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May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Smart City Development Experience of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

May 22 2013

Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company

Social Background Global Challenges Population growth of urban cities in emerging countries

Depletion of Global warming natural resources

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Japan Challenges Full recovery from North East Japan earthquake

Lack of electricity causing blackouts

Shifting to sustainable society

Social Background

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Shifting to sustainable society

Cities becoming smart cities

Locally generated & used energy

Type of smart city

Urban smart cities

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Strong increase of population for emerging countries, acceleration of house development / retrofitting. Global population estimation 9.15 Bil

5 Bil

3 Bil


5.3 Bil

Urban cities in emerging countries will have 50% of global population

GDP(USD) 50,000 Per Person


Amsterdam (46,637)

40,000 Seoul (24,244)



Developed 1 Bil

Type of development

1.1 Bil


Tokyo (39,478)

Mexico City (17,826) Shanghai(18,575) Delhi Mumbai (5,620) (3,604)

Rio de Janeiro(16,541) Kuala Lumpur(13,733) Bangkok(8,488)


2000 2020


 Global population in 2050 9.2 Bil  By 2020, 50% of world population will live in urban city of a emerging country.


<Emerging Country> New city planning

<Developed Country> Retrofitting/Compact City

Trend in Japan

Urban smart cities

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Smart city development in Japan can be classified into two groups. Areas

Types of smart city development


Government initiated

 "Next generation energy and social system demonstration" project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, Industry  Yokohama  Keihanna  Toyota  Kita Kyushu

Green field

Private operated


Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Kashiwa No Ha Smart City Funabashi Smart Share City Aizuwakamatsu Miyagi Prefecture etc

Energy management

Locally generated & used energy

Energy generation /supply

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Energy consumption curve Energy curve on maximum consumed day.

Others Fuel Natural Gas Nuclear 石炭・石油 天然ガス 原子力 その他 Generation Fossil .1% .1% 26.6 % 26.6% 10.7% 36 26.6%

Unit: 10,000kW


Maximum 160 183 Mil kW

Transmitting 140 Loss Supplied Energy Generation Loss 発電損失 電力 Supply 120 58.7% 37..0% 0% 343京J(9,551億kWh) 100 From: The white paper on Total Loss 63.0% 80 energy usage (METI) 4.3% 60

Supply to match the current Peak of energy consumption 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101112131415161718192021222324

From: Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan

Over 60% of the generated energy is lost during generation, transmission

Implementation of new price/time system for peak-cut.

Local energy generation / usage for a decentralized energy management

Locally generated & used energy

Energy management Energy consumption in Japan

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Electricity consumption at Home Dish Dryer 1.6%

Home 31% %

Industry / Logistics


Office / Services

Toilet 3.9%

36% From: The white paper on energy usage (METI)

Washing Mac. 2.8%

(Y 2009)

Over 30% is consumed at home.

Others 20.2%

Air-Con 25.2%

Refrigerator 16.1% TV Light 9.9% 16.1%

Electrical carpet4.3%

From: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

Total consumption 4,200kWh/year

Almost 60% is consumed by Air-Con, Refrigerator, Light

Energy reduction for daily lifestyle is required.

May 2013

Energy management

Panasonic Corporation






Facility Regional energy management

People Energy management Energy saving equipments

Generation / Storage

Control per grid demand, flexibly supports price

Local generation & usage

Eco home appliances Energy management Efficient LED Illumination

Controlling energy

Combination of generating, storing and saving energy.


External connection Air tight/Insulations

Smart meters Demand response Cloud service

From smart house to smart city ⇒ FujisawaSST

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation


May 2013

Fujisawa SST Background

Panasonic Corporation

About Fujisawa City Japan Prefecture: Kanagawa Population: Approx. 416,000 Area: 69.51km² Industry:

Housing area Business Tourism Education

The famous Shonan Beach



51km from Tokyo Station (approx. 50min by train)


May 2013

History of Fujisawa Plant

Panasonic Corporation

Land was formerly Panasonic factory. Logistics Center Eco Systems factory

Refrigeration factory

In 1961

2007 onward

First factory in Eastern Japan

Considering new usage of land

ďź&#x2C6;Monochrome TV, Refrigerator, Fan, etc)


May 2013

Contributing to Region

Panasonic Corporation


Smart town concept for contributing to region Regional Potential

Regional Challenges

Rich nature of Shonan area

Realizing Realizing high high environmental environmental targets targets

High High environmental environmental consciousness consciousness

Reinforcing disaster measures

Business & Educational growth

Improvement Improvement of of chronic chronic traffic traffic jam jam

Panasonicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s solution towards town creation Taking in the regions' natural blessings, we will realize sustainable Eco & Smart lifestyles with our experience and technology technology

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Environmental contribution & comfortable lifestyles

Safety & Security

Land Development

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Land development for 1000 households (detached houses & housing complexes)

Welfare Welfare Healthcare Healthcare Education Education Zone Zone

Detached Detached House House Zone Zone

Advanced Advanced Activity Activity Zone Zone

Housing Housing Complex Complex Zone Zone

Central Central Park Park

Detached Detached House House Zone Zone

Daily Daily life life supporting supporting facilities facilities 11

Daily Daily life life supporting supporting facilities facilities 22 計画概要

Location Area Buildings

Kanagawa prefecture, Fujisawa city

Approx 19ha Homes/Businesses/Public facilities


Approx 3,000


Town opening in Spring 2014


Approx 600 Mil USD (¥100)


Project Consortium

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic and 11 partner companies forms an consortium to manage the Fujisawa SST project. > Accenture > ORIX Corporation > Dentsu Inc. > PanaHome Corporation > Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd > Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd. > Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd > Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. > Mitsui & Co., Ltd. > Nihon Sekkei, Inc. * In alphabetical order > Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation

Fujisawa City and 11 other partner companies

Joint press conference Oct.1st 2013


May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

“Bringing energy to life”  Introductory DVD (8min 50sec)

Key Point 1 : Numerical Targets

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Environmental, Safety and Security Targets for the whole town

Environmental Targets


Water Consumption





( Compared to 1990 )

( Compared with water usage in home in 2006 )

Energy Targets

Safety and Security Targets (CCP*)

Renewable Energy Utilization rate

Lifeline Maintenance

30 %

3 days

Over CCP: Community Continuity Plan A plan for recovering to normal condition


Key Point 2 : Advanced Service

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation


Most advanced Sustainable & Smart Service Independent Independent and and symbiotic symbiotic energy energy management management town town

Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest group of individually divided solar generation totaling approx. 3MW and battery storage totaling approx. 3MW

Virtual gated town

Security system linked between surveillance cameras and LED street lights are used in a large scale town level.

Total Eco -Mobility Service Eco-Mobility

Realization of battery sharing services, instead of battery charging. Convenient for daily usage, but also useful in emergencies.

*1 According to Panasonic research at October 2012 *2 Individually divided solar generators and storage batteries are planned to be implemented in detached houses, housing complex, business buildings public facilities.

Key Point 3 : Town Management Company

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Town Management Company will provide not only the management of the town, but support the development of a community that can create new value in everyday life.

Realizing local based sustainable service management as an realistic business Service Operator House management Communication Energy Security Regional operator

Energy Energy

Community Community

Mobility Mobility

Asset Asset Management Management

Security Security

Finance Finance

Healthcare Healthcare

Club Club Service Service

Fujisawa Town Management Company

・・・ ・・・

(temporary name)


One-Stop Service

Regional education and researcher Municipal, NPO

Community Growth

Customer BtoC

Residents BtoB

Businesses in facilities BtoG




March 7th 2013 Fujisawa SST Management Company

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic and 8 partner companies established management company. Company name

Fujisawa SST Management Company


President: Mr. Tomohiko Miyahara (Panasonic Corporation)


260 million yen

Capital Ratio

Panasonic Corporation PanaHome Corporation Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Dentsu Inc. Nihon Sekkei Inc. Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited

35.5% 14.5% 14.5% 8.0% 7.5% 5.0% 5.0% 5.0% 5.0%


May 2013

Panasonic Corporation Community PV Solar Generation New model to reinforce disaster measures and to expand renewable energy.

The business is part of the PPP (public private partnership) business between Panasonic and Fujisawa City. The generation capacity is approximately 100kW/h. PV panels on top of public sewage land

â&#x2013; Business Scheme

Fujisawa City

Fujisawa SST

Electricity Company

Management Company


Equipment for solar power generation

Approval for public land usage to private company.

Public land Income

Paying rent for the usage of land.

May 2013

Community PV Solar Generation

Panasonic Corporation

Measures against emergencies and to expand renewable energy. Emergency: Normal:

Electricity is provided not only to town residents but also to surrounding areas. Provided to the grid, contributing to expansion of renewable energy, while obtaining income for PV maintenance.

â&#x2013; System Configuration Grid

Solar Generation System

In case of emergency (blackouts)

Solar panels

Visualization of generation amount

Portable battery

Cell phone


Solar lantern Open for public usage

Fujisawa Model

May 2013

Panasonic Corporation

Realistic smart town based on actual lifestyles will become next generation standard これまでのスマートシティ Conventional smarty city

Fujisawa Model

Enhancing Enhancing Infrastructure Infrastructure

Focused Focused on on Residents Residents Lifestyle Lifestyle

Product Product & & Technology Technology Oriented Oriented

Service Service Oriented Oriented

Feasibility Feasibility Study Study

Realization Realization

Government Government Operated Operated

New New cooperation cooperation of of Government Government & & Corporate Corporate

Different Different Industry Industry Consortium Consortium

Business Business build build by by partnership partnership


May 2013


Panasonic Corporation


First homes will be ready for residents in Spring 2014 2012 Sep.

2013 Mar.

2014 Spring



Town Completion Mar. 2013 Establishment of Town Management Company

Spring 2014 Sep. 2012 Safety Ceremony & start of land readjustment

Town opening, welcoming first residents.

May 2013


Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic contracts with Ms. Yukie Nakama, one of the top actress in Japan, for TV commercials. Ms. Nakama Yukie Profession: Actress and singer Birthdate: 1979-Oct-30 Birthplace: Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan Height: 160cm Weight: 46kg

DVD 0:30 Corporate efforts to aware environment to public


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Smart City Development Experience of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town  
Smart City Development Experience of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town  

Smart City Development Experience of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town by Mr. Tsukasa Kaneko