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VOL. 44, NO. 34 FRIDAY AUGUST 23, 2013

The Cars Of August:

Macungie’s Awkscht Fescht Turns 50 By David Iams

as Awkscht Fescht, the huge annual August automobile show, flea market and weekend festival in the Lehigh County town of Macungie, traditionally draws 40,000 visitors. When I arrived early at last Friday’s opening and saw many Buicks, it brought to mind a selfevaluation once made by a modest but well-known Philadelphia home builder. Compared with his far higher-octane colleagues, such as Toll Brothers or Jeffrey Orleans, the builder, Dick Dilsheimer, said simply: “We make Buicks.” Buicks were on prominent display at the show’s entrance in Macungie Memorial Park as the featured car at the 2013 Fescht, which this year is marking its 50th anniversary. Since the first Awkscht Fescht in 1964 (a Pennsylvania Dutch phrase meaning August Festival) it has traditionally featured a significant auto brand or style each year. In 2005, for instance, it was the long defunct Hudson and in 2006, it was “the year of the woodie.” There were about 50 Buicks among the more than 3,000 antique and classic cars exhibited Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Aug. 2 to 4. They ranged from tailfinned models of 50 years ago to a 1929 four-door sedan with


Vehicles in the antique and classic car show included this 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air with a drive-in restaurant tray bearing imitation fast food. Note the chrome engine parts.

69,808 miles on it that was one of 30,356 made and was sold new for $935, according to a signboard nearby. Why the reawakened memory? Like Dilsheimer’s houses, Buick was not just a General Motors brand name; it was an upper middle class status symbol. Among the earliest Buick exhibitors to arrive Friday were Sally and Clarence Getz, members of the local Free Spirit chapter of the Buick Club of America. Less than an hour after the gates opened at 6 a.m. and while most of the 42-acre park was still deserted (although breakfast sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks were on sale at the food court), the Getzes were busy with the two Buicks they had brought to the show from their collection of four. GM Chevrolets were for economy, Clarence Getz said as he sat at the wheel of one, a 1967 Skylark. As to Cadillacs, “they Vendor Don Wedde holds up the were for flare.” But in the town where he grew grill of a 1959 Edsel. He hoped an up during the Depression, Getz Edsel restorer might buy it.

recalled, the lumber yard owner and the town doctor both drove Buicks. Owning one was a sign of middle class stability. “It was a comfort level,” he said. As the morning progressed, more Buicks arrived. A dozen or so parked along with the Getzes’ car in an open-sided pavilion, the rest in a nearby field. Scores of exhibitors and vendors also set up shop at different sites, either in other park structures or in the open area extending to the park’s northern and eastern boundaries. There were the usual flea market, arts and crafts and antique items. In the park’s main building were watercolors and other paintings. Elsewhere there was Depression glass, Amish woodworking and other crafts, such as the wooden silhouetted plaques carved with a scroll saw by John Trotter, which depicted trains, cars, crosses, and animals, including a tiger head with silhouetted stripes. Trotter, of East Greenville, wanted only $35 for the tiger, even though it took 10 hours to carve. “I do it for the joy of it,” he said.

Other flea market goods were more familiar: old wooden soft drink cases, rusting antique tools and fabrics. At one outdoor site George Garra added a good brass belt buckle to his collection of

three dozen. Not surprisingly, many of the vendors offered auto-related items. Pat McCann of J.C. Taylor Inc., which has been offering antique auto insurance for 50 years, explained that coverage for vintage vehicles (those 25 years old or more) was the same as that for a daily driver but at a better rate, $100 a year for a $10,000 car. While antique and vintage vehicles tend to be driven less, Taylor also requires that they be kept in a garage. On a more material note, Rick and Kim Rau, doing business as the Estate Wizards, offered dozens of old license plates at two-figure prices, both American and foreign, including one from Ethiopia and two dating to about 1960 from the former West Germany for the private vehicles of U.S. forces personnel stationed there. A vendor doing business as Hotrod Herman offered self-made gear shift knobs shaped like Frankenstein heads and other bizarre figures in the $50 range. “Everyone loves skulls,” he said. Vendors closer to the Buick exhibition area, such as the Nifty Fifties Chevrolet Parts, tended to focus on items sought by the many vintage car restorers attracted to (Continued on page 2)

Clarence Getz is behind the wheel of his 1967 Buick Skylark. Buicks were the featured car at this year’s Awkscht Fescht in the Lehigh County town of Macungie.

Checking in at the Awkscht Fescht’s Herb Farnsher gets ready to crank up a Model A engine at the Lehigh main gate; four hundred classic and Valley Model A Club. Many Awkscht Fescht visitors were there, looking for vintage cars were expected at Vendor Hotrod Herman shows his self-made gear shift knobs shaped like parts to restore their own antique and vintage vehicles. Friday’s opening session. Frankenstein heads and other bizarre figures. Army Jeep in the post-World War II era. Four hundred antique and classic cars were expected Friday; 1,300 on Saturday; and 1,000 on Sunday, according to a show official keeping track. In addition to the shows and vendors, Fescht activities include musical performances that began Friday afternoon with the Lehigh Valley Italian American Band, children’s activities and fireworks) One of the oldest and perhaps the most innovative vehicle at the Fescht stood at the corner of the park’s main thoroughfare and the road Vendor Rick Kim Rau holds one of the many old license plates leading to the Buicks: a Detroit Electric, a 95-year-old he was offering. Most had two-figure prices. two-door vehicle powered by six-volt batteries. an immaculate four-cylinder a cost of about $15,000 for 14 40-horsepower Model A engine and parts. Parts for Exhibiting it was Bill Mackey engine that belonged to the Model A’s are not hard to of Northville, N.Y., who club president. “It just might find, according to Farnsher. bought it 10 years ago for be for sale,” he said, just “Five million were made $15,000. It was originally built in before starting it up. between 1928 and 1931,” he Farnsher said he had two said “And 350,000 are still on 1918 by what later became known as the Detroit Electric Model A’s, including a pickup the road.” truck he built from scratch at As the morning pro- Car Co., Mackey explained. It gressed, hundreds of makes was rebuilt in 1932 by the and models came through the company, which was then main gate and headed toward under new ownership, but it the antique and classic car went out of business a few show across the main park years later. Detroit Electric thoroughfare from the Buicks. was revived in 2008 and plans They were not particularly to have a new all-electric twoexpensive cars: no Rolls door sedan on the market by Royces or Lamborghinis. But year’s end. Mackey is skeptical about all were meticulously maintained: more Fords, including the new electric cars. Looking a 1930 souped-up model (one at his car, he said, “They’re of several vintage hot rods), its no better than this.” He added hood open to show chromed that his car could reach a engine parts; a 1957 Chevrolet speed of 30 miles an hour. He looked inside the car’s Bel Air with a drive-in restaurant tray bearing imitation fast Brougham body, gestured, food; and a circa 1948 Willys and said with a straight face, Jeepster, that evolved from the “It has a passing gear!”

2 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013

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the show. Don Wedde of Wedde’s Auto Center in Bath was offering Ford Edsel parts, including a steering wheel and a 1959 Edsel grill he said might go for $185: not a promising market, you would think, for a car widely judged in terms of sales and bad advertising to be the worst ever made. Wedde said he was counting on car restorers with an Edsel project. “They’re glad to find this kind of stuff,” he said. A more popular Ford restoration target is the Model A, according to Herb Farnsher of the Lehigh Valley Model A Club, whose exhibition area was nearby. Farnsher, a retired Army officer (the Fescht seemed to attract a lot of vets, to judge by caps and other items of apparel many visitors wore) was preparing to demonstrate

Fooled By Fakes by Anita Stratos

Faberge Avoiding Rotten Eggs Fauxberge, Fakeberge these popular “slang” names say it all: the objects in question are not genuine Faberge pieces. And unfortunately, the market is filled with them. In 2010, French customs agents discovered a cache of 354 fake Faberge eggs being shipped from Russia, complete with the Russian imperial crown’s two-headed eagle symbol stamped on the boxes. Faberge itself acknowledged that the eggs weren’t genuine; the Faberge website ( states that only 42 eggs survived of the 50 that were made for the Russian Imperial family by Peter Carl Faberge between 1885 and 1916. While it was a huge discovery, those counterfeit eggs are only a chip out of

Bill Mackey shows his 1918 Detroit Electric, displaying its sixvolt power drive. He thinks today’s electric cars are not significantly better.

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Pat McCann of the antique auto insurer J.C. Taylor Inc., with his wife Teresa, says coverage for vintage vehicles is the same as for day-to-day cars, but costs less, provided the car is kept in a garage.

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the total number of fake Faberge pieces being misrepresented as authentic articles. Wealthy industrialist Armand Hammer is credited with being the source of many fake Faberge pieces. Several sources, including the books “Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer” by Edward Jay Epstein and “Faberge’s Eggs” by Toby Faber state that while Hammer did sell some authentic Faberge eggs and other pieces, he also sold many more nonFaberge pieces of a similar style that he misrepresented as genuine Faberge. He represented both types of pieces as being heirlooms of the Romanov family and even added pictures of Romanov family members that he clipped from postcards and other sources to items with frames. Having acquired authentic signature

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stamps from Faberge’s former Russian workshop, he added the authentic stamp to numerous Faberge-style pieces, then, according to witnesses, acted surprised when prospective buyers “discovered” the marks on their own, believing them to be authentic Faberge. You’ll find websites selling “reproduction” Faberge

pieces that glorify Hammer, eliminating the evidence of his unscrupulous dealings. These websites have a purpose to their selective histories: they’re either selling unauthorized pieces that were never made by Peter Carl Faberge’s firm or were made by the other Faberge company, the one that manufactures fragrances and expanded into porcelains and other things. For many reasons, the original Faberge firm sold the rights for this other company to use their name, which can cause a lot of confusion among buyers. Hammer was but one source of counterfeit Faberge; plenty of counterfeiters have deliberately crafted pieces they hope to pass off as authentic Faberge, while others simply add a mark to existing unmarked pieces made by other manufacturers. Some deliberate fakes are so well crafted that even experts disagree about their authenticity. Studying actual Faberge pieces at museum exhibits and handling authenticated pieces at high-end auctions is the best way to completely familiarize yourself with the real Faberge. Faberge created much more than just their famous eggs, and they used far more materials than precious metals, enameling, and gems. At their height, Faberge employed over 700 people, and over the years the firm produced more than a (Continued on page 6)

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Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 3

SHOPS & CENTERS Kirk White Collection Headlines Full-Day Memorabilia Sale At Auctions America’s Auburn Fall Event

(717) 473-3261

Located 5 Miles East Of Hershey At The Intersection Of Route 322 & 117 On The Corner In Campbelltown

Completely original, this is one of the rare, first series 1939 Dooling Series One tether cars with front-wheel drive and Dennymite power. It is estimated at $2,500-$3,500.

calendar of enthusiasts across the country, our Auburn Fall weekend is the ideal venue to offer such a diverse and carefully assembled collection of memorabilia,� says Donnie Gould, President of Auctions America. “The full-day


ANTIQUE CENTER 517 St. Mary’s St. 400 Open 7 Days ANTIQUE 11-5 Daily Lewisburg, PA 17837 DEALERS


100 N. Water St. Lewisburg, PA 17837

(Continued on page 4)



Antique & Craft Mall

Antiques. Collectibles. Coins. Jewelry. Glassware. Consignment Furniture. Candles. Baskets. Wrought Iron. Decorations. Etc. HOURS: 9AM TO 5PM 3625 – 3653 Lincoln Way East Fayetteville, PA 17222

Farm Fresh Primitives, Mid Century, French Country, Victorian, Fine Antiques, Vintage Collectibles & much more!



Two Air Conditioned Floor of Fantastic Finds!


This is the 1932 Ford Drag car five-window coupe known as “Devil Deuce.� The “Devil Deuce� is Fred Allen’s famed dragster, having won multiple show championships. This car is Chrysler Hemi-powered and considered far ahead of its time. It was faithfully rebuilt by the Kennedy Brothers for Jim Jard. The estimate is $75,000-$125,000.

eclectic assortment of items slated for the auction block are a wide variety of automotive fine art, racing memorabilia, vintage toys, early model trains, automotive literature, tether cars, model cars, period advertisements, antiques, novelty items and other assorted collectibles. Highlights from the extensive collection include rare and sought-after original paintings by Nicholas Watts, Chuck Queener and Dexter Brown; a 1930 Mercedes SSK Model by German company Modeltechnik, one of only 25 ever built and deemed an exact replica by Mercedes-Benz Classic; and an unsurpassed model of the “Miss Daytona� speedboat by Jack Kipfer. Full details of the collection are available online at “A celebration of automotive culture and a staple on the


Sept. 1. Headlining the memorabilia sale are more than 400 lots from the personal collection of renowned collector and enthusiast Kirk F. White. The result of more than 40 years of careful acquisition, the collection will be sold unreserved. Among the


Auctions America, based in Auburn, Ind., is excited to announce its highly anticipated Auburn Fall weekend event. It will feature a full-day memorabilia sale on Wednesday, Aug. 28, as a prelude to its automobile offerings, Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 29 to

co-op Regular Hours: Thurs.-Mon. 10-5 Summer Hours: June, July, August: Open Seven Days A Week 10-5

Open Daily 10 am to 5:30 pm • 2910 W. Main St. • Morgantown, PA • 610-286-8854

717-352-8485 McCollums BBQ On Premises

Everything You Want Under One Roof! Antique Gallery * Flea Market * CafĂŠ



1401 Second Avenue, Rt. 22 & 764, Duncansville, PA Over 150 Antique Dealers • Over 200 Flea Market Dealers Caboose CafÊ Open Weekends

One Of The Largest And Finest Antique Malls In PA Dutch Country!

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3371 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise,

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Open Monday Through Saturday 9:30 A.M. To 5:00 P.M. Sunday 10:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M. - Closed Tuesday CALL FOR INFO: 717-442-8805


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Within North Hanover Center, still located on the North Hanover Mall property behind the Sears Auto Center

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Rt. 94 N. of Downtown Hanover and 7 miles S. of Rt. 30, Hanover, PA Over 100+ quality dealers

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Take a break in ChloÊ’s Cafe— coffee, tea, desserts

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Painstakingly built by Jack Kipfer, this model of “Miss Daytona� speedboat is powered by a vintage spark ignition Forster .99 gas engine, circa 1940, and is fully set up to race. The “Miss Daytona,� which measures 47 inches in length with a beam of 16 inches at its widest point, is entirely constructed plank on frame, fully following the construction of the full size boat. Graphics are in hand laid spun gold leaf. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a worldclass model of a famous racing speedboat. As an aside, collector, Bruce Meyer, has just purchased the real “Miss Daytona.� It is estimated at $9,000-$12,000.

enthusiasts, Auctions America’s Auburn Fall event is one of the country’s premier celebrations of the hobby, and after 43 consecutive years, it is t h e

longest-running event in collector car auction history. Exclusive coverage from Auctions America’s flagship Auburn Fall event at the historic Auburn Auction Park will broadcast live on NBC Sports Network on Aug. 29 from 8 p.m. to midnight, Aug. 30 from 8 to 10 p.m., and on Aug. 31 from 12:30 to 4 p.m. EDT. Delivered to more than 80 million homes, this new in-depth coverage will track live gavelto-gavel action while showcasing the stories behind featured automobiles and providing a glimpse into the characters of the global collector car hobby. For more information, contact Auctions America at 877906-2437 (or +1 260-927-9797 outside of North America) or visit www.auc tionsameri


Antique Mall (717) 243/5802 OPEN 7 DAYS 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A Great Dealer Stop 726 North Hanover Street,

CARLISLE, PA 17013 Easy access from Route 81, Exit 52 - Go south 31â „2 miles on Route 11 or take the PA Turnpike to mile marker 226 - Go south 21â „2 miles on the right.

Over 80 Quality Dealers • Two Floors • Air-Conditioned Building Closed New Year’s Day • Easter • July 4 • Thanksgiving • Christmas

This 1930 Mercedes SSK is part of an edition of only 25 by Dr. Hubert Haderthauer of Modeltechnik, Germany. This particular example is a special custom order executed for Kirk F. White in rich ivory white with tan leather. The Mercedes reaches new heights for SAPOR Modeltechnik with 5,812 metal components. The detail of this model includes operational steering, engine throttle and clutch for forward and reverse. An electrical motor is concealed in the engine block. A switch on the dash operates instrument and brake lamps. Among other details are a fully “floating� differential with spider gears, operational scuttle vents, hub knock-offs and steering wheel centers embossed to scale. A dedicated polished walnut plinth is also included. It is estimated at $15,000-$18,000.

Quaker Antique Mall 207 Georgetown Road Strasburg, Pennsylvania 17579

(215) 538-9445

12,000 Square Feet!

Route 896 & 741 East Of Strasburg • Lancaster County


Antiques • Collectibles • Furniture • Jewelry • Crafts Primitives • Linens • Paper Ephemera • Books Greeting Cards • Prints • Sheet Music Postcards • Candles

Open Wednesday thru Monday 10am-5pm


70 Tollgate Rd., Quakertown, PA 200 feet east of route 309

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OLDE ENGINE WORKS “ANTIQUES - COLLECTIBLES� Over 125 Friendly Dealers inside a 100-year old machine shop in Downtown Stroudsburg IN NOW R Dealer Space Available OU AR



Hrs.: M-F 12-5; Sat. & Sun. 10-5

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I-80 Exit 307 to Main St. to Third Street. Convenient off street parking.



62 North Third Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360 S689619

offered without reserve, ranging from a beautifully restored 1935 Ford DeLuxe three-window coupe to a 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Indy 500 pace car. There is a 1933 Auburn Twelve Boattail speedster with updated salon styling features, as well as a 1970 Plymouth Superbird showing less than 29,000 original miles and offered for sale by its original owner. A freshly restored 1958 Packard Hawk sport coupe equipped with a supercharged 289ci V-8 engine and one of only 500 examples built will also be sold, as will an AACA award-winning 1961


Located Just Off Rt. 78, Lehigh St. Exit - 1â „4 Mile South To 31st Street On Left. S804999

This Terrot & Company Cycles Motorettes is an original linen backed poster. The framed poster is a Francisco Tomagno image of a mythical ingĂŠnue on a bicycle, laughingly pedaling away from an early aircraft and struggling early automobile. This original lithograph is marked: “La Lithography Pariesienne, Robin, direct, Paris.â€? This is one of the very earliest renderings for the company an measures 42 1/2-by-58 inches. The estimate is $8,000$13,000.


Chevrolet Impala SS 409 Convertible featuring the SS (Continued from page 3) option package as offered in memorabilia sale will bring a 1961 and a desirable 409-cid new dimension to the weekend V-8 engine. that offers something for A Labor Day weekend traeveryone.� dition among collector car

Auctions America

“Working with Auctions America on this new venture has afforded us an outstanding opportunity to offer a great many of our treasures to today’s avid collectors,� said White. “We are proud to be a part of this cutting-edge event.� Auctions America will also lift the gavel on a selection of period hot rods from Mr. White’s automobile collection during the Auburn Fall weekend’s Saturday Salon Offering. Crossing the block without reserve, the group is led by a 1955 Ford Thunderbird built by famed hot rod builder Doane Spencer. Likely the fastest and most famous Y-block Thunderbird ever built, the car is Mille Miglia eligible and accompanied by an incredible variety of period speed parts. The group also includes a 1933 Ford Hot Rod Hi-boy Roadster “Mexican Blackbird� built by John Marchman and signed by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Fred Allen’s iconic 1932 Ford Drag Racing five-window coupe “Devil Deuce,� and a 1954 Mercury Custom built by Bill Layman and offered fresh to the market following a meticulous restoration. Each of the vehicles is presented in superb condition and represent an exclusive ownership opportunity for the true hot rod enthusiast. Additional highlights for the Auburn Fall sale include a selection of 18 vehicles from the William Munday collection


4 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013

Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 5

Frankenstein Insert Movie Poster Soars At Heritage Sale ed on card stock paper and designed for movie theater display cases that would fit a 36-by-14-inch poster such as this one, Smith explained. For more on the sale, visit


antiques / furniture / accessories / art Exceptional Antiques and Design Center in Historic Manor 1.5 miles from Route 202 • Near Peddler’s Village



• 40 Dealers • • 1,000s Of Quality Antiques & Collectibles •

Two-Floor Multi-Dealer Mall Featuring A Variety Of Antiques And Collectibles With Reasonable Prices


Thurs.-Mon. 10 A.M.-5:30 P.M.; Closed Tues. & Wed. ★ Special Car Show Hours ★ October 6th-11th Open 7 Days - 10 A.M.-7 P.M.

Adjacent to the Old Village Store

Located At The “Crossroads” Of Rts. 743 And 322

GPS Address: 2705 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-In-Hand, PA 17505

Hometown Antiques


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Special Events & Sales Throughout The Year!


Frazer Antiques

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Bank Barn offering 15,000 Sq. Ft. of Quality Antiques, Primitives, Estate Furniture, with Appropriate Accessories & Smalls.

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Over 50 Dealers Featuring... Primitives • Glassware • Jewelry • Pottery • Furniture Music Memorabilia • Milk Bottles • Coins • Sports Cards Postcards • Comic Books • Dealer Supplies • Vintage Clothing

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Angie’s Country Corner

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Fine Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, Coins, Art Deco, Roseville, Rare Books, Glass, Vintage Clothing, Stamps, Postcards, Christmas Collectibles, Old Toys, Advertising & Much, Much More. OPEN EVERY SUNDAY 9-5 Ph. 610-489-7388


Grey Smith, Director of Movie Posters at Heritage. “We couldn’t be happier for the consignor.” Insert posters were print-

Rt. 29 3 Mi. N. Of Rt. 422

Collegeville, PA 19426


Ottawa, Ill. “I got it from an antique store in town in either 1968 or 1969, and I probably only paid $2 to $5 for it,” said Johnson. Johnson’s wife, Julie, said the framed Frankenstein poster “was kept in the closet for the 30 plus years we’ve been married. Every once in a while, we would pour ourselves a glass of wine and go take a look at it. We always loved it and thought it was very cool.” “It was strong sale overall, and people were out in numbers participating,” said

Antiques & Collectibles


An original 1931 poster for Frankenstein set a world record as the most valuable insert movie poster ever sold at auction when it realized $262,900 at Heritage Auctions on July 27. The sale provided a monster payday for the collector who bought it as a teenager for only a few dollars at a local antique store and later kept it in the closet for over 30 years. The entire auction sold more than $1.86 million in movie posters and related movie memorabilia. The poster was previously owned by Keith Johnson, of

The Power House

1102 Naamans Creek Road, Garnet Valley, PA 19060 610-558-4411 • 610-789-6622 Hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Ardmart Antiques is a multi-dealer market with shops & showcases




Over 70 Exhibitors


Walter Baum, Winter Snow, oil on panel, 6 x 9 inches

44 North Bedford St.


230 Main St., Benton, PA 17814 570-925-5186

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10-7 And Sunday 10-5


Two Floors With Over 100 Quality Antiques & Collectibles Dealers S798955


Benton Antiques, Etc.

Located just across the street with over 50 exhibitors and thousands of antiques and collectibles on two oors. 235 Main St. Benton, PA 17814,


Abstract • Ashcan School • Brandywine School California Impressionists • Cape Ann • Florida Scenes Genre Scenes • Hudson River Valley Modernists • New England Painters Newport, Rhode Island Painters • Pennsylvania Impressionists Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Philadelphia Ten • Revolutionary War Scenes • Western

Quality European works are of interest, as well

Investment is a Fine Art™

68 S. Main St., Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 348.2500 / Wed. through Sat. 10 - 6, Sun. 12 - 6, and by appointment




“BIG CITY (Buying Antiques Country Prices� (Buying & Selling) & at Selling) (Buying & Selling)


In Frederick, Md. Open Daily 10-5, Sun. 11-5





Open Mon.-Fri. 10AM-4PM, Sat. 10AM-5PM & Sun. 12-5PM

Exit #82 Garden St. Parkway Rt. #37 East

Haddon Heights Grist Mill Antiques Center Antiques Center Limited Space Available Route 616, 127 Hanover Street

Clements Bridge Rd. & E. Atlantic Ave.

Haddon Heights, New Jersey

Head east on Rt. 38; turn left at light after Rt. 206 intersection


Antique and art dealers of fine European and American furniture, art, bronzes, statuary, porcelain, glass, china, silver, primitives, jewelry, clocks, decorative items, linens, collectibles, and much more!


6 46 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Just minutes from Exit 102, Garden State Parkway

732.774.8230 MON - SAT. 11 TO 5, SUN 12-5



609.747.8333 open 7 days 609.747.8333 11 am to 5 pm open 7 days 11 am to 5 pm


65 antiques dealers 65 65antiques antiquesftdealers dealers 14 000 14,000 14,000sq. sq.ft. ft. 55min. min.from fromNJ/PA NJ/PATpks. Tpks. free parking free parking MasterCard MasterCard/ /Visa Visa voted votedBurlington’s Burlington’sBest Best

de Antique l O f C o s Come Spend The Day! e 16,000 Sq. Ft. of Unique and Exciting Antiques and Collectibles

Antique & Vintage Furniture • Jewelry • Sterling Silver Fine China • Crystal • Coins • Books • Dolls • Trains Decorative Paintings • Fine Art • Glassware • Figurines • Pottery Quilts • Rugs • Linens • Bottles • Tools • Musical Instruments Sports Memorabilia • Vintage Clothing • & Much, Much More.




1 Mile S. of Historic Smithville Village and 9 Miles N. of Atlantic City

Select Dealer Space and Showcases Available E411409


424 High Street Burlington City, NJ 08016

Da y

Antique Emporium of Asbury Park




(856) 546-0555 (609) 726-1588 OPEN 7 DAYS - 10 AM TO 5 PM OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 PM


istoric urlington Antiques and Art Emporium

D ay S pend the D S with U s.


80 Dealer Co-Op

First Light right 1/2 mile on Main St. Dealer Business Welcomed


301-739-8075 •

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. The Jersey Shore’s Largest Co-Op

New Jersey’s premier market for Antiques and Collectibles 250 Outdoor Dealers - 60 Indoor Shops - Restaurant

OPEN WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY 6AM to 4PM - Indoor Shops Open at 8AM 1850 River Road (Rt. 29), Lambertville, NJ (609)397-0811


OFFERING Food - Furniture - Ephemera - Textiles - Jewelry - Pottery - Lightning - Glass Coins - Toys - Sports Memorabilia - Autographs - Framing - Books - Pinball Woodcarving - Cameras - Military - Trains - Art - Records - Silverware Art Deco - Modern - And Much More Awarded “Best of Philly� Flea Market by Philadelphia Magazine Flea Market Finds Magazine “50 States/50 Shows� Picked Golden Nugget in New Jersey Mention This Ad To Our Friendly Indoor Dealers For Discount




★ 20202 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD 20202 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD 20202 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD



Hopewell, NJ 08525

5862 Urbana Pike (Rt. 355 So.) Frederick, MD Open Daily 10-6 “Late� Thursdays ‘til 8 pm


er nt






38 Dealers 2 Somerset Street

Furniture Art & Prints Advertising • Textiles      Quilts • Pottery • Civil War Books

“We’re Bigger ★ Than We Look�


Open Every Day 10-5



Open Every Day 10-6


Jersey Shore

Open Daily 10-5 P.M. 1 Chesapeake Ave.

110 Dealers a great source for ... ) Antiques & Collectibles

2 Floors 2 Explore


(301) 447-6471


608 Arnold Ave. Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ


Everything From Antiques To Collectibles

(Off Main St.)

Point Pavilion Antique Centre 732-899-6300

All photos are via Wikipedia. At A Glance: Signs of a Fake: 1. Hallmarks with sharp or rough edges. 2. Faberge stamps that are “too perfect.. 3. Clumsy or bulky pieces. 4. Gold-plated or silver-plated parts. 5. Uneven or bumpy enameling. Reference books, websites, and collecting groups are the best ways to keep from being fooled by fakes. Here are a few: “Faberge Revealed: At The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts� by Geza von Habsburg; “Faberge� (; “Faberge: Imperial Jeweler� by Geza von Habsburg and Marina Lopato.

35,000 Sq. Ft. Over 130 Booths

Emmitsburg, MD





piece should be recorded on the receipt as possible, including the approximate year of manufacture, guarantees of precious metals and jewels, etc. A certificate of authenticity should also be included with the purchase.



Peter Carl Faberge’s firm). There are countless stories about dealers telling wondrous Faberge stories to buyers who are paying Faberge prices and who never look at their receipts until it’s too late. As many details of the


(Continued from page 2)

quarter-million pieces. They also made countless items ranging from picture frames to clocks and used a broad spectrum of materials, from wood to pewter to papiermâchÊ. But all of their pieces have two things in common: the craftsmanship is meticulous and their items are all one-of-a-kind. While genuine Faberge pieces may have more than one type of gemstone, metal, or color, they are all done with exquisite taste, balance and harmony. The designs, no matter how large or small the item, are all delicate and work well with the overall piece. This is one of the main differences between authentic Faberge and counterfeits: the counterfeits tend to be gaudier, may have too much going on, and tend to have a clumsy look about them, lacking the balance and proportionality of true Faberge. While hallmarks alone are not a determining factor, they should be taken into consideration. Any hallmark stamp with sharp or rough edges is a definite sign of a non-Faberge piece that has had its mark added after the fact. Most experts agree that buyers can’t judge the authenticity of the mark by how closely it resembles an authentic Faberge hallmark because more careful forgers are using lasers to trace authentic Faberge marks onto

their fake items. Another giveaway would be a piece containing a state hallmark from a particular date range next to the mark of a designer who predeceased the hallmark date. By the same token, you may find a designer’s initials along with the stamp of a workshop branch in which that designer never worked. Knowing these details or having a good reference source with that information can go a long way in identifying the work of a forger who hasn’t done his research. Getting to know the tones and hues of Faberge’s colors is also important in recognizing a fake. Because Faberge layered colors to give them unique tones, it is rare for a forger to duplicate those colors exactly. The enameling itself should be smooth and even, without any tiny bumps or uneven thickness. So many purportedly Faberge items are fake that in a 2011 New York Times article about the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ “Faberge Revealed� exhibit, curator Geza von Habsburg said that of every ten photos of supposed Faberge items sent to him, more than nine are forgeries. This includes examples from important collections that had passed as genuine examples for decades and were thought to be worth millions. When buying any item being represented as Faberge, be wary if the seller refuses to include the word “Faberge� in the description on your receipt, but make sure it doesn’t say “in the style of� or contain any other such qualifier (there are similar pieces made by Russian goldsmiths who were competitors of


Faberge Eggs


6 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013


& Lodging Directory


Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 7

All ads in guide are listed in zip code sequence within each state. All other ads have zip codes. To find out where advertisers are located, check the first three digits of the zip code against the locator list below. The first three digits tell you which part of each state the advertiser is located in. (We suggest you circle in advance the advertisers you plan to visit. Then locate and mark the towns on your driving map). CONNECTICUT 060-1-2 Central & Northeastern 063 Southeastern 064-9 Southwestern

DELAWARE 197-8 Northern 199 Southern D.C. 200-205

MARYLAND 215 & 217 Western 210-12 Northern 214 & 206 Southern 216-218-219 Northeastern

and Eastern Shore 207-8-9 GreaterD.C. MASSACHUSETTS 010-016 Western& Central 017-019 Northeastern

020-027 Southeastern NEW JERSEY 070-079 Northern 085-089 Central 080-084 Southern

19711 Newark 302-454-8007 AUNT MARGARET’S ANTIQUE MALL 294 E. Main St. Mon- Sat. 10-5, Sun 12-5. 2 floors. Antiques, collectibles, primitives, much more.

21078 Havre de Grace 410-942-0701 SENECA CANNERY ANTIQUES, 201 St. John St... Largest Mall in Havre de Grace with 50+ quality dealers. Open 7 days, M-S 10-5, S 11-5. Wide Selection of antiques & collectibles.

07901 Summit 908-273-9373 SUMMIT ANTIQUES CENTER, 511 Morris Ave. 2 floors, 60+ dealers. Antiques, collectibles. Smalls to furniture. Open 7 days 11-5. Free parking.

19711 Newark 302-733-7677 MAIN STREET ANTIQUES, 23 Liberty Plaza. Open Mon-Sat. 12-8, Sun. 12-5. Over 45 Showcase & Room Dealers selling Quality Antiques & Collectibles.

21157 Westminster 410-857-4044 WESTMINISTER ANTIQUE MALL 433 Hahn Rd 25,000 s.f., furn., military, toys, silver, coins, comics, glassware. Generally open 7 days/ week Mon. - Sat. 10-6; Sun. 12-6.

07930 Chester 908-879-7836 CHESTER ANTIQUE MALL, 30+ Dlrs, no reproductions. 427 Rt.510 (old RT24) between Mendham & Chester, Tues -Sat 10:30-5:00, Sun. 11:30-5:00. Furniture, primitives, glass, jewelry, art, etc.

21901 North East 410-287-8318 5 & 10 ANTIQUE MARKET, 115 S. Main St. Daily 10am-6pm. Cecil County’s largest! Buying/ selling antiques & collectibles. Gourmet chocolates.

08005 Barnegat 609-698-3020 BAY AVENUE ANTIQUES 349 S. Main (Route 9). Open Tues.-Sun. 10am-5pm. Book Seller: New Jersey Books, Maps, Prints, Civil War, Baseball, Chess, Blue Comet Train, Lincoln, Old Bookends.

19809 N. Wilmington 302-792-0555 THE ZEPPELIN & THE UNICORN AT THE RED BARN, 400 Silverside Road, Sun., Mon., Wed. 12-5, Closed Tues., Thurs. thru Sat. 10-6. Antiques, unique items. 19904 Dover 302-883-2243 A TOUCH OF GLASS 147 S. Governors Ave., hrs. Tues.-Sat. 10-5. Glass, antiques, gifts, collectibles & much more. 19933 Bridgeville 302-337-3137 ART’S ANTIQUE ALLEY, Rt. 13 South. 60 dealers. Open 7 days 9am-6pm. 20,000 sq.ft. Collectibles. A/C, restrooms, snacks 19958 Lewes 302-645-2309 HERITAGE ANTIQUE MARKET, 16168 Coastal Hwy. (RT1), 2mi. N. of Five Points, Lewes. Roseville pottery, furniture, books, dolls, china, glass, jewelry, art & more from 58 dealers! Always looking for new Dealers in the Beach Resort. 11-5 daily.

20758 Friendship 410-286-5932 FRIENDSHIP ANTIQUES 3 W. Friendship Rd. In an 1806 Parsonage offering a wide range of Antiques, Art, Jewelry, Glassware, Collectibles, Fossils and Minerals. Thurs.-Sun. 11-5. 21028 Churchville 410-734-6228 YE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, Route 22 & Aldino Rd. Minutes from I-95. Oak furniture, advertising, toys, militaria, glassware, general line. Hrs daily 10-4 21043 Ellicott City 410-465-4444 TAYLOR’S ANTIQUE MALL, Historic District. Cor. of Frederick Rd & Old Columbia Pike. 16,000 Sq.Ft. of Antiques & Collectibles. Mon.- Sat. 10-5 & Sunday Noon-5.

21921 Elkton 410-398-0954 IRON BRIDGE FARM, 2953 Appleton Rd. Antiques and collectibles. Three full floors. Seven days week, 10-5. Rush & cane chairs. Mins. from I-95 near Fair Hill area.

07701 Red Bank 732-224-0033 MONMOUTH ST. EMPORIUM, 27 Monmouth St., Voted Best Antique Store in Monmouth Co., Multi-Dlr 5,000 s.f. shop. Open 7 days/ wk. Space available. 07701 Red Bank 732-842-5400 RIVERBANK ANTIQUES 169 W. Front St. located in antique district of Red Bank. Open Mon. thru Sunday 11am5pm. Like us on FACEBOOK. 07712 Asbury Park 732-774-6800 MONMOUTH ANTIQUE SHOPPES, 658 Cookman Ave. in the Shoppes at the Arcade. Multi-Dlr. shop. Open 7 days 11am-5pm. Check out our website 07801 Dover 973-989-4470 DOVER ANTIQUE CENTER Corner of Warren & Bassett. Furniture, pottery, jewelry, toys, glass, books, records, clocks, art, trains, coins W 11-7, Fri., Sat. and Su 11-5. 07874 Stanhope 973-347-7373 BLUE HERON ANTIQUES, 34 Main St. Roseville Pottery, Perfumes, Art Glass, Lamps, Jewelry, Paper Weights, Watches, Clocks. CLEARANCE SALE. Open Wed.- Sun. 10-6. Tues. by chance.

08006 Barnegat Light 609-361-8039 THE SEAWIFE, 1901 Bayview Ave. at Viking Village. Country primitive antique furniture, quilts, folk art, architecturals & garden. Open Daily. 08007 Barrington 856-617-0218 BYGONE ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES, 102-R Clements Bridge Rd. A Unique Co-Op of knowledgeable, friendly dealers- smalls, antique & vintage jewelry, furniture, rare & unique items. Closed Mondays. 08033 Haddonfield 856-429-1929 HADDONFIELD ANTIQUES CENTER, 9 Kings Highway East. Multi-dealer co-op, Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4. Antiques, collectibles, vintage merchandise, art, books, brass, copper, furniture, glassware, jewelry, pottery, silver, toys, etc. 08037 Hammonton 609-567-1889 ANTIQUE MARKETPLACE of Downtown Hammonton, 109 12th St. Tues-Sat. 10-6, Sun. 11-5. 15,000sq.ft full of antiques, collectibles, used furniture. 08525 Hopewell 609-466-9833 TOMATO FACTORY ANTIQUE & DESIGN CENTER 2 Somerset St. We Have It All! Open Mon. thru Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. We have 38 Dealers. 08530 Lambertville 215-300-1058 BIBLIOTHEQUE Shop#110 - Golden Nugget Antique Market, 1850 River Rd. Vintage & Antique Cameras, Rare & Out-of-print Photobooks, Cookbooks, Pens. Wed, Sat, Sun. 8am-3pm. Open Labor Day. Visit/ Like us on Facebook: Bibliotheque08530

Catherine Sweeney Singer Appointed As First Director Of The Philadelphia Antiques Show The Premier Show For Americana Welcomes New Leadership For Its 2014 Show The Philadelphia Antiques Show is pleased to announce the appointment of Catherine Sweeney Singer as Director of The Philadelphia Antiques Show. The position of director is a new position for The Philadelphia Antiques Show. Working with the exhibitors, show board and its advisory committee, Sweeney Singer will oversee the short- and longterm direction and strategy of the show and will be responsible for its overall management, replacing Keeling Wainwright Associates. Sweeney Singer is an excellent fit for the new position. She comes to The Philadelphia Antiques Show as an accomplished professional in art and antiques show management and has extensive experience in event planning, marketing, and exhibition development. To name a few of her current professional endeavors, Sweeney Singer embarks on her 20th year as Executive Director of the Winter

Antiques Show in New York and is a Director of The American Art Fair. She consulted on both the recent revival of Asia Week New York and The New York Botanical Garden’s annual garden antiques show. Earlier in her career, Sweeney Singer was involved in magazine development, serving as the first Associate Publisher and Advertising Director of Art & Auction, and for the relaunch of Art & Antiques. “The Show’s Board and Advisory Committee realize it is important for the Show to continue to grow and evolve, and we are ecstatic to have this wonderful opportunity to work with Catherine,” stated Nancy Kneeland, 2014 Show Chair. “Philadelphia is the birthplace of America, and The Philadelphia Antiques Show has a legacy of offering a vast selection of quality Americana,” stated Catherine Sweeney Singer, Director of The Philadelphia Antiques

Show. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the exhibitors, The Philadelphia Antiques Show Board and Advisory Committee to continue the show’s growth as well as maintain its reputation as the premier show for Americana.” The 53rd annual Philadelphia Antiques Show returns to the Pennsylvania Convention Center on April 26 to 29, 2014, with a preview party on April 25. An annual benefit for Penn Medicine, the show offers the greatest selection of antiques alongside important art and modern objects fit for the today’s American home. For more information about The Philadelphia Antiques Show, Antiques & Art through the 20th Century, visit www.ThePhiladelphiaAntiqu, “Like” the show on Facebook at The Philadelphia Antiques Show or “Follow” the show on Twitter @PhilaAntiques.

PENNSYLVANIA 190-1 Philadelphia 189-196 Southeastern 100-109 Metropolitan 180-188 Northeastern 110-119 Metropolitan 170-171 Central NEW YORK & Long Island 172-179 South Central 140-149 Western OHIO 166-169 North Central 130-139 Central 120-129 Northeastern 437 & 455 East Central 160-165 Northwestern 441 East North 150-158 Southwestern & Eastern Central

16159 W. Middlesex 724-528-2490 ANTIQUE AND FLEA MARKET OF WEST MIDDLESEX RT18 S. Open Wed. thru Sun. 9am-5pm. Monthly Auctions. 16686 Tyrone 814-684-5088 I-99 ANTIQUES, conveniently located off the Tyrone Exit of Interstate 99, 1222 Pennsylvania Avenue. Quality antiques & collectibles. 40 dealers. Open Daily 10-5, Sun 12-5. Dealers welcome. 16801 State College 814-238-2980 APPLE HILL ANTIQUES, Rt. 26N to 169 Gerald Street. Distinctive antiques in a gallery setting. Over 60 dealers. Open daily 10 to 6. Wide variety. 17025 West Fairview 717-732-7680 WE DABBLE, 73 2nd St. (on Rt 11-15) Buying Antiques/ Vintage Marble Collections. 17062 Millerstown 717-589-7810 STITCH IN TIME ANTIQUE & GIFT MALL 43 N. Market St. Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Quality Handmade Crafts & Gifts. Open 7 days 10-5, Fri. til 8. Millerstown exit off RT322. 18042 Easton 610-258-8176 SALVAGE GOODS, Antiques with Urban Attitude, 24 South 3rd St. Antiques, vintage, industrial, repurposed, architectural & garden. Tue-Fri. 11-5; Sat 11-6; Sun 12-5 18080 Slatington 610-767-8400 BUS STOP INDOOR FLEA MARKET 8281 RT 873, every Fri., Sat., Sun. 9am5pm. Crafts, Antiques, & Flea Market items. Former Keystone Lamp Factory. New vendors welcomed. 18201 Hazleton 570-459-0037 MANJONE’S VINTAGE STORE 783 Alter St., furniture, kitchenware, primitives, collectibles, shoes, purses, & more. Hrs. Wed. thru Sun. 10-5. 18251 Sybertsville 570-788-1275 HAL’S ANTIQUE FLEA MARKET, 732 State Rte. 93, Exit 256 off I-80, take 93 S. or Exit 145 off I-81, take 93 N. Sundays 9am-4pm. 18337 Milford 570-409-8636 OLD LUMBERYARD ANTIQUES 113 7th St. 2 large Multi-Dealer Shops, 10,000 sq. ft. Mon., Thur-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. 18360 Stroudsburg 973-590-0574 TIMELESS TREASURES 1845 W. Main St. Antiques, primitives, collectibles, old toys. We buy and sell gold. Open: Thurs.- Mon. 11-5 or by appt.

VIRGINIA 220-229 Northern 230-239 Southern 240-246 Southwestern

WEST VIRGINIA 254 Northeastern 260-268 Northern 247-259 Southeastern

18411 Clarks Summit 570-587-2567 RED BARN VILLAGE B&B located 5mi. W. of Clarks Summit, 15 min. N. of Scranton. Kitchenette with each rooms, whirlpool tubs, gas fireplaces available. Please visit 18914 Chalfont 215-997-3227 BUCKS COUNTY ANTIQUE GALLERY, 8 Skyline Dr. Just off Rt. 202, S of Rt.152. Antiques & more. Old/ new accessories, consignment furniture. 12,000 sq ft. of Bucks County’s Best. Tu.-Sa. 10-5, Sun 12-5 18930 Kintnersville 610-847-1966 GRISTIES ANTIQUES AND ODDITIES, Rt. 611 near Rt. 32. 30 Dealers. Smalls and primitives to fine furniture. Open every day 11-5. Free parking. 18938 New Hope 215-862-5454 COCKAMAMIE’S 13 N. Main St. Specializing in Art Deco lighting, Furniture, Home Accessories, Celebrity Autographs & 1950’s. Authors of Art Deco Lighting & Popular Art Deco Lighting: Shades of the Past. Open Thurs.-Mon., appts. call 215-534-2169. With Ad receive additional discount. 18940 Wrightstown 215-598-8837 NOSTALGIC NOOK, Rt413, Carousel Village at Indian Walk. New lg. bldg. China, Stangl, Pennsbury Pottery, Glass-Cut & Pressed, Silver, Primitives, Furniture, Lamps. M-Sa 10:30-5:30. Sun 11-5. 18944 Perkasie 215-257-3564 TREASURE TROVE, 6 S. 7th Street. Estate jewelry, furniture, linens, vintage clothing, glass, china, books, toys, kitchenware, advertising, postcards. Primitives to Deco. Dealers Welcome. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. “Since 1980.” 18947 Pipersville 215-766-7145 BUX-MONT CONSIGNMENT SHOPPE 6719 Easton Rd. Over 75 vendors with Antiques, Collectibles & Consignments. Ladies & Gentlemen something for everyone. Open Daily 9-5 closed Tues. and Wed. 18951 Quakertown 215-536-4547 ANTIQUES AT 200 EAST, Rts 212 & 313. Multi-DLR shop; EAST BROAD ANTIQUES, 141 E. Broad St. 215-5364408. One Stop 2 Fantastic Stores. Shop Where Dealers Buy! Open 7 days. 18962 Silverdale 215-453-1414 THE FACTORY ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES, 130 West Main St, Rt 113, Bucks County. Featuring over 40 fine Buck’s County Dealers. Open Wednesday thru Sunday 10am to 5pm.

19147 Philadelphia 215-668-0194 BIZARRE BAZAAR 720 South 5th St. An Eclectic Emporium of Everything Esoteric! Specializing in: Odd Art, Unique Antiques, Cultural Cool-lectibles + Curiosities! See the ODDITORIUM! Open 12-8pm, 7 Days. 19343 Glenmoore 484-888-1009 CRICKET’S GARDEN MARKET 1641 Horseshoe Pike. Antique & Vintage Garden Accents along with Plants Galore! Hours 10am-5pm daily, Thurs. 10-7. 19355 Frazer 610-651-8299 FRAZER ANTIQUES. -Best kept secret on Phila. Main Line- Open daily 10am5pm. 2 mi east of Rte 202 on Rt. 30. 19446 Landsdale 215-361-7910 THE ARCHIVE, 725 W. 2nd St. 1000’s of used & antique books, magazines, postcards, ephemera, coins, records, furniture, antiques, collectibles. 21,000 s.f. Tues.-Fri. 11-6, Sat.-Sun. 10-6,

AT T E N T I O N Shouldn’t your SHOP or B&B be listed in this guide?

CALL 1-800-428-4211, ext. 2561 or

717-653-9848 Monday- Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

FAX 717-492-2566 24 hours a day Your ad will be processed on the next business day

E-MAIL Submit your ad to us at Deadline: Wednesday 4:00pm for Fridays edition

James Bond’s Famous Submarine Car To Be Sold At Auction designed by Florida-based Perry In 1989, a local couple on Long Island, Oceanographic. It is the only motorized N.Y., bought an unseen storage locker for model believed to have been built. Although $100. Inside was a Lotus Esprit with a dent- Roger Moore starred as 007 in the film, dured roof and no ing the underwater filming, wheels. What the the car was driven by a new owner purretired Navy SEAL. chased turned out Following the Hollywood to be James Bond’s studio’s promotion of the iconic submarine film, where the car was car from the 1977 prominently used, it was film “The Spy shipped to Long Island and Who Loved Me.” kept in the storage unit on a The car is paid 10-year rental agreegoing to be offered ment. In 1989, then delinfor sale without quent on its reserve at RM rent payment, Auctions in London on the unit was Monday, Sept. 9. The sold at public Lotus Esprit 1 Series is auction and expected to bring at purchased by least $1 million the local couaccording to the aucple. The RM tion house. auction in The fully functionSeptember is ing submarine car was the first time the car will be offered for sale. It is unclear whether the film’s production company or the studio discontinued paying for the storage. RM Auctions has a track record of selling famous cars. In 2010, the company sold the 1965 Aston Martin DB5 that was driven by Sean Connery and was featured in earlier Bond films, “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball.” The car sold for $4.4 million. For more information, visit www.rmauc By Karl Pass


8 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013

SHOWS & MARKETS Landis Valley To Host Art Show

DELAWARE 09/06-08/13, REHOBOTH BEACH, FRI & SAT 10 1M-6 PM SUN 10 AM-5 PM, Antiques, 229 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach Convention Center GEORGIA 09/12-15/13, ATLANTA, THURS 12:45 PM-6 PM FRI & SAT 9 AM-6 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, Atlanta Expo Center 10/10-13/13, ATLANTA, THURS 12:45 PM-6 PM FRI & SAT 9 AM-6 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, Atlanta Expo Center KENTUCKY 08/18-24/13, ERLANGER, SUNSAT, Matchcover Convention, Holiday Inn MARYLAND 08/22-25/13, BALTIMORE, THURS NOON-8 PM FRI & SAT 10 AM-7 PM SUN 11 AM-6 PM, Antiques, 1 W Pratt St, Baltimore Convention Center 08/24/13, WILLIAMSPORT, SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Indoor/Outdoor Antiques & Flea Market, 35 W Potomac St, Zion Lutheran Church MAINE 08/28/13, DAMARISCOTTA, WED 9:30 AM- 4 PM, Antiques, Round Top Farm NEW JERSEY 09/07/13, TITUSVILLE, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Button, 1396 River Rd, Union Fire Co Banquet Hall 09/07/13, TUCKERTON, SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Antique F/M, Rt 9, Ocean County "Tip" Seaman Park 09/15/13, BARNEGAT LIGHT, SUN 9 AM-5 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, 19th & Bayview Ave, Historic Viking Village

08/24/13, LITITZ, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Outdoor Antiques & Collectibles, Lititz Springs Park 08/24/13, NEW BERLIN, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Antiques, Arts & Crafts, New Berlin Town Center, New Berlin Day

09/28/13, GETTYSBURG, SAT 7 AM-4 PM, Antiques, Streets of Downtown 09/28/13, PERKIOMENVILLE, SAT 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques, 318 Colonial Rd, Henry's Field 09/6-11/13, HARRISBURG, FRI NOON-5 PM SAT-WED 8 AM-5 PM, All-Dairy Antiques & Collectibles, 2300 N Cameron St, Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Ctr

08/30-09/1/13, YORK, FRI & SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Antiques, 334 Carlisle Ave, York Fairgrounds Conv & Expo Ctr Memorial Hall East

10/05-06/13, ALLENTOWN, SAT 9 AM-5 PM SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Advertising, Book, Paper, 1929 Chew St, Agricultural Hall Allentown Fairgrounds

08/31-09/1/13, REINHOLDS, SAT & SUN, China, Glassware, Silver, Rt 897 S 607 Willow St, Shupp's Grove Antique Market

10/05-06/13, REINHOLDS, SAT & SUN, Pepsi, Coke & Advertising, Rt 897 S 607 Willow St, Shupp's Grove Antique Market

08/31/13, EAGLES MERE, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Antique Market, Village Green, Eagle Mere Historic Village

10/05/13, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-5 PM, Flea Market, 10th & South St, Outdoors

09/02/13, LANDISVILLE, MON 8 AM, Flea Market, Amos Herr Park


09/07-08/13, REINHOLDS, SAT & SUN 7 AM-4 PM, Jewelry, Clocks & Watches, 897 S 607 Willow St, Shupp's Grove Antique Market

10/11-13/13, FISHERSVILLE, FRI 10 AM-5 PM SAT 9 AM-5 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques Expo, I-64 & I-81, Augusta Expoland in the Shenandoah Valley

09/07/13, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-5 PM, Flea Market, 22nd & Fairmount (Prison), Outdoors


09/13-14/13, EAST WATERFORD, FRI 8 AM-7 PM SAT 7 AM-5 PM; PUBLIC AUCT 2 PM, Sportsman Show, Rt. 75 S, Tuscarora Valley Heritage Grounds

09/14/13, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-5 PM, Flea Market, 4th & Washington, Outdoors 09/21-22/13, REINHOLDS, SAT & SUN 8 AM-4 PM, Farming, Hunting, Fishing, Rt 897S 607 Willow St, Shupp's Grove Antique Market

Sat., Aug. 24

SAT., SEPT. 7, 2013 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.



Antiques, Collectibles, Fine Art, Jewelry, Fur & Much More

Zion Lutheran Church


35 W. Potomac St.


Williamsport, MD 21795

For More Information Contact


Union Fire Co. Banquet Hall (Rear of Bldg.)

1396 River Road


During C&O Canal Days SPECIAL INDOOR EVENT 11am-2pm Nationally Recognized Local Historian

NEW YORK 08/24/13, AQUEBOGUE L I, SAT 9 AM-4:30 PM, Antiques, Rt 25 Wine Country, Olde Steeple Church in the Churchyard

09/26-28/13, KUTZTOWN, THURS 10 AM-4 PM FRI 8 AM5 PM SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Antiques & Collectors Extravaganza, 740 Noble St, Renningers - Kutztown

Will Hold A Book Signing Of His Most Recent Book

08/31-09/01/13, STORMVILLE, SAT & SUN 8 AM-5 PM, Antique Show & Flea Market, 428 Rt 216, Stormville Airport

09/28-29/13, REINHOLDS, SAT & SUN 7 AM-4 PM, Homecoming Extravaganza, Rt 897 S 607 Willow St, Shupp's Grove Antique Market

DENNIS FRYE “September Suspense� Lincoln’s Union In Peril Book available for Sale at the show

Dealer Space Available Call 301-223-7834

Renningers Kutztown Antiques extravaganza September 26, 27, 28 More info

Shupp’s Grove Antique Market


Adamstown, PA

Beautiful Outdoor Antiques & Collectibles Market (April thru October) Sat. & Sun. 7am-4pm





★ Special Themes Every Weekend ★ PA Turnpike Exit 286, R On 272 N., of each month, have your own R on 897 S., 1 Mi. On L. YARD SALE at the Grove. GPS: 607 Willow St., Reinholds, PA Check our Website for theme Tables $5 Special Section week schedule or call for brochure. 717-484-4115 See you soon!




Rain or Shine Produced By Hempfield Woman’s Club & Hempfield Area Recreation Commission Spaces $25.00 For Reservations (717) 898-3102, Ext. 32




09/21/13, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-5 PM, Flea Market, Passyunk @ Morris St, Outdoors


Italian ices or munching on unique baked goods and maple syrup-coated walnuts, visitors will also be able to listen to music from Berks County’s Ragtime Willi Band. The self-described trio of “funky folk� musicians will return to the event for their third consecutive year and will play songs from their album, “Prodigal Sons.� Admission to the show only is free, though regular rates apply to anyone entering the museum. For more information on the art show or any other event at the museum, visit or call (717) 569-0401.



09/14-15/13, REINHOLDS, SAT & SUN, Vintage Clothing & Accessories, 897 S 607 Willow St, Shupp's Grove Antique Market

Art to look at, art to listen to, and art to use - it will all be present at the Landis Valley Museum Store Art Show, to be held on the grounds around the museum store, 2451 Kissel Hill Road, Lancaster, Pa., on Saturday, Aug. 24, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. “Many artisans will be demonstrating their crafts throughout the day. This educational aspect supports the museum’s mission, as many of these seasoned craftspeople are preserving the past while educating and inspiring crafters of the future,� said Carol Heisey, the show’s coordinator. “This rather unique blend is what makes the Art Show at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum so special.� The show has expanded since its inception, with over 60 vendors slated for this year. Handcrafts will include not only traditional Pennsylvania German artwork, such as Scherenschnitte, baskets, Fraktur and redware pottery, but will also include more modern jewelry, glassware, birdfeeders, wood carvings, ironwork, and hand-woven, quilted and knit items, among others. While dining on sandwiches, wraps and


08/24/13, MADISON, SAT 9 AM4 PM, Antiques Fair, Town Green

PENNSYLVANIA 08/24-25/13, REINHOLDS, SAT & SUN, Native American, Fossils, Rocks, Gems, Minerals, Rt 897 S 607 Willow St, Shupp's Grove Antique Market


CONNECTICUT 08/24-25/13, HARTFORD, SAT 10 AM-5 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Paper, Advertising, Photography, One Civic Center Plaza, XL Center



31st Annual Labor Day Market Sullivan County, Pennsylvania August 31st Vendors of antiques, market food, and architectural salvage display their goods on the Village Green along with great food and live music! 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. • Admission $5 • 12 and under Free

Renninger’s Kutztown S744344

Booths are still available. If you are a vendor and would like to attend, email Kristin Montgomery at or call 570-525-3370.




Come and enjoy our beautiful village with quaint shops and museum in historic Victorian Eagles Mere... offering a wonderful selection of local art, unique gifts, antiques, collectibles, and books.


Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 9

The Original 161st Semi-Annual

YORK ANTIQUES SHOW & SALE York Fairgrounds Convention & Expo Center ★ MEMORIAL HALL EAST ★ NEWES TIM

334 Carlisle Ave.,York, Pennsylvania 17404 From Rt. 30, Take Rt. 74 South

August 30th, 31st and September 1st, 2013

Friday - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. • Saturday - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. • Sunday - 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

96 Selected Exhibitors featuring 18th- & 19th-Century American, English, Primitive and Period Furniture and Accessories • Fine Early China and Glassware • 18th- & 19th-C. Silver • Chinese Export Porcelain • 18th-Century English Porcelain • Oriental Rugs • Fine Antique Jewelry • Early Kitchen & Fireplace Accessories • Pewter • Antique Toys • American & English Samplers • A Collector and Dealer Show

L i s American Garage Antiques Michael Ogle, Los Angeles, CA American Sampler, John and Nancy Smith, Barnesville, MD The Antique Store in Wayne, Wayne, PA Axtell Antiques, Deposit, NY Ayscough Antiques, Chadds Ford, PA Dennis and Valerie Bakoledis, Rhinebeck, NY Scott Bassoff • Sandy Jacobs, Swampscott, MA A Bird In Hand, Florham Park, NJ Anderson • Breish, Fort Washington, PA Sharon and Claude Baker, Hamilton, OH Barometer Fair, Sarasota, FL Bertolet House Antiques, Oley, PA Stephen C. Burkhardt, Felton, PA Brey Antiques, York, PA Alice and Art Booth, Wayne, NJ Brill’s Antiques, Newport News, VA Thomas Brown, McMurray, PA John Chaski Antiques, Camden, DE Peter W. Chillingworth, Scenery Hill, PA Robert M. Conrad, Yeagertown, PA Country Corner Antiques, Ken and Sue Zippel, Bowie, MD Country Treasures, George and Carol Meekins, Preston, MD B. Hannah Daniel, Athens, AL DBR Antiques • Doug Ramsay, Hadley, MA Rolland Dallaire Sonny Anderson, Brockway, PA Emele’s Antiques, Dublin, PA Christopher Evans, Waynesboro, VA The Fassnachts, Canandaigua, NY Fiske and Freeman, Ipswich, MA Keith and Diana Fryling, Green Lane, PA Sam Forsythe, Columbus, OH Gallerybfa • Scott Brasseur, Prospect, PA Pat and Rich Garthoeffner, Lititz, PA

t O f E x h i b i t o r s Daniel and Karen Olson, Newburgh, NY David Good Antiques, Camden, OH Perkins and Menson, Ashby, MA Sally Good Antiques, Dresher, PA Mario Pollo, Bearsville, NY Groundhog Hollow Antiques, Pratt’s Antiques, Victor, NY Larry and Claudia Collins, Felton, PA James L. Price, Carlisle, PA The Haneberg’s Antiques, East Lyme, CT Gary and Judy Promey, Atwater, OH Hanes And Ruskin, Old Lyme, CT J.D. Querry, Martinsburg, PA Harry B. Hartman, Raccoon Creek Antiques, L.L.C. Oliver C. Overlander, Marietta, PA At Oley Forge, Oley, PA Heller • Washam, Portland, ME Dennis Raleigh Antiques The Herrs, Lancaster, PA and Folk Art, Wiscassett, ME H. and L. Antiques, Gene Rappaport Antiques, Strasburg, PA Helen and Larry Bryan, Princeton, NJ Ray Roberts, New Cumberland, PA Holden Antiques, Sherman, CT Salt Box Antiques, Sugarloaf, PA David H. Horst, Lebanon, PA School House Farm Antiques, New Holland, PA Ingle Nook Antiques, Reedville, VA Wesley T. Sessa, Pottstown, PA James Island Antiques, Charleston, SC Shaeffer’s Antiques, Glyndon, MD Jewett • Berdan, New Castle, ME Frank Shaia Oriental Rugs, Williamsburg, VA Kelly Kinzle, New Oxford, PA John and Robin Sittig, Beaufort, SC James M. Kilvington, Inc., Greenville, DE John H. Rogers, Elkins, NH Greg K. Kramer & Co., Robesonia, PA Lana Smith Antiques, Louisville, KY Steve Smoot, Lancaster, PA William And Teresa Kurau, Lampeter, PA Robert Snyder • Judy Wilson, Wiscasset, ME Lake Ridge Antiques, Telford, PA Marjorie Staufer, Medina, OH Jane Langol Antiques, Medina, OH Gladys Spare • Barbara Rew, Baltimore, MD Latcham House Antiques, Waterville, OH Stephen • Douglas, Rockingham, VT Joseph J. Lodge, Lederach, PA Steven F. Still, Manheim, PA James Wm. Lowery, Baldwinsville, NY Donald and Verna Stump, Sinking Spring, PA Thomas R. Longacre, Marlborough, NH Margaret Johnson Sutor, Lafayette Hill, PA Lisa “S” McAllister, Clear Spring, MD Thomas Thompson, Pembroke, NH Cheryl Mackley, Red Lion, PA Charlene Upham, Mardela Springs, MD Neverbird Antiques, Surry, VA Michael Whittemore Antiques Newsom • Berdan, Thomasville, PA and Folk Art, Punta Gorda, FL Hallowell, ME Chuck White Folk Art and Antiques, Warwick, NY Jeff & Holly Noordsy, Cornwall, VT Cecilia B. Williams, New Market, MD Hilary and Paulette Nolan, Falmouth, MA Marc Witus, Gladstone, NJ The Norwoods’ Spirit Of America, Bette and Melvyn Wolf, Inc., Flint, MI Timonium, MD Douglas R. Wyant Antiques, Cassopolis, MI


GENERAL ADMISSION $10.00 EACH - WITH THIS AD $9.00 EACH Managed by: AIR-CONDITIONED Show Phones: MELVIN L. ARION GOOD FOOD P.O. Box 119 • Laurel, DE 19956-0119 (717) 718-1097 FREE PARKING (302) 875-5326 (302) 542-3286 NO SMOKING IN BUILDING Credit Cards Accepted Visit Us At:

10 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013


Stephenson’s Auction

1500+ Lots Sold Every Week!

1347 Naamans Creek Road Garnet Valley, PA 19060 610.566.3138 (Office) 610.485.0412 (Showroom)




Previews: Thursdays: 4-7PM All-day Fridays from 9AM


Auctions Held 2nd Thurs. Of Every Month At UKRAINIAN CULTURAL CENTER 135 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ Member Of The NJSSA For More Info. Call

Consignments Wanted For Our Resale Store & Biweekly Auctions Located at 1311 Newport Gap Pike Wilmington, DE 19804 302-668-7309 Delaware Estate Sales, LLC



weekly listings & hundreds of photos:


Route 512 (11 miles North of Route 22)



Associated Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc. AUCTIONS EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT


MICKLETON, NJ Exit No. 17, Interstate 295 PHONES: (856) 423-6800 OR 423-6801

Starting At 4:00 P.M.


Consignment Auction Every Fri. 6:00 PM Monthly Antique Auction First Sat. Of Each Month 13 Ellendale St., Bel Air, MD 1-800-451-BIDS Members Of AAM & NAA


BLUM’S AUCTION Adjacent To Black Diamond At The Schuylkill Mall FRACKVILLE, PA Monthly Bid Board Auctions 570-622-3089


Bel Air Auction Gallery

1465 New London Road

Selling Large Amount of Antiques, Collectibles & Household Goods From Local Homes & Estates Office: 610-274-8525 Jim Hill: 484-576-6368 For Sale Schedule & Highlights Visit:



OHIO 09/02/13, CINCINNATI, MON 11 AM, Clocks, music boxes, fine antiques, Eastgate Holiday Inn 4501 Eastgate Blvd, Forsythes' Auctions LLC

08/24/13, DUNCANNON, SAT 2 PM, Vintage tin toys, mechanical, miniature peanut butter pails. railroad memorabilia, country store advertising, furniture, lots of coins etc., Rts 11/15 Beside Leonard's Oak World midway between Marysville & Duncannon, Cindy Fenton

08/24/13, LANCASTER, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, collectibles, 1940 Chevrolet custom deluxe, 1977 Chevrolet Corvette, antique dolls, airplane propellers, tin & pressed steel toys, firearms, dec. crocks, 3601 Columbia Ave, Boltz Auctions

08/21, 08/24, 08/26/13, MANHEIM, WED 9 AM SAT 9 AM MON NOON, 8/21 - Wagons of box lots; 8/24 - Antiques, collectibles, lawn & garden, box lots; 8/26 - furniture, 1667 Cider Press Rd, John M. Hess Auction Service



08/26, 27, 29, 30/13, HATFIELD, MON 3 PM TUES 4 PM THURS 9 AM 1 PM 4 PM FRI 3 PM, 8/26 - online only vehicle bidding closes 3 pm; 8/27 - stamp; 8/29 - antiques & collectibles 9 am, taxidermy 1 pm, Real Estate 4 pm @ 2073 W Marshall St., Norristown, PA; 8/30 online only antique engines bidding closes 3 pm, 501 Fairgrounds Rd, Alderfer Auction & Appraisal 08/26/13, YORK, MON 9 AM, Antiques, furniture, collectibles, glassware, china, guitars and new parts, tools, two rooms of box lots, 240 Hatchery Rd, Toomey Auction Service, Inc.

PENNSYLVANIA 08/20/13, EPHRATA, TUES 10 AM, Bugles & smalls; furniture 6 pm, 33 N Farmersville Rd, Farmersville Auction, Inc.

Advertise Your Business in the Antiques &Auction News AuctioneerDirectory Phone Us TodayFor Details! 1(800) 800-1833, Ext. 2541

08/22/13, NEW HOLLAND, THURS 4 PM, Quality antiques, coins, currency, jewelry, furniture etc., 270 Grant St, John Hums Auctions

KLEINFELTER’S AUCTION Auctions Thurs. 1 P.M. For Information Phone (717) 272-7078


(610) 358-9515

08/25/13, HARRISBURG, SUN 10 AM, Antiques, collectibles, art, books, pin back button collection; cars Noon, postcard collection 1 pm, 1500 Paxton St, Cordier Auctions & Appraisals

08/24/13, EPHRATA, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, books, leaded glass pieces, Grandmother's clock, tools, costume jewelry etc., 125 Church Ave, Rich Harry

105 Chapel Street

344 Valleybrook Road,

Chester Heights, PA 19017

08/21/13, LEESPORT, WED 3 PM, Furniture, antiques, collectibles, glass, china, pottery, sewing, household, Auction Gallery @ Leesport Farmers Market Rt 61, Diefenderfer Auction Co., LLC

09/13/13, DELAWARE, FRI 2 PM, Ceramics & Glass. Online catalog available 8/23/13, Online Only, Garth's Auctioneers & Appraisers


Wilson’s Auctioneers & Appraisers Since 1911 AU-1105L

5 miles W. of YORK on Rt. 30


Auctions Every Wednesday Starting At 3 P.M.

09/06-07/13, DELAWARE, FRI 2 PM SAT 10 AM, Country Americana: painted furniture, folk art & accessories, Main Gallery 2690 Stratford Rd, Garth's Auctioneers & Appraisers



Amoss & Freeman, Auctioneers

Hatfield, PA 215-393-3000




HILL’S AUCTION Auctions every other Friday & Saturday Starting 9 A.M. Preview 8 A.M.


NEW JERSEY 08/31/13, POINT PLEASANT, SAT 9:30 AM, Antiques, collectibles, glassware, pottery, clean used furniture, jewelry etc., 1125 Arnold Ave, Concepts 1 Auction House 09/14/13, POINT PLEASANT, SAT 9:30 AM, Antiques, collectibles, glassware, pottery, clean used furniture, jewelry, etc., 1135 Arnold Ave, Concepts 1 Auction House

Landenberg, PA 19350




NAZARETH AUCTION CENTER Richard L. Dotta Auction Co.

NEW 15,000 Sq. Ft. Building with very large loading dock. LOW COMMISSION RATES CONSIGNMENTS ALWAYS WELCOME 15% Buyer’s Premium 356 Swedesboro Avenue

Estates Welcome - Over 150 Flea Market Vendors, Indoors & Outdoors


Specializing In Antiques


(302) 734-3441

Camp Hill, PA (717) 737-0000

7:00 AM - Glassware & Outside 10:00 AM - Furniture Large amounts of oak, walnut, mahogany, glassware and collectibles


550 S. New Street, Dover, DE 19901


Tues. & Fri. - 1:00 P.M. Flea Market Every Tues., Fri. & Sat. 7:30 A.M.

Sales Every Mon., Wed. & Every Other Sat. Phone (717) 764-5403 - 792-3837 Auctioneers: Jack & Sheryl Hooks


AUCTIONEERS/APPRAISERS Visit Our Website For Dates 2501 E. Ontario St., Phila., PA 215-425-7030 ESTATES & CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME



Pennsy Auction Philadelphia, PA 19145 E764503



1600 S. Warfield Street

Spence’s Auction & Flea Market Auction Every

Every Friday Night Auction at 6pm Preview at 4pm


3000 Lots Sold At Every Sale 2 Auctions Simultaneously Buy, Sell, Consign, Appraise

Providing a “Multi-Channel” sales approach so you get the best price for your items.



Weekly, Public, Absolute Estate Variety Auctions Every Friday at 4PM



Antiques - Residential Contents Auctions Every Friday - 4 P.M. In Our Gallery 1005 Industrial Blvd. Southampton, PA 18966 (215) 322-6182


Bodnar’s Auction Sales




08/24/13, EPHRATA, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, collectibles, toys, dolls, sports cards, books, jewelry, household goods, tools, Auction Center 50 Durlach Rd, Horst Auctioneers

08/24/13, SELLERSVILLE, SAT 10 AM, Vintage & modern dolls & toys, 220 N Main St Suite A, Sellersville Auction 08/24/133, SPRING CITY, SAT 9 AM, Estate antiques & coins, Rhoads & Rhoads Auction Ctr 20 Bonnie Brae Rd (Rt 724), Ron Rhoads

08/28/13, YORK, WED 2 PM, Political & other pinbacks, pocket knives, air rifles & pistols, 19131981 collection of hunting licenses, fishing & hunting licenses etc., Springetts Fire Hall 3013 E Market St, Gary Gladfelter 08/31 & 09/02/13, LAMPETER, SAT 9 AM-5 PM MON 8:30 AM-6 PM, Handcrafted items, quilts, collectibles, fine jewelry, lawn & garden plants, arwork, gift certificates, Amish made indoor & outdoor furnishings, used item auction; sports memorabilia auction Monday 9 am, Lampeter Fairgrounds Rt 741, Hospice & Community Care of Lancaster (Continued on page 13)

‘Like’ Us On Facebook -

9:00 A.M.

PREVIEW: Two hours prior to auction Tent sale starts at 8:30, be early!!! RHOADS & RHOADS AUCTION CENTER AntiquesandAuctionNews

SPRING CITY, PA Directions: 20 Bonnie Brae Road (Rt. 724), Spring City, PA

Antique Furniture, Glassware, Clocks, Dolls & Toys, Coins, Garden Furniture

Antiques & Collectibles, 1940 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe, 1977 Chevrolet Corvette, Antique Dolls, Airplane Propellers, Tin & Pressed Steel Toys, Firearms, Dec. Crocks

Featuring Two large Estates from New Jersey

FURNITURE: Incredible Heywood-Wakefield Dining Room Suite, with Two corner Cupboards, and Tea Cart, PA House Dining Room suite, French Provincial Bedroom Suite w/Wrought Iron Bed, Brown Leather Sofa, Oak Modern Style Bedroom suite, Entire home from New Jersey filled with Decorative Furnishings to include: French Provincial White Living Room Suite with White Marble Tables, Two Fancy Carved Armchairs, Painted Bedroom Suite, Eastlake Settee, Overstuffed Brown Leather Armchair, Figural Lamps, Oak Bowfront China, Marble Top Console Table with Fancy Mirror, Parrot Lamp, Painted Floral Decorative Pieces, Lots of Sixties and Seventies designer items. Outdoor Cement Planters, highly decorative, Pair of Columns. ANTIQUES: Royal Crown Derby, Bristol Vases, Lladro, Corday, Franciscan, Royal Doulton Toby Mugs, Cut Glass, Pattern Glass, Murano Glass, Large Grouping of Vintage German & Japanese Half Dolls, Salt and Pepper Collection, Boxes and Boxes of Incredible Linens Runners, Tablecloths, Wedding Gown, Great Pair of Black cut glass lamps, Hurricane Lamps, Silver Plate, Sterling Boardman Bottle, Frosted Glass Compote, Decorative Clocks, Cuckoo Clock, Over 25 Mantel Clocks, Great Rag Carpets, all colors, Great Oriental Throw Rugs, Stained Glass Hanging Lamp, Contemporary Wooden Carrousel Horse, Child’s Oak Hoosier, Oak Sideboard, Early Victorian Basket, Great Early Papier-Mâché doll, other Dolls, Mint Condition Prize CI stove, Peanut Tins, Shoe Collection, Quilts, Beautiful Marble Birds, Amber Glass, Cased Glass Girandoles, Fostoria, Silver-plated Tea Service, German Steins, Child’s Porcelain Dishes, Japanese Figures, Lenox, Hummels, Barbie Dolls, Early Doll Basket, Paper items, Boxes of Early Postcards, Christmas, etc. sold in lots, Chinese Redware, Bessie Pease Gutmann Prints, Many Tin Banks, Pictures, boxes of Costume Jewelry Cameos, some gold, etc. from Doris Hill Estate, some early pieces, so much more… TENT: Hundreds box lots to include: Vintage Glassware and Dishes, dolls and Toys, Linens, Kitchen items, Vintage Pyrex, pots, pans, Mixers, to start at 8:30 …… be early! COINS: 2:00 P.M. William Huber Collection to include: Thousands of Dollars of face Silver, Morgans, Peace, Busts, Silver Dollars, Seated dimes, Walking Liberty, Half Cents from 1800’s, Silver Bars, Tokens, and Medals, From Reading Estate: Early European Coins and Tokens, paper money and more. See website for catalog. 12% Buyer’s Premium, 2% Discount Cash or Checks

610-385-4818 WEB: WWW.ECHANT.COM


3601 Columbia Ave.,




383 Ben Franklin Hwy. W., DOUGLASSVILLE,

Ron Rhoads AU 002045L Eileen Rhoads AU 003750L

SAT., AUG. 24TH - 9:00 A.M.

Info & Photos at (717) 392-4257 AU002953L


Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 11

September 6 & 7 Auction starts at 9am

Over 130 Shaving Mugs Over 350 Sports Related Lots

Over 140 Soldier Lots


Over 60 Cast Iron Toys

Over 100 General & Train Lots Over 30 Character Toy Lots

2000 N. Reading Road, Denver, PA 17517 USA Tel: 1- 717-335-3435 | Fax: 1-717- 336 -7115

20% Buyer’s Premium, 2% Discount Cash/Check, AH001884


Over 140 Mechanical & Still Banks

Over 300 Space & Robot Toys from the collection of Enzo Pertoldi

12 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013


Hospice & Community Care’s 29th Annual Labor Day Auction Labor Day weekend is almost here - that means it’s time for the Hospice Labor Day Auction. Thousands of unique items will be on the auction block during Hospice & Community Care’s 29th annual Labor Day Auction, on Saturday, Aug. 31, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Monday, Sept. 2, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Lampeter Fairgrounds, 851 Village Road, Lancaster, Pa. Elaborate quilts, handcrafted Amish furniture, original artwork, autographed sports memorabilia, vacation getaways, garden supplies and much, much more, all generously donated by community residents and businesses, will be up for bid during this premier two-day fundraising event. Last year, the Hospice Labor Day Auction generated more than $380,000 to benefit patients and families of Hospice & Community Care who are coping with serious illness, end of life and loss. The event is open to the public, and parking and admission are free. The Sports Memorabilia Auction kicks off Monday, Sept. 2, at 9:00 a.m. Hundreds of sports memorabilia items will be sold this year, with many of them autographed, including foot-




Auction To Be Held On Rts. 11/15, Just 6 Miles North Of I-81, Exit 65 Midway Between

MARYSVILLE & DUNCANNON PA 17020 Beside Leonard’s Oak World


There will be something for everyone at the 29th annual Hospice Labor Day Auction, Saturday, Aug. 31, and Monday, Sept. 2, at the Lampeter Fairgrounds.

balls signed by Bill O’Brien and Mean Joe Green; autographed football helmets signed by Joe Flacco and Nick Saban; a baseball bat signed by Sandy Koufax; a 1954 postcard signed by Jackie Robinson; and a volleyball signed by Olympic gold-medalist Misty MayTreanor; as well as rounds of golf at Lancaster Country Club, Bent Creek, LedgeRock and Hershey

Country Club. A complete list is available at www.hos Original artwork will be up for bid on Monday, Sept. 2, at 1:00 p.m., including work from well-known local artists such as Suk Shuglie, Art Harrington, Dolores Hackenberger, Anna M. Smith, Tom Hermansader, and more. A “Triple Play” raffle drawing will held Monday,

Sept. 2, to win a 2013 Ford Fusion SE, a $5,000 gift card and a three-night cruise for two. Breakfast is served early, and food is available throughout the auction on both days, prepared on-site by members of the Amish community. Visit www.hospice to learn more about the Hospice Labor Day Auction.


TIN WINDUP TOYS: 1921 Strauss Ham And Sam “The Minstrel Team,” 1920’s Unique “Hott an’ Tott” Right On The Spot Musical Band, J. Chein #275 Mechanical Roller Coaster w/2 Cars & Orig. Box Works Band Is Stretched, Strauss SR-47 91⁄2” Zeppelin w/Orig. Box, Marx USA Tin Key Wind & Battery 11” Dick Tracy Police Dept. Squad Car #1, Germany Key Wind Lizard, Marx The Mickey Mouse Express, Marx Tricky Fire Chief Windup Car, Nylint Howdy Dowdy Type Character On Cart, Japanese Tin Motorcycle w/Side Car #2 (Some Damage), Marx Wee Scottie Dog, VINTAGE TOYS: Rich Toys Wood & Tin Borden’s Horse & Delivery Carriage, Marx Tin Tractors, Woodhaven Tin Cannon w/ Target & Balls, Pressed Steel 4 Piece Child’s Riding Train Set 2’ Engine w/Seat & Steering, 1950’s Louis Marx Co. 20” Coca-Cola Sprite Boy Truck, Lionel #48W Tin Whistle Station, Ives #114 Tin Railroad Station, Marx Girard Tin Waiting Room, Vintage Pull Toy Wood Toucan Bobs Up & Down, Vintage Steel Vehicles. MECHANICAL: Marx Tin Yellow Cat Push Tail He Chases Ball, Chein Tin Walking Duck. MINIATURE PEANUT BUTTER PAILS: Red Seal & Armour’s w/Nursery Rhymes, Superior w/ Traveling Circus, Wilson’s w/Old Lady In The Shoe, MacLaren’s w/Children’s Tea Party, Fort Bedford, PA Peanut Butter Tin Cup. COLLECTIBLES: Vintage Postcards, Coca-Cola Vintage Cooler, Bowie Knives, Machete, Pocketknives, Pipe Collection, Vintage Porcelain Pedestal Sink, Papier-Mâché & Glass Candy Containers, Vintage Cameras, Alpex Viewer 8mm Editor, Cast Brass End Of Trail Doorstop, Ivorite Billiard Balls, 1940’s German Magazines, Ned Smith Wildlife Posters, Vintage Pink Glass Lady Lamp, Vintage Canvas Maps 4’x3’, Currier & Ives “Carolina” Print, Japanese Mechanical Animal Toy “Inch Worm”. ADVERTISING TINS: Peters Shoes Thermometer, Atlantic Motor Oil, Kendall Grease, Pratts Poultry. RAILROAD: Black & White Photos & 1893-94 Passes Of Perry County Newport/Sherman’s Valley RR, 1909 Susquehanna River & Western RR Passes, 1859 West Chester & Phila. RR Annual Report, 1871 Brotherhood Of Locomotive Engineers Journal, 1877 Baltimore & Ohio Guide Book, 1980 W. Jersey & Seashore RR Timetable, 1880 Atlantic Excursion Ticket/ Trade Card, 1890’s Camden & Atlantic RR Co. Manifest, 1800’s RR Tickets Phila & Reading, Central Of NJ, Reading & Columbian, 1905 RRmen Booklet, 1922 Ticket Atlantic City Shore RR Co., 1929 Winchester & Western RR Timetable #8, 1956 RR Map Of PA, PRR Brass Whistle, Trainman Hat, PRR Paperweight, PRR Freight Stations In Phila., PRR Mechanical Pencil w/Engine On Side, Lancaster, PA RR Maps, PRR Calendars, Stocks, Hard Back Books, Teachers Kits w/8x10 Photos. GLASSWARE: Head Vases, Ironstone Powell Platter, Porcelain Birds, Corelle, Lenox, Nasco Mtn. Woodland Dishes, Sylvester S. Sheller Plate Of Susquehanna & Juniata Bridges. DIE-CAST: 1/32 Scale Arko Ford Motor Co., 1/18 Ertl American Muscle Cars - Ford Road Legends - Maisto. FURNITURE: Victorian Marble Top Washstand, Cochrane Buffet, Drop Front Desk, Phillips TV w/ Stand, Carolina Bed/Dresser & Mirror, Carolina Headboard w/ High Chest, Lane Cedar Chest, Drop Leaf Tea Cart, Dresser w/ Bookcase Top, Primitive Rocker, La-Z-Boy Sofa & Recliner, Double Box Spring & Mattress. FULL LISTING & PHOTOS ON WEBSITE MANY WONDERFUL COLLECTIBLES!!! HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!!


The 14-room historic held on-site, begining at Seifert Farm in York 9 a.m. Springs, Pa., with bank The late Harry and barn and relocated outJune Seifert moved to buildings, will be the farm in 1972 and sold on Saturday, were responsible Aug. 24, by for relocating the Cordier Auction buildings to the Company of property. Harry CINDY FENTON, AUCTIONEER #AU003412-L Harrisburg, Pa. was the chairperFor Info.: (717) 957-9399 TERMS: Cash, PA Check, Visa, MC. No Buyer’s Premium The farmhouse son of the Adams Coins & Toys Approx. 4:00 P.M. Absentee Bids Accepted was originally C o u n t y Furniture 7:00 P.M. Food Available built around Bicentennial com1760 and was mittee and sat on once part of the the board of the Photo of Seifert farmhouse. York Sulphur Adams County Springs Hotel. Historical Society. information on this sale, call 717-731-8662. (More Photos On Page 19) The historic outBoth Harry and visit or buildings, June were founding including the members of the L a t i m o r e Adams County Township elecLand Conservancy. tion hall, a brick David Cordier Cars - Postcards - Antiques - Collectibles o n e - r o o m of Cordier th at 10 A.M. schoolhouse, a Auctions & Preview: 9 A.M. thru auction log house, and a Appraisals notes, replica of a gen“The property is 17104 1500 Paxton Street, eral store, were full of antique furSIX VINTAGE AUTOMOBILES (12 Noon): 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 moved to the nishings and Convertible - Restored, 37,476 Miles. 1972 Plymouth Fury, 72,262 Miles. 1972 Pontiac Catalina, 36,174 Miles. 1977 property over related items, Oldsmobile Tornado, 40,376 Miles. 1981 Lincoln Continental Mark VI, 87,595 Miles. 1984 Cadillac DeVille, 73,707 Miles. the years. The along with many ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, ART: Antique Safe; Records: Early Johnny Cash, 45’s, and More; Fire Extinguishers; Hobart contents of all of other interesting Scale; Speele’s Dairy Milk Can; Cameras; Masonic Medals; Typewriters; Art Pottery; Puzzles; Ephemera; Royal Doulton Toby Pitchers; Pull Toy; Charlie Chaplin Candy Container; Christmas; Depression Glass; Tin Robot; To ys and Dolls; the buildings will and unusual Board Games; Pocket Mirrors; Asian: Garden Seat, Porcelain, Jade, Cloisonné, Purse; Light Fixtures; ART: Paintings also be sold. The Stained glass window objects.” and Prints; PA Artist I.H. Basehore Studies; Reverse Paintings on Glass; Gray’s York Scenes; auction will be found in barn. For more Wallace Nutting. BOOKS: 100s of Books! Antique, Vintage and Modern. Most Subjects. To Be

Say You Saw It In Antiques & Auction News


Sunday, August 25

Harrisburg, PA

Sold in Large Lots. PINBACK BUTTON COLLECTION: 100s! Yellow Kid; Buster Brown; Unions; Businesses; Religious; Fairs; Railroad; Sports; Cars; Political; Advertising; Events; KKK; Prohibition; World’s Fair and Exposition; Sweet Caporal Flags; Aviation; Transportation; Much More! POSTCARD COLLECTION (1 P.M.): Massive Postcard Collection. Approximately 11,000. All Major Categories Including Real Photos and Laughlin: Harrisburg: Old and New Capital; Parks; Businesses; Hotels; Street Scenes; Advertising; Paxtang; Pembroke; Progress; Steelton; And More! Hershey: Town; School; Park; Rides; 100+ Bar Cards; Cumberland County: Carlisle: Indian School, Barracks and Hospital; Events; Firehouses; Also Enola, New Cumberland, Shiremanstown, White Hill, Newville, Boiling Springs, Mount Holly, Mechanicsburg, Lemoyne, And More! Perry County: Rockville Bridge; New Bloomfield; Clark’s Ferry; Amity Hall; Duncannon; Loysville; Marysville; Newport; York: City; Dillsburg; Dover; Wellsville; Rossville, and More! Other PA: Middletown; Mount Gretna; Advertising: Bell Telephone; Round Oak Stoves; Food; Clothing; Medical; Fairs and Expos: Pan Am 1901; Columbia 1893; Louisiana Purchase 1904; Lewis and Clark 1905; Jamestown 1907; Seattle 1909; Hudson Fulton 1909; Golden Potlach 1911; Panama San Diego 1915 and San Francisco 1915; New York; Chicago; Sesquicentennial; Philadelphia; Great Lakes; Pan Am; Golden Gate, and Much More! Other: Lodges and Fraternal; Transportation Disasters; Toys and Novelties; Comical; Holiday, including Halloween; Artist Signed, and Much More! NOTE: Postcard Preview Starts at 9 A.M. Lots to look at. Early preview on postcards Thursday and Friday by Appt. David Cordier, AU005321



Aerial view of the Seifert farm.

Visit for photos & more details. 10% Buyer’s Premium. Terms: Cash, PA checks. Out-of-state checks with prior approval. All major credit cards accepted. Food concession. Located off of Interstate 83 between 13th Street and 17th Street exits.

Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 13


The Aug. 24 variety auction at Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates includes some very strong material, such as the second half of the collection of the late Richard and

(Continued from page 10)

08/31-09/01/13, THORNDALE, SAT 5 PM SUN 1 PM, 8/31 - trains & accessories; 9/1 - antique & sports memorabilia, Thorndale Firehall Banquet Room 3611 Lincoln Hwy, Harold M. Smith, Jr. 08/31/13, DUNCANNON, SAT 9 AM, Antique farm equipment and related items, Duncannon EMS Building Sherman Dr, Bryan D. Imes & Sons

Betty Robertson of Waynesboro, Va.; part two of the collection of the late Betty Jane Renn of Sunbury, Pa.; the Elizabeth P. Croft estate of Staunton, Va.; plus items

Furniture and decorations include Arts and Crafts material from Stickley and Limbert.

from collections and estates from New York City, Connecticut, Illinois and California. Items of interest include Arts and Crafts furniture signed by Stickley and Limbert, Chinese and Japanese material including robes and kimonos from the collection of Beate Gordon; Asian carvings; and a large selection of 19th- and 20thcentury silver, including Tiffany. Fine art includes bronze and other statuary, a selection of modern art that includes a Walter Thrift (N.C./Va., 1922-1969) 49-by-57-inch oil and collage on canvas, and antique paintings and prints. Numerous thematic collections encompass mechanical and still penny banks,

Dolls and toys from the Robertson, Croft and Scannell collections.

Vintage & Modern Dolls & Toys

Saturday, August 24th at 10 A.M. Preview: Day of Sale 8 A.M.-10 A.M. Location: 220 N. Main Street, Suite A,

Sellersville, PA

18960 Large Variety of Modern & Vintage Dolls & Toys. Antique German Bisque w/Vintage Composition. Madame Alexander Doll Collection w/ Vintage & Modern in Boxes including Nativity Set, Quiz-Kin Doll, FAO Schwartz Ex. & 1930’s Dionne Quints. Vtg. Barbie Dolls & Clothes. American Girl Dolls & Acc. Huge Collection of Artist & Collector Dolls. Many Teddy Bears & Other Plush New with Tags. Artist Bears from Bear Elegance, McB, Walt Disney World Ex. & More. Limited Edition “Teddy Bear Faire” made by McB Bears. Large Assort. of Paper Dolls. Mixed Character Dolls & Toys w/Lots of Disney Items. Other Items include Cabbage Patch Kids, Fisher-Price, Susanne Gibson Doll, Raikes, Gotz Doll, Sindy, Crissy, Reference Books, Franklin Mint JFK, Jackie & Diana Dolls, Vtg. WAAC Doll, Misc. Clothes & Accessories, Doll Furniture & Dollhouse Miniatures w/Much More! Full Listing Available at For Info or Questions Please Call 855-765-3001 Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium w/3% Discount for Cash/Check Sellersville LLC AH001943

Steuben, plus much more! The complete auction catalog may be viewed at For further details, call 540434-3939.


on Behalf of Judy Marquet and Others* 1958 Dubs Church Rd.,


For Display Advertising Information

Rt. 116 East of Hanover, Right on Rt. 216 South 2.9 miles then left on Dubs Church Rd. to Annex on the Right.

Phone 1-800-800-1833, Ext. 2541

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 , 2013 9:00 A.M. ND

717-968-3994 #25979

Rick Kress - AU005675 * Ashley Kress - #AA019299

VIRGINIA 08/31/13, WIRTZ, SAT 10 AM, Antique Americana featuring 17th, 18th, 19th c. rare items, some with Provenance, 634 Jubal Early Hwy, Burnt Chimney Auction

1125 Arnold Avenue,

Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 EVERY 2ND SATURDAY & LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH AT 9:30 A.M. Lots Of Antiques, Collectibles, Glassware, Pottery, Clean Used Furniture, Jewelry, Etc. Herb Atkins, Auctioneer Buyer’s Premium. Major Credit Cards Accepted

Next Auctions: August 31 & September 14 Phone: 732-892-6040

Fax: 732-892-4610

More Info. On Our Web Site At S800457

‘Like’ Us On Facebook AntiquesandAuctionNews


For over 30 years no one has consistently helped more sellers realize more money for their quality BASEBALL MATERIAL than Robert Edward Auctions. Offering an unparalleled tradition of integrity, knowledge, and professionalism, and an extraordinary national client base. We specialize in the very best in BASEBALL COLLECTIBLES. If you don’t check with us before selling – you won’t know what the market will bear. Let us tell you what we think of your baseball collectibles. We offer complete auction services, as well as free appraisals and comprehensive information about your material. We will not try to buy your material. We are not dealers. We are strictly an auction house – with unparalleled integrity, knowledge and experience in the field. We will give you the information you need to make the most intelligent decisions regarding your significant and valuable baseball material. When Barry Halper, the world’s greatest baseball collector, sold his legendary collection, he insisted that Robert Edward Auctions oversee the historic sale of his Twenty-Six Million Dollar Collection. Robert Edward Auctions offers the largest circulation of any auction devoted to sports collectibles in the world. Robert Edward Auctions always has millions of dollars available at a moment’s notice specifically for cash advances. We specialize in the very best in all areas of baseball collectibles. This includes: • • • • •

Baseball Cards Babe Ruth Items Tobacco Cards Uniforms Lou Gehrig Items

• • • • •

Buttons Autographs Documents Display Pieces Gum Cards

• • • • •

Photographs World Series Items Pre-1900 Baseball Posters ETC., ETC….

Please Note: Item pictured will be sold in a future REA auction.

ROBERT EDWARD AUCTIONS P.O. Box 7256, Watchung, NJ 07069, 800-766-9324


Auction being held in the Duncannon

EMS Building on Shermanta Drive from

DUNCANNON, PA follow Rt. 274 W. 2 miles to Shermanta Dr. on the right. ANTIQUE HORSE-DRAWN CORN PLANTERS, SEEDERS AND PLOWS

Including Potato Implement Co. ‘The Segment’ hand corn planter; Auchey & Sons, York, PA walk-behind corn planters; A.B. Farquhar Co. LTD., York, PA Keystone corn planter; International spiral-wheel singlerow walk-behind corn planter; several other spiral wheel walk-behind planters; IH McCormick Deering 102 walk-behind 2-row corn planter in working condition; 3 Hench & Dromgold Daisy single row walkbehind corn planters; Planet Jr. planters, seeders, edger and cultivators; Averey walk-behind single-row wooden fertilizer; walk-behind seeder; and many more, some reconditioned.


Howe #7823 platform scale; early Universal brass family scale; numerous very early balance scales of various sizes; Dayton Computing Scale store scale; Steelyards scales; Detecto countertop store scale; Chatillon countertop 30 lb. store scale; No. 3 balance scale; early baby scale w/wooden tray; Gladdings (1858) horse-drawn manure fork; other wooden horse-drawn manure forks; Never-Fail box sheller; Fulton box sheller; Humpty Dumpty wooden egg crate; early barrel bagger; 15+ grain cradles; numerous garden hokeys; Sterling wooden washtub; early cast-iron wagon wheel brakes; early cone-shaped milking pail w/ spy glasses; early DeLaval SS milker; Simplex 2T railroad jack; several early dehorners; old Toledo torches; kettle hooks; harpoon hay hooks; galvanized dry measure; food choppers; Wards sharpening stone; multiple fence stretchers; forging tools; horse-drawn stable forks; forged hand tools; wooden-handle pipe wrenches; corn cutters; alligator wrenches; barrel bungs; corn huskers; log grabs; hay grapples; livestock stanchions; meat saws; milk stools; Gulf and Black Flag fly sprayers; wooden grain carrier; shad belly saw; 2 man saws; lineman’s shovel; primitive wooden chain-drive duster; wooden augers; single, double & triple hay pulleys; many wooden planes; early wooden level; crosscut saw handles; ear corn wire shovel; plow wrenches; wooden spreaders; barn borer machine; drawing knives; cone washer; hay knives; lead pot; cant. hooks; spoke shaves; veneer saws; log turners; root hooks; cabinet maker up & down saw; single & double trees; broadaxes; crosscut saw stand; wooden grain rake; mowing scythes; ice saws; old crank duster; mortise; wooden fruit press; bark spuds.


Economy Comstock Castle & Co., No. 29 4-legged barrel-type parlor stove w/porcelain bust medallion, nice stove; Cowden & Wilcox 2 gal. blue decorated crock; brown-top crocks & jugs; Daisy No. 80 churn; Daisy 4 qt. churn; barrel churn; coal bucket; drop-handle milk cans; honey extractor; barrel churn; maple syrup skimmers; LM’D & Co. 4 qt. cast-iron pail; barrel cart; wooden washtub; wooden dovetailed dough tray; kettle ladles; apple butter stirrers; washboards; copper Essanay fire extinguisher; old wagon brake; medicine bottles; milk bottles; oil lamps; fishing creels; Fada cabinet-top short-wave radio. S808250

4 Forest Park Posters, Hanover Advertising and Collectables, Kerosene Lamps, Stoneware Jugs and Crocks, Kitchen Utensils, Advertising Tins, Cast Iron, Cars, Trucks, and Banks - Turkey, Elephant, Lion, Dog, Pirate Chest, US Post Box, Gun, Eagle, Hub, Oh Boy, Dixie Big Chief, Pluck, Cowboy, Graniteware, Sadirons, Ice Cream Scoops, Brass Bells, Cast Match Holders, Tums For Tummy Thermometer, Hopalong Cassidy Wristwatch, Mickey Mouse Watch, Tax, Pluto, Buddy L Toys - Firestone Tow Truck, Texaco Tanker, Army Supply Truck, Marx - Disney Windup Train, HiWay Express Moving Van, Coca-Cola Truck, Hopalong Cassidy Rocking Horse, Flipo Tin Windup, Windup Drummer Boy, Structo - Flatbed Truck, 1920’s Dump Truck, Car, Tin Windup Toys Jumping Jeep, Wolverine Drummer Boy, US Occupied Germany Airplane, Old Jalopy, Dog, Duck, Chicken, Schuco German Windup Car, Bus Made in Japan, J. Chein & Co. Windup Tin Rabbit, Bird, Chicken with Wheelbarrow, Sled, Bird, Motorcycle US Zone Germany, Tractor, Charlie McCarthy, Milk Wagon with Horse, Toys - Wooden Doctor Doodle Pull Toy Fisher-Price, All Wooden Pull Donald Duck, Hubley Car, Tin String Monkey, Fisher-Price Musical Chime, Parris Pop Gun, Ranger Mechanical Track and Train, Papier-Mâché Pull Elephant, Disney Tin Top, Fisher-Price Dancing Pluto, Wooden Puppet, Tootsietoys, Walt Disney Puzzles, Schilling Talking Doll and Original Box, Friction Tin Duck, Tin Horn, Wooden Bird Shooting Gallery, Spelling and Counting Boards, Hopalong Cassidy Book (Given to E.J.J. Gobrecht Jr.), Collection of Early Children’s Books, Celluloid Animals, Dipsy Doodle Bug, Peggy the Modern Fashion Model, The Great Indian Character Doll, The Gong Bell Manufacturing Co. Pull behind with Bell, Richmond Scale Model Toy Tow Truck, Spud Gun Circa 1959, Mechanical Tiger, Sinclair Radio, M G M Tom & Jerry Merry-Go-Round Game, Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Projector, Remco Movie Land Drive in Theater, Gotham Pressed Steel Corp. Circus Trix, Noma Woodies Train, Lunch Box - Walton’s, Mork & Mindy, Heath Cliff, Mickey, Bozo, Disney Donald & Goofy Windup, Climbing Fireman, GI Joe & The K-9 pups unique Art Network, Drawing Made Easy, Tiddlywinks Glass Cups, and Lots More! Jewelry - Silver Rings, Necklace with Matching Ring, Poison Ring, Sterling Bracelets. Literature - Movie Poster 14x36, 10 Lobby Cards, 50 Poster, Harley-Davidson Indian Motorcycle, Remington, Disney, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Betty Boop Redman, Velvet, TY Cobb, Babe Ruth, Ford, Texaco, Mobile, Gulf, Philip 66, Boxing, Black Memorabilia, Pop Guns - Harmless, Holster, Colt 45, Maverick, Stallion 38, Dick, Police Badges, Caps, Auburn Rubber Toys Army, and Lots More! Campfire Marshmallows Tin Can, 75 Winross Trucks, Jim Beam Decanters, Framed Federal Duck Prints and Stamps. Trains - Streamline Electric Train Set By Marx & Co., Wells Fargo Electric Train Set Overland Product Marx, Ives Trains - Sold at EJJ Gobrecht Store, Ives Engines, Book Lionel 027 Super 040 1959, Original Lionel Trains 1956, 1942, Windup Train Set, Lionel Lines Tender 1654T with Box, Engine 1654, Caboose 2257 with Box, Tanker Car 2465 with Box, Gondola 2452x with Box, 1928 Passenger Set Hafner Steam Line Train, Train Set by Marx, Lionel No. 258 Engine, 257 T Tender, No. 803 Gondola, No. 806 Stock Car, Hafner Trains, Lionel and American Flyer Engines, HO Central Valley Old Times, HO byline, Lionel Engine 570 249, Lionel Tender 1654 W, Marx, 2 Tin Cargo, HO Engine & Cars, N Gauge Engine, Life-Like Engine HO, Tyco Engine HO, and More! Milk Bottles - Weaner’s, Gettysburg; Little Dairy, Hanover; O’Brien’s N.O., Conewago Dairy, Hanover; Wildasin Farm, Hanover; Gitts Dairy, Littlestown; Lonce’s, Hanover; Royal Dairy, Hanover. We will Be Selling with TWO Auctioneers, So Bring a Friend with You! *Cash, Check, MC, Visa, Discover, American Express 3% Charge for Credit Cards*

09/06-07/13, DOWNINGTOWN, FRI & SAT 10 AM, Toy, 463 E Lancaster Ave, Pook & Pook,Inc.


occupational and other shaving mugs, pocket and sheath knives, antique dolls, and vintage toys. For those interested in local or regional Americana, there is a large amount of country store, advertising and ephemera from the Shenandoah Valley and other country accessories, vintage postcards and photographs, as well as political and historical Americana. The wide ranging auction also includes a collection of 1939 New York World’s Fair items, antique clothing and other textiles, vintage sewing accoutrements, beaded and mesh lady’s bags, vintage Christmas decorations, vintage fine jewelry and costume jewelry, 19th- and 20th-century ceramics, glass that includes Here are occupational shaving mugs, 1939 World’s Fair ephemera, artistic bronzes, and one of a pair of nautilus shells made for the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851.



09/02/13, ANDREAS, MON 10 AM, Antiques, Americana, country furniture, decor, primitives, weather vanes, stoneware, metals, treenware, kitchenware, baskets, guns, ammunition etc., Andreas Sporting Club 1 Andreas Rd, Dearn R. Arner

09/06-07/13, DENVER, TUES & WED 9 AM, Shaving mugs,sports related lots, soldier lots, general & trail lots, cast iron toys & character toy lots, mechanical & still banks, space & robot toys, 2000 N Reading Rd, Morphy Auctions


Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates To Hold Variety Sale On Aug. 24

09/02/13, HANOVER, MON 9 AM, Advertising & collectibles, kerosene lamps, stoneware jugs & crocks, kitchen utensils, cast iron, jewelry, literature, trains, milk bottles etc., Annex 1958 Dubs Church Rd, Rick Kress

Owner: Stuart D. Long

BRYAN D. IMES & SONS, AUCTIONEERS AU-001656-L 717-527-2449




14 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013

Archives International Auctions Holds Successful Early Summer Sale

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



★ ★



One lot consisting of ★ MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 2013 AT 9:00 A.M. ★ five 1970s-era banknotes TOOMEY AUCTION CENTER ★ ★ from the United Arab 240 HATCHERY RD. IN HELLAM TOWNSHIP Emirates, with Serial ★ Located 5 miles east of York, PA, take Rt. 30 east to the Hallam Exit, go south ★ Number “000002” in to light and turn left. Go thru Hallam Boro to Accomac Rd. on left. Turn left ★ and go 1 mile to Hatchery Rd. on right. Signs posted. ★ denominations ranging from 1-to-100 Dirhams, Maple hutch & corner cupboard, table & chairs, bookcases, uph. furniture, ★ ★ sold for $29,500 at a live Victor safe, lift chair, storage bench, cedar chest, bedroom suites, wicker rockers, side-by-side refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, chairs, trunks, and Internet auction held ★ ★ sports memorabilia, records, golf clubs, Beanies, oil lamps, quilts, dishes, June 4 by Archives bottles, Dietz lanterns, lead soldiers, people animals, etc., crocks, adv. ★ ★ International Auctions in items, cake stand, Carnival & pattern glass, coll. cars, 30+ Big & Better the firm’s Fort Lee, N.J., ★ ★ Little books, flow blue, transferware, pictures & prints, hand, power & A pair of $2 issued banknotes from the Commonwealth of gallery. The set was easigarden tools, file cabinets, costume jewelry, 9 guitar cases (3 Fender & 3 Australia, both from 1966, brought $1,300 and $1,240. ★ Martin), 2 PRG stools, Gibson Les Paul guitar body, Madeira acoustic ★ ly the sale’s top lot. desirable and with no paper currency. It was set up guitar, Fender Esquire elec. (needs work), Saga banjo, violin body, Guild All of the notes were serial numbers, had to help develop and colonize ★ 12 string guitar, Gibson elec. body, new guitar parts of all types to repair & ★ fresh and brightly colcommerce, ships, a har- Louisiana, called the ★ build instruments (many Fender & Martin), strings, etc. Two rooms of box ★ ored, with excellent lots. Check our website at or bor scene and buildings “Mississippi Scheme.” embossing and sharp cor#1893 for photos and additions. ★ ★ on the front and “Five An extremely rare and ners. Each banknote fea- The top lot of the auction was this set of Preview: Sunday evening from 6 to 8 P.M. Terms: CASH OR historic Series A proof bantured a camel caravan, five 1970s era banknotes from the United Rupees” on the back. APPROVED PA CHECK, VISA, MC, DISC. AMEX. Jewelry sells at 12 ★ A one-page holo- knote for Banco Espanol de ★ noon, Guitars and parts sell at 1:00 P.M., Furniture sells at 4:00 P.M. palm tree and derrick on Arab Emirates with Serial Number graph letter written in Puerto Rico (circa 1889), in ★ ★ the face, with landmarks “000002” ($29,500). TOOMEY AUCTION SERVICE, INC. France on Aug. 25, the amount of 50 Pesos, 240 Hatchery Road, York, PA 17406 and historical designs on others bid via the Internet. ★ ★ Frederick L. Toomey, CAI Mark A. Toomey the back. “This set would be Phone and absentee bids were 1720, by John Law, the unlisted face and back proofs AU-1297-L Phone (717) 755-6105 AU-3266-L Phone (717) 840-1193 Scottish financier and specuprinted on India paper with the centerpiece of any also taken. The sale grossed ★ ★ Auction Center Phone (717) 252-0289 lator, rose to $5,020. The let- archival notations, realized advanced U.A.E. collection $242,579. “The Trusted Name In Auction Services” ter, in very fine condition $2,480. The banknote had ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ and nearly impossible to “Online bidding has been (Continued on page 19) duplicate,” said Dr. Robert on the increase over the last with just some minor toning Schwartz of Archives three years, I’m sure not just at the margins, was regarding the exchange of 200,000 International Auctions. for us but for the auction Livres for 10,000 Livres banThe auction, only the 15th industry overall,” Dr. for Archives International Schwartz said. “People are knotes. Law founded Banque Auctions, had over 900 lots happy being able to bid on Generale in 1716, the first 1757 London 33 NORTH FARMERSVILLE ROAD Marble bank in France that issued Microscope Pedestals multiple auctions at once, 17522 from the comfort of home. As for the sale itself, it was strong, with the strongest sectors being foreign banknotes, U.S. Federal bonds and a few TH other lesser categories.” The following are additional highlights from the AUCTION BEGINS AT 10 A.M. auction. All prices quoted WITH BUGLES AND SMALLS 250 Plus include an 18 percent buyer’s Bugles FURNITURE SELLS AT 6 P.M. premium. One other lot was able to APPROX. 200 LOTS OF FURNITURE crack the $20,000 mark. It Wartime Posters APPROX. 1,000 LOTS OF SMALLS was a large-size Fourth TOO MUCH TO LIST Liberty Loan “star” replaceCHECK WEBSITE FOR PHOTOS ment gold bond (4 1/4 perQUALITY CONSIGNMENTS ACCEPTED cent), issued on Oct. 24, Marble 1918, and the only one Top Table WWW.FARMERSVILLEAUCTION.COM Large-size Fourth Liberty known. Graded extra fine by One-page holograph letter Loan “Star” replacement gold Pass-Co, the bond hit written in 1720 and hand 717-354-5095 bond, issued on Oct. 24, 1918 $22,420. 10% BUYER’S PREMIUM signed by John Law, the ($22,420). Auct. License #AU-2455-L A circa 1845 Commercial Scottish financier and speculaGraniteware Kitchen Range Bank of India unlisted tor ($5,020). of U.S. and worldwide ban- Bombay denomination rarity knotes, coins, scripophily in the amount of 5 Rupees, in (the collecting of stocks and choice fine to very fine condibonds), and autographs. tion but unfortunately torn in Around a dozen dedicated half vertically with both collectors attended the event halves intact, went for live, while an estimated 70 $5,900. The note, rare and






Location: Thorndale Firehall Banquet Room,

Thorndale, PA

3611 Lincoln Highway, Along Business Route 30 between Coatesville and Downingtown, PA. Signs will be posted.




YORK, PA 17402 WED., AUG. 28, 2013

3013 E. Market Street,

2:00 P.M. 1,000 Plus Political & Other Pinbacks, 100 Pocketknives, 40 Air Rifles & Pistols, 1913 To 1981 Coll. Of Hunting License, Fishing & Hunting License, 18 Fishing Reels & Related, Con. & Asst. Patches, 150 Plus Empty Ammo Boxes & Cases, 2 Coats & Clarks Thread Cabs., Coke & Soda & Milk Bottles, Soda & Beer Cans By The Case Full, Wooden Winchester Box, Hunting Clothes, Game News & Other Related Papers & Mags., Pens & Pencils Galore, Timex Watch Case, Stauffer’s Such As Brown Can To Blue Cans To Zip Zip Adv. Can & Much More, Sm. York Fair Trucks To 1914 Metal Pass To Other Fair Items, Adv. Of York To Dallastown To Red Lion, PA, Watches To Watch Openers To Fobs, Auto Dealership Catalogs, Older Catalogs, Many Matchpacks, Fireman’s Mugs, Asst. Paper Goods, 1919 Soldiers Picture w/All Named, Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Tackle Boxes, Genuine Collegiate Guitar, Tin Christmas Tree Stand, Postcards, Adv. Thermometer Pictures, Cast-Iron Horse, Vintage Elec. Toasters & Irons, Bow & Arrow Set, Tin Washboiler, Rocket Shot Game In Box, 33 RPM Records & Players, Pheasant Glassware, Tools, 2 Wash Benches, Stands, 3 Porch Rockers, Wall Cupboard, 4 Metal Shelves, Chairs, Bolens Push Lawn Mower, Metal Cupboards & 2 Square Tubs, Gun Cab., Raid Adv. Metal Store Adv. Shelf, Bolens Push Mower. Come & See.

Previews on Friday

(Aug. 30) from 3 to 6 P.M. and on auction day from 10 A.M. till 5 P.M. starting time, and will feature 300 Catalogued Lots from a LANSDALE, PA. ESTATE HO Locomotives & Cars, Lg. Selection of Hardback & Soft back Books, Over 5,000 Slides, some Lionel & American Flyer Pcs., etc. Locomotives are in original boxes and some were never used. Check the 300 photos on under Auctioneer #1651, and be sure to print out the catalogue and bring with you.



with preview same day starting at 10 A.M. till 1 P.M. starting time. FEATURING: 500-600 Lots incl. a great selection of sports cards & memorabilia incl. autographed pcs., Sugar Ray Leonard Autog. Baseball Bat (Rare), loads of silver & costume jewelry, Carnival glass, 4 scrimshaw pcs., advertising pcs., blue glass, china animal shaped pitchers, local Chester County (West Chester, & other areas) Memorabilia, Early Marbles, 1930s Tobacco/Cigarette Cards, 1,000s of Postcards, HUGE amount of 45 records & others, Early Black Figures, small antique clocks, Vintage Posters & Movie Lobby Cards, Vintage Beatles Mem., Some coins, Shot Glass Collection, Mustache Cups, Straight Razors, Old Keys, Lg. Rabbit Mold, & Much More!!! Check (auctioneer #1651) for 500 photos!!! Terms of both auctions: 13% Buyer’s Premium (Credit Card) reduced to 10% if paying with check or cash. 6% PA sales tax will be collected unless you have a dealer resale number. Please have ID (driver’s license) available. Phones: 610-942-2367 (Business) or 610-476-6965 (Annette’s cell) or 610-476-6971 (Harold’s cell).


E-mail us at: HAROLD M. SMITH JR. (AU002163L) 1415 Horseshoe Pike ANNETTE SMITH Glenmoore, PA 19343 (AU002706L) WHAT CAN WE SELL FOR YOU?

GARY GLADFELTER #345 (717) 854-7358



Smith Auction Company

SELLER: LLOYD S. DEARDORFF Lloyd Resided In The Same House For 85 Yrs. NO BUYER’S PREMIUM LIVE AUCTION BOX LOTS SALE #2 Of Lloyd’s Will Be Held On Sept. 11, 2013 At This Location Starting At 2:00 P.M. Thank You! PREVIEW: TUES., 6:30 TO 8 P.M. OR 1 HR. PRIOR



Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 15

Julia’s Announces Huge Four-Day Summer Antiques, Asian & Fine Art Auction


outstanding nautical items such as a large offering of scrimshaw from two private collections. Included will be two extremely rare and desirable intaglio carved and painted whale’s teeth. Circa 1860s, one depicts a woman in period dress while the other depicts a uniformed sailor. Each is mounted to a tiered and inlaid base and carries an estimate of $4,000-6,000 apiece. Other nautical items include numerous ship portraits, highlighted in part by one honoring the tugboat “Lewis Pulver.” Most known for his representations of sailing ships, this unusual work of a steam work vessel was once part of the Mariner’s Museum and comes estimated for $20,00030,000. The day continues with a broad selection of furniture (including both New England (Continued on page 16) Presented by:

FREE Parking and FREE Admission! Benefits Hospice & Community Care

Lampeter Fairgrounds • Rt. 741 • Lampeter, PA • 2-Day Event

Saturday, August 31

Monday, September 2

9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

We’re really excited about our new Triple Play Raffle— Get Your Tickets Online at Each ticket equals three chances to win either a:

2013 Ford Fusion, a $5,000 Gift Card, or a 3-Night Cruise for Two! One prize per ticket.

• Handcrafted Items • Quilts & Collectibles • Fine Jewelry • Lawn and Garden Plants

• Beautiful Artwork • Gift Certificates • Amish-Made Indoor and Outdoor Furnishings

• Used Items Auction • Breakfast served at 7:30 a.m. both days • Sports Memorabilia Auction Monday at 9:00 a.m.

For more info, call (717) 295-3900 or visit Diamond Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:


“Horst Auction Center”


Preview Wed. 12 Noon-5 P.M. & Thurs. Before start of auction



4:00 P.M. Beginning with Walk and Talk Auction 5:00 P.M. Coins & Currency followed by Quality Antiques 7:00 P.M. Large Amount of Quality Furniture CHECK OUT LISTING AND PICTURES AT

SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, 2013 AT 9:00 A.M.

WWW.JOHNHUMSAUCTIONS.COM Fastest Growing Auction In Lancaster County!

PREVIEW TIMES - FRIDAY, AUGUST 23 FROM 2:00 P.M. THRU 5:00 P.M. AND SATURDAY, AUGUST 24 FROM 7:00 A.M. * Please Check For Photos And Updated Listing On Our Website On Friday, August 23.

We Can Sell At Our Auction Gallery Or On-Site.


Sale To Be Held At The Horst Auction Center, 50 Durlach Rd., (The Corner Of Rt. 322 & Durlach Rd., Approx. 21⁄2 Miles West Of Ephrata)

AUCTION GALLERY PHONE # 717-351-5551 GIVE US A CALL FOR ALL YOUR AUCTION NEEDS John Hums Auctions 570-490-1284



ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES - Clock, Lamps, Carved Birds, Metal & Woodenware, CHINA & GLASSWARE; HUMMEL FIGURINES & PLATES; TOYS - Buddy L, Marx, Fisher-Price Pull Toys, Metal Lunch Boxes, Hess & Winross Trucks, Models, Lionel & American Flyer Trains & Access.; DOLLS - Antique, Vintage & Modern Barbies, Collector, Teddy Bears; LINENS; SPORTS CARDS & MEMORABILIA; BOOKS & PAPER; ESTATE & COSTUME JEWELRY; ARTWORK; HOUSEHOLD GOODS, HAND & GARDEN TOOLS & MUCH MORE. *3% Auction House Fee Is Charged For Visa, T. Glenn • Timothy • Thomas • T. Brent • Matthew MasterCard & Debit Card, Discounted To No 50 DURLACH RD., EPHRATA, PA 17522 Charge For Cash & PA Check. No Out-Of-State Tel. 717-738-3080 • Fax 717-738-2132 Checks Without Prior Approval. AU1767L

many highlights include an outstanding and rare horse and hoop copper weathervane attributed to A.L. Jewell & Co. of Waltham, Mass. With the verdigris and gilded surfaces that only time can create, the complete package is one that will make bidders jump through hoops to obtain. It comes estimated at $8,000-12,000. A large and important molded copper pig attributed to L.W. Cushing & Son, also of Waltham, may bring home the bacon with its charming and whimsical expression. It carries an estimate of $20,000-30,000. What the pig has in charm and whimsy, a rare full-body copper fourwheel sulky and rider weathervane is a cut above in detail. It comes with great worn gilded surfaces and a $10,000-20,000 estimate. From land to sea, Julia’s has it covered and includes some

AU005469 RH000984


Leiberberger Genealogy Plus Loads Of Other Items. Check For Photos. Refreshments Will Be Sold. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS. RICH HARRY, AUCTIONEER AU-002183L DARYL SHUPP, APP. AUCTIONEER AA-018931 (717) 336-3625



This pair of antique Chinese Huanghuali horseshoe-back armchairs with classic styling is fit for royalty. From a private British collection, the pair carries an estimate of $100,000-125,000.


Portland Museum of Art. Executed in 1857 from an Helping to add to the original portrait done over a already expansive selection half-century prior, this excepwill be submissions from tional work is expected to two separate Maine estates fetch $150,000-200,000. that will include a variety of Other American art from pieces by Maine and other this collection includes an New England artists. From unusual beach scene by the Nickerson Estate of William Trost Richards that Castine, Maine, are eleven was inset into the mantel wall works by perennial local above the fireplace and had to favorite Waldo Peirce, be surgically removed from which joins a selection of the house. Depicting ocean Rockport-Gloucester artists waves gently lapping the including an equal number shore as thunderheads form of Emile Gruppes. The latter in the distance, it carries a of which includes “Low presale estimate of $50,000Tide - Rockport,” showing 75,000. ramshackle buildings servThis collection likewise explored international art of Fine art is highlighted by a collection ing as a backdrop to fisher32 works from a prominent men casting off the dock the higher degree, including of Augusta, Maine, estate. Featured is two works by Russian artist an important portrait by Rembrandt while another tends to a tanIvan Federovich Choultse. Peale of George Washington painted gled net. It carries an estiHis keen talent for capturing in 1857. Believed to have descended mate of $8,000-12,000. In jaw-dropping realism and through the Romanov Family of another one of Gruppe’s subtle nuances of light on Russia as indicated on a 1994 pur- works, also taking advantage snow earned him the honor chase invoice, this work is expected to of low tide, is a trio of clam diggers shown plying their of court painter to Czar sell for $150,000-200,000. back-breaking trade. This Nicholas II. Presented here recent discovery of a dozen are two stunning winter scenes, European Old Master works piece comes with a $7,000one depicting a group of freshly that have been stored in a base- 10,000 estimate. Other examcoated deciduous trees and the ment for the better part of 50 ples of the Rockport-Gloucester other a landscape of lonely years. Not having seen the light school include harbor scenes by evergreens weighed down by a of day for approximately five early to mid-20th century conrecent mountain snowstorm. decades, the paintings are fresh temporaries Aldro Thompson Hibbard and Anthony Thieme. They carry estimates of to the market. $50,000-70,000 and $40,000From other collections are Each shows a variety of skiffs 60,000, respectively. The inter- numerous American works and sailboats moored dockside, national flavor continues with a worthy of note, such as a and the paintings carry estirugged, unspoiled wilderness, mates ranging from $15,000 to mountain waterfall scene by $25,000 each. All of Day II and the first Hermann Herzog. Most captivating, it comes estimated for half of Day III are devoted to $20,000-30,000. This is joined folk art, fine antiques, nautical by a large oil on canvas shore items and so forth. One of the scene by contemporary Maine many folk art pieces is an artist Thomas Crotty showing exceptional carving of a young A rare Wilson 13” terrestrial globe from the snow-covered grass and black boy in a seated position 1811 is believed to be dunes in the infant stages of the enjoying a relaxing moment. the first original dated spring thaw. Considered to be Carved and polychromed with a globe from when one of the finest examples of pleasant and lifelike smile, he is Captain Cook was this painter’s work, it is estimat- attired in a three-button jacket sailing the Seven Seas. ed for $30,000-50,000. Even with collared shirt and threeFresh to the market by more worthy of note is that it quarter length knickers. From descent through the was consigned with the gener- the late 19th or early 20th cenfamily to the current ous and noble pledge to donate tury, this charming fellow carowner, it comes to the block with a $30,000-50,000 estimate. the proceeds to benefit Maine’s ries a presale estimate of $30,000-40,000. Other carved pieces include an important and unique Lincoln commemorative panel on base. This high relief screen is elaborately craftANTIQUES, BOOKS, LEADED GLASS PIECES, ed with the bust of Abraham GRANDMOTHER CLOCK, TOOLS, COSTUME JEWELRY Lincoln in profile framed with9:00 A.M. in four crossed American flags centering a scroll carved Located At 125 Church Ave., “EMANCIPATION 1863.” (Watch For Sale Arrows) Beneath the bust is carved a log 1834 PETER DERR FAT LAMP ~ LEADED GLASS PIECES cabin on the left and the White Incl. Large Framed Leaded Glass, Leaded Glass Exit 2 Sign, Hanging Leaded Oil Light, Castor Set, Glass House on the right. It will likely Baskets, Slag, Noritake, Ruby Goblets, Pattern & Pressed Glass, Thistle, Stangl Bird Figurine, Mini Birdcage, Pyrex, Corningware, Stainless Cookware, Large Coke Bottle, Iced Tea Jar Pitcher & Bowl Set, Mercury Glass be a lifetime before something Vases, Piels Bros. Beer Glasses, Fiesta Syrup, Roseville, Stoneware Turk’s-Heads, Flask, Sterling like this is seen again. It comes Candleholders, Quilts & Frame, Cookie Cutters. estimated at $15,000-25,000. GRAINED CABINET Always popular folk art Tobacco & Other Tools, Licenses Plates, Traps, Locks, Hardware, International Harvest Wrench, Remington & Other Pocketknives, Hubley Dog, Oilers, Horse Tie, Bear Carving, M. Seiger Broadax, Records Incl. Professor items are weathervanes, and Schnitzel, Mouth Organs, Microphone, Music Boxes, Tabletop Concert Roller Organ, Trumpets, Sheet Music, this auction will feature over 30 Rag Carpet, Curly Maple Frames, Stetson Derby, FIRE EQUIPMENT Incl., Big Nozzle & Alarm Box, Advertising, fine examples, most of which Pictures Incl. Pomeroy & Divs Model A Delivery Truck, Lititz, Oil Painting, Prints By Dillion Putt, Postcard came from a private Waterville, Albums, Photos, Books Incl. 1864 Bridge Atlas Of Lancaster Co., 1896 Vols. 1 & 2 To Locate The Site Frontier Forts, 1895 Vols. I & II Machine Shop Practices w/Illustrated Engravings, 1739 German, 1800’s Daniel Maine, estate collection. The For nearly 30 of their close to 45 years in the auction business, James D. Julia Inc. has treated auction goers the world over to a spectacular end of summer auction like no other. This year, not content with two or even three days of selling, the team has amassed four full days chock full of approximately 2,600 lots, from Tuesday, Aug. 20, through Friday, Aug. 23. The sale will feature over 600 American and European paintings and bronzes, many of these fine works from an important estate in Augusta, Maine, and over 800 lots of American and European furniture and accessories from collections and estates across the country. Over 1,100 lots of Asian porcelain, jade, ivory, bronzes, scroll, etc., as well as folk art, weathervanes, nautical, historical items, Native American objects, jewelry, clocks and watches, and more, will make this one of the largest and most diverse arrays of items the company has offered to date. Day I is a splendid array of fine artworks; many are from an affluent old-line Augusta, Maine, family. Featured is an important portrait by Rembrandt Peale of George Washington. Known for producing a series of portraits of our nation’s father, this example is believed to have descended through the Romanov Family of Russia, as indicated on a 1994 purchase invoice.

Julia’s Auction (Continued from page 15)

and Pennsylvania), painted furniture, high style Victorian furniture, lighting, country smalls and accessories galore. Furniture includes an important Queen Anne cherry secretary on frame. From the third quarter of the 18th century, this masterful work features swan’s neck pediment, flame finials, paneled doors, sloping lid, short cabriole legs with scalloped returns, pad feet, and a $10,000-12,000 estimate.

This session likewise includes many selections from Blue Dolphin antiques in Northport, Maine, established over 40 years ago by Vito and Linda Peri. Peri had a terrific eye for quality and was a very active upper-shelf dealer for many years. Known for lighting (they had one of the most extensive offerings of chandeliers in New England) this auction contains 15 exquisite chandeliers as well as fine classical furniture, folk art, historical items, etc. More chandeliers and antiques from their fine shop will be


Walnut & Oak Furn., Music Boxes, Auto’ed Wayne’s World 2 Guitar


Leesport Farmers Market - Diefenderfer Auction Gallery Rt. 61.,


(Off Rt. 61 halfway between Reading & Hamburg. Follow signs to the Leesport Farmers Market. Back side of market). Furniture: Walnut 20’s BR Set, Waterfall Desk; Oak (2) China Cabs., Washstand; ‘50’s Vinyl Chair, Hassock; Antiques/Collectibles: Wayne’s World 2 Auto’ed (Myers & Carvy) Strat.; Jo-Han Mdl.; (100+) Music Boxes; (50+) Angels; LPs/45s; (5) Oil/Canvases; (3) Furs; Coke Phone; Atari Set; Ink Cans; CI Banks; New/Old Stock; Glass: (10) Boscul PBs; Paperweights; (30+) Dep. Glass; Fostoria Epergne; Art Vases; Fire-King; China/Pottery: Prussia; S/Ps; OJ Japan; Cat Pcs.; Sewing: Machines: Bernette Overlock, Singer Tiny Serger & Commercial, Superbinder; (3) Chests; Lg. Amounts Notions & Material; HH: Hand Tools; Lg. Amounts of Yarn & Crafting; Storage Cabs.; Chandeliers; Karaoke Mach.; Too much more to list!!!

Doors open at 1 P.M.

Diefenderfer Auction Co., LLC Laureldale, PA - AU-3965-L - (610) 929-8215


Check Web at (Auct. #1241) for listing & pictures Seller: Arthur Hunsberger, Temple, PA Sale Order: Tools at 3 P.M., Sewing Items at 5 P.M., Guitar at 6 P.M., Furniture at 6:30 P.M. Terms: Cash, Check, MC, Visa, Discover, AmEx - Buyer’s Premium 15% for credit card or checks, 10% for cash

offered in future Julia auctions. A two-day onsite auction for a substantial portion of the Blue Dolphin shop will take place Aug. 17 and 18, conducted by Poulin’s Auction House, also based in Fairfield, Maine. Other accessories in this session include an exceedingly rare Wilson 13” terrestrial globe from 1811, believed to be the first original dated globe from when Captain Cook was sailing the Seven Seas. Precious few were ever made, and even fewer survived. Perhaps even more fascinating is how this historically important piece was acquired in the first place and then nearly lost forever. According to the consignor, the grandmother of the current owner, while working on the Grafton County Farm in Woodsville, N.H., she accepted this globe as back rent payment from one of her boarders and just put it into storage. In 1969, the farm was scheduled for demolition by the state, but two days before their house and barn were going to be burned, the consignor decided to go back for one last look. Her eyes happened upon a brown paper bag, and in it was the globe. She then brought it to her grandmother and learned of its interesting history. Fresh to the market by descent through the family to the current owner it comes to the block with a $30,00050,000 estimate. The day is rounded out by a grouping of rare and historic early American silver from the First Congregational Church in



1667 CIDER PRESS RD., From Lanc. take Rt. 72N. through Manheim to Cider Press Rd. (approx. 1⁄2 mi. S. of Lanc./Leb. turnpike exit), turn left onto Cider Press Rd., auction house is approx. 3 miles on left, watch for signs. ST


- 9 A.M.

Woburn, Mass. This is one of the oldest churches in North America dating from the mid1700s, and the pieces were originally given as gifts to the church by various benefactors. In 1911 the collection was on loan to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and was highly documented and praised for its quality. The collection includes beakers and handled cups and now comes to the auction block with estimates ranging from $600-800 to $10,000-12,000 apiece. With so many fine furniture items and accessories, this segment of the auction couldn’t help but overflow into the next day. Day III features a stunningly huge selection of Louis Vuitton pieces. Numbering over 20 examples (including 11 from an Augusta, Maine estate), the selection includes hard-sided steamer trunks, cases, and luggage for the wellheeled traveler. Being sold singly and in small sets, they carry presale estimates ranging from $1,000 to $12,000. Also up for bid will be a historic 19th-century Vuitton trunk once owned by Hannibal Hamlin, vice president under Lincoln. The auction concludes the four-day event with approximately 1,200 lots of Asian antiques representing a great cross-section with lots of variety. This segment of Julia’s already successful repertoire has really taken off in the last couple years with the addition of renowned Asian expert James Callahan, who works out of the company’s Woburn, Mass., satellite office. Taken in from two separate advanced American collections, the offering is as fresh as they come. Perhaps central to the entire segment is an extraordinary and historic Imperial gilt bronze seal from the early

AUCTION SALE BILLS 1700s. The seal was consigned by the nephew of Rear Admiral William A. Sullivan of the U.S. Navy, who in his lifetime had an illustrious military career. It was a prized possession of his uncle’s throughout the elder’s life. He had spent considerable time in the Orient. Depicting a crouching dragon chasing a pearl that is accompanied by eight other dragons within waves and cloud bands, it is crafted of an alloy comprised of copper, silver, gold, and tin. Truly phenomenal, this treasure carries a presale estimate of $20,000-30,000. Other highlights include an exceptional and large 19th-century brush pot made of the exceedingly rare Agarwood, which takes many decades to even grow to a usable size. Finely carved with a traditional Chinese mountainous landscape, it comes estimated for

$30,000-35,000. A fine pair of antique Chinese Huanghuali horseshoe back armchairs with classic styling fit for royalty. From a private British collection, the pair carries an estimate of $100,000-125,000. More information on the Julia auction can be obtained by going to Julia’s website at or calling 207-453-7125. Free fullcolor brochures are available, or their lavish, 2-volume, fullcolor, detailed and illustrated catalogs are available for $40 each or both for $75. Previews for the auctions will be Monday, Aug. 19, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesday through Friday, Aug 20 to 23, from 8 to 10 a.m. before each auction session. The auction commences at 10 a.m. each day on Aug. 20 to 23 at Julia’s auction facilities on Route 201 in Fairfield, Maine.



ANDREAS, PA 18211 Don’t Miss This Second Sale Of Many More To Follow With Quality Items Fresh To Market From A Single Boyertown Untouched Large Estate Collection!

ANTIQUES & AMERICANA COUNTRY FURNITURE & DECOR PRIMITIVES • WEATHERVANES • STONEWARE METALS • TREENWARE • KITCHENWARE BASKETS • BOXES • CLOCKS • LIGHTING FRAKTUR • PAINTINGS • PICTURES GUNS & AMMUNITION Terms: Cash Or PA Check, No Buyer’s Premium! Check Photos Listing at ID#21038 Auctioneer’s Note: Set Your Date For This Sale And An Outstanding Columbus Day Antiques & Americana Auction From Sale Estate!

DEAN R. ARNER, AUCTIONEER, LLC. AY-002077-L PH.: 570-386-3389


16 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013



- 9 A.M.

Antiques & Collectibles, Lawn & Garden, Box Lots - Selling w/2 Auctioneers Most of Day

717-664-5238 or 877-599-8894


9 A.M. - ANT. & COLLECT.: Good Sel. Blue Dec. Stoneware Incl. Cowden & Wilcox Harrisburg Jug; Unusual Lg. Redware Incise Decoration; Shelley China; 1849 Dated Coverlet; JD Pedal Tractor; 3 Featherweight Sewing Machines; Nice Sel. Mantel Clocks Incl. LeCoultre, Ingraham, Seth Thomas, Gilbert, etc.; Estate Jewelry; Old Locks; Mesh & Beaded Purses; Cuckoo Clocks; Field Glasses; Nice Sel. Ammo; Stoneware Water-Cooler; Asian Foo Dogs; Wooden Model Sail Ships; Enamelware; Still Banks & Mechanical Banks; Wood & Metal Coffee Mills; Smoking Pipes; Powder Horn; Hunting Knives; Cigarette Lighters; CI Dinner Bell; Brass Ship Bell; Machinist’s Chest & Tools; Winchester & Maytag Oil Cans; Good Collect. Postcards; Etruscan Majolica Pitcher; Birdhouses by Roy Bubb; Hummels; Sterling Silver; Longaberger® Baskets; Fostoria; Cranberry Glass; Pocketknives; Good Sel. Fluid Lamps; Fishing Reels; Vaseline Glass; Cake Stands; Good Transferware; Many China Sets; Flatware Sets; Yellowware Bowls; Good Sel. Painted China Incl. German, Silesia, Nippon, Noritake, etc.; Icons; Lionel Trains; Pie Crimper; Black Hawk & Bear Bows; RR Lanterns; Bear Rug; Reloading Equip.; Pink & Green Depr. Glass; Adv. Tins; PRR Lamps; Rayo Lamp; Walnut Shadow Box Picture Frames; Hooked Rugs; Early School Photos; Fisher-Price Pull Toys; Collect. P. Buckley Moss Prints; Tin Photos; Goebel Collect.; Wooden Butter Paddle; Lenox China; Lg. Collect. Greek Key Glassware; Wooden Oval Bowl; Wedgwood China; China Bureau Trays; Copper Coffeepot; Copper Washboiler; Collect. Silver & Copper Lusterware; Jadeite Glass; Opalescent Glass; Dazey Butter Churn; Embossed Stoneware Milk Pitchers; Egg Crates; Spatter Muffin Shaker; Toleware; Sleigh Bells; Johnson Bros. Pink Transfer China; Dough Scrapers; Tin Milk Pails; Store Scales; Green Tool Carrier; Pepsi Adv.; Stoneware Foot Warmers; Stangl Bird; Flash Ruby Water Set; Salts; Good Cut Glass; Vict. China; Carnival Glass. LAWN & GARDEN & WOODWORKING TOOLS: Complete Woodworking Shop of Good Rockwell Delta Shop Equipment Incl. Band Saw; 6” Jointer; Disk Sander; Bench Grinder; Table Saw; Steel City Dust Collector; DeWalt Planer; Columbia Moped; Simplicity Riding Mower; 6 Small B&S Engines; Corn Cracker; Storage Cabinets; Bear Cat Walk-Behind Billy Goat; Chipper Shredder; Gamefisher Alum. Boat; Wooden Wheelbarrow; Sausage Stuffer. Auctioneers: John M. Hess AU003484L Phil Nissley AU002874L John M. Hess Auction Service AY000253L

Burnt Chimney Auction Gallery

EXQUISITE PRE-LABOR DAY AUCTION EXTRAVAGANZA SATURDAY, AUGUST 31ST AT 10 A.M. Session 1 of 2 One of the Finest Antique Americana Auctions featuring 17th, 18th and 19th C. Rare Items some with Provenance, this will be a Huge All Day Event, Much More, Full House. Special Preview Friday, August 30th 5-7 P.M. Or by Appointment. Day of Sale Doors open 9 A.M.

634 Jubal Early Hwy.,

WIRTZ, VA 24184

This Special Event Auction will be Featured Live on Proxibid, if you can’t make it to the Live Auction you can Bid Live online, visit our website for details and driving directions WHITMAN SINK AUCTIONEER



540-420-0933 or 540-721-6051


Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 17


SEEKING VINTAGE SPORTS CARDS AND MEMORABILIA As the World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer, only Heritage Auctions can supply the market strength to provide the highest possible ďŹ nancial return for your vintage trading cards and sports collectibles. Cash advances, ďŹ nder’s fees and outright purchase offers are always available for quality material, and we are happy to provide free appraisals. And Heritage has never been late with a single consignment settlement check in our thirty-ďŹ ve years in operation.

LABOR DAY, SEPT. 2, 2013, 11:00 A.M.

CINCINNATI, OHIO Located at the

Eastgate Holiday Inn

4501 Eastgate Blvd.

That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.







X Featuring the 50 year collection of over 200 clocks & music boxes of the late Richard Vallee and music boxes & fine antiques from the estate of Frank Lienesch ‌


Call 800-872-6467 to discuss opportunities

Over 300 lots in all. TERMS & CONDITIONS: Cash, check, Visa & MasterCard w/proper ID. 15% Buyer’s Premium. 3% convenience fee for credit card. Absentee & phone bids accepted.

Free catalog and The Collector’s Handbook ($65 value) for new clients. Please submit auction invoices of $1000 + in this category, from any source. Include your contact information and mail to Heritage, fax 214-409-1425, email, or call 866-835-3243. For more details, go to


3500 Maple Avenue | Dallas, Texas 75219 | 800-872-6467 |



Annual Sales Exceed $800 Million | 700,000+ Online Bidder-Members


Visit our website for over 300 photos:


TX Auctioneer licenses: Samuel Foose 11727; Robert Korver 13754; Andrea Voss 16406. This auction is subject to a 19.5% buyer’s premium.

Consignments Wanted For Our Fall 2013 Advertising, Toy & Doll Auction Julia’s recent toy, doll & advertising auction was a tremendous success, showing strong prices in nearly every category. The auction boasted a stellar offering that ranged from early American tin to clockwork automotive toys, fine French & German dolls, antique advertising, salesman samples, and much more. For nearly 45 years, Julia’s has been at the forefront of the auction world, regularly handling quality estates and collections with aplomb. Our sterling reputation for honest and fair dealing, elegant presentation and the finest catalogs in the industry, combined with proven results including a great number of world auction records, and the most competitive commission rates in the industry means the greatest net return to you the consignor. We are now accepting quality consignments for our fall Toy & Doll auction. Whether you have one item or an entire collection, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Be sure to ask about our special 0% seller’s commission for expensive items.

Salesman sample hay baler (est. $3-5,000)

Rock & Graner Paddle Wheel Boat (est. $7-10,000)

SOLD $8,591

SOLD $8,887

Hubley street sweeper (est. $1,500-2,500)

1850s papier mache bride & groom (est. $4,500-6,500)

SOLD $4,740

SOLD $5,332

Salesman sample Fleming lifeboat w/ orig. carrying case (est. $5-7,000)

Hubley Ingersoll Rand truck (est. $4,500-6,500)

American Lafrance Chemical Pumper (est: $1,250-1,750)

Patent Model Burglar Alarm (est. $2-4,000)

Mutoscope “Multiscope� (est. $4-8,000)

SOLD $8,295

SOLD $5,925

SOLD $3,555

SOLD $6,517

SOLD $33,180

(est. $2-3,000) SOLD $7,702 English Climbing Fireman arcade game (est. $2,500-4,500) SOLD $9,480

Salesman sample Koken barber chair (est. $16-20,000)

Heath & Milligan paints flange sign (est. $600-1,200)

Red Top Flour porcelain sign (est. $800-1,200)

Linemar Popeye Air-O-Plane with original box (est. $2,500-4,000)

Western Union Stock Ticker With Pedestal (est. $8,500-9,500)

SOLD $35,550

SOLD $7,702

SOLD $4,740

SOLD $11,257

SOLD: $15,405

Contact Andrew Truman or Julie Killam Tel: (207) 453-7125 Email: Consultants & Catalogers: Jay Lowe, Rick Saxman, Dorothy McGonagle, Wes Pettengill, Ed Openshaw, Phelps Fullerton Fairfield, Maine | Woburn, Massachusetts | | Auctioneer: James D. Julia Lic#: ME:AR83


Sturditoy American Railway Express truck


18 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013

LOCATION: Main Gallery 2690 Stratford Road Delaware, OH 43015

COUNTRY AMERICANA: Painted Furniture, Folk Art & Accessories Friday, September 6 Saturday, September 7

Burl bowls Painted mortars and pestles

Lincoln whirligig, folksy candlestand

Salesman sample monument by Monumental Bronze Company

PREVIEW: Fri., August 30 from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Tues., September 3 thru Wed., September 4 from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Thurs., September 5 from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM; Fri., September 6 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM; Sat., September 7 from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM.

Online Catalog ava i l abl e A u g u s t 1 9 Hanging cupboard, possibly Delaware River Valley

w w w. g a r t h s. c o m

Cat painting by Gaylord. Two part dry sink

Trade and advertising signs

Decorated furniture and accessories Coverlets including several pairs.

Decorated boxes, lighting, burl bowls

American pewter, mocha, decoys, pantry boxes

Decorated furniture

Indiana Amish quilt

TERMS: 17.5 % Buyer’s Premium (20.5% online)

Folksy painting of Anderson County Distillery

Iron carousel horse from Cincinnati, Ohio Stoneware including 10-gallon crock by W.D. Cooper & Bro., Pittsburgh

Absentee Bids Accepted Online Bidding available w w w. g a r t h s l i v e . c o m AUCTIONEERS: Richard H. “Jeff” Jeffers, Amelia Jeffers, Andrew Richmond, Steve Bemiller

S e a rch fo r G a r t h ’s A u c t i o n s o n Painted country server

Inlaid curly maple corner cupboard

Soap Hollow blanket chest by John Sala

D E P E N D A B L E . H O N E S T. R E S U L T S .




2:00 PM

VIRTUAL AUCTION - Online Only Preview Hours: Weeks of September 2nd and 9th.

Garth’s Auctions Inc. PO Box 369, Delaware, Ohio 43015 740.362.4771

200+ LOTS including Gaudy Welsh, Gaudy pearlware, English transferware, early American blown lamps, fluid and whale oil pressed and pattern glass lamps, pattern glass candlesticks, Sandwich glass lamps, Bohemian glass, Bargeware, lacy glass cup plates & dishes, Rockingham, Bennington pottery, yellowware, redware, stoneware ink bottles, Pittsburgh tumblers and tasters, and more. S808302

Online Catalog ava i l abl e A u g u s t 2 3

Have Something to Sell? Looking For Something? Have a Service to Offer? Let us show you how to reach 60,000+ collectors & dealers in the EAST! Call Arlene in Classified Sales 717-492-2561 or 1-800-428-4211 x2561

ANTIQUE/ OLD GUNS WANTED Collector buys old muzzleloaders, pistols, shot guns, Kentucky rifles, knives, swords, hunting licenses & photos, animal traps, hand forged & bear traps, old ammo, antiques, military helmets. One piece or collections. House calls made. PO Box 83, New Tripoli, PA 18066, 610-298-3180. AUTOMOBILE OWNERS MANUALS Wanted most years and models. Also sales brochures, service manuals, etc. TMC Publications, 6308 Deer Park Rd., Reisterstown, MD 21136. 410-526-4495. AUTOMOBILES WANTED. LOOKING to buy old foreign cars, especially British. Will purchase in any condition, also buying parts. Call Ed, 856-816-7321.

ART- OLD OIL PAINTINGS wanted, any condition, New Hope School artists, PAFA artists, gold leaf frames and mirrors. 20 years experience. Immediate payment. Call 215-348-2500.

ALL HUMMELS WANTED: Still paying the best prices. Call John Rokicki 610-213-2361.

AUTO, TRUCK and Motorcycle: catalogs, brochures, manuals and any showroom related items. Ron Ladley, 210 Stone Rd., Barto, PA 19504, 610-584-1665.

CARNIVAL, CIRCUS, FREAKS, Sideshow, Fairs, Amusement Parks, Coney Island, Nude Photos, Fireworks, Pinups, Strippers, Burlesque, Auto Thrillshow. Nostalgia Enterprises, Box 300, Lockport, NY, 14095. 716-433-9418. COMIC BOOK COLLECTIONS. Contact me for FREE Appraisals if you wish to sell your comics or just determine their current value. I’ll provide you honest recommendations based on three decades experience and will assure you receive the fairest and highest prices whether it’s 1 book or a 1,000. Call Ed 215-351-5392 or email

INDIAN ARTIFACTS: BUYING entire collections, large or small! Appraisal & authentication services available. Paul @ 717-721-2451 KEYSTONE TELEPHONE COMPANY of Philadelphia Wanted. Telephones and related items, signs, telephone books. Call Andy, 732-986-2637 or MOVIE POSTERS Highest Prices Paid Lobby Cards, 1-Sheets, Window Cards, Glass Slides Displays, Dwight Cleveland, POB 10922 Chicago, IL 60610 773-525-9152, Fax 773-525-2969, OCEAN LINER MEMORABILIA china, glassware, silver, paper, souvenirs, posters or models. Cunard, French Line, White Star Line, Italian Line, etc. 607-625-3947 OLDER FIREWORKS OR Packs Wanted by Collector, 573-474-5030 or 573-881-0090.

WRIST WATCHES & POCKET WATCHES I am interested in purchasing small lots or entire collections or watchmaker/ store inventory closeouts. 267-978-7297 or email

ALWAYS BUYING PHOTOGRAPHS, Archives, Albums, Snap-shots, Collections. Call Jim 800-872-9990.

Summer Sale

TOP DOLLARS PAID for Carbide Cap Lamps, oil wick/ lard lamps, blasting cap tins, scatter tags, carbide lamp parts and small mining artifacts needed in my collection. Larry Click 703-241-3748 or email

CASH FOR 78 RPM records! Send $2 (refundable) for illustrated booklet identifying collectible labels, numbers, actual prices paid. Docks, PO Box 780218, San Antonio, TX 78278-0218.

GUITARS, VIOLINS, MANDOLINS, banjos, early brass & woodwinds. We buy, sell, & appraise. In business since 1974. Vintage Instruments, Philadelphia, 215-545-1100. HAMMOND ORGANS WANTED. Leslie speakers & console pianos. Pottstown, PA 610-495-5234 or Also Orlando, FL Area. MUSIC BOXES WANTED Buying and Selling Cylinder & Disc Music Boxes, Bird Cages, Bird Boxes, Phonographs, Automatas. Specializing in all Antique Resortation Services for over 60 years. Ask for Gerald Wright. Rita Ford Music Boxes, 1253 Springfield Ave. #304, New Providence, NJ 07974, 908-377-3225, 212-535-6717. MUSIC BOXES WANTED, highest prices paid. Gems to junkers- we buy, sell, repair. Chet Ramsay Antiques, 2460 Strasburg Road, Coatesville, PA 19320. 610-384-0514

ANTIQUE TOYS & TOY SOLDIERS WANTED of every description. 1800’s-1950’s. Write for free 3 page illustrated want list. Bruch, P.O. Box 121, Mountaintop, Pa 18707. Call toll-free 800-549-8697 MATCHBOX/ HOT WHEELS Cars Wanted If you’re interested in selling your collection, call, fax or write, ask for- Larry, 830 Fulton Ave., Lansdale, PA 19446. 215-855-1962 or fax 215-368-9684. OLD TOY SOLDIER Collections Wanted. Metal or plastic, Pre-1970. Forts, Castles, Horses, Cannons, Knights, Cowboys, Marx, Britains, Dimestore. Send descriptions, photos to: Gary Miller, 114 Carlsan Spring Dr., Georgetown, KY 40324. OLD TOY TRAINS, collector will pay generously for well-kept (1900-1970) Lionel, Flyer, Marklin and Ives, trains & accessories. Dr. Bob 215-348-0944


SHEET MUSIC WANTED, any era. Sandy Marrone, 113 Oakwood Drive, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, 856-829-6104 E-mail WANTED OLD RADIOS, Tubes, Hi-Fi Equip., Amplifiers, Speakers, Ham Radios, Tube Testers & related items. Large and small collections. Call Rich 484-948-8044, Pottstown, PA.


Vintage Tube Electronics DEAD OR ALIVE

Audio Equip. - Vacuum Tubes Speakers - Ham & Military Radios Surplus Parts - Test Equipment Hi-Fi Stereo & More



Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013 - - 19

TELEPHONES: 1892-1982, over 85 different & associated. Free Cataloge. Wish to sell entire business. Call 608-582-4124

DO YOU COLLECT Old Paper, Ephemera, Advertising, Country Store, etc? Subscribe to "THE PAPER & ADVERTISING COLLECTORS’ MARKETPLACE", the monthly collector's newspaper that covers this specialty. For a FREE sample copy, phone 1-800-800-1833, ext. 2541, 8am-4:30pm daily. SCRIPOPHILY COLLECTION, ANTIQUES Stocks & Bonds, framed Philadelphia & Lancaster Turnpike Rd., dated 1795, signed by William Bingham and other assorted Railroad & Mining, call Susan 570-877-0412.

PINE FURNITURE INCLUDING Pie Safe; 4 drawer New England Blanket Chest; Harvest table; Dressers; Beds; Drop Leaf Tables; Boston Rocker and more 239-877-2206.

RECORDS IN FREDERICK, MD 33 vinyl LPs, 45s, 78s, Classical, Jazz, Rock, older Pop, Shows, International, etc. Old Glory Antiques L-9, 301-662-9173. Cannon Hill Place (also CDs) 301-6959304. We buy by appt. 301-694-5179.

ANTIQUE FURNITURE REFINISHING Cabinet company offers professional refinishing services for your family treasures. We can match the finish of most antique pieces. Wood furniture only. Contact us for a quote. 717.859.4961

ATTENTION SMALL COLLECTION MINIATURE oil lamps, 10 pcs., Bisque Girl with cart, Sandwich Crystal Aladdin, Dresdon porcelain with cupids, cranberry glass and others, call Susan 570-877-0412.

ANDY WARHOL signed and dated original 1964 LIZ TAYLOR print, 23”x23” call 908-930-0909.

To place your classified ad Call 1-800-428-4211

Get the Word Out!! Advertise Your

**BIG BARN FULL OF THINGS** Come and search our barn full of antiques, collectables and LOTS more. May have permanent vendor spaces available. Adjacent barns with more goodies. Outdoor Flea Markets and Craft Shows. 965 Park Road, Blandon PA 19510. Between Kutztown and Reading. Call for more info (484)7943693

SERVICE OR SUPPLIES in the Classifieds! Call 1-800-428-4211, x2561 or

WANTED: MUSIC BOXES, slot machines, old Juke boxes, any cond. Call or write Frank Zygmunt, PO Box 542, Westmont, IL 60559. email 630-985-2742.

SPORTS CARDS AND other sports related items. Publications, pins, pennants, tickets, etc. Pre-1975. Philadelphia items especially wanted. Ellis, 158 Stratford Dr., Philadelphia, PA 19115, 215-934-5618. TIRED OF EBAY? Sell your Sports Cards and Memorabilia to a Collector. Ken Domonkos 848-448-4709,

1800-1970 SELL YOUR ANTIQUE TOYS, TRAINS, SPACE TOYS & ROBOTS FOR THE HIGHEST PRICE! No one will pay you higher for Tin Toy Collections! 856-547-5521

Mil Reis, breezed to (Continued from page 14) $1,530; and an “00000” serial numbers and Imperial Do was graded in choice to gem Brasil 1882 uncirculated condition. issue color trial Brazil was well-represent- essay proof ed in the auction. A Banco Do banknote, 2 Mil Brasil 1923 issue proof ban- Reis, made knote (Estampa 1A), in the $1,480. amount of 200 Mil Reis, A pair of fetched $1,770; an Imperial Commonwealth Commercial Bank of India denomination rarDo Brasil 1874 issue proof of Australia ity (circa 1845) for 5 Rupees, with no serial banknote (Estampa 7A), for 5 r e p l a c e m e n t numbers ($5,900). star issued banknotes, next auction will be held on each in the amount of Saturday, Oct. 19, on the $2 and both from final day of the third annual 1966, brought $1,300 Wall Street Coin, Currency and $1,240. Also, a & Collectibles Show, to be Brooklyn, Bushwick held Oct. 17 to 19 at the of American & Queens County Museum Railroad 1886 1st Finance, at 48 Wall Street in Mortgage specimen New York City. Offered will bond in the amount of be hundreds of U.S. and banknotes, $1,000 (6 percent), worldwide showing a dog at bot- scripophily and historic artitom center and a ship facts and documents. at dock on top left, For more information, call 201-944-4800 or visit Circa 1899 Banco Espanol de Puerto commanded $530. Archives Inter- www.archivesinternational. Rico Series A issue proof banknote pair, national Auctions’ com. for 50 Pesos ($2,480).


CORDIER AUCTIONS (Continued from page 12)

Photo of relocated schoolhouse.

Interior of general store.

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20 - - Antiques & Auction News — August 23, 2013

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