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design Christine Ringsmose Hangover is the smart and “eco-friendly” solution for clothing that has been worn, but isn’t dirty, and still can be worn again before laundering. Hangover makes it easy to have your clothing in order, and at the same time, contributing to a “greener” environment - or you can just have your clothes ready-to-go for the next day. Produced in Denmark.



Spruce tealight design Anders Nørgaard

Spruce consists of 4 wooden candleholders made for tealights, which can also be assembled to a decorative tree. You can mix-and-match everything in the Spruce series to suit your very own style. The candleholders can be used individually or randomly set across your table to create a cozy atmosphere. They can also be used as an Advent candleholder. The smart and stack-able feature of Spruce makes them very easy to store in your cabinets and do not require much space. Produced in Scandinavia.





design Bang + Vejborg

Two unique and different candleholders with many odd and inventive angles. The candleholders create transparency and work well in groups of several as decorative and interesting shadows are thrown on the table. Folded is a new and graphic interpretation of the traditional candlestick. Produced in Denmark.



design Hans Sandgren Jakobsen A round mirror with a simple hole which serves a dual purpose - easy hang up and easy handling when moving the mirror.




design SAYS WHO A neat mirror with a small shelf to hold e.g. cell phone, keys, small candle or vase. A cool and practical addition to either hallway, bathroom, bedroom or living room.



Rain Cast iron lamp. Originally produced as a rain gauge containing measuring units in cm on the inside. It has a GU10 socket for energy-conserving LED spots. A very simple and stylish design makes it easy to fit into any setting. Produced in Denmark.




design Anders Nørgaard The idea behind HURRICANE was to create a product that is a mix between outdoor and indoor living. A product which welcomes the outdoors indoor and the opposite way around. The materials complement each other. The wood`s warm glow and weight matches perfectly the glass cold, light and fragile nature.




design Anders Nørgaard TRACK is designed from a fascination of the simple and intuitive. The shape is inspired by two well-known motives; a track and a puzzle. The hooks can be adjusted back and forth, added and taken off. That makes it easy to adjust the hanger for your personal taste. Produced in Scandinavia.




design Anne Boysen Watch:Out is a minimalist wall clock in solid oak or in concrete. Available with hands in brass, grey and green.




design Anders Nørgaard The idea was to design a candleholder that can be used all year round and with the possibility to add your own style. The holders are flexible as you can move them individually around the edge or even take them off. Produced in Denmark.




Luna Tray

design Anders Nørgaard The Luna Tray is the newest member of the Luna family. The tray is 28 cm in diameter. It can be used for smaller arrangements, a cup of coffee, oils, vinegar etc. Produced in Denmark




design Anders Nørgaard

Ma de

The idea to design a vase in wood grew from the fascination of the beautiful ensemble that arise when wood is in contrast to great colours and other materials. Poppy vase comes with a removable glass for water. Produced in Denmark.

enmark D in

a t a


c i l p




design Anders Nørgaard Blossom candleholders inspired by flower buds – lilies, roses and tulips. The tall, elegant Blossom candleholders are available in three different models – and each model comes in a range of colours including oak, oiled oak and stained oak. MAXI Blossom is also available in a MAXI size only in oiled oak Produced in Scandinavia.




design Anne Boysen

ARCH:YOU are oak decorative houses with a strong architectural appearance. Available in three sizes in oak with coloured roofs in a wide range of colours. Produced in Scandinavia.



design Anders Nørgaard Torso candleholders, tealights and vases are inspired by the male and female forms.They are available in different heights and different shapes. The vases come with a removable glass for water. Produced in Scandinavia.



Blossom Lamp

design Anders Nørgaard The Blossom lamp is a charming lamp hanging like a little bud in the air bringing warmth and fine aesthetic to the home. The lamp can operate in many contexts, both as a simple pendant across the kitchen table or as clusters in the corner of the living room, hallway or bedroom. Produced in Denmark.




D m a rk en


M ade i n




Di Volo Stool

design Anders Nørgaard

Inspired by school stools and milking stools which all were on three legs, the light and elegant expression was transferred to a sculptural stool series. The name “Di Volo” means flying in Italian. di Volo is available in oak and stained beech. All models have their own function in today’s homes.



design Signe Blomquist The desire was to create a wooden table with roots in the craft techniques, but with a simple, easy and elegant look. The turned oak edge add a classic expression where appearance and the colours relate to modern Scandinavian design. Produced in Denmark.



Stick Trestle/Stick Table design Steffen Juul

The idea was to design a trestle that was simple in expression. Table top available in white laminate or in black linoleum Size: 90 x 200 cm





design Hans Sandgren Nipple wallhooks in the Scandinavian woodturning tradition. Why not mix the different sizes and colours into an untraditional wardrobe solution?





Simplicity is a range of simple, aesthetic candleholders in two different sizes and four kinds of expressions. Produced in Denmark.


product specifications Hangover, design Christine Ringsmose

powder coated iron Ø33

Spruce, design Anders Nørgaard

oak 14 cm, 8,5 cm

Folded, design Bang + Vejborg

medium powder coated iron 22 cm x 8,5 cm x 10 cm

large powder coated iron 31 cm x 12 cm x 15 cm

Selfie, design Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

small Ø45 cm


large Ø70 cm

HURRICANE, design Anders Nørgaard

small oak, blue glass Ø11 x H 8 cm

large oak, blue glass Ø9 x H 10 cm

MAXI oak, blue glass Ø15 x H 13 cm

small oak, smoked glass Ø11 x H 8 cm

large oak, smoked glass Ø9 x H 10 cm

MAXI oak, smoked glass Ø15 x H 13 cm

Nipple hooks, design Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

plain oak small

stained oak small

plain oak medium

plain oak large

stained oak medium

stained oak large


ARCH:YOU, design Anne Boysen

oak/black small, medium, large

oak/ocean green medium

oak/white small

oak/tender rose small


oak/city grey large

oak medium

oak/bauhaus blue medium

oak/marsala red medium

oak/curry medium

oak/cool grey medium

oak/deep aqua small

oak/peach small

oak/icy blue small

oak/olive green small

Watch:Out, design Anne Boysen

oak grey hands Ø 32 x 3 cm

oak brass hands Ø 32 x 3 cm

oak green hands Ø 32 x 3 cm

concrete grey hands Ø 32 x 3 cm

concrete brass hands Ø 32 x 3 cm

dark grey concrete steel hands Ø 32 x 3 cm

smoked oak brass hands Ø 32 x 3 cm


vintage green small Ø 12 x 6 cm

city grey small Ø 12 x 6 cm

smoked oak small Ø 12 x 6 cm

oak small Ø 12 x 6 cm

vintage green medium Ø 12 x 11 cm

city grey medium Ø 12 x 11 cm

smoked oak medium Ø 12 x 11 cm

oak medium Ø 12 x 11 cm


Clown, design Anders Nørgaard

oak/grey 31 cm

oak/smoked oak 31 cm

oak/white 31 cm

Poppy, design Anders Nørgaard

oak 11 cm, 14 cm

smoked oak 11 cm, 14 cm

Torso candleholders, design Anders Nørgaard

oak small, medium, large

oiled oak small, medium, large

stained oak small, medium, large

Torso vases, design Anders Nørgaard

oak 12 cm, 15 cm


oiled oak 12 cm, 15 cm

stained oak 12 cm, 15 cm

torso tealight, 9 cm oak, oiled oak, stained oak

Blossom candleholders, design Anders Nørgaard

dark petrol lily, rose, tulip

submarine lily, rose, tulip

ocean green lily, rose, tulip

vintage green lily, rose, tulip

blue pacific lily, rose, tulip

tender rose lily, rose, tulip

white lily, rose, tulip

cool grey lily, rose, tulip

city grey lily, rose, tulip

oak lily, rose, tulip

oiled oak lily, rose, tulip

stained oak lily, rose, tulip

black lily, rose, tulip


Luna, design Anders Nørgaard

oak 4 black candleholders

oak 4 brass candleholders

Luna tray, design Anders Nørgaard

oak Ø 28 cm, H: 3,7 cm

smoked oak Ø 28 cm, H: 3,7 cm

stained oak Ø 28 cm, H: 3,7 cm

Combo, design SAYS WHO

mirror Ø45 cm oak shelf B: 29 x D: 14 x H: 12 cm

TRACK coat rack, design Anders Nørgaard


oak 30 cm, 3 hooks (2S, 1M) 60 cm, 4 hooks (2S, 1M, 1L) 90 cm, 5 hooks (2S, 2M, 1L) 120 cm, 7 hooks (3S, 2M, 2L)

smoked oak 30 cm, 3 hooks (2S, 1M) 60 cm, 4 hooks (2S, 1M, 1L) 90 cm, 5 hooks (2S, 2M, 1L) 120 cm, 7 hooks (3S, 2M, 2L)

stained oak 30 cm, 3 hooks (2S, 1M) 60 cm, 4 hooks (2S, 1M, 1L) 90 cm, 5 hooks (2S, 2M, 1L) 120 cm, 7 hooks (3S, 2M, 2L)

Blossom lamp, design Anders Nørgaard

Lily oak Ø 7,5 cm, H 8,5 cm

Lily smoked oak Ø 7,5 cm, H 8,5 cm

Lily stained oak Ø 7,5 cm, H 8,5 cm

Rain lamp

black Ø12,7 cm, H: 12,4 cm

Stick Trestle, design Steffen Juul

oak 74 x 71,5 cm

smoked oak 74 x 71,5 cm

Stick Table, design Steffen Juul

trestle with top 200 cm x 90 cm trestle: oak Top: oak/white laminate

trestle with top 200 cm x 90 cm trestle: oak top: stained oak/black linoleum

trestle with top 200 cm x 90 cm trestle: smoked oak top: stained oak/black linoleum


Di Volo Stool, design Anders Nørgaard

45 cm oak

65 cm oak

75 cm oak

45 cm stained beech

65 cm stained beech

75 cm stained beech

Tisch, design Signe Blomquist

oak/white Ø 49 cm, H: 46 cm


smoked oak/black Ø 49 cm, H: 46 cm

oak/white Ø 69 cm, H: 42 cm

smoked oak/black Ø 69 cm, H: 42 cm


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