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UV – A Shining Light In Water Treatment When it comes to the effective treatment of water in pools and other wet leisure environments, UV Systems are now an established choice, particularly in commercial settings. Their success is no real surprise when you consider UV’s many benefits, but their big selling point is a large reduction in the use of chlorine as a sanitiser. As more pools make the switch to UV, more products have come to market and this issue, we take a look at the current ultra violet options By Jon Wadeson


he benefits of using UV for water treatment have been known for a long time, however its mainstream use has really only happened over the last couple of decades. Now accepted as one of the most effective choices for water treatment, UV systems have come along way over recent years but manufacturers are far from finished when it comes to product developments and are still improving the systems that are on offer. UV systems work by utilising radiation from UV lamps to inactivate the cells of undesirable organisms contained within pool or spa water by altering the DNA of these harmful bacteria, micro organisms and pathogens. The result – cleaner and safer sanitised pool and spa water and a reduced need for chemical treatment. With a number of products available to the UK market, this issue we focus on just some of the leading lights within the UV sector.

With over 200 aquatic facilities choosing to install a Wafer (WF) system since its launch, the range has taken the market by storm

LESS IS MORE – THE WORLD’S MOST COMPACT UV SYSTEM With lower running costs, an ultra slim installation foot print and reduced operating power, atg UV Technology’s next generation UV System, nicknamed The Wafer, has proved that less is considerably more. With over 200 aquatic facilities choosing to install a Wafer (WF) system since its launch, the range has taken the market by storm. It is ‘The UV equivalent of the smart phone’ said Simon Whittingham, Managing Director at FT Leisure.

For design consultants, the WF design offers an ultra-compact, lightweight solution that can be installed both horizontally and vertically. At around 30% smaller than systems currently on the market, together with single sided access and significantly reduced maintenance space, the WF series easily fits into even the tightest of swimming pool plant rooms. As an inline system, the WF range installs directly into the pipe, reducing the need for additional pipework and support structures. With an ultra slim design, comes a significant reduction in weight without compromising on design features. Features include TwistlokTM ‘plug and play’ lamps and quick release quartz, making the WF range one of the easiest UV systems on the market to install. With its hydraulically optimised design for increased performance at lower operating powers, standardised spares and automatic variable power matching UV performance to pool opening times and water quality data, the WF range is one of the most economic and cost efficient systems on the market, providing increased performance at a reduced cost. UV is proven to protect against chlorine resistant bacteria, such as Cryptosporidium, and break down problem chloramines which are the cause of itchy skin, red burning eyes and often overpowering chemical smell. With a correctly sized WF system, the result is bright sparkling water, fresh clean air and a safe bathing environment. Due to its success, the WF (Wafer) range has now been extended with a further five models, treating flows from 1m3/hr to 700 m3/hr.

RUN A CLEANER AND CHEAPER POOL WITH UV WATER TREATMENT More and more commercial pool managers looking to reduce the chlorination levels while maintaining (or raising) hygiene and water quality. To help them achieve their 73-75_SPN_Feb_17_UV.indd 73

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