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David Sim Partner Creative Director

Cities for People & Cities by People

David Sim 1971

Me lego

Gehl <

We approach our work both as social scientists and designers

Theory into practice

Gehl makes cities for people


San Francisco

New York

Around 80 employees and 3 offices in Copenhagen, San Francisco & New York

Pragmatic Idealists

Gehl is an urban design practice focused on 'Making Cities for People’

Gehl — Making Cities for People

Masterplanning Frameworks

We work globally with the challenges cities face

Top 5 urban challenges The five most significant general challenges facing your city today


Employmen t

Population Growth

Governanc e


All of which share the same denominator:


Source; LSE Cities ‘Going Green Report 2012’. Cities surveyed all over the world on what their top 3 challenges are

We advise ...


Mayors & City administrators

Int. Org. UN, WHO, IADB etc.


Private Companies


‌ on strategies to reach their goals while improving quality of life for people

strategic team

Transforming public space in New York

Times Square - before

Times Square - after

design team

Finding new ways to deliver density

The first new town in side a National Park

New Road Brighton CABE Conference - London March 2008


First shared-space in the UK

CABE Conference - London March 2008


cities for people

Better everyday life

cities by people

Taking people on the journey‌

Urban Interventions Mar del Plata, Argentina

GEHL Pop-Up Office in Torre Tanque, Mar del Plata

Cities for peope Task Force Municipality of Mar del Plata

GEHL Pop-Up Office in Torre Tanque, Mar del Plata

Cities for peope Task Force Municipality of Mar del Plata

Car dependent

Low pedestrian priority

Studying people’s behavior and needs

Democratic distribution of space?

Movement along the street

Space given to different user groups

Pilot projects -Improved pedestrian & bicycle amenities -Increased pedestrian & bicycle safety -Better connections with public transport -Dialogue with citizens and merchants

Pilot Project

40% MORE space for people


parkin g spaces


seating places

New activity on the street

Behavior Change after test project • 15% more pedestrians • 50% more activity – half of this is seating on public benches


A 90% majority voted to keep and extend the pilots

Evaluation of first stage Quantitative survey: 15% increase in pedestrian numbers 25% increase in stationary activities 40% more space for pedestrians

Opinion poll: 89% thinks the intervention is good/ very good 66% approved interventions + 10% approved with modifications 73% Increased sense of pedestrian safety

Urban Interventions Sao Paolo, Brazil

Praça Ouvidor – Largo São Francisco

Few people spending time - Key findings before


Secondary seating


Average activity = 53 Majority is people standing Seating is limited to secondary seating

Not a very inviting square

Ventilation shaft fences and poor maintenance

Jaywalking, parked vehicles and no crossing

Student life is not visible in the public space

Suggested placing of new activity areas, seating and active edges

Largo Sรฃo Francisco and Praรงa Ouvidor e Silva - Today

Largo Sรฃo Francisco and Praรงa Ouvidor e Silva - Vision

Largo Sรฃo Francisco and Praรงa Ouvidor e Silva - Vision, nighttime activity

Crossing the street

Goal: to a well connected place‌.

... and active, vibrant square with both day and evening activity for all



Opening: chefs served good quality food at an inexpensive price

Reduction in jaywalking and more pedestrians2013 2014

100 Crossing street % unsafe


Crossing street outside of new designated crossing area

Largo São Francisco and Praça Ouvidor e Silva From uninviting corner to active square – Before and after

Existing kiosk becomes part of the new square

everyday activity

Lunch break, rest under the shade - Free Wi-Fi

event activity

Event calendar and public outreach

Social media #praiapaulistana #praiaurbana

Stories, Impact - Memes of Mayor Haddad – SP Beach!

Social media There is excitement about SĂŁo Paulo finally having a beach

On facebook, there are lots of comments comparing the deck with a beach. #praiapaulistana #praiaurbana #spbeach


“This playground was a good surprise for us. We had some doubts before implementing it. But in the first day - a Saturday - since the first kid discovered the new playground it has been packed�

Human scale?

In search of Human scale?

High Density doesn’t have to mean High Rise

Completing the heart of Lille

St. Sauveur — In 2013, Gehl together with an extensive local team of technical experts, won the international competition to lead the development and transformation of a former goods station in central Lille ‌

Vision The 57-acre A real piece of sitecityisin terms to of fabric and become a urban life new neighborhood of 5,000 inhabitants, and a city district with work places, shops, education,

Planning with the needs of people in mind


The apartment Quality housing


The building Knowing your neighbor


The block A shared community


The quarter A lively neighborhood

Linking to the surrounding s

Creating a destination park - Le Parc de la VallĂŠe




A public space network for everyday life


Flexibility to add future destination

A resilient neighborhood

5 6

Creating a beating heart in the developmen t

Keeping the existing train hall for coworking + manufacturi ng

A development defined by it’s public spaces

The people’s choice