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applicata by nordic artisans

talents and traditions

applicata’s new collection is based on the idea of creating “a special gift for a special occasion”. To that end, we have allied ourselves with new, exciting design talents. We have brought new, exclusive materials into play, we’ve ensured everything is produced in Scandinavia.

a special gift for a special occasion

local production We have actively decided that all applicata items should be produced as locally as possible. Reflecting this, everything we make is manufactured at family-owned workshops in Scandinavia – mainly in Denmark.




news artistic nerve and solid materials


introducing AMANDA LILHOLT Amanda has created the Circle Collection: glow, fragrance, balance and solid - produced in solid brass.

“It was important to me that the Circle Collection was created in collaboration with a brand that takes local production, attention to detail and sheer materiality seriously.� 8



“With inspiration from the sun and its geometrical shape I created the Circle Collection� - Amanda Lilholt


brass, sun and glow “I am very pleased that applicata saw the potential of the brass series – and the potential in me as a designer. We are excited to be launching the series this spring and to see how people respond to: glow, fragrance, balance and solid. They can be grouped to form a beautifully unified display, but each piece has enough impact to stand entirely on its own.�

glow exclusive tealight holder in solid brass produced in Denmark design by Amanda Lilholt


Introducing: glow from the Circle Collection by Amanda Lilholt 13

Introducing: solid and balance from the Circle Collection by Amanda Lilholt 14

solid exclusive candleholder produced in Denmark design by Amanda Lilholt

balance exclusive candleholder and vase in solid brass produced in Denmark design by Amanda Lilholt



fragrance exclusive candleholder in solid brass produced in Denmark and mouth-blown opal glass from Sweden includes a handmade particle free soy candle with scent of cedar design by Amanda Lilholt


The Circle collection draws inspiration from the sun and its tightly geometric circle shape. Every element shares the same geometrical point of departure, but the series as a whole encompasses very different modes of expressions, designs and functions that complement each other. The common denominator is the material, brass, which emits a warm glow when touched by light, which is also a reference to the sun. Here in Scandinavia we spend many months of the year plunged into darkness, and the series was designed to provide light and “hygge� during that time.


The Circle Collection is made of solid brass that has been left untreated with no varnish or coating. The idea is that each piece should be allowed to age and patinate naturally, making them even more beautiful over time. The authenticity of natural materials is important to me, and I prefer designs that exude classic beauty so that owners will want to keep their piece for many years to come.



a tribute to wood


introducing PERNILLE SNEDKER Artist Pernille Snedker has created the decorative Box Collection as a tribute to wood.

Inspired by natural phenomenons and traditional craft techniques, artist Pernille Snedker transforms interiors into immersive artworks. 22

Over the past year, we have worked intensively with finding our real core – our main raison d’être. We have made a lot of deliberate choices aimed at a sustainable future. And we have been very selective in our choice of design collaborations and when curating our designs. Very importantly, we have made strong decisions about producing locally and about optimising our packaging, so that the consumer will not only want to keep the product itself, but the box it came in too. We aim to make things that last – hopefully for generations.


box collection tribute to wood two sizes, four colours produced in Denmark design by artist Pernille Snedker


The Box Collection is made for applicata as a product box for selected designs. You can use the box for storage and home decoration afterwards. 25


for the right “shelfie� on instagram for making your gift beautiful for all your paper piles for hiding the mess for a cool desk for keeping for secrets for you!


tray & board collection tribute to wood multiple sizes and colours produced in Sweden design by artist Pernille Snedker




The trays are dyed in beautiful color transitions and the patterns bring to mind the tree and its fine veins. The tapas board has print on both sides, so you can turn it and use both patterns as you please. Use the board for food or as a interior base for your decorations, plants or candleholders.


“The main raw material used to make glass is sand.�



introducing STUDIO FEM Sarah Cramer and Anders Engholm from Studio FEM has created the mush Collection. With references to classic oil lamps, mush candleholders add a warm touch and fill the room with cosiness. A modern piece in exclusive materials and beautiful, delicate colors.

“The philosophy of Studio FEM is based on interactions between the designers, their diversity and mixed competences and the thought of design being seen as well as felt. Therefore, the balancing act between functionality and aesthetics is the main focus when we design.� 34


mush collection two sizes, five colours tealight holders in solid brass and mouth-blown coloured glass from Sweden produced in Denmark design by Studio FEM



applicata’s design DNA is distinctive by taking the vibrant energy, aesthetics and wildness found among new and rising design talents and artists and coupling it with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that everything is produced at family-owned, Scandinavian workshops. That’s how our new collection came into being. And this approach will be an exciting springboard for future design collaborations.




wooden classics and bestsellers 41

applicata has been best known for objects made of solid wood. In our choice of materials for this new collection, it was important for us to bridge the gap between the various materials now in use. Each object is beautiful on its own, but will also complement natural materials such as wood. Ideally, we want our designs to age gracefully, acquiring a patina that accentuates their authenticity and gives them genuine lasting power. The new collection embraces materials such as brass, stained glass and paper – and is supplemented by selected wood items from our existing range.


Di Volo Stool, design by Anders Nørgaard 43

introducing ANDERS NØRGAARD The Danish architect Anders Nørgaard has designed many of applicata’s bestsellers like the Blossom candleholders, Di Volo Stools and the Luna series.

“Nørgaard Design has its roots in the tradition of Scandinavian design, where aesthetics and functionality are in focus.” 44

Luna tray in solid oak by Anders Nørgaard



luna tray available in oak and smoked oak produced in Denmark design by Anders Nørgaard


Luna candleholder can be used all year round for parties and everyday life, and with the possibility to add your own style and decoration. Luna can be used as an everyday candleholder on the dining table with nuts or fruit, or it can be decorated for the holiday seasons and the special occasion. The small candleholders are movable or can even be spread around. Luna is inspired by the night sky, changing and admirable, with the moon as the focal point and the stars around sometimes a few, sometimes many. Luna has 4 brass/black candleholders and is available in two sizes.


luna candleholder oak tray and brass holders produced in Denmark design by Anders Nørgaard


“The verb blossom also means to begin to flourish and develop...�



blossom candleholders available in three sizes: lily, tulip and rose produced in Sweden design by Anders Nørgaard




“The models: Lily, Tulip and Rose, are different in size and shape and they can be grouped to form a beautiful Blossom family. Choose between colours ranging from pastels to bright colours. Alternatives are untreated oak or oiled oak. The slender lines of Blossom were inspired by candlesticks from the 1950s and 1960s, which were often made out of spare wood left over when the woodturner had finished his chair and table legs. Here, I have also drawn inspiration from the crisp outlines of budding flowers. The colour palette is very wide indeed, ranging from delicate pastels and neutral hues to bright, contemporary colours.” - Anders Nørgaard




track rack oak and smoked oak different lengths available produced in Sweden design by Anders Nørgaard



Track Rack in solid oak by Anders Nørgaard


Track rack is designed from a fascination of the simple and intuitive. The shape is inspired by two well-known motives; a track and a puzzle. The hooks can be adjusted back and forth, added and taken off. That makes it easy to adjust the hanger for your personal taste.


di volo stool oak and stained beech available in different heights produced in Sweden design by Anders Nørgaard




“The Oak tree is one of the most loved trees and with good reason. It’s a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge.”


introducing ANNE BOYSEN Architect Anne Boysen is the designer behind our bestseller: Watch:Out wall clock.

“The value of a great design-object is found in the detail, the craftsmanship and the feeling it provides you with, whether physically or emotional.� 66

Watch:Out in solid oak by Anne Boysen



watch:out wall clock solid oak with different color hands produced in Denmark design by Anne Boysen





PRODUKTSALON RoundNRound candleholder is designed by Produktsalon Susanne Uerlings with a double function. One side for standard candles - one for tealights. RoundNRound is inspired by the classic swedish christmas candleholders. We offer the candleholders in oak and in coloured beech: olive green, baby blue and lavender.

round n round candle and tealight holder different colours available produced in Sweden design by Produktsalon


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applicata by nordic artisans


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Applicata lookbook AW 2020  

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