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Customer Success Stories How our solutions have helped customers drive efficiencies and reduce costs by up to 30%

For manufacturers, distributors, third-party logistics providers (3PL) and retailers with their own fleet transportation operations are pivotal. Aptean route optimization software can help these businesses succeed despite emergent challenges by providing unparalleled visibility and control across their operations. Aptean’s software can help you transform inefficiencies into opportunities for savings. No matter how many depots you have or routes that you run, our software can help you cut transportation costs by up to 30%. We’ve collected several compelling customer success stories from clients to showcase how Aptean’s routing and scheduling solutions help businesses boost efficiency and save on transportation costs.

“I have been in logistics for years and by far this is the easiest TMS to use. And just every once in while, when I do have a question, there is always a friendly and helpful voice ready to help me.” Chase Corporation

Wren Kitchens Sector: Kitchen Retail

Wren Kitchens is a global leader in high-quality kitchen delivery, with over 108 showrooms and a fleet of 250 trucks. However, as the company has grown, traditional tools like Google Maps and spreadsheets have become inadequate, exposing the need for a modern system to enhance delivery service, optimize route planning and uphold the business’s exceptional customer service standards. With Aptean’s route optimization solution in place, Wren Kitchens has experienced a significant improvement in its transportation operations. The company has reduced mileage by up to 15%, resulting in considerable operational cost savings. The implementation also driven a reduction in carbon emissions and improved customer delivery lead time by up to 60%.

“With other routing software, there isn’t really a method to manage capacity. With Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition, you can manage and control that, which enables us to control production and maintain smooth operations. We can flex up and down with ease.” Lee Holmes, Transport & Logistics Director, Wren Kitchens



» Manual planning processes couldn’t support business

» Increased operational efficiencies and resource utilization to

» Need for comprehensive, scalable operations and better

» Optimized route plans that reduced miles traveled by up to

» Inefficient routing, limited customer service management

» Improved customer delivery lead time by 60%


service offerings

reduce costs 15%

and tracking

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Tesco Sector: Food and Beverage Services

Tesco, a leading global retailer, teamed up with Aptean to bolster the efficiency of its expansive distribution fleet. Serving over 700 stores in the UK and Ireland while handling 4,000 daily deliveries with a 1,400-truck fleet, Tesco sought to streamline operations and cut costs. The business chose to implement Aptean’s routing and scheduling solution, aiming to refine transportation schedules, balance warehouse loads and harness advanced planning for better efficiency. The company has since seen a 12% improvement in empty running; a weekly reduction of 150,000 miles; improved store allocation; enhanced backhauling; and optimized fleet usage. These measures not only slashed operational expenses but also curtailed carbon emissions.

“We have used Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition for more than a decade for routing and scheduling optimization throughout our business, and the longevity of this relationship is a real testament to Aptean as a reliable solution and the professionalism of the people behind it.” Alex Laffey, Transportation Operations Director, Tesco



» Processing over 4,000 daily deliveries » 700+ stores throughout the UK and Ireland » Fleet of 1400 trucks » 26 distribution centers » Increasing CO2 targets driven by corporate strategy

» Provide strategic analysis capabilities for their corporate sustainable distribution strategy

» Optimize scheduling to save 15,000 miles each week » Balance warehouse capacity and daily throughput limits from the distribution center

» Provide a sophisticated planning resource to help reduce food miles and CO2 emissions

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BSW Timber Sector: Timber

With seven sawmills, multiple distribution centers and more than 200 trucks, BSW Timber’s operations are considerably complex. In the past, BSW used a decentralized approach that led to each sawmill requiring its own traffic planning, resulting in overlapping routes and inefficiencies. Aptean’s Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition transformed BSW’s operations, yielding notable time and cost savings. The software granted BSW full operational visibility, facilitating efficient route planning for diverse trucks and loads, as well as enhanced delivery performance, especially in peak periods.

“We saw the solution impacting almost all our results by a meaningful degree such that we are able to see real cost and time savings as a result. We have reduced our time planning deliveries significantly, which allows the team to focus more time on the actual deliveries and ensuring customer delivery satisfaction.” Group Logistics Manager, BSW Timber



» Manual route planning with no visibility across teams » No centralized planning capabilities and inefficient routes » Could not direct routing for third-party logistics drivers

» Significantly improved route planning time » Reduced administrative time and workload » Better utilization of resources

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Martin Brower Sector: Quick Service Restaurant

Martin-Brower Company, LLC, a key distributor for the quick service restaurant (QSR) sector, uses its 570-truck fleet to supply restaurants with a range of products. That said, the company faced challenges managing daily deliveries to over 6,000 customers from 23 distribution centres, and leadership therefore sought a sophisticated route planning system to enhance operational efficiencies. By turning to Aptean’s route optimization software, Martin Brower found a solution tailored to their needs, capable of managing multi-frequency deliveries and maximizing existing resources. The implementation led to a 6% reduction in mileage, saving over 5,000 miles weekly and considerable cost savings.

“I have worked with many vendors in my 20-year career in food distribution, and Aptean has been one of the most supportive companies I have ever worked with. We believe that what we have achieved would not have been possible without the aid of Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition software.” Chuck Gans, Director, Operations Support, Martin Brower



» Unable to handle multi-frequency deliveries » Underutilized truck and trailer fleet » Inefficient warehouse operations » Unable to properly allocate store volumes with schedules to fullfill orders

» 6% reduction in mileage, eliminating over 5,000 miles a week

» Reduced over 900K lbs. of CO2 out of carbon footprint » Significantly lowered operational costs » Increased weekly delivery capacity without adding additional mileage

» Maximized delivery routes without the need to invest in new tractors and trailers

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AO Sector: Electrical Retail

AO, the UK’s leading electrical retailer, faced challenges with its outdated routing system Seeking enhanced efficiency and overall operational excellence, the business chose to implement a cloud-based instance of Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition. The solution has automated AO’s route creation, reduced manual interventions, and enabled strategic modeling. As a result, the company achieved significant operational savings and improved delivery performance. The software has not only streamlined AO’s internal processes but also positioned them for future growth.

“By strategically moving volume between our bases, we have been able to optimize routing and significantly reduce mileages, resulting in cost savings.” Carl Phillips, Group Tech Director, AO



» Inefficient routes that often required manual adjustments

» Seamless upgrades and maintenance

» On-premise setup limited scalability

» Streamlined processes and automated workflows

» Outdated feature set from legacy solution

» Improved operational efficiency resulting in significant cost savings

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Dreams Sector: Manufacturing

Dreams, the UK’s premier bed retailer, processes over 10,000 sales weekly through its extensive store network and online platform. Distributing products from nine centres with a fleet of over 100 vans, the company recognised the need for heightened operational efficiencies and invested in Aptean’s solutions. The introduction of Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition centralised Dreams’ route planning and improved customer satisfaction by providing optimized delivery date choices. The software also allows for real-time monitoring of deliveries, ensuring the customer service team can provide live ETAs for a better experience.

“We have much more flexibility to move deliveries around if we need to, and we can close off routes earlier. In fact, with the latest version of the software, we can also shut off a depot early and we can pause specific routes, if necessary, to maximize efficiency.” Ian Clarke, Change Controller, Dreams


» Processing over 12,000 deliveries per week » Operating 9 home delivery depots » Fleet of 100 x 3.5-ton Mercedes Sprinter vans


» Seamless integration with GPS vehicle tracking » Real-time progress of home deliveries » Customer service team kept updated with live ETAs » Ability to offer customers optimized delivery dates at point of sale

Read Dreams’ story

Watch their testimonial

Optimize your operations. Minimize delays. Make the most of your resources. And save money in the process. Aptean can help you drive greater efficiency and empower cost savings with industry-specific software. Our purpose-built solutions were developed with a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses like yours face, so they’re packed with the features that will give your company the tools it needs.

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