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OCT. 2011 - NOV. 2011

RAINBOW aka Rosanna Pike

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Duh Road Magazine Duh Road is a unique online and print publication which review the latest up-and-coming events to showcase their turnout and feedback. With high quality photography, together with features and interviews on disc jocks, dancers, art and culture, these elements blend to form the incomparable creativity that is Duh Road.

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Clean ‘N’ Trendy Marco Polo Snapbackz Vz Fitted Abstain Nitemare

Arantes Jackson (Prince)

Antoine Chung (Toiung)

Arantes is a Photographer and writer for “Duh Road Magazine”. He is young man who craves for success. He strongly believes in God, daily he lives of his motto “with God, all things are possible.”

Antoine is the one who’s up at the crack of dawn and start working as his eyes open. He’s the one you can count on; The one you’ll never hear say, “It’s not my responsibility”; The one who doesn’t believe in ‘can’t’. He’s the one who takes initiative; The one that’s a leader and a team player at the same time; The one that shares your passion and vision. He’s the one with practical skills and not just theory.

Arantes is very energetic, even when he is facing struggles in his life; there is never a dull moment when you are around him. People call him the vibes master because he bring any type of crowd to life in whatever setting he is in, whether at parties, work, school, church or any other social settings. Arantes is a customer service representative at a recognizable organization and he is a flexible worker, who’s one goal is to strive for excellence. Failure is not an option for Arantes, he is a determine young man who never give up even when things look impossible for him. He is also the accountant, Assistant Manager, Photographer and Spokesperson for “Vulpine Entertainment”. He attended Calabar High school and he said that Calabar made him the man he is today. He enjoys playing Basketball, football, athletics and cooking.

Antoine is a designer specialising in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, web design, print design and branding with the majority of my time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, letterhead, business cards, packaging and more. He’s a designer by profession but well rounding in the multimedia area.

Selector Interview

DJ Lemmy - Versa Team

Cover Girl

Rainbow aka Rosanna Pike

He’s a positive role model and a team player. Failure to him is not an option. He only has one aim, plan A and it is to WIN. Antoine has always been seeing as a creative communicator. From a young age he was always the one saying, “No, this don’t look right, it looks better this way or that, line it up.” Pass student at Calabar High School he learned to be a focused free thinker and a believer in his ability to create and direct the flow of visual communication in a way that is at the same time revolutionary and intuitive. Put simply it must feel right. Currently Creative director of the Vulpine Entertainment and DUH ROAD Magazine. Antoine has also recently provided creative graphics for brand giants Red Stripe and Nestle in Jamaica.

Theo Stewartson (Navy) Theo is a humble soul who enjoy high tech gadgets, technology and games. He loves a challenge and shows it in his work as he aims for perfect result in performance. He’s a determine photographer and will not stop until he gets the shots he want.


JAMAICA THROUGH MY EYES By Chyenne Hanson A very strong and very blessed third-world country, which is clearly struggling in terms of finance. After experiencing and seeing many things happen to people of this nation due to lack of funds or enforced morals etc... it is quite unbelievable that the country itself has not sunken to a level surpassing that of Atlantis (if it’s real). Why, one may ask? Well that’s because of the love and support we Jamaicans have for each other, no matter the color, white, black or hell, even yellow. And no it’s not because of the government’s firm hold on the country. To me, they do nothing but rehearse for their soap operas they call “jobs”, instead of talking about what we (meaning everyone), can do about the current situation of Jamaica. I mean quit focusing on the ‘why” and more on the “how” as in ‘how can we stop world hunger?’ –a bit exaggerated, but you get the point.

One could say that love would be the glue holding us together and support, the life raft keeping us afloat. Sure we may beat and curse the hell out of each other, but that just makes us tougher and able to stand up to any other country, as seen on facebook, in the Trinidad vs. Jamaica group. One of the things I love most however, is when the entire island feels threatened, whether it is natural disasters, which is normally the case, the glue disappears as if we were never broken at all. Everyone everywhere starts praying, the good, the bad, the old, the young, the sane and even the mad. This kind of unity every now and again is what makes us able to survive through turbulent times and also what makes Jamaica a safe haven to me, out of all the countries. If we could stay like that however, I honestly believe Jamaica will continue to strive and might flourish.

Toiung Photography



SNAPBACKZ VZ FITTED (October. 21, 2011)

Words / Photography: Arantes Jackson

Snapbacks vs. Fitted was held on October 21, 2011 at Twin City Roof, Port Henderson road, Port more, Jamaica. The theme of the event was Snapback hats Vs. Fitted hats and the crowd did represent the theme, even the ladies represented the theme in their fitted hats and their Snapback Hats. This was the first event that Promoters Cleon Topman and Jordon fresh from fresh and clean kept together and they did not regret this partnership even up to this day and I am sure in the near future, the partnership will continue. The event kicked off at 12 o’clock with enticing and high energy Dancehall, Reggae and even Hip hop songs from some of Jamaica’s popular Disc jockeys got the Crowd going wild. Money pull ups was done for popular songs from the “Gully God” Mavado and from the


“Prefect” from the Gaza, Popcaan. The venue was over Crowded and the Camera Man was busy all night because patrons wanted to show off their “Swag” and have their pictures uploaded to a popular website. “Di Event Tun up” said a patron at the party meanwhile he was dancing with two females at once. The event ended at 4:30am because law officer’s decided that its time everyone leaves but even when the music was turned off, patrons where still dancing and enjoying themselves.“It was a good Look” said promoter Cleon Topman, who was interviewed at the end of the event by “DUH ROAD MAGAZINE”. He also informed “Duh Road Magazine” that there will be a bigger and better Snapbacks Vs. Fitted at a bigger venue coming next year.

This Lakers fan is blinging in every sense of the word. Striking a pose and sipping a drink while repping the snapback crew.


Duh Road Magazine | Snapbackz Vz Fitted

This cutie was quick to show the camera her swag in her full jeans suite, matching red fitted hat and heels.

Followed by her friend in her full Pink suite, matching yellow fitted hat and shoes.

Down the line was the last of the group, she was caught on her cell phone pinging the night away. She was more on the gray side of dressing.

This beauty is wearing a hot black number that’s simply elegant.... no hat in this babe’s fashion.

No matching necessary when it comes to this hot number. She can rock all the colours of the rainbow effortlessly.

Special appearance by Lisa Hype, fully represented the event with multicoloured snap back hat. She pose with a fan while they smile for the camera.


This shorty was rocking full white with black poco dots on her shorts, her top was very stylish as it only cover the top half of her body reviling her flat tummy.

Snapbackz Vz Fitted | Duh Road Magazine

In a troubled world it’s great to know that music can bring people together in harmony. In this caption people gathered from all walks of life to Snapback vz Fitted in true Jamaican style. Hats of every description were modelled by almost everyone that attended. Tons of fun and new styles of dancing was enjoyed by all in attendance, which made the evening quite enjoyable for all who participated.

Flyer Review Creativity Originality Use of color Overall

The designer of this flyer has taken a rather simplistic grahic approach and has created an end result that gets straight to the point and gives all the necessary information regarding the event. The use of a hat was a brilliant idea and definitely got the event’s intended concept across. This flyer artwork was done by Baby Blue Design. Artist info:


Global Ladies Connection (GLC) We are young entrepreneurs. We specialize in entertainment, endorsing/ promoting parties and our brand (most definitely), we also give the latest scoops. ‘ wi ting straight global neva local. This group consist of several vivacious girls who are wonderful entertainers and promoters. Each of these ladies have a talent, so be prepared to find out. We strive to the top slowly Building in an empire of great success, we try to stay outstanding & obtain greatness. That’s what we’re seeking indeed. (Ostentatious) is another word to call us.


Toiung Photography



Halloween Terror Edition (October. 29, 2011) Words: Craig Bernard

Photography: Arantes Jackson

The event was staged by Vulpine Entertainment, Bellevue Rejects & Step Up Entertainment at Twin City Plaza, Portmore on Saturday, October 29. Many patrons came out early, but by 10pm, things really got kicked off and the crowd (especially the ladies) were rocking in their costumes to the sweet sounds of DJ Ali Patch, DJ Cyclone, DJ Mario and DJ Calico – the selectors ensured that the vibes kept high and that the crowd was dancing nonstop.


The rain did not have too much of a negative effect, as they were happy with the turnout says Vulpine promoter Antoine Chung, the event was a success and a great time was had by all, especially a young lady by the name of Davia who won the prize for best costume, and received a free photoshoot from Toiung Photography and a poster designed and printed by BabyBlueDesign. Chung also added that we should look out for their next event – “Gravity” on December 31, 2011.

Count Dracular and his crew ah ‘Duh Road’ in unison, while unlookers are enjoying being entertained. Spectacular fun!


Duh Road Magazine | Nitemare

Young Swaggers, a couple more years and dollars these three youngster will be rocking Ice.

Did Gotham City fall, these four gentleman had their faces painted, trying to hide their identity from Batman?


Even with one eye this Dj pirate selected all the right tunes and kept the party swinging all nigh DJ Ali Patch


Duh Road Magazine | Nitemare

A very colourful Tinker Bell seems ready to set ‘Duh Road’ off on a magical journey by spreading fairy dust over the patrons.

No words necessary...This pose says it all!


The colour BLACK works every time. These ladies are absolutely carrying off this look.

Spider Woman has lured an insect into her web.

Count dracular has found himself a victim.... hope her blood tastes juicy...Arggggghhh!!

Angels on holiday from Heaven? They could have chosen no better place than ‘Nitemare’ to grace the earthlings with their heavenly presence.

Nitemare | Duh Road Magazine

‘Nitemare’ has created an opportunity for patrons from every genre to come out and have a great time while expressing themselves through fashion and dance. The glasses massive are enjoying the music and scanking the night away. The night definitely can’t get much SCARIER than this now, can it?

Flyer Review Creativity Originality Use of color Overall

A Baby Blue design that depicts Halloween in a very simple yet effective way. The witch is such a beauty that she could cast welcomed spells at any time. This flyer artwork was done by Baby Blue Design. Artist info:




Event Page:



(August 28, 2011)

Words The STAR Photography Antoine Chung

Thousands of patrons flooded the Lime Golf Academy on Sunday for Marco Polo. The event, which is fairly new, is now officially one of the most anticipated events of the summer. The STAR arrived at the venue as early as 4:30 p.m. and the entrance was already flooding with patrons. Ladies clad in bathing suits and shorts were out and ready to indulge in a festival of water. Even nature was in accordance with the promoters, as it started raining at 4:45 p.m. However, the rain only served to add more vibes to the water concept, as patrons were happy to have more water beating against their bodies as they gyrated. Males could be seen lifting and throwing up their dancing partners, while others pretended that the grass was their bed as they grooved in the mud. At 5 p.m., DJ Kryzma played dancehall classics such as Busy Signal’s Step Out and Aidonia’s Bukam. hardcore segment A hardcore war segment followed these songs as the DJ played songs from Gully, Gaza and Aidonia’s J.O.P. The delighted patrons gave good responses to the songs singing and dancing.


At 5:49.p.m., the venue was packed to capacity, but patrons were still seen forcing their way through the almost impossible walkway. The DJ switched the musical genre to hip hop at 6 p.m. Notable songs that had the crowd raving were Lil John’s Snap Your Finger and Cali Swag District’s Teach Me How Dougie. After much finger snapping and Dougie moves, the DJ went for some local dancing songs such as QQ’s Tek It To Dem and Makka Dimond’s Hula Hoop. These songs created a vibe as revellers challenged each other with the dance moves. As if the crowd wasn’t animated enough, DJ Kryzma went on to play Lil Rick’s Guh Down and Aidonia’s Ah You. Upon hearing these songs, some patrons lost all composure, and a male and his dancing partner climbed on top of the pillars erected to spray the water. They attempted to put on an acrobatic dancing show for the crowd, but were interrupted by the DJ who stopped playing and cautioned them to desist from climbing high places to get attention. The party went on until 10 p.m. and patrons danced until the last song was played. On the note of liquor, it was impossible to get to the bar because of the huge crowd. Therefore, many patrons were heard making complaints about the venue needing more accessible bars. One patron, Jerome Elliot, told the STAR that the event was good but the venue was too small and he didn’t get any rum. “From mi come a di party mi a try get rum and all now mi not even get a bottle a wata, the promoter need fi sort out him ting,” he said.

Beautiful group of young people representing Gaza to the Max.


These two cool guys stopped to pose for the camera while enjoying the evening.


Duh Road Magazine | Marco Polo

Looking lovely together while striking a Can’t miss this young man in the high pose for the camera. visibility vest. He either missed the whole concept of the dress code or he came specifically to rescue this damsel.

Ravishing quartet....not much more that can be said really.

Not much one can say to this snap except that the men in the background obviously would love to be invited into this pose....Too bad

With these two young ladies it’s all about the face. Those eyes and cheeky little smiles are heart warmers.

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Marco Polo | Duh Road Magazine

Flyer Review

Sizzling pink and black numbers like never seen before. Looking gorgeous.

You have to be a professional to be able to steal the photographer’s spotlight while having your leg humped by a dude clad in blue plaid shorts and not be distracted.

Blue stripes all the way in this snap. She definitely took the WOW factor to the party in this little number. No offence fellow poser but yu fren gaan a lead.

This pose was effortlessly orchestrated and well delivered. This young lady really loved the camera.

Creativity Originality Use of color Overall



Simply stunning photography. The model’s skin tone, the blue outfit and the green grass and sunshine all compliment each other perfectly. Toiung Photography


CLEAN ‘N’ TRENDY (July 16, 2011)

Words / Photography: Antoine Chung

The famous street dancers akademik fresh team launched there second dance the ( Gothic abyss) for the year held in the afrodiziac night club in portmore , the whole set up of the party was n’sync & on key the party fans came out in there numbers and into the theme of the party everyone was in black. Spikes boots heels everything Goth , the club was rammed packed so was in the parking lot., the excitement of it all was as expected of the dance group, akademik fresh team has made a mark on the club to keep the biggest dance in the clubs history people says it was the biggest dance of the summer 2011, with member consisting papstar, bunx, shinez, harry, britsh, ricky & penny. Look out march for the clean n trendy first annual colored swag edition in Portmore St. Catherine.


No fuss, no war just clean and trendy dancing all night. Fun cyaan dun.


Duh Road Magazine | Clean ‘N’ Trendy

Well now, it’s her trend and she did this little number loads of justice

Probably looking at herself and wondering whether or not she’s trendy enough.

Girlfriends or sisters? Is this the pink lipstick crew?

Probably OD’d on still water. Feet look like they’re about to give way soon. Hope the partition wall offers enough support.

Shoe em how it’s done BLONDIE.... enough said.

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Red has jazzed up this photograph a bit. Not sure how many hefty sacks it took to create this number though.


Duh Road Magazine | Clean ‘N’ Trendy

Bus di dance, gi dem di dance. She’s working this dance floor like it’s no one’s business.

Maniquine or Human?

Hot...Hotter....Hottest! What more can one say about this snap?

Not sure whether or not Riri is a fan of the camera.....she doesn’t look too pleased or maybe that’s her pose look.

Quite elegant and trendy....loving the eyes and smiles. Excellent shot.


Call: 1(876) 401-4724 Email: 34

Clean ‘N’ Trendy | Duh Road Magazine

Just dancing the night away no stress no fuss.

Flyer Review Creativity Originality Use of color Overall

A Baby Blue design that depicts a Gothic in a very simple yet effective way. The black and white old photos effect and spider web all over the flyer welcome anyone from the dark side. This flyer artwork was done by Baby Blue Design. Artist info:


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(Oct. 14, 2011)

Words / Photography: Antoine Chung

Abstain “The Super Event” was held on October 14, 2011 at Kabana (Half way tree, Kingston, Jamaica). This is the fourth (4th) staging of the event by Irons Entertainment who was teaming up with Kubans Entertainment and Over the years, Abstain is known as one of the “must” attend event that patrons always look forward to since the first (1st) staging of this prestigious event. Patrons were at the event from around 8pm and were walking around the venue searching for early spot to dance when the party becomes intense, while music was being played by Infusion Sound. The party vibe kicked in at 10pm with hip hop songs being played by one of Jamaica’s hottest Disc Jockey Ali Patch. Songs like New Boys “You’re a Jerk” and Soulja Boy’s “Soulja Boy tell’em” were being played while Vulpine Entertainment dancers turned up the energy on the dance floor with mind blowing dance moves for the particular songs. The party became more extreme when the Dancehall segment began. Vulpine Moonlight Chicks (VMC) took over the dance floor while dancing to Spice and pamputtae’s “Slim Girl vs. Fluffy Girl” and Busy Signal’s “Go pon u head gyal”. “Abstain can’t miss me next year” said a patron while he was interviewed by “DuhRoad Magazine”, while he was Dancing with one of the Vulpine Moonlight Chicks, meanwhile she was on her head top. Around 2pm, rain started falling but that did not stop the patrons from partying. Latest Dancehall songs were being played by young sensation Disc Jockey from Urban Legends, Disc Jockey Cyclone. Songs like Vybz Kartel’s “Dumpa Truck” and “Nymphomaniac” retain the heat of the party even in the rain. “One of the best Abstain this is and definitely patrons must look forward for a better Abstain coming next year” said one of the Promoters from Irons Entertainment while he was interviewed by “DuhRoad Magazine”. The event ended at 3pm because of heavy rainfall and patrons decided that this was it.


This photograph needs no explanation. Do hope his neck survived though!

Is this dancing or what? OMG!


Real spotlight stealer... little miss has got it going on.


Duh Road Magazine | Abstain

Selector....Pump up the music some more. I can’t hear the lyrics. On another note here’s a girl with a massive heart and a lovely smile.

Simple outfit....maximum results!

Lovely pose and loads of finger signals.

If these last two snaps are of the nightmare crew then let me keep on dreaming. I don’t wonna wake up.

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Abstain | Duh Road Magazine

Can all ladies please report to the dance floor...the men have taken over.

Flyer Review Creativity Originality Use of color Overall

This flyer artwork was done by Baby Blue Design. Artist info:


DJ LEMMY Official member of the versa team DJ Lemmy has been selecting for about six (6) years and was Influence by just love of music and entertaining people. His role model is DJ Chrome from Zip FM Radio and has work along side DJ’s like Ali patch, Chrome, Dj Mario, Andre young, just to name a few. His advice to young upcoming selectors: It’s not a easy thing and a lot times you ago flap before you get really good. Watch the crowd and play what they want and you muss shat. His favourite quote: “The great man is not the man who gets opportunities but he that makes opportunities for himself”


Romane (Kacique) Bailey Leon (Dj Lee) Barnaby Lemar (Dj Lemmy) Smith

We plan to bring on board the most popular and the best upcoming DJ’s and Artist. We support anybody with a dreams, as to ourselves.

Joseph (Sl

Michael (Dj Stulla) Cole

lick) King

Joel (Dj Proud) Rodriques

The Versa Team Versa all started with a group of friends at wolmer’s. Three of them wanted to make it more than just a group, they made an online radio “Versa Radio” which only had one DJ at the time. After a few years, they got two more Dj’s and they played only to a audience consisting of friends. A Couple more

years they decide to go into promoting parties. They promoted socials and parties like Abstain, Sweet Escape, Indulge, Moulin Rouge and more. We decided to put the promo on pause & focus on the online radio which is currently under going a total revamp.




Rosanna Pike, a University of Technology student, love parties, reading and Cheerleading. She’s a smart girl who likes to be the dominant one in a relationship. Photographs by Toiung Photography




I love to dress to how am feeling and I try to create my own style at times...but keeping it simple is key.

anna Pike



I spend a lot of time studying, so when I’m at a party with good music, I like to get a little crazy. But I have to watch my alcohol intake, since it always gets me into trouble.


De-Stress is know as the official after exam social were teens and young adults could find a place to unwind, relax and De-Stress. It was first held in June 2011 and the turnout was massive. No doughs that the patrons is looking forward for it next staging.

Keep checking Vulpine sites for updates




This is our “Kiss Mi Granny Photo” and it’s very popular on facebook as it’s comment sky rocket in minutes after the upload. Want to comment, click here.


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Young Dis Jock on the rise

CLEAN ‘N’ TRENDY Akademik Fresh Team

NITEMARE Vulpine Entertainment

OCT. 2011 - NOV. 2011

RAINBOW aka Rosanna Pike




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