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October 2012

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Dos and Don’ts

Welcome This is the official guideline for all endorsers of Vulpine Entertainment’s event NITEMARE: Haunted Seduction on November 2nd 2012. Vulpine Entertainment is requesting your full co-operation in order to build clean competition, friendships and success. In ensuring however that guidelines are properly followed penalties have also been put in place. To avoid penalties we at Vulpine Entertainment strongly recommend these guidelines are read comprehended and adhered to.

Event Logo How to use Event Logo when on a light background.

How to use Event Logo when on a dark background.

Event Info Logo How to use Info Logo when on a light background.

How to use Info Logo when on a light background.

Membership This is Vulpine official website (, all endorser are required to sing up/ register for our newsletter and updates to be send to your e-mail inbox. Fan can be directed here for info on our latest events/projects.

If you scroll down to the right of the website you’ll see the option to Register. Login with Facebook is also another way to Sign Up (Recommended). This way link your facebook account to our website and pull information like profile picture (update with your facebook whenever you change it) and name, also allowing you to sign in if your already sign in to facebook instantly.

Also you can Click the V-Member tab with will carry you directly to the members page to join the site.

Membership Cont. Example of what you would see in the screen shot below. Some content on the website will be hidden form on members.

Additional websites for Vulpine Nitemare. Facebook and twitter social network where fan can also receive updates on our events.

Dos & Don’ts

Dos & Don’ts

Dos & Don’ts Social media promotions: Facebook covers - Do not put Nitemare design with others. Dot not stretch out or destroy design to fit your layout in anyway.

Social media promotions: Facebook covers - Nitemare design should be use as is, no editing or re-design.


Vulpine Nitemare 2012 Endorser Guide  

Vulpine Entertainment Nitemare "Haunted Seduction" Guide Lines

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