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Services Industrial Services • Ash / lime / sand / cement silo • Heavy sludges • Deep pump station cleaning • Reservoir cleaning • Sand filters exchange • Activated carbon filter exchange • Hopper cleaning • Lagoon cleaning • Culvert cleaning • Water retention pond cleaning • Interceptor cleaning • Vacuum excavation for exposure of underground utilities • Lime silo / cement silo cleaning • Pipe / sewer/ culvert remediation • Pipe / sewer/ culvert cleaning • Grain / silo cleaning • Water retention pond cleaning

CCTV, Tank & Drain Cleaning • Rehabilitation work • Localised patch repair • Full relining • Root cutting

• Chemical injection • Descaling pipes • Septic tank emptying and cleaning • Grease trap emptying and cleaning • Preventative maintenance programmes • GPS mapping system • Complete asset surveys with GPS tagging • Survey results available on USB keys / AQS online viewer • Drain integrity testing • Off road drain cleaning • Water jetting • Solvent storage tank cleaning • Unblocking toilets / residential services • Percolation area remediation • Gully trap / roof gully cleaning • Tanker hire • Food waste depackaging • AutoCAD drawings of unmapped network • Specialised labour supply • Plant decontamination • Spill clean-up

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Sludge Dewatering • Sludge dewatering • Sludge haulage • Skip hire for wet & dry sludge • Sludge recycling

Specialised Service • Concrete injection • Underwater concrete injection • Manhole injection • Manhole sealing • Basement sealing • Tank sealing • Bund sealing • Robotic cutting • Concrete structure sealing

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Industrial Services

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Site Decommissioning

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Tank & Drain Cleaning

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Sludge Dewatering & Disposal

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Specialised Dewatering

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Drainage Network Testing

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Small Scale Services

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Waste Management

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Health & Safety Standards, Accreditations & Trade Membership

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Operational Resources - The AQS Fleet

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Industrial Services AQS environmental solutions were the first industrial services company in Ireland to introduce the concept of vacuum excavation or air movement on a commercial basis.

DISAB Onsite Vacuum Excavation of Sand and Silt.


he concept of vacuum excavation was first introduced by AQS in 2006 and to date we have completed numerous difficult projects that have resulted in significant savings for our customers, from a time and waste perspective. Our DISAB units can remove heavy sludge, rag, sand, crushed stone and powders from any location, on any

given site. Our trained, highly skilled operatives can maximise the performance of the machines. Typical areas of application include: • Removal of solid material from pump stations, deep sumps and culverts. • Exposure of underground utilities, as the units can remove clay and stone by

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suction. • Remove filter media (sand / activated carbon / resin). • Remove grit, screenings, etc from all applicable areas in water and waste water treatment plants. We can undertake any size project required in any industry type.

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Our DISAB vacuum excavation units are used in the excavation of ground areas where there are buried services. The vacuum excavation system ensures that gas lines, power lines, water and sewer lines are not damaged in any way, and they can be exposed safely.

Lagoon Cleaning

The DISAB units have a high tip function which allows them to tip all debris and waste directly into our water tight roll on roll off skips.

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Large Culvert Cleaning - Before

Large Culvert Cleaning - After

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Site Decommissioning Due to our broad service offerings, our specialised machinery and trained staff, we can also provide a site / facility decommissioning or decontamination service.

Site Decontamination


n cases where manufacturing, industrial or other facilities need to be demolished or upgraded, AQS can provide a service whereby all hazards are removed from tanks, sumps and all surfaces prior to dismantling or upgrade.

Our site decommissioning teams have experience in a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical facilities to illegal landfills. Site decommissioning projects are generally very technical and pose significant health and safety challenges, due to the fact

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that anything from hazardous chemicals to bio – hazardous waste may need to be handled during the course of the specific project, and our teams are equipped and trained to do this.

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Tank and Drain Cleaning Tank and drain cleaning activities are undertaken on a daily basis by AQS.


• Pump station clean outs (including removal of rag, silt and stone). • Cleaning of sewer lines and drains, irrespective of size or location prior to CCTV survey. • Spillage clean up. • Domestic blockages or septic tanks.

ach task commands its own resources and work practices and may involve the use of breathable air, confined space entry procedures or chemical handling procedures. Our extensive and varied fleet allows us to complete any type of drain cleaning project possible, irrespective of material type.

Waste management is generally a large factor in these activities and all wastes removed off site are properly accounted for with certificates of disposal issued upon completion of the disposal process.

Tank and drain cleaning services generally include: • Cleaning of tanks that contain organic waste, solvents, acids, oils, filter media or any other material.

Reservoir Cleaning


Drain Cleaning

e can also provide a service whereby we can remove sludge and other settled deposits from water reservoirs without having to drain the reservoirs. This service is provided by trained divers and specialised pumping equipment – any size reservoir can be catered for.

Reservoir Cleaning

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Sludge Dewatering & Disposal The two main types of sludge dewatering units in our fleet are our MaskoFlex units and our Mobile Centrifuge units.

Centrifuge working at a Water Treatment Plant

Mobile Dewatering at a WWTP


askoflex dewatering units are truck mounted dewatering systems, with an on board polymer dosing system. These are utilised for dewatering septic tanks, small local authority water / waste treatment plants and commercial water / waste water treatment systems. As these

units are truck mounted, they provide increased flexibility to our customers. They can dewater sludge on site, dramatically reducing waste disposal charges by sludge removal on the same day. Mobile centrifuge units - these are larger units designed for more long term

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dewatering projects. The machines that we operate are designed and built to the highest possible specification, and are supplied with chopper pumps, sludge pumps, generators and poly dosing systems (liquid and solid).

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Specialised Dewatering AQS carry out a wide range of services specifically related to drainage infrastructure. Our mainline CCTV survey equipment can provide our clients with colour, high resolution CCTV reports, outlining structural defects or any other potentially problematic issues with drainage infrastructure.


long with our standard robotic cameras that enter drains, we have cameras that can float on water (for partially filled drains). In relation to our surveys, our clients are provided with electronic copies of our survey results. Our drain remediation processes include: • Robotic cutting of any intrusions that may be present in drains, such as roots, steel, or scale build up, or any other intrusions that may be present. • Installation of part liners, and full relining systems. Chemical Injection • Relining of leaking manholes and chemical sealing of manholes and drainage network. This involves our specialised chemical injection process – this is a highly skilled system that employs specialised resins designed to eliminate water ingress or seal manholes from chemical or microbiological erosion.

Confined Space Entry

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Drainage Networking Testing In conjunction with our drain surveying service, AQS also provide drainage network testing services and a drainage network / asset mapping service.

Site Survey


n many instances, the integrity of a specific drainage network needs to be tested in order to comply with IPC licence conditions - AQS can provide the drain hydrostatic testing service if required. Our qualified civil engineers can conduct an asset survey on sites that are not properly mapped and can generate

AutoCAD network drawings upon request.

• • • •

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Other services include: GPS tagging of assets such as manholes and pump stations. Provision of as-built drawings. Contour mapping. Manhole condition surveys / general network surveys.

• Culvert surveys. • Bund testing services. • Flow metering. In conjunction with our remediation crews, a site can be managed from the initial survey to the final remediation of any issues on site.

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Small Scale Services AQS continue to serve local small clients such as private dwellings, hotels, leisure centres, public houses, and retail outlets.

Clearing Blockage in Internal Drain Network Septic Tank Cleaning


ven though we have grown to be a nationwide service provider, we have not forgotten where we came from and still to this day provide our domestic customers with a wide range of services. These services include: • Clearing of blockages in internal drain

networks / sanitary networks. • Cleaning of grease traps. • Clearing of gullies and roof gutters. • Power washing service. • Brick cleaning in driveways. • Septic tank cleaning. • General site clean-up / decontamination. • Pool filter cleaning.

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All of our domestic customers are considered to be as important as our large industrial clients and are treated in the same manner. We have a number of small units in our fleet designed to facilitate the servicing of our smaller domestic customers. These units include van packs, power washers, small wet-vacuum cleaners, and a wide variety of hand tools.

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Waste Management As a result of our contracting activities, we generate a large volume of organic waste that needs to be recycled at authorised treatment facilities.

Acorn Recycling Composting Facility


s our organisation expanded over the last number of years, we recognised the opportunity of establishing our own waste / environmental consultancy business and it was from this recognition that Acorn Recycling was established. Acorn Recycling is now a

stand alone waste management company, operating a 45,000 tonnes per annum, EPA licensed composting facility in Littleton, Co. Tipperary. The facility is also licensed for the acceptance of animal byproducts (food waste). Other wastes currently being composted by Acorn Recycling include

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sewage sludge cake, brown bin waste, other organic sludges, liquids and organic wastes. In relation to all wastes generated by AQS activities only authorised approved waste contractors are utilised.

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Health & Safety Standards, Accreditations & Trade Membership AQS is committed to complying with all national relevant legislation in relation to all of our activities with respect to health and safety legislation and environmental legislation.


e are accredited to ISO 9001 and it is our intention to operate on the basis of continuous improvement wherever possible. All work practices conform to: • Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work 2005 Act. • Safety, Health and Welfare at Work General Application Regulations 2007. • The Control of Substance Hazardous to Health Act - COSHH Regulations

2002. Due to the nature of our business a wide range of competencies are required to include: • Traffic management. • Confined space entry. • Working from heights. • Manual handling. • Chemical handling . • Operation of specialist vehicles and construction equipment.

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The nature of activities poses daily challenges in relation to the safeguard of the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the public in general. We pride ourselves in our high standards of H&S and are sure that our safe work practices are one of the main reasons why we have grown and developed as a company. We have designed our own H&S training programme in consultation with experts in the field in order to be as practical as possible.

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Operational Resources – The AQS Fleet

AQS’s Specialised Fleet


e have an extensive fleet of specialised equipment which facilitates us to undertake the smallest of blockages (domestic applications) up to the largest industrial projects that have been undertaken in this country. On our fleet we currently have: • DISAB vacuum excavation units for heavy sludge / dry granular product removal. • Articulated vacuum tankers and tipping trailers.

• Small scale combined suction and jetting units for domestic applications. • ADR combined suction and jetting units. • Rigid tankers. • Hook loader units and skips. • Mascerator pumps and rubber lobe pumps. • Sludge dewatering units and dewatering skips. • CCTV camera units for drain surveys. • Manhole / drain remediation units.

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• Centrifuge systems and other static sludge dewatering systems. • Supporting compressors, generators and agricultural equipment. We carry out the vast majority of our own servicing and maintain our equipment to a high standard. We have fully trained, full-time fitters operating in our workshop in Thurles. This allows us the flexibility to provide our customers with custom built equipment to enable us to carry out even the most awkward of tasks.

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AQS Solutions Brochure  

Services Brochure

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