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Fall/Winter 2008

AMM: exclusively dedicated to fashion/fitness male models & athletic actors

Aug08-Jan09 $6.95US $8.95CAN

It’s All Business

And the Fun Starts .. Apollo Male Models Magazine Release Party at



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Swimwear by Nico & Adrian,

Male models in our release party fashion show: Paul Prus, Joe Bianchini, Zachary Vasquez, Justin Konrad, Gil Dominack, Kendrick Kemp, Shane Duffy, Joseph Castro, Chris Lusk, Christopher Nestro, and our cover model Ryan Stewart. Make-up artists: Joanne Rodriguez, Brittney Pender, Sandy Maranesi, Cassandra Celestin. photos: Christopher Makris and Apollo GT APOLLO MALE MODELS .com



AMM Contents

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– ENK Men’s Show — Blue + Collective - NY Feb 08...................... 8 – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - NY........................................... 10 – Funkshion — Miami Beach Fashion Week........................... 12 – Miami Fashion Week - 10th Anniversary................................ 18 – ENK Men’s Show — Blue + Collective - NY Jul 08....................... 22 – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Smashbox Studios LA......... 24 – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Miami Swim.......................................... 25 – AMM Cover-Model Shane Duffy............................................................................... 26 – Model Gil Dominack.......................................................................................... 30 – .Model Garrett Forbes................................................................................... 32 – Personal Trainer & Model Damien Tomaselli..................... 34 – Model Erik Nielson............................................................................................ 36 – Model Coach Hector Martinez............................................................ 38 – Artist Rob Bartell................................................................................................ 40 – South Florida Firefighters Calendar 2009.......................4 1 – Planning on Having a Wardrobe Malfunction?.............. 42 TM

– Model Universe Championship ..................................................... 43 – Ari Gold - LIVE!.................................................................................................... 44 – Mario Lopez @ Borders Books & Music............................... 44 – . Miami Beach Bruthaz - South Beach Men’s Show... 45 – Enchanted Waters — Fashion by Nico & Adrian......... 46

model seen here: Brandon T. from Next Model Management, Miami, as he was getting ready for William Rast show. 4



Publisher: Apollo GT

Contributing Writer: Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd

Contributing Models:

Chris Lusk, Christopher Nestro, Damien Tomaselli, Erik Nielsen, Garrett Forbes, Gil Dominack, Joe Bianchini, Joseph Castro, Justin Konrad, Kendrick Kemp, Luis Fernandez, Max P., Paul Prus, Ryan Stewart, Shane Duffy, William Robbins, Willie Robbins, Zachary Vasquez, plus the firefighters of South Florida: J.C., Stan, Terryson, Jason, Steve, Ricky, Rafael, Dan, Chris, Chance, Carlos, Daniel, Brian, Peter, Jean, Jeffrey, Orville, and Anthony.

Contributing Photographers:

Adrian Alicea, Anton Papich, Bob Nittoli, Bryan Haynes, Byron L. Keulemans, Christian Arias, Christopher Makris, Dan Lecca for Mercides-Benz, Illario, Jessica Kertznus & Kelly Rivera, Karl Puchlik, Kim Grisco, Le Poulin, Mike Allen, Monica Lo, Randy Brooke, Yvonne Taylor

Contributing Artist & Make-up Artists:

Rob Bartell, Joanne Rodriguez, Brittney Pender, Sandy Maranesi, Cassandra Celestin

Contributing PR Reps. & Production Reps. +:

Emily Bungert of People’s Revolution, Vanessa Cabezas of Majestic Relations, Jai Matthews of Jai Productions/JaiWalk, LLC, Rick Campbell and Hector Martinez of Signature Events To advertise in Apollo Male Models Magazine, please contact us through the provided info. below:

Apollo Male Models

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August 2008 — January 2009

It’s All Business

AMM Fall/Winter 2008 Cover-Model: Shane Duffy photos: Apollo GT Fashion: Alex Ladino


model: Joe Lazo

model: Marcus Lloyd

model: Jonathan Kroppmann

agency: Red Model Management, NY

agency: Red Model Management, NY

agency: Red Model Management, NY

Conference of Birds photos: Monica Lo

designer/stylist Andrew Holden

model: Nikita

model: Alan Carey

model: Julien Sapala

agency: Red Model Management, NY

agency: Red Model Management, NY

agency: Red Model Management, NY


model: Francesco Ballestri

model: Alan Carey

agency: Red Model Management, NY

agency: Red Model Management, NY

Distilled’s Fall 08 collection is smart, modern and clean - a witty grouping loaded with engineered details. The collection evokes a modern day styling of Holden Caulfield of Catcher In The Rye, a solipsistic youth whose unique take on the classic preppy look is a blend of original innovation and lazy serendipity. Distilled’s Fall 08 high lights include a slim fitting lamb skin varsity, a quirky asymmetrical zip anorak, and button-ups rendered in dweeby plaids. Wool blend shirtings, glen plaids,

distilled -

designer Matty Merrill

Distilled can be bought in NY at Bloomingdales and Atrium.

photos: Monica Lo

richly colored chambrays and other classic fabrics are twisted into modern and functional styles such as the toggle coat which uses bungee cord as its closure allowing it to stretch with the wearer’s movement. Squares and sartorialists alike will be charmed by slim pants offered in yarn dyes and washed velvet with jackets to match. The exquisite domestic tailoring and sewing, the over 30 carefully selected fabrications, and Distilled’s original technical innovations clearly show that looking good is smart.

model: Nick Genta agency: RE:QUEST Model Management, NY



model: Nick S.

model: Alexander

model: Stas

- brown calfskin

- blue leather

- deep brown/

- eel skin jacket

jacket and

coat and dark

burgundy coat

and dark

brown wool pants.

blue wool pants.

and cotton twill



wool pants.


model: Sean O.


Academy of Art University - Fashion: Shady Elias

Shady was born in Khartoum, Sudan and raised in Cairo, Egypt.

runway photos by Randy Brooke — front row guests’ photos by Bob Nittoli

Hilary Alexander of The Daily Telegraph

Michael Fink of Saks Fifth Ave.

Fashion: Young Jun Ryu model: Caleb - coated faux fur coat, printed cotton shirt, wool grey pants.

Nigel Barker of Americas Next Top Model

Patrick MacDonald and Oscar nominated TV Host Leon Hall actress Sylvia Miles

— Young was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea

model: Chris


model: Jamie

- printed wool


- coated faux fur


- coated faux

jacket and printed

fur vest and

black denim jean.

printed wool pants.



photos: Dan Lecca for Mercedes-Benz, NY

Custo Barcelona

photos: Dan Lecca for Mercedes-Benz, NY



Russell Simmons


Argyle Culture

photo: Apollo GT

photo: Apollo GT

photo: Apollo GT Simone Sestito, Mena Suvari, Russell Simmons, and Porschla Coleman

model: Charles Justo photo: Apollo GT


Dressing with the sense of accomplishments, this collection is meant for men in their late 20’s and after 30. Accompanying Russell Simmons to his runway show at Funkshion were music producer Simone Sestito, actress Mena Suvari who was known for her roles in American Pie and American Beauty, and model Porschla Coleman.


photo: Jessica Kertznus & Kelly Rivera

Le Jean De photos: Apollo GT

model: R.L. Bond

model: Sean P. agency: Irene Marie

model: Sean P. agency: Irene Marie




Parish photos: Apollo GT




WEEK 2008

photos: Apollo GT



Models R. L. Bond and Bobby going for the cameras’ attention backstage after the show. Bobby had also appeared in Beyonce’s music video. model: Aaron Pope agency: Irene Marie

Akademiks photos: Apollo GT

model: Bobby Roache

designer: Juan Carlos Cajigas-Berrios, winner of Menswear Award, model: Robert Anthony Mack agency: Runways

AI, Miami International University of Art & Design


First time focusing on menswear, designer Juan Carlos Cajigas-Berrios, called this ensemble “Outer Space Cowboy”. “I’m going to take a break from school and working full time so I’m going to be in Miami for six months after I graduated just to work and also have some time off to go to the beach. And then in January, I’ll go to Paris for six months. I have always been a big fan of Hedi Slimane who developed and positioned Dior Homme. Now his assistant Kriss Van Asche is the new creative director at Dior Homme. I would love to work at Dior Homme,” said Juan Carlos. When asked how he looked at the models, Juan Carlos said, “It’s the only way I can design menswear, like the magazine Apollo Male Models, I am very inspired by male models, not because how pretty they are but I’m more attracted to the personalities or what they do or how they can move from being a normal guy into being a model. So I design base on the life style and the persona of what a male model is.”





photos: Apollo GT


model: Charles Justo agency: Irene Marie model: Colin Blyther agency: Irene Marie


model: Brandon T. agency: Next

William Rast for Justin Timberlake photos: Apollo GT

Show had both women’s and men’s wear Collection for Fall/Winter 2008 with Justin Timberlake for the men’s and Trace Ayala for the women’s. Here we saw model Brandon, strutting the runway and looking good, real good! Still, eyes were hoping to see Justin, making his appearance. Maybe next time.


photos: Apollo GT

model: Travone

model: Mordecai Ray

agency: Next



Robert Flores -

Dominican Republic

photos: Apollo GT


model: Eli


model: Ivan Cabrera, Mr. Model Universe 2008-2009

AMM was for sure energized by a treat of an all men fashion show by Robert Flores. The models, some are new to us, enjoyed the exposure as well as the fashion they were in.


model: Steve

model: Eli

model: Charles Justo

model: Kolt

model: R.L. Bond

agency: Irene Marie

model: Kim



photos: Apollo GT

Our former cover model Ryan Stewart and model Skylar at Miami Fashion Week, earning their celebrity status!

MG Marcel - Colombia


Mocali - Spain


Nicolรกs Felizola - Miami

model: Zack V.


Miami Fashion WeekŽ marked its 10th anniversary this year, continuing with its traditional line-up of international designers. This year we saw more menswear than the previous, with swimwear, casual, and suits, in a variety of color schemes and patterns. We surely enjoyed the week of men’s fashion on the runway with models of different looks. Hope to see even more next year and Apollo Male Models Magazine is going to be there in the front row again to bring you hot models and fashion presented by Sobol Fashion Productions, Inc. For more info please visit:

Hernan Zajar - Colombia

model: Andree B.

Bogosse - Miami

Rykii de Jude - Barbados

Unico - Colombia APOLLO MALE MODELS .com



★ Buckler photos: © Le Poulin

model: Jesper Lunning

model: Reid Prebenda agency: Red Model Management

model: Andrew Glessner

model: Sy Alassane

model: Alex Smith

This spring 2009 collection is inspired by medieval knighthood and fencing, and is assimilated with avant rock and indie bands. Within the elaborate structure of these designs are the concepts of identity, sex, love, alienation and death, inspired by surrealist and abstract expressionist Louis Bourgeois. Also inspired by Brazilian artist Helio Oiticica’s use of colors, the collection brought together the medieval past and the fashion-forward present.


model: Jonathan Keyser

model: Andrew Glessner

model: Jonathan Keyser

model: Paul Anthony model: Chris Whelan


model: James Collins



Elmer AV 5600

model: Garrett Forbes agency: Vue model management See our interview with model Garrett Forbes on page 32. photos: Dan Lecca for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Maggie Barry

Joseph Domingo


model: RL Bond

left 2 photos: Apollo GT

right 2 photos: Dan Lecca for MercedesBenz Fashion Week

Ed Hardy photos: Dan Lecca for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week



model: Vinci Alonso agency: Irene Marie



AMM Cover-Model:

Shane Duffy photos: Apollo GT fashion: Alex Ladino -

180s wool navy blue suit $1,200, striped shirt $180, silk dots tie $90



AMM cannot be happier to have worked with our new cover-model, Shane Duffy, a go-getter and positive man. Six feet, black hair and brown eyes, he’s not the type made to hurt anyone in any way, unless a smile could kill...

suede pistacio blazer with persian medallion enbroidery $700

Hollywood is not as glamorous as it looks from the outside looking in. It is not a 9 to 5 job, where you know you are getting paid every two weeks, etc. It is very much a hustle and you have to separate yourself from the competition so to speak. If you don’t, you will not last long in this industry because there are plenty of talented beautiful men and woman in the industry who will. AMM - After serving a year in Afghanistan, how did that change you as a person and as a model/actor? Shane - Upon returning from the war, I hit several ranges of emotion from happiness, anger, paranoia, to sadness. There is a certain readjustment period that everyone goes thru after experiencing a life altering event and I was no exception. Luckily for me I had a supportive family and friends that made the transition much easier.

the interview: AMM - Growing up in a small town in Texas , were you dreaming big and pushing for your goal beyond the big state? Shane - I love Texas and don’t get to visit as often as I would like, but I knew that my career would not flourish as fast if I stayed there.

I will tell you one thing, being at war made me respect the human life more, and that life is too short to be unhappy. It definitely opened my eyes to where I wanted to be in life and what I wanted to be doing. Five months after returning from the war, I packed up whatever I could fit in my jeep, gave away everything else, and drove to LA with 3 of my really good friends ( Zac Witte, Leon Fazzio IV, and Jason Klein). We all left TX with the hopes of success and a new chapter in our lives to be written.

Growing up it was only a dream of going to a bigger fashion and TV/Film market. I always say, “don’t talk about it, BE about it!” So I did, and moved to Hollywood.

It’s never too late to change your life!

AMM - What did you consider was the ticket for you to Hollywood? Shane - Well, I am not quite there yet, but without a doubt my determination, every single day not giving up no matter how many times you get rejected (and trust me, it was a lot!)

AMM - What special skills and educations have you had that contribute to your modeling and acting career? Shane - I have always believed in getting an education and maintaining a balance between the mental, physical, and spiritual self. I have two college degrees from TX State University and no one can take that away from me.



- Colombian designer Alex Ladino was known for over 14 years in the fashion and image consulting industry. He was the winner of the “Celebrity Style Award� at Miami Fashion Week 2005, and had made numerous international appearances in Fashion Week events in Paraguay, Miami, Panama, Puerto Rico, and TV shows as well as specialized publications.



In LA I had the opportunity to study with 2 really great acting coaches – Bobby Shaw Chance and Anthony Mendehl. Acting wise, because I have been through a lot of different experiences at a young age, I am able to tap into raw emotions and make the characters that I play believable. AMM - Tell us about your proudest achievements as a model. Shane - I have many moments in my career that I am proud of, but to see the enjoyment that my parents had when they first saw me in GQ magazine was awesome. It was nice to be able to call my relatives and friends and tell them to run to the store and buy this months GQ because I was in it. AMM - What were the best things you have learned from your parents? Shane - Be yourself and Stay humble from my mother, and stay motivated and positive from my father. Growing up we were middle class at best and my father once told me he was the richest man alive. I laughed and said “then why are we not in a mansion and started naming all these superficial materialistic items”. He then said, “I have 4 healthy kids”, immediately I felt embarrassed, but realized how important family really was and is. AMM - With the life and work experiences that you have, what are you ready for now? Shane - I am ready to keep moving forward with my acting and modeling careers. So if you are a director or a designer and you are reading this, I am your man! o

Italian cotton shirt $180, silk jackart hand made tie $120, cotton tailored pants $300 lamb leather slip-on shoes $260



Gil Dominack

photos: Apollo GT hair & make-up: Noemi Melendez of Divas Productions, Inc.


We made friends as soon as we started attending schools, but some friends just didn’t share our dreams and so we must make the difficult choice of leaving them behind. That was part of being true to ourselves.


the interview: AMM - How were you led to the modeling world in August of 2007? Gil - Modeling has always been a dream of mine since I was in high school but I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana where there wasn’t much opportunity. About a month before, I shared with friends my dream of modeling and to my surprise they weren’t supportive and with that challenge of proving them wrong I came down to miami for a week, went to a couple of modeling agencies open calls and Elite wanted to sign me. So I packed up my things and moved to Fort Lauderdale knowing only one person. Even though the push was to prove someone wrong it has now become the place where I know I belong. AMM - What have you done to sharpen your talent as a male model within months since you started? Gil - I have taken runway lessons from Hector, with Signature Models. I study fashion and posing. AMM - What is your most difficult challenge so far? Gil - Getting used to going to all the go-sees would be the most challenging thing as a model. Being in a room with all these beatuiful people was tough for me at first but I have come to realize that my image is a product the client believes will help sell their product and I shouldn’t take “not geting the gig” personal. It sometime takes a few clients to match your image up with theirs. AMM - Tell us a few of your special skills that contribute to your modeling career. Gil - I have always been a great dancer and photogenic. I believe it takes both those talents to be a great model. If you can dance then you’re good at movement and posing is all about your body postioning so they kind of go hand in hand. Some people can not take a good picture so being photogentic is almost a requirement which thank god I have that talent. AMM - I often reminded male models even Arnold Schwarzenegger took ballet lessons to learn about posing for his routine. Tell us something about yourself that is the least likely you want us to know. Gil - Sometimes when I meet people for the first time they ask me if I am a model and not “what do you do for work?” I never use to get that when I was in high school because I was skinny, nerdy, real bad taste in clothes. I was just everything opposite of what you think of when you look at a model. About the age of 21 my clothes changed, 25 I got to the gym and started working out to gain muscle. I knew in high school I wanted to model but back then there was no way I was a model. So I gradually made my dream come true and here I am now a model. So being a nerd in high school is something everyone does need to know, so that is between us, right? LOL AMM - Yes, that is just between us...and these pages. Which modeling gig have you done that you are most proud of? Gil - When I was on the cover of Passport magazine in April. I was shocked I had no clue at the shoot that I was going to be on the cover and then they sent me the magazine and there I was on the cover. For a model who just started out to be on the cover of a magazine shows me that dreams can come true and you never stop dreaming. Now they’re just bigger. o Just want to say thanks to Apollo for making me look so great and to Steve the booker from my agency Elite, Miami, for giving a boy a chance to follow his dreams. I hope that with my modeling career I can inspire the desire for others to follow there dreams. - Gil Dominack



Garrett Forbes

Garrett’s first acting job was with a film project directed by Francis Ford Coppola but his favorite was “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” directed by David Fincher. “Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett starred in the film and they were both really down to earth and I enjoyed working on that set very much.” Garrett Forbes started at age 14 modeling on and off but he had always loved theatre and acting since he was a little kid. “I would even have photo shoots planned with my friends growing up.” Now his aim is to model for such names as Prada, Dior, D&G, and Burberry. “Modeling is one of the most difficult jobs a person can have. It is a very competitive industry and so much plays into just taking a pretty photo or walking down the runway. People don’t realize all the work that is involved in a photo shoot let alone a runway show. It takes a lot


photo: Christian Arias


of hard work, dedication, drive, and not loosing yourself along the way.� the interview: AMM - What is it about fashion that you cannot do without? Garrett - To me fashion is everything. Fashion is a way of life. Fashion is making a mark on this world. I am very outgoing and I especially love doing runway. AMM - With as much modeling work as you have done, have you ever found yourself repeating certain pose or needing a break from the scene? Garrett - No, I am a chameleon. AMM - Do you find it easier to have friends who are models or not models? Garrett - I am a pretty laid back guy and have all types of friends. I have close relationships with some friends I grew up with and have known for 15 plus years and I am good friends with photographers, models, musicians, actors...I am a pretty social person. AMM - Is there a known actor that you admire and why? Garrett - Johnny Depp, he is one of the most talented actors. He brings something special into each role he takes. I am a big fan of his work. AMM - What do you hope to see down the road for you in 5-10 years? Garrett - To be a full time, successful model traveling all over the world. I want to have my own clothing line, write books, and act. AMM - What is something unique you can tell the readers about you? Garrett - That even as I grow in my career I become closer with my family. Family is so important to me. o

photo: Kim Grisco hair & make-up stylist: Bree Bailey

photo: Mike Allen

photo: Karl Puchlik



Damien Tomaselli photos: Byron L. Keulemans

As we changed our choices of carreer we didn’t change who we were. We just matured to the next stage of being. Well, to a certain extend anyway. It’s healthy to stay young at heart! the interview: AMM - How do you define “male model” in your own words? Damien - Would it be too obvious if I said a model that has a penis? Nah, I do think that certain aspects of male modeling have become more prominent in the past few years. I’m talking about things like physique for example. I think back in the day it was only women who used to be very conscious about their looks. I think today men are starting slowly to concentrate more on their physical appeal. The popularity of fitness magazines and male magazines in general is an indicator of this. There is more self consciousness in things like physique, and general physical upkeep. I even have friends who regularly get their eyebrows plucked. They don’t like to admit it but it’s kinda hard to deny. One day they got a unibrow the next day it’s all slim and trim. AMM - From media & advertising you made your transition to fitness and modeling. How has that change you or has it not at all?


Damien - It is different, but it’s not that different. In photo shoots there’s no script and it’s mostly improvisation, but the photographer and director are pretty much the same thing to me. They are both looking for a specific end result and I’m trying to figure out how to give it to them. In terms of change, well it’s been an awesome experience so far. Experience always changes you in some way but I don’t know if I’m that much different. Although I have gotten naked for a photo shoot before. Never had that experience in acting. AMM - People judge and make assumption so much in this world base on image alone. Do you find it frustrating to correct people on their views of you as a personal trainer or a male model? Damien - I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I also lecture Media and Communication to college students so throw that dynamic into the mix as well. But people only treat you in a certain way if you let them. As far as correcting their views, the only people I worry about are those close to me. I couldn’t be bothered correcting anybody else. It’s too much effort. If I have to try to correct all the ignorance in this world … well I’ll probably die of exhaustion. AMM - I know the feeling. Would you say you have a mischievous sense of humor?


Damien - Yes I would. Freud said something along the lines of clever jokes make us smile but aggressive jokes make us laugh. My sense of humor is pretty silly as well, which makes it pretty infectious. People around me eventually start laughing, I think because they can’t believe a 26 year old male can find humor in such banal things. Friends and I wear these Halloween masks and drive around scaring people. We taped it the one night. We put this red filter on the nightlight and made this really errie red light. A lot of people in our country are superstitious of black magic and things like that. One night we scared these kids. They took one look at us and ran for their lives screaming “DEADMAN DEADMAN” That’ll teach them to stay out late. AMM - What makes you laugh? Damien - My best friend. I don’t think of myself as a rude person but when we’re together, anyone and anything is fair game. Sometimes we laugh so hard we can’t breathe. Humor is supposed to derive from something unexpected but I sometimes laugh at things that I know are coming. We will say things that we have said before and they will be even funnier. I don’t know why that is.

AMM - When you look in the mirror what do you see? Damien - A reason to get my ass back into the gym. Ever notice how different you look in different mirrors? I know which mirrors are my friends and I know which are my enemies. I don’t have time for my enemies. AMM - If you were asked to model with a product you didn’t believe in, what would you do? Damien - That stuff doesn’t bother me. We’re all slaves to the big machine. In some ways I think modeling is the most honest profession because you don’t have to pretend to be something you are not. Musicians may have to trade in their artistic integrity to sell a product. As a model you are a vehicle to launch a product/service/ idea. I’m just the messenger. It’s like acting you don’t have to believe that the character is ethical but it is your job to be true to that character. AMM - Would you consider acting as well or only modeling? Damien - I love my acting. Love it. I call directing, acting and scriptwriting the Theatrical Trinity. If those 3 planets align, things are gonna be good. It’s very liberating, taking on a character in a unique context and reacting to other characters and situations. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t ever done it but fewer things can be more satisfying. o



Erik Nielsen

award winning photo by Bryan Haynes

6’ 2”, Blond Hair and Blue Eyes



photo: Anton Papich

Collezioni fall-winter 2007 Super Faces photo: Illario

photo: Yvonne Taylor

I am a model with Mike Wilson at Matinee Model Management, located in Upper Marlboro. MD. I grew up in a farm town called Quakertown in the country side of Pennsylvania. I graduated Quakertown High school in 2004 and then attended Moravian college. I am a natural athlete and have always been involved in sports. I was a national athlete in high school for track and field. In College I competed in the decathlon for Moravian and hold the Moravian record for the heptathlon. In 2003 I traveled to Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania for a missions trip. That defiantly opened my eyes to the world and sparked an interest in travel and culture. Over the past year and a half I traveled and lived in Italy, France and England. Also lived in Miami for a few months. I love to travel and see the world. I think that traveling and experiencing other cultures is just as enlightening as attending any college. While in Italy I shot a feature for Collezoni Magazine. They have a Super New Faces section. Illario did a beautiful job of shooting this Editorial. I also shot a campaign for Takeshy Kurosawa which ran in L’uomo Vogue as well as the internet advertising. For the conclusion of 2008 I plan to tour Asia starting in Singapore. I also will visit Germany and conclude this year with Italy Fashion Week. — Erik Nielsen Takeshy Kurosawa: Campaign from L’uomo Vogue



ROB BARTELL Interview with artist Rob Bartell: AMM - Do you look back sometime and wonder how many artists out there had been drawing and painting landscapes and portraits when they were younger because for one reason or another they couldn’t draw or paint what they really wanted to until later in their lives? Rob - I hadn’t thought about it until you asked, but I’m sure there are a great many artists who have felt the same as I, and in fact may never ever express what they’d truly like to. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy painting other things, but the cliché of the “starving artist” is true 99% of the time, and this is the first time I’ve been able to keep my head above water, so to speak, by creating the work I’m doing now.

Giclee Limited Edition Prints © 2008 Rob Bartell

AMM - What is it about the male figure that enchanted you to recreate the form in your art? Rob - Now that’s a difficult question. I find it so fascinating how one person may be attracted to a certain ‘type’, while that same ‘type’ has zero appeal to someone else. I used to go out to brunch once a month with a group of friends at a restaurant with lots of ‘eye candy’. A waiter or a just a guy would walk by that my friends would just go ga-ga over, while I barely noticed. Most of my friends are just into white guys which is of course fine. But whenever a latin, black, or asian…or any mixed-race man was around, I would be drooling, while the man was completely invisible to my friends! I tend to like guys of all colors, but as you can see, I also like muscles. I’ve perhaps overemphasized them in some of my work, but a lot of my clients are very into that, and so I sometimes emphasize certain parts of the body to accommodate those fantasies. AMM - After you spent some time recovering from chemical poisoning due to being exposed to paint thinners, solvents, and other related materials, you traded in your brushes for the mouse and keyboard. Did it take you sometime to get use to digital art? Rob - Well, I’m still recovering…it’s a long slow process. Chemical poisoning can interfere with so many different basic body functions, especially on the liver, that it can really wreak havoc. Take Gulf War Syndrome for example, where many of these men have been exposed to toxic chemicals and are often disabled and even bedridden for years. But yes, in hindsight it has taken me some time to get used to and learn this new ‘medium’. I look at some of the stuff I did when I first started and cringe. In fact I tossed out about six pieces, because they just (to me anyway) were so…crudely done. (I’m not sure if that’s the right word,) I’m still learning, and know that I certainly have a lot more to learn. There are things that I’m probably doing the hard way, which might be a lot easier if I took a class or two. Giclee Limited Edition Prints © 2008 Rob Bartell

AMM - How do you choose your subjects/models? Rob - So far I’ve been working mainly from photographs, but hope to use live models in the near future. But I often start out with just the face, and the face in the photo usually doesn’t look anything like the one I end up with, but there’s something about it – the eyes, or the lips, or the cock of the head (pardon the pun), that intrigues me enough to feel I can take it, and mold it like “digital clay” and transform it into my own creation. Jeez, I sound like Dr. Frankenstein! AMM - LOL How do you find collectors to support your current work? Rob - So far I’ve basically networked through other blogs and also on Myspace. Been thinking about setting up a profile on Facebook, but can barely keep up with things as they are now. I do have plans for a website where customers can purchase my work directly, but right now they can view it on my blog at They can also contact me through my blog.


Until my website is set up, Limited Edition Gliclee Prints of my work, including First Editions, are available starting at great prices on good ol’ Ebay. Also, I’ll have a piece in the Automolove Show at the Antebellum Gallery in L.A., which runs from August 2nd until September 6th. o APOLLO MALE MODELS .com

South Florida FireFighters Calendar 2009 As an annual event to raise money for charities, the South Florida Firefighters Calendar was founded

Daniel Brian

by Lieutenant Luis Espinosa, who is the former model/actor known as the Mecca for fitness and modeling in South Florida. Many firefighters, photographers, graphic designers, printers, volunteers and sponsors have come together to make this possible each year. Please check out the websites below for information on charity groups and the calendar’s events. causes: Here’s Help, Inc. Local 10’s Care Force 16684385/detail.html Firefighters (in no order): J.C., Stan, Terryson, Jason, Steve, Ricky, Rafael, Dan, Chris, Chance, Carlos, Daniel, Brian, Peter, Jean, Jeffrey, Orville, and Anthony. In the middle is Michelle González, Promotions Director of Mega 94.9.

Announcing New Ari Gold Signature Line New Age Cutting-Edge Products! APOLLO MALE MODELS .com


Walking down the runways this season models were seen wearing less clothing as designers made us bare a little more skin for the summer months. One accessory that does not go well with the summer trends is hair. Women are not the only ones worrying about how to stay smooth which has increased the market for laser hair removal in men. Laser hair removal is a method used to achieve permanent hair reduction. The best laser to use is determined on an individual basis by your skin type. People with lighter skin or with finer hair should use the Alexandrite or Diode lasers. The safest laser for people with darker or tanned skin is the Nd:YAG laser. IPL (intense pulsed light) is another method to remove hair but is not actually a laser. IPL utilizes a bright light to burn and destroy the hair. Lasers for hair removal target the melanin or pigment in the root of the hair. For this reason lasers do not work on grey hair or blond hair.

Planning on Having a Wardrobe Malfunction? photo: Apollo GT model: Max P.

Lasers work by heating the root of the hair which damages it and causes the hair to fall out. With repeated treatments the root no longer produces hair. It is important to note that 100% hair loss is not typically achieved but 70-80% permanent reduction can be expected with a series of 5-8 treatments depending on the body location. Often times after the first treatment, all of the hair falls out but if you do not repeat follow up treatments the majority of that hair grows back. Laser hair removal works best on dark, coarse hair because when this type of hair is targeted by the laser, more heat is produced in the root and therefore causes more damage. Individuals with fine hair may require more treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction. Men typically seek treatment for chest and back hair and even to groom the groin area. One of the best uses of laser hair removal is to treat razor bumps. Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs and can be painful and disfiguring. Laser hair removal removes the hair from the root therefore eliminating the razor bump. Laser hair removal is especially helpful for men with dark facial hair who agonize over a heavy 5 o’clock shadow. Men may choose this treatment to reduce how frequently they need to shave. Treatment on the face would take 20-30 minutes, whereas a full back could take over an hour. For facial hair, a numbing cream is applied 30 minutes prior to the treatment. Applying numbing cream over large areas of the body can cause serious health complications and therefore is not used on the back or chest. The laser feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin and is well tolerated. During the treatment some of the hairs are ejected but the majority of the hairs fall out over the following two weeks depending on the area treated. Treatments are every month for facial hair and every six to eight weeks for body hair. Facial treatments range from $300-500 per session, chest from $500-800 per session and back from $800-1000 per session. ­— Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd - Dermatologist



photos: Apollo GT

Matthew Dubbe

Todd Sanfield

Jacob McGee

Alan Contrears

Jakub Bandoch

Over 80 male fitness-model competitors attended Model Universe ChampionshipTM this year. Many got the physiques but few got the total package. AMM showcases the top 5 plus a few that we thought you wouldn’t mind seeing either.

left to right Shane O’Neill Manning Sumner winner: Toni Sulankivi Jeremy Williamson Todd Sanfield APOLLO MALE MODELS .com

Shane O’Neill

Tyler McPeak


We first interviewed Ari Gold in our iExist issue of Apollo Male Models Magazine and since then our readers just want to get more Gold! Fans were filling the house to see Ari Gold performed on July 18th at the GALA Choruses Festival 2008, held at Club Nikki in South Beach. Be sure to check out Ari Gold site at for latest news and photos!

photos: Apollo GT

Mario Lopez

photos: Apollo GT

Actor Mario Lopez was at Borders Books & Music in Coral Gables, FL on May 24th 2008 for his book signing. Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness is a 256 page hardcover with 25 photographs. Pricing at $26.95. 42


Miami Beach Bruthaz

Presents: South Beach Men’s Show 2008

The annual event brings together four different designers this year: Unico, Parke & Ronen, John Falocco, and Andrew Christian with twelve great looking male models for the preshoot and fashion show at Halo in South Beach, FL. For more info, please visit website:

fashion: Unico model: Armando K.

fashion: Unico model: Peter T.

Miami Beach Bruthaz is produced by: Ian Smith

agency: Posche Models

fashion show director: Michael-Marquis Philome of Marquis Management

fashion: Parke & Ronen model: Matthew Z.

make-up: Warren fashion: Andrew Christian

agency: Posche Models

photos: Apollo GT

model: Scott J. agency: Posche Models

fashion: John Falocco model: Clint W.



Model: Russel Feather Mohawk Headpiece, $425 Blue Tie-dyed w/Black Mesh Swim Trunks, $65 Brazilian Bead Jewlery, $650





Model: Jimmy coral chain links $520 collection pcs red camouflage trunks $69





Model: Tyrone chain print trunks, $75 braziling beads $165 each





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Apollo Male Models Magazine: issue It's All Business  

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