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Maximising Options Offering much improved versatility, functionality and when a pool is not in use, the ultimate in safety, moving floors are an increasingly specified option for swimming pools in the commercial and high-end domestic sectors. Whether it’s to vary the depth or completely cover a pool area, there are a number of innovative solutions available to convert pools at the touch of a button. We feature the technology and systems that are available. By Jon Wadeson


espite being a significant investment, there appears to be no stopping the interest in moving swimming pool floors for both commercial and highend domestic swimming pools. Normally, their inclusion is so that the space that the pool occupies can be transformed into an alternative use area at the touch of a button. Once in position, they blend into their surrounding and provide a fully secure heat retaining cover, which reduces humidity and running costs. In fact, many wouldn’t even know a pool even existed below! In other scenarios, pool depths can be altered allowing for increased pool use, maximising its potential and return. Whatever the reason for their inclusion, moveable swimming pool floors are increasingly providing pools across the UK flexibility and increased use that is benefitting their owners.

KBE – A LONG AND PROUD HISTORY IN MOVING FLOOR SYSTEMS With a history in moving pool floors that stretches back 50 years, KBE Bauelemente are one of oldest established moving floor manufacturers. They have over 1,000 satisfied customers worldwide and currently have five contracts progressing in the UK with another in Ireland. Their portfolio of solutions are available in the UK through Birmingham based Suntrap Systems and their easy to operate systems are suitable for all types of new and existing pools and feature an electro-mechanical drive system plus a lightweight construction. All metal parts used in the pool tank are

made of 316 stainless steel or a special bronze and the surface consists of reinforced polyester sections 494mm wide screwed together with 6mm wide slots, which allows waterflow through 1.5% of the surface area of the floor. Alternatively the moving floor surface may be formed by a stainless steel tray which accepts tiling. KBE find that private customers always prefer this option so that the tiling to matches the poolside giving an improved aesthetic appeal, as well as increasing flexibility in the use of the pool area for entertaining, family sports and more. Integrated steps are often specified as these are self-depositing and have the same finish as the floor itself.    The floor is calculated to support a live load of 2,000 N/m² in dry conditions (= 3 people per m²), and can be used for water disco, aqua aerobics and more. The floor is automatically locked using self locked screws in all positions. This is a high security system for extra safety. Large cleaning flaps allow the use of an automatic pool cleaner under the floor overnight, as the area below the floor is free from cables, meaning it is not necessary to employ underwater divers. No additional concrete support structure is needed and a minimum of site work to the pool tank is required for a KBE moving floor.

A MOVEABLE FLOOR INCREASES FITNESS AND REHABILITATION OPTIONS The addition of a moving swimming pool floor from Swimming Pool Fitness can help to increase the versatility of your pool area dramatically in either a domestic or

A small moving swimming pool floor provided by Swimming Pool Fitness that is part of a larger pool

importantly a commercial environment. Being able to raise the floor up to the top of the swimming pool and then down to a range of different depths opens the pool up for a number different users and activities. Pool access is greatly improved and users can simply make their way onto the raised floor before being lowered down to the working depth. Once finished, they are raised back up for an easy exit. The intensity of exercise or rehabilitation can also be completely tailored to suit the needs of every user. Altering the depth allows you to change the intensity or activity easily in just a few seconds, whilst adding additional equipment such as underwater exercise equipment or static hand rails will only further enhance the options available. The company’s moving floors are easy to use and require the minimum of adaptation to the pool construction. They are controlled using a water h ydraulic system that saves on space and eliminates the risk of having toxic hydraulic fluids or electronic components in the pool. Swimming Pool Fitness offer a wide range of possibilities to meet the clients’ specifications. A pool can be fitted with one or more movable floors with an adjustable safety screen between separate platforms, allowing multiple users to work at different depths within the same pool.

SOLUTIONS THAT MOVE PRIVATE AND COMMERCIAL MARKETS Integrated steps are often specified to KBE as these are self-depositing and have the same finish as the floor itself 51-53_SPN_Dec_15_Moving_Floors_rev.indd 51

KBE solutions feature an electro-mechanical drive system plus a lightweight construction

Wrightfield provide moving floor solutions to both the private and commercial sectors and have found the driver for a moving

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2015  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2015  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...