variety of materials to suit the climate, budget and surroundings.   Safety is engineered into all Splinter Works’ luxury water slides from the outset. With grip underfoot and drain holes on the steps, and an easy-to-grab handrail that is incorporated seamlessly into the sculpture, the water slides are designed to meet European and US safety standards (BS EN 10691 2010 & CPSC Code of Federal Regulations 16 part 1207).  Splinter Works Ltd 01225 464957 www.splinterworks.co.uk

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 17/01/2020 11:13

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SHOWROOM RETAILERINSTALLERS • A range of high specification products • Extended warranty for approved retailers • Be part of our exclusive dealer scheme • Proudly supporting WaterStarters, providing lasting change through clean water projects - visit waterstarters.org


ALSO AVAILABLE • Pool Pumps • Filters • UV Disinfection Systems • Heat Pumps • Robotic Cleaners

Exclusively available at Bosta UK Ltd. T 01284 716 587 • E ben.blackburn@bosta.co.uk www.bosta.co.uk • www.norsup.eu

NEWS LONG-AWAITED PLYMSTOCK POOL COULD FINALLY HAPPEN It’s been 25 long years in the making but a campaign to build a swimming pool for families of Plymstock in Devon is almost over. Locals have never given up hope of getting one built in the Plymouth suburb and have sat on stockpiled donations in the hope that a major player would step forward to make it happen. Finally a major breakthrough has happened and families could be swimming, splashing about and racing down slides in an all-new attraction. Building giants behind the £1billion Sherford town development have appointed a ‘preferred operator’ to run a proposed leisure centre which would sit on the edge of the town. If the project is waved through by planners in the coming months, the aim is to get the family attraction built this year.

Mermaid Love The One-piece NIVEKO! NIVEKO has long been regarded as the gold standard in one-piece pools, but in terms of looks, it is easily the equal of the most luxurious tiled concrete pools – as Mermaid Pools illustrate with this beautiful pool in Sevenoaks, Kent. Going in just six weeks from the excavation of the hole to filling the pool with water, this NIVEKO pool more than matched the owner’s brief for a speedy installation of a high quality, state-of-the art pool, in-keeping with the modern new house, and falling within the allotted budget of £50,000. Steve Russell of Mermaid Pools said: “We are particularly impressed with the NIVEKO’s attention to design and detail. It’s a pool that shouts luxury and draws the eye. The client hadn’t considered the one-piece pool option and needed some persuasion, but the excellent, very informative NIVEKO brochure, plus its speed of installation, soon won him over.” Following the light trimming of some trees for access, the pool was delivered on the back of a lorry and the installation went to plan. Steve said: “The

Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

READING TO DECIDE NEW £40M LEISURE CONTRACT Reading Council’s commitment to invest more than £40m in modern new leisure facilities for the local area, which includes two brand new swimming pools, will be cemented this month when a new leisure partner is selected. Councillors will consider the award of a 25-year contract to design, build, operate and run Reading’s leisure service to a preferred bidder and a new competition standard pool with provision for diving plus a modern new community pool are expected as part of the contract. The step marks the end of a robust Council procurement process, supported by independent specialist leisure consultants and with advice from Sport England, and which included input from local clubs and user groups who provided feedback on their aspirations for what new facilities should provide.

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 9+11+14_SPN_December_19_News_General.indd 9

pool is encased on all 4 sides by 300mm thick steel reinforced concrete; the floor is a 200mm thick vibrated steel reinforced plinth, the build tolerances on the floor are 1mm, this is an extremely tight tolerance. This installation will stand the test of time! “To achieve the contemporary finish we chose a white shell, white cover and a contrasting border coping stone in black flamed granite. We then advised the installation of synthetic decking as the client wanted to keep the pool and surround as maintenance free as possible.” Steve added: “The client was over the moon with the end result saying: ‘Great service from a great team. Super happy with this once in a lifetime pool’.”

Mermaid Pools 01580 753031 www.mermaidpools.co.uk

Planning Application Submitted For Therme Manchester Therme Group has applied for planning permission for a unique wellbeing resort in Peel L&P’s TraffordCity. Therme Group’s vision is to create the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts, accessible to all, embodying a perfect interplay of nature, technology and culture. The first of its kind in the UK, Therme Manchester uses natural forms and structures in its design to create a unique architectural concept. It will be a landmark development for the city and is set to become an iconic symbol of the north-west of England. Therme Manchester will be an immersive experience to enhance the mind, body and soul. Visitors will have the chance to unwind in a perfect tropical environment with turquoise, warm-water lagoons among spectacular botanical gardens. Nature and water are at the heart of the experience, with exquisite design throughout. Guests will be able to enjoy everything

from affordable luxury-class spa therapies, multisensorial saunas and therapeutic mineral pools to exciting wave pools, waterslides and many fun and healthy activities. At 28-acres, the size of 19 football pitches, the expansive site is located in TraffordCity, opposite Trafford Centre and Barton Square, with the new Metrolink station directly outside. Therme Manchester is being developed in close collaboration with Peel L&P on the current site of EventCity, which will be relocated and redeveloped as a new state-of-the-art events venue in TraffordCity. The plans boasts four zones and hundreds of activities for children, adults and seniors. There are endless possibilities, with each visit offering a unique experience, personalised to individual needs, mood and time. If permission is granted, Therme Manchester is scheduled to open late 2022, bringing the opportunity for an affordable holiday every day to the communities it serves.

SPN February 2020 9 17/01/2020 11:15




Photo credit : shutterstock • jpe 2019






SCP Head Office & Distribution Centre 1 Church Road - Lowfield Heath Crawley - West Sussex - RH11 0PQ Tel : 01293 546 126 / 01268 273 040 Fax : 01293 528 442 / 01268 273 041 info.uk@scppool.com - www.scpeurope.com




NEWS WORK COMMENCES ON NORTHUMBERLAND LEISURE CENTRE POOL At the start of January, work started on Berwick’s new stateof-the art £20m leisure centre in Tweedmouth which is being funded by Northumberland County Council. Tolent Construction Limited has been appointed as the official contractor and the centre will be constructed in phases to ensure that the existing Swan Centre which continues to operate at all times until new facilities open to replace them. Phase 1 includes a new swimming pool and fitness suite and is due to open in March 2021. The new centre is expected to be fully complete and open to the public in summer 2022. Designed by GT3 Architects, in addition to other dry leisure facilities, the centre will feature a fivelane, 25m swimming pool, a teaching pool and leisure pool and spa facilities. David Thompson, Regional Director for Tolent, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to such a significant project for Berwick and the wider area. This project will not only deliver outstanding leisure and sports facilities but the unique design of the building will be sure to bring interest from far and wide.”

POOLS AT DUNSTABLE LEISURE CENTRE FINALLY OPENS The swimming pools at the £20m Dunstable Leisure Centre opened on 23 December – a full six months after the centre launched. The new centre opened in June 2019 without a working pool because the glue used spoilt the tiling. The centre has a six-lane, 25m swimming pool which provides a range of aqua classes along with public swimming sessions and timetabled activities. There is also a 12.5m learning pool.

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 9+11+14_SPN_December_19_News_General.indd 11

South Lake Leisure Centre – A Stunning Landmark For Craigavon

Designed by renowned architect practice McAdam Design, the £35m South Lake Leisure Centre is the largest project within Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council’s ambitious capital investment programme, and will feature numerous facilities including three pools. Ustigate began their creative involvement in the project back in 2017 and the company’s task was to maximise the future enjoyment to be had in the centre’s fun pool. The project was a tall order from the start with a desire to utilise the available height and include an eight metre waterslide. Whilst a ride from a great height will always be an attraction, it is not an inclusive item and it does not have the ability to entertain several water players at the same time. A tall flume needs to sit amongst other aquatic play items for a facility to be inclusive and achieve crowd pleasing status. On the 3 January 2019, the South Lake Leisure Centre team arrived at a design that ticked all the boxes. Packed to the brim and overflowing with features, the finalised concept provides a multi-level indoor aquatic adventure for

all of Craigavon to have fun. Ustigate’s bespoke Elevation™ structure consists of nine staircases, 11 platforms, 62 water features and two waterslides. One end of the Elevation is an aquatic play paradise for Craigavon’s youngest water players, featuring staircases of no more than 2-3 steps at a time and platforms of varying heights. It is a journey that meanders up and around to platform four where little ones are rewarded with the offer of a ride. The second waterslide on the Elevation is one that budding aquatic enthusiasts will aspire to; a high-entry fuchsia flume guaranteed to thrill Craigavon’s most confident with its double loop the loop and longer ride. For those that prefer their aquatic play at ground level, an inclusive splashpad with an additional 16 products is being installed. Ustigate Waterplay 01322 424445 www.ustigatewaterplay.co.uk

Willmott Dixon Secures Deal For New Pool In Ripon Willmott Dixon is strengthening its track-record as a leading provider of leisure, fitness and wellbeing accommodation, with a £10m contract from Harrogate Borough Council to extend an existing leisure centre. The project will see the company expand Ripon’s leisure centre by building a new 25m pool and associated changing and community areas. Willmott Dixon will also add a new main entrance and lobby to the current centre as well as upgrade the dry leisure facilities.

Procured via Major Works England and Northern Ireland, a part of the Scape National Construction framework, Willmott Dixon is working with Pick Everard as architect and Gleeds as QS and project manager. When completed in 2021, the new six-lane pool will provide a 60 per cent increase in water recreation space in Ripon compared to the existing

pool facility at nearby Ripon Spa Baths, which is nearing the end of its lifespan and will close when the new pool is open. Councillor Stanley Lumley, cabinet member for sport, said: “After what seems like many months of planning and discussion, the work to build the new pool is finally underway. “This represents a significant investment and will provide the people of Ripon with state-of-the-art swimming facilities. Combined with the refurbishment of the leisure centre, we are transforming the sport and leisure offer in this part of the district.”

SPN February 2020 11 17/01/2020 11:15


Kingswood Pool Reopens Following Refurbishment Project


Ceramiflo Solves Filtration Issues At Ageing Site When the existing steel filters at Stretford Sports Village were in need of replacement, Trafford Leisure faced a challenge. As the site is coming to the end of its lifespan, the company faced a problem of having to spend money on a facility that would be redundant in the not too distant future. In addition, filter refurbishments can often be very difficult in established plant rooms and the one at Stretford was no exception. With this challenge in mind, Total Pool Filtration were appointed to solve the issues. Access into the plant room for removal and replacement of conventional filters would have meant some major civils works as part of the plant room roof would have needed to be removed. This would have caused pool closure for a period of time and would have been costly. Total Pool Filtration were asked to provide a proposal for their Ceramiflo microfiltration system which uses membrane filtration rather than sand filtration.

The system has a multitude of benefits including, full automation, significant water and chemical savings as well as unrivalled water quality. Ceramiflo was an ideal choice as the system could be brought into the plant room through the pedestrian access meaning the roof would not have to be removed. The whole installation was taken care of with no interruption of the service which meant that the public could retain full use of the facility. To fit sand filters would have caused the pool to be closed for up to four weeks with an estimated loss of revenue of £50,000. In addition, when the pool facility is ultimately replaced, the Ceramiflo system can be easily dismantled and relocated at the new site, saving Trafford Leisure the cost of new filters. Total Pool Filtration 01829 740290 www.totalpool.co.uk

Customers made a splash at Kingswood Active Lifestyle Centre as both of the swimming pools reopened following a month-long £35,000 refurbishment project. Essential maintenance work to reline, re-grout and refresh the pools started in early December, with the facilities springing back into action on Thursday 2nd January. The refurbishment project is part of an ongoing commitment from Circadian Trust, the not-for-profit organisation which reinvests its profits back into local Active Lifestyle Centres. The organisation has recently overseen major redevelopment projects in Bradley Stoke and Longwell Green, with extensive work to refurbish the gym in Yate and establish a brand-new conference centre in Thornbury taking place in the last year alone. Martyn Hinam, Centre Manager at Kingswood Active Lifestyle Centre, said: “As a not for profit organisation, we continue to reinvest money back into Centres across South Gloucestershire so that we can offer the best-possible facilities to our customers. “Our pools are extremely popular, and we feel privileged to have loyal members and learn to swim customers who regularly use them to keep fit, have fun and learn new skills. We hope they enjoy our improved pool facilities for many years to come.” Kingswood Active Lifestyle Centre is one of five lifestyle centres operated across South Gloucestershire by Circadian Trust. Working in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council, the community strategy and overall shared philosophy is to contribute to the improved health, cultural and social wellbeing of the local community improving quality of life.

Construction Work Starts At Moorways In Derby Construction work has started on the Moorways site where Derby’s new pool and water park will be built. This early work that started at the end of last year will get the site ready for the main construction work in 2020. As part of the work the Council’s Streetpride team have been creating the highway access routes onto the site. Cllr Robin Wood, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said: “It’s great to see diggers on site and work starting on this important new pool and water park. The project is moving forward and that’s

12 February 2020 SPN 6+12_SPN_Feb_20_News_General.indd 12

what people want to see.” The new facility that will become part of Moorways Sports Village contains a 50m pool, water park and learner pool alongside a comprehensive health and fitness experience.

A modern gym kitted out with the latest equipment, studios as well as sauna and steam rooms will all be part of the health and fitness experience. There will also be a café with soft play, multi-use rooms and a large multi-use area fitted out with a family activity. Inside the water park there will be two four storey flumes along with England’s first wave generating wow ball and wave rider slide. Younger visitors will enjoy the indoor water playground and beach area. Derby City Council has approved £42m in funding for the project that is expected to be completed in late 2021.

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 17/01/2020 11:13

Project3_Layout 1 16/01/2020 15:29 Page 1


Waterco Provide Pool And Spa Solutions For Luxury Boutique Hotel

Having been vacant for over a decade, the 17th Century Grade II* listed Langley Park House in South Buckinghamshire has been given a new lease of life as the 5 Star Langley Park Hotel. The £30m landmark development features a major subterranean extension to provide a luxury, full-service spa and swimming pool facility fitted with Waterco’s world-class commercial filtration solutions. Transforming a heritage-listed site into a destination wellness retreat requires solutions that are not only hard wearing and reliable but which also enhance the quality of the water, as opposed to merely filtering it. With vast knowledge in designing and constructing a variety of luxury wellness features, Aqua Platinum Projects understand the requirements that are necessary to create a high-quality facility with incredible functionality whilst also ensuring the user experiences ultimate relaxation. “With a project of this calibre it is imperative that the filtration system is of the very highest quality and can continue to produce consistently superior results,” said Aqua Platinum Projects Managing Director, Ryan Fronda. “That’s why we only use

and recommend Waterco filtration and pumps for all our installations, particularly for high profile projects of this type.” Working in conjunction with their preferred distributor, Paramount Products, Ryan’s team installed ten Micron fibreglass filters and over 20 pumps from the brand across the hotel’s two pools and three spas. Knowing that the globally renowned water filtration specialists at Waterco have been manufacturing and supplying equipment for over 30 years – all over the world and in many different applications – meant that the team at Aqua Platinum Projects had full confidence in both the supply, quality of the product, and impeccable after-sales service. “Waterco’s commercial filters and pumps provide high-quality pool and spa water for guests, and a low maintenance solution for staff,” added Ryan.

In The Swim – As Newcastle Pool Opens

A new, state-of-the-art learn to swim centre has welcomed its first wave of swimmers. PaddlePod @ Newcastle, near Gosforth Park, is the first of two new swim centres devised by North East entrepreneur and former swimming coach Phil Groom. And along with swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, children and adults, it offers a range of other activities, therapies and classes – from yoga and music to cookery and dance. At the heart of the purpose-built centre is a 25m pool, with modern changing facilities, where more than 450 swimming lessons will be held each week. Parents and family members can also watch the lessons from an on site café, with an integrated play area, to keep siblings engaged and entertained. The aim behind PaddlePod @ Newcastle – and its sister site, PaddlePod @ North Tyneside, scheduled to open at New York Road, Shiremoor in spring 2020 – is to create a truly family-centred environment, where swimming sits alongside other educational and developmental activities. “The idea was always that this would be more than just a swimming pool,” said PaddlePod founder and director Phil Groom. “We wanted to make swimming lessons a positive experience for all involved – whether they are in the water, a parent watching from the side, or a younger sibling being brought along while their older brother or sister swims.” Phil, a former swimming coach, drew on considerable experience in setting up PaddlePod, having founded SwimNE in 2006 for adults and children, followed by Nemo Swimming in 2009 for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn to swim. The teaching team at PaddlePod @ Newcastle

Aqua Platinum Projects 01489 896438 www.aquaplatinumprojects.co.uk Waterco Europe 01795 521733 www.waterco.eu

Millboard Launches Educational Hub For Architects And Designers Decking specialists Millboard are thrilled to announce the launch of their brandnew informative resource for professional landscapers, architects, interior designers and master builders! Visitors can browse for inspiration, catch up on the latest regulatory news and even pick up CPD points from the comfort of their desks. Six months in the making, this Hub is ‘bursting with informative and engaging materials and news’. Marketing Manager Caroline Birdsall commented that: “We’re thrilled to have created such a valuable facility

14 February 2020 SPN 9+11+14_SPN_December_19_News_General.indd 14

for the industry – we hope that it’s of use to a wide range of people, whether they are looking for design-theme inspiration or wanting to learn about the most eco-friendly and innovative design materials available. We’ve populated the hub with over forty original pieces so far, and

we’ll continue to add more on a regular basis.” The Hub is yet another innovation from Millboard and demonstrates the company’s love of the landscaping industry. Their ambition is to support the design of outside spaces from a creative and technical perspective and they’ll be keeping on top of design trends, legal framework updates and items of topical interest. The Millboard Co Ltd 02476 439943 www.millboard.co.uk

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 17/01/2020 17:41

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SILENTFlow™ – The Next Evolution In Swimming Pool Parallel Grating

The Renolit Alkorplan Premier liner in Volcano

A ‘Premier’ On-site Lining Solution From Aquaflex Recommended for problematic water pools or for pools with a large number of bathers, the Renolit Alkorplan Premier (XTREME) on site lining solution is a 1.5 mm single colour lining with an extended colour and stain warranty of five years and a water tightness warranty of 15 years. With a great resistance to chlorine and providing excellent results both in public and private swimming pools, Aquaflex’s Premier solution gives owners and operators guaranteed security needed for peace of mind pool ownership. Thanks to its outstanding resistance to chlorine, it is the perfect liner even for public swimming pools with a greater influx of bathers where chemical treatments of water are much more aggressive. Premier is impervious to organic elements that will stain the membrane, therefore toxic fungicides and bactericides are unnecessary. This makes it compatible for use with fish and plants plus makes it healthy for the whole family. They are also suitable for pools with problems where other linings have not worked. Premier is available in seven different colours: Onyx, Azure, Blue Fresh, Ice, Sahara, Silver and Volcano. Aquaflex 01722 328873 www.aquaflex.co.uk

Daldorado’s SILENTFlow™ commercial pool grating system is the next evolution in parallel grating – with features that surpass many other commercial grating products. All grating features the highest flow rate with an unprecedented 40% open area and whisper-quiet noise reduction. Available in standard 12”, 14” and 16” widths and fully warranted by Daldorado, the parallel grating conforms to both radius and straight configurations. Hand holds and curb angles are available for true ledge support (radius or straight) and all corners are custom manufactured and strengthened for inside-outside corners per design requirements. Daldorado’s SILENTFlow™ parallel grating has been engineered to make fitting so easy installers will want to use it on every pool. There’s no more expansion issues or buckling either as added truss support combined with using the highest quality materials allows for superior strength unmatched by any other grating company (excess of 4,000 lbs). Benefits include: • Compliance with the International Child Finger/Toe Entrapment Guidelines featuring a gap opening of only 8mm. • Made of high-grade UV-stable PVC (Axiall 7140) – Certified for NSF50. • Certified to IBC Classification C For Wet-Barefoot Inclining Platform (Ramp) test for swimming pool ramps and stairs leading to water, swimming pool surrounds and communal shower rooms, and communal changing rooms. • Compliance with the new IBC standard for strength, specifically access covers and grates (3996 Class A – over 10kN). Fully warranted for ten years against manufacturer defects, SILENTFlow™ parallel grating is available in three standard colours – white, bone and gray – with other colours available upon request. Daldorado +1 888 509 8128 www.daldorado.com

TLS Heat Exchangers Include ‘Green’ Credentials With the emphasis on sustainability these days, heat exchangers from Thermic Leisure Supplies (TLS) are manufactured from 95% recycled materials. Plate heat exchangers consist of thin, corrugated plates packed inside a frame, with the product in alternate channels, and service fluid in between product channels. The compactly designed TLS plate heat exchangers range consists of a number of herringbone patterned, pressed heat transfer plates. These are assembled in an inverse formation to create two sets of parallel channels, one for each liquid. Since the herringbone patterns point in opposite directions, a large number of points of support are achieved, creating a lattice in each channel. This provides a high

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level of turbulence, which in turn leads to an elevated rate of heat transfer. Benefits of the TLS heat exchanger include: • Heat exchanger completely contained within the insulation: minimised thermal losses and condensation, high degree of

• • •

safety and comfort for those who work around the heat exchanger. Low installation costs. Quick and easy access to the heat exchanger for inspection. Varying options of stainless steel, titanium plates with various thicknesses down to 0.4 mm with patented glue free plug in design of NBR and EPDM gaskets. Moplen, threaded or flanged connections.

With stainless steel, frames avoid corrosion and long product life, with easier maintenance operations makes these heat exchangers suitable for both chlorine and salt water swimming pools. Thermic Leisure Supplies 01772 422528 www.thermicleisuresupplies.co.uk

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Crown Launches Waterproof Lockers

FlussPool – The Art Of Swimming

An innovative Swiss brand, FlussPool provides state-of-the-art swimming technology in perfect form for ‘people committed to a lifestyle in motion’. Founded by Roy Hinen – a 5x Swiss triathlon champion – counter-current swimming takes on a new dimension with FlussPool. The product allows users to recreate the experience of swimming in a river or ocean with current. The FlussPool offers benefits when optimising swimming technique or training using the ‘endurance method’, which is especially popular in triathlon. The FlussPool is designed as the ultimate swim training tool and forms part of an athlete’s everyday authentic, stress-free and endless swimming training routine. FlussPool notes that it’s not only competition swimmers who benefit from this unique piece of swim training tool; it also helps beginners by providing a great safe feeling and enables the swimmer to learn correct technique from the start. FlussPool can be integrated in various indoor and outdoor

environments, generating maximum use and value from a pool. With multiple water stream technology and lifting floor technology, it can be used even at the same time for different activities in limited space with outstanding safety for all family members, regardless of age. If space is needed, the FlussPool can be completely closed and the area can be used for any kind of activities or functions, even as a parking space! If not used for swimming, it can function as a river, fountain or well, by just pressing a button. At night it has different light scenes. Audio and video can be integrated and treadmills for ‘Aqua running’, the most healthy way of running to control or lose weight and increase your fitness; Individual solutions for therapy and commercial use. FlussPool is Swiss quality and precision, built to individual needs and delivered worldwide. FlussPool +41 41 790 72 88 www.flusspool.ch

Crown Sports Lockers’ has introduced a waterproof locker that will open the door to wet changing room facilities demanding a sustainable solution. The company commands more than 25 years’ experience in fashioning bespoke fit-outs across hotels, spa, hospitality, fitness, sport and leisure. The innovation features a waterproof locker carcass constructed from recycled plastic and doors impregnated with an antibacterial agent preventing MRSA and E-coli growth. “The advance will allow us to combine the natural appeal of timber lockers and ancillary furniture fitted in spa treatment rooms, with changing facilities that wish to enhance hygiene while meeting mounting demand for environmentally green solutions,” said Crown Project Manager Spencer Grimwood. In all its output, the ‘Made in Britain’ manufacturer uses sustainably-sourced timber in delivering stylish, made-tomeasure facilities meeting modern needs for comfortable, secure, brand-building elements of an operator’s offering. The hotel sector forms an increasingly important marketplace for Crown, who have fitted out changing facilities throughout national operator Village Hotels’ estate, including its latest compact footprint builds at Portsmouth and Bristol. Many independents choose Crown for its ability to create characterful changing room interiors that match clients’ brand values and vision. Recent projects include Saunton Sands Hotel, St Michael’s Spa and Resort, Woolacombe Bay Hotel and Imperial Hotel, Torquay. Crown also recently unveiled an in-locker mobile device charger as an industry first finding ready application across hotels and leisure. With textured finishes to suit every decor, application and budget, Crown provides a dedicated project manager to partner clients from first meeting to handover. Crown Sports Lockers 01803 555885 www.crownsportslockers.co.uk

CertiDos DomTrik Solves Domestic Ownership Issues

The CertiDos DomTrik Dosing System is aimed at the domestic market where most pools and spas have low routine use within stabilised environments. For many years it has been the choice of the owner / service company to ‘hand dose’ chemicals on a weekly / monthly basis. This of course has its drawbacks. The frequent handling of chemicals for one. Raising the chlorine level high enough to last a couple of weeks and the effect this has on pH being another. The CertiDos DomTrik has been designed to solve these problems. pH control is via an inline pH

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probe mounted with a saddle clamp which is supplied with the kit. At the same time, the system trickle feeds a manually calculated and inputted quantity of liquid sanitiser into the pool or spa over a 24-hour period. Guidance in respect to quantity of liquid sanitiser is printed on the backboard of the system. When purchasing the full kit, all the

elements which are needed for the install are delivered in one go; hardware, software, guidance, PPE and a test kit. Plus, the system can be installed in approximately one hour. Hand dosing a pool or spa is a challenging and unmonitored way of managing water treatment – the DomTrik brings a more controlled approach to dosing at an affordable price. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

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Introducing The New EPS Easy Build In-pool Corner Step As a leading supplier of the wet leisure and water treatment equipment in the UK, the in-house Development Team at Certikin are constantly researching, sourcing and developing new products, so they remain at the forefront of innovation. One of their latest products is the easy build EPS corner step for liner pools. Made from a 25kg/m3 density EPS block which is covered in shaped non-corrosive Magnelis steel sheeting, the units are lightweight and easy to handle. No concreting or rendering is

needed, and with adhesives included and no specialist tools required, the build time is approximately just one hour. It will fit into a 90° corner with the 3 x 300mm tread version suitable for pools up to 1.2m in depth. For deeper pools a 4-tread version is available. The unit is delivered on a single pallet and is competitively priced. Certikin International 01993 778855 www.certikin.co.uk

Waxman Unveils Brand New Pool & Spa Collection Brochure

An essential tile collection for the swimming pool industry, Waxman Ceramics are delighted to launch their brand new ‘Pool & Spa Collection’ for 2020. Specially selected for use in pools and spas, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a plethora of tile designs, sizes and finishes including anti-slip to help you create your very own unique pool or spa design. Alongside mosaics and large format, the collection also includes technical tiles and special pieces which can be customised to your bespoke requirements. Meeting the highest safety standards, you will find copings, edging, fixings and gratings; many of which perfectly complement ranges within the brochure to create a flawless finish. For the final touches, you’ll also find their recommended industry-leading adhesives and grout for that perfect pool. By utilising digital print technology, the brochure also features impressive wood, marble and stone effect tiles which offer an authentic and hard-wearing alternative to the real thing. Easily maintained and available with anti-slip options, they are well-suited for pool surrounds in need of a contemporary look and feel − without the upkeep. For those larger projects, you can rely on Waxman Ceramics to cater to even the most demanding specifications thanks to their large volume of in-house stock and their dependable UK delivery network. Combined with their extensive technical know-how and nationwide representatives, you have access to the highest quality tiles on demand; ensuring you can start even the largest projects on time and budget. Waxman Ceramics are part of the Waxman Group with over 50 years in distribution. Waxman Ceramics 01422 377123 www.waxmanceramics.co.uk

New For 2020 – The Hydro-Pro Dehumidifier With the control of moisture being a high priority for any indoor pool owner or operator, Bosta UK are pleased to introduce the stylish new Hydro-Pro Dehumidifier. Any indoor pool installation can be completed with this new dehumidifier, a product which suits a wide variety of budgets thanks to the exceptional design and finish of this new model which features a glass fronted casing and touch screen display. The unit has a defrost function and electric air

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heating as standard, an internal humidistat which switches off the unit when humidity drops below 50% in the pool hall to save on electricity, and is virtually silent running. All

these features are offered at an exceptional price. The dehumidifier joins an extensive existing range of high-quality standard and inverter heat pump models produced by the Hydro-Pro brand which are also available through Bosta UK. Bosta UK 01284 716580 www.bosta.co.uk

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Join The Good Cause Spas™ Movement With Sundance® Spas Sundance® Spas are proud to be making a difference by teaming up with Teenage join the Cancer Trust to help young people diagnosed with cancer get the support ™ and specialist services they deserve. We all know people and families that have been touched by cancer, and we all know how devastating the effects can be. There are charities and organisations across the world who are FOR EVERY SUNDANCE® SPAS HOT TUB SOLD, working tirelessly not only to combat WE WILL MAKE A DONATION TO TEENAGE CANCER TRUST the disease, but also to provide support for those affected by it. One of those charities is the Teenage Cancer Trust; an amazing team of people whose sole purpose is to raise funds for and at the same time bring awareness to young people between the ages of 13 – 24. Helena Starling, Brand Manager at Sundance® Spas said: “We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of the Good Cause Spas™ movement which will support the amazing work carried out by Teenage Cancer Trust. It may be a simple idea – every time a Sundance Spas hot tub is purchased in the UK, we’ll donate to Teenage Cancer Trust – but we hope it proves to be a beneficial one.” Heather Bowen from the charity remarked: “It’s absolutely wonderful that Sundance® Spas nominated us as their charity of the year for 2020. We will be working together to plan our year ahead with events, challenges and campaigns to really engage with each other so that together we can make a real difference for young people.” With seven teenagers and young adults being diagnosed with cancer every day, Teenage Cancer Trust believe this age group needs and should receive the best possible care there is to meet their needs. By teaming up with Sundance® Spas, they are ensuring that support is within reach for all those young people who need their help.


The Future Is TylöHelo South East Wellness Business The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company has become the first wellness business in the South East of England to supply TylöHelo saunas and steam rooms, bringing the world-renowned brand to customers in London and the surrounding area. Managing Director Christina Mantoura Clarke made the decision to represent TylöHelo following a recommendation from the brand’s UK distributor Golden Coast, with whom the Kentbased company has worked for a number of years. “We have a lot of time for the Golden Coast team, and I was intrigued to find out more about what they were offering with TylöHelo,” said Christina. Golden Coast Technical Sales expert Erik Soderlund and Sales Director Adam Clark subsequently offered Christina and her team a rare opportunity to see TylöHelo products up close, by organising a trip to TylöHelo factory in Sweden. “It was really beneficial to go to the Tylo factory. You can see the team working on every aspect

of the sauna, right through to them actually building it in the factory,” explained Christina. “You get to meet the people that make it and it brings the product to life. It was fascinating and a real pleasure. We were able to really engage with the products, and we realised that TylöHelo was the future.” Motivated by the factory trip, Christina chose to have a unique, customised display built at her company’s showroom in Kent, based on suggestions from Golden Coast. The 3m display comprises three mini saunas that include a range of wood types, benches, handles, lighting and stoves, as well as infrared sauna options. “The display takes up a sixth of our entire showroom, which is huge, but Golden Coast helped us design a concept that maximises the space, and really shows off all the different features in the range,” said Christina. “We’re really happy with it.” Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.co


Sundance Spas 01274 654700 www.sundance-spas.co.uk

Watkins Wellness Reaches A Major Milestone Watkins Wellness has reached a major milestone, having built its 1.5 millionth spa, an achievement hailed as another industry first. Driven by the company’s dedication to innovation, delivering unique and compelling wellness solutions for homeowners around the world, helping them relax and connect with loved ones, and living healthier, happier lives, the company has continued on a path of consistent growth. “Our products improve people’s lives above the water, below the water and beyond the water. Everyone on our team is excited by this milestone because of the joy, health and healing we’ve been able to provide for so many,” stated Steve Hammock, President of Watkins Wellness. “I am very proud of the team’s commitment to our noble cause of helping others to Feel Good and Live Well.” This unmatched accomplishment speaks to the 2,500 Watkins Wellness employees and over 1,000 retailers in 50 states and

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over 70 countries who consistently deliver product and service excellence. Their passionate and loyal commitment to providing The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience® has allowed the company to achieve this milestone. Watkins’ workforce is strong and experienced with an average tenure of ten plus years. Watkins was awarded three 2019 Workplace awards, Best and Brightest in Wellness®, Peter Barron Stark Award for Workplace Excellence and Best Workplace for Commuters. The company also has a long history of charitable giving – in 2019 alone, the company donated over $300,000 to non-profit organisations. Watkins has been improving people’s lives for more than 40 years as the global maker of some of the world’s best-selling hot tubs and aquatic fitness systems, including Hot Spring® Spas, Caldera® Spas, Freeflow® Spas, Fantasy® Spas and Endless Pools® fitness systems.

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Superior Plans For Continued Growth In 2020

With continued growth for what is now the UK’s largest hot tub importer and distributor, Superior Spas have recruited key personnel ready for the 2020 season and the opportunities that lay ahead. Understanding any company’s growth and knowing how to deal with its consequences is vital and not always easy to achieve. However, Superior realised that to move forward and be more efficient to cope with their evergrowing demands, the company needed to develop and fulfill key roles to sooth their current expansion. With this in mind, Superior set to work on fulfilling four important new job roles to meet the expectations they have set themselves for the year ahead. The increasing number of staff that Superior now employ, meant they needed to introduced an experienced HR Manager to orchestrate recruitment, ongoing training and development of teams / employees and also improve the company culture moving forward. With the sheer volume of containers arriving on a daily basis and the thousands of deliveries that need to be organised and undertaken each year, it was important to have also an experienced Operations Manager to oversee all logistics, warehouse and stock control. Superior Spas growth into Europe is continuing at a good rate and is a key focus moving into 2020, so the introduction of an Export Manager will only help this avenue of their business. Lastly, Superior have introduced a role of Head of Customer Experience. The new role will be responsible for customer service as a whole and emphasis on neglected areas of after sales that the company know they can improve on. Once again Superior have recruited an experienced individual who brings knowledge in from a different industry, which can only improve the overall performance of the company. Superior Spas 01246 559071 www.superiorspas.co.uk

Aqua Sana Spa Brings Forest Bathing To Longleat Forest

Aqua Sana Longleat Forest has unveiled its brand-new Forest Spa, bringing together 24 spa experiences to harness the proven benefits of forest bathing. The spa, which has been completely refurbished to include all-new experiences, has drawn inspiration from different aspects of nature, including the changing seasons, rainforest showers, hot springs, ice and some of the most beautiful forests around the world. Following the £6m investment, Aqua Sana Longleat Forest boasts a huge range of steam rooms and saunas, a heated outdoor pool, an ice cave, a selection of relaxation rooms and reflexology footbaths. The spa has also introduced two brand-new experiences which are exclusive to Aqua Sana Longleat Forest – the Forest Cavern and Moonlight Steam Room. The unique Forest Cavern replicates the feeling of discovering a cave nestled deep within a tropical forest. Infused with pomegranate and myrrh, and with the soothing background

noise of trickling water, the space is designed to create a tepidarium-style heat and is ideal for practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques. The design of the experience draws on the Wiltshire landscape, taking inspiration from the many caves found within the local area. The Moonlight Steam Room, which is accompanied by a Moonlight Shower to continue the benefits, carries the forest theme through and replicates the sensation of finding yourself in a darkened tropical forest with a dusky glow from the light of the moon. The experience harnesses lunar power to transport guests through the colours and sensations of dawn and dusk, leaving them stimulated, refreshed and soothed. The spa is spread across five ‘zones’ – Nordic Forest, Hot Springs, Volcanic Forest, Forest Immersion and Treetop Nesting – each celebrating different aspects of nature through a spectrum of sounds, colours and infusions.

Air Source Heat Pumps – A Green Initiative For Spas UK manufacturer RotoSpa is launching its 2020 green initiative starting with its range of air source heat pumps. According to the Birmingham-based business, these heat pumps are the most efficient method of heating a spa or swim spa quickly and cheaply – they are a green renewable energy source and can generate up to 8.8kW of heating output from just 1.6kW input! They slash heating costs with 75% less energy consumption when compared with a traditional electric heating element and achieve set temperatures in a fraction of the time. Retrofit fully integrated or standalone systems are available meaning existing hot tub or swim spa installations can also benefit – the larger the water volume the quicker the return on investment! The savings generated from the massive reduction in electricity cost to heat the water will pay for the investment in the

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unit over a short period of time, this means the heat pump is actually free. The entry-level model requires only 1.1kW power input delivering 5.5kW output meaning there is now a sustainable solution for clients with low power availability or off grid applications. RotoSpa’s integrated air source heat pumps use eco-friendly refrigerant and work in tandem with the spa control pack allowing complete controllability through the main touch pad allowing users to heat via the heat pump only, conventional heating element or both giving rapid heat up time and true flexibility. Heat times are vastly reduced and the units will function reliably in sub-zero climates. RotoSpa 0121 354 3428 www.rotospa.co.uk

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A Quality Steam Bath Humidification And Heating Systems Partner Whether it be to manufacturers, facilities engineers or end user pool managers, Humidity Solutions Ltd have been supplying steam bath steam generators to industry for many years. Offering Vapac electrode boiler or Neptronic resistive technologies, all applications are catered for as either a simple stand-alone steam generator or, for a complete solution where the Wellness unit controls essence, operation of lights etc, solutions can be supplied with a remote controller. Steam bath steam generators do require some consumables but to reduce down time and ensure a speedy response, all spares are carried in stock in the UK by Humidity Solutions. In addition, installation, service and planned maintenance are all offered countrywide and on all makes and models of steam generators. A company which recognises the value of the Vapac brand plus the service Humidity Solutions provides, is Glasgow-based Inca UK Ltd. Inca supply and install steam rooms and spas for the commercial and domestic sectors and have been sourcing their steam room generators and spares from Humidity Solutions for over eight years. Emma Staniforth, Project Director at Inca commented: “At Inca UK, we specialise in sauna and steam solutions and rely on the quality and integrity of our suppliers for the components we cannot manufacture ourselves. Finding Humidity Solutions has been great for us for the supply of our steam generators and humidification units as they have very quick lead times and the reliability of their products is fantastic, working across a wide range of water conductivities and varying influencing factors that would have compromised the efficiency of some of their competitors’ products.” Humidity Solutions 01372 571 200 www.humiditysolutions.co.uk

David Wright Joins Wellis UK As Their New Sales Manager Having recently undertaken a multimillion euro investment to complete the construction of a green field high technology manufacturing facility near Budapest in Hungary, hot tub brand Wellis have now taken on David Wright as their UK-based Sales Manager to take care of their existing dealerships across the country and strengthen their market share within the UK. David has been working within the spa industry for 20 years and in that time, has amassed a wealth of knowledge. Having managed one of the largest Spaform dealers for ten years, he

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then spent the next ten building up dealer networks and opening up new showrooms across the country for brands such as Passion Spas, Arctic Spas and Hydropool. He has sold at exhibitions all over the world and brings a vast knowledge of the UK hot tub industry to the Wellis brand. A keen runner and passionate sports fan, David was also voted the ‘Pleatco Perfect Spa Guy’ in 2014 due to his keen interest in the hot tub sector. Wellis UK 0800 644 6292 www.wellis.com

Luxury Stainless Steel Solutions From SpaFlo Having worked in the pool and spa industry for over 16 years, Richard Gowland knows a thing or two about high-end requirements. In that time, he has designed, manufactured and installed luxurious projects all over the world including 5* hotels, destination spas, superyachts and private residential properties. His creative flair and attention to detail has shone through on all his installations as he draws upon his degree in Design & Technology with Management Studies. After 12 years building a pool company from scratch into a well-known brand, last year Richard decided it was time for a new challenge and had identified a gap in the UK pool and spa market for stainless steel spa’s, hydropools and hot tubs at competitive costs. Many commercial pool and spa specifications detail stainless steel manifolds, strainers and plant equipment because it is undoubtedly the best material to work with. Stainless steel offers numerous advantages over other materials. It has the longest lifespan, has a smooth surface which is easy to clean, isn’t affected by frost or UV rays and looks sleek and elegant. Richard started SpaFlo Ltd in October 2019 to manufacture stainless steel products at the perfect price point. The company has its own 3D design, project management and fabrication specialists with vast experience using stainless steel to create spas and pools. Other key benefits for SpaFlo products are they recess jet fittings so they don’t protrude into the spa or pool, they can deliver in sections and complete the welding on site where access is limited and full wet testing is completed before products leave the factory. The company’s aim is to speed up pool contractor’s installation times while offering a unique and stunning product and 2020 will be an exciting year to see how many more pool installers realise the benefits of using SpaFlo. SpaFlo Ltd 0151 384 2493 www.spaflo.co.uk

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Stonetech Builds A Longterm Relationship With Award-winning Resort The rock waterfall pictured here was created using a concrete squeeze pump, which was the ideal solution for Pool Crafters to create the detailed rock look

Over the last 25 years, Stonetech – a partner to Cranbourne Stone – has worked with Stella Island and helped them create a unique and award-winning resort in Crete. Stella Island is family-owned and offers an idyllic playground for adults looking to escape their hectic schedules and reconnect with their special someone. Based around an exquisite lagoon-style, palm-fringed swimming pool, Stella Island’s luxurious atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Most of the resorts’ 89 beautiful rooms and villas provide direct access to this stunning wrap-around pool, one of the first of its kind in Greece and certainly the largest. And it is a pool that Stonetech helped build. Stella Island approached Stonetech with the vision of creating a brand new resort that

complemented and expanded upon the brand’s existing three hotels. They wanted to create a luxurious hotel and knew that quality finishes such as natural stones, would play a large part in making this dream a reality. Stella Island’s owners wanted to create an intimate atmosphere, where guests would feel like they were on a Greek island, rather than the mainland. A stunning, overflow pool, containing over 1,200 litres of water, would serve as the hotel’s central point and allow them to create an idyllic island setting. Over six months, Stonetech worked closely with Stella Island and architects to make decisions about natural materials and stone colours. They listened to the architect’s ideas and then produced custom proposals recommending the best colour options. Stella Island’s unique design led to the resort proudly winning several awards and because they loved the final result so much, they asked Stonetech to work on a further expansion project in May 2019, known as Stella Island 2.

South Florida Pool Company Finds Unique Concrete Crafting Solution Pool Crafters provides finely detailed, high-quality pools to residents in the West Palm Beach area of Florida. Just like an artist with a paintbrush, the work company owner Rock Miller, does with concrete, sand and seashells to shape rocks and waterfalls takes passion and skill and is nothing short of a masterpiece. But creating them hasn’t always been easy. To apply material in those detailed areas the company was using concrete piston pumps, but over time Miller realised it was no longer the best solution. The issue came when Miller had to apply the concrete. He had to run the piston pumps at full throttle to pump a 2- or 3-inch slump and would end up with too much material. It was also too fast, pumping as much as 20 cubic yards per hour. The pools’ detailed work took time and Miller, now in his 60s, wanted to slow down the process so he could achieve high-quality results as close to nature as possible. While searching YouTube for an answer to his issues, Miller stumbled upon Blastcrete Equipment LLC, an Alabama-based concrete pumping equipment manufacturer. Miller and the manufacturer had many conversations about possible solutions, including a squeeze pump that offered a 0- to 12-yard-per-hour output. After Blastcrete dispelled the myth that a squeeze pump couldn’t handle the crushed limestone found in concrete in the South, Pool Crafters purchased the D6528. The machine is a mixer and pump in one unit that Miller powers with his T550 Bobcat® compact track loader. This setup drastically minimises operation costs and is significantly less costly than purchasing a stand-alone pumping unit. With the demand for swimming pool repairs and new pools in West Palm Beach growing, Pool Crafters now has the right tool to optimise its process and profits on any project. Blastcrete Equipment LLC +1 800 235 4867 www.blastcrete.com

The Rulantica Indoor Waterpark Launches Rulantica – the new water world at Europa-Park – launched at the end of last year and after just 26 months of construction and anticipation, the groundbreaking major project was finally ready to shine in all its glory. The impressive architecture of the new Rulantica water world catches visitors’ attention even from a distance, whisking them away to the far north. After arriving at the shell-shaped 32,600-square-metre hall,

28 February 2020 SPN 28_SPN_Feb_20_World_News.indd 28

visitors continue on their journey and are wowed by a unique mix of Scandinavian landscapes, mystical sceneries and imaginative designs. Mermaids and water sprites alike can go on an exploration tour and discover 25 attractions in nine themed settings all year round and since the end of 2019, numerous water attractions including 17 slides in the breathtaking, 20-metre-high hall have provided guests with splashing water delight.

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Waterco Products Provide Superior Water Quality Down Under Aquatics Down Under Swim School is a popular facility in New South Wales but after the state government’s planning authority approved a multimillion-dollar expansion of North Rocks Shopping Centre, it meant the school’s existing 45-year-old swimming pool had to be re-built in a different location within the complex. The new design needed to comfortably accommodate up to 1,500 people and the goal was to create a community asset and expand aquatic services beyond learn-to-swim classes. When TradeMark Pools constructed the new pool for Aquatics Down Under, Director Mark Holland chose a range of Waterco products to provide swimmers with healthy water and comfortable pool temperatures year-round. Capable of filtering below 3 microns, Glass Pearl filter media was used to deliver outstanding water clarity – more than any other granular filter media on the market. Its spherical, smooth shape significantly reduces backwash time, providing valuable water and chemical savings.

Waterco’s multi-award-winning MultiCyclone 70XL – the only centrifugal filter built for commercial installations – pre-filters up to 80% of the incoming dirt load prior to it reaching the main filter. This increases the filter media’s lifespan whilst reducing backwash frequency and water use. Purpose-built for commercial pools, Waterco’s new Hydrostar pumps were chosen and they operate with lower noise levels and improved hydraulic efficiency. The pump body does not rust or corrode and is able to withstand damage from many types of water treatment chemicals. Designed to heat up to 250,000 litres, Waterco’s Electroheat PRO is the latest advancement in commercial size swimming pool heating. It delivers efficient costeffective pool heating in an easy-to-operate and install package. Lastly, Waterco’s Micron Side Mount Media Filters were installed which feature ‘Fish tail’ hydraulically balanced laterals that improve its filtration and backwashing hydraulic efficiency. Once installed, there is virtually no maintenance or repairs required.

Innovative Water Care Launches Sigura™ Innovative Water Care, Lonza’s former water care business, is rebranding the company and changing its name from Innovative Water Care to Sigura™, reflecting its core mission. The word Sigura means sure, safe, secure, which is an appropriate word to describe the company. For more than 90 years, the business has been focused on delivering superior water quality solutions to protect and improve the security, safety, health and well-being of the communities served. “Earlier this year, we took an important step by becoming a stand-alone company,” remarked Robert Baird, CEO of Sigura. “As we look forward to the next chapter of our collective journey, it was important for us to select a name that reflects our past, while providing a platform for future growth for our employees, customers and strategic business partners.” Headquartered in Alpharetta, near Atlanta in the US, Sigura is a leading provider of innovative water treatment solutions. The company maintains six production facilities throughout North America, South America, Europe and Africa, with 1,200 employees globally, located in all major regions. It features top consumer brands in the residential pool care market and strong positions in high-growth Industrial and Municipal water markets. Key brands include HTH®, Pulsar®, poolife®, GLB®, Applied Biochemists®, Leisure Time®, Baquacil®, BaquaSpa®, Constant Chlor®, Hypocal®, and more.

Canadian Waterplay Centre Opens To The Public Brind’O Aquaclub – Tremblant’s new family waterplay centre – is officially open to the public. Located in the Canadian province Québec, set within the Laurentian Mountains, northwest of Montréal, Tremblant is a top four-season resort destination owing to its guest experience both on-mountain, and in its pedestrian village. Thanks to a C$3.8m investment by the Tremblant Resort Association, all indoor installations have been revisited to offer a fresh new family experience, rain or shine. Eight months were required to create the new aquatic world designed by WAA Montréal Inc. Luminous and colourful, the captivating space brims with movement, with giant dragonflies and

30 February 2020 SPN 30+33_SPN_Feb_20_World_News.indd 30

ants creating a wonderful larger-than-life universe. Up to 750 tall and small visitors per day are welcome to enjoy the four water slides – the biggest one a soaring 20 feet high – along with 35 interactive water games, indoor and outdoor jetted hot tubs as well as an outdoor swimming pool during the summer months. “Impervious to inclement weather and to further strengthen the sustainability of our aquatics offer, Brind’O Aquaclub truly enhances our four-season destination offer. This new experience is the expression of our willingness to continually adapt to the expectations of visiting families, here from the four corners of the globe,” stated Tremblant Resort Association CEO, Patrice Malo. This newest attraction is part of recent on-mountain and pedestrian village investments amounting to over C$16m.

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IN BRIEF WORLD’S POOL AND SPA ASSOCIATIONS STRENGTHEN TIES At the end of last year, pool and spa associations from around the globe gathered at the Piscina & Wellness exhibition in Barcelona for the annual meeting of the World Alliance of Pool and Spa Associations (WAPSA). The meeting was arranged to further their mission to promote and protect the interests of the global pool and spa industry by further strengthening the work of local associations to benefit the members of the industry they represent. The meeting included a review of global industry data, an investigation into the provision of education pathways and a discussion on the common challenges and solutions relating to health, safety and advocacy. It was also agreed that a questionnaire with definitions and concepts is set up so annual studies and surveys of market performance can take place, along with developing a series of annual reports. The next WAPSA meeting will take place during the Piscine Global Europe exhibition held in Lyon in November 2020.

PHTA APPOINT NEW VP OF MARKETING The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) have announced the appointment of Janay Rickwalder, CAE as the new Vice President of Marketing. She is the first person to hold this position under the unified organisation. Rickwalder brings extensive strategic development and experience in association marketing and communication. “Janay’s addition to our staff will take our organisation’s consumer recognition to the next level,” PHTA President & CEO, Sabeena S. Hickman, CAE said. “I’ve long admired her background professionally. Not only does she bring a tremendous amount of skills to the table, but she has great energy, she is a relationship builder and a great mentor.”

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Stylish Swiss Home The Perfect Setting For Unique NIVEKO Pool About half an hour from Zurich, in the Swiss canton of Aargau, you can find the picturesque town of Remetschwil where the Albrecht family, proud owners of a beautiful NIVEKO Overflow Advance Whisper swimming pool, reside. “We love the element of water in our beautiful garden, it is our oasis of peace and relaxation. Nothing can last, we had our old swimming pool for a long time and finally we decided to change it completely. By coincidence, we were discussing that at home and our gardener recommended us to a swimming pool company that convinced us that NIVEKO is exactly what we were looking for and that finally completed the project for us,” said Mr Albrecht. The stunning villa with its futuristic architectural style is a unique piece of work itself and the garden with the modern pool just complete the whole spectacle. The grey edging of the white pool adds a twist to the NIVEKO Advance Whisper Overflow pool and

subtly highlights the lines of the terrace. To fine-tune the pool design, details such as grey stone on the stairs’ surface and perfectly embedded builtin components produced from stainless steel were used. So that nothing could disturb the minimalist appearance, the slat cover was cleverly concealed in the roller shaft. “It was a great decision, we are very happy about the procedure of construction, which was very

professional, and also with the quality of the pool itself,” added Mr Albrecht. NIVEKO s.r.o. +420 572 693 246 www.niveko-pools.com

Retractable Kalwall Roof Allows Open Air Swimming Kalwall® translucent cladding, exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Structura UK Ltd, has been used for a clever retractable roof system at Club One in Maryland, USA. Kalwall and its subsidiary, Structures Unlimited, worked with SEI Architects to engineer at 40 x 25 metre enclosure for Club One’s aquatic centre comprising six-lane swimming pool, warm water leisure/therapy pool and a kid’s pool with slide and beach entry. The pre-engineered aluminium frame pool enclosure system features a Kalwall translucent panel roof system with two unique opening roof systems. The retractable roof systems help create an atmosphere that allows the facility to be operated as an outdoor pool in spring, summer and autumn and as an indoor pool in winter months. With diffused natural daylight and resistance to solar gain, coupled with significant reduction in ventilation, cooling and dehumidification energy costs, energy-consuming artificial lighting and airconditioning costs are

dramatically reduced. The lightweight system also reduces the need for supporting structures maximising the usable space while offering the highest protection in terms of windborne debris and resistance to impact, abrasion and point loads. Kalwall’s insulation properties mean ‘U’ Values of up to 0.28 W/m2K can be achieved. This is as energy efficient as a normal cavity wall and four times better than insulated glass units. The strong and lightweight panels feature a colour stable, UV resistant and self-cleaning surface, meaning the additional cost of ongoing maintenance is kept to a minimum. Kalwall is a popular choice for swimming pools and leisure installations and offers many advantages over traditional glazing. The unique ability to transmit large amounts of usable light with relatively low levels of solar heat gain means less radiant energy is transmitted and this, coupled with diffusion, does away with the hot spots and glare. Structura UK Ltd 01233 501 504 www.structura-uk.com/kalwall

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Happy New Year! With an important new year and decade now upon us, BSPF Managing Director Chris Hayes looks at what’s happening in the weeks and months ahead and highlights elements of this issue


hat a year 2020 promises to be, with BREXIT dominating the headlines, the industry needs to be ready to harness the opportunities that will present themselves at home and abroad. Therefore, the timing of SPATEX is even more important than ever this year, not only to find out what is going on and what new products are available but to get the all-important wholesale price lists from suppliers. SPATEX is geared up not only for the worldclass exhibitors that you can see but also for the education programme on offer. The ISPE has organised 20+ workshops during the three days, while the second seminar rooms have many other topics of interest from industry bodies such as the STA (on Tuesday morning) hot tub and animal hydrotherapy sessions on Wednesday and a range of sessions from PWTAG (on Thursday). While at SPATEX, don’t forget the entertainment on offer (via the annual Industry Gala Evening on Tuesday 28 January and the SPATEX Party on the following day). The Industry Gala Evening showcases the 2020 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards and the re-presentation of the 2019 ISPE Awards. The evening will reveal who will be the BISHTA and SPATA winners (and a number of these winners will then be eligible to be entered into the 2020 European Pool and Spa Awards, organised by EUSA) but it is a great evening for networking with industry colleagues. A huge thank you to all of the sponsors for supporting this event. Both BISHTA and SPATA support their respective members with relevant information

and advice, so please read the following pages as there is a feature on some of these services provided to members and what it means to the members receiving them. My thanks to all of those members who kindly provided information for this article, and after you have read it, I trust that it will serve as a useful reminder of the benefits for existing members and it should also be a useful summary for companies that are prospective members. This year another pool industry course will be added to the ever-growing list, to further encourage Continuing (or Continuous) Professional Development (CPD) when an Environmental Control and Ductwork course is run. David Hayles has designed the course and Mark Osman (both at Heatstar) and Ron O’Sullivan (AstralPool UK) who will be offering a joint training course in 2020 (having run several bespoke sessions last year). The development of the course has also been guided and shaped by Richard Carrington (Dantherm) and there are also plans for the course to be offered by Dantherm to showcase Calorex products. There are also plans for a third liner course to be run on Wednesday 26 February, in Leamington Spa (thanks to our friends at Wright Hassall for allowing the use of their offices). This liner course will be tutored by experienced staff from Aquaflex, Certikin International and Plastica. Please also watch out for more Dangerous Goods courses being organised, as companies have a legal duty to receive training if they are transporting or storing items that are deemed ‘Dangerous Goods’ (anything with a UN number). In 2020, there will continue to be a lot of work undertaken with colleagues in Europe, through EUSA and the CEN (European standards) and also wider afield through the World Alliance of Pool and Spa Associations (WAPSA). The ever-closer working relationships between National Associations is important to share ideas and good practice

The Industry Gala Evening showcases the 2020 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards and the re-presentation of the 2019 ISPE Awards”

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to help improve the services on offer to members in the respective countries. In mentioning Wright Hassall, my thanks to Stuart Thwaites (Legal Director) who has provided a piece in this issue about being aware of any time limits for seeking adjudications during a dispute. These time constraints may affect any of the parties, but it is worth checking the details of contracts that you sign up to, to avoid any misunderstandings. Thanks are also due to Phil Bristow (Nsure) for an update about legal expenses insurance. Having the most appropriate policy can sometimes take a little while to discuss with your broker, but it’s worth it in the longer term to ensure what you are paying for is ‘fit for purpose’. Both articles appear on page 38. Finally, there is an article on page 39 where Will Dando offers his reflections on his two-year term of office as BSPF President which comes to an end at SPATEX when he hands over the Chain of Office to Jamie Smith at London Swimming Pool Company. Will has been a great ambassador during his time in office, and the BSPF is very grateful for his hard work and dedication. Will remains on the BSPF Board as Immediate Past President but is also actively still involved on behalf of SPATA’s Technical Committee with the development of a European standard for environmental impacts of domestic pools. Have a great 2020!

DIARY DATES 2020 28-30 Jan SPATEX 2020, Coventry 6 Feb SPATA Technical Committee, WebEx 25 Feb PIP Committee, Andover 5 Mar SPATA National Council meeting, WebEx 5 Mar BISHTA Committee, WebEx 17 Mar SPATA Technical Committee, WebEx 20 Mar BISHTA Technical Committee, WebEx 27 Mar SPATEX Board, Andover 31 Mar BSPF Board, WebEx 2 Apr BISHTA Tutor Training Day, Andover

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What Can BISHTA And SPATA Offer Your Business? In this article, you can read some of the benefits of BISHTA and SPATA membership, including quotes from a selection of members on what it means to them


he two Trade Associations provide many and varied benefits; this article highlights just a few of them. Whether you are an existing member, or a company looking to join BISHTA and/or

Supporting Members With Technical Advice BISHTA and SPATA take pride in the technical advice the associations can offer to their members. Members can tap into a range of resource materials which are hosted on the Members’ Area of the BISHTA and SPATA websites, making them available 24-7 and on desktops and mobile devices. BISHTA and SPATA also have dedicated Technical Committees who set and review British and European standards and guidelines, setting the standards for the relevant hot tub and swimming pool Industries. “One of the most valuable BISHTA resources must be the expert technical advice; members can either pick up the phone and speak to a technical expert or even submit tech queries to the technical committee for the very latest up to date help and guidance. BISHTA members have access to a range of resources, which includes the BISHTA Standards, supplements, member factsheets and documents. And along with BISHTA Standards, the Hot Tubs for Business book from PWTAG is a superb support resource, available to BISHTA members at a discounted price.” Howard Gosling – BISHTA Technical Advisor and Director at Pool & Spa Advice

SPATA, please read on to see how your business can benefit from Trade Association membership.

Safeguarding Your Money Most businesses will, at some point, have a client that will be concerned about making a large payment in advance for goods that need ordering and so will try and withhold the payment until the goods arrive. However, many businesses will not want to make an order in case the client is unable or unwilling to pay once the goods arrive. To avoid this situation escalating, it is reassuring for members to have a free UK service available called the ‘Stakeholder Account’. This service can be used to help your client pay any monies into a ring-fenced client account, that as the business owner, you know will be paid to you when you have completed the work as per the signed agreement with your client. “Knowing about the Stakeholder account, we recently had a customer that needed to pay us a large payment before we ordered an automatic cover for them. We explained to the client how they could have their money paid to SPATA, and we would then order the cover and seek the release of some of the funds knowing the money was safely deposited with SPATA. The signed agreement was then used as the basis for the work to be completed and the money was released by the client via SPATA which worked for both parties.” Stephen Goldsmith – Sales Director at Bell Leisure

Annual Information And Networking Days Each year BISHTA and SPATA host Information and Networking Days for their members. These days consist of update sessions for both trade associations, and they were held this year in the south and north of England to enable members to attend an event closer to them. Each day included a range of topics presented by experts in the water leisure industry as well as some specialists in related industries such as insurance and CE marking. These events also provide the chance to gain valuable CPD points for attendees and helps to keep members up to date with the latest changes in the industry. Through working with organisations such as the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), Public Health Agencies, Trading Standards,

36 February 2020 SPN 36-37_SPN_Feb_20_BISHTA&SPATA_Info.indd 36

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Gaining CPD Points It is important to have a trained and experienced workforce, and for companies to provide their teams with the training that they need to have for their workplace competence and safety. Therefore continuous (or continuing) professional development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities that professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. Some staff will require pool engineers’ training and this can be provided through the ISPE (and there are other opportunities for development, such as the STA Pool Plant qualifications). BISHTA offer a range of courses, such as water hygiene management, an electrical course and a partnership to run Certified Hot Tub Technician (CHTT) courses amongst others. SPATA also offers a range of industry courses which are provided

Promoting Your Successes Winning an industry award is always going to be good for business, especially if it is presented to your business from your trade association. It’s great publicity and an endorsement of your company, and it can have an impressive impact on your turnover. But it’s what you do with awards which makes the real difference to your turnover. If you can maximise the use of your PR and Marketing channels after winning your award, you could see some fantastic results. “We are proud to have won multiple awards over the years, standing as a testament to our team’s dedication to providing the best products and the best service. From these Awards, H2O as a family run business has gained an increased profile for our business through both local and national press coverage. This coverage puts our business in front of relevant, potential customers and also gives them an insight into who we are and what we do. Setting us apart from the competition, and highlighting why we’re different from other companies out there and shows why we’ve made it this far.” Bradley Canning – Managing Director at Cannings H2O

by supplier members, including topics such as heat pumps, liners, sauna & steam, and there are plans for an environmental control and ductwork course. “At Falcon Pools, we strive to stay at the top of our game, and we have a company ethos that makes sure all of the team at every level gains the experience they need to develop and grow. For my development, and to help grow the company’s professionalism, I attended the Sauna and Steam course, run by Golden Coast in partnership with SPATA. Attending the course has reassured me that my knowledge is sound regarding the technical aspects of carrying out professional sauna and steam room installations. The course has helped me to fine-tune my skills to ensure that we have even more satisfied customers!” Lee Woodham – Sales Executive at Falcon Pools

Keeping Up With The Standards

BISHTA’s Member Get Member Incentive

SPATA (and its forerunner, the Association of Swimming Pool Contractors) has been setting standards in the pool industry since 1961). BISHTA has been setting Standards in the hot tub industry since 2001. Both trade associations strongly support the need for members to stay abreast of industry standards, to keep on top of changes in legislation, standards, and guidance. There is a reputation for quality and craftsmanship connected with Trade Association affiliation, which helps to raise the profile of member companies. “The support of BISHTA comes into its own through the ‘Standards’ along with the various supplements, factsheets and other important resources which are on hand to members through the ‘members-only’ area of the website (247). Plus, it’s always reassuring to know that there is someone with industry knowledge at the end of a phone line to provide business and technical support and guidance when you need it.” Arun Sarna – Director at Hot Tub Suppliers

BISHTA members can enjoy a whole host of benefits that provide added value and can promote your business head and shoulders above the competition. Also, there is a scheme called ‘Member Get Member’, which rewards BISHTA members with a discount of £50.00 off their membership when they refer a new company who applies for (and is accepted into either Full or Affiliate) membership. Plus the new company joining gets a £50.00 discount (available for the first year of membership). “There’s no better time to join BISHTA, as new members will benefit from advice on the new European Standards and the newly revamped BISHTA Standards which are available ‘24-7’ in a ‘member only’ section of the BISHTA website along with lots more valuable information and resources. BISHTA is a great support network for SME’s, and you do get value for your money if you tap into all that is available from BISHTA. So, as an active BISHTA member myself, I am more than happy to refer new companies to BISHTA.” Chris Brady – Founder & CEO at 1 Stop Spas

the ISPE, NICEIC and PWTAG as well as being members of EUSA (European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations) and being part of WAPSA (World Alliance of Pool and Spa Associations), BISHTA and SPATA can provide new, updated and relevant guidance and standards, workforce development, lobbying on behalf of the industry, working together to provide end-users with safe, high-quality products and installations. We want to give thanks to the BISHTA and SPATA members involved in this article for their feedback. Being a trade association member stands as a badge of endorsement that can help to bring many advantages, recognising businesses that uphold Industry standards and who are willing to abide by a Code of Ethics. Members are also able to play their part in helping these industry bodies to be the voice of the water leisure industry with government officials and other key decision-makers at home and abroad.

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Legal Updates… BEWARE OF ANY TIME LIMITS FOR PURSUING A CLAIM BY ADJUDICATION According to Stuart Thwaites, Legal Director at Wright Hassall LLP, members need to be aware of any terms in their contract that provide a time limit for commencing an adjudication. Where the Construction Act applies, this is not generally a problem, because an adjudication can be commenced, for example, a claim for unpaid monies, at any time, subject to the rules relating to limitation. But there are situations in which the statutory right to adjudicate under the Construction Act will not apply. The main such circumstance for the purposes of this update is where a contract is with a residential homeowner/occupier. In that event, there is no statutory right to adjudicate. But, if a standard form contract is used, they generally will include a contractual right to adjudicate. Nevertheless, problems can still arise if the contract contains time limits. For example, the NEC form of

Stuart Thwaites

contract has an option that applies where the Construction Act does not apply. That option provides for adjudication but is subject to time limits.

This was the situation in the case of Sitol Ltd v R Finegold and H Finegold. Sitol was a contractor carrying out works for the Finegold’s to their home, under an NEC form of contract. There was no statutory right to adjudicate, but the NEC contract did provide a contractual right to adjudicate subject to certain time limits. The homeowners failed to commence their adjudication within those time constraints, which here meant commencing adjudication within four weeks of becoming aware of the dispute. As a result, the court found that the adjudication which they had commenced, and won, was invalid and so unenforceable. In this case, it was the homeowners who fell foul of the time constraints, but the same scenario could also apply to members who commence an adjudication claim for payment too late. As always, the answer is to check the terms of any contract carefully and seek advice if in any doubt. Wright Hassall LLP 01926 884690 www.wrighthassall.co.uk

LEGAL EXPENSES INSURANCE – OVERCOMING THE SMALL PRINT ‘Small print’ has long been associated with insurance policies, and while many insurers have moved to ‘plain English’ wordings, some Legal Expenses policies can be particularly complicated and full of potential pitfalls according to Nsure’s Phil Bristow. However, when properly arranged, and with firms fully aware of their obligations under the policy conditions, Legal Expenses policies can offer valuable protection when disputes occur. Legal Expenses insurance is often an ‘add on’ to another policy and is not scrutinised in the same way as the ‘main’ covers. When a dispute occurs, it is often an afterthought and policy conditions already breached by the time a claim is first reported. Costs incurred before notifying the insurer are rarely covered. Cover under Legal Expenses policies can vary enormously. Some are very limited, whereas others provide a good range of covers to include criminal defence cover, employment disputes, tax investigations and the cost of defending and pursuing contract disputes. If members want to ensure they are properly covered, then consider

38 February 2020 SPN 38_SPN_Feb_20_Legal_Updates_Rev.indd 38

a specialist Legal Expenses policy rather than an add-on. With contract disputes cover, make sure construction contracts are included as some insurers exclude them or charge extra if you have contracts falling under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. Also, insurers may restrict cover to written contracts and those with a direct contractual relationship, rather than assigned or through an agent. Check whether pure debt collection is covered and the timeframes for reporting claims, which can be onerous, the cover will also be subject to a minimum amount being disputed. The main condition is to take advice from insurer approved helplines or solicitors and obtain the insurer’s agreement before taking action, such as starting an adjudication process. There will also be a ‘reasonable prospect of success’ test and if you want to use your own lawyers check it is acceptable, as this will vary from insurer to insurer. Good Legal Expenses insurance is available, but you need to invest time to know what you are buying, understand

Phil Bristow

and comply with the policy conditions to ensure that claims are paid. Nsure 01903 520200 www.nsure.co.uk

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President’s Reflections

As Will Dando, the British Swimming Pool Federation’s President comes to the end of his two-year period in office, we asked him to reflect on his time as BSPF President

Q: Can you tell us a bit about you and how you managed the challenges of balancing the Presidency with your everyday life and work role as Technical Manager at Plastica Pools? A: My working life has been spent with Plastica Limited, and as we speak, I have been working with the company for exactly 36 years and eight months. In my current role as Technical Manager at Plastica, I am involved with all manner of troubleshooting, product development and new product design on our range of manufactured items. But in terms of balancing the role along with the position of BSPF President, it has been tough at times, but all in all I have relished my time and the understanding it has given me of the wider industry, and I hope I have made my mark!

Q: What were your goals when you started your role as President and do you feel you have achieved them? A: I came into the role having already held the position of Vice-President for two years on the BSPF Board, along with being a member of the SPATA Technical Committee. So, I had a good understanding of the role of President and the challenges and rewards the role would deliver. My position as BSPF President has meant taking on additional responsibility for working with colleagues on BISHTA, PIP, SPATEX and the STA (as well as SPATA) to consider all aspects of the wider Water Leisure Industry. So, when I came into the role, I wanted to try to promote

when I came into the role, I wanted to try to promote the BSPF as something open to everyone in the pool and spa industry to aspire towards, no matter who they are, or their position” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 39_SPN_Feb_20_President.indd 39

the BSPF as something open to everyone in the pool and spa industry to aspire towards, no matter who they are, or their position. Hopefully, this will encourage new blood into the group of people who represent the UK Pool Industry and voice their opinions to other organisations. But I also hope that companies who may not have considered joining BISHTA and / or SPATA take a look at the work the trade associations perform and consider joining, so they too can have a voice in the industry, as it is an open forum and your opinions count.

Q: What has been the most challenging aspect of your role as President?

A: It has been balancing my time and the logistics of the role, as it does take dedication and sometimes it has been hard juggling all the demands. There are also times when there is a conflict of interest between the industry point of view and the commercial implications of the company who employ and support me. So, I would say that has been a learning curve, but one which I am pleased I have had the opportunity to have experienced and I believe that I have handled it fairly and honestly. I will say that there is a great team at the Andover Office, who have been there to support me in my role as President. The Andover team who work for the BSPF, BISHTA, SPATA, SPATEX and PIP are a surprisingly small number of people, but the work that they achieve is outstanding, and Chris Hayes works like a trojan as the Managing Director leading the way for the various committees and organisations across the BSPF family.

Q: How do you see the BSPF developing over the next two years?

A: Hopefully, we can continue to promote the activities of the BSPF both at home and abroad, showing the UK pool industry the necessity for there to be unity between all areas: manufacturing, promotion, installation, education and legislation. I wish my successor, Jamie Smith from London Swimming Pool Company all the very best for his time in office.

Q: What have been your highlights as President?

A: Meeting colleagues from around the world as part of WAPSA at a meeting in Lyon to discuss how we can all work together was a particular highlight. Acknowledging all of the winners at the British Pool and Hot Tub Awards (hosted by BISHTA and SPATA) at the Industry Gala Evening held at SPATEX was also very satisfying. Attending the meetings of CEN/TC 402/WG 5 ‘Domestic pools - Environmental impacts’ as part of my existing work with the SPATA Technical Committee has also been really rewarding. Sustainability is now one of the most important issues in the world at present and will have a greater impact on our industry very shortly, so I am pleased to be playing my part and will continue to do so in the future. I have also enjoyed being a technical advisor with SPATA on the Technical Committee; this is a role I will continue going forward.

Q: What other plans do you have after you pass on your Presidency?

A: I will continue to be a member of the BSPF Board for another couple of years as the Immediate Past President, and I will also continue to contribute to the SPATA Technical Committee, including attending the Environmental impacts meetings to complete the European Standard on the environmental impact of domestic pools. Will Dando hands over the BSPF chain of office at the Industry Gala Evening which is being held on Tuesday 28 January 2020 (on the first evening of SPATEX at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry). The event is the biggest annual social gathering in the industry calendar and is open to everyone involved in the Water Leisure Industry, to share the ‘Oscar-Esque’ celebrations of the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards ceremony. The team invite you to come along during SPATEX and meet the BSPF, SPATA and BISHTA team on stand A1 and view images of the 2020 awardwinning projects on display. BSPF 01264 356 210 www.bspf.org.uk

SPN February 2020 39 17/01/2020 13:52


Entering An Exciting New Decade For Pool Plant Operations Qualifications

Following feedback, industry consultation and over a year of development with educational assessment experts, Luke Griffiths, Qualification Development Manager for Pool Plant at Safety Training Awards highlights aspects of the new STA Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations


anding ahead of SPATEX 2020, and with an all-new, learner-friendly, multiple-choice (MCQ) assessment, the new STA Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations has been relaunched this month. Luke Griffiths, who has been leading this educational development, advised the new qualification has been created as part of STA’s commitment to ensuring the pool plant operations qualification continues to meet the

40 February 2020 SPN 40-41_SPN_Feb_20_STA.indd 40

needs of the industry, employers and learners. For the last 12+ months, Luke has consulted with learners, tutors and Approved Training Centres (ATCs), along with education assessment experts to create an objective style examination that standardises the endassessment, and improves transparency, validity and reliability. Further, as an industry first for pool plant, there is the option of an online multiple-

choice (MCQ) assessment for ATCs delivering this qualification. Luke explained that the qualification’s new online multiple-choice assessment option provides ATCs with a unique selling point; it gives learners the choice to complete the assessment paper-based or on a computer (or tablet). The remote invigilation option available for revalidations, also gives learners the flexibility to complete the assessment at times to suit them during a working week. The results will be processed automatically too (so there is no marking required) and submitted to learners within 48 hours. It is a robust assessment that is unique to the pool plant operations qualification, and consists of 6 units and 80 questions, with learners having to achieve the minimum pass mark for each unit to pass the assessment. Luke confirmed that the feedback from the extensive pilot programme, which was used to ensure the assessment is suitable and sufficient, received many positive comments

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STA POOL PLANT – PPO QUALIFICATIONS from both tutors and learners. It provides a modern, flexible and blended approach to learning, and aims to break down any training barriers so as to encourage more people to become professionally qualified in pool plant operations. Following one of the pilots of the new multiple-choice assessments, STA Tutor, Dean Bolton from DP Leisure said: ‘‘The new MCQ is very well detailed, and I believe the number of questions are just right. The new MCQ paper really gets candidates thinking too, putting the learning into practice.’’ In support of the launch, the new qualification comes with a new high-quality book-bound printed resource manual. Luke said that the new manual, in its new professional book-bound format, truly reflects the quality of the pool plant operations qualification. It features vibrant new images, an easy-to-follow chapter layout, as well as technical amendments and rewording to make it even more learner-friendly. For Tutors, an updated assessment strategy, suggested timetable, revision portfolio worksheets, mock multiple-choice assessment papers and a new PowerPoint presentation have also been created. STA Tutor Colin Davis, from Pool Training Services, who will be speaking at STA’s Pool Plant Seminar at SPATEX 2020 said: “STA’s Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations is a huge step forward! The updated images in the manual are great and really freshen it up, but the new level of technical detail in it is fantastic; it is without doubt so superior to other qualification providers’ manuals and will be a real selling point for STA courses.’’ To find out more about STA’s Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations, which is the only qualification that currently meets the Pool Plant Operative Professional Standard and has received professional endorsement from CIMSPA, visit www.safetytrainingawards. co.uk/qualifications Safety Training Awards 01922 645097 www.safetytrainingawards.co.uk

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New Paper-based Multiple-Choice Assessment Is Now Available (or alternatively the new online MCQ assessment option can be used in the following ways:) Online assessment with remote invigilation

This is an option for learners revalidating an STA Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations qualification or converting from an equivalent qualification. Learners complete the multiple-choice assessment on a computer or tablet in their own time following successful practical assessment and booking in an assessment slot with the remote invigilator. Some learners revalidating or converting will not require any guided learning hours whereas others may benefit from some contact time; this will differ from learner to learner.

Seminar session(s) then online assessment with remote invigilation

For learners revalidating who require some contact time but perhaps not the full guided learning hours, Tutors can deliver a one or two-day seminar type course (dependent on the needs of the learners). The Tutor could also assess the practical water testing element. Tutors also have the option to deliver the seminar session via a conference video call facility which could be an option for overseas learners. Learners complete the multiple-choice assessment on a computer or tablet in their own time following successful practical assessment and booking in an assessment slot with the remote invigilator.

Seminar session(s) then online assessment with face to face (Tutor) invigilation

For learners revalidating who require some contact time but perhaps not the full guided learning hours, Tutors can deliver a one or two-day seminar type course (dependent on the needs of the learners). The Tutor could also assess the practical water testing element. Following the seminar the learners complete the multiple-choice assessment on a computer or tablet at the end of the course invigilated by the course Tutor.

Full PPO courses with online assessment and face to face (Tutor) invigilation

Tutors can deliver the PPO qualification in the same format as they usually would. At the end of day three, learners complete the multiple-choice assessment on a computer or tablet at the end of the course invigilated by the course Tutor.

STA’S POOL PLANT SEMINAR RETURNS TO SPATEX 2020 At SPATEX 2020, STA will be hosting a number of Pool Plant Seminars on the morning of Tuesday 28 January in Arena 2. Delegates will learn all about the latest developments from STA, and hear from industry experts Colin Davies (Founder of Pool Training Services) on the subject of balanced water, Sean Brydges (Health and Safety Trainer for City & Guilds) looks at what’s next after obtaining a PPO qualification and Robbie Phillips (STA’s Pool Plant Consultant) will discuss the responsibilities for commercial spa operators. Plus everyone who attends these sessions will receive ½ CPD point.

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From Bed Bugs to 0 Darlly Ducks… …with filter specialist Darlly Europe celebrating a milestone in the shape of their tenth anniversary, in this edition we look at how a bizarre Indian essential oil led to the Darlly Decade


ack in the summer of 2009, Phil Moseley and Gil Gingell were together working on a marketing project for The London School of Tropical Medicine. They had been asked to take an amazing and wonderful natural oil called Neem to market in order to rid the world of nasty bed bugs. Gil, former Commercial Director EMEA for advertising giant McCann Ericsson and Phil, former Marketing Director and founder of Sundance Spas UK were sharing a beer after work (as they often did) talking about the fascinating world of hot tubs.  Phil recalls telling Gil the world of spas wasn’t in a particularly good place following the crash of late 2008, however, there were still a lot of spa owners out there who needed

replacement filters for their tubs, but filters were hard to get hold of, very slow in delivery and poor in quality. With Gil’s 20 years experience of financially guiding large corporations and generally getting them to work globally combined with Phil’s 15 years experience in the spa world, plus his connections and marketing instincts, the partnership was the perfect fit – easy-going yet dynamic – and in November 2009 Filters4Spas was formed. The UK market was reasonably easy to move into, as was proved with the company’s first show at SPATEX 2010. But the bigger, faster growing market of Europe was the real target and following a couple of trips to China, a year later an official partnership

Filters4Spas Launches

was struck with Hangzhou Darlly Filtration Equipment and Darlly Europe Limited became the group owner. At this time the brand Darlly was totally unknown anywhere in the world, however, following international trade shows in Lyon, Barcelona, Cologne, Bologna, Stuttgart plus the annual SPATEX event, in just three years the brand was not only recognised in the USA, but more importantly it had become the leading replacement filter brand throughout Europe. Over the decade there have been fundamental principles responsible for the overwhelming success of the business. Quality of product and the service in supplying that product has been top priority throughout, however, a statement from

International Launch at Piscine, Lyon

at Spatex 2010 with Strapline Better Filters . . Better Service . . Better Price


New Premises

Launch of SIlverstream Anti-Bacterial filter range

Launch of Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner

Darlly Europe Launches

International Team of The Year

And formally forms strategic partnership with Hangzhou Darlly Equipment in China.

Awarded to Darlly Europe Ltd at the UK Pool & Spa Awards 2014

Distribution Network across Europe Begins with Trade Shows in Kolne - Germany, Barcelona - Spain, Lyon-France, Bologna-Italy and Stuttgart-Germany in a busy 2 year period.

Expands into Scandanavia and E Europe Darlly Duck Hatches into the Spa Market

Fil Darlly Filters become “The Consumers Choice”


103,000 filters 72,000 filters

44,000 filters 42 February 2020 SPN 42-43_SPN_Dec_19_Darlly.indd 42

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Over the decade there have been fundamental principles responsible for the overwhelming success of the business. Quality of product and the service in supplying that product has been top priority throughout” Theresa Zhang International Sales Director for Darlly enhances this further. She said: “Working with Darlly Europe this past ten years has been an absolute pleasure, Phil and Gil have brought dynamism, development and innovation to our business partnership and we send our sincerest congratulations to the Darlly Europe team in achieving what they set out to do in becoming the number one filter brand in Europe.” Both Darlly Europe and Hangzhou Darlly Filtration Equipment are family run businesses and a strong friendship has blossomed during the process which is very evident. Reinvestment in stock, marketing and business systems has also started to pay huge dividends which has ensured very little in price

in China & Telford

After their first year, the Darlly team celebrated at the Christmas markets in Birmingham, so it was fitting to take the Darlly team and friends to a real Christmas market in Vienna to celebrate its decade

There was plenty of coffee, good food, beer, walking, more coffee, more beer, shopping, culture, sight seeing, very good food and even more beer, Oh yes and Christmas markets – lots of them – and a great time was had by all!

rises over the last ten years. Incredibly Darlly’s prices have increased by just 14% over ten years and that is against a background of a £ to $ fall in value of 20% and inflation of another 20% over the same period. Now a multi million pound business with 1.2 million filters supplied to 26 European countries during the decade, Gil and Phil are

Sanistream and SpaPod Launch

400,000 sq ft New Factory in Hangzhou - the largest, most technologicaly advanced filtration plant in the world. And in Telford a new 6,000 sq ft distribution centre as well as new pa logistic partnership with AMCO, UK’s leading warehousing facility.

Launches Sanistream Direct Line System as a solution for HSG282 compliance. A retro-fit answer for all holiday parks that require in-line sanitation - all within the filter.

both looking forward to working together for the next decade with exactly the same team, and offer special thanks to Elaine and Jim to whom they have a lot of admiration and give great thanks. It’s teamwork including their agents and distributors throughout Europe that has got them to where they are today and long may it continue!

Launches Yet Another Product


To celebrate our extraordinary Darlly Decade we have launched our most extraordinary product to date.

Fruity Fragrant Essences for your Hot Tub

Now who says Filters Cannot be Sexy??

Internet-Proof White Labelling

Darlly launch own white-label production to help retailers beat the race to the bottom pricing on the internet. A number of 3rd party partnerships enhance the Darlly filter range including Zodiacs Nature 2

Spa Product of The Year

Awarded at the UK Pool & Spa Awards 2014 for The SpaPod Launch of the Pre-Filled Aqua sparkle BrominePod with CPC

1.2 Million Filters 138 Containers 1/4 million Ducks (Yes!) £2 million revenue 2019 7 Distributors 380 trade customers in 26 countries (Haven’t cracked Iceland yet)

Over £2 million revenue

203,000 filters 166,000 filters

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Return To The Ricoh

The industry’s annual three-day show returns to Coventry’s Ricoh Arena in the New Year and its organisers are pulling out all the stops to make it another memorable event. More than just an exhibition, SPATEX is also the UK’s largest networking opportunity for the pool and spa trade. We cover all the news from both the organisers and exhibitors, highlight some of the products that can be seen plus take look at the educational opportunities By Jon Wadeson


PATEX returns to the Ricoh Arena from 28-30 January and with getting on for a hundred high quality exhibitors from both home and abroad, including a number who are making their Coventry debuts, there’s sure to be a healthy amount of products and services for visitors to take on board this year. Since moving to the Midlands, the threeday event has firmly cemented its place on the exhibition calendar and as far as the wet leisure industry is concerned in the UK, it is now the only event that covers the full spectrum of products, making it a must-attend event for anyone involved with the industry. SPATEX will again play host to two seminar arenas, with free to attend workshops taking place in each across all three days. All workshops hosted by the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE) in Arena 1 award Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points plus a Certificate of Attendance – a valuable record of the courses that have been attended. In Arena 2, a variety of experts will be imparting their knowledge across a wide range of subjects with the Thursday being a dedicated Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) day. In addition to the seminar and workshops, a number of ‘hands on’ demonstrations will also be taking place. There’s a ‘Green’ theme to this year’s event and SPATEX’s organisers are leading the way in awareness of the environment and are highlighting eco-friendly products around the show and workshops which have

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an eco-angle. They’ll also be supplying recycled PET environmentally friendly lanyards, compostable containers and cutlery plus minimal food packaging will be used. Recycling bins can be found throughout the exhibition hall and many items in the New Product Zones will be eco-friendly. The ‘Green’ theme continues to the notto-be-missed SPATEX Networking Party on Wednesday 29 January in the Ricoh Arena’s Clubhouse Bar. Once the show closes its doors for the day, all visitors and exhibitors are invited where free drinks, food and a lot of fun are guaranteed. SPN will be amongst the numerous exhibitors at the event and this year we can be found on stand B1. A full and up-to-date list of all the exhibitors can be found on the SPATEX website (www.spatex.co.uk) along with lots of other useful information regarding the show which is sure to help attendees plan their visit more effectively. As ever, there’s a lot to do and see at


SPATEX, and in this issue, we take a closer look at just some of what’s on offer this year.

AQUAFLEX AND LIGHTHOUSE POOL THEIR RESOURCES AT SPATEX Aquaflex is proud to have been asked by Lighthouse to on site line their show pool at the 2020 SPATEX exhibition for the second year running. SPATEX will host an exciting collaboration between Lighthouse and Aquaflex exhibiting together, by displaying a Heatform pool lined with a 3D embossed ‘Ceramics’ and ‘Touch’ reinforced pool liner. Alkorplan ‘Ceramics’ is a reinforced membrane with the feeling and appearance of ceramic mosaic tiles inspired by Greek mythology. Alkorplan ‘Touch’ is the strongest and most resistant membrane on the market and has a natural effect inspired by nature. The Heatform pool will demonstrate a contrasting combination of patterns; ‘Touch’ Prestige on the base of the pool, ‘Touch’ Vanity on the walls and a ‘Ceramics’ Etna tile band. A must see for visitors. Suitable for residential and commercial pools and ideal for new build and refurbishment projects Alkorplan on-site linings provide a quick and efficient installation and the material incorporates a polyester reinforced mesh for extra durability. Additional benefits include: • 2mm thick reinforced patterns available in ten unique designs • Compatible for temperatures up to 32°C • All welds are scribe-tested and sealed with liquid PVC mastic

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E63 • 16-year pro rata guarantee • Life expectancy up to 20 years. Aquaflex is known for associating itself only with the highest quality names and products to bring you the best results possible in performance and after sales service. See them on stand E32

BOSTA UNVEIL NEW PRODUCTS AND A NEW WEBSHOP Bosta UK are pleased to be exhibiting again at SPATEX. The show has always been a highlight of the pool industry calendar and Bosta see 2020 being every bit as important and enjoyable. First and foremost it provides company staff with an opportunity to meet personally with loyal and valued customers. By talking face-to-face with all visitors to their stand, the company are able to gain more understanding of how Bosta can be an important business partner. After a year of constant work to improve the company’s online ability to assist customers with purchasing and enquiries, Bosta are looking forward to giving visitors an insight into their new webshop and proving how this can be beneficial. Opportunities will be given to set up customers with their personal login details so they can use the new services. The Bosta UK stand will also give customers the chance to see the latest addition to the Hydro-Pro range – the all new Hydro-Pro dehumidifier. This unit is exceptionally well made and looks fantastic. Visitors will be able to see that the technical specs rival any other unit on the market but at extremely competitive prices. The company will also be offering a brand new Hayward pool pump and other products to interested UK customers. The stand will be shared between Bosta UK and Norsup – their exclusive installer brand that has gone from strength to strength in 2019. Further additional products have been added to the range and information about February’s Norsup dealer will also be available. See them on stand E63


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together with their UK distributor Certikin International, will be showcasing their first range of inverter heat pumps – the I-PAC and V-PAC – which are part of the Calorex heat pump series that already includes the HPP and which will also be on display. The new inverter heat pumps replace the PROPAC domestic range and come in a side and top outlet with the I-PAC and V-PAC air temperature range from -5°C - 43°C and the I-PAC+ down to -10°C. With a focus on the environment and complying with the new F-Gas regulations in Europe, Calorex’s new heat pumps will use the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R32. It will require less refrigerant volume per kW and is easier to reuse and recycle. People attending the three-day event will get to see these new heat pumps, along with the energy-efficient Dantherm CDP dehumidifiers. The CDP dehumidifiers use highly efficient fans and compressors, combined with a new advanced remote control and control options, contribute to cost-efficient operation and significant energy savings. Calorex’s modular Variheat will be on display, complete with a PLC control system interface, as well as am AA 500 high capacity ducted dehumidifier. The Calorex Delta, will also be on the stand, again with the PLC technology. This high performing AHU is suited for large domestic pools and is an ever popular product for hotels and spas, schools, health clubs and leisure centres. See them on stand C14

CERTIKIN SET TO HEADLINE AT SPATEX With five eye-catching stands brimming with new products, Certikin International promises to stand out from the crowd at SPATEX 2020. Marketing Manager, Chris Green says: “Certikin regards SPATEX as one of the industry’s most important dates and it’s a great opportunity to fly the flag both for ourselves and the Industry as a whole. We have got some great new products lined up.” Here’s a taster: • Versoflor − a revolutionary flooring product featuring a unique push-in mosaic system

allowing you to create amazing spaces with the ultimate flexibility • Endless Pools Hydrostride – an ingenious underwater treadmill providing low impact aquatic exercise • Fastlane Sport XP – a fully self-contained counter-current unit suitable for most types of installation • FlowVis Digital – representing the next level in flow meter technology • Certikin manufactured spas covers − manufactured in-house, they can be made to almost any size and shape. Adjacent to Certikin’s main stand (D14), in the centre of the Ericsson Hall, is the CertiDos stand and the Calorex/Certikin stand. The latter will be manned by Certikin’s H&V specialists ready to advise on how the carbon conscious Calorex units can reduce pool running costs and demonstrate the technicalities of Calorex’s best-selling equipment. In addition, there’s a Certikin Autocovers stand featuring the best-selling Roldeck slatted cover and the Coverstar safety cover. Last but not least, the striking NIVEKO stand (C16), with its stunning onepiece display pool, will be hard for the visitor to miss. See them on stands C14, C16, D10, D14 & D30

CRANBOURNE STONE EXHIBITS FOR THE 16TH YEAR AT SPATEX Cranbourne Stone, one of the leaders in swimming pool surrounds and landscapes, is preparing to exhibit its extensive portfolio for the 16th year running at SPATEX. For over 16 years, Cranbourne Stone has developed close relationships with the world’s leading suppliers of natural stone and slipresistant porcelain. This allows the company to offer the very finest products, selecting only the best materials for its customers. With new products in the pipeline, Cranbourne Stone is looking forward to presenting its latest product range at the three-day exhibition. “SPATEX is the perfect opportunity to showcase our most recent products and services and build new relationships with industry professionals,” said Jo Standfield,

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B55 Cranbourne Stone’s Sales Director. As well as exhibiting its undisclosed new products, Cranbourne Stone will be putting a spotlight on its latest addition, a range of Deck Level Grilles from pre-eminent supplier, Stonetech Pools. Available in three designs and three natural stones, the Stonetech Grilles beautifully complement any pool design, whether classic or ultra-modern. Each Grille is made to SPATA standards and completed with a sandblasted finish, making them suitable for both residential and commercial pool projects. See them on stand A13

DARLLY EUROPE WILL USE SPATEX AS A PLATFORM TO CELEBRATE SPATEX 2020 will mark a significant milestone for Darlly Europe Ltd. The world’s largest manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket hot tub filters will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the foundation of their Telford-based European distribution operation. The company, formed by industry stalwarts Gil Gingell and Philip Moseley, kicks off its ‘Decade Of Darlly’ celebrations on their stand at the Ricoh Arena, and the trade is warmly welcomed to come along to join in those festivities. In addition to the launch of a great new line of complementary products (details to be revealed on the stand at the show), the company will also showcase further additions to their revolutionary SaniStream® Direct Line Filtration system – the combined hot tub inline filter and chemical erosion feeder which has taken the market by storm. There will also be some exclusive show offers plus there are rumours of drinks and cake too! The last ten years have seen the meteoric rise of the company, going from a standing start to being the UK and Europe’s largest supplier of filters and associated water treatment products. Darlly Europe offers

H17 48 February 2020 SPN 45-56_SPN_Feb_20_SPATEX.indd 48

some of the best quality products, backed by great service, at unbelievable prices. Darlly Europe welcome all visitors to their stand to learn how profits can be boosted and to raise a glass to the next ten years! See them on stand H17

AN AFFORDABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY SPA FILTER CLEANER ESTELLE® is a B25 unique and patented automatic spa filter cleaning system that allows you to clean whirlpool and hot tub filters in an environmentally friendly way. It is powered by water pressure and no chemicals are needed to clean the filters. This is the water saving cleaning system that does not splash! It can even be used inside your home because of the unique design. The ESTELLE® comes with a set of adapters that makes it suitable for most of the disposable whirlpool and hot tub filters. A must have for every spa lover! “It is our great pleasure to participate in the SPATEX 2020,” said Dick Tijssen, Sales Director of Dutch business Fabiotte Trading, who added:. “With our unique and patented automatic spa filter cleaning system, the Estelle, you can clean your filter in an environmentally friendly way in an instant. This without the use of chemicals or electricity. Completely splash-free, therefore also suitable for indoor use.” See them on stand B25

SEE THE ETWIN AND MUCH MORE ON THE ETATRON STAND Chemical dosing specialist Etatron will be in Coventry with a range of solutions including their eTwin dosing pump. The product is the perfect blending of dosing technology giving twice the functionality saving time on installation, maintenance and cost.

As a dual dosing pump with peristaltic and solenoid build options, the eTwint is excellent for any dosing with domestic swimming pools and light commercial applications. It has electronics for a full range of measurement options including free chlorine (0-2 ppm and 0-20 ppm), pH – Rx, pH – Cl and even pH – pH for dual acid/alkali control. The peristaltic version has flow and pressure rates of up to 3 l/h at 3 Bar and quiet running while using just 15 watts of electricity. Perfect for domestic swimming pools. It uses Santoprene tubing with incredible ease of maintenance. The solenoid metering version runs up to 5 l/h at 5 bar and uses a PVDF/FPM pump head with optional alternative seals such as TFEp and EPDM. All types of eTwin include protective safety features such as Level Alarms and Overdosing Alarms that will disengage the pump when a problem is detected and enable a system down notification to the customer or maintenance staff. See them on stand B55

WITH NEW PRODUCTS AND A GREAT SHOW OFFER, FAIRLOCKS EXPECT A BUSY TIME! The Fairlocks team are expecting SPATEX 2020 to be a spectacularly busy event and will be displaying numerous new products including: • HIDE Lid System – the world’s first dual inlay lid system. This award-winning and fully customisable inlay system allows many materials to be fitted into the cover, as well as any combination creating a seamless and sophisticated upmarket finish for every pool. • FlowBright+ – an underwater LED pool light that sets a new standard for all pool lighting products. This evolutionary product uses a patented electrical generation system to illuminate the pool without the need for electrical hookups, cables, transformers, niches, deck boxes or intricate installations. With its straightforward design, precisionengineered components, and high output, FlowBright will simplify pool installation and maintenance.

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• OFI Pool Monitor – this smart pool monitor analyses pool water quality 24/7 and readings are available continuously through the OFI app. These measurements are analysed by algorithms to extract the important data to identify the state of the water. Based on its indicators, OFI tells you when and how you need to act to ensure your pool stays of the optimum quality. In addition, the Fairlocks team will also showcase existing products including LPW one-piece pools, Covrex automatic covers, Water-Tec underwater lighting, Flolux stainless steel fittings, Puriq water purifier, plus much more. Visitors who register an LPW Pool enquiry at the Fairlocks Stand can also qualify for a free Fluvo XANAS counter-current system worth £3,148 installed in a purchased LPW Pool. See them on stand B50

UNIQUE TILED SPA SOLUTIONS FROM GMT GMT Spas are looking forward to returning at SPATEX 2020 and can be found in their usual location. The event gives them the opportunity to show off their amazing spas and is a fantastic way to meet and catch up with existing customers and meet potential new ones, too. GMT’s unique business model of supplying to the trade only and not installing, enables them to concentrate on, and remain true to their ethos of manufacturing superb highend products. It also gives assurance to customers that they will never compete for their contracts. Consequently, there is no award category for the company to enter at the Awards held during SPATEX, but a number of the company’s spas, hydrotherapy pools and swim spas are usually entered into various categories and the company have been involved in many award winning and elaborate projects. GMT’s ethos is quality first, from design to delivery. Design is of paramount importance but the finish is what’s seen – aesthetics are everything. With this in mind and after careful and precise manufacture of the shell, the company’s superb tilers go to work paying


50 February 2020 SPN 45-56_SPN_Feb_20_SPATEX.indd 50

the other side of the world or the other side of the building. The company extends a warm invitation to join them on their stand at SPATEX 2020 with celebrations in full swing including a bottle of champagne to each of the first 40 of Heatstar’s customers to visit the stand, along with a draw for one lucky winner of a special Jeroboam sized bottle of champagne. As always Heatstar’s knowledgeable sales team will also be on the stand to answer any technical questions visitors may have or to discuss any aspect of Heatstar’s pool environmental control systems. See them on stand E58




meticulous attention to detail. GMT work closely with designers, architects and pool installers merging their extensive knowledge and flair to produce bespoke luxurious spas, swim spas and hydrotherapy pools to fulfill the needs of the most exacting clients. See them on stand D33

HEATSTAR CELEBRATES A MAJOR MILESTONE IN COVENTRY This year marks the 40th anniversary of Heatstar. Since 1980 the company has pioneered the genuine application of ‘top end quality’ and highly energy efficient, climate control systems for swimming pools and the company shows no signs of slowing down! On display on Heatstar’s stand will be the Hybrid Phoenix EC which utilises three different technologies to achieve unrivalled heat recovery performance and represents the optimum and uncompromised environmental control solution for the highest specification indoor swimming pools. Also on display will be Heatstar’s Complete Environmental Control System, the Andromeda EC which will be fitted with the LYNX Energy Management System. The LYNX system allows the user to access and monitor their Heatstar system over the internet from

Light Projects will be showcasing the latest advents in underwater lighting at this year’s show. This will include the latest Centum°° range from Wibre as well as Fibre-optics from RobLight (formerly Roblon Lighting). Wibre’s new Centum°° range comprises a range of built-in and surface mounted underwater spotlights which use the very latest technology to offer industry-leading light outputs at 166 lumens per watt. This, coupled with temperature monitoring and integrated surge protection, ensures optimum operation, long life cycle and low maintenance. Exclusively available in the UK via Light Projects, Centum°° includes four recessed IP68 underwater fittings from 5 to 47 watts. Fibre Optics is also a popular choice for wet area and pool lighting and Danish manufacturer RobLight is one of the most well-known. The Aquarius and Sirius fittings are designed to be used underwater. They emit a strong light with beam angles up to 54° and can withstand up to 10m of water pressure. Fibre optics is a great choice for wet area and underwater lighting because there is no electricity or heat at the light end. In addition, the light source requires minimal maintenance and can be placed remotely for easy access. This means that the water doesn’t need to be drained for lamp changes or scaffolding needed to maintain any


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GardenPac Ad 2020_Layout 1 16/01/2020 17:05 Page 1

LEADERS in Heat Pump Technology & Innovation

Our family is expanding !!

Plus, we have a World’s 1st !! Tel 01293 546 126 / 01268 273 040 Fax 01293 528 442 / 01268 273 041 email info.uk@scppool.com / Head Office & Distribution Centre / 1 Church Road / Lowfield Heath / Crawley / West Sussex /RH11 0PQ

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features in the ceiling above the water. Fibre optics can also be used for unique designs such as starry sky installation which can be above the pool or in the pool floor. See them on stand B27

LIGHTHOUSE INTRODUCE THE HEATFORM® EXERCISE POOL Lighthouse is proud to announce the launch of the new HeatForm® Exercise Pool and are showcasing it, along with a number of Zodiac products at SPATEX 2020. These pools are available with a choice of big-brand swim jets to suit every customer’s needs: HF SwimJet, Endless Pools®, Binder HydroStar®, Fluvo® or Badu®Jet systems can all be used, all housed within a flush wall cavity, maximising the space in the pool. This innovative and groundbreaking new pool provides pool owners and builders with the following benefits: • Exercise pool kit includes Zodiac® high quality filtration equipment with an underwater LED light, a 6kW electric heater, a bag liner supplied ready to fit from Aquaflex and a stainless steel over-thewall entry ladder • Insulated wall panels made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles • Insulated panels help reduce heating costs by up to 80%


• Fast installation – most pools are completed within 2 weeks • Easy installation for tight spaces – panels can be carried on site by hand. Available for in-ground and above-ground installations located indoors, outdoors or in basements, the HeatForm® Exercise Pools are made in Britain (in Devon, to be precise), meaning reduced transportation costs. See them on stand E32

SEE OASE AND THEIR LUMI-SOLAR® TRANSPARENT SLATS Regular exhibitors at SPATEX, OASE automatic pool covers will again show its new tri-extrusion layer profile of 66.7mm width. The lumi-solar® profiles are now transparent – where as the previous version had to be made with a black underside – and is equipped with an anti-algae hinge. Only the hinge of the profile is made non-transparent to keep light from the hinge to prevent algae growth. Transparent solar slats produce a better solar effect. Exposed to the sun, the air heats up in the hollow space within the slat profile. This heat then warms up the water underneath in the swimming pool, creating a sort of greenhouse effect. The results of tests during the summer have shown that

the performance of heating up the water was greatly improved by as much as 30-40%. Another advantage of transparent solar slats is that users can still enjoy the lights in the swimming pool. The solar transparent slats give a more modern touch and add to the design of the pool. Standard colours available are Vived Aqua and Cristal Clear. See them on stand D5

UK MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS TO FEATURE HEAVILY ON PLASTICA’S STAND Plastica is playing to its strengths in 2020, by concentrating more on production development and manufacturing more topquality products within their factory based on the South Coast. On their stand, they will be displaying a few new products, plus their AV Pumps, Covers, Liners and Water Treatment. New products they’re proud to be displaying at this year’s SPATEX include: • Slidelock Max Reel System – following on from the enormously successful Domestic Slidelock Reel System. Plastica are introducing the New Slidelock Max with upgraded and unique 138mm diameter anodised aluminium tubes. • Commercial Reduction Gearbox Converter Kit – this new gearbox has been designed and manufactured to fit the new Slidelock Max but will also easily retrofit all of the company’s commercial tubes. • Heat Seekers – the new 2020 HSI range of Heat Seeker Inverter Heat Pumps have been developed to compete at the top end of the heat pump market. From the same manufacturer as the original ‘Heat seeker’ owners can expect the same level of reliability and support associated with Plastica’s well established range. There will also be the BWT500 Robotic Cleaner which according to Plastica, features the most powerful suction of any robot on the market. They can achieve up to twice the

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With over 30 years of experience, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic and manual safety covers, automatic slatted covers and heat pumps for swimming pools. Thousands of satisfied customers in Britain over the past 10 years bear testament to the quality, service and reliability of PoolLock products. In 2013, PoolLock opened its first UK production facility in Gatwick, London, with installation teams that are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The result: even better service and faster delivery times for our UK customers.

For more information on our complete range of products, please contact us at






suction power through precise adjustment of the nozzles. The 2020 Plastica Price List containing everything needed to build a pool in one easy-to-use catalogue and the 2020 Plastica Spares Catalogue will also be available. See them on stand D34

SEE THE SUITMATE® SWIMSUIT WATER EXTRACTOR IN ACTION Lindsay Hoffman, President of US-based Extractor Corporation will be on hand at the SUITMATE® stand to provide a hands-on demonstration of the SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor – the #1 amenity for all aquatic lovers. Extractor Corporation, creator of the SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor, has spent nearly four decades revolutionising the commercial aquatic industry with a swimsuit water extractor that has become a staple to many facilities around the globe. Extractor Corporation was first-tomarket with a product that addressed the inconvenience of a wet swimsuit, a problem that did not have an efficient solution. Today, the SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor is in use in over 75 countries and remains a leader in aquatic offerings by efficiently removing 95% of water from a wet swimsuit in just eight seconds. In amenity-driven markets, SUITMATE® serves as the gold standard of convenience for high-end spas, luxury hotels and health clubs looking to delight guests with unique experiences. For utility-driven clientele such as fitness clubs, swim clubs, educational facilities and public pools, the product helps keep facilities cleaner, safer and drier while providing busy patrons a convenient way to eliminate water from wet swimsuits. See them on stand A17

new hot tub ranges, a new accessory brand and new staff! 2020 will also see the progressive company celebrate the completion of their new stateof-the-art Head Quarters and distribution centre, allowing them to build further on their impressive portfolio of products. The team at Superior Ltd have been busy creating a one stop portfolio approach, allowing them to meet all dealer requirements with a variety of high quality products and services. 2020 will sees the company promoting not one, not even two but potentially three new ranges of hot tubs for their growing dealer network to take advantage of. Superior’s Graham Message explained: “It’s fantastic to be able to offer so many varied products that cover all price points that we know will help our existing dealer network and potential new dealers improve and grow their respective businesses, with the great products and exceptional margins that we can offer’.” Superior will be showcasing their new Superior Spas range from US-based manufacturer Dynasty Spas, along with their impressive Canadian built Be Well Spas, Platinum Spas models and their ‘plug & play’ range of Superior Saunas. They will also be

The Ricoh Arena has offered SPATEX and its attendees the chance to enjoy some great networking opportunities since the show’s move to the Midlandsbased venue and this year is no different. All visitors and exhibitors are invited to join the exhibition team at a ‘Green’ themed’ SPATEX Networking Party on Wednesday 29 January at 5pm in the Ricoh Arena’s Clubhouse Bar. Free drinks, food and a lot of fun are guaranteed. In addition, SPATEX will be hosting the industry’s most prestigious awards evening with the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards (presented by SPATA and BISHTA) returning for their gala dinner on the night of Tuesday 28 January.

introducing their new accessory brand for the first time. If you have never dealt with Superior before, this is definitely the year to peruse their stand and speak to their experienced staff. See them on stand C66

FIND OLD FAVOURITES AND DISCOVER NEW INNOVATIONS ON WATERCO’S STAND Once again Waterco Europe are pleased to be supporting the UK pool industry by participating in the SPATEX 2020 exhibition. “The exhibition has long established itself as the perfect opportunity to showcase new developments, technologies and innovations within the industry and this year looks to be no exception to this,” commented Tony Fisher, CEO Waterco Europe. On Waterco’s stand, the company will be displaying a diverse range of products ranging from their commercial and domestic filters,


SUPERIOR SPAS HAVE A LOT OF ‘NEW’ TO CELEBRATE It’s all about the ‘new’ at this year’s SPATEX for the UK’s largest hot tub distributor – Superior Spas. The Chesterfield-based company have a lot of ‘new’ to celebrate, with

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D52 their media products to the company’s brand new range of high-end cleaning accessories and maintenance equipment. Waterco staff will be on hand throughout the exhibition to help with queries about the products on display, or indeed any of the impressive and varied product range that will be present in Coventry. See them on stand E20

WAXMAN CERAMICS LAUNCH BRAND NEW POOL & SPA COLLECTION AT SPATEX Returning to SPATEX for 2020, Waxman Ceramics look forward to another successful show as they launch their brand-new ‘Pool & Spa Collection’ brochure. Part of the Waxman Group, Waxman Ceramics are one of the UK’s largest distributors of swimming pool tiles and mosaics bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the last 30 years. The Pool and Spa Collection is an essential brochure for the swimming pool industry. Each range has been meticulously selected to offer both style and practicality amongst the multitude of colours, designs and sizes available. Alongside their best-selling mosaics, the

collection features all-new ranges including the large-format ‘Yoho’ and ‘Marbles’ in antislip. Both ranges offer a complementary step edge and skirting and are suited to indoor and outdoor pool and spa projects. Visit the Waxman stand to see their very latest pool tiles first hand and experience their authentic wood effect tiles Vancouver and Origen as well as Aquastyle, a mosaic made from 98% recycled glass. Their expert team will also be on hand throughout the show duration to answer any questions or give advice on upcoming pool and spa projects. See them on stand D52

GROUNDSCARE SHOWCASE LABOUR-SAVING PRODUCTS GroundsCare Products are returning to the Ricoh Arena and two key products they will be showcasing are RotoCleanse and ZipLevel. RotoCleanse, a self-contained, professional pressure washer designed for cleaning tarmac, concrete, brick pavers and wooden boards. It has a heavy duty skirt that eliminates overspray, and is ideal for cleaning almost any flat surface. It can be fed from the mains supply, or draw water from a container, and is supplied complete with a lance and hose that enables it to be used as a normal pressure washer if


56 February 2020 SPN 45-56_SPN_Feb_20_SPATEX.indd 56

required. Chewing gum, rotary brush and turbo quick change lances available as extras. ZipLevel is a product aimed at swimming pool engineers. ZipLevel® PRO-2000 replaces rotary lasers in pool and spa estimates, excavation, drainage, coping and tile. Its built-in high precision function can set negative edge with paper thin, 0.2mm precision. Widely used in the North American pool and spa industry, this breakthrough in measuring technology will enable users to complete planning and construction tasks more quickly than before, and with unprecedented precision. See them on stand G13

SPATEX ARENA 1 & 2 WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS The highly successful and Industry revered ISPE Workshops return on all three days of the Show in Arena 1. Attendees at any of them will be awarded with a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) point on a Certificate of Attendance – a valuable record of the courses that have been attended. In addition, and repeating the success of previous years, SPATEX is hosting a second seminar programme in Arena 2 featuring speakers from a wide range of organisations. Full descriptions for each seminar along with a brief bio for each of the speakers are available for all three days on the SPATEX website – www. spatex.co.uk – and on each day of the show, daily flyers are given out advising what seminar is scheduled for the day ahead.

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Keeping It Clean In 2020 Innovative manual and in particular robotic pool cleaners have ensured that the monotonous but essential task of cleaning the surfaces within a wide variety of swimming pools is thankfully no longer the chore it once was. And as each year passes, the introduction of new and updated models ensure it’s a job that is becoming even easier to perform. With a new year ahead, we look at 10 models to keep pools clean in 2020 By Andrea Hartshorne WATER TECH POOL BLASTER CATFISH POOL CLEANER FROM GOLDEN COAST

The lightweight and portable Pool Blaster Catfish vacuum is suitable for any type of pool or spa, providing outstanding suction and cleaning power without the need for messy hoses or additional pumps. It can be used by hand, or attached to a standard telescopic pole, and can manoeuvre into the tightest of corners and crevices. The rechargeable Pool Blaster Catfish is battery operated and has a run time of up to 45 minutes continuous use for efficient, effective cleaning. The vacuum compacts leaves, sand, dirt and other debris into a reusable filter bag that can be easily emptied, making pool maintenance simple and hassle-free. Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.co.uk

WATER TECH POOL BLASTER MAX POOL CLEANER FROM GOLDEN COAST The Pool Blaster Max provides the power for deep cleaning in any sized pool thanks to its highcapacity filter capable of holding large amounts of dirt and debris. The battery-operated pump can run for up to an hour on a single charge, and can be ready to go after just 4four hours recharge time. The 27cm vacuum head is ideal for cleaning large areas, or this can be removed for easy spot-cleaning. The Pool Blaster Max has a unique wall mounting feature for grab-and-go convenience, and can be attached to most standard pool poles for extended reach. Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.co.uk

58 February 2020 SPN 58-59_SPN_Feb_20_Pool_Cleaners.indd 58

AQUAJACK® 301 FROM AQUA DESIGN & LEISURE The AquaJack® range of electric pool and spa vacuums are designed to make cleaning a pool, swim spa or hot tub quick and easy. Either hand held or attached to a telescopic pole, they can clean to depths of 3m and offer run times of up to 90 minutes. The top of the range 301 is a rechargeable model and features a built in battery pack and comes with charger. Being battery powered and very portable, there is no need to waste time setting up vacuum hoses and backwashing. Fitted with an easy to clean removable filter, it’s ideal for domestic pool

owners, service techs and holiday parks. Aqua Design & Leisure 01980 611555 www.aquadesignandleisure.

THE ‘BIG YELLOW ONE’ FROM FAIRLOCKS The ‘big yellow one’ from Fairlocks has been a top seller in Europe for over 30 years and is ideal for both domestic and commercial pools. The streamlined shape enables faster sweeping and the centrally mounted 19” brush even enables solid debris to enter the suction stream. Due to its rigid tough polycarbonate construction, it is ideal for pools with 1/2 hp pumps or more and is available with both 1.5 inch and 2 inch hose fittings. A logical development has been a simple metal yoke that mounts two vacuum heads side by side. The Double Fairlocks is over 3 ft wide and on a flow rate over 40 gallons per minute can clean one square yard per second. Fairlocks 01865 988346 www.fairlocks.co.uk

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Get uncompromising professional cleaning performance with the PRO X7 from Maytronics. This commercial pool cleaner delivers long-lasting reliability and some of the best wall-to-wall cleaning in its class. The PRO X7 is an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean commercial robotic pool cleaner. It efficiently and effectively cleans any mid-sized commercial pool, regardless of shape or type, and provides a single-robot solution for multiple pools in any facility. The PRO X7 comes with auto direct intelligent self-learning scanning technology plus a remote control for manual manoeuvering. Out of the pool, an ergonomic caddy makes handling easy.

The Cyclone pool cleaner models offer exceptional cleaning capability thanks to the stronger 18m3 flow capacity and 5 micron filter mesh. They cover the pool floor, walls and waterline (skimming function) which not all cleaners offer. Both the X2 and the X4 have an electronic swivel to prevent the cable tangling. The cyclone also boasts very easy maintenance thanks to the top loaded filter cartridge. There is also a ‘Cartridge full indicator’ to help the end user know when to clean the filter. The X4 model also boasts a 23 metre cable which means it is suitable for semi-commercial pools and all Norsup Cyclone robot cleaners offer an unparalleled 4-year parts and labour warranty.

SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

Bosta UK 01284 716587 www.bosta.co.uk



The Dolphin Wave 100 is a market leading cleaner of choice for leisure centres, schools and hotels with swimming pools up to 25m in length. Complete with a three-year warranty, the fully automated, heavyduty cleaner represents excellent value for money. The advanced gyroscopic system ensures accurate scanning for the systematic coverage of floor, walls and water-line. It comes with a 30m cable, caddy and three filtration options: fine, ultra fine and disposable. Thorough brushing efficiently removes algae and bacteria, leaving water sparkling clear and hygienic. A remote control facility, with optional parameters and operation delay suits every pool condition and ensures easy use and maintenance. Certikin International 01993 778855 www.certikin.co.uk

As an entry level electric robot cleaner, the Tornax RT3200 is a well-priced model guaranteeing autonomous and efficient pool cleaning thanks to it’s smart movement, rotating brush and embedded cyclone suction. As the lightest (5.5kg) cleaner in the Zodiac range, it is quick, easy and effortless to operate. The Tornax cleans the walls and the floor of a pool up to 8x4m. With a 3l rigid filter cannister

and a two-year warranty, this cleaner should be on everyone’s radar for 2020. Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk



Exclusive to Certikin in the UK, the Maytronics Dolphin M600 robotic cleaner makes cleaning the pool supereasy. Its cloud-connected function gives control right in the user’s hand, no matter where in the world they are. Suitable for pools up to 15m, the M600’s dynamic dual-drive motor, combined with multi-directional water outlets and precise navigation control, provides maximum cleaning coverage to floor, walls and waterline. It features a super-efficient year-round filter, and a full filter indicator removes the guesswork. There’s even the option of a thicker cartridge and larger filter capacity. A dual active scrubber rotates 1.5 times faster than the robot.

New for 2020, the Zodiac Alpha iQ PRO range of electric robots combine ultra-efficiency with intelligence. With a personalised cleaning Sensor Nav system™ which calculates the optimal cleaning time for the pool, a pressure sensor which provides superior wall climbing and waterline cleaning, patented cyclone suction and an in-built lift system, the Alpha iQ PRO cleaners can be controlled via the intuitive iAquaLink™ app, allowing users to program a seven day timer, the lift system, to start, stop and monitor cycles, choose a smart cleaning mode and display the water temperature. As well as this, a four-year warranty ticks all the boxes.

Certikin International 01993 778855 www.certikin.co.uk

Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk

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2020 Hot Tubs – The New Season

With demand across the hot tub and spa sector still buoyant, manufacturers and distributors are keen to ensure the New Year brings new opportunities. With that in mind, we look at hot tubs for the year ahead – enhanced and new models supplied by established and new brands which feature the latest in design and technology. Add in great warranties plus some keen pricing, and it looks like it could be another exciting season! By Jon Wadeson


hether used for a social setting or for their hydrotherapy benefits, hot tubs in their various guises have managed to become a mainstream must-have leisure product and have well and truly shaken off being viewed as a novelty or sometimes even tacky item. From suburban back gardens to holiday lodges and sports clubs to footballers, mansions – the popularity, reach and acceptance of hot tubs has never been greater. With demand from both domestic consumers and commercial clients in the year ahead expected once again to be strong, brands need to keep their offering fresh – and that means the introduction of new ranges, further enhancing existing models or implementing the latest technological innovations, all to keep one step ahead of the competition in what is already a highly competitive market. Hot tubs really is a sector where the saying ‘if you snooze, you lose’ applies! So what’s new for the season ahead? Well we round up just some of what’s on offer in this constantly evolving sector.

SUPERIOR AND DYNASTY TEAM UP FOR 2020 Chesterfield-based Superior Spas Ltd will be introducing a new range of hot tubs in 2020 called ‘Superior Spas by Dynasty’. Manufactured in the USA since 1995, Dynasty Spas’ fusion of hi-tech innovation, meticulous construction and high-quality materials has created state-of-the-art, ecofriendly spas that combine durability and performance with elegant aesthetics. The result is therapeutic and entertainment spas that delivers relaxation and rejuvenation. The new Superior Spas range by Dynasty consists of three hot tub models, the Dallas, the Phoenix and the Chicago. Offering high quality built spas which incorporates the Superior Shield heatlock insulation process, the new Superior Spas range comes with Gecko equipment, UV/Ozone purification

60 February 2020 SPN 60-62_SPN_Feb_20_Hot_Tubs.indd 60

The new Superior Spas range by Dynasty consists of 3 hot tub models including this Chicago lounge option

as well as music, all as standard. Commenting on the new range, Gareth Ward, Sales Director said: “Our new Superior Spas offer dealers a full and varied price range, from 1 pump models starting at £5,499 through to powerful 3 hydrotherapy pump models priced at under £10,000, all delivering great quality and importantly fantastic dealer margins.” Gareth continued: “Working with Dynasty also gives us a superb range of swim spas, along with the addition of a Holiday Let spa allowing dealers to hit many different markets and price points with one range of spas.” So why have Superior partnered with Dynasty Spas? Rob Carlin, Managing Director of Superior Spas explained: “We are in a very fortunate position that we can now approach major manufacturers and they know who we are, or in some cases they have approached

us. The one thing that was missing from our portfolio was a well-respected and quality American manufacturer and therefore we reached out to Dynasty Spas to produce a new line of spas.” Rob continued: “So after many exchanges and meetings at the Dynasty factory and seeing first-hand the impressive facilities they have, both parties agreed it was the ideal opportunity to further enhance what we, Superior Spas, can offer as a company.”


A linear, European design and a whole new level of functionality – Villeroy & Boch’s Ultimate Line heralds the start of a new chapter in hot tubs

A linear, European design and a whole new level of functionality – Villeroy & Boch’s Ultimate Line heralds the start of a new chapter in hot tubs. These extremely highquality hot tubs impress with a timelessly modern design combined with all the innovative functions and comfort features discerning wellness enthusiasts are entitled to expect from a premium hot tub. The Ultimate Line’s premium pedigree is apparent at first glance: a streamlined

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HOT TUBS as important as the patented Jacuzzi® technology contained within each of their stunning hot tubs. All models featured in this range are set apart by the stunning ProFinish™ cabinetry with corner accent lighting, an ‘at a glance’ indicator light and colour touch screen control panel for the full style package. Some cleverly thought out features are exclusive to these new designs, including dual purpose diverter knobs which double as cup holders for added convenience, along with stunning new adjustable pillows to provide an enhanced relaxation experience for users of varying heights. No matter which of the hydrotherapy seats a user chooses to experience, they will be guaranteed to be enveloped in total comfort.

This J-475™ lounge model and the all seater J-485™ both deliver the now iconic and exclusive high back design feature


design and clearly defined shapes make these high-end hot tubs real style statements. A selection of exclusive colours and colour combinations are available for the outer panelling and inner shell. The outer panelling comes in a choice of four shades in a fine wood effect, complete with coordinating raised or flush profile strips. For the inner shell, the choice consists of three options. Visible functional and comfort features are highlighted in grey for the cool colours and in beige for the warm shades. The Ultimate Line also meets every conceivable need in terms of features. The completely redesigned internal area invites users to sit back and relax on comfortable seats and recliners in a novel design, offering multiple options for sophisticated relaxation. Spacious models with six or seven seats are available, complete with new backrests with JetPaks™. For the Ultimate Line 17, Villeroy & Boch offers a selection of massage units for different needs, in any required combination, which can be easily exchanged via a click system and individually controlled. When it comes to technical prowess, the new Ultimate Line impresses once again. The new flat and extremely powerful filter system emphasises the range’s premium nature. The profile strip feature and functional tub covers with an innovative sensor-controlled closing mechanism round off the stylish design of the Ultimate Line hot tubs.

YOU SIMPLY CAN’T STOP EVOLUTION… JACUZZI ADDS TO ITS J-400™ DESIGNER COLLECTION The team at Jacuzzi® delivered above and beyond yet again last year with the introduction of two stunning new hot tubs to their J-400™ designer collection. This collection has always delivered one of the best hydromassage experiences available on the market, yet still this ground-breaking brand excelled again. Both the J-485™ and J-475™ hot tubs deliver the now iconic and exclusive high back design feature that is much loved by existing J-400™ range owners, and both also encompass an extra wide illuminated waterfall. Not only is this feature stunning to look at when illuminated, but the soothing sensation experienced when users sit beneath its cascade of warm water as it massages the neck and shoulders is unrivalled in the industry. With seating options varying from 6 to 7 adults, each of these models deliver a spacious open seating layout. Whether owners opt for the all seater J-485™ or the J-475™ lounge model there is certainly plenty of room to fully unwind. Featuring the widest variety of exclusive PowerPro® Jets with fully adjustable intensity, these hot tubs will instantly deliver an adjustable hydrotherapy massage whether the users is a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or simply a soul in search of ultimate relaxation. Exterior design has always been just

From suburban back gardens to holiday lodges and sports clubs to footballers, mansions – the popularity, reach and acceptance of hot tubs has never been greater” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 60-62_SPN_Feb_20_Hot_Tubs.indd 61

The ground-breaking patented Freshwater Salt System which features in all of Caldera’s Utopia and Paradise Series spas makes water care simple and intuitive. Automatically generating chlorine from salt, it keeps water clean and fresh for a whole year – three times longer than any other system. It couldn’t be simpler, with easy-to-follow instructions on the hot tub’s main control panel telling you when the system needs attention. The maintenance-free titanium cartridge is designed to last four months and can be replaced in seconds from the bar top, without draining the tub or calling the dealer. The system uses fewer chemicals than traditional water care, reducing harsh odours for softer-feeling water that is gentler on the eyes and skin. With fewer additives, the water can stay clean for up to a full year before it needs to be drained and refilled. The high-end Utopia series offers an exclusive combination of high-performance details making each Utopia spa a hydrotherapy powerhouse that’s easy to use with low operating costs. Each spa provides the most ideal personal care experience, and a visually-stunning focal point.

The groundbreaking patented Freshwater Salt System features in all of Caldera’s Utopia and Paradise Series spas

SPN February 2020 61 17/01/2020 17:57

HOT TUBS PEAKLINE RANGE DEMONSTRATES THE LATEST FROM WELLIS In the space of just a few short years, Wellis has become one of the world’s influential manufacturers of hot tubs and spas. Wellis produce products that are certified to meet or exceed German TUV quality standards using the most modern robot technology. The process takes place at their factory which boats an impressive production area of more than 16,000m2. Thanks to the company’s own development and production, Wellis has full manufacturing control and the maximum amount of product knowledge necessary to ensure that each product is precision made. One of the company’s success stories is the premium EveRest spa which has been produced since 2013, and which has become a crucial product for the company since its launch. The EveRest spa sits within the company’s new high-end ‘PeakLine’ range which contains all of the company’s latest developments. The EveRest spa makes relaxation simply unforgettable, thanks to a number of comfort features. One of the two reclining places is especially well-equipped – it includes two 2hp massage pumps, the Pulsar™ system. The additional control panels and the Wi-Fi smartphone application provide a comfort level that has never before been experienced. Oxygen Therapy is also added as standard equipment for renewing skin. Another premium quality model within the PeakLine range is the Discovery spa. With its four seats and one recliner combined with the brand’s latest technologies, it’s ideal for effortless entertainment. Its exclusive design and improvements which include a new, modern diverter and air inlet regulator, which ensures smoother, more precise massage settings, make it such an amazing spa that any owner’s guests will surely be impressed by it.

The EveRest spa sits within the Wellis’s new high-end ‘PeakLine’ range which contains all of the company’s latest developments

EXCLUSIVE THERAPY FROM PASSION’S ECSTATIC WAVE The Ecstatic Wave from Passion Spas is a seven-person oasis that incorporates all standard features from Passion Spas Exclusive Collection, and a variety of massage experiences that makes the Ecstatic Wave a unique and highly therapeutic spa. The various massages include Aqua Rolling Massage™, which is proprietary to Passion Spas and was designed in close cooperation with physiotherapists. The function of Aqua Rolling Massage™ is similar to the powerful strokes of a massage therapist, starting at the lower back and working its way up to your neck. The Levitation Bed™ is the most innovative spa therapy feature available on the market today. This massage feature creates a floating sensation, and bathers almost feel as though they are lying on a cload. The Levitation Bed™ provides soothing, head-to-toe therapy, and the bather may choose to lie either face

up or face down. The Ecstatic also now boasts their Therapy Wave Zone™, a massage feature that uses jets to work the muscles in the back, as well as a Waterfall Massage™ that concentrates on the neck. Additional features include an audio system, their Aqua Rolling Massage™, aromatherapy, Synergy Water Maintenance System™, and over 150 therapeutic massage jets. In short, this model is packed with many cutting-edge features designed to provide the most relaxing, renewing hydrotherapy experience imaginable. Of course, the Ecstatic Wave spa incorporates all of the quality construction features Passion Spas is known for, including molded base, synthetic frame, and thick fibreglass laminate backing the acrylic surface; everything needed to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Certikin International 01993 777200 www.calderaspas.co.uk Jacuzzi UK 0113 272 7430 www.jacuzzi.co.uk Passion Spas +31 57 745 6040 www.passionspas.com Superior Spas 01246 559071 www.superiorspas.co.uk Villeroy & Boch +49 686 481 2714 www.villeroy-boch.co.uk Wellis UK 01252 328866 www.wellis.com

With a variety of massage experiences, the Ecstatic Wave a unique and highly therapeutic spa from Passion Spas

62 February 2020 SPN 60-62_SPN_Feb_20_Hot_Tubs.indd 62

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SUPERIOR SPAS FEB20.qxp_Layout 1 09/01/2020 01:11 Page 1

There is a very good reason why we have been recipients of Team of the Year & Supplier of the Year on multiple occasions.

We invite you to visit us on Stand C66 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry to ďŹ nd out!

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Ultraviolet And Ultra Effective

When it comes to the effective treatment of water in pools and other wet leisure environments, UV Systems are now an established choice, particularly in commercial settings. Their success is no real surprise when you consider UV’s many benefits, but their big selling point is a large reduction in the use of chlorine as a sanitiser. As more pools make the switch to UV, there’s plenty of product choices to consider we take a look at the options By Karen Witney


t is now a well-known fact that UV is an extremely powerful disinfectant, effective even against cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia. These particularly nasty microorganisms can survive in a pool despite the use of chlorine. In addition to its biocide action, UV has a powerful oxidising effect successfully removing organic pollution from pool and spa water. When UV is used in conjunction with chlorine, the chloramines that cause eye and skin irritation are firmly kicked into touch. Although hugely effective, UV is a secondary disinfection process that is used alongside, primarily chlorine as the principal disinfectant in swimming pool and spa water. The reason for this is that UV only treats water as it passes through the lamp, therefore a sanitiser such as chlorine is needed to ensure constant defence throughout the rest of the system. It is possible to reduce the sanitiser level by as much as 50-80% down to as little as 0.5ppm. Pool water treated with UV will use less chemicals so needs less backwashing and will also improve heating costs. So… a UV treated pool uses less chemicals, needs less backwashing and reduces both water and heating costs but that old stalwart, chlorine, is still very much key. With plenty of options available, we focus on just some of the ultra effective options that are making water safer through the power of UV.

ELECRO SYSTEM PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE INTERNAL REFLECTION Available from Plastica, H.R.UV-C is the newest member to the Elecro family of sanitisers. Designed using the latest knowledge of highly reflective reactor casing materials, the H.R.UV-C produces up to 95% reflectivity (if you compare this to stainless steel reactors only 20 to 28% reflection is typically achieved). The H.R.UV-C is 100% sea and saltwater compatible, unlike stainless steel units that suffer corrosion issues.

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The super reflective properties of the Elecro H.R.UV-C optimises the UV-C radiation and dramatically increases the performance. The inside surface casing is extremely repellent and therefore self-cleaning. Intelligent electronics indicate when the lamps are not producing sufficient UV-C and need to be changed, ensuring the unit is always performing optimally. The H.R.UV-C is compatible with and complements all traditional treatment methods including; chlorine, bromine,

Available from Plastica, H.R.U V-C is the newest member to the Elecro family of sanitisers

active oxygen / hydrogen peroxide and salt electrolysis. A narrow and extended chamber ensures maximum exposure to the powerful UV-C. It is easy to use and install, can be retro fitted to any existing pool system – a self-cleaning system, reducing the need for maintenance. The intelligent lamp life indicator signals when the lamps are no longer producing sufficient UV-C and need to be changed. Ensuring your unit is always performing optimally and has a long lamp life, up to 9,000 hours, ensuring that the unit is performing optimally. Also available is Elecro’s Spectrum Hybrid which provides the next generation of UV water treatment. The Spectrum Hybrid unit creates Hydroxyl Radicals, which are essentially a water molecule with a hydrogen atom removed, causing the molecule to be highly volatile and reactive. The exceptional mobility of the molecules that fill the reaction chamber leads to the destruction of pollutants in their path. Once the Hydroxyl Radical has reacted with the pollutant it converts back into water.

ATG EVOQUA UV RANGE – IMPROVING WATER QUALITY ACROSS THE INDUSTRY From the smallest hydrotherapy pools to leisure centres, spas and water parks, Evoqua ATG has a UV system to meet the needs of the aquatics industry with flow capability from 5 up to 5,000m3/h. The latest addition to Evoqua ATG’s product range is the compact Wafer® UV generator. It’s about one third of the size of comparative units making it easy to install and retrofit in the most restricted of plant rooms. The eight models in the range use the latest in medium pressure UV lamp technology, in single and twin lamp configurations to handle flows from 5 to 600m3/hr. As with Evoqua ATG’s WF range includes UV intensity monitoring, over-temperature control and automatic cleaning.

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UV SYSTEMS Lamp life is 9,000hrs, and the enhanced safety quick release Twistlok™ UV lamps can be changed without removing the wiper motor, so maintenance requirements are significantly reduced by comparison with other systems. The SPECTRA control system includes features such as data stream monitoring, process interlocks and programmable set points, and it interfaces with most BMS protocols. A key feature is variable power stepping from 100% down to 30%, allowing operators to optimise the operational power of their system to match bather loads and pool opening times. The Wafer generator is 3rd party validated, NSF-50 certified and Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) compliant and designed to provide a minimum 3-log reduction of cryptosporidium. UV improves water quality by breaking down chloramines giving bright sparkling water, fresh clean air and residual chlorine levels as low as 0.5ppm. Evoqua ATG is the UV pool water treatment of choice worldwide: Transforming Water. Enriching Life®.

PURIQ – FAIRLOCKS’ 100% ECOFRIENDLY UV WATER PURIFIER PURIQ UV-C water purification is the only purification pump your customer needs. The PURIQ Bright Series UV-C water purifier offers optimal technology for crystalclear water without the need for multiple chemicals and is kinder for the user also. Using the latest technology, the lamp placed in the pool water emits a very powerful UV-C light with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 nm that kills practically all bacteria, viruses, algae and moulds. Using a UV light provides non-chemical disinfection, enabling effective primary control over waterborne bacteria, which can benefit both public and

The ATG Evoqua WF range is the next generation of medium pressure UV systems and is the most compact on the market

private pools. This results in optimal purification, reducing the need by 80% of chlorine and other chemical usage. The PURIQ UV-C system, with its 100% eco-friendly operation, provides more natural, healthier water. The extra wide SAE 316 stainless steel housing extends the time the water is exposed to the strong UV-C radiation while also minimising the pressure drop as the water passes through. Not only is the system better for the pool and pool user, but the environment benefits too. There is a significantly reduced number of toxic by-products produced by the UV purifier ensuring that the end response is a cleaner, safer environment for all. Thanks to the polished interior, there is virtually no adhesion of contaminants to the walls, which boosts the effectiveness of the UV-C radiation by a further 35%. The PURIQ UV-C water purifier contains intelligent electronics that signals an alert when it is time to replace the lamp, which ensures that The PURIQ-UV-C water purifier from Fairlocks offers optimum technology and crystal clear water Certikin’s brand new UV range comes with a control box that is fully serviceable and can be easily replaced

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the unit is always operating at peak efficiency and the water is clear. This way, the customer always has a perfectly working device they can rely on.

CERTIKIN LAUNCHES AN EASILY SERVICEABLE UV RANGE Certikin is introducing in 2020 a brand new UV range with a difference – it comes with a control box that is fully serviceable and can be easily replaced in the event of problems. This new serviceable version has electrical components that can be swapped out. The replacement control box can be sold as a spare and is fitted to a bracket that is glued to the UV. It can be easily relocated to a mount on the wall, if required. It uses less plastic to produce and serviceability means less plastic waste. Seven models are available – 15w, 25w, 30w, 55w, 75w, 110w and 220w. The new range joins a number of other tried and tested UV solutions such as the Blue Lagoon Buster UV-C system, a product fitted with amalgam UV-C lamps which are known to be the most powerful low-pressure UV-C lights available on the market. Blue Lagoon Buster UV-C comes equipped with a built-in high frequency electronic ballast which absorbs current fluctuations thereby protecting the lamp. It includes a flow switch that will turn off the lamp when the flow is too low and a transparent lamp

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Lighthouse supply the high quality range of Filtreau™ UV-C systems

head which makes a visual inspection of the lamps as simple as can be. This is as well as a LED timer which visually warns in advance when lamps need to be changed. As well as being easy to install and maintain, the Buster UV-C is able to reduce the use of chlorine or other chemicals by up to 80% making it the ideal UV system.

LIGHTHOUSE LIGHT UP WITH FILTREAU UV-C Lighthouse supply the high quality range of Filtreau™ UV-C systems, which enables the customer to reduce the chlorine use drastically by up to 90% in some pools. Filtreau ensures crystal clear water by utilising high UV-C radiation, which kills almost all bacteria, viruses and even fungi. The housing on the units is designed to maximise the length of time that the water stays in contact with the UV-C radiation. As well as this, the highly polished reactor ensures minimal dirt build up on the inside of the unit, increasing the UV-C radiation’s effectiveness by 35%. The wide-bodied housing on a Filtreau UV-C system ensures minimal pressure loss during the water treatment. Salt pools are also catered for with the ‘Titan’ salt-resistant model.

The system is easily installed into domestic pool pipework whether it is a retrospective installation or as part of a new build. The units are also covered by a two year warranty on manufacturing defects. Due to the extra-wide DUPLEX housing on the Filtreau range, the water stays in contact with the UV-C radiation for a longer time. This broad housing also ensures that there is minimal pressure loss during the water treatment. The housing is polished on the inside to minimise the chances of dirt sticking to the walls. Overall, this increases the effectiveness of the UV-C radiation by up to 35%. The intelligent electronics indicate when the lamp is not producing enough radiation and needs to be changed (approx. 12,000hrs), ensuring you know that your device is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

HANOVIA UV SYSTEMS ARE COST EFFECTIVE AND RESILIENT Hanovia’s SwimLine UV system range delivers effective treatment (chloramine removal and disinfection) for all leisure facilities from spas through to large competition pools. Energy optimisation and single medium

pressure lamp designs provide the lowest cost of ownership whilst third party validations provide peace of mind. By using medium pressure lamps the system breaks down not only monochloramine but also di- and trichloramine which are responsible for eye and skin irritation, headaches and unpleasant odours. Hanovia’s UV system lamps’ polychromatic spectrum includes the optimum wavelength for chloramine photolysis, from 245 nm (mono), and 297 nm (di), to 260-340 nm (tri) wavelengths. The disinfecting power of the SwimLine UV systems ensure drastically reduced residual chlorine levels to as little as 0.5 ppm. Organic molecules in the pool water are oxidised for noticeably improved water clarity. UV has the added advantage of being effective against chlorine resistant microorganisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia. By using Hanovia’s SwimLine UV systems the presence of cryptosporidium can be reduced by 99.9% according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). On top of that, the systems are up to 5 times cheaper to maintain and occupy only 1/10th of the space of ozonation equipment. The SwimLine product range is optimised for pools and leisure applications. SwimLine PQ (EO or IL) options are 3rd party validated systems for critical disinfection and dechlorination while the SwimLine PH systems are suitable for standard disinfection and dechlorination. All SwimLine systems are designed for long life and reliability and are backed by technical support in the UK with free training. To keep the systems in tip-top operating conditions, Hanovia maintains an extensive spares and consumables supply operation, ensuring rapid availability of essential parts.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: ATG Evoqua 01942 216161 www.atguv.com Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Fairlocks Pool Products 01865 988346 www.fairlocks.co.uk Hanovia’s SwimLine UV IL is manufactured and tested to meet international standards

...a UV treated pool uses less chemicals, needs less backwashing and reduces both water and heating costs but that old stalwart, chlorine, is still very much key” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 65-67_SPN_Feb_20_UV_Systems.indd 67

Hanovia Ltd 01753 515300 www.hanoviauv.com Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk Plastica 01424 857857 www.plasticapools.net

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Dependable Treatments For Pristine Pool Water Providing a clean and safe water experience is a must for any pool or spa owner, and whilst traditional methods of water treatment are still routinely used, newer technologies have gained in popularity. Putting UV aside, there are numerous other products and systems available which tick all the necessary water treatment boxes. With choices suitable for a variety of settings, we highlight just some of the options By Karen Witney


ife is busy, non-stop ‘stuff’ that we all have to contend with day in day out and relaxation is often sadly out of reach. When it comes to pools and spas, enjoyment and relaxation should be top of the list in both commercial and domestic applications and when time is tight, ensuring the water is good quality can be guaranteed by implementing the right products and water treatment options that work. Commercial facilities are pretty well set when it comes to automatic treatment and with domestic consumers becoming more savvy, now is a good time to show them how to relax and smell the coffee not the chloramines!

AUTOPILOT SALT CHLORINE GENERATORS FROM CERTIKIN Exclusive in the UK to Certikin, AutoPilot’s industry leading salt systems turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for pool water that’s clean, clear and luxuriously soft. AutoPilot’s have a self-cleaning cell which can operate in water up to 40°C. A salt level as low as 2,500ppm is achievable all the Exclusive in the UK to Certikin, AutoPilot’s industry leading salt systems turn ordinary salt into a selfregenerating supply of pure chlorine

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way up to 35,000ppm (sea level). The salt level and how much salt is required to top up is displayed on a digital screen as well as water temperature, flow and diagnostics. Built-in patented temperature compensation adjusts the chlorine output depending on water temperature. An optional relay is also available which allows the AutoPilot to control the circulation pump. AutoPilot have been making quality products since 1976 and every unit is 100% tested before leaving the factory. With this experience in the industry and commitment to quality, AutoPilot provide products that represent today’s leading salt chlorine generator technology. Add to that an unbeatable warranty which purchasers receive with every AutoPilot salt chlorine generator, and owners will be assured that they are investing in one of the best quality salt chlorine generators that money can buy.

GAFFEY’S HYPROLYSER® COMBINES WATER, SALT AND ENERGY Manufactured in the UK by Gaffey, the popularity of Hyprolyser® on-site hypochlorite generators for disinfection in commercial pools has increased significantly over the past decade, mainly due to the inherent health, safety and economical benefits on offer. Using only salt, water and energy, the Hyprolyser® produces a low strength sodium hypochlorite solution containing less than 1% chlorine, below the threshold for hazardous classification. The Hyprolyser® generates hypochlorite on demand, producing a stock of fresh chemical each day and eliminating the need for operators to handle frequent chemical deliveries and store hazardous chlorine chemicals on-site. Due to the generated solution being much lower in caustic content than commercial hypochlorite products, chemical injection points do not scale-up, removing the need for injector cleaning by the operator. This benefit alone significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents and chemical contact and affords a big improvement in the reliability of disinfection and dosing system. British salt mines produce abundant

Gaffey’s Hyprolyser® produces a low strength sodium hypochlorite solution containing less than 1% chlorine for safe, healthy and economical disinfection

supplies of some of the best quality salt in the world. Using salt as the raw ingredient for generating disinfectant offers some surprising environmental benefits too; for example, for operators using traditional packaged calcium hypochlorite products in drums, switching to bagged salt results in a 92% reduction in the use of plastic for the same quantity of chlorine produced, not to mention a similar reduction in energy and water involved in recycling it. The introduction of Hyprolyser® models for smaller commercial pools, such as the iSEC® and Compact models, has been a key driver in the growth of Gaffey. Prominent UK operators such as Thorpe Park Resort, Center Parcs, Royal Commonwealth Pool and Wiltshire Council were early adopters of the Hyprolyser® and, witnessing the benefits to their operations, have since installed multiple units in their facilities.

A HEALTHY DOSE FROM GOLDEN COAST When it comes to pool maintenance, little and often is key and Swimmer pool chemicals from Golden Coast enable pool owners to get clean, clear and healthy water easily and effectively. “Golden Coast offers a wide range of

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WATER TREATMENTS & SYSTEMS distributed this product successfully worldwide. They are the approved UK supplier of Melclorite N.X – Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets and Aqua Couleur. JAK Water Systems also work closely with Melspring International B.V (formally Melchemie) who have been in the chemical market since 1936 and operate in over 40 countries.

The Swimmer pool chemicals from Golden Coast enable pool owners to get clean, clear and healthy water easily and effectively


Swimmer products, each designed for different aspects of water treatment, so you can tailor what you need to your pool’s requirements,” said Mitchel Percy, a member of the Technical Sales team at Golden Coast. In order to establish and maintain the right water balance, there are a number of products available, including Swimmer pH Increaser and Reducer, Alkalinity Increaser and Calcium Hardness Increaser. When preparing to balance pool water, it might be necessary to add a chlorine stabiliser – such as Swimmer Chlorine Stabiliser Granules – to reduce the amount of chlorine lost to sunlight, making it easier to maintain the correct levels. To prevent and kill bacteria, the Swimmer Chlorine Sanitiser Selection offers an extensive choice of products to suit any pool, preferred dosing method and budget. Pool water can become contaminated by waste compounds that react with the chlorine to create chloramines, which irritate skin. Using oxidising products such as the Swimmer Pool Refresh destroys the chloramines, for clearer, more comfortable water. The Swimmer Pool Refresh is the easiest oxidiser to apply, as the contents of the pre-measured sachet can simply be added straight to the water. Rapid Shock Granules and Calcium Hypochlorite Granules are also available for larger quantity dosing. In the event that a pool suffers from algae, recovering it can be expensive and time consuming. “Golden Coast provides a range of Swimmer algicides that have been specially formulated to prevent and cure algae,” said Mitchel. “There are longlife or regular dosing products, but using both is the most effective way to avert the problem.”

FLOWTABII PROVIDES LONGER MAINTENANCE FREE OPERATION As quality and safety standards increase within the water industry, the use of calcium hypochlorite, particularly in tablet form, has become a popular option due to its ease of use and dosing accuracy. The FlowTab II from JAK Water Systems is designed to produce a constant chlorine solution on demand with only two to three litres of solution held within the preparation

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chamber. The necessity for bulk chlorine storage tanks and the possibility of spillages are removed, resulting in a safer operational environment. The FlowTab II is suitable for pool, potable and sewage treatment and will dose up to three pools with a maximum capacity of 500m3/hr. FlowTabII provides a constant strength solution requiring little maintenance and is compatible with all automatic control systems. Some of the benefits of FlowTab II include: • Automatic flushing system • Fully automatic chlorine preparation system • Efficient usage of available chlorine with no waste • Scale formation reduced • No electrical mixers or agitators required. A fully automatic CIP system on the FlowTabII provides longer, maintenance free operation and with maintenance kept to the absolute minimum, attendance by operational staff is substantially reduced. Features on the FlowTabII include: • Automatic/Manual control • Constant strength – adjustable between 0.1% to 1% • Manual over-ride • 12kg Storage Hopper for calcium hypochlorite tablets • Quality dosing pump/s for reliability. JAK Water Systems have designed, developed and manufactured the FlowTabII, calcium hypochlorite dosing system and have JAK Water Systems’ FlowTabII is designed to produce a constant chlorine solution on demand

The Aligator water purification system is a low chemical, eco friendly, automatic pool water cleaner that is well within the budget of most domestic pool owners. “We believe that it really is the end for stinging eyes and irritating skin conditions,” said Product Manager David Dunn. The Aligator system works by harmlessly charging ions in the water, creating a residual disinfectant throughout the whole pool. No other system other than chemical saturation will do this. The ions are pH neutral, non-corrosive and have no effect on the human body. The system is not affected by heat or light and is effective for longer periods than UV or chemicals. Once programmed, the system is fully automatic and will reduce chemical usage by up to 80%. Established in the UK since 1992, Aligator has installed systems in health clubs, hotels, spas and private homes in the UK and Ireland with thousands of satisfied customers. “The water is so pure that the backwash from the pool can be used to water the garden as it contains less chemicals than tap water and is completely harmless,” commented David. Aligator are so confident of their system that they offer a return to base guarantee on parts and labour of five years. “It’s easy for us to prove how effective the system is just visit our website www.aligator.com and read the many testimonials from commercial and private users,” he added. The Aligator system can be fitted to most existing pools and new pools too, in less than a day.

WATERCO’S HYDROCHLOR MINERAL CHLORINATOR ENHANCES CHLORINE PRODUCTION Waterco’s energy efficient Hydrochlor chlorinates the pool making it healthy, crystal clear, and ready to swim in year-round. A saltwater chlorinated pool in fact requires considerably less attention than a standard chlorinated pool. The main function of the Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator is to produce chlorine to sanitise the pool water. Pool water, which contains dissolved pool salt passes over product’s chlorinator cell. This in turn splits the salt into its basic components, one being chlorine. The Hydrochlor Mineral Chlorinator includes an energy saving, intelligent power pack that makes it easy to keep a pool sanitised and healthy to swim in. Hydrochlor uses the latest Switch Mode

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WATER TREATMENTS & SYSTEMS Waterco’s Hydrochlor is self-cleaning and includes a built in timer equipped with battery backup

Power Technology to increase energy efficiency by over 50%, significantly reducing power consumption. It draws less current and this translates to high power conversion and less energy wastage, without compromising chlorine output. Hydrochlor’s Power Pack intelligently recognises the size of the connected chlorinator cell and automatically adjusts its power output to suit. An alarm indicates when salt levels in the pool water too high or too low. If the pool is running beyond the maximum recommended salt level, the chlorinator will limit its output to protect the chlorinator cell. Hydrochlor includes an in-built easy to use timer equipped with battery backup, which will maintain settings for up to 150 hours. The product’s new self-cleaning chlorinator cell features a serial parallel design that enhances chlorine production, whilst requiring less energy. The self-cleaning chlorinator cell has the added ability to reverse its polarity and automatically clean calcium build-up off its electrodes. If no water flow is detected in the chlorinator cell, Hydrochlor automatically switches off the chlorine production to protect the chlorinator cell, and activates the No Flow LED indicator.

ZODIAC’S MAGNAPOOL™ PROVIDES INCOMPARABLY GENTLE, CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER MagnaPool™ is a magnesium-based water treatment system from Zodiac® Pool care products which utilises an extraordinary MagnaPool™ is a magnesium-based water treatment system from Zodiac® Pool care products which utilises an extraordinary beneficial power from nature

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Commercial facilities are pretty well set when it comes to automatic treatment and with domestic consumers becoming more savvy, now is a good time to show them how to relax and smell the coffee not the chloramines!” beneficial power from nature. Found in sea water as well as in the human body and in all living tissues, magnesium is one of the essential minerals required for our bodies to function properly. Magnesium is good for soothing pain, caring for the skin and hair and easing muscular problems. The MagnaPool™ system combines the natural properties of MagnaPool minerals with an exceptionally fine filtration system. A combination of three products provide a healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly mineral-enriched swimming pool: • Zodiac® Patented MagnaPool™ minerals which dissolve in the pool water. • Zodiac® Crystal Clear - glass crystals filter medium which provides ultra-fine filtration. • Zodiac® Hydroxinator - an exclusive water treatment unit that purifies water automatically by hydroxination. The self-contained system is easy to use and provides exceptionally clear water without adding any sanitising chemicals. The intense clarity is made possible by combining two innovative factors. Firstly, the powerful natural clarifying properties of magnesium in MagnaPool™ minerals and secondly, exceptionally fine filtration using Crystal Clear glass media. Lighthouse, the specialist pool distributor, are the sole UK distributor of Zodiac® Pool care products.

SALT WATER SOLUTIONS FROM PLASTICA Natural salt water chlorinators are the most economical, natural and environmentally friendly disinfection systems for swimming pools and spas. They convert natural table salt into chlorine. This sanitises the water while eliminating the negative side effects associated with traditional chlorine. So, instead of just adding chlorine into the water, you create a chlorine generator with a salt water chlorinator that continues to generate chlorine until more salt is needed. Resilience C is a natural salt chlorinator developed for pool owners wishing to install a simple, easy to operate device. This modest, dependable salt chlorinator offers reliable pool sanitation, leaving them more time to swim, bathe and relax. The lightweight unit works at full capacity at ambient temperatures of up to 122ºF and features include: • 24 hrs turbo chlorination mode • 4 levels of chlorine production

• 4 warning signals • Winter protection mode • Automatic reversed polarity for keeping blades clean. Another salt chlorinator available from Plastica is the Zelia which features a transparent cell. The colour changing cell illuminates according to salinity. As soon as the salt level drops below the required level, the ingenious cell changes from green to red. The unit also automatically reduces chlorine output when automatic covers are in the closed position. This unit is suitable for pools up to 60m3. Both the Resilience C and the Zelia are exclusive to Plastica. SPN Available from Plastica, the Zelia features a colour changing cell which illuminates according to salinity

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Aligator Systems Ltd 01206 543485 www.aligator.com Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Gaffey Technical Services Ltd 01254 350180 www.gaffey.co.uk Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com JAK Water Systems 01789 333313 www.jakwater.co.uk Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk Plastica 01424 857857 www.plasticapools.net Waterco Europe 01795 521733 www.waterco.eu

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Chlorogene P P


Removes Biofilms from internal pipework on Hot Tubs, Spas, Swim Spas and Jetted Baths

Kills viruses, pathogens and bacteria


Ideal for treating high TVC’s and failed colony counts in Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools Removes sludge and slime

Individual foil wrapped 25g chlorine dioxide tablets

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Water Treatment Products Ltd Unit 1, Gilchrist Thomas Industrial Estate, Blaenavon, Pontypool, Torfaen NP4 9RL T: 01495 792790 • F: 01495 792090 • Email: sales@watertreatmentproducts.co.uk www.watertreatmentproducts.co.uk

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Products To Keep The Water Flowing Found at the heart of every plant room, pool and spa pumps keep the water moving and are an essential component in any efficient system. These powerful products have improved over recent years and the latest variable speed options have for many, become the pump of choice for many applications. With the choices now wider than ever, in this issue we highlight some of the best models that are available By Andrea Hartshorne


roviding powerful circulation for pools and spas of various sizes, these extremely important pieces of equipment work away in the background of every pool and spa, whether domestic or commercial. Technological advances continue to be made with this rather unassuming (but vital) product to improve, amongst other things, energyefficiency, running costs and construction materials. With plenty of choices available from a number of brands, this issue we take a look at some of the models which will be keeping water on the move this year.

MAKE SOME NEW CONNECTIONS WITH GOLDEN COAST When a swimming pool pump needs to be replaced, installers and consumers are usually forced to buy exactly the same brand of pump again to guarantee it is compatible with their existing pipework. This can be a particular problem when a failed pump has significant issues that are well-known, as installers face a choice of either refitting the same pump or engaging in costly, labour-intensive replumbing. The Speck BADU EasyFit pump is the solution pool owners are looking for. Available Golden Coast’s GC SuperPro swimming pool pump – a drop-in replacement for Hayward® Super Pump® and Pentair® SuperFlo® pumps

exclusively from Golden Coast, the EasyFit pump is compatible with nine different pump types, with seven connection sets available to ensure complete flexibility when installing on existing pipes. “The EasyFit connection sets contain port fittings and height-specific legs to uniquely suit specific equipment, and it makes assembly quick and easy,” said Sarra Collins, Technical Sales Advisor at Golden Coast. Corrosion-resistant, reliable and maintenance-free, the BADU EasyFit consumes on average 20% less power than the industry’s leading pumps, and is suitable for pool volumes ranging from 35 to 200 m³. “Installing a new circulation pump into an existing filter can be time-consuming and problematic, but the EasyFit solves all that,” added Sarra. New for 2020 is the cost-efficient, highperformance GC SuperPro swimming pool pump – a drop-in replacement for Hayward® Super Pump® and Pentair® SuperFlo® pumps. GC SuperPro offers a range of models with flow rates of 8 to 40 m3/hr for pool sizes between 30 and 100 m3. GC SuperPro is designed with an easily serviceable 4-bolt pump assembly, and includes an integrated handle for simple transport and installation. The pump model casing has either 1.5 or 2 inch suction and discharge connections, as well as a transparent lid for quick and easy inspection. GC SuperPro is also supplied with metric and imperial connection sets.

AN INDUSTRY FAVOURITE THAT’S BEEN MADE EVEN BETTER Exclusive to Certikin, the new generation Aquaspeed launched in spring 2019 fits perfectly into the original Aquaspeed

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Exclusive to Certikin, the new generation Aquaspeed fits perfectly into the original Aquaspeed footprint and pipework connections

footprint and pipework connections so is ideal for retro fit as well as new installations. Suitable for salt chlorinated pools, the pump has a solid clear lid for simple inspection of the basket and comes complete with quick connect unions for ease of installation and a 316 high grade mechanical seal. The single piece fibreglass filled pump body (UV stabilized and corrosion resistant) ensures maximum strength and durability. It is available in a choice of sizes from 0.5hp to 3hp and features a hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser design for maximum hydraulic output whilst minimising turbulence. The range also includes the Aquaspeed 100 ECO-V pump. With all the features and benefits of the renowned Aquaspeed, this new model brings variable speed economy to an industry favourite. Equipped with a state-of-the-art variable speed, permanent magnet brushless motor that results in the ability to vary the motor speed depending on the installation requirements. The pumps are ideal for new installations or retrofit as the connections are exactly the same as the single speed Aquaspeed.

EFFICIENT PUMP SOLUTIONS FOR ANY SIZE OF POOL FROM FAIRLOCKS Fairlocks are renowned for the supply of high-quality pool products. Pumps can easily impact the use, functionality and

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POOL & SPA PUMPS cost-effectiveness of a swimming pool or spa. Therefore, selecting the right pump is essential for the smooth running of any size facility and reduces the number of engineer call outs required. At Fairlocks the Krispsol self-priming centrifugal pumps are some of the highest quality pumps, and are engineered with German design and feature a reinforced casing to withstand all elements. The thermoplastic injection moulded casing is reinforced with glass fibre. The hinged lid closing screws with stainless steel studs and O ring ensure the pump fixings are durable and all pumps are suitable for all types of water, including saltwater. The pumps come in various motor sizes to suit a wide range of settings required to enhance a pool’s efficiency and effectiveness. To improve the energy saving properties of the pool pump, Fairlocks also stock and support the Mega Pool Saver to complement your swimming pool pump. The Mega Pool Saver is one of the most advanced efficient variable speed controllers that can be used with your current single speed pool pump. Some features include: Savings of up to 80% on pool pump energy consumption, unrivalled compatibility with 95% single speed pumps (1.1 kW or 1.5 hp), four programmable time settings, over 30 programmable speeds and easy DIY installation. Working in unison with an efficient pool pump, the Mega Pool Savers makes the pool run smoother, provides excellent efficiency and offers flexibility to customers.

THE FLEXIBLE ZODIAC FLOPRO™ FROM LIGHTHOUSE Lighthouse, the specialist pool distributor, are the sole UK distributor of Zodiac® Pool care products. Their Zodiac FloPro™ pool pumps are quiet, easily maintained, robust and reliable after being put through rigorous testing prior to launch. This quality is underpinned with

Zodiac FloPro™ pool pumps are quiet, easily maintained, robust and reliable

74 February 2020 SPN 73-76_SPN_Feb_20_Pumps_Feature.indd 74

Engineered with German design, Krispsol self-priming centrifugal pumps are some of the highest quality pumps aroundv

a three year warranty. The pumps are some of the best performing in their category, thanks to a high water flow to power ratio, resulting in a 25% energy saving. All Zodiac pumps are easy to install, whether for a retro or initial fit, with adjustable base heights supplied as standard. Choose from variable and single speed pumps with the FloPro™ VS offering Wi-Fi connectivity via the iAquaLink™ app, allowing users to control the pump remotely. Adjust the weekend and weekday timer, view power usage and the speed at which the pump is running from an electronic smart device regardless of location. Commenting on the Zodiac products supplied by Lighthouse, a member of the Giles Leisure team (who are a Lighthouse expert partner) said: “We at Giles Leisure install Zodiac filtration and pump products, supplied by Lighthouse, as this system ensures reliability. It’s a system that looks smart and is efficient, adds an air of quality to any domestic plant room. The filters are solid and well made.

The pumps are robust, easily fitted and we regularly get comments on how quiet they are when replacing older brands, during refurbishments or upgrades.”

PLASTICA’S ARGONAUT® PUMPS ARE A RESOUNDING SUCCESS! The Argonaut® and smaller counterpart the AG Pump have been a resounding success for Plastica and all wet end components are now made in the UK. All assembly work is undertaken in their purpose-built pump assembly workshop in their St. Leonards factory. The packaging has been greatly improved with all pumps encased in specially moulded foam to guarantee that every pump arrives at its final destination in perfect condition, no more broken fan casings! Both pumps are versatile in their application for either small to medium sized pools and also work well with a hot tub. The Argonaut® pump comes with a heavy-duty long life IP55 rated motor that is quiet running with a 60 dB rating and the pump self-primes up to 3 metres. The mechanical seal made with AISI 316 stainless steel is suitable for a wide range of applications including chlorine, bromine and salt chlorinated pools, the glass filled polypropylene tank has an unparalleled high chemical resistance. All motors include a high grade stainless steel shaft, input power ranging from 0.25 (hp) 0.19 kW – 2 (hp) 1.5 kW available in single phase and three phase. Their pump incorporates a large 1.75 litre strainer basket and clear lid for easy inspection, as a last effort to avoid leaf or hair contamination reaching the closetolerance impeller section of the pump. For ease of installation, the Argonaut comes with adjustable unions for both metric (63 mm) and imperial (2”) with inserts taking it down to metric 50 ml and imperial 1.5 inch. Backed by a three-year warranty, they are the perfect choice for exceptional performance and unrivalled value. Will Dando, Plastica’s Technical Manager,

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POOL & SPA PUMPS of variable speed Eco pumps capable of moderating their motor speed, reducing water flow when required, and reducing energy consumption by up to 67% compared to a standard motor pump. Waterco is committed to the continuous improvement and re-development of all their products to provide the very best quality and value to their customers and also offers a number of Eco and variable speed pumps to ensure that the most cost efficient and ecologically sound solutions can be provided for any installation. The Lacronite Eco VS and Hydrostorm Eco ranges both offer significant energy savings compared to fixed speed pumps by reducing water flow when needed to lower energy consumption.

With all wet end components now made in the UK, the Argonaut® has been a resounding success for Plastica

DAVEY’S SILENSORPRO MODELS OFFER SUPER QUIET OPERATION commented: “We believe this British made swimming pool pump is the best choice for small and medium sized pools. It has superior build quality, performance, durability and reliability.”

diffuser design maximise the hydraulic output of the pump while minimising turbulence. The efficient hydraulic performance shortens run time and reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs. In addition to these, Waterco also offer a number

SCP UK offer a wide range of pumps from a variety of leading brands so whether it’s for a commercial or domestic setting, they have a pump to suit any need. One of the more recent manufacturers to be offered by the company is Davey and their new SilensorPro models – the VSD200 and VSD400 Premium – offer high efficiency

WATERCO’S OPTIONS OFFER A PUMP FOR EVERY INSTALLATION The range of Waterco pumps now available for the pool and spa market spans everything from smaller 0.33 hp domestic pool pumps right up to larger 15 hp commercial options. With models like the Aquamite, Supastream, Hydrotuf and Hydrostom offering solutions for smaller pools and systems, and the Hydrostar and Hydrostar Plus available in various sizes for commercial installations, there really is a pump available for every installation. Designed for reliability and maximum performance, Waterco pumps incorporate the latest technology in design and construction to produce energy saving, durable, high performance pumps ideal for any pool or spa installation. On standard models the impellor and

Waterco’s Hydrostar Plus pump is available in various sizes for commercial installations

CASE STUDY WATER FOR WELLBEING IN LONDON’S HISTORIC DOCKS With its self-contained wharves, secure warehouses, underground vaults and acres of open water, London’s historic docks in Wapping once played a critical role in the city’s international trade of luxury commodities. Closed to shipping since 1969, the area has attracted a series of new developments, the latest being London Dock by St George of the Berkley Group. The Health and Fitness Suite at London Docks includes a number of purpose-built amenities including a fully tiled 20-metre indoor swimming pool designed and built by Aqua Platinum Projects. The pool features a vitality spa located at one end comprising a number of spa jets and two stainless steel neck massagers. “Being a prestigious development in the heart of London, the pool equipment had to be of the highest

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quality and that’s why Waterco was our preferred choice,” said Aqua Platinum Projects Managing Director Ryan Fronda. As a result, in addition to other Waterco products, Aqua Platinum Projects installed 2 x 6hp Hydrostar commercial pumps in the 145m3 main pools and the same pump equipment in the 12m 3 vitality spa along with 2 x Hydrostorm 1.5hp pumps for the neck massagers and 2 x 2.0hp Hydrostorm pumps to operate the spa jets. The pumps chosen are specifically designed to meet the demands of the commercial market in regard to performance, reliability and quietness. Aqua Platinum Projects 01489 896 438 www.aquaplatinumprojects.co.uk

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POOL & SPA PUMPS and super quiet operation. The VSD400 Premium is Davey’s top of the range model. With an 8 star energy rating, and iOS and Android app control via Bluetooth® control, the robust and super quiet SilensorPro Premium has fully variable speed control and is suited to a wide range of pumping applications such as filtration, water features and pool and spa heating systems. The SilensorPro is efficient, with an ability to cap peak flow, priming and backwash speeds. It is ideal for retrofit installations with sand filters and it uses backwash speed cycling technology for effective media cleaning and reducing waste water while backwashing. Other features shared by both models include: • Fully variable frequency drive with user friendly selectable speed dial • Large leaf basket with easy to remove, clear lid • Loss of prime protection to protect the pump when there is no water inside the pump • Quality ABS quick coupling barrel unions for simple installation • Drain plug enables quick draining of the casing for easy removal and maintenance SilensorPro Models incorporate a high performance water cooled motor for ultraquiet, efficient use all year round and for peace of mind, come complete with a three year warranty.

THE NORSUP EVO+ VSTD – VARIABLE SPEED EXCLUSIVITY FROM BOSTA Variable speed pumps are still some of the most efficient pool pumps available to pool

The Davey SilensorPro VSD400 Premium offers high efficiency and super quiet operation

owners. In this modern era every pool pump sold should give customers the flexibility only to run their pump at full power when they need it, not 24/7 like many filtration systems running today. There is no need to run at full speed all the time so pool installers can offer unrivalled filtration systems when they include a variable speed pump. In 2019 the exclusive Norsup brand launched the Evo+ VSTD pool pump. It has been a successful pump in the market for many reasons. Firstly, it is equipped with a simple to use, variable speed drive which allows owners to pre-set up to five different speed settings, all set on a timer to save more than 50% on daily electrical consumption. There is a skimmer function which allows high speed running for short periods (e.g. 3,000 rpm for 5 minutes every 3 hours) which ensures users have no dead spots in the pool.

The second reason for its success is thanks to the premium quality, German manufactured, 1.5 hp Hanning motor and variable speed drive. This easy-to-use drive includes a permanent magnetic motor which reduces friction and ensures ultra-efficiency. It also means this motor is the quietest of its class in the market, which is a major factor in all pools, especially indoor. As with all Norsup products, the range is exclusive to pool installers and showroom retailers only and every assistance is given to provide dealers with promotional materials. Vendors will also receive unparalleled warranty and service levels thanks to a dedicated support team and extended warranty periods.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Bosta UK 01284 716587 www.bosta.co.uk Certikin International 01993 778855 www.certikin.co.uk Fairlocks 01865 988346 www.farilock.co.uk Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

Bosta’s Norsup brand launched the Evo+ VSTD pool pump in 2019 and it has been a success pump in the market for many reasons

Pumps can easily impact the use, functionality and cost-effectiveness of a swimming pool or spa. Therefore, selecting the right pump is essential for the smooth running of any size facility and reduces the number of engineer call outs required” 76 February 2020 SPN 73-76_SPN_Feb_20_Pumps_Feature.indd 76

Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk Plastica 01424 857857 www.plasticapools.net SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com Waterco Europe 01795 521733 www.waterco.eu

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A new generation of an industry favourite The popular Aquaspeed pump, which is available exclusively from Certikin As well as a modern look, the new model has an upgraded motor which is manufactured using the latest technology to provide an efficient and powerful pump. Despite this upgrade, there are no changes to the dimensions meaning it will still fit in perfectly to the original pump’s footprint and pipework connections.

Aquaspeed Pump

Aquaspeed ECO-V Variable Speed Pump

• Available in a choice of sizes from 0.5hp to 3hp • Solid clear lid for easy inspection of the basket • Comes with 2” quick connect unions • 316 high grade mechanical seal • Suitable for salt chlorinated pools • Hydraulically efficient impeller and diffuser design • Limited 2 year warranty • UV stabilised and corrosion resistant pump body • Straight swap for all old style Aquaspeed pumps

All the features of the Aquaspeed Pump plus: • State of the art permanent magnet brushless motor which uses components chosen for their quality performance and reliability • 3 variable programmable speeds for efficient and cost effective performance • Direct replacement for single speed Aquaspeed pumps • Rapid payback due to huge reductions in running costs

 01993 777200  info@certikin.co.uk


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Manufacturers of swimming pool heat exchangers for chlorine, saline and spa pools. EJ Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd Chester Street, B’ham B6 4AP, UK Tel: +44 (0) 121 359 5401 Fax: +44 (0) 121 359 7495 Email: info@ejbowman.co.uk












• In depth technical back up • Quick delivery • Complete heat exchangers in stock

sales@gvsswimmingpools.co.uk www.gvsswimmingpoolsonline.co.uk

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Requires Batteries “Coal, oil and batteries all store energy. If you had said just a decade ago that we would be looking at a future where the most important source of power could be the third one I doubt many people would have believed you.” In this edition, Jamie Adams, Managing Director at Golden Coast looks at the subject of renewable energy


ot so long ago ‘renewable energy’ was a phrase whispered by the few, ridiculed by the many and certainly held at bay by the giant energy suppliers. Now it’s at the forefront of the promotion of pretty much any product or service that is fuelled by a finite and polluting resource no longer seen as acceptable by us all.

At the moment it would be like trying to use a steam engine to propel an aeroplane.


POWER TO THE PEOPLE It seems that, certainly in the western world, we have reached a tipping point where the importance of renewable and sustainable sources of energy has moved from being a hippy dream to a part of mainstream, day-today life. The industrial revolution was powered by coal but the post-war boom and the explosive growth that followed was fuelled by oil. ‘Black gold’ was an endless resource. Sometimes it had to be pumped from the ground but often enough the oil companies simply dug a well in the right place and the stuff gushed out to meet us. By pipeline and tanker the oil flowed around the world and a stream of money followed it. It was hard to imagine it ever coming to an end, but then some people started to realise that one day, it would. At the same time, oil began to get a stain on its reputation. Pollution and, later on, global warming and climate change became hot topics. We had a stick and a carrot to drive us all to find a better way; the promise of clean energy and the threat of the oil running out.

RECHARGEABLE The sheer scale of change is perhaps easiest to see in the car industry. Transport represents over 60% of the world’s crude oil consumption and petrol-heads must be the world’s biggest fans. Now, the once sexy petrochemicals used to propel beautiful sports cars around the

streets of Monaco might soon be consigned to the history books. Look at how quietly (pun intended) Formula E has worked its way into the mainstream of motorsport. Look at the number of electric and hybrid cars on the road, from Tesla’s new Cybertruck to the Nissan Leaf. It’s a trend that will only increase. Once you’ve burnt a litre of petrol, its gone but once you’ve drained your battery, you simply recharge it.

POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES Thanks to AC/DC transformers, it is easy to send electricity from where it is made to where it needs to be used but oil still has one big advantage. Oil stores energy but electricity is hard to store. Batteries are the pinch point of this clean revolution. That hippy I mentioned earlier was probably using truck batteries or even submarine batteries to store his wind and solar power but that simply isn’t commercially viable or practical. Lithium-ion batteries have got us so far but there are issues of production, disposal and durability that limit them. We must look for something better. Fuel cell technology – making electricity from hydrogen and oxygen – offers great possibilities but there is still a long way to go.

Fuel cell technology – making electricity from hydrogen and oxygen – offers great possibilities but there is still a long way to go” 84 February 2020 SPN 88_SPN_Feb_2020_Opinion.indd 84

Electricity is only clean and renewable when it is produced by sustainable sources of power. Wind power is the UK’s strongest source of renewable energy and now makes up 20% of our electricity. Solar panels contribute 6%. There are electricity providers who offer tariffs that are 100% renewable and they will include hydroelectricity – just 2% of UK power generation. Of course, there are other ways to be green that are closer to home. Domestic wind turbines are fairly rare but a lot of houses – including mine – have solar panels, either for heating or generating electricity. Even closer to home, how is our industry dealing with the issue, and the opportunity?

WARM LEISURE In 1976 I helped my father to build our first swimming pool and, as a sign of things to come, that pool had a DIY solar heating system made from black alkathene pipe rolled up like a giant liquorice coil located on the roof of the plant room. Solar powered heating has been used in our industry for years alongside traditional fossil fuelled heaters but now the heat pump has really come of age; whisper quiet, high performance, connected and coming to a pool or hot tub near you. Heat pumps save on energy because a heat pump only uses electricity for power rather than for generating heat. They offer a remarkably high efficiency rate and will heat a pool or spa all year around, even in this country. Over the years, I have seen our industry become far more responsible when it comes to green issues, not just with energy, but water and chemical use as well. It’s a trend that, fortunately for all of us, shows no sign of fading. Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

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SWIM, STRETCH, ROW AND RELAX with our award-winning Swim Spas.

Built to the same world-class standards in quality that Artesian Spas are famous for, the TidalFit Exercise Pools are in a class of their own. The craftsmanship and stunning design of the TidalFit Spas are not the only compelling aspects, they are robust, energy efficient and offer unique options to cater for each individual taste. With FOUR unique Swim Spas, there is a TidalFit to suit everyone.





For more information about becoming a TidalFit dealer contact us today! www.tidalfit.co.uk www.artesianspas.co.uk

01302 730 295


The New Alpha iQ™️ Pro Pool Cleaner from Zodiac® PERSONALISED CLEANING With its “Sensor Nav SystemTM”, the ALPHA iQTM robot cleaner identifies the configuration of your pool to optimise its movements and cleaning time. Its pressure sensor provides better superior wall climbing and waterline cleaning according to the depth of the pool. EFFECTIVE SUCTION Its patented cyclone suction is extremely powerful and long-lasting. Thanks to its extra-large suction capacity and very fine filtration system, the ALPHA iQTM collects all types of debris. EASY-TO-USE Thanks to its patented Lift System, ALPHA iQTM is lighter when removing it from the water. Its simple access to its filter and the visibility offered by its transparent window make it easy-to-use in all circumstances. INTUITIVE CONTROLS Monitor cleaning progress at any time through the intuitive interface of the iAquaLinkTM application. ALPHA iQTM is upgradeable thanks to possible optimisations and automatic remote updates. Connect your robot to your WiFi network and control it from your smartphone through the iAquaLink™️ application. Now with a 4 year Warranty*


The Specialist Pool Distributor

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01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk 25/11/2019 14:50

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...