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Issue no. 2 | Summer 2017

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6/15/17 10:15 AM

Legendary Weddings

Photos courtesy of Matt Shumate Photography


ake the setting of your wedding as special as your love. The iconic Spokane Club, born in the city’s Age of Elegance, blends timeless style and presentation with exceptional service and amenities. For more information contact Jackie Kiley at 1002 W Riverside Avenue, Spokane, WA |

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Letter From The Editor


ith summer comes wedding season and as readers gear up for their own stunning big days and vendors gear up for another busy season, we’re excited to pause for a moment to explore the most colorful, sunny wedding inspiration the Inland Northwest has to offer. We can’t wait to see what this summer season brings, and hope that these pages full of love, warmth and color bring you inspiration for your own celebration. After all, that’s why we love what we do so much! Have something you want to see, or want to submit something? Drop us a note at, we love hearing from you! Here’s to another beautiful summer. Cheers! (Now where’s the frozen rosé?)

-The Apple Brides Team

We’d like to amend a mistake in the Beacon Hills styled wedding from the Fall/Winter ’16 issue. We neglected to include Batch Bakeshop, Millicent Maker and Designs by Janet from our vendor list. We sincerely apologize, and want to recognize their beautiful work.

Staff Credits Editor in Chief: Jessica English Sales Manager: Melissa Persling Production Assistant: Patrice Sutton Design & Layout: Julia Derosier

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Front Cover: Amber Glanville Photography Back Cover: Amber Glanville Photography

6/15/17 10:15 AM

Recently Engaged? Start Here!


ecently engaged and overwhelmed? First off, congratulations! We’re so happy you’re sharing the journey with Apple Brides. Second, let’s work on that overwhelmed part. Here’s where you should start in order to make your wedding planning journey a positive one, instead of a ton of work!   Get Organized.   Make a wedding planning binder! Keeping all your important documents and notes in one place will help simply the process. Check out how we started our own binders! • A 1-inch binder • 4 5-count packs of dividers • 1 50-count pack of letter sheet protectors • 1 pack of college-ruled paper • Washi Tape • Colorful Pens

Label Your Sections

We labeled ours as the following, but you can adjust based on your needs and what works for you. 1. Important 2. Budget 3. Guests 4. Wedding Party 5. Ceremony 6. Reception 7. Attire

8. Photographer 9. Florist 10. DJ 11. Rehearsal 12. Transportation 13. Registry 14. Honeymoon

Include Your Free Printables!

Check out the Apple Brides shop online, and the back of this magazine, for free printables to include in your wedding binder!

Start Pinning!

If you haven’t already, start a Pinterest board! Pin everything that inspires you. As you gather more and more pins, start to cull things that aren’t cohesive. You’ll notice that a theme or aesthetic starts to naturally come through!

Set Your Budget.

Of course this is easier said than done, but setting a budget, and determining who is going to pay for what (are parents helping? Are just you and your fiancé footing the bill?) will help you have a starting point for planning.

Check the Apple Brides Vendor Directory, and Deals Page!

Kick off your vendor search right, by perusing the best of the best!

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Organic and Free Spirited Boho Styled Shoot Bellingham, WA

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6/15/17 10:15 AM


his gorgeously organic, natural styled wedding is more than just a nod to the free spirited nostalgia from the 70’s. It’s also the perfect summer wedding color palette to put a unique spin on the neutrals that are forever popular. We’re loving how sweetly intimate and boho chic this set up is— perfect for couples who want something special minus all the fuss. Pops of orange keep it feeling fresh and the pulled-from-our-incredibly-coolgrandma’s-house decor keeps it fun!

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Vendors Photographer - Models - Rachel Hutchins & Caleb Hutchins Venue - Barn Star Events Dress - Frankie & Maude Makeup - Love Beauty Belligham Hair - Hair by Areca Decor/Rentals - Wander Event Rentals Flowers - Pozie By Natalie Shoes & Jewelry - Mi Shoes Bellingham Calligraphy - Julligraphy Cake - Gathered Confections Cookies - Morgan G. Cookies Cocktails - Sara Galactica

6/15/17 10:15 AM

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Wedding Budget Breakdown


here’s no easy way around it — if you’re having a wedding, it can get expensive. Setting a budget is a great way to keep things within reasonable parameters, so you know what to expect. Once you’ve set an overall budget, though, how do you know how much to spend on what?   The most important thing to know when discussing money is to decide what’s most important to YOU. Is it the food you’re serving guests? Then expect to fork over a little more there, and save in other areas. Do you want a stellar photographer? Then put aside more money for that category, and save in another. It’s about deciding priorities — and adjusting from there. This breakdown gives you an idea of what categories typically take up in a budget. It can be adjusted, and isn’t wedding law for every couple. It is a starting point, and will give you an idea of how things break down, though.   After all, how can you expect to know what the typical floral arrangement costs, or what a good price for a three tiered cake is, if you’ve never been married before? So, we’re working out how much of your overall budget should go to each category. Then, just take your total budget and break it down! • Reception (40-45%)

By far your largest expense. The reception includes food and beverages, equipment rentals, the venue fee (which may be coupled with your ceremony fee if you’re getting married in the same place), and non-floral decor. The exact cost will vary based on what kind of food you serve, if you have a buffet or plated meal, and your bar options. If you’re looking to cut costs in this category, consider going with simple decor (letting the venue speak for itself!) Or having only beer and wine options at the bar. Getting married during ‘off-season’ (not May-September) can also often save some green!

• Ceremony (5-10%)

The ceremony typically includes a venue fee, officiant fee, rentals and decor. If you’re looking to cut costs in this category, consider having your ceremony and reception all in one location. That way, you’re only paying one venue fee instead of two! You can also consider using in-house linens (if offered), skipping the fancy chairs, or repurposing seating from the ceremony to reception to save additional costs.

• Photographer/Videographer (10-15%)

This category will vary depending on whether you want a videographer in addition to your photographer. This isn’t a category we’d recommend skimping on, since photos capture the memories you’ll be cherishing 30 years down the road. We’ve seen too many brides devastated by an amateur photographer missing important moments. However, if you’re

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really looking to cut costs here, consider forgoing an engagement session or, if an engagement session is part of a package, asking the photographer if you can skip it and apply the credit toward your overall cost.

• Flowers (5-10%)

Depending on decor for your ceremony and reception, this may go up or down. Some people choose to decorate solely with flowers, which means you could borrow from the reception and ceremony categories a little. Others only want a bouquet, in which case this expense would go way down. If you’re looking to cut costs in this category, ask your florist what flowers are in season when you’re getting married. Sunflowers in August are a lot cheaper than in January!

• Coordinator/Planner (510%)

Hiring a professional to run your day is very worthwhile. You wouldn’t hire Aunt Agatha to replace your carpets, so why hire her to run your wedding day? Most importantly, planners usually save you money in the long run! If you are looking to save, consider hiring a day-of planner instead of a full coordination package.

• Music (5-10%)

A good DJ will really get the party started, and isn’t that the whole point?! Getting married in one location is a good way to save some costs in this category as well. This often cuts down on a separate set-up cost with your DJ.

this category will vary. Some brides prefer to spend less on a dress they’ll wear once, others want to splurge or even buy multiple dresses. It’s all up to you, but if you’re looking to save, consider buying an off the rack dress and having alterations done rather than ordering a custom gown.

• Cake (5%)

Whether you decide to go with a traditional tiered cake or a custom dessert bar with lots of options, you have lots of ways to cut costs here. Consider ordering a small cutting cake and having sheet cakes made to serve guests — they cut it in a backroom and your guests never know! Alternatively, consider cupcakes or pies instead if you’re less traditional. There are lots of yummy options that don’t have to be outrageously expensive.

•Miscellaneous (5-10%)

Finally, make sure you’re putting aside a portion of your budget for miscellaneous and unexpected costs — everything from invitations to favors, marriage license fees, and unexpected things that pop up. A word to the wise if you’re looking to save a little more change — skip the cheesy wedding favors! They’re expensive, unnecessary, and usually left behind.

• Attire/Rings (5-10%)

Again, depending on what you want,

6/15/17 10:15 AM


ow that you’ve figured out how much of your overall budget goes to what, you’re probably thinking about what you can cut, or trim down, so save some pennies. Don’t worry, we’ve got an answer for that, too! Pass on the following so you can take that extra cash on your honeymoon!

1. A Full Bar, or Top Shelf Booze.

Having one or two signature cocktails, or just beer and 5. A massive tiered cake. wine are a great way to make sure your party is still killer, but   The bigger the cake, the more expensive. Ask your baker stretch your dollars. about making a stunning cutting cake, and then having sheet cakes made in the same flavors. Guests will see your beautiful cake, and the sheet cakes are cut and plated in the kitchen, so 2. Wedding favors that you can’t eat. they’ll never know!   As any wedding planner worth their weight would tell you– unless the favors are edible, you’ll have TONS leftover. If you really want guests to take home a moment, consider 6. Out of season flowers. something local they can snack on. Otherwise, skip them all   Ask your florist what will be in season when you get together and save yourself some change. married, and use those. Ordering floral thats out of season racks up the cost quickly.

3. Crazy intense ceremony decor.

Let the views speak for themselves and save your decor and 7. Don’t DIY what you can buy (or rent!) floral budget for the reception.   Think about it this way– yes, the supplies to make 18 centerpieces might be cheap. Then, factor in your time, stress, and the logistics. Still cheaper than just renting 18 4. Two words– after party! centerpieces? Probably not. Save yourself and your ‘maids   Instead of extending your reception rental time beyond what your venue includes in their package, consider moving some time and stress and just rent. Or go without! Some venues really speak for themselves. Add some gorgeous the party to a bar or restaurant after your time is up. You’ll save some money and how fun is it to head downtown in your flowers and that’s all the decor you need! dress?!

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6/15/17 10:15 AM

Bright and Cheery Secret Garden Wedding Coeur d’Alene, ID

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6/15/17 10:15 AM


his floral-filled affair is full of romantic, secret garden vibes, made even sweeter by how much happiness radiates from this couple. Combined with Southern touches, as a nod to the groom’s roots, this cheery wedding is summery perfection! We love the groom’s floral tie and the bride’s gorgeous lace dress, they have us dreaming of booking an afternoon tea among the roses!

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Vendors Venue - Private Residence Planning & Coordination - Belle Journee Events Photographer - Emily Wenzel Photography Catering - A Couple of Chefs Catering Baker - Batch Bakeshop Florist - Garden of Eden Florals Hair & Make - Up Fratelli Salon Dress - Claire Pettibone Suit - Suit Supply DJ - Epic Vibe Rentals - The Attic, Event Rents, Design Events

6/15/17 10:15 AM

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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do A Boudoir Shoot

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6/15/17 10:16 AM


e hear a lot of reasons why brides DON’T do a boudoir shoot at some point, either during the wedding planning process, or after they’ve been married– they’re not confident enough, they want to lose weight, they’re too shy, the list goes on! We’re firm believers in putting those things aside and jumping in headfirst, though, so we came up with 10 reasons why you should consider a boudoir shoot now rather than later!

1. Confidence is sexy.   It’s not easy to get past feelings of insecurity, but you’re worth it! Amy from A.JO FOTOGRAFI says, “Each and every one of us has insecurities. We spend so much of our energy focusing on the things we dislike about ourselves instead of the things we love. Boudoir offers selfconfidence, freedom, and a retraining of your brain that you are beautiful just the way you are!”

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2. Girl Power!   Trust us; you’ll feel like you can conquer the world after your shoot. Sydney from Sydney Baye Photography says, “It’s truly an empowering experience and opens a level of confidence in a relationship which is immeasurable. The following is a recent response from a client after receiving her photos: “Your photos literally made me cry. They made me feel so strong and beautiful.’”

6/15/17 10:17 AM

3. It’s a Good Excuse to Get Pampered

Lots of boudoir photographers offer packages that include professional hair and makeup, and who doesn’t love a good glam session?! Indulge yourself for the day and tell us you don’t feel great afterward.

4. It Makes a Great Gift

We can’t think of a better wedding day, or anniversary gift to your spousethan a book of smokin’ hot photos of you! Trust us, they’ll love it. Pam of Romancing Belle Photography agrees. “Celebrate NOW! I have never met a man who did not love this particular gift!

5. To Celebrate Something!

Maybe it’s to celebrate your wedding, anniversary, or making it through something tough with your spouse. Maybe it’s to celebrate having just had a baby, or maybe it’s just to celebrate how awesome you are, right now, as you are. Whatever the reason, who doesn’t love celebrating something?

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6. Because You Are Enough

As you are. Not once you lose a few pounds, not on a ‘skinny day’, not once you get in shape. Now, as you are, you are enough, and that’s beautiful. (There’s your reason to celebrate!)

6/15/17 10:17 AM

7. Shopping!!

Not that you need an excuse, but who doesn’t love lingerie shopping?

8. Modeling is Fun

You don’t have to be an expert, that’s what the photographer is for! They’ll give you direction and before you know it you’ll be posing like a pro and loving it!

9. For the Memories

Everyone likes to look back on old photos, and boudoir is no exception. One day you’ll look back and love how amazing you felt on that day.

10. Most of all, Because Your Spouse Loves You Just as You Are.

This one is a little bit of a repeat, but it’s worth mentioning again. Everyone is guilty of sometimes thinking they can’t do a boudoir shoot until something– they lose the baby weight, work on those back muscles, or just generally feel better about themselves. We have news for you– your partner loves you just as you are! We are always our own worst critic, and a boudoir shoot can help you realize how beautiful, inside and out, you truly are! Don’t have a spouse or partner? That’s okay, do a shoot for yourself! Everyone deserves to feel great about themselves!s

Photographs by Tess Farnsworth

“One of the Top Ten Lakeside Resorts in the West”

Your Wedding at

-Sunset Magazine

Call us today!

404 Elkins Rd. Nordman, ID 83848


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Sparkling Spring Mountaintop Styled Shoot Sandpoint, ID

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6/15/17 10:17 AM


hat do you get when you mix quartz stones with eyepopping color and a sleek, modern, mountaintop wedding venue? This swoon-worthy shoot! Inspired by the vivid colors of spring, this style shoot includes classic Spring blooms, a watercolor cake and an unexpected pink and white wedding gown. This venue boasts a 360-degree views of Lake Pend Oreille, which makes it a total jaw dropper. It just goes to show you don’t have to be afraid of a little color for your big day!

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Vendors Photography - Amy Henderson Photography Styling & Coordination - Chloe Jenkins of Blooming Event Design Makeup - Suzanne LaValley Makeup Artistry Flowers - Petal Talk Decor - Lucky Prop Co., & Zero Point Stationery - Susen D. Fay Cake - Pastry & More Hair - Cindy Wade Venue - Schweitzer Mountain Resort Models - Ryleigh Groat & Wyatt McCormick Linens & Place Settings - Event Rents Jewelry - Sunshine Goldmine Tux - Larson’s Dress - Colors Dress Spring 2017 Style # 1685

6/15/17 10:17 AM

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6/15/17 10:17 AM

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6/15/17 10:17 AM

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6/15/17 10:17 AM

5 Things Your Wedding Planner Wants You to Know


hen you get engaged, it’s natural to get caught up in the excitement surrounding the thought of planning the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. However, with a wedding comes expectations, and constraints. It can be difficult to maintain a budget and your sanity while counting down to the big day. Hiring a planner is a hugely helpful way to ensure your vision comes together perfectly, and you stay on budget (and maybe even save money!) Not to mention, you can actually enjoy your own big day instead of stressing!   That said, planners can make the magic happen because this isn’t their first rodeo. They understand the ins and outs of planning a large scale event and what it takes. Today we’re laying out some important advice that wedding planners want you to know. 1) You shouldn’t DIY everything.

planner or florist to refine your design so it reflects you.”

spend it relishing in the moment than yelling at someone?

While DIY is a nice way to add a personalized touch to a wedding and stay within budget, it’s not realistic to think that you and your bridesmaids are going to make center pieces, favors, decor, signage AND the napkin swans yourselves. You have enough on your plate, as does your bridal party. Setting out to do-it-yourself on every aspect of your wedding is setting yourself up for failure, and animosity from those you recruit to help at all hours of the night. Find an event rental company or event stylist that has on hand the items with the look you want to achieve. Renting is a good way to cut costs and ensure you get the vision you want.

3) Have realistic expectations.

5) Pick your big-ticket items.

Your wedding should be everything you’ve dreamed of, and your planner is there to help make that happen. However, they can only work in the constraints you give them. That beautiful flower wall you saw (on Pinterest) can not be achieved with the same grandeur for under $100. You don’t have time to DIY 300 favors and sleep. You can’t expect steak with a $10 per person catering budget. Planners help you achieve your wedding dreams, realistically.

Too often brides want a $70,000 wedding on a $7,000 budget. It’s just not possible! You get what you pay for. One of the first questions a bride and groom should ask themselves when they begin the planning process is what is most important to them. For example, maybe it’s the venue and photographer. So plan to spend big bucks on those and scrimp in other areas. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll have to pick your battles.   Apple Brides’ preferred vendor Soiree Event Design notes the importance or 4) In case you hadn’t figured prioritizing. “Looking at the overall it out yet and we have to spell it budget is too much, you have to sit out, hire a planner! down and decide what’s top priority and 2) On that note, limit your time  You’ve heard it before – do you really what isn’t. Make a list of the items you need and one that you want. Learn to want your mother directing the caterers on Pinterest. compromise, number your top priorities where to go while you’re getting ready,   We said it. It creates unrealistic and your soon to be father-in-law cleaning 1-10 (1 being lowest and 10 highest on expectations, disjointed theme ideas your list) and have your significant other up linens while everyone else celebrates and breeds copying, instead of trying to do the same then compare and execute. your union? No. Friends and family are achieve an original event that reflects the guests, and should be allowed to enjoy the This is a good jumping off point when couple. Unless you have an incredibly looking at the big picture. For example, day as such. The same goes for the bride specific idea you’re looking for, such as if you both decide your photography is and groom! You deserve to focus on the lanterns lining the aisle, just limit your highest priority and favors are low on first look, not the first vendor to arrive. time on Pinterest. The stars in your eyes your list, skip the favors and go for the A planner is there to take care of all the will fade when your planner points out high quality photography. This is your that your wedding board is an eclectic mix logistics from inception to the “I do”s, so day, decide what’s most important to that you don’t have to worry. of nautical decor, rustic venues and glam you!”   Mistakes will happen and things will invite options. Strive for originality and   Every wedding, and couple, is unique. go wrong. The beauty of it is that no one cohesiveness. It’s important to find a planner that will know except you, your planner and   Apple Brides’ preferred vendor, Robyn understands your vision, and you mesh maybe your groom. If there’s a cardinal of Red Letter Event Planning agrees. with well. Each planner, and bride, rule of event planning, it’s to roll with “Pinterest is a great resource for ideas, has their own experiences and input however it is also very overwhelming. It’s the punches. Brides should take the to contribute to the wedding planning easy to pin something you like, but before same advice: if your florist shows up with journey. When you combine the two, you ranunculus instead of peonies, or your you know it you have a wedding board get a truly remarkable event to signify the bridesmaids have different earrings, no full of pictures that are of other people’s one will notice – unless you point out the beginning of an even more remarkable weddings. It’s better to use Pinterest chapter! mistake. So roll with it! Don’t sweat the sparingly to develop your initial concept but then work with professionals like your small stuff. This day will be over before you know it, and wouldn’t you rather

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6/15/17 10:17 AM

Romantic and Rustic Countryside Barn Wedding Dover, ID

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6/15/17 10:17 AM


his ultra-romantic, neutral wedding filled with blush tones is so dreamy we can’t stop staring at it! This group is serious #squadgoals, and we love how sweet and feminine the whole soiree is! This wedding is truly how you do rustic chic and proves that getting married in a barn doesn’t have to mean you can’t have a little glam, too!

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Vendors Photographer - Amber Glanville Photography Venue - Dover Bay Homestead Barn Coordinator - Ashley Graham Events Florist - Fresh Sunshine Flowers Rentals - Event Rents Hair - Nicole Parks Makeup - Shasta Hankins

6/15/17 10:17 AM

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6/15/17 10:17 AM

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6/15/17 10:18 AM

Just Why Exacty Are Weddings So Expensive!?


e’ve all heard it before– the wedding markup is real. This is the idea that vendors charge more, simply because the label of ‘wedding’ is attached to something. Maybe someone told you to ask a baker for a cake for an event, but to not get specific. Or maybe you heard that venues charge more for a wedding party than they do for a regular party, so skip over the mention of nuptials. Or maybe you read one of those ‘advice’ articles about how to save money on your wedding by not mentioning that it was a wedding. So is there any truth to all these rumors? If there isn’t, why exactly are weddings so much more expensive than a normal party?! Let’s resolve this once and for all– there is no wedding markup. Yes, weddings are more expensive than parties. That’s because they’re not the same thing! We’re letting you in on a few secrets- 4, to be exact, that explain why weddings are so expensive, once and for all. 1. The Stakes Are Higher

3. You Get What You Pay For

2. It’s More Than Just One Day

4. Pinterest (and Trends).

Let’s face it– a wedding is a bigger deal than a birthday party. Therefore, the stakes are higher, and wedding vendors work hard to deliver that level of service. Thus, they have to charge accordingly! Their time, just like anyone else’s, is worth money. You want the best, and they want to give it to you! Weddings often seem like twice as much as another event, but that’s because they’re twice as much time, and effort. You’ve spent MONTHS planning your wedding. Well, so have your vendors! All those emails, phone calls, meetings, time spent organizing and planning– it all goes toward the vendors overhead. So you’re paying for more than just the 12 hours of your actual big day. You’re paying for all the time that goes into the wedding prep, too!

AB Mag Issue 2.indd 34

Think about this– if someone offered to re-do your kitchen cabinets for $200 (or free!) you’d probably be suspicious. They’re a professional, and you know you’re going to pay a certain amount when you hire one. It’s worthwhile, because they know what they’re doing. Wedding vendors are the same! They’re professionals, running a business, and charge according to overhead, portfolio and time, as well as many other factors. Sometimes, Pinterest, and other social media sites, make certain things SUPER popular. Like, for example, pink peonies. What they don’t tell you, though, is that peonies have an incredibly short season, and are often difficult to get. So, if you have your heart set on that fluffy pink bouquet, you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny– no matter what that Pinterest caption told you. There’s always a way to make your dreams happen, it just sometimes costs more depending on extenuating factors.

6/15/17 10:18 AM

Southwestern Inspired Desert Wedding Shoot Yakima, Washington

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6/15/17 10:18 AM


an you say hello most beautiful sunset shots ever? This stunning Southwestern inspired styled shoot shows you can be fun and colorful without being kitschy, and this ridiculously beautiful wedding gown the bride wore is just the cherry on top of the whole fantastic pie! We are head over heels for the modern details in this desert shoot, and the landscapes don’t hurt either. It just goes to show, you and your partner can make magic wherever you want to get married— even if it’s a place you’ve never thought twice about.

AB Mag Issue 2.indd 36

Vendors Design and Styling - Bixby + Pine Photography - Solie Designs Rentals - Grand Event Rentals Florals - BloomsByBP Ribbon - Honey Silks & Co. Gown Store- La Belle Bridal Salon Gown Designer - Julie Vino Invitation - Suite Paper Plum Cake - Jenny Cookies

6/15/17 10:18 AM

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6/15/17 10:18 AM

Whimsical and Romantic Downtown Wedding Spokane, WA

AB Mag Issue 2.indd 41

6/15/17 10:19 AM


e love when couples incorporate color in their wedding! This glowing duo chose a beautiful plum to accent their big day and the results are almost too pretty for words! This gorgeous family affair included many Jewish traditions in a unique, industrial setting that still feels warm and welcoming. We love that weddings are, quite literally, a coming together of two families and, often different, sets of traditions and beliefs. The more the merrier, after all!

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Vendors Venue - Barrister Winery Photography - Ifong Chen Photography Catering - Beacon Hill Catering Floral - Fleurtations Floral Cake and Desserts - Beacon Hill Catering DJ - Liberty DJ Dress - BLHD Chuppah - Made by Bride’s Family

6/15/17 10:19 AM

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RECEPTION Venue Food Beverages Cake Rentals Decor

ATTIRE Gown + Alterations Headpiece + Veil Bridal Accessories Hair + Makeup Groom’s Suit Groom’s Accessories

FLOWERS Ceremony Boutonnieres Corsages Reception

MUSIC Ceremony/Cocktail Hour DJ PHOTO/VIDEO Photography Videography

FAVORS/GIFTS Wedding Party Asks Welcome Bags Bridal Party Gifts Groomsmen Gifts Favors


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CEREMONY Officiant Decor

STATIONERY Save-The-Dates Invitation Suite Programs Seating/Place Cards Menus Thank Youʼs Postage

WEDDING RINGS Brideʼs Ring Groom's Ring TRANSPORTATION Bridal Party Guests

PLANNING Wedding Planner Planning Binder

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Photo by Matt Shumate AB Mag Issue 2.indd 51

6/15/17 10:20 AM

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