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VG7 – A Premium Portable Speaker For The Outdoors

Kleenpool Ultimate Paddlecare Kit

We all have the spontaneity of paddling in water, both at the seaside but also in the back garden, especially when summer temperatures soar. Freshly filled paddling pools are generally safe, but given that water is now considered a precious resource, it’s wasteful to drain down and refill them constantly, and there’s certainly no need to. With water conservation and ease of use in mind, Complete Pool Controls (CPC) have introduced the Kleenpool Ultimate Paddlecare Kit which features: Ultimate Paddlecare Algaecide Protector – prevents algae formation and/or destroys algae spores Ultimate Paddlecare Super Fizz Tablets – destroys harmful bacteria that enters the paddling pool. With a suggested selling price (SSP) of £14.95 each (£149.50 per case of 10), each kit includes the following:

• 3 x Ultimate Paddlecare Algae Protector 50ml Sachets • 1 x Ultimate Paddlecare Super Fizz Tablets (20 x 3.2g) • 50 x Ultimate Paddlecare 3 Way Test Strips • 1 x Instruction Leaflet. The three main items – the Algae Protector Sachet, Super Fizz Tablets and Test Strips – can all be offered as separate products too, so there’s no excuse for water to be wasted once the kids have finished splashing around in the garden! The Kleenpool Ultimate Paddlecare Kit is just one of a number of easy to use water treatment products produced by CPC for the domestic sector. Complete Pool Controls 01242 662700

Available through SCP UK, the VG7 is the latest and largest release in the VG Series of premium, powerful portable speakers from award-winning audio manufacturer Soundcast. The VG7 features 360 degree sound for an immersive sound profile and is equipped with the shock absorbing and weatherproof capabilities that come as standard with any Soundcast model. These features allow for clear playback in any listening environment. The VG7 features a proprietary long-throw, down-firing woofer with high efficiency BL ferrite motor design for increased battery life and high-performance IMPP cone with butyl rubber surround. This underscores a booming low-end sound range plus volume for large outdoor areas. Encompassing four 3” full-range drivers in a stereo 360° array with high SPL Neodymium motor design, aluminum cones and butyl rubber surrounds, the VG7 creates a listening environment reminiscent of home theatre installations. Other models in the VG range include VG5, VG3 and the hand-held VG1. Soundcast speakers are equipped with the latest components in audio technology to provide owners with the highest quality listening experience. Speakers include: Built-in Bluetooth 4.2 technology for improved connection speeds and heightened security Hands-free commands with DSP technology integration True Wireless Stereo (TWS) configuration to sync two speakers together for left and right playback For larger outdoor spaces, a VGtx Bluetooth Transmitter is also available which will extend transmission ranges up to 50 metres. SCP UK 01293 546126

Announcing The Release Of SlipProtect Slatted Wet Room Mats Specialist provider of industrial health and safety matting, First Mats recently announced the release of a new breed of wet room safety mat that increases comfort and safety when used in areas where bare feet are common and the risk of slips are high. The new SlipProtect mats have been developed using high-quality PVC material with a focus on decreasing the risk of slips and falls in swimming pool areas. By raising users above the flat surface of the floor, where water can collect and increase the risk of slips, these mats ensure user safety across the board. “The SlipProtect mat provides the best in quality and comfort, which I think will be of great benefit to our customers. With superb quality and fantastic service at the heart of 17+18_SPN_August_19_Prod+Eco_News.indd 17

what we do at First Mats, the SlipProtect mat represents an excellent addition to our growing range,” said Richard O’Connor, Marketing & Strategy Director at First Mats. Anti-slip matting designed specifically for use in swimming pool areas is commonly known to cause discomfort for users, with their bare feet being subjected to a high amount of pressure when applied to narrow slats. The new SlipProtect matting from First Mats tackles this issue head-on. By introducing a unique cross-ribbed design and wider slats, the mats provide a more comfortable surface than duckboard matting without any loss in safety.

The First Mats SlipProtect matting offers important anti-bacterial properties to prevent fungal growth. It is also resistant to commercial cleaning products, increasing longevity and decreasing the cost of replacement. A truly customisable matting option, the SlipProtect mat comes in several colours including blue, grey, white and beige. First Mats cut to length from rolls of 60cm, 80cm or 100cm in width, with standard roll lengths coming in at 10 metres. First Mats 0121 702 1659

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) August 2019  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) August 2019  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...