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Landscape Codes A Planner’s Toolbox: Creating Better Codes

Keven Graham, ASLA, RLA August 12, 2010

What is it we want to achieve ?

Landscape Controls: ► Ordinances

/ Codes

► Design


► Audit

/ Inspections

Types of Landscape Ordinances/Codes: 

Prescriptive counting the points

 Performance design based on function & intent

Does It Work ? 

A Landscape Architect’s Perspective - Long term establishment - Design Aesthetics Intent – scale - texture

Realistic Objectives - Day 1 screening ? - Immediate gratification ?

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Limit development of soils designated as prime farmland Protect floodplain functions Preserve wetlands Preserve threatened or endangered species and their habitats Conduct a pre-design site assessment Use an integrated site development process Reduce potable water consumption for irrigation by 50% from established baseline Control and manage known invasive plants found on site Use appropriate, non-invasive plants Create a soil management plan Eliminate the use of wood from threatened tree species Control and retain construction pollutants Restore soils disturbed during construction Plan for sustainable landscape maintenance Provide for storage and collection of recyclables

Alternative Approach:

Alternative Approach:

Alternative Approach:  Key Area Guidelines - Corridor Plans - Historic Districts - Downtowns  Value Added Features - Benches, Paving, Planters, Art

Design Review: Basic Considerations:  Understanding Underlying Requirements  Consistent = Defendable  Subjective  Understanding the Design Objectives  Continuity with Engineering Objectives

Design Review:  Plant Schedule - Form & Character

 Landscape Notes - Establish Guidance - Community Standards

Review Elements:  Does it achieve Screening Objectives  Appropriate Plants  Quality  Flexibility  Understanding / Commitment of Board

Trends:  Sustainable Design - Sustainable Sites Initiative - More Natives - Less Turf - No or Reduced Irrigation - Greater Emphasis on Soils  LEED - Green Mechanical and Electrical Equip. - Turf vs. Prairie




Trends:  Green Infrastructure - ILEPA & Legislation -$$$ - Priority on Function

Audits and Inspections:

How to Work with the Landscape Arch. “What the LA brings to the Table�  Understanding of Systems  Design Solutions

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