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A Place Called Home Where do we go from here, together? APCH Annual Newsletter 2021-2022

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


CEO’s Message We know you’ve been impacted by the events of the past 20 months. We have, too. We’ve all experienced tragedy, hardship and despair, but also great kindness, generosity and resilience. That’s how we humans roll, right? As the global pandemic devastated our community and shone light on longtime inequities for people most burdened by systemic injustices; and George Floyd’s murder catalyzed a multigenerational social uprising across the globe, APCH started digging deeper to figure out how we could meet this extraordinary moment of crisis and opportunity. Every day our driving question was:

How can we show up as a community for the young people and families of South Central Los Angeles? We started by multiplying our food distribution program 10x, we found funding partners to help hundreds of families keep up with rent and utility bills, we grew our Counseling department to provide more case management and mental health support sessions, we gave away hundreds of computers to span the digital divide, and we presented hundreds of classes online to keep our students on track academically and creatively. We also looked inward and began exploring ways to be more equitable and just with our employees and to support them through the pandemic, which has been impacting them as much as everyone else. We created a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) committee to improve staff and company systems, and we modified policies so our board of directors could invite more diversity and representation from our community. At APCH we say, changing the world starts at home… and that’s what we’re committed to. And the stakes are high - no one is going to rescue us. Where do we go from here… together? So, let’s make it happen, let’s have the will to act Let’s hold each other to it, let’s make a sacred pact That not a day goes by for the rest of our lives When we don’t make an effort, when we don’t do our part To give our all and to share our hearts

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Board Chair’s Message Dear APCH Community, I’m honored and delighted to serve as Chair of the APCH Board of Directors, particularly during such an intense time of recovery and transition four our entire community. As our agency leans into providing additional, urgent support services, like food assistance, family case management and traumainformed care across all programs, our Board has been focused on sustaining the fiscal health of the organization and our collective commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. In September we celebrated the onboarding of two new members of our Board of Directors - Jacqueline Jimenez, an entertainment executive and long-time APCH teen mentor whose personal path in life closely reflects that of our members at APCH, and Ethan Smith, who is an alumni of APCH and an engineer turned real estate developer. These two incredible people bring incredible vision, drive, social capital and perspective steeped in lived experience that is tremendously valuable to creating the future of APCH. As a long-time supporter of APCH, it thrills me beyond words to welcome Ethan, an APCH alumni, to our Board of Directors. This full circle moment would not have been possible without your help. This community is still standing, and will one day be thriving, because we stand together. Thank you for your commitment to the extraordinary young people of South Central Los Angeles. Together, we are changing the future of Los Angeles. In service, Gareth Schweitzer Chair, APCH Board of Directors A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


Our Mission A Place Called Home is a transformational youth and community center based in South Central Los Angeles.

600K+ 600K

meals provided South meals provided to to South Central families through Family Central families through Family Resource Depot serving over 300 Resource Depot serving over 300 food insecure households weekly. food insecure households weekly.

Founded in 1993 as a safe space for young people facing poverty and systemic adversity, APCH provides a safe, nurturing environment with proven programs in arts, education and wellness for the young people in South Central Los Angeles to help them improve their economic conditions, and develop healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lives. At A Place Called Home, we provide holistic, wraparound programming and support free of charge to our members, intended to make a deep impact and provide them with a platform to pursue healthy, productive lives. The following pages offer a glimpse into the life-changing programs and services that are a part of APCH.

3000+ hours in Mental Health counseling for our young members in 2020.



12,000 families and community members engaged through supportive services & neighborhood engagement activities.


of our High School seniors graduate on-time in a zip code where 42.9% of residents 25 and over have less than a ninth grade education.

Bridging the Gap At the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the magnitude of the digital divide became abundantly clear, and in response, APCH ramped up our efforts to bridge this gap for the young people of South Central. We partnered with wonderful organizations like Adobe, Oasis LA, and Human IT to provide our members with laptops, hotspots and access to WiFi. We made a commitment to ensure that every APCH member is digitally connected and technologically literate. APCH also instituted a Technology Specialist position, an in-house expert who is spearheading our endeavor to equip our agency and our members with state-of-the-art technology, and innovative solutions for digital learning. This Technology Transformation will also ensure that APCH is offering a pathway for our members to 21st century skills and careers. A learning organization, A Place Called Home strives to confront and adapt to challenges in order to continue to serve our members fully, whether on campus or not, and ensure that our youth and families have access to the resources they need to survive, and thrive.

Educational Services While APCH programs remained mostly virtual into 2021 , our Education Services department continued to develop new ways to support our members and enrich learning and engagement. The pandemic interrupted our partner schools’ operations and negatively impacted our members’ learning as they moved from in-person to virtual learning. In response, Education Services has provided 1,060 hours of tutoring and academic support to help member recover from 18 months of learning loss and to continue to support their academics. One-on-one and small group tutoring and academic

support sessions have allowed our Education Services team to build stronger connections with our members and their families, while helping them complete their work, build resilience, and accomplish their goals despite the academic challenges they’ve faced. In the spirit of innovation, this year Education Services also partnered with USC’s Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AlChE) to bring an Engineering Club to APCH! During each session, our APCH engineers had a blast learning about chemistry through hands-on projects like turning a potato into a battery, creating invisible ink, and making slime, to name a few!

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


Arts & Creative Expression Creative expression is a key approach to social emotional learning and development at APCH. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the arts have played a powerful role in the resiliency of our members—providing them with outlets to express and process their emotions, connect with others, and transcend the limitations of their current realities, if only for a little while.

I like to draw because it is entertaining and fun, and it takes me away from all of my worries. - Member Victor Q.

Music This summer, APCH teens David and Dayra boarded a plane for the very first time, setting off on their adventure in Boston at the prestigious Berklee School of Music 5-Week Summer Intensive. Competing against hundreds of other talented youth, David, whose primary instrument is electric bass; and Dayra, whose is drums, got the chance to hone their skills playing alongside musicians from all over the country and learning from some of the best music educators in the world. Congratulations, David and Dayra! Our Music department also presented their second virtual recital this year, a fun-filled showcase featuring vocal and instrumental pieces performed by APCH members of all ages! Check out our virtual recital!

Digital Media Not only does the APCH Digital Media program teach members technical skills they need to create beautiful digital content, but it also provides them with the tools and platforms to tell their own stories. This year, our Digital Media department introduced Social Justice and Film, a class in which teens dove deep into the history of filmmaking. Members explored how differing viewpoints can affect portrayals of history, how films have influenced social change, and how, through filmmaking, our members themselves can make a difference.



Visual Arts The APCH Visual Arts department always takes creativity to the next level! This year, our members learned how to create art using objects from around the house, transforming egg cartons into beautiful flower picture frames, milk jugs into colorful masks, and more! Members also engaged in exciting virtual field trips (virtual flights included!) to places including Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul in Mexico City and The British Museum. At the end of the semester, members worked together to create their own virtual art gallery showcasing over 50 pieces, complete with narrations of the projects they worked on!

Check out the APCH virtual gallery here

Dance This year was packed full of performances that kept our dancers on their toes! Despite being at home, often in small spaces, members of our dance program found ways to convey their experience by deep and connected emotions through their movement. In addition to putting on an exciting Spring Recital, APCH dancers were

Scan to see our amazing dancers in action

featured in our 2020 Virtual Gala for the Children and 2021 Virtual GirlPower Awards, AND our Dance Company participated in the Wellness at Home Virtual Arts Festival presented by Free Arts and the Department of Cultural Affairs. Brava!

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


Arts & Creative Expression

Theater Though the pandemic kept our young actors away from our beautiful Bridge Theater at APCH, our Theater department took numerous virtual stages by storm this year! Our teen actors showcased their talents in Ghostlight: 2021 Teen Actors’ Digital Showcase presented by ACT@APCH (Advanced Classes in Theater) in partnership with On the Verge Repertory Theatre. The thespians shared some helpful tips for dealing with the pandemic in 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine. Plus, if you attended our Spring virtual fundraisers you may have seen two familiar faces from our theater department, Evelyn and Alisson, put their stage presence and love of APCH to good use as our official event hosts! This year, our Theater department hosted its inaugural El Centro del Sur Latinx Theater Festival, a celebration of Latin talent and Spanish theater in Los Angeles, generously sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the LA Galaxy. The festival featured works from six Los Angeles theater companies including our own ACT@ APCH program in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month! Stay tuned for ACT@APCH’s upcoming production of Antigone 3021! Join our mailing list so you don’t miss the announcement!

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Enjoy some exciting APCH Theater, scan to view the Teen Actors’ Showcase

Teen & Young Adult Services L.I.F.E. Mentoring APCH’s mentoring program offers our members the opportunity to connect with caring, supportive adults that offer guidance and valuable knowledge as our young people transition into adulthood. Although this year has been virtual, that hasn’t stopped our mentor/mentee pairs from building meaningful bonds! APCH member Ami and her mentor Diana could only interact in the virtual space when they were first matched, so they got creative! The pair started working on weekly paintby-number projects as a way to connect, socialize, and build their relationship, despite not being able to see each other in person. Finally in July of 2021, Ami and Diana were able to meet at a socially-distanced painting event on APCH’s campus, and although there were some nervous butterflies at first, they quickly fell into a groove because of the bond they’d already developed online. The pair have continued to work on paint-by-number projects together, and Ami has expressed lots of excitement about her weekly meetings with Diana—a testament to the value of mentoring and having a consistent, compassionate adult figure in your life, whether virtually or in person.

Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Now housed under our Teen & Young Adult Services department in the PREP program, our Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship program has established a new focus on supporting our teen members in financial literacy, planning for the future, and turning creative passions into careers. Each Summer, APCH hosts BizCamp, a 2-week intensive workshop where members develop an original business idea, write an elevator pitch, and create a full business plan. Members compete by presenting their business plans to a panel of judges, and the first-place winner goes on to compete in the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge! We are incredibly excited and proud of APCH member Allison, this year’s BizCamp first place winner and our third consecutive APCH representative in the national competition!

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


IMPACT Mark’s Story Mark (pseudonym) has been an IMPACT member since November 2020. Mark has had multiple encounters with the juvenile justice system and was first referred to the APCH IMPACT program by partner organization, Centinela Youth Services (CYS), a diversion program that serves youth in Los Angeles County. Mark joined IMPACT programming virtually and participated sporadically from November 2020 - March 2021. Mark communicated to the IMPACT Program Coordinator that he hadn’t attended school at all during the pandemic and that he wanted to get back on track. IMPACT program staff collaborated with CYS to track Mark’s participation in IMPACT and work to get Mark reengaged with school. After communicating with Mark’s school, the IMPACT Program Coordinator discovered that Mark had one more chance to log on to do work before he was disenrolled. Mark was not able to log on in the required timeframe and was unfortunately disenrolled from school in December 2020. Through collaboration with CYS, Mark’s previous school staff, staff at Da Vinci RISE High School, and the leadership of the IMPACT Program team, Mark was successfully enrolled at the Da Vinci RISE High School site on A Place Called Home’s campus. Since his enrollment in Spring 2021, Mark has had consistent attendance and has earned credits in English, Math, World History and Spanish. Mark has a lot of catching up to do, but with the wraparound partnership of IMPACT and RISE staff, Mark is receiving academic services, as well as social and emotional support. Through the IMPACT program, Mark has been connected to the Mentoring program at A Place Called Home and is currently in the process of being matched with a mentor. Since Mark has a strong rapport with IMPACT staff, he was able to communicate when he got arrested and was put back on probation in September 2021. The IMPACT team now serves as the primary contact for Mark’s probation officer, and is a key factor in ensuring he adheres to his probation compliance. Mark is a respectful, kind young man who is an active participant in all that he takes part in, and sets a positive example for his peers. Mark has communicated that he doesn’t know where he would be without IMPACT and RISE, and that thanks to these programs, he now has a chance at staying on the right path.

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P.R.E.P. Our Professional Readiness and Employment Pathways (PREP) program is a one-stop shop for APCH members interested in pursuing success through vocational careers. The program provides members with career guidance, academic support, financial assistance, and paid internship, externship, and career placements. New this year is our Taking Flight class, designed to expose our members to a wide array of careers, including human resources, post production, accounting, mental health services, marketing, and more through direct connections and conversations with professionals working in the fields. In addition, over the past year, our incredible partners at DBS Bank’s Los Angeles office have deepened their relationship with our PREP program. Not only did they craft a curriculum focused on the ins-and-outs of finance, banking, and business, but they made the pivot to virtual learning along with us and continued to teach and interact with our members, providing incredible exposure to career options for our teens.

Higher Education A Place Called Home’s wraparound support doesn’t stop when students head off to college. Our Higher Education department provides application assistance, parent orientations, academic help and counseling, along with funding support through the APCH Shaheen Scholarship program, primarily funded by The David and Linda Shaheen Foundation. Currently, APCH is supporting 94 scholars as they pursue their higher education goals. This year, our Higher Education program has also added a new offering to their roster: College Exploration. This class is focused on supporting members who are preparing to attend college, providing APCH members with virtual college tours, Q&A sessions with representatives from an array of schools, and time to meet with scholars currently enrolled in college for peer guidance.

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


Peer Mentoring The foundation of our peer mentoring groups is cultivating unconditional self worth for our members. The groups provide a space for our members where they know they belong as they are. - Marcee Dela Cruz Dominguez, Program Operations Sr. Manager and GirlPower Faciltator

GirlPower “APCH and GirlPower have been a great emotional support for me and have helped me ground myself through all of these stressful situations. - Maria C., Member The GirlPower program offers our young women space to develop and grow their confidence, support one another, and serve their sisterhood and community. This year, our GirlPower girls collaborated with our APCH Cares employee committee to coordinate a service project that created more than 300 cards decorated with inspiring and empowering messages of hope to personal hygiene kits that were delivered to the Los Angeles Mission! In June 2021, we gathered for our Virtual GirlPower Awards, a beautiful celebration hosted by our very own GirlPower member, Maria, honoring our incredible GirlPower girls and honorees Shaneka McDonald of DBS Bank, Jacqueline Jimenez of Pantaya, and Jennifer Perkins for her activism, community organizing and role in connecting APCH with the incredible community of Oasis LA! For more information about our programming, visit apch.org



G.E.M. This was our G.E.M. program’s (formerly known as Mini GirlPower) first full year! G.E.M. focuses on four core pillars: Sisterhood, Leadership, Service, and Individuality, and is a space for 12-14 year old girls to develop their identities and become powerful young women who encourage and inspire others! At the end of the semester, this year’s cohort reflected on what they’d learned throughout their sessions to create their culminating projects, which covered topics like self love, gender stereotypes, and identity.

Journey/Jr. Journey Journey and Jr. Journey provide our young men and boys with opportunities to explore their identities, build community with their peers, and challenge traditional stereotypes of masculinity. This year, mindfulness and mental and emotional health have been at the forefront of Journey and Jr. Journey programming. Together with staff facilitators, our young men create an open space to share and learn from each other as they navigate through pandemic hardships, along with the regular ups and downs of life.

Wellness At APCH, we believe that wellness is the collective health of the mind, body and spirit - all are equally important and intertwined.. Our wellness programming has continued to expand to focus on the intersections of mental health support, nutrition education and meal service, urban agriculture, and athletics. APCH members have access and support to explore the full scope of wellness and to create fulfilling, healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families.

Nutrition & Urban Agriculture There have been tons of exciting projects blooming this year! Despite being virtual, thanks to weekly ingredient deliveries from our Nutrition department, our members continued to sharpen their culinary skills and learned to cook nutritious, delicious meals at home! We also provided nutrition access, education, and support to a cohort of our parents through our FEAST program, getting the whole family in on exploring and developing delicious, nutritious foods and healthy lifestyles! Additionally, our wonderful friends at DBS Bank have partnered with us to sponsor a plot in one of our APCH gardens! Volunteers from DBS will tend to their plot and harvest fresh fruits and veggies to go directly to our families through our Family Resource Depot. The APCH Family Resource Depot (FRD) was created to respond to the most urgent needs of our community in April 2020. In 2021, through the FRD, more than 700,000 meals were distributed to families in South Central Los Angeles. This abundance was made possible through the generosity of our APCH donors and partnerships with the LA Regional Foodbank and Food Forward.

Athletics In the spirit of wellness for everyone, our Athletics department focused on incorporating new programming in addition to our traditional sports classes like soccer, volleyball, and football. Members participated in Workout Club, where they learned new movements and exercises to get their heart rates up and have fun! The APCH Athletics department even partnered with cheerleaders from the LA Rams for fun dance workouts on Instagram Live to get everyone moving!

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


Counseling Wraparound support has always been at the core of A Place Called Home, and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the community’s need for our mental health services has been amplified as a vital component of our mission. With our Director of Counseling, Dr. Jennifer M. Henry, DSW, LMFT at the helm, the APCH Counseling department has stepped up and expanded and now boasts a full interdisciplinary team of case managers, behavioral specialists, and therapists, equipped to give our members and families individualized, holistic support. We’ve seen the stress and anxiety levels in our members triple over the course of the pandemic, as the challenges they and their families are facing continue to pile up. In response, our Counseling and Membership departments are partnering more closely than ever to address the mental health and urgent needs of our members. Mental health assessments are an integral part of the onboarding process when a young person becomes a member of APCH, and both departments work diligently to provide our members and families access to the resources and support they need. Wraparound support extends not only to our members, but to their families, as well. Our Counseling department has ramped up efforts to engage with our parents by hosting monthly Parent Cafes, a safe space for parents to build community, talk openly about their stresses, and receive support. Each session focuses on an important topic in our parents’ lives—including financial literacy, stress and anger management, selfsufficiency, and building skills to help their children navigate their lives. Especially during the pandemic, Parent Cafe has become a lifeline for parents.

Parent Cafe 2021



Volunteer & Mentor Awards In February 2021, we gathered virtually for our annual Volunteer & L.I.F.E. Mentoring Recognition Ceremony. We are truly humbled to have a passionate, generous community of people who wholeheartedly contribute their time and talents to serving with APCH, and we had a wonderful time celebrating these incredible leaders in action. Thank you to all the individuals and organizations who helped us turn hope into action this past year!

Corporate Partner of the Year


Community Partner of the Year

Oasis LA

Volunteer of the Year

Barbara Glazer Mentor of the Year

Mary Scelba Excellence in Mentoring Award

Haskell Vaughn Anderson III

Interested in volunteering? We offer individual and group options! Email volunteer@apch.org or visit apch.org to get started.

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


APCH Welcomes New Board Members We welcomed new Board Members Jacqueline Jimenez and Ethan Smith, and asked them three questions to get to know them better! How did you get involved with A Place Called Home? Jackie: I first heard of A Place Called Home through my employer, Pantelion Films. In early 2017 my former colleague’s husband, Dimitri Panos, was working on setting up a scholarship on her behalf to preserve her legacy. Brenda Rios Panos passed away in 2016 and she was an exemplary human being—one that embodied the values that A Place Called Home seeks to instill in its youth and she was being honored at APCH’s Girl Power Luncheon in 2017. Dimitri approached us to see if we’d collaborate with him in this effort and we of course jumped at the opportunity. After attending the Girl Power Luncheon 2017 I was enamored by everything that APCH was doing to ensure that young women of color learned the necessary skills (emotional, educational and practical) to thrive in the world. In 2018 and 2019 I served as a Mentor as part of the L.I.F.E. Mentoring Program and I thoroughly enjoyed the thoughtful conversations I had with my mentee at the time, Monse. I enjoyed my experience so much that I knew I wanted to give to the organization in a bigger way, and that’s when I entertained the idea of becoming a board member because I saw myself in those kids and I relate to the multi-layered challenges that they face every day. My passion for APCH and seeing APCH and the families it serves grows more and more with each day. Ethan: My mother found APCH 18 years ago, first enrolling my younger sister in the dance program. At that time, APCH offered a gang prevention and intervention program. That program was my first introduction to A Place Called Home but I was involved in everything from that point on. My favorite memory has to be Camp Hope. Back in the day, APCH had a collaborative partnership with Camp Hope that would take APCH member families out to the woods for a week….I enjoyed it so much, I returned as a junior



counselor. My member journey started when I was 13 and carried me through college - I was an APCH Shaheen Scholar - at Loyola Marymount University. What excites you most about serving on the Board of Directors? Jackie: I am excited to have a voice and to partake in creating positive change for APCH and the youth and families it serves. One initiative that I am most especially excited about is working with my fellow board members to create a financial literacy program. I am very passionate about personal finance, financial literacy and creating change to close the wealth gap. I truly believe that financial literacy is fundamental for allowing BIPOC communities to access tools to build generational wealth. Ethan: I’m excited to give back in a different capacity. I’ve been a member, a volunteer tutor and scholarship committee member, I’ve mentored other APCH members and served on the Leadership Council. Now, as a Board member, I’m contributing to the strategic growth of the organization. I’m helping to shape the future. We want our community members to know who our volunteer leaders are, not just what you do professionally. Tell us, What would be on your itinerary for a perfect Los Angeles weekend? Jackie: A perfect weekend in Los Angeles for me starts with a delicious cup of coffee on a Sunday morning followed by mindful journaling. Then, I take my sweet pup Lucy on a morning walk through the neighborhood—the weather is perfect. It’s a crisp fall morning and I can still smell the morning dew. I then go to Hot 8 Yoga for an amazing yoga class. I feel centered and connected to myself. After my practice, I eat a yummy salad from Mendocino Farms and do some light work. I brew a cup of tea and I nestle on my resting chair to read a chapter or two of one of the many books on my list. After my afternoon reading, I go for a mindful walk with my partner and with Lucy and we enjoy the warm sunlight. After our walk, I head to the kitchen to make a delicious mushroom thyme farro risotto with roasted carrots and a crisp arugula salad with walnuts. After dinner we watch an exciting documentary on HBO Max and enjoy it with a scoop or two of roasted strawberry ice cream!

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Ethan: Well, it would definitely start with sleeping in! Then I’d probably head downtown to the Flower Mart for my weekly fresh flowers for the house. Next, I’d head to Equinox for a workout, steam and eucalyptus towel (that membership is my self-care investment!), then on to a delicious lunch before heading home for a nap (which I rarely do). That evening, I’d take in an art show, be in community, explore a new venue or neighborhood. Then I’d break bread with friends before enjoying game night at someone’s home - we’d maybe play dominoes, spades for sure. I’d round out the perfect weekend with church on Sunday, a trip to the beach, I’d do some barbequing with friends and family, and then prep for the work week ahead.

Leadership Board of Directors Gareth Schweitzer Board Chair

Barbara Glazer Vice Chair

Susan Napier Vice Chair

Hamed Tavajohi Treasurer

Maryellen Zarakas Secretary

Dawn Campbell Sister Patricia Connor, RSHM Michael Converse Robert Gibbs

Louise Hamagami Robert Israel Jacqueline Jimenez Michelle Raimo Kouyate Melissa Palazzo-Hart Kathryn Price Converse Howard Sherwood Stephanie Sherwood Ethan Smith (Alum) Vera Stewart Marshall Wax Susan Wolf Adam Rosenblatt Leadership Council Chair

Lifetime Directors Robert Davidow Peter M. Gilhuly, Esq. Cyrus Hadidi Kenneth Karmin

Bruce Newberg Julie Pilat Dawn Taubin Stephen Winston

Leadership Council Adam Rosenblatt Josh Russak Emily Hopton Hayley Wood Chad Bates Maya Ceccotti Shah Chris Ceccotti

Please email CEO Jonathan Zeichner at jonathan@apch.org to schedule an exploratory call and learn more about the commitment and expectations.

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?


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We are deeply grateful for the generous support of longtime friends of APCH who have entrusted us with carrying on their legacy through our work. The 2830 Legacy Society L.C. Miller Pam Rector Joseph Sherwood Charlene Sperber Faith Strong If you would like to learn more and discuss options for your philanthropic legacy, please visit: https://apch.org/2830-society


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Visionaries $100,000+ The Audrey Irmas Foundation for Social Justice California Community Foundation The David and Linda Shaheen Foundation DBS Bank Los Angeles The ELMA Philanthropies Services (U.S.) Inc. The 2010 Faith Charitable Trust Faith Fayman Strong Testamentary Charitable Trust MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett The Julia Burke Foundation PHR LA Mart, LLC QueensCare The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation The Rose Hills Foundation The Sharon D. Lund Foundation The 2010 Faith Charitable Trust Wheel of Fortune Community Builders $25,000 - $99,999 Amazon Ann Peppers Foundation Bank of the West Blackman Family Foundation The Carol and James Collins Foundation The Change Reaction Charles H. Stout Foundation Pam Dawber Dwight Stuart Youth Fund The Estate of Charlene Sperber Finish Line Youth Foundation Barbara Glazer Great Public Schools Now The Green Foundation Herbalife Nutrition Foundation Hollywood Foreign Press Association Howard and Stephanie Sherwood J.B & Emily Van Nuys Charities Johnny Carson Foundation Joseph Drown Foundation Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture The Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation Los Angeles Rams McMaster-Carr Supply Company Meadows Family Trust

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Peter Gilhuly Daniel and Vicki Gold Goldman Sachs Goldman, Sachs & Co Matching Gift Program Louise Hamagami and Marc Shmuger Harold and Stephanie Bronson Fund Hollywood Charity Horse Show IKEA Retail US, Ingka Group Robert and Gail Israel J.A. Daley III Foundation Shiaoting & Bill jing-Lu Beth and Kenneth Karmin Lon V. Smith Foundation Magical Elves The Mark Hughes Foundation Linda May and Jack Suzar S.C. Miller Craig Murray Names Family Foundation Carrie Odell and Simon T Bruce and Nancy Newberg P.C. and Rosana Chao Foundation Pantaya, LLC Pfaffinger Foundation Pulte Family Charitable Foundation Rite Aid Foundation The Ryan and Genevieve Tedder Foundation Gareth and Jennifer Schweitzer The Sherwood Foundation Siebert Williams Shank & Co. Signature Estate & Investment Advisors Bob Smiland Sony Music Entertainment Squid & Squash Foundation Strauss Foundation Trust U.S. Bank Weisman Discretionary Trust Wells Fargo Foundation Wescom Foundation Will and Kristin Price Foundation W.M. Keck Foundation Susan Wolf and Marcus Ryle Maryellen Zarakas Dedicated Supporters $5,000 - $9,999 Sophie and Alan Alpert The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation Bernstein-Wasser Charitable Fund Brittany, Erik, and Victory Belz Philanthropic Fund James and Elizabeth Burgess The Canet Foundation Carl E. Wynn Foundation Chisick Family Foundation

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A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?



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Union Bank Foundation Venable Foundation, Inc. Watson Land Company Youth to the People Jonathan Zeichner and Monica Chinlund Investors $1,000 - $4,999 Manuel Abascal Adam Frand Foundation ADP Stephanie Allen Amazon Smile Foundation American Youth Symphony James Arnone Charmaine and Eddie Atherton AV Squad, Inc. Amy Baer Laurie and Ron Bahar B&B Foundation BAR Architects Anne Barnett James Beaubien and James Welsh Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc. Bel Air Investment Advisors, LLC Rick and Barbara Bennett Hannah Berger Jessica Bina Jeff Bjork Blumhouse Productions Tom Bouquet and Rowena Yeung Bridge Brands LLC Gregory and Karen Brody Brookfield Properties Maisha Brown Ward and Mari Bukofsky Margot and Joe Calabrese Rebecca Callahan The Caucus of Producers, Writers & Directors Willie Chambers Jason and Elizabeth Chappelle Charitybuzz Stephanie Cheng Cigna David Clark Clean Diesel Specialists Ned Colletti The Concord Group Sister Patricia Connor, RSHM Faith and Jonathan Cookler Hannah Cox David and Masako Rosen Family Foundation Thomas Davidson Jennifer D’Cunha Prithviraj and Nirmala Dharmaraja Alyssa Digangi Ali Din Juan Dominguez Rachel Donahoe Micheline Donjacour Jennifer Dougherty and Adam Rosenblatt


Drink Apres Msgr. Timothy Dyer Ed Block Courage Award Foundation, Inc. The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation eMindful, Inc. Emquies Family Support Foundation Enterprise Bank & Trust Entertainment Data Oracle, Inc. Amy and Frank Eybsen Fanthropology Joe Farrell David and Lynn Feldman Feldman Family Trust Charitable Fund Philip Fernandez First Choice Bank Rick Flatow Food 4 Less Community Rewards Program Debra Frank Susan Friedman Gregory Gelfan and Lucy Butler Generic History LLC Give Inlieu Foundation Gladstein, Neandross & Associates Euleen Goh Stephanie and Josh Goldstine Roberto Gonzalez Michael Greenfeld Jennifer Guidi Piyush Gupta Halo Technology Cecilia Hamagami Bruce and Carolyn Hancock Herbalife Nutrition HH and Gertrude Klein Foundation The Hickok Family Trust Hines Ping Ho and Loren Bloch Robert Hori Maura Howe and Rodd Perry Nina Huh Hyland’s Inc. Megan Iaccino Stanley and Nancy Iezman Illumination Entertainment John Jameson Deliese and Nick Jaspersen The JERDE Partnership, Inc. Lucas Keller Kelton Global Rebecca and David Kennerly Carla Kessler Luka Kloser Richard Kok Barbara Kreitzer The Kroger Co. Binny Kuriakose Benjamin Kutcher LA CDJR Dina LaPolt


Kian Lawley Jung Lee Drew Levin Pamela Lifford Melinda Linderman Elizabeth and Johnny Lopez Los Angeles Breakfast Club Foundation MAC Cosmetics Paul and Lauren MacDougall Florence and Mike Madani Susie Mains Majestic Realty Co. Joie Manda Delphine Mann Nicholas Mars Patricia Martinez Stephany Martinez Marymount High School Andrew Marx and Terry Press Marx Scott McPhee The Mellen Foundation, Inc. dba Hope Share Care Foundation Nichole Millard Jordan Miller Matthew Miller Laura Mills Chance Mims Robert Mirvis DJ Moore William Mullin Miriam Muscarolas and Grant Abramson Nativity Catholic Church New Heights Entertainment, LLC The Nora Roberts Foundation Stephanie Northen Nutritional Research Foundation Thomas Oberaigner Rick Offsay One Incredible Family, Inc. Open Road Entertainment Orce Cosmetics Mark and Barbara Overland Emma Pereira Kevin Philip Picturemaker Productions, Inc. Julie Pilat Joseph Pittman Steve Pollard Pool Party Creative Piyush Prakash Patrick and Simone Purcell Marvin Putnam Gilbert Radillo and Christiane Delgado Ian Reasor Danny Rees Nancy Rhein Gustavo Rimada Jose Rivas Derek Rivers RJ Hutton Charitable Trust Evelyn Robbrecht Arlene and Jerry Rosin Terry Rubinroit

Ruth/Allen Ziegler Foundation Marc Rozman Albert Sanders Harold and Ellen Schapiro Daniel Schecter Felix Schein David Schindler Michele Schuster Lisa Scott-Benson and Mark McIntyre Self-Realization Fellowship Church Daniel Settlemayer Larry Seymour Sara Shapouri Stephen Smith Wesley Smith Alan Sneider Fonda Snyder Ben Solnit Bruce Spector Jason Spitz Gloria and Lawrence Spungin William Stafeil Starbucks Foundation State Bank of India (California) Jonathan Steinberg and C. Buf Meyer Marc and Eva Stern Steven Stokdyk Winston Stromberg Sub City Adam Sullins Hamed Tavajohi Mickey Thaxton Lily Tillers Paul and Susan Tordella Leslie and Gail Trubow 20th Century Fox Kathryn Tyus-Adair U.S. Bank Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program Valero The Valley Jesters Jeff Vance and Ferial Sadeghian The Vollmer Family Foundation Jay and Nancy Wahlgren Duncan Wain Barton and Pamela Wald Des Walsh The Walt Disney Company Foundation Weingart Foundation Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC Veronica Whithorne Brett Winn and Pam Levin The Wonderful Company Foundation Eileen and Curtis Wong Cheryl Wright Bob Wyman and Lisa Krueger XYZ Fund Steven and Denise Yeh Chenyu Yen


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Terence Yew Tiek Yong Nicole and Damon Young Roy Zaki Marie Zarakas The Zelman Family Fund Seed Planters - Up to $999 Leann Abbate Abbe-Schneider Donor Advised Fund Chris Abercrombie Kate Abigail Brad Ableson Coretta Abrams Nancy Abrams Ace Media Strategies Courtney Adams Nicole Adams Charles Adelman David Adelman Adobe Inc. Employee Giving Adobe Systems Incorporated AECOM Erin Agee Claudia Aguliar Ricki Ainbinder Andrea Akens Shanti Akkineni Neal and Ila Alagia Alan Siegel Entertainment Loni Albertson Sydney Aldana Ashley Alexander Patty and Curt Alheim Katie Alheim Talia Alkalay Erik Allen Marisa Almada-Oste Mario Almeida Dani Alonso Rudy Alvarez Momena Aman Tyler Amato Olivia Ambrocio de Perez Cory Andersen DM Anderson Jessica Anderson Sharon Anderson Steve Anderson Claudia Andrade Travis Andres Kathleen Andrews Melvin Ang Joseph Angard Vanessa Angiuli Anthem Entertainment Chris Anthony Maria Antonicelli Jessica Apperson Karen Argys Karine Armen Mary Paige Arrington Leslie Atkinson Jonathon Aubry Cheryl Autry Eric Baier Nicole Baier Jaime Baines Jeff Baker

Jordan Baker-Kilner Julia Balleza Michele Baloun Howard Banchik Gilbert Banda Linh Banh Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign Becki Barabas Barlow Research Associates, Inc. P. Darcy Barnett Jourdan Barnett Tim Barr Cleia Barreto Alice Barriciello Mike Barry Claudia Bartlett Ryan Bartolome Alexandra Bates Chad Bates Grace Baud Kate and Eric Bauer Richard Beecher Georgia Beesemyer Glynn Behmen Mich Bekas Dana Bell Nichole Bell Katherine A Belsky Katherine Belsky Valerie belsky Jennifer Benites Matthew Bennett Maureen Bennett Sarah Benson Joseph Benti Ty Bentli Simone Benyacar Alexandra Berard Barrie Berg and Ron Rosenblatt Ilene Berg Jeannine Berger Jenna Bergstraesser Seth Berkowitz Marlo Bernier Jessica Berri Sandra Berrios Caitlin Berry Ryan Berschneider Krystal Betanzos Kurt Biersmith Nicole Bilzerian Amrita and Simran Bindra Jocelyn Bioh Lisa Blackledge Angelica Blass Aaron Blick Kelsey Blois Julie Bloomfield Sharon Blount BLT Communications Suzanne Blum Eric Blunt April Bogler Cassandra Bojoh Bonfire Shirt Sales John Borneman Mary Borneman

Janet Borrus Andrea and Michael Bostick Mendal Bouknight Elyse Boulanger Joseph Bourassa Kenneth and Joan Bovard Carrie Bowen Susan Bowerman Danielle Boyce M. A. Boyd Amir Boyd Kai Boyd Kent Bradley Ash Brannon Sara Brazao Maris Bredt Scott Bridges Jillene Bridrijo-Dietl Lind Briley Linda Briley Daysha Britt-Wills Broadway Federal Bank Michael Brodner Lynne Bronner Nicole Brooker Jackie Brooks Sophie Brooks Veronica Brooks Sylvia Broughton Aaron Brown Calvin Brown Caroline Brown Chantay Brown Craig Brown Dave Brown David Brown Diahanna Brown Elaine Brown Kaaren Brown Shalena Brownlee Lisa Brucker Elaine Bruner Trudy Brunk Alexis Brunswick Daniel Budnik Buffalo Exchange Suzanne and Judy Buirgy Wieder Quori-Tyler Bullock Alan Bunteman Katherine Burge Terrell Burgess Daniel Burgin Adele and Rick Burke Mark Burmeister Matt Burniston Deirdre Burrell Brandy Butler Melody Butler Johanna Byer Marcia and John Byington Eduviges C Eder Cabrera Katherine Calderon Paul Calhoun Maricris Calica California Fashion Association Michelle Callahan Barbara Campbell Christina Campbell

Dawn Campbell Mirna Campos Norma Campos Maria Cano Elaine Cantwell Diana Cao Mario Caouette Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Loi Capulong Sandy Cardenas Isunji Cardoso Louder Cares Michael Carey Jill Carfagnini Daniel Carlos Caitlin Carmichael Redonna Carpenter-Wood David Carr Magdalena Carrillo Scott and Heather Carson Murs Carter Patricia Castaneda Narges Castillo Elmer and Elsa Castro Chris Ceccotti CES&R Digital Printing and Copy Specialists Meryl and Michael Chae Nancy Chakravarty Judith Challenger Drew Chamberlain Chamber Music Society of Los Angeles Henry Chan Josephine Chan Julian Chaney Vivian Chang Renee Chanon Daniela Chappell Marisa Chata Sergio Chavez Annie Chen Leon Chen Yvonne Chen Phyllis Cheng Beverly Chester Chevron Jennifer Chew Christin Chi Linda Chilton Cho and Song Family Fund Victoria Choi Arti Chokshi Daniel Chong Shang Chou Nanci Christopher Jessica Chu Angela Chuatrakul Sunanta Chuatrakul Diana Chung Miyuki Chung Ryan Chute City First Bank Xavier Claridy Ayaka Clark Christine Clark Isabelle Clark Karen Clark

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?



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Selley’s Club Guy Cnop Erica Coates Rebecca Cobo Alex Cochran Grayson Cochran Susie Cochran Jim and Joanne Cohen Gary Cohen John Cohen Adrienne Cole Chris and Ann Collins Lucille Collins Frankie Colmane Wilder Condiments Brittany Connors Margaret Converse and Bohdan Burban Marsha Converse Peggy Converse Edward Conway Daniel Cooper Layne Cooperstein Allison Copes and Thomas Bazar Leslie Corcoran Penny Corey Corman Family Giving Fund R. Coronado Andrea Correa Andy Corrigan Lina Cortez Toni Corwin Ollie Costey Christine Cotter Dina and Ken Coulter Christian Covarrubias Crail-Johnson Foundation Joey Cramer Sam Craven David Creal Mary Crews Liz Crowell Michael and Anne Crowley Patricia Crowley Nino Cuccinello Bianca Cuellar Christopher Culin Nicholas Cunha Brian Cunningham Byron Cunningham Chauncey Cupkie Aldo Cupo Terry Curtin Debra Curtis Mara Curtis Nick Dadon Susan Dahlberg Faith Daily DailyKarma Diana Dang Jamila Daniel Karen Daniel Haley Daniels Karla Daniels Timothy Daniels Thai Dao George Daoud Timothy Dashwood Krystal Davey Airies David Aaron Davis


Ben Davis Drew Davis Joe Davis Julie Davis Jennifer Day Christopher Dehm Vanessa del Valle Isabel Delaporte Jewel Delegall Miguel Delgado-Garcia Lauren Delprete Kevin Demoff Destiny Coaching and Consulting Teresa and Thomas DeRogatis Pauline Derwin Lauran Dewey Jerry DeZern Germaine Dias Alexandria Diaz Teresa Dickey Christopher Dickie Diede Family Fund Kieran DiEmidio Nicole Dieterichs Candy Diez Izabellah Diez Power Digital Kirk Dillman Argel Dionio Roichelle Dixon Jacqueline Djedje Tino Doan Adam Dolin Sara Dolin Jackson Dollinger Lisa Dolon Carl Donelson Annemarie Donjacour Matt Doolin and Mo Whelan DoorDash Lisa Dorfman Jessy Dorn Alex Dorsey Elijah Douresseau Mark Drath Terry Drea Linda Dreyfuss Shelley Driscoll Drive Wise Auto Nick Drobnis Cait Drury Stephen Drury D’s Old Fashioned Treats Ana Duarte Zan Dubin-Scott Jennifer Duddy Michael Duke Mario Duran Maura Duval Cathy Dyer eBay Foundation Echo Lake Entertainment Eileen Edgar Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign Joe Edward Electronic Arts Jonathan Elias Elite Live Scan LLC Autumn Ellis Robert Ellison


Sharon and Irv Elster Michael Embrich Bryan Emerson Bri Emery Betty and Bob Emirhanian Employees of Warner Bros. Entertainment Jakob Emtestam Mark Endacott Renata Engler Katie and Cliff Erwin Michelle Escalante Adriana Escobar Des Esposito-Teeters and Ken Teeters Krischa Esquivel Laura Estrada Ric Evans Ashton Eve Susan Ewers Tiffany F Cristina Fabular Faction Inc Zachary Faigen Diercksmeier Family Flores Family Leehsin Fang Elizabeth Faraut Kurt Farquhar Christopher Farrar Stacy Fass Mucci Fassett Jane Faulkner Catherine and Michael Fede Cailie Feeney Dana Feldstein Tom Felix Penelope Fergison Christine Field Philip Fier FIJI Water Patricia Finkel Danny Finotti Lyn Fishman Tori Fisk Kathryn Fitzsimmons Gina Fletcher Milady Flores Dana Flowers Cate Fogarty Andrea Foggy-Paxton Robert Folkman Gabriel Fonseca Melanie Fontana Schulz Glenn Foran Marie Forgione Daryl and Clarence Forman Betty Forrester Paul Forsyth Kathryn Fortier Baron Fortune Belle Fowlkes Debbie Fox Kara Fox Roger Fox Charles Francis Angelo Francois Janice Frank Matthew Frankl Nastassia Franklin David Fraser Jim and Mary Fredrick

Jessa Freemyer Lydia Freier Michael Freix Andrew Friedman Glenn Friedman Homer Frizzell Anabel Fuentes Cody Fuhrman Charles Furst Natsu and Elise Furuich Steven Gabel Brian Gaffey Sarah-Gayle Galbreath Chantal Galipeau Kay Gallin Trisha Galvan Martha Galvez Kiel Galvin Mark Galvin Nikki Galvin Stephen Galvin Tawny Galvin Andrea Galvin Sanford Murali Gangadharan Laura Garbato Brian Garcia Mariano Garcia Miriam Garcia Rachel Garcia Veronica Garcia Vipha Garcia Lee Garlington and Howard Nugent GarrettWhoosh Music Hailey Gaul Kevin Gebert Andrew Geczi Richard Gehr Lucas Gerbeaux Shauna Gerold Ansje Gershkoff Serene Gettler Gail Gevorkian Adena Gharaptyan Monica and Robert Gibbs Barbara Gibbs Jenna Gibbs Tom Gibbs Paul Gillis Michael L. and Virginia R. Gillum Joshua Gilman Zena Ginsberg Carrie Giordano Katie Gitelson Gwendolyn Givens-Jones Glauz Family Foundation Laura Glenn Gloo Friends and Family Christine Goetz Kevin Goetz Catherine Goglia Mark Goldberg Lori Goldklang Furie and Lori Furie Jayme Gomez Sandra Gomez Adriana Gonzalez Osvaldo Gonzalez Rafael Gonzalez Lisa Goodwin Chitra Goswami


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Deborah Gould Tutti Gould Andrew Goulet Alise Grablevska Micaela Graffeo Argano Betty Graham Eric Graham Brittnie Grajeda Jarod Granados Vero Granados JoAnne Gratiot Luigi Gratton Vivian Graubard Casey Graul Brian Gray Jamie Gray Sierra Gray Dana Green and Jason Wanatick Green Family Foundation Lamont Green Leonard Green Matt and Rebecca Green Rebecca Green Stephen Green Susan Green John Greene Greens Consulting, LLC April Greenwood Billie Greer Sara Griffith The Grigsby Family Karen Grijalba Sarah Grill Alexander Grimble Nataliya Grin Adelle Gross Alexandra Grossi Joseph Grossman Michele Grubbs Raymond Grundeman Brandon Gruzen Jordanna Guarino William and Nancy Gubin Jose Gutierrez Jane Gutman Wendy Guzman Harold and Melinda Haesche Anyeley Hallova Dorothy Hamilton Hillary Hamilton Les Hamilton Brenton Hamlet Gita Hamman Ryanna Hammond Kathleen Hancock John Hanks Sharon Hanson Sunshine Hanson Kirsten Hanson-Press Reeta Hardasmalani Darryl Harris Paul Harris Audrianna Hart Emily Hart Zola Hart Greg Harty Susan Haseltine Sheima Hassanlou Christy Haubegger Ina Haugen Sarah Haught

Sharon Hauptman Emily Heckel Debra Hellman Kaia Hemming Barbara Henderson Michelle Henderson Blake Hendricks William Henes Jennifer Henry Herbalife International Jonathan Hernandez Mark Hernandez Sonja Hernandez Dale Hernsdorf Jonathan Herpick Laura Hess Cathy Hession Nick Heuermann Highly Likely Ladonna Hightower Gail Hillebrand Yolanda Hiller Chris and Kathleen Hillier Hines Family Fund Bryan Hino Jessica Hiramoto Jonathan Hodge Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hodous Michele Hodous Pearl Hoeglund Catherine Hoeven Ashley Hoffman Brett Hoffman Joshua Hoffman Maggie Hoggstadt Hollander-Urbach Family Foundation Arlene Hollis Jeannine Holt Josh Holt Kalman Hong Kenneth Hoo Carol and Dale Hook Lillie Hooks Laura Hope Lauren Hopkins Steve Hopkins Tamie Hopkins Emily Hopton Ian Hopton Susan Hori Annie Hornbeck Steven Hornick Meghan Horrigan Louise Houghton Margaret Howe Jeff Howell Leyla Hoyle-Guerrero Pilar Hoyos Emma Huang Crystal Hubbard Ebonie Hubbard Eric and Lindsay Huber Zola Huff Lynn Hughes Antonio Humphreys Robert Hunt William Hunt Allison Hunter Shahbaz Hydari Ken Ichinose Igive.com Holdings

Victor Ignacio Roxanna Imel Jamie Inn Insperity Sound Insurgents Interact Boulder International Event Company Liam Ireland Ella Irwin Ozan Isinak Mozahidul Islam Brandon Ito Patricia Iturriaga Mark Ivener Erica Jacalone Michelle Jackino Candace Jackson Faye Jackson Melanie Jackson Tanzi Jackson Zenaida Jackson Jeffrey Jacob Jared Jacobs Gretchen Jaeger Susanna Jain John Janick Hadaf Javdani Michael Jennings Monica Jennings Jim Jensen Jackie Jerez Laura Jiang Victor Jimenez David Jimenez-Katsman Brayden Johns Lea Johns John David Johnson Amanda Johnson Billy Johnson Cecilia Johnson Jacey Johnson Jane Johnson Sean Johnson Michael Johnston Katina Joncich CJ Jones David Jones Emily Jones Khaki Jones Lesley Jones William Jones Brittany Jorgensen Donna Josephson Leland Jourdan Leticia Juarez Hope Juber Johanna Judah and Lief Rosenblatt Cecily Kahn Jordan Kaiser Jean Kalanzi Alexandra Kallas Nancy Kanter and Joseph De Carlo Kara Love Project Mark Karafilis Steven and Julie Karic Richard Karliss Paul Katz Andrea Kavoosi Lewis Kay Kayne Anderson Capital

Advisors Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation The Kayo Corporation Keck School of Medicine of USC Joyce Keith Khristina Keleshian James Kellem Olivia Kelly Rebecca Kelly Ryan Kelly Elizabeth Kelner Marie Kennedy Hedi Kermani Faisal Khan Humza Khan Larry Khan Janet Kiddoo Anne Kim Boyoung Kim Grace Kim Daniel Kimbrough Leah King Mary Kirmo Raymond Kitamura Susan & Randy Kizer Lisa Klink Susanne Knight Louise Ko Masao Kodani Lysa Kolb Rob Komoto Gary Krausz Judy Kravitz Nancy Kreiselmeyer Ernest J. and Nancy E. Krepelka Dan Krombach Nancy Hart Kuboyama Andy Kurstin Kenley Kyle Holli Kylie J-T Ladt Mark LaFontant Charlene Lahaie LA Heroines Frances Lai Dennis Lake Kelly Lake Gloria Lamont Kristen De Lancey Phoenix Landis Diane Luby Lane Allen Lanstra Joyce Lapinsky Genie Lara Ana Lasso Stan Lathan Steven Lathrop E L Lau Christopher Lau Danyel Lau John Laurens Richard and Janet Lautzenheiser Stacy Lautzenheiser Andrea Lawler Cindy Le Joan Lee Joshua Lee Mee Lee

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?



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Patrick Lee Ramona Lee Tammy Lee Craig and Andrea Leener Jerry Leever Jonah Lefkowitz Richard Leist Gaby Lesmana Cam Levin Monica Levinson David Levy Guy Levy Anatashia Lewis Preston Lewis Wei Li Rodney Liber Steven P Lichtenstein Nancy Lilienthal Chu Chong Lim Hyeri Linderoth Andrew Lipkis Kate Lipkis Karl Lisovsky Marisa Liston Paula and Barry Litt Stephanie Liu Liveelev8ted Lauren Lobley Angela Locke Lee Loechler Sarah Lofthouse Michelle London Pharida and John Long Roxana Enriquez Lopez Carlos Lopez Diana Lopez Edward and Claire Loranger Stephanie Lovick Christina Lowe Susan Lowell Mark Lowentrout L.T. Murray Family Foundation Adrienne Lucas Hayley Luebke Arafa Lugembe Penelope Lundholm John Lundsted Lupa Cotta LLC Roberta Lustig Jeanette Lutz Nancy Lux Jessica Ly Jennifer Lynch and Demian Wyma Emily Lytle Karen Maack Freddie Mac Kate and Scott MacArthur Jennifer and Dan MacDonald Emma MacDonald Sarah MacDonald Sofia Macias Lea Madda Florian Madison Yvette Magallanes Karen Magtaas Stacy Mahaffay Darrell and Susan Fay Mahler Mitchel Mahler Silva Malakian Damian and Lucy Malone


Elizabeth Malpelli Sophia Mancall-Bitel Gary Mandel Meera Manek Quentin Manika Lisa Manion Natasha Mann Ed Mansky David Marcus Amy Margolis Jean Margul Janet Markman Tyler Marquess Carmen Marron Pam Marsden Melissa Marshall Rhyan Martin Tara Martin Ray and Jana Martinez Ana Martinez Angie Martinez Bryan Martinez Gissel Martinez Paola Martinez Raquel Martinez Steven Martinez Tetter Martinez MasterClass Barbara Masters Deborah Matthews Barbara Maxfield Heather Maxwell Michelle Mayer Danyelle McBroom Patrick and Brenda McCabe James McCabe Jean McCabe Johnathan McCabe Brian and Shelley McCarthy Muriel C. McClendon Mary McCusker Lauren McCutcheon Shaneka McDonald Kyle McDougle Ann McElaney-Johnson Isabelle Mcgilvray Mark McGrath Michael Mckay Brooks McLaren Alison McPeak Sharon McQueen and Daniel Whalen Lyndsay McShane Patricia McTeague Deborah Meadows Anthony Medovoy Jerald and Ellen Medway Nataliya Mehta Giovanni Mejia Christopher Meledandri Sherief Meleis Menasha Corporation Foundation Kathrine Mendelsohn-White Jen Mendenhall Stacey Mendoza Megan Mercier Christina Merito Anne Merkel Kristin Mesko Nicole Meyer Jay Michael


Peter Michael Terry Michaels Microsoft Shawn Migliaccio Amanda Miller Cara Miller Dennis Miller Elizabeth Miller Jennifer Miller John Miller Manuela Millington Million Dollar Baby Co. Peter Milne Karon Minasian Roy Minayoshi Reginald Miner Virginia Mines Gaby Minjares Jillian Mireles Sarah Mirman Jeffrey Mirvis Blake Mitchell Laurie Mittermiller David E. Mittman and Kathleen U. Mittman Nobuko Miyamoto Courtney Mizel MMS US Holdings Mitra Moassessi Barbara Moldavon Beth Monaco Alexandra Monesson-Olson Roy Monette Chawin Mongkolsiriwattana Martha Montes Montgomery-Duban Waechter Family Dean Monti Patrick Moody Keri Moore Chris Moradi Connie Morales Jeannette Morales Jesus Morales Sohemia Morales Viviana Moreno Zack Morgenroth Ellie Morlino Jorge Morlote Mark Morrow Diane Mortensen Richard and Rita Morton Rita Morton Tara Motamedi Kelly Moulton Michael Mouracade Paz Moya Evalynne Moyo Lori Mozilo Martin Mueller Susan Munoz Floriana Muntean Janet Murillo Antonio Muro Dan Murphy Dina Murphy Thomas Murphy Helen Murray Karen Murray Alec Myers Rob Myers My Tattoo

Siva Nadarajah Craig Nadel Barbara Nagamoto and Donald Baxter Rick Nahmias Claire Nalebuff Robert Nankin Catherine Napier Olivia Napier Gianna Nardi Laurie Narro Kendal Narvick Matthew Nastuk Marta Navas Mohamed Nazar Kimber Neely Whitney Nekoroski Gary Nellis Stacy Nelson Marcus Nembhard Ana Cristina Nery Lisa Nestor Sier Han Ng Henry Nguyen Joseph Nguyen Vincent Nguyen Nida Nizam Caitlin Nordigian Alexander Noschese Heidi Novaes Ida Nowaid Kim Nowak Ronee Nugent Anna Nyström Sara Lou O’Connor Keeley O’Leary William O’Sullivan Merilee Oakes Oath Inc. Adaobi Obijiaku Kathleen Ockenfels Fabrice Odero Pierce Oeflein Greg Offsay Joel Ojeda Diana Olivarez Fanny Oliveira Karen Oliver Hillary Olsen Paul Ong Doran Oppenheimer Carmela Ortega Ayanthie Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Oyatayo Theresa Page Paige Lin Foundation Melissa Palazzo-Hart and Chris Hart Mimi Paley Amy Palmer Harlan Palmer Parima Pandkhou Laura Park Rose Park Anthony Parrille Victoria Parsons Jacqueline Pass Leslie Paster Fhima Shivani Patel Andrew Patman Roxanne Patmon


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Michelle Patterson Sandra Payne Neal Payton Kathy Pazden Herity Tim Peacock Mary Pearl Lauren Peddicord Elizabeth Pell Daniel Penge Daphne Peponides Claribel Perez Maria Perez Mark Perez Tony Perkins David Perren Claire and Leo Perry Paula Persson Steve Peterson Cheryl Petran Carol Pfannkuche John Phillips Sonia Phocas Charlie Pigott The PIMCO Foundation Geovani Pineda Livia Piomelli Alessandra Piovera Scott and Leonora Pitts Cynthia Pitts Matt Planer Sarah Plesh Joel Polachek Piper Pollard Vanessa Poma Camila Pontes Staci Pontius and Derek Drouin Charlotte Pope Pamela Popovich Richard Pose J. Simone Posner Diana Poulos Eric Powell Powwow Group, Inc. Pamela Prater Hersson Preciado Teresa Preston Andrus Emma-J Price Jennifer Price Leta Principe The Progressive Insurance PRP Wine International Maryjane Puffer Liliana Pulido and Javier Pena Jennifer Purcell Ron Purdy Marlene Putterman John Quick Stacey Quinealty Leticia Quinones Jaqueline Quintanar Stephen Rabin, M.D. Ralphs Community Contribution Program Cynthia Ramirez Jimmy Ramirez Luis Ramirez Melissa Ramirez Silvia Ramirez Jennifer Ramos Xavier Ramos Gianluca Rancati

Elisabeth Rapp Lynn and Stephen Rappaport Latoya Raveneau Nikki Rawnsley Diane Reardanz Grace Rector Annie Redd John Redmond Oreet Rees Jessica Rehurek Erica Reich Lacy Reilly Pamela Reims Michael Reiss Dawn Rellinger Alanna Reyes Thomas Reyes Caitlin Reyna Cristine Reynaert Janice and Benjamin Reznik The Richard & Mary Mader Charitable Account Rhonda Richards-Smith Nicole Richardson Kady Rick Susan Ricker and William Zarakas Matt Ridley Linda Rifkin Jeff and Jodi Riley Carolina Rivera Robert and Jackie Rosenberg Family Charitable Fund Megan Roberts Burke Pamela Roberts Julia Robie Kiersten Robinson Maureen Robinson Anna Rocha Angelina Rodriguez Claudia Rodriguez Elizabeth Rodriguez Ivette Rodriguez Julia Rodriguez Keiry Rodriguez Saul Rodriguez Susi Yu and Roger Fortune Joshua Rogers Antonio Rojas Brenda Romano Dianne Romero Rosalba Romero James Roquemore Whine Del Rosario Diane Rose-Solomon Valerie Rosen Alexandra Rosenberg Toby and Sally Rosenblatt James Rosenblatt Barbara Rosenblum Diane and Brent Rosenthal The Rosenstein Family Fund Rosewood Hotel Group Ricky Rosin Catherine and Robert Ross Amber Ross Gwendolyn Ross Ross Stores, Inc. Karen and Gilbert Roswell Erica Rothschild Robin Rothstein Lynn Blair Roy

Beth Roy Nicholas Roye Esther Rubalcava Michelle Ruben-Berger Judy Rubin Lena Rubin Rudolf Steiner Foundation, Inc. Anthony Colbert Ruiz Megan Ruiz Brad Rushing Ron & Karen Russak Jeffrey Rutherford Dana Ryan Bennet Ryle Brigitta Ryle Nicole Sadowsky KeeKee Sage Zyanya Salazar Sarah Salim Walt Salt Mack Sameth Michael Sample Martha Berumen Sanchez Jazlynne Sanchez Lucy Sanchez Sarah Sandelius Danielle Sanders Kendra Sanders Amrita Sandhu-Schiedermayer Jimmy Sandoval Paula Sandoval Scott Sansby Enrique Santana Maritza Santos-Pernal Phillip Saravan Joseph Sarcinella Jessica Sassalos Tim Sato Griffin Saxon Mary Scelba Carol Schatz Leandra Schatzman Nancy Scher India Schilling Nathan Schlatter Kelli Diane Schloemer Karl Schlottig Rita Schnepp Mara Schoner John Schulian Terri Schulman Elizabeth Schwartz Jay Schwartz Joshua Schwartz Jennifer Schweikert Eugenie Scimonelli Kim and Curtis Scott James Scott Reggie Scott Mulder Scully Barbara Seaman Seismic Productions, LLC Dylan Sellers Elizabeth Selzer-Lang Sempra Employee Giving Network Sensor Products, Inc. Sepa Sete Amy Sewell Bob Sewell Bita Shafipour

Vikas Shah Shahram Shahabi Arthur Shapiro Caitlin Sharp Lianne Shattuck Zev Shearn-Nance Erin Shems Anand Sheth Eric Shieh Cody Shook Shopify Carol Short Nicholas Short Dianne Shorte Jacqueline Shu Shuken Family Amelia Sigler Sanjeet Sihota Michele Silberschein Beatriz Silva Julie Silver Paula Silver Kathy Silverman and Alan Khedari Gail Simmons Stefanie Simon Sara Simonson Marie Simpson Banafsheh Sinaki Navid Sinaki Ben Singer Liz Singleton Sisters of St. Joseph Houston Siracusa Phil and Dazzel Sison Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Katie Skawski Skyrocket Digital A V Slater Robert Slease Michael Slomak Anne and Lawrence Swartwood Lisa and Wesley Smith Ardis Smith Barbara Smith Carla Smith Christin Smith Ethan Smith Jeanine Smith Jeffrey Smith Richard Smith Malcolm Snead Tim Snowber Robin Snowdon Carol Snyder Andy Solomon Rosalba Solorio Jennifer Sorbara Luis Sosa Sandra Sostrin Brissa Sotelo-Vargas Ashley Soto Sony Pictures Animation Andrew Spaulding Barb Specter Corinne Specter Evan Specter Dana Spinola Jeff Spurlock Tessa Spycher

A Place Called Home | Where do we go from here, together?



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Jan and Jim Stacy Chad Stadnicki Monique Staples Barbara Starkand Isabel and George Starn Carrie Stein Shira Steinberg Taffy Stern Paul Sterngold Heather Stevenson Corinne Stewart Vera B. Stewart Kyle Stewart-Romaneck Kendra Stiger Maggie Stillman Rusty Stockinger Tori Stoeckinger Sandra Stoller Linda Stone Christina Stoner Tom Stratton Robert Strohmaier Michael Strong Jane and Charles Strouse Kevin Stuart Stephanie Stuart Kirsten Stubbs Studio-MLA Cynthia Stuermer-Cobb Dana Stumbo Theodore Su Andrea Suiter Karen Sulzberger and Eric Lax Elaine and Cooke Sunoo Jihan Susan Denna Sutton Justine Suzuki David Swift Milton Sybert Peter and Moira Szilagyi Megan Szilagyi John Tabb Alex Taggart Sammy Taggett Lisa Tahk Jeannine Taillac Lindsey Tak Leah Talactac Ida and Gregory Talley Sushan Tan Alexandra Tangalos Stephen Tapp Dani Targas Nicole Taylor Samantha Taylor Vanessa Taylor Diana Tee Priscilla Tejada Ana Tellez Grace Teng Jennifer Terry Sipra Thakur Jennifer Thang Stacie Thomas Tiffany Thomas Tracie Thompson John Thorpe Marsha Tilles Mary Timbang Jennifer Tinucci Jacqueline Titus


TODAH USA Gary Tokumori and Gary McDonnell Karen Rupert Toliver Jordan Toopes Alexis Totolis Sister Eileen Touhy, RSHM Minerva Tovar Jennifer Trafficanda Allan Tram Shauna Traub Allison Trefz Shima Trejo Teresa Trejo T. Rowe Price Services, Inc. Ray Tsang Cheung John Tufarella Christopher Turk David Turner Rita Tuzon and Rick Stone John Tyrrell Michael Udell The UK Online Giving Foundation United Fire Group United Health Group United Way of Greater Los Angeles Lee University University of California, Los Angeles Stephen Upton Urban Collaboratives, LLC USC Joint Educational Project USC Phi Gamma Nu Arnold Uvas Andrew Vacaflor Niki Vale Sade Valencia Sara Valentine Payasa Vampira Gregory Van Daele Rick Vargo Cindy Vaughn Lael Vaughn Melissa Velasco Miguel Velasco Tizoc Velasco Jennifer Vercelli Vermillion Love Leann Vernon Cindy Vine Fay Viola Adam von Arnim Lambreni Waddell Stuart Wagner Stephen H. Waite Frances Waite Katharine Waite Sidney Waite Brittany Wakefield Lisa Walco Robert Walker Shahidah Walker Dahvi Waller Walsh Charitable Fund Richard Walton Judge Robert Ward Myesha Ward Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Gayle Warnick


Elizabeth Warren Tonya Warren Robert and Susan Wass Reggie Watkins Elizabeth Watson and James Brock Geoffrey Watson Brian Watters Joanne Webb Nancy Webb Deanna Weber Joye and Steven Wees John Weiner and Michelle Glaser-Weiner Aurora and Marc Weinstock Jamia Weir Judith Weissman Maureen Weitzel Jan Wesley Doug Wheaton Jack Whigham Thomas White Kimberlea Whitehead Cassandra Whitmore Alisa Wiegers Parker Wierling Sanford Wilk Rachel Wilkie Tyler and Katie Williams Philura P. Williams Anthony Williams Lesley Williams Philura Williams Tiffany Williams Tracy Williams Tyler Williams Raine Wilson Stewart Wilson-Turner Meko Winbush Sabrina Wind Winning Edge Seminars Patti and Daniel Winkel Carol Winkler Emily Winnall Joseph and Susan Wise Miller Alexandra Witjas Christa Wolfinbarger Perry Wong Chrissy Woo KK Wootton Samson Wu Glen and Stefanie Wyn Dawn Yamazi John Yanez Henry and Jenny Yang Zhen Yao Alison Yates Jaronna Yates Lilly Yeatman Graham Yost Jennifer Young LeRoy Younglove Jody Yoxsimer Elaine Yu Bryan Zabala Jamie Zakoski Marcus Zalewski Bruce Zeichner Loni Zeichner Jonathan Zhukovsky Amy Ziering Marissa Ziets

Barbara Zimmer Zoey Zimmerman Jim and Maddy Zimring Andrew Ziolkowski Barbara Zipperman David Zuloaga Ophelia Zuniga David Zusman

We Our In-kind Donors Visionaries $100,000+ Food Forward Los Angeles Regional Food Bank Community Builders $25,000 - $99,999 Adobe Systems Incorporated Gold Star Foods Rich Chicks Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. Capacity Builders $10,000 - $24,999 Amazon Age of Learning Boardriders Latham & Watkins Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Marymount High School Oasis Church John Shin Urban Farming Vesta Foodservice Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Dedicated Supporters $5,000 - $9,999 Alto Baby2Baby Broken Spanish Children’s Institute, Inc. Donate PPE Herbalife Nutrition The Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation PPE Unite True Family Enterprises Investors $1,000 $4,999 Adot Foundation Angel City Brigade


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