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The Forests of Palomar Mountain No. 74 Summer 2013

by David Robarts

Hiking lower Doane Valley

(Beyond Anza-Borrego, our State Park’s Colorado Desert District offers a range of fascinating preserves: Palomar Mountain, Picacho, Indio Hills, Salton Sea, and Cuyamaca Rancho. David Robarts, a longtime Palomar resident, tells us what he likes best about this mountain beyond our desert. There are many reasons to visit Palomar: Native American village sites, echoes of early ranching, trout fishing in Doane Pond, and wonderfully constructed Civilian Conservation Corps campsites – rock-walled and shady, a welcome relief from the desert’s summer heat. Dave’s passion is Palomar’s majestic trees. Visit the park, look up, and you’ll understand.)

 A 400 year old Incense Cedar

To get a true sense of the Palomar Mountains, you must see them either from the air or lacking that, have a look at a 3-D relief map. A flat, two dimensional drawing doesn’t show you how abruptly Palomar sweeps up from low lying coastal foothills. Palomar is not a lone peak, but a series of ridges trending in a northeast to a southwest direction, that is parallel to, but separate from the Laguna and San Bernardino Mountains further inland. Palomar’s westward setting defines it as a world apart from its eastern neighbors. I think of Palomar as a ship, its bow at Boucher Point, parting the southwest flow of moist air off the Pacific Ocean. As this current of sea-born air flows around Boucher, it divides into two equal parts: one going up the San Luis Rey River Valley and the other up the drainage of Pauma Creek. This moisture laden air makes the forests of the southwestern slopes of Palomar different from the northeastern ones. You’ll see this as you drive up county road continued on page 4 S-6 to Cal Tech’s renowned Observatory. The big dome

Summer 2013


From the President As the dog days of summer are closing in, things in Borrego Springs are slowing down. It’s a time for reflecting on the past and a time for planning for the future. There were a lot of successful events in the last few months, and the future looks bright for Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and Anza-Borrego Foundation.


Jim Smith


Delores Lukina



Wendy Youngren TREASURER

TRUSTEES: Nicholas Clapp Ernie Cowan Al Ducheny Diane Hydoski Joanne Ingwall William “Pete” Lee, Ph.D. Bill McDonald John Peterson Jeffrey Safford Dick Troy ABF STAFF: Paige Rogowski


Joan Carskaddan


Tracie Cofer


Briana Puzzo


Emi Gates


Chris Rogowski


Janice Smith


ANZA-BORREGO FOUNDATION 587 Palm Canyon Drive #110 & 111 Borrego Springs, CA 92004 (760) 767-0446 Anza-Borrego Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt [IRS code 501(c) (3)] charitable organization DESERT UPDATE: Briana Puzzo, Paige Rogowski, Emi Gates, EDITORS The Bloom Organization GRAPHIC DESIGN

Printed in U.S.A. on 50% postconsumer recycled paper.

During the past year we have acquired, with the help of all of our benefactors, over 791 acres. While all of the parcels have significant importance to ABDSP, there was one acquisition that is particularly noteworthy. The purchase by ABF of the 174-acre Lundberg property provided, for the first time, permanent legal access through that area to Coyote Canyon. In addition to adding a vital gateway to Coyote Canyon for ABDSP, the purchase also protects land on the Juan Bautista de Anza National Trail. The Lundberg acquisition was shepherded by our Vice-President of Acquisitions, Delores Lukina, in conjunction with the members of our Land Committee. The work involved in land acquisition is handled, for the most part, by ABF volunteers. The labor entailed is technical, detailed and time-consuming. I thank all of our dedicated volunteers, whether they’re devoting their time and energy to land acquisition, fundraising, program development or any of the many other projects that we are involved with. We had two very significant social events as the Borrego Springs season wound down. On the evening of March 29, at the recently reopened La Casa del Zorro, ABF hosted a party for Diana Lindsay, who retired from the Board after many, many years serving as either a trustee or an officer. Diana was recognized for her numerous contributions to ABF and the park. From State Parks, Diana received the Medallion Award, which is the highest award possible for a State Park volunteer. On the following night, March 30, ABF held the Opening of The Desert Club gala at the Steele/Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Center. This was an extremely successful event, both from the standpoint of enjoyment by the attendees, as well as the fundraising that occurred. On May 25, Paige Rogowski became our third-ever Executive Director. Paige has had many years of experience in the nonprofit field and worked with Linda Tandle as Development Director. Paige received several months of on-the-job training under the supervision of Chuck Bennett, who acted as interim ED. We are excited to have Paige’s energy and knowledge working for, and with, ABF. Finally, nothing ever happens without the ongoing help and contributions from all of you: our members, friends and benefactors. Again, our heartfelt thanks for all you do and all you have given! Ralph Singer President of the Board

This is a letter to say


Last fall at Anza-Borrego Foundation, we knew we needed your help to support the park. What we didn’t know was how generously you would respond. Thanks to your gracious donations, we have raised nearly $868,000! That is fantastic news! Here is a summary of where the charitable funds collected through May 2013 were and will be directed:

$164,300 helped keep Anza-Borrego Desert State Park open. This year the Visitor Center was in danger of closing part-time during the tourist season. With these contributions, we were able to serve thousands of park visitors, provide support for the park’s volunteer societies and more. $290,800 made the park accessible to a variety of children and adults. So far this year more than 10,000 children and adults have seen the park for the first time or learned something special about it. $412,850 kept the park protected. We believe that land in the extraordinary Anza-Borrego Desert State Park should be protected forever. This year we have acquired over 791 acres and expect to obtain more before the end of June.

Unfortunately we did not receive the $375,000 landacquisition grant we had hoped for, so we will not reach the $2-million mark. The good news is that it looks like we’ll have a shot at this grant in the next fiscal year. We expect to finish our current fiscal year on June 30, 2013, on budget. A full financial report will be published in the fall 2013 issue of the Desert Update. 

Dramatic Clouds Over Coyote Canyon, AARON HOCK

“ The park holds a special

place in my heart, as it does for so many others. I’m honored to step into this role at this stage in the organization’s development.”

– Paige Rogowski ABF Executive Director

Many of you know Paige Rogowski or have heard from her through her work as Development Director of ABF for the past several years. Now get ready to meet Paige as ABF’s new Executive Director. The ABF board announced Paige’s appointment on May 25. She succeeds C.L. “Chuck” Bennett, who served as interim executive director after his 19 years of service on the ABF board. Board president Ralph Singer cited Paige’s leadership skills, expertise in outdoor recreation and conservation and commitment to land protection in the region in announcing her appointment. “We’re delighted to have Paige leading the Foundation,” he said. “She is the right person at the right time to guide it, especially in ABF’s initiative to reach new generations of park supporters.” “The park contains especially valuable natural and recreational resources,” Paige said, and “we must look to the next generations to protect them forever.” A graduate of UC Santa Cruz, Paige also received a Certificate in Fund Raising Management from the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. Before joining ABF, she was development director for the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and managed the volunteer accreditation process for the American Camp Association, Southern California/Hawaii. Over the course of her career, Paige has raised more than $15 million for charitable causes. Paige and her husband, Chris, live in Borrego Springs. They are excited to expand their family through adoption this year, although you can say hi to their dog ‚ Bogart‚ next time you visit the State Park Store. 

Summer 2013


Hiking in a grove of Canyon Live Oak

The Forests of Palomar Mountain continued from page 1

of the 200” telescope is only about three miles as the crow flies from the State Park but is much further away in climate. The average rain fall, measured at the State Park office, is 40 to 45 inches annually. The rainfall at the Observatory is 25 to 30 inches. This is clearly reflected in the vegetation of these two areas. The Observatory side of the mountain has a chaparral, Manzanita, Black Oak, and Coulter Pine mix familiar to the Julian side of the coastal ranges. In contrast, the park’s slopes have the look of the western-facing valleys of California’s lofty Sierra Nevada.

 Doane Pond, a focal point for the Park

Microclimates within the park are clearly delineated by their vegetation types. Moist, cool air is funneled up the Pauma Creek drainage and is compressed by ridges bordering the park’s central Doane Valley. Here, slopes abound in Big  Western Dogwood blooms in forest shadows Cone Spruce, their sparsely foliaged horizontal limbs reaching to the sky like outstretched arms. And huge White Firs grow to enormous diameters; south of Cedar Grove Group Campground, some are over six feet in diameter at their base and soar over 150 feet in height. This grove of ancient trees is a special place to explore. With little undergrowth due to a lack of sunlight, it is an area of sword fern, moss and lichen covered rock – a perfect place for a quiet picnic on a hot August day. This old growth forest is rarely visited by the casual hiker even though it can be readily accessed via the Adams trail. 4

Summer 2013

Lower Doane Valley (an appealing hike to the north) features a broad flat plateau bordered by two creeks, Doane and French. Here, a large stand of Ponderosa Pine has survived for millennia. They bear scars – ancient and modern – of fire, drought and disease, which to me makes them all the more majestic as they rise alone in this open, grassy valley. These venerable wooden columns are the supports holding up a forest temple. Their dark green needles and blue skies are its frescoed ceiling. Of the four main groups of conifers found on Palomar, the remaining tree is the Incense Cedar. At the Silvercrest Picnic Area, they thrive along the north-facing slopes where the morning fogs linger and the snow patches hesitate to melt in the late winter. An especially wet year leaves the forest floor looking like a green shag carpet of thousands of seedlings dropped by their parent trees the season before. Very few will grow to maturity. Initially, a crowd-tolerant and shadeloving youngster, the seedlings quickly yearn for full sun and more elbow room. By middle age, they start to lose their straight-stemmed, smooth-barked appearance. In old age, they take a gnarled, furrowed look. Of cone bearing trees, the Incense Cedar has the most variation in form, with older trees sometimes mistaken for altogether different species because of their dissimilar features. They are often mistaken for their northern neighbors, the Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada. The woodlands of Palomar Mountain include a number of trees found in the Sierra Nevada. Pacific Dogwood is easily recognized in early May by its conspicuous large white flowers. It is one of the more colorful of mountain trees as its leaves turn from green to a dark wine red in late October. And there is the White Alder, its roots favoring wet soil, which makes it a dominant tree along the banks of Doane Creek as it meanders through the park. The Alder is a stately tree, reaching heights of 75 feet or more. To experience these trees, hike the Thunder Springs trail in the early morning – by pools of slowly moving water shimmering with the reflection of the Alder’s silver gray bark. In its 1,850 acres, Palomar Mountain State Park offers one of the most varied, unique, and welcoming environments in all of Southern California, a place apart from arid foothills coastal development. It is not to be missed. 

Opening Night at the Desert Club– a Second-Time Success!

In 1950, the luau party that took place during

the opening weekend of Borrego’s Desert Club was the highlight of the desert season. Borrego Springs has grown and evolved over the ensuing 63 years, and fortunately the historic building has become, once again, an important part of the community. On Saturday, March 30, Anza-Borrego Foundation hosted “Opening Night at the Desert Club,” only this time the event celebrated research in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Just like that original opening night, the March event was a sold-out affair complete with a Hawaiian luau and ukulele players. Nearly 200 people enjoyed the gala, which raised more than $28,000 for the Anza-Borrego Foundation. Funds raised that night will be used to provide direct support for Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and programs that support the park. Borrego’s Desert Club is now the Steele/Burnand AnzaBorrego Desert Research Center. The club was originally built by Alphonse A. Burnand, Robert Di Giorgio, James Copley and George (Bud) Kuhrts III. The designer-builder was William Kesling, who began construction on the building in 1949. Today it is a superb example of Borrego Modern architecture. It was designed as a clubhouse for a golf and desert recreation community and was the hub of local social activity for years. Now the facility supports field research for biologists, astronomers, anthropologists and others through the University of California at Irvine. The university, the state park and the Anza-Borrego Foundation were the driving forces in creating this center, and Audrey Steele Burnand made it

possible with a substantial donation to UCI for the purchase of the property and its initial restoration. It was fitting that ABF used the old club’s Opening Night theme for its annual fundraiser, which spotlighted how ongoing research in the park will be greatly enhanced through the new Research Center. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is a living laboratory that attracts scientists from all over the world. Over the last decade, ABF has funded nearly $200,000 in grants for research projects. ABF also supports the scientific work of the various societies that are doing research in archaeology, biology and paleontology. Part of the funds raised at the gala will support these research projects. Among the high-value auction items that drew large interest were overnight stays and packages at La Casa del Zorro, Borrego Valley Inn, Borrego Springs Resort, San Diego and Palm Springs. A craft beer tasting package, golf packages, sporting events and a cruise on San Diego Bay vied for interest with museum and San Diego Zoo packages, Disneyland packages and a flight over the park. Various works of art, including a sculpture by Ricardo Breceda, also drew interest. Ralph Singer, president of ABF, thanked everyone for attending and supporting the park through this gala. Retired Park Superintendent Mark Jorgensen singled out park researchers Diana Lindsay and Paul Jorgensen as examples of how ongoing research benefits the park and the region. Music was provided by Susanna Kurner and Adrian Demain, who played their ukuleles and sang music appropriate for the night’s theme. 

Summer 2013


Leo Larson: Sunrise Journey – Adult Best of Show

2013 Anza-Borrego Desert Photo Contest Winners

This year’s photo contest was a success with more than 300 entries, including almost 100 entries from Borrego Springs Elementary 4th and 5th grade students! Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Borrego Art Institute (BAI) was able to develop a children’s photography program and students chose their finest work to enter into the contest. We are grateful to BAI for their endeavor to increase our local students’ knowledge of photography and appreciation of the beauty of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park!  Destinie Parker: Ocotillo Sun – Youth First Place Desert Plants

Khia Howard: Wondering – YOUTH BEST OF SHOW

 Francois Swart: Dawn – First Place Desert Plants


Summer 2013

Timothy Mooring: California Quail – Youth First Place Black and White

ROBYN GARCIA: Inflated Blister Beetle – First Place Desert Animals

 Thomas Teske: Carrizo Ridge – First Place Black and White  courtney KIDD: Patterns – Youth First Place Desert Landscapes

ABF extends immense thanks to

Borrego Valley Inn and Oceanside Photo and Telescope for their support of our Photo Contest.

 Timothy Mooring: Roadrunner – Youth First Place Desert Animals

John Dotta: At the Morteros – First Place Desert Landscapes

Summer 2013


Support the State Park Store and the ABDSP Visitor Center! Animals of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Pocket Guide – An Introduction to Familiar Species By Marie Simovich, with editorial assistance from Paul Jorgensen, Mark Jorgensen, Gregory Pregill, Michael Wells and Bradford Hollingsworth

An introduction to familiar species, this pocket guide will help you to identify the animals you see around Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, with illustrated photos. Features mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

150-Year Anniversary of CA State Parks Patch Celebrate 150 years of California State Parks with this commemorative patch!

Desert Insects & Kin of Southern California A Photographic Survey & Natural History – Anza-Borrego Desert State Park By Lynn and Gene Monroe

A profusely illustrated 20-year field survey and natural history study of desert insects and other arthropods such as scorpions and spiders of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park & environs in the Southern California Desert. All products available at the State Park Store and Visitor Center 

Summer Hours (May - September): Visitor Center 9 am. to 5 pm. Weekends and Holidays Only State Park Store 8:30 am. to 12:30 pm. Monday through Friday


Become an Anza-Borrego Visitor Center Volunteer Are you someone who likes to talk to people? Are you eager to learn more about Anza-Borrego, and to share your love of the desert with others? Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is looking for service-minded people willing to volunteer their time in the largest state park in California. Park staff will be offering a training course for volunteers who are interested in working at the Visitor Center in Borrego Springs. Visitor Center volunteers answer questions about the state park and offer guidance to visitors seeking to maximize their experience in the desert. A minimum commitment of 48 hours per year for a period of three years is expected. The next training class will be offered in the fall and winter of 2013, with classes on Friday afternoons and field trips in the park on Saturdays. It is anticipated that the class will begin November 1 and conclude December 14, with no class on November 29-30. “On-the-job training” will take place in January 2014, with successful graduates beginning to work regular shifts in February 2014. 8

Summer 2013

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact Visitor Center Manager Sally Theriault at (760) 767-0334, or email Volunteer with ABF’s Education Programs ABF is looking for volunteers to assist with our field programs and outreach events. Program hosts are needed who enjoy exploring the park on foot (preferably with the ability to hike 7-12 miles) or by mountain bike on the park’s dirt roads. Volunteers of all types and abilities are always needed. There is no minimum time commitment, and you can tailor participation to your areas of interest. No matter how you help, you will be making a difference in what ABF can accomplish. A training session for new and returning hosts will take place in November. Learn more and apply at or contact Education Manager Briana Puzzo: 

Anza-Borrego Foundation Events – Summer 2013 Visit or call 760-767-0446 for full event information.

Palomar Mountain State Park Saturday, August 10 9:00 am - 2:00 pm $15 / $10 for ABF members Free for new ABF members!

Join us in the mountains for this month’s Hikes & Hops event. Enjoy a hike and local craft beer in Palomar Mountain State Park, in northern San Diego County on the west side of Palomar Mountain. Large pine, fir and cedar trees make the park one of the few areas in southern California with a Sierra Nevada-like atmosphere, with an average elevation of 5,000 feet. We will hike 3 miles in the Lower Doane Valley through beautiful mountain meadows and stands of majestic Ponderosa Pine. It will be a moderate hike with minimal elevation change. The hike will be led by Mike Puzzo, environmental scientist with California State Parks’ Colorado Desert District. Craft beer and snacks will be provided after the hike.

Desert Naturalist Tours Whether you’re planning a personal visit or an organized group trip, ABF will help ensure your trip to Anza-Borrego is both educational and enjoyable. ABF can arrange a customized half or full-day tour with a desert naturalist in an area of interest to you, with an activity level that suites your needs and itinerary. Common program topics include: geology, wildflowers, cultural history, desert flora and fauna, and local metal sculptures. We are happy to work with you to customize your own unique experience in the park. For reservations and inquiries, contact Education Manager Briana Puzzo at 760-767-0446 ext. 1004 or briana@


TOUR RATES & PRICING Half-Day Tours and Hikes: $10 per person, $200 minimum per tour

All-Day Programs: $500 minimum per tour

Paleontology and Archaeology Lab Tours: $5 fee may be added to existing perperson fee

Outreach Speaker (for your meeting or event): $100 minimum speaking fee

Summer 2013


Save the Date


Colorado Desert Cultural Symposium November 1-3, 2013 Borrego Springs Resort, Borrego Springs, CA

Join us for another captivating gathering as we explore the cultural history of our southern California desert. The weekend of events will include a reception, speakers, field trips, and poster presentations. Look for more details at soon!



Join retired ABDSP Superintendent Mark Jorgensen on a two-week tour of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert during the summer of 2014! Tour leader Mark Jorgensen, along with a bilingual guide, will lead you on a variety of hikes and drives that explore the Gobi Desert’s wildlife, history, and current research. Visit grasslands, sand dunes, STEVE BIER and steppes habitat. This all-inclusive adventure will introduce you to the distinctive culture, wildlife, and varied terrain of Mongolia, including remote desert landscapes and Mongolia’s bustling capital, Ulaanbaatar. Contact Education Manager PHIL ROULLARD Briana Puzzo at briana@theabf. org for details.

Thanks to Our Sponsors!


LAND OF ENCHANTMENT April 26 - May 6, 2014 with Paul Remeika An introduction to the natural and cultural resources of the FOUR CORNERS area, Homeland of the Ancients. Join us on this geologic and archeological visit along spirit paths to rock art, buttes and mesas, trading posts, and cliff dwellings. Check our website for registration, or call 760-767-0446. Details at soon!


Summer 2013

New and Renewed Members: January 16, 2013 – May 31, 2013

Anza-Borrego Foundation and California State Parks Honor Diana Lindsay with California’s “Medallion Award” Diana Lindsay, former President for AnzaBorrego Foundation, award-winning author and long-time AnzaBorrego Desert State Park volunteer, was presented on March 29 with a Medallion Award, the California State Park’s highest honor for superior achievement in volunteer service. A reception was held for Diana Lindsay at La Casa del Zorro in Borrego Springs, where Kathy Dice, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Superintendent, presented Diana with the Medallion Award. Regarding Diana’s prestigious award, Dice stated, “Diana continues to be an inspiration to all who love this park and State Parks in general, and she most certainly deserves the highest honor a State Park volunteer can receive. She will long be remembered as a leading force in the long-term sustainability of desert resources and landscapes.” Diana Lindsay has volunteered at the Anza-Borrego Foundation for 30 years. Her efforts to preserve the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park include blocking SDG&E’s Sunrise Powerlink and helping to purchase private land for the park. She also served two terms as President of the Anza-Borrego Foundation Board of Directors. “Diana has been the heart and soul of Anza-Borrego Foundation and a tremendous asset to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park all these years. She has always shown great care and leadership,” said Ralph Singer, President of the Board of Trustees for AnzaBorrego Foundation. Diana has retired from the Board of Directors, but she is still a park volunteer and on the committee for the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Botany Society. Diana is now moving on to become a board member of the San Diego Natural History Museum. As a member of this board she hopes to increase the awareness of the beauty and natural history of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Diana is also the founder and president of Sunbelt Publications and has written several awardwinning books about the Anza-Borrego Desert and its wonders. 

ABF welcomes our new members! Dinah Ackerson and Robert Love Ray Agnew Carlos and Michele Aguayo Scott Allen Edward and Mary August Stephanie Austin Richard and Lynne Bailey Tom and Elizabeth Barber Robert and Gail Bardin Connie Battaile Ned Bennett Claudia Biggie Kim Brandau Patricia Brown Shauna-Rae Brown Charles Budney Guido Buratto Kay Carlson Gayle Cary Kenneth Cater John and Belinda Christoffersen Mary Clemenceau Alma and Bill Coles Jackie and Chris Cooper Frances and Howard Cork Elisabeth Crawford John Davis S. Delalande Render Denson Thomas DiGenova Christopher Dunphy John Egan Bob Ellis and Ingrid Crickmore Cary Fargo and Anna Ransome Dorothy Fernandez Raul Fernandez Anne Fox Carol Ginsburg and Joe Como Lawrence Gonzales George and Amy Gorman Lois Grace Sharon and Ken Grant Marilyn Grimes LaVonne Gunn Jose Gutierrez Bertin and Carol Hall Katherine Hanley Jeanne Hanysz Barbara Harley Jim and Judy Hauck Phyllis and Bill Helm Reginald and Wendy Henry Kenneth D. Holland Lisa and Bobby Hoover Alice Hutchinson Merv and Beverly Isaacman Gerald Johnson Susana Jones Kathleen Jorgensen David Kennedy Irene Kho Pam Kirk and Jack Swisher Greg Kline Rebecca Kwiat Gerry Large and Dusty Foster Brett Laudeman Janna Laughon

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Summer 2013 11

Gifts from January 16, 2013 – May 31, 2013

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Summer 2013

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Borrego Valley Inn Oceanside Photo and Telescope

And Borrego Partners: Bike Borrego Borrego Outfitters Borrego Springs Resort Calico’s Coffee and Homemade Goodies California Overland Carmelita’s Mexican Grill & Cantina Kendall’s Café Liesel’s Art Studio The Springs at Borrego RoadRunner Club For more information and exclusive offers for ABF members, visit BorregoPartners 

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Desert Update Summer 2013  

The quarterly newsletter of Anza-Borrego Foundation. Non-profit cooperating association of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Desert Update Summer 2013  

The quarterly newsletter of Anza-Borrego Foundation. Non-profit cooperating association of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park