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Wedding OďŹƒciant and Coordination Preforming Ceremonies That Are Meant to Be Specializing In Simple or Custom Wedding Ceremonies, Partial Planning, & Day-Of Coordination 509.701.8147 AB Mag NO. 3.indd 2

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Letter From The Editor


he fall and winter months mean engagement season is officially here in the wedding industry, and we’re huge fans. There’s something just so contagious about brides that are just engaged and have only started to envision their wedding day! Whether you’re newly engaged or your wedding is almost here, congratulations, from the entire Apple Brides team. We couldn’t do it without you and we’re so excited for you! We sincerely hope you find this magazine, and our online site, to be a resource to you during your planning journey. As always, we want to hear from you! What you loved, what you want more of, what you need to know. We are grateful you share this special time in your life with us. Now go pop that bubbly and celebrate!

Happy planning, The Apple Brides Team

Staff Credits Editor in Chief: Jessica English Sales Manager: Melissa Persling Production Assistant: Patrice Sutton Design & Layout: Julia Derosier Front & Back Cover: Evan & Alycia Lovell

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Adventurous and Fun Lakefront Wedding on Kidd Island Bay Coeur d’Alene, ID

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12/13/17 3:33 PM


his adventurous styled elopement wedding is so fun! Admit it, secretly we all want to recreate that canoe scene from The Notebook. This couple got to do just that in their little lakefront island wedding! Fun, geometric pottery accents and rose hues throughout add sweet touches, and the adventurous forest wedding set up shows that, when it comes to your wedding day, if you can dream it, you can do it!

Vendors Photographer- La Belle Bella

Duclos & Greg Mitchell


Bridesmaids- Kelsey Gruis, Amy

Wedding Stylist- Blooming


Event Design

Groomsmen- Steve Osterbeck,

Decor/Rentals- Artifact Rentals Diego Sanchez & Event Rents

Flower Girl- Bella Harrison

Florist- Floral Fluertations

Venue- Kidd Island on Lake

Cake- Batch Bakeshop

Couer d’Alene, ID

Makeup- Alyssa Walsh

Rings- Cheryl Burchell

Hair- Ashely Valley


Calligraphy- Crimson

Pottery- Whiskey Jack Pottery-


Nicole Black

Dresses- Cloud Nine Bridal: Gown Wood Lake Sign- MakerPoint 2169 by Casa Blanca and Blake


Overskirt by Lu Raquel

Wood Plank for Desserts- Dick

Tuxes & Menswear- Tuxedo


Gallery Bride & Groom Models- Amanda

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How To Navigate the Holidays as a Newly Engaged Couple


hether you’re already engaged or you JUST added a sparkly new accessory to that finger, navigating the holidays as a newly engaged couple is not always the easiest. There’s usually lots of parties, celebrations, and family, which sparks a lot of questions and uncharted territory. Here are 3 things you need to keep in mind over the next couple weeks!

1. You’re Going to Have to Compromise Even if you ALWAYS do Christmas breakfast with your grandparents, most likely, everyone wants a chance to celebrate with you, so try to divide your time evenly. Don’t forget, you’re preparing to combine two sets of families and traditions! It can be nerve wracking to spend a holiday with a whole new family, but in the end, you’re starting new traditions, which is part of the fun of marriage!

2. Be Ready to Answer a lot of Questions There are few occasions throughout the year where you will be surrounded by this many loved ones, and trust me, they will use this opportunity to learn anything and everything they can about your big day. No matter where you’re at in the planning process, or how much you want to share, it’s important that you consider how you’ll answer ahead of time. Whether you want

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to share who will (or won’t) be invited to the rehearsal dinner or you’re going to stick to something deflective like “we’re still ironing out the details!”, it’s essential that you and your fiancé are on the same page before being inundated!

3. Take a Moment to Enjoy It Again, this is one of the few moments throughout your engagement that you get to be surrounded by family and friends, so make the best of it. Soak in everyone’s excitement for you, and share your excitement with them! Take a break from planning and stressing to just sit back and have a great time with your fiancé.

12/13/17 3:34 PM

Windswept Mountaintop Elopement Winthrop, Washington

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12/13/17 3:34 PM


alk about literally taking your breath away! This mountaintop elopement is alllll about the sweeping, stunning views that Washington is known for. This gorgeous couple planned their super intimate elopement in just three short weeks, set on the cliffs of Goat Peak in Winthrop, a tiny town in southwest Washington. With just a few of their closest family members beside them, this sweet couple declared their love and commitment to each other with the mountains as their witness. There was no reception, no cake cutting, just a young couple declaring their love in the mountains.

Vendors Photographer- Autumn Pines Photography Hair & Makeup- by the Bride: Megan Stanavitch Flowers- Katie Hover, Fawn Meadow Designs Venue- Goat Peak, Winthrop, WA

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“One of the Top Ten Lakeside Resorts in the West” -Sunset Magazine

Your Wedding at

Call us today! 404 Elkins Rd. Nordman, ID 83848


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12/13/17 3:37 PM

Your Wedding Budget


here’s no easy way around it — if you’re having a wedding, it can get expensive. Setting a budget is a great way to keep things within reasonable parameters, so you know what to expect. Once you’ve set an overall budget, though, how do you know how much to spend on what?   The most important thing to know when discussing money is to decide what’s most important to YOU. Is it the food you’re serving guests? Then expect to fork over a little more there, and save in other areas. Do you want a stellar photographer? Then put aside more money for that category, and save in another. It’s about deciding priorities — and adjusting from there. This breakdown gives you an idea of what categories typically take up in a budget. It can be adjusted, and isn’t wedding law for every couple. It is a starting point, and will give you an idea of how things break down, though.   After all, how can you expect to know what the typical floral arrangement costs, or what a good price for a three tiered cake is, if you’ve never been married before? So, we’re working out how much of your overall budget should go to each category. Then, just take your total budget and break it down!

Reception (40-45%)

By far your largest expense. The reception includes food and beverages, equipment rentals, the venue fee (which may be coupled with your ceremony fee if you’re getting married in the same place), and nonfloral decor. The exact cost will vary based on what kind of food you serve, if you have a buffet or plated meal, and your bar options. If you’re looking to cut costs in this category, consider going with simple decor (letting the venue speak for itself!). Or having only beer and wine options at the bar. Getting married during ‘off-season’ (not May-September) can also often save some green!

Ceremony (5-10%)

The ceremony typically includes a venue fee, officiant fee, rentals and decor. If you’re looking to cut costs in this category, consider having your ceremony and reception all in one location. That way, you’re only paying one venue fee instead of two! You can also consider using in-house linens (if offered), skipping the fancy chairs, or repurposing seating from the ceremony to reception to save additional costs.

Photographer/Videographer (10-15%)

Coordinator/Planner (5-10%)

Hiring a professional to run your day is very worthwhile. You wouldn’t hire Aunt Agatha to replace your carpets, so why hire her to run your wedding day? Most importantly, planners usually save you money in the long run! If you are looking to save, consider hiring a dayof planner instead of a full coordination package.

Music (5-10%)

A good DJ will really get the party started — and isn’t that the whole point?! Getting married in one location is a good way to save some costs in this category as well. This often cuts down on a separate set-up cost with your DJ.

Attire/Rings (5-10%)

Again, depending on what you want, this category will vary. Some brides prefer to spend less on a dress they’ll wear once, others want to splurge or even buy multiple dresses. It’s all up to you, but if you’re looking to save, consider buying an off the rack dress and having alterations done rather than ordering a custom gown.

This category will vary depending on whether you want a videographer in addition to your photographer. This isn’t a category we’d recommend skimping on, since photos capture the memories you’ll be cherishing 30 years down the road. We’ve seen too many brides devastated by an amateur photographer missing important moments. However, if you’re really looking to cut costs here, consider forgoing an engagement session or, if an engagement session is part of a package, asking the photographer if you can skip it and apply the credit toward your overall cost.

Cake (5%)

Flowers (5-10%)

Miscellaneous (5-10%)

Depending on decor for your ceremony and reception, this may go up or down. Some people choose to decorate solely with flowers, which means you could borrow from the reception and ceremony categories a little. Others only want a bouquet, in which case this expense would go way down. If you’re looking to cut costs in this category, ask your florist what flowers are in season when you’re getting married. Sunflowers in August are a lot cheaper than in January!

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Whether you decide to go with a traditional tiered cake or a custom dessert bar with lots of options, you have lots of ways to cut costs here. Consider ordering a small cutting cake and having sheet cakes made to serve guests — they cut it in a backroom and your guests never know! Alternatively, consider cupcakes or pies instead if you’re less traditional. There are lots of yummy options that don’t have to be outrageously expensive.

Finally, make sure you’re putting aside a portion of your budget for miscellaneous and unexpected costs — everything from invitations to favors, marriage license fees, and unexpected things that pop up. A word to the wise if you’re looking to save a little more change — skip the cheesy wedding favors! They’re expensive, unnecessary, and usually left behind.

12/13/17 3:37 PM


ow that you’ve figured out how much of your overall budget goes to what, you’re probably thinking about what you can cut, or trim down, to save some pennies. Don’t worry, we’ve got an answer for that, too! Pass on the following so you can take that extra cash on your honeymoon!

1. A full bar, or top shelf booze.

Having one or two signature cocktails, or just beer and wine are a great way to make sure your party is still killer, but stretch your dollars.

2. Wedding favors that you can’t eat.

As any wedding planner worth their weight would tell you– unless the favors are edible, you’ll have TONS leftover. If you really want guests to take home a momento, consider something local they can snack on. Otherwise, skip them all together and save yourself some change.

3. Crazy intense ceremony decor.

Let the views speak for themselves and save your decor and floral budget for the reception.

4. Two words– after party!

Instead of extending your reception rental time beyond what your venue includes in their package, consider moving the party to a bar or restaurant after your time is up. You’ll save some money and how fun is it to head downtown in your dress?!

5. A massive tiered cake.

The bigger the cake, the more expensive. Ask your baker about making a stunning cutting cake, and then having sheet cakes made in the same flavors. Guests will see your beautiful cake, and the sheet cakes are cut and plated in the kitchen, so they’ll never know!

6. Out of season flowers.

Ask your florist what will be in season when you get married, and use those. Ordering floral thats out of season racks up the cost quickly.

7. Don’t DIY what you can buy (or rent!)

Think about it this way– yes, the supplies to make 18 centerpieces might be cheap. Then, factor in your time, stress, and the logistics. Still cheaper than just renting 18 centerpieces? Probably not. Save yourself and your ‘maids some time and stress and just rent. Or go without! Some venues really speak for themselves. Add some gorgeous flowers and that’s all the decor you need!

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12/13/17 3:37 PM

Classically Chic and Romantic Garden Wedding Finley, Washington

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12/13/17 3:37 PM


his black and white soirée is the ultimate classic affair! With a color palette you can’t go wrong with, and elegant black bridesmaids dresses you know those ‘maids will be wearing for years to come, this gorgeous wedding has fun, personalized touches that we love! It just goes to show— neutral does not mean boring!

Vendors Photography- Alex Lasota

Bridesmaids Dresses- David’s Bridal


Cake- Jillynn Shear

Venue & Reception- Bella Fiori

Caterer- Famous Dave’s

Event Design- Sash Wedding

DJ- Dragon Entertainment


Officiant- Paul Casey

Florist- Flowers by Kim

Videographer- Media Mason

Hair- Courtney Mattila

Groom & Groomsmen Suit- Men’s

Makeup- Connie Delamora


Wedding Gown (Shop)- Amy’s

Calligraphy- Artful Virgo

Bridal Wedding Gown (Designer)- Stella York

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Romantic and Glamorous Winter Wedding Shoot Deer Park, Washington

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12/13/17 3:45 PM


hoever said the Inland Northwest is better in the summer never saw this wedding shoot! This feminine and soft black tie wedding inspiration has us dreaming of snow, if you can believe it or not! From the girly morning-of boudoir vibes to the dapper dinner set up, we’re in love with a sea of dusty blues and snowy ivory tones. We’re head over heels!

Vendors Florals- Garden Of Eden Floral Design Venue- Belle Gardens Photography- Romancing Belle Photography by Pam Terpstra, Styling- Romancing the Stone Styling Calligraphy- Amanda Wabeke Cake- Just American Desserts Ring- Susie Saltzman Headpiece- Anna Marguerite Couture Gown- MyWony Bridal Suit- Tuxedo Gallery Models- Taylor Oddino & Robert Endicott

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Homestead Barn at

Homestead Barn at Dover Bay Resort is the perfect place for your wedding. Our 1930’s barn has that rustic charm you’ve been looking for.

Park Road Photography

Watch the sun set over the lake from the porches of our 1, 2 and 3 bedroom bungalows. Swim in the lake or heated salt water pool, relax in the hot tub and park your boat at our marina. Live it up on the Lake! Call today to tour our barn and resort: 208-263-5493

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12/13/17 3:45 PM

10 Wedding Planning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier


edding planning is a lot of things– fun, overwhelming, expensive, and maybe above all, time consuming. We know you’re all busy, so today we’re sharing 10 little wedding planning hacks that will save you a TON of time.


Lightly number your RSVP cards! Using a pencil, lightly number your RSVP cards that correspond with a number on your guest list/address sheet. This way, when people don’t fill them out (trust us, it’ll happen) you’ll still know who responded!


Instead of licking 100 envelopes to seal them, use water! Using a foam paint brush and some water, save your tongue the gross feeling and lightly brush the envelopes to get them to seal closed.


Keep track of who gives you gifts, and write thank yous as they come in. For your shower, bachelorette or wedding, as you get a gift, make a note of who gave it to you, and then write the thank you note ASAP. Not only will this save you from having to write 100 thank you notes at once, it’ll help you keep track so you’re not sitting on the couch asking your partner ‘who sent us that gravy boat again, your aunt or mine?’

contact list. (You can find it in the back of this mag!) Having it all in one place will make everyone’s life easier.


Another invite tip– use return address labels or have a custom stamp made. You already have to write 100+ addresses, don’t handwrite your return address 100+ times too!


Look for trunk shows when dress shopping. If there’s a designer or salon you love, watch for trunk shows or sales during the time you’ll be dress shopping. You can often get the gown you wanted at a discount if you shop smart!


Equip yourself with the right tools. Wedding planning tools can get overwhelming fast (there’s something for every little thing!) but find what works for you and stick to it. This will help you stay organized and sane!


Figure out your seating chart with sticky notes! Draw a diagram of your tables, and note how many are at each table in pen, in the middle of the circle or rectangle. Then, either use 1 small flag sticky note for each guest so you can move them around easily, or pencil in names on one sticky per table, so you can easily erase and fill in without redrawing the diagram repeatedly.


New shoes too slippery? If you’re concerned about your new shoes being too slippery on the dance floor, scuff them up with a little sandpaper, or spray hairspray on the soles. Viola!

6. 7.

Getting married outside? Two things that will change your life– veil weights and heel protectors.

Keep day of communication stress free by having all your vendor info in one place. If you have a coordinator (which you should!) this is a non-issue, but if you opted out, prevent the ‘stressed out bridesmaid interrupting your makeup to look for the florist’s name and phone number since they haven’t showed up yet, and where WAS that email you had saved with it?’ situation with our free vendor

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Modern and Moody Styled Wedding Shoot Deer Park, Washington

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12/13/17 3:46 PM


his lush fall wedding shoot, styled by the Apple Brides team, is full of what inspires us most about fall weddings. Tons of textures, cozy elements and comfort food combine with unique, blonde wood and dramatic black glass table settings for a modern, but moody and warm wedding set up perfect for any bride looking to make her big day stand out this fall.

Vendors Photography- Evan & Alycia Photography Coordination- Apple Brides Venue- Aspen Grove Floral- Briar and Bloom Pies- Batch Bakeshop Hair & Makeup- Lindsey D Hair Design Rentals- Event Rents Dress- Velvet Bride Dress Model & Designer- Rio by Chantel Lauren Stationery- Bridget Smith Calligraphy Custom Wood Table- DIY Models- Sara Kilbourne and Daniel Nkemontoh

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How to Combat the Post Wedding Blues Patrice, Apple Brides’ editorial assistant, is recently married and sharing her insight into what comes after the big day.


or most couples, planning your wedding takes up a significant amount of time for about a year before the big event. That was definitely the case for our wedding, and especially true towards the end of that year. Starting about two months prior, it was all wedding, all the time. Vendor confirmations, planning meetings, last-minute DIYs, schedules… every spare minute we had was dedicated to our wedding! Then, the day happened and it was wonderful and went by in a flash, just as everyone always says it does. Once we got back from the honeymoon, we almost felt like there was this huge gap in our lives where the wedding planning had been. All of a sudden we had all this free time and we didn’t really have anything that we were “working toward,” which left us feeling a little bummed out and uninspired. Cue the “post-wedding blues.” According to psychologists, this is actually pretty common. So today I’m sharing some of the things that have helped me to combat the post-wedding blues.

Rehash Your Favorite Moments

If you’re anything like me (hello type-A personalities!), in the stillness of post-wedding life, you may start focusing on the little insignificant things that went wrong. It helped me to actively monitor when I started thinking like this, and to switch my frame of mind to my favorite moments. Receiving our photos and video helped a TON with this, because they were essentially a highlight reel of all the best parts of the day.

Call Friends and Family

One of the things that bummed me out the most after our wedding was that I wasn’t able to have everyone I loved close like I did that weekend. And while you may not be able to have all of your favorite people in the same room again, pick up the phone and give them a call. Chances are, those closest to you would love to chat about the day, laugh about the slip ups, and relive the highlights. I always felt better after calling my mom or one of my bridesmaids.

Schedule Date Nights With Your Spouse

Having a little special one-on-one time with your new hubby or wife brings it back to the reason you had a wedding

AB Mag NO. 3.indd 33

in the first place – your marriage! Plus, when you plan it in advance, it gives you something to look forward to. No, it might not cost thousands of dollars and take months of preparation, but that’s definitely not a bad thing!

Start Some New Projects

Starting something new will give your free time some purpose. Finally pursue that hobby you’ve been eyeing, add a furry friend to your little family, pick up a yoga class, or get started on some home renovation projects like we did. Try to find something you can do together so that you get a little extra newlywed bonding time in!

You have enough to worry about

Why let transportation be one of them? Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties Airport, Hotel, Wedding and Reception

12/13/17 3:49 PM

Organic Family Style Picnic Dinner Shoot Spokane, Washington

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12/13/17 3:50 PM


his polished but boho styled shoot provides so much inspiration! We love the low key, family style set up— perfect for small weddings or elopements, or lounge area ideas. The organic, intimate details are a welcome transition from summer weddings, providing a natural color palette punctuated by pops of colorful food. If your stomach is growling, we’re also sharing how to make that roasted carrot salad or whiskey sour, courtesy of Beacon Hill Catering! Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to find some whiskey…

Vendors Venue- Beacon Hill Catering, Cocktails and Cheese Cake- Beacon Hill Catering Dress- Velvet Bride Jewelry/Fur Jacket- Veda Lux Boutique Silver/Chargers/Linen- Event Rents Vintage Rentals/Chairs/Pillows- Artifact Rentals Flowers- Rose and Blossom Photography- Park Road Photography Hair and Make Up- Rachel Jordan Beauty Models- Annessa and Jeff Smith

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12/13/17 3:50 PM

AB Mag NO. 3.indd 36

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AB Mag NO. 3.indd 37

12/13/17 3:51 PM


12 Carrots, Peeled Olive Oil Kosher Salt 3 TBS Honey 1 ½ TBS Apple Cider Vinegar 1 ½ TBS Olive Oil 1/3 C Sliced Almonds, Toasted 3 TBS Quinoa 1/3 C Crumbled Goat Cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a sheet pan with parchment and spray with cooking spray. Cut the carrots lengthwise into quarters and then cut those in half to get pieces around 3-4 inches long. Toss carrots with oil and salt and place on sheet pan. Roast in oven for about 20 minutes or until tender. Remove from oven and let cool. Whisk together the honey, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the quinoa to a small frying pan. Cook over medium high heat, frequently shaking the pan until the quinoa starts to make a popping noise and becomes golden and smells somewhat nutty. Remove from pan. To assemble the salad, toss the carrots with the dressing and quinoa. Layer the carrots and sprinkle with almonds and goat cheese. Serve warm or at room temperature


3 shots Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey 1 & 1/2 shots fresh lemon juice 3/4 shot local honey 1 large sprig of rosemary (plus 2 small sprigs for garnish)

Crush the large sprig of rosemary in your hand and add it to the shaker. Add the whiskey, lemon juice, honey and ice to above the level of the liquid and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain the mixture into rocks glasses containing large cubes of ice and garnish with remaining rosemary sprigs.

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12/13/17 3:52 PM

Thinking of Eloping? Here’s What You Need to Know

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12/13/17 3:52 PM


e get it– the big white wedding isn’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful wedding day! For many couples, eloping is becoming more and more appealing. Whether it’s to save money for something bigger, to keep the celebration small and intimate, or because they don’t have time to plan a big wedding, couples opt to elope for so many different reasons.   So if you’re thinking of running off into the sunset together, you need to know a few things first! Photos by JM Hunter Photography

1. You Should Still Book a Photographer. No matter how big or small your wedding is, you’ll want pictures. Trust us. No one ever regrets having amazing photographs of their wedding. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Don’t skimp here.

2. Tell Your Parents. Just tell them. Even if it’s a difficult conversation. This is not something to tell mom and dad about after the fact!

AB Mag NO. 3.indd 40

12/13/17 3:52 PM

3. Decide Where!

You can elope locally at a courthouse, take off to a favorite super secret location, or go for a destination elopement. Some couples opt to invite parents or a very close friend, others keep it just the two of them, and an officiant (if you’re not opting for the courthouse route). It’s all up to you!

4. Figure Out What You’re Wearing. You can still opt for a white dress if you’re eloping, but feel free to think outside the box– a colored dress, your favorite jeans and leather jacket, or a chic cocktail dress are all fantastic options. Whatever makes you feel special!

AB Mag NO. 3.indd 41

12/13/17 3:53 PM

5. Research License Requirements and Restrictions If you’re not eloping locally, research the license requirements for where you will be getting married. Some places require a certain waiting period, or your license is only good for so long after you get it. In most cases, you’ll both need to be present to get your license, so don’t forget to plan for that as well. This is a pretty big detail you don’t want to be spontaneous on!

6. Figure Out if You Need a Witness Some places require witnesses to marry. If you are eloping to a place where you’ll need one, decide who it will be.

7. Plan a Celebration (Maybe)! Some couples opt for a dinner or small reception after they’ve eloped to celebrate with their loved ones. If that’s something you want to do, plan it and spread the word.

8. Do the Thing! Pack your car, buy your plane ticket, grab your honey and do the dang thing! Your wedding– no matter what it looks like– should be about you and your partner. It’s the beginning of an amazing new chapter, and should be celebrated however you both see fit!

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12/13/17 3:53 PM

Cozy, Snowy Sledding Engagement Spokane, Washington

AB Mag NO. 3.indd 43

12/13/17 3:53 PM


s there anything more quintessentially winter wonderland than a sledding adventure followed up with hot cocoa? This sweet couple highlighted their love by getting playful, and then warming up with some snuggles. It’s so sweetly fun and romantic, we can’t wait to see their wedding! Bonus points? A winter engagement shoot means you’ll have the perfect holiday card photo, too!


Photography- Heather Biggs Photography

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12/13/17 3:53 PM

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12/13/17 3:53 PM

“Red Letter Event Planning is awesome! Seriously, the best decision I made during our wedding planning process was hiring them! Thank you for everything!” - Jessica and Brandon “We had a lovely wedding thanks to Red Letter Event Planning. We worked with them for over a year on our Coeur D’Alene lake wedding while living in San Francisco. They made our destination wedding possible and helped make our vision a reality.” - Katie and Luis


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RECEPTION Venue Food Beverages Cake Rentals Decor

ATTIRE Gown + Alterations Headpiece + Veil Bridal Accessories Hair + Makeup Groom’s Suit Groom’s Accessories

FLOWERS Ceremony Boutonnieres Corsages Reception

MUSIC Ceremony/Cocktail Hour DJ PHOTO/VIDEO Photography Videography

FAVORS/GIFTS Wedding Party Asks Welcome Bags Bridal Party Gifts Groomsmen Gifts Favors


AB Mag NO. 3.indd 47

12/13/17 3:53 PM

CEREMONY Officiant Decor

STATIONERY Save-The-Dates Invitation Suite Programs Seating/Place Cards Menus Thank Youʼs Postage

WEDDING RINGS Brideʼs Ring Groom's Ring TRANSPORTATION Bridal Party Guests

PLANNING Wedding Planner Planning Binder

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AB Mag NO. 3.indd 50

12/13/17 3:53 PM

Photo by Matt Shumate

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